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176893: BROCKETT, L.P. - The Year of Battles: Or the Franco-German War of 1870-71. . . .
173300: BRODE, PATRICK - Casual Slaughters and Accidental Judgements, Canadian War Crimes Prosecutions, 1944-1948
178189: BROMLEY, J.S. (ED.) - The Manning Records of the Royal Navy, Selected Public Pamphlets 1693-1873
178938: BROOKER, CHRIS - Canadian Regimental Insignia 1920 to Unification Book 2 the Canadian Officers Training Corps (with Wwi University Raised Units)
179211: BROOKS, ARNOLD W. - A Raconteur's Memoirs
178519: BROWN, GEORGE A. - Commando Gallantry Awards of World War II [Signed Copy]
178750: BROWN, STANLEY MCKEOWN - With the Royal Canadians
177704: BROWN, DAVE - Best of Brown Window on Ottawa
177968: BROWN, GEORGE W., HAYNE, DAVID M., & HALPENNY, FRANCESS G. (EDS.) - Dictionary of Canadian Biography Volume III 1741 to 1770
177970: BROWN, GEORGE W. (ED.) - Dictionary of Canadian Biography Volume I 1000 to 1700
175609: BROWN, SQUADRON-LEADER A.J. - Ground Staff (a Personal Record)
178960: BROWN, HAROLD - War with the Boers an Account of the Past and Present Troubles with the South African Republics Vol. I [One, 1]
161280: BROWN, B.B. - Silver Jubilee 1913 1938 Wesley United Church Montreal
171591: BROWN, GEORGE W., HAYNE, DAVID M., HALPENNY, FRANCESS G., ET AL - Dictionary of Canadian Biography Index Volumes I to IV 1000 to 1800
122961: BROWN, ARCHIBALD - The Law of Fixtures Embracing the Agricultural Holdings Act, 1875. . .
171207: BROWN, J.D. - Carrier Operations in World War II Vol. 1: The Royal Navy
175543: BROWN, DAVID - The Royal Navy and the Falkland Islands War the Epic, True Story
171893: BROWN, THE REV. WILLIAM - The History of the Propagation of Christianity Among the Heathen Since the Reformation, Volume I [1] & Volume II [2]]
172395: BROWN, ATHOLL SUTHERLAND - Buster, a Canadian Patriot and Imperialist, the Life and Times of Brigadier James Sutherland Brown
176056: BROWNE, JAMES - History of the Highlands and of the Highland Clans. Vol. III.
161890: BROWNE, WILLIAM J. - Eighty-Four Years a Newfoundlander the Memoirs of William J. Browne Volume I 1897-1949 [Signed Copy]
169920: BROWNE, EDITH A. - Peeps at Industries Sugar
168788: BROZZI, MARIO; CALDERINI, CATE; ROTILI, MARIO - L'italia Dei Longobardi
179414: ROBERTSON, BRUCE & SCARBOROUGH, GERALD - Hawker Hurricane Classic Aircraft No. 4 Thier History and How to Model Them
176945: BRUCE, ANTHONY - The Last Crusade, the Palestine Campaign in the First World War
178807: BRUCE, COLONEL HERBERT A. - Politics and the C.A. M.C.
166722: BRUGE, ROGER - Juin 1940 le Mois Maudit
170417: BRUMFIELD, WILLIAM CRAFT - Landmarks of Russian Architecture a Photographic Survey
173567: BRUNON, JEAN - Balaclava la Charge de la Brigade Legere Devant Sebastopol, 25 Octobre 1854
162727: BRUNTON, SAM - Notes and Sketches on the History of Parry Sound
176806: BRUYAS, REV. JAMES - Radical Words of the Mohawk Language, with Their Derivatives. [Radices Verborum Iroquaeorum. ]
176811: DE BRY, TH. - Amerika Oder Die Neue Welt, Erster Teil & Zweiter Teil I & II
163388: DEMCHINSKY, BRYAN & NAVES, ELAINE KALMAN - Storied Streets, Montreal in the Literary Imagination
164832: BRYAN, W.J. - The First Battle [Salesman's Sample Book]
177756: TREVES, SIR FREDERICK BT. & GOODCHILD, GEORGE (EDS.) - Made in the Trenches, Composed Entirely from Articles & Sketches Contributed By Soldiers
167256: BUCHAN, JOHN - The Battle of the Somme First Phase
179584: BUCHANAN, CAPT. ANGUS - Three Years of War in East Africa
176157: BUCHANAN, E.V. - London's Water Supply a History (the Story of London's Water Supply)
171635: BUCK, BOB - Burning Up the Sky
173278: BUCQUOY, CDT. E.L.; BUCQUOY, LT. CL. L. Y; DEVAUTOUR, GUY - Les Uniformes Du Premier Empire Etat-Major Et Services de Sante
174756: BUCQUOY, COMMANDANT E.-L. - L'uniforme a Travers Trois Siecles 1650-1920
176670: BUCQUOY, CDT. E.L.; BUCQUOY, LT. CL. L.Y; DEVAUTOUR, GUY - Les Uniformes Du Premier Empire Etat-Major Et Services de Sante
175683: BUENO, JOSE M. - El Ejercito de Alfonso XIII Tropas de la Casa Real (Cuadernos de Uniformologia)
174954: BUENO, JOSE MARIA - Los Franceses Y Sus Aliados En Espana 1808-1814 Volumen I
175682: BUENO, JOSE M. - El Ejercito de Alfonso XIII Los Cazadores de Caballeria (Cuadernos de Uniformologia)
167305: BUFFETAUT, YVES - La Grande Guerre Sur Mer 1914-1918
173911: BUFFETAUT, YVES - The 1917 Spring Offensives Arras, Vimy, le Chemin Des Dames
179572: BUIST, ROBERT - The Family Kitchen Gardener; Containing Plain and Accurate Descriptions of All the Different Species and Varieties of Culinary Vegetables;. . .
