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153206: SZAFRAN, YVONNE ET AL. - Jackson Pollock's Mural: The Transitional Moment
135549: SZAKACS, DENNIS - Richard Jackson: Ain't Painting a Pain
104380: SZARKOWSKI, JOHN AND HAMBOURG, MARIA MORRIS - The Work of Atget. Vol III: The Ancien Regime
136831: SZARKOWSKI, JOHN AND SHOJI YAMAGISHI - New Japanese Photography
158592: SZARKOWSKI, JOHN - American Landscapes: Photographs from the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art
152177: SZARKOWSKI, JOHN - The Animals: Garry Winogrand
159160: SZARKOWSKI, JOHN AND SHOJI YAMAGISHI - New Japanese Photography
114866: SZARKOWSKI, JOHN (ESSAY) - William Eggleston's Guide
100467: SZARKOWSKI, JOHN - Paul Resika: Paintings
17358: SZARKOWSKI, JOHN AND MARIA MORRIS HAMBOURG - The Work of Atget, Vol. I: Old France
139574: SZARKOWSKI, JOHN (SELECTOR) - 1992 New Orleans Triennial: New Southern Photography
113436: SZARKOWSKI, JOHN - American Landscapes: Photographs from the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art
104289: SZASZ, MARGARET CONNELL - Indian Education in the American Colonies, 1607-1783
151529: SZE, LENA (EDITOR) - Chinatown Lives: Oral Histories from Philadelphia's Chinatown
136659: SZEEMAN, HARALD - La Biennale Di Venezia: 49. Esposizione Internazionale D'Arte -- Platea Dell 'Umanita' = Plateau of Humankind = Plateau Der Menschheit = Plateau de L'Humanite (2 Vols. )
148316: SZEEMANN, HARALD ET AL. - Cy Twombly: Peintures, Oeuvres Sur Papier, Sculptures
120603: SZEGEDY-MASZAK, ANDREW - An Eye for Antiquity: Photographs from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. William Knight Zewadski
143799: SZEKELY, MARTIN - Martin Szekely: Ne Plus Dessiner
154445: SZETO, NAOMI YIN YIN ET AL. - The Extraordinary in the Ordinary: Chairs for Viewing the World Through Time
142448: SZIJ, BELA - Retrospective de Jozsef Egry (1883-1951) / Egry Jozsef (1883-1951), Emlekkiallitasa
145262: SZILAGYI, ANDRAS - Medici-Karpitok: Puttok Jatekai (Medici Tapestries: Giuochi Di Putti)
138863: SZILARDFY, ZOLTAN - Eigenstandige Typen in Der Barocken Ikonographie Ungarischer Heiliger
106656: SZIRTES, GEORGE - Exercicio de Poder a Arte de Ana Maria Pacheco
121981: SZLADITS, LOLA A. - Owen D. Young Book Collector
129012: SZMODIS-ESZLARY, EVA - The Treasures of the Old Sculpture Collection
119597: SZOKE, JOHN - The Surrealist Tradition
128818: SZYK, ARTHUR - The Haggadah
109094: SZYMUSIAK, DOMINIQUE ET AL. - Norman Dilworth
158915: T. B. CLARK & CO - T.B. Clark & Co. Incorporated Rich Cut Glass
156597: T'AN TAN-CHIUNG - Chinese Art
134627: T. THORNE BAKER - The Telegraphic Transmission of Photographs
134067: T.A. DAY AND J.B. DINES - Illustrations of Mediaeval Costume in England, Collected from Mss. In the Bristish Museum, Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris, Etc.
