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125141: BECKER, GEORGE F., - Atlas to Accompany a Monograph on the Geology of The Comstock Lode and the Washoe District.
129776.1: BECKER-COLONNA , ANDREINA LEANZA., - Ancient Egypt: IVth Exhibit of El-Amarna Sculptures and Reliefs From the M.A. Mansoor-El-Amarna Collection.
133094: BECKER, VIVIENNE., - Art Nouveau Jewelry.
100939: BECKER, JAY (WITH AN ESSAY BY LANCE MAYER AND GAY MYERS)., - Henry Ward Ranger and The Humanized Landscape.
133230: GABRIELE FAHR-BECKER., - Wiener Werkstaette 1903-1932 [Subtitle]: (Wiener Werkstatte)
133382: SABINE HAAG; RONALD DE LEEUW; CHRISTOPH BECKER; ET AL., - Winter Marchen: Winter-Darstellungen in der europaischen Kunst von Bruegel bis Beuys.
22398: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 2000.
123546: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 1998.
102779: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 2005.
126942: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 2010.
30076: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 2002.
101684: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 2003.
101558: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 2004.
124169: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 1996.
136912: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 2008.
124171: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 2001.
22128.1: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 1997.
134888: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 2011.
127245: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 2007.
127246: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 1994.
127244: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 1999.
124970: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 2009.
144853: BECKERDITE, LUKE (EDITOR)., - American Furniture 2012.
119455: BECKETT, SISTER WENDY (FOREWORD)., - One Hundred of the Best.
137806: BECKETT, R. B., - Hogarth.
124713: BECKETT, JANE AND ANDREI NAKOV., - Collages and Reliefs, 1910-1945, and Hiller - Heliographs.
118762: BECKMAN, THOMAS., - Milwaukee Illustrated: Panoramic and Bird's-Eye Views of a Midwestern Metropolis, 1844-1908.
14490: BECKMAN, MAX; GRACE BORGENICHT GALLERY., - Max Beckmann: Paintings and Works on Paper.
141806: BECKMANN, MAX., - Max Beckmann: On My Painting.
143476: BECKWITH, ALICE H. R. H., - Victorian Bibliomania: The Illuminated Book in 19th-Century Britain.
141221: BECKWITH, NAOMI., - 30 Seconds Off an Inch.
143144: BECKWITH, CAROL AND ANGELA FISHER., - African Ceremonies (2-vol. set).
124082: BEDARIDA, HENRI., - Parma e la Francia (1748-1789) (2 vols.).
116548: BEDDINGTON, CHARLES., - Canaletto in England: A Venetian Artist Abroad, 1746-1755.
18646: BEDELL, REBECCA AND DEBORAH L. GOODWIN., - On the Beach: Cape Ann People and Places.
141682: BEDELL, REBECCA., - The Anatomy of Nature: Geology & American Landscape Painting, 1825-1875.
137229: BEDFORD, FAITH ANDREWS, ET AL., - The Art of Frank W. Benson: American Impressionist.
122300: BEDIER, JOSEPH AND FLORENCE SIMMONDS (TRANSLATOR)., - The Romance of Tristram and Iseult.
125758: BEDOYA, ROBERTO (EDITOR)., - Organizing Artists: A Document and Directory of the National Association of Artists' Organizations.
35904: BEEBE, MARY LIVINGSTONE AND JAMES STUART DE SILVA AND ROBERT STORR., - Landmarks: Sculpture Commissions for The Stuart Collection at the University of California San Diego.
142660: BEEBE, MARJORIE HARTH., - Art at Pomona, 1887-1987: A Centennial Celebration.
143437: BEECHER, PAMELA., - From the Collection of Dorothy & Herbert Vogel.
23237: BEEH, WOLFGANG., - Historische Mikroskope des Physikalischen Kabinetts im Hessischen Landesmuseum Darmstadt [Subtitle]: Bearbeitet von Kurt Hemmerling und Hanns Feustel
126594: BEEMAN, RICHARD R., - The Varieties of Political Experience in Eighteenth Century America.
