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023949: HYMAN, HERBERT (COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY). - Political Socialization. A Study in the Psychology of Political Behavior.
019830: HYNEMAN, CHARLES S. AND DONALD S. LUTZ. - American Political Writing During the Founding Era 1760 -1805. Volume I & 2. .
018878: ICENHOWER, R. ADM. JOSEPH B. (USN RET.) - Submarines in Combat.
027975: IDOL, JOHN L., JR. AND MELINDA M. PONDER. - Hawthorne and Women. Engendering and Expanding the Hawthorne Tradition.
009134: ILIN, M. - Black on White. The Story of Books
017663: SOTHEBY'S INC. - The Roy G. Cole Collection. Fine American Indian Art.
017664: SOTHEBY'S INC. - American Indian and Eskimo Art.
021881: SOTHEBY'S INC. - Travel, Atlases and Natural History.
017041: SOTHEBY'S INC. - Important Tribal Art: Third Session. November 29 and 30, 1984.
021880: SOTHEBY'S INC. - The Scientific Library of the Late Soren Madsen.
016502: INFELD, ERYK AND GEORGE ROWLANDS. - Nonlinear Waves, Solitions and Chaos.
015483: INGERFOLL, SANDRA L. AND SUSAN O. PATTON. - Treatment of Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse.
027816: THE THREE INITIATES. - The Kybalion. A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece.
024194: INNIS, PAULINE. - The Ice Bird. A Christmas Legend.
002706: ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE. - The 34th Circular and Catalogue of the Williams & Rogers, Rochester Business Institute. Rochester .
025054: AMERICAN PETROLEUM INSTITUTE. - American Petroleum Supply and Demand.
010444: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. - Expeditions Organized Or Participated By the Smithsonian Institution in 1910 and 1911
011563: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. - Smithsonian Meterological Tables. Fourth Revised Edition.
020224: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. - Art and Archeology of Vietnam. Asian Crossroads of Cultures.
020600: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. - Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections. Volume Ii, Part 4. Quarterly Issue.
020601: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION: - Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections. Volume Ii, Part 1. Quarterly Issue.
015862: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. - Finders' Guide to Decorative Arts in the Smithsonian Institution.
020598: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. - Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections. Volume V, Part I. Quarterly Issue.
020599: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. - Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections. Volume V, Part 2. Quarterly Issue.
011843: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. - Report on Cooperative Educational and Research Work Carried on By the Smithsonian Institution and Its Branches.
010440: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. - Explorations and Field-Work of the Smithsonian Institution in 1914
010359: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. - Smithsonian Meterological Tables. Fifth Revised Edition.
015204: IPPEKIRO. - Cape Jasmine and Pomegranates. The Free-Meter Haiku of Ippekiro.
026982: IRELAND, KENNETH AND MICHAEL I. ROSEN. - Elements of Number Theory. Including an Introduction to Equations over Finite Fields.
015362: IRELAND, FRANCIS. - You Don't Have to Be Crazy. But It Helps.
015642: IRVINE, JAN. - Australian Quilts. The People and Their Art.
025960: IRVINE, JANICE M. - Talk About Sex. The Battles over Sex Education in the United States.
023109: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - The Old English Christmas.
022701: IRWIN, WILL. - "the Next War" an Appeal to Common Sense.
016129: IRWIN, FREDERICK T. - The Sandwich Glass and Glass Workers.
019360: IRWIN, FREDERICK T. - The Sandwich Glass and Glass Workers.
026870: ISENBERG, BARBARA AND SUSAN WOLF. - The Adventures of Albert, the Running Bear.
024396: ISHMAEL, DAVID W. - Vintage Anthology. Book I. A Collection of Articles Written for Electric Radio.
023325: ISRAELACHVILI, JACOB N. - Intermolecular and Surface Forces. With Applications to Colloidal and Biological Systems.
000947: JOURNAL OF SOCIAL ISSUES. - Guidelines for Testing Minority Group Children.
021952: IVALL, T. E. (EDITED BY). - Electronic Computers. Principles and Applications.
021253: IVORY, KAREN. - Pennsylvania Disasters. True Stories and Tragedy and Survival.
026419: IWAMIYA, TAKEJI, MITSUKUNI YOSHIDA AND RICAHRD L. GAGE. - Forms, Textures, Images. Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship in Everyday Life.
024597: JABINE, WILLIAM, J.D. (NY BAR) - Case Histories in Construction Law. A Guide for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Builders.
009765: JACKSON, HELEN HUNT (H. H.) - Verses.
024915: JACKSON, E. ATLEE. - Perspectives of Nonlinear Dynamics. Volume I.
028093: JACKSON, DONALD. - The Story of Writing.
004683: JACKSON, BRIAN - The Black Flag.
016415: JACKSON, GEOFFREY. - The Oven-Bird and Some Others.
014221: JACKSON, GREGORY, GEORGE MASNICK, ROGER BOLTON , SUSAN BARTLETT AND JOHN PITKIN. - Regional Diversity: Growth in the United States, 1960 -1990.
015851: JACKSON, SIR CHARLES - An Illustrated History of English Plate. Ecclesiastical and Secular. Volume I.
025713: JACKSON, GABRIEL. - The Spanish Republic and the Civil War, 1931 -1939.
021034: JACKSON, HELEN HUNT, AND EDITED BY ANDREW F. ROLLE. - A Century of Dishonor. The Early Crusade for Indian Reform.
005696: JACKSON, MARY L. - If Dishes Could Talk. The History and Romance of Old China.
025403: JACKSON, ISAIAH. - As We Forgive Those.
021048: JACKSON, GEORGE PULLEN (COLLECTED AND EDITED BY). - Spiritual Folk-Songs of Early America.