172873: BULL, STEWARTH. - The Queen's York Rangers an Historic Regiment
179244: BULL, WM. PERKINS - From Medicine Man to Medical Man, a Record of a Century and a Half of Progress in Health and Sanitation As Exemplified By Developments in Peel [Signed Copy]
169400: BULL, WM. PERKINS - From Rattlesnake Hunt to Hockey the History of Sports in Canada and of the Sportsmen of Peel 1798 to 1934 (the Perkins Bull Historical Series) [Signed Copy]
179950: BULLEN, FRANK T. - Young Nemesis
171042: BULWER, FORBES, HOUGHTON (ROLAND S. HOUGHTON, ED.) - Bulwer, Forbes, and Houghton on the Water-Treatment: A Compilation of Papers on the Subject of Hygiene and Rational Hydropathy
172350: BUNEL, ARNAUD - Armorial Illustre Des Grands-Officiers de la Maison Des Rois de France 1589-1789
171968: BUNNELL, PAUL J. - Thunder over New England, Benjamin Bonnell, the Loyalist (Signed Copy)
176155: BURDICK, HANNAH SHAW - Prism in His Pocket the Life of Sir David Brewster (1781-1868)
176831: BURGE, SQUADRON-LEADER C.G. (ED.) - The Air Annual of the British Empire 1930
174487: BURGESS, HARRY T. - Soldiers at the Straits, an Album of the Men Who Fought on the St. Clair River 1686-1986
172449: BURLEIGH, H.C. - The Romance of Fort Frontenac Kingston Ontario
179157: BURLEIGH, DR. H.C. - Forgotten Leaves of Local History Kingston
174548: BURLET, JURG - Geschichte Der Eidgenossischen Militaruniformen 1852 Bis 1992, Ein Leitfaden Fur Sammler, Historiker Und Freunde Alter Uniformen Und Militaria
171618: MOUNTBATTEN OF BURMA, VICE ADMIRAL THE EARL - Report to the Combined Chiefs of Staff By the Supreme Allied Commander South-East Asia 1943-1945 [ Signed By the Author]
166356: BURNELL, R.D. - Swing Together, Thoughts on Rowing
175499: BURNS, MAJOR-GENERAL E.L.M. - Manpower in the Canadian Army 1939-1945
163230: BURPEE, LAWRENCE J. - The Search for the Western Sea, the Story of the Exploration of North-Western America. Volume I & Volume II
179471: BURTON, ERNIE - Profiles of the Few. Timothy Ashmead Vigors Battle of Britain Pilot with 222 Squadron
179472: BURTON, ERNIE - Profiles of the Few. Peter Lawrence Parrott Battle of Britain Pilot with 145 & 605 Squadron
179474: BURTON, ERNIE - Profiles of the Few. William Dennis David Battle of Britain Pilot with 87 & 213 Squadron
179473: BURTON, ERNIE - Profiles of the Few. Harbourne Mackay Stephens Battle of Britain Pilot with 74 Squadron
179489: BURTON, ERNIE - Profiles of the Few Volume One
179710: BUSCOMBE, DONALD A. - 'the 1798 Backus Mills of Long Point" a Family Review [Signed Copy]
175990: BUSHBY, JOHN - Gunner's Moon, a Memoir of the Raf Night Assault on Germany
173057: BUTLER, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL LEWIS - The Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps Volume III [3] "the 60th: The K.R. R.C. "
173056: BUTLER, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL LEWIS - The Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps Volume II [2] "the Green Jacket"
173055: BUTLER, LEWIS - The Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps Volume I [1] "the Royal Americans"
177717: BUTSON, COLONEL A.R.C. - A History of the Military Medical Units of Hamilton, Ontario in Peace and War 1900-1990
174298: BUTTS, ED - True Canadian Stories of Canadian Battlefields
178495: O'BYRNE, WILLIAM R. - A Naval Biographical Dictionary: Comprising the Life and Services of Every Living Officer in Her Majesty's Navy. . .
