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E3142B: NOONAN,MICHAEL - Flying Doctor Shadows The Mob
5VV1138: NORCROSS, ROBERT - French Wench
2E1404: NORDAU, MAX & BROWNE, FRANCES - Fairy Tales From France the Dwarfs Spectacles & Tales for Children
3C0819: NORDHOFF, CHARLES & HALL, JAMES NORMAN - Classics Illustrated 120 The Hurricane
3C1694: NORDHOFF, CHARLES & HALL, JAMES NORMAN - Classics Illustrated No 120 The Hurricane
FUN0083: NORDMARK, OLLE - Complete Course in Oil Painting: Combined Edition - Four Volumes in One
5WAR1181: NORMAN,F J - The Royal Canadian Regiment the Connecting File 1972
2Z7880: NORMAN, JOHN - Rogue of Gor
2FUN0384: NORMAN, PENNY - ElectroWizard Inventions (Electro Wizard Series)
2Z13945: NORMAN, JOHN - Players of Gor
2Z14256: NORMAN, JOHN - Blood Brothers of Gor
2Z14259: NORMAN, JOHN - Renegades of Gor
2Z14260: NORMAN, JOHN - Mercenaries of Gor
2BP1918: NORMAN'S - Norman's Simplified Maps of New York City
2RM1157: NORRELL, MARJORIE - Nurse at Fairchilds
2MOV1232: NORRIS, MARTIN - Wild at Heart : The Harley-Davidson and Its Riders
5FIC1894: NORRIS,FRANK - The Octopus
5AD1089: NORRIS,GEOFFREY - Jet Adventure
5A1404: NORRIS,STANLEY - The Young Showmans Triumph
2N0338: MAGAZINE; DUJARDIN; LINCOLN; NORRIS - Good Housekeeping April 1932 Vol. XCIV No. 4
2C1766: NORRIS, FRANK - Classics Illustrated No 159 The Octopus
2CC0563: NORRIS, PHYLLIS I & FREEMAN, BARBARA C ET AL - Blackie's Children's Annual 31st Year
T3941: NORTH, STERLING - Rascal
5MY1581: NORTH,ERIC - The Name is Smith
2RR1647: NORTHERN, MARY - Learning Phonics Grade 3
A5951: NORTON, ANDRE - The Opal-Eyed Fan
5WE1051: NORTON,ROY - The Canyon of Gold
5RR1013: NORTON, MIRIAM AND ELEANOR BOYCE - Here We Go: Living Language
5HL1208: NORTON,SUZA - Yoga for People Over 50
3Z0254: NORTON, ANDRE - Plague Ship
3Z0256: NORTON, ANDRE - Secret of the Lost Race
2SF1155: NORTON, ANDRE - Steel Magic
2RR2104: NORTON, MIRIAM; BOYCE, ELEANOR - Here We Go: Living Language Series
2PU0285: NONE NOTED - Tron: A Pop-up book
2PB0638: NOURSE, ALAN E. - Star Surgeon
2GN0162: GRAPHIC NOVEL - Rai (Chapters One to Four and Epilogue)
5LIT1789: A POPULAR NOVELIST - The Merchant of Venice
5NON1190: NOVO,RD (EDITOR) - ATPM About This Particular Macintosh 1996
2ARCH0603: NOWLAN, DAVID & NADINE - The Bad Trip: The Untold Story of the Spadina Expressway
2I3221: NUGENT, A.W - Nugents Book of Games
2PB17626: NUGENT - Beyond the Door
2FL0119: NUNES, JOSE JOAQUIM - Crestomatia Arcaica: Excertos Da Literatura Portuguesa
2E0236: NUNN, JAMES - Saved from the Wreck
J1736: NUOVO, GERARD J. M.D. - PCR in Situ Hybridization: Protocols and Applications
2EH0348: NURSEY, WALTER R - The Story of Isaac Brock
2HL1498: CHICAGO SCHOOL OF NURSING - Chicago School of Nursing Course Lessons 1 to 53
A5847: NUSHKA - Wolf Cub Books No 4 First Aider Badge
2CFL0209: NUSSBAUMER, KARL - Liebe Kindlein kauft ein! Alte und neue Gedichte für unsere Kinder
I3296: NYCE,HELENE - The Book of Birds Picture Pasting
5A1106: NYE,HARRIET KAMM - Wishing on a Star
5PP1461: NYE, NELSON - Death Valley Slim
2MOV1241: NYE, DOUG - Formula 1 Legends
A4932: NYGAARD,NORMAN E - Tempest Over Scotland. The Story of John Knox
3CF0065: NYREN, ARTHUR - Prairie Flowers and Other Poems
2V1554: OAKEY,VIRGINIA - The Reckless Years
2FIC3096: HALL.OAKLEY - Report From Beau Harbor
2S3675: OAKSEY, JOHN; MAGEE, SEAN - Oaksey on Racing: Thirty Years of Writing and Riding
2N2673: OATES, JOYCE CAROL ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly June 1968
2LIT17783: OATES, JOYCE CAROL; LAURENCE, MARGARET; ET AL - The Tamarack Review #55 1970
2NH0506: BRUCE OBEE - Canadian Birds
2NH0449: OBEE, BRUCE - Canadian Wildlife
2NF0111: OBERLE, LORA POLACK - Abraham Lincoln (Let Freedom Ring: Civil War Biographies) (Let Freedom Ring Ser.: Civil War Biographies)
5CF1256: GAIL NOBLE (GUEST ED); CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE SHELDON OBERMAN, MARK MORTON, DENNIS COOLEY, GUY MADDIN - Prairie Fire - a Canadian Magazine of New Writing: Century's End: The Millenial Issue, Vol 20 No 4
2I4955: OBERMAN, SHELDON - The Always Prayer Shawl
2SB0206: OBERMAN, SHELDON - This Business With Elijah
2HL1621: OBERTEUFFER, DELBERT - Concepts and Convictions
2L3917: OBLIGADO, LILLIAN - The Wait For Me Kitten
2V1109: OBOLER, ARCH - House on Fire
5AD1130: OBRIAN,PATRICK - The Mauritius Command
2T1638: OBRIEN,JACK - Valiant Dog of the Timberline
2RR1043: OBRIEN,JOHN A - The New Our New Friends
2ER0230: OBRIEN,MARY - 69 Ways to Make Mary Merry
2WAR2414: OFF, CAROL - The Ghosts of Medak Pocket - The Story of Canada's Secret War
J2217: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE - Training Systems in Eastern Europe: A Study of Change in the Organisation of Training in the U.S.S.R., Poland and the German Democratic Republic
2RF0205: OGILVIE, JOHN - The Student's English Dictionary
5BG1183: OGOLVY,DAVID - Confessions of an Advertising Man
2MB1391: OGRODNIK, LAWRENCE N. - Water Management in the Red River Valley: A History and Policy Review
VV1047: OHARA,JOHN; SHAW,IRWIN; ET AL - Hollywood Bedside Reader
2NH0538: O'SHEA, MARK - Venomous Snakes of the World
5BP1182: IMPERIAL OIL - John's Happy Motoring Volume 5, Number 3 (Imperial Oil)
2R3976: OKUN, MILTON (ED.) - Great Songs... of The Sixties: The New York Times
2SB0396: OLAFSON, KARL - A Sentimental Journey
A4165: OLCOTT,JULIA - Little robinson Crusoe of Paris
2SM1595: OLCOTT, C. & SULLIVAN, D. - The Girl I'll Call My Sweetheart Must Look Like You
5PH1096: OLDHAM,ALICE - An Introduction to the Study of Philosophy
5FIC4520: OLGIN,HOWARD A - Autopsy
2FIC5459: OLIPHANT, MRS. - The Mystery of Mrs. Blencarrow
2CK1663: OLIVER, MARGO - Margo Oliver's Weekend Magazine Menu Cookbook
2RR5512: OLIVER, E. M. - Oxford Class Books of History, Senior Series Book II: Early Modern History 1485-1715
2ART2067: OLIVER, KEITH - Keith Oliver Furniture
