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146092: WOOD, RUTH KEDZIE - Honeymooning in Russia
130314: WOOD, W RAYMOND; JOSEPH C PORTER; DAVID C HUNT; KARL BODMER - Karl Bodmer's Studio Art: The Newberry Library Bodmer Collection
104942: WOOD, JR. STACY B. C. AND STEPHEN E. KRAMER, III - Clockmakers of Lancaster County and Their Clocks, 1750-1850. With a Study of Lancaster County Clock Cases by John J. Snyder, Jr.
6618: WOOD, PETER H. AND KAREN C. C. DALTON - Winslow Homer's Images of Blacks: The CIVIL War and Reconstruction Years
126386: WOOD, L INGLEBY - Scottish Pewter-Ware and Pewterers
14035: WOOD (CHRISTOPHER) GALLERY, LONDON, ENGLAND: MAR. 5-28, 1991 - The Artistic Interior: Studios and Rooms in English and European Art Circa 1850-1920
145128: WOOD, GEO. P. AND E. H. RUDDOCK - Encyclopedia of Health and Home: The Family Guide to Health and Prosperity [Two Volumes in One]
139519: WOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Dictionary of Victorian Painters, with Guide to Auction Prices and Index to Artists' Monograms
145890: WOOD, MARTIN - Sister Parish, American Style
123773: WOOD, CASEY A. AND F. MARJORIE FYFE - The Art of Falconry: Being the de Arte Venandi Cum Avibus of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen
150064: WOOD, DAVID F. (EDITOR) - The Concord Museum: Decorative Arts from a New England Collection
22325: WOODBERRY, GEORGE E. - A History of Wood-Engraving
100140: WOODBERRY, GEORGE EDWARD - The Roamer and Other Poems
114999: WOODBRIDGE, KENNETH ET AL. - Joseph Webb, 1908 - 1962: Prints and Working Drawings
128763: WOODBRIDGE, SALLY B. - Bernard Maybeck: Visionary Architect
4673: WOODBURY, DAVID O. - Charles H. Woodbury N.A. (1864-1940)
123876: WOODBURY, FANNY AND JOSEPH EMERSON (EDITOR) - Writings of Miss Fanny Woodbury
4672: WOODBURY, DAVID O. ET AL. - Charles H. Woodbury N.A. (1864-1940) ; Marcia Oakes Woodbury (1865-1914)
8144: WOODEN, HOWARD E. - Lily Harmon: Fifty Years of Painting, a Retrospective Exhibition
126551: WOODEN, HOWARD E. - Lily Harmon: Fifty Years of Painting, a Retrospective Exhibition
25414.1: WOODEN, HOWARD E. - The Neglected Generation of American Realist Painters: 1930-1948
123145: WOODEN, HOWARD E. - Fifty Paintings and Sculptures from the Collection of the Sheldon Swope Art Gallery
26435: WOODEN, HOWARD E. - Paintings and Drawings: Edward Laning
112075: WOODEN, HOWARD E. - Moments in Light: Paintings by Billy Morrow Jackson
119398: WOODHAM-SMITH, THOMAS AND HENRY NEVILLE - The Nineteenth Century
149283: WOODHAM-SMITH, THOMAS - Willy Rizzo
106247: WOODHOUSE, CHARLES PLATTEN - Old English Toby Jugs and Their Makers
136059: WOODING, BERNARD (EDITOR) - Berthe Morisot, 1841-1895
136532: WOODLOCK, ETHELYN HURD - Dreams Have Wings: An Artist's Journey Into Magic and Mystery
114989: WOODMAN, GEORGE ET AL. - Joy Walker: 1970 - 1995: 25 Years
130702: WOODMAN, GEORGE - Working Proof: 20 Years of Prints from Shark's Inc
119835: WOODRUFF, FRANCIS EBEN (EDITOR) - A Branch of the Woodruff Stock
139057: WOODRUFF, HALE - Ten Negro Artists from the United States
103520: WOODRUFF, MARK W. - Unheralded Victory: The Defeat of the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army 1961-1973
117024: WOODRUFF, BLAKE D. (EDITOR) - The Jina Collection
123407: WOODS, LEBBEUS - Stephen Talasnik: Thought Pattern
30163: WOODS, JEAN - An Exhibiiton of Paintings by A.F. Lundberg
151640: WOODS, MAY AND ARETE WARREN - Glass Houses: A History of Greenhouses, Orangeries and Conservatories
