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66661: ALVAREZ, JOSE LUIS - The Diffusion and Consumption of Business Knowledge
71728: ALVESSON, MATS - Management of Knowledge-Intensive Companies
64903: ALWORTH, JULIAN - The Finance, Investment and Taxation Decisions of Multinationals
72281: AMALDI, GINESTRA - The Nature of Matter Physical Theory from Thales to Fermi
51532: AMATO, JOSEPH A. - Dust a History of the Small and the Invisible
56239: AMBASZ, EMILIO - Emilio Ambasz Architecture & Design: 1973-1993
67223: AMBROSE, ALICE - Essays in Analysis
71295: AMBROSE, PETER J - Analytical Human Geography; a Collection and Interpretation of Some Recent Work
66146: AMBROSI, GERHARD MICHAEL - Keynes, Pigou and Cambridge Keynesians Authenticity and Analytical Perspective in the Keynes-Classics Debate
52312: D'AMBROSIA, JOE - A Memoir of Book Design 1969-2000
69704: AMBROSIUS, GEROLD - A Social and Economic History of Twentieth-Century Europe
73388: AMBROSIUS, LLOYD E. - Woodrow Wilson and the American Diplomatic Tradition the Treaty Fight in Perspective
69575: AMIEL, YORAM - Thinking About Inequality Personal Judgment and Income Distributions
70593: AMIHUD, YAKOV - Bidding and Auctioning for Procurement and Allocation Proceedings of a Conference at the Center for Applied Economics, New York University
71198: AMIN, SAMIR - Accumulation on a World Scale a Critique of the Theory of Underdevelopment.
68474: AMIN, SAMIR - Human Resources, Employment and Development Developing Countries
75664: AMOS, DR MICHAEL P. - Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Open Economies with Quantity Constraints
72232: AMUNDSEN, ROALD - The South Pole an Account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the "Fram" 1910-1912
64849: ANAND, PAUL - Foundations of Rational Choice Under Risk
57935: ANANIA, MICHAEL - D.I. David Ireland
48278: CIRINO OF ANCONA - The Story of Lionbruno
75710: ANDERSEN, TORBEN M. - Price Rigidity Causes and Macroeconomic Implications
74105: ANDERSEN, POUL-GERHARD - Organ Building and Design
70565: ANDERSON, RICHARD D - Calculus for Business
70508: ANDERSON, AKE E. - Knowledge and Industrial Organization
52223: ANDERSON, FRANK J. - Birds of My Mind
64808: ANDERSON, JAMES E. - Managing Macroeconomic Policy the Johnson Presidency
71300: ANDERSON, OSKAR - Einfuhrung in Die Mathematische Satistik
74880: ANDERSON, JOHN Q. (ED. ) - With the Bark on Popular Humor of the Old South
51383: ANDERSON, ROBERT - Elgar in Manuscript
76009: ANDERSON, SHERWOOD - Mid-American Chants
74121: ANDERSON, L. JOHN - Japanese Armour an Illustrated Guide to the Work of the Myochin and Saotome Families from the 15th to the 20th Century
70719: ANDERSON, BENJAMIN M. - The Value of Money
59725: ANDERSON, ROBERT - Getting Up and Going Home
77252: ANDERSON, ROBERT - Geology in the Coastal Atlas of Western Algeria
58787: ANDERSON, EMILY - The Letters of Mozart and His Family
69605: ANDERSON, J. L. - Explaining Long-Term Economic Change
48209: ANDERSON, GEORGE K. - The Literature of the Anglo-Saxons
48657: ANDERSON, E. W. - The Principles of Navigation
77323: ANDERSON, SHERWOOD & CHARLES E. MODLIN - Sherwood Anderson's Love Letters to Eleanor Copenhaver Anderson
60740: ANDERSON, ERIC - The Facts of Reconstruction Essays in Honor of John Hope Franklin
72878: ANDERSON, DAVID - Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems the Implications
76876: ANDERSON, T. W. AND HERMAN RUBIN - Estimating Linear Restrictoins on Regression Coefficients for Multivariate Normal Distributions
76881: ANDERSON, R. L. AND T. W. ANDERSON - Distribution of the Circular Serial Correlation Coefficient for Residuals from a Fitted Fourier Series
76887: ANDERSON, T. W. AND HERMAN RUBIN - Two Papers on the Estimation of the Parameters of a Single Equation in a Complete System of Stochastic Equations
76892: ANDERSON, T. W. - On the Theory of Testing Serial Correlation
68115: ANDRADE, JOSE MANUEL - Old Masters Thyssen Bornemisza Museum
74816: ANDRE, KEN ST. - Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon
74821: ANDRE, KEN - Beyond the Silvered Pane
74818: ANDRE, KEN ST. - Naked Doom
75054: ANDREAS, A. T. - History of Chicago from Earliest Period to the Present Time
73209: ANDREWS, T. G. - Methodes de la Psychologie Volume I & II
70393: ANDREWS, GEORGE E. - Number Theory
74268: ANDREWS, JOHN - British Antique Furniture Pg & Reasons for Values
49963: ANDREWS, JOHN - Price Guide to British Antique Furniture
44973: ANDREWS, THOMAS F. - Errant Scribblers or Accurate Scribes?
