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011566: LEWIS, ALFRED ALLAN - Ladies and Not-So- Gentle Women
000186: LEWIS EVANS - A Complete Guide to Motorcycling
003548: LEWIS SPENCE - The Mysteries of Britain-Secret Rites and Traditions of Ancient Britain
008853: LEWIS W. SPITZ - The Reformation: Basic Interpretations
018032: LEWIS, OSCAR - Tepoztlan Village in Mexico
016794: LEWIS, JERRY - Jerry Lewis: In Person with Herb Gluck
014687: LEWIS, C. S. - The Chronicles of Narnia
017946: LEWIS CARROLL - EDITED WITH NOTES BY MARTIN GARDNER - The Annotated Hunting of the Snark - the Definitive Edition
017663: LEWIS, BERNARD - What Went Wrong?: The Clash Between Islam and Modernity in the Middle East
007114: LEWIS, OSCAR - The Children of Sanchez: Autobiography of a Mexican Family
019195: LEWIS, RONALD J. - Murder in Mackinac : A Novel
016851: LEWIS, ALFRED ALLAN - Ladies and Not-So- Gentle Women
020097: LEWIS, BERNARD - What Went Wrong?: Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response
020167: LEY, WILLY - Willy Ley's Exotic Zoology
011135: LIAN HEARN - The Harsh Cry of the Heron - the Last Tale of the Otori
006937: LIBERMAN, ANATOLY - Word Origins: and How We Know Them; Etymology for Everyone
016946: LIBSTER, BERNARD - The Bonsai Bear
001070: LIEBERMAN, GERALD F. - 3, 500 Good Quotes for Speakers
014050: LIEBERMAN, DAVID J. - Get Anyone to Do Anything and Never Feel Powerless Again: Psychological Secrets to Predict, Control, and Influence Every Situation
014470: LIEBOWITZ, SOL - Argentina
015797: LIEF, MICHAEL S.;CALDWELL, HARRY M.;CALDWELL, H. MITCHELL;BYCEL, BENJAMIN - Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury: Greatest Closing Arguments in Modern Law
001841: LIEHU, R. - Cubisms
013601: LIEUT. EDWARD CHAPPELL, R.N. - Narrative of a Voyage to Hudson's Bay in His Majesty's Ship Rosamond - 1817
011375: LIEUTENANT EDWARD CHAPPELL, R.N. - Narrative of a Voyage to Hudson's Bay in His Majesty's Ship Rosamond containing some Accounts of the North-Eastern Coast of America and of the Tribes Inhabiting that Remote Region
015621: LIEWELLIN, PHIL - The Road to Muckle Flugga : Great Drives in Five Continents
007532: LIFTIN, HILARY; MONTGOMERY, KATE - Dear Exile: the True Story of Two Friends Separated (for a Year) By an Ocean
008690: LIGHT, JOANNE - Coastal Nova Scotia: Outdoor Adventure Guide
007299: LIGHTMAN, ALAN - The Diagnosis
010390: LIISA NORTH AND CAPA - Between War and Peace in Central America: Choices for Canada
010420: LIJDA ROGHAAR & MOLLY WOLF, EDITORS - Knit Lit Too: Stories from Sheep to Shawl . . . and More Writing About Knitting
016375: LILIAN MAXWELL - 'round New Brunswick Roads
001517: LILIUOKALANI - Hawaii's Story By Hawaii's Queen
012408: LILL, WENDY - The Glace Bay Miners' Museum: A Stage Play Based on the Novel by Sheldon Currie
006354: LILL KOENIG WITH A FOREWORD BY KONRAD LORENZ - Tales From the Vienna Woods
001422: LILY POND, EDITOR - Yellow Silk II: International Erotic Stories and Poems
004878: LILY TUCK - The News From Paraguay
009444: LIMBAUGH, RUSH - See, I Told You So
005177: LINCOLN BARNETT - The Universe and Dr. Einstein
015953: LINDA ROGERS - Country Doughcraft - for Your Home
007511: LINDA ROBINSON FELLAG, SANDRA FRISBY - Life, Language and Literature
008895: LINDA KUPECEK - Rebel Women - Achievements Beyond the Ordinary
002429: LINDBERG, RICHARD - Chicago Ragtime: Another Look at Chicago, 1880-1920
011231: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - Gift from the Sea
006172: LINDEN, EUGENE - Apes, Men, and Language
014633: LINDEN MACINTYRE - The Bishop's Man
010361: LINDEN, EUGENE - The Future in Plain Sight: Nine Clues to the Coming Instability
008941: LINDER, STAFFAN B. - The Pacific Century: Economic and Political Consequences of Asian Pacific Dynamism
019624: LINDSAY, JACK - Thomas Gainsborough: His life and art
018336: LINDSEY FRASER AND KATHRYN ROSS, EDITORS - Stories from Scotland
016648: LINDY HUGHES - It Never stays in Vegas
007419: LINK, SHEILA - Women's Guide to Outdoor Sports
019059: LINNANE, FERGUS - The Lives of the English Rakes
004088: LINNEA, ANN - Deep Water Passage: a Spiritual Journey at Midlife
001531: LINNY STOVALL, EDITOR - Left Bank No. 1: Writing and Fishing the Northwest
002178: LINSLEY, LESLIE - Leslie Linsley's Weekend Decorating: 1, 001 Quick Home Decorating Ideas, Tips and How-to's
008530: LINTON, MARILYN - Taking Charge by Taking Care : A Canadian Woman's Health Guide
018133: LIONEL AND PATRICIA FANTHORPE - Secrets of the World's Undiscovered Treasures
005703: LIONEL EDWARDS R.I. - Sketches in Stable and Kennel
007150: LIONEL LOKOS - Houses Divided-the Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King
013573: LIONEL CASSON - Illustrated History of Ships & Boats
002787: LIPTON, LENNY - Independent Filmmaking
001830: LISA ST. AUBIN DE TERAN, EDITOR - Virago Book of Wanderlust & Dreams
019996: LISA NAPOLI - What I Learned in Bhutan - the Happiest Kingdom on Earth
016111: LISA ANN MARSOLI - Disney's Brother Bear - a Read Aloud Storybook
016102: LISA ANN MARSOLI - Finding Nemo: A Read-Aloud Storybook
016103: LISA ANN MARSOLI - Home on the Range: A Read-Aloud Storybook
017112: LISA ROGAK - A Boy Named Shel - the Life and Times of Shel Silverstein
015043: LISLE, LAURIE - Portrait of an Artist - a Biography of Georgia O'Keeffe
017308: LISTER, R. P. - Genghis Kahn
007546: LITTLE, B. - Companion Planting in Australia
009342: LITTLE, JEFFREY B.;RHODES, LUCIEN - Understanding Wall Street: A Bound Volume of the Wall Street Library
016592: LITTLE, JAMES, EDITOR - Way Out There: The Best of Explore
016595: LITTLE, LINDA - Strong Hollow: A Novel
003316: LIU, WU-CHI - Sunflower Splendor: Three Thousand Years of Chinese Poetry
007297: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Moon Tiger
012952: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - The Self-Completing Tree: Selected Poems
005196: LIVINGSTON, JOHN A - One Cosmic Instant: a Natural History of Human Arrogance
000556: LIZ AND JACK BRYAN - Backroads of British Columbia
017442: LIZ VACCARIELLO - Flat Belly Diet! Lose Up to 15 Lbs in 32 Days.
020294: LIZ PRIMEAU - My Natural History - The Evolution of a Gardner
017111: LIZ LARK - Personal Trainer - Yoga For Kids -the at Home Yoga Class for New Beginners
016106: LIZA BAKER - Disney's 101 Dalmatians: A Read-Aloud Storybook
016558: LLOYD DENNIS - Acorn Alley Tales - volume One 1957-1959
000234: LLOYD DENNIS - Marching Orders-a Memoir
009111: LLOYD, ROSEANN;FOSSUM, MERLE - True Selves: Twelve-Step Recovery from Codependency
009130: LLOYD, TREVOR OWEN - Empire to Welfare State: English History, 1906-1985
010936: LLOYD, TREVOR OWEN - Empire to Welfare State: English History, 1906-1976
011419: LLOYD C. DOUGLAS - The Robe
012230: LLYWELYN, MORGAN - The Greener Shore : A Novel of the Druids of Hibernia
019066: LOCHHAAS, TOM - Treacherous Waters: Stories of Sailors in the Clutch of the Sea
009125: LOCHHEAD, DOUGLAS;CREELMAN, DAVID CRAIG - Weathers: Poems New and Selected
018243: LOCKER, THOMAS - Sailing With the Wind
007154: LOCKWOOD, DOUGLAS - I, the Aboriginal
017031: LOCKWOOD, MARK;FREEMAN, BRUSH - The Tos Handbook of Texas Birds
010000: LOCKYER, ROGER - Tudor and Stuart Britain, 1471-1714
009062: LOFTAS, TONY - The Last Resource: Man's Exploitation of the Oceans
008215: LOFTUS, SIMON - A Pike in the Basement - Tales of a hungry Traveller
008487: LOGUE, VICTORIA;LOGUE, FRANK - The Best of the Appalachian Trail: Day Hikes
006737: LOH, VYVYANE - Breaking the Tongue
001396: LOH, C.Y.; ONG, MR. I.K., EDITORS - Skoob Pacifica Anthology No 2: the Pen is Mightier Than the Sword
014104: LOH, VYVYANE - Breaking the Tongue
010634: LOHFF, DAVID C. - The Dream Directory: The Comprehensive Guide to Analysis and Interpretation, With Explanations for More Than 350 Symbols and Theories
017381: LOIS M. WILSON - Streams of Faith
011594: LOIS WYSE - How Come Holding Hands Feels So Good?
