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120661: TOMAN, ROLF AND ULRIKE LAULE - Bourgogne: Art, Architecture Et Paysages
147603: TOMAN, ROLF (EDITOR) - Romanesque: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting
136928: TOMAN, ROLF (EDITOR) - Baroque: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting
106383: TOMASEVIC, NEBOJSA - The Magic World of Ivan Generalic
136985: TOMASI, LUCIA TONGIORGI AND GRETCHEN A. HIRSCHAUER - The Flowering of Florence: Botanical Art for the Medici
148163: TOMASKO, MARK D. - Ray Safford, Rare Bookman
150422: TOMASSO BROTHERS FINE ART - Scultura: Tomasso Brothers Fine Art
154618: TOMASSO BROTHERS FINE ART - Important European Bronzes
159456: TOMASZEWSKI, LYNN AND JEREMY OHMES (EDITORS) - Thing Lab: 2013-14 William & Stephanie Sick Distinguished Professorship: Andrea Zittel
123465: TOMEI, ROMEO ROBERT - Romeo Robert Tomei
28901: TOMES, PATRICIA - The Watch and Clock Museum of the Nawcc
117147: TOMIA, KOJIRO - Japanese Prints: A Selection from the Charles J. Morse and Jared K. Morse Collection Lent by Mrs. Jared K. Morse
149366: TOMIDY, PAUL - Quiet
110563: TOMII, REIKO ET AL. - Triple X: Extended, Exploded, Extracted -- Naoto Nakagawa, 1965-1975
110561: TOMII, REIKO - Scream of Nature: Recent Paintings by Naoto Nakagawa
127479: TOMIYAMA, HIDEO AND HIROSHI UEKI - The Traditional Beauty in Japanese Art
121836: TOMIYAMA, HARUO - Junidaime Ichikawa Danjuro : Shumei Zenkiroku
107176: TOMKINS, CALVIN - Merchants and Masterpieces: The Story of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
125944: TOMKINS, CALVIN - Roy Lichtenstein: Mural with Blue Brushstroke
126001: TOMKINS, CALVIN (ESSAY TEXT), BOB ADELMAN (PHOOGRAPHS AND INTERVIEW) - Roy Lichtenstein: Mural with Blue Brushstroke
105105: TOMLIN, MAURICE - Catalogue of Adam Period Furniture
33307: TOMLIN, MAURICE - Catalogue of Adam Period Furniture
131618: TOMLINE, GEORGE - Memoirs of the Life of the Right Honorable William Pitt
118416: TOMLINSON, GARY - Monteverdi and the End of the Renaissance
117289: TOMLINSON, JANIS A. (EDITOR) - Goya: Images of Women
2425: TOMLINSON, JULIETTE - Joseph Whiting Stock: 1815-1855
144883: TOMLINSON, CHARLES - A Rudimentary Treatise on Warming and Ventilation; Being a Concise Exposition of the General Principles of the Art of Warming and Ventilating Domestic and Public Buildings, Mines, Lighthouses, Ships, &C
157723: TOMLINSON, JULIETTE - Paintings of the Connecticut Valley
337.1: TOMLINSON, JULIETTE (EDITOR) - The Paintings and the Journal of Joseph Whiting Stock
124504: TOMOR, MICHAEL A. (CURATOR) - Will Barnet: An American Master Print Retrospective
141620: TOMOR, MICHAEL - The Painters of Scalp Level
132878: TOMOYUKI YAMANOBE - Nihon Bijutsu Taikei VIII: Senshoku
119726: TOMPKINS, MICHAEL - Michael Tompkins: New Work
120732: TOMPKINS, DAVID (ED.) - It's All in the Fit: The Work of John Chamberlain
157194: TOMPKINS, HAYLEY - Conversation: Hayley Tompkins and Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson, Aspen 2013
138373: TONELLI, EDITH A. (CURATOR) - African Art: The Spirit Manifest
8045: TONELLI, EDITH A. (EDITOR) - David Driskell: A Survey
5763: TONEY, ANTHONY - Creative Painting and Drawing
131184: TONG, YANG-TZE; MICHAEL GOEDHUIS - Liberation of Language: Contemporary Ink Painting by Tong Yang-Tze
149226: TONKONOW, LESLIE - Michelle Stuart: Palimpsests
154582: TONKOVICH, JENNIFER ET AL. - Studying Nature: Oil Sketches from the Thaw Collection