178577: BYRNE, DANIEL M. - Collector's Handbook of Military Orders and Medals of the Republic of Vietnam
175490: FLETCHER, DAVID C. & MACPHAIL, DOUG - Harvard! the North American Trainers in Canada
162256: SALMON, S.C. & HANSON, A.A. - The Principles and Practice of Agricultural Research
164391: CAMERON, JAMES C. & YOUNG, F.J.L. - The Status of Trade Unions in Canada
160821: NORRIS, FRED C. (ED.) ET AL - Then and Now Stories from Early Days of Kilarney and Turtle Mountain
177899: FETHERSTONHAUGH, R.C. & JAMES, F. CYRIL - Mcgill University at War 1914-1918 1939-1945
168602: DRINKWATER, G.C. & SANDERS, T.R.B. (HIS HONOUR JUDGE C. GURDON, ED.) - The University Boat Race Official Centenary History 1829-1929 (Commemorative Edition)
170137: CABESTAN, JEAN-PIERRE - Taiwan Chine Populaire: L'impossible Réunification
165788: CABLE, JAMES - The Political Influence of Naval Force in History
177405: CABOS, RODRIGO HERNANDEZ (ED.) - Euro Modelismo Figuras Revista Bimestral No. 2 Marzo 2000
176660: CAHN, CHARLES H. - Hopital Douglas 100 Ans D'histoire Et de Progres / Douglas Hospital 100 Years of History and Progress
176045: CAIN, CHARLES W. - The Aeroplane Spotter Volume VII [7] VII [8] & IX [9] January - July 1946, 1947 & 1948
178805: CAINE, PHILIP D. - American Pilots in the R.A. F. The Wwii Eagle Squadrons
176735: CALKIN, JOHN B. - A History and Geography of Nova Scotia [1911]
176905: O'CALLAGHAN, SIR DESMOND - Guns, Gunners, and Others
175383: CALNEK, W.A. (WITH SAVARY, A.W.) - History of the County of Annapolis Including Old Port Royal and Acadia. . .
175226: CALPINI, JACQUES - Les Milices Valaisannes Du Xviiie Au Xxe Siecle D'apres Ler Lois Cantonales Et Federales, Des Documents Iconographiques Et Des Pieces de Musee
177450: CALTHROP, DION CLAYTON - English Costume IV. Georgian
179496: CALVERT, JOHN, HARRIS, JULIE, ET AL - Exploring the Built Heritage of Old Ottawa South
172901: GONZALEZ, LUIS GRAVALOS; PEREZ, JOSE LUIS CALVO; & LLAMAS, FERNANDO SANCHIS - Uniformes de la Infanteria Reglamento de 1886
177592: CAMERON, JAMES M. - Tram Cars in East Pictou
170545: CAMERON, CRAIG M. - American Samurai. Myth, Imagination, and the Conduct of Battle in the First Marine Division, 1941-1951
164484: CAMERON, W.A. - The Clinic of a Cleric [Signed Copy]
179734: CAMERON, JAMES M. - Pictonians in Arms, a Military History of Pictou County, Nova Scotia
179393: CAMERON, DUGALD - Glasgow's Own, 602 (City of Glasgow) Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force 1925 to 1957
177948: CAMIRAND, PAUL L.H. - History of the 54e Regiment - Les Carabiniers de Sherbrooke from the Foundation to the First World War [Signed Copy]
169923: CAMPANELLI, PAOLO - Mussolini (How They DID It Life Stories Volume 13)
179207: CAMPBELL, MAJORIE FREEMAN - A Mountain and a City, the Story of Hamilton
170043: CAMPBELL, MAJOR D.A. - The Dress of the Royal Artillery from 1898-1956
174008: A GRAIN DEALER [JAMES B. CAMPBELL] - For Canada Transportation the Problem
176247: CAMPBELL, P.J. - In the Cannon's Mouth
179842: CAMPEY, LUCILLE H. - Fast-Sailing and Copper-Bottomed, Aberdeen Sailing Ships and the Emigrant Scots They Carried to Canada 1774-1854 [Signed Copy]
178868: CAMPION, ROGER - Police Medals of the World
177897: SECRETARY OF STATE FOR CANADA, THE (COMPILER) - Copies of Proclamations, Orders in Council and Documents Relating to the European War
163487: ROYAL SOCIETY OF CANADA, THE. - The Royal Society of Canada Fifty Years Retrospect. Anniversary Volume, 1882-1932
