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117001: ADLMANN, JAN - Jesus Bautista Moroles: Granite Sculptures Fall 1988
159185: ADLMANN, JAN ERNST ET AL. - John Fincher : Paintings, Assemblages & Works on Paper 1965-2012
140781: ADLMANN, JAN ERNST - Dan Christensen (1942-2007): Pure Painting, a Forty-Year Retrospective
19769: ADLMANN, JAN ERNST - Vienna Moderne: 1898-1918: An Early Encounter between Taste and Utility
35042: ADLOW, DOROTHY - Twentieth Century Highlights of American Painting
158792: ADNEY, CAROL - Dennis Oppenheim: Power Passage (for Indianapolis)
138198: ADOLFF-WOLLFARTH, RITA - Rita Adolff-Wollfarth: Partita in Licht Und Farbe
138197: ADOLFF-WOLLFARTH, RITA - Rita Adolff-Wollfarth: Nanokubismus
111553: ADOLPH, CLAUDIA AND ROLF GRABNER - Glenn Jampol: Malerei / Paintings
151608: ADOLPH-PABURG, HUBERT ET AL. - Die Goldene Palette: Tausend Jahre Malerei in Deutschland, Osterreich Und Der Schweiz
140865: ADRIAN, DENNIS AND RICHARD A. BORN - The Chicago Imagist Print: Ten Artists' Works, 1958-1987, a Catalogue Raisonne
119299: ADRIAN, DENNIS - Milton Avery: Important Paintings
133562: ADRIANA ZAVALA (CURATOR) - Mexico Beyond Its Revolution = Mexico Mas Alla de Su Revolucion
23458.1: ADRIANI, GOTZ - Degas: Pastelle, Olskizzen, Zeichnungen
133448: ADRIANI, MAURILIO - Firenze Sacra; Series Title: Arte E Storia
148791: ADRIANI, GOTZ - Toulouse-Lautrec: The Complete Graphic Works - a Catalogue Raisonne, the Gerstenberg Collection
154596: ADRIANI, GÖTZ - Die Kunst Des Handelns: Meisterwerke Des 14. Bis 20. Jahrhunderts Bei Fritz Und Peter Nathan
160179: ADRIANI, GOTZ - Ben Willikens : Taking Measure of Spaces and Places, Works from Five Decades
120412: ADROSKO, RITA J. - Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing
156926: ADSHEAD, PAUL - Puzzle Island
126797: ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON SMOKING AND HEALTH - Smoking and Health: Report of the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service
128785: AESCHYLUS, REX WARNER (INTRO.) - The Oresteia: Agamemnon, the Libation-Bearers, the Furies
153543: AESOP; LAURA IWASAKI - Jacob Lawrence: Aesop's Fables
157705: AEVARSDOTTIR, ODDNY EIR - Tryggvadottir: Works from the 1950s and 60s
130921: AF PETERSENS, LENNART ; LEIF WIGH; FOTOGRAFISKA MUSEET - Lennart Af Petersens Retrospektivt
146968: AFANASYEV, ALEXANDER (COLLECTOR) - Skazki: Vasilisa Prekrasna / Tales: Vasilisa the Beautiful
146971: AFANASYEV, ALEXANDER (COLLECTOR) - Skazki: Tsaravna Lyagushka / Tales: The Princess Frog
146970: AFANASYEV, ALEXANDER (COLLECTOR) - Skazki: Marya Morevna / Tales: Maria Morevna
141011: AFFRON, MATTHEW - Emilie Charmy
117318: AFFRON, MATTHEW - Fernand Leger: Contrasts of Forms
153280: AFFRON, MATTHEW AND SYLVIE RAMOND (EDITORS) - Joseph Cornell and Surrealism
112672: AFIFI, MOHAMMED AND ANDRE RAYMOND - Le Diwan Du Caire 1800 - 1801: Edition, Analyse Et Annotation Du Texte D'Ismail El-Khashshab Par Mohammed Afifi Et Andre Raymond
140511: AFRO ARCHIVE (ED.) - Afro: The Color of Emotion
