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127557: SMITH, MARK L.; JAMES HOUSEFIELD - Burton Pritzker: Forgotten Planes
128545: SMITH, ALMA GILBERT - Maxfield Parrish: Master of Make-Believe
107010: SMITH, JOSH - Ann Craven: Moon Birds
149908: SMITH, CHARLES W. AND VIRGINIUS DABNEY - The University of Virginia: Thirty-Two Woodcuts
151891: SMITH, PAUL J. AND JAN JANEIRO - Ties That Bind: Fiber Art by Ed Rossbach and Katherine Westphal from the Daphne Farago Collection
130174: SMITH, ANITA M. - Woodstock History and Hearsay
115669: SMITH, BERNARD - European Vision and the South Pacific
102735: SMITH, GREG - Thomas Girtin: The Art of the Watercolour
124515: SMITH, SYDNEY URE AND LEON GELLERT (EDITORS) - Art in Australia: Art and Architecture: Christmas Number: Third Series, Number Sixty-Nine
153641: SMITH, CARON - Zhu Qizhan at 100
143313: SMITH, TERRY - Making the Modern: Industry, Art and Design in America
153821: SMITH, YVONNE BRAULT - John Haley Bellamy, Carver of Eagles
122231: SMITH, JOEL - Steinberg at the New Yorker
122225: SMITH, CAROL A. (EDITOR) - Guatemalan Indians and the State: 1540 to 1988
152641: SMITH, SEBA (EDITOR) - The Rover: A Weekly Magazine of Tales, Poetry, Legends, Wit, Romance & Art (Vol. III, No. IX, May 18, 1844)
153354: SMITH, WILLIAM JAY - The World Below the Window
149787: SMITH, BARBARA SWEETLAND - Science Under Sail: Russia's Great Voyages to America 1728-1867
154070: SMITH, JANE WEBB - Smoke Signals: Cigarettes, Advertising, and the American Way of Life
113567: SMITH, ROBERTA - Amerikanische Zeichnungen in Den Achtziger Jahren
146634: SMITH, H. CLIFFORD - Catalogue of English Furniture and Woodwork: Vol. II -- Late Tudor and Early Stuart
449: SMITH, PHILIP CHADWICK FOSTER - American Ship Portraits and Marine Painting
130324: SMITH, MARK L.; JAMES HOUSEFIELD - Burton Pritzker: Forgotten Planes
105026: SMITH, R.R.R. AND KENAN T. ERIM (EDITORS) - Aphrodisias Papers 2: The Theatre, a Sculptor's Workshop, Philosophers, and Coin-Types (Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplementary Series, Number Two)
122159: SMITH, LACEY BALDWIN - The Horizon Book of the Elizabethan World
3301.1: SMITH, RALPH CLIFTON; LAURENCE VAIL COLEMAN (FOREWORD) - A Biographical Index of American Artists
115971: SMITH, JOSHUA P. AND MERRY A. FORESTA - The Photography of Invention: American Pictures of the 1980s
116024: SMITH, DWIGHT - Contemporary Symbolism: A Cultural Perspective
116121: SMITH, S.D. (ED.) - 'an Exact and Industrious Tradesman': The Letter Book of Joseph Symson of Kendal 1711 - 1720
105052: SMITH, JANE WEBB - Georgia's Legacy: History Charted Through the Arts; an Exhibition Organized on the Occasion of the Bicentennial of the University of Georgia, 1785-1985
105054: SMITH, MICHAEL O. - North Carolina Furniture 1700-1900
148645: SMITH, CYRIL STANLEY - A Search for Structure: Selected Essays on Science, Art, and History
25099: SMITH, TODD D.; JAMES F. DICKE; DAYTON ART INSTITUTE - American Art from the Dicke Collection
124302: SMITH, WILLIAM JAY - The Tin Can
143066: SMITH, ANN Y. - Alexander Theobald Van Laer: The Lost Landscapes
130508: SMITH, JOHN HOLLAND - Joan of Arc
134452: SMITH, A. LEDYARD AND ALFRED V. KIDDER - Excavations at Nebaj, Guatemala (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 594)
152032: SMITH, KATHRYN LEE - Ferol Sibley Warthen
135133: SMITH, WILLIAM - Thorndale, or the Conflict of Opinions
119956: SMITH THOMAS E.V. - Political Parties and Their Places of Meeting in New York City
125603: SMITH, F. HOPKINSON - Well Worn Roads of Spain, Holland and Italy Traveled by a Painter in Search of the Picturesque
