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176241: HAWKER, LT. COL. P. - Instructions to Young Sportsmen
171290: HAWKS, ELLISON - British Seaplanes Triumph in the International Schneider Trophy Contest 1913-1931
170820: HAWKS, ELLISON - The Romance of the Merchant Ship
172939: HAY, IAN (MAJOR-GENERAL JOHN HAY BEITH, C.B.E., M.C.) - The Royal Company of Archers 1676-1951
179749: HAYDON, A.L. - Riders of the Plains, a Record of the Royal North- West Mounted Police of Canada 1873-1910
179954: HAYES, GEOFFREY - The Lincs: A History of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment at War
178725: HAYES, J. GORDON - The Conquest of the South Pole
161175: HAYS, HARRY - Heraldry Its Origin Antiquity Uses and Advantages
178443: HAYTER, LCOL. J.C. (MAJ. E.H. WEBER, ED.) - The Connecting File 1971 Edition the Royal Canadian Regiment
173112: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP - The Peninsular War, the Complete Companion to the Iberian Campaigns 1807-14 (Brassey's Almanac)
178873: HAYWARD, J.B. - The South African War Casualty Roll 1899-1902 Volume I the "Natal Force" from 20th Oct. 1899 - 26th Oct. 1900
176262: HEACOX, CECIL E. - The Compleat Brown Trout a Special Centennial Edition [Signed Copy]
168535: HEAD, MICHAEL G. - French Napoleonic Lancer Regiments
173748: HEAD, MICHAEL - Grenadiers a Cheval de la Garde Imperial
171594: HEAD, LT.-COL. CHARLES O. - Napoleon and Wellington [Signed Copy]
164594: HEADLEY, J.T. - Mountain Adventures in Various Parts of the World
169981: HEADLEY, REV. P.C. - Evangelists in the Church from Philip, A.D. 35, to Moody and Sankey, A.D. 1875.
160780: HEADLEY, REV. J.T. - The Miscellaneous Works of the Rev. J.T. Headley with a Biographical Sketch and Portrait of the Author Vol. II
12010: O HEARN, PETER J. T. - Peace, Order and Good Government.
170374: WILLING WORKERS GROUP OF HEASLIP - Memories of the Great Fire 1922
167789: HÉBRARD, J. - Vingt-Cinq Anneés D'aviation Militaire (1920-1945) Tome I la Genèse Du Drame aérien de 1940 Tome II la Guerre Aerienne 1939-1945
167790: HÉBRARD, J. - French Napoleonic Lancer Regiments Tome II la Guerre aérienne 1939-1945
173365: HEDIN, SVEN - With the German Armies in the West
171925: HELPS, SIR ARTHUR - The Conquerors of the New World and Their Bondsmen Being a Narrative of the Principal Events Which Led to Negro Slavery in the West Indies and America [Two Volumes]
176154: HENDERSON, ALEXANDER - The History of Ancient and Modern Wines.
176428: HENEY, JOHN J. - John Heney & Son the Canadian Saga of an Ottawa Irish Family [Signed Copy]
174148: LION, HENRI & BEAN, VALENTINE - My Way, a Method of Selecting, Preparing & Painting Model Soldiers
179407: HENRY, JOHN JOSEPH - An Accurate and Interesting Account of the Hardships and Sufferings of That Band of Heroes, Who Traversed the Wilderness in the Campaign Against Quebec in 1775.
160959: SCADDING, THE REV. HENRY & HODGINS, J. GEORGE - Jubilee of the Diocese of Toronto 1839 to 1889 Record of Proceedings Connected with the Celebration of the Jubilee November 21st to the 28th, 1889, Inclusive.
