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6TRA2006: LEWIS,CLINTON & CAMPBELL,J D (EDITORS) - The Canadian Oxford Atlas
2CL5257: LEWIS, C S - The Chronicles of Narnia vol II (2): The Horse and His Boy, The Magicians Nephew, The Last Battle, The Lion of Judah in Never-Never Land
2PB26059: LEWIS, C. S. - The Chronicles of Narnia Set (The Magician's Nephew / The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe / The Horse and His Boy / Prince Caspian / Voyage of The Dawntreader / The Silver Chair / The Last Battle)
2FIC4381: LEWISOHN,LUDWIG - Stephen Escott
7A0069: LEWITON, MINA - Rachel and Herman
2I0982: LEXAU, JOAN M. - The Rooftop Mystery
2PP2161: LEY, WILLY; ET AL - Galaxy Magazine July 1954
5I1108: LEYDENFROST,ROBERT - Did Anyone See My Elephant
5MM1125: LEYLAND,ERIC; SCOTT CHARD,T E - Unter Hawk Skyway Detective Comet Round the World
6E2015: LEYLAND,ERIC - Crash Landing
7SP0013: LIBBY, BILL - Great Stanley Cup Playoffs
2S0181: LIBBY, BILL - Rocky The Story of a Champion
POT0203J: LIBBY,M.F. - Selected Poems of William Wordsworth
R4492: LIBERACE - The Liberace Story
2X0389: THE EARL OF LICHFIELD (FORWARD) - The Country Life Book of Queen Elizabeth II A Golden Anniversary Tribute
2X0444: THE EARL OF LICHFIELD (FOREWARD) - The Country Life book of Queen Elizabeth II A Golden Anniversary Tribute
2WAR2033: LIDDLE, PETER;BOURNE, JOHN;WHITEHEAD, IAN - The Great World War 1914-1945: Vol 1 Lighting Strikes Twice; Vol 2 Who Won? Who lost?
5NON1069: LIEBERMEISTER,KARL - Infectious Diseases Part II
2S1455: LIEDERMAN, EARLE - Secrets of Strength
2HST0924: LIEPMANN, HEINZ - Fires Underground: A Narrative of the Secret Struggle Carried on By the Illegal Organizations in Germany Under Penalty of Death
RE0256LRG: LIFE - The World's Great Religions
2R5960: EDITORS OF LIFE - LIFE The Rolling Stones: 50 Years of Rock 'n' Roll
5WAR1013: LIFTON, ROBERT JAY, - Home from the War: Vietnam Veterans: Neither Victims Nor Executioners.: Vietnam Veterans: Neither Victims Nor Executioners.
3EH0060: LIGHTHALL,WILLIAM DOUW - Songs of the Great Dominion Voices From the Forests and Waters, The Settlements and Cities of Canada
SF1098: LIGHTNER,A M - The Space Olympics
A6167: LIGHTON,R E - Out of the Strong A Bushveld Story
A6619: LILJENCRANTZ,OTTILIE A - The Scrape That Jack Built
TC0114: MACLEOD'S LIMITED - Factory-to-farm Catalogue No 106 Fall and Winter 1926-7
TC0116: MACLEOD'S LIMITED - Macleod's Spring and Summer Catalogue 1929
2ART2051: ROTHMANS OF PALL MALL CANADA LIMITED - Aspects of Realism / Aspects du Réalisme
2BP0631: THE WORCESTER ROYAL PORCELAIN COMPANY LIMITED - Royal Worcester: The Worcester Royal Porcelain Company Limited
CC0914: LINBURGH,CHARLES A & LYONS,RONALD S & OTHERS - Collins' Aircrafy Annual