141633: TOOHEY, JEANETTE M. - Pre-Raphaelites: The Samuel and Mary R. Bancroft Collection of the Delaware Art Museum
7526.1: TOOHEY, JEANETTE M. - John Sloan: The Gloucester Years
149217: TOOKLEY, R. V. - Map Collectors' Series No. 8: California As an Island: A Geographical Misconception Illustrated by 100 Examples from 1625 to 1770
28302: TOOLEY, R. V. - Maps and Map-Makers
126610: TOOLEY, RONALD VERE - Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers
159527: TOOMER, JEAN AND MARK WHALEN (EDITOR) - The Letters of Jean Toomer, 1919-1924
108946: TOOR, RACHEL - Coney Island Beach People: An Exhibition of Black and White Photographs by Harry Lapow
25232: TOPEKA, KS: MULVANE ART MUSEUM, 1995 - Raymond Eastwood: Dunes, Arroyos and Mesas
130248: TOPOS (ED.) - Stucco, Stone, and Steel : New Materials in Open Space Design = Stuck, Stein Und Stahl : Neue Materialien Fur Den Offentlichen Raum
110435: TOPPING, BRETT AND NANCH G. HELLER - The Age of Grandeur and a Woman Who Lived It: Artist Evelyn Metzger
110435.1: TOPPING, BRETT AND NANCH G. HELLER - The Age of Grandeur and a Woman Who Lived It: Artist Evelyn Metzger
136730: TORBERT, ALICE COYLE - Eleanor Calvert and Her Circle
117793: TORCHIA, ROBERT WILSON ET AL. - American Paintings of the Nineteenth Century, Part II
15221: TORCHIA, ROBERT WILSON - Xanthus Smith and the CIVIL War
141395: TORCHIA, RICHARD - From the Ground Up: Ten Philadelphia Clay Artists
104639: TORCHIA, ROBERT ET AL. - Bill Walton
142405: TORCHIA, ROBERT W. - Lost Colony: The Artists of St. Augustine, 1930-1950
103643: TORCHIA, ROBERT WILSON - New Jersey Remembered (Phildadelphia Collection 75)
154148: TORCHIA, ROBERT W. - John Neagle: Philadelphia Portrait Painter
14000: TORCHIA, ROBERT WILSON - The Smiths: A Family of Philadelphia Artists
26463: TORCHIA, ROBERT W. - The Smith Family Painters: A Series of Exhibitions
139591: TORCHIA, RICHARD - Margaretta Gilboy: Paintings
109378: TORCHIA, RICHARD - Gabriel Martinez: Self-Portraits
148370: TORCHIA, ROBERT - Charles Lewis Fussell (1840-1909)
156981: TORELLI, MARIO - The Etruscans
152088: TORI, LUCA AND ALINE STEINBRECHER (EDITOR) - Animali: Tiere Und Fabelwesen Von Der Antike Bis Zur Neuzeit
137596: TORONTO: MIRA GODARD GALLERY, SEPT-OCT 2003 - David Milne: Selected Works from the David Milne Estate
137598: TORONTO: MIRA GODARD GALLERY, MARCH 2001 - David Milne: Edge of the City: Bronx Pictures 1915
125295: TORONTO GALERIE DRESDNERE - Borduas and Other Rebels
11741: TORONTO, CANADA: ART GALLERY OF ONTARIO, JULY 21 TO SEPT. 10, 1990, TWO OTHER LOCATIONS - Towards a Lyrical Abstraction: The Art of L.A. C. Panton
111989: TORONTO, CANADA: ART GALLERY OF TORONTO, MAR. 26 TO APR. 24, 1960 - 61st Annual Exhibition: The Ontario Society of Artists. Exhibitions by Young Canadians
111992: TORONTO, CANADA: ART GALLERY OF TORONTO, MAR. 26 TO APR. 24, 1960 - Catalogue of Exhibition of Modern Hungarian Painting; Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour; 42nd Spring Salon of the Toronto Camera Club
30629: TORRE, SUSANE, ED - Women in American Architecture: A Historic and Contemporary Perspective
149806: TORRENS, MARIA LUISA - Agueda Dicancro: Visiones III Y Testimonios
33334: TORRES, MILAGROS - Modest Urgell
103488: TORRES, MARIA TERESA RODRIQUEZ - The Visitation of the Virgin, Peter Paul Rubens: Materials and Technique
148394: TORRES DELLA PINA, JOSE AND VICTORIA MUJICA - The Silver and Silversmiths of Peru
27677: TORREY, JULIA WHITTEMORE - Old Sheffield Plate: Its Technique and History As Illustrated in a Single Private Collection
149907: TORTORA, LYDIA - Ralph Wickiser: The Four Seasons, Works from the 1970's
157461: TORY, GEOFROY - Champ Fleury
127031: TOSHIAKI, TACHIBANAKI; MARY E. FOSTER (TRANSLATION) - The New Paradox for Japanese Women: Greater Choice, Greater Inequality
146617: TOSHIAKI, MINEMURA - Kurokawa Hirotake: Hekate, Benne Bird, Moon Fish
154704: TOSINI, AURORA SCOTTI ET AL. - A Protagonist of Italian Divisionism: Giuseppe Pellizza and His World, Documentary Exhibition = Un Protagonista Del Divisionismo Italiano Giuseppe Pellizza E IL Suo Mondo, Mostra Documentaria
136473: TOSTMANN, OLIVER (EDITOR) - Anders Zorn: A European Artist Seduces America
143803: TOTSKA, I.F. - Mozaiki I Freski Sofii Kievskoy / Mosaics and Frescoes of St. Sophia's Cathedral of Kiev
136734: TOTTIS, JAMES W. ET AL. - Life's Pleasures: The Ashcan Artists' Brush with Leisure, 1895-1925
136734000001: TOTTIS, JAMES W. ET AL. - Life's Pleasures: The Ashcan Artists' Brush with Leisure, 1895-1925
139766: TOTTIS, JAMES W. - Forging a Modern Identity: Masters of American Painting Born After 1847
118640: TOTTON, MARY-LOUISE - Wearing Wealth and Styling Identity: Tapis from Lampung, South Sumatra, Indonesia
19323: TOUCHATOUT - La Degringolade Imperiale: Seconde Partie de L'Histoire Tintamarresque de Napoleon III
154756: TOULIER, CHRISTINE ET AL. - Richelieu å Richelieu: Architecture Et Décors D'Un Château Disparu
146775: TOULOUSE, JULIAN HARRISON - Fruit Jars: A Collectors' Manual
116443: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Italia Settentrionale Guida Breve, Vol. 1
116444: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Italia Centrale Guida Breve, Vol. II
116445: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Italia Meridionale E Insulare - Libia, Guida Breve Vol. III
133321: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Lombardia (2 Volume Set)
133323: TOURING CLUB ITALIANO - Toscana (2 Volume Set)
10549: TOURS, FRANCE: MUSEE DES BEAUX-ARTS, JUNE 23 TO OCT. 1, 1956 - Dessins Et Manuscrits de Leonard de Vinci
122328: TOUSSAINT, FRANZ - Le Jardin Des Caresses
149041: TOUSSAINT, HELENE - La Legende D'Ossian Illustree Par Girodet
109985: TOUSTER, SAUL AND IRENE TAYLER - Samuel Bak: Still, Life... : Recent Paintings by Samuel Bak
122075: TOVELL, ROSEMARIE L. - Reflections in a Quiet Pool: The Prints of David Milne
153822: TOWER, WALTER S. - A History of the American Whale Fishery (Publications of the University of Pennsylvania)
147333: TOWER, BEEKE SELL - Envisioning America: Prints, Drawings, and Photographs by George Grosz and His Contemporaries 1915-1933
153791: TOWER, SUSAN AND STEVE KATZ - The Substance of Light: Sunlight Dispersion, the Solar Burns, Point Source / Star Space: Selected Work of Charles Ross
117785: TOWN, ELKE - Fiction: An Exhibition of Recent Works by Ian-Carr Harris, General Idea, Mary Janitch, Shirley Wiitasalo
107834: TOWN, ELKE - Fiction: An Exhibition of Recent Works by Ian-Carr Harris, General Idea, Mary Janitch, Shirley Wiitasalo
154314: TOWN, HAROLD - Albert Franck: Keeper of the Lanes [His Life, Times & Work]
6447.1: TOWN, HAROLD AND DAVID P. SILCOX - Tom Thomson: The Silence and the Storm
157545: TOWNDROW, KENNETH ROMNEY AND D. S. MACCOLL - Alfred Stevens: Architectural Sculptor, Painter and Designer: A Biography with New Material
125655: TOWNE, HENRY R. - Locks and Builders Hardware: A Manual for Architects
105441: TOWNER, DONALD - Creamware
105441.1: TOWNER, DONALD - Creamware
106274: TOWNER, DONALD - The Leeds Pottery
106280: TOWNER, DONALD - The Leeds Pottery
137404: TOWNS, BETSY - Wondrous Creatures: The Paintings of Martin Johnson Heade
117811: TOWNSEND, RICHARD F. - The Ancient Americas: Art from Sacred Landscapes
23041: TOWNSEND, CAMILLA - Tales of Two Cities; Race and Economic Culture in Early Republican North and South America
16892: TOWNSEND, RICHARD P. ET AL. - J.M. W. Turner, "That Greatest of Landscape Painters: " Watercolors from London Museums
152560: TOWNSEND, J. BENJAMIN - Virginia Tillou: Tabletops and Portraits
159597: TOWNSEND, RICHARD P. - The Samuel H. Kress Collection at Philbrook
134129: TOWNSEND, W.G. PAULSON - Floral Forms in Historic Design Mainly from Objects in the Victoria & Albert Museum
141832: TOWNSEND, J. BENJAMIN - Works by Charles E. Burchfield: A Tribute from Tony Sisti
22344: TOWNSEND, JAMES B. (PREFACE) - Collection of Ancient and Modern Paintings Belonging to Mr. Edward Brandus
15821: TOWNSEND, RICHARD P. AND ERIC M. ZAFRAN - Botticelli to Tiepolo: Three Centuries of Italian Painting from Bob Jones University
6365: TOWNSEND, J. BENJAMIN (EDITOR) - Charles Burchfield's Journals: The Poetry of Place
29871: TOWSON, MD: HOLTZMAN ART GALLERY, NO DATE - John Blair Mitchell; a Retrospective
131790: TOYE, RICHARD - Churchill's Empire: The World That Made Him and the World He Made
144244: TOYKO NATIONAL MUSEUM - Enku's Buddhas: Sculptures from Senkoji Temple and the Hida Region = Hida No Enku : Senkoji to Sono Shuhen No Sokuseki
156039: TOYNBEE, JOCELYN M.C. - The Ara Pacis Reconsidered and Historical Art in Roman Italy
111927: TOYNBEE, JOCELYN M.C. - The Hadrianic School: A Chapter in the History of Greek Art
121459: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J. - The Tragedy of Greece: A Lecture Delivered for the Professor of Greek to Candidates for Honours in Literae Humaniores at Oxford in May 1920
154713: TRABA, MARIA - Oswaldo Vigas, Pinturas 1943-1973
136055: TRABA, MARTA - Arte de America Latina, 1900-1980
131335: TRABOULSI, RIAD - Fleeting Moments: Photographs in Black and White
143694: TRABOULSI, RIAD - Fleeting Moments: Photographs in Black and White
131335.1: TRABOULSI, RIAD - Fleeting Moments: Photographs in Black and White
31760: TRACHTENBERG, ALAN - Brooklyn Bridge: Fact and Symbol
21117: TRACHTENBERG, ALAN - Jan Groover: Photographs
111563: TRACHTENBERG, STEPHEN JOEL - Reflections on Higher Education
149682: TRACHTENBERG, ALAN - Gettysburg: A Journey in Time -- William Earle Williams
30485: TRACY, BARTLETT - Painting Practices and Practices
116764: TRACY, MICHAEL - Soul's Body: A Note on Richard Stout's Paintings
30872: TRACY, LOIS BARTLETT - Adventuring in Art
158163: TRACY, BERRY B.; MARY BLACK - Federal Furniture and Decorative Arts at Boscobel
145761: TRACY, WARREN - A Catalog of the Merritt Mauzey Collection in the Library of the University of Southern Mississippi
129423: TRACY, BERRY B.; MARY BLACK - Federal Furniture and Decorative Arts at Boscobel
120206: TRADIGO, ALFREDO - Icons and Saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church
149966: TRAGER, NEIL C.ET AL - Bolton Coit Brown: A Retrospective
159389: TRAHERNE, THOMAS AND BERTRAM DOBELL (EDITOR) - Centuries of Meditations... Now First Printed from the Author's Manuscript
134970: TRAILL, H.D. - The Life of Sir John Franklin, R.N.
104401: TRAPIER, ELIZABETH DU GUE - Velazquez
149885: TRAPIER, ELIZABETH DU GUE - Catalogue of Paintings (16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries) in the Collection of the Hispanic Society of America
24052: TRAPIER, ELIZABETH DU GUÉ (COMPILER) - Catalogue of Paintings (16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries) in the Collection of the Hispanic Society of America
143930: TRAPNELL, DAVID - Nature in Art: A Celebration of 300 Years of Wildlife Paintings
143841: TRAPP, FRANK ANDERSON - Peter Blume: The Italian Drawings
5477: TRAPP, FRANK - George Wesley Bellows
126350: TRAPP, FRANK ANDERSON ET AL. - Paul Jenkins: Oeuvres 1953-1986
28719: TRAPP, KENNETH R., ED - Celebrate Cincinnati Art: In Honor of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Cincinnati Art Museum, 1881 - 1981
9483: TRAPP, FRANK - Clarence H. Carter: Retrospective Exhibition
128250: TRAPPER, EMMA (COMP.) - Musical Blue Book of America, 1919-1920
3709: TRASHJIAN, DICKRAN - William Carlos Williams and the American Scene, 1920-1940
152278: TRASK, JOHN E. D. AND J. NILSEN LAURVIK (EDITORS) - Catalogue Deluxe of the Department of Fine Arts, Panama-Pacific International Exposition (Volume II Only)
2602: TRASK, JOHN E. D. AND J. NILSEN LAURVIK (EDITORS) - Catalogue Deluxe of the Department of Fine Arts, Panama-Pacific International Exposition (2 Vols. )
149230: TRAUB, CHARLES - Aaron Siskind: Road Trip, Photographs 1980-1988
125679: TRAUB, CHARLES H. - Object of My Creation: Photographs 1967-1970
114236: TRAUGER, SUSAN C. (INTRO.) - Bibliography of German Expressionism: Catalog of the Library of the Robert Gore Rifkind Center for German Expressionist Studies at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
142192: TRAUGOTT, JOSEPH - The Art of New Mexico: How the West Is One: The Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts
117086: TRAUTMANN, EMILIE AND CLAUDIA CARR - Jason Stewart: Spirals
158889: TRAVERS, MILTON A. - The Wampanoag Indian Tribute Tribes of Martha's Vineyard : The Story of the Capowacks of Nope
154778: TRAVERSO, CARLA CAVELLI - Moda Neoclassica Romantica in Liguria
154804: TRAVI, CARLA - La Regalita Di Cristo: Pitture Murali in Sant'Abbondio a Como
151128: TRAVIS, DAVID - Photography Rediscovered: American Photographs, 1900-1930
142557: TRAVIS, DAVID (ESSAY AND CATALOGUE) - Photographs from the Julien Levy Collection Starting with Atget
109245: TRAVIS, DAVID - Thomas Frederick Arndt: Men in America: Photographs 1973-1987
6091: TRAXEL, DAVID - An American Saga: The Life and Times of Rockwell Kent
139505: TRAXLER, IDA FRANCES - The Other Side of the Trax: A Sampler of the Life and Work of... Julie Traxler
27214: TREADWAY, DON - The American Art Pottery Price Guide, Ohio Pottery: Roseville, Weller, Owens, Clewell & Cowan
144657: TREADWAY GALLERY AND JOHN TOOMEY GALLERY - 20th Century Art & Design
143179: TREADWAY GALLERY AND JOHN TOOMEY GALLERY - 20th Century Art & Design
105551: TREADWELL, JOHN H. - A Manual of Pottery and Porcelain for American Collectors
154246: TREBELCOCK, EVELYN D. AND VALERIE A. BALINT ET AL. - Glories of the Hudson: Frederic Edwin Church's Views from Olana
126508: TREBELCOCK, EVELYN D. AND VALERIE A. BALINT ET AL. - Glories of the Hudson: Frederic Edwin Church's Views from Olana
156141: TREBILCO, PAUL R. - Jewish Communities in Asia Minor (Society for New Testament Studies, Monograph Series 69)
140134: TREDE, MELANIE (EDITOR) - Arts of Japan: The John C. Weber Collection
125863: TREFFERS, BERT AND GUUS VAN DEN HOUT - The Last Caravaggio
139699: TREFUSIS, VIOLET - Don't Look Round: Violet Trefusis, Her Reminiscences
115311: TREGENZA, RUTH ROBINSON - Decoration and Furnishing of Homes. Study Material in Loose Leaf Form
136922: TREIB, MARC - The Donnell and Eckbo Gardens: Modern Californian Masterworks
152315: TRELEASE, WILLIAM - National Academy of Sciences Volume XI: Agave in the West Indies
159514: TREMBLAY, BILL - Crying in the Cheap Seats
150927: TRENCH, CHARLES - Graces' Card: Irish Catholic Landlords 1690-1800
36472: TRENCH, HERBERT - Deirdre Wed and Other Poems
100134: TRENCH, HERBERT - Napoleon, a Play
121585: TRENKWALD, HERMANN - Glaser Der Spatzeit: Um 1790 Bis 1850
136679: TRENT, ROBERT F. - Hearts & Crowns: Folk Chairs of the Connecticut Coast 1720-1840 As Viewed in the Light of Henri Focillon's Introduction to Art Populaire
104785: TRENT, JOSIAH CHARLES - The London Years of Benjamin Waterhouse (Reprinted from Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, Vol. 1 No. 1)
9458: TRENTON, NJ: NEW JERSEY STATE MUSEUM, SEPT. 30 TO DEC. 3, 1967 - Geometric Art: An Exhibition of Paintings and Constructions by Fourteen Contemporary New Jersey Artists
7232: TRENTON, NJ: NEW JERSEY STATE MUSEUM, JUNE 10 TO AUG.28, 1983 - Gray T. Erbe: Trompe L'Oeil Paintings and Dimensional Compositions
100607: TRENTON, PATRICIA (EDITOR); SUSAN LANDAUER; ET AL. - Independent Spirits : Women Painters of the American West, 1890-1945
7599: TRENTON, PATRICIA - Harvey Otis Young: The Lost Genius 1840-1901
18665: TRENTON, PATRICIA - The Rocky Mountains: A Vision for Artists in the Nineteenth Century
136901: TRENTON, PATRICIA AND PATRICK HOULIHAN - Native Faces: Indian Cultures in American Art: From the Collections of the Los Angeles Athletic Club and the Southwest Museum
158802: TRENTON, PATRICIA AND DEBORAH EPSTEIN SOLON - Birds, Boughs, & Blossoms: Jessie Arms Botke (1883-1971)
1935: TRENTON, PATRICIA - Picturesque Images from Taos and Santa Fe
9456: TRENTON, NJ: NJ STATE COUNCIL ON THE ARTS, FEB. 1973 & MAR. 1974 - Curators' Choice
9460: TRENTON, NJ: NEW JERSEY STATE MUSUEM, SEPT. 19 TO NOV. 15, 1970 - Four Views
4559: TRENTON, NJ: NEW JERSEY STATE MUSEUM, SEPT. 20 TO NOV. 16, 1969 - Ben Shahn: A Retrospective Exhibition
102012: TRENTON, PATRICIA - The Artistry of William Matthews
108979: TRESCHSEL, GAIL ANDREWS (EDITOR) - Pictured in My Mind: Contemporary American Self-Taught Art from the Collection of Dr. Kurt Gitter and Alice Rae Yelen
106733: TRESS, ARHUR - Male of the Species; Four Decades of Photography by Arthur Tress
118579: TRESTRAIL, JOANNE - Illinois: The Spirit of America
142792: TRETER, MIECZYSLAW - Polish Graphic Art Exhibition 1933-1934
139385: TRETIAKOV, N.S. - Gosudarstvennyi Muzei-Zapovednik Pavlovsk: Polnyi Katalog Kollektsii - Tom V, Zhivopisi, Vypusk 1: Zhivopisi Gollandii I Flandrii, XVI-XVIII Vekov
146821: TRETIAKOV, N.S. - Gosudarstvennyi Muzei-Zapovednik Pavlovsk: Polnyi Katalog Kollektsiy - Tom V, Zhivopis; Vypusk 2 - Zhivopis' Ital'Yanskikh I Ispanskikh Masterov XVI-XIX Vekov
139386: TRETIAKOV, N.S. - Gosudarstvennyi Muzei-Zapovednik Pavlovsk: Polnyi Katalog Kollektsiy - Tom VII, Farfor; Vypusk 1: Imperatorskii Farforovyi Zavod. Konets XVIII-Nachalo XX Veka
138768: TRETIAKOV, N. - Frantsuzskiy Farfar I Steklo XVIII - Nachala XX Veka V Kollektxii Pavlovskogo Dvortsa / la Porcelaine Et le Verre Francais Du XVIII - Debut Du XX Siecles Dans Les Collections de Pavlovsk
139383: TRETIAKOV, N.S. - Gosudarstvennyi Muzei-Zapovednik Pavlovsk: Polnyi Katalog Kollektsii - Tom III, Vypusk 1: Skulptura Pavloskogo Dvortsa-Muzeya
139378: TRETIAKOV, N.S. - Gosudarstvennyi Muzei-Zapovednik Pavlovsk: Polnyi Katalog Kollektsii - Tom I, Vypusk 3: Dvorets Interyeryi I Etazh I III Etazh
120399: TRETIAKOV, N. S. (NIKOLAI S.) - Stati, Vospominaniia, Pisma: A.M. Kuchumov
149142: TRETRIACK, PHILIPPE - Raymond Loewy [Never Leave Well Enough Alone!]
143777: TRETYAKOV, N.C. - Velikiy Kinyaz' - Konstantin Konstantinovich Romanov (Great Prince - Konstantin Konstantinovich Romanov)
115851: TREUE, WILHELM - Art Plunder: The Fate of Works of Art in War and Unrest
104218: TREUHERZ, JULIAN ET AL. - Hard Times: Social Realism in Victorian Art
154266: TREVER, LISA SENCHYSHYN - Memory, Exoticism, and Aestheticism in the Tropical Isthmus Landscapes of Norton Bush
111659: TREVISO, ITALY: CASA DEI CARRARESI, SEPT. 9, 2000 TO JAN. 14, 2001/CONEGLIANO, ITALY: PALAZZO SARCINELLI, SEPT. 10, 2000 TO JAN. 14, 2001 - La Nascita Dell'Impressionismo
134204: TREVOR H. HALL - A Bibliography of Books on Conjuring in English from 1580 to 1850
118623: TRICKER, GREG - Bernadette of Lourdes: The Mystery of Mary & the Eternal Feminine - Paintings & Sculptures by Greg Tricker
142849: TRIER, EDUARD - Recent German Graphic Art: An Exhibition of Deutscher Kunstrat
141272: TRIET, MAX ET AL. - Spiel Und Sport IM Alten Agypten: Beitrage Und Notizen Zur Ausstellung IM Schweizerischen Sportmuseum Basel
115281: TRIGGS, H. INIGO - Formal Gardens in England and Scotland - Their Planning and Arrangement, Architectural and Ornamental Features (Parts I, II and III)
136258: TRIMMER, ERIC J. - Rejuvenation: The History of an Idea
106636: TRINI, TOMMASO AND ROBERTO SANESI AND RAFFAELE DE GRADA - Masciarelli (Maestri Contemporanei)
158334: TRIOSSI, AMANDA (EDITOR) - Between Eternity and History, Bvlgari [Bulgari]: From 1884 to 2009, 125 Years of Italian Jewels
18728: TRIPE, DODE AND SHERBURNE F. COOK JR. - Washington State Art and Artists, 1850-1950
108296: TRIPPI, LAURA (CURATOR) - New American Talent: The Sixth Exhibition
157273: TRIZNA, JAZEPS - Michel Sittow : Peintre Revalais de L'école Brugeoise (1468-1525/1526)
22615: TROCCOLI, JOAN CARPENTER ET AL. - Painters and the American West: The Anschutz Collection
145981: TROCME, SUZANNE - Influential Interiors
144674: TROFIMOV, I.V. - Pamyatniki Architektury Troitse-Sergievoy Lavry: Issledovaniya I Restavratsiya (Architectural Monuments of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra: Research and Restoration)
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