175603: HENRY, MIKE - Air Gunner
164910: HENSHALL, PHILIP - Hitler's Rocket Sites
171846: FARNHAM HERALD, THE - Images of Farnham
178560: HERFURTH, DIETRICH - Sowjetische Auszeichnungen Ein Katalog / Soviet Awards a Catalogue
175817: HERING, SQUADRON LEADER P.G. - Customs & Traditions of the Royal Air Force
178611: HERIOT, J.C.A. - The Canadian Antiquarian and Numismatic Journal Third Series Vol. VIII No. 2 April 1911
177289: HERLOCHER, DAWN - Antique Trader's Doll Makers & Marks, a Guide to Identification
177814: HERRINGTON, WALTER S. - History of the County of Lennox and Addington [Signed Copy]
178566: VON HEYDEN, HERMANN - Die Ehrenzeichen Und Medaillen Von Frankreich Und Belgien 1768-1902
170873: HEYDON, NAOMI SLATER - Looking Back. . . Pioneers of Bytown and March Nicholas Sparks and Hamnett Kirkes Pinhey Their Antecedants and Their Descendants
177228: HEYES, ESTHER - The Story of Albion
171200: HEZZELWOOD, OLIVER (EDITOR) - Trinity War Book, a Recital of Service and Sacrifice in the Great War
158420: HIGGINSON, THOMAS - Poetical Works of Thomas Higginson; Literary Works of Thomas H. Higginson
164090: HIGGINSON, THOMAS WENTWORTH - Concerning All of Us
172797: DE SAINT-HILAIRE, ÉMILE MARCO - Histoire Anecdotique, Politique Et Militaire de la Garde Impériale
167700: HILDEBRANDT, WALTER - Views from Fort Battleford Constructed Visions of an Anglo-Canadian West
169913: HILL, HENRY CHASE; JOHNSTON, WILL H. (ED.); MERCHANT, ELIZABETH LODOR; MORTON, ELIZABETH - The New Wonder Book of Knowledge; Dicken's Stories About Children; Bible Stories Everyone Should Know (Salesman's Sample Book)
173518: HINCHCLIFFE, PETER - The Other Battle, Luftwaffe Night Aces Versus Bomber Command
164689: HIND, JOHN R. - The Gateway to Railwayland (Railway Land)
176545: HIND, PATRICK O. - Pacific Great Eastern Steam Locomotives
176805: HIND, HENRY YOULE - Narrative of the Canadian Red River Exploring Expedition of 1857 and of the Assiniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition of 1858 [Two Volumes in One]
179545: HINSHELWOOD, N.M. - Montreal and Vicinity. . .
178918: HITCHENS, WING COMMANDER F.H. - Air Board Canadian Air Force Royal Canadian Air Force (Canadian War Museum Mercury Series Paper No. 2)
177101: HOBBS, ERNEST - The Battle of the Three Spires, Impressions of a Blind Citizen
94266: HOBSON, ELIZABETH CHRISTOPHERS - Recollections of a Happy Life
178501: HOBSON, CHRIS - Airmen Died in the Great War 1914-1918, the Roll of Honour of the British and Commonwealth Air Services of the First World War
171504: HODGES, PETER - Battle Class Destroyers
177391: HODGINS, J. GEORGE - Historical and Educational Papers and Documents Illustrative of the Educational System of Ontario, 1792-1853, Forming an Appendix to the Annual Report of the Minister of Education. Volume II
177240: HODGSON, BASIL (ED.) - The Beauty of Guernsey Alderney & Sark Camera Pictures of the Islands (the Homeland Illustrated No. 22)
177230: HODGSON, WILLIAM (ED.) - The Beauty of the English Lakes (the Homeland Illustrated No. 19)
170603: HODGSON, J.H. - The Heavens Above and the Earth Beneath, a History of the Dominion Observatories Part 1 to 1946
176653: HODGSON, RODERICK L. - Our Spirit Lives on, a Celebration of Hudson Yacht Club's First 100 Years 1909-2009
177236: HODGSON, BASIL (ED.) - Leafy Warwick Camera Pictures of the Shakespeare & George Eliot Country (the Homeland Illustrated No. 13)
177237: HODGSON, BASIL (ED.) - The Beauty of Worcestershire Camera Pictures of the County (the Homeland Illustrated No. 15)
177962: HOGAN, JOHN J. - I Am Not Alone, from the Letters of Combat Infantryman John J. Hogan Killed at Okinawa
157302: HOGG, QUINTIN (ED.) - The Polytechnic Magazine October 2, 1891
168110: HOHNADEL, ALAIN &TRUTTMANN, MICHEL - Guide de la Ligne Maginot Des Ardennes Au Rhin, Dans Les Alpes
173879: HOLCROFT, M.H. - Islands of Innocence
160384: HOLDEN, JAMES F. - Mount Holly, Its Early Days
178729: HOLDER, HENRYK - Ordery I Odznaczenia Polskiej Rzeczypospolitej Ludowej