29369: SMITH, ANDREA DALE - Power and Whimsy: A Private Collection of American Modernism
131052: SMITH, STEVEN B.; MARIA MORRIS HAMBOURG (INTRO) - The Weather and a Place to Live : Photographs of the Suburban West
126032: SMITH, JERRIE MARCUS ET AL. - Reflections of a Man: The Photographs of Stanley Marcus
128358: SMITH, SYDNEY URE ET AL. - Society of Artists Book 1944
128359: SMITH, SYDNEY URE ET AL. - Society of Artists Book 1945-6
108969: SMITH, C. RAY - Site: Buildings and Spaces
145762: SMITH, JOEL AND PATRICIA PHAGAN - Modern Metropolis
108482: SMITH, H.R. BRADLEY (CURATOR) - The Herbert Waide Hemphill, Jr. Collection of 18th, 19th, and 20th Century American Folk Art
10569: SMITH, ALICE R. HUGER AND D.E. HUGER SMITH - Charles Fraser
101510: SMITH, EDWARD W. - Adobe Bricks in New Mexico (Circular / New Mexico Bureau of Mines & Mineral Resources)
102208: SMITH, C. WAYNE - Archaeological Conservation Using Polymers: Practical Applications for Organic Artifact Stabilization
104830: SMITH, GRIDLEY MCKIM - Spanish Baroque Drawings in North American Collections
104871: SMITH, ALISTAIR - Early Netherlandish and German Paintings (the National Gallery Schools of Painting)
151596: SMITH, KATHRYN - Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin and Taliesin West
139249: SMITH, JOHN - The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles with the Names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from Their First Beginning Anno 1584 to This Present 1624 . .
35178: SMITH, ANN YOUNGDAHL - Will Howe Foote American Impressionist
136267: SMITH, STEVEN - Spode & Copeland: Over Two Hundred Years of Fine China and Porcelain
156375: SMITH, WILLIAM STEVENSON - Interconnections in the Ancient Near East. A Study of the Relationships between the Arts of Egypt, the Aegean, and Western Asia
154735: SMITH, E. BOYD - In the Land of Make Believe
135388: SMITH, JOHN W. - Speaking of Art: Selections from the Archives of American Art Oral History Collection, 1958-2008
156358: SMITH, R. R. R. - The Monument of C. Julius Zoilos (Aphrodisias I: Results of the Excavations at Aphrodisias in Caris Conducted by New York University)
132901: SMITH, WILLIAM STEVENSON - Interconnections in the Ancient Near East. A Study of the Relationships between the Arts of Egypt, the Aegean, and Western Asia
133260: SMITH, E. BALDWIN - Early Christian Iconography and a School of Ivory Carvers in Provence
4260: SMITH, DUNCAN - Roberto Juarez: Spirit and Prism
146544: SMITH, FRANCES K. - John Herbert Caddy, 1801 - 1887
8026: SMITH, F. HOPKINSON - American Illustrators
8026.2: SMITH, F. HOPKINSON - American Illustrators
107438: SMITHERMAN, P.H. - Uniforms of the British Army
26538: SMITHERS, WILLIAM W. - The Life of John Lofland "the Milford Bard", the Earliest and Most Distinguished Poet of Delaware, with Comments and Representative Selections from His Works
130745: SMITHGALL, ELSA (EDITOR) - Jacob Lawrence and the Migration Series
147991: SMITHGALL, ELSA (EDITOR) - Kandinsky and the Harmony of Silence: Painting with White Border
26208: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - American Enterprise: Nineteenth Century Patent Models
135213: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XXX
135214: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XXXI
135216: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XXXIII
135215: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XXXII
138615: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Government and Art: A Guide to Sources in the Archives of American Art
135284: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XVI
135198: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. V.
