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E4062: WILSON, THEODORA WILSON - The Islanders
MM0990: WILSON,WILLIAM R A - The King's Scout
NF0027: WILSON,CHARLES MORROW - Wilderness Explorer The Story of Samuel de Champlain
A5492: WILSON, ERIC - Terror in Winnipeg
A5718: WILSON, ERIC - The Kootenay Kidnapper
A5719: WILSON, ERIC - Murder on the Canadian
A5759: WILSON, ERIC - Code Red at the Supermall
A6021: WILSON, GAHAN - Harry and the Sea Serpent
I1087: WILSON, ERICA - Erica Wilson's Children's World
I1734: WILSON,THEODORA WILSON - The Great Apostle
2I0146: WILSON, THEODORA - Rulers of the Bible: Scripture Stories for Children
NF0255: WILSON,HAZEL - The Story of Lafayette
MOV0124: WILSON,MAURICE - Coastal Craft
2CB0335: WILSON,TOM - Ziggy's Sunday Funnies The Best of the Seventies
2HA0189: WILSON, TOM - A Word to the Wide Is Sufficient
2E0549: WILSON, THEODORA WILSON - Jerry Makes Good
2A0918: WILSON, ERIC - Ice Diamond Quest
3ER0010: WILSON,COLIN - L'amour the Ways of Love
2CN0072: WILSON, CLIFORD - Adventurers from the Bay (Great Stories of Canada Series)
2I1711: WILSON,TOM - Ziggy's Lucky / Unlucky Book
5CF1079: WILSON,ETHEL - Mrs. Golightly and Other Stories
5A1259: WILSON,ERIC - Terror in Winnipeg
2RR0862: WILSON, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Reading and Thinking Grade VI
2A1511: WILSON, ERIC G. - Cold Midnight in Vieux Quebec
2I2781: WILSON, THEODORA WILSON - Stories of the Prophets: Scripture Stories for Children
2I2782: WILSON, THEODORA WILSON - Soldiers of The Bible
2I2783: WILSON, THEODORA WILSON - Great Men and Women of the Bible
2E1503: WILSON, THEODORA W. - The St. Berga Swimming Pool
2I3007: WILSON, SARAH - Uncle Albert's Flying Birthday
2RE1663: WILSON, REV. W. A. - The Redemption of Malwa
2EH1523: WILSON, KEITH - Album of Fur Trade in Canada (Grolier Album Series)
2EH0926: WILSON, JOHN FRANCIS - The Story of the Migration of Skivins and His First Year in Western Canada
2CB3512: WILSON, TOM - Ziggy's Sunday Funnies: The Best of the Seventies
2E3180: WILSON, THEODORA WILSON - The Laughing Band
2RR2049: WILSON, N.R.; WARREN, L.A.H. - College Algebra
2F3131: WILSON, REV. WILLIAM - Heroines of the Household
2I5507: WILSON, THEODORA WILSON - Heroines of Teh Bible
2ART1515: WILSON, JOHN FRANCIS - The Migration of Skivins (The Story of the Migration of Skivins and His First Year in Western Canada)
J1791: WILTSHIRE, TREA - Old Hong Kong Volume One 1860 - 1900
2HST1363: WINCHELL, ALEXANDER - Sketches of Creation : A Popular View of Some of the Grand Conclusions of the Sciences in Reference to the History of Matter and of Life
2RM1315: WINDER, MAVIS - The Glitter and The Gold: Newnes Woman's Life Romances 128
2Z13116: WINDLING, TERRI (EDITOR) - Faery!