125274: AGA-OGLU, MEHMET - Safawid Rugs and Textiles: The Collection of the Shrine of Imam Ali at Al-Najaf
29958: AGA-OGLU, KAMER - Shadow of the Dragon: Chinese Domestic and Trade Ceramics
150448: AGAMBEN, GIORGIO ET AL. - Cy Twombly in Der Alten Pinakothek, Skupturen 1992-2005
139044: AGAMBEN, GIORGIO - Ginni Dessi'
140009: AGARKOVA, G. WITH T. ASTRAHANTSEVA AND N. PETROVA - Russkiy Farfor: Seredina I Vtoraya Polovina XVIII Veka, Pervaya Tret XIX Veka, Seredina I Vtoraya Polovina XIX Veka, Konets XIX U Nachalo XX Veka, 1920-E Gody, 1930-E Gody - Seredina 1970-H Gody, Seredina 1970-H - 1980-S Gody (Russian Porcelain: Middle of the Second Half of the XVIII Century, First Third of XIX Century, Second Half of XX Century, 1920s, 1930s - Middle 1970s, Mid 1970s to 1980s
140009.1: AGARKOVA, G. WITH T. ASTRAHANTSEVA AND N. PETROVA - Russkiy Farfor: Seredina I Vtoraya Polovina XVIII Veka, Pervaya Tret XIX Veka, Seredina I Vtoraya Polovina XIX Veka, Konets XIX U Nachalo XX Veka, 1920-E Gody, 1930-E Gody - Seredina 1970-H Gody, Seredina 1970-H - 1980-S Gody (Russian Porcelain: Middle of the Second Half of the XVIII Century, First Third of XIX Century, Second Half of XX Century, 1920s, 1930s - Middle 1970s, Mid 1970s to 1980s
111138: AGARKOWA, GALINA AND NATALIJA PETROWA - Lomonossow Porzellanmanufaktur St. Petersburg, 1744 - 1994
157473: AGASSI, JOSEPH AND IAN JARVIC - A Critical Rationalist Aesthetics (Series in the Philosophy of Karl R. Popper and Critical Rationalism, Volume XVIII)
132462: AGASSIZ, ALEXANDER; G. R. AGASSIZ (ED.) - Letters and Recollections of Alexander Agassiz, with Portraits and Other Illustrations
131268: AGEE, WILLIAM C.; KAREN WILKIN; IRVING SANDLER - American Vanguards: Graham, Davis, Gorky, de Kooning, and Their Circle, 1927-1942
16344: AGEE, WILLIAM C. - Michael Steiner: Sculpture
130900: AGEE, WILLIAM C.; JAMES DAUGHERTY ; SPANIERMAN GALLERY - James Daugherty (1887-1974), Late Abstractions
2328: AGEE, WILLIAM C. - Marca-Relli
113164: AGEE, WILLIAM (FOREWARD) - A New England Town : A Portrait by Alice Stallknecht, 1880-1973
3492: AGEE, WILLIAM C. - Synchromism and Color Principles in American Painting, 1910-1930
20362: AGEE, WILLIAM C. - The 1930s: Painting and Sculpture in America
109896: AGEE, WILLIAM C. - John Marin: The Late Oils
30754: AGEE, WILLIAM - Charmion Von Wiegand: Improvisations
109473: AGEE, WILLIAM AND SUSAN C. FAXON - Coming of Age: American Art, 1850s to 1950s
142941: AGEE, WILLIAM - Burgoyne Diller: Drawing and the Abstract Tradition in America
159195: AGEE, PHILIP - Inside the Company: Cia Diary
157868: AGEE, WILLIAM C. - Morton Livingston Schamberg (1881-1918 ) Machine Pastels
13047: AGEE, WILLIAM C. - John Marin: Between Realism and Abstraction
137325: AGEE, WILLIAM C. - In His Image: 60 Biblical Paintings by James H. Daugherty (1887-1974)
31708: AGEE, WILLIAM C. - James Daugherty (1887-1974), Late Abstractions
125221: AGEE, WILLIAM C. - Stuart Davis: The Breakthrough Years