135218: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XXXV
136113: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Mexico: Una Vision de Su Paisaje, a Landscape Revisited
135206: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XXIV
135204: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XVIII
135210: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XXVI
135211: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XXVIII
135212: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XIX
134741: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION; OSTENSAKEN, R.; JOHN G. MORRIS; JOHN L. LE CONTE - Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections , Vol. III, with 4 Articles: "Catalogue of the Described Diptera of North America", "Catalogue of the Described Lepidoptera of North America", "Classifications of the Coleoptera of North America" and "Catalogue of Publications of Societies, and of Other Periodical Works in the Libary of the Smithsonian Institution.
135201: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XIII
135203: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XVII
135208: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XXV
125891: SMITMANS, ADOLF; KURT PROKSCH, ET. AL - Otto Gussman 1869-1926
130854: SMOLAR-MEYNART, ARLETTE; COLETTE VAN STEYVOORT; MUSEE DU COSTUME ET DE LA DENTELLE (BRUSSELS, BELGIUM); - 5e Biennale Internationale de la Dentelle, 1991 = 5de Internationale Kantbiennale, 1991 = 5. Internationale Biennale Der Spitze, 1991 = 5th International Lace Biennial, 1991
136695: SMOLAR-MEYNART, A. AND A. VINCKE - Dentelle de Bruxelles
16599: SMOLAR-MEYNART, ARLETTE - Lace in Aristocratic and Royal Attire
146685: SMOLDERS, ROB - Pierre de Touche + Toetssteen: Negen Winnaars Van de Touche-Prijs Voor Beeldhouwkunst
126600: SMOLENSKI, JOHN; THOMAS J. HUMPHREY (EDITORS) - New World Orders: Violence, Sanction, and Authority in the Colonial Americas
157454: SMOLIK, NOEMI - American Art from the Goetz Collection
144266: SMOLIK, NOEMI - Joseph Nechvatal: An Ecstasy of Excess
110447: SMREKAR, DR. ANDREJ - Nicola Grassi: Tri Oltarne Podobe
25498: SMREKAR, ANDREJ - Marjan Pogacnik: Grafika
135194: SMTIHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Vol. XIV
135935: SMTIHSONIAN INSTITUTION - Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Vol. XVII
119902: SMUTS, (GENERAL) JAN - General Smuts's Message to South Wales
119899: SMUTS, (GENERAL) JAN - The Coming Victory
118353: SMUTS, R. MALCOLM - Court Culture and the Origins of a Royalist Tradition in Early Stuart England
111236: SMYTH, FRANCES (EDITOR) - Sculpture: An Illustrated Catalogue
112793: SMYTH, REGINA - Candidate Strategies and Electoral Competition in the Russian Federation: Democracy without Foundation
5530: SMYTH, HUGH CRAIG AND PETER M. LUKEHART (EDITORS) - The Early Years of Art History in the United States
139039: SMYTH, CRAIG HUGH - Bronzino As Draughtsman: An Introduction, with Notes on His Portraiture and Tapestries
100246: SMYTH, CRAIG HUGH - Mannerism and Maniera
135990: SNAPE, WILLIAM - History of Kensal with Kensal Directory (North Dakota)
130606: SNAY, CHERYL K ; JONATHAN BOBER; KENNETH GRANT; BLANTON MUSEUM OF ART - Storied Past: Four Centuries of French Drawings from the Blanton Museum of Art
100575: SNELL, J.B. - Early Railways (Pleasures and Treasures Series)
151827: SNELL, HENRY B. - Ten Philadelphia Painters Present Their Eighth Exhibition of Paintings, with Sculpture by Beatrice Fenton
127664: SNELSON, KENNETH - Kenneth Snelson: New York City Panoramas