L3576: WINDSOR, MARY - Here We Go
L3658: WINDSOR, MARY - The Life of a Cow
2L4189: WINDSOR,MARY - A Television Book of Animal Parade
A3287: WINFIELD,ARTHUR M - The Young Inventor's Pluck
2CK1759: WING, LUCY (ED.) - ABZ's of Cooking Volumes 1 to 12 Abalone to Zwieback
2SM0602: WINGS - Wings: Back to the Egg Song Books
2S1033: WINICK,MATT - Official NBA Register 1980-81
2MY0655: WINN,DILYS (PERPETRATED BY) - Murder Ink The Mystery Reader's Companion
2NF0662: WINNICK, NICK (EDITOR) - Economy: Canada Past Present Future
3MB0054: DEFENSE COMMITTEE COMPOSED FROM DELEGATES FROM VARIOUS LABOR ORGANIZATIONS IN WINNIPEG - The Winnipeg General Sympathetic Strike May - June 1919. Trial By Jury Destroyed By Stampede Forty Five Minute Legislation - Workers Arrested Strikes - Arrests - Trials - Penitentiary
2I1395: WINSER,MARY - The Red Squirrel's House
2N2571: WINSOR, FREDERICK ; MCGREGOR, ROBERT; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly December 1956
2WE1338: WINSTAN, MATT - Trail to Boot Hill
PP0335: WINTER,WILLIAM WEST - The Popular May 20 1929 V96 N1
I3369: WINTER,JOHN STRANGE & HOYER,M A & MACK,LIZZIE & BINGHAM,CLIFTON - Put Down One and Carry One and Other Stories
5I1338: WINTER,MILO - The Bow Tie Book
2A5302: WINTER, JEANETTE - Beatrix
B0803: WINTERBOTHAM,R R - Maximo The Amazing Superman and the Crystals of Doom
PP1207: WINTERS,DANIEL - Sports Novels July 1950 V19 N3
2BG0635: WINWAR, FRANCES - The Haunted Palace: A Life of Edgar Allan Poe
2NON0564: WINZER, MARGRET - Children with Exceptionalities in Canadian Classrooms: Sixth Edition
2V1469: WIRE,HAROLD CHANNING - Trail Boss of Indian Beef
A5462: WIRT, MILDRED A - Courageous Wings
MM2515: WIRT,MILDRED A - Dan Carter and the Great Carved Face
2MM0052: MILDRED A. WIRT - Dan Carter and the Haunted Castle
2L1623: WISE, W.E. - Young Edison: The True Story of Edison's Boyhood
J1962: CHAN & LEUNG & WISE - Mathematics For Hong Kong Book 1
5FIC2893: WISEMAN - Labyrinth
J2112: WISEMAN, JAN T. & MOLLY J. - Creative Communications: Teaching Mass Media
2HST1155: WISEMAN, H. V. - A Short History of The British West Indies
2CF1839: WISEMAN, ADELE - The Sacrifice
2SB0380: WISEMAN, ADELE - Old woman at play
2CF1159: WISEMAN, ADELE - Old Woman at Play
2PB14671: WISHINSKY, FRIEDA - Crazy for Chocolate
6A0108: WISSMANN, RUTH H. - The Scuba Divers Mystery
CC1041: WISTER, OWEN - The Virginian
2N1535: WISTER, OWEN; HOBEN, ALLAN; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly December 1928
2W2061: WITHERS, JANE - The Swamp Wizard
2L3376: WITMAN, MABEL - The Golden Book of Flowers
2ART1887: ERIC ROSS ARTHUR; DUDLEY WITNEY - The Barn: A Vanishing Landmark in North America
2NON1104: WITTE,O A - The Automobile Storage Battery Its Care and Repair
2A3836: WITTS, EDITH - Star of the Twilight
2CK1680: WINNIPEG HADASSAH-WIZO - Winnipeg Hadassah-Wizo Bonanza Bazaar Wednesday May 16 1973 The Highlander Souvenir Book
2LIT4065: WODEHOUSE, P G - Meet Mr. Mulliner
2HL1373: WOHL, MICHAEL - Bedside Interpretation of Laboratory Findings
PU0379: WOHLBERG,MEG (ASSUMED) - Little Bimbo and the Lion
7I0026: WOLCOTT, PATTY - Super Sam & the Salad Garden
2A2150: WOLD,JO ANNE - Gold City Girl
2E0010: BLUE WOLF - Dwifa's Curse: A Tale of the Stone Age
EH0368: WOLFE, MORRIS - A Saturday Night Scrapbook