2POT0778: LINCOLN, ELLIOTT C. - Rhymes of a Homesteader
2A4584: LINCOLN, NATALIE SUMNER - The Blue Car Mystery
2I2302: LINDBERGH, CHARLES A. (TOLD BY ALICE DALGLIESH) - Ride On the Wind from the Spirit of St. Louis
2N1539: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW. KENNEDY, JOHN F.; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly January 1954
A4795: LINDE,GUNNEL - The Invisible League and the Royal Ghost
2PSY0314: LINDEN, RICK - Criminology : A Canadian Perspective (Third Edition)
5FIC4788: LINDER,NORMA WEST - The Lemon Tree
2FIC4068: LINDER, NORMA ELOISE WEST - Woman in a Blue Hat
E4780: LINDGREN, ASTRID - Pippi in the South Seas
F2681: LINDGREN,ASTRID - Pippi in the South Seas
2F0078: LINDGREN, ASTRID - Pippi in the South Seas
2I1773: LINDGREN, ASTRID - Simon Small Moves In
2PB12455: LINDGREN,ASTRID - Mardies Adventures
2I4401: LINDMAN, MAJ - Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and the Big Red Hen
2I4404: LINDMAN, MAJ - Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the Seven Dogs
2I6502: LINDMAN, MAJ - Flicka, Ricka, Dicka
5ART1070: LINDNER,E - In Retrospect the Years 1963 - 1977
2D0070: LINDQUIST, WILLIS (ADAPTED FROM THE MOTION PICTURE BY) - Walt Disney's Littlest Outlaw Stamp Book
T4455: LINDSAY,FRED - Mouse Mountain
2A1483: LINDSAY,VACHEL - Johnny Appleseed
2NC0267: LINDSAY, A. M. - The Light of Yesterday: A Pictorial History of Life in Northeastern Manitoba During the 1920's
2E0713: LINES, KATHLEEN (COMPILED BY - A Ring of Tales
2I2123: LINES,KATHLEEN - The Ten Minute Story Book
5S1219: LING, NILS - True Blue
2S0111: LING, NILS - True Blue: An Inside Look At A Champion Season
2S1336: LING, NILS - Trueblue: An Inside Look at a Championship Season (Winnipeg Blue Bombers) (Signed Copy)
3CC0015: LINGSTROM,FREDA (EDITOR) JOHNS,CAPT W E ET AL - BBC Children's Annual 1956 (with Biggles story)
5FIC4174: LINKLATER,ERIC - Husband of Delilah
J1442: LINZMAYER, OWEN W. (ED.) - Desktop and Portable Systems: Second Edition
I2878: LIONNI,LEO - Swimming
2ART0488: LIPMAN, MARCI AND LOUISE - Twenty Painters Twenty Painting: Contemporary Canadian Art
2ART0489: LIPMAN, MARCI; LIPMAN, LOUISE - Images, Contemporary Canadian Realism
2ART1747: LIPMAN, JEAN;WINCHESTER, ALICE;WHITNEY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART - The Flowering of American Folk Art 1776-1876
2PSY0631: LIPPERT, JULIUS - The Evolution of Culture
T4744: LIPPIINCOTT, JOSEPH WHARTON - Striped Coat The Skunk
T4745: LIPPIINCOTT, JOSEPH WHARTON - Persimmon Jim The Possum
T4751: LIPPIINCOTT, JOSEPH WHARTON - Long Horn Leader of the Deer
2I4669: LIPPMAN, PETER - The Amazing Travels of Ingrid Our Turtle By Land! Sea! Sky! Space!