62383: ANDREWS, RALPH W. - This Was Sawmilling
71010: ANDREWS, P. W. S. - Capital Development in Steel a Study of the United Steel Companies Ltd.
71167: ANDREWS, P. W. S - On Competition in Economic Theory
76910: JACOB MARSCHAK AND WILLIAM H ANDREWS - Random Simultaneous Equations and the Theory of Production
51715: ANDRY, NICOLAS - Orthopaedia
71681: ANGELL, JAMES W. - The Behavior of Money Exploratory Studies
71682: ANGELL, JAMES W. - Investment and Business Cycles
57650: ANGLE, PAUL M. - Fire the Salute! Abe Lincoln Is Nominated! Murat Halstead Reports: The Republican National Convention in Chicago, May 16, 17, & 18 1860
63603: ANGLESEY - History of the British Calvary 1816-1919
63613: ANGLIM, SIMON - Fighting Techniques of the Ancient World 3000 Bc-Ad 500
49632: ANGLO, SYDNEY - Machiavelli a Dissection
70368: ANGRIST, STANLEY W. - Order and Chaos Laws of Energy and Entropy
68242: ANILE, ANGELO M. - Progress in Industrial Mathematics at Ecmi 2000
73391: ANISIMOV, EVGENII V. - The Reforms of Peter the Great Progress Through Coercion in Russia
51998: ANNENBERG, BARNET - Maran Borders and Decorations
69217: ANNIE-PAULE QUINSAC, EDITOR - Giovanni Segantini Luce E Simbolo, 1884-1899
71607: ANOSOV, D. V. (ED) - Dynamical Systems I Ordinary Differential Equations and Smooth Dynamical Systems
75166: ANSCOMBE, ISABELLE - Arts & Crafts Style
65492: ANSCOMBE, G.E.M. - From Parmenides to Wittgenstein
70633: ANSOFF, IGOR - From Strategic Planning to Strategic Management
51946: ANTHOENSEN, FRED - John Bell Type Its Loss and Rediscovery
74607: ANTHONY, BILL - Bill Anthony's Greatest Hits
75096: ANTLE, JOHN M. - The Economics of Agriculture, Volume 1 Selected Papers of D. Gale Johnson
55655: ANTON, FERDINAND - Primitive Art Pre-Columbian/ North American Indian /African/ Oceanic
65896: ANTONELLI, CRISTIANO - New Frontiers in the Economics of Innovation and New Technology Essays in Honour of Paul A. David
70493: ANTONELLI, CRISTIANO - Microdynamics of Technological Change
45210: ANTONETTI, MARTIN - Printer: Poet: Binder: Book - 24 Fine Bindings on Clifford Burke's Printing Poetry
52269: ANTONINUS, BROTHER - A Canticle to the Waterbirds Photographs by Allen Say
55692: ANZELEWSKY, FEDJA - Durer: His Art and Life
72915: ANZIEU, DIDIER - L'Auto-Analyse de Freud Et la Decouverte de la Psychanalyse
68620: AOKI, MASAHIKO - The Economic Analysis of the Japanese Firm
70559: AOKI, MASANAO - Optimal Control and System Theory in Dynamic Economic Analysis
70574: AOKI, MASANO - New Trends in Dynamic System Theory and Economics
66886: AOKI, MASANAO - Modeling Aggregate Behavior and Fluctuations in Economics Stochastic Views of Interacting Agents
66880: AOKI, MASANAO - Reconstructing Macroeconomics a Perspective from Statistical Physics and Combinatorial Stochastic Processes
70478: AOKI, MASANAO - Notes on Economic Time Series Analysis System Theoretic Perspectives
51487: APPEL, ALFRED - The Art of Celebration
76340: APPEL JR. , ALFRED - Nabokov's Dark Cinema
49823: APROBERTS, RUTH - Arnold and God
70162: APULEIUS - The Marriage of Cupid and Psyches
73530: AQUILA, RICHARD - Iroquois Restoration
55106: AQUINAS, SAINT THOMAS - Selected Writings
76998: AQUINAS, ST. THOMAS - Summa Theologiae a Concise Translation
44523: ARAGO, JACQUES - Narrative of a Voyage Round the World, in the Uranie and Physicienne Corvettes, Commanded by Captain Freycinet, During the Years 1817-1820