014022: LOMAX, JUDY - Women of the Air - the Remarkable Story of the Women who pioneered the Skies from Balloons to Voyager
007688: LONDON, BARBARA - A Short Course in Photography: an Introduction to Black and White Photographic Technique
007018: LONDON, JOAN - Gilgamesh: Library Edition
014659: LONDON, JACK - The Cruise of the Snark - Illustrated
017369: LONDON, JACK - Tales of the North
014073: LONDON, JACK - Tales of the North: The Complete Novels of White Fang, the Sea-Wolf, the Call of the Wild, the Cruise of the Dazzler Plus Fifteen Short Stories Including Son of the Wolf,
000271: LONELY PLANET STAFF (EDITOR) - Rome (Baedeker's City Guides Ser. )
001825: LONG, CHARLES - Life After the City: a Harrowsmith Guide to Rural Living
001729: LONG, MAX FREEDOM - The Secret Science Behind Miracles
011564: LONG, CHARLES K. - The Backyard Stonebuilder: Stonebuilding Projects for the Weekend Mason
014613: LONG, KIM - Frogs: A Wildlife Handbook
011008: LONG, JUDY - Telling Women's Lives: Subject, Narrator, Reader, Text
012173: LONGFELLOW - The Poetical Works of Longfellow Including Recent Poems with Explanatory Notes, Etc
005138: LONGFORD - The Queen: a Penguin Special
013560: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH ET AL - Queen: A Penguin Special
004458: LOPEZ, BARRY - Lessons From the Wolverine
001127: LOPEZ, BARRY - About This Life: Journeys on the Threshold of Memory
000791: LOPEZ, BARRY - Field Notes: Stories
002166: LOPEZ, BARRY HOLSTUN - Crossing Open Ground
003504: LOPEZ, BARRY - Light Action in the Caribbean: Stories
008017: LORAYNE, HARRY & JERRY LUCAS - The Memory Book
009005: LORD, W. - Time to Stand - the Epic of the Alamo
018578: LORD TWEEDSMUIR - Hudson's Bay Trader
008081: LORE SEGAL - Shakespeare's Kitchen
009979: LOREN EISELEY - The Invisible Pyramid
009324: LORENZ, KONRAD - On Aggression
005950: LORETTA SANTINI - Michelangelo-Painter, Sculpture-Architect
017949: LORNA CROZIER - Small Beneath the Sky - a Prarie Memoir
000289: LORNE GOULD - Breaking Ice in the Desert
017279: LORNE JOHNSTON - More Recollections of an Ole Salt
005889: LORRAINE ANDERSON, EDITOR - Sisters of the Earth: Women's Prose and Poetry About Nature
013899: LORRAINE ANDERSON, EDITOR - Sisters of the Earth: Women's Prose and Poetry About Nature
017223: LORRAINE BEGLEY, EDITOR - Crossing That Bridge : A Critical Look at the PEI Fixed Link
012992: LOSIER, MICHAEL - Law of Attraction: The Science Of Attracting More Of What You Want And Less Of What You Don't
014184: LOTTRIDGE, CELIA BARKER - Stories from the Life of Jesus
018312: LOU ALLIN - Memories are Murder - a Belle Palmer Mystery
002698: LOUDEN, JENNIFER - Woman's Retreat Book, the
018744: LOUIS LAWRENCE - The Seasons
007275: LOUIS DUDEK - Poetry of Our Time
019430: LOUIS GIANNETTI - Understanding Movies, Third Canadian Edition
013000: LOUIS LAWRENCE - The Seasons
008976: LOUIS UNTERMEYER - The Pursuit of Poetry
016722: LOUIS W. EATON - Salt Water, Fresh Water and Fire Water
012955: LOUIS RHEAD - Robin Hood
015260: LOUIS JOLLIET - Explorer of Rivers
016604: LOUIS HEMON - Maria Chapdelaine
017522: LOUIS TIVY - Your Loving Anna: Letters from the Ontario Frontier
005474: LOUISA M. ALCOTT - Little Women
007760: LOUISA MCCORMACK - Six Weeks to Toxic
007622: LOUISE ZIEGLER SPIRER AND EVELYN MILLER - This is the Doberman Pinscher
007724: LOUISE HILLARY - Keep Calm If You Can
002786: LOUISE HOWE BAILEY - Draw Up a Chair
000843: LOUISE CRANE ET AL - Africa-History-Culture-Geography
010078: LOUISE DEKIRILINE LAWRENCE - The lovely and The Wild
010523: LOUISE A. STINETORF - La China Poblana
019443: LOUISE HAWES - Muti's Necklace - the Oldest Story in the World
003522: LOURIE, PETER - Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon: a Chronicle of an Incan Treasure
015232: LOVE, KATHY;LOVE, BILL - Corn Snakes: The Comprehensive Owner's Guide
007820: LOVEJOY, ANN - Tea Gardens: Places to Make and Take Tea
004367: LOVELL, MARY S. - Straight on Till Morning-the Life of Beryl Markham
006678: LOVELL, MARY S. - Straight on Till Morning: a Biography of Beryl Markham
015356: LOVELOCK, J.E. - Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth
009401: LOVEN, DEBORAH - The Great New York Dog Book: The Indispensable Canine Resource Guide for New York City Dogs and Their Owners
013811: LOVERSEED, HELGA V. - Burlington, an Illustrated History
006970: LOVINS, AMORY; HAWKEN, PAUL; SHAPIRO, ROBERT; LOVINS, HUNTER; MAGRETTA, JOAN; REINHARDT, FOREST - Harvard Business Review on Business and the Environment
001386: LOVRIC, MICHELLE; BALIA, MIMMA - Ruskin's Rose: a Venetian Love Story
012998: LOVRIC, MICHELLE; BALIA, MIMMA - Love Letters: An Anthology of Passion
010893: LOWELL THOMAS - Bck to Mandalay
009544: LOWEN, ALEXANDER - Bioenergetics
015492: LOWENSTEIN, TOM - Haiku Inspirations : Poems and Meditations on Nature and Beauty
015957: LOWER, J. ARTHUR - Canada An Outline History
013991: LOWER, J. ARTHUR - A Nation Developing: A Brief History of Canada
003417: LOWNIE, ANDREW - John Buchan
009880: LOWRANCE, WILLIAM - Modern Science and Human Values
009913: LOWRY, BRIAN;CARTER, CHRIS;STEGALL, SARAH - The Truth Is Out There: The Official Guide to the X-Files
004297: LOYD, SAM - Sam Loyd's Picture Puzzles With Answers (Classic Reprint Ser. )
006559: LOYE MILLER - Lifelong Boyhood-Recollections of a Naturalist Afield
008956: LOZANSKY, EDWARD - For Tatiana: When Loved Triumphed over the Kremlin
005371: LT. COL. W. G. MACKENDRICK, D.S.O. (THE ROADBUILDER) - God's Plan for Freedom of the Seas
006367: LT. COMDR. BRUCE S. WRIGHT, C.D. - The Frogmen of Burma-the Story of the Sea Reconnaissance Unit
003168: LT. COL. BILL FROUD - Horseback Riding Simplified
013233: LU, HENRY C. - The Chinese System of Food Cures: Prevention and Remedies
018007: LU, HENRY C. - Chinese Herbal Cures
004937: LU HSUN - A Brief History of Chinese Fiction
000027: LU XUN - Wandering
015342: LU HSUN - A Brief History of Chinese Fiction
005156: LUBOR J ZINK - Viva Chairman Pierre
002183: LUCAS, RICHARD MELVIN - Secrets of the Chinese Herbalists
009347: LUCAS, R. C. - Fullness & Freedom: The Message of Colossians & Philemon
009920: LUCAS, ROBERT W. - Coaching Skills: A Guide for Supervisors
009028: LUCASFILM LTD. STAFF - Star Wars - Episode I - The Phantom Menace Movie Storybook
009394: LUCIAN - Satirical Sketches
018027: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - Sexuality in Western Art
010693: LUCILLE WALLOWER - Pennsylvania - Colonial Histories
017700: LUCINDA LAMBTON - Temples of Convenience
019015: LUCIUS VON FRIEDEN - Mushrooms of the World
003357: LUCKEY, CARL F. - Hummel Figurines and Plates: a Collectors Identification and Value Guide
003358: LUCKEY, CARL F. - Hummel Figurines & Plates: a Collectors Identification and Value Guide
006834: LUCY DONCASTER & ANDREW HOLLAND - Greatest Mysteries of the Unexplained
012774: LUCY MCCAULEY - Traveler's Tales Women in the Wild: True Stories of Adventure and Conneciton
020143: LUDLUM, DAVID - National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Weather
005608: LUEPNITZ, DEBORAH ANNA - The Family Interpreted: Feminist Theory in Clinical Practice
017853: LUKACS, JOHN - Five Days in London, May 1940
014545: LUKEMAN, NOAH - The First Five Pages: A Writers Guide to Staying Out of the Rejection Pile
009857: LUKENS, REBECCA J. - A Critical Handbook of Children's Literature
019336: LUNDY, DEREK - The Way of a Ship A Square-Rigger Voyage in the Last Days of Sail
002697: LUOMA, JON R. - Troubled Skies, Troubled Waters: the Story of Acid Rain
019317: LUTHER, ERIC; HENKEN, TED - Che Guevara (Critical Lives) - the Life and Work of
014314: LUTZ, GILES A. - Vengeance Ghost and Gun Rich
007442: LUTZ, TIM - The Gem Hunter's Kit
001053: LUTZ, TOM - Crying: the Natural and Cultural History of Tears
009565: LUXTON, MEG - Feminism and Families: Critical Policies and Changing Practices
005772: LYLE, JANE - The Complete Handbook of Astrology
001507: LYLES, RICHARD I.; LYLES, DICK - Winning Ways: 4 Secrets for Getting Great Results By Working Well With People
005707: LYMAN BRYSON, EDITOR - An Outline of Man's Knowledge of the Modern World
004785: LYN HANCOCK - Alaska Highway-Road to Adventure
010305: LYN TORNABENE - Long Live the King - a Biography of Clark Gable
014338: LYN HARRINGTON - Manitoba Roundabout
020121: LYNCH, MICHAEL P. - True to Life: Why Truth Matters (Bradford Books)
015104: LYNCH, JERRY;HUANG, AL CHUNG-LIANG - Working Out, Working Within: The Tao of Inner Fitness Through Sports and Exercise
009884: LYNCH, CHARLES T. - A Funny Way to Run a Country: Further Memoirs of a Political Voyeur
017104: LYNCH, ZACK;LAURSEN, BYRON - The Neuro Revolution: How Brain Science Is Changing Our World
019665: LYNDON, DONLYN; MOORE, CHARLES W. - Chambers for A Memory Palace
020214: LYNETTE JENSEN - Pint Size Quilts - Thimbleberries Classic Country
020198: LYNN PHILIP HODGSON - Dispatches from Camp-X
004394: LYNN PICKNETT & CLIVE PRINCE - Turin Shroud-in Whose Image? the Truth Behind the Centuries Long Conspiracy of Silence
020252: LYNNE TWIST WITH TERESA BARKER - The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life
020186: LYNNE OLSON - Troublesome Young Men - the Rebels Who Brought Churchill to Power and Helped Save England
017678: LYNNE OLSON - Troublesome Young Men
018279: LYON, WILLIAM S. - Encyclopedia of Native American Healing
005204: LYON, DAVID G. - The Xyz's of Business Writing: Sophisticated Concepts Made Simple
017206: LYON, PETER - Eisenhower:Portrait of the Hero: Portrait of the Hero