2FIC4187: LIPPMANN, JULIE M - Making Over Martha
2N1470: LIPPMANN, WALTER; MAUGHAM, SOMERSET; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly February 1948
3SM0060: LISCOMBE,ARTHUR C - Kentucky Babe
2ART1679: LISS, DAVID; MATIJCIO, STEVEN - Shaan Syed : Crowds and Constellations
2L5738: NO AUTHOR LISTED - Tom, Tom The Piper's Son
2I5510A: NONE LISTED - The Sweet Briar Story Book
2I5120: LISTER, ROBIN - The Odyssey
2TRA0577: LITTELJOHN, BRUCE - Sea Within: The Gulf of St. Lawrence
2EH0424: LITTELJOHN, BRUCE M. AND DREW, WAYLAND - Superior : The Haunted Shore
E4986: LITTLE,SYLVIA - On With The Show
2I1675: LITTLE, JEAN - Gruntle Piggle Takes Off
2CN0716: LITTLE, JEAN - Dear Canada: Exiles from the War: The War Guest Diary of Charlotte Mary Twiss, Guelph, Ontario, 1940
2I4436: LITTLE, JEAN; ZIMMERMANN, WERNER - Pippin the Christmas Pig
2CN0712: LITTLE, JEAN; ELLIS, SARAH - Dear Canada: Orphan at By Door; A Prairie as Wide as the Sea (Box Set)
2SB0345: LITTLE, JEAN - Lost and Found
6E0060: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Fanny and the Monsters
2WAR1117: LORD RUSSELL OF LIVERPOOL - The Trail of Adolf Eichmann
NH0114: LIVINGSTON, JOHN AND LISTER SINCLAIR - Darwin and the Galapagos
R4314: LIVINGSTON, JAY AND RAY EVANS - Buttons and Bows sheet music from the movie "The Paleface"
5D1043: LIVINGSTON,ALAN - Walt Disneys Three Little Pigs (audio book)
2V1918: LIVINGSTON, HAROLD E - The Coasts of the Earth
2LIT0379: LIVINGSTONE,SIR RICHARD - On Speaking The Truth
RF0114PB: LKING,KEN - How I Pick Winners
2FIC3018: LLEWELLYN,SAM - Blood Knot
5NON1055: LLOYD,LYLE L. (EDITED BY) - Communication Assessment And Intervention Strategies
2EH0371: LLOYD, TANYA - Yukon
2EH0883: LLOYD, TANYA (TEXT) - Ontario
2FIC10365: LLOYD, JOHN URI - Warwick of the Knobs
2Z37044: LLYWELYN, MORGAN - Brendan
2Z2132: LLYWELYN,MORGAN SCOTT,MICHAEL - Silverhand The Arcana Book 1
2ART1568: LOATES, MARTIN GLEN;JAMES, ROSS D. - Birds of North America
2ART2000: LOATES, GLEN - Birds of North America
2TC0001: LOBLAWS - Lucky Green Stamps Beautiful New Catalogue
2TC0002: LOBLAWS - Lucky Green Stamps Beautiful New Catalogue
2WAR2055: LOCHNER, LOUIS ( EDITOR) - The Goebbeles Diaries
2MOV1554: LOCHTE, ARTHUR - Modelmania 6 - Mitsubishi A6M Zero
2NF0725: LOCKER, MARILYN; WHITE, NANCY - Investigating Tadpoles Set (Six Student Copies, One Teacher's Copy, and One Big Book)
2LIT7669: LOCKHART, JOHN GIBSON - The History of Napoleon Buonaparte
5FIC3957: LOCKWOOD,ETHEL - Miracle on the Mountain
5RM1110: LOCKWOOD,ETHEL - Mistress of the Manor
2L3375: LOCKWOOD, HAZEL - The Golden Book of Birds
2ER0370: LODGE, CHUCK - California Cooze
2ER0371: LODGE, CHUCK - California Cooze
2MB1395: LODGE, R. C. (ED.); MEMBERS OF THE TEACHING STAFFS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA AND ITS AFFILIATED COLLEGES - Manitoba Essays: Written in Commemoration of the Sixtieth Anniversary of The University of Manitoba
T3842: LOFTHUS, MARGUERITE - Rinda Daughter of Rin-Tin-Tin
2T4177: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's Zoo
T2653: LOFTING,HUGH - Doctor Dolittle Treasury