168404: CAPKA, JO (AS TOLD TO KENDALL MCDONALD) - The Sky at Night the Story of Jo Capka As Told to Kendall Mcdonald
170385: CAPON, ALAN R. - The Stone Church
169987: CAPP, EDWARD H. - The Story of Baw-a-Ting Being the Annals of Sault Sainte Marie [Signed Copy]
177676: CARELESS, J.M.S. - Ontario a Celebration of Our Heritage Volume I & Volume II [Deluxe Edition]
174649: DE BIASE, CARLO & TEDESCHI, MARIO - Fu L'esercito. . . Mezzo Secolo DI Storia Del Soldato Italiano Nelle Immagini Popolari (Gli Album Del Borghese Volume 5)
170436: CARLSON, PAUL H. - Pecos Bill a Military Biography of William R. Shafter
178518: CARMAN, W.Y. - Glengarry Badges of the British Line Regiments to 1881 an Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors
179591: CARMAN, WILLIAM Y. - Uniforms of the Foot Guards from 1661 to the Present Day
179448: CARNE, DAPHNE - The Eyes of the Few
171590: CARNEGIE, R.K. - And the People Cheered
175590: CARRERA, JOSE MARIA BUENO - La Division Y la Escuadrilla Azul Su Organizacion Y Sus Uniformes
173170: CARRERA, JOSE MARIA BUENO - Uniformes de Las Unidades Militares de la Ciudad de Melilla
174550: CARRERA, JOSE MARIA BUENO - La Guardia Civil Su Historia, Organizacion Y Sus Uniformes
177385: CARRICK, JOHN D. - Life of Sir William Wallace, of Elderslie. Volume I & Volume II (Constable's Miscellany of Original Publications in the Various Departments of Literature, Science, & the Arts. Vol. Liii & Liv)
177077: CARTER, COLONEL B.L. - A Short History of the Royal Marines 1664-2012
177343: CARTER, DAVID J - Behind Canadian Barbed Wire. Alien, Refugee and Prisoner of War Camps in Canada 1914-1946.
164584: CARTER, JAMES - Six Months in Europe and the Orient. Descriptive Letters Written to a Friend
170060: MAC CARTHY, COLONEL MARCEL - Soldats Du Roi Les Armées de L'ancien Régime XVII Et XVIII E Siècles (1610-1789)
178599: CARTONE, MASSIMO - Ordini Cavallereschi Del Regno D'italia [Signed Copy]
173632: CASBERG, PAUL - Deutschlands Armee in Feldgrauer Kriegs- Und Friedens-Uniform
160560: CASPER, LOUIS - Telephone and Telegraph Cables Parts 1-2
177134: HOPKINS, J. CASTELL & RENISON, THE REV. ROBERT JOHN - Canada at War a Record of Heroism and Achievement 1914-1918 Containing Also a Story of Five Cities
163992: CASTONGUAY, JACQUES - Le College Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean
167728: CAU, JEAN - Le Choc de 1940
178677: CAUNT, PAMELA M. - Military Sweethearts - a Guide for Collectors -
172532: CAVANAGH, MICHAEL - Memoirs of Gen. Thomas Francis Meagher, Comprising the Leading Events of His Career. . .
178777: CAVE, JOY B. - Two Newfoundland V.C. S
179544: CAVENDISH, HENRY - Debates of the House of Commons in the Year 1774, on the Bill for Making More Effectual Provision for the Government of the Province of Quebec.
175054: CERNIGOI, ENRICO - Soldati Del Regno, la Struttura E L'organizzazione Dell'esercito Italiano Dall'unita Malla Grande Guerra
174405: CHABERT, PHILIPPE - Alphonse de Neuville L'epopee de la Defaite
177803: GAFFIELD, CHAD (ED.) ET AL - History of the Outaouais
174747: CHADWICK, FRANK (DUDLEY GARIDEL, ED.) - Battles of the Seven Years Wars Volume 2: The Strategic Flanks
177740: CHADWICK, W.R. - The Battle for Berlin Ontario an Historical Drama
178830: CHADWICK, EDWARD MARION - Ontarian Families Genealogies of United Empire Loyalist and Other Pioneer Families of Upper Canada Volume I [1]
171693: CHAFFERS, WILLIAM (FREDERICK LITCHFIELD, ED.) - The New Chaffer's Marks and Monograms on European and Oriental Pottery and Porcelain with Historical Notices of Each Manufacturer. . .