2ERT0157: WOLFE, JON - The Honey Trap
2N1592: WOLFE, HUMBERT; JOHNSTON, DENIS, ET AL - The Living Age April 17, 1926
2N1577: WOLFE, HUMBERT; HILL, PERCY; ET AL - The Living Age March 13, 1926
2L6022: WOLFF, NANCY HOAG - Hanna-Barbera Augie Doggie Camps Out
5MY2409: WOLFFE,KATHERINE - The Attic Room
5FIC1086: WOLITZER, HILMA - Hearts
SF1110: WOLLHEIM,DONALD A - Mike Mars Flies The X-15
5SF1007: WOLLHEIM, DONALD A. - Mike Mars Astronaut
2SF1197: WOLLHEIM, DONALD A. - Mike Mars at Cape Canaveral
2SF1183: WOLLHEIM, DONALD A. - Mike Mars Flies the X-15
2BUC0119: WOLOSCHUK, MICHAEL - Family Ties: The Real Story of the McCain Feud
V2000E: WOLSEY,SERGE - Callhouse Madam
CC1052: WOLSTENHOLME, KENNETH - The Boys Book of World Airlines
2SB0275: WONG, JAN - Red China Blues: My Long March from Mao to Now
FIC0487: WOOD, CHRISTOPHER - North to Rabaul
CC1091: WOOD, ERIC & LUCAS, S BERESFORD - The Popular Book For Boys
CN0096: WOOD,KERRY - Wild Winter
CN0177: WOOD, KERRY - Samson's Long Ride
NF0005: WOOD,J G - The Boys Own Natural History
T3092: WOOD,NANCY - Little Wrangler
A5723: WOOD, KERRY - Cowboy Yarns For Young Folks
L2993: WOOD,FRANCES E - Tommy of A Bar A Ranch
A6658: WOOD,ERIC - The Secret of the Shining Mountain
A5986: WOOD, J G - The Boy's Own Book of Natural History
2E0587: WOOD, CHRISTINE - Johnny's Stolen Pet
2A1262: WOOD,KERRY - Cowboy Yarns for Young Folks
3H0067: WOOD,FRANCES - Roy Rogers' Bullet Leads the Way
2E0991: WOOD,CHRIS - The Wrong Pet
5CN1038: WOOD,ANDREW - Young Mounties
2RM0221: WOOD,CAROL - Love on Call a Temporary Lover
2LIT2101: WOOD, CLEMENT - A book of Comic Dialect Poems Little Blue Book No. 1015
3L0026: WOOD,LAWSON - The Fluffy-Hen
2A3165: WOOD, CLEMENT - More Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
2HST0685: WOOD, HENRY - Borough By Prescription: A History of the Municipality of Tamworth
E3159: WOOD,CHRIS - The Wrong Pet
2E2298: WOOD, BEACH - Plucky Jim; or, the Gang of Thieves
2N2684: WOOD, KERRY & CRISPIN, PETER & NORTH, ERIC ET AL - Chambers's Journal September 1939
2LIT17835: WOOD, HENRY - East Lynne
3L0058: WOOD,WALLY (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Three Bears
2CF1330: WOOD, HAROLD S. - Your Home and Mine
2EH2037: WOOD, COLIN - British Columbia, the Pacific Province: Geographical Essays (Canadian Western Geographical Series)
2MB1750: WOOD, WILLIAM J.; TROTT, CHRISTOPHER G.; PETTIPAS, LEO F. - Papers in Manitoba Archaeology Final Report #3: An Archaeological Reconnaissance of the Tyrrell Sea Beach Manitoba
2ERT0167: WOOD, JAY - Massage Girl
2LIT18090: WOOD, JAMES - The Fun Stuff: And Other Essays
2T1990: WOODBERRY, JOAN - Rafferty Rides a Winner
2FIC9068: WOODCOCK, PERCY - Fog in the Channel
3V0041: WOODFORD,JACK - The Passionate Princess
2FIC1306: WOODFORD, LOUELLA - Maid Unafraid
6FIC0018: WOODGATE, M. V. - The Children of Danecourt Park
2ACT0687: WOODHOUSE, S. C. - The Critic on the Hearth and Other Plays and Duologues
5FSH1008: WOODING,F H - The Anglers Book of Canadian Fishes
5EH1313: WOODLEY,E C - Canada Romantic Heritage
A6208: WOODRUFF,ANNE HELENA - Betty and Bob
2ER0085: WOODS, ELIZABETH - The Amateur
2AB0237: WOODS, STUART - Choke Audio Books
3I0100: WOODS,KATE TANNATT - Across the Continent From Cape Cod To The Golden Gate or How The Boys and Girls Went From Bunker Hill To The Golden Gate