007645: JACKSON, SIR CHARLES - English Goldsmiths and Their Marks. A History of the Goldsmiths and Plate Workers of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
025264: JACKSON, LEIGH JACKSON. - The Physicians of Essex County.
020752: JACKSON, JULIAN. - The Fall of France. The Nazi Invasion of 1940.
018349: JACKSON, JAMES C., M.D. - How to Treat the Sick. Without Medicine.
016901: JACOBS, FLORA GILL. - A History of Dolls' Houses.
023794: JACOBS, JANE. - The Economy of Cities.
012825: JACOBS, CARL. - Collectors Price Guide to American Pewter.
010433: JACOBS, ELBRIDGE CHURCHILL - The Physical Features of Vermont
023877: JACOBSEN, LYDIK S. AND ROBERT S. AYRE. - Engineering Vibrations. With Applications to Structures and Machinery.
027439: JACOBSON, NATHAN. - The Theory of Rings.
027392: JACOBSON, AUGUSTUS. - Higher Ground. Hints Toward Settling the Labor Troubles.
015727: X, DR. JACOBUS, FRENCH ARMY SURGEON. - The Abuses Abberations, and Crimes of the Genital Sense.
026543: JAEGER, WENER. - Humanism and Theology.
018784: JAEGER, F. M. - Optical Activity and High Temperature Measurements.
001482: JAGUER, JEFF. - The Tattoo. A Pictorial History.
001662: JAMES, SYDNEY V., JR. (EDITED BY) - Three Visitors to Early Plymouth.
007522: JAMES, WILL. - Smoky. The Cow Horse
026738: JAMES, SYDNEY V., JR. (EDITED BY) - A People Among Peoples. Quaker Benevolence in Eighteenth-Century America.
016527: JAMES, LAWRENCE. - The Golden Warrior. The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia.
020171: JAMES, HOWARD. - Crisis in the Courts.
018308: JAMES, RON. - Rock Climbing in Wales. Second Edition.
024831: JAMES, WILL. - Flint Spears. Cowboy Rodeo Contestant.
018614: JAMES, WILL. - Cow Country
026817: JAMES, A. EVERETTE, WITH RODNEY LEFTWICH. - North Carolina Art Pottery. 1900 - 1960 Identification & Value Guide. Seagrove, Cataba Valley, Pisgah Forest and More. . .
021768: JAMES, WILL. - Lone Cowboy. My Life Story.
013897: JANE, PAMELA. - Just Plain Penny.
001963: JANIS, IRVING. - Psychological Stress. Based on Psychoanalytic & Behavioral Studies of Surgical Patients.
024514: JANSEN, FLORENCE E. - The Background of Swedish Immigration.
015675: JANSEN, VIRGINIA KAYE. - I Can't Believe It's Not Sewn.
016019: JANSON, JAN-CHRISTER AND LARS RYDEN (EDITED BY) - Protein Purification. Principles, High Resolution Methods, and Application.
013817: RESEARCH COMMITTEE ON MILLIMETER WAVES IN JAPAN - Report of the Research Committee on Millimeter Waves in Japan.
026983: JARGOCKI, CHRISTOPHER P. - Science Brain-Twisters, Paradoxes Amd Fallacies.
025884: JARMAN, RUFUS. - The Energy Merchant.
027729: JARRELL, RANDALL. - The Bat-Poet.
024876: JAUMOTTE, A. L., A. H. LEFEBVRE AND A. M. ROTHROCK. - Combustion and Propulsion. Fourth Agard Collioquium. High Mach Number Air-Breathing Engines.
024364: JAYAWEERA, D. M. A. - Medicinal Plants Used in Ceylon. Part Iii.
023580: JEANS, SURGEON REAR-ADMIRAL T. T. - A Naval Venture. The War Story of an Armoured Cruiser.
011930: JEANS, SIR JAMES - Sterne Welten Und Atome
023707: JEDRZEJEWICZ, WACLAW (COMPILED AND EDITED BY). - Poland in the British Parliament 1939 -1945. Volume I. British Guarantees to Poland to the Atlantic Charter (March 1939 - August 1941).
023571: JEFFERS, JACK. - Windows to the Blue Ridge.
007021: JEFFREY, GEO. - The Principles and Practice of Australian Woolclassing. With Chapters on Other Branches of the Industry. A Practical Hand Book.
005067: JEFFREYS-JONES, RHODI - Violence and Reform in American History.
023111: JEFFRIES, CLARK. - Code Recognition and Set Selection with Neural Networks.
016858: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE. - Wood and Garden. Note and Thoughts, Practical and Critical, of a Working Amateur.
023566: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE. - Wall & Water Gardens.
021386: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE. - Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden.
027306: JENKINS, STEPHEN - The Old Boston Post Road
024450: JENKINS, LINDA AND BECKY GOLDSMITH. - A Slice of Christmas from Piece O' Cake Designs.
023581: JENKINS, G. K. - Ancient Greek Coins.
010991: JENKINS, SUSAN AND LINDA SEWARD - The American Quilt Story. The How-to and Heritage of a Craft Tradition.
018196: JENKINS, MACGREGOR. - Sons of Ephraim. And the Spirit of Williams College.
014317: JENKINS, OLF P. - The Great Watershed of California.
018694: JENKINS, FRANCIS A. AND HARVEY E. WHITE. - Fundamentals of Physical Optics.
022377: JENKINSON, DENIS. - The Racing Driver. The Theory and Practice of Fast Driving.
009792: JENNINGS, PRESTON J. - A Book of Trout Flies. Containing a List of the Most Important American Stream Insects & Their Imitations.