154921: SNIBBE, KRIS - Exploring the Border between Form and Chaos: " Photojournalism's Intersection with Latin American Magic Realist Literature in Alex Webb's Vision of the Tropics
5943: SNIFFEN, HAROLD S. AND ALEXANDER CROSBY BROWN - James and John Bard: Painters of Steamboat Portraits (Xerox Copy of a Publication)
6362: SNIFFEN, HAROLD S. - Antonio Jacobsen -- the Checklist: Paintings and Sketches by Antonio N.G. Jacobsen, 1850-1921
108038: SNODDY, STEPHEN (EDITOR) - Gilbert and George: The Rudimentary Pictures
156073: SNODGRASS, A. M. - The Dark Age of Greece: An Archaeological Survey of the Eleventh to the Eighth Centuries Bc
138691: SNODGRASS, SUSAN (EDITOR) - Anne Wilson Wind / Rewind / Weave
21959: SNODIN, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Karl Friedrich Schinkel: A Universal Man
151119: SNOEP, D. P. - Praal En Propaganda: Triumfalia in de Noordelijke Nederlanden in de 16de En 17de Eeuw
111970: SNORRADOTTIR, ASLAUG AND KRISTIN BJORGVINSDOTTIR - About Fish: An Insight Into the Magical World of Icelandic Ocean Life, Culture, Food and Design
35759: SNOW, LORENZO - The Only Way to Be Saved
143724: SNOW, PETER - When Britain Burned the White House: The 1814 Invasion of Washington
19643: SNOW, EDWARD A. - A Study of Vermeer
154024: SNOW, ELLIOT - The Sea, the Ship and the Sailor: Tales of Adventure from Log Books and Original Narratives
135348.1: SNOWMAN, A. KENNETH ET AL. - Carl Faberge and His Contemporaries = Carl Faberge Ja Hanen Aikalaisensa = Carl Faberge Och Hans Samtida
20306: SNOWMAN, A. KENNETH - Carl Fabergé: Goldsmith to the Imperial Court of Russia
32889: SNOWMAN, A. KENNETH - The Art of Carl Faberge
128013: SNOWMAN, KENNETH - The Art of Carl Faberge
128027: SNOWMAN, A. KENNETH - The Master Jewelers
105325: SNYDER, JUNE AVERY AND MARTIN P. SNYDER - The Story of the Naomi Wood Collection and Woodford Mansion in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park
118802: SNYDER, JAMES S. - Sculpture at the Israel Museum: A Gala in 3 Dimensions
111188: SNYDER, GERRY - Sunho Choi: Paintings
30595: SNYDER-OTT, JOELYNN - Women and Creativity
9265: SNYDER, MARTIN P. - City of Independence: Views of Philadelphia Before 1800
113144: SNYDER, SUSAN NIGRA AND SUSAN HOELTZEL - Alice Adams: Public Projects, 1984-2000
116480: SNYDER, JOAN - Joan Snyder
153896: SNYDER, SUSAN NIGRA AND SUSAN HOELTZEL - Alice Adams: Public Projects, 1984-2000
152354: SNYDER, JOAN - Joan Snyder: Paintings and Sketches
17939: SNYDER, JR., JOHN L. (EDITOR) - Philadelphia Furniture and Its Makers
126845: SNYDER, MARTIN P. - Mirror of America: The Developing Life of Philadelphia Seen in Engravings 1801-1876
128626: SNYDER, LOUIS L. - Race: A History of Modern Ethnic Theories
147879: SO, JENNY F. (EDITOR) - Music in the Age of Confucius
113006: SO, JENNY F. AND EMMA C. BUNKER - Traders and Raiders on China's Northern Frontier
112706: SOAMES, SCOTT - Reference and Description: The Case Against Two-Dimensionalism
121001: SOAVI, GIORGIO AND ROBERTO TASSI AND GIOVANNI TESTORI - Piero Guccione: Dopo IL Vento D'Occidente / After the West Wind
17776: SOAVI, GIORGIO - Disegni E Incisioni Di Gianfranco Ferroni
114391: SOAVI, GIORGIO - Storia Con Sutherland
124871: SOBECK, MARCY - David Maxim: Figure and Stage
107868: SOBIESZEK, ROBERT - Cervin Robinson: Photographs, 1958-1983
103837: SOBIESZEK, ROBERT A.; CHARIS, PHILLIP STEWART - A Lasting Tradition: The Studio Portraiture of Phillip Stewart Charis
113805: SOBIESZEK, ROBERT A. - Masterpieces of Photography from the George Eastman House Collections
126385: SOBIESZEK, ROBERT A.; ODETTE M. APPEL - The Spirit of Fact: The Daguerreotypes of Southworth and Hawes, 1843-1862