178561: THE STAFF OF THE FOX HOLE - Collector's Guide No. 2 Tinnies of the Third Reich
178555: THE STAFF OF THE FOX HOLE - Collector's Guide No. 1 Tinnies of the Third Reich
178789: HOLME, NORMAN - The Noble 24th, Biographical Records of the 24th Regiment in the Zulu War and the South African Campaign 1877-1879
159160: HOLMES, EDMOND (T.J. COBDEN-SANDERSON, ED.) - Sonnets and Poems By Edmond Holmes Selected and Arranged By T.J. Cobden-Sanderson an Anthology
178191: WHEELER-HOLOHAN, V. (REVISIONS & ILLUSTRATIONS) - Boutell's Manual of Heraldry
176978: HOLT, SIR HERBERT S., ET AL - Report of the Federal Plan Commission on a General Plan for the Cities of Ottawa and Hull 1915
164786: HOME, GORDON (ED.) - Black's Guide to the English Lakes
174991: HONEL, ALEXANDER - Osterreichische Militargeschichte Sonderband 1999-2 Die Adjustierung Des K. (U. ) K. Heeres 1868-1914 Band 2: Die Kavallerie
152394: HOOD, ROBERT ALLISON - By Shore and Trail in Stanley Park
176356: HOPE, DORIS GRIERSON - Torbolton Township: "Its Earliest History"
179836: HOPE, DORIS GRIERSON - The Griersons of Torbolton Township [Signed Copy]
161209: HOPE, LOUISE (ED.) - Index to Horton-Mcnab Presbyterian Baptismal and Marriage Registers 1841-1883
179839: HOPE, DORIS GRIERSON - The Griersons of Torbolton Township
157733: HOPKINS, J. CASTELL (FOUNDER) - The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs 1926-27
156707: HOPKINS, B.J. - Astronomy for Every-Day Readers
158519: HOPKINS, J. CASTELL - The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs 1904
158511: HOPKINS, J. CASTELL - The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs 1902
164842: HOPKINS, J. CASTELL - Queen Victoria Her Life and Reign [Saleman's Sample Book]
177763: HOPKINS, J. CASTELL - The Province of Ontario in the War
164722: HORACE. (SMART, C., TRANS.) - The Works of Horace, Translated Literally Into English Prose. . (2 Volumes)
174173: HORMANN, JORG-M. - Uniforms of the Infantry 1919 - to the Present (German Uniforms of the 20th Century - Volume 1)
174141: HORNADAY, WILLIAM T. - Camp-Fires in the Canadian Rockies
164147: HOROWITZ, PAUL (ED.) (SERIES EDITOR: ERIC BURGESS) - Physiological and Performance Determinants in Manned Space Systems
167077: SCHEIBERT, HORST & LEFÈVRE, ÉRIC - Les Panzer Dans la Seconde Guerre Mondiale
177217: HOTIMSKY, C.M. - The Death of Captain James Cook a Letter from Russia - 1779
174367: HOURTOULLE, F.G. - L'epopee Napoleonienne Soldats & Uniformes Du Premier Empire
179808: HOUSEHOLD, H.W. - Our Sea Power Its Story and Its Meaning
169673: HOUSTON, DAVID FRANKLIN - A Critical Study of Nullification in South Carolina (Harvard Historical Studies Volume III)
177562: HOUSTON, JAMES - Hideaway Life on the Queen Charlotte Islands
157650: HOWARD, ROBERT (ED.) - Solar Magnetic Fields
176820: HOWLEY, JAMES P. - The Beothucks Or Red Indians the Aboriginal Inhabitants of Newfoundland
161210: HOWSON, MAJ. THE REV., ET AL (POSITION PAPER COMMITTEE) - A Position Paper on Nomenclature for the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada
163510: HOWSON, GEORGE J. - A Collection of Original Acrostics on Ladies' Christian Names
169170: HOZIER, CAPTAIN H.M. (ED.) - The Franco-Prussian War: Its Causes, Incidents, and Consequences. . . With the Topography and History of the Rhine Valley. Vol. I
165397: HUCHET, PATRICK - Les Templiers de la Gloire à la Tragédie
177786: HUDSON, CHARLES - History of the Town of Lexington Middlesex County Massachusetts from Its First Settlement to 1868 Volume I - History & Volume II - Genealogies
178509: HUFF, RUSSELL J. - Wings of World War II
177802: HUGHES, SAM - Steering the Course a Memoir
160499: HUGHES, NORMAN - The Magneto Hand Telephone Its Construction, Fitting Up and Adaptability to Every Day Use
161801: HUGHES, THOMAS P. - American Ancestry: Giving the Name and Descent, in the Male Line, of Americans Whose Ancestors Settled in the United States Previous to the Declaration of Independence, A.D. 1776. Volume I. The City of Albany
177199: HUGHES, J. WILLIAMS - Charles Davies, Caerdydd.
