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397: SPIRLET M., - Etude taxonomique des épidermes foliaires des Hyperciacées et des Guttiféracées du bassin du fleuve Congo
59677: SPRAGUE DE CAMP L., - L'anello del tritone
13289: SPRINGER V.G., - Additions to revisions of the blenniid fish genera Ecsenius and Entomacrodus, with descriptions of three new species of Ecsenius
15353: SPRINGER V.G., - Synopsis of the tribe Omobranchini with descriptions of three new genera and two new species (Blenniidae)
15245: SPRINGER V.G., LAVETT SMITH C. & FRASER T.H., - Anisochromis straussi, new species of protagynous hermaphroditic fish, and synonymy of Anisochromidae, Pseudoplesiopidae, and Pseudochromidae
7827: SPRINGER V.G., - The Indo-Pacific Blenniid fish
60377: SPRINGSTEEN F.J. & LEOBRERA F.M., - Shells of the Philippines
59128: SPROVIERI R., - Distribuzione dei foraminiferi bentonici nei trubi di Bonfornello (Palermo)
54932: SQUIRES R.L., - Middle Pliocene dragonfly nymphs, Ridge Basin, Transverse Ranges, California In 8vo, offp
18280: SRILAKSHMI G., - The hyprobanchial gland in Morula granulata (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia)
26708: ST. JOHN H., - Revision of the genus Pandanus Stickman, part 33: Further accounts of Australian species, and a key to the section Microstigma
26672: ST. JOHN H., - Revision of the genus Pandanus Stickman, part 34: Four species from the Philippines
29251: ST. JOHN H., - Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 28: The Australian Species Published by Robert Brown
29250: ST. JOHN H., - Revisio of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 23: Three Australian Species of Pandanus
28203: ST. JOHN H., - Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 21: The Pandanus monticola Group in Queensland, Australia + Revision of the Genus Pandanus Stickman, Part 22: A new species (Section Hombronia) from New Caledonia
59475: STABLEFORD B.M., - Dark Nebula
57150: STAGNIGTTA A., - La fondazione medievale della psicologia
34464: STAHL E.H., - Rabbits for profit and pleasure
51269: STANISLAV KOSTLIVY - Der tägliche Temperaturgang von Wien Hohe Warte für die Gesammtheit aller Tage, sowie an heiteren und trüben Tagen 36 pages, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 4
51374: STANISLAV HANZLIK - Die räumliche Verteilung der meteorologischen Elemente in den Zyklonen
51337: STANISLAV HANZLIK - Die räumliche Verteilung der meteorologischen Elemente in den Antizyklonen
57698: STANLEY S.M., - L'evoluzione dell'evoluzione - un nuovo calendario per l'origine delle specie
31073: STARK P., - Beiträge zur Kenntnis des Traumatotropismus
27992: STARK P., - Das Resultantengesetz beim Haptotropismus
31112: STARK P., - Experimentelle untersuchungen über das Wesen und die Verbreitung der Kontaktreizbarkeit
15824: STARKS E.C., - On a collection of fishes made by P
61399: STARMUEHLNER F. & THEREZIEN Y., - Résultats de la Mission Hydrobiologique Austro-Francaise de 1979 aux Iles de la Guadelopue, de la Dominique et de la Martinique (Petites Antilles) - Part IA: Rapport prèliminaire: Introduction, Méthodes et situation général de l'Ile de Guadeloupe
15215: STARNES L.B. & BOGAN A.E., - The mussels (Unionidae) of Tennessee
30578: STARR JORDAN D., - A review of the fishes of the family Histiopteridae, found in the waters of Japan; with a note on Tephritis günther
9170: STASEK C.R., - The eye of the giant clam (Tridacna maxima)
22994: STATUTI A., - Fauna malacologica della provincia romana - Anodonta anxurensis specie nuova
29775: STAUB M., - Die geschichte des genus Cinnamomum
18529: STAUDER A., - Survey of the Madeiran limnological fauna and their zoogeographical distribution
30483: STAUDINGER H., - Makromolekulare chemie und biologie
60099: STAUFFER J.R., DICKSON K.L., CAIRN J. & CHERRY D.S., - The Potential And Realized Influences Of Temperature On The Distribution Of Fishes IN The New River, Glen Lyn, Virginia
60147: STAUFFER J.R., DICKSON K.L., CAIRNS J. & CHERRY D.S., - The Potential and realized influences of temperature on the distribution of fishes in the New River, Glen Lyn, Virginia
33587: STAUFFERT I., - Vergleichend anatomisch-physiologische Untersuchungen an Chelidonium majus und seiner laciniaten Mutationsform
444: STEARN W.T. & OZHATAY N., - Allium sphaerocephalon and an allied species of European Turkey, Allium proponticum
27847: STEARNS H.T., - Quaternary shorelines in the Hawaiian Islands
7744: STEARNS R.E., - The fossil fresh-water shells of the Colorado desert, their distribution, environment, and variation
61148: STEEL D., - La casa di Hope Street
18318: STEELE D.H. & WHITTICK A., - Seasonal variation in Pilayella littoralis (Phaeophyceae) and its consequences as a food source for the amphipod, Gammarus lawrencianus, in the intertidal of Newfoundland
54501: STEELE E.S., - Can perfumery farming succeed in the United States?