113592: SOBIESZEK, ROBERT (ED.) - Two Pioneers of Color Photography: Cros & Du Hauron
14375: SOBIESZEK, ROBERT A. - Ghost in the Shell: Photography and the Human Soul, 1850-2000, Essays on Camera Portraiture
148610: SOBOL, KAREN LEE - Twelve Weeks: An Artist's Story of Cancer, Healing, and Hope
143140: SOBOTIK, KENT - Central Europe 1600-1800
150008: SOBRE, JUDITH BERG - Behind the Altar Table: The Development of the Painted Retable in Spain, 1350-1500
148520: SOBRE, JUDITH ET AL. - Juan de Sevilla & the Grajal Retable
148521: SOBRE, JUDITH ET AL. - Blasco de Granen
35606: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Modigliani
10166: SOBY, JAMES THRALL ET AL. - Bonnard and His Environment
12617: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - René Magritte
120018: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Paintings, Drawings, and Prints by Paul Klee from the Klee Foundation, Berne, Switzerland with Additions from American Collections
6357: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Ben Shahn (Penguin Modern Painters)
10063: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Balthus
128748: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Ben Shahn: His Graphic Art
13363.1: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Georges Rouault: Paintings and Prints
128691: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - The Prints of Paul Klee
7904.1: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Yves Tanguy
155399: SOBY, JAMES THRALL AND AGNES RINDGE - Bulletin Vol. XI, No. 4: Museum of Modern Art: Feb-March 1944
21704: SOBY, JAMES THRALL AND DOROTHY C. MILLER - Romantic Painting in America
7904: SOBY, JAMES THRALL (TEXT) - Yves Tanguy
128307: SOBY, JAMES THRALL; ALFRED H. BARR, JR.; LUCY R. LIPPARD - The School of Paris: Paintings from the Florene May Schoenborn and Samuel A. Marx Collection
109191: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Ben Shahn: Paintings
158168: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Salvador Dali: Paintings, Drawings, Prints
143630: SOBY, JAMES THRALL - Contemporary Painters
1246: SOBY, JAMES THRALL AND DOROTHY C. MILLER - Romantic Painting in America
134692: SOCEITY OF FRIENDS OF ROUMANIA; WALTER LITTLEFIELD; ET AL. - Bulletin Dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Marie of Roumania
136084: SOCIETY OF ESTONIAN ARTISTS IN TORONTO - Ekkt 1956-1990 Art Album
144398: SOCIETY OF ANIMAL ARTISTS - Art and the Animal: The Society of Animal Artists 36th Annual Members Exhibition, 1996
136083: SOCIETY OF ESTONIAN ARTISTS IN TORONTO - Ekkt 1956-2000 Art Album
144397: SOCIETY OF ANIMAL ARTISTS - Art and the Animal: The Society of Animal Artists 35th Annual Members Exhibition, 1995
144399: SOCIETY OF ANIMAL ARTISTS - Art and the Animal: The Society of Animal Artists 44th Annual Members Exhibition
144569: SODER, MICHAEL - Otto Reiniger, 1863-1909: Gemalde Und Zeichnungen
114603: SODERHOLTZ, E.E. (COMPILED AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY) - Colonial Architecture and Furniture
136257: SODERQVIST, THOMAS (EDITOR) - The Historiography of Contemporary Science and Technology
136163: SODERSTROM, GORAN (EDITOR) - Art Goes Underground: Art in the Stockholm Metro
157570: SODOS, KLARA - Berda Ern , 1914-1961, Fest M Vész EmlékkiáLLítása
144970: SOEFFING, D. ALBERT - Silver Medallion Flatware
149199: SOGLIANI, DANIELA - Le Collezioni Gonzaga: IL Carteggio Tra Venezia E Mantova (1563-1587)
147478: SOGLOW, OTTO - The Little King
138661: SOHIER, SAGE AND CAROLYN ABBATE - About Face: Sage Sohier