107542: TABART, MARIELLE - Brancusi: Inventatorul Sculpturii Moderne
123912: TABER, EDWARD MARTIN - Stowe Notes, Letters, and Verses
140389: TABORELLI, GIORGIO AND FURIO DIAZ - The Medici in Florence: A Workshop of European Culture
107389: TADASHI, KARUBE - Maruyama Masao and the Fate of Liberalism in Twentieth-Century Japan
118231: TADGELL, CHRISTOPHER - The History of Architecture in India from the Dawn of Civilization to the End of the Raj
152437: TADLER, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Connecticut: Seasons of Light, Cradle of American Impressionism
127264: TADMOR, GABRIEL; JUDITH SHEN-DAR - Menachem Shemi (Schmidt) 1897-1951: Permanent Display from the Collection of the Haifa Museum of Modern Art
116768: TAFT MUSEUM - Tyrone Geter: Images of Africa and Recent Works
153520: TAFT, STAN - Stan Taft: Test / Roma
107769: TAFT MUSEUM - Tyrone Geter: Images of Africa and Recent Works
1848: TAFT, ROBERT - Artists and Illustrators of the Old West: 1850-1900
125084: TAFT, ROBERT - Photography and the American Scene: A Social History, 1839-1889
139445: TAFTON, MELISSA GEISLER - Critics, Collectors, and the Nineteenth-Century Taste for the Paintings of John Frederick Kensett
30743: TAGGART (HOLLIS) GALLERIES: NY, SEPTEMBER 25 TO OCTOBER 25, 2003 - Samuel Rothbort: Direct Carver
110593: TAGGART, HOLLIS - Hollis Taggart Galleries Art Market Report
19705: TAGGART (HOLLIS) GALLERIES, NY: OCT. 5-21, 2000 - Hiram Powers: The Last of the Tribes
34443: TAGGART, HOLLIS C. - Morton Kaish: The America Series
23754: TAGGART (HOLLIS) GALLERIES, NY: NOV. 28, 2001 TO JAN. 12, 2002 - Inheriting Cubism: The Impact of Cubism on American Art, 1909-1936
12417: TAGGART (HOLLIS) GALLERIES, NEW YORK: NO DATE - Recent Acquisitions
14272: TAGGART (HOLLIS) GALLERIES, NY: NOV. 30, 1999 TO JAN. 15, 2000 - Alfred H. Maurer: Aestheticism to Modernism
26780: TAGGART, ROSS E. - The Frank P. And Harriet C. Burnap Collection of English Pottery in the William Rockhill Nelson Gallery: Revised and Enlarged Edition
24328: TAGGART (HOLLIS) GALLERIES, NEW YORK: NO DATE - Recent Acquisitions
14246: TAGGART (HOLLIS) GALLERIES, NY: MAY 1-18, 1999 - Synchromism: Morgan Russell and Stanton Macdonald-Wright
18612: TAGGART, ROSS E. - Kaleidoscope of American Painting: Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
23918: TAGGERT (HOLLIS) GALLERIES, NY: OCT. 25 TO NOV. 17, 2001 - Jerome Blum: Journeys Into Color
154125: TAGIEVA, ROIYA - Siuzhetnie Kovry Azerbaidzhana XIX- Nachalo XX Veka = Azerbaijani Plot Carpets from the 19th to the 20th Centuries
151966: TAGLIAFERRI, MARCO AND LUCIA TRAVIANI - Museo Dell'Opera Del Duomo Di Orvieto: Tessere Mercantili Medievali
117680: TAGLIAFERRO, LAURA - Guide to the Palazzo Bianco Gallery (the White Palace Gallery)
101273: TAHA, HALIMA - Collecting African American Art: Works on Paper and Canvas
119633: TAILLANDIER, YVON - La Galerie Maeght: Un Paquebot Nomme Maeght - the S.S. Maeght
140709: TAILLANDIER, Y. - Henri Laurens: Sculptures En Pierre 1919-1943
144536: TAILLANDIER, YVON AND ANTONIO SAURA - Saura: March 1964: Recent Paintings
157567: TAILLANDIER, YVON ET AL. - Trente Et Une Peinture de Asger Jorn
106914: TAIT, HUGH (INTRO.) - Jewellery Through 7000 Years
125676: TAIT, HUGH (EDITOR) - Glass: 5,000 Years
150910: TAIT, A. A. - The Landscape Garden in Scotland, 1735-1835
118328: TAIT, A.A. - Robert Adam: The Creative Mind: From the Sketch to the Finished Drawing
105060: TAIT, HUGH - The Waddesdon Bequest / the Legacy of Baron Ferdinand Rothschild to the British Museum
135566: TAIWAN: TAIPEI FINE ARTS MUSEUM, 2012 - One to All: Wang Huaiqing
135568: TAIWAN: TAIPEI FINE ARTS MUSEUM - Xing Guo Jiang Nan : Chen Cheng Bo Yi Shu Tan Suo LI Cheng = Journey Through Jiangnan : A Pivotal Moment in Chen Cheng-Po's Artistic Quest
135565: TAIWAN: TAIPEI FINE ARTS MUSEUM, 2012 - Taiwan Dang Dai, Wan Gu Yu Jin = Time Games : Contemporary Appropriations of the Past
135567: TAIWAN: TAIPEI FINE ARTS MUSEUM, 2012 - Huang Ming Chang : Yi Fang Xin Tian = a Field in the Heart : Solo Exhibition by Huang Ming-Chang
32595: TAJAN, JACQUES - Tajan: Collection Janette Ostier Et Divers