126594.1: BEEMAN, RICHARD R., - The Varieties of Political Experience in Eighteenth Century America.
27259: BEER, ALICE BALDWIN., - Trade Goods: A Study of Indian Chintz in the Collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Decorative Arts and Design.
126187: DE BEER, E.S., - The Correspondence of John Locke: Volume I Introduction Letters 1-461.
130920: BEERBOHM, MAX , SIR., - Observations.
126502: BEEREN, WIM., - Correspondence Europe / Correspondentie Europa.
107706: BEETEM, ROBERT N., - Daumier Lithographs: The Human Comedy.
142905: BEGGS, THOMAS., - Art and Magic in Arnhem Land.
130674: BEGGS, THOMAS M., - Alice Pike Barney: Paintings in oil and pastel [Subtitle]: Portraits in Oil and Pastel
103241: BEGUIN, SYLVIE AND MARIO DI GIAMPAOLO AND PHILIPPE MALGOUYRES (CURATORS)., - Disegni Della Donazione Marcel Puech al Museo Calvet di Avignone.
143804: BEGUNOVA, ALLA., - Povsednevnaya Zhizhn' Russkogo Gusara v Tsarstvovanie Aleksandra I / Russian Hussar Life in the Reign of Tsar Alexander I.
117740: BEHL, BENOY K., - The Ajanta Caves: Artistic Wonder of Ancient Buddhist India.
114857: BEHNE, ADOLF., - Heinrich Ehmsen: Mit 48 Bildern, View Abbildungen im Text, Einem Farbbild und einer Umschlagzeichnung.
129711: BEHR, SHULAMITH., - Women Expressionists.
138804: BEHR, CORNELIA., - German Stegmaier.
136769: BEHRENDT, WALTER CURT ., - Modern Building; Its Nature, Problems, and Forms.
119375: BEHRENS, ROY R., - Mary Snyder Behrens: New Work.
116589: BEHRMAN, S. N., - Duveen.
22045: BEHRMAN, S. N., - Duveen.
111133: BEIDERWELL, BRUCE AND JEFFREY M. WHEELER., - The Literary Experience.
144124: BEIER, ULLI., - Thirty Years of Oshogbo Art.
103554: BEISSEL, ETIENNE., - Fra Angelico de Fiesole, sa vie et ses travaux. Traduit de l'allemand et precede d'une introduction, par Jules Helbig.
124127: BEITLER, LORRAINE., - Dreyfus and Zola: A Moment in the Conscience of the World: An Exhibition from the Lorraine Beitler Collection.
116967: BEKAERT, GEERT., - Tadashi Kawamata.
126443: BELAND, MARIO., - Painting in Quebec 1820-1850: New Views, New Perspectives.
113076: BELANGER, MARY (EDITOR)., - Bloomsbury, New Jersey, 1776 - 1976.
139765: BELANGER, PAMELA J., - Maine in America: American Art at The Farnsworth Art Museum.
14105: BELANGER, PAMELA J., - Inventing Acadia: Artists and Tourists at Mount Desert.
141213: BELASCO, DANIEL., - Mad. Sq. Art 2011. Jacco Olivier.
26971.1: BELCHER, JOHN AND MERVYN E. MACARTNEY., - Later Renaissance Architecture In England: A Series of Examples of the Domestic Buildings Erected Subsequent to the Elizabethan Period.
26590.1: BELDEN, LOUISE CONWAY., - Marks of American Silversmiths in the Ineson-Bissell Collection.
136779: BELDEN, LOUISE CONWAY., - The Festive Tradition: Table Decoration and Desserts in America, 1650-1900.
26590: BELDEN, LOUISE CONWAY., - Marks of American Silversmiths in the Ineson-Bissell Collection.
27718: BELDEN, LOUISE CONWAY., - The Festive Tradition: Table Decoration and Desserts in America, 1650-1900.