52912: ARANO, LUISA COGLIATI - The Medieval Health Handbook Tacuinum Sanitatis
49206: ARCHER, CAROLINE - The Kynoch Press the Anatomy of a Printing House, 1876-1981
66854: ARCHER, STEPHEN - The Theory of Business Finance a Book of Readings
51896: ARCHER, CAROLINE - The Kynoch Press: The Anatomy of a Printing House, 1876-1981
69811: ARCHETTI, F. - Operations Research Models in Flexible Manufacturing Systems
70640: ARCHIBALD, G. C. - An Introduction to a Mathematical Treatment of Economics
53621: D'ARDENNE - Pe Liflade Ant Te Passiun of Seinte Iuliene
65209: ARESTIS, PHILIP - Recent Developments in Post-Keynesian Economics
66764: ARESTIS, PHILIP - Methodology, Microeconomics and Keynes Essays in Honour of Victoria Chick, Volume 2
69833: ARESTIS, P. - Post-Keynesian Economic Theory a Challenge to Neo-Classical Economics
77066: D'ARGENCE, RENE-YVON LEFEBVRE - Chinese, Korean, & Japanese Sculpture
74688: D'ARGENCOURT, LOUISE - 1912 the Break-Up of Tradition
51233: ARGENT, MARK ED. - Recollections of R.J. S. Stevens
68414: ARGY, VICTOR - International Macroeconomics Theory and Policy
48437: ARISTOPHANES - Comadiae Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis
51660: ARISTOTLE - The Nicomachean Ethics
65509: ARKIN, V. I. & I. V. EVSTIGNEEV - Stochastic Models of Control and Economic Dynamics
57611: ARMBRUSTER, GISELA - Brush and Ink
31007: ARMITAGE, ANGUS - John Kepler
72280: ARMITAGE, ANGUS - William Herschel
44865: ARMOUR, RICHARD - A Safari Into Satire
48041: ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM H. - Red-Tape and Pigeon-Hole Generals
74367: ARMSTRONG, PATRICK - Darwin's Desolate Islands
73944: ARMSTRONG, GEO W. - The Zionists
75481: ARMSTRONG, W. E. - Saving and Investment the Theory of Capital in a Developing Community
74659: ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH - Birth of the Cool
67074: ARNDT, HELMUT - Economic Theory Vs Economic Reality
72869: ARNDT, SVEN W. & J. DAVID RICHARDSON - Real-Financial Linkages Among Open Economies
71022: ARNFIELD, R. V. , ED. - Technological Forecasting
51391: ARNHEIM, RUDOLF - Power of the Center a Study of Composition in the Visual Arts
71578: ARNHEIM, RUDOLF - Visual Thinking
74917: ARNOLD, JAMES - Ardennes 1944 Hitler's Last Gamble in the West
62851: ARNOLD, MORRIS S. (ED. ) - Select Cases of Trespass from the King's Courts 1307-1399 Volume II
62941: ARNOLD, MORRIS S. (ED. ) - Select Cases of Trespass from the King's Courts 1307-1399 Volume I
65680: ARNOLD, N. SCOTT - Marx's Radical Critique of Capitalist Society a Reconstruction and Critical Evaluation
54169: ARNOLD, EDWIN - Lieutenant Gulliver Jones His Vacation
76999: ARNOLD, EBERHARD - The Early Christians in Their Own Words
65089: ARNOLD, ERIK - Competition and Technological Change in the Television Industry an Empirical Evaluation of Theories of the Firm
66496: ARNOTT, RICHARD - Economics for an Imperfect World Essays in Honor of Joseph E. Stiglitz
49522: ARNSTEIN, WALTER - Bradlaugh Case a Study in Late Victorian Opinion and Politics
73495: ARON, PROFESSOR STEPHEN - How the West Was Lost the Transformation of Kentucky from Daniel Boone to Henry Clay
72894: ARON, BETTY - A Manual for Analysis of the Thematic Apperception Test a Method and Technique for Personality Research
65854: ARORA, ASHISH - Markets for Technology the Economics of Innovation and Corporate Strategy
73015: ARPEE, EDWARD - Lake Forest Illinois. History and Reminiscence 1861-1861