6038: WOODS, JEAN - William Clutz Retrospective
36189: WOODSIDE, CA, BRUNTJEN (SVEN H. A.) FINE ARTS: WINTER 1981 - Francesca Alexander, 1837-1917: Drawings for Roadside Songs of Tuscany
153180: WOODSON, THOMAS (EDITOR) - Nathaniel Hawthorne: The French and Italian Notebooks
142626: WOODSTOCK ARTISTS ASSOCIATION - The Woodstock Artists Association Presents a Venetian Carnevale
142625: WOODSTOCK ARTISTS ASSOCIATION - The Woodstock Artists Association Presents Woodstock Beaux Arts Ball 2003
142624: WOODSTOCK ARTISTS ASSOCIATION - The Founders of the Woodstock Artists Association
143652: WOODSTOCK ART ASSOCIATION - Woodstock Portraits, May 8 Through June 28, 1999
116112: WOODWARD, DONALD (ED.) - The Farming and Memorandum Books of Henry Best of Elmswell, 1642
152554: WOODWARD GALLERY - Cristina Vergano: Bitches
152552: WOODWARD GALLERY - Cristina Vergano: Figure of Speech
157936: WOODWARD, ROLAND H. - Bancroft Woodcock Silversmith
104092: WOODWARD, KESLER E. - Painting in the North: Alaskan Art in the Anchorage Museum of History and Art
137499: WOODWARD, KESLER E. - Sydney Laurence, Painter of the North
155684: WOODWARD, RICHARD - A Camera in a Room: Photographs by Abelardo Morell
152553: WOODWARD, JOHN - Cristina Vergano: "Pan-American Thanksgiving
20366: WOODWARD, HIRAM W., JR. - Asian Art in the Walters Art Gallery
158019: WOODWARD, ARTHUR - A Biographical Sketch of Alexander Francis Harmer
112047: WOODWARD, KESLER E. - Spirit of the North: The Art of Eustace Paul Ziegler
152992: WOOL, CHRISTOPHER AND HARMONY KORINE - Pass the Bitch Chicken
117945: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Mrs. Dalloway
30104: WOOLF, HARRY, ED - Some Strangeness in the Proportion: A Centennial Symposium to Celebrate the Achievemtns of Albert Einstein
149447: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Sickert: Centenary Exhibition of Pictures from Private Collections, in Aid of the World Refugee Year
148777: WOOLF, HARRY - The Transits of Venus: A Study of Eighteenth-Century Science
159009: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Room of One's Own
123268: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Three Guineas
128015: WOOLF, VIRGINIA; ANNE OLIVER BELL (EDITOR) - The Diary of Virginia Woolf: Volume One 1915-1919
113258: WOOLLEY, ROBERT AND BARBARA JOHNSON - Barbara Johnson Whaling Collection: Part 1
120418: WOOLLEY, ROBERT C. - The Harry A. Franklin Family Collection of African Art
157859: WOOLLEY, ROBERT AND BARBARA JOHNSON - Barbara Johnson Whaling Collection: Part 3 (III)
35851: WOOLMAN, JOHN - A Word of Remembrance and Caution to the Rich
113943: WOOLMAN, JOHN - Works of John Woolman in Two Parts
157544: WOOLNER, AMY - Thomas Woolner, R.A. , Sculptor and Poet: His Life in Letters
149829: WOOLSEY, THE REVEREND MELANCTHON LLOYD - The Lloyd Manor of Queens Village
108545: WOOLWORTH, R. FREDERICK - Jamie Wyeth: Recent Works
130446: WOOTTON, DAVE - The Illustrators: The British Art of Illustration, 1800-1997
141050: WOOTTON, DAVID ET AL. - The Long Nineteenth Century: Treaures and Pleasures from the French Revolution: Volume One
6892: WORCESTER, MA: WORCESTER ART MUSEUM, 1910-1928 - Bulletin of the Worcester Art Museum
4413: WORCESTER, MA: WORCESTER ART MUSEUM, JULY 1939 TO JAN. 1940 - Art in New England: Early New England Printmakers
3139: WORCESTER, MA: WORCESTER ART MUSEUM, APR. 26 TO JUNE 3, 1973 - The American Portrait: From the Death of Stuart to the Rise of Sargent