137197: TAJAN (FIRM) - Hommage a Julien Levy = Tribute to Julien Levy
151389: TAJONAR, HECTOR (EDITOR) - El Alma de Mexico
154492: TAJONAR, HECTOR ET AL. - En Esto Ver Aquello: Octavio Paz Y El Arte
116194: TAKABATAKE, TOSHIHIKO - Art As 1: Japanese Professional Illustrators - Vol. 1
111335: TAKACS, SAROLTA A. - Vestal Virgins, Sibyls, and Matrons: Women in Roman Religion
157121: TAKAHASHI, AKIYA - Prado Captive Beauty: Treasures from the Prado Museum
129647: TAKAHASHI, AKIYA ET AL. - Creer Au Feminin: Femmes Artistes Du Siecle de Madame Vigee le Brun = Mar - Antowanetto No Gaka Vijie Ruburan: Kareinaru Ky Tei O Egaita Josei Gakatachi
141057: TAKAHASHI, AKIYA (ED.) AND RICHARD GLANTON (PREFACE) - Great French Paintings from the Barnes Foundation (Japanese Edition)
29686: TAKAHASHI, AKIYA ET AL. - The Birth of Impressionism
17751: TAKAHASHI, KOJI WITH MASAAKI OZAKI AND KAZUO NAKABAYASHI (EDITORS) - Abstract Expressionism: Works on Paper, Selections from the Metropolitan Museum of Art / Abstract Expressionism: Masterpieces from Japanese Collections
145485: TAKAL, PETER - About the Invisible in Art
158628: TAKAMADO NO MIYA HISAKO - Tabisuru Netsuke : Takamadonomiya Hi Gendai Netsuke Korekushon = Have Netsuke Will Travel : H.I. H. Princess Takamado Contemporary Netsuke Collection
28968: TAKASHIMA, SHUJI - Okada, Shinoda, and Tsutaka: Three Pioneers of Abstract Painting in 20th Century Japan
132876: TAKASHIMAYA BIJUTSUBU 80-NENSHI HENSAN IINKAI - Takashimaya Bijutsubu 80-Nenshi
20744: TAKASHINA, SHUJI ET AL. - Paris in Japan: The Japanese Encounter with European Painting
29833: TAKASHINA, SHUJI (FOREWORD) - Illustrated Summary Catalogue of Paintings and Sculptures: The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
123522: TAKASHINA, SHUJI ET AL. - Le Corbusier & the National Museum of Western Art
153155: TAKASI, MIYADZAKI ET AL. - Yaponskoye Iskusstvo 7-19 VV. - Poslaniye Drevney Stolitsy Nara = Japanese Art of 7-19 Centuries - the Message of the Ancient Capital of Nara
152512: TAKEDA, KAY - Birgitta Lund... Fingers Touch Upon the Drawings of My House . .
114177: TAKEYA, NAOMI - La Casa Appoggiata Al Pino
122236: TAKI, KATEI - Bamboo Studies
141451: TAKTSIS, COSTAS - Alex Mylonas
152527: TAKULAN, ERIC AND ALLAN M. GORDON - A Visual Heritage, 1945 to 1980: Bay Area African-American Artists
157078: TAKUYA, KIDA - Visit Japan: Tourism Promotion in the 1920s and 1930s = Y Koso Nihon E: 1920-30-Nendai No Ts Rizumu to Dezain
112732: TAL, TZVI - Pantallas Y Revolucion: Una Vision Comparativa Del Cine de Liberacion Y El Cinema Novo
136684: TALAGA, SALLY, ET AL. - An Ideal Subject: The Art of Jennie Brownscombe
155710: TALASEK, JD WITH RICK WELCH AND KEVIN FINNERAN - Visual Culture and Evolution: An Online Symposium (Issues in Cultural Theory 16)
133749: TALBERT, BRUCE J. - Gothic Forms Applied to Furniture, Metal Work, and Decoration for Domestic Purposes by B.J. Talbert Arch't. London / Examples of Ancient & Modern Furniture, Metalwork , Tapestries, Decorations by B.J. Talbert, Arch't
140482: TALBIERSKA, JOLANTA (ED.) - Straty Wojenne Kolekcja Jacoba Kabruna Tom I, Ryciny. Historia I Dokumentacja; Tom II, Ryciny. Katalog; Tom III, Ryciny. Ilustracje (Wartime Losses: Jacob Kabrun's Collection - Volume I, Prints. History and Documentation; Volume II, Prints. Catalogue; Volume III, Prints. Illustrations)
30997: TALBOT, CHARLES AND ALAN SHESTACK - Prints and Drawings of the Danube School
600: TALBOT, WILLIAM S. - Jasper F. Cropsey 1823-1900
122331: TALBOT, WILLIAM - Sculpture 1966
151042: TALBOT, WILLIAM S. AND PHILIPPE VERDIER - The Bulletin of the Cleveland Museum of Art for May 1980
150759: TALBOT, MATILDA - My Life and Lacock Abbey
8087: TALBOT, LANE H. AND EXCERPTS FROM THEODORE ROCZAK - Theodore Roszak: Sculpture and Drawings, 1942-1963
149056: TALBOT, PAGE (EDITOR) - Benjamin Franklin in Search of a Better World
143167: TALBOT, JAROLD T. - 1963 Contemporary Indian Artists Annual Exhibition
21655: TALBOT, WILLIAM S. - Jasper F. Cropsey 1823-1900 (Part of the Outstanding Dissertations in the Fine Arts Series by Garland Publishing)
144332: TALBOTT, PAGE AND PATRICIA TANIS SYDNEY - The Philadelphia Ten: A Women's Artist Group, 1917-1945
