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7305: JABLONSKI, NINA G. AND PENG YAN-ZHANG (EDITORS) - Primatology in China
4050: JACKSON, DONALD AND SPENCE, MARY LEE (EDITORS) - The Expeditions of John Charles Fremont Volume 1: Travels from 1838 to 1844.
2644: JACKSON, ROBERT T. - Phylogeny of the Echini, with a Revision of Palaeozoic Species
7457: JACKSON, ROBERT TRACY - Studies of Arbacia punctulata and allies, and on non-pentamerous Echini
6147: JACOB, CHARLES AND BOURRET, RENE - Itineraire Géologique dans le Nord du Tonkin.
6377: JACQUES, CLAUDE - Angkor.
2067: JACQUIN, JOSEPH FRANZ ELDEN VON. - Beyträge zur Geschichte der Vögel.
5283: JAMESON, JAMES S. - Story of the Rear Column of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition. Edited by Mrs. J. S. Jameson.
1622: JANE, F.E. - A List of the Vertebrates of Hertfordshire
7346: JANIS, CHRISTINE M. ET AL. (EDITORS) - Evolution of Tertiary Mammals of North America, Volume 1: Terrestrial Carnivores, Ungulates, and Ungulate-like Mammals + Volume 2: Small Mammals, Xenarthrans, and Marine Mammals, in 2 volumes, complete.
6145: JÁNOSSY, D. - Pleistocene Vertebrate Faunas of Hungary.
6040: JAPAN BIRD PROTECTION SOCIETY - Songs of Birds Photo Collection (in Japanese).
5108: JARDINE, WILLIAM - Mammalia: Deer, Antelopes, Camels, etc. + Mammalia: Goats, Sheep and Oxen, etc. (The Naturalist's Library, volumes XXI + XXII), in 2 volumes, complete.
5109: JARDINE, WILLIAM - Mammalia: Lions, Tigers, etc. (The Naturalist's Library, volume XVI).
3660: JARRELL, RANDALL (EDITOR) - Kenneth S. Norris, Naturalist, Cetologist, and Conservationist, 1924-1998: An Oral History Biography.
7315: JEFFS, R. E. AND LITTLE, ELBERT L. JR. - A Preliminary List of the Ferns and Seed Plants of Oklahoma
7131: JENA, I. AND SARANGI, A. - Snakes of Medical Importance and Snake-Bite Treatment
2272: JENNINGS, OTTO E. - A Manual of the Mosses of Western Pennsylvania
6613: JEPPE, BARBARA - South African Aloes.
6150: JERMSAWATDI, PROMSAK - Thai Art with Indian Influences.
4939: JERMY, A. CLIVE AND KAVANAGH, KATHRYN (GUEST EDITORS) - Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak: An Account of its Environment and Biota being the results of the Royal Geographical Society / Sarawak Government Expedition and Survey 1977-1978, Part I.
6678: JOHNSGARD, PAUL A. - The Pheasants of the World.
2727: JOHNSON, GEORGE L. - Contributions to the Comparative Anatomy of the Reptilian and Amphibian Eye, chiefly based on ophthalmological examination
3148: JOHNSON, WALTER - Gilbert White: Pioneer, Poet, and Stylist
7371: JOLLY, CLIFFORD J. - The Classification and Natural History of Theropithecus (Simopithecus) (Andrews, 1916): Baboons of the African Plio-Pleistocene
7006: JONES, DARRYL N., DEKKER, RENÉ W. R. J. AND ROSELAAR, CEES S. - The Megapodes: MegaPodiidae (Bird Families of the World)
6243: JONES, FREDERIC WOOD - Man's Place among the Mammals.
6463: JONES, FREDERIC WOOD - The Principles of Anatomy as Seen in the Hand.
5881: JONES, OWEN - The Grammar of Chinese Ornament: Selected From Objects in the South Kensington Museum and Other Collections.
6617: JONES, DAVID L. - Palms throughout the World.
7153: JONES, LAWRENCE AND LOVICH, ROBERT (EDITORS) - Lizards of the American Southwest: A Photographic Field Guide
5059: JONSGARD, AGE - Biology of the North Atlantic Fin Whale, Balaenoptera physalus (L): Taxonomy distribution and food.
