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178510: ROY, R.H. - Ready for the Fray, the History of the Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's) 1920 to 1955
178610: ROY, R.H. - Sinews of Steel, the History of the British Columbia Dragoons
175133: CROSS, ROY & SCARBOROUGH, GERALD, WITH HANS J. EBERT - Messerschmitt Bf109 Versions B-E (Classic Aircraft Their History and How to Model Them Series)
173012: ROYAL, ROBERT - Storia Delle Guardie Svizzere
171252: MACGILLIVRAY, ROYCE & ROSS, EWAN - A History of Glengarry
167906: BOHMLER, RUDOLF & HAUPT, WERNER - Fallschirmjager Paratrooper Bilband Und Chronik a History in Words and Pictures
178784: WIEBE, RUDY & BEAL, BOB (EDS.) - War in the West, Voices of the 1885 Rebellion
163851: RUPP, ROBERT O. - Hello - Anybody There? a Brief History of the Military Telegraph System 1871-1891 [Signed Copy]
166766: RUSINOW, DENNISON I. - Italy's Austrian Heritage 1919-1946
179146: RUSSELL, E - Royal Canadian Navy Badges Battle Honours Mottoes Volume 2 (D-M)
165362: RUSSELL, WILLIAM HOWARD - The British Expedition to the Crimea
163463: RUSSELL, A.S. (ED.) - Discovery. A Monthly Popular Journal of Knowledge Volume I [1] January to December 1920
178087: RUSSELL, JOHN - A Tour in Germany, and Some of the Southern Provinces of the Austrian Empire, in 1820, 1821, 1822. Volume I & Volume II (Constable's Miscellany of Original Publications in the Various Departments of Literature, Science, & the Arts. Vol. XXIX & XXX)
179147: RUSSELL, E - Royal Canadian Navy Badges Battle Honours Mottoes Volume 4 (S-Y and Naval Air Squadrons)
179111: RUSSELL, E - Royal Canadian Navy Badges Battle Honours Mottoes Volume 1 (a-C) (Brcn 150 (Vol. 1)
178088: RUSSELL, THE REV. M. - The General Register of Politics and Literature in Europe and America for the Year 1827. (Constables Miscellany of Original and Selected Publications in Various Departments of Literature, Science, & the Arts. Volumes XXII)
177658: RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM - Galashiels in History
175057: RUTKIEWICZ, JAN - Wojsko Lotewskie 1918-1940
177022: STENGEL-VON RUTKOWSKI, LOTHAR - Was Ist Ein Volk? Der Biologische Volksbegriff
156094: RUTTEN, L. (ED.) - Geologische Nomenclator Geological Nomenclator Nomenclateur Geologique Geologische Nomenklatur
171945: RYERSON, REV. EGERTON (J. GEORGE HODGINS, ED.) - The Story of My Life. . . (Being Reminiscences of Sixty Years' Public Service in Canada. )
122259: NOAD, A.S. (ED.) ET AL - The Mcgill Year Book Volume One Published By the Year of 1922 ("James Mcgill 1821-1921 His Book")
177457: ROCKWELL, DONALD S. (ED. IN CHIEF) ET AL - Women of Achievement Biographies and Portraits
176577: GRANT, CHARLES S. & OLLEY, PHIL - The Wargamers' Annual Volume I
177926: HERRINGTON, WALTER S. & WILSON, REV. A.J. - The War Work of the County of Lennox and Addington
176977: GORDON, ROBERT S & MAURICE, E. GRACE (ED.) - Union List of Manuscripts in Canadian Repositories/Catalogue Collectif Des Manuscripts Des Archives Canadiennes [Two-Volume Set]
158934: EL ABATE SABATTIER - El Amigo de Los Ninos
156374: SADLER, P. (REVISED BY G.F. GILLETTE) - Translating English Into French (Petit Cours de Versions)
177081: SADLIER, MRS. J. - The Confederate Chieftans: A Tale of the Irish Rebellion of 1641. 461pp;
169005: SAINSBURY, A.B. - The Royal Navy Day By Day
177080: SALE, LADY - A Journal of the Disasters in Afghanistan, 1841-2.
176449: SALMON, MR. - A Short View of the Families of the Present English Nobility; . . .