2HST0990: OLIVER, MARTIN - History of PHilosophy: Great Thinkers from 600 B.C. To the Present Day
2CK1902: OLIVER, JAMIE - Jamie Oliver's Food Escapes: Over 100 Recipes from the Great Food Regions of the World
2ER0520: OLIVETTI, WOODROW - Hollywood Swings: A Sexual Expose of the Movie Industry
ER0111PB: OLIVIA - Olivia
5BG1067: OLIVIER,LAURENCE - Confessions of an Actor
A6133: OLMSTEAD,LORENA ANN - Christie Comes Through
5A1195: OLMSTEAD,EMMMA G; GRANT,EMMA B - Ned and Nan in Holland
2MY3609: OLMSTED, LORENA ANN - Setup for Murder
S1554: OLSEN,CLAY - Cassius Clay
2CS2020: OLSON, GENE - Three Men On Third
6BP1004: OLSON, OLIVE E. - Gleanings from the Poets (Poem Book No. 2)
2I6211: OLSON, KAREN W. - Eat, Run And Live Healthy
2FIC1118: OMAN, CAROLA - Princess Amelia
2RE3102: OMARTIAN, STORMIE - The Power of Praying 3-in-1 Collection: The Power of a Praying Wife, The Power of a Praying Parent, The Power of a Praying Woman
R0228: ONO, YOKO - John Lennon Summer 1980
2RE1505: ONO, DR. SOKYO - Shinto: The Kami Way
2I3409: OOSTERHUIS, HUUB - Anybody Everybody: Pictures by Children From Around the World (Risk Book Series)
2FR0020: OPHEMERT,C.VAN - Haar Eerste Dienst
2V1037: OPITZ,KARLLUDWIG - The General
3PP0186: OPPENHEIM,JAMES & KEMP,HARRY H ET AL - The American Magazine July 1908
2I4084: OPPENHEIM, JOANNE - Have You Seen Birds?
2FIC10916: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Devil's Paw
2FIC10899: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Profiteers
2FIC10887: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - Curious Happenings to The Rooke Legatees
2FIC10067: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Box with Broken Seals
2FIC10910: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Man Who Changed His Plea
2FIC10907: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Spy Paramount
2FIC10940: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Kingdom of The Blind
2FIC10941: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - As A Man Lives
2NF0417: OPPONG, JOSEPH R. - Africa South of the Sahara (Modern World Cultures)
2NF0418: OPPONG, JOSEPH; WOODRUFF, TANIA; GRITZNER, CHARLES - Democratic Republic of the Congo (Modern World Nations)
MM1871: OPTIC,OLIVER - Make or Break
2A4001: OPTIC, OLIVER - Hope and Have
2LIT0966: BRITISH ORATORS - Orations Vol I: The Worlds Great Classics
2LIT0968: BRITISH ORATORS - Orations Vol II: The Worlds Great Classics
2FIC17321: ORCZY, BARONESS - A Sheaf of Bluebells
5E1290: ORDON,A LANG - The Steering of Stephen
2WAR1612: OLYSLAGER ORGANISATION - A Source Book of Military Wheeled Vehicles
2HL1556: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION - Manual of the International Statistical Classification of diseases, Injuries, and Causes of Death: Volume 2 (Alphabetical Index): Sixth Revision of the International Lists of Diseases and causes of Death Adopted 1948
2L0959: ORLEANS, ILO - Wonder Book of Fun
2Z38624: ORMAN, KATE - The Room With No Doors (Doctor Who: The New Adventures) (Doctor Who New Adventures)
2Z38607: ORMAN, KATE - Set Piece (Doctor Who-the New Adventures Series)
2Z22321: ORMAN, KATE - Walking to Babylon (The New Adventures of Captain Who)
2Z38593: ORMAN, KATE - Sleepy (The New Doctor Who Adventures)
2Z38620: ORMAN, KATE - Walking to Babylon (New Adventures)
2ANTH0077: ORPHANIDES, ANDREAS G. - Radioanalytical Techniques in Archaeology: Pottery and Raw Cly Analysis
2MY4350: ORR, CLIFFORD - The Dartmouth Murders
2SP1423: ORR, BOBBY - Hockey As I See It
2B2064: ORR, MARTHA - Apple Mary and Dennie's Lucky Apples
2SP0004: ORSER, BRIAN WITH STEVE MILTON - Orser: A Skater's Life
2TRA0416: ORSERI, REMO; MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK; COOK, A. - Jerusalem, Prisoner of Hope
2RR1218: ORTLEB,EDWARD & CADICE,RICHARD - Electricity: Teachers Guide
2RR1219: ORTLEB,EDWARD & CADICE,RICHARD - Ecology: A Teachers Guide
7A0041: ORTON, HELEN FULLER - Mystery at the Old Place
7A0042: ORTON, HELEN FULLER - Mystery in the Apple Orchard
2N1531: ORTON, WILLIAM; WEEKS, EDWARD; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly January 1931
6Z2001: ORWELL,GEORGE - Nineteen Eighty-Four
3E0016: OSBORN,YOTTY - Pickles or A Funny Little Couple
6BP0004: OSBORNE, WILFRID J. - Anne Hathaway's Cottage
6BP0005: OSBORNE, WILFRID J. - William Shakespeare: Some Dates, Facts and Inferences
A2197: OSBORNE,J T - The House On Hibiscus Hill
5B1022: OSBORNE,RICHARD - The Outlaws Last Ride
5CN1210: OSBORNE, DOROTHY - The Secret of Old White Horn
E2851: OSBORNE,DOROTHY - Trouble at Keemaha Falls
2EH1716: OSBORNE, GRAHAM - British Columbia : A Wild and Fragile Beauty
2Z37293: OSBORNE, DAVID - Invisible Barriers
5M1078: OSHMAN, ROBERT L. - Hollywood off Guard
2FIC4844: OSTRANDER, ISABEL - Annihilation
2OC1182: OSTRANDER, SHEILA; SCHROEDER, LYNN - Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain
3BP0156: OSWALD,EVAN - Torchbearer's Guidebook
5E1098: OSWALD,SIDNEY - Another Way to Fly
2PP2597: WYNDM OSWALD - Star Weekly Complete Novel: White Angel
2PP2599: WYNDM OSWALD - Star Weekly Complete Novel: To Live Together
G5217: OTIS,JAMES - Mr Stubbs's Brother
G5229: OTIS,JAMES - Raising The Pearl
2A0622: OTIS,JAMES - Messenger No.48
2CL0621: OTIS,JAMES - Toby Tyler or Ten Weeks with a Circus
5T1255: OTIS, JAMES - Aunt Hannah and Seth: A Story of Some People and a Dog
2MM0291: OTIS, JAMES - Boy Scouts in a Lumber Camp
MM1036: OTIS, JAMES - Boy Scouts in the Maine Woods
2GN0063: OTOMO, KATSUHIRO - Akira Vol. 1 No. 2
2GN0064: OTOMO, KATSUHIRO - Akira Vol. 1 No. 35
2HL1854: OTT, JOHN N. - Health & Light: The Effects of Natural & Artificial Light on Man & Other Living Things
7A0057: OTTLEY, REGINALD - The Bates Family
7E0070: OTTLEY, REGINALD - By the Sandhills of Yamboorah
5FIC4692: OTTLEY,ROI - White Marble Lady
5FIC1473: OTWAY,HOWARD - The Evangelist
3T0049: OUIDA (DE LA RAME, LOUISA) - Moufflou
PU0166: OUKRAT, J. C. - Un Avion, Comment Ca Marche?
