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2NC0291: RAY, ARTHUR J. - An Illustrated History of Canada's Native People: I Have Lived Here Since the World Began
5FIC4191: RAY,ANNA CHAPIN - The Bridge Builders
6ARCH2025: RAY, KEITH - Contextual Architecture: Responding to Existing Style
2FIC9258: RAY, ANNA CHAPIN - Teddy: Her Book -- A Story of Sweet Sixteen
2FIC2571: RAYMOND, EVELYN - Jessica the Heiress
2FIC3266: RAYMOND,ERNEST - The Old Tree Blossomed
3B0027: RAYMOND, ALEX - Flash Gordon in The Ice World of Mongo
3H0149: RAYMOND, ALEX - Jungle Jim The Strange Case of Mrs Stacet Part I Chapter IV
3HM0077: RAYMOND, ALEX - Jungle Jim Part I Number III The Despot of Pagan Island August 14 1938 to May 21 1939
3HM0078: RAYMOND, ALEX - Jungle Jim Part I Chapter II The Ghost of Java Sea March 20 1938 to August 7 1938
2EH1572: RAYMOND, ETHEL T. - Tecumseh: A Chronicle of the Last Great Leader of his People (Chronicles of Canada Volume 17)
5I1188: RAZZI,JIM - Build a Model Dinosaur Tyrannobot
2I2503: RAZZI,JAMES - Star Wars: Luke Skywalkers Activity Book
2D0506: JIM RAZZI - Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2BP2090: RCAF - Survival Hints for Sportsmen
V6114: REACH, JAMES - Sunset Strip
E5302: READ,ELFREIDA - The Spell of Chuchuchan
2ER0405: READ, JERRY - Dirty Double Crosser
2ER0406: READ, JERRY - Dirty Double Crosser
H3191: READE,JOHN COLLINGWOOD WITH INTRO BY B K SANDWELL - Man of Valour Winston Spencer Churchill
3BP0137: READE,JOHN COLLINGWOOD WITH INTRO BY B K SANDWELL - Man of Valour Winston Spencer Churchill A Critical Appreciation
2ART2036: BRIAN READE - Aubrey Beardsley
RR1405: READER: - Victorian Readers First Book Part II
RR1535: READER - The Manitoba Readers II
2RR1809: READER - Vistas (New Basic Readers Book 5)
2FL0032: FRENCH READER - Lectures Literaires - Vol. 3
2RR5587: SCHOOL READER - Rockets Away!
I2844: RETOLD FOR YOUNGER READERS - King Arthur & His Knights
A6470: READING,J P - The Summer of Sassy Jo
2EH1698: REAM, PETER J. - The Fort on the Saskatchewan
2RR1344: REAY, M.H & SKEWS, D.M - Principles of Precis
2A0171: RECK, ALMA KEHOE - All Aboard for Tin Cup
2LP0262: LP RECORD - Strawberry Shortcake
2LP0140: LP RECORD - The Creek Bank Singers Present Dottie Rambo's Down By The Creek Bank
2LP0146: LP RECORD - 6 Little Golden Book Stories and a Special Long-Playing Record: Numbers, Counting Rhymes, The Three Little Pigs, Seven Little Postmen, Tootle, The Happy Man and His Dump Truck
2LP0176: LP RECORD - Goldorak Comme Au Cinema
2LPC0071: LP RECORD - Bottoms Up! With The Richie Brothers
2LP0041a: LP RECORD - Deputy Dawg; 6 Complete Stories
2LP0007: LP RECORD - Walt Disney Presents Peter Cottontail
2LP0011: LP RECORD - Romper Room Tv's Nursery School
2LP0012: LP RECORD - Walt Disney's Peter Pan
2LP0014: LP RECORD - Walt Disney Presents the Little Engine That Could
2LP0021: LP RECORD - James Bond Thrillers
2LP0022: LP RECORD - Here's Johnny Magic Moments from the Tonight Show
2LP0028: LP RECORD - Robin Hood Sung By Ed McCurdy Narrated By Michael Kane
2LP0033: LP RECORD - The Smurfs All Star Show
2LP0034: LP RECORD - Archie Wood and His Friends Christmas Album
2LP0035: LP RECORD - Walt Disney Presente Le Livre De La Jungle
2LP0036: LP RECORD - Dr. Doolittle and You're A Good Man Charlie Brown
2LP0037: LP RECORD - Quick Draw McGraw Original TV Soundtrack Voices
2LP0004a: LP RECORD - Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet
2LP0041: LP RECORD - Deputy Dawg; 6 Complete Stories
2LP0046: LP RECORD - Walt Disney's Goldilocks and the Three Bears
2LP0048: LP RECORD - Walt Disney Presents Dennis Day in the Story of Johnny Appleseed
2LP0050: LP RECORD - Original Music from the TV Show The Untouchables
2LP0052: LP RECORD - Original Music From the Man from Uncle
2LP0059: LP RECORD - The Official Adventures of Flash Gordon
2LP0287b: LP RECORD - Hanna-Barbera Presents The Reluctant Dragon Starring Touche Turtle and Dum-Dum
2LP0116: LP RECORD - Original TV Soundtracks! The Flintstones
2LPC0081: LP RECORD - Who's There?... It's the Happy Gang!