174042: SALVADORI, LUCIANO - Soldatini
172415: SAMUEL, SIGMUND (COMPILATOR) - The Seven Years War in Canada 1756-1763
171561: SANDARS, JOHN; MARTIN WINDROW, ED.) - British 7th Armoured Division 1940-45 (Vanguard Series 1)
175968: SANDERS, JAMES - A Long Patrol, an Illustrated History of No. 1 Squadron, Rnzaf 1930-1984
179441: SANDERS, WILLIAM BLISS - Examples of Carved Oak Woodwork in the Houses and Furniture of the 16th & 17th Centuries
175967: SANDERS, JAMES - A Long Patrol, an Illustrated History of No. 1 Squadron, Rnzaf 1930-1984
179652: SANDES, LIEUT.-COLONEL E.W.C. - The Indian Engineers 1939-47
179559: SANSOM, JOSEPH - Travels in Lower Canada, with the Author's Recollections of the Soil, and Aspect; the Morals, Habits and Religious Institutions, of That Country.
175655: SANTIAGO, FRANCISCO VELA - Cazadores a Caballo Espanoles En Las Guerras Napoleonicas 1800-1814 (Guerreros Y Batallas 5)
176936: SANTOR, DONALD - Canadians at War 1914-1918 (Canadiana Scrapbook)
179444: SARKAR, DILIP - Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader an Inspiration in Photographs
177991: SARTY, ROGER - Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic [Signed Copy]
179621: SARTY, ROGER FLYNN - The Maritime Defence of Canada
173763: SASKI, COMMANDANT - La Campagne de 1809 En Allemagne Et En Autriche
168017: SAUNDERS, DR. ROBERT - The Royal Newfoundland Regiment's Role in One of the World's Twenty Famous Battles Lake Erie September 10, 1813
175378: SAUNDERS, EDWARD MANNING - Three Premiers of Nova Scotia the Hon. J.W. Johnstone the Hon. Joseph Howe the Hon. Charles Tupper, M.D. , C.B.
175372: SAVARY, A.W. - Supplement to the History of the County of Annapolis Correcting and Supplying Omissions in the Original Volume
178940: SAWICKI, JAMES A. - Nazi Decorations and Medals 1933-1945 Illustrated
165158: LE SCAL, YVES (BARRET, ANDRÉ, ED.) - Au Temps Des Grands Voiliers 1850 1920
179732: SCEE, TRUDY IRENE - The Inmates and the Asylum, the Bangor Children's Home 1835-2002
171354: SCHAFFER, RONALD - Wings of Judgement, American Bombing in World War II
178730: VAN DER SCHEE, CAPT. W. - Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) Regimental Introduction Briefing (Trg Pam 1/73)
94048: SCHELL, HAL B., (ED.) - Reader on the Library Building
179123: SCHILLER, FREDERICK (GEORGE MOIR, TRANS.) - The Historical Works of Frederick Schiller. From the German. . . Vol. I the Thirty Years' War & Vol. II. The Thirty Year's' War. Trial of Counts Egmont and Horn. The Siege of Antwerp. (Constable's Miscellany of Original Adn Selected Publications in the Various Departments of Literature, Science, & the Arts. Vol. XVIII & Vol. XIX. )
175043: SCHILLER, DR. DAVID TH. - The American Civil War Recreated in Color Photographs
176163: SCHMITZ, NANCY - Irish for a Day, Saint Patrick's Day Celebrations in Quebec City 1765-1990
175669: SCHNEIDER, REINHARD - Die Kaiserliche Schutz- Und Polizeitruppe Fur Afrika. Felduniform, Ausrustung, Bewaffnung
175049: SCHNEIDER, HUGO - Vom Brustharnisch Zum Waffenrock / de la Cuirasse a la Tunique
166336: SCHNELL, DR. KARL - Kriegsgräber Und Denkmäler Von Der Schlacht Bei Wôrth IM Elsas Am 6. August 1870
175469: SCHOBESS, VOLKER - Die Leibgarde Friedrichs Des Grossen, Statusdenken Und Sozialprestige - Geschichte Einer Preussischen Elite
175468: SCHOBESS, VOLKER - Friedrich Der Grosse Und Die Potsdamer Wachtparade 1740-1786