7MY0014: O'SULLIVAN, J. B. - Raid
3PP0235: O'SULLIVAN,WILLIAM J & BANKS,STUART ET AL - 5 Sports Classics Magazine Summer 1951
3PP0238: O'SULLIVAN,WILLIAM & BOWEN,ROBERT SIDNEY 7 MERWIN,SAM JR - Popular Sports Magazine August 1948
3COL0034: O'SULLIVAN, JUDITH - The Great American Comic Strip
5RE1074: O'SULLIVAN,DEAN - The Chronicles of Crofton
3FIC0092: OURSLER,FULTON - THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD A Tale of the Greatest Life Ever Lived
MY2178: OURSLER, WILL - The Trial of Vincent Doon
5BG1100: OURSLER,FULTON; OURSLER,WILL - Father Flanagan of Boys Town
RR2127: OUSLEY, ODILLE & RUSSELL, DAVID - My Little Green Story Book
RR2230: OUSLEY, ODILLE & RUSSELL, DAVID - My Little Red Story Revised Edition
3RR0017: OUSLEY, ODILLE & RUSSELL, DAVID - My Little Blue Story Book
3RR0018: OUSLEY, ODILLE & RUSSELL, DAVID - My Little Blue Story Book
2RR0741: OUSLEY, ODILLE & RUSSELL, DAVID - My Little Red Story Book
2RR0784: OUSLEY, ODILLE & RUSSELL, DAVID H - Around The Corner
2RR0785: OUSLEY, ODILLE & RUSSELL, DAVID H - Around The Corner
2RR0786: OUSLEY, ODILLE & RUSSELL, DAVID H - Around The Corner
2RR1086: OUSLEY,ODILLE; RUSSELL,DAVID H - My Little Green Story book Revised Edition
6RR1025: OUSLEY, ODILLE & RUSSELL, DAVID H - My Little Blue Story Book
2V4219: OVERGARD, WILLIAM - Once More the Hero
5PP1047: OVERHOLSER, WAYNE D; ROBERTSON, FRANK C; COLT, HARRISON; ET AL - Ranch Romances October 24 1952
5PP1413: OVERHOLSER, WAYNE D. - To the Far Mountains
2PP2624: OVERHOLSER, WAYNE D & FLOREN, LEE ET AL - .44 Western Magazine September 1946
5BP1031: OVERLEE,EDYE - Red Feather
2COL0036: OVERSTREET, ROBERT M. - The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide: Books from 1897-Present Included Catalogue & Evaluation Guide-Illustrated
2COL0289: OVERSTREET, ROBERT M.;CARTER, GARY M. - The Big! Big! Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide 33rd Edition No. 33
2COL0295b: OVERSTREET, ROBERT M. - Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #36 36th Edition
6LIT2011b: OVERTON,GRANT (EDITOR) - The World's 100 Best Short Stories (10 Volume set) 1.Adventure 2.Romance 3.Mystery 4. Love 5.Drama 6. Courage 7. Women 8. Men 9. Ghosts 10. Humor
G3605: OWEN,FRANK (EDITOR) - Teen-age Mystery Stories
6NON0002: OWEN, TREFOR (EDITOR) - The Story of the Lovespoon
2OC0124: OWEN,BETTY M - Stories of the Supernatural
2MB0168: OWEN, WENDY (EDITOR) - The Wheat King Selected Letters and Paper of A.J. Cotton, 1888-1913
2V4399: OWEN, ROBERT N. - The Carnal Trap
2RPG0527: OWEN, MICHAEL & KENNY SIMS - Tomb Raider Signature Series Guide (Signature Series Guides)
2V4139: OWEN, TOM; BAXT, GEORGE (BASED ON) - Circus of Horrors
2PP2563: OWEN, JEAN Z. - Star Weekly Complete Novel: Gift for the Bride
6E0077: OWENS, J. L. - Diana Seton: Veterinary Student
SM0094: OWENS, HARRY - Sweet Leilani from "Waikiki Wedding"
J1161: OWENS, JUDITH - Required Readings for 4.215 L01: English Literature of the 17th Century
E4764: OXENHAM, ELSIE J - The New Abbey Girls
2E0219: OXENHAM, ELSIE J. - Robins in the Abbey (Abbey School Ser., No. 7)
2E0221: OXENHAM, ELSIE J. - Selma at the Abbey (Abbey School Series, No. 5)
2POT0272: OXENHAM, JOHN - The Vision Splendid
2E1960: OXENHAM, ELSIE, J. - Goblin Island
2A3851: OXENHAM, JOHN - Rising Fortunes : The Story of a Man's Beginnings
2E2394: OXENHAM, ELSIE J. - The Abbey Girls go Back to School
2E0808: OXLEY,J MACDONALD - North Overland with Franklin
2E2750: OXLEY, J. MACDONALD - Standing the Test
5E1481: OXLEY,J MACDONALD - Terrys Trials and Triumphs
5E1581: OXLEY, J MACDONALD - Diamond Rock
6A0152: OZ, AMOS - Soumchi
2SB0026: OZ, AMOS - In the Land of Israel
EH0348: PACEY, DESMOND - Creative Writing in Canada
2ANTH0130: PACHECO, CARLOS - Inca Settlements and Elite Compounds, Spatial and Power Structures.