009396: LYONS, JOHN - New Horizons in Linguistics
008139: LYTLE & LYTLE - The Complete Fireplace Book
005165: M C SCOTT MONCRIEFF - Kings and Queens of England
005190: M.L.C. PICKTHALL - The Bridge-a Story of the Great Lakes
005679: M.C. CHEUNG & S.Y. CHAN - M.C. Tests in East Asian History 1870-1952
002234: M.I. FINLEY - The Ancient Greeks-an Introduction to Their Life and Thought
000565: M. F. SOPER - Birds of New Zealand and Outlying Islands
001016: M.W. POSTINS - Stonehenge, Sun, Moon, Wandering Stars
010259: M.B. GEORGE - Basic Sailiing - a Pratical Course in Sailboat Handling
019694: M.G. VASSANJI - Mordecai Richler - Extraordinary Canadians Series
014903: M. I. FINLEY - The Ancient Greeks - an Introduction to Their Life and Thought
010943: M. MORGAN GIBBON - The Pharisees
020140: M.G. VASSANJI - A Place Within - Rediscovering India
012679: M.C. COUSINS - POEMS
014390: M.G. VASSANJI - The Assassin's Song
017196: M. SMITH-MASTERS - The Knights of Compassion
001952: MAALOUF, AMIN - Balthasar's Odyssey
006268: MACDONALD, D. R. - Cape Breton Road
017958: MACDONALD, ANN-MARIE - The Way the Crow Flies - SIGNED
004854: MACDONALD, ANN-MARIE - The Way the Crow Flies: a Novel
000522: MACDONALD, WEBSTER - Memoirs of a Maverick Lawyer-(Be Jubilant My Feet)
002890: MACDONALD, COPTHORNE - Getting a Life: Strategies for Joyful & Effective Living
020261: MACDONALD, EDWARD - If you're stronghearted: Prince Edward Island in the twentieth century
009426: MACDONALD, L. IAN - Mulroney - the Making of the Prime Minister
013026: MACDONALD, LAURENCE E. - The Invisible Art of Film Music: A Comprehensive History
018638: MACDONALD, ANGUS & PATRICIA - The Highlands and Islands of Scotland
010894: MACDONALD HASTINGS - Jesuit Child
018709: MACDONALD, IAN;O'KEEFE, BETTY - The Klondike's dear Little Nugget
017014: MACDONALD, ERVIN AUSTIN - The Rainbow Chasers
008209: MACE, BETTY WEBB - You Can Have It When I'm through with It
013130: MACEACHERN, MARY - Mae Sparkes : A Psychic's Journey
016051: MACEWAN, GRANT - Blazing the Old Cattle Trail
013600: MACEWAN, GRANT - Fifty Mighty Men
017822: MACEWAN, GRANT - Portraits from the Plains
002943: MACFARLANE, DAVID - The Danger Tree: Memory, War, and the Search for a Family's Past
000427: MACFARLANE, SHARON - Driving Off the Map
012611: MACGILL, VICTOR - When the Dragon Stirs : Healing Our Wounded Lives Through Fairy Stories, Myths and Legends
011722: MACGRAW, ALI - Moving Pictures/an Autobiography
016050: MACGREGOR, GEDDES - Scotland: An Intimate Portrait
020283: MACGREGOR, ROY - The Seven A.M. Practice: Stories of Family Life
005031: MACGREGOR, ROY - Escape: in Search of the Natural Soul of Canada
019161: MACGREGOR, ROY - A Loonie for Luck - a True Fable About Hockey and the Olympics
014281: MACGREGOR, ROY - Forever: The Annual Hockey Classic
016241: MACGREGOR, ROY - The Home Team: Fathers, Sons & Hockey
017843: MACGREGOR, ROY - A Loonie for Luck
014342: MACHAN, CLAIRE;BURLINGTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY - From Pathway to Skyway Revisited: The Story of Burlington
016886: MACINNIS, JOE - The Search for the Breadalbane
019191: MACINNIS, JOSEPH B - Fitzgerald's storm: The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
013554: MACINNIS, JEFF;ROWLAND, WADE - Polar Passage: The Historic First Sail Through the Northwest Passage
016463: MACKAY, HARVEY - Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt
006809: MACKAY, HARVEY - Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt: Do What You Love, Love What You Do, Deliver More Than You Promise
014000: MACKAY, HARVEY - Swim With the Sharks: Without Being Eaten Alive Outsell, Outmanage, Outmotivate, and Outnegotiate Your Competition
008090: MACKENDRICK, PAUL LACHLAN - The Greek Stones Speak: The Story of Archaeology in Greek Lands
016882: MACKENZIE PHILLIPS - High on Arrival
001979: MACKENZIE, VICKI - Reborn in the West: the Reincarnation Masters
008851: MACKENZIE, JEANNE - A Victorian Courtship: The Story of Beatrice Potter and Sidney Webb
018489: MACKENZIE, MICHAEL - Geometry in Venice
011303: MACKENZIE, JOHN P. S. - The Complete Outdoorsman's Guide to Birds of Eastern North America
017800: MACKENZIE, JOHN P. S.;SHORTT, T. M. {SIGNED BY BOTH} - The Complete Outdoorsman's Guide to Birds of Canada and Eastern North America
005742: MACKEY, SANDRA - The Saudis: Inside the Desert Kingdom
008927: MACKIE, MARLENE - Constructing Women and Men
010173: MACKINNON SIMPSON ET AL - Whale Song: the Story of Hawai'i and the Whales
019683: MACKINNON, J. B. - Dead Man in Paradise
019012: MACKLON, WILLIAM C. - The Fledgling Years
018295: MACLAGAN, DAVID - Creation Myths : Man's Introduction to the World
009605: MACLAINE, SHIRLEY - The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit
014684: MACLAINE, SHIRLEY - My Lucky Stars: A Hollywood Memoir
009955: MACLAREN, ROY - Honourable Mentions : The Uncommon Diary of an M.P.
000503: MACLEAN, R. A. - A State of Mind: the Scots in Nova Scotia
005080: MACLEAN, J. ANGUS - Making It Home: Memoirs of the Honourable J. Angus Maclean
002350: MACLEAN, MARGARET - The Wise Traveller
003804: MACLEAN, NORMAN - Young Men & Fire
013033: MACLEAN, RORY - The Oatmeal Ark: Across Canada By Water
014224: MACLEAN, RORY - The Oatmeal Ark: Across Canada By Water
015452: MACLEAN, FITZROY;LINKLATER, MAGNUS - Scotland: A Concise History
011290: MACLEAN, NORMAN - Young Men & Fire - A true Story of the Mann Gulch Fire
006477: MACLEISH, WILLIAM H. - Gulf Stream: Encounters With the Blue God
003710: MACLENNAN, JENNIFER - Effective Business Writing
009787: MACLENNANH - Best of Hugh MacLennan
002574: MACLEOD, ENID - Petticoat Doctors, the First 40 Years of Women in Medicine at Dalhousie University
019026: MACLEOD, ELIZABETH - Alexander Graham Bell: An Inventive Life
019009: MACLEOD, ALISTAIR - No Great Mischief
019018: MACLEOD, ALISTAIR - No Great Mischief
000763: MACNEIL, ROBERT - Wordstruck: a Memoir
010786: MACNEIL, ROBERT - Wordstruck: A Memoir
019874: MACNUTT, W. STEWART - Atlantic Provinces - The Emergence of Colonial Society 1712-1857
004787: MACPHERSON, ALLEN - Ontario Provincial Parks Trail Guide: Trail Guide
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003916: MACTAVISH, JOAN - Bravo, Miss Brown-a World Without Sight Or Sound
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014976: MADONNA, RITCHIE - Yakov and the Seven Thieves
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000288: MAEVE KELLY - Necessary Treasons
014432: MAGEE, JOHN BENJAMIN - Philosophical Analysis in Education
016485: MAGGIE HELWIG - Girls Fall Down
009420: MAGISTER BRITTA KIFFE AND DR. JOHANNES BINDER - The Danube - From Vienna to the Black Sea
007306: MAGNUSSON, WARREN, ET AL - The New Reality: the Politics of Restraint in British Columbia
011752: MAGUEIJO, JOAO - Faster Than the Speed of Light: The Story of a Scientific Speculation
015240: MAGUIRE, JACK - Care and Feeding of the Brain: A Guide to Your Gray Matter
004071: MAH, ADELINE YEN - Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society
016161: MAH, ADELINE YEN - Falling Leaves: The True Story of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter
009472: MAHANT, EDELGARD ELSBETH;MOUNT, GRAEME S. - An Introduction to Canadian-American Relations
013493: MAHANT, EDELGARD ELSBETH;MOUNT, GRAEME S. - An Introduction to Canadian-American Relations
006945: MAHARAJ, RABINDRANATH - A Perfect Pledge
006992: MAHARAJ, RABINDRANATH - The Lagahoo's Apprentice
006603: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB - Wedding Song
002345: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB - Adrift on the Nile
007229: MAHONEY, ROSEMARY - The Early Arrival of Dreams: a Year in China
008926: MAHONEY, ROSEMARY - Whoredom in Kimmage: The World of Irish Women
004300: MAHONEY, ROSEMARY - Whoredom in Kimmage: Irish Women Coming of Age
008717: MAIER, KARL - This House Has Fallen: Nigeria in Crisis
006442: MAILER, NORMAN - Harlot's Ghost
013223: MAILER, NORMAN - Tough Guys Don't Dance - LIMITED EDITION 189/350 - SIGNED
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010266: MAINSE, DAVID; MANUEL, DAVID - Past, Present and Promise
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000052: MAITLAND, DEREK - China: the Land, the Cities, the People, the Culture, the Present
013964: MAJNO, GUIDO - The Healing Hand: Man and Wound in the Ancient World
005374: MAKINE, ANDREI - Dreams of My Russian Summers
002561: MAKINE, ANDREI; STRACHAN, GEOFFREY - Once Upon the River Love
013330: MAKOWER, JOEL;BERGHEIM, LAURA - The Map Catalog: Every Kind of Map and Chart on Earth and Even Some above It
008224: MAKOWER, JOEL;BERGHEIM, LAURA - The Map Catalog: Every Kind of Map and Chart on Earth and Even Some above It
016452: MALABRE, ALFRED - Beyond Our Means: How Reckless Borrowing Now Threatens to Overwhelm Us
016923: MALAN, RIAN - My Traitor's Heart: A South African Exile Returns to Face His Country, His Tribe, and His Conscience
001253: MALAPANIS, ARGIRIS; SILBERMAN, JONATHAN - The Truth About Yugoslavia: Why Working People Should Oppose Intervention
005533: MALCOLM THOMSON - Churchill His Life and Times
006325: MALCOLM LOWRY - Ultramarine
005793: MALCOLM G. PARKS - Discoverers and Explorers in Canada Portfolio I-1497-1763 & Portfolio II 1763-1911
007903: MALCOLM GLADWELL - Blink - the Power of Thinking Without Thinking
016854: MALCOLM GLADWELL - Outliers - The Story of Success
017135: MALCOLM GLADWELL - What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures
019853: MALCOLM GLADWELL - David and Goliath - Underdogs, Misfists, and the Art of Battling Giants
004602: MALLICK, HEATHER - The Pillow Book of Heather Mallick
014191: MALLINGER, ALLAN E.;DE WYZE, JEANNETTE - Too Perfect: When Being in Control Gets Out of Control
002064: MALLON, THOMAS - A Book of One's Own: People and Their Diaries
003399: MALONE NANCY M. - Walking a Literary Labyrinth: a Spirituality of Reading
004426: MALRAUX, ANDRE - Man's Fate-a Superb and Enduring Novel on the Chinese Revolution
009034: MAMET, DAVID - Sexual Perversity in Chicago and the Duck Variations: Two Plays
014412: MAMET, DAVID - Writing in Restaurants
019242: MANCHESTER, WILLIAM - The Last Lion - Visions of Glory 1874-1932 Winston Spencer Churchill
003607: MANDEL, MICHAEL J. - The Coming Internet Depression: Why the High-Tech Boom Will Go Bust, Why the Crash Will Be Worse That You Think, and How to Prosper Afterwards
017559: MANDELA, NELSON - Long Walk to Freedom : The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela
009014: MANDELL, NANCY - Reconstructing the Canadian Family: Feminist Perspectives
008693: MANDER, CHRISTINE - Emily Murphy: Rebel - First Female magistrate In the British Empire 1868-1933
017339: MANDER, CHRISTINE - All You Need Is Enough Rope : A Light-Hearted Look at Cottage Life
012291: MANDINO, OG - The Twelfth Angel- A Heartwarming Story of Belief and Courage
012212: MANDINO, OG - The Return of the Ragpicker - the Sequel to The Greatest Miracle in the World
006304: MANDY KIRKBY - Pick Your Brains About.Scotland
016975: MANEY, MABEL - The Case of the Not-so-nice Nurse: A Nancy Clue Mystery
013565: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - News from a Foreign Country Came
004374: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - The Gates of Paradise: the Anthology of Erotic Short Fiction
017374: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - Into the Looking-Glass Wood
013318: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - A Reading Diary - a Year of Favorite Books
013891: MANGUEL, ALBERTO, EDITOR - Other Fires - Short Fiction By Latin American Women
011302: MANGUEL, ALBERTO - A History of Reading
009398: MANHIRE, BILL, EDITOR - Six by Six - Short Stories By New Zealand's Best Writers
008336: MANJI, IRSHAD - The Trouble with Islam : A Wake-up Call for Honesty and Change
018844: MANLEY, RACHEL - Drumblair : Memories of a Jamaican Childhood
006096: MANLEY, SEON; MANLEY, ROBERT - Islands: Their Lives, Legends, and Lore: Their Lives, Legends, and Lore
014493: MANLEY, RACHEL - Horses in Her Hair: A Granddaughter's Story
010483: MANLEY, DEXTER;FRIEND, TOM - Educating Dexter
011454: MANLEY, RACHEL - Drumblair: Memories of a Jamaican Childhood
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009995: MANON TREMBLAY, EDITOR - Women and Political Representation in Canada
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009910: MANRIQUE, JAIME - Latin Moon in Manhattan
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014736: MANSFIELD, BRIAN;LEVERETT, LES - Ring of Fire: A Tribute to Johnny Cash
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018633: MANTLE, JONATHAN - In for a Penny
005438: MANUEL KOMROFF - The Travels of Marco Polo-the Venetian
010467: MANUEL BENDALA LUCOT - Seville
009189: MAPPES, THOMAS A.;ZEMBATY, JANE S. - Social Ethics: Morality and Social Policy
005075: MARBLE, JOAN - Notes From a Roman Terrace
018719: MARBURY, MARY - Favorite Flies and Their Histories
018647: MARC ELIOT - Regan - The Hollywood Years
008544: MARC SLONIM - The Epic of Russian Literature - from Its Origins Through Tolstoy
015861: MARC SHAPIRO - Justin Bieber - the Fever!
019350: MARC SPITZ - Nobody Likes You - Inside the Turbulent Life, and Music of Green Day
016270: MARCANTEL, PAMELA - An Army of Angels: A Novel of Joan of Arc
016119: MARCEL ROBILLARD - A Hundred Years of Remorse - When Treasure Hunting Becomes a Spiritual Odyssey
012104: MARCHAND, PHILIP - Marshall McLuhan: The Medium and the Messenger
014422: MARCHAND, PHILIP - Ghost Empire: The Legacy Of The French In North America
009269: MARCHESSAULT, JOVETTE - Lesbian Triptych - (English Edition)
008106: MARCHESSAULT, JOVETTE - Tryptique Lesbien
012988: MARCHIANO, BRUCE - In the Footsteps of Jesus
015322: MARCIA CASTRO LEAL - Archaeological Mexico
020398: MARCUS REDIKER - The Slave Ship - a Human History
006764: MARCUS CLARKE - For the Term of His Natural Life
011111: MARCUS LUTTRELL WITH PATRICK ROBINSON - Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of Seal Team 10
009531: MARDEN-MEYER - Minorities in American Society
010125: MAREIN, SHIRLEY - Stitchery, Needlepoint, Applique, and Patchwork: A Complete Guide
019348: MARGARET WEBB - Apples to Oysters - a Food Lover's Tour of Canadian Farms
000951: MARGARET E. MULAC - Educational Games for Fun
005297: MARGARET LANDON - Never Die the Dream-a Novel of Bangkok
006050: MARGARET ATWOOD - Moral Disorder
006633: MARGARET CABELL SELF - The Horseman's Encyclopedia
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016772: MARGARET SOMERVILLE - The Ethical Imagination - Journeys of the Human Spirit
019288: MARGARET VISSER - The Gift of Thanks - the Roots, Persistence, and Paradoxical Meanings of a Social Ritual
007438: MARGARET MEAD - People and Places
019188: MARGARET TRUDEAU - Changing My Mind
007413: MARGARET VESSEY - Fifty Years a Minister's Wife-"a Love Story"
008024: MARGARET MEAD, EDITOR - Cultural Patterns and Technical Change
001262: MARGARET L. FORD, BRIAN MEESON, EDITORS - Writers' Workshop
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004637: MARGARET LARKIN - The Six Days of Yad-Mordechai
000875: MARGARET KING - Eden to Paradise
013758: MARGARET MACKAY - The Violent Friend - the Story of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson 1840-1914
014733: MARGARET ATWOOD - Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth - CBC massey Lectures
013861: MARGARET CROMPTON - Shelley's Dream Women
010887: MARGARET LARKIN - Seven Shares in a Gold Mine
010973: MARGARET ATWOOD, EDITOR - Barbed Lyres: Canadian Venomous Verse
011591: MARGARET JOWETT - Candidate for Fame
017940: MARGARET E. DERRY - Manitoulin and Region - Voices from the Past
019057: MARGARET MCWILLIAMS - Manitoba Milestones
007814: MARGOLIS, CHAR - Questions from Earth, Answers from Heaven
020280: MARGRET AND H.A. REY - A Treasury of Curious George - 8 Stories Included
002262: MARGUERITE ICKIS - The Book of Festival Holidays
005149: MARGUERITE ICKIS & REBA SELDEN ESH - The Book of Arts and Crafts
017097: MARGUERITE R. DOW - The Magic Mask - a Basic Textbook of Theatre Arts
015121: MARGUERITE FENNER - the Electric Cook Book
013505: MARGUERITE HENRY - King of the Wind - the Story of Godolphin Arabian
014468: MARHSALL W. FISHWICK - Lee After the War
006411: MARIA AUGUSTA TRAPP - The Story of the Trapp Family Singers-the Story Which Inspired the Sound of Music
000363: MARIA KAHLE - Land Der Hohen Walder
012865: MARIA CONSTANTINO - The Knot Handbook
012048: MARIA AMPARO RUIZ DE BURTON - Who Would Have Thought it?
016591: MARIA VON TRAPP - - My Own Story
002807: MARIAN ENGEL - The Honeyman Festival
010691: MARIAN T. PLACE - The Copper Kings of Montana
001944: MARIANNE FREDRIKSSON - Het Zesde Zintuig
019436: MARIANNE WILLIAMSON - The Age of Miracles - Embracing the New Midlife
006919: MARIE-CLAIRE BLAIS - Tete-Blanche
003221: MARIE LAWSON - Pocahontas and Captain John Smith-the Story of the Virginia Colony
009743: MARIE TREMAINE, EDITOR - Canadian Book of Printing
009938: MARIE VAN VORST - Big Tremaine
010421: MARIE-CLAIRE BLAIS - Augustino and the Choir of Destruction
000126: MARIETTA SHAGINYAN - Journey Through Soviet Armenia
018644: MARIKO TAMAKI - Skim - an Illustrated Novel
008577: MARILY JOHNSON - The Dead Beat - Lost Souls, Lucky stiffs, and the Perverse pleasures of Obituaries
003661: MARILYN BARNICKE BELLEGHEM, M. ED - Questing Marilyn: Personal Growth Through Travel
001082: MARILYN APPLEBERG - Romantic N.Y. -165 Romantic Things to See and Do in New York (Not for Lovers Only)
014132: MARIN LA MESLEE, EDMOND - The New Australia, 1883;
018033: MARINA HARRISON & LUCY D. ROSENFELD - Country Artwalks from Maine to Maryland
009991: MARINACCIO, DAVE - All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Watching Star Trek
014375: MARIO BRUNO, P. ENG. - Life in the 21st Century
015611: MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY - The Mists of Avalon
015593: MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY - The Forest House
012475: MARION KANE AND ROSIE SCHWARTZ - The Enlightened Eater - a Guide to Well Being Through Nutrition
012488: MARION LAWRANCE - My Message to Sunday School Workers
018972: MARIUS BARBEAU - Indian Days of the Western Prairies
004948: MARIUS BARBEAU - Haida Myths
015498: MARIUS, RICHARD - A Short Guide to Writing About History
015255: MARIUS BARBEAU - Medicine-Men on the North Pacific Coast
017710: MARIUS, RICHARD - Thomas More: A Biography
017506: MARIUS BARBEAU - Painters of Quebec - Canadian Art Series
001380: MARJORIE AGOSIN-JANICE MOLLOY TRANSLATOR - Women of Smoke-Latin American Women in Literature & Life
011046: MARJORIE FREEMAN CAMPBELL - A Mountain and a City - The Story of Hamilton
019437: MARJORIE HARRIS - Ecological Gardening - How to Garden with the Planet in Mind
016279: MARJORIE KINNAN RAWLINGS - The Yearlings
015151: MARK TWAIN, EDITED BY CHARLES NEIDER - The Complete Short stories of Mark Twain
004659: MARK SMITH - Henna-Body Art
020388: MARK M. ORKIN - Canajan, Eh?