68605: ARROW, K. J. - A Time Series Analysis of Interindustry Demands
76574: ARROW, KENNETH J. - Homogeneous Systems in Mathematical Economics: A Comment
68496: ARROW, KENNETH J. - Issues in Contemporary Economics Volume 1: Markets and Welfare Volume 2: Macroeconomics and Econometrics
68740: ARROW, KENNETH - Frontiers of Economics
67156: ARROW, KENNETH J. - Selected Readings in Economic Theory from Econometrica
75631: ARROW, K. J. - Readings in Welfare Economics
68477: ARROW, KENNETH - The Rational Foundations of Economic Behaviour Proceedings of the Iea Conference Held in Turin, Italy
68943: ARROW, KENNETH J. & FRANK H. HAHN - General Competitive Analysis
70571: ARROW, KENNETH J. - Studies in Resource Allocation Processes
67544: ARROW, KENNETH J. & YEW-KWANG NG & XIAOKAI YANG - Increasing Returns and Economic Analysis
76875: ARROW, KENNETH J. - Alternative Approaches to the Theory of Choice in Risk-Taking Situations
76883: ARROW, K. J. , D. BLACKWELL AND M. A. GIRSHICK - Bayes and Minimax Solutions of Sequential Decision Problems
67390: ARROWSMITH, SUE & KEITH HARTLEY - Public Procurement
74781: MUSEO DE BELLAS ARTES - Cubismo y Tendencias Afines en la Coleccion Del Museo de Bellas Artes Donacion Pedro Vellenilla Echeverria y Otras Adquisiciones
68782: ARTHUR, W. BRIAN - The Economy As an Evolving Complex System II
71887: ARTIN, PROFESSOR MICHAEL - Contributions to Algebraic Geometry in Honor of Oscar Zariski
68510: ARTUS, P. - Investment and Factor Demand
70871: ARYA, P. L. - Social Accounting for Developing Countries
67017: ASCHENBRENNER, KARL - The Concepts of Value Foundations of Value Theory
74485: ASH, BRIAN - Who's Who in H.G. Wells
51706: ASHWORTH, ANDREW - Principles of Criminal Law
48463: ASIMOV, ISAAC - Words from the Myths
54185: ASIMOV, ISAAC - Isaac Asimov Presents Great Science Fiction Stories 25
52529: ASKINS, COLONEL CHARLES - The Shotgunner's Book a Modern Encyclopedia
74296: ASLET, CLIVE - The American Country House
75207: ASLIN, ELIZABETH - Aesthetic Movement
75074: ASSMANN, JAN - Moses the Egyptian the Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism
76412: THE AMERICAN STATISTICAL ASSOCIATION - Journal of American Statistical Association 1941-1971
75629: COMMITTEE OF THE AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION - Readings in the Theory of International Trade
75626: COMMITTE OF THE AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION - Readings in the Social Control of Industry
77362: ASSOULINE - Les Must de Cartier
71020: ATHERTON, WALLACE N. - Theory of Union Bargaining Goals
71230: ATKINS, E.WULSTAN - Elgar-Atkins Friendship
76185: ATKINSON, EDWARD - The Margin of Profits
72261: ATKINSON, THOMAS WITLAM - Oriental and Western Siberia
70664: ATKINSON, THOMAS R. - Trends in Corporate Bond Quality
71429: ATKINSON, THOMAS R. - The Pattern of Financial Asset Ownership Wisconsin Individuals, 1949
68444: ATKINSON, ANTHONY B. - Alternatives to Capitalism the Economics of Partnership : Proceedings of a Conference Held in Honour of James Meade by the International Economic a
68445: ATKINSON, ANTHONY R. - Economics for the New Europe
76914: ATTIYEH, RICHARD - Estimation of a Fixed Coefficients Vintage Model of Production
73730: ATWOOD, JANE EVELYN - Nachtlicher Alltag Meine Begegnung Mit Prostituierten in Paris : Eine Fotografische Studie (German Edition)
51101: AUDEN, W. H. - Juvenilia
74664: AUER, BARBARA - Gegen Jede Vernunft, Surrealismus Paris-Prag.