013836: JENNINGS, JAMES (EDITED BY). - Race, Politics, and Economic Development. Community Perspectives.
005045: JENNINGS, S. GERARD (EDITED BY) - Aerosol Effects on Climate.
010073: JENNINGS, LOUIS J. - Field Paths and Green Lanes. Being Country Walks, Chiefly in Surrey and Sussex.
024643: JENNISON, KEITH. - The Green Place.
026957: JENSEN, DON. - Collector's Guide to Horsman Dolls 1865 - 1950. Identification & Values.
018233: JERMONE, HARRY. - Migration and Business Cycles.
005767: JERNIGAN HOMER L. AND MARGARET B. JERNIGAN. - Aging in Chinese Society. A Holistic Approach to the Experience of Aging in Taiwan and Singapore.
027954: JEWELL, ROD. - Memory Lane Belper, Ambergate and Districts. The Rod Jewell Collection.
021432: JEWELL, MALCOLM E. AND SAMUEL C. PATTERSON. - The Legislative Process in the United States.
026304: JEWETT, SARAH ORNE - A White Heron.
025141: JEWETT, SARAH ORNE - A Country Doctor.
017543: JEWETT, SARAH ORNE - The Tory Lover.
018495: JIJI, SHEN (COMPILED BY). - Selected Tang Dynasty Stories.
022389: BOLUS. JIM. - Run for the Roses. 100 Years at the Kentucky Derby.
013426: JOANNOPOULOS, JOHN D., ROBERT D. MEADE AND JOSHUA N. WINN. - Photonic Crystals. Molding the Flow of Light.
007707: JOBE, BROCK (EDITED BY) - Old-Time New England. New England Furniture. Essays in Memory of Benno M. Forman. Volume 72
020116: JOBES, GERTRUDE. - Motion Picture Empire.
019248: JOERG, W. L. G. (EDITED BY). - Problems of Polar Research. A Series of Papers By Thirty-One Authors.
020596: JOET, CAVLIER H., PH. D. - Index to the Literature of Thorium 1817 - 1902.
023613: JOHNSON, CLIFTON. - Hampden County 1636 - 1936. Volume I.
014565: JOHNSON, CRANE. - Past Sixty. Four Plays Dealing with Life Amongst the Oldsters.
018033: JOHNSON, MARILYNN S. - Street Justice. A History of Police Violence in New York City.
025467: JOHNSON, OLE S. - The Industrial Store. Its History, Operations and Economic Significance.
025236: JOHNSON, ALFRED (TRANSLATED AND ANNOTATED BY). - Ships and Shipping. A Collection of Pictures Including Many American Vessels.
020847: JOHNSON, CROCKETT. - Barkis.
007885: JOHNSON, DONALD LESLIE - Frank Lloyd Wright Versus America. The 1930s.
001967: JOHNSON, MALCOLM - Great Locofoco Juggernaut, a New Console- a-Tory-Sub-Treasury Rag-Monster; a Cartoon Bank Note.
015333: HUTCHISON & JOHNSON. - Affordable Art Deco. Identification & Value Guide.
019523: JOHNSON, CHARLES BENEULYN, M.D. - Sixty Years in Medical Harness. Or the Story of a Long Medical Life 1865 - 1925.
025680: JOHNSON, S. C. - Saturday with My Camera.
018224: JOHNSON, PETER. - The Guinness Book of Yachting. Facts and Feasts.
007382: JOHNSON, J. RICHARD AND JOHN H. NEWITT. - Practical Television Servicing.
023434: JOHNSON, HUGH. - The International Book of Wood.
021890: JOHNSON, JOSEPH FORSYTH. - Residential Site and Environments. Their Convenience, Gardens, Parks, Planting, Etc.
023261: JOHNSON, LINDA. - Pink Lemonade & Other Delights.
019052: JOHNSON, CALVIN C., JR. WITH GREG HAMPIKIAN. - Exit to Freedom. The Only Firsthand Account of a Wrongful Conviction Overturned By Dna Evidence.
026509: JOHNSON, EMORY R. - American Railway Transportation.
024193: JOHNSON, ELIZABETH. - No Magic Thank You.
025339: JOHNSON, GUION GRIFFIS. - Ante-Bellum North Carolina. A Social History.
027603: JOHNSON, JAMES WELDON. - Lift Every Voice and Sing.
020114: JOHNSTON, HENRY P. - The Yorktown Campaign and the Surrender of Cornwallis 1781.
006328: JOHNSTON, GWENETH AND BERNARD - This Is Hong Kong: Butterflies
011063: JOHNSTON, BECKY (EDITED BY) - Best-Loved Designers' Collection: Quick-Sew Quilts
000615: JOHNSTON, EARL. - Aerial Fertilization of Wheat Plants with Carbon- Dioxide Gas.
018792: JOHNSTON, GEORGE BARNETT. - Drafting Culture. A Social History of Architectural Graphic Standards.
011116: JOHNSTON, ROSS B. (COMPILED AND EDITED BY) - West Virginians in the American Revolution
018668: JOHNSTONE, NICK. - Patti Smith. A Biography.
002932: JOHNSTONE, AIR-MARSHALL SANDY. - Enemy in the Sky.
023010: JOHNSTONE, PETER T. - Stone Spaces.
002868: JOHNSTONE, JAMES. - A Study of the Oceans.
020257: JONASSEN, CHRISTEN T. - Value Systems and Personality in Western Civilization. Norwegians in Europe and America.
028112: JONES, LARS R. (EDITED BY) - Coming About. . . . a Festschrift for John Shearman.
025770: JONES, EDWARD H. (VIRGINIA UNION UNIVERSITY) - Blacks in Business. An Expert's Insight Into the Problems and Potential of Black-Owned Business, with Precise Guidelines for Its Development.