178889: SCHRAGG, CAPTAIN LEX (COL. FRANK CHAPPELL; MAJOR J.E. SLINGER; CAPT. ARCH. WHITELAW) - History of the Ontario Regiment 1866-1951
179796: SCHREIBER, MARTIN MAXIMILLIAN (PHOTOG.) - Madonna Nudes 1979
163529: SCHRODER, GARY (ED.) - Marriages 1766-1850 Christ Church Cathedral Montreal Qc Canada
172638: SCHUCHHARDT, PETER - Die Elberfelder Bilderhandschrift, Bilder Und Dokumente Aus Napoleonischer Zeit
177004: SCHWALBE, TIMOTHY J. (ED.) - Fire Apparatus Photo Album of the Crash-Fire-Rescue Units
179605: SCHWARZE, WOLFGANG - Die Uniformen Der Preussischen Garden Von Ihrer Entstehung 1704 Bis 1836
177842: SCOTT, ANNE - Late June Extra, an English Schoolgirl's Letters Home from Canada 1940 to 1943 [Signed Copy]
180022: SCRUBY, JACK - Miniature Soldiers Amercian Soldiers of the War of 1812
180020: SCRUBY, JACK (ED.) - The Miniature Parade Volume II Number II Number III December, 1968
180019: SCRUBY, JACK (ED.) - The Miniature Parade Volume II Number I August, 1968
180018: SCRUBY, JACK (ED.) - The Miniature Parade Volume II Number II October, 1968
180021: SCRUBY, JACK (ED.) - The Miniature Parade Volume I Number III Spring 1968
178481: SCUDAMORE, MAJOR T.V. - Lighter Episodes in the Life of a Prisoner of War
179856: BARNES, IAN; HENRY, SEA; & SNELL, MIKE - Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) Volume VI a Pictorial History
171964: SEABURY, THE REVEREND SAMUEL (CLARENCE H. VANCE, ED.) - Letters of a Westchester Farmer (1774-1775) [Publications of the Westchester County Historical Society Volume VIII)
175407: SEARBY, AIR COMMODORE J. - The Great Raids Volume Two Essen 5 March 1943 [Signed Copy]
178939: SEARBY, AIR COMMODORE J. - The Great Raids Peenemunde 17 August 1943
178072: SELIGMANN, KURT - Le Miroir de la Magie, Histoire de la Magie Dans le Monde Occidental
164830: SELLAR, GORDON - The True Makers of Canada the Narrative of Gordon Sellar Who Emigrated to Canada in 1825
161809: SELLAR, ROBERT - The History of the County of Huntingdon and the Seigniories of Chateaugay & Beauharnois from Their First Settlement to the Year 1838 Revised in the 1900's
176436: SENDZIKAS, ALDONA - Stanley Barracks Toronto's Military Legacy
170169: SENIOR, ELINOR KYTE - Roots of the Canadian Army: Montreal District 1846-1870
172283: SENIOR, HOWARD - The Last Invasion of Canada. The Fenian Raids, 1866-1870
178854: SENIOR, ELINOR KYTE - Redcoats & Patriotes, the Rebellions in Lower Canada 1837-38
164628: SENNETT, A.R. - Across the Great St. Bernard, the Modes of Nature and the Manners of Man
177403: SERGI, ALESSANDRO (ED.) - Soldatini Tecniche Collezionismo Storia 52 Bimestre DI Miniature Militari Ed Uniformologica Maggio-Giugno 2005
163457: TRANSPORTATION SERVICE, CHIEF - Annual Reports, War Department Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1920. Report of the Chief of Transportation Service to the Secretary of War 1920
177409: SESSIONS, FRANCIS C. - From the Land of the Midnight Sun to the Volga
179507: FLEISCHER, SEWERYN & RYS, MARKE - Hawker Hurricane Cz. 1 (Monografies Lotnicze 51)
178739: SEXTON, DONAL J. JR. - A Guide to Canadian Shoulder Titles 1939-1985
176845: SHACKLETON, KEVIN R. - Second to None, the Fighting 58th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force
178950: SHACKLETON, E.H. - The Heart of the Antarctic, Being the Story of the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909 Volume I and Volume II
176807: SHEA, JOHN GILMARY - A French-Onondaga Dictionary, from a Manuscript of the Seventeenth Century.
