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16466: LENOBLE, EMILE AND LÉON DESHAIRS - Emile Lenoble. 24 Phototypies. Notice de Léon Deshairs. Les Albums d'Art Druet XXVII
8591: LEONARD, JOHN WILLIAM - History of the City of New York, 1609-1909; from the Earliest Discoveries to the Hudson-Fulton Celebration, Together with Brief Biographies of Men Representative of the Business Interests of the City.
20310: LESLIE, FRANK - Frank Leslie's New Family Magazine and Fashion Gazette Volumes 4 an d 5, January to December,1859
14483: LESSARD, SUZANNAH - The Architect of Desire: Beauty and Danger in the Stanford White Family.
13973: LEVIN, ALEXANDRA LEE - The Szolds of Lombard Street.
17076: LEVIN, HARRY - The Waste Land from Ur to Echt
13446: LEWIS, ZECHARIAH - An Oration, on the Apparent, and the Real Political Situation of the United States, Pronounced Before the Connecticut Society of Cincinnati, Assembled, at New-Haven, for the Celebration of American Independence, July 4th, 1799.
7193: LEWIS, LYNNE G - Drayton Hall: Preliminary Archaeological Investigation at a Low Country Plantation
1013: LEWIS, JACK. - Bay and River Delaware.
2206: LEWIS, JOHN FREDERICK. - The History of an Old Philadelphia Land 208 South Fourth Street.
19930: LEWIS, NELSON P - The Planning of the Modern City: A Review of the Principles Governing City Planning.
16591: LICHTVELD, LOU (RED.) - De Gemeenschap. Jaargang 4. 1928.
3010: LIDDY, G. GORDON - The Monkey Handlers
9192: LIEBS, CHESTER H. - Main Street to Miracle Mile: American Roadside Architecture.
17672: LIERNUR, CHRISTIAN ADOLPH - Pfaltz-Zweybrück-Evangelisches Gesangbuch [with] Gebete-Büchlein
8759: LIGOURI-REYNOLDS, ROSALIE - Whispering in the Reeds: South African Folk Tales and Legends.
4058: LINCOLN, JONATHAN THAYER - The City of the Dinner-Pail
4628: LINDLEY, JOHN, ED. - The Treasury of Botany: A Popular Dictionary of the Vegetable Kingdom; with Which Is Incorporated a Glossary of Botanical Terms.
15850: LINDSAY, VERA - The Stage Sixty Theatre Club Presents Homage to T.S. Eliot, a Programme of Poetry Drama and Music... This Performance for the London Library at the Globe Theatre, London, Sunday 15 June 1965 at 8 Pm.
16658: LINDSAY, VACHEL - Collected Poems
8664: LINGLEY, CHARLES RAMSDELL - The Transition in Virginia from Colony to Commonwealth. Studies in History, Economics and Public Law, volume XXXVI, Number 2.
19704: LINTON, W. J. - Poetry of America
7860: LIPPINCOTT, HORACE MATHER - Early Philadelphia: Its People, Life, and Progress.
4863: LIPPSON, ALICE JANE AND ROBERT L. LIPPSON - Life in the Chesapeake Bay. Illus. By Alice Jane Lippson
4189: LIVELIER BALTIMORE COMMITTEE OF THE CITIZENS PLANNING & HOUSING ASSOCIATION - Beyond the White Marble Steps: A Look at Baltimore Neighborhoods
13946: LIVINGOOD, JAMES WESTON. - The Philadelphia-Baltimore Trade Rivalry. 1780-1860.
4343: LLOYD, NATHANIEL - A History of English Brickwork, with Examples and Notes of the Architectural Use and Manipulation of Brick from Mediaeval Times to the End of the Georgian Period. With an Introduction by Sir Edwin L. Lutyens. [a Reprint O Fthe 1925 Edition]
13638: LLOYD, NATHANIEL - A History of English Brickwork.
3156: LLYWELYN, MORGAN - Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish
19951: LOCHNER, H. W. AND C. E. DE LEUW - Highway and Transportation Plan for Atlanta, Georgia. Prepared for the State Highway Department of Georgia and the Public Roads Administration, Federal Works Agency.
16052: LOCKWOOD, MARY S. - Historic Homes in Wasshington. Its Noted Men and Women.
18362: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle - Story - Voyages - Circus - (3 Volumes) Collector's Centenary Edition
17227: LOGAN, RAYFORD W., ED. - What the Negro Wants.
10114: LOGAN, MRS. JOHN A. - Thirty Years in Washington or Life and Scenes in Our National Capital.
1983: LOHMANN, KARL B. - Principles of City Planning.
15808: LOMAX, PEARL CLEAGE - We Don't Need No Music
10216: [LONDON, JACK] - Smart Set. September, 1902.
10217: [LONDON, JACK] - Smart Set. September, 1902.
19822: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Poetical Works of William Cullen Bryant. Household edition
19821: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Household edition
16741: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Courtship of Miles Standish and Other Poems...
19779: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Courtship of Miles Standish and Other Poems...
13462: LOOMIS, ELIAS - Treatise on Algebra.
6641: LORAINE E. KUCK - Hawaiian Flowers. Illustrated by Ted Mundorff
17353: LORD, ELIOT - Comstock Mining and Miners Department of the Interior. Monographs of the United States Geological Survey. Volume IV
9518: LOSSING,BENSON J. - Mount Vernon and Its Associations, Historical, Biographical, and Pictorial.
20756: LOSSING, BENSON J. - Life of Washington; a Biography, Personal, Military, and Political. [Volumes 2 and 3]
20727: LOSSING, BENSON J. - The Home of Washington ; or Mount Vernon and Its Associations, Historical, Biographical, and Pictorial.
17590: LOTI, PIERRE - An Iceland Fisherman. Translated Form the French by Guy Endore, Illustrated with Lithographs by Yngve Berg.
4630: LOUDON, J.C. - Arboretum Et Fruticetum Britannicum; or, the Trees and Shrubs of Britain, Native and Foreign, Hardy and Half-Hardy, Pictorially and Botanically Delineated, and Scientifically and Popularly Described; with Their Propagation, Culture, Management and Uses in the Arts, in Useful and Ornamental Plantations, and in Landscape-Gardening; Preceded by a Historical and Geographical Outline of the Trees and Shrubs of Temperate Climates Throughout the World.
14107: LOUDON, J. - Observations on the Formation and Management of Useful and Ornamental Plantations; on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening and on Gaining and Embanking Land from Rivers or the Sea. Illustrated with Plates.
2168: LOUDON, J.C. - An Encyclopedia of Cottage, Farm, Villa Architecture and Furniture.
19763: [LOUGHBOROUGH, MRS. JAMES] - My Cave Life in Vicksburg with Letters of Trial and Travel
6898: LOUISIANA HISTORICAL SOCIETY - New Orleans, Louisiana. Publications of the Louisiana Historical Society. Volume VII 1913-14.
16878: LOVELL, ARTHUR - Borden Mining Company: A Brief History. With a Preface by Albert G. Borden.
13918: LOWDERMILK, WILL H. - History of Cumberland (Maryland) from the Time of the Indian Town, Caiuctucuc, in 1728, Up to the Present Day, Embracing an Account of Washington's First Campaign, and Battle of Fort Necessity, Together with a History of Braddock's Expedition
13568: LOWDERMILK, WILL H. - History of Cumberland (Maryland) from the Time of the Indian Town, Caiuctucuc, in 1728, Up to the Present Day, Embracing an Account of Washington's First Campaign, and Battle of Fort Necessity, Together with a History of Braddock's Expedition
10406: LOWE, ENOCH LOUIS - Discourse Delivered at the Commemoration of the Landing of the Pilgrims of Maryland : Celebrated May 12, 1845 at Mt. St. Mary's, Near Emmitsburg, Md
19845: LOWELL, GUY - American Gardens
17099: LOWELL AMY - The Complete Poetical Works of Amy Lowell. With an Introduction by Louis Untermeyer.
16737: LOWELL, J. R. - Under the Willows.
7946: LOWRIE, SARAH DICKSON - Strawberry Mansion: First Known As Somerton the House of Many Masters.
2649: LOWRIE, SARAH D. AND MABEL STEWART LUDLUM. - The Sesqui-Centennial High Street.
14153: LUBBOCK, BASIL - Last of the Windjammers.
14143: LUBBOCK, BASIL - The Log of the "Cutty Sark.
15823: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - Lovers.
9721: LUDMAN, DIANNE M - Hugh Stubbins and His Associates: The First Fifty Years
14050: LUMHOLTZ, CARL - New Trails in Mexico: An Account of One Year's Exploration in North-Western Sonora, Mexico, and South-Western Arizona, 1909-1910 with Numerous Illustrations and Two Maps.
13187: LUNGE, GEORG - A Theorical and Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid and Alkali with the Collateral Branches. (3 Volumes)
7885: LUNT, DUDLEY CAMMETT. - Taylor's Gut Iin the Delaware State. With Drawings by Anthony John Florio.
15811: LUSHINGTON, CLAUDE - The Mystic Rose.
19953: LUYTYENS, EDWIN AND PATRICK ABERCROMBIE - A Plan for the County of Kingston Upon Hull. Prepared for the City Council.
19427: LYALL, SUTHERLAND - Remarkable Structures: Engineering Today's Innovative Buildings
15085: LYNAM, EDWARD - The Mapmaker's Art.
19939: LYNCH, KEVIN - Site Planning
19940: LYNCH, KEVIN - Site Planning
19894: LYON, ERNEST - The Negro's View of Organic Union
2745: M'ELROY, A. - A. M'Elroy's Philadelphia Directory, for 1837. Containing the Names of the Inhabitants, Their Occupations, Places of Business, and Dwelling Houses; Also a List of the Streets, Lanes and Wharves; the City Officers, Public Institutions, and Banks, Besides Other Useful Information.
434: MACAULAY, DAVID. - City.
18232: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON - Lays of Ancient Rome.
13189: MACAULAY, THMOAS - The History of England from the Accession of James II. (5 Volumes)
14469: MACCARTHY, JOHN - Stray Leaves from a Passing Life and Other Stories.
8919: MACCARTNEY, MERVYN, ED. - English Domestic Architecture. Volume II.
8918: MACCARTNEY, MERVYN, ED. - Recent Domestic English Architecture. Being a Special Issue of the Architectural Review. Volume V.
8917: MACCARTNEY, MERVYN, ED. - Recent Domestic English Architecture. Being a Special Issue of the Architectural Review. Volume V.
8916: MACCARTNEY, MERVYN, ED. - Domestic English Architecture. Volume IV.
15752: MACDONALD, SHELAGH - A Circle of Stones
20742: MACE, WILLIAM H. - Little Lives of Great Men: Washington a Virginia Cavalier
3552: MACGREGOR, JESSIE. - Gardens of Celebrities and Celebrated Gardens in and Around London. With 20 Color Plates and 6 Pencil Drawings by the Author.
8932: MACK, GERSTLE AND THOMAS GIBSON - Architectural Details of Northern and Central Spain: One Hundred and Four Measured Drawings and Fifty Five Photographs.
17459: MACKENZIE, R. SHELTON - Life of Charles Dickens. With Personal Recollections and Anecdotes; Letters from "Boz," Never Before Published; and Uncollected Papers in Prose and Verse. Peterson's Uniform Duodecimo Edition of the Complete Works of Charles Dickens. People's Edition.
17146: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - Poems, 1924-1933
17183: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - Before March. Drawings by Leja Gorska Number three of the Borzoi Chapbooks
8133: MACLEOD, FIONA - The Hour of Beauty Old World Series
16032: [MAGAZINE] WEINBERG, HERMAN G. - The Little Magazine. Volume 1, Nos. 12(January 20), 16(March 16), 19(June 15), 21(July 13), 1935
13779: MAGNE, J.H. - How to Choose a Good Milk Cow; or, a Description of All the Marks by Which the Milking Qualities of Cows May Be Ascertained. With a Supplement on the Dairy Cattle of Britain, Their Qualities, Management, and Productive Results, with Hints for Selecting by John Haxton.
17194: MAHLHERBE - Poésies.
13678: MAHONEY, ELLA V. - Sketches of Tudor Hall and the Booth Family.
1138: MAILER, NORMAN. - Harlot's Ghost.
15883: MAJOR, CLARENCE - Symptoms & Madness: Poems
16054: MAJOR, HOWARD - The Domestic Architecture of the Early American Republic . The Greek Revival. With a Frontispiece in Color and 256 Illustrations.
8983: MALONEY, MICHAEL - Indianapolis Landscape Architecture.
15608: MANLY, WILLIAM - Death Valley in '49.
6496: MAPLET, M. OF ARTE - A Greene Forest. Reprinted from the Edition of 1567 with an Introduction by W. H, Davies.
19059: MARBURG, THEODORE - Blashfield's "Washington Surrendering His Commission.
17023: MARGARET C. REYNOLDS - Plain Women: Gender and Ritual in the Old Order River Brethren Publications of the Pennsylvania German Society, volume 34; Pennsylvania German History and Culture Series, number 1
19091: MARINE, REV. F. E. - Sketch of Rev. John Hersey, Minister of the Gospel of the M.E. Church.
7025: MARION, F. - Wonderful Balloon Ascents: Or, the Conquest of the Skies, a History of Balloons and Balloon Voyages . Library of Wonders
18937: MARKINSON, RANDELL L. - Greene & Greene: Architecture As a Fine Art.
15769: MARLOWE, ALAN - John's Book. Introduction by Robert Creeley
9060: MARSHALL, HUMPHREY - Arbustum Americanum: The American Grove and Catalogue Alphabetique Des Arbres Et Arbrisseaux Par M. Lezermes. Introduction by Joseph Ewan.
20754: MARSHALL, JOHN - The Life of George Washington. [2 Volumes]
8053: MARTIN, ALEXANDRE - Manuel de L'Amateur de Melons, Ou, L'Art de Reconnaître Et D'Acheter de Bons Melons : PréCédé D'Une Histoire de Ce Fruit, Avec Un Traité Sur Sa Culture Et Une Nomenclature de Ses Diverses Espèces Et Variétés / Par Alexandre Martin ; Orné de 4 Planches Coloriées.
13471: MARTYN, MRS. S.T., ED - The Ladies' Wreath; an Illustrated Annual. 1849-50.
9526: MARVIN, FREDERICK ROWLAND - A Free Lance: Being Short Paragraphs and Detached Pages from an Author's Note Book.
16457: MARX, ROGER - La Décoration Et Les Industries D'Art à L'Exposition Universelle de 1900.
6851: MARYLAND NATIONAL CAPITAL PARK AND PLANNING COMMISSION - A Proposed Amendment to the General Plan for the Maryland- Washington Regional District Within Prince George's County.
4134: MARYLAND GENERAL ASSEMBLY - List of the Titles of the Laws and Resolutions Made and Passed at the January Session, 1852.
19882: MARYLAND. GENERAL ASSEMBLY. HOUSE OF DELEGATES. COMMITTEE OF ELECTIONS AND PRIVILEGES. - Examination of the Witnesses Before the Committee of Elections and Privileges, of the House of Delegates, December Session, 1839 : In the Case of the Contested Election of Frederick County.
14013: MARYLAND COMMISSION ON INTERRACIAL PROBLEMS AND RELATIONS - An American City in Transition; the Baltimore Community Self-Survey of Inter-Group Relations
16851: MARYLAND HISTORICAL TRUST - Historic Sites Inventory: Volume One: Lower Southern Maryland; Volume Two: Lower Eastern Shore
5112: MARYLAND STATE ROADS COMMISSION - Preliminary Report of the Maryland State-Wide Highway Planning Survey.
16531: MARYLAND HISTORICAL TRUST. - Inventory of Historic Sites in Calvert County, Charles County, and St. Mary's County
17239: MASLON, LAURENCE AND MICHAEL KANTOR. - Broadway: The American Musical
19078: MASON, ROBERT C. - George Mason of Virginia: Citizen, Statesman, Philosopher
16962: MASON, JOHN - Self-Knowledge. A Treatise, Shewing the Nature and Benefit of That Important Science, and the Way to Attain It. Intermixed with Various Reflections and Observations on Human Nature
16649: [MASON, FREDERICK JAMES] - Cupid's Game with Hearts. Illustrated by Stella Alys Wittram.
6716: MATCHETT, (RICHARD J.) - Matchett's Baltimore Director, Corrected Up to September, 1835. For 1835-36. Containing, with, (or without) a Plan of the City, with References to Public Buildings, a Historical Sketch of Baltimore... . .
20203: MATKOV, BECKY ROPER, ED. - Miami's Historic Neighborhoods: A History of Community
19114: MATTHEWS, KATIE GASKINS & WILLLIAM RUSSELL MATTHEWS - Worcester County a Pictorial History
5140: MATTHEWS, W.H. - Mazes and Labyrinths: A General Account of Their History and Developments. With Illustrations.
18936: MATTHEWS, HENRY C. - Kirtland Cutter: Architect in the Land of Promise
9279: MAUCH, J.M. - The Greek and Roman Orders. Architectural Reprint Edition. With Description of Each Plate Translated Into English by E.R. A. Litzau. Edited by W.B. Olmsted.
1168: MAUPIN, ARMISTEAD. - Maybe the Moon.
10403: [MAXCY, VIRGIL] - The Maryland Resolutions and the Objections to Them Cosidered. By a Citizen of Maryland.
4578: MAXWELL, SIR HERBERT - Scottish Gardens; Being a Representative Selection of Different Types, Old and New. Illustrated by Mary G.W. Wilson.
9272: MAYER, AUGUST - Old Spain. [Architecture and Applied Arts in Old Spain. ] with 310 Illustrations.
13656: MAYER, BRANTZ - Calvert and Penn; or the Growth of CIVIL and Religious Liberty in America As Disclosed in the Planting of Maryland and Pennsylvania.
2348: MAYHEW, HORACE, ED. - The Comic Almanack. Illustrated by George Cruikshank.
7893: MCCABE, JAMES D. - Illustrated History of the Centennial Exhibition Held in Commemoration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of American Independence
17303: MCCABE, JAMES D. - The Illustrated History of the Centennial Exhibition, Held in Commemoration of the Hundredth Anniversary of American Independence.
19299: MCCABE, JAMES D. - The Centennial History of the United States. From the Discovery of the American Continent to the Close of the First Century of American Independence.
19288: MCCABE, JAMES D. - The National Encyclopedia of Business and Social Forms, Embracing the Laws of Etiquette and Good Society...
7905: MCCALL, ELIZABETH B. - Old Philadelphia Houses on Society Hill, 1750-1840.
19093: MCCALLUM, D. C. - Reports of Bvt. Brig. Gen. D.C. Mccallum, Director and General Manager of the Military Railroads of the United States and Provost Marshal General in Two Parts. [Part Two Only, Appendix to the Report of the Secretary of War] Message and Documents, Report, Part 4. 1865-1866
16906: MCCATHERN, GERALD - Dry Bones
16905: MCCATHERN, GERALD - Horns
15748: MCCLINTOCK, JAMES H. AND GOVERNOR THOMAS CAMPBELL - Mormon Settlement in Ariozna. A Record of Peaceful Conquest of the Desert.
17631: MCCLURE, COLONEL ALEXANDER - Abe" Lincoln's Yarns and Stories: A Complete Collection of the Funny and Witty Anecdotes That Made Lincoln Famous As America's Greatest Story Teller.
7850: MCCORMAC, EUGENE IRVING. - White Servitude in Maryland, 1634-1820.
13419: MCCORMICK, HARRIET HAMMOND - Landscape Art, Past and Present
15233: MCCORMICK, FREDERICK - The Tragedy of Russia in Pacific Asia. (2 Volumes)
5253: MCCUE, GEORGE - Sculpture City, St. Louis
6896: MCDOUGALL, W.B. - Mushrooms: A Handbook of Edible and Inedible Species.
10: MCDOUGALL, ELEANOR. - Lamps in the Wind: South Indian College Women and Their Problems. With Illustrations by I.R. Warren.
5683: MCGHEE, REGINALD, ED. - The World of James Van Derzee: A Visual Record of Black Americans.
16949: MCGUANE, THOMAS - Nothing But Blue Skies
16943: MCGUANE, THOMAS - Keep the Change
16944: MCGUANE, THOMAS - Keep the Change
16942: MCGUANE, THOMAS - Nobody's Angel
16947: MCGUANE, THOMAS - To Skin a Cat
16948: MCGUANE, THOMAS - Something to Be Desired.
16946: MCGUANE, THOMAS - Sporting Club
16950: MCGUANE, THOMAS - Nothing But Blue Skies
16945: MCGUANE, THOMAS - Keep the Change
4112: MCILVAINE, FRANCES EDGE - Spring in the Little Garden
5747: MCKEE, HARKEY J. - Historic American Buildings Survey: Michigan.
15580: MCKEE, D. - Evolution of the Colorado River in Arizona: An Hypothesis Developed at the Symposium on Cenezoic Geology of the Colorado Plateau in Arizona, August 1984.
20084: MCKEE, HARLEY J. - Introduction to Early American Masonry: Stone, Brick, Mortar and Plaster.
4296: MCKELDIN, THEODORE R. - Washington Bowed
4887: MCKELDIN, THEODORE R. - No Mean City: An Inquiry Into CIVIC Greatness.
19086: MCKINSEY, FOLGER - Songs of Daily Life
13501: MCKINSEY, FOLGER - A Rose of the Old Regime : And Other Poems of Home-Love and Childhood
8665: MCLELLAN, GEORGE - Mclellan's Own Story: The War for the Union; the Soldiers Who Faught It; the Civilians Who Directed It; and His Relation to It and Them
9723: MCQUADE, WALTER - Architecture in the Real World: The Work of Hok.
13645: MCSHERRY, RICHARD - Essays and Lectures.
13741: MCSHERRY, JAMES - History of Maryland; from Its First Settlement in 1634, to the Year 1848.
16712: MCWATTERS, GEORGE S. - Knots United: Ways and Byways in the Hidden Life of American Detectives.
15302: MEADE, RICHARD K. - The Chemists' Pocket Manual; a Practical Handbook Containing Tables, Formulas, Calculations, Physical and Analytical Methods for the Use of Chemists, Assayers, Metallurgists, Manufacturers and Students.
16735: MEADE, BISHOP - Old Churches, Ministries and Famillies of Virginia. (2 Volumes)
2171: MEEKS, CARROLL L.V. - The Railroad Station: An Architectural History.
14580: MEIKLEJOHN, ALEXANDER - What Does America Mean?
8366: MELISH, JOHN - A Geographical Description of the World Intended As an Accompaniment to the Map of the World on Mercator's Projection.
9166: MELOY, ARTHUR S. - Theatres and Picture Houses: A Practical Treatise on the Proper Planning and Construction of Such Buildings and Containing Useful Suggestions, Rules and Data for the Benefit of Architects, Prospective Owners, Etc. Illustrated with Line Drawings by the Author.
17190: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life, During a Four Month's Residence in a Valley of the Marquesas. The Revised Edition with a Sequel.
10245: MENCKEN, H.L. - Dated February 23rd. Addressed "Dear John" [Dr. John Ruhrah]. One Page Tls [Initialed] on Mencken's Hollins Street Address Stationery. 16x21cm. Two Folds; Two Very Small Tears and Creasing at the Edge; Otherwise Fine.
10188: [MENCKEN, H. L.] - The Nation. April 12, 1922. Spring Book Supplement, Part II.
9955: MENCKEN, H.L. - Minority Report.
9881: [MENCKEN, H.L.] - The Vintage Mencken. Gathered by Alistair Cooke.
9880: [MENCKEN, H.L.] - The Vintage Mencken. Gathered by Alistair Cooke.
9879: [MENCKEN, H.L.] - H.L. Mencken Prejudices. A Selection Made by James T. Farrell and with an Introduction by Him.
9877: [MENCKEN, H.L.]. IBSEN, HENRIK - Eleven Plays of Henrik Ibsen. Introduction by H.L. Mencken.
9869: [MENCKEN, H.L.]. ADLER, ELMER, ED. - Breaking Into Print: Being a Compilation of Papers Wherein Each of a Select Group of Authors Tells of the Difficulties of Authorship and How Such Trials Are Met.
9868: [MENCKEN, H.L.]. WILDE, OSCAR - A House of Pomegranates. Illustrated by Ken Kutcher. Preface by H.L. Mencken.
9863: [MENCKEN, H.L.]. LEWISOHN, LUDWIG, ED. - A Modern Book of Criticism.
9842: [MENCKEN, H.L.] , NIETZSCHE, F. W. - The Antichrist. Translated from the German with an Introduction by H.L. Mencken. Free Lance Books III
9835: MENCKEN, H. L. - Treatise on the Gods.
9832: MENCKEN, H.L. - The Player's Ibsen. Little Eyolf.
9833: [MENCKEN, H.L.] - Blanchette and the Escape. Two Plays by Brieux. With Preface by H.L. Mencken. Translated from the French by Frederick Eisemann.
9830: MENCKEN, H.L. - The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.
9827: MENCKEN, H.L. AND GEORGE JEAN NATHAN - The American Credo: A Contribution to the Interpretation of the National Mind.
9820: MENCKEN, H.L. - George Bernard Shaw: His Plays.
9821: MENCKEN, H.L. - George Bernard Shaw: His Plays.
9817: MENCKEN, H. L. - Three Years: 1924 to 1927. The Story of a New Idea and Its Successful Adaptation. With a Postscript by H.L. Mencken.
9814: MENCKEN, H.L. - James Branch Cabell.
9781: MENCKEN, H.L. - Prejudices: Third Series.
9780: MENCKEN, H.L. - Prejudices: Second Series.
9778: MENCKEN, H. L. - A Book of Burlesques.
9770: MENCKEN, H. L. - A Book of Prefaces.
9659: [MENCKEN, H.L. AND GEORGE JEAN NATHAN] - Pistols for Two by Owen Hatteras.
8508: MENCKEN, H. L. - Prejudices Fifth Series.
10198: [MENCKEN, H.L.] - Harper's. September, 1976.
9813: MENCKEN, H.L. AND GEORGE JEAN NATHAN - Heliogabalus.
9779: MENCKEN, H.L. - Prejudices: First Series.
9775: MENCKEN, H. L. - Menckeniana: A Schimpflexikon.
9776: MENCKEN, H.L. - In Defense of Women.
9806: MENCKEN, H.L. - Americana 1925.
9807: MENCKEN, H.L. - Americana 1925.
9808: MENCKEN, H.L. - In Defense of Women.
9853: [MENCKEN, H.L.], WEAVER, JOHN V.A. - In American. The Collected Poems of John V.A. Weaver.
9857: [MENCKEN, H.L.], SMITH, ALLEN H. - Desert Island Decameron.
9860: [MENCKEN, H.L.] - The Borzoi 1920. Being a Sort of Record of Five Years' Publishing.
9862: [MENCKEN, H.L.]. LEWISOHN, LUDWIG - A Modern Book of Criticism.
9841: [MENCKEN, H.L.], MUIR, EDWIN - We Moderns. Edited with Introductions by H.L. Mencken. Free Lance Books IV
9772: MENCKEN, H. L. - A Book of Prefaces.
9773: MENCKEN, H. L. - A Book of Burlesques.
9774: MENCKEN, H. L. - A Book of Burlesques.
9866: [MENCKEN, H.L.]. COOPER, JAMES FENNIMORE - The American Democrat. With an Introduction by H.L. Mencken.
9777: MENCKEN, H.L. - In Defense of Women.
9783: MENCKEN, H.L. - Prejudices: First Series.
9843: MENCKEN, H.L., GEORGE JEAN NATHAN AND WILLARD HUNTINGTON WRIGHT - Europe After 8: 15. With Decorations by Thomas H. Benton.
9845: [MENCKEN, H.L.] - The Borzoi 1925.
9848: [MENCKEN, H.L.] - Criticism in America: Its Function and Status.
9850: [MENCKEN, H.L.] RASCOE, BURTON, ED. - Morrow's Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1928.
9871: [MENCKEN, H.L.] JANVIER, MEREDITH - Baltimore Yesterdays. [Preface by H.L. Mencken].
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9883: [MENCKEN, H.L.]. IBSEN, HENRIK - The Master Builder, Pillars of Society, Hedda Gabler. Introduction by H.L. Mencken.
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19338: SMITH, W. P. - The Book of the Great Railway Celebrations of 1857; Embracing a Full Account of the Opening of the Ohio & Mississippi, and the Marietta & Cincinnati Railroads, and the Northwestern Virginia Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, with Histories and Description of the Same; and an Account of the Subsequent Excursion to Baltimore, Washington and Norfolk, and the Receptions and Entertainments There of the Sate Authorities of Ohio, and the Municipal Representatives of St. Louis, Cincinnati and Chillicothe. With Numerous Illustrations.
7849: SMOKELESS POWDER DEPARTMENT - A History of the Du Pont Company's Relations with the United States Government, 1802-1927.
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17332: SMUCKER, SAMUEL M. - Arctic Explorations and Discoveries During the Nineteenth Century. Being Detailed Accounts of the Several Expeditions to the North Seas, Both English and American, Conducted by Ross, Parry, Back, Franklin, M'Clure and Others, Including the First Grinnell Expedition, Under Lieutenant de Haven, and the Final Effort of Dr. E.K. Kane in Search of Sir John Franklin.
9232: SNYDER, FRANK M. - Details to Which Standard Hardware Can Be Applied.
14092: SNYDER, FRANK - Building Details. Each Part Contains Ten Drawings Selected for General Excellence in Design and Construction Redrawn with the Utmost of Care from Complete Data and Measurements and Reproduced at an Exact Scale Together with Photographs of the Work As Built. Ten of Twelve Parts.
9747: SOLERI, PAOLO - Fragments: A Selection from the Sketchbooks of Paolo Soleri : The Tiger Paradigm-Paradox.
8021: SONS OF UNION VETERANS OF THE CIVIL WAR. - Constitution and Regulations Governing the Sons of Union Veterans of the CIVIL War : Adopted at the Thirty-Ninth Encampment, 1920, Revised at the Fifty-Eighth Annual Encampment, 1939.
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18475: SOPHOCLES - Antigone. Retold by Gita Wolf and Sirish Rao. Illustrated by Indrapramit Roy.
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8386: SOTHEBY'S - The Estate of Ambassador Pamela Harriman
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7131: STAMM, ALICIA - Historic America: Buildings, Structures and Sites
19817: STANARD, MARY NEWTON - Richmond : Its People and Its Story

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