LP0285: LP RECORD - Star Wars
2LP0228: LP RECORD - Walt Disney Presents The Jungle Book
2LP0284: LP RECORD - The Story of Star Wars
2LP0231: LP RECORD - Huckleberry Finn Record-Puzzle
2LPC0069: LP RECORD - The Original Dumbells
2LP0259: LP RECORD - The Sorcerer's Apprentice Side Two: Pinocchio/Ferdinand The Bull/The Flying Mouse
2LP0131: LP RECORD - Smurfing Sing Song
2LP0303: LP RECORD - Dream Along with Bozo
2LPC0075: LP RECORD - Richie Bros. In Pow-Wow at the Thunderbird
2LP0179: LP RECORD - Beyond The Fringe '64 Volume 2
2LP0065: LP RECORD - Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus: The Greatest Show on Earth
2LP0227: LP RECORD - Popeye's Zoo
2LP0196: LP RECORD - Walt Disney Presents A Child's Garden of Verses
2LP0249: LP RECORD - Music and Stories from Original Hit T.V. And Movie Cartoons
2LP0311: LP RECORD - The Cat Came Back (Sung by Fred Penner)
2LP0129: LP RECORD - Roy Rogers Tells and Sings about Pecos Bill from Walt Disney's "Melody Time" with The Sons of The Pioneers / Johnny Appleseed
2LP0068: LP RECORD - Snagglepuss and "The Wizard of Oz" / Wilma Flintstone Tells the story of "Bambi" / Doggie Daddy and Augie Doggie tell the Story of "Pinocchio"
2LP0069: LP RECORD - Dinosaurs! A Dramatic Version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Lost World' Featuring Basil Rathbone as Professor Challenger
2LP0074: LP RECORD - Mr. Jinks, Pixie & Dixie Original TV Soundtracks!
2LP0075: LP RECORD - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
2LP0079: LP RECORD - Danny Dunn and The Homework Machine
2LP0081: LP RECORD - Fun Town With Petite and Mayor Bob!
2LP0083: LP RECORD - Tom and Jerry Cartoon Favorites
2LP0085: LP RECORD - Mr. Magoo
2LP0091: LP RECORD - The Hillbilly Bears in: Hillybilly Shindig
2LP0098: LP RECORD - Snagglepuss and the Wizard of Oz
2LP0104: LP RECORD - Little Orphan Annie Volume 2: Original Radio Broadcasts
2LP0105: LP RECORD - Joe Palooka Original Radio Broadcasts
2LP0107: LP RECORD - Babar Song and Stories
2LPC0072: LP RECORD - Comedy Concert: The Best Selections from Pat Harrington Jr, Louis Nye Don Knotts, Kaye Ballard, Alexander King, Harold Flender
2ARCH0653: "ARCHITECTURAL RECORD - Religious Buildings
2ER0343: REDBREAST, ROBIN - Ecstasy in Unison
R4034: REDDING, NOEL AND CAROL APPLEBY - Are You Experienced? The inside story of the Jimi Hendrix Experience
M0401: MICHEAL REDGRAVE - In My Mind's Eye autobiography
2HST0568: REDMOND, JEFFREY R - "Viking" Hoaxes In North America
2ARCH0587: REDSTONE, LOUIS G. - Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
5MY2292: REDWOOD,ALEC - The Day of the Redeemer
7A0066: REECE, COLLEEN L. - Ballad for Nurse Lark
6X0018MAG: REED, JANE (EDITOR) - Firstborn: The Special Souvenir to Celebrate the Birth of Our New Royal Prince
2L0256: REED, ALAN BERT STOUT AND TRUMAN QUIGLEY - Kewtee Bear's Christmas
2FIC17325: REED, DOUGLAS - A Prophet at Home
2ART0440: REED, EARL H. - Sketches in Duneland
6FUN2001: REED,THOMAS B - Modern Eloquence Complete in 10 Volumes
2NH1020: REED, CHESTER A. - The Canadian Bird Book: Illustrating in Natural Colors more Than Seven Hundred North American Birds; Also Several Hundred photographs of Their Nests and Eggs
2NF0384: REED, JENNIFER BOND - The Saudi Royal Family (Modern World Leaders)
2FIC9398: REED, MYRTLE - The White Shield
T3562: REEKIE, ISABEL M - Red, Horse of the West
7CN0001: REEKIE, ISABEL M. - Red, Horse of the West
I3151: REES,LESLIE - The Story of Aroora The Red Kangaroo
6E0118: REES, JEAN A. - Junior Detectives Limited
2I1182: REES,LESLIE - The Story of Karrawingi The Emu
2T1340: REES,LESLIE - The Story of Shy the Platypus
2I1846: REES, LESLEY AND ANEURIN RHYS - Troublesome Sister
5E1222: REES, JEAN A. - Conways of Chelwood House, The
5E1509: REES, JEAN A. - The Conways of Chelwood House
2PB15532: REES, CELIA - Pirates!