67506: AUERBACH, ALAN J. - Fiscal Policy Lessons from Economic Research
66429: AUERBACH, ALAN J. - Corporate Takeovers Causes and Consequences
66675: AUERBACH, ALAN J. - Fiscal Policy Lessons from Economic Research
55878: AUERBACH, ERNA - Paintings and Sculpture at Hatfield House
76219: AUERBACH, PAUL - Competition the Economics of Industrial Change
68935: AUGELLO, MASSIMO M. - Joseph Alois Schumpeter a Reference Guide
67462: AUGIER, MIE - The Economics of Choice, Change and Organization Essays in Memory of Richard M. Cyert
49190: AUGUSTINOS, PROFESSOR OLGA - French Odysseys Greece in French Travel Literature from the Renaissance to the Romantic Era
74808: AUL, K. MARTIN - Beyond the Wall of Tears
70509: AULIN, ARVID - Foundations of Economic Development
72257: D'AULNOY, MADAME - Travels Into Spain
71598: AUMANN, ROBERT J. - Collected Papers Volume II
60220: AUPING, MICHAEL - Seven Interviews with Tadao Ando
73378: AUSBAND, STEPHEN C. - Myth and Meaning, Myth and Order
44497: AUSTEN, JANE - Henry and Eliza
77439: AUSTIN, DAVID - David Austin's English Roses Glorious New Roses for American Gardens
59070: AUSTIN, PAUL BRITTEN - 1812 Napoleon in Moscow
68438: AUTY, R. M. - Resource Abundance and Economic Development
68239: AUYANG, SUNNY Y - How Is Quantum Field Theory Possible?
74239: AVEDON, RICHARD & GIANNI VERSACE - Versace the Naked and the Dressed: 20 Years of Versace by Avedon
73683: AVENI, ANTHONY F. - Skywatchers of Ancient Mexico
44642: AVERILL, JOHN - The Last Epistle from John of Averill
75129: DE AYALA, ROSELYNE - Illustrated Letters Artists and Writers Correspond
74385: AYDON, CYRIL - Charles Darwin the Naturalist Who Started a Scientific Revolution
75616: AYER, A.J. - Russell and Moore the Analytical Heritage
75597: AYRES, LEONARD - Turning Points in Business Cycles
76681: AYRES, LEONARD - Diagrams Relating to Turning Points in Business Cycles
66758: AYRES, ROBERT U. - Accounting for Resources, 2 the Life Cycles of Materials
67788: AYRES, ROBERT U. - A Handbook of Industrial Ecology
66127: BAAQUIE, BELAL E. - Quantum Finance Path Integrals and Hamiltonians for Options and Interest Rates
55913: BAAS, JACQUELYNN - Treasures of the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College
75564: BABBAGE, CHARLES - On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures
67063: BABBAGE, CHARLES - A Comparative View of the Various Institutions for the Assurance of Lives
66513: BABBAGE, ROSS - Rethinking Australia's Defence
70855: BABCOCK, GEORGE D. - The Taylor System in Franklin Management Application and Results
51856: BABCOCK, ALFRED - Ajay Goodies Selected and Printed by Alfred Babcock
66169: BABSON, ROGER W. - Business Barometers and Investment
74189: BACH, FRIEDRICH - Brancusi Photo Reflection
77548: BACH, SUSANNE & FOLKERT DEGENRING - Dark Nights, Bright Lights
71097: BACH, G. L. - The New Inflation Causes, Effects, Cures
62758: BACHA, LEONARD - Industrian Drawings of Pennsylvania
70759: BACHARACH, MICHAEL - Biproportional Matrices & Input-Output Change
64174: BACHARACH, MICHAEL - Foundations of Decision Theory Issues and Advances
71147: BACHMAN, PAUL W. - Research for Profit the Problem, the Solution, a Case History
65963: BACKHAUS, JURGEN G. - Evolutionary Economic Thought European Contributions and Concepts
64456: BACKHOUSE, ROGER - Economists and the Economy the Evolution of Economic Ideas
68485: BACKHOUSE, ROGER E. - Economics and Methodology Crossing Boundaries : Proceedings of the Iea Conference Held in Bergamo, Italy
67464: BACKHOUSE, ROGER - Applied Uk Macroeconomics
69541: BACKHOUSE, ROGER E. - Interpreting Macroeconomics Explorations in the History of Macroeconomic Thought
66650: BACKHOUSE, ROGER E. - The Cambridge Companion to Keynes
72874: BACKHOUSE, ROGER E. - New Directions in Economic Methodology
76633: BACKMAN, JULES - Economics of Suretyship
76631: BACKMAN, JULES - Multi-Empoyer Bargaining
76630: BACKMAN, JULES - War Time Price Control and the Retail Trade
76629: BACKMAN, JULES - How Real Are 1948 Profits?