2I0775: WOODS, JOAN - Maudie's Mush Pots
2SM1642: WOODS, H. /TOBIAS, C. & AHLERT, F. ; TURK, R. - Then We Canoe-Dle-Oodle Along / I Don't Know Why
5FIC1065: WOODWARD, LON - Heart of a Stranger
2ER0119: WOODWARD,L T - I am a Nymphomaniac
5V1427: WOODWARD, LT - The Deceivers
2MOV1131: WOODWARD, G.P.M. - New South Wales Railways Ambulance Handbook
PSY0107SET: WOODY, ROBERT HENLEY (EDITOR) - Annual Progress in Child Psychiatry and Child Development
5T0014: WOODY, REGINA - Almena's Dogs
5T1094: WOODY,REGINA - Almenas Dogs
2N1612: WOOLF, VIRGINIA; NABOKOV, NICOLAS; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly March 1950
2N2713: WOOLF, VIRGINIA & LEWIS, OSCAR ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly May 1938
2LIT0530: WOOLLCOTT,ALEXANDER - While Rome Burns
5N1677: MAGAZINE; WOOLLCOTT, MAX BRAND - McCall's Magazine January 1935 Vol. LXII, No. 4
5N1678: MAGAZINE; WOOLLCOTT, TARKINGTON - McCall's Magazine August 1935 Vol. LXII, No. 11
2N2592: WOOLLCOTT, ALEXANDER & BROOKS, WALTER ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly May 1939
2N2594: WOOLLCOTT, ALEXANDER; WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Atlantic Monthly April 1939
2PB2920: WOOLLEY, CATHERINE - Ginnie and the Cooking Contest
2F0096: WOOLLEY, CATHERINE - Ginnie Joins in
2ANTH0042: WOOLLEY, SIR LEONARD - Digging up the Past
2NON1132: WOOTOTON, BARBARA - The Social Foundations of Wage Policy
2LIT6007: WORKMAN, HELEN CHAFFEE (ED.) - Selections For Small Speakers
2BP1019: WORKMAN, HELEN CHAFFEE - The Junior Recitation Book
2PB23048: WORKMAN, HELEN CHAFFEE - Recitations For Children
2ARCH0604: ALISON WORMLEIGHTON - Soft Furnishings for Your Home (Home design series)
2A0311: WORMSER, RICHARD - The Kidnapped Circus
FIC0512: WOUK, HERMAN - Inside, Outside: A Novel
5MEN1169: WOUK, HERMAN & CAIN,JAMES M & LONDON,JACK & WALLACE,IRVING ET AL - Esquire The Magazine For Men August 1952
2TRA0028: WOUTERS,DR. HERMAN - Peoples And Customs of The World North America
2TRA0030: WOUTERS,DR. HERMAN - Peoples And Customs of The World West Asia
2S1100: WOY, BUCKY; PATTERSON, JACK - Sign 'em Up, Bucky: The Adventures of a Sports Agent
2BG2058: WOYCHUK, N. A. - A Pattern of Good Works: The Life of T. J. Tanner (signed copy)
2A0444: WOYKE, CHRISTINE - That Smart Dog, Sam (A Readingtime Book)
2A0448: WOYKE, CHRISTINE - I Like Cowboys (A Readingtime Book)
5E1579: WRAY, JACKSON - Paul Meggitt's Delusion
2FIC5250: WRAY, J. JACKSON - Honest John Stallibrass
E1030: WRAY - The Secret of the Mere
WE0217: WREXE,CHARLES - Blazing Colts
S1545: WRIGHT,JACK - On The Forty Yard Line
FIC0973: WRIGHT,HAROLD BELL - The Yesterdays
I3235: WRIGHT, DARE - The Lonely Doll Learns A Lesson
2RR0187LRG: WRIGHT, OLIVE J. - Things to Make With a Coping Saw
2H0138: WRIGHT, RACHEL - The Flintstones' Great Dinosaur Adventure
5EH1004: WRIGHT,JIM - Saskatchewan: The History of a Province
2V1394: WRIGHT,WATKINS E - Doctor Joel
5FIC1847: WRIGHT,HAROLD BELL - The Eyes of the World
5FIC3574: WRIGHT, L. R. - Love In the Temperate Zone
5EH1226: WRIGHT, HELEN K. - Nellie McClung and Women's Rights
5I1813: WRIGHT,DARE - Look at a Calf
5MY1525: WRIGHT,L.R - Sleep While I Sing
2WAR0554: WRIGHT, JIM - All Clear, Canada!