6043: AGEE, WILLIAM C. AND GAIL LEVIN - James H. Daugherty: An Exhibition of Work from Seven Decades
2708: AGEE, WILLIAM C. - Morton Livingston Schamberg (1881-1918 )
36614: AGEE, WILLIAM C. ET AL. - Fairfield Porter: An American Painter
158886: AGEE, PHILIP AND LOUIS WOLF - Dirty Work : The Cia in Western Europe
8850: AGEE, WILLIAM C. ET AL. - Arnold Friedman (1874-1946): The Last Years
154450: AGEE, WILLIAM C. - Conrad Marca-Relli Reconsidered
107254: AGIUS, PAULINE - British Furniture 1880-1915
107254.1: AGIUS, PAULINE - British Furniture 1880-1915
153707: AGNELLINI, MAURIZIO - Ottocento Italiano: Opere E Mercato Di Pittori E Scultori, 2 (I Cataloghi D'Arte Della Fenice)
133364: AGNES HUSSLEIN-ARCO; JANE KALLIR - Egon Schiele: Self-Portraits and Portraits
30288: AGNETTI, VINCENZO - Eva Sorensen: Sculture/Disegni
31203: AGNEW, GEOFFREY AND HUGH (TIM) AGNEW - Agnew's, 1817 - 1967
119085: AGNEW, JULIAN - Agnew's Millennium Exhibition: An Exhibition of Old Master Paintings and Drawings and English Paintings
133021: AGNEW & SONS; DOMENICO BECCAFUMI - Domenico Beccafumi 1486-1551: Drawings from a Sketch Book, November 1-27, 1965
26715: AGNEW, JULIAN - Agnew's 175th Anniversary
10155: AGNEW, GEOFFREY - Pictures, Watercolours and Drawings by R.P. Bonington: In Aid of the King's Lynn Festival Fund
148935: AGNEW, NEVILLE - Conservation of Ancient Sites on the Silk Road
142881: AGNEW, JULIAN - Fantasy and Reality in Eighteenth Century Venice
152301: AGNIEL, LUCIEN - The Late Affair Has Almost Broke My Heart: The American Revolution in the South, 1780-1781
124929: AGOSTI, GIOVANNI AND JACOPO STOPPA AND MARCO TANZI - IL Rinascimento Nelle Terre Ticinesi: Da Bramantino a Bernardino Luini (2 Vols. )
125793: AGOSTI, GIOVANNI - Altri Quaranta Dipinti Antichi Della Collezione Saibene
160472: AGOSTON, ANNA - Untitled Vol. 1
147589: AGRAWALA, VASUDEVA S. AND PRITHVI K. AGRAWALA - Gupta Art (a History of Indian Art in the Gupta Period 300-600 A.D. )
123599: AGRELA, ANGELES ET AL. - Contra Natura: 10e Biennal Martinez Guerricabeitia
140432: AGRNOVICH, G.M. - Ivan Nikolaev 1901-1979: Arkhitektor, Ucheniy, Pedagog (Ivan Nikolaev 1901-1979: Architect, Scientist, Pedagogue)
147613: AGROMAYOR, LUIS - Farmacias Singulares de Espana = Individual Pharmacies in Spain
150619: AGUER, MONTSE - Salvador Dali
118782: AGUILAR, JOSE PAUL - Quito: Arquitectura Y Modernidad 1850 - 1950
141528: AGUILAR, NELSON (ED.) - Bienal Brasil Seculo XX
130350: AGUILAR, NELSON (CHIEF CURATOR); FUNDACAO BIENAL DE SAO PAULO; ASSOCIACAO BRASIL 500 ANOS ARTES VISUAIS - Mostra Do Redescobrimento : Arte Contemporanea = Contemporary Art
127066: AGUTTE, CLAUDE - Collection Thierry Et Christine de Chirée
160099: AHAE; KEITH YOO AND MILAN KNÍžÁK - Through My Window : Photography by Ahae
155186: AHEARN, MICHAEL AND PETER HAY HALPERT - Portrait: Photography by Michael Ahearn
109722: AHLANDER, LESLIE JUDD - Trevor Bell: A British Painter in America
137813: AHLBERG, HAKON ET AL. - Le Corbusier: Arkitektur, Malningar, Skulpturer, Gobelanger, Teckningar