76628: BACKMAN, JULES - Hourly Wage Dispersion
70707: BACKMAN, JULES - Government Price-Fixing
69467: BACON, ROBERT W. - A First Course in Econometric Theory
60761: BACON-FOSTER, MRS. CORRA - Early Chapters in the Development of the Patomac Route to the West
64477: BACON, ROBERT WILLIAM - Consumer Spatial Behavior a Model of Purchasing Decisions over Space and Time
75311: BACON, FRANCIS - The Essayes or Counsels CIVILL and Morall of Francis Bacon
73824: BADAWI, DR. AHMAD AND DR. HERMANN KEES - Handwoerterbuch Der Aegyptischen Sprache 1. Auflage
61212: BADDELEY, JON - Nautical Antiques and Collectables
74271: BADDELEY, JON - Nautical Antiques and Collectables
75456: BADGER, ROS - Little Badger Knitwear Knitted Projects for Babies and Toddlers
71786: BADOUIN, ROBERT - L'Elasticite de la Demande Des Biens de Consommation
73036: BADURA-SKODA, EVA - Interpreting Mozart on the Keyboard
72910: BAER, JULIUS - Commodity Exchanges
68442: BAGCHI, AMIYA KUMAR - Democracy and Development Proceedings of the Iea Conference Held in Barcelona, Spain
63285: BAGGETT, NANCY - The International Chocolate Cookbook
45402: BAGLIVI, GIORGIO - The Preposterous Reading of Books Excerpted from the Practice of Physick
68052: BAGWELL, PHILIP AND G. E. MINGAY - Britain and America a Study of Economic Change 1850-1939
44667: BAHR, LEONARD F. - Typographia 1
52352: BAHR, LEONARD F. - The Adagio Press
45001: BAHR, LEONARD F. - The Spirit of Liberty: An Address by Judge Learned Hand
44662: BAHR, LEONARD F. - A Manner of Printing
44664: BAHR, LEONARD F. - Typographia 2
44665: BAHR, LEONARD F. - The Adagio Press Ephemera
44666: BAHR, LEONARD F. - The Adagio Press Pamphlet
67515: BAHRA, NICHOLAS - Competitive Knowledge Management
66027: BAI, CHONG-EN - Technology and the New Economy
73520: BAILEY, LYNN ROBISON - Long Walk a History of the Navajo Wars, 1846-1868
74420: BAILEY, EDWARD - Charles Lyell
73602: BAILEY, GARRICK ALAN - A History of the Navajos the Reservation Years
73596: BAILEY, L. R. - Indian Slave Trade in the Southwest
61510: BAILEY, JOHN - War Clouds and Honeymoons
73798: BAILLET, M. - Les 'Petites Grottes' de Qumran (Planches)
77219: BAILLY, CHRISTIAN - Automata the Golden Age 1848-1914
71145: BAIN, A. D. - The Growth of Television Ownership in the United Kingdom Since the War
71582: BAIN, JOE - Northern California's Water Industry
71438: BAIN, JOE S. - The Economics of the Pacific Coast Petroleum Industry
76943: BAIN, A. D. - The Growth of Television Ownership in the United Kingdom Since the War
74283: BAINBRIDGE, HENRY - Peter Carl Faberge
74928: BAJEMA, CARL JAY - Natural Selection Theory from the Speculations of the Greeks to the Quantitative Measurements of the Biometricians
74929: BAJEMA, CARL JAY (ED). - Artificial Selection and the Development of Evolutionary Theory
62853: BAKER, J. H. (ED. ) - The Notebook of Sir John Port
76697: BAKER, GEORGE A. - The Significance of the Product-Moment Coefficient of Correlation
67563: BAKER, MICHAEL J. - Marketing Theory and Practice
62863: BAKER, J. H. (ED. ) - Reports of Cases from the Time of King Henry VIII Volume II
62860: BAKER, J. H. (ED. ) - Reports of Cases by John Caryll Part I, 1485-1499
62868: BAKER, J. H. (ED. ) - Reports of Cases by John Caryll Part II, 1501-1522
50785: BAKER, JOHN V. - The Paragon of Wines and Spirits
75960: BAKER, RICHARD ST. BARBE - Land of Tane the Threat of Erosion
62865: BAKER, J. H. (ED. ) - Year Books of Henry VIII 12-14 Henry VIII, 1520-1523
62866: BAKER, J. H. (ED. ) - Reports of Cases from the Time of King Henry VIII Volume I
62407: BAKER, LINDA - Modern Toys American Toys, 1930-1980
62854: BAKER, J. H. (ED. ) - John Spelman's Reading on Quo Warranto Delivered in Gray's Inn (Lent 1519)
75976: BAKER, CHARLES - Monopolies and the People
44795: BAKKER, STEVEN - Catalogue One, a Proofcopy of the First Item Printed at the Doves Press 1900
70391: BALAKRISHNAN, A. V. , ED. - Mathematical Theory of Control
67522: BALASSA, BELA A. - Policy Choices for the 1990s
64892: BALASSA, BELA A. - Comparative Advantage, Trade Policy and Economic Development
68523: BALASSA, BELA - European Economic Integration
68467: BALASSA, BELA A. & HERBERT GIERSCH - Economic Incentives Proceedings of a Conference Held by the International Economic Association at Kiel, West Germany
68787: BALBUS, ISAAC D. - Marxism and Domination a Neo-Hegelian, Feminist, Psychoanalytic Theory of Sexual, Political, and Technological Liberation
68524: BALCH, M. & ETC. - Essays on Economic Behaviour Under Uncertainty
65189: BALDASSARRI, MARIO - Global Disequilibrium in the World Economy