176864: SHEEHAN, CAPTAIN D.D. - Ireland Since Parnell [First Edition]
179896: SHELDON, JACK - The Germans at Beaumont Hamel
177440: GODFREY, SHELDON & GODFREY, JUDY - Stones, Bricks, and History the Corner of "Duke & George" the North-East Corner of Adelaide Street East and George Street, Toronto 1798-1984
171014: SHENTON, EDWARD - On Wings for Freedom
162945: SHEPHERD, HENRY E. - The History of the English Language from the Teutonic Invasion of Britain to the Close of the Georgian Era
176656: SHEPHERD, FRANCIS J. - Origin and History of the Montreal General Hospital
167499: SHERSON, ERROLL - Townshend of Chitral and Kut, Based on Diaries and Private Papers of Major-General Sir Charles Townshend K.C. B. , D.S. O.
171681: SHERWOOD, ROLAND H. - Out of the Past, Vignettes of Historical Significance in Pictou County [Signed Copy]
169945: SHIERS, GEORGE - Bibliography of the History of Electronics
179454: NOHAR, SHIGARU & SHIWAKU, MASATSUGU - Aero Detail 8 Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I-V
179453: NOHAR, SHIGERU & SHIWAKU, MASATSUGU - Aero Detail 1 Messerschmitt Bf109e
179452: NOHAR, SHIGERU & SHIWAKU, MASATSUGU - Aero Detail 5 Messerschmitt Bf109g
177057: SHIRLEY, WILLIAM (LINCOLN, CHARLES HENRY, ED.) - Correspondence of William Shirley Governor of Massachusetts and Military Commander in America 1731-1760 Vol. I & Vol. II)
172066: SHORES, CHRISTOPHER F. - Pictorial History of the Mediterranean Air War Volume Three Axis Forces 1940-45
175922: SHORRICK, N. - Lion in the Sky, the Story of Seletar and the Royal Air Force in Singapore
169967: SHTEMENKO, GENERAL OF THE ARMY S.M. - The Soviet General Staff at War 1941-1945 Book Two
172496: SHY, JOHN - Toward Lexington, the Role of the British Army in the Coming of the American Revolution
179588: SILVERMAN, NATALIE - History Repeats Itself, Canada at War
172666: SIMCOE, JOHN - Queen's Rangers, John Simcoe and His Rangers During the Revolutionary War for America (Regiments and Campaigns Series)
172513: SIMES, THOMAS - The Military Guide for Young Officers , Containing a System of the Art of War. . . 1776
177882: SIMKINS, PETER - Kitchener's Army the Raising of the New Armies, 1914-16 [War, Armed Forces and Society Series]
174684: SIMON, GARTH (ED.) - Eighteenth Century Military Notes & Queries, No. 11 Warfare in the Age of Reason 1660-1780
173834: SIMON, GARTH (ED.) - Eighteenth Century Military Notes and Queries, No. 1 Warfare in the Age of Reason 1660-1800
175852: SIMS, C.A. - British Aircraft Illustrated
162744: SISSONS, C.B. - Bi-Lingual Schools in Canada [Signed Copy]
169832: SKAIFE, COLONEL E.O. - A Short History of the Royal Welch Fusiliers
163453: SKELDING, SUSIE BARSTOW (ED.) - Bits of Distant Land and Sea
179538: SKULSKI, PRZEMYSLAW - Supermarine Spitfire Mk VIII, IX, XVI (Seria "Pod Lupa")
179373: SLACK, TOM - Happy Is the Day a Spitfire Pilot's Story
166111: SLACK, CECIL MOORHOUSE - Grandfather's Adventures in the Great War 1914-1918
172154: WING SLIP - Now It Can Be Told
179518: SMALLWOOD, HUGH - 2nd Taf Spitfire, the Story of Spitfire Ml 407
178019: SMART, SUSAN (ED.) - Index to the Upper Canada Land Books Volume 5 January 1821 to December 1826
162933: SMEATON, OLIPHANT - The Story of Edinburgh
179377: SMITH, RICHARD C. - Memories of 'the Few'. . .