24157: WORCESTER, MA: WORCESTER ART MUSEUM, 1910-1928 - Bulletin of the Worcester Art Museum
131702: WORCESTER, DON ; ERWIN E. SMITH - Cowboy with a Camera: Erwin E. Smith, Cowboy Photographer
144254: WORCESTER, DON - The Chisholm Trail: High Road of the Cattle Kingdom
20180: WORCESTER, MA: WORCESTER ART MUSEUM, 1979 - 17th Century Dutch Painting: Raising the Curtain on New England Private Collections
1913: WORCESTER, MA: WORCESTER ART MUSEUM, JUNE 2 TO JULY 25, 1976 - American Photography: 1840-1900
150891: WORDIE, J. R. - Estate Management in Eighteenth-Century England: The Building of the Leveson-Gower Fortunre (Studies in History Series)
102572: WORDSWORTH, JONATHAN, EDITOR - Bicentenary Wordsworth Studies in Memory of John Alban Finch
2126: WORKMAN, ROBERT G. ET AL. - The Eden of America: Rhode Island Landscapes, 1820-1920
156476: WORKS PROJECT ADMINISTRATION (WPA) - Real Property Inventory, Harrisburg Metropolitan Area, Harrisburg, Pa, Volume 2 Only
23562: WORLD HOUSE GALLERIES, NY: SEPT. 19 TO OCT. 22, 1960 - Ensor, 1860-1949
12723: WORLEY, MICHAEL PRESTON - American Winter Scenes of Yesteryear
135177: WORMELEY, KATHARINE PRESCOTT, SEL. & TRANS - The Prince Deligne, His Memoirs, Letters, and Miscellaneous Papers (2 Vols. )
100094: WORNUM, RALPH NICHOLSON - Epochs of Painting Characterized. A Sketch of the History of Painting Ancient and Modern
114409: WORNUM, RALPH N. - Analysis of Ornament: The Characteristics of Styles. An Introduction to the Study of Ornamental Art
150789: WORSLEY, GILES - Classical Architecture in Britain: The Heroic Age
150714: WORSLEY, GILES - The British Stable
25047: WORTECK, SUSAN WILLAND - Forever Free: An Exhibit of Art by African-American Women 1862-1980
120742: WORTH, ALEXI - Mark Greenwold - Secret Storm: Paintings 1967-1975
109768: WORTH, ALEXI - Philip Pearlstein
114025: WORTH, ALEXI AND JACK FLAM - Graham Nickson: Works from Private Collections
107987: WORTHEN, AMY - Endi Poskovic: Large Color Woodcuts
103290: WORTHEN, THOMAS - Jules Kirschenbaum: The Need to Dream of Some Transcendent Meaning
24821: WORTHEN, AMY NAMOWITZ - Apocalypse: Prophecies & Visions
19046: WORTHEN, W.E. - Appletons' Cyclopaedia of Technical Drawing, Embracing the Principles of Construction As Applied to Practical Design, with Numerous Illustrations of Topographical, Mechanical, Engineering, Architectural, Perspective and Free-Hand Drawing
145958: WORTLEY, LADY EMMELINE STUART - Travels in the United States, Etc. During 1849 and 1850
119438: WORTLEY, LAURA - David Messum: Spring 1989
119439: WORTLEY, LAURA - David Messum: Autumn 1989
155245: WORTLEY, LAURA - Wilfrid de Glehn, Ra (1870-1951): Exhibition 1998
136842: WORTLEY, LAURA - Wilfrid Gabriel de Glehn (1870-1951): John Singer Sargent's Painting Companion
111788: WORTLEY, LAURA - British Impressionism: A Garden of Bright Images
155738: WORTLEY, LAURA - Wilfrid de Glehn, Ra: John Singer Sargent's Painting Companion: A Painter's Journey
147538: WORTLEY, LAURA - British Impressions: A Collection of British Impressionist Paintings 1880-1940
6838: WORTLEY, LAURA - Wilfrid-Gabriel de Glehn (1870-1951): Paintings and Watercolors
104764: WORTLEY, LAURA - Wilfrid de Glehn: A Painter's Journey
137055: WORTLEY, LAURA - Wilfrid de Glehn Ra (1870-1951): A Watercolour Collection
142349: WORTLEY, LAURA - Wilfrid Gabriel de Glehn (1870-1951) : John Singer Sargent's Painting Companion Hardcover
9069: WORTSMAN-ROWE GALLERIES - The Art of Emil Carlsen, 1853-1932