12361: TALBOTT, PAGE AND PATRICIA TANIS SYDNEY - The Philadelphia Ten: A Women's Artist Group, 1917-1945
103469: TALBOTT, PAGE - Classical Savannah: Fine and Decorative Arts, 1800-1840
121079: TALEV, ILIYA - Bulgarski "Predrenesans": Mitove I Realnost / Bulgarian Pre-Renaissance: Myths and Reality
120425: TALIS, D.L. - Ezhegodnik Gosudarstvennogo Istoricheskogo Muzeia 1959 God (State Historical Museum Yearbook 1959)
149600: TALLEMANT, GEDEON DES REAUX - Love-Tales from Tallemant, Rendered from the French
108871: TALLEY, M. KIRBY JR. - This House Was the Pride of the Town: Mr. Nickerson's Marble Palace Becomes Mr. Driehaus' Museum
115110: TALLMAN, SUSAN - Terry Winters: Shadowgraphs
144354: TALWAR, DEEPAK AND LORETTA YARLOW - Transition and Transformation: A. Balasubramaniam and Ranjani Shettar
121085: TAM, LAURENCE C.S. (CURATOR) - Cybernetic Art of Tsai Wen-Ying
28365: TAMARIN, ALFRED, AND SHIRLEY GLUBOK - Voyaging to Cathay: Americans in the China Trade
6052: TAMM, ANITA - Walter Farndon, N.A. (1873-1964): Exhibition III
7234: TAMPA, FL: TAMPA MUSEUM OF ART, SEPT.11 TO NOV.13, 1994 - Jimmy Ernst: Trials of Silence, Works 1942-1983
9453: TAMPA, FL: TAMPA BAY ART CENTER, APR. 8 TO MAY 14, 1968 - 40 Now California Painters: A Survey of California Painting in This Decade
1461: TAMPA, FL: TAMPA MUSEUM OF ART, DEC. 9, 1989 TO MAR. 4, 1990, THREE OTHER LOCATIONS - At the Water's Edge: 19th and 20th Century American Beach Scenes
140339: TAMYARV, MARET - Eesti Rahva-Roivad (Estonskiy Narodnyy Kostyum), (Estonian Folk Costume)
107330: TAN, FIONA - Fiona Tan, Mirror Maker
133334: TANABE, GEORGE JOJI ; ET AL. - Kobo Daishi and the Art of Esoteric Buddhism
123090: TANAKA, MASAYUKI - American Heroism
104257: TANAKA, MASAYUKI AND CHIKA AMANO - Henri Matisse: Processus / Variation
116262: TANAKA, KIMIE - Kimie
147062: TANAKA, ICHIMATSU - An Introduction to the Wall Paintings in the Main Hall of the Horyuji Monastery
13299: TANCOCK, JOHN L. - The Sculpture of Auguste Rodin: The Collection of the Rodin Museum, Philadelphia
117054: TANCOCK, JOHN L. - Rodin Museum Handbook
153774: TANCOCK, JOHN L. - The Sculpture of Auguste Rodin: The Collection of the Rodin Museum, Philadelphia
148155: TANCOCK, JOHN (FOREWORD) - Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture from the Julien Levy Collection - Madison Avenue Galleries, November 4 and 5, 1981
126835: TANCOCK, JOHN L. - Multiples: The First Decade
142539: TANENBAUM, CAROLE (CURATOR) - Five Photographers
114496: TANGE, KENZO AND NOBORU KAWAZOE - Ise: Prototype of Japanese Architecture
127145: TANIGUCHI, MIYABI, AND OSAM HIRAKI, MASATUMI FUKAGAWA, AND MANA SATO - Trend '89: Aspects of Contemporary Photography
147660: TANMAN, M. BAHA AND LEYLA KAYHAN ELBIRLIK (EDITORS) - Balat Lyas Bey Complex : History, Architecture, Restoration = Balat Lyas Bey Külliyesi : Tarih, Mimari, Restorasyon
158313: TANMAN, MEHMET BAHA - Buyuk Mecidiye Camii Ve Ortakoy
151996: TANNAHILL, SALLIE B. - Fine Arts for Public School Administrators
32352: TANNANBAUM, BARBARA, MITCHELL KAHAN, AND JEFFREY GROVE - Akron Art Museum, Art Since 1850: An Introduction to the Collection
151402: TANNENBAUM, JUDITH (EDITOR) - Framing Fraktur: Pennsylvania German Material Culture & Contemporary Art
141817: TANNENBAUM, JUDITH - Front Pockets: Jonathan Bonner
125422: TANNENBAUM, JUDITH (CURATOR) - Inner City: Arnie Zimmerman, Sculptor / Tiago Montepegado, Architect
12027: TANNENBAUM, LIBBY - Ensor
114755: TANNENBAUM, EDWARD R. - Fascism in Italy: Society and Culture 1922-1945
130736: TANNENBAUM, JUDITH; ED - New York Art Yearbook 1975-1976, Volume 1
151866: TANNENBAUM, JUDITH - Painting Air: Spencer Finch (Exhibition Notes, Number 39, Winter 2012)
28709: TANNER, HENRY - English Interior Woodwork of the XVI, XVII and Xviiith Centuries: A Series of the Best and Most Characteristic Examples of Chimney-Pieces, Panelling, Staircases, Doors, Screens, &C. , Measured and Drawn and with Introductory and Descriptive Text
153846: TANNER, JAMES AND MAXWELL WHITEMAN (INTRO) - While Lincoln Lay Dying: A Facsimile Reproduction of the First Testimony Taken in Connection with the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln As Recorded by Corporal James Tanner