161153: HUGHES, ALICE M. - Index to the 1861 Census of Ontario Grenville County Village of Merrickville and Wolford Township
118290: HUGHES, JOHN WILLIAMS - They Shall Not Perish
178877: QUEEN-HUGHES, R.W. - Whatever Men Dare, a History of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada 1935-1960
178565: HUIDEKOPER, FREDERIC LOUIS - The Military Unpreparedness of the United States a History of American Land Forces from Colonial Times Until June 1, 1915
176844: HULL, FRANK; PAWLEY, SAM; NEWMAN, BOB (EDS.) - A History of the First Hussars Regiment 1856-1980
176854: D'HULST, ROGER-A. - Tapisseries Flamandes Du Xive Au Xviiie Siecle
169959: HUMPHREYS, ROY - Dover at War 1939-45
171325: HUNGERFORD, EDWARD - The Modern Railroad
178499: HUNT, M. STUART (ED.) - Nova Scotia's Part in the Great War
177924: HUNT, M. STUART - Nova Scotia's Part in the Great War
179870: HUNT, C.W. - Dancing in the Sky, the Royal Flying Corps in Canada
172053: HUNT, LESLIE - Twenty-One Squadrons the History of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force 1925-1957
164163: HURREN, B.J. - Fellowship of the Air, Jubilee Book of the Royal Aero Club 1901-1951
177925: HURST, ALAN M. - The Canadian Y.M. C.A. In World War II
176215: VOGELTANZ, JAN; MIROSLAV, HUS; & POLAK, MILAN - Ceskoslovenska Armada V Zahranici 1939-1945; Vladni Vojsko Protektoratu Cechy a Morava 1939-1945; Slovenska Armada 1939-1945; Ceskoslovenska Armada 1945-1992 [the Czechoslovak Army Abroad 1939-1945; Government Troops Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia; Slovak Army 1939-1945; Czechoslovak Army 1945-1992]
175199: HUSSEY, JOHN - Marlborough John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough Hero of Blenheim
169862: HUTCHESON, HELEN - Vocabulary of Free Trade Terminology Bulletin 204 / Vocabulaire Du Libre-échange Bulletin de Terminologie 204
179490: HUTCHINSON, TOM - 'battle of Britain"
179754: HYLAND, J.S. - Hyland's Mammoth Hibernian Songster, a Collection of over 500 Songs That Are Dear to the Irish Heart. . .
172962: BOTTOMLEY, I. & HOPSON, A.P. - Arms & Armour of the Samurai
159637: SMITH, C.H.; BERESKIN, A.I.; ET AL - Gazetteer of Canada Saskatchewan
174722: MCCULLOCH, IAN & TODISH, TIMOTHY - Through So Many Dangers, the Memoirs and Adventures of Robert Kirk, Late of the Royal Highland Regiment
174899: SUMNER, IAN & WILSON, ROY - Yeomanry of the East Riding
172224: SINCLAIR, JAMES MCCOMB II & DRABIK, DOUGLAS A. - World War II Parade Uniforms of the Soviet Union. Marshals, Generals and Admirals. The Sinclair Collection
178571: BORCH, FREDERIC L. III & WESTLAKE, WILLIAM R. - For Heroic Or Meritorious Achievement, the American Bronze Star Medal Awarded to United Kingdom and Commonwealth Forces for the Korean War
163464: ILES, GEORGE - Inventors at Work
2283: ILES, GEORGE - Canadian Stories. . . Together with Choosing Books and Jottings from a Note-Book [Signed Copy]
175809: ILGAR, IHSAN - Tarih Boyunca Turk Ordusu the Turkish Army (E.U. Personnel Baskanligi Subesi Yayinlarindan: No. 11
93590: ILSLEY, HON. J.L. - Canada's Billion Dollar Gift to Britain. An Address Delivered to the Canadian House of Commons, March 18th, 1942.
172561: IMPERATORE, LUIGI FRANCO - Uniformi Degli Stati Italiani Dell'ottocento
164794: PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES INC. - Antique Classic and Special Interest Automobiles, the Johnson & Johnson 3- Car Permacel Express Public Auction New York City November 21 at 10: 30 A.M.