157760: WORTSMAN, JOHN AND HAROLD M. ROWE - American Painting: A Comprehensive Exhibition
123235: WORTZ, MELINDA (EDITOR) - The Irvine Company Collection
113333: WORTZ, MELINDA - Contemporaries: 17 Artists
141801: WORTZ, MELINDA - Larry Bell: New Work
16576: WORTZ, MELINDA; UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE - Diversity and Presence: Women Faculty Artists of the University of California
134146: WOUTER NIJHOFF - L'Art Typographique Dans Les Pays-Bas Pendant Les Annees 1500 a 1540: Reproductions En Fac-Simile Des Caracteres Typographiques, Marques D'Imprimeurs, Gravures Sur Bois Et Autres Ornements Empoloyes Pendant Cette Periode (Tome Premier, Les Pays-Bas Septentrionaux. Tome Second, Les Pays-Bas Meridionaux)
150958: WRAGG, BRIAN AND GILES WORSLEY (EDITOR) - The Life and Works of John Carr of York
116257: WRANGHAM, E. A. - Inro: One Hundred Selected Masterpieces: An Exhibition of Important Inro
145291: WREDE, STUART - The Modern Poster
152079: WREN, HENRY AND DENISE - Handcraft Pottery for Workshop and School
159542: WREN, HENRY AND DENISE - Handcraft Pottery for Workshop and School
118228: WREN, LINNEA H. (EDITOR) - Perspectives on Western Art (Vol. 2): Source Documents and Readings from the Renaissance to the 1970s
145274: WRIGHT, PHILIP (INTRO.) - Etchings from the Estate of Ben Nicholson
158782: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD AND E. BALDWIN SMITH - Modern Architecture, Being the Kahn Lectures for 1930 (Princeton Monographs in Art and Archaeology)
26544: WRIGHT, LOUIS B., AND MARION TINGLING (EDITORS) - The Secret Diary of William Byrd of Westover, 1709-1712
143594: WRIGHT, CATHARINE M. (COMPILER) - Uncle Fisher's Courtship: A Naval Officer and Redwood Descendant Writes His Mother and His Older Brother of His Newport Romance; His Naval Career
148319: WRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER - The Schorr Collection: Old Master and Nineteenth-Century Paintings, Volume I - Catalogue; Volume II - Plates
35115: WRIGHT, LOUIS, ED - Shakespeare Celebrated: Anniversary Lectures Delivered at the Folger Library
119644: WRIGHT, TIM D. AND MARIANA AMATULLO - Master Drawings
159534: WRIGHT, JAMES - Collected Poems
120270: WRIGHT, RICHARD E. - Rugs and Flatweaves of the Transcaucasus
28170: WRIGHT, CHICAGO, IL: MAY, 2001 - The American Scene: 1930 - 1940
103558: WRIGHT, RICHARDSON (INTRODUCTION) - New Faces in Old Dress: Portraits by Mrs. John O'Hara Cosgrave II
154497: WRIGHT, EDWARD REYNOLDS - Korean Furniture: Elegance and Tradition
101635: WRIGHT, RICHARDSON AND MARGARET MCELROY (EDITORS) - House and Garden's Book of Color Schemes
142870: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Frank Lloyd Wright: Japanese Prints Exhibition
135822: WRIGHT, DAVID G. - R. Swain Gifford: A Catalogue of Etchings, 1865-1891
134952: WRIGHT, LYLE H. - American Fiction, 1851-1875
135285: WRIGHT, REV. JOHN - Historic Bibles in America
152144: WRIGHT, VIRGINIA - Morris Louis: Veils and Unfurleds
30360: WRIGHT, CONRAD (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Volume C 1988
30361: WRIGHT, CONRAD (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Volume CII 1990
30362: WRIGHT, CONRAD (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Volume C 1988
30363: WRIGHT, CONRAD (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Volume CI 1989
145486: WRIGHT ART CENTER - Peter Takel, Artist in Residence, March 1965
137501: WRIGHT - Scandinaviandesign (Scandinavian Design). Auction Date November 18, 2011