2PP2735: REES, GEORGE - The Secret of the Jungle Blake Sexton Library No 302
5GH1025: REESE, TERENCE - Story of an Accusation
2GH0252: REESE, TERENCE;POTTAGE, JULIAN - Positive Defense
5EH1384: REEVE,G J; MACFARLANE, R O - The Canadian Pageant
2CS1079: REEVE, JOEL - Goal Ahead
2MY6716: REEVE, ARTHUR B. - The Romance of Elaine
2MY6708: REEVE, ARTHUR B. - The Silent Bullet
2WAR2502: GEOFFREY REGAN - The Guinness Book of Decisive Battles
2EH0605: REGEHR, T.D - Remembering Saskatchewan: A History of Rural Saskatchewan
S2140: REICHLER,JOSEPH - Baseball's Great Moments
2L1090: REICHMAN, EDITH - Danny Dog
2MY4969: REICHS, KATHY - Bones Are Forever
EH0360: REID, ERNEST H. - Canada: Land of the Beaver
RR1534: REID,ERNEST - Manitoba Supplementary Phonic Primer
4V0020: REID, ED AND OVID DEMARIS - The Green Felt Jungle
2RR0539: REID, HALE C. AND HELEN W. CRANE - My Picture Dictionary
2RR0540: REID, HALE C. AND HELEN W. CRANE - My Picture Dictionary
2RR0941: REID,HALE C; CRANE,HELEN W - My Picture Dictionary
2RR0942: REID,HALE C; CRANE,HELEN W - My Picture Dictionary
2WAR1344: REID, ROBERT R. - The Front Page Story of World War II
2I6762: REID, LIONEL; LOWE, EDITH; ET AL - Selected Stories for Children
2WAR2657: BRIAN HOLDEN REID - The American Civil War and the Wars of the Industrial Revolution (The History of Warfare)
2NH1210: REID, MONTY - The Last Great Dinosaurs: An Illustrated Guide to Alberta's Dinosaurs
2FIC16762B: REID, V.S. - Sixty-Five
2CB0243BIG: REIDELBACH, MARIA - Completely MAD : A History of the Comic Book and Magazine
2ARCH0288: REILE, ADOLF - Die Neue Perspektive Des Architekten
V1098M: REILLY,HELEN - Murder in Shinbone Alley (A McKee Mystery)
6M0002: REILLY, ADAM - Harold Lloyd: The King of Daredevil Comedy
2V1320: REILLY, HELEN - Ding Dong Bell / Certain Sleep
6RR1042: O'REILLY, BRIGID - Prose for Mademoiselle
2WAR2150: REIMER, JOHANNES - Liberty in Confinement: A Story of Faith in the Red Army
2RE1077: REINDORP,GEORGE - Over to You
5FIC1784: REINER,ANNA - The Coward Heart
2TRA0292: REISEFUHRER, PRAKTISCHERS - Hamburg Und Umgebung: Mit Einem Ausflung Nach Helgoland (Griebens Reisefuhrer Band 7)
3V0090: REISNER,MARY - The House of Cobwebs
5FIC1113: REISS, ROBERT - The Saltmaker
2L0733: REIT,S - Le Petit Roi et Les Trois Sages
2ER0045PB: O'RELLY, EDWARD - Sexercises Isometric and Isotonic
I2882: REMKIEWICZ,FRANK - Greedyanna
HST0351: REMY - The Eighteenth Day
2MY0555: RENDELL,RUTH - The Bridesmaid
A6196: RENE - Thumbelina in Nature-Land
2FIC17326: RENEK, MORRIS - Heck
A6076: RENICK, MARION - John's Back Yard Camp
S2160: RENICK, MARION - Pete's Home Run
2RR2315: RENIE, JEAN-CLAUDE - Le Fraicais Par Objectifs 7-9
2ART1782: AMON CARTER MUSEUM OF WESTERN ART;RENNER, FREDERIC GORDON - Charles M. Russell: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture in the Amon Carter Museum
2ERT0041: RENOIR, CONSTANCE - Love's Odyssey
2PP2623: REPP, ED EARL & SANDS, DAVE ET AL - Ace-High Western Stories November 1946
2MB1446: THE MIXEDWOOD FOREST RESEARCH AND ADVISORY COMMITTEE - The Manitoba Mixedwoods: A Forest In Transition
2RR1752: REU, PROF M. - Wartburg Lesson Helps for Lutheran Sunday Schools (Junior Department, First volume)
5H1231: REVENA - The Lone Ranger Desert Storm
2A5315: REVIEW, D. HERALD; MAXWELL, ARTHUR STANLEY - Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories: Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Bedtime Stories Classics)