2MOV1299: CANADIAN PACIFIC - Banff Springs Hotel Daily Menu August 1 1930
2TRA0849: CANADIAN PACIFIC - Vancouver City Mini-Guide
2BP1608: CANADIAN PACIFIC - Light Opera at Banff Program Banff Springs Hotel July August 1930
5FIC2080: PACKARD,VANCE - The Pyramid Climbers
2PB15773: PACKARD, EDWARD - War with the Mutant Spider Ants (Choose Your Own Adventure #152)
2N2456: PACKARD, VANCE; GRAVES, ROBERT; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly October 1963
6I0079: PACKER, ATHOL B. AND BILL C. CLIETT - Alley Alligator and the Big Race
B1001: PACKER,ELEANOR - Jackie Cooper Movie Star of Kippy & Sooky
2V5666: PACKER, VIN - The Evil Friendship
H3544: PAGE, PATTI (SINGER) & HORTON, VAUGHN - Mockin' Bird Hill
E5429: PAGE,W A - Fanta Sea
5E1025: PAGE,W A - Fanta Sea an Adventure to the Island of Make Believe
5MY2406: PAGE, JAKE - Shoot the Moon
2E1331: PAGE, BRENDA - Schoolgirl Rivals
2E2765: PAGE, JESSE - Captain Allen Gardiner: Sailor & Saint
2FG0057: PAGE, VICTOR W. - The Modern Gas Tractor: Its Construction, Utility, Operation and Repair
2POT0751: PAGE, ANNE - The Little Drum (And Other Verses)
8YA2003: PAILLE, RHIANNON - Vulture The Ferryman & The Flame Book Three
8YA2002: PAILLE, RHIANNON - Justice The Ferryman & The Flame Book Two
8YA2001: PAILLE, RHIANNON - Flame of Surrender The Ferryman & The Flame Book One
A2493: PAINE,DOROTHY - A Maid Of the Mountains
2CL1459: PAINE, ALBERT BIGELOW - The Adventures of Mark Twain
2MOV1168: PAINTER, LEONARD - History: Through Fifty Year With the Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America
A3263: PAINTON,EDITH - King Desire and His Knights
2CL5338: PAKENHAM, ANTONIA - Robin Hood
2I0435: PALAZZO,TONY - The Story of Noah's Ark
2CB1538: PALEN, JERRY - What's Cooking, Flo?
2POT0026: PALGRAVE, F.T. - The Golden Treasury
MM2396: PALMER, DON - Boy Scout Explorers At Headless Hollow
A5893: PALMER, BERNARD - Pat Collins and the Hidden Treasure
MM2454: PALMER,BERNARD - Pat Collins and the Peculiar Dr Brockton
2PB1358: PALMER, BERNARD - Danny Orlis and the Ski Slope Emergency
2PB1762: PALMER, BERNARD - Ted and Terri and the Stubborn Bully
6BG0009PB: PALMER, LILLI - Change Lobsters and Dance
2PB3228: PALMER, BERNARD - Felicia Cartright and the Case of the Frightened Student
2V0047: PALMER, STUART - Four Ladies Lost
4PB1035: PALMER, BERNARD - Danny Orlis and Robin's Rebellion
4PB1065: PALMER, BERNARD - Felicia Cartright and the Case of the Frightened Student
2PB6991: PALMER, BERNARD & MARJORIE - Pioneer Girls and the Mystery of Oak Ridge Manor
2MM0141: PALMER,BERNARD - Pat Collins And The Secret Engine
5TRA1009: PALMER,FREDERICK - Look to the East
2PB8995: PALMER,B - Danny Orlis on the "valiant" and the Gospel Comes to First Church
2RR1310: PALMER,ROBIN - Lost and Found
2MY8210: PALMER, STUART - The Puzzle of the Red Stallion
2C4478: WAGNER GRANT ANDERSON PALMIOTTI - Judge Dredd Legends of the Law Set of the First Twelve Issues 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 & 12
2TRA0533: PALOUS, JAN A. - The Face of Czechoslovakia
BP0025: PAMPHLET - Soviet Political Agreement and Results
E3759: PANSY - Julia Ried
F2595: PANSY - The Randolphs
2F0800: PANSY - Mrs. Solomon Smith Looking On
2F3246: PANSY - The Pocket Measure
2USA0085: PAPACHRISTON, JUDITH - Women Together: A History in Documents of the Womens Movement in the United States
2A0354: PAPERNY, MYRA - The Wooden People
2A1853: PAPERNY,MYRA - Take A Giant Step
2FIC2566: PARETSKY,SARA - Guardian Angel
2PU0153: PARIS, PAT - Father Christmas Is Coming: Old English Art Reproductions With Moving Pictures
WE0017: PARISH, RANDALL - Comrades of Peril
6I0097: PARISH, PEGGY - Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia (I Can Read Bks.: Level 2 Ser.)
L4158: PARISH,PEGGY - Littlest Raccoon
5A1509: PARISH,PEGGY - Come Back Amelia Bedelia
2M0214: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT & STANKE, DON E. - The Debonairs
2M0222: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT & STANKE, DON E. - The All Americans
2E2470: PARKE, GORDON - The Early Birds
HA0345: PARKER,MARY MONCURE - Jolly Monologues
A6429: PARKER,RICHARD - Kidnapped Crusaders
7BG0015: PARKER, WILLIS L. (EDITOR); SAMUEL PEPYS - Samuel Pepys' Diary
5FIC1203: PARKER,BARBARA - Suspicion of Innocence
2HST0075: PARKER,H. F. - Morning Stars Of The New World
5LIT1282: PARKER,GEORGE - The Evolution of Canadian Literature in English: 1914 - 1945
5LIT1283: PARKER,GEORGE - The Evolution of Canadian Literature in English: 1867 - 1914
2PB10058: PARKER, DANIEL - Alone in the Dark (The Baby-Sitter's Nightmares Ser., No. 1)
2X0649: PARKER, JOHN - Prince Phillip: His Secret Life
2R4615: PARKER, HORATIO; MCCONATHY, OSBOURNE; BIRGE, EDWARD BAILEY; MIESSNER, W. OTTO - The Progressive Music Series Teacher's Manual Volume II For Fourth and Fifth Grades
2POT0808: PARKES,KINETON (EDITOR) - The Painter-poets Selected and Edited, with an Introduction and Notes, By Kineton Parkes The Canterbury Poets
2Z38718: PARKIN, LANCE - Cold Fusion (Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures)
2Z38603: PARKIN, LANCE - The Dying Days (Doctor Who : the New Adventures)
2E1095: PARKINSON,GEORGE A - David the Chief Scout
USA0036: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - The Oregon Trail
A6648: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - The Oregon Trail
3C0877: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - Classics Illustrated 72 The Oregon Trail
2CF1229: PARR, JOHN - Good Humour Man
2NON1197: PARRAGON - Crime Investigation: The Ultimate Guide to Forensic Science
2RF0114: PARRISH,J M; CROSSLAND,JOHN R - The Clear Type Encyclopedia
2ART2005: MAXFIELD PARRISH - The Maxfield Parrish Pop-Up Book
A4401: PARROTT, SIR EDWARD - The Children's Story of the War Vol 1
E4487: PARRY, D H - A Loyal Young Rebel
2RR1515: PARSONS, LES & HUGHES, ART - Things from Outer Space: Basic Language Skill Series
2B0504: PARSONS, JAMES O. - The Desert Eagle and the Hidden Fortress: A Don Ramon Western
2I6065: PARSONS, RITA - My Zoo Picture Book
2TRA0719: PARSONS, IAIN;RAND MCNALLY AND COMPANY - The Magnificent Continent: An International View of a Priceless Heritage, the Great Places of North America
5HA1138: PARTCH, VIRGIL; MARTY MURPHY AND OTHERS - Teachers are Funny People! Hundreds of Hilarious Jokes, Gags, Anecdotes!