33783: AHLBORN, RICHARD E., ED - Man Made Mobile: Early Saddles of Western North America
147414: AHMAD, PERVEEN - The Aesthetics & Vocabulary of Nakshi Kantha: Bangladesh National Museum Collection
110746: AHRENS, CARSTEN ET AL. - Untitled: Kunstfruhling '98: Positionen Zeitgenossischer Kunst in Bremen, Aus Bremen Und Um Bremen Herum
160370: AHRENS, CARSTEN (EDITOR) - Frank Gerritz: Further Down the Line
120586: AHRENS, CARSTEN - Kunstpreis Der Bottcherstrasse in Bremen 2009
116887: AHRENS, KENT - The Drawings and Watercolors by Truman Seymour (1824 - 1891)
140760: AHRENS, KENT AND FRED LICHT - Cyrus Dallins: His Small Bronzes and Plasters
133299: AI WEIWEI; YILMAZ DZIEWIOR (EDITOR) - Ai Weiwei : Art / Architecture
135415: AICCM - First National Symposium: Conservation of Paper, Books and Photographic Materials, March 23rd-25th 2000
135416: AICCM - Aiccm Symposium 2002: Conservation of Paper, Books and Photographic Materials, 17-19 April 2002, Melbourne, Australia
149579: AICHELE, K. PORTER - William Earle Williams: Party Photographs
144734: AICHELE, K. PORTER - The Wharton Esherick Museum Studio and Collection
130339: AICHI PREFECTURAL MUSEUM OF ART; HIDENOBU KUJIRAI; HIROTOSHI FURUTA; - Masterpieces from the Kimura Teizo Collection = Kimura Teizo Korekushon Meisakusen
118420: AIKEMA, BERNARD AND BOUDEWIJN BAKKER - Painters of Venice: The Story of the Venetian 'Veduta'
117175: AIKEMA, BERNARD - Jacopo Bassano and His Public: Moralizing Pictures in an Age of Reform, Ca. 1535 - 1600
21394: AIKEMA, BERNARD AND BEVERLY LOUISE BROWN (EDITORS) - Renaissance Venice and the North: Crosscurrents in the Time of Bellini, Dürer and Titian
147160: AIKEMA, BERNARD AND BEVERLY LOUISE BROWN (EDITORS) - Renaissance Venice and the North: Crosscurrents in the Time of Bellini, Dürer and Titian
141034: AIKEN, EDWARD A. - Milton Avery Revisited: Works from the Louis and Annette Kaufman Collection
159749: AIKEN, CONRAD - Collected Poems
151323: AILLAGON, JEAN-JACQUES ET AL. - Promenade(S) Des Anglais
153555: AILLAGON, JEAN-JACQUES ET AL. - Pinault Collection Numero 05
112664: AIME, CLAUDE AND REMI SOUMMER (EDITORS) - Astonomy with High Contrast Imaging: From Planetary Systems to Active Galactic Nuclei
134659: AINLEY, ALBERT - Weave Room Management: A Book of Instruction Information and Advice for the Coming Generation of Overseers of Weaving and for All Who Are Interested in the Subject
117644: AINSWORTH, MARYAN W. AND KEITH CHRISTIANSEN (EDITORS) - From Van Eyck to Bruegel: Early Netherlandish Painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
128808: AINSWORTH, MARYAN W. (EDITOR) - Man, Myth, and Sensual Pleasures: Jan Gossart's Renaissance: The Complete Works
117664.1: AINSWORTH, MARYAN W. AND KEITH CHRISTIANSEN (EDITORS) - From Van Eyck to Bruegel: Early Netherlandish Painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
117242: AINSWORTH, MARYAN W. - Gerard David: Purity of Vision in an Age of Transition