72763: BALDASSARRI, MARIO - Roots of the Italian School of Economics and Finance Three Volumes: From Ferrara to Einaudi
64656: BALDASSARRI, MARIO - Keynes and the Economic Policies of the 1980s
72609: BALDICK, CHRIS - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms
66980: BALDINGER, KURT - Semantic Theory Towards a Modern Semantics
72410: BALDWIN, BARRY - Studies in Lucian
66717: BALDWIN, JOHN R. - The Dynamics of Industrial Competition a North American Perspective
66367: BALDWIN, ROBERT E. - Empirical Studies of Commercial Policy
66427: BALDWIN, ROBERT E. - Issues in Us-Ec Trade Relations
66426: BALDWIN, ROBERT E. - Trade Policy Issues and Empirical Analysis
67941: BALDWIN, RICHARD E. - Dynamic Issues in Commercial Policy Analysis
72118: BALDWIN B. A. - 100 Nineteenth-Century Rhyming Alphabets in English
76000: BALDWIN, ROBERT E. - Challenges to Globalization Analyzing the Economics
68592: BALESTRA, PIETRO - The Demand for Natural Gas in the United States a Dynamic Approach for the Residential and Commrecial Market
68519: BALL, ROBERT JAMES - International Linkage of National Economic Models
75586: BALL, R. J. - Inflation and the Theory of Money
51257: BALLIETT, WHITNEY - Such Sweet Thunder
68591: BALOPOULOS, E. T. - Fiscal Policy Models of the British Economy
64120: BALTAGI, BADI H. - Recent Developments in the Econometrics of Panel Data 2 Vol. Set
55023: DE BALZAC, HONORE - Droll Stories
71256: DE BALZAC, HONORE - Eugenie Grandet
57623: BAMA, JAMES - Western Paintings
76335: BAMBERG, ROBERT D. - The Confession of Jereboam o. Beauchamp
72252: BAN, GU - Courtier and Commoner in Ancient China Selections from the History of the Former Han by Pan Ku
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56631: BEST, GERALD M. - Minisink Valley Express a History of the Port Jervis, Monticello & New York Railroad and Its Predecessors
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66827: BHASKARA RAO, B. - Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply a Critique of Orthodox Macroeconomic Modelling
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69367: BHATTACHARYA, SUDIPTO - Financial Markets and Incomplete Information
65893: BHIDÉ, AMAR - The Venturesome Economy How Innovation Sustains Prosperity in a More Connected World
66347: BHIDE, AMAR - A Call for Judgment Sensible Finance for a Dynamic Economy
69380: BIAIS, BRUNO - New Research in Financial Markets
69379: BIAIS, BRUNO - Corporate Finance and Banking
52729: BICHAT, XAVIER - Physiological Researches Upon Life and Death
52728: BICHAT, XAVIER - A Treatise on the Membranes in General, and on Different Membranes in Particular
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76227: BILLINGSLEY, PATRICK - Statistical Inference for Markov Processes
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55883: BINYON, LAURENCE - The Engraved Designs of William Blake
74792: COLD SPRING HARBOR SYMPOSIA ON QUANTITATIVE BIOLOGY - Nucleic Acids and Nucleoproteins Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology Vol. XII
50263: BIRD, RICHARD - Propagation of Hardy Perennials
50306: BIRD, RICHARD - Propagation of Hardy Perennials
44252: BIRKBECK, J. A. - Notes on the Nineteenth Century Typefounders' Ring
72011: THE EARL OF BIRKENHEAD - The Professor and the Prime Minister
66467: BIRKIN, MALCOLM A. M. - Building the Integrated Company
66469: BIRKINSHAW, JULIAN - The Flexible Firm Capability Management in Network Organizations
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74905: BISHOP, GLENN - Chicago's Accomplishments and Leaders
70594: BISHOP, YVONNE M.M. & ETC. - Discrete Multivariate Analysis Theory and Practice
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60734: BLACK, JEREMY - The Collapse of the Anglo-French Alliance
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54140: BLACKWOOD, ALGERNON - Pan's Garden
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66949: BLANSHARD, BRAND - Reason and Analysis
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66415: BLAUG, MARK - The Methodology of Economics or, How Economists Explain
67220: BLAUG, MARK - Ricardian Economics a Historical Study
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74984: BLOCK, GEOFFREY - Allied Aircraft Versus Axis Aircraft
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76275: BLOOM, EDWARD A. - Satires Persuasive Voice
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68351: BLUM, RICHARD (ED. ) - Surveillance and Espionage in a Free Society
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71940: BLUMBERG, PHILLIP I. - The Megacorporation in American Society the Scope of Corporate Power