026456: JONES, DOLORES BKYTHE (COMPILED BY) - An "Oliver Optic" Checklist.
007010: JONES, BESSIE Z. AND LYLE G. BOYD - The Harvard College Observatory. The First Four Directorships, 1839 - 1919
025802: JONES, LILA LEE. - Heartland Quilts. Rescued Treasures from the Midwest.
010326: JONES, HOWARD MUMFORD (EDITED BY). - Primer of Intellectual Freedom.
027760: JONES, FRANKLIN D. (EDITED BY) - Ingenious Mechanisms. For Designers and Inventors. Volume I.
027761: JONES, FRANKLIN D. (EDITED BY) - Ingenious Mechanisms. For Designers and Inventors. Volume Ii.
023134: JONES, R. N. - The Measurement of Lumped Parameter Impedance: A Metrology Guide.
027811: JONES, W. MELVILLE (EDITED BY). - Chief Justice John Marshall. A Reappraisal.
026360: JONES, CORDELIA. - Nobody's Garden.
020165: JONES, KENNETH GLYN. - Messier's Nebulae and Star Clusters.
013038: JONES, DOUGLAS L., ALAN ROGERS, JAMES CONNOLLY ET AL. - Discovering the Public Interest. A History of the Boston Bar Association.
022571: JONES, ANDREW. - Dictionary of Globalization.
016169: JONES, WILBUR DEVEREUX. - The American Problem in British Diplomacy 1841 - 1861.
022134: JONES, RICHARD M. - The New Psychology of Dreaming.
017576: JONES, LOIS MAILOU - Reflective Moments.
022045: JONES, PAUL. - The Irish Brigade.
019157: JONES, ROBERT TYRE (BOBBY). - Golf Is My Game.
014301: JONES, REGINALD L. (EDITED BY). - Advances in African American Psychology.
022454: JONES, F. WOOD. - Arboreal Man.
013701: JONES, LESLIE ALLEN. - Scenic Design and Model Building. A "Handy Book" for Amateur Producers.
019746: JONES, RAY. - Dialectics and Convergence in the Life and Writings of Thomas Merton: A Search for Balance.
021571: JONES, ALEX. - Seven Mansions of Color.
021872: JONES, MATT B. - Notes for a Bibliography of Michael Wigglesworth's "Day of Doom" and "Meat out of the Eater. "
027723: DE JONG, C. H. - America in Foreign Affairs. Notes and Observations.
021320: JORDAN, DAVID STARR. - The Fur Seals and Fur-Seal Islands of the North Pacific Ocean. The Fur Seal and to the Natural History of the Pribilof Islands. Part 3.
012131: JORDON, EDWARD C. - Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems.
021701: JORDON, REV. JAMES. - A History of Ireland, from the Earliest Accounts to the Accomplishment of the Union with Great Britain in 1801. Volume I & Ii.
022550: JORGENSEN, POUL. - Modern Trout Flies and How to Tie Them.
027248: JOSEPHSON, MATTHEW. - Sidney Hillman. Statesman of American Labor.
024786: JOST, RES. - The General Theory of Quantized Fields.
022940: JOUBERT, JEAN. - White Owl and Blue Mouse.
013645: EDITOR OF "THE LAUNDRY JOURNAL". - Laundry Management. A Handbook for Use in Private and Public Laundries.
019912: JOWETT, BENJAMIN (TRANSLATED AND INTRODUCED BY) - Plato. The Trial and Death of Scrates.
019553: JOYCE, DENNIS A. - Joe K. A Biography of Joe Kasberger.
019410: JOYCE, P. W. - The Origin and History of Irish Names of Places.
009243: JOYCE, JAMES, AND EDITED BY THEODORE SPENCER - Stephen Hero. A Part of the First Draft of a Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
025885: JOYNER, CHARLES. - Down By the Riverside. A South Carolina Slave Community.
022642: JOYNES, HEATHER. - Old-Fashion Flowers in Ribbons & Threads.
016724: JUDGE, RICHARD D., MD. AND MICHAEL T. ROMANO, D.D.S. - Health Science Television: A Review.
022433: JULIEN, EDOUARD (INTRODUCTION BY). - The Posters of Toulouses-Lautrec.
018072: JUNE, LEE N. (EDITED BY) - The Black Family. Past, Present, & Future. Perspectives of Sixteen Black Christian Leaders.
026882: JUNG, COURTNEY. - Then I Was Black. South African Political Identities in Transition.
021882: ANTIQUARIAAT JUNK: - Natural History & Travel. Catalogue 254
016699: MARK JURY. - Playtime. Americans at Leisure.
011376: JUSSERAND, J. J. - English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages. (Xiv Century)
018686: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. - Principles of Good Policing: Avoiding Violence between Police and Citizens.
016553: KAANDORP, JAAP. - Fractal Modelling Growth and Form in Biology
028022: KADAR, WAYNE LOUIS. - Great Lakes Freighter, Tanker & Tugboat Disasters.
025895: KADMAN, NOGA. - Families Torn Apart. Separation of Palestinian Families in the Occupied Territories.
027865: KAGAN, ANDREW. - Chagall.
021089: KAHANAMOKU, DUKE WITH JOE BRENNAN. - Duke Kahanamoku's World of Surfing.
016928: KAIN, JOHN F. AND JOHN M. QUIGLEY. - Housing Markets and Racial Discrimination.
026294: KALEDIN, EUGENIA. - The Education of Mrs. Henry Adams.
027867: KALMAN, BELA. - Flowers.
021808: KALVEN, HARRY JR. AND HANS ZEISEL. - The American Jury.