136554: TANNER, PAUL, ET AL. - Ian Anull: Editionen
103305: TANNERT, CHRISTOPH - The Cave Light: " Yehudit Sasportas
130803: TANNING, DOROTHEA; - Another Language of Flowers Paintings
32369: TANNOUS, DAVID - Twelve: Catherine Redmond
132670: TANNOUS, DAVID - Frank Wright: Paintings, 1968-1980
133492: TANYA PAUL; JAMES CLIFTON; ARTHUR K. WHEELOCK JR.; JULIE BERGER HOCHSTRASSER; ET AL. - Elegance and Refinement: The Still-Life Paintings of Willem Van Aelst
3863: TANZER, JACK - Ralph Albert Blakelock, 1849-1919
127206: TANZI, MARCO - Pietro Martire Neri: Celebratory Portrait of Ancislao Gambara
121270: TAPER, BERNARD - Balanchine
113057: TAPERT, ANNETTE - The Brothers' War: CIVIL War Letters to Their Loved Ones from the Blue and Gray
118741: TAPIE, MICHEL - Baroques Ensemblistes 2: Assetto
145488: TAPIE, MICHEL - Garelli
128592: TAPIE, MICHEL; TORE HAGA - Avant-Garde Art in Japan
117614: TAPIE, ALAIN - Le Musee Des Beaux-Arts de Caen
156543: TAPIES, MIQUEL ET AL. - Louise Bourgeois
3938: TAPPERT, TARA LEIGH - Cecilia Beaux and the Art of Portraiture
3938.1: TAPPERT, TARA LEIGH - Cecilia Beaux and the Art of Portraiture
106822: TARACENO, BERTA - Diego Rivera Su Obra Mural En la Ciudad de Mexico
132524: TARAGIN, DAVIRA S. ET AL. - Bigger, Better, More: The Art of Viola Frey
12612: TARAGIN, DAVIRA S. ET AL. - Furniture by Wendell Castle
149221: TARALON, JEAN - Les Tresors Des Eglises de France
120955: TARANKOV, V.I. - Tsennye Bumagi Gosudarstva Rossiiskogo (Securities of the Russian State)
120945: TARANOVSKAYA, N.V. (ESSAY) - Folk Art in the Collection of the Russian Museum Leningrad
140162: TARASOV, OLEG - Ikona I Blagochestiye: Ocherki Ikonnogo Dela V Imperatorskoy Rossii (Icons and Devotion: Essays on Icon Painting in Imperial Russia)
26861: TARASSUK, L. - Antique European and American Firearms at the Hermitage Museum
6928: TARBELL, ROBERTA K. - Hugo Robus (1885-1964)
102489: TARBELL, ROBERTA - Chaim Gross 1904-1991: Reinventing Form
152967: TARBELL, ROBERTA K. - Robert Laurent and American Figurative Sculpture, 1910-1960: Selections from the John N. Stern Collection and the David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art
157695: TARBELL, ROBERTA K. - William and Marguerite Zorach : The Maine Years
142396: TARBELL, ROBERTA K. - Finding the Joy: The Animal Sculpture of Charles Allmond
34147: TARBELL, ROBERTA - William and Marguerite Zorach
138243: TARDIEU, JEAN AND A. ROUDINESCO - Dessins de Raoul Dufy
156303: TARKINGTON, BOOTH - Penrod: The Complete Story -- Penrod ; Penrod and Sam ; Penrod Jashber
157709: TARRANT, DOROTHY AND JOHN - A Community of Artists : Westport - Weston, 1900-1985
135532: TARRAS-WAHLBERG, ULLA, ET AL., EDS - Winter Land: Norwegian Visions of Winter; Winter Themes Through Two Centuries of Norwegian Art
154686: TARRES I FONTAN, JOSEP ET AL. - El Pressebre Gotic de Girona: Natalis Domini
119672: TARRIER, DOMINIQUE - Art and History: Petra
148353: TARTSINIS, ANN MARGUERITE - An American Style: Global Sources for New York Textile and Fasion Design 1915-1928
119611: TARTUFERI, ANGELO - Paintings and Miniatures from the Xivth to the Xviith Centuries
125961: TARTUFERI, ANGELO - Arte a Figline: Dal Maestro Della Maddalena a Masaccio
159407: TARULE, ROBERT - The Artisan of Ipswich : Craftsmanship and Community in Colonial New England
110454: TAS, FILIP AND JEAN D'OSTA - Fillip Tas
137902: TAS, FILIP AND KAREL VAN DEUREN - Filip Tas: Una Serie Di Fotografie Dal Titolo Heros Place / a Series of Photos Entitled Heros Place
121898: TASCHEN, ANGELIKA (EDITOR) - Leni Riefenstahl: Five Lives / Funf Leben / Cinq Vies
137883: TASCHETTA, CLAUDIA REFICE - Mattia Preti
21389: TASENDE GALLERY, LOS ANGELES, CA: NOV. 6 TO DEC. 18, 1999, ONE OTHER LOCATION - Sculptures from the Musée Rodin, Paris
140556: TASENDE GALLERY - Tom Wesselmann: Steel Cutouts
136088: TASHJIAN, DICKRAN - Joseph Cornell: Gifts of Desire
135464: TASKINEN, RITA, ED - Suomalainen Design from Finland: Kuka Kukin on Who's Who in Finnish Design
114162: TASSI, ROBERTO (CURATOR) - Ottocento Italiano Dalla Raccolta Gaetano Marzotto