176692: CHALIFOUR, J.E. - Atlas of Canada (Department of the Interior 1915)
163400: CHALMERS, GEORGE - Caledonia: Or, an Account, Historical and Topographic, of North Britain; from the Most Ancient to the Present Times; with a Dictionary of Places, Chorographical and Philological Volume I
168127: CHAMBERLIN, CLARENCE D. - Record Flights
174273: CHAMBERS, CAPTAIN ERNEST J. - The Royal North-West Mounted Police a Corps History
178482: CHAMBERS, CAPTAIN ERNEST J. - The History of the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada. . .
173025: CHAMBERS, LT.-COL. G.L. - Bussaco
172185: CHAMBERS, CAPTAIN ERNEST J. - The Duke of Cornwall's Own Rifles a Regimental History of the Forty-Third Regiment, Active Militia of Canada.
170718: CHAMPION, HONORÉ (ED.) - Bulletin Du Parler Français Au Canada Vol. XII Septembre 1913 - Septembre 1914
175087: CHANDLER, STELLE (ED.) - Pandora '70 (University of Georgia Athens, Georgia / Vol. 83
178343: AMYOT, CHANTAL & WILLIS, JOHN - Country Post, Rural Postal Service in Canada, 1880 to 1945
165828: CHAPMAN, GUY - A Kind of Survivor, a Memoir. The Autobiography of Guy Chapman
179301: CHAPPELL, MICHAEL - The Somme 1916, Crucible of a British Army
175019: CHARBONNIER, PHILIPPE - Allied Soldiers of World War Two
171933: CHARLES, MRS. RUNDLE - Tria Juncta in Uno. Early Christian Missions of Ireland, Scotland, and England.
166973: CHRISTIENNE, GÉNÉRAL CHARLES & LISSARRAGUE, GÉNÉRAL; ET AL - Histoire de L'aviation Militaire Française
170847: VEIL, CHARLES WITH MARSH, HOWARD - Adventure's a Wench, the Autobiography of Charles Veil
179566: PRINCE, LORENZO; DEACON, BEN; GORDONSMITH, CHARLES; & MARCY, M.M. (EDS.); SANDWELL, B.K.; BARNWELL, G.A.; STEWART, W.K.; CAMERON, F.S.; & GUITON, W.H. (CONTRIBUTORS) - Montreal Old New Entertaining, Convincing, Fascinating a Unique Guide for the Managing Editor
175798: CHARLTON, AIR-COMMODORE L.E.O. - Britain at War, the Royal Air Force from January 1941 to March 1942
175666: CHARLTON, AIR COMMODORE L.E.O. - Deeds That Held the Empire By Air
174609: CHARMY, G. - Splendeur Des Uniformes de Napoleon Costumes Du Sacre - Armes Drapeaux Et Decorations
174606: CHARMY, G. - Splendeur Des Uniformes de Napoleon la Garde Imperiale a Pied
174378: CHARRIE, PIERRE - Drapeaux Et Etendards de la Revolution Et de L'empire
174762: CHARTRAND, RENE - L'epopee Du Costume Militaire
166261: CHATELAIN, ANDRE - Evolution Des Châteaux Forts Dans la France Au Moyen Age
171612: CHAUVEAU, PIERRE J.O.; LENOIR, M. JOSEPH (EDS.) - Journal de L'instruction Publique. . . Quatrieme Volume. 1860
171611: CHAUVEAU, PIERRE J.O.; LENOIR, M. JOSEPH (EDS.) - Journal de L'instruction Publique. . . Cinquieme Volume. 1861
164481: CHEETHAM, REV. WILLIAM - Lights and Shadows of Clerical Life
176189: CHERNUSHKIN , A.V. - Russkaia Armiia XVIII-XIX Vekov: 1700-1801 Pekhota-Kavaleriia-Artilleriia 1801-1825 Gvardeiskaia I Armeiskaia Pekhota
160004: CHILD, HAMILTON - Gazetteer and Business Directory of Oneida County, N.Y. For 1869
172595: CHILDS, JOHN - The Army, James II and the Glorious Revolution
160042: CHISAMORE, DALE, ET AL - Brockville a Social History 1890-1930
162565: CHISHOLM, JOSEPH ANDREW (ED.) - The Speeches and Public Letters of Joseph Howe (Based Upon Mr. Annand's Edition of 1858) Volume II (1849-1873)
178363: CHOKO, MARC H. - Major Squares of Montreal
179724: CHOUINARD, MATHIAS - Acte D'incorporation de la Citer de Quebec, Compilation Des Divers Statuts Concernant Cet Acte Et Concernant la Cour de Recorder de la Cite de Quebec
169956: CHOYCE, LESLEY - Peggy's Cove the Amazing History of a Coastal Village
162594: CHRISMAS, LAWRENCE - Alberta Miners a Tribute
176584: CHRISTENSEN, DR. PENELOPE - Finding Your Irish Ancestors. . .