2R3766: DOLLY PARTON - The Dolly Parton Scrapbook
2PB15373: PARTON, ETHEL - Melissa Ann
H3331: PARTRIDGE, MARIANNE (EDITOR) - Rolling Stone Visits Saturday Night Live
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5LIT1330: PONSONBY,D A - The Forgotten Heir
6C2192: ELLIS & PETERSON & PONSOR - Ultimate Extinction (set of 5 Comics Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2SM1598: PONTET, HENRY / JAXONE, D'ARCY - The Last Milestone
5ART1081: PONTUAL, ROBERTO (TEXTO) - 5 Mestres Brasileiros: Pintores Construtivistas, Tarsila, Volpi, Dacosta, Ferrari, Valentim
E4706: POOLE, MICHAEL - Quinton Kicks Off
2A0134: MICHAEL POOLE - The Secret of Lotos Island
2RR1785: POOLE, R. H.; SHEPHERD, P.J. - Impact Two
WAR0219PB: POOLMAN, KENNETH - Teach 'Em To Die
2AD0185: POPE, DUDLEY - Ramage's Trial
5POT1085: POPE, ALEXANDER - Poems, Epistles and Satires
5AD1228: POPE,DUDLEY - Ramage and the Saracens
2AD1739: POPE, DUDLEY - The Triton Brig
2EH1946: POPE, MAURICE ( EDITOR) - : The Memoirs of Sir Joseph Pope
2AD2354: POPE, DUDLEY - Ramage's Prize
2AD2586: POPE, DUDLEY - Buccaneer
2FSH0477: POPE, DUDLEY - Guns
2TRA0614: POPE,J H - Illustrated Historical Atlas of The County of Halton Ontario
2AD2752: POPE, DUDLEY - Admiral
2I5513: POPE, JESSE (AND OTHERS) - Just a Funny Book
2LIT17438: POPE, ALEXANDER - The Beauties of Pope or Useful and Entertaining Passages Selected from the Works of That Admired Author as Well as from His Translation of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey Etc Volumes I and II
PO0013: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - Morning Face
2F3181: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - Freckles
CL3499: PORTER,GENE STRATTON - The Harvester
F2424: PORTER, GENE STRATTON - The Harvester
F2711: PORTER,GENE STRATTON - Her Farther's Daughter
2F0072: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - At the Foot of the Rainbow
2F3179: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - The White Flag
3F0010: PORTER,GENE STRATTON - Music of the Wild
2MOV0138: PORTER,PHILIP - Jaguar
2SM0361: PORTER, C. - True Love ( from Picture " High Society"
2F1050: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - Freckles
2F0730: STRATTON PORTER,GENE - Michael O'Halloran
2MM0424: PORTER, HORACE - Our Young Aeroplane Scouts in England or Twin Stars in the London Sky Patrol
2F3239: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - Michael O'Halloran
2N2477: PORTER, KATHERINE ANNE; MCMILLAN, GEORGE; ET AL - Harper's Magazine November 1953
2F3182: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - A Daughter of The Land
2F1049: PORTER, ELEANOR H - Just David
2F3144: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - Freckles
2SB0347: PORTER, ANDRE M. - The Rise and Fall of a Jamaican Don
2CL1334: PORTER, JANE - The Scottish Chiefs
2FIC9282: PORTER, HAL - A Handful of Pennies
2F3189: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - Her Father's Daughter
2LIT6184: PORTER, JANE - The Scottish Chiefs, and Thaddeus of Warsaw
2HST0059: PORTEUS,STANLEY D. - Calabashes and Kings
2MB1736: PORTH, BOB; CRAIG MACKENZIE [EDS] - Trails to Rails to Highways: A History of the Rural Municipality of Whitemouth
2HST1226: PORTIA, ANDREA - Explorers: The Most Exciting Voyages of Discovery -- from the African Expeditions to the Lunar Landing
2TRA0431: VON POSECK, HELENA - Adrift in Naples
4PB0087: POSNER, RICHARD - Lucas Tanner #2: A Matter of Love
2SP0269: STAFF OF THE WASHINGTON POST - Redskins The Team of the Eighties
2SM0842: POSTE, ERNEST FRANKLIN - When Twilight Comes
2MB1480: POSTER - Tobogganing River Park Slide Poster
M2123: POSTER - :Cool World Advance Movie Poster 1992
A4993: POSTON,MARTHA LEE - The Mystery of the Eighth Horse
6ARCH2005: POTHORN, HERBERT - Architectural Styles
CM0229: POTTER, MIRIAM CLARK, HEISENFELT, KATHRYN ET AL - Jack and Jill Magazine September 1941 Volume 3 Number 11
L1504: POTTER, BEATRIX; LOHSE (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Tale of Peter Rabbit
T3527: POTTER,BEATRIX - Peter Rabbit Giant Treasury
T3610: POTTER, BEATRIX - Tales From Beatrix Potter
T3667: POTTER, BEATRIX - Peter Rabbit and Friends
T3947: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit
I0512: POTTER, BEATRIX - Mopsy Flopsy Paintbook
I2289: POTTER, BEATRIX - Tom Kitten A Puzzle Play Book
I2538: POTTER, BEATRIX - Peter Rabbit and Other Stories
8I0024: POTTER, BEATRIX (ADAPTED BY TESTER, SYLVIA ROOT) - Pigling Bland (Classic Tales Ser.)