T4731: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's Garden
T4733: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's Circus
8T0012: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's Zoo
5T1553: LOFTING,HUGH - Le Cirque Du Docteur Dolittle
2T0834: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's Circus
2T4180: LOFTING, HUGH - The Story of Doctor Dolittle
2T4153: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's Garden
2HST0060: LOKE, MARGARETT - The World As It Was : Photographic Portrait 1865 - 1921
V5393: LOMAX, BLISS - Gunsmoke and Trail Dust
2WE0658: LOMAX,BLISS - The Fight for Sweetwater
2WE0660: LOMAX,BLISS - Call for a Gunfight
A5108: LONDON, JACK - The God of His Fathers (and other stories)
T3714: LONDON, JACK - The Call of the Wild and Other Stories
3C0175: LONDON,JACK - Classics Illustrated No 91: The Call of the Wild
T4668: LONDON,JACK - The Story of Lazy Bush-Tail
3C0890: LONDON, JACK - Classics Illustrated 85 The Sea Wolf
2L0971: LONDON, JANE - The Musical Toy Parade
6RE1030: LONDON, JR. H.B - Overcoming Weariness in the Pastorate Pastor to Pastor: Audio Book
2FIC17704: LONDON, JACK - The Night Born
FIC0656: LONDON, JACK - The God of His Fathers and other stories
2T8220: LONDON, JACK - The Call of the Wild
F1566: LONG, HELEN BEECHER - How Janice Day Won
A4651: LONG, JOHN C - Soldier for the King
2RR0290: LONG, MORDEN H. - Knights Errant of the Wilderness
2Z0301PB: LONG, FRANK BELKNAP - This Strange Tomorrow
2V2161: LONG, AMELIA R - The Corpse Came Back
2EH0272: LONG,J ROBERT - Canadian Politics
5A1969: LONG,HELEN BEECHER - Janice Day the Young Homemaker
5HST1141: LONG,FREDA M - The Lion and the Lily
2CN0739: LONG, MORDEN H. - Knights Errant of The Wilderness
2EH2045: LONG, W. H. - Fort Pelly Journal of Daily Occurences 1863
2I4890: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Courtship of Miles Standish
2LIT7609: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Hanging of the Crain
2LIT18200: LONGFELLOW, HENRY W. - The Courtship of Miles Standish
3C0577: LONGFELLOW - Classics Illustrated No 92 Longfellow's The Courtship of Miles Standish
I3299: LONGFELLOW,HENRY W - Paul Revere's Ride
2POT1074: LONGFELLOW - The Poetical Works of Longfellow
3C1667: LONGFELLOW - Classics Illustrated No 92 The Courtship of Miles Standish and Eveangeline
2H0657: LONGFORD,ELIZABETH - Winston Churchill
2NH0251: LONGRIGG, ROGER - The History of Horse Racing
2FIC10251: LONGSTREET, STEPHEN - The Lion at Morning
2ART1628: LONGSTREET, STEPHEN (INTRODUCTION) - The Drawings of Daumier
6A0105: LONGSTRETH, T. MORRIS - Trouble Guaranteed
6A0156: LONGSTRETH, T. MORRIS - Gallows Rock
2TRA0016: LONGSTRETH, T MORRIS - To Nova Scotia
5EH1380: LONGSTRETH,T MORRIS - In Scarlet and Plain Clothes
2LOOK0059: MAGAZINE; EDITORS OF LOOK - LOOK Magazine October 27, 1959
2LOOK0060: MAGAZINE; EDITORS OF LOOK - LOOK Magazine December 1, 1942
A6377: VAN LOOM,HENDRIK WILLEM - Thomas Jefferson
B0471: LOOMIS, REX - Zip Saunders King of the Speedway
2HL1836: LOOMIS, ALFRED L. M.D. - Lessons in Physical Diagnosis
2HST0016: VAN LOON, HENDRIK WILLEM - The Story of America
5USA1050: VAN LOON,HENDRIK - America