005658: MARK NAGLER - Perspectives on the North American Indians
011780: MARK LOWRY - Live long and Die Laughing 1958-
006275: MARK, JAN - Mr. Dickens Hits Town
013581: MARK MILLS - The Savage Garden
018317: MARK STEYN - America Alone - the end of Sthe World as We Know it
017150: MARK FRUTKIN - Walking Backwards
000649: MARK KEARNEY & RANDY RAY - The Great Canadian Trivia Book: a Collection of Compelling Curiosities From Alouette to Zed
008379: MARK GOULSTON, MD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for Dummies
008972: MARK O. DICKERSON ET AL - Introductory Readings in Government and Politics
009179: MARK TWAIN - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
014516: MARK HASKELL SMITH - Baked - a Novel
006168: MARK MILLS - The Savage Garden
010617: MARK NAGLER - Indians in the City - a Study of the Urbanization of Indians in Toronto
019227: MARK KINGWELL - Nearest Thing to Heaven - the Empire State Building and American Dreams
014045: MARK SAUNDERS - the American Civil War - a History
016294: MARK COTTA VAZ - Twilight - the Complete Illustrated Movie Companion
009113: MARKFIELD, WALLACE - Teitlebaum's Window
019687: MARKOOSIE - Harpoon of the Hunter
013911: MARKOOSIE - Harpoon of the Hunter
011416: MARKS, JAMES M - Jason
016290: MARKS, COPELAND - The Exotic Kitchens of Peru: The Land of the Inca
002972: MARLATT, DAPHNE - Ana Historic
003290: MARLATT, DAPHNE - Taken
007264: MARLENA FRICK - The Homecoming
010657: MARLOWE, DEREK - The Memoirs of a Venus Lackey
018018: MARQ DE VILLIERS - Dangerous World - Natural disasters, Manmade catastrophes, and the Future of Human Survival
001565: MARQUESS CURZON OF KEDLESTON - Tales of Travel
010573: MARQUIS DE SADE - Justine
002824: MARRIN, ALBERT - Aztecs and Spaniards: Cortes and the Conquest of Mexico
008642: MARRISON, SARAH L. - The Modern Witch's Dreambook
020038: MARSDEN, JOHN - Prayer for the Twenty-First Century
012152: MARSHALL SAUNDERS - Beautiful Joe
007950: MARSHALL, PAULE - Brown Girl, Brownstones
008166: MARSHALL, VICTOR - Aging: Canadian Perspectives
012466: MARSHALL B. DAVIDSON - Horizon Concise History of France
010123: MARSHALL CAVENDISH PUBLICATIONS EDITORS - Pictures with Pins - a Smash Hit Selection of Brand New Designs
010652: MARSHALL, CATHERINE - Thorn Bird Country
019197: MARSHALL, TOM - The Adventures of John Montgomery
019295: MARSHALL, TOM - Voices on the brink: A border tale
017441: MARSZAEK JOZEF - Majdanek, the Concentration Camp in Lublin
006493: MARTEL, YANN - Self
012239: MARTEL, YANN - The Facts Behind The Helsinki Roccamatios
020095: MARTEL, YANN - Life of Pi
012823: MARTEL, YANN - The Facts Behind The Helsinki Roccamatios
017169: MARTHA MARTIN - Out of the Shadows and Other Poems
017168: MARTHA MARTIN - Poet's Pilgrimage - Poems
011874: MARTIN, LAWRENCE - Chretien Vol. 1 : The Will to Win
004669: MARTIN, STEVE - Shopgirl
004670: MARTIN, STEVE - The Pleasure of My Company
005761: MARTIN, DOUGLAS - The Telling Line: Essays on Fifteen Contemporary Book Illustrators
007038: MARTIN, RALPH G. - Jennie: the Life of Lady Randolph Churchill, the Dramatic Years 1895-1921 Vol. 2
001072: MARTIN O'GRIOFA, EDITOR - Irish Scalawags and Scoundrels
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008104: MARTIN KITCHEN - A Military history of Germany - from the Eighteenth Century to the Present Day
003706: MARTIN, SANDRA - First Man in My Life-Daughters Write About Their Fathers
000484: MARTIN PAQUETTE & CARLO ZAGLIA - Extreme Adventure
015368: MARTIN, EMILY - The Woman in the Body: A Cultural Analysis of Reproduction
011709: MARTIN, PHYLLIS RODGERS - Martin's Magic Formula for Getting the Right Job
010133: MARTIN, RALPH G.;MARTIN, RALPH - Hero for Our Time: An Intimate Story of the Kennedy Years
019846: MARTIN CRUZ SMITH - Tatiana
010991: MARTIN, RAQUEL;GERSTUNG, JUDI - The Estrogen Alternative: Natural Hormone Therapy With Botanical Progesterone
020274: MARTIN GORST - Measuring Eternity: The Search for the Beginning of Time
019966: MARTINEAU, PIERRE; MURRAY, JEAN-PAUL - I Was a Killer for the Hells Angels: The Story of Serge Quesnal
019388: MARTINES, LAURO - April Blood: Florence and the Plot against the Medici
000911: MARTLAND, PETER - Lord Haw Haw: the English Voice of Nazi Germany
018698: MARTY GERVAIS - My Town: Faces of Windsor
008063: MARTZ, SANDRA;MARTZ, SANDRA HALDEMAN - I Am Becoming the Woman I'Ve Wanted
013869: MARTZ, SANDRA - If I Had My Life to Live over I Would Pick More Daisies
015929: MARTZ, SANDRA - If I Had My Life to Live over I Would Pick More Daisies
016384: MARVIN W. MEYER, EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR - The Secret Teachings of Jesus: Four Gnostic Gospels
013533: MARVIN FREMES - Historic inns of Ontario - a guide to accomodation and Dining
015384: MARVIN HARRIS - Our Kind - The Evolution of Human Life & Culture
007547: MARWICK, MAX - Witchcraft and Sorcery
003940: MARWITZ, DARLENE - Italy Fever: 14 Ways to Satisfy Your Love Affair With Italy
013270: MARY C. HATCH - 13 danish Tales
004939: MARY E. WALLER - Through the Gates of the Netherlands
005166: MARY F MOORE - Canadian Magic
005336: MARY O'HARA - Thunderhead
020192: MARY ELLEN PERKINS - Discover Your Heritage: A Guide to Provincial Plaques in Ontario
006098: MARY GRAHAM BONNER - Canada and Her Story
000291: MARY BAKER EDDY - A Complete Concordance to Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures
007676: MARY ALICE DOWNIE AND BARBARA ROBERTSON - The Well-Filled Cupboard: Everyday Pleasures of the Canadian Home and Garden
018523: MARY DEJEVSKY, INTRODUCTION - The Britannica Guide to Russia
016704: MARY GRANNAN - Maggie Muggins and Her Animal Friends
003233: MARY QUAYLE INNIS, EDITOR - The Clear Spirit-Twenty Canadian Women and Their Times
000410: MARY MERIKLE, MANAGING EDITOR - The New Quarterly-New Directions in Canadian Writing
014278: MARY BARMEYER O'BRIEN - Heart of the Trail - the Stories of Eight Wagon Train Women
012461: MARY MCCALLUM, TEXT - Greece - History-Art Folklore-Routes
011528: MARY BRADFORD WHITING - Meriel's Career - A Tale of Literary Life in London
011777: MARY PETTIT - Mary Janeway - The Legacy of a Home Child
008713: MARY HOFFMAN - The Falconer's Knot
020152: MARY SUMMER RAIN - Dreamwalker: The Path of Sacred Power
009222: MARY CHAMBERLAIN, EDITORC - Writing Lives: Conversations Between Women Writers
009934: MARY J. HOLMES (1825-1907) - Rosamond
009936: MARY J. HOLMES - Aikenside
011190: MARY ROBERTS RINEHART - The Breaking Point
011432: MARY RENAULT - The Mask of Apollo
014779: MARY RENAULT - The Bull from the Sea
016437: MARY RENAULT - The Bull from the Sea
019169: MARY GRANNAN - New Maggie Muggins Stories - a Recent Selection of the Famous Radio Stories
019778: MARY BARBER & FLORA MCPHERSON - Christmas in Canada
002515: MARYBETH BOND, EDITOR - Travelers' Tales: a Woman's World
001572: MARYBETH BOND AND PAMELA MICHAEL EDITORS - A Mother's World: Journeys of the Heart
013331: MARYBETH BOND - Travelers' Tales: A Woman's World
020182: MARYNIAK, BARBARA - A Hiking Guide to the National Parks and Historic Sites of Newfoundland
015126: MASON, MATT - The Pirate's Dilemma: How Youth Culture Reinvented Capitalism
004607: MASON, TED; SUTKAMP, JERRY M.D. - How to Help Your Man Lose Weight: a Guide for the Concerned Woman
012382: MASON, GARY - Oldtimers: On the Road With the Legendary Heroes of Hockey
017667: MASON, DANIEL - The Piano Tuner
003766: MASSAM, BRYAN H. - Spatial Search: Applications to Planning Problems in the Public Sector
005060: MASSEY, SUJATA - The Floating Girl
001523: MASSON, JEFFREY MOUSSAIEFF - Dogs Never Lie About Love: Reflections on the Emotional World of Dogs
005176: MASSON, J. MOUSSAIEFF; MASSON, JEFFREY MOUSSAIEFF - The Emperor's Embrace: Reflections on Animal Families and Fatherhood
004055: MASSON, JEFFREY MOUSSAIEFF - Final Analysis: the Making and Unmaking of a Psychoanalyst
016141: MASTER HSING YUN - Only a Great Rain: A Guide to Chinese Buddhist Meditation
016433: MATHER, ROBERT; EDWARDS, BRIAN - Brave Warrior : A Japanese Legend
012053: MATHESON, MURDOCH - Make Money , Not Mistakes: 30 Winning Ways to Secure Your Financial Future
001000: MATHIEN, THOMAS - Bibliographie De La Philosophie Au Canada: Une [Sic] Guide a Recherche = Bibliography of Philosophy in Canada a Research Guide
001191: MATHUR, ASHOK - Once Upon an Elephant: a Down to Earth Tale of Ganesh and What Happens When Worlds Collide
002868: MATSUBARA, HISAKO - Samurai
006929: MATT BRAY AND ASHLEY THOMSON, EDITORS - Temagami: a Debate on Wilderness
012745: MATT HAMILTON - Through Travel and Error - Confessions of an Asylum Seeking Canadian