179515: GARNETT, GRAHAM CHRISTIAN & WHITE, STAN (EDS.) - The Battle of Britain Ball 50th Anniversary Souvenir Brochure
178756: CHRISTIE, NORMAN N. - Officers of the Canadian Expeditionary Force Who Died Overseas 1914-1919
174453: ALLMAYER-BECK, JOH. CHRISTOPH & LESSING, ERICH - Die Kaiserlichen Kriegsvolker Von Maximilian I. Bis Prinz Eugen 1479-1718
175224: ALLMEYER-BECK, JOH. CHRISTOPH & LESSING, ERICH - Das Heer Unter Dem Doppeladler Habsburgs Armeen 1718-1848
179378: YEOMAN, CHRISTOPHER & PRITCHARD, DAVID - The Battle of Britain Portraits of the Few
169944: STERLING, CHRISTOPHER & SHIERS, GEORGE - History of Telecommunications Technology an Annotated Bibliography
170848: CHULA, PRINCE OF SIAM - Road Star Hat Trick
176890: CLABBY, BRIGADIER J. - The History of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps 1919-1961
173997: CLARK, C.M.H. - A History of Australia Volume I, II, III, IV, V, VI (Complete 6-Volume Set)
164482: CLARK, EDSON L. - Fundamental Questions Chiefly Relating to the Book of Genesis and the Hebrew Scriptures
174241: BINNIE-CLARK, GEORGINA - Wheat & Woman
174115: CLARKE, JOHN MASON - The Heart of Gaspe, Sketches in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
170689: CLARKE, W.F. (ED.) - The Canada Farmer, a Fortnightly Journal of Agriculture, Horticulture, and Rural Affairs, Volume III. January to December, 1866
170688: CLARKE, W.F. (ED.) - The Canada Farmer, a Fortnightly Journal of Agriculture, Horticulture, and Rural Affairs, Volume I. January to December, 1864
174556: CANTELLI, GIORGIO; MARRA, CLAUDIO; & WALPEN, ROBERT - Die Papstliche Schweizergarde, Zeitgenoissische Stiche Und Aquarelle Vom 16. Bis Zum 20. Jahrhundert Aus Der Privatsammlung Des Hauptmanns Roman Fringeli
172516: VON CLAUSEWITZ, CARL (PETER HOFSCHROER, TRANS. & ED.) - On Wellington, a Critique of Waterloo
175713: VON CLAUSEWITZ, KARL - Notes Sur la Prusse Dans Sa Grande Catastrophe
172170: CLAY, HENRY H. - The Sanitary Inspector's Handbook a Manual for Sanitary Inspectors and Other Public Health Officers
168558: CLAYTON, ANTHONY - France, Soldiers and Africa
169756: CLEMENS, A.J. - American Armored Cars (a Grenadier Book)
173944: CLENDINNEN, INGA - Ambivalent Conquests, Maya and Spaniard in Yucatan, 1517-1570
177902: CLIMO, PERCY L. - Cobourg 1914 1919 a Magnificent Sacrifice
178347: CLINCH, GEORGE - English Costume from Prehistoric Times to the End of the Eighteenth Century
172223: CLOUTIER, PATRICK - Regio Esercito: An Introduction to Italian Royal Army Campaigns 1935-1943, a Study of the Employment of Italian Armed Forces in World War II
179759: CLOWERY, FREEMAN - Medals of Governors General of Canada
166364: ETON VIKINGS CLUB, THE - The Eton Boating Book Third Edition Revised, Enlarged and Brought Down to the Year 1932
179235: THE BRANTFORD KINSMEN CLUB - Album of Honor for Brant County
175927: CLUNE, FRANK - All Aboard for Singapore, a Trip By Qantas Flying Boat from Sydney to Malaya with Frank Clune
173298: CLUNN, MAJOR TONY (ANNA CHEESEMAN-CLUNN & URSULA CHEESEMAN, EDS.) - In Quest of the Lost Legions, the Varusschlacht
179733: CLYNE, H.R.N. - Vancouver's 29th, a Chronicle of the 29th in Flanders Fields
179153: COALDRAKE, WILLIAM H. - The Way of the Carpenter, Tools and Japanese Architecture
164663: COBB, RUTH - This Way to London!