177232: INGLIS, FRANCIS CAIRD - Dear Auld Reekie Camera Pictures of Edinburgh (the Homeland Illustrated No. 2)
170623: INGOLD, TIM - Hunters, Pastoralists and Ranchers, Reindeer Economies and Their Transformations (Cambridge Studies in Social Anthropology)
179524: HEINE, MICHAEL; ANDRE, ALESTINE; KRITSCH, INGRID; & CARDINAL, ALMA - Gwichya Gwich'in Googwandak, the History and Stories of the Gwichya Gwich'in As Told Bythe Elders of Tsiigehtchic [Signed Copy]
179888: ISITT, BENJAMIN - From Victoria to Vladivostok, Canada's Siberian Expedition, 1917-19
174113: ISTRATI, KONRAD C. - Virgin Sod Avalanche of Migrating Buffalo
177727: ITO, ROY - We Went to War, the Story of the Japanese Canadians Who Served During the First and Second World Wars
172600: BROSSE, J. & LACHOUQUE, H. - Uniformes Et Costumes Du 1er Empire
178146: MORGAN, HENRY J. (ED.) ET AL - The Dominion Annual Register and Review for the Sixteenth Year of the Canadian Union, 1882.
179818: BOUDRIOT, J. & BERI, H. - Fregate de 18 la Venus 1782 Monographie
176109: BARKER, A.J. & WALTER, JOHN - Russian Infantry Weapons of World War II
177815: DURNFORD, WALTER; BARING, JOHN; BAILEY, A.; HALSEY, W.J.; & BYRNE, L.S.R. - Camp Choruses E.C. R.V.
172864: MARRION, R.J. & FOSTEN, D.S.V. - The Tradition Book of the Gurkhas
179250: RAPIER, BRIAN J. & BOWYER, CHAZ ALAN HOLLINGSWORTH, ED.) - Halifax Wellington at War
169776: HOFFSCHMIDT, E.J. & TANTUM, W.H. IV (EDS) - German Tank and Antitank in World War II
161137: DOOLEY, HARRY J. & THE GRAY LINE, INC. - Souvenir of Boston
175544: DUNBAR, FRANCIS J. & HARPER, JOSEPH H. - Old Colours Never Die, a Record of Colours and Military Flags in Canada
170217: CONANT, THE REV. T.J. & CONANT, BLANDINA - A General and Analytical Index to the American Cyclopaedia. With an Index to the Supplements and an Index to the Annual Cyclopaedia, 1876 to 1887 Inclusive.
175834: MIRANDA, J. & MERCADO, P. - World Aviation in Spain (the Civil War) 1936-1939 American and Soviet Airplanes
178858: MACKENZIE, J.J. & MACKENZIE, KATHLEEN CUFFE - No. 4 Canadian Hospital, the Letters of Professor J.J. Mackenzie from the Salonika Front with a Memoir By His Wife Kathleen Cuffe Mackenzie
170963: COOPER, A.J. & THETFORD, O.G. (D.A. RUSSELL, ED.) - Aircraft of the Fighting Powers Volume I - 1940 Aircraft
172615: CURLEY, LTC. (RET.) TIMOTHY J. & STEWART, NEIL G. - Waffenrock: Parade Uniforms of the German Army [Signed Copy]
157161: HOUSTON, EDWIN J. & KENNELLY, ARTHUR E. - Algebra Made Easy
167525: COOPER, A.J. & THETFORD, O.G. (D.A. RUSSELL, ED.) - Aircraft of the Fighting Powers Volume I
174440: HUNT, THOMAS J. & MENDEZ, M. ALBERT - Viet-Nam Combat Uniforms
179814: BOUDRIOT, J. & BERTI, H. - Les Fregates de 12 la Belle Poule 1765 de Lingenieur Guigance
178857: GAREAU, NOAH J. (ED.) & BELL, LT.-COL. F. MCKELVEY - Canada's Heroes in the Great World War. Cornwall, Alexandria, Vankleek Hill, Hawkesbury and Intermediate Points. Memorial Edition Volume I.
173629: VON STADLINGER, L.J. & KOHLHAAS, WILHELM - Wurttembergische Uniformen Von 1638 Bis 1854
179900: SHELDON, JACK & CAVE, NIGEL - The Battle for Vimy Ridge - 1917
175523: JACKSON, A.J. - De Havilland Aircraft Since 1915
177931: JACKSON, LT.-COL. H.M. - The Queen's Rangers in Upper Canada 1792 and After
177980: JACKSON, LT.-COL. H.M. - The Roll of the Regiments (the Sedentary Militia)
170875: JACKSON, LT.-COL. H.M. - The Royal Regiment of Artillery, Ottawa, 1855 - 1952
176551: JACKSON, CHARLES JAMES - English Goldsmiths and Their Marks: A History of the Goldsmiths and Plateworkers of England, Scotland, and Ireland. . .