2T0316: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit
2T0236: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Story of Miss Moppet and a Fierce Bad Rabbit
2I1623: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Benjamin Bunny
2I1624: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher
2I1625: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Peter Rabbit
5T1046: POTTER,MARIAM CLARK - Queer Dear Mrs Goose
2T0636: POTTER,BEATRIX - Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes
2A4914: POTTER, MIRIAM CLARK - The Pinafore Pocket Story Book
3T0056: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Story of Peter Rabbit
2T3367: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse
2T2922: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Tom Kitten
2T2923: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse
2T3368: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Two Bad Mice
2I5492: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Make-Believe Linen Book)
2T2921a: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Mr. Tod
2FL0154: POTTIER, BERNARD - Textes Medievaux Francais et Romans
2FL0155: POTTIER, BERNARD - Recreacion De La Flor De Mayo
BP0069: POTTS, J MANNING (EDITOR) - The Upper Room World Christian Fellowship Number September October 1964
BP0070: POTTS, J MANNING (EDITOR) - The Upper Room World Christian Fellowship Number November December 1964
BP0071: POTTS, J MANNING (EDITOR) - The Upper Room World Christian Fellowship Number November December 1964
BP0072: POTTS, J MANNING (EDITOR) - The Upper Room World Christian Fellowship Number November December 1964
5A1410: POTTS,JANSON - Girl Guide Badges and How to Win Them
2POT0213: POTTS, CHARLES - Burning Snake
2A5143: GIRL GUIDE ASSOCIATION COMPILED BY MRS JANSON POTTS - Hints on Girl Guide Badges 16th Edition
2EH0268: POTVIN,ALBERT - A Panorama of Canadian Forests
CK0122: POULSON, JOAN - Old Yorkshire Recipes
2N2660: POUND, ARTHUR ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly July 1932
6PP2017: POURNELLE, JERRY; VINGE, VERNOR; BOVA, BEN; SCHMITZ, JAMES H.; SCHMIDT, STANLEY; DICKSON, GORDON R.; ANVIL, CHRISTOPHER; WILSON, F. PAUL; ET. AL. - Analog Science Fiction Science Fact Complete 12 Issues for 1971 January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December
5LIT1957: POUSHKIN,ALEXANDER - The Captains Daughter
A4547: POWELL, A V B - Ace of the Airways
2GN0552: POWELL, ERIC - The Goon Volume 7: A Place of Heartache and Grief
2MM0084: POWELL, VAN - The Vavishing Air Liner
2A0484: LORD BRADEN-POWELL - Birds & Beasts in Africa
2FIC2988: POWELL, ANTHONY - The Acceptance World
MM2585: POWELL,VAN - The Mystery Boys and The Inca Gold
5MM1081: POWELL,VAN - The Mystery Crash
3H0195: POWELL,JANE - Jane Powell Coloring Book
2POT0354: POWELL, CRAIG - Rehersal for Dancers
2MM0422: POWELL, VAN - The Haunted Hangar (Air Mystery Series)
2GN0553: POWELL, ERIC - The Goon Volume 8: Those That Is Damned
V0150M: POWELLMCKNIGHT - Man Killer/Running Scared
5PP1076: POWERS, WT; YOUNG, ROGER FLINT; DICKSON, GORDON R; ET AL - Universe Science Fiction September 1953
2I1171: POWZYK, JOYCE - Tracking Wild Chimpanzees
5TRA1134: PRAHOU,NAD - prague Seen from Above
2S1283: PRANIN, STANLEY A - Aikio Masters: Prewar Students of Morihei Ueshiba Volume One
2Z37029: PRATCHETT, TERRY; HARRISON, HARRY; ET AL - The Unfriendly Future
2S2756: PRATHER, PAULA WELCH ( EDITOR) - The American Racing Manual 2008: The Official Encyclopedia of Thoroughbred Racing
6RE1017J: PRATNEY, WINKEY (COMPILER) - Youth Aflame Volume 2: A Manual for Discipleship
EH0153: PRATT, E. J. - Dunkirk
3MB0017: PRATT,MAJOR A M - The Story of Manitoba's Weekly Newspapers
2Z0233PB: PRATT, FLETCHER - Alien Planet
5BUC1027: PRATT, WILLIAM D.; BENJAMIN COMPANY - The Abbott Almanac: 100 Years of Commitment to Quality Health Care
2RR0906: PRATT,MARJORIE; MEIGHEN,MARY - Story fun Second Edition
2AD4907: PREBBLE, JOHN - Fire and Sword Trilogy: Culloden, The Highland Clearances, Glencoe
2ART0651: PREBLE, DUANE & SARAH; FRANK, PATRICK (REVISED BY) - Artnotes to Accompany Artforms: Revised Seventh Edition
2FIC2504: PREEDY, GEORGE - General Crack
2I6151: PRELUTSKY, JACK - The Random House Book of Poetry for Children: A Treasury of 572 Poems for Today's Child
2I6571: PRENTISS, ELIZABETH - Little Susy's Six Birthdays
HA0224: PRESCOT, JULIAN - Case Proceeding
2WAR1403: PRESCOTT, E. LIVINGSTON - The Rip's Redemption
3L0012: WALT DISNEY PRESENTS - Disney Parade with Donald Duck
H1818: ELVIS PRESLEY & NANCY SINATRA - color movie scene card
H1819: ELVIS PRESLEY & NANCY SINATRA - Elvis Presley & Nancy Sinatra color movie scene Card
2R4646: ELVIS PRESLEY - Elvis Presley Photo Album
J1025Y: SALEM PRESS - Notable Latino Writers Volume 3: Grusekda Gambaro - Sheila Ortiz Taylor 321 - 658
2NP1204: WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Winnipeg Free Press Monday May 6 1935 Silver Jubilee Issue H M King George V
2HST1147: ASSOCIATED PRESS - Breaking News: How the Associated Press Has Covered War, Peace and Everything Else
J1071Y: SALEM PRESS - Cyclopedia Of Young Adult Authors Volume 3
J1043Y: SALEM PRESS - Great Events from History: Cumulative Index (Milestone Documents in American History)
2MB1184: WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Air Views of Winnipeg
2NP1207: WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Winnipeg Free Press Saturday August 4 1934 Winnipeg Diamond Jubilee Official Celebration and Home Reunion // Winnipeg Exhibition Aug 4th to 11th (Front page)
2MB1589a: WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - A Red Sea Rising: The Flood of the Century
2NP1210: WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Winnipeg Free Press May 7 1945 Front Page Section Nazis Quit
2NP1205: WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - Winnipeg Free Press Tuesday January 21 1936 The Death of King George V Plus Extras
2MB1713: WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - A Red Sea Rising: The Flood of the Century
2MB1589: WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - A Red Sea Rising: The Flood of the Century
2MB1725: WINNIPEG FREE PRESS - The way we live in Manitoba
2FR0185: PRESSBURGER, EMERIC - De Muis Stierf Op Zondag
2CB0173B: PRESTON,CHARLES - Son & Hair
2N1561: PRESTON, JOHN; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly August 1935
2MOV1185: PREW, CLIVE - VW Beetle
PP1116: PRICE, E. HOFFMANN - Short Stories June 1948.