026276: KAMERMAN, GARY W. - Applied Laser Radar Technology Ii
019226: KAMINSKI, HENRY J. & R. JOHN LEIGH. - Neurobiology of Eye Movements. From Molecules to Behavior.
019835: KAMMEN, MICHAEL. - A Time for Every Purpose. The Four Seasons in American Culture.
017211: KAMMEN, MICHAEL. - A Machine That Would Go Itself. The Constitution in American Culture.
028116: KANE, TRACY. - Fairy Flight.
023797: KANTER, LAURENCE, HILLIARD T. GOLDFARB AND JAMES HANKINS. - Botticelli's Witness. Changing Style in a Changing Florence.
019593: KAPLAN, S. A. AND S. B. PIKELNER. - The Interstellar Medium.
019724: KAPLAN, WENDY. - "the Art That Is Life": The Arts & Crafts Movement in America, 1875 - 1920.
011119: KAPLAN, LAWRENCE AND WILLIAM KRISTOL. - The War over Iraq. Saddam's Tyranny and America's Mission.
016136: KAPLAN, PHILIP. - Fly Navy. Naval Aviators and Carrier Aviation- a History.
025705: KAPLAN, WENDY. - "the Art That Is Life": The Arts & Crafts Movement in America, 1875 - 1920.
026688: KAR, SNEHENDU B., RINA ALCALAY WITH SHANA ALEX (EDITED BY). - Health Communication. A Multicultural Perspective.
015008: KARDASHEV, N. S. (EDITED BY) - Astrophysics on the Threshold of the 21st Century.
024711: KARIG, CAPTAIN WALTER, USNR. - Battle Report. Volumes I - 6.
020338: KARNOPP, DEAN AND RONALD C. ROSENBERG. - Analysis and Simulation of Multiport Systems. The Bond Graph Approach to Physical System Dynamics.
015872: KARR, RONALD DALE. - Railroads of New England.
013896: KARR, KATHLEEN. - Oh, Those Harper, Girls! Young and Dangerous.
003137: KRAMER DALE AND MADELINE KARR. - Teen-Age Gangs.
017951: KARR, RONALD DALE. - Lost Railroads of New England.
026187: KARSLAKE, KENT AND LAURENCE POMEROY. - From Veteran to Vintage. A History of Motoring and Motorcars from 1884 to 1914.
011239: KAT, EFIM AND V. V. LEBEDEV - Fluctuational Effects in the Dynamics of Liquid Crystals.
016089: KATGERT-MERKELIJN, J. K. - The Letters and Papers of Jan Hendrik Ooart. As Archieved in the University Library, Leiden.
025434: KATZ, MICHAEL B. - The Irony of Early School Reform. Educational Innovation in Mid-Nineteenth Century Massachusetts.
020280: KATZ, JACOB. - Out of the Ghetto. The Social Background of Jewish Emancipation 1770 - 1870.
016491: KATZ, HARRY. - A Continental Eye. The Art and Architecture of Arthur Rotch.
009221: KATZ, WILLIAM LOREN. - The Black West. A Documentary and Pictorial History.
016819: KATZAN, HARRY, JR. - Computer Data Management and Data Base Technology.
002307: KATZENBERG, DENA S. - Blue Traditions. Indigo Dyed Textiles and Related Cobalt Glazed Ceramics from the 17th Through the 19th Century
006287: KATZMAN, DAVID M. - Seven Days a Week. Women and Domestic Service in Industrializing America
004747: KAUFFMAN, SANDRA. - The Cowboy Catalog.
020910: KAUFFMAN, C. H. - The Gilled Mushrooms (Agaricaceae) of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region. Volume I & Ii.
021017: KAUFFMAN, C. H. - The Gilled Mushrooms (Agaricaceae) of Michigan and the Great Lakes Region. Volume I & Ii.
014448: KAUFMAN, ALICE AND CHRISTOPHER SELSER. - The Navajo Weaving Tradition. 1650 to the Present.
026950: KAUFMAN, CURT & GITA. - Hotel Boy.
014843: KAY, HILARY. - Rock & Roll Memorabilia. A History of Rock Mementos.
027812: DE KAY, JAMES TERTIUS. - The Battle of Stonington. Torpedoes, Submarines, and Rockets in the War of 1812.
021694: KAYE, ANDREW H. AND EDWARD R. LAWS JR. (EDITED BY) - Brain Tumors. An Encyclopedic Approach.
023407: KAYE, D. AND I. L. CORMACK. - An Illustrated History of Trams and Trolleybuses.
015036: KAYSEN, CARL. - United States V. United Shoe Machinery Corporation. An Economic Analysis of an Anti-Trust Case.
013210: KAZIS, ISRAEL, PH.D. (EDITED BY) - The Book of the Gests of Alexander of Macedon. Sefer Toledot Alexandros Ha-Makdoni.
018023: KEAN, SUMNER. - Mold of Fortune. Lionel B. Kavanagh and the First Half Century of Plastics.
024223: KEANE, MARTIN J. - Classic Rods and Rodmakers.
026767: KECK, MARGARET E. AND KATHRYN SIKKINK. - Activists Beyond Borders. Advocacy Networks in International Politics.
025435: KECSKMEMETI, PAUL. - The Unexpected Revolution. Social Forces in the Hungarian Uprising.
006252: KEEGAN, FRANK L. - Blacktown, U.S. A.
026628: KEEL, JOHN A. - Operation Trojan Horse. The Classic Breakthrough Study of Ufos.
024164: KEELER, HARRY STEPHEN. - The Portrait of Jirjohn Cobb.
028103: KEENE, JAMES A. - A History of Music Education in the United States.