E5378: REVOIL, M BENEDICT - In The Bush and On The Trail
V1550SC: DEL REY, LESTER - Robots and Changelings
SF1027: DEL REY, LESTER - The Cave of Spears
A5609: DEL REY, LESTER - The Mysterious Sea
I2056: REY,H A - Curious George Takes A Job
PU0282: REY,H A - Curious George A Pop Up Book
3Z0243: DEL REY, LESTER - It's Your Atomic Age
3L0031: MEYER-REY,INGEBORG (ILLUSTRATOR) - At The Doll's Hospital
2I3786: REY, MARGARET - Curious George at the Ballet
2I3790: REY, MARGRET - Curious George Plays Baseball
2I3791: REY, MARGRET - Curious George Goes to a Restaurant
2I3928: REY, MARGARET & H.A. - Curious George Walks the Pets
2PP2157: DEL REY, LESTER; VAN VOGT, A.E.; LEINSTER, MURRAY; ET AL - Worlds of If Science Fiction September 1963
2N1589: REYES, ALFONSO; BERNHARD, PAUL; ET AL - The Living Age September 11, 1926
5FIC4471: REYHER,FERDINAND - David Farragut Sailor
RF0132: REYNER, J. H. - Short-Wave Radio
2I6461: REYNOLDS, PETER H. - So Few of Me
VV0164: REYNOLDS,ROBERT E - Backwoods Bride
E5438: REYNOLDS,E E - Stories For Wolf Cubs
5FIC2286: REYNOLDS,BAILLIE - His Second Venture
5NF1005: REYNOLDS,QUENTIN - Winston Churchill
2MB0092: REYNOLDS,GEORGE F. & MAURICE,JOHN T. & SWAINSON,DONALD & CARELESS,J.M.S & RUSSELL,NORMAN C.H & DORGE,LIONEL & MICHENER,ROLAND - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Series III Number 26 1969-70
2MOV0349: REYNOLDS, CLARK G. - The Epic of Flight: The Carrier War
2PB15405: REYNOLDS, ANNE - Taking Risks
2LIT7849: REYNOLDS, GEORGE W.M. - The Mysteries of the Court of London Volume 6
2E2480: REYNOLDS, E.E. - B-P
2LIT7848: REYNOLDS, GEORGE W.M. - The Mysteries of the Court of London Volume 10
2B0562: REYNOLDS,TEX - Two-Gun Montana
2LIT7850: REYNOLDS, GEORGE W.M. - The Mysteries of the Court of London Volume 7
2ART2049: RHEIMS, MAURICE - The Flowering of Art Nouveau
2A2994: RHOADES, NINA - Brave Little Peggy
2FIC1812: RHODES, ALBERT - Calico Bloomers
2FEM0133: RHODES, SUE - And When She Was Bad, She Was Popular
3MY0087book: RHONE,JOHN - Death in the Hop Fields
S2132: RIBALOW,HAROLD U - The Jew in American Sport
2N1591: RIBTON, C.; SACKVILLE, MARGARET; ET AL - The Living Age August 28, 1926
MM2105: BURROUGHS EDGAR RICE - The Return of Tarzan
2CL0363: RICE, ALICE HEGAN - Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
2H0150: RICE,HERBERT C - Bobby Benson's B-Bar-B Riders in The Story of the Golden Palimino
2V2628: RICE,CRAIG - Trail By Fury
E3221: RICE,O L - Merrilea's Family
E2761: RICE,O L - Trails Out West
HI0028J: RICE, DAVID TALBOT (EDITED BY) - The Dawn of European Civilization: The Dark Age
7A0047: RICH, LOUISE DICKINSON - Only Parent
2T0429: RICH, EDWIN GILE - Why-So Stories of Birds & Beasts from Folklore & Legend
2ART0461: RICH, DANIEL CATTON - Edgar-Hilaire-Germain DEGAS
2E2929: RICHARDS, FRANK - Billy Bunter's Brain-Wave
Z0084: RICHARDS, GREGORY B - Science Fiction movies
4EH0010: RICHARDS, DAVID ADAMS - A Lad from Brantford and Other Essays
2A1313: RICHARDS,HARVEY D - Sorak and the Clouded Tiger
5E1061: RICHARDS,FRANK - Jack of the Circus
5E1062: RICHARDS, FRANK - Jack's the Lad
3CM0001: RICHARDS,FRANK - The Gem Week Ending August 15th 1938 with Greyfriar Story The Famous Four
2H0720: RICHARDS,LAURA E. & JOHNSTON,ANNIE FELLOWS - The Shirley Temple Edition Of Captin January & The Little Colonel
Z0084A: RICHARDS, GREGORY B - Science Fiction movies
2F0714: RICHARDS, MILTON - The Valdmere Mystery: Or the Atomic Ray
2E2220: RICHARDS, FRANK - Bunter the Bad Lad!