2A1794: VAN LOON,HENDRIK WILLEM - Thomas Jefferson
3E0058: VAN LOON, HENDRIK WILLEM - Ancient Man
2A5203: VAN LOON, HENDRIK - The Story of Mankind
2V0652: LOOS, ANITA - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
2FIC5004: LOOS, MARY & DURANTY, WALTER - Return to the Vineyard: A Novel of a Village Reborn
2TRA0098: LOPEZ, BARRY - Arctic Dreams
V0223M: LORAC, E.C. - Murder by Matchlight
R4240: LORD, WALTER AND ANTON KARAS - The 3rd Man Theme (The Harry Lime Theme)
V3583: LORD, WALTER - A Night to Remeber
2TC0006: LORD,JUDY - The Arctic Trading Co
2WAR0436: LORD, WALTER - Lonely Vigil: Coastwatchers of the Solomons
2FL0095: LORENZO, ANTONIO - Calendarios Mayas: Uso E Interpretacion
H3595: LORIA, JEFFREY H (WITH CHARLES SCHULZ COMICS) - What's it All About,Charlie Brown? Peanuts Kids Look at America Today
BUC0019: LORIMER, GEORGE HORACE - Old Gorgon Graham: More Letters from a Self-made Merchant to His Son
3RM0008: LORING,EMILIE - My Dearest Love
2ER0497: LORING, JACKIE - Veronica
5MY1352: LORTZ,RICHARD - Lovers Living Lovers Dead
3BP0196: LOSOVSKY,A - The International Council of Trade and Industrial Unions
2V6314: LOTAN, YAEL - Pahedryl
5FIC4734: LOTHAR,ERNST - The Clairvoyant
2CN0088: LOTTRIDGE,CELIA BARKER - Ticket to Curlew
EH0031: LOTZ, JIM - Northern Realities: Canada-U.S. Exploration of the Canadian North
MOV0067: LOTZ, JIM - Canadian Pacific
2AR0012: LOTZ,J R - The Dawson Area a Regional Monograph
2BG2969: LOTZ, PAT AND JIM ( EDITORS) - Pilot Not Commander
2L2111: LOU, BETTY - Sesame Street Sherlock Hemlock and the Great Twiddlebug Mystery or the Mystery in the Terrible mess in My friend's Front Yard
2EH0218: LOUGHEED, PETER; SHERNOFSKY, SARI - Calgary : Harnessing the Future (Urban Tapestry Ser.)
2LIT8079: STEVENSON. ROBERY LOUIS - The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
R2991: GOODNIGHT MY LOVE - Stowaway Sheet Music
6AB2002: LOVECRAFT,H P - Dark Adventure Radio Theatre Presents At The Mountain of Madness
6AB2001: LOVECRAFT,H P - Dark Adventure Radio Theatre Presents The Shadow of Innsmouth
6AB2003: LOVECRAFT,H P - Dark Adventure Radio Theatre Presents The Shadow Out of Time
2MY1851: LOVEJOY, JONATHAN GASH - The Gondola Scam/ The Sleepers of Erin/ Firefly Gadroon
2A0718: LOVELACE, DELOS W. - King Kong
2LIT8114: LOVER,SAMUEL - Handy Andy : A Tale of Irish Life
2S3087: LOVERRO, THOM - The Rise & Fall of ECW: Extreme Championship Wrestling (WWE)
6NON0009: LOVETT, R. - James Gilmour and His Boys
2E3314: LOVETT, RICHARD - Tamate: The Life and Adventures of a Christain Hero
2R0765: LOVITT, CHIP - The Great Rock and Roll Photo Quiz Book
3HL1485: LOWDERMILK, DEITRA LEONARD - Maternity & Women's Health Care
MOV0102: LOWE, J NORMAN - Canadian National in the East ( Volume Two )
2L0304: LOWE, EDITH - Fluffy is Lost
2W1573: LOWE,VIOLA RUTH - 365 Bedtime Stories
5L1051: LOWE,EDITH - The Little Town on the Hill
5L1281: LOWE,EDITH - The Wee Kitten
PO0017: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - The Poetical Works of Lowell
2PB7587: LOWELL, MELISSA - Rinkside Romance (Silver Blades Super Ser., No. 1)