171567: COBHAM, SIR ALAN - Twenty Thousand Miles in a Flying-Boat, My Flight Around Africa
178150: COBHAM, SIR ALAN - My Flight to the Cape and Back
173883: COBLEY, DR. JOHN - Sydney Cove 1789-1790
177400: COBLEY, DR. JOHN - Sydney Cove 1791-1792
172585: COCCIA, SERGIO - Le Uniformi Metropolitane Del Regio Esercito Dalla Riforma Baistrocchi All'inizio Della Seconda Guerra Mondiale 1933-1940
170181: COCHRANE, REV. WM. (ED.) - The Canadian Album. Men of Canada; Or, Success By Example, in Religion, Patriotism, Business, Law, Medicine, Education and Agriculture. . . Volume III (3)
170180: COCHRANE, REV. WM. (ED.) - The Canadian Album. Men of Canada; Or, Success By Example, in Religion, Patriotism, Business, Law, Medicine, Education and Agriculture. . . Volume I (1)
177222: COCHRANE, CAPT. JOHN DUNDAS - A Pedestrian Journey Through Russia and Siberian Tartary, to the Frontiers of China, the Frozen Sea, and Kamchatka. Vol. I & II
162384: CODE, SUSAN (ED.) - Draw Up a Chair, a Treasury of Renfrew County Storytelling
179562: COFFIN, WILLIAM F. - 1812; the War, and Its Moral: A Canadian Chronicle.
177831: COGSWELL, LEANDER W. - History of the Town of Henniker, Merrimack County, New Hampshire, from the Date of the Canada Grant By the Province of Massachusetts, in 1735, to 1880; with a Genealogical Register of the Families of Henniker.
172252: COIL, DR. SPENCER ANTHONY - Uniforms & Equipment of the Italian Armed Forces in World War I a Study in Period Photographs
170811: FIELD, LIEUT.-COL. AND BREVET COL. CYRIL - The British Navy Book
176876: DE COLANGE, LEO (ED.) - Voyages and Travels Or Scenes in Many Lands Volume I Part II
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177823: HALIBURTON, THE HON. MR. JUSTICE - An Address on the Present Condition, Resources and Propects of British North America, Delivered By Special Request at the City Hall, Glasgow, on the 25th of March, 1857. By the Hon. Mr. Justice Haliburton.
179546: HALIBURTON, T.C. - The Bubbles of Canada.
179565: HALIBURTON, THOMAS CHANDLER - The Clockmaker; Or the Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick, of Slickville
178644: HALL, DONALD - Naval Medal Rolls
178149: HALL, CAPTAIN BASIL - Extracts from a Journal, Written on the Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico, in the Years 1820, 1821, 1822, Vol. I & Vol. II (Hall's Voyages Volume I Constable's Miscellany of Original and Selected Publications in the Various Departments of Literature, the Sciences, & the Arts. )
169431: LE HALLE, GUY - Histoire Des Fortifications En Bourgogne
175024: HALLER, MARTIN - Pferde Unter Dem Doppeladler, Das Pferd Als Kulturtrager IM Reiche Der Habsburger
177224: HALLETT, FREDERIC G. (ED.) - Catalogue of Portraits and Busts in the Royal College of Surgeons of England, with Short Biographical Notices.