2POT0228: WRIGHT, ALICE E - Comfort and Other Poems
2MY1829: WRIGHT, ERIC - Buried in Stone
2L4540: WRIGHT, BETTY REN - The Yellowy Cat
5ART1316: WRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER - The Dutch Painters: 100 Seventeenth Century Masters
2BP0497: WRIGHT, LEOLINE L. - The Seven Principles of Man: An Ancient Basis for a New Psychology
2RR1607: WRIGHT, JOSEPHINE L. - Better Than Gold: Canadian Edition
2HST1277: WRIGHT, CALEB & BRAINERD, J.A. - Historic Incidents and Life in India
2MY2676: WRIGHT, ROLAND (PSEUDONYM OF CAROLYN WELLS) - The Disappearance of Kimball Webb
2FIC16723: WRIGHT, HAROLD BELL - Ma Cinderella
TRA0243J: WRIGHT,CHRISTOPHER - OVER ONE HUNDRED & FIFTEEN YEARS OF NEWS From the Archives of The Sydney Daily Telegraph, Daily Pictorial, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror, The Daily Telegraph Mirror
2Z36466: WRIGHT, S. FOWLER - Vengeance of GWA
2RE3542: WRIGHT, GEORGE ERNEST; FILSON, FLOYD VIVIAN - The Westminster Historical Atlas to The Bible (Revised Edition)
2FIC1889: WRIGHTSON, PEGGY - The Small World
2NH1207: WRIGLEY, ROBERT E.;HARTY, DWAYNE - Mammals in North America: From Arctic Ocean to Tropical Rain Forest Wildlife Adventure Stories and Technical Guide
2ARC0028: WRIGLEY, AMMON - Saddleworth: Its--Prehistoric Remains
6HST2002: VARIOUS WRITERS - History of the Red River Valley Past and Present Including an Account of the Counties, Cities, Towns and Villages of the Valley from the Time of Their First Settlement and Formation
2EH2059: WRONG, HUME - Sir Alexander Mackenzie
2X0123: WULFF, LOUIS - Elizabeth and Philip: Our Heiress and Her Consort
MY2168: WUORIO, EVA-LIS - Z for Zaborra
2I1102: WUORIO, EVA-LIS - Tal and the Magic Barruget
5PP1466: WUORIO, EVA-LIS - The Ring
2ERT0172: WURLEY, WILLIAM - Swinging Neighbors
WAR0181: WYATT, HORACE - Motor Transports in War
H3868: WYATT,GLADYS - Buffalo Bill Jr
A5995: WYCKOFF, CAPWELL - The Mystery Hunters on Special Detail
2MM0123: WYCKOFF,CAPWELL - The Mercer Boys At Woodcrest
2L4079: WYCKOFF, MARJORIE - Christmas Carols
2LIT2914: WYLD, HENRY C. (EDITOR); NEWBERY, PERCY (INTRODUCTION) - A Booke in Englysh Metre of the Great Marchaunt Man Called Dives Pragmaticus 1563 (John Rylands Library)
2POT0754: WYLD, HENRY CECIL - Studies in English Rhymes From Surrey to Pope
2I2407: WYLER, ROSE AND AMES, GERALD - The Golden Stamp Book of Animals of the Past
MY2179: WYLIE, PHILIP - Corpses at Indian Stones
2Z7719: WYLIE, JONATHAN - Age of Chaos
2CK1113: WYLIE, BETTY JANE - The Betty Jane Wylie Cheese Cookbook
MY0217: WYLLIE, JOHN - To Catch a Viper
A5996: WYMAN, L M - Blind Man's Inlet
5MM1143: WYMAN,L P - Donald Price Victory
2R4083: WYMAN, BILL - Rolling With The Stones
2FIC2341: WYND, OSWALD - The Hawser Pirates
2PP2543: WYND, OSWALD - Star Weekly Complete Novel: A Price Before Murder
2PP2605: WYND, OSWALD - Star Weekly Complete Novel: Red Sky in the Morning
2PP2564: WYND, OSWALD - Star Weekly Complete Novel: The Girl Who Shot Panthers
2PP2595: WYND, OSWALD - Star Weekly Complete Novel: Land of Fire