177844: JACKSON, LT.-COL. H.M. - The Princess Louise IV Dragoon Guards a History
179763: JACKSON, THOS. W. - Through Missouri on a Mule "Worse Than Arkansaw"
176813: LAFITAU, JOSEPH-FRANCOIS; BAUMGARTEN, SIEGMUND JACOB; ET AL - Die Sitten Der Amerikanischen Bilden IM Vergleich Zu Den Sitten Der Fruhzeit
171010: JACOBS, MONTY - The Birth of the Israel Air Force, the Story of Israel's Pioneer Airmen
179486: JACOBS, PETER - Hawker Hurricane (Crowood Aviation Series)
176838: JACOBSON, CAPTAIN RAY - 426 Squadron History
167705: BORGÉ, JACQUES & VIASNOFF, NICOLAS - Archives de la Voile
168949: BORGÉ, JACQUES & VIASNOFF, NICOLAS - Archives Des Militaires
177106: DE ROUSSAN, JACQUES & LEMERY, CLAUDE-SYLVIE - Hull and Surroundings in Painting / Hull Et Sa Region En Peinture
174424: JAKL, JAN - Bitva U Hradce Kralove L.P. 1866 Schlacht Bei Koniggratz
164697: JAMES, G. P. R. - Henry Masterton Or, the Young Cavalier
166601: JAMES, CAPTAIN W.M. - The British Navy in Adversity a Study of the War of American Independence [Association Copy]
175300: JAMES, THURSTAN - The Aeroplane Vol. Lxxv July - December 1948
165529: JAMES, WILLIAM - The Naval History of Great Britain, from the Declaration of War By France in 1793 to the Accession of George IV Volume II
169822: STEUARD, JAMES & FINES, RICK - Halftracks (American Combat Vehicles Volume 1)
177784: JAMESON, MRS. - Sketches in Canada, and Rambles Among the Red Men.
163373: JAMIESON, DR. DAVID - Dr. David Jamieson's Ledger 1902-1910 Osnabruck Centre
162711: BIALOSTOCKI, JAN & WALICKI, MICHAL - European Paintings in a Polish Collection 1300-1800
165922: JANE, FRED T. - The World's Warships 1916
179517: JANOWICZ, KRYSZTOF - Bitwa O Anglie Cz. 1 & Cz. 2 [Battle of Britain, Vol. I & 2]
179660: BOUDRIOT, JEAN & BERTI, H. (DAVID H. ROBERTS, TRANS.) - The Bomb Ketch Salamandre 1752
179261: PALARDY, JEAN & SHACKLETON, PHILIP - The Early Furniture of French Canada & the Furniture of Old Ontario [2-Volume Set]
179657: BOUDRIOT, JEAN & DELACROIX, GERARD - Le Fleuron Vaisseau de 64 Canons Du Constructeur Blaise Ollivier 1729
179822: BOUDRIOT, JEAN ET AL. - Cavelier de la Salle L'expedition de 1684 la Belle 1684
179208: CARSON, JEANE & MACKENZIE, MICHAEL - Where Once the Eagle Flew. Life, Conditions and Activities in Labrador
164918: JEANNIN, EMMANUELLE - Chantiers D'abbayes
170877: RANKIN-LOWE, JEFF & CLINE, ANDREW - The Aircraft of the Canadian Armed Forces, a Checklist of Current Aircraft and Disposals
178024: KESHEN, JEFF & ST.-ONGE, NICOLE - Ottawa Making a Capital / Construire Une Capitale
172117: ETHELL, JEFFREY & PRICE, ALFRED - The German Jets in Combat
179320: JELLICOE, VISCOUNT OF SCAPA - Report of Admiral of the Fleet Viscount Jellicoe of Scapa on Naval Mission to the Dominion of Canada (November-December, 1919) Volume II
159822: JENKINS, C. FRANCIS - The Boyhood of an Inventor
177537: JENKYNS, MICHAEL - Discontinuous Flight, a Canadian Pilot in the Royal Air Force 1939-1945
179752: JENNINGS, CEDRIC - Canada in the First World War and the Road to Vimy Ridge
178769: HOOD, JENNINGS & YOUNG, CHARLES J. - American Orders & Societies and Their Decorations
174220: HERRMANN, REINER; NGUYEN, JENS; & BERNERT, RENE - Uniformen Der Deutschen Infanterie 1888 Bis 1914 in Farbe
175786: SAWICKI, ZDZISLAW; WASZKIEWICZ, JERZY; & WIELECHOWSKI, ADAM - Mundur I Odznaki Wojska Polskiego Czas Przemian
179050: JESSE, F. TENNYSON (ED.) - Trial of Madeleine Smith
175913: JEWELL, JOHN - Engineering for Life, the Story of Martin-Baker