140184: BELETSKIY, S.V. AND OTHERS., - Spetsial'nyye istoricheskiye distsipliny (Special Historical Disciplines).
143814: BELETSKOY, E.A., - Proyekty i Risunki Arkhitektora V.I. Bazhenova 1737 - 1999, Al'bom Avtotitsiy / Designs and Drawings of the Architect V.I. Bazhenova 1737 - 1799, Album of Halftones.
121228: BELIAKOVA, Z.I., - Nikolaevskiy Dvorets (Nikolayevsky Palace).
125296: BELISLE, JOSEE., - Instants Photographiques: Oeuvres Choisies de la Collection.
125279: BELISLE, JOSEE., - Dons: 1989-1994.
123179: BELISLE, JOSEE., - Rodney Graham.
26001: BELKNAP, WALDRON PHOENIX, JR., - The De Peyster Genealogy.
121428: BELKNAP, REGINALD R., - Wire-Roping the German Submarine: The Barrage that Stopped the U-Boat.
110036: BELL, MICHAEL., - Life Forces: Photographs by Carol Marino.
26219: BELL, LILIAN A., - Plant Fibers for Papermaking.
130316: BELL, ADRIENNE BAXTER (EDITOR)., - George Inness: Writings and Reflections on Art and Philosophy.
111525: BELL, MARVIN (INTRO.)., - After 9/11: Photographs by Nathan Lyons.
111513: BELL, HERBERT C. JR., - Ernest D. Roth.
100191: BELL, SIR CHARLES., - The Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression as Connected With The Fine Arts.
122532: BELL, MARSHALL (EDITOR)., - Fountain Vallery Literary Review: Volume III: Number 2: Spring 1961.
111760: BELL, C.F., - Walker's Quarterly No. 21: Miles Edmund Cotman (1810 - 1858).
120000: BELL, TIFFANY ET AL., - After Matisse.
119999: BELL, TIFFANY ET AL., - After Matisse.
131206: BELL, BERNARD W. (ED.)., - Clarence Major and His Art: Portraits of an African American Postmodernist.
115192: BELL, MICHAEL., - Painters In A New Land.
110317: BELL, TIFFANY., - Denise Green: Resonating.
140111: BELL, ED ; BARBARA AND STEVE BELL., - Zuni: The Art and the People , Volume II.
137649: BELL, RALCY HUSTED., - Art-Talks With Ranger.
141991: BELL, JAMES M. AND ALICE NEEL., - Alice Neel.
130611: BELL, TIFFANY ; GALERIE LELONG., - Sean Scully.
126888: BELL JR., WHITFIELD J.; CHARLES COLEMAN SELLERS, GEORGE B. TATUM., - The Art of Philadelphia Medicine.
119882: BELL, EDWARD PRICE., - The Germans and the Small Nations: An Interview with Lord French.
133738: C.F. BELL., - Liber Studiorum (J. M. W. Turner's Liber Studiorum).
134586: BELL, T. F., - Jacquard Weaving and Designing.
2695: BELL, RALCY HUSTED., - Art-Talks With Ranger.
145199: BELL, A.S., - Thomas Carlyle 1795-1881.
119038: BELLA, CARLO., - Melanesia: Spring 2007.
105069: DE BELLAIGUE, GEOFFREY (GENERAL EDITOR SIR ANTHONY BLUNT)., - The James A. de Rothschild Collection at Waddesdon Manor: Furniture, Clocks and Gilt Bronzes (2 volume set).
129324: BELLAMY, PETER; NEIL PRINTZ., - The Artist Project; Portraits of the Real Art World / New York Artists 1981-1990.
116502: BELLAMY, MICHAEL (EDITOR)., - Three Eyes: The Old Master painting from different viewpoints.
121792: BELLAMY, RICHARD., - George Segal: Girl On A Chair.