A6054: WYNDHAM, LEE - Bonnie
A6530: WYNDHAM,LEE - The Family at Seven Chimneys House
2PB5443: WYNDHAM, LEE - Susie and the Dancing Cat
A5769: WYNDHAM, LEE - Golden Slippers
E3980: WYNNE,MAY - Lost In The Jungle A Story For Girls
E4458: WYNNE, MAY - When Auntie Lil Took Charge
E4459: WYNNE, MAY - Three's Company
E4515: WYNNE, MAY - Angela Goes To School
E4864: WYNNE, MAY - The Daring of Star
CC1328: WYNNE,MAY ET AL - The Children's Treasury of Pictures and Stories Twenty-Fourth Year
2CL0619: WYNNE,MAY - Comrades to Robin Hood
2E3356: WYNNE, MAY - Two and a Chum . A Story of the Great North West
5E1324: WYNNE,PAMELA - Anns an Idiot
3RM0011: WYNNE,PAMELA - At The End of the Avenue
2CC0543: WYNNE,MAY & METHLEY, VIOLET M ET AL - The School Gill's Annual
3CC0394: WYNNE,MAY & COWEN,FRANCES ET AL - Chatterbox (Annual)
2E2534: WYNNE, MAY - A Heather Holiday
CL4580: WYSS,J R - Swiss Family Robinson
6LIT2002: WYSS,JOHANN DAVID - The Swiss Family Robinson
2BP0957: SOCIETY OF ST PIUS X - Third Order Prayer Book
2LIT5692: XENOPHON, WARNER, REX (TRANS.) - The Persian Expedition
2A2985: Y - The Odyssey of a Torpedoed Transport
2NON0776: YAGER, FRED;YAGER, JAN - Career Opportunities in the Publishing Industry
2ERT0182: YAGO, SANDY - Sex With the Neighbors
2TC0276: YAMAHA - Yamaha Portatone PSR-90 Owner's Guide
2PB3311: YAMAMOTO, NEIL - Crazy Classroom Jokes and Riddles
2MB1607: YANCHYSHYN, ANNE CAROLINE - Let's Keeping Walking... A Sequel
2MB1608: YANCHYSHYN, ANNE CAROLINE - Come Walk With Me... I'll Tell You a Story
2I2236: YANG,GLADYS (TRANSLATION) - Feng Hsueh Feng Fables
5J8000: YANG,TREVOR CHI-HSIN - The Yang Family
2TRA0944: YANO, TSUNETA; SHIRASAKI, KYOICHI - Nippon: A Charted Survey of Japan 1936
2ART1944: YANOW, JO (ED) - The One show: the 52nd annual of advertising, editorial and television art & design with the 13th annual copy awards
5MY1548: YATES,GEORGE WORTHING - The Body That Wasn't Uncle
2MB1423: YATES, SARAH - The Manitoba Society of Artists: A History
BG0421: YBARRA, T. R. - Verdi: Miracle Man of Opera
2ART1698: YEAGER, BUNNY - Betty Page Postcard Books
J1665: YEARBOOK - The Glenlyon Rampant Lion 1983 - 1984
2MB1500: YEARBOOK - Churchill High Yearbook 1978-1979
2MB1501: YEARBOOK - Churchill High Yearbook 1980-1981
2MB1502: YEARBOOK - Churchill High Yearbook 1977-1978
2MB1551: YEARBOOK - Sol Ortus 1980 West Kildonan Collegiate
2MB1548: YEARBOOK - Sol Ortus 1978 West Kildonan Collegiate
2MB1549: YEARBOOK - Sol Ortus 1983 West Kildonan Collegiate
2MB1556: YEARBOOK - Heights 1982
2MB1553: YEARBOOK - Sol Ortus 1979 West Kildonan Collegiate
2MB1554: YEARBOOK - Cherry & Grey Kelvin High School
2MB1550: YEARBOOK - Sol Ortus 1985 West Kildonan Collegiate
2FL0241: YEGAR, MOSHE - Ceskoslovensko Sionismus Izrael
R4588: YELLEN, JACK AND POLLACK, LEW - The Right Somebody to Love
2WAR0200: YENNE,BILL - The Great Warplanes of the 1990s
2I6706: YEOMAN, JOHN - Beatrice and Vanessa
2COL0568: YEOMAN, R.S. - 1957 A Guide Book of United States Coins (Fully Illustrated: Catalog and Price List-1616 to Date)