5061: JONSGARD, AGE - Recent Investigations concerning Sound Production in Cetaceans.
4049: JORDAN, DAVID STARR - Reports by Wm. Gouverneur Morris, Ivan Petroff, C.H. Townsend, F.W. True, J.J. Brice and Leonard Stejneger on Internal Resources of Alaska and the Fur-Seal Fisheries of the North Pacific Ocean.
6291: JORDAN, DAVID STARR - The Days of a Man: Being Memories of a Naturalist, Teacher and Minor Prophet of Democracy (the signed limited edition), in 2 volumes, complete.
4914: JOZEFIK, MIECZYSLAW - Studies on the Squacco Heron, Ardeola ralloides (Scop.). Part II: Secular changes in the numbers and distribution in the Palearctic range.
6998: JULIE M. RAY AND KNIGHT, JAMES L. - The Venomous Snakes and their Mimics of Panama and Costa Rica / Las Culebras Venenosas y sus Mímicas de Panamá y Costa Rica.
5909: JUMSAI, M. L. MANICH - History of Thailand and Cambodia from the days of Angkor to the present.
5673: JUNAK, STEVE ET AL. - A Flora of Santa Cruz Island.
7231: JUNIPER, TONY; PARR, MIKE - Parrots: A Guide to Parrots of the World
3076: JUSSIEU, A.L. - Mémoire sur le Grewia, genre de plantes de la famille des Tiliacées
3078: JUSSIEU, A.L. - Mémoire sur le Loasa, genre de plantes qui devra constituer avec le Mentzelia, une nouvelle famille
3079: JUSSIEU, A.L. - Premier mémoire sur quelques nouvelles espèces du genre passiflora, et sur la nécessité d'établir une famille des passiflorées + Second mémoire sur la famille des passiflorées, et particulierement sur quelques espèces nouvelles du genre tacsonia
5804: KALMAN, BELA (PHOTOGRAPHS) AND COHEN, JOAN L. (TEXT). - Angkor: Monuments of the God-Kings.
7600: KAMPEN, P. N. VAN - The Amphibia of the Indo-Australian Archipelago
5882: KAOGU - Kaogu (Journal of Archaeology), 1962 (volume 1) to 1990 (volume 3), issued in 157 separate volumes.
5350: KARPINSKY, A. - Über die Ammoneen der Artinsk-Stufe und Einge mit Denselben Verwandte Carbonische Fromen.
5401: KARPINSKY, A. - Über die Ammoneen der Artinsk-Stufe und Einge mit Denselben Verwandte Carbonische Fromen.
7215: KASTON, BENJAMIN J. - Spiders of Connecticut
5786: KASTON, BENJAMIN J. - Spiders of Connecticut.
5785: KASTON, BENJAMIN J. - Spiders of Connecticut.
3029: KAWAMURA, TOSIZOIRO - Artificial Parthenogensis in the Frog, no. III: The development of the gonads in triploid frogs and tadpoles.
3028: KAWAMURA, TOSIZOIRO - Artificial Parthenogensis in the Frog, no. II: The sex of parthenogenetic frogs.
3445: KAY, GEORGE F. ET AL. - The Pleistocene Geology of Iowa, Parts I-III, complete
7080: KEEGAN, HUGH L. - Scorpions of Medical Importance.
7537: KEELEY, LAWRENCE H. - Experimental Determination of Stone Tool Uses: A Microwear Analysis
5013: KEEN, M. J. AND WILLIAMS, G. L. (EDITORS) - Geology of the Continental Margin of Eastern Canada, in 2 volumes (text + maps), complete.
5086: KELLERMAN W.A., ELLIS, J. B. AND EVERHART, H. M. (EDITORS) - The Journal of Mycology: devoted especially to the study of fungi in their relation to plant diseases, volumes 1-7 (1885-1894), complete.
6457: KELLEY, MARK A. AND LARSEN, CLARK SPENCER (EDITORS) - Advances in Dental Anthropology.
4364: KELLOGG, REMINGTON - Mexican Tailless Amphibians in the United States National Museum.
6082: KEMPERS, A. J. BERNET - Monumental Bali: Introduction to Balinese Archaeology and Guide to the Monuments.