120654: TASSI, ROBERT - IL Duomo Di Fidenza
131711: TASSI, ROBERTO - Albert Henrich 1899-1971; Catalogo No. 60
121784: TASSI, ROBERT - IL Duomo Di Fidenza
130491: TASSI, ROBERTO - Ernesto Ornati: Galeria Del Levante Milano
152547: TASSI, ROBERTO - Sandra Tenconi: L'Artista E IL Suo Paesaggio
114623: TASSI, ROBERTO (CURATOR) - La Collezione Barilla Di Arte Moderna
30604: TATE, THAD - The Negro in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg
35638: TATE, ALLEN - Jefferson Davis: His Rise and Fall. A Biographical Narrative
35703: TATE, ALLEN (EDITOR) - Princeton Verse between Two Wars. An Anthology
147691: TATE, DESMOND - Tropical Fruit
126674: TATE, SUSAN DOUGLAS AND LINDA STEVENSON - Concorde: The Hotel de Talleyrand and George C. Marsall Center
32335: TATE, J. O., N. H. TENNENT AND J. H. TOWNSEND - Resins in Conservation: Proceedings of the Symposium, Edinburgh 1982
109050: TATE GALLERY PUBLISHING LTD - Turner in the Clore Gallery: An Illustrated Guide
30604.1: TATE, THAD - The Negro in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg
154420: TATEMATSU, WAHEI AND AKAJI MARO - Dai Rakuda Kan: The Five Rings (Program Book)
104244: TATHAM, DAVID - Winslow Homer: Masterworks from the Adirondacks
1925: TATHAM, DAVID AND CAROL GORDON WOOD - The Art of Trenton Falls, 1825-1900
137447: TATHAM, DAVID ET AL. - Winslow Homer's Empire State: Houghton Farm and Beyond
1743: TATHAM, DAVID - Abraham Tuthill: Portrait Painter in the Young Republic
25768: TATHAM, DAVID - Winslow Homer in the Adirondacks
122396: TATIUS, ACHILLES AND WILLIAM BURTON (TRANSLATOR) - The Loves of Clitophon and Leucippe
121559: TATJANA BOSNJAK AND DRAGANA KOVACIC - U Istokov Sovremennogo Iskusstva: Ot Barbizonskoi Shkoly Do Klassicheskogo Avangarda Evropeiskaia Zhivopis I Grafika Iz Sobraniia Natsionalnogo Muzeia, Belgrad
148714: TATON, RENE AND CURTIS WILSON (EDITORS) - The General History of Astronomy Volume 2: Planetary Asronomy from the Renaissance to the Rise of Astrophysics. Part B: The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
148713: TATON, RENE AND CURTIS WILSON (EDITORS) - The General History of Astronomy Volume 2: Planetary Asronomy from the Renaissance to the Rise of Astrophysics. Part a: Tycho Brahe to Newton
36348: TATSAKIS, SANDRA - Spanish Master Drawings from Dutch Public Collections (1500-1900)
158216: TATTERSALL, C. E. C. - Notes on Carpet Knotting and Weaving
125502: TATUM, GEORGE B.; ELISABETH BLAIR MACDOUGALL - Prophet with Honor: The Career of Andrew Jackson Downing 1815-1852
129158: TATYANA G NAZARENKO; ALEKSANDR ILIC MOROZOV - Tatyana Nazarenko (Russian Edition) (Tat'Jana Tatiana )
134981: TAUBENHAUS, J. J. - The Culture and Diseases of the Sweet Pea
157869: TAUBERT, SIGRED - Bibliopola: Bilder Und Texte Aus Der Welt Des Buchhandels = Pictures and Texts About the Book Trade = Images Et Textes Sur la Librairie (2-Volume Set)
115795: TAUBES, FREDERIC - Studio Secrets
700: TAUBES, FREDERIC - Frederic Taubes (American Artists Group, Monograph Number 20)
115767: TAUBES, FREDERIC - Oil & Tempera Painting: 500 Questions & Answers
130181: TAUBMAN, MARY - Gwen John: The Artist and Her Work
125686: TAULLARD, A. - El Mueble: Colonial Sudamericano
107717: TAUNTON, NERYLLA - Antique Needlework Tools and Embroideries
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128153: TEXAS STATE COMMITTEE - Texas Women
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120064: THORNWELL, J.H. - The State of the Country: An Article Republished from the Southern Presbyterian Review
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149378: THULSTRUP, NIELS - Kierkegaard's Relation to Hegel
122430: THUMANN, PAUL - Fur Mutter Und Kind
115126: THURBER, T. BARTON AND DIANE MILIOTES - The Power of Appearances: Renaissance and Reformation Portrait Prints and Medals / Surface and Depth: Trends in Contemporary Portrait Photography
113814: THURMAN, ROBERT AND DONALD KUSPIT - Seeker: The Art of Sohan Qadri
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119848: THURSTON, R.C. BALLARD - The Origin and Evolution of the United States Flag
123883: THWING, ANNIE HAVEN - The Crooked and Narrow Streets of the Town of Boston 1630-1822