118322: BELLENGER, SYLVAIN AND FRANCOISE HAMON., - Felix Duban, 1798 - 1870: Les couleurs de l'architecte.
108936: BELLERBY, GREG., - Arnold Shives: Prints.
107806: BELLESI, SANDRO AND FRANCESCA ROMEI., - Stefano della Bella: un episodio pittorico dimenticato.
126853: BELLESILES, MICHAEL A., - Revolutionary Outlaws: Ethan Allen and the Struggle for Independence on the Early American Frontier.
19576: BELLEVUE, WA: BELLEVUE ART MUSEUM, SEPT. 14 TO NOV. 10, 1985, NINE OTHER DATES., - Hidden Heritage: Afro-American Art, 1800-1950.
24959: BELLEVUE, WA: BELLEVUE ART MUSEUM, SEPT TO OCT 1981, 8 OTHER LOCATIONS., - American Landscape Paintings Selections from the High Museum of Art, Atlanta.
135002: BELLEW, FRANK, ED., - Joe Miller's Jests, with Copious Additions.
128722: BELLEW, PETER., - Karel Appel: Le Grandi Monografie Pittori D'oggi, Collana diretta da Ezio Gribaudo.
117137: BELLEZZA, DARIO., - Pino Reggiani: Il mito delle eta sepolte.
124894: BELLI, GABRIELLA AND ELISA GUZZO VACCARINO., - La Danza delle Avanguardie: Dipinti, scene e costumi, da Degas a Picasso, da Matisse a Keith Haring.
112142: BELLI, GABRIELLA., - Le Stanze dell'Arte: Figure e Immaginni del XX Secolo.
101073: BELLI, GABRIELLA AND PAOLA GIACOMONI AND ANNA OTTANI CAVINA (CURATORS)., - Montagna: Arte, Scienza, Mito da Durer a Warhol.
112142.1: BELLI, GABRIELLA., - Le Stanze dell'Arte: Figure e Immaginni del XX Secolo.
114175: BELLI BARSALI, ISA., - Guida di Lucca: II Edizione Interamente Rifatta.
124915: BELLI, GABIRELLA AND ANNA BERNARDINI., - Arte Povera: Energia e Metamorfosi dei Materiali Opere dalle collezioni del Mart.
133232: GABRIELLA BELLI., - Afro: Il periodo americano / The American Period.
118954: BELLIER, M. EMILE DE LA CHAVIGNERIE., - Notes pour Servir a L'Histoire de L'Exposition de la Jeunesse, qui Avait Lieu, Chaque Annee, a Paris, les Jours de la Grande et de la Petite Fete-Dieu, a la Place Dauphine et sur le Pont Neuf.
30009: BELLINGER (KATRIN) KUNSTHANDEL: LONDON, JUNE 25 TO JULY 12, 1991., - Drawing in Florence, 1500 - 1650.
132508: BELLINGER, ALFRED R., - Catalogue of the Byzantine Coins in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection and in the Whittemore Collection (Volume One, Anastasius I to Maurice, 491-602).
139150: BELLINI, JACOPO AND VICTOR GOLUBEW., - Die Skizzenbucher Jacopo Bellinis, mit einleitung und begleitenden text (Volume I).
136134: BELLINI, PAOLO (EDITOR)., - L'Opera Incisa di Adamo e Diana Scultori.
120697: BELLINI, MARIO WITH ALESSANDRO MENDINI, MICHAEL SORKIN, AND ETTORE SOTTSASS., - Emilio Ambasz: The Poetics of the Pragmatic - Architecture, Exhibit, Industrial and Graphic Design.
124922: BELLION, WENDY., - Citizen Spectator: Art, Illusion, and Visual Perception in Early National America.
14747: BELLMAN GALERIE, NY: DEC. 6, 1983 TO JAN. 28, 1984., - Soutine, 1893-1943.
145063: BELLOC, HILAIRE., - Hills and the Sea.
116211: BELLOLI, JAY., - Molly Burgess.