6157: KENNEDY, KENNETH A. R. - God-Apes and Fossil Men: Paleoanthropology of South Asia.
4780: KENNEDY, K. A. R., LOVELL, N. C. AND BURROW, C. B. - Mesolithic Human Remains from the Gangetic Plains: Sarai Nahar Rai.
6328: KHANAICHENKO, N. K. - The System of Equatorial Countercurrents in the Ocean.
6258: KHIN MYO CHIT - A Wonderland of Burmese Legends.
4883: KIEFER, VON FRIEDRICH - Scientific Results of the Yale North India Expedition, Biological Report No. 19: Freilbende Ruderfusskrebse (Crustacea Copepoda) aus Nordwest und Südindien (Pandschab, Kaschmir, Ladak, Nilgirigebirge).
5025: KIERSCH, GEORGE A. (EDITOR) - The Heritage of Engineering Geology; the First Hundred Years.
6412: KIMBEL, WILLIAM H. AND MARTIN, LAWRENCE W. (EDITORS) - Species, Species Concepts and Primate Evolution.
5136: KING, MAX - Species Evolution: The Role of Chromosome Change.
3849: KING, JUDITH E. - The Otariid Seals of the Pacific Coast of America.
5545: KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA - Red Sea Research 1970-1975
2540: KINGDON WARD, FRANK - From China to Hkamti Long
5477: KINGDON, JONATHAN - East African Mammals: An Atlas of Evolution in Africa, Volume 1.
7592: KINGDON, JONATHAN - East African Mammals: An Atlas of Evolution in Africa, Volume I, IIA-B, IIIA-D, complete in 7 volumes
3622: KIRCHNER, O. VON - Blumen und Insekten: Ihre Anpassungen aneinander und ihre gegenseitige Abhangigkeit
5939: KIRTISINGHE, P. - The Amphibia of Ceylon.
7028: KIRWAN, GUY AND GREEN, GRAEME - Cotingas and Manakins
6176: KIYOSU, UKIYASU - Wild Birds of Japan 2.
5729: KIYOSU, YUKIYASU - Birds' Life in Japan, volume II: Birds of the Waterside (=Genshoku Nihon yacho seitai zukan).
5179: KJAERBOLLING, NIELS - Danmarks Fugle (Ornithologia Danica) i 304 Afbildninger af de gamle Hanner + Danmarks Fugle (Ornithologia Danica) i 252 Afbildninger af de dragtskiftende gamle Hanner, samt de fra Hannerne vaesentligt afvigende Hunner og unge Fugle, Atlas Volume with Supplements, 107 hand-colored plates, complete.
4197: KLAAUW, C. J. VAN DER - The Auditory Bulla in Some Fossil Mammals with a general introduction to this region of the skull.
7119: KLAUBER, LAURENCE M. - Rattlesnakes: Their Habits, Life Histories, and Influences on Mankind, in 2 volumes, complete.
7385: KLEE, ALBERT J. - A History of the Aquarium Hobby in America (Special publication of the Guy D. Jordan Endowment Fund of the American Cichlid Association, limited to 300 numbered copies, each signed by the author).
3030: KLEMBARA, JOZEF - The parasphenoid and associated dermal structures of the parabasisphenoid of Alligator mississippiensis (Daudin, 1802)
6546: KLEMENS, MICHAEL W. (EDITOR) - Turtle Conservation.
4640: KLEMMER, KONRAD (EDITOR) - Festchrift on 70th Birthday of Prof. Dr. Robert Mertens.
3025: KLEMMER, KONRAD - Untersuchungen zur Osteologie und Taxionomie der europäischen Mauereidechsen
3976: KLUGE, ARNOLD G. - Higher Taxonomic Categories of Gekkonid Lizards and their Evolution.
3977: KLUGE, ARNOLD G. - Higher Taxonomic Categories of Gekkonid Lizards and their Evolution.
5774: KNER, RUDOLF - Fische der Novara-Expedition.
3217: KOCH, C. - Revision der Tenebrionidengattungen Thalpophila und Rhytinota
7400: KODAMA, MAMORU - Kokugyo, Volume 1 + Kokugyo, Volume 2: Nishikigoi Development, in 2 volumes, in one clamshell box and one slipcases + CD Rom
5677: KOFOID, CHARLES A. AND GRINNELL, JOSEPH (EDITORS) - University of California Publications in Zoology, volume 21, no. 1-18 (1918-1926).