2PB7593: LOWELL, MELISSA - Rival Roommates (Silver Blades Ser., No. 21)
2PB7596: LOWELL, MELISSA - A Leap Ahead (Silver Blades Ser., No. 17)
2PB7607: LOWELL, MELISSA - More Than Friends (Silver Blades Ser., No. 18)
2N0794: LOWERY, BEN (EDITOR) - The Manitoba Liberal Vol. 1 No. 2
2NON0161: LOWNDES,WILLIAM S - International Library of Technology 494: Estimating Building Costs
TC0107: VOGT-SCHILD LTD - Official Catalogue of Swiss Watch Repair Parts Part One
RF0151: TORONTO JEWLLERS' SUPPLY COMPANY LTD - Your Guide To The Best In Swiss Mainsprings
6TC2003: MIDDLETON & CO LTD - Middleton & Co Ltd Catalogue for 1940
2TC2005A: MIDDLETON & CO LTD - Middleton & Co Ltd Catalogue for 1939
2TC0039: MANITOBA SPORTING GOODS LTD. - Manitoba Sporting Goods Ltd.: Hunting Fishing Golfing and Outing Equipment Catalogue, 1954
2I6586: EDITORS OF PUBLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL LTD. - Elmo & Friends (My First Look and Find)
6TC2012: PARIS PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT LTD - Playgrounds From Paris
2YA0866: LU, MARIE - The Young Elites (A Young Elites Novel)
2YA0967: MARIE LU - The Rose Society (A Young Elites Novel)
2I5684: LUBLY, AUNTIE - Playtime Pictures: A Delightful Picture Book from Real Photographs
R3980: LUCAS, CLARENCE (WORDS) AND BREIL, JOSEPH CARL - The Perfect Song Sheet Music
H2967: LUCAS,GEORGE - Return of the Jedi Book and Record
H2970: LUCAS,GEORGE - Droid World The Further Adventures
H3134: LUCAS,GEORGE - Star Wars: THe Empire Strikes Back
3LIT0047: LUCAS,E V - Down The Sky
H2969B: LUCAS,GEORGE - Return of the Jedi The Ewoks Join The Fight
CC1268: LUCAS,S BERESFORD & DRAPER,BEN ET AL - Adventure Stories
H3915: LUCAS,GEORGE - Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace (Deluxe Theatre Program)
2FIC4316: LUCAS,E V - Luck of the Year
3CC0102: LUCAS,S BERESFORD &GUMLEY,F W ET AL - Thrilling Stories For Boys
5E1406: LUCAS,ANNIE - Leonie a Tale of the Franco Prussian War and of the Siege of Paris
5I2131: LUCAS, E.V. - Playtime & Company
2CC0320: ANNUALS; LUCAS, S. BERESFORD & PROUT, GEOFFREY - The Schoolboys Adventure Book
5ER1081: LUCCHESI,ALDO - Muscle
2Z11942: LUCKETT, DAVE - A Dark Victory (Tenabran Trilogy Book Three)
2AB0347: LUDLUM, ROBERT - The Robert Ludlum Value Collection (Audio Book): The Bourne Identity/ the Bourne Supremacy/ the Bourne Ultimatum
CF0340PB: LUDWIG, JACK - Above Ground
2MM0197: LUDWIG, CHARLES - Radio Pals Fight the Flood
5BG1572: LUDWIG,EMIL - Goethe the History of a Man
5FIC4373: LUDWIG, CHARLES - Queen of the Reformation
5CF1376: LUDWIG, JACK - Confusions (signed copy)
2ART2093: LUDWIG, COY L. - Maxfield Parrish
2S1236: LUKOWICH, ED ; FOLK, RICK - The Winnipeg Team Curling Book With for Beginners and Experts
2N1529: LULL, RODERICK; WEEKLY, ERNEST; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly March 1934
2HL1867: LUMB, N.P.L. - The Urethroscope in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Urethritis
RF0142: LUMM, EMMA GRIFFITH - The New American Speaker, Elocutionist and Orator
3PSY0017: LUNDOLA,KWAME - Black Sexual Power
2A0139: JO EVALIN LUNDY - Seek the Dark Gold (The Land of the Free Ser.)