148287: WRIGHT, ERIC LLOYD - Wright Panorama: Elements of Frank Lloyd Wright's Architecture in 360 Degrees
108661: WRIGHT, CONRAD EDICK AND KATHERYN P. VIENS (EDITORS) - Entrepreneurs: The Boston Business Community, 1700-1850
17323: WRIGHT, T. - Some Account of the Life of Richard Wilson, Esq. , R.A. With Testimonies to His Genius and Memory and Remarks on His Landscapes to Which Are Added Various Observations Respecting the Pleasure and Advantages to Be Derived from the Study of Nature and the Fine Arts // Etchings from the Work of Richard Wilson with Some Memoirs of His Life
30017: WRIGHT, STEPHEN AND JAGER, OTTO A. - Ethiopia: Illuminated Manuscripts
157599: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Genius and the Mobocracy
137594: WRIGHT, DAVID GILMORE - Domestic and Wild: Peter Moran's Images of America: The Life and Art of Peter Moran, Painter-Etcher (Volume 1 of the 2-Volume Set Only)
103378: WRIGHT, HAROLD J.L. - The Lithographs of John Copley
140112: WRIGHT, BARTON; CLIFF BAHNIMPTEWA - Kachinas a Hopi Artist's Documentary
13149: WRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER - Poussin: Paintings, a Catalogue Raisonne
7593: WRIGHT, FRANK - Paintings by Frank Wright
672: WRIGHT, R. LEWIS - Artists in Virginia Before 1900: An Annotated Checklist
137594000001: WRIGHT, DAVID GILMORE - Domestic and Wild: Peter Moran's Images of America (2-Volume Set)
115963: WRIGHT, HELENA E. - Dard Hunter at the Smithsonian
150726: WRIGHT, SUSAN M. - The Derbyshire Gentry in the Fifteenth Century
145057: WRIGHT, RICHARDSON (EDITOR) - House & Garden's Book of Interiors
123856: WRIGHT, HELENA E. - Imperishable Beauty: Pictures Printed in Collotype
131062: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Life Work of the American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright
128029: WRIGHT, RICHARD E.; JOHN T. WERTIME - Caucasian Carpets & Covers: The Weaving Culture
109619: WRIGHT, JESSE G., JR. AND JOAN VITA MILLER - Wreck: A Tragic-Romantic American Theme
147098: WRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER - Poussin: Paintings, a Catalogue Raisonne
128588: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD; MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - A New House by Frank Lloyd Wright on Bear Run Pennsylvania
110019: WRIGHT, MARTHA MCWILLIAMS - Robin Rose Paintings
134951: WRIGHT, LYLE H. - American Fiction, 1774-1850
145018: WRIGHT - Scandinaviandesign (Scandinavian Design). Auction Date November 18, 2011
159533: WRIGHT, JAY - Transfigurations: Collected Poems
134706: WRIGHT, WILLIAM - The Oil Regions of Pennsylvania. Showing Where Petroleum Is Found; How It Is Obtained; and at What Cost
136246: WRIGHT, MAGGIE - Bill Jensen
156619: WRIGHT, WILMER CAVE - Julian: The Works of the Emperor Julian, I-III (3 Volumes) (Loeb Classical Library)
136370: WRIGHT, C.D. AND DEBORAH LUSTER - One Big Self: Prisoners of Louisiana
134708: WRIGLEY, HENRY E. - Special Report on the Petroleum of Pennsylvania, Its Production, Transportation, Manufacture and Statistics. With Maps and Illustrations. (Second Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: 1874)
26910: WROBLEWSKI, LUKE - Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability
153494: WROLSEN, JEAN - Robert Angeloch: Etchings and Block Prints, 1983-1988
135753: WROTH, WARWICK - Catalogue of the Coins of the Vandals, Ostrogoths and Lombards, and of the Empires of Thessalonica, Nicaea and Trebizond in the British Museum