3486: KONINCK, L. G. DE - Faune du Calcaire Carbonifere de la Belgique, Cinquieme Partie: Lamellibranches, 2 volumes (text and atlas), complete
4597: KOPSTEIN, FELIX - De Javaansche Gifslangen en Haar Betekenis voor den Mensch.
7050: KOTHARI, ASHOK S. AND CHHAPGAR, B. F. (EDITORS) - Salim Ali's India.
6024: KOWALL, EARL AND KOWALL, NAZIMA. - Our World in Colour: Sikkim and Darjeeling.
5668: KOWALL, EARL, KOWALL, NAZIMA AND MATHUR, ASHARANI - A Golden Souvenir of Kashmir and Ladakh.
5776: KRÁSA, MILOSLAV - The Temples of Angkor: Monuments to a vanished Empire.
5400: KRAUSE, GEORG - Oologia Universalis Palearctica, 78 parts (complete), in 3 volumes.
2640: KRAUSE, ERNST - Erasmus Darwin. With a preliminary notice by Charles Darwin
7083: KRIEG, WENDELL J. S. - Connections of the Frontal Cortex of the Monkey
5873: KROGH JOHN E. AND TANNER, WILLIAM W. - The Hyobranchium and throat myology of the adult Ambystomidae of the United States and Norhern Mexico.
3567: KRONFELD, PETER C. - The Human Eye in Anatomical Transparencies
2766: KRUIJT, J.P. - Ontogeny of Social Behaviour in Burmese Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus spadiceus).
7142: KUHNERT, WILHELM - The Animal Art of Wilhelm Kuhnert (Deluxe Limited Edition of 450 numbered copies)
5731: KUKO, KEISHIN - Birds.
5326: KUMMEL, BERNHARD - Ammonoids of the Late Scythian (Lower Triassic).
5327: KUMMEL, BERNHARD - Post-Triassic Nautiloid Genera.
7407: KUMMER, HANS - Social Organization of Hamadryas Baboons: A Field Study
6146: KUMMER, BENNO - Bauprinzipien des Säugerskeletes.
7062: KUNDERT, FRED - Fascination: Schlangen und Echsen, Serpents et Lezards, Snakes and Lizards.
5721: KURODA, NAGAHISA - Systematic Zoology, volume 10: Aves
2830: KURODA, NAGAMICHI - A Contribution to the Knowledge of the Avifauna of the Riu Kiu Islands and the vicinity
5778: KURODA, NAGAHISA AND TAKANO, SHINJI - The Picture Book of Birds.
5604: KURODA, NAGAMICHI - A Contribution to the Knowledge to the Avifauna of the Riu Kiu Islands and the vicinity.
1890: KURODA, T., HABE, T. AND OYAMA, K. - THE SEA SHELLS OF SAGAMI BAY, Collected By His Majesty The Emperor of Japan.
5728: KURODA, NAGAHISA - Study of Birds: The Ecology.
5826: KURODA, NAGAHISA - The Bird: Their annual record.
6213: KURODA, NAGAHISA AND TAKASHIMA, HARUO - Color Illustrations of Birds.
6480: KURTEN, BJORN, (EDITOR) - Teeth: Form, Function and Evolution.
6260: KURUP, G. U. - Census survey and population ecology of Bonnet macaque Macaca radiata (E. Geoffroy) in South India.
5092: KUZMIN, S. L. - The Turtles of Russia and Other Ex-Soviet Republics (Former Soviet Union).
3592: L'ART ANCIEN S.A. - Early Books on Medicine, Natural Sciences and Alchemy
6182: LABBE, ARMAND J. - Ban Chiang: Art and Prehistory of Northeast Thailand.
4125: LACHMANN, HERMANN - Die Reptilien und Amphibien Deutschlands in Wort und Bild. Eine systematische und biologische Bearbeitung der bisher in Deutschland aufgefundenen Kriechtiere und Lurche.
1331: LAIDLAW, F.F. - CONTRIBUTIONS TO A STUDY OF THE DRAGONFLY FAUNA OF BORNEO. Part IV. A List of Species known to occur in the island.