E4748: PRICE, MARCELLE - Bruce Finds A Friend
I3255: PRICE,MARGARET EVANS - Mother Goose Book of Rhymes
A6655: PRICE,ELEANOR C - Stories From French History
2I1391: PRICE,ELEANOR C. - The Adventures of King Arthur
5FIC4721: PRICE,BRUCE D - Ralph
2L4847: PRICE, ALAN AND SABINE - Sally and The Colour Pixies
2E3160: PRICE, MARCELLE - Bruce Finds A Friend
2E2949: PRICE, EVADNE - Jane the Patient
2MB1195: PRIES, G. D. - A Place Called Peniel
2MB1038: PRIES, GEORGE DAVID;WINKLER BIBLE INSTITUTE - A Place Called Peniel: Winkler Bible Institute, 1925-1975
3RR0153: PRIEST,J T - Songs For The New Before We Read
HIS0074J: PRIESTLEY,J B - Prince of Pleasure and his Regency
2LIT8088: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - Angel Pavement
2N2589: PRIESTLEY, J.B.; SANBURG, CARL; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly March 1947
RR1533: PRIMER: - Maple Leaf Primer For Canadian Little Folks
J1130Y: PRIMM, E. RUSSELL - Favorite Children's Authors and Illustrators: Verna Aardema to Ashley Bryan Second Edition: Volume One
2MB1252: PRINGLE, JIM - United We Stand : A History of Winnipeg's Civic Workers
2PB15753: PRINS, PIET - The Mystery of the Three-Fingered Villain
2POT0731: PRIOR, MATTHEW; BICKLEY, FRANCIS - The Shorter Poems of Matthew Prior (The Abbey Classics XIX)
2T1723: PRITCHARD,ELIZABETH - The Jays to the Rescue
2RR1129: PRITCHARD,F H - Once Upon a Time
3E0084: PRITCHARD,F H (ADAPTED BY) - The Children's Sindbad
2LIT17463: PRITCHARD, JAMES ( EDITOR) - The Ancient Near East (Volume I and II):An Anthology of Text and Pictures. A New Anthology of Texts and Pictures
2HST1009: PRITCHARD, R. TELFRYN (TRANS.) - The History of Alexander's Battles (Histori de Preliis -- The J1 Version)
2L5083: PROBST, PIERRE - Rusty Goes To School
2OC0425: PROCHERA, TIFFANY - A Candle at Both Ends : Thoughts of Inspiration for the Beginning and Ends of the Day
2POT0672: PROCTER, ADELAIDE A. - Legends and Lyrics
3I0058: PROCTOR,CAROL - White Magic Mystery on Every Page The First Book
2W0074: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - The Aristocats
2W0109: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - The Aristocats
3L0013: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Robin Hood and the Daring Mouse
2W1998: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Bedknobs and Broomsticks
2BP1656: B-A SERVICE PRODUCTS - Alberta, British Columbia
3R0207: PROGRAM - Rustic Rhythms Souvenir Program
3R0208: PROGRAM - David Bowie Serious Moonlight Tour '83
3MB0048: WINNIPEG BALLET PROGRAM - The Winnipeg Ballet of Canada (1953)
3MB0049: WINNIPEG BALLET PROGRAM - The Royal Winnipeg Ballet of Canada Presents It's Seventeenth Season 1956 1957
5ART1112: ART SHOW PROGRAM - Eli Ilan Sculpture 15.10.74 - 1.11.74
2TM0553: PROGRAM - "Goodbye Mr. Chips" Souvenir Program
2SP0710: GAME PROGRAM - Jets: Official Magazine of the Winnipeg Jets March 4, 1990
2TM0925: PROGRAM - M.G.M. Proudly Brings to the Screen William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (Program)
2TM0929: PROGRAM - Fred Coe and Arthur Cantor Present Dane Clark and Margaret O'Brien in A Thousand Clowns (Program)
2TM0933: PROGRAM - Iemoto Tokuho Azuma Japanese Dances Program
2SP1243a: SPORTS PROGRAM - CFL Program Toronto Argonauta Vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers Salad Bowl July 29 1963
2R3764: PROGRAM - Presenting Conway Twitty Program
2SP1242: SPORTS PROGRAM - CFL Program British Columbia Lions Vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers October 11 1958
2SP1244: SPORTS PROGRAM - CFL Program Calgary Stampeders Vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers 1956
2RE3082: THE COMMITTEE ON PROGRAMME AND LITERATURE OF THE NATIONAL BOYS WORK BOARD - Creative Leadership for Mentors and Workers with Boys
2MOV1258: PROGRAMME - Winnipeg Centennial Air Show St. Andrews Airport August 17th & 18th 1974
2I3345: GRIMM BROTHERS; PROPPER, ERICA (TRANSLATION) - Little Red Riding Hood Retold By Manuela Lazzara Pittoni and Ester Piazza
2FIC3258: PROSE,FRANCINE - Animal Magnetism
5FIC2742: PROSSER, W. H. - Nine to Five
E4132: PROTHEROE,ERNEST - The Book of Ships
5E1035: PROTHEROE,ERNEST - Friar Tucks First Term
2E1571: PROTHEROE, ERNEST - Myddleton's Treasure
E1993: PROTHEROE - Honour Against Odds
2S1364: PROUDFOOT, JIM - Pro Hockey '73-'74
3CC1590: PROUT,GEOFFREY & RUTLEY,C BERNARD ET AL - Young People's Own Annual Volume II
2E1883: PROYSEN, ALL - Mrs Pepperpots Second Omnibus: Mrs Pepperpots Year & Mrs Pepperpot in the Magic Wood & Mrs Pepperpots Outing
2ER0511: PRUITT, DONALD - First Flush of Youth
5BP1010: PRYCHODKO,NICHOLAS - Moscow's Drive For World Domination
2V6200: PRYCHODKO, NICHOLAS - Good-bye Siberia
NC0007: PRYDE,DUNCAN - Nunaga Ten Years of Eskimo Life
7FIC0031: PRYDE, HELEN W. - McFlannel Family Affairs
8A0006: PRYOR, ADEL - Free of a Dream: A Nurse's Story
5A1062: PRYOR,ADEL - Out of the Night
2R5659: RH VALUE PUBLISHING - Elvis: The Illustrated Record
2COL0573: RH VALUE PUBLISHING - Whole World Stamp Catalog
2NON1198: RH VALUE PUBLISHING - Pictorial History of the World's Great Trials
2ARCH0416: DAAB PUBLISHING - House Design
ACT0189: PUCCINI, GIACOMO - Turandot
2WAR0510: PUGSLEY, WILLIAM H. - Sailor Remember
5E1478: PULLEN,A M - ever a Childs Book of Joy
2L4034: WHERE IS THE POKY PUPPY - Lowrey, Janette Sebring
2POT0711: PURNELL, C. W. - The Modern Arthur and Other Poems