2T2826: BUNN-RICHARDS, JOAN - The Golden Picture Book of Horses & Ponies
2TP6032: RICHARDS, DAVID ADAMS - The Bay of Love and Sorrows
CM0421: RICHARDS,FRANK - The Magnet Billy Bunter's Own Paper Week Ending September 10th 1938: Big Chief Bunter
2Z38621: RICHARDS, JUSTIN - The Medusa Effect (New Adventures Series)
2CF2011: DAVID ADAMS RICHARDS - Principles To Live By
2E2928: RICHARDS, FRANK - Bunter Comes For Christmas
2E2925: RICHARDS, LAURA E. - Five Minute Stories
E4220: RICHARDSON,JOANNA - The Young Lewis Carroll
5CF1123: RICHARDSON,MAJOR - Wacousta
5L1238: RICHARDSON, KAY - Slowpoke at the Circus
2N1566: RICHARDSON, E.P.; KAZIN, ALFRED; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly June 1964
2EH1541: RICHARDSON, B. T. - Canada And Mr. Diefenbaker
2FL0170: RICHEPIN, JEAN - Les Blasphemes
5E1495: RICHER,CLEMENT - Son of Ti Coyo
2CF2021: RICHLER, MORDECAI - Dispatches from the Sporting Life
2SB0031: RICHLER, MORDECAI - Home Sweet Home My Canadian Album
2WAR2770: RICHLER, MORDECAI - Writers on World War II
2HA1968: RICHLER, MORDCAI (EDITOR) - The Best of Modern Humour
HA0273: RICHMAN, JACOB - Laughs From Jewish Lore
2V0503: RICHMOND, ROE - Montana Bad Man
3PP0194: RICHNITZER,F E & ARCHIBALD,JOE ET AL - Sky Fighters Fall 1946
2I4809: RICHTER, ADA - Jack and the Beanstalk: A Story with Music for Piano
3V0112: RICHTER,CONRAD - Tacey Cromwell
2NON1093: RICHTER,H P - Practical Electrical Wiring Residential Farm and Industrial
2SM0699: RICHTER, ADA - Looney Tunes on Parade Song Book: Easy Piano Arranged By Ada Richter
2LIT7387: RICKARD, P. - Britain in Medieval French Literature 1100-1500
2AD0845: RICKENBACKER, CAPT. EDDIE V. - Fighting the Flying Circus
2BP0219: RICKER, WILLIAM E AND CLARKE, C.H.D. - Contributions Of the Royal Ontario Museum of Zoology: No. 16. The Birds of the Vicinity of Lake Nipissing, Ontario
2I5246: RICKERT, JANET ELIZABETH - Russ and The Almost Perfect Day
2LIT7575: GIRARDOT AND RICKETTS - Imagination and Meaning
2LIT6855: RIDD, CARL; KAUFMAN, BARBARA - 5 Essays On Man
A5809: RIDDLE, GRAYCE - Candy Lamb
2FIC9207: RIDGE, W. PETT - Special Performances
2TRA0644: RIDGWAY, ATHELSTAN ( EDITOR) - The World Revealed. Southern Africa
A3681: RIDLEY, JIM - Camp Fire Programmes Gathered
2HST0921: RIDPATH, JOHN CLARK - Life and Times of William E. Gladstone
2TRA0342: RIDPATH, JOHN CLARK & ELLIS, EDWARD S. - The Story of South Africa Salesman's Copy
2HST1259: RIDPATH,JOHN CLARK & ELLIS, EDWARD S - The Story of South Africa Salesman's Book
5H1009: RIEL,CALON - Star Trek: Ships of the Star Fleet Volume One
2SM0520: RIESENFELD, HUGO - Lenora (Waltz Song)
5F1231: RIETZ, HARRIET - The Camp Fire Girls' Week End Party
6NC1000: RIGGS,STEPHEN R - Mary and I Forty Years With The Sioux
2HL1374: RIGLER, LEO - Outline of Roentgen Diagnosis : An Orientation in the Basic Principles of Diagnosis By the Roentgen Method ( Atlas edition)
5FIC4203: RILEY,MADELEINE - Diary for Two
HB0283: RILEY,JAMES WHITCOMB - Riley Songs of Summer
2FIC16931: RILEY, W. - The Lady of the Lawn
2POT0926: RILEY, JAMES WHITCOMB - The Lockerbie Book Containing Poems Not in Dialect ( Lockerbie Book of Riley Verse )
5MY1559: RIMEL,DUANE W - The Curse of Cain
FIC0687: RINEHART, MARY ROBERTS - The Truce of God
X0401: RING,ANNE - The Story of Princess Elizabeth
2NF0648: RING, SUSAN - Mercury
2NF0651: RING, SUSAN - Pluto
2NF0653: RING, SUSAN - Uranus
2V5527: RIPLEY, ROBERT - Ripley's Believe It or Not!