7259: LAMBERT, FRANK AND WOODCOCK, MARTIN - Pittas, Broadbills and Asities
4662: LAMBERTON, C. - Contribution à la connaissance de la faune subfosslie de Madagascar: Lémuriens et Ratites (Archaeoindris - Chiromys - Megaladapis - Omoplates des Lémuriens subfossiles - Les Mullerornis), 2 volumes (Text + Plates), complete.
4690: LAMBERTON, C. - Contribution à la connaissance de la faune subfosslie de Madagascar, Note III: Les Hadropithèques.
4691: LAMBERTON, C. - Contribution à la connaissance de la faune subfosslie de Madagascar, Note XVII: Les Pachylemurs, Note XVIII: Le premier métatarsien du Megaladapis edwardsi, Note XIX: Métacarpe du M. edwardsi, Note XX: Membre postérieur des Néopropitheques et des Mésopropitheques, Note XXI: L'angle de divergence fémorale chez les Lémuriens.
4692: LAMBERTON, C. - Contribution à la connaissance de la faune subfosslie de Madagascar: Notes IV - VIII: Lémuriens et Cryptoproctes, 2 volumes (Text + Plates), complete.
4693: LAMBERTON, C. - Contribution à la connaissance de la faune subfosslie de Madagascar: Note IX: Orellie osseuse des Lémuriens.
4698: LAMPERT, R. J. - Burrill Lake and Currarong: Coastal Sites in New South Wales.
2595: LAMY, ÉDOUARD - Révision des Scrobiculariidae Vivants du Muséum d'Historie Naturelle de Paris
6578: LANCINI, ABDEM R. - Serpientes de Venezuela.
3033: LANZA, B. - Notes on the Natural History of Some Minor Galapagoan Islands
4353: LANZA, B. ET AL. - Note Sulla Storia Naturale delle Isole Galapagos.
3754: LATHAM, JOHN - A General History of Birds, 11 volumes, complete with index, bound in 5 thick volumes.
4518: LATIFI, MAHMOUD - The Snakes of Iran.
4303: LAURENT, RAYMOND F. - Tentative revision of the genus Hemisus Günther.
4304: LAURENT, RAYMOND F. - Le genre Leptopelis Günther (Salienta) au Zaïre.
4211: LAURENT, R. F. - Contribution a L'Herpetologie de la Region des Grands Lacs De L'Afrique Centrale. I. Generalites, II. Chelonians, III. Ophidiens.
4898: LAURENT, RAYMOND - Notes sur quelques Reptiles appartenant a la collection du Musée Royal d'Historie Naturelle de Belgique. I. Formes africaines.
4899: LAURENT, RAYMOND - Notes sur quelques Reptiles appartenant a la collection du Musee Royal d'Historie Naturelle de Belgique. III. Formes americaines.
4793: LAURENT, R. F. - A Revision of the Punctatus Group of African Typhlops (Reptilia: Serpentes).
0945: LAURENT, R.F. - Revision du Genre Atractaspis A. Smith
4854: LAURENT, RAYMOND P. - Redescubrimiento de Pithecopus pailonus (Shreve) en Argentina.
4855: LAURENT, RAYMOND P. - Nuevos datos sobre el genero Telmatobius en el Noroeste Argentino con descripcion de una nueva especie de al Sierra del Manchao.
3936: LAURENT, R. F. - Contribution a L'Herpetologie de la Region des Grands Lacs De L'Afrique Centrale. I. Generalites, II. Chelonians, III. Ophidiens.
3914: LAURIE, ALEC H. - The Age of Female Blue Whales and the Effect of Whaling on the Stock.
7539: LAVILLE, HENRI, PHILIPPE RIGAUD, JEAN AND SACKETT, JAMES - Rock Shelters of the Perigord: Geological Stratigraphy and Archaeological Succession
3855: LAWRENCE, BARBARA AND SCHEVILL, WILLIAM E. - The Functional Anatomy of the Delphinid Nose.
4930: LAWRENCE, GEORGE H. M. (EDITOR) - Adanson. The Bicentennial of Michel Adanson's 'Familles des Plantes' (Hunt Monograph Series), volumes 1 and 2, complete.