171397: HALLIDAY, HUGH A. - The Wreck of the Lady of the Lake and Other Stories from the Age of Sail
168320: HALLIDAY, HUGH A. - Chronology of Canadian Military Aviation (National Museum of Man Mercury Series, Canadian War Museum Paper No. 6) [Signed Copy]
179859: HALLIDAY, HUGH - 242 Squadron the Canadian Years, Being the Story of the Raf's 'all Canadian' Fighter Squadron
177788: HALLOWELL, GERALD A. - Prohibition in Ontario, 1919-1923
174073: HALSEY, FRANCIS WHITING - The Old New York Frontier Its Wars with Indians and Tories Its Missionary Schools Pioneers and Land Titles 1614-1800
169917: HALSTEAD, MURAT - Full Official History of the War with Spain Written over the Wires in the Discharge of Public Duty. . . [Salesman's Sample Book]
178654: HAMELMAN, WILLIAM E. - Of Red Eagles and Royal Crowns [Signed Copy]
167702: HAMILTON, MARGARET - Countryside Musings, a Publication of the Writings of Margaret Hamilton
178448: HAMILTON, D.E. - How the Fight Was Won a General Sketch of the Great War
178914: HAMLEY, MAJOR-GENERAL EDWARD BRUCE - The Operations of War Explained and Illustrated
179449: HAMLIN, JOHN F. - The History of Royal Air Force Bentley Priory and Stanmore Park
178538: HAMMERSON, MICHAEL (ED.) - No Easy Hopes Or Lies, the World War I Letters of Lt. Arthur Preston White
177179: HAMMOND, M.O. - Confederation and Its Leaders
161383: HANCOCKS, ELIZABETH (ED.) - County Marriage Registers of Ontario, Canada 1858-1869 Volume 9 Northumberland County
174410: HALBERSTADT, HANS & HALBERSTADT, MIKE - Bone Domes and & Speed Jeans Us Aircrew Flight & Survival Gear
170931: HANSEN, ZENON - The Goodyear Airships
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173283: HARDY, CHRISTIAN (ED.); VARIOUS - Tradition Magazine Hors Serie No. 5 le Bourgeois de Hambourg
173284: HARDY, CHRISTIAN (ED.); VARIOUS - Tradition Magazine Hors Serie No. 4 le Manuscrit de Weiland
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173059: HARE, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR STEUART - The Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps Volume V [5] the Great War
176880: HARKNESS, JOHN GRAHAM - Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. A History 1784 -1945
177223: HARKNESS, JOHN GRAHAM - Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. A History 1784 -1945 [Signed Copy]
158385: HARKNESS, ADAM - Semi-Centennial of Iroquois High School 1845-1895 a Story of Fifty Years
171251: HARKNESS, JOHN GRAHAM - Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. A History 1784 -1945
168215: HARNEY, LAURA B. - The Skycraft Book
160290: WEBSTER, HAROLD AND ELIZABETH - Our Whiting Facts and Fables the History of the Town of Whiting, Vermont
173904: ORTON, HAROLD & DIETH, EUGEN - Survey of English Dialects (a) Introduction
178886: HARPER, JOSEPH H. - A Source of Pride, Regimental Badges and Titles in the Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1919
176135: HARPER, MALCOLM M.L. - Rambles in Galloway
174242: HEALY, HARRIET & HEALEY, KEN - The Trend of Pioneers Annals of Richmond County and Vicinity Index to Volumes 1 & 2
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174484: HARRIS, R.G. - Fifty Years of Yeomanry Uniforms Volume One
171888: HARRIS, DEAN - Here and There in Mexico [Signed Copy]
179647: HARRIS, EDWARD - Bermuda Defences at the End of the American Revolutionary War
164365: HARRIS, GEORGE H. - The President's Book, the Story of the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada.
158514: HARRISON, H. (ED.) - Canadian Newspaper Service, Reg'D. "Reference Book" 1931-1932 Fourth Edition. . .
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175492: HART, LIEUTENANT GENERAL H.G. - The New Annual Army List, and Militia List, for 1860 (Hart's Annual Army List 1860)
179413: EVAN-HART, JULIAN - War-Torn Skies Great Britain Hertfordshire
178806: HART, LIEUTENANT GENERAL H.G. - The New Annual Army List, Militia List, and Yeomanry Cavalry List, for 1896, (Being the Fifty-Seventh Annual Volume). . .
170738: HART, HAZEL - History of Hinton (Hinton, Alberta on the Yellowhead Gateway to the Rockies)
179119: HART, COLONEL H.G. - The New Annual Army List, Militia List, and Indian Civil Service List, for 1871, (Being the Thirty-Second Annual Volume. ). . .
117937: HARVEY, ROSS M. (ED.) - People and Growth, 1972. Annual Report to the Commissioner of the Northwest Territories
168155: HARVEY, BASIL (LT.-GENERAL SIR BRIAN HORROCKS, ED.) - The Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own) [Famous Regiments Series]
174377: HARWOOD, B. - The Horse Guards
166911: VON HASE, GEORG - Le Succès Allemand Devant le Skagerrak Ou la Bataille Navale de Jutland. . .
166688: HASHAGEN, ERNST - The Log of a U-Boat Commander Or U-Boats Westward - 1914-1918
173959: HASLUCK, ALEXANDRA - Audrey Tennyson's Vice-Regal Days the Australian Letters of Audrey Lady Tennyson to Her Mother Zacyntha Boyle, 1899-1903
164111: TWEEDY, ERNEST HASTINGS & WRENCH, G.T. - Rotunda Practical Midwifery
177378: HATCHER, COLIN K. - Saskatchewan's Pioneer Streetcars, the Story of the Regina Municipal Railway
162049: HATHAWAY, KENNETH A. - A.C. Radio Guide
178817: HAULTAIN, C. - The Navy List, Corrected to the 20th December, 1841.
175257: VAN HAUTE, ANDRE - Pictorial History of the French Air Force Volume 2 1941-1974

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