126904: THWING, LEROY - Flickering Flames: A History of Domestic Lighting Through the Ages
119153: TI, LONG SANG - Chinese Jade: Why Called Lucky Stone
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8072: TIBOR DE NAGY GALLERY, NY: FEB. 12 TO MAR. 14, 1998 - Loren Maciver: A Retrospective
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105553: TILLEY, FRANK - Teapots and Tea
106307: TILLEY, FRANK - Teapots and Tea
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966: TILLOU, PETER ET AL. - Where Liberty Dwells: 19th-Century Art by the American People. Works of Art from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Peter Tillou
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117965: TILMANS, EMILE - Porcelaines de France
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153733: TINARI, PHILIP - Short Course: Contemporary Chinese Art: Part I.
101771: TING, WALASSE - 3 X Ting
158713: TINGSTEN, HERBERT - The Swedish Social Democrats; Their Ideological Development
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17304: TOCH, MAXIMILIAN - Materials for Permanent Painting: A Manual for Manufacturers, Art Dealers, Artists and Collectors
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158262: TOD, JAMES AND WILLIAM CROOKE - Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan: Or the Central and Western Rajput States of India (3 Volumes)
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130325: TOENJES, LEONARD P. - Building Trades Dictionary
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151924: TOESCA, PIETRO - La Pittura E la Miniatura Nella Lombardia, Dai Piu Antichi Monumenti All Meta Del Quattrocento
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133576: TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM - The Vision and Calligraphy of Aoyama San'u: The 100th Anniversary of His Birth (Tokyo National Museum's 140th Anniversary)
127148: TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM - Special Exhibition: Art of the Muromachi Period
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29359: TOKYO, JAPAN: SETAGAYA ART MUSEUM, OCTOBER 5 TO DECEMBER 1, 1996 - Naivety in Art: A Decade of Exploration
36795: TOKYO: NATIONAL MUSEUM, 2002 - Yuki Ogura: A Retrospective
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135731: TOKYO, JAPAN: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, SEPT. 4 TO OCT. 10, 1971 - Posthumous Exhibition of Taikan Yokoyama
136230: TOKYO: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, FEB-MAY 2012 - Jackson Pollock: A Centennial Retrospective
100447: TOKYO: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, AUGUST TO OCTOBER 2003 - Gyoji Nomiyama: A Retrospective
131811: TOKYO-KOKURITSU-HAKUBUTSUKAN - Special Exhibition: Poems and Calligraphy : Japanese Ways of Artistic Refinement = Shika to Sho: Nihon No Kokoro to Bi
4997: TOKYO: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, 1967 - Two Decades of American Painting
108243: TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM - Kaya: Ancient Kingdoms of Korea = Kaya Bunkaten: Yomigaeru Kodai Okoku
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139025: TOKYO KOKURITSU HAKUBUTSUKAN - Lineage of Culture: The Hosokawa Family Eisei Bunko Collection
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125713: TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM - Special Exhibition: Ukiyo-E
17283: TOKYO, JAPAN: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, JULY 20 TO SEPT. 8, 1996 - The Crossing Visions: European and Modern Japanese Art from the Collections of the National Museum of Western Art and the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
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601: TOLEDANO, ROULAC - Richard Clague, 1821-1873
14045: TOLEDO, OH: TOLEDO MUSEUM OF ART, JUNE 5-26, 1983 - 65th Annual Exhibition of Toledo Area Artists
123384: TOLEDO, OH: TOLEDO MUSEUM OF ART, JUNE 7 TO JULY 5, 1987 - 69th Annual Exhibition of Toledo Area Artists
123385: TOLEDO, OH: TOLEDO MUSEUM OF ART, JUNE 5 TO JULY 3, 1988 - 70th Annual Exhibition of Toledo Area Artists [Published with] the Work of Walter Chapman