2NF0721: LUNIS, NATALIE; WHITE, NANCY - Bugs All Around Set (Six Student Copies, One Teacher's Copy, and One Big Book)
2NF0723: LUNIS, NATALIE - A Closer Look Set (Six Student Copies, One Teacher's Copy, and One Big Book)
2NF0724: LUNIS, NATALIE - Investigating Your Backyard Set (Six Student Copies, One Teacher's Copy, and One Big Book)
A6125: LUNN,JANET - Shadow in Hawthorn Bay
2I6803: LUNN, JANET; MOORE, CHRISTOPHER - The Story of Canada: The Beginning
2CN0709: LUNN, JANET - Dear Canada: A Rebel's Daughter: The 1837 Rebellion Diary of Arabelle Stevenson Toronto, Upper Canad
J1123Y: LUO, JING - China Today: An Encyclopedia of Life in the People's Republic Volume One: A-L
2NF0647: LUPO, TAMAR - BMX (Extreme)
2E3293: LUPTON, JOYCE - The Seekers
2CB1070: LURIE,RANAN R - Luries Worlds 1970 - 1980
5FIC3996: LURIE,MORRIS - Flying Home
5SB1002: LURIE,MORRIS - Running Nicely and Other Stories
2PP0004DET: LURVEY, DIANA - Front Page Detective 1978 August
2N1530: LUTES, DELLA T.; LEVIN, HARRY; ET AL - The Atlantic Monthly March 1935
5A1289: LUTTRELL, WANDA - Home on Stoney Creek
PP1322: GILES A. LUTZ, LLOYD KEVIN, ETAL - Ranch Romances 1954, first May issue
2NF0535: LUXENBERG, ALAN - The Palestine Mandate and the Creation of Israel 1920-1949 (The Making of the Middle East)
2HL1835b: LUYS, DR. GEORGE - A Treatise on Cystoscopy and Urethroscopy
2WAR1260: LUZZATTO, SERGIO A.;RANDALL, FREDERIKA T. - The Body Of Il Duce: Mussolini's Corpse And The Fortunes Of Italy
FIC0508: LYALL, EDNA - In the Golden Days
2OC0483: LYLE, JANE - Tarot
2L5276: LYLE, BONNIE - Kittens Grow up to be Cats
2PU0106: LYNCH, NANCY - The Old-Fashioned Garden : Four Delightful Pop-Up Plans
5FIC2218: LYNDE,FRANCIS - The Wreckers
5E1373: LYNN,ESCOTT - Knights of the Air
2A0458: LYON, WINIFRED BEATTY - Who Did It? (A Readingtime Book)
2V1173: LYON, DANA - Spin the Web Tight / the Tentacles
HB0388: LYONS,C P - Milestones on Vancouver Island
2BG0189: LYONS,EUGENE - David Sarnoff
2Z38717: LYONS, STEVE - Killing Ground (Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures)
7E0057: LYTTLE, GERALD R. - Curlews at Culver's Cove
2E0706: LYTTLE,GERALD R. - Curlews At Culver's Cove
2HST0906: LYTTLE, W.G. (REPRINTED BY) - Betsy Gray or Hearts of Down: A Tale of Ninety-Eight
2T0741: LYTTLE, RITA - Pony Madness
7F0016: LYTTLETON, KAY - Jean Craig in New York
HB0353: LYTTON - The Last of the Barons
2LIT0329: LYTTON , BULWER - The Last of the Barons
2LIT3044: LORD LYTTON - Eugene Aram
2A1458: STEER M. - Seven Scams Solve A Mystery
2RR1581: DELURY MA, ALFRED T - Intermediate Algebra
6A0134: MABEN, CHARLOTTE - Romance of the Cumberlands
A5611: MABIE, HAMILTON WRIGHT - Myths Every Child Should Know
6A0068BRD: MABIE, HAMILTON W. (EDITOR) - World Famed Stories and Legends
2LIT17746: MABIE, HAMILTON ( EDITOR) - Men Who Have Risen. Young Folks' Library in Twenty Volumes. Vol. XVII
2V6112: MACADLE, DOROTHY - The Uninvited
2A0922: MACALVAY, NORA TULLY - Cathie Stuart
2BG0431: MACARTNEY,WILLIAM N - Fifty Years a Country Doctor
3CC0364: MACAULAY,LORD & TENNYSON,LORD ET AL - Ballads of Famous Fights