2PB0766: YEP, LAURENCE - Streetwater
2A0193: YEP, LAURENCE - Dragon of the Lost Sea
2ER0073: YIANNI - #3 Humor Adults Only
2BG0626: YILMA,SHMUEL - From Falasha to Freedom: An Ethiopian Jews Journey to Jerusalem
2BP0897: HUNG-YINH, LIAO; BRYAN, DEREK - The World Belongs to All
5FIC1024: YODER, JOSEPH - Rosanna of the Amish
3BP0319: YOGANANDA,PARAMAHANSA - The Supreme Goal of Man
I2734: YOLEN, JANE - Baby Bear's Bedtime Book
J1091Y: WATSON & YON - American Presidents Third Edition Volume 2 Harding-G.W. Bush
5A1489: YONGE,CHARLOTTE M - St Nicholas Series: Young Folks Story of Germany
2LIT1945: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. - Heartease or Brothers Wife
2LIT7601: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M - Love and Life an Old Story in Eighteenth Century Costume
CF0107: YORK, THOMAS - The Musk Ox Passion
5CF1013: YORK,THOMAS - The Musk Ox Passion
5FIC1240: YORKE, KATHERINE (NICOLA THORNE) - Swift Flows the River
2MY8246: YORKE, MARGARET - Cause for Concern
6C2182: YOSHIDA,AKIRA & LEE,PAUL & STARKINGS,RICHARD - Conan and the Demons of Khitai (set of 4 Comics Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4,
2SM1645: YOUMANS, V. / FIELDS, H. / GREY, L. - Sometimes I'm Happy from Musical Hit the Deck
CN0165: YOUNG, KATHERINE A - Stories of the Maple Land
L3730: YOUNG, CHIC - Blondie's Family: Cookie, Alexander and their Dog, Elmer
A5624: YOUNG, GERALD - Chunk, Fusky and Snout A Story of Wild Pigs for Little People
H2841: YOUNG,CHIC - Blondie Paint Book
S1830: YOUNG,DICK - Roy Campanella
3BP0031: YOUNG, O E - The Little Red Mare
rr1424B: YOUNG,KATHERINE A - Stories of the Maple Land
I3141: YOUNG,MIRIAM - If I Rode A Dinosaur
B0978: YOUNG,CHIC - Dagwood and Blondie: Blondie Cookie and Daisy's Pups
2PB5998: YOUNG, NINA A. - Jeannie of the Two-Bar-A
2SP0469: YOUNG, I.S. - A Hit and a Miss
2S0441: YOUNG, CHIP - The Wild Canadians: Hockey's Bush League Champs
E5465: YOUNG,JAMES MARTIN - The Blue Bowl
5A1202: YOUNG,ROBERT E - Boy scout Tests and How to Pass Them Complete Instructions in All the Tests
5FIC3102: YOUNG,F E MILLS - The Dominant Race
5L1166: YOUNG, CHIC - Blondie's Family: Cookie, Alexander and Their Dog, Elmer
5MM1078: YOUNG,CLARENCE - The Motor Boys on Road and River
5MM1080: YOUNG,CLARENCE - The Motor Boys on the Border
5NON1144: YOUNG,ELEONOR R - When a Man Becomes an Oyster
2MOV0340: YOUNG, WARREN R. - The Epic of Flight: Helicopters
2SM1562: NEIL YOUNG - Neil Young at the Bluenotes . This Note's For You
2RR1563: YOUNG, KATHERINE A. - Stories of the Maple Land: Tales of the Early days of Canada for Children
2RE3457: YOUNG, ROBERT - Analytical Concordance to the Bible
A4778: YOUNG,SCOTT - The Clue of the Dead Duck
A4491: YOUNG,BEN T - Rock River Ranger(Story of a Young Pioneer
2W1929: YOUNG, CHIC - Blondie and Dagwood's Marvelous Invention
W1989: YOUNG, CHIC - Blondie and Dagwood's Adventure In Magic
2MM0437: YOUNG, CLARENCE - Jack Ranger's School Victories or Track, Gridiron and Diamond
2S3025: YOUNG, SCOTT - War on Ice