5LIT1944: PUSKIN,ALEXANDER - Selected Works in Two Volumes Volume Two Prose Works
2ARCH0283: PUTNAM, ROBERT E;PUTNAM, R.E.;CARLSON, G. E.;BURKE, ARTHUR E. - Architectural and Building Trades Dictionary: Third Edition
V2350SF: PUTNEY,SUSAN K. - Against Arcturus
5FIC1750: PUTNEY,WALTER K - Team Work in Colonial Days
2MB0994: PUTT, NEAL - Place Where the Spirit Lives : Stories from the Archaeology and History of Manitoba
2FIC4520: PUZO, MARIO - The Family
5ART1326: PYE, MICHAEL; FORSYTH, DEREK; - The Pirelli Calendar Album: The First Twenty-Five Years
E4938: PYKE, MAGNUS - Nothing Like Science
I1020: PYLE, HOWARD - Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
2CM0417: PYLE,HOWARD ET AL - Little Folks The Children's Magazine November 1922 Including Paper Doll Page
3A0031: PYLE, HOWARD - Twilight Land
2CL1067: PYLE, HOWARD - The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
2CM0418: PYLE,HOWARD ET AL - Little Folks The Children's Magazine December 1922 with Paper Doll Page
5HA1021: MONTY PYTHON - The Brand New Monty Python Bok (Tits 'n Bums, a Weekly Look at Church Architecture)
2M0362: MONTY PYTHON - Monty Python's Gift Boks: Big Red Book/ The Brand New Monty Python Papperbok
2H1127: MONTY PYTHON - The Fairly incomplete and Rather Badly Illustrated Monty Python Song Book with Complete Instructions on How to Play the Piano
2TRA0231: QUAESTOR ( W. BYFORD-JONES) - Vagabonding Through the Midlands
2I1348: QUAIL, DAVE - The Little Lion
2RR0650: QUANCE, FRANK - The Canadian Speller Book Two Grades VII to IX
2RR0948: QUANCE,FRANK M - The Canadian Speller Book One Grades II to VI
2RR0949: QUANCE,FRANK M - The Canadian Speller Book One Grades II to VI
2CF1677: QUARRINGTON, PAUL - The Ravine
V6663: QUEEN, ELLERY - The Murderer Is A Fox
2A0388: QUEEN, ELLERY, JR. - The Red Chipmunk Mystery
2MY0230: QUEEN, ELLERY - A Multitude of Sins
2V3301: QUEEN, ELLERY - The Vanishing Corpse
2MY8376: QUEEN, ELLERY - The Brown Fox Mystery
2PP2314: QUEEN, ELLERY ET AL - Ellery Queen's Anthology Fall-Winter 1981, Vol. 42
3MY0026: QUENTIN,PATRICK - Run To Death
2A4465: HALL-QUEST, OLGA - Wyatt Earp, Marshal of the Old West
5FIC2532: LE QUEUX,WILLIAM - The Lady in the Car
2FIC17171: LE QUEUX, WILLIAM - The Devil's Carnival
5MY2415: QUICK,DOROTHY - The Fifth Dagger
2ART0373: QUIGLEY, JANE - British Artists: Prout and Roberts
2LIT0366: QUINCEY,THOMAS DE - Joan of Arc / The English Mail Coach
6LIT2000: DE QUINCEY,THOMAS ET AL - Tait's Edinburgh Magazine Bound Volume January 1837 to December 1837
EH0104: QUINN, VERNON - Beautiful Canada
USA0063: QUINN,VERNON - Beautiful America
2Z8715: QUINN,SEABURY - The Devils Bride
2ER0374: QUINN, ROBERTA - Free and Loose
2Z38502: QUINN, SEABURY - The Adventures of Jules de Grandin
5I2068: QUINTON, LESLIE - The Lucky Coin and Other Folk Tales Canadians Tell
2TM1130: DIONNE QUINTUPLETS - Souvenir View Book of Quintland (Dionne Quintuplets) and Northern Ontario with Original Envelope
M0134: QUIRK, LAWRENCE J - Davis,Bette-The Passionate Life Of CR1990
2H0838: QWAK, ARTHUR AND ERIC GRATIEN - Saisons Voraces: Le Soleil Des Loups 3
2V5871: BURNETT W.R. - Tomorrow's Another Day
5V2070: ALEX R - Laugh #1 It's Good For You
2ART0627: RAALTE, SHARON VAN (DESIGN); BUTLER, JACK (PHOTOGRAPHY) - Needlecraft of the Baker Lake Artists: 1974 Engagement Calendar
2FL0098: RABELAIS - OE Uvres Complete
2LIT6949: RABELAIS - The Works of Rabelais
2ART2021: RACHLEFF, OWEN S. - Rembrandt's Life of Christ
I1788: RACHLIS,EUGENE - The Golden Book of Horse Stamps
I2521: RACHLIS, EUGENE - Indians of the Plains
2H0462: RACHLIS, EUGENE - The Golden Stamp Book of Horses
2TV0691: RACINA , THOM - Quincy, M.E.
TRAV0027: RADCLIFFE, C.W. - Middlesex: The Jubilee of the County Council 1889-1939
V5132: RADDALL, THOMAS H. - Roger Sudden
W0687: RADFORD - Sandra Of The Girl Orchestra
W0687A: RADFORD - Sandra Of The Girl Orchestra
2SM0001LRG: RADFORD, DAVE (WORDS); MUSIC BY RICHARD A. WHITING - It's Tulip Time In Holland: Two Lips are Calling Me
2A0884: RADFORD, RUBY LORRAINE - The Mystery of the Bradley Pearls
2TM1243: CBC RADIO - Behind the Scenes With Colgate's Radio Stars Featuring The Happy Gang Plus Colgate Coloring Contest Coloring Book
2PD0024: GILDA RADNER - Gilda Radner : Cut-Out Paper Doll Book
3EH0051: RAE,W FRASER - Newfoundland To Manitoba A Guide To Canada's Maritime, Mining and Prairie Provinces
PU0385: RAE, SHONAGH - Morris's Magic Glasses A Pop-Up Adventure
PU0385A: RAE, SHONAGH - Morris's Magic Glasses A Pop-Up Adventure
2EH0135: RAE,W. FRASER - Newfoundland To Manitoba
2ER0267: RAE, SHANA - Open Legs
2BP1354: RAE,AL - I've Fallen in Love and I Can't Get Up
2EH0991: RAE, BOB - From Protest to Power: Personal Reflections on a Life in Politics (Signed Copy)
2CF0978: RAE, JAMES PENMAN (EDITOR) - Poets of Canada 1969
2EH1822: RAFFAN, JAMES - Wild Waters - Canoeing Canadian Wilderness Rivers
2R0527: RAGAN, DAVID (EDITOR) - Johnny Cash: His Life Story (Collector's Issue)
5I1302: RAGZ, M. M. - Lost Little Angel
3BP0306: CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAYS - Camp Craft and Woodlore
HC0163W: RAINE,WM MACLEOD - Run of the Brush
HC0164W: RAINE,WM MACLEOD - Mavericks
V5039: RAINE,WM MACLEOD - Gunsiight Pass
V5413: RAINE, WILLIAM MACLEOD - The River Bend Feud
WE0144: RAINE, WILLIAM MACLEOD - A Man Four-Square
2WE0934: RAINE, WILLIAM - Clattering Hoofs

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