123386: TOLEDO, OH: TOLEDO MUSEUM OF ART, JUNE 18 TO JULY 9, 1989 - 71st Annual Exhibition of Toledo Area Artists
123382: TOLEDO, OH: TOLEDO MUSEUM OF ART, JUNE 2 TO JUNE 23, 1985 - 67th Annual Exhibition of Toledo Area Artists
123383: TOLEDO, OH: TOLEDO MUSEUM OF ART, MAY 11 TO JUNE 1, 1986 - 68th Annual Exhibition of Toledo Area Artists
155977: TOLEDO MUSEUM OF ART AND DAVID FREDERICK GROSE - Early Ancient Glass: Core-Formed, Rod-Formed, and Cast Vessels and Objects from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Roman Empire, 1600 B.C. To A.D. 50
135524: TOLEDO: TOLEDO MUSEUM OF ART, 2012 - Color Ignited: Glass 1962-2012
14044: TOLEDO, OH: TOLEDO MUSEUM OF ART, JUNE 3 TO JUNE 24, 1984 - 66th Annual Exhibition of Toledo Area Artists
6095: TOLEDO, OH: TOLEDO MUSEUM OF ART - John la Farge: Drawings and Watercolors
136445: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. AND BAILLIE TOLKIEN (EDITOR) - The Father Christmas Letters
137021: TOLL, NELLY - When Memory Speaks: The Holocaust in Art
148427: TOLLEBEEK, JO AND ELINE VAN ASSCHE - Ravaged: Art and Culture in Times of Conflict
113079: TOLLES, FREDERICK B. - Meeting House and Counting House: The Quaker Merchants of Colonial Philadelphia, 1682 - 1763
144190: TOLLES, THAYER AND THOMAS BRENT SMITH - The American West in Bronze 1850-1925
126436: TOLLES, THAYER; PETER H. HASSRICK; ANDREW WALKER; ET. AL - Western Passages: Shaping the West: American Sculptors of the 19th Century
151592: TOLLES, BRYANT F. JR. - Resort Hotels of the Adirondacks: The Architecture of a Summer Paradise, 1850-1950
142161: TOLLES, THAYER (EDITOR) - American Sculpture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (2 Vols. )
151693: TOLLS, BRYANT F. JR. - Summer Cottages in the White Mountains: The Architecture of Leisure and Recreation, 1870 to 1930
124026: TOLMAN, RUEL P. - The Technique of Charles Fraser, Miniaturist [the Magazine Antiques, January and February 1935]
4348: TOLMAN, RUEL PARDEE - The Life and Works of Edward Greene Malbone, 1777-1807
102866: TOLNAY, CHARLES DE - History and Technique of Old Master Drawings. A Handbook
127426: TOLNAY, DR. ALEXANDER - Zeitgenossische Deutsche Malerei = Contemporary German Paintings
154940: TOLNAY, CHARLES DE - History and Technique of Old Master Drawings: A Handbook
142548: TOLNICK, JUDITH E. - Some Photographic Uses of Color: Fred Berman, Pierre Cordier, Len Gittleman, Denny Moers and Alice Steinhardt
154718: TOLOMEI, UGO - Andrea Mantegna: Tutte le Pitture
19410: TOLSTIKOV, VLADIMIR AND MIKHAIL TREISTER - The Gold of Troy: Searching for Homer's Fabled City
116733: TOLSTOI, LYOF N. - What Is Art
159015: TOLSTOI, LEO (COUNT) - The Awakening (the Resurrection)
135533: TOLSTOJ, VLADIMIR PAVLOVIC - Vystavocnye Ansambli Sssr 1920-1930-E Gody : Materialy I Dokumenty
106252: TOLSTOY, VLADIMIR - Russian Decorative Arts 1917-1937
157574: TOLSTOY, COUNT ILYA ET AL. - The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine: Volume 94; September 1917, Number 5; Evolution of Liberty in Russia (Tolstoy); Acting for the Camera (Tracy); Molly Mcguire, Fourteen (Greene); Quaint Provincetown (Hornby); Jane Meets an Extremely CIVIL Engineer (Mitchell); Etc.
123790: TOLSTOY, LEO - The Two Pilgrims
141490: TOM VEILLEUX GALLERY - Carl Sprinchorn: The Maine Woods and Beyond
36909: TOM VEILLEUX GALLERY - Charles H. Woodbury: The Forces of Nature and the Color of the Atmospere; an Exhibition and Sale of Paintings from a Private Collection
145131: TOM OF FINLAND [TOUKO LAAKSONEN] - Tom of Finland: Retrospective II
19291: TOM PHILLIPS; ET AL. - Africa: The Art of a Continent, 100 Works of Power and Beauty
133225: TOM ARMSTRONG - A Singular Vision: Architecture, Art, Landscape
148993: TOMAK, ET AL. - Tomak 1. Introspektive
147532: TOMAN, ROLF (EDITOR) - Neoclassicism and Romanticism: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Drawings 1750-1848
107503: TOMAN, ROLF, ED - The Art of the Italian Renaissance: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting and Drawing
118472: TOMAN, ROLF (EDITOR) - Baroque and Rococo

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