2LIT7689: MACAULAY, LORD - Miscellaneous Essays Vol. 2
2LIT18342: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON - The History of England Volume II
2LIT18328: LORD MACAULAY - Miscellaneous Essays
2HST1352: MACAULAY, LORD - Critical and Historical Essays Contributed to the Edinburgh Review
2BP2013: MACAULEY, WARD - Pat's Matrimonial Venture
2CC0413: MACBETH, R.G. (EDITOR) - The Trail Makers Boys' Annual Volume One 1920
2TP8503: MACDONALD, JAKE - With the Boys: Field Notes on Being a Guy
AR0014: MACDONALD, JOHN (EDITOR) - Memorial Windows & Stitchery
2MB1790: MACDONALD, GRAHAM - A Good Solid Comfortable Establishment: An Illustrated History of Lower Fort Garry
NH0103: MACDONALD, MALCOLM - The Birds of Brewery Creek
WE0038: MACDONALD, WILLIAM COLT - The Six-Gun Melody
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TM3008: MAGAZINE - TV Radio Mirror 69
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TM3011: MAGAZINE - TV Radio Mirror 69
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TM3018: MAGAZINE - TV Radio Mirror 70
TM3019: MAGAZINE - :TV Radio Mirror 70
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TM3024: MAGAZINE - TV Radio Mirror 70
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TM3756: MAGAZINE - New Liberty
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2S2650: MAGAZINE - Wrestling Picutre Book Winter 1975
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2HA2212: MAGAZINE - Skin Rock Sex to Sexty No. 35
2PP2802: MAGAZINE - Unknown October 1940
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H2409: MAGAZINE - John Russell TV Guide(07/25/59)
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SS0197: MAGAZINE - Sports Illustrated 1956 July 9
SS0230: MAGAZINE - Sports Illustrated 1998 Winter (swimsuit issue)
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SS0232: MAGAZINE - Sports Illustrated 1997 Winter (swimsuit issue)
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3M0006: MAGAZINE - Stage The Magazine of After-Dark Entertainment January 1938
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CM0398: MAGAZINE - Barbie Talk Halloween/Thanksgiving Issue 1971
CM0399: MAGAZINE - Barbie Talk Valentine Issue 1972
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M3915: MAGAZINE - Top Secret April 1961
M3916: MAGAZINE - Top Secret April 1961
M3919: MAGAZINE - Lowdown March 1961
M3921: MAGAZINE - Inside Story September 1960
2HM0641: MAGAZINE - The RBCC No. 144 July 1978: Rocket Black Comic Collector
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LIFE0494: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine July 30, 1965 Cover : Mickey Mantle
LIFE0495: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine June 25, 1956 Cover: Mickey Mantle
LIFE0500: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine April 28, 1958 Cover: Williw Mays
LIFE0503: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine March 6, 1964 Cover: Cassius Clay
LIFE0504: MAGAZINE - Life Magazine December 18, 1964 Cover: Elizabeth Taylor

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