172030: SMITH, CAPTAIN JOHN (A.L. ROWSE, INTRO.; ROBERT O. DOUGAN, BIO.) - The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England and the Summer Isles
169024: SMITH, MYRON J, JR. - The Airline Bibliography: The Salem College Guide to Sources on Commercial Aviation Volume I: The United States
175511: SMITH, GROUP CAPTAIN W.G.G. DUNCAN - Spitfire Into Battle
171408: SMITH, MAURICE A. (ED.) - Flight and Aircraft Engineer Volume Lxi January - June, 1952 (24 Issues)
172430: SMITH, MAJOR-GENERAL FRANCIS H. - History of the Virginia Military Institute (the Virginia Military Institute Its Building and Rebuilding)
157166: SMITH, ALBERT W. - Materials of Machines
171410: SMITH, MAURICE A. (ED.) - Flight and Aircraft Engineer Volume Lxi January - June, 1953 (24 Issues)
160426: SMITH, W.G. - Building the Nation a Study of Some Problems Concerning the Churches' Relation to the Immigrants
179551: SMITH, GOLDWYN - The Political Destiny of Canada. . . With a Reply By Sir Francis Hincks, K.C. M.G. , and Some Remarks on That Reply.
176344: SMITH, ART - The Practical Flower Garden [Signed Limited Edition]
172200: SMITH, CLIVE - Lightning over Yemen, a History of the Ottoman Campaign 1569-71
171852: SAVILLE-SMITH, R.A. - Aircraft Recognition How to Identify British, Nazi and Italian Planes (Second Edition)
160909: SMITH, JOSEPHINE - Perth-on-the-Tay, a Tale of the Transplanted Highlanders
178110: BRETT-SMITH, RICHARD (LT.-GENERAL SIR BRIAN HORROCKS, ED.) - The 11th Hussars (Prince Albert's Own) [Famous Regiments Series]
172130: SMITH, J (AMES) HAMBLIN - Elementary Trigonometry
179395: SMITH, RICHARD C. - Fighter Command's Sergeant Aces of 1940. . .
167778: SMITH, GORDON - Battles of the Falklands War
171963: SMITH, SIR DAVID WILLIAM; WILLIAM RENWICK RIDDELL, ED. (FRASER, ALEXANDER, ED.) - La Rochefoucault-Liancourt's Travels in Canada 1795 (Thirteenth Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario 1916)
165300: SMITHERS, A.J. - The Kaffir Wars 1779 1877 (19th Century Military Campaigns)
173949: SMITHERS, A.J. - Honourable Conquests, an Account of the Enduring Work of the Royal Engineers Throughout the Empire
177983: SMITHIES, EDWARD - Crime in Wartime a Social History of Crime in World War II
169878: SNELL, JOHN FERGUSON - Macdonald College of Mcgill University a History from 1904-1955
160681: ONTARIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY, THE - Directory of Heritage Organizations and Institutions in Ontario
176862: KINGSVILLE-GOSFIELD HERITAGE SOCIETY, THE - Kingsville 1790-2000: A Stroll Through Time Volume 2
176224: SOKYRKO, O - The Battle of Poltava June 27, 1709: Ukrainian Rubicon Volume II [2]
176208: SOKYRKO, O. - Ukrajins'kyi Rubicon. Poltaviska Bytva 27 Cervnja 1709 R. Castyny 1
179669: SOLANO, CAPTAIN E.J. (ED.) - Machine Gun Training (. 303 and . 22 Cartridges) (Imperial Army Series)
175482: SOLKA, MICHAEL - Die Zuaven Des Amerikanischen Burgerkrieges
164112: SOLOMON, CHARLES - The Traffic in Health
174520: SOMERS, DAVID - Kyrie ( Signed)
176070: SOPER, J.H. - The Harvard Forest Models
170162: SOUYRI, JEAN-CLAUDE - Le Tarn Memoire D'hier 1900-1920 Avec Cartes Postales Et Documents Mémoire D'hier
175460: SOWARD, STUART E. - Hands to Flying Stations, a Recollective History of Canadian Naval Aviation Volume [One] 1 & Volume [Two] 2
178661: SPADA, ANTONIO - Ordini Dinastici Della Real Casa DI Borbone Delle Due Sicilie. . .
178659: SPADA, ANTONIO - Ordini Dinastici Della Real Casa DI Savoia. . .