014535: MATT, DANIEL C. - The Essential Kabbalah: The Heart of Jewish Mysticism
013853: MATTHAEI, GAY;GRUTMAN, JEWEL H. - Sketchbook of Thomas Blue Eagle
000248: MATTHEW J. BRUCCOLI, EDITOR - Ernest Hemingway, Cub Reporter-Kansas City Star Stories
006902: MATTHEW W. STIRLING - National Geographic on Indians of the Americas-a Color Illustrated Record
004650: MATTHEW-WALKER, ROBERT - Madonna: the Biography
019718: MATTHEW GREEN - Spells: Spellcraft to Bring Magic to your Life and Reality to your Desired
020255: MATTHEWS, ANDREW - Follow Your Heart: Finding Purpose in Your Life and Work
009202: MATTHEWS, C.M. - Your Family History and How to Discover It
016914: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - The Cloud Forest: A Chronicle of the South American Wilderness
015013: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - African Silences
007966: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - At Play in the Fields of the Lord
002847: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - The Tree Where Man Was Born
019299: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - The Snow Leopard
013611: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - Sand Rivers
001373: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - African Silences
019796: MATTIE J. T. STEPANEK - Journey Through Heartsongs
019564: MATTINGLY, GARRETT - The Defeat Of The Spanish Armada
012640: MATTON, SYLVIE;BLACK, TAMSIN - Rembrandt's Whore
001366: MATZEN, ROBERT D. - Research Made Easy: a Guide for Students and Writers
011584: MAUDUDI, A.A.;AHMAD, KHURSHID;MAUDUDI, ABUL A. - Towards Understanding Islam
005652: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Christmas Holiday
018637: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - A Traveller in Romance: Uncollected Writings, 1901-1964
008885: MAUPIN, ARMISTEAD - More Tales of the City
010051: MAUPIN, ARMISTEAD - Tales of the City - Volume 1
007979: MAUREEN O'BRIEN QUIMBY - Eleutherian Mills
000116: MAURICE NICOLAS - St. Pierre, Martinique
005427: MAURICE HERZOG-LEADER OF THE FRENCH HIMALAYAN EXPEDITION 1950 - Annapurna-Conquest of the First 8000 Metre Peak
012554: MAURICE DUVERGER - The idea of Politics - the use of power in Society
017508: MAURICE B. RECKITT - Croquet Today
003963: MAURICE BURTON - Animal Families
019370: MAURICE, EDWARD BEAUCLERK - The Last of the Gentlemen Adventurers: Coming of Age in the Arctic
007709: MAURINE AND ROBERT TOBIN, EDITORS - How Long O Lord? : Voices From the Ground and Visions for the Future in Israel/Palestine
015465: MAURY BLAIR - DOUG BRENDEL - Child of Woe
005259: MAW, J. - Year of the Jaguar
002967: MAX HYDER - Picture Framing
007806: MAX THOREK - A Surgeon's World - An Autobiography
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017126: MAX LUCADO - En Manos De La Gracia - Nada Nos Puede Desprender De Su Amor
018527: MAX FRISCH - An Answer from the Silence - a Story from the Mountains
004790: MAXINE HYNDMAN - The Organic Entrepreneur-Cultivating the Conscious Capitalist
013506: MAXMEN, JERROLD S.;WARD, NICHOLAS G. - Essential Psychopathology and Its Treatment
005823: MAXWELL, GAVIN - Otter's Tale
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019748: MAXWELL MALTZ - Live and Be Free Thru Psycho-Cybernetics
012209: MAY, ROLLO - The Cry for Myth
005613: MAY, ROLLO - Freedom and Destiny
010414: MAY, JOHN - Poe & Fanny
007719: MAYA ANGELOU - Amazing Peace-a Christmas Poem
008769: MAYA ANGELOU, ET AL - Metropolis Found - New York is Book Country 25th Anniversary Collection
011583: MAYCHICK, DIANA - Audrey Hepburn: An Intimate Portrait
015336: MAYCHICK, DIANA - Audrey Hepburn: An Intimate Portrait
007541: MAYES, FRANCES - Bella Tuscany: the Sweet Life in Italy
004673: MAYES, FRANCES - Under the Tuscan Sun: at Home in Italy
019907: MAYES, WALTER M. - Walter the Giant Storyteller's Giant Book of Giant Stories
015820: MAYES, FRANCES - Swan
014198: MAYES, FRANCES - A Year in the World: Journeys of a Passionate Traveler
017552: MAYHEW, HENRY; QUENNELL, PETER - London's Underworld
002828: MAYLE, PETER - Toujours Provence
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004289: MAYLE, PETER - Year in Provence
006801: MAYLE, PETER - Anything Considered
002619: MAYLE, PETER - French Lessons: Adventures With Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew
010190: MAYLE, PETER - A Year in Provence
017352: MAYLE, PETER - Hotel Pastis: A Novel of Provence
016535: MAYLE, PETER - Hotel Pastis: A Novel of Provence
003107: MAYO, GRETCHEN WILL - Earthmaker's Tales: North American Indian Stories About Earth Happenings
010740: MAYO, CLARA ALEXANDRA WEISS;LAFRANCE, MARIANNE - Evaluating Research in Social Psychology: A Guide for the Consumer
000722: MAYS, JOHN BENTLEY - Power in the Blood: Land, Memory and a Southern Family
003146: MAYS, JOHN BENTLEY - Arrivals: Stories From the History of Ontario
018025: MAYS, MARIANNE - The Proper Care of Hamsters
017756: MAYS, BUDDY - Indian Villages of the Southwest: A Practical Guide to the Pueblo Indian Villages of New Mexico and Arizona
007748: MAYSON, BARRY; MARCO, TONY - Fallen Angel: Hell's Angel to Heaven's Saint
002937: MAZO DE LA ROCHE - Wakefield's Curse
016906: MAZO DE LA ROCHE - Mary Wakefield
011590: MAZO DE LA ROCHE - Mary Wakefield
011882: MAZUR PREDA, STELLA - Butterfly Dreams - A Book of Poetry
006846: MCAFEE, JOHN; HAYNES, COLIN - Computer Viruses, Worms, Data Diddlers, Killer Programs, and Other Threats to Your System: What They Are, How They Work, and How to Defend Your Pc, Mac, Or Mainframe
010678: MCALPINE, MARY - The Other Side of Silence: A Life of Ethel Wilson
004136: MCAULEY, MARY - Politics and the Soviet Union
002723: MCAULIFFE, DENNIS JR - The Deaths of Sybil Bolton: an American History
015391: MCBRATNEY, SAM - Guess How Much I Love You
011980: MCBRIDE, JOSEPH - Steven Spielberg: A Biography
016785: MCBROOM, GEORGE, DR. - Best of Muskoka Health
010022: MCCABE, PATRICK - The Butcher Boy
004469: MCCALL, FIONA; HOWARD, PAUL - All in the Same Boat: Family Cruising Around the Atlantic
010262: MCCALL'S EDITORIAL STAFF - McCall's Big Book of Needlecrafts: Quilting, Applique, Patchwork, Needlepoint, Embroidery
016679: MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER - The Right Attitude to Rain
015430: MCCARTHY, PETER - McCarthy's Bar : A Journey of Discovery in the West of Ireland
001884: MCCARTHY, SCOTT - Creation Liturgy: an Earth Centered Theology of Worship
004675: MCCARTHY, PETER - McCarthy's Bar: a Journey of Discovery in the West of Ireland
013756: MCCARTNEY, LINDA - Wide Open: Photographs
011407: MCCARVER, TIM;ROBINSON, RAY - Oh, Baby, I Love It!: Baseball Summers, Hot Pennant Races, Grand Salamis, Jellylegs, El Swervos, Dingers and Dunkers, Etc, Etc, Etc
003986: MCCAULEY, LUCY - Women in the Wild: True Stories of Adventure and Connection
013366: MCCAWLEY, JAMES D. - The Eater's Guide to Chinese Characters
003150: MCCAY, JAMES T. - The Management of Time
015965: MCCLELLAN, EDWIN - Woman in the Crested Kimono: The Life of Shibue Io and Her Family Drawn from Mori Ogai's Shibue Chusai
018544: MCCLOSKEY, ROBERT - Make Way for Ducklings
014532: MCCLURE, VIMALA SCHNEIDER - Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents
004743: MCCONKEY, JAMES - Stories From My Life With the Other Animals
006736: MCCORMACK, ERIC P. - The Dutch Wife
001703: MCCORMMACH, RUSSELL K. - Night Thoughts of a Classical Physicist
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012808: MCCOURT, FRANK - Angela's Ashes: A Memoir
003390: MCCOURT, MALACHY - A Monk Swimming: a Memoir
009596: MCCOURT, MALACHY - Singing My Him Song
010585: MCCOURT, MALACHY - Danny Boy: The Beloved Irish Ballad
011056: MCCOURT, FRANK - Teacher Man: A Memoir
013484: MCCOURT, MALACHY - A Monk Swimming: A Memoir
014678: MCCOURT, FRANK - Angela's Ashes: A Memoir
003363: MCCOY, J. J. - The Plight of the Whales
015900: MCCULLOUGH, H. B., EDITOR - Political Ideologies and Political Philosophies
004035: MCCULLY, PATRICK - Silenced Rivers: the Ecology and Politics of Large Dams-Enlarged and Updated Edition
010439: MCCURDY, FITZGERALD JOAN - Serpent's Egg
012627: MCDANIEL, JUDITH - Sanctuary, a Journey
019670: MCDERMOTT, CATHERINE - Essential Design
009835: MCDOUGALL, MARY L. - The Working Class in Modern Europe
002017: MCELROY, SUSAN CHERNAK - Animals as Teachers & Healers: True Stories & Reflections
012879: MCELVEEN, ROCKY - Wild Men, Wild Alaska: Finding What Lies Beyond the Limits
006942: MCEWAN, IAN - Atonement