2649: LAWRENCE, GEORGE H.M. ET AL. - B-P-H Botanico-Periodicum-Huntianum
4931: LAWRENCE, GEORGE H.M. (EDITOR) - Huntia. A Yearbook of Botanical and Horticultural Bibliography, volumes 1 and 2.
3894: LAWS, R. M. - The Foetal Growth Rates of Whales with Special Reference to the Fin whale, Balaenoptera physalus Linn.
3893: LAWS, R. M. - The Foetal Growth Rates of Whales with Special Reference to the Fin whale, Balaenoptera physalus Linn.
3944: LAWS, R.M. - The Southern Elephant Seal (Mirounga leonine Linn.) at South Georgia.
3533: LAWS, R. M. - Reproduction, growth and age of Southern Right Fin Whales.
6369: LAWTON, JOHN H. AND MAY, ROBERT M. (EDITORS) - Extinction Rates.
6415: LE VAILLANT, F. - Second Voyage dans l'Interieur de l'Afrique par le Cape de Bonne Esperance dans les Annees 1783, 84 & 85, in 3 volumes, complete.
7381: LE, XUAN AND CHASSAIN, J. C. - Comment elaborer systematiquement pedagogique une lecon un module: Une application de l'Analyse Comportementale
5237: LE, XUAN DIEM AND VU, KIM LOC - Artefacts of Champa.
5875: LE GRAND (D'AUSSY, PIERRE JEAN-BAPTISTE) - Fabliaux or Tales, Abridged from French Manuscripts of the XIIth and XIIIth centuries, Selected and Translated into English Verse with a preface and notes, in 2 volumes, complete.
5647: LE GROS CLARK, W.E., WOLLARD, H. H., BEATTIE, J. AND ELLIOT-SMITH, G., ET AL. - Collected Works on the Anatomy of Tarsius, Hapale (=Callithrix), Tupaia and Ptilocercus from the Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 10 papers bound in 1 volume.
1213: LEADER-WILLIAMS, N. - Reindeer on South Georgia: the Ecology of an Introduced Population
6507: LEAKEY, L.S.B. AND COLE, SONIA (EDITORS) - Proceedings of the Pan-African Congress on Prehistory, 1947
7239: LEANEY, JEFF AND WILLIAMS, FRANK - The Australian Canary Handbook
6098: LEBAR, FRANK M., HICKEY, GERALD C. AND MUSGRAVE, JOHN K. - Ethnic Groups of Mainland Southeast Asia.
7001: LEBUFF, CHARLES R. - The Loggerhead Turtle in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico.
5443: LECOMPTE, M. - Revision des Tabules Devoniens Decrits par Goldfuss.
7583: LEE, YUNG-JO AND WOO, JONG-YOON (EDITORS) - The 15th International Symposium: Suyanggae and her Neighbors
7585: LEE, YUNG-JO, XIE, FEI AND GAO, XING (EDITORS) - The 16th International Symposium: Suyanggae and her Neighbors in Nihewan, 2011.8.14-21 Yangyuan County, Hebei Province, China
7584: LEE, YUNG-JO AND WOO, JONG-YOON (EDITORS) - The 15th International Symposium: Suyanggae and her Neighbors
7589: LEE, YUNG-JO AND LEE, SEUNG-WON (EDITORS) - The First Human Intelligence efflorescing on Stone: Paleolithic excavations for the past five years in central Korea
7586: LEE, YUNG-JO, XIE, FEI AND GAO, XING (EDITORS) - The 16th International Symposium: Suyanggae and her Neighbors in Nihewan, 2011.8.14-21 Yangyuan County, Hebei Province, China
7587: LEE, YUNG-JO ET AL. (EDITORS) - The 13th International Symposium for Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of Suyanggae Excavation: Suyanggae and her Neighbours in Kyushu
7588: LEE, YUNG-JO AND CHO, TAE-SOP (EDITORS) - Paleoenvironment et Culture Paleolithique de la Region Jungwon, Coree - 2004 French Paleolithic Workshop
5841: LEGGE, W. V. AND KEULEMANS, J. G. - Yellow-eared Bulbul and Orange-billed Babbler Hand Colored Plate
6611: LEIGH, E. G., STANLEY RAND, A., AND WINDSOR, D. M. (EDITORS) - The Ecology of a Tropical Forest: Seasonal Rhythms and Long-term Changes.