170978: SPAULDING, OLIVER LYMAN - Ahriman: A Study in Air Bombardment
174168: SPENCE, GEORGE - Survival of a Vision
163433: SPENCE, HUGH S. - Barium and Strontium in Canada
177460: SPICER, DOROTHY GLADYS (GLOECKNER, ANDRE, ED.) - Latin American Costumes Designed By Yolanda Bartas
160244: SPICER, LT. COL. STERLING L. - Sugar and Spicer Personally Selected Poems from the Lifetime Works of Lt. Col. Sterling L. Spicer
160216: SPRAGUE, EDWARD P. - Historical Sketch of the Presbyterian Church, in Salem, Washington Co. , New York, Synod of Albany, and Presbytery of Troy, By the Pastor, Edward P. Sprague. Delivered June 4th, 1876
174990: SPRING, LAURENCE - Uniforms of the Russian Army 1802-1815 Volume 1: Infantry
179606: SPRINGS, DAVID WHITE (VAUGHAN, DAVID K., ED.) - Letters from a War Bird, the World War I Correspondence of Elliott White Springs
172689: SQUIRES, W. AUSTIN - The 104th Regiment of Foot (the New Brunswick Regiment) 1803-1817
177909: STACEY, COLONEL C.P. (ED.) - Introduction to Military History for Canadian Students
176774: STACEY, COLONEL C.P. - The Victory Campaign the Operations in North-West Europe 1944-1945 (Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War Volume III)
179987: STACEY, COLONEL C.P. - Six Years of War. The Army in Canada, Britain and the Pacific (Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War Volume I)
177752: STACEY, C.P. (ED.) - Records of the Nile Voyageurs 1884-1885 the Canadian Voyageur Contingent in the Gordon Relief Expedition
169965: STACEY, COLONEL C.P. - Six Years of War. The Army in Canada, Britain and the Pacific (Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War Volume I)
177145: STACEY, COLONEL C.P. - The Canadian Army 1939-1945 an Official Historical Summary
179991: STACEY, COLONEL C.P. - Six Years of War. The Army in Canada, Britain and the Pacific (Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War Volume I)
177895: STACEY, C.P. - Canada and the Age of Conflict Volume 2 [I I]: 1921-1948 the Mackenzie King Era
177880: STACEY, C.P. - Canada and the British Army 1846-1871 a Study in the Practice of Responsible Government
177757: STACEY, COLONEL C.P. - Six Years of War. The Army in Canada, Britain and the Pacific (Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War Volume I)
177769: STACEY, C.P. - Canada and the Age of Conflict Volume I: 1867-1921
178286: STADDON, T.G. "TOMMY - History of Cambrian Airways the Welsh Airline from 1935-1976.
178246: GENERAL STAFF - Drill for 6" B.L. Howitzer - 26 Cwt. June 1918, Reprinted September, 1918.
168046: GENERAL STAFF, THE, ARMY HEADQUARTERS - Canada's Army in Korea, the United Nations Operations, 1950-53 and Their Aftermath
177033: GENERAL STAFF, THE WAR OFFICE - Military Engineering. (Part IV. ) Mining and Demolitions. [1910]
177816: GENERAL STAFF, WAR OFFICE - Field Service Regulations Part I. Operations 1909 (Reprinted with Amendments, 1912)
178411: IMPERIAL GENERAL STAFF, THE WAR OFFICE - Royal Engineers Training Memorandum No. 2 1942
178238: GENERAL STAFF - Notes from the Front. 1914
178249: GENERAL STAFF - Notes on Field Defences.
177036: GENERAL STAFF, THE WAR OFFICE - Military Engineering. (Part Iiia. ) Military Bridging - General Principles and Materials.
178338: THE CHIEF OF THE GENERAL STAFF - Recognition Hand Book Foreign Weapons and Equipment Warsaw Pact Countries and China [Army Code No. 70009]
170205: EDITORIAL STAFF - Sciences Pertaining to Civil Engineering (Fundamental Principles of Mechanics, Elements of Statics, Kinematics and Kinetics, Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, Rudiments of Analytical Geometry)
179668: THE GENERAL STAFF, THE WAR OFFICE - Field Artillery Training. 1914.