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69926: BLUNDEN, EDMUND - On the Poems of Henry Vaughan
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73301: BOARDMAN, JOHN - The Oxford History of the Classical World
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66378: BODIE, ZVI - Pensions in the U.S. Economy
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50939: DU BOIS, W. E. B. - Philadelphia Negro
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73619: BOLTON, HERBERT E. - The Hasinais Southern Caddoans As Seen by the Earliest Europeans
73956: BOMBOIS, CAMILLE - Camille Bombois
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50944: BONHEIM, HELMUT - Joyce's Benefictions
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52021: BONNETT, WAYNE, ED. - A Widely Cast Net: Selections from the Work of a Veteran California Writer. Chosen with Comments by Their Author: Oscar Lewis
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74705: BORN, RICHARD A. - From Blast to Pop Aspects of Modern British Art, 1915-1965
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68473: BORNER, SILVIO - Structural Change, Economic Interdependence and World Development Natural and Financial Resources for Development
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76020: BOULDING, KENNETH E. - Ecodynamics a New Theory of Societal Evolution
76015: BOULDING, KENNETH E. - Evolutionary Economics
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69702: BOULEAU, NICOLAS - Financial Markets and Martingales Observations on Science and Speculation
50825: BOURDAIN, ANTHONY - The Nasty Bits: Collected Varietal Cuts, Useable Trim, Scraps, and Bones
64373: BOURDET, YVES - Internationalization, Market Power and Consumer Welfare
74436: BOURJAILY, VANCE - A Game Men Play
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74931: BOWLER, PETER J. - The Non-Darwinian Revolution Reinterpreting a Historical Myth
74416: BOWLER, PETER J. - The Eclipse of Darwinism Anti-Darwinian Evolution Theories in the Decades Around 1900
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74973: BOWMAN, ISOBEL - A Theatre of Natures Some XVII Century Chacter Writings
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50110: BOWN, DE - Fine Herbs Ornamental Plants for the Garden
73878: BOWSER, EILEEN ED. - Film Notes
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61005: BOWYER, M J F - Action Stations Revisited No. 2 Central England and London
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71576: BOX, M. J - Non-Linear Optimization Techniques
65750: BOYCE, DAVID E. - Regional Science Retrospect and Prospect
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49753: BOYLE, ROBERT ILLIAM - Robert Boyle by Himself and His Friends : With a Fragment of William Wotton's Lost Life of Boyle
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67732: BRABANT, JOZEF M. VAN - The Planned Economies and International Economic Organizations
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56150: BRACEGIRDLE, BRIAN - The Microscopic Photographs of J.B. Dancer
52218: BRACK, O. M. , JR. (ED.) - Journal Narrative Relative to Doctor Johnson's Last Illness Three Weeks Before His Death Kept by John Hoole
72197: BRACKENRIDGE, HENRY - Views of Louisiana
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72060: BRADBROOK, M. C. - John Webster, Citizen and Dramatist
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66821: BRAKMAN, STEVEN - The Monopolistic Competition Revolution in Retrospect
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70880: BRAMS, STEVEN J. - Biblical Games a Strategic Analysis of Stories in the Old Testament
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51632: BRANDELL, GUNNA - Freud a Man of His Century
52502: BRANDER, MICHAEL - The Game Shot's Vade Mecum
51449: BRANDON, RUTH - Surreal Lives the Surrealists 1917-1945
51125: BRANDON, JAMES ED. - Kabuki Plays on Stage
49233: BRANDON, JAMES ED. - Kabuki Plays on Stage
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66465: BRANSCOMB, LEWIS M. - Taking Technical Risks How Innovators, Managers, and Investors Manage Risk in High-Tech Innovations
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64652: BRAUER, JURGEN - Economic Issues of Disarmament
55952: BRAUN-FELDWEG, WILHELM - Metal: Design & Technique
66906: BRAWARSKY, SANDEE - Two Jews, Three Opinions a Collection of 20th-Century American Jewish Quotations
76775: BRAY, F. SEWELL - The Nature of Income and Capital
76779: BRAY, F. SEWELL, CHARLES SMITH AND D. R. BEDFORD SMITH - Worsted Spinning Costs

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