104514: AINSWORTH, MARYAN W. AND MAXIMILIAAN P.J. MARTENS - Petrus Christus, Renaissance Master of Bruges
117664000001: AINSWORTH, MARYAN W. AND KEITH CHRISTIANSEN (EDITORS) - From Van Eyck to Bruegel: Early Netherlandish Painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
108241: AINSWORTH, MARYAN W. - Facsimile in Early Netherlandish Painting: Dieric Bouts's "Virgin and Child
104839: AINSWORTH, MARYAN WYNN - Art and Autoradiography: Insights Into the Genesis of Paintings by Rembrandt, Van Dyck, and Vermeer
148653: AINSWORTH, MARYAN W. (EDITOR) - Petrus Christus in Renaissance Bruges, an Interdisciplinary Approach
138552: AINSWORTH, MARYAN W. AND JOSHUA P. WATERMAN - German Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1350-1600
16425: AIR GALLERY, NY: NOV. 15 TO DEC. 3, 1994, TWO OTHER DATES - Nancy Azara
151990: AITKEN, WILLIAM B. - Distinguished Families in America, Descended from Wilhelmus Beekman and Jan Thomasse Van Dyke
147874: AITKEN, MOLLY EMMA - When Gold Blossoms: Indian Jewelry from the Susan L. Beningson Collection
124300: AITKEN, G.A. - Richard Steele
112234: AITKIN, DON - Stability and Change in Australian Politics
147203: AITON, E. J. - The Vortex Theory of Planetary Motions
128256: AJELLO, ELVIRA - The Solo Irish Jig
154506: AKAB, SALEH R. ET AL. - Libya Antiqua: Annual of the Department of Archaeology of Libya: New Series, Volume V, Inclusive Issue (1998-2008)
132355: AKADEMIE DER BILDENDEN KÜNSTE IN WIEN - 100 Jahre Hochschulstatut, 280 Jahre Akademie Der Bildenden Kunste in Wien, 1872-1972
137426: AKADEMIE DER KUNSTE - George Grosz, 1893-1959
110000: AKHMATOVA, ANNA - Anna Akhmatova: Stikhotvoreniya
144066: AKIBA, DAVID - Knot This Broken Thread: David Akiba
131298: AKIKO KATO (CURATOR) - Motenasu Yorokobi Ten : Japonizumu No Utsuwa de Tanoshimu Ochakai = Tea Party a la Japonaise from the Davey Collection
121198: AKIMOVA, I. - Dimitri Zjilinski
111075: AKINDINOV, ALEKSEI - Aleksei Akindinov: Zhivopis
33433: AKINSHA, KONSTANTIN AND GRIGORII KOZLOV - Beautiful Loot: The Soviet Plunder of Europe's Art Treasures
103362: AKINSHA, KONSTANTIN AND KOZLOV, GRIGORI - Stolen Treasure. The Hunt for the World's Lost Masterpieces
33433.1: AKINSHA, KONSTANTIN AND GRIGORII KOZLOV - Beautiful Loot: The Soviet Plunder of Europe's Art Treasures
158867: AKIRA IKEDA GALLERY - Noriyuki Haraguchi: New Works
153000: AKIRA IKEDA GALLERY - Peter Bömmels
125810: AKIYA TAKAHASHI; NAOKO SUGIYAMA - Manet Et le Paris Moderne = Mane to Modan, Pari
149566: AKIYAMA, AISABURO - Chronological Lists of Japanese & Chinese Dynasties
144016: AKIYAMA, TERUKAZU WITH OTHERS - Arts of China, Vol. I: Neolithic Cultures to the T'Ang Dynasty, Recent Discoveries; Vol. 2: Buddhist Cave Temples, New Researches
138637: AKPINAR, IPEK YADA - Moonlight Monastery: New Life on Cunda Island/Ayisigi Manastiri: Cunda'Da Yeni Bir Yasam
7048: AKRON, OH: AKRON ART MUSEUM - The Edwin G. Shaw Collection of American Impressionist and Tonalist Paintings
2335: AKRON, OH: AKRON ART INSTITUTE, OCT. 25 TO NOV. 29, 1970 - William Sommer Retrospective