178359: JIEMING, LIANG - Chinese Siege Warfare, Mechanical Artillery & Siege Weapons of Antiquity - an Illustrated History
176572: JIMENO, JUSTO - El CID
170906: JMAI, JIN - Japan's Luftwaffen-Flugzeuge IM 2. Weltkrieg
179291: JOCELYN, COLONEL JULIAN R.J. - The History of the Royal and Indian Artillery in the Mutiny of 1857
171855: JOERG, W.L.G. - The Topographical Results of Ellsworth's Trans-Antarctic Flight of 1935
174452: VOLZ, JOHAN & SEELE, JOHAN BAPTIST - Les Uniformes Des Armees Europeennes Pendant Les Guerres Napoleoniennes & Les Guerres de la Revolution (Les Uniformes Des Armees Europeennes Entre 1800 & 1806)
178625: MARTEINSON, JOHN & DUNCAN, SCOTT - The Governor General's Horse Guards Second to None
173069: LABAND, JOHN & THOMPSON, PAUL - Kingdom and Colony at War Sixteen Studies on the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 (the Anglo-Zulu War Series)
177071: ST. JOHN, J. AUGUSTUS - Journal of a Residence in Normandy (Constables Miscellany of Original and Selected Publications in Various Departments of Literature, Science, & the Arts. Volumes 65)
177437: RYAN, JOHN & SOWER, CHRISTOPHER - Biblographical Society of Canada Facsimile Series No. 5 the British American Almanack for the Year 1792
179419: WARKENTIN, JOHN & RUGGLES, RICHARD I. - Historical Atlas of Manitoba, a Selection of Facsimile Maps, Plans and Sketches from 1612 to 1969
179014: LAMBERT, JOHN & HILL, DAVID - The Submarine Alliance (Anatomy of the Ship Series)
176016: JOHNS, W.E. (ED.) - Popular Flying Volume IV No. 3 June, 1935
176017: JOHNS, W.E. (ED.) - Popular Flying Volume IV No. 12 March, 1936
176019: JOHNS, W.E. (ED.) - Popular Flying Volume V No. 11 February, 1937
176018: JOHNS, W.E. (ED.) - Popular Flying Volume V No. 10 January, 1937
179404: JOHNSON, SUSANNAH WILLARD - A Narrative of the Captivity of Mrs. Johnson, Containing an Account of Her Sufferings During Four Years with the Indians and French. Together with an Appendix. . .
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163066: STEVENS, PAUL & SAYWELL, JOHN T. (EDS.) - Lord Minto's Canadian Papers a Selection of the Public and Private Papers of the Fourth Earl of Minto 1898-1904 Volume II
167709: PALLUD JEAN-PAUL - U-Boote! Les Sous-Marins Allemands
174449: MEGANCK, PAUL & BOURGEOT, V. - Les Gardes D'honneur Vues Par Deux Artistes
174450: MARTIN, PAUL & ULLRICH, HANS-JOACHIM - Le Costume Militaire Military Costume a Short History Der Bunte Rock
158587: STEVENS, PAUL & SAYWELL, JOHN T. (EDS.) - Lord Minto's Canadian Papers a Selection of the Public and Private Papers of the Fourth Earl of Minto 1898-1904 Volume I
169632: COGEVAL, GUY; VIAL, MARIE-PAULE ET AL - Sous le Soleil, Exactement le Paysage En Provence Du Classicisme a la Modernité (1750-1920)
178450: PAUSCH, CAPTAIN (STONE, WILLIAM L., TRANS.) - Journal of Captain Pausch Chief of the Hanau Artillery During the Burgoyne Campaign.
174996: PAWLY, RONALD - The Red Lancers, Anatomy of a Napoleonic Regiment
177853: PAYETTE, B.C. - Old French Papers
172103: PAYNE, A.A. - A Handbook of British and Foreign Orders, War Medals and Decorations Awarded to Army and Navy Chiefly Described from Those in the Collection of A.A. Payne, L.R. C.P. , M.R. C.S. Of Which There Are Some 2,500. . . .
175288: PAYNE, STEPHEN (ED.) - Canadian Wings a Remarkable Century of Flight
178744: PAYNE, A.A. - A Handbook of British and Foreign Orders, War Medals and Decorations Awarded to the Army and Navy Chiefly Described from Those in the Collection of A.A. Payne, L.R. C.P. , M.R. C.S. Of Which There Are Some 2,500. . .