4885: LEIGHTON, GERALD - Huxley: His Life and Work.
6378: LEMAIRE, CHARLES - Iconographie Descriptive Des Cactees, 1841-1847.
6237: LEME, ELTON M. C. - Nidularium: Bromeliads of the Atlantic Coast.
0761: LEMÉE, A. - Dictionnaire Descriptif et Synonymique des Genres de Plantes Phanérogames, Volume VIII b: Plantees Dicotyledones
6683: LEMOS-ESPINAL, JULIO A. AND SMITH, HOBART M. - Anfibios y Reptiles del Estado do Coahuila, Mexico / Amphibians and Reptiles of the State of Coahuila, Mexico.
6684: LEMOS-ESPINAL, JULIO A. AND SMITH, HOBART M. - Anfibios y Reptiles del Estado do Coahuila, Mexico / Amphibians and Reptiles of the State of Coahuila, Mexico.
7166: LEMOS-ESPINAL, JULIO A., ET AL. - The Family Xenosauridae in Mexico (La Familia Xenosauridae en Mexico)
3213: LENG, CHARLES W. AND MUTCHLER, ANDREW J. - Supplement 1919 to 1924 (inclusive) to Catalogue of the Coleoptera of America, North of Mexico
5768: LERNER, MARTIN - Ancient Khmer Sculpture.
5578: LEROI-GOURHAN, ANDRÉ - Préhistoire de l'art Occidental.
5641: LESSARD, G. AND CHOUINARD, A. (EDITORS) - Bamboo Research in Asia: Proceedings of a Workshop Held in Singapore, 28-30 May 1980.
5767: LESSER, FRIEDRICH CHRISTIAN - Testaceo-Theologia, oder Gründlicher Beweis des Daseyns und der vollkommnesten Eigenschaften eines Göttlichen Wesens, aus natürlicher und geistlicher Betrachtung der Schnecken und Muschelen, zur gebuhrenden Verherrlichung des grossen Gottes.
3291: LEUTHNER, FRANZ - Monograph of the Odontolabini, a subdivision of the Coleopterous family Lucanidae
5560: LEVINE, LOUIS (EDITOR) - Genetics of Natural Populations: The Continuing Importance of Theodosius Dobzhansky.
6552: LEVITON, A. E.; ANDERSON, S. C., ADLER, K. AND MINTON, S. - Handbook to Middle East Amphibians and Reptiles including Iraq, Kuwait, Southwestern Iran and Northeastern Arabia.
7206: LEWIS, GEORGE ""SLIM"" AND FISH, BYRON - I Loved Rogues: The Life of an Elephant Tramp
5229: LI, ZHENCHANG ET AL. - Amphibians and Reptiles of Guangdong.
7015: LI, CHUAN-KUEI - The Paleogene Mammals of China.
7164: LICHTENBELT, WOUTER VAN MARKEN - Energetics of the Green Iguana, Iguana iguana, in a semi- arid environment
3468: LIGHT, S. F. AND COLLABORATORS - Society Islands Insects
7575: LILLEGRAVEN, JASON A., KIELAN-JAWOROWSKA, ZOFIA AND CLEMENS, WILLIAM A. - Mesozoic Mammals: The First Two-Thirds of Mammalian History
4783: LILLEGRAVEN, J. A. AND MCKENNA M. C. AND KRISHTALKA, L. - Evolutionary relationships of Middle Eocene and younger species of Centetodon (Mammalia, Insectivora, Geolabididae) with a description of the dentition of Ankylodon (Adapisoricidae).
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7417: SIRISENA, W. M. - Sri Lanka and South-East Asia: Political, religious and cultural relations from A.D. c. 1000 to c. 1500
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5209: SLIJPER, E. J. AND UTRECHT, W. L. VAN - Observing Whales: Participation of the Netherlands mariners in the Whale Research Project has proved a great success - after three years, 4500 reports with about 3500 observations.
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7273: SNOW, DAVID - The Cotingas: Bellbirds, Umbrellabirds and Allies
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4703: SOLHEIM II, WILHELM G. AND DERANIYAGALA, S. - Archaeological Survey to Investigate Southeast Asian Prehistoric Presence in Ceylon.