014427: KEENE, SHERMAN B. - Practical Techniques for the Recording Engineer. A Streamlined Technique for Speed, Accuracy and Documentation. Second Edition.
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016908: LOTH, HEINRICH. - Woman in Ancient Africa.
019421: LOTHROP, EATON S., JR. - A Century of Cameras. From the Collection of the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House.
024379: LOTI, PIERRE. - Egypt. La Mort de Philae.
015189: LOTTMAN, HERBERT R. - Man Ray's Montparnasse.
023275: LOUBET, NAT, JOHN ORT, GEORGE GIRSCH AND DAN DANIEL (COMPILED BY). - The Ring Boxing Encyclopedia and Record Book. 1975 Edition.
009778: LOUIS, S. L.(REVISED BY) - Decorum. A Practical Treatise on Etiquette and Dress of the Best American Society
015208: LOVASZ, LASZLO. - Combinatorial Problems and Exercises.
022634: LOVASZ, LASZLO. - Combinatorial Problems and Exercises.
007855: LOVELL, JOHN P. AND PHILIP S. KRONENBERG (EDITED BY) - New Civil-Military Relations. The Agonies of Adjustment to Post-Vietnam Realities
018846: LOVETT, JENNIFER GORDON AND WILLIAM R. JOHNSTON. - Empire Restored, Elysium Revisited. The Art of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.
016895: LOVETT, BOBBY L. - How It Came to Be.
024999: LOVITT, WILLIAM VERNON. - Linear Integral Equations.
019460: LOW, ROSEMARY. - Parrots in Aviculture. A Photo Reference Guide.
021076: LOW, CHARLES P. - Some Recollections By Captain Charles P. Low. Commanding the Clipper Ships Housqua, Jacob Bell, Samuel Russell and N.B. Palmer in the China Trade 1847 - 1873.
020536: LOWE, ELSIE L. AND DAVID E. ROBINSON. - Firehouse History: 1775 - 1975.
011360: LOWE, SUE DAVIDSON - Stieglitz. A Memoir/Biography.
018047: LOWE, ORTON. - Grimm's Fairy Tales.
014426: LOWE, DAVID. - Chicago Interiors. Views of a Splendid World.
026105: LOWE, JOSIAH L. - Polyporaceae of North America: The Genus Fomes.
023372: LOWELL, ROBERT - The Mills of the Kavanaughs.
009644: LOWELL, ROBERT - The Old Glory
023371: LOWELL, ROBERT - The Oresteia of Aeschylus.
023373: LOWELL, ROBERT - Lord Weary's Castle.
027847: LOWERY, ROBERT G. (EDITED BY). - A Whirlwind in Dublin. The Plough and the Stars Riot.
005518: LOWITT, RICHARD AND JUDITH FARBRY (EDITED BY) - Henry A. Wallace's Irrigation Frontier. On the Trail of the Corn Belt Farmer, 1909
020324: LOWOOD, HENRY. - Frederick E. Brasch and the History of Science.
018184: LOWRY, ROBERT. - New York Call Girl.
023813: BRITISH LEYALND (AUSTIN-MORRIS) LTD. - Workshop Manual for British Leyland Mini Range. British Leyland Manual 148.
007539: LUBELL, CECIL (EDITED BY) - Textile Collections of the World. United Kingdom and Ireland. Volume Ii
007538: LUBELL, CECIL (EDITED BY) - Textile Collections of the World. United States and Canada. Volume I
023928: LUCAS, GARY. - Common Denomination the Thought Field. Essays Humanizing the Concept of Creation.
027244: LUCKIESH, MATTHEW. - Light, Vision and Seeing.
018987: LUCKIESH, M. - Foundations of the Universe.
025316: LUCKIESH, MATTHEW. - Seeing and Human Welfare.
024691: LUDLUM, DAVID D. - The Vermont Weather Book.
025571: LUEHMANN, J. GEORGE. - A Short Dichotomous Key to the Hitherto Unknown Species of Eucalyptus.
022666: LUKASIEWICZ, JAN. - Elements of Mathematical Logic.
016568: LUMMIS, CHARLES F. - Some Strange Corners of Our Country.
019635: LUMMIS, CHARLES F. - The Land of Poco Tiempo.
009907: LUNDE, DONALD T. - Murder and Madness.
020048: LUNN, ARNOLD. - A Century of Mountaineering 1857 - 1957. .
009117: LURIE, ALISON. - The Language of Clothes.
016608: LUSCOMB, SALLY C. - The Collector's Encyclopedia of Buttons.
027143: LUSSA, VINCENT. - Beauty from Eastern Europe.
027726: LUSSEYRAN, JACQUES. - The Blind in Society and Blindness, a New Seeing of the World.
011684: LUTES, J. DEWEY - The Hospital Governing Board
023044: LUTHER, LOUISE. - Miller's Art Glass. How to Compare & Value.
025257: LYDEKKER, RICHARD (EDITED BY) - Library of Natural History. Volume Ii- Section Ii.
025258: LYDEKKER, RICHARD (EDITED BY) - Library of Natural History. Volume Iv- Section Ii.
016649: LYNCH, KEVIN R. (EDITED BY) - Identification and Expression of G Protein-Coupled Receptors.
018529: LYNCH, GARY. - Synapses, Circuits, and the Beginnings of Memory.
018731: LYNCH, KEVIN R. - Making the Sense of a Region.
027915: LYNCH, CAITIN. - Retirement on the Line. Age, Work, and Value in an American Factory.
024495: LYNDE, CARELTON JOHN. - Gilbert Hydraulic and Pneumatic Engineering.
027040: LYNDON, ROGER C. - Groups and Geometry.