179728: PEARCE, BRUCE M. - Historical Highlights of Norfolk County Volume Two (New Expanded Edition)
173401: PEARSE, HUGH - Lake's Campaigns in India, the Second Anglo-Maratha War, 1803-1807
176951: PEATE, LES - The War That Wasn't, Canadians in Korea
171024: PECK, JAMES J.H. - Armies with Wings
173951: PEEBLES, J.M. - Three Journeys Around the World Or Travels in the Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Ceylon, India, Egypt and Other Countries in One Volume
163801: PEIRCE, B.O. - Elements of the Theory of the Newtonian Potential Function
155051: PELL, JOHN (ED.) - The North American Review, Volume 242 Numbers 1 & 2
177095: PELTIER, G. - La Frontiere Francaise de la Mer Du Nord a la Mediterranee
175973: PENDO, STEPHEN - Aviation in the Cinema
174488: PENGEL, R.D. - Maison Du Roy, Flags & Uniforms Cavalry & Infantry
174507: PENGEL, R.D. - Flags and Uniforms, Regiments Etrangere. Seven Years War . Part B
174506: PENGEL, R.D. - Russian Infantry of the Seven Years War.
174498: PENGEL, R.D. - Prussian Cavalry Seven Years War Dragoons & Curassiers
174496: PENGEL, R.D. - Russian Uniforms and Flags of the Seven Years War.
174497: PENGEL, R.D. - Seven Years War. Uniforms of Swedish and German States, Line and Cannon.
174499: PENGEL, R.D. - Seven Years War. Uniforms of Swedish and German States, Cavalry.
174492: PENGEL, R.D. - Austro-Hungarian Infantry 1740-1762
174489: PENGEL, R.D. - French Cavalry & Dragoons 1740-1762
174493: PENGEL, R.D. - Austrian Dragoons Cuirassiers 1740-1762
174494: PENGEL, R.D. - Austro-Hungarian Hussars, Artillery & Support Troops 1740-1762
174490: PENGEL, R.D. - France Troupes-Legeres 1740-63
174504: PENGEL, R.D. - Prussian Flags of the Seven Years War.
175997: PENROSE, HARALD - British Aviation Ominous Skies 1935-1939
175858: PENROSE, HARALD - British Aviation Widening Horizons 1930-1934
157750: PEPPER, PROFESSOR J.H. - Pneumatics Embracing the Air-Pump and the Diving-Bell; Acoustics
175388: PERCEVAL, THE RT. HON. SPENCER - The Book! Or, the Proceedings and Correspondence Upon the Subject of the Inquiry Into the Conduct of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, Under a Commission Appointed By the King in the Year 1806, Faithfully Copied from Authentic Documents. . .
178794: PERKINS, ROGER - The Kashmir Gate, Lieutenant Home & the Delhi Vcs
173652: PETARD, MICHEL - Equipements Militaires la Buffleterie Militaire de 1600 a 1870. Tome III: De 1789 a 1804
173765: PETARD, MICHEL - Uniformes de L'armee Francaise de Fontenoy a Waterloo
173653: PETARD, MICHEL - Equipements Militaires la Buffleterie Militaire de 1600 a 1870. Tome IV: De 1804 a 1815 (Premiere Partie)
177633: NEARY, PETER & O'FLAHERTY, PATRICK - Part of the Main, an Illustrated History of Newfoundland and Labrador
169824: CHAMBERLAIN, PETER & GANDER, TERRY - Heavy Artillery (Ww2 Fact Files)
172868: SUCIU, PETER & BATES, STUART - Military Sun Helmets of the World
178576: PETERSON, JAMES W. - Orders & Medals of Japan and Associated States (O.M. S.A. Monograph No. 1)
178431: PETERSON, CHRIS - Unparalleled Danger Unsurpassed Courage. Recipients of the Indian Order of Merit in the Second World War
172981: PETRE, F. LORAINE - Napoleon's Last Campaign in Germany 1813 (Napoleonic Library)
165217: MASSON, PHILIPPE & BATTESTI, MICHÈLE - Du Dreadnought Au Nucléaire
171107: PHILLIPS, EDWARD H. - Cessna a Master's Expression
177175: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - A West Country Pilgrimage
166009: PICARD, HENRI - Marseille & Marine En Bois 1860 1925
171109: PICCARD, AUGUSTE (CLAUDE APCHER, TRANS.) - Between Earth and Sky
177521: PICHE, EUDORE - Chansons Du Vieux Quebec
164615: PICKMAN, DUDLEY LEAVITT - Some Mountain Views
169853: DERMINE, PIERRE & PARADIS, LINE - Vocabulaire de L'agriculture Bulletin de Terminologie 197 / Vocabulary of Agriculture Terminology Bulletin 197

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