125358: BELLOLI, ANDREA B.A. (EDITOR)., - The J. Paul Getty Museum Handbook of the Collections.
115330: BELLONZI, FORTUNATO ET AL., - Mostra del Liberty italiano.
137974: BELLONZI, FORTUNATO ET AL., - Arte e Socialita in Italia dal realismo al simbolismo 1865-1915.
133259: BELLOSI, LUCIANO ., - Prospettiva. Rivista di storia dell'arte antica e moderna. Gennaio - Ottobre 2006. 121-124 (I vivi parean vivi . Scritti di storia dell'arte italiana del Duecento e del Trecento ) A tribute compilation to the Writings of Luciano Bellosi.
124110.1: BELLOWS, INA HAYWARD., - Old Mechanical Banks: A Comprehensive Study of the Subject of Mechanical Banks, with Illustrations.
3159: BELLOWS, EMMA., - The Paintings of George Bellows.
124110: BELLOWS, INA HAYWARD., - Old Mechanical Banks: A Comprehensive Study of the Subject of Mechanical Banks, with Illustrations.
112966: BELLOWS, HENRY W., - Historical Sketch of the Union League Club of New York, Its Origin, Organization, and Work 1863-1879.
100147: BELOOF, ROBERT., - The One-Eyed Gunner and Other Portraits: A Book of Poems.
138118: BELOUS, RUSSELL E. AND ROBERT A. WEINSTEIN., - Will Soule: Indian Photographer at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, 1869-74.
119741: BELSHE, MIRELLA MONTI., - Mirella Monti Belshe: Sculpture 2004.
132701: OLIVER JENSEN; JOAN PATERSON KERR; MURRAY BELSKY., - American Album: Rare Photographs Collected by The Editors of American Heritage.
133459: ROSANNA PAVONI (ED); ADRIAN BELTON (TRANSL)., - Reviving the Renaissance: The use and abuse of the past in nineteenth-century Italian art and decoration (Cambridge Studies in Italian History and Culture).
141573: BELTRAMI, LUCA., - "Cose Viste:" ad uso di Amatori d'Arte ed Affini.
141574: BELTRAMI, LUCA., - La "Ca Del Duca" sul Canal Grande ed altre Reminiscenze Sforzesche in Venezia.
129031: BELTRAMI, LUCA., - La Certosa di Pavia: 45 Tavole in Fototipia.
140356: BELTRAMINI, GUIDO ET AL., - Pietro Bembo e l'invenzione del Rinascimento.
16577: BELVO, HAZEL ; WARM., - WARM: A Landmark Exhibition.
16577.1: BELVO, HAZEL ; WARM., - WARM: A Landmark Exhibition.
135336: BELY, ANATOL., - Inspired by the Muses.
106678: BELZ, CARL., - Cora H. Roth: Tapestries of Circumstance.
122098: BELZ, CARL ET AL., - A Private Vision: Contemporary Art from the Graham Gund Collection.
145458: BELZ, CARL., - Frank Stella: Metallic Reliefs.
104335: BELZ, CARL., - The Herbert W. Plimpton Collection of Realist Art.
131294: BELZ , CARL; ., - John Walker: Oceans, Tidepools and Plein Air Paintings.
106662: BELZ, CARL., - Jules Olitski: Matter Embraced, Paintings 1950s and Now.
114077: BELZ, CARL., - Rose Art Museum: Selected 20th-Century Paintings.
113231: BELZER, JUDITH., - Judith Belzer: New Paintings 20 April - 9 June, 2007.
143370.1: BEMAN, LYNN S. (CURATOR)., - 19th-Century Painters and Paintings of Rockland County, N.Y.
143370: BEMAN, LYNN S. (CURATOR)., - 19th-Century Painters and Paintings of Rockland County, N.Y.
615: BEMAN, LYNN S., - Julian O. Davidson, 1853-1894: American Marine Artist.