178811: THE CHIEF OF THE IMPERIAL GENERAL STAFF - Notes on Defence [Provisional] Military Training Pamphlet No. 15 1939
176633: LABORATORY STAFF, VARIAN, EIMAC DIVISION - Care and Feeding of Power Grid Tubes
178331: THE GENERAL STAFF - Instructions on Bombing. Part I. British and German Bombs.
178340: THE GENERAL STAFF, THE WAR OFFICE - Field Notes on the Belgian, French and German Armies. 1914.
179325: GENERAL STAFF, G.H.Q. - Instructions Regarding Movements of Troops By Road and Rail, with Statement of Billeting Accommodation in Certain Areas.
165564: GENERAL STAFF, THE WAR OFFICE - Notes on the German Army - War. December, 1940
165565: GENERAL STAFF, THE WAR OFFICE - Notes on the German Army - War. December, 1940
178371: THE GENERAL STAFF, THE WAR OFFICE - Notes on German Army Corps. XIX. Corps (2nd Royal Saxon Army Corps). Febraury, 1916. [Ia 5820. ]
178373: THE GENERAL STAFF, THE WAR OFFICE - Notes on German Army Corps. XXIV. Reserve Corps (4th Army). March, 1916. [S.S. 404. ] [Ia/7729]
178374: THE GENERAL STAFF, THE WAR OFFICE - Notes on German Army Corps. XIII. (Royal Wurttemberg) Corps. May, 1916. [S.S. 434. ] [Ia/8081]
178271: GENERAL STAFF, THE - Notes on Trench Warfare for Infantry Officers. May, 1917.
178341: THE GENERAL STAFF, THE WAR OFFICE - Notes for Infantry Officers on Trench Warfare. March, 1916
178389: GENERAL STAFF - Notes from the Front. Part II. 1914
178396: THE CHIEF OF THE IMPERIAL GENERAL STAFF - Field Engineering (All Arms) Military Training Pamphlet No. 30 Part V: Protective Works (Provisional) 1941
178416: THE GENERAL STAFF - Notes from the Front. Part III. And Further Notes on Field Defences. [1915]
178419: THE GENERAL STAFF - Notes from the Front. Part IV. And Further Notes on Field Defences.
179130: STAFFORD, WILLIAM C. - A History of Music. (Constable's Miscellany of Original and Selected Publications in the Various Departments of Literature, Science, & the Arts. Vol. Lii. )
172127: STAHL, PETER - The Diving Eagle a Ju88 Pilot's Diary
174327: STAHL, PETER - Fallschirmjager 1936-1945 German Parachute Troops an Illustrated History
174590: STAHL, PETER - Die Waffen-Ss
164468: STANBURY, W.T. - Environmental Groups and the International Conflict over the Forests of British Columbia, 1990 to 2000
174574: STANLEY, PETER - The Remote Garrison, the British Army in Australia 1788-1870
179597: STANLEY, GEORGE F.G. - Toil & Trouble, Military Expeditions to Red River
175939: STANWAY, PAUL - Alberta in the 20th Century, a Journalistic History of the Province (Centennial Limited Edition) the Albertans: From Settlement to Super Province 1905-2005
177383: STEBBING, REV. HENRY - The History of Chivalry and the Crusades. Volume I & Volume II (Constable's Miscellany of Original Publications in the Various Departments of Literature, Science, & the Arts. Vol. L & Li)
170353: STEER, WILSTON - Boosting the Bay
175793: MEIER, STEFAN & KIERMEIER, KATRIN - Treu, Redlich Und Ehrenhaft, Die Schweizergarde in Bildern Fruher Und Heute / la Guardia Svizzera in Immagini Ieri Ed Oggi / la Garde Suisse En Images Hier Et Aujourd'hui / Past and Present Photographs of the Swiss Guard
172729: STEFFEN, RAY - The Horse Soldier 1776-1943 the United States Cavalryman: His Uniforms, Arms, Accoutrements, and Equipments Volume I the Revolution, the War of 1812, the Early Frontier 1776-1850
172730: STEFFEN, RAY - The Horse Soldier 1776-1943 the United States Cavalryman: His Uniforms, Arms, Accoutrements, and Equipments Volume II the Frontier, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Indian Wars 1851-1880
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