002094: MCFADDEN, DAVID - A Trip Around Lake Huron
018176: MCFADDEN, DAVID - An Innocent in Newfoundland: Even More Curious Rambles and Singular Encounters
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015821: MCFARLANE, EVELYN;SAYWELL, JAMES - How Far Will You Go?: Questions to Test Your Limits
016135: MCFEELY, WILLIAM S. - Proximity to Death
009654: MCGAHERN, JOHN - Memoir
009573: MCGAREY, WILLIAM AND MCGAREY, GLADYS - There Will Your Heart Be Also - Edgar Cayce's Readings About Home and Marriage
000648: MCGARRY, MARY, ILLUSTRATED BY RICHARD HOOK - Great Fairy Tales of Ireland
003852: MCGHEE, ALISON - All Rivers Flow to the Sea
002325: MCGILLIS, IAN - A Tourist's Guide to Glengarry
000996: MCGINNIS, JAMES B. - Bread and Justice: Teacher's Manual-Toward a New International Economic Order
017006: MCGRAIL, SEAN;NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM (GREAT BRITAIN) - Rafts, Boats and Ships from Prehistoric Times to the Medieval Era
006933: MCGRATH, PATRICK - Ghost Town: Tales of Manhattan Then and Now
000647: MCGRATH, ROBIN - Escaped Domestics
008973: MCGRAW, ROBIN - Inside My Heart : Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose
009408: MCGRAW, PHILLIP C.;MCGRAW, PHILIP C. - Relationship Rescue: A Seven-Step Strategy for Reconnecting With{Your Partner
016125: MCGRAW, DAN - First and Last Seasons: A Father, a Son, and Sunday Afternoon Football - A Memoir
004123: MCGUFFIN, GARY; MCGUFFIN, JOANIE - Where Rivers Run-a 6000 Mile Exploration of Canada By Canoe
020043: MCGUIRE, BILL - A Guide to the End of the World: Everything You Never Wanted to Know
012311: MCILROY, THAD, EDITOR - INTRODUCTION BY JACK MACLEOD - Diefenbaker: Remembering the Chief - a Nostalgic Tribute in Cartoons and Quotes
002358: MCINTOSH, D. - Visits: on the Road to Things Past
014247: MCINTOSH, DAVE - Ottawa Unbuttoned, Or, Who's Running This Country Anyway
008436: MCINTOSH, GAVIN - Hausaland Tales: From the Nigerian Marketplace
019178: MCINTYRE, PETER - Kakahi New Zeland
019108: MCINTYRE, VONDA N. - The Crystal Star
013068: MCIVER, STUART - True Tales of the Everglades
004780: MCKAY, JEAN - Gone to Grass
008183: MCKEAN, JAMES N. - Quattrocento: A Novel
018308: MCKEE, CHRISTOPHER - Treaty Talks in British Columbia: Negotiating a Mutually Beneficial Future
002923: MCKENTY, NEIL - The Inside Stay: Journey of a Farmer Jesuit Priest and Talk Show Host Towards Self-Discover
013312: MCKENTY, NEIL - The Inside Stay: Journey of a Former Jesuit Priest and Talk Show Host Towards Self-Discover
005538: MCKENZIE PORTER - Overture to Victoria
011377: MCKERVILL, H. - Salmon People - 25th Anniversary Edition - special Edition
010843: MCKIBBEN, BILL - The Age of Missing Information
002731: MCKINNEY, KEVIN; MORAN, MICHAEL - Everyday Geography
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001722: MCKNIGHT, GERALD - The Mind of the Terrorist
006806: MCKOWEN, SCOTT - A Little Princess
011119: MCKUEN, ROD - The Beautiful Strangers
017904: MCLAUGHLIN, AUDREY WITH RICK ARCHBOLD - A Woman's Place: My Life and Politics
010005: MCLAUGLIN, CHRIS - Multiple Sclerosis - a Positive Approach to living with MS
006257: MCLAURIN, MELTON A. - Celia, a Slave
000849: MCLEAN, BARBARA - Lambsquarters: Scenes From a Handmade Life
020359: MCLEAN, STUART - Dave Cooks the Turkey
014358: MCLEISH, JOHN - The Story of Numbers/How Mathematics Has Shaped Civilization
017854: MCLENNAN, J. S. - Louisbourg: From Its Foundation to Its Fall 1713-1758
010378: MCLOUGHLIN, JOHN C. - The Canine Clan: A New Look at Man's Best Friend
010680: MCLUHAN, MARSHALL - Letters of Marshall McLuhan
014349: MCMAHON, ROBERT J. - Limits of Empire: The United States and Southeast Asia Since World War II
005490: MCMANUS, ERWIN - Soul Cravings
011788: MCMANUS, PATRICK F. - Never Sniff a Gift Fish
003220: MCMEEKAN, JOCK; GOULD, G. MCC - Jock McMeekan's Yellowknife Blade
006312: MCMILLON, BILL WITH KEVIN MCMILLON - The Archaeology Handbook: a Field Manual and Resource Guide
000385: MCMILLON, BILL WITH KEVIN MCMILLON - Best Hikes With Children in San Francisco's North Bay
009499: MCNALL, SCOTT G. - Plains Families: Exploring Sociology Through Social History
017001: MCNALLY, DENNIS - A Long Strange Trip: The Inside History of the Grateful Dead
002153: MCNAMARA, KATHERINE - Narrow Road to the Deep North: a Journey Into the Interior of Alaska
015758: MCNAMARA, ROBERT S.;VANDEMARK, BRIAN - In Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam
016153: MCNAMEE, GREGORY - Blue Mountains Far Away: Journeys into the American Wilderness
016843: MCNAUGHT, BRIAN - Gay Issues in the Workplace
000571: MCNAUGHT, ELEANOR, MCNAUGHT-SIRLUCK, LESLIE (ILLUSTRATOR) - Blame It on Wilmot (the Hidden Heritage Ser., No. 2)
010815: MCNAUGHT, KENNETH - The Pelican History of Canada
011160: MCNAUGHT; KENNET - Manifest Destiny : A Short History of the U. S. A. and Canada
007170: MCNAUGHTON, JANET - To Dance at the Palais Royale
001879: MCNICOLL, SUSAN - British Columbia Murders: Mysteries, Crimes, and Scandals
018713: MCNIFF, SHAUN - Art As Medicine: Creating a Therapy of the Imagination
017899: MCPHEE, COLIN - A House in Bali
009562: MCPHERSON, ALAN - Nature Walks in Southern Indiana
006343: MCQUAIG, LINDA - All You Can Eat: Greed, Lust, and the New Capitalism
010844: MCQUAIG, LINDA - The Cult of Impotence: Selling the Myth of Powerlessness in the Global Economy
018060: MCQUAIG, JACK H. - Like Yourself and Live
001929: MCQUAY, PERI P. - A Wing in the Door: Adventures With a Red-Tailed Hawk
014416: MCQUAY, PERI P. - View From Foley Mountain
005126: MCQUILLAN, DEIRDRE - The Aran Sweater
008888: MCROBERTS, DARLENE - The Hurt and Healing of Divorce
008916: MCSHERRY, FRANK - Civil War Women: The Civil War Seen Through Women's Eyes in Stories by Louisa May Alcott, Kate Chopin, Eudora Welty, and Other Great Women Writers
003781: MCWHINNEY, EDWARD - Conflict and Compromise: International Law and World Order in a Revolutionary Age
018363: MCWHINNEY, EDWARD - Quebec and the Constitution, 1960-1978
008412: MCWHIRTER, NORRIS DEWAR; MCWHIRTER, ALAN ROSS - The Guinness Book of Records
020209: MEACHAM, JON - Franklin and Winston: An Intimate Portrait of an Epic Friendship
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015314: MEDCALF, JENNIFER;VAN LOON, BORIN - Introducing Cultural Studies
007040: MEDIEVAL WISDOM - Chivalry: the Path of Love
009304: MEDVEDEV, ZHORES, A. - Gorbachev
015125: MEG LUXTON - More Than a Labour of Love: Three Generations of Women's Work in the Home
020289: MEG TILLY - Singing Songs
008797: MEG DALY EDITOR - Surface Tension: Love, Sex, and Politics Between Lesbians and Straight Women
010223: MEG CABOT - Haunted - a Tale of the Mediator
008620: MEGHAN HALLETT, EDITOR - Diary of Sarah Clinch : A Spirited Socialite in Victorian Nova Scotia
008271: MEHTA, SUKETU - Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found
013539: MEIER, DR. PAUL;CLEMENTS, TODD;BERTRAND, JEAN-LUC;MANDT, DAVID SR. - Blue Genes: Breaking Free From The Chemical Imbalances That Affect Your Moods, Your Mind, Your Life, And Your Loved Ones
011912: MEIER, ANDREW - Black Earth: A Journey Through Russia After the Fall
007731: MEIGS, MARY - In the Company of Strangers
019560: MEINHOLD, MARGIT; RAJ, PRAKASH A. - Nepal Phrasebook
012852: MEL ELLIS - Wild Goose, Brother Goose
014055: MELADY, JOHN - Pearson's Prize: Canada And the Suez Crisis
008549: MELANIE LITTLE - The Apprentice's Masterpiece - A Story of Medieval Spain
006817: MELBA PATTILLO BEALS - White is a State of Mind: a Memoir
020020: MELHUISH, MARTIN - Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Rock Is My Life, This Is My Song: The Authorized Biography
019784: MELLOR, JOHN - Music in the park: C. F. Thiele, father of Canadian band music
018455: MELVYN C. GOLDSTEIN WITH NGAWANGTHONDUP NARKYID - English-Tibetan Dictionary of Modern Tibetan
020299: MELYNDA JARRATT - War Brides
012897: MENCHU, RIGOBERTA;BURGOS-DEBRAY, ELISABETH - I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman in Guatemala
015401: MENCHU, RIGOBERTA;BURGOS-DEBRAY, ELISABETH - I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman in Guatemala
007879: MENDENHALL, HENNING, FOORD - The Dynamic Force of Liberty in Modern Europe - Six Problems in Historical Interpretation
011516: MENDOZA, GEORGE - Norman Rockwell's Patriotic Times
013298: MENSAH, DAVID - Kwabena : An African Boy's Journey of Faith
008758: MENSAH, DAVID - Kwabena : An African Boy's Journey of Faith
011205: MENZEL, DONALD H.;PASACHOFF, JAY M. - A Field Guide to the Stars and Planets
002128: MENZIES, HEATHER - The Railroad's Not Enough: Canada Now