25239: BEMAN, LYNN S., - Elmer Stanley Hader, 1889-1973: Painter Rediscovered.
130968: BEMELMANS , LUDWIG., - Hansi.
133395: JAN BEMMANN; ET AL., - Steppenkrieger: Reiternomaden des 7.-14. Jahrhunderts aus der Mongolei.
105725: BEMROSE, GEOFFREY., - Nineteenth Century English Pottery and Porcelain.
106335: BEMROSE, WILLIAM., - Longton Hall Porcelain, Being Further Information Relating to This Interesting Fabrique.
105542: BEMROSE, WILLIAM., - Bow, Chelsea and Derby Porcelain.
115033: BEN-AMOS, PAULA., - The Art of Benin.
139494: BEN ZVI, TAL AND YAEL LERER (EDS.) ., - Self Portrait: Palestinian Women's Art.
139960: BENACERRAF, BARUJ., - Son of the Angel.
125992: BENARI, MICHAEL J., - The Third Eye.
130387: BENATI, DANIELE (CURATOR); MICHELANGELO AGOSTINI; FONDANTICO (BOLOGNA, ITALY); ET AL., - Invito al collezionismo : Quattro secoli di dipinti e disegni dal Cinquecento all'Ottocento [Subtitle]: (Series: Incontro con la pittura, 13)
130388: BENATI, DANIELE (CURATOR); MICHELANGELO AGOSTINI; FONDANTICO (BOLOGNA, ITALY); ET AL., - La Gloria Della Pittura Dal Francia Ai Gandolfi [Subtitle]: (Series: Incontro con la pittura, 14)
130506: MORETTI SRL; DANIELE BENATI; ET AL., - The Middle Ages and early Renaissance : paintings and sculptures from the Carlo de Carlo collection and other provenance.
125932: BENATI, DANIELE (CURATOR)., - L'Anima Della Pittura: Dipinti Emiliani Dal XVI al XIX Secolo.
114195: BENAZZI, GIORDANA AND PAOLO VIRILLI., - Filippo Lippi nel Duomo di Spoleto 1467-1469: Notizie dopo il Restauro.
105167: BENAZZI, GIORDANA AND PAOLO VIRILLI., - Filippi Lippi: Nel Duomo Di Spoleto 1467-1469 [Subtitle]: Notizie Dopo il Restauro
130883: BENDANN, D., - Modern Etchers : short biographical sketches of the leading etchers of the present day, 1891.
134121: E. BENDER., - Modern Art Embroideries: Screens, Door Curtains, Table- Piano- and Sofa- Covers, Material for State Sofas and Chairs, Court and Society Robes, Church Embroideries, etc., on Silk, Satin and Plush, copied from the originals / Moderne Kunststickereien: Paravents, Portieren, Tisch-Flugel- und Chaiselonguedecken, Bezuge fur Prachtsopha's und Prunksessel, Kissen, Hof- und Gesellschaftsroben, Kirchenstickereien etc. auf Seide, Atlas, und Plusch.
128643: BENDICK, JEANNE., - The First Book of Space Travel.
100175: BENDINER, KENNETH., - An Introduction to Victorian Painting.
120856: BENDURE, ZELMA AND GLADYS PFEIFFER., - America's Fabrics: Origin and History, Manufacture, Characteristics and Uses.
134550: ERNEST G. RITZMAN; FRANCIS G. BENEDICT., - Nutritional Physiology of the Adult Ruminant (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 494).
134468: FRANCIS G. BENEDICT., - Vital Energetics: A Study in Comparative Basal Metabolism (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 503).
118799: BENEDITE, LEONCE., - Histoire des Beaux-Arts 1800 - 1900: Peintre, Sculpture, Architecture, Medaille et Glyptique - Gravure, Arts Decoratifs en France et a l'Etranger.
120550: BENEDITE, LEONCE ET AL., - The Gospels in Art: The Life of Christ by Great Painters from Fra Angelico to Holman Hunt.