2YA0533: RIPPLINGER, HENRY - Another Angel of Love (Angelic Letters Book Two)
2YA0531: RIPPLINGER, HENRY - The Angelic Occurrence (Angelic Letters no. 4)
2YA0534: RIPPLINGER, HENRY K. - Pewter Angels The Angelic Letters Series Book One
H2919: RITTER,TEX - Tex Ritter Cowboy Favorites 78 RPM record jacket
2FL0047: RITTER, GERHARD - Carl Goerdeler Und Die Deutsche Widerstandsbewegung
2A2740: ROAM, PEARL - The Return of Spotted Eagle
2N1590: ROBB, WALTER; SCHALEK, ALICE; ET AL - The Living Age September 4, 1926
7E0080: ROBB, JOHN - Red Radford and the Iron Guard
5A1107: ROBB,T D - Tales of a Grandfather a History of Scotland from Early Times to the Union of the Parliments
NF0118: ROBBIN,IRVING - The How and Why Wonder Book of Basic Inventions
5FIC1722: ROBBINS,HAROLD - Dreams Die First
5FIC1832: ROBBINS, HAROLD - The Dream Merchants
3HM0071: ROBBINS,FRANK - Johnny Hazard The Gold of Thal Sunday Pages April 19 1953 to July 4 1954
5C1828: ROBBINS, TRINA - Girl Fight Comics ( No 1)
2CK0945: ROBBINS, KATHERINE ROSE - Celebrity Cooking Capers: 152 Star-Touched Recipes & Photographs
2PP2958: ROBERSON, KENNETH ET AL - Doc Savage Canadian Edition Volume 1 Number 2 August 1941
2ART0150: ROBERT,GUY - International Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture Expo 67
2POT0814: ROBERT,CHARLES G D (EDITOR) - Poems of Wild Life
J1428: ROBERTO, KEITH - How to Hyroponics
TRA0130: ROBERTS, CECIL - Gone Afield
TRA0131: ROBERTS, CECIL - One Year of Life
T3890: ROBERTS, CHAS G D - More Animal Stories
TRA0209: ROBERTS,CECIL - Gone Sunwards
EH0488: ROBERTS, LESLIE - Noranda
7PP0022DET: ROBERTS, LARRY; TED NEAL; JOHN HIGHTOWER; ET AL - Inside Detective 1946, May
2RR0409: ROBERTS, CHARLES - Neighbours Unknown
2RR0636: ROBERTS, CHARLES - Neighbours Unknown
2T0635: ROBERTS,CHAS G D - More Animal Stories
2FIC4646: ROBERTS,KATHARINE - Private Report
5PST1034: ROBERTS, KENNETH L.; ET AL - Saturday Evening Post 1931, March 7
5FIC3470: ROBERTS, ANDREW - Aachen Memorandum, The
5MOV1092: ROBERTS, PETER - Great German Cars
5CF1331: ROBERTS,CHARLES G D - The Forge in the Forest an Acadian Romance
2T2486: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The King of the Mamozekel
2I3038: ROBERTS, VICTORIA - Koalas in Beeoria
6SB2003: ROBERTS,SIR CHARLES G D - Selected Poems of Sir Charles G D Roberts
2ER0410: ROBERTS, DR. AMANDA - Your Guide to Great Sex
2Z38744: ROBERTS, GARETH - The Plotters (Doctor Who)
2ER0470: ROBERTS, EMANUELLE - Sex in the Orient: Bangkok Bang
2Z38714: ROBERTS, GARETH - The Plotters (Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures)
2Z38720: ROBERTS, GARETH - The Well-Mannered War (Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures)
2POT0522: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - Poems: New Complete Edition
2Z34652: ROBERTS, KEITH - SF Impulse Vol 1 No 5
2BP1934: LYDDON-ROBERTS, P.; DENNEY, E.E. - Knotty Points in Analysis & Parsing
2LIT17549: ROBERTS, CHAS G.D. - More Animal Stories
2Z38740: ROBERTS, GARETH - The Plotters (Doctor Who)
2Z22704b: ROBERTS, GARETH - The Well-Mannered War (Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures)
2N0645: MAGAZINE; ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D.; RICHMOND, GRACE S. ET AL - The Ladies' Home Journal July 1913
2NON0882: ROBERTS, HENRY HOWARD - The Public Speaker and What is Required of Him
3WAR0086a: ROBERTS,JOHN B - War Surgery of the Face A Treatise on Plastic Restoration After Facial Injury
2ARC1295: ROBERTS, LESLIE - Rivers of America : The Mackenzie.