61960: STEER D., - L'occhio del drago
51304: STEFAN KREUTZ - Über die Ausbildung der Kristallform bei Calcitzwillingen 68 pages with 5 plates and 10 illustrations, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 15
23699: STEFANINI G., - Terre eduli esistenti nel Museo Nazionale d'Antropologia di Firenze
55753: STEFANINI G., - Premessa: Notizie sulle formazioni plioceniche e pleistoceniche della Somalia, pag
55904: STEFANINI G., - Molluschi del Giuralias della Somalia, Introduzione - Cefalopodi
57383: STEHLI F.G. & R. E. GRANT, - Permian brachiopods from Axel Heiberg island, Canada, and an index of sampling efficiency, Utah, and Nevada In 8vo, stapled, pp
57535: STEIBECK J., - La battaglia
34919: STEINBECK JOHN, - I pascoli del cielo
54874: STEINDACHNER F., - Ichtthyologische Beiträge (XIX) - Uber die Arten der Gattung Plagioscion Gill (= Diplolepis Steind
45105: STEINDACHNER, F., - Fische aus dem Stillen Ocean
58283: STEINER O, - 100 Jahre Österreichischer Touristenklub 1869 - 1969
10758: STELFOX A.W., - Some notes on the land and freshwater mollusca of Galway and district [Ireland]
6001: STELLA STARRABBA F., - Osservazioni sulla costituzione geologica dell'"isola d'Ustica
60785: STEMPFER S.R., - Über die am 28
34101: STEPAN EDUARD, - 1
51487: STEPHANIE HERZFELD - Ephedra Campylopoda Mey
51398: STEPHANIE HERZFELD - Studien über die Juglandaceen und Julianiaceen 18 pages with 7 plates and 1 illustration, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 3
9175: STEPHEN A.C., - Notes on the biology of some lamellibranchs in the Clyde area
9174: STEPHEN A.C., - Notes on the rate of growth of Tellina tenuis da Costa in the Firth of Clyde
57975: STEPHENSON L.Z., - Some Upper Cretaceous shells of the rudistid group from Tamaulipas, Mexico
35934: STERBA G.H., - Olividae
14241: STERKI V., - A new mollusk of the genus Pisidium from Alaska, with field notes by G
57812: STERLLA P. & RODIN˜ E., - Ricerche sulla variabilità genetica del bivalve Chamelea (Venus) gallina (L)
58804: STERPELLONE L., - Pazienti illusatrissimi (2)
23486: STETSON H., - Terra e radio nel cosmo; Milano, Mondadori In 8vo, tela edit
60568: STEVENSON R.L., - L'isola del tesoro
59442: STEVENSON R.L., - L'isola del tesoro
15505: STEWART K. & GEIGER D.L., - Designation of lectotype for Haliotis crebrisculpta Sowerby, 1914, with a discussion of H
58936: STEYN D.G. & LUSSI M., - CD-Rom: Sea shells on the South African shore
43610: STIGNANI A., - La marca e le politiche commerciali nel settore ortofrutticolo
59860: STIVERS V., - Il sangue nero del vampiro
7347: STIX H. & STIX M., - The shells
24881: STOCKER O., REHM S. & SCHMIDT H., - Der Wasser und Assimilationshaushalt dürreresistenter und dürrempffindlicher Sorten landwirtschaftlicher Kulturpflanzen
19714: STODDART J.A., - Analysis of species lineages of some Australian thiarids using the evolutionary species concept
56690: STODUTI P., - La stazione litica del riparo sotto roccia "Qa-Disi" (Giordania Meridonale)
23047: STODUTI P., - Nuovi ritrovamenti preistorici sulle colline livornesi
23048: STODUTI P., - Un giacimento del Paleolitico Medio scoperto nella valle del torrente Popogna presso Livorno
59864: STOKER B., - Dracula
59177: STOKER B., - Dracula
60801: STOLZ PICCHIO T., - La Leptodora del lago di Varese
54786: STOPPANI A., 1908- - Il bel paese
39762: STORCH P. & SERPAGLI E., - Lower Silurian graptolites from southwestern Sardinia
60375: STOSSICH M., - Beiträge zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der Chaetopoden
41377: STOUGE S. & BAGNOLI STOUGE G., - An upper Llandovery conodont fauna from eastern Hall Land, North Greenland
24768: STRACK H.L., - In memoriam Pieter Kaas (1915-1996)
5655: STRACK H.L., - Notes on New Caledonian chitons I
34509: STRANEO P., - Intorno alla teoria dei quanti
58112: STRANGE T.A., 1(903) - Historical Guide to French Interiors, Furniture, Decoration Woodwork & Allied Arts during the last half of the Seventeenth Century, the whole of the Eighteenth Century, and the earlier part of the Nineteenth, In 4to Hardback red cloth with gilt title to front board, spine with small lacking in low, pp
4128: STRATTON L.W., - The non-marine mollusca of the parish of Dale
14386: STRATTON L.W., - The Mollusca of Hertfordshire
59832: STRAUB P., - Il drago del male
26720: STRAUS L.G., - Excavaciones en la Cueva de la Riera (19676-1979): un estudio inicial
61260: STRAUSS C., - Ginnastica moderna femminile
60049: STREBEL H., - Mollusca 1: Gen
15109: STREIFF W., - Etude endocrinologique du déterminisme du cycle sexuel chez un mollusque hermaphrodite protandre Calyptraea sinensis (L) - I - Mise en évidence par culture in vitro de facteurs hormonaux conditionnant l'évolution du tractus génital mâle
15108: STREIFF W., - Etude endocrinologique du déterminisme du cycle sexuel chez un mollusque hermaphrodite protandre Calyptraea sinensis (L) - III - Mise en évidence par culture in vitro de facteurs hormonaux conditionnant l'évolution de la gonade
60731: STRINDBERG A., - Gli abitanti di Hemso - Il capro espiatorio
31090: STROMGREN T., - Length growth of Mytilus edulis (Bivalvia) in relation to photoperiod, irradiance, and spectral distribution of light
31091: STROMGREN T., - Growth rates of Modiolus modiolus (L
31095: STROMGREN T., - Growth patterns of Mytilus edulis in relation to individual variation, light conditions, feeding, and starvation
27927: STRONG A.M., HANNA G.D. & HERTLEIN L.G., - The Templeton Crocker Expedition [in the Galapagos Islands] of the California Academy of Sciences, 1932 - n° 10 - Marine mollusca from Acapulco, Mexico with notes on other species
8274: STRONG A.M., - Marine mollusca of San Martin Island, Mexico
8275: STRONG A.M., - New species of West American shells
14396: STRONG A.M. & HERTLEIN L.G., - The Templeton Crocker Expedition [in the Galapagos Islands] of the California Academy of Sciences, 1932 - n° 35 -
59153: STROUGO A., - The genus Carolia (Bivalvia: Anomiidae) in the Egyptian Eocene
58052: STRUGSTSKI A. & B., - Passi nel tempo
57670: STURANI E., - Curarsi con le cartoline
53711: STURANY, R. & A.J. WAGNER, - Über schalentragende Landmollusken aus Albanien und Nachbargebieten; 120 p
57407: STURANY R., - W A Obrutschew's Mollusken-Ausbiete aus Hochasien
5662: STURANY R., 1899 - - Catalog der bisher bekannt gewordenen Südafrikanischen Land- und Süsswasse-mollusken
58055: STURANY R., - Ergebnisse einer von Prof
60131: STURGEON T., - Luci e nebbie
54134: STÖHR A., - Über Vorkommen von Chlorophyll in der Epidermis der Phanerogamen-Laubblätter
60115: SUCHARITKUL S., - Aquiliade
34987: SUDERMANN H., - L'isola dell'amicizia
57362: SUESS E., - Einige Bermerkungen über den Mond
46289: SUNDET J. H. & VAHL O., - Seasonal changes in dry weight and biochemical composition of the tissues of sexually mature and immature Iceland scallops, Chlamys islandica
61832: SUPING, Z. & PENG, W., - Cowries and their relatives of China [in Chinese]
30211: SURDAN C.T., - Contribucion rumana al estudio de rickettsiae y para-rickettsiae
42936: SURLYK F. & DIENI I., - The Sardinian connection-brachiopod Meonia semiglobularis (Posselt) links Tethyan and Boreal Maastrichtian
61015: SUSANN J., - Yargo
61098: SUTER H., - Manual of the New Zealand Mollusca
58197: SUTTON R.J., - A Stamp Collector's Encyclopaedia
20716: SUVOROV A.N., - Some aspects of functional morphology of the aperture in the Pupillina suborder (Pulmonata) (in russian with english abstracts)
27996: SUZUKI U., SHIMAMURA T. & ODAKE S., - Ueber Oryzanin, ein Bestandteil der Reiskleie und seine physiologische Bedeutung
59771: SVEVO I., - La coscienza di Zeno
61551: SWEENEY M., ROPER C., MANGOLD K., CLARKE M. & BOLETZKY S., 1992 - - Larval and juvenile cephalopods: A manual for their identification
17169: SWEENEY R., - Garter snakes their natural history and care in captivity
5664: SWENNEN C., - The Netherlands coastal waters as an environment for Nudibranchia
20095: SWENNEN C., - In memoriam dr Ingvar Kristensen, 1918-1996
60101: SWENSON J.E., ALT K. & ENG R.L., - Ecology of bald eagles in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem
61842: SWIFT J., - I viaggi di Gulliver Edizioni CDC
11890: SWITZER-DUNLAP M., - Larval biology and metamorphosis of aplysiid gastropods
58150: SYLVAIN C. - Il Mago di Villa Fiorita
56968: SYSOEV, A. & SCHILEYKO, A. 2009. - I Molluscs in the World Cookery
513: SØNDERGAARD P., - A European community arboretum in Madeira? In 8vo, offp
51369: T. F. HANAUSEK - Untersuchungen über die kohleähnliche Masse der Kompositen
38100: TAASEN J. P. & SAUGESTAD T., - A list of plankton algae, collected in net hauls from Raunefjorden, Western Norway
40816: TABANELLI C., - II contributo alla conoscenza della malacofauna batiale del Pliocene di Romagna: segnalazione del genere Microstelma Adams A
7745: TABANELLI C., - Il genere Ringicula Deshayes, 1838 nei depositi profondi del Pleistocene basale in Romagna
60724: TABUCCHI A., - Si sta facendo sempre più tardi
51182: TAD. GARBOWSKI - Zoologische Ergebnisse IX
59259: TADDEI RUGGIERO E., - Ultrastruttura del guscio di alcuni Spiriferidi triassici
50508: TADDEI RUGGIERI E. & UNGARO T., - Sardorhynchia crassa gen nov, sp nov (Brachiopoda) from Jurassic of Sardinia
61641: TAHAR BEN JELLOUN, - Giorno di silenzio a Tangeri
28637: TAKAHASHI T., ABÉ G., - On the Chemical Composition of Saké
59665: TALAMO G., - Gli ideali del Risorgimento e dell'Unità
39467: TALAVERA J.A., - Redescription and chorology of Dendrobaena lusitana (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae) in Macaronesia
23570: TALMADGE R.R., - A new haliotid from Guadalupe Island, Mexico
56459: TAMARO, S., - Ascolta la mia Voce
34020: TAMINO G., - Note sui cetacei VI: Sullo scheletro di una Globicephala del Museo di Roma, con particolari considerazioni sul cranio di questa e di altre specie di cetacei e di diversi mammiferi
34285: TAMINO G., - Osservazioni sulla bio-meccanica dell'arto anteriore dei Primati
35415: TAMINO G., - Notizie sui cetacei italiani V: Rinvenimento di due esemplari di capodoglio (Physeter macrocephalus L
34282: TAMINO G., - Note sui Cetacei italiani: Rinvenimento di una balenottera nel golfo di La Spezia (9 giugno 1955)
34023: TAMINO G., - Note anatomo-funzionali sui Cetacei
34022: TAMINO G., - Rinvenimento di una Globicephala nel lido di Castelporziano (Roma)
34018: TAMINO G., - Note sui cetacei italiani
34288: TAMINO G., - Sulla locomozione dei canguri
60367: TANGL E., - Die Protoplasma der Erbse
54104: TANGL E., - Die Protoplasma der Erbse
60368: TANGL E., - Die Protoplasma der Erbse - Zweitr Abhandlung
19378: TANNER E.V., - Species diversity and reproductive mechanisms in Jamaican trees
7359: TAPIA G., MARTÍNEZ-LÓPEZ F., CARBONELL-BALDOVÍ & PUJANTE A., - Localizacion anatomica y alteraciones producidas por esporocistos y redias de digenidos en Melanopss dufouri
51013: TARAMELLI E., CHIMENZ C., MUSSINO A., BATTAGLINI G. & BIANCHI F., - I molluschi del porto di Civitavecchia
5670: TARDY J., - Description et biologie de Cerberilla bernadetti, espèce nouvelle de gastéropodes nudibranches de la côte atlantique française
5669: TARDY J., - Description d'une nouvelle espèce de Tritoniidae: Dauvaucelia odhneri, récoltée sur la côte atlantique française
5668: TARDY J., - A propos des espèces de Berghia (Gastéropodes Nudibranches) des côtes de France et de leur biologie
12900: TARDY J., - Première liste concernant la fuane des mollusques nudibranches et ascoglosses sur la côte Nord-Ouest de l'"le de Ré (Charente-Maritime)
12899: TARDY J., - Etude systématique et biologique sur trois espèces d'Aeolidiennes des côtes européennes
12896: TARDY J., - Organogenèse de l'appareil génital du mollusque nudibranche Aeolidiella alderi
37495: TASSI F., - Problemi di conservazione nel campo dell'entemologia
16238: TATTERSAL W.M., - A review of the Mysidacea of the United States National Museum
8585: TATTERSALL W.M., - Notes on the breeding habits and life history of the Periwinkle
24641: TAVARES J.S., - Contributio prima ad cognitionem cecidologiae Regionis Zambeziae
24662: TAVARES J.S., - Primeiro appendice a Synopse das Zoocecidias Portoguezas
31482: TAVIANI M. & TAVIANI N., - Remarks on Coralliophila richardi (P
30641: TAVIANI M., - On the systematic position of Cerithiopsis concinna Sykes, 1925 with description of the new genus Narrimania (Gastropoda: Epitoniidae)
7360: TAVIANI M., - I molluschi marini raccolti dalla spedizione 'L
22538: TAVIANI M., - Nota sul ritrovamento di cinque specie di molluschi (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia) poco conosciuti o nuovi per le acque del Mediterraneo
15291: TAVIANI M., - Tridacne nel Pliocene Italiano? In 8vo, offp
62066: TAXIL L., 1888 (1992) - Storia segreta della Massoneria
57528: TAYLOR P.D., & FOSTER T.S., - Bryozoa from the Plio-Pleistocene of Tobago, West Indies
57527: TAYLOR P.D., WEEDON M.J. & JONES C.G. - Skeletal ultrastructure in some cyclostome bryozoans of the family Lichenoporidae
57526: TAYLOR P.D. & FOSTER T.S. - Bryozoans from the Pliocene Bowden Shell Bed of Jamaica
57519: TAYLOR, P.D. - Late Campanian-Maastrichtian Bryozoa from the United Arab Emirates - Oman border region
57485: TAYLOR, P.D. & GORDON D.P., - Taxonomy of the Cyclostome Bryozoan Liripora McGillivray and Some Related Australasian Taxa
57479: TAYLOR P.D., - Cyclostome systematics: Phylogeny, suborders and the problem of skeletal organization
57480: TAYLOR, P.D. & SEQUEIROS, L., - Toarcian bryozoans from Belchite in north-east Spain
57478: TAYLOR P.D., - Adaptations for spatial competition and utilization in Silurian encrusting bryozoans
57476: TAYLOR P.D., - Charixa Lang and Spinicharixa gen
57475: TAYLOR P.D.,, - Bioimmured ctenostomes from the Jurassic and the origin of the Cheilostome Bryozoa
57470: TAYLOR P.D., - A Jurassic ctenostome bryozoan from Yorkshire
57467: TAYLOR P.D., - The inference of extrazooidal feeding currents in fossil bryozoan colonies
57466: TAYLOR P.D. & VOIGT E., - Hoeverella krauseae gen
57481: TAYLOR, P.D., - Bryozoa from the Jurassic Portland Beds of England
57483: TAYLOR, P.D. & BADVE R.M., - A new cheilostome bryozoan from the Cretaceous of India and Europe: a cyclostome homeomorph
57477: TAYLOR P.D., - Probable predatory borings in late Cretaceous bryozoans
57864: TAYLOR A. C., - Burrowing behaviour and anaerobiosis in the bivalve Arctica islandica (L
59074: TAYLOR A.C. & VENN T.J., - Seasonal variation in weight and biochemical composition of the tissues of the Queen scallop, Chlamys opercularis, from the Clyde Sea area
10776: TAYLOR D.L., - Chloroplasts as symbiotic organelles in the digestive gland of Elysia viridis (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia)
57525: TAYLOR, P. D. & WEEDON, M. J. - Skeletal ultrastructure and affinities of eleid (melicerititid) cyclostomate bryozoans
57473: TAYLOR P.D., & MAWATARI S.G., - Preliminary overview of the cheilostome bryozoan Microporella
57474: TAYLOR P.D.,, - Colony growth pattern and astogenetic gradients in the Cretaceous cheilostome bryozoan Herpetopora
61060: TAYLOR A.J.P., - Le origini della seconda guerra mondiale
12933: TAYLOR D.W., WALTER H.J. & BURCH J.B., - Freshwater snails of the subgenus Hinkleyia (Lymnaeidae: Stagnicola) from the Western United States
34381: TAYLOR W.A., - The influence of refrigeration on the fruit industry
26017: TAYLOR A.C. & VENN T.J., - Seasonal variation in weight and biochemical composition of the tissues of the Queen scallop, Chlamys opercularis, from the Clyde Sea area
15546: TAYLOR D.W., - A new mussel Disconaias conchos (Unionidae) from Rio Conchos of the Rio Grande system, Mexico
58909: TEBBLE N., - British bivalve seashells
61430: TEBBLE N., - British bivalve seashells
60910: TEBBLE N., - British bivalve seashells
59452: TECCHI B., - L'isola appassionata - Con tre nuovi racconti
60649: TEDESCO M.E. & CEI J.M., - Remarks on the taxonomic status of the Argentine subspecies of Pantodactylus schreibersii (Wiegmann, 1834) : (Gymnophthalmidae, Scleroglossa, Squamata)
14377: TEICHERT C., - On the systeamtic position of the genus Discosorus Hall and related genera [Cephalopoda]
37485: TEILLIER S. & MARTICORENA C., - Riqueza floristica del Parque National Laguna San Rafael, XI Region, Chile
57745: TENDEIRO J., - Alguns Ixodideos recolhidos pela Miss‹o Zoologica de Guiné
57749: TENDEIRO J., - Subsidios para vo conhecimento da entomofauna parasitaria de Moçambique
37473: TEOBALDELLI A., - Nuovi rinvenimenti di Macrolepidotteri nel territorio marchigiano
28504: TERRELL J. - Galatea Bay - The excavation of a beach-stream midden site on Ponui Island in the Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand
8278: TERRENI G., - Molluschi conchiferi del mare antistante la costa toscana
59572: TESSIER T., - I fuochi azzurri
13863: TEST A.R., - Description of new species of Acmaea
60855: TESTUD A. M., - Campagne de la Calypso au large des côtes atlantiques de l'Amérique du Sud (1961-1962) - 7 - Mollusques lamellibranches: Arcidae
58679: TETENS T.H., - La nuova Germania e i vecchi nazisti - Prefazione di Segio Segre - Traduzione di Romano Giachetti
32889: TEXEIRA C., - Flora fóssil do Pliocénico do Alfeite [Portugal]
51493: TH. BECKER - VI
62091: THACH N.N. & HUBER F., - A new Amphidromus (Gastropoda, Caemenidae) from Vietnam
30085: THACH N.N., - A checklist of the Vietnamese shelled molluscs
31014: THAYSEN E.H., - Uber den bau und die entstehung der Haustra coli
31895: THELER J.L., - The prehistoric freshwater mussels (Naiades) from Brogley rockshelter in southwestern Wisconsis
51164: THEODOR FUCHS - Studien über Fucoiden und Hieroglyphen 80 pages with 9 plates and 22 illustrations, format 4° Wien, Staatsdruckerei, vorgelegt in der Sitzung am 10
27259: THEROUX R.B. & WIGLEY R.L., - Distribution and abundance of East coast bivalve molluks based on specimens in the National Marine Fisheries Service Woods Hole Collection
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60663: YOSHIHIRO GOTO & GUIDO T. POPPE, - A Listing of Living Mollusca
5806: YOUNG R.E. & ROPER C.F., - A monograph of the Cephalopoda of the North Atlantic: The family Cycloteuthidae
61535: YOUNG R.E., ROPER C.F. & VOSS G.L., - An illustrated key to the families of the Order Teuthoidea (Cephalopoda)
59064: YOUNG G.A., - Response to, and selection between, firm substrata by Mytilus edulis
29733: YOUNG R.E. & ROPER C.F., - The Batoteuthidae, a new family of squid from Antarctic waters
59067: YOUNG J.Z., - Control of movements of the stomach and spiral intestine of Raja and Scyliorhinus
40561: YOUNG C.A., - Variable stars
9258: YOUNG R.E. & ROPER C.F., - A monograph of the Cephalopoda of the North Atlantic: The family Joubiniteuthidae
37311: YOUNG F.B., - Rose Nere
60193: YOURCENAR M., - Con beneficio di inventario
61317: YOURCENAR M., - Come l'acqua che scorre
61749: YOURCENAR M., - Alexis o il trattato della lotta vana
62107: YOURCENAR M., - Memorie di Adriano seguite dai Taccuini di appunti
60194: YOURCENAR M., - I doni di Alcippe
61321: YOURCENAR M., - Il tempo, grande scultore
57408: YVONNE ROSENBERG-HERMAN, - Étude des sédiments quaternaires de la Mer Rouge
60916: Z. SUPING, Z. JUNLONG & C. ZHIYUN, - Mollusks of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea (In chinese with Latin names)
59573: ZACH H., - Chi erano gli dei dell'uomo
61204: ZAFON C.R., - L'ombra del vento
61750: ZAGREBELSKY G., - Il 'Crucifige!' e la democrazia
449: ZAHARIADI C.A., - Cinq espèces du genre Ornithogalum (Liliaceae) trouveés en Grece
451: ZAHARIADI C.A., - Quelques taxons rares ou nouvellement découverts de la flore de la Grèce (II partie)
10895: ZAHL P.A. & BOSWELL V.R., - The magic Lure of sea shells
54021: ZAHLBRUCKNER A., - Studien über brasilianischen Flechten
58049: ZAHN T., - I figli del potere
61944: ZALAP" A. & ROTOLO M., - Palazzo Comitini
59077: ZAMARRO M., GARCIA-ALVAREZ O. & URGORRI V., - New anatomical and biogeographical data on Solenogastres Cavibelonia from the Gaslician Continental Margin /NW Spain), In 8vo, offp
56454: ZAMPA P., - I cereali dai campi al molino - Guida per la loro conscenza tecnica e valutazione commerciale
57776: ZANETTI A., - Descrizione di un nuovo Eusphalerum delle Alpi orientali e dei monti dell'Europa centrale, con note su E anale (Er) (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae)

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