028048: LYNES, BARBARA BUHLER, LESLEY POLING-KEMPES AND FREDERICK W. TURNER. - Georgia O'keeffe and New Mexico. A Sense of Place.
019738: LYNN, KENNETH S. - The Air-Line to Seattle. Studies in Literary and Historical Writing About America.
017119: LYNN, R. - Attention, Arousal and the Orientation Reaction.
015555: LYON, W. S. - Trace Element Measurements at the Coal-Fired Steam Plant.
017308: LYON, MARY F. AND ANTONY G. SEARLE. (EDITED BY). - Genetic Variants and Strains of the Laboratory Mouse. Second Edition.
027685: LYON, MAJOR W. E. (EDITED BY) - "in My Opinion" Being a Book of Dissertations on Horses and Horsemanship.
027884: LYON, DR. HAROLD C., JR. - Angling in the Smile of the Great Spirit. Six Centuries of Wisdom from the Master Anglers of Lake Winnipesaukee.
005324: LYONS, J. AND R. J. WALES (EDITED BY) A - Psycho Linguistics Papers. The Proceedings of the 1966 Edinburgh Conference.
003896: LYSTAD, MARY. - A Child's World. As Seen in His Stories and Drawings.
020853: LYTE, HENRY FRANCIS. - Abide with Me.
006020: LYTON, ERNEST A. - The Missing Connection between Business and the Universities
015448: LYTTLE, PETER T. (EDITED BY). - Central Appalachian Geology.
024060: M'COLLESTER, SULLIVAN HOLMAN - After-Thoughts of Foreign Travel. In Historic Lands and Capital Cities.
011566: M'EWAN, DEACON ROBERT D. - Old Glasgow Weavers: Being Records of the Incorporation of Weavers.
026333: MA'OZ, MOSHE - Ottoman Reform in Syria and Palestine 1840 -1861. The Impact of the Tanzimat on Politics and Society.
027120: MAAS, PETER. - The Rescuer. The Extraordinary Life of the Navy's "Swede" Momsen and His Role in an Epic Submarine Disaster.
025350: MAASS, WALTER B. - Country without a Name. Austria Under Nazi-Rule 1938 - 1945.
021737: MABEE, CARLETON. - Black Freedom. The Nonviolent Abolitionists from 1820 Through the Civil War.
026967: MACDOANLD, WARREN GARDNER USA (RET). - Mid-Century Warrior: A Soldier's Journey to Korea.
017807: MACDONALD, GEORGE. - At the Back of the North Wind.
026869: MACDONALD, NESTA. - Diaghilev Observed By Critics in England and the United States 1911 - 1929.
023961: MACDONALD, ELIZABETH ROBERTS. - Our Little Canadian Cousin. The Maritime Provinces.
001325: MACDONALD, JOHN M. - Psychiatry and the Criminal. A Guide to Psychiatric Examinations for the Criminal Courts.
007086: MACDONALD, JOHN M. - Psychiatry and the Criminal. A Guide to Psychiatric Examinations for the Criminal Courts.
016307: MACDOWELL, MARSHA (EDITED BY). - Great Lakes Great Quilts. From the Michigan State University Museum.
016139: MACFADYEN, DUGALD (COMPILED AND WRITTEN) - Sir Ebenezer Howard and the Town Planning Movement.
017371: MACFARLANE, MARGARET M. - The M.F. Schurman Company Limited of Prince Edward Island. A Century of Building.
019901: MACFIE, RONALD CAMPBELL. - Air and Health.
026959: MACHADO, ADAM (TEXT BY) - Hear Me Howling! Blues, Ballads, & Beyond. As Recorded By the San Francisco Bay By Chris Strachwitz in the 1960s.
022652: MACHIN, ALFRED. - The Ascent of Man. By Means of Natural Selection.
020034: MACHOWSKI, JACEK. - Island of Secrets. The Discovery and Exploration of Easter Island.
017480: MACHUM, DONALD ALEXANDER. - Alexander Machum, Margaret Carson, and Their Descendents. "One of the Old Families in the Country. "
026732: MACK, JOHN (EDITED BY). - Masks. The Art of Expression.
021424: MACKAYE, JAMES. - The Dynamic Universe.
022237: MACKENZIE, ROBERT C. (EDITED BY) - The Differential Thermal Investigation of Clays.
024234: MACKENZIE, HARRIET D. - Switzerland.
022137: MACKENZIE, NORMAN. - Dreams and Dreaming.
024371: MACKENZIE, DONALD A. - Indian Myth and Legend.
021966: MACKENZIE, WILLIAM L. (MISSPELLED AS MACKEINZIE). - The Lives and Opinions of Benj'n Franklin Butler, United States District Attorney for the Southern District F New York; and Jesses Hoyt, Counsellor at Law, Formally Collector of Customs for the Port of New York. The Life and Times of Martin Van Buren.
022383: MACKENZIE, DEWITT. - The Associated Press Annual: 1946.
027785: MACKINNON, CATHARINE AND ANDREA DWORKIN (EDITED BY). - In Harm's Way. The Pornography Civil Rights Hearings.
025239: MACLAREN, GEORGE. - Nova Scotia Furniture.
021577: MACLAVERTY, BERNARD. - The Anatomy School.
017738: MACLEAN, ARTHUR W. (DEAN OF PORTIA LAW SCHOOL, BOSTON, MA.) - The Law of Wills and Adminstration.
019261: MACLEAN, JOHN C. - A Rich Harvest. The History, Buildings, and People of Lincoln, Massachusetts.
009789: MACLEOD, FIONA (A/K/A) WILLIAM SHARP - The Sin-Eater. And Other Tales and Episodes.
003033: MACMAHON, EDWARD B., M.D. & LEONARD CURRY. - Medical Cover-Ups in the White House.
027178: MACNUTT, FRANCIS AUGUSTUS. - Fernando Cortes. And the Conquest of Mexico 1485 - 1547.
016646: MACPHERSON, KEN AND JOHN BURGESS. - The Ships of Canada's Naval Forces 1910-1985. A Complete Pictorial History of Canadian Warships.
024996: MACSWIGGAN, AMELIA E. - Fairy Lamps. Evening's Glow of Yesteryear.
020240: MADAYAG, ANGEL F. (EDITED BY). - Metal Fatigue: Theory and Design.
012733: MADDEN, JOSEPH WARREN. - Cases on Domestic Relations.
016805: MADDOW, BEN. - Edward Weston. Seventy Photographs.
021390: MADDOX, RUSSELL W. AND ROBERT F. FUQUAY. - State and Local Government.
026436: MADISSON, FELIX. - Castles.
022177: MADSEN, BRIGHAM D. - The Northern Shoshoni.
008744: MAEDER, EDWARD - Hollywood and History. Costume Design in Film.
025940: MAFFE, AGOSTINA CARNEVALE & GIGLIOLA PEDRAZZOLI - The Authentic Italian Kitchen. Regional Italian Pasta.
017744: MAGA, TIMOTHY P. - The Perils of Power: Crises in American Foreign Relations Since World War Ii.
020371: THEATRE ARTS MAGAZINE. - Theatre Arts. 1956. 5 Issues.
021375: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. May 1948. 5 Issues.
021376: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. April 1948. 4 Issues.
021428: ART QUILT MAGAZINE. - Art Quilt Magazine. Issue #4, Fall 1995.
020360: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. October 1948. 4 Issues.
021364: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. October 1947. 3 Issues.
021365: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. November 1947. 4 Issues.
021370: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation. America's First Aeronautical Magazine. March 1947.
020358: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. December 1948. 4 Issues.
020359: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. November 1948. 5 Issues.
021369: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation. America's First Aeronautical Magazine. March 1947.
021372: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. January 1948. 4 Issues.
021377: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. March 1950. 4 Issues.
021378: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. February 1950. 4 Issues.
016993: ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE. - The Rolling Stone Index 1967 - 1979.
021371: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation. America's First Aeronautical Magazine. June 1947.
021367: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation. America's First Aeronautical Magazine. January 1947.
021368: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation. America's First Aeronautical Magazine. February 1947.
015126: EDITORS OF FLYING MAGAZINE. - Pilot Error. Anatomies of Aircraft Accidents.
020364: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. June 1948. 4 Issues.
020365: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. August 1947. 4 Issues.
021373: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. February 1948. 4 Issues.
021374: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. March 1948. 5 Issues.
020356: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation. America's First Aeronautical Magazine. June 1947. Volume 46, No. 5.
021380: AVIATION MAGAZINE. - Aviation Week. December 27, 1954.
020372: THEATRE ARTS MAGAZINE. - Theatre Arts. 1954. 10 Issues.
020373: THEATRE ARTS MAGAZINE. - Theatre Arts. 1955. 9 Issues.
000435: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL AND AMERICAN HERITAGE MAGAZINE. - Four Days. The Historical Record of the Death of President Kennedy.
023527: A CAVALRY OFFICER. (MAGENTA). - The Handy Horse-Book. Or Practical Instructions in Driving, Riding, and the General Care and Managment of Horses.
019589: MAGRIEL, PAUL DAVID (EDITED BY) - A Bibliography of Dancing. A List of Books and Articles on the Dance and Related Subjects.
027591: MAHAN, ALFRED THAYER. - The Influence of Sea Power Upon History 1660 - 1783.
025215: MAHAN, ALFRED THAYER. - The Influence of Sea Power Upon History 1660 -1805.
024065: MAHER, WILLIAM P., AND EDITED BY ED. Y. HALL. - Fated to Survive.
027794: MAHONEY, JACK. - The Golf History of New England.
006540: MAHOOD, H. R. - Pressure Groups in American Politics.
009486: MAINE, SIR HENRY SUMNER. - Ancient Law. Its Connection with the Early History of Society and Its Relation to Modern Ideas.
011226: MAINE, SIR HENRY SUMNER. - Popular Government. Four Essays.
014423: MAITLAND, J. A. FULLER (EDITED BY) - Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians: 6 Volumes, Including the American Supplement
023058: MAJOR, VON M. - Pier Luigi Nervi.
024011: MAJOR, JOHN (EDITED BY). - The Complete Angler. Or the Contemplative Man's Recreation of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton.
025997: MAK, GEERT. - Amsterdam.
023299: MALCOMSON, ROBERT. - Warships of the Great Lakes 1754 - 1834.
027990: MALEKIN, PETER AND RALPH YARROW. - Consciousness, Literature and Theatre. Theory and Beyond.
019316: MALEY, GERALD A. AND MELVIN F. HEILWEIL. - Introduction to Digital Computers.
026641: MALIES, JEREMY. - Great Characters from Cricket's Golden Age.
007076: MALIK, HAFEEZ. - Moslem Nationalism in India and Pakistan.
011337: MALINOSKI, BRONISLAW. - Crime and Custom in Savage Society.
003984: MALLAN, LLOYD - Men, Rockets and Space.
018063: MALLGRAVE, HARRY FRANCIS ET AL. - The Mark J. Millard Architectural Collection. Volume Iii. Northern European Books. Sixteenth to Early Nineteenth Centuries.
011249: MALLOCH, J. R. - Three New Species of Pipunculidae (Diptera) from Panama

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