147219: SOHIER, SAGE AND JOHN BEARDSLEY - Sage Sohier: Perfectible Worlds
117198: SOHM, PHILIP - Pittoresco: Marco Boschini, His Critics, and Their Critiques of Painterly Brushwork in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Italy
131283: SOHR, JIM; ADAM FALIK - Jim Sohr: A Retrospective 1967 - 2011
144949: SOILS, ANTONIO DE - Historia de la Conquista de Mexico, Poblacion, Y Progresos de la America Septentrional, Conocida Por El Nombre de Nueva-Espana (Tomo III)
144948: SOILS, ANTONIO DE - Historia de la Conquista de Mexico, Poblacion, Y Progresos de la America Septentrional, Conocida Por El Nombre de Nueva-Espana (Tomo II)
139450: SOKOL, K.G. - Russkaya Varshava (Russian Warsaw)
8922: SOKOL, DAVID M. - Life in 19th Century America: An Exhibition of American Genre Painting
114209: SOKOL, DAVID M. - American Architecture and Art: A Guide to Information Sources
20372: SOKOL, DAVID M. - American Decorative Arts and Old World Influences: A Guide to Information Sources (Volume 14 of the Art and Architecture Guide Series)
106666: SOKOL, DAVID M. - Otto Neumann 1895-1975
129943: SOKOL. JOHN - Word Works: Sculptures & Drawings
140385: SOKOL, JOHN - Chacun a Son Gout, Eh Marcel
116929: SOKOLITZ, ROBERTA - Tarleton Blackwell's Southern Campaign
145587: SOKOLITZ, ROBERTA - Edges: Paintings by Linda Fantuzzo
29468: SOKOLITZ, ROBERTA - Charleston in My Time: The Paintings of West Fraser
120911: SOKOLOV, MIKHAIL NIKOLAEVICH - Three Soviet Artists: Ugarov, Salakhov, Bisti
121184: SOKOLOV, ALEDSANDR - Ritual Pechalnogo Kortezha / Funeral Ceremonies for Russian Emperors
144693: SOKOLOV, NATALYA - Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov
143807: SOKOLOVA, N.N. - Fedor Shalyapin. Vospominaniya, Stat'i / Fedor Chaliapin. Memories, Articles
107850: SOKOLOVA, IRINA - Rembrandt Et Son Ecole: Collections Du Musee de L'Ermitage de Saint-Petersbourg
139342: SOKOLOVA, N.V. - Trudy Gosudarstvennogo Ermitazha IV, Numizmatika 2
127959: SOKOLOVA, NATALIE - Selected Works of Russian Art: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Graphic Art: 11th-Early 20th Century
113159: SOKOLOVIA-MLADEK, MEDA - Modern Paintings and Sculpture in Washington Collection: A Loan Exhibition Organized by the Friends of the Corcoran
29830: SOKOLOVOI, N.I. (ED.) - Sovetskoe Isskustvoe 1917 - 1957: Zhivopis', Skul'Ptura, Grafika
119516: SOKOLOWSKI, THOMAS - Rick Horton: Between Dusk and Daybreak - New Paintings, Drawings and Monotypes
110316: SOKOLOWSKI, THOMAS - Claudia Demonte 1976-2000
150399: SOKOTOWSKI, JULIUSZ ET AL. - Monika Sosnowska: Tower
123187: SOLANA, GUILLERMO AND MAR BOROBIA - Fra Angelico: La Virgen de la Humildad
155670: SOLANA, GUILLERMO ET AL. - Gauguin and the Origins of Symbolism
148596: SOLANA, GUILLERMO - Cezanne: Site/Non-Site
106398: SOLANA, GUILLERMO - Van Gogh: Los Ultimos Paisajes, Auvers Sur Oise 2o de Mayo-29 de Julio 1890
153574: SOLDAINI, ANTONELLA ET AL. - Angelo Savelli
114684: SOLDATI, MARIO - Lo Specchio Inclinato Di Mario Soldati: Diario 1965-1971
114664: SOLDATI, MARIO ET AL. - Water: Magic and Technology
123821: SOLECKI, RALPH S. AND ROSE L. SOLECKI AND ANAGNOSTIS P. AGELARAKIS - The Proto-Neolithic Cemetery in Shanidar Cave
8729: SOLENDER, KATHERINE - The American Way in Sculpture, 1890-1930
108069: SOLER, JAVIER IBARGUEN - Real Monasterio de Nuestra Senora de Rueda
124811: SOLESMES, FRANCOIS - Georges de la Tour
142262: SOLIMAN, MAGDY MARTINEZ - Jovenes Fotografos 1989
146673: SOLIMAN, MAGDY MARTINEZ WITH OTHERS - Muestra de Arte Joven 1989
139327: SOLIN, A.A. - Klad Fabrikantshi Likhachevoi: Katalog Vystavki / the Hoard of Mrs. Likhachyova
118276: SOLINAS