151415: WU, LI-CHUAN EMILY AND SIH-YU LIN - The Hidden Me: Self-Portraits
151422: WU, CHUNG-SHAN AND GHIH-WEI HUANG - Structure of the Visual Field: Paintings by Hwang Chao-Mo = Shi Ye de Jie Gou: Huang Zhao Mo Hua Zhan
141260: WU, GRACE - A Choice Collection : Chinese Ming Furniture = Xuan Zhong Zhi Xuan : Ming Shi Jia Ju Ji Zhen
152071: WU, TUNG - Painting in China Since the Opium Wars
142607: WU, TUNG - Painting in China Since the Opium Wars
131016: WU , CHIN-TAO - Privatising Culture: Corporate Art Intervention Since the 1980s
154691: WU, GRACE - Sublime and Divine: Chinese Ming Furniture = Qi Mei Shen Wan: Ming Shi Jia Ju Jing Cui
146211: WU, NELSON - The Art of the Manchus
107575: WUBBEN, J.C. EBBINGEN - Michael Sweerts En Tijdgenoten
119545: WUKITSCH, JUDY - Resisting Categories: Prints
144786: WULFF, OSKAR - Die Neuerussische Kunst IM Rahmen Der Kuklturentwicklung Russlands Von Peter Dem Grossen Bis Zur Revolution (Textband Und Tafelband Zuzammen) / New Russian Art in the Context of the Cultural Development of Russia from the Time of Peter the Great to the Revolution (Text and Plates in One Volume)
8557: WUNDER, RICHARD P. - Hiram Powers: Vermont Sculptor
124916: WUNDER, RICHARD P. - Hiram Powers: Vermont Sculptor, 1805-1873: Volume I, Life / Volume II, Catalogue of Works
126843: WUNDER, RICHARD P. - Architectural, Ornament, Landscape, and Figure Drawings Collected by Richard Wunder
3917: WUNDERLICH, GEROLD M. - Ernest Chiriacka: Recent Paintings
142216: WUNDERLICH, GEROLD M. - Still Lifes: 1900 to Now
158020: WUNDERLICH, GEROLD M. - Wild Bird Portraits by Basil Ede
7443: WUNDERLICH, GEROLD M. - Gordon Phillips: Paintings, Watercolors and Bronzes
11530: WUNDERLICH, GEROLD M. - Basil Ede: American Birds
15211: WUNDERLICH, GEROLD M. - Under Eagle's Wings: Paintings by Michael Coleman
126715: WUNDERLICH, RUDOLF G. (INTRODUCTION) - The Kennedy Quarterly: Volume XIII, Number One: American Naive and Folk Art of the Nineteenth Century
142002: WUNDERLICH, RUDOLF - Art in Prints, Number Two: New Acqusitions in the Kennedy Galleries Print Department
142003: WUNDERLICH, RUDOLF - Art in Prints, Number Five: New Acqusitions in the Kennedy Galleries Print Department - Rembrandt Harmenz Van Rijn 1601-1669, an Exhibition of Important Prints
8425: WUNDERLICH, GEROLD AND VIVIAN BULLAUDY - Richard Maury Recent Paintings
3665: WUNDERLICH, RUDOLPH - Western Paintings and Bronzes by Richard V. Greeves
142000: WUNDERLICH, RUDOLF - Art in Prints, Number One: New Acqusitions in the Kennedy Galleries Print Department
17421: WUNDERLICH, GEROLD M. - Watercolors & Drawings of the Nineteenth Century
30112: WUNDERLICH, RUDOLPH G. - Winold Reiss: Plains Portraits
142001: WUNDERLICH, RUDOLF - Art in Prints, Number One: New Acqusitions in the Kennedy Galleries Print Department
153792: WUNDERLICH, RUDOLF G. - Ships That Built a Nation: Recent Painting by John Stobart, Royal Society of Marine Artists
140777: WUNDERLICH, RUDOLF G. AND SUSAN WUNDERLICH - John Steuart Curry: Rural America
1612: WUNDERLICH, RUDOLF G. - The Hudson River School: American Landscape Paintings from 1821 to 1907
14793: WUNDERLICH, GEROLD M. - An American View: 1792-1961; an Inaugural Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture
14210: WUNDERLICH, GEROLD M. - Rudolf Cronau in "Wilden Westen": Views of the American West
1517: WUNDERLICH, GEROLD M. - Rudolf Cronau, 1855-1939: Topographical Views of America
35300: WUNDERLICH, GEROLD M. - Michael Coleman: Themes of the Hunt
11335: WUNDERLICH, RUDOLF - Art in Prints, Number Four: New Acquisitions by the Kennedy Galleries Print Department
116486: WUNDERLICH, GEROLD M. - The Marine Paintings of Charles Robert Patterson, November 3-December 3, 1982
159699: WUNDRAM, MANFRED AND THOMAS PAPE - Andrea Palladio, 1508-1580: Un Architecte Entre la Renaissance Et le Baroque
152413: WURM, JAN AND ROBERT REESE - The Breakfast Group at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts
152414: WURM, JAN AND RIC AMBROSE - The Breakfast Group at the Richmond Art Center
14937: WÜRTENBERGER, FRANZSEPP - Mannerism: The European Style of the Sixteenth Century
22989: WUST, KLAUS G. - Zion in Baltimore, 1755-1955
23061: WUST, KLAUS G. - Pinoeers in Service: The German Society of Maryland, 1783-1958
144262: WUSTEFELD, HELEN WITH MARION HANKE AND ERENE RAFIK MORCOS - Timeless Treasures: A Selection of Illuminated Manuscripts, Miniatures, Early Printed Books - Brochure No. 14
147359: WUTHENOW, ERNST - Eduardo Chillida: Reliefs (Alabaster, Eisen, Holz, Stein), Zeichnungen, Collagen, Druckgrafik
20667000001: WYATT, JAMES C. Y. - Chinese Jades from Han to Ch' Ing
146376: WYATT, CHAD EVANS WITH JANA HORVATHOVA - Roma Rising : Romske Obrozeni
147125: WYATT, H. DIGBY - The Industrial Arts of the Nineteenth Century. A Series of Illustrations of the Choicest Specimens Produced by Every Nation at the Great Exhibition of Works of Industry, 1851. (Vol. II)
118485: WYCHERLEY, R.E. - The Stones of Athens
17975.1: WYDAWNIETWA, MARIA MICHALCOWNA (ED.) - Drzwi Gnieznienskie, Dokumentacja Fotograficzna, I / Gniezno Doors, Photographic Documentation, Vol. I.
149621: WYDER, BERNARD AND HANS A. LUTHY - Edouard Valley (1876-1929)
153690: WYE, DEBORAH AND CAROL SMITH - The Prints of Louise Bourgeois
3132: WYE, DEBORAH - Louise Bourgeois
115933: WYE, DEBORAH - Joan Miro: A New Acquisition in Context: Black and Red Series
19357: WYETH, ANDREW AND JAMES H. DUFF - Working at Olsons: Watercolors and Drawings by Andrew Wyeth from the Holly and Arthur Magill Collection
153459: WYETH, JAMIE - Jamie Wyeth
137319: WYETH, JAMIE - Jamie Wyeth: Recent Works
115764: WYKES-JOYCE, MAX - Drian Galleries: A Short History by Max Wykes-Joyce
128580.1: WYLDER, VIKI D. THOMPSON (CURATOR) - Judy Chicago: Trials and Tributes
128580: WYLDER, VIKI D. THOMPSON (CURATOR) - Judy Chicago: Trials and Tributes
111705: WYLER, SEYMOUR B. - The Book of Sheffield Plate, Including Victorian Plate
24666: WYLER, SEYMOUR B. - The Book of Old Silver; English American Foreign, with All Available Hallmarks, Including Sheffield Plate Marks
121996: WYLIE, CHARLES WITH A CONTRIBUTION BY ERIN K. MURPHY - Willie Doherty: Requisite Distance: Ghost Story and Landscape
151249: WYLIE, JOHN - Paysage: Manieres de Voir
131542: WYLIE, CHARLES - Thomas Woodruff: In a Vivid Array; Currents 50
145625: WYLIE, WILLIAM AND MERRILL GILFILLAN - William Wylie: Route 36
120655: WYLIE, CHARLES AND ERVIN LASZLO AND TAKAFUMI MATSUI - On Kawara: 10 Tableaux and 16,952 Pages
7083: WYLIE, ELIZABETH - Explorations in Realism, 1870-1880: Frank Duveneck and His Circle from Bavaria to Venice
120587: WYLLIE, BERTIE - Sheffield Plate
151587: WYLLIE, ROMY - Bertram Goodhue: His Life and Reidential Architecture
112788: WYNER, YEHUDI - Commedia for Clarinet and Piano
112195: WYNIA, GARY W. - Argentina: Illusions & Realities
136515: WYNN, DAN - Yabe Project
136516: WYNN, DAN - Typographic Photographic
136510: WYNN, DAN - Textimage Collection
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