140118: AKSENOV, VASIILY - Zhal', Chto Vas Ne Bylo S Nami (Sorry You Were Not with Us)
144801: AKSTON, JOSEPH JAMES (EDITOR) - Art Voices [Summer 1966]
146565: AKSYONOV, VASSILY - The Island of Crimea
139410: AKUNOV, B.B AND OTHERS - Sbornik Imperatorskogo Russkogo Istoricheskogo Obshestva No. 9 (157) - Mal'Tiyskiy Orden I Rossiya / Collection of the Imperial Russian Historical Society No. 9 (157) - Maltese Order in Russia
147719: AKURGAL, EKREM - Phrygische Kunst
128344: AKURGAL, EKREM - The Art and Architecture of Turkey
158387: AL DIA STAFF - 200 Years of Latino History in Philadelphia: A Photographic Record of the Community
138966: AL, A.A. (ED.) - Khudozhestvennyi Metall V Rossii XVII-Nachala XX Veka: Katalog Vystavki (Metal Arts in Russia from the XVII Until the XX Centures: Exhibition Catalogue)
148290: AL KHEMIR, SABIHA - Light; Nur: Light in Art and Science from the Islamic World
122341: ALAIN-FOURNIER - Le Grand Meaulnes
119090: ALAN, HAYLEY AND ADRIAN - Adrian Alan: Vol. II
109686: ALAN CRISTEA GALLERY - Mimmo Paladino: Prints and Drawings
133538: ALAN C. BRADDOCK (ED); CHRISTOPH IRMSCHER (ED); LAWRENCE BUELL (FOREWORD) - A Keener Perception: Ecocritical Studies in American Art History
19385: ALAOUI, M. BRAHIM ET AL. - Delacroix: Le Voyage Au Maroc
144000: ALARCO, PALOMA (ED.) - Pop Art Myths
151432: ALARCO, PALOMA ET AL. - Picasso to Plensa: A Century of Art from Spain = de Picasso a Plensa: Un Siglo de Arte de Espana
122868: ALARCO, PALOMA - Monet Y la Abstraccion
9790: ALAUZEN, ANDRÉ M. ET PIERRE RIPERT - Monticelli: Sa Vie Et Son Oeuvre
149663: ALAYA, FLAVIA (EDITOR) - Gaetano Federici: The Artist As Historian
118676: ALAZARD, JEAN - Le Portrait Florentin de Botticelli a Bronzino
108454: ALAZARD, JEAN - Exposition D'Oeuvres D'Alfred Chataud: 1833-1908
156664: ALBANESE, MARISA - Marisa Albanese
20433: ALBANY, NY: ALBANY INSTITUTE OF HISTORY AND ART, MAR. 15 TO MAY 1, 1964 - Albany Silver, 1652-1825
26205: ALBANY INSTITUTE OF HISTORY & ART - New York Furniture Before 1840
126553: ALBANY, NY: ALBANY INSTITUTE OF HISTORY AND ART, NOV. 15, 1979 TO JAN. 28, 1980, THREE OTHER DATES - A Remnant in the Wilderness: New York Dutch Scripture History Paintings of the Early Eighteenth Century
2443: ALBANY, NY: UNIVERSITY ART GALLERY, SEPT. 2 TO OCT. 19, 1986 - The Faces of the City: Albany Portraits of Three Centuries
8682: ALBANY, NY: ALBANY INSTITUTE OF HISTORY AND ART, MAY 12 TO JUNE 13, 1965 - The Paintings, Graphics and Sculpture of Al Blaustein
32069: ALBAREDA, ANSELMO MARIA - Miniatures of the Renaissance: Catalogue of the Exhibition
149810: ALBEE, EDWARD - Lin Emery
119618: ALBEE, EDWARD - John Duff: New Work
112678: ALBEE, EDWARD - Antoni Tapies: Paintings, Collages, and Works on Paper 1966-1968
153361: ALBEE, EDWARD AND SAM HUNTER - Tony Rosenthal
110767: ALBEE, EDWARD - Sooner or Later: Edward Albee's Eye
119605: ALBEE, EDWARD - Edward Albee's Other Eye: Sculptural Objects from the Edward Albee and Edward F. Albee Foundation Collections
119606: ALBEE, EDWARD - Artists from the Edward F. Albee Foundation
7423000001: ALBEE, EDWARD - Louise Nevelson: Atmospheres and Environments
148648: ALBERGHINI, ALBERTO - Guercino: La Collezione Di Stampe Alberto Alberghini
140392: ALBERRO, ALEXANDER ET AL. - Julio le Parc Obras Cineticas = Kinetic Works
151513: ALBERS, JOSEF - Robert Engman
148969: ALBERS, PATRICIA - Eaton / Shoen Gallery: 1980-1981
154193: ALBERS, ANNI - On Weaving
18081: ALBERS, JAN - Hands on the Land: A History of the Vermont Landscape
154000: ALBERS, ANNI WITH BRENDA DANILOWITZ - Anni Albers: Selected Writings on Design
154489: ALBERT, KAREN T. - From Portraits to Tweets: Imagery, Technology and the U.S. Presidency
153878: ALBERT H. SONN - Early American Wrought Iron (Volumes 1,2 and 3)
134490: ALBERT S. FLINT (MERIDIAN OBSERVATIONS); ARTHUR J. ROY (REDUCTIONS) - Madison Catalogue of 2786 Stars for the Epoch 1910 (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 515)
133855: ALBERT KEIM; M. PAUL LEON (PREFACE) - Le Beau Meuble de France
130074: ALBERT ELLIS FROST; DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, CLASS OF 1872 - History of the Academic Class of Eighteen Hundred and Seventy-Two, Dartmouth College
133423: ALBERT RITTHALER; ATHENA CHADZIS; CHRISTOPH SCHREIBER - Otto Mueller: The Graphic Work, a Unique Collection
151948: ALBERTI, LUIGI - Affreschi Del Lago D'Orta Sull'Esterno Di Case, Chiese E Cappelle
28451: ALBERTS, ROBERT C. - Benjamin West: A Biography
110314: ALBERTS, ROBERT C. - A Charming Field for an Encounter: The Story of George Washington's Fort Necessity
12712: ALBI, FRANCE: MUSÉE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, JULY 6 TO SEPT. 25, 1957 - Exposition Albert Marquet (1875-1947): Peintures, Aquarelles, Dessins
149170: ALBIZZATI, CARLO - Saggio Di Esegesi Sperimentale Sulle Pitture Funerarie Dei Vasi Italo-Greci: Kantharos Plastico Di Fabbrica Etrusca (Vol. 1)
154422: ALBRECHT, DONALD ET AL. - Global Citizen: The Architecture of Moshe Safdie
141645: ALBRECHT, DONALD - Autoplastic: Wendell Castle, 1968-1973
152056: ALBRECHT, DONALD - The Glass House: Pairings
123084: ALBRIGHT, THOMAS - Art in the San Francisco Bay Area 1945-1980: An Illustrated History
4202: ALBRIGHT, THOMAS ET AL. - Harold Christopher Davies, 1891-1976: A Retrospective Exhibition
126943: ALBRIZZI, ISABELLA TEOTOCHI - Opere Di Scultura E Di Plastica Di Anotonio Canova: Tomi I-IV
12340: ALBSTADT, GERMANY: STADTISCHE GALERIE ALBSTADT, SEPT. 23 TO NOV. 18, 1979 - Oskar Kokoschka, Themen 1906-1976
149078: ALBUQUERQUE, LITA WITH MITCHELL DE JARNETT - As Above, So Below: Art As Political and Cosmological Space - an Environmental Artwork by Lita Albuquerque and Mitchell de Jarnett
116104: ALCOCK, N.W. - Warwickshire Grazier and London Skinner 1532 - 1555: The Account Book of Peter Temple and Thomas Heritage
139296: ALCOLEA, SANTIAGO - Los Esmaltes En la Orfebreria Catalana
109032: ALCOLEA, SANTIAGO - Zurbaran
107191.1: ALCORN, ELLENOR M. - English Silver in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Volume 1 - Before 1697
107191: ALCORN, ELLENOR M. - English Silver in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Volume 1 - Before 1697
106513: ALCORN, ELLENOR - Beyond the Maker S Mark: Paul de Lamerie Silver in the Cahn Collection
123880: ALCOTT, WILLIAM A. - The Young Woman's Guide to Excellence
124056: ALCOUFFE, DANIEL ET AL. - Quelques Chefs-D'Oeuvre de la Collection Djahanguir Riahi: Ameublement Francais Du Xviiie Siecle
100963: ALCOUFFE, DANIEL ET AL. - Furniture Collections in the Louvre
114873: ALCOY, ROSA (DIRECTOR) - Materia Revista D'Art: Iconografies
141138: ALCOY, ROSA (DIRECTOR) - Materia Revista D'Art: Iconografies
155564: ALDAMA, FREDERICK AND HERBERT LINDENBERGER - Aesthetics of Discomfort: Conversations on Disquieting Art
159642: ALDEGA, MARCELLO AND MARGOT GORDON - Italian Drawings, 1700-1863 (V)
159640: ALDEGA, MARCELLO AND MARGOT GORDON - Drawings of the Roman Baroque (II)
159880: ALDEGA, MARCELLO AND MARGOT GORDON - Italian Drawings of XVI Century (III)
159807: ALDEGA, MARCELLO AND MARGOT GORDON - Old Master Drawings [1996 Exhibitions]
159809: ALDEGA, MARCELLO AND MARGOT GORDON - Disegni Italiani XVI-XX Secolo
159594: ALDEGA, MARCELLO AND MARGOT GORDON - Old Master Drawings [1992 Exhibitions]
159623: ALDEGA, MARCELLO AND MARGOT GORDON - Tuscan Drawings XV-XIX Centuries (New York 2000, Old Master Drawings)
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26932: ANTIQUARIAAT FORUM - On the Threshold of Modern Times
140396: ANTIQUORUM - Antiquorum: Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces -- Saturday, June 22, 2013
140397: ANTIQUORUM - Antiquorum: Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces -- Saturday, October 26, 2013
140398: ANTIQUORUM - Antiquorum: Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces -- Saturday, September 18, 2013
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144549: ANTONSEN, LASSE B. - Jřrgen Rřmer : The Subtle Gesture
142285: ANTRIM, CRAIG - Color Consciousness: Seven Los Angeles Artists
10256: ANVERS, NETHERLANDS: KONINKLIJK MUSEUM VOOR SCHONE KUNSTEN, MAY 3 TO JULY 26, 1998 - Breughel-Breughel: Une Famille de Peintres Flamands Vers 1600
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159140: ANZELEWSKI, FEDJA AND R. ZIJLMA - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts: Volume XX, Maria Magdalena Kusel to Johann Christoph Laidig
159127: ANZELEWSKY, FEDJA AND ROBERT ZIJLMA - Hollstein's German Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts: Volume X, George (Jorg) to After Johann Andreas Graf
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155745: AOYAMA, WAHEI - Tefaf Maastricht 2016
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141334: APPELHOF, RUTH ANN - Margaret Bourke-White: The Humanitarian Vision
6188: APPELHOF, RUTH STEVENS (ED.) - The Expressionist Landscape: North American Modernist Painting, 1920-1947

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