139214: BENEDITE, LEONCE AND ANDRE DEZARROIS., - Theodore Chasseriau: sa vie et son oeuvre, Tome I.
118698: BENEDITE, L. (TRANSLATED BY HENRY BACON)., - Goupil's Salon of 1895 One Hundred Plates - Photogravures and Etchings and One Water Color Fac-simile.
103356: BENEDITE, LEONCE., - Ignacio Zuloaga, 51 illustrations sur papier de grand luxe et une gravure .
127934: BENEDITE, LEONCE., - RODIN: A Series of 60 Photogravure Plates, Printed by Hand on Hand-Made Paper, with an Historical and Critical Introduction and Explanatory Notes.
107913: BENELLI, DANA NICHOLAS., - Jungles and National Landscapes: Documentary and the Hollywood Cinema in the 1930s.
133516: BENELLI, STEFANO ., - La stoffa del XV secolo nella Capsella di Maso di Bartolomeo.
144533: BENESCH, OTTO., - Egon Schiele 1890-1918: Watercolors and Drawings.
144534: BENESCH, OTTO AND ARTHUR ROESSLER., - Ausstellung: Egon Schiele, Bilder - Aquarelle - Zeichnungen - Graphik.
142418: BENESCH, OTTO., - III Bienal do Museu de arte Moderna Sao Paulo: 1955, Austria.
18143: BENESCH, OTTO AND EVA BENESCH (EDITOR)., - Otto Benesch, Collected Writings: Vol. I, Rembrandt.
104694: BENESCH, OTTO AND EVA BENESCH (EDITOR)., - Otto Benesch, Collected Writings: Vol. 2: Netherlandish Art of The 15th and 16th Centuries; Flemish and Dutch Art of The 17th Century; Italian Art; French ArtI, Rembrandt.
117827: BENEVOLO, LEONARDO., - Storia della Citta: 3. La Citta Moderna.
113799: BENEVOLO, LEONARDO., - Storia dell'architettura del Rinascimento.
133464: LEONARDO BENEVOLO., - Storia dell'architettura del Rinascimento.
115264: BENEZIT, E., - Benezit-Dictionnaire Des Peintres, Sculpteurs, Dessinateurs Et Graveurs.
113972: BENEZIT, E., - Benezit-Dictionnaire Des Peintres, Sculpteurs, Dessinateurs Et Graveurs.
117818: BENEZRA, NEAL AND OLGA VINIZRO., - Distemper: Dissonant Themes in the Art of the 1990s.
101024: BENEZRA, NEAL AND ROBERT STORR., - Martin Puryear.
129480: BENEZRA, NEAL (CURATOR); DES MOINES ART CENTER., - The Des Moines Art Center Presents Iowa Collects.
105318: BENGE, GLENN., - Antonie-Louis Barye: Sculptor of Romantic Realism.
112590: BENGELSDORF, CAROLLEE., - The Problem of Democracy in Cuba: Between Vision and Reality.
127163: BENGTSSON, BENGT., - Skottsbergska Gården I Karlshamn: En Köpmansgård från 1700-talet.
123568: BENINCASA, CARMINE., - Roland Barthes Carte Segni.
135447: BENINGTON, JON, ED., - P J Crook.
141548: BENJAMIN, TRITOBIA., - 20th Annual Faculty Exhibition 1990.
375.2: BENJAMIN, S.G.W., - Art In America: A Critical and Historical Sketch.
126781: BENJAMIN, PHILIP S., - The Philadelphia Quakers in the Industrial Age 1865-1920.
1136: BENJAMIN, S. G. W., - Our American Artists: Second Series. Painters, Sculptors, Illustrators, Engravers and Architects. For Young People.
139501: BENJAMIN, ROGER., - Orientalist Aesthetics: Art, Colonialism, and French North Africa, 1880-1930.
375.3: BENJAMIN, S. G. W., - Art In America: A Critical and Historical Sketch.
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