W2657: YOUNG, CHIC - Blondie and Dagwood's Adventure in Magic
3PU0009: YOUNG,LYMAN - The Pop-Up Tim Tyler in the Jungle
2HL1536: YOUNG, JAMES K. - A Manual and Atlas of Orthopedic Surgery
2RR5594: YOUNG, LEARY, MYERS - Uncle Ben
8SB2000: YOUNG,GEORGE - George Young Captain of Scotland (Captain of Scotland and Glasgow Rangers Football Club)
2RE3414: YOUNG, ROBERT - Analytical concordance to the Bible on an entirely new plan: Containing about 311,000 references, subdivided under the Hebrew and Greek originals, ... for the simplest reader of the English Bible
2FIC10391: YOUNG, ERIC BRETT - Dancing Beggars
2HA1370: YOUNGMAN, HENNY - Insults For Everyone
2S2641: YUAN, ZHAO DA; CARTMELL, TIM (TRANS.) - Practical Chin Na: A Detailed Analysis of the Art of Seizing and Locking
2PH571: YUDIN, P. - From Socialism to Communism
2R0744: YULE, ANDREW;MCCARTNEY, PAUL - The Man Who "Framed" the Beatles: A Biography of Richard Lester
2MB0095: YUZYK,PAUL & CRERAR,THE HONOURABLE T.A & KNOX,H.C & DONNELLY,M.S & BARBOUR,ALEXANDER S. & HURST,W.D - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Series III Number 12 1957
2MB0112: YUZYK,PAUL & CRERAR,THE HONOURABLE T.A & KNOX,H.C & DONNELLY,M.S & BARBOUR,ALEXANDER,S. & HURST,W.D - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Series III Number 12 1957
2I0965: ZAFFO, GEORGE J. - The Book of Airplanes
2NF0468: ZANNOS, SUSAN - Edwin Hubble and the Theory of the Expanding Universe
H3208: ZANUCK,DARRYL F - Shirley Temple In Heidi
2H1362: ZANUCK, DARRYL F. (PRODUCER) - Shirley Temple in Heidi
2BP2035: ZASTRA - Horoscope 1954
2AB0433: ZELAZNY, ROGER - The Courts of Chaos: Amber Series No 5
2AB0432: ZELAZNY, ROGER - The Hand of Oberon: Amber Series No 4
2GN0475: ZELENETZ, ALAN - Alien Legion: Slaughterworld
5TRA1129: ZELIGS, DOROTHY F. - The Story of Modern Palestine for Young People
2OC0282: ZENOR, RICHARD - Margie Answers You...
2I6750: ZHANG, SONG NAN - Cowboy on the Steppes
BG0230: ZIEGLER, PHILIP (EDITOR); LORD LOUIS MOUNTBATTEN - The Diaries of Lord Louis Mountbatten: 1920-1922, Tours with the Prince of Wales
2MB1354: ZIMMERMAN, OLIVE - History and Folklore of the Whiteshell Park South
3FL0010: ZIMMERMANN,G A - Vierhundert Jahre Amerikanischer Geschichte
2I4918: ZIMMETT, DEBBIE - Enough is Enough!
2I5716A: ZION, GENE - No Roses for Harry!
2ARCH0647: ZION, ROBERT L. - Trees for Architecture and the Landscape
M3825: ZMIJEWSKY, RICCI - The Films of John Wayne
3C1090: ZOLA,EMILE - Classics Illustrated No 126 The Downfall
2PB14052: ZOLA, MEGUIDO - A Dream of Promise
2LIT3184: ZOLA, EMILE - Nana
2LIT3878: ZOLA, EMILE - Abbe Mouret's Transgression: A Realistic Novel
5I1872: ZOLOTOW,CHARLOTTE - The Little Puppy Who Learned to Behave
2SP0472: ZOSS, JOEL - Greatest Moments in Baseball
J2173: ZSIGMOND, Z.E./WENAAS, C.J. - Enrolment in Educational Institutions By Province 1951-52 to 1980-81
2A2108: ZUCKERMAN, ALBERT - Tiger Kittens
2RE1850: ZURER, RACHEL - A Jew Examines Christianity: A Scholarly Whodunit!

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