2V1751: ROBERTSON, DON - The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread
2A0438: ROBERTSON, THOMAS L. - The Leather Greatcoat
2EH0092: ROBERTSON, HEATHER - A Gentleman Adventurer
5BG1056: ROBERTSON, ADELE C. - The Orchard : A Memoir
2WAR0272: ROBERTSON,TERENCE - The Shame and the Glory
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2LIT7312: RUSKIN, JOHN - Beauty and Nature
2LIT7784: RUSKIN, JOHN - Unto This Last & Other Essays On Art And Political Economy
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3USA0002: RUSSELL,THOMAS H - Swept By Mighty Waters Graphic word-Pictures of the Nation's Greatest Tragedy
2MOV0011: HOWARD L. ANDREWS/ ALEXANDER L. RUSSELL - Basic Boating Piloting and Seamanship
2POT0046: RUSSELL,LAURA - Lotus Leaves Songs and Poems of Leisure Moments
2HST0098: RUSSELL, JOHN - Shakespeare's Country
3L0006: RUSSELL,SOLVEIG P - This Home For Me
5BG1559: RUSSELL,A J - For Sinners Only
5NON1171: RUSSELL,F A A - Essays and Excursions in Law
2MY2581: RUSSELL,MARTIN - The Darker Side of Death
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2EH1806: RUSSELL, PAUL - The Great Canadian Quiz Book
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2NC0282: RUSSENHOLT, E. S.; CHIPMAN, H. B. - Follow The Trail: For Young Folks of All Ages, Who Want to Find the Way to Health and Happiness
2MB1609: RUSSENHOLT, E.S. - The Heart of the Continent
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38: RUTHBERG,HELEN - Miniature Room Settings
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BP0086: RUTHERFORD, J F (?) - Christendom or Christianity Which One is the Light of the World
BP0088: RUTHERFORD, J F - Protection
S2363: RUTHERFORD, DOUGLAS - Killer on the Track
2SB0346: RUTLEDGE, EVELYN - Through Sorrow's Gates
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2WAR1356: RYABOV, VASILI - The Great Victory
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2EH1808: RYLATT, R. M. - Surveying the Canadian Pacific: Memoir of a Railroad Pioneer
2V8060: LOU˙S, PIERRE - A Handbook of Good Manners for Little Girls (Z-1068-Z)
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2LIT7903: SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE CERVANTES - Don Quixote in Two Volumes Volumes One and Two
8FIC0026: SABATIER, ROBERT - Boulevard
A5703: SACKETT, ROSE MCLAUGHLIN - The Cousin From Clare
5M1032: SACKETT, SUSAN - The Hollywood Reporter Book of Box Office Hits
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2AD4814: SADLER, BARRY - The Eternal Mercenary (Casca, No. 1)
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2S1137: SAHADI, LOU - 1968 Football Record Book
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2HST0043: SANDERSON, EDGAR, M.A. (CANTAB.) - The British Empire in the Nineteenth Century (XIX): Its Progress and Expansion at Home and Adroad Comprising a Description and History of the British Colonies and Dependencies Vol. III
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2W0378: SAVAGE, BLAKE - Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet
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E3889: SAVERY,CONSTANCE - The Royal Caravan
2E0061: CHRIS SAVERY - Aircraftman Poke
2E0244: SAVERY, CONSTANCE - Tabby Kitten
2PB9551: SAVERY,CHRIS - Change with Me
2E2026: SAVERY, CONSTANCE - Nicolas Chooses White May
2E2916: SAVERY, CONSTANCE - In Apple Alley
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2BG0223: SAWLE,G.R.T. - Autobiography
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3MOV0023: SAYER,S - Ships of Other Days
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2MY6928: SAYERS - 3' 6 Cheap Edition Lord Peter Detective Novel 'Whose Body?'
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MM2578: SAYLER,H L - The Airship Boys; or, The Quest of the Aztec Treasure
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2L5161: SCARRY, PATRICIA - Corky
2L3844: SCARRY, PATSY - Piere Bear
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2LIT5103: SCHECHED, CLARA - The Nonconformist and Other Stories
6GN2004: HUDNALL & BAGLEY & GARZON & SCHEELE - Strikeforce: Morituri Electric Undertow 5 Volume Complete Set Book One, Two, Three, Four & Five
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2ART2068: SCHEIDIG, WALTER - Holzschnitte des Petrarca-Meisters. Zu Petrarcas Werk. Von der Arzney bayder Glueck des guten und widerwaertigen. Augsburg 1532
6NC1006: SCHELL,REV JAMES PERRY - In The Ojibway Country A Story of Early Missions on the Minnesota Frontier
WAR0550PB: SCHELLENBERG, WALTER - Hitler's Secret Service
2TRA0338: SCHELLENBERG, AGATHA - Search for Reality
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2A0435: SCHENKER, DONA - Fearsome's Hero
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M2951: SCHEUER, STEVEN H. - The Movie Book
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2I1551b: SCHICK, ELEANOR - Jeanie Goes Riding
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3C0189: SCHILLER,FREDERICK - Classics Illustrated No 101 William Tell
3C1150: SCHILLER,FREDERICK - Classic Illustrated No 101 William Tell
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2ART2066: SCHMALENBACH, FRITZ - Kokoschka : Saul and David 1969
6ARCH2020: SCHMERTZ, MILDRED F. - Apartments, Townhouses, & Condominiums
2I6353: SCHMID, ELEONORE - An Chaora Dhubh
2TRA0326: SCHMID, HAGEN & VINE, DR. PETER - Saudi Arabian Red Sea
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2NH1395: SCHMIDT, ESTER - Western Wildlife
2S2724: SCHMIRLER, SANDRA - Sharing the Memories: Photos from the Personal Album of Curling Champion Sandra Schmirler
3USA0013: SCHMITT,MARTIN F & BROWN,DEE - Fighting Indians of the West
2TRA0214: SCHMITZ, LEON - Authorized Text Book Series Greece and Rome
2R3056: SCHNAKENBERG! - The Beatles in Pictures Issue #1 July 1992 (Celebrity Comics)
NH0080: SCHNECK, MARCUS - The Bird Feeder Guide: How to Attract and Identify Birds in Your Garden
5HL1118: SCHNEIDER,MARGARET S - Often Invisible Counselling Gay & Lesbian Youth
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B0752: SCHOEDSACK,ERNEST B (DIRECTOR) - The Last Days of Pompeii
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2S0640: SCHOOR, GENE - The Jack Dempsey Story
2S0643: SCHOOR, GENE - Casey Stengel: Baseball's Greatest Manager
2CS2187: SCHOOR, GENE - Willie Mays: Modest Champion
2S6391: SCHOOR, GENE - Mickey Mantle of The Yankees
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5I1723: SCHOTTER, RONI - When Crocodiles Clean Up
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2L1004: SCHULTZ, SAM - 101 Sports Jokes Guaranteed to Make You a Winner: Guaranteed to Make You a Winner
2L1005: SCHULTZ, SAM - 101 Sports Jokes Guaranteed to Make You a Winner: Guaranteed to Make You a Winner
2CB0245PB: SCHULTZ, CHARLES M - Charlie Brown Puzzle Treasury Book
2FL0049: SCHULTZ, JOACHIM - Die Letzen 30 Tage
H2495: SCHULZ, CHARLES - Play It Again Charlie Brown
H2848: SCHULZ,CHARLES M - Snoopy
H3596: SCHULZ, CHARLES M - Is This Good-bye Charlie Brown
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2CB0105: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - The "Snoopy, Come Home" Movie Book
H3745: SCHULZ,CHARLES M - It's A Dog's Life, Charlie Brown & You Need Help, Charlie Brown
H3746: SCHULZ,CHARLES M - Snoopy Facts & Fun Book About Houses
H3749: SCHULZ,CHARLES M - You Need Help, Charlie Brown & It's A Dog's Life, Charlie Brown
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2CB0327PB: SCHULZ, CHARLES M - The Peanuts Treasury of Fun and Puzzles
2H0122: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Go Fly a Kite, Charlie Brown
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2H0137: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Sally School Is My World
2H0212: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - The "Snoopy, Come Home" Movie Book
2H0355: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - You'll Flip, Charlie Brown
2H0356: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Snoopy, Come Home
2H0359: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Schroeder : Music Is My Life
2H0398: SCHULZ,CHARLES M. & HALL,KENNETH F. - Two-by-Fours
2H0421: SCHULZ,CHARLES M. - Peanuts at School
5H1135: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Win a Few, Lose a Few, Charlie Brown
2H0882: SCHULZ, CHARLES - Why, Charlie Brown, Why
2H2229: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - You Don't Look 35 Charlie Brown
2H2238: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - The Snoopy Festival
6H0005b: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Is This Good-Bye, Charlie Brown?
2EH2018: SCHULZ, HERBERT - Betrayal: Agricultural Politics in the Fifties (Legacies Shared)
H3634b: SCHULZ,CHARLES M - It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown
2LP0113: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Charlie Brown Records presents: "He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown"
2HST1415: SCHUMACHER, MICHAEL - Mighty Fitz: The Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald
2L5935: SCHUMACHER, ALVIN J. - What Will I Be?
2POT0102: SCHURKO,KATHERINE - Grains of Sand Supplement Edition
2L3499: SCHURR, CATHLEEN - Le Petit Chat Timide (Petit Livre D'Or)
2RE3214: SCHUSTER, SISTER MARY FAITH - The Meaning of the Mountain
6L0083TAT: SCHWALJE, MARJORY - Raggedy Ann and the Tagalong Present
2NF0666: SCHWARTZENBERGER, TINA - Manufacturing (Canadian Industries)
USA0005: SCHWARZ, DR. FRED - You Can Trust Communists (To Be Communists)
Z0616PB: SCHWEITZER, DARRELL - We Are All Legends
2CR0444: SCNWARZ, TED - Deadly Whispers
5A1074: SCOFIELD,DOROTHY - The Shining Road

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