003845: MEREDITH, GEORGE - The Egoist: an Annotated Text, Backgrounds Criticism
018170: MEREDITH BOOKS - American Chopper: At Full Throttle
016881: MEREDITH, MARTIN - The Fate of Africa: A History of Fifty Years of Independence
017013: MERILEES, BILL - Attracting Backyard Wildlife : A Guide for Nature-Lovers
020327: MERILYN SIMONDS - A New Leaf - Growing with My Garden
011763: MERLIN STONE - When God Was a Woman
015612: MERRILL, RONALD E. - The Ideas of Ayn Rand
018565: MERRIMAN, BRENDA DOUGALL, BA, CGRS, CGL - Genealogy in Ontario: Searching the Records
015595: MERRIMAN, JOHN - The Stones of Balazuc: A French Village Through Time
010517: MERRIMAN SMITH - The Good New Days
013496: MERRIT, SUSAN - Her Story II: Women from Canada's Past
019229: MERRITT, JOHN I. - Baronets and Buffalo: The British Sportsman in the American West, 1833-1881 ([A Rendezvous book])
007863: MERRITT, SUSAN E. - Her Story: Women from Canada's Past
019989: MERTON, THOMAS - The Seven Storey Mountain
014226: MERTON, THOMAS;HART, PATRICK - Run to the Mountain: The Journals of Thomas Merton, 1939-1941
002154: MESSNER, REINHOLD - My Quest for Yeti: Confronting the Himalayas' Deepest Mystery
005048: METHVIN, J. J. - Andele, the Mexican-Kiowa Captive: a Story of Real Life Among the Indians
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006142: MEYER, CLARENCE - The Herbalist Almanac: a Fifty Year Anthology
003864: MEYER, DR. BRUCE; CALLAGHAN, BARRY - We Wasn't Pals: Canadian Poetry and Prose of the First World War
008679: MEYER, HAROLD E. - Lifetime Encyclopedia of Letters
017252: MEYER, SUSAN E. - A Treasury of the Great Children's Book Illustrators
012522: MEYER, STEPHENIE - New Moon
015738: MEYER, CAROLYN - People Who Make Things: How American Craftsmen Live and Work
006570: MEYEROWITZ, STEVE - Juice Fasting and Detoxification
005066: MICHAEL ROBERT ROLFE - Partners in Crime? Secessionist Self-Determination in Slovenia and Croatia
005855: MICHAEL CHINERY - Complete Amateur Naturalist
006204: MICHAEL ONDAATJE - Divisadero
006461: MICHAEL SHERMER-FOREWORD BY STEPHEN JAY GOULD - Why People Believe Weird Things-Pseudoscience, Superstition, and Other Confusions of Our Time
006700: MICHAEL SEDGWICK-INTRODUCTION AND NOTES - Veteran and Vintage Cars in Colour
019524: MICHAEL SIMS - The Adventures of Henry Thoreau - a Young Man's Unlikely Path to Walden Pond
014146: MICHAEL IGNATIEFF - The Rights Revolution
004285: MICHAEL SELLERS - P.S. I Love You Peter Sellers 1925-1980
019351: MICHAEL STREISSGUTH - Johnny Cash - The Biography
017619: MICHAEL WEX - How to be a Mentsh (& Not a Shmuck) - Secrets of the Good Life from the Most Unpopular People on Earth
017332: MICHAEL IGNATIEFF - True Patriot Love - Four Generations in Search of Canada
018492: MICHAEL LEWIS - COACH:Lessons on the Game of Life
004007: MICHAEL BARRY RICE DECTER - Percy: a Memoir
011959: MICHAEL ANDERSON, EDITOR - Sociology of the Family: Selected Readings
008280: MICHAEL GRANT - The Classical Greeks
000170: MICHAEL KEARNEY - The Winds of Ixtepeji-World View and Society in a Zapotec Town
018641: MICHAEL PEARSON - Great Scenic Railways of Devon & Cornwall - an Iron Roads Guide for Travellers and Tourists
001562: MICHAEL C. HALL, M.D. - Palestine: the Price of Freedom-Medical and Social Effects of the Intifada Uprising
001965: MICHAEL WERTHEIMER - A Brief History of Psychology
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018667: MICHAEL POLLAN - The Botany of Desire - a Plant's Eye View of the World
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008890: MICHAEL O'MARA EDITOR - Tales of Old Ireland
017472: MICHAEL HARVEY - The Chicago Way
020385: MICHAEL KUSUGAK - Northern Lights: the Soccer Trails
009555: MICHAEL FREEDLAND - The Warner Brothers
009640: MICHAEL MANDELBAUM, EDITOR - The New European Diasporas: National Minorities and Conflict in Eastern Europe
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009935: MICHAEL FAIRLESS - The Roadmender
010045: MICHAEL CARIN - The Neutron Picasso
010092: MICHAEL R. REAL - Super Media - A Cultural Studies Approach
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019475: MICHAEL HEATLEY - Michael Jackson 1958-2009 Life of a Legend
018422: MICHAEL BRENT HAYNES - Zen and the Art of Golf - A Round with Rich Fairway
017610: MICHAEL R. MCATEER & MICHAEL G. STEINHAUSER - The Man in the Scarlett Robe - Two Thousand Years of Searching for Jesus
019584: MICHAEL ROSS WITH JONATHAN KAY - The Volunteer - a Canadian's secret Life in the Mossad
018919: MICHAEL RUTTER - Outlaw Tales of Utah - true Stories of the Beehive's State's Most Infamous Crooks, Culprits, and Cutthroats
017606: MICHAEL ONDAATJE - SELECTOR - From Ink Lake : Canadian Stories
015776: MICHAEL MACKENZIE - Reflections of Yesteryear - true Stories old and New from the Atlantic Provinces
010820: MICHAEL KIDRON & RONALD SEGAL - The New State of the World Atlas
015750: MICHAEL TURNER - The King Bear
011156: MICHAEL ONDAATJE - Coming Through the Slaughter
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019612: MICHAEL SIMS - Apollo's Fire - A Day on Earth in Nature and Imagination
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010983: MICHAELS, ANNE - Fugitive Pieces
011268: MICHAUD, JOY;HILVERSON, KAREN - The Saturn/Pluto Phenomenon
004692: MICHAUX, HENRI - A Barbarian in Asia
011023: MICHEL JOUVET - The Castle of Dreams
013630: MICHELE SLUNG, EDITOR - Slow Hand: Women Writing Erotica
019820: MICHELE LANDSBERG - Writing the Revolution
003289: MICHELE SLUNG EDITOR - Slow Hand: Women Writing Erotica
002319: MICHELL, JOHN - Eccentric Lives and Peculiar Notions
004613: MICHELLE HARRISON, JOHN RENNER-CONSULTANTS - The Women's Book of Home Remedies
017099: MICHELLE MERCER - Will You Take Me as I am - Joni Mitchell's Blue Period
019488: MICHELLE RUBERG, EDITOR - Writer's Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing
010457: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Journey
013089: MICHENER, JAMES A. - My Lost Mexico: The Making of a Novel
013353: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Journey
013812: MICHENER, JAMES A. - The World Is My Home: A Memoir
012198: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Legacy
016432: MICK ROCK - Classic Queen
014803: MICK CONEFREY - The Adventurer's Handbook - Life Lessons from History's Great Explorers
012752: MIDAL, FABRICE - Chogyam Trungpa: His Life and Vision
019957: MIDAS DEKKERS - The Way of All Flesh: The Romance of Ruins
000021: MIDDLETON, NICK - Last Disco in Outer Mongolia
010614: MIDDLETON, MICHAEL - Man Made the Town - a Shell Book
011280: MIDDLETON, L. J. - Roads to Nowhere
017650: MIDGETTE, ANNE;BRESLIN, HERBERT H. - The King and I: The Uncensored Tale of Luciano Pavarotti's Rise to Fame By His Manager, Friend, and Sometme Adversary
000103: MIDORAG BELJAKOVIC - Kosovo: Principal Destabilizing Factor in Yugoslavia
004643: MIEDZIAN, MYRIAM; MALINOVICH, ALISA - Generations: a Century of Women Speak About Their Lives
004085: MIELZYNSKI-ZYCHLINSKI, PETER G. - The Story of Hillebran
020052: MIGUEL COVARRUBIAS - The Eagle, the Jaguar, and the Serpent.
014610: MIGUEL LEON-PORTILLA, EDITOR - The Broken Spears : The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico
011702: MIGUEL DE CERVANTES - Don Quixote of the Mancha - the First Part of the Delightful History of the Most Ingenious Knight
001630: MIHALYI, VICTORIA - Tribe of Star Bear
016457: MIKAELIAN, A. - Women Who Mean Business: Success Stories of Women over Forty
016787: MIKE HARDING - A Little Book of Tombs & Monuments
019167: MIKE CONDUFF, ET AL - The Ontarget Board Member - 8 Indisputable Behaviors
000040: MIKE JANSON & JULIANA KEMBALL-WILLIAMS - The Complete Book of Horse & Pony Care
015669: MIKE BARA - The Choice - Using Conscious Thought and physics of the Mind to Reshape the World
018816: MIKE BARNES - The Lily Pond - a Memoir of Madness, Memory, Myth and Metamorphosis
015975: MIKE SPICK - The Illustrated Directory of Fighters
002123: MIKKELSEN, GLEN - Never Holler Whoa! : the Cowboys of Chuckwagon Racing
000507: MILANI, L. - Robert Gourlay, Gadfly: Forerunner of the Rebellion in Upper Canada, 1837
004361: MILDRED CORELL LUCKHARDT - Thanksgiving Feast and Festival
006494: MILES, ROSALIND - The Knight of the Sacred Lake
001973: MILES, JIM - The Storm Tide: a History and Tour Guide of the War in the East, From Fredericksburg to Mine Run, 1862 to 1863
009167: MILES, ANGELA R.;FINN, GERALDINE - Feminism in Canada: From Pressure to Politics

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