4702: SOLHEIM II, WILHELM G. AND DERANIYAGALA, S. - Archaeological Survey to Investigate Southeast Asian Prehistoric Presence in Ceylon.
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7285: STEVENS, RONALD - Observations on Modern Falconry
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2247: STRAND, EMBRIK - Die Arktischen Araneae, Opiliones und Chernetes
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7058: STULL, OLIVE G. - Variations and Relationships in the Snakes of the genus Pituophis.
7057: STULL, OLIVE G. - Variations and Relationships in the Snakes of the genus Pituophis.
4149: SUBBA RAO, MADIREDDI V. - Conservation of an Endangered King Cobra in Salur Wildlife Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh, India.
6189: SURINGAR, W. F. R. AND SURINGAR, J. V. - Illustrations du Genre Melocactus, in 3 Parts, complete.
6358: SUSMAN, RANDALL L. - The Pygmy Chimpanzee: Evolutionary Biology and Behavior.
5699: SUTCLIFFE, ANTONY - On the Track of Ice Age Mammals.
2552: SUTTON, GEORGE M. - The Exploration of Southhampton Island, Section 2: The Birds of Southhampton Island
5905: SUZUKI, KOUU - Toushiki Zukai Shodo Youketsu (=Methods of Japanese Calligraphy with see-through lettered tissue guards).
7536: SUZUKI, HISASHI AND TAKAI, FUYUJI (EDITORS) - The Palaeolithic Site at Douara Cave in Syria: Report of the Fourth Season of the Tokyo University Scientific Expedition to Western Asia, Part I only
0532: SVETOVIDOV, A.N. - Fauna of the U.S.S.R., Fishes, Vol. II, No. 4, Gadiformes
4453: SWAN, GERRY - A Field Guide to the Snakes and Lizards of New South Wales.
4514: SWEENEY, R.C.H. - Snakes of Nyasaland.
5354: SWEET, W.C., YANG, ZUNYI, DICKINS, J.M. AND YIN, HONGFU (EDITORS) - Permo-Triassic Events in the Eastern Tethys: Stratigraphy, Classification and Relations within the Western Tethys.
2157: SWEET, ROBERT. - Geraniaceæ: The natural order of Gerania. Illustrated by coloured figures and descriptions; comprising the numerous and beautiful mule-varieties cultivated in the gardens of Great Britain, with directions for their treatment, 5 volumes, complete.
1760: SWINTON, W.E. - THE CROCODILE OF MARANSART (Dollosuchus dixoni [Owen]).
4000: SWOBODA, MERRILY K. - The American Rhetorical Career of Louis Agassiz: A Case Study of Transformations in American Science, 1846-1860.
4749: SWYNNERTON, G. H. AND HAYMAN, R. W. - A Checklist of the Land Mammals of the Tanganyika Territory and the Zanzibar Protectorate.
6121: SYMONS, DONALD - Play and Aggression: A Study of Rhesus Monkeys.
7373: SZALAY, FREDERICK S. - Systematics of the Omomyidae (Tarsiiformes, primates): Taxonomy, phylogeny, and adaptations
6681: SZCZERBAK, N.N. AND GOLUBEV, M.L. - Gecko Fauna of the USSR and Contiguous Regions.
5415: SZE, H. C. - Older Mesozoic Plants from the Yenchang Formation, Northern Shensi.
7441: SZEKELY, LADISLAO - Tropic Fever: The Adventures of a Planter in Sumatra
3273: TABERNAEMONTANUS, JACOBUS THEODORUS - Neu Vollkommen Kräuter-Buch, Darinnen über 3000. Kräuter, mit schönen und kunstlichen Figuren, auch deren Underscheid und Würckung, samt ihren Namen in mancherley Sprachen, beschrieben, 3 parts, complete (bound in one thick volume)
6046: TAKAGI, KIYOKAZU - Mountain Birds (in Japanese).
1645: TAKAHASHI, SEIICHI - Terrestrial Snakes in Japan.
6026: TAKANO, TSUYAKO ET AL. - Wild Birds of Japan.
6023: TAKASAKI, BAITAN (EDITOR) - Taika Kacho Kessaku Shu (=Collection of Masterpieces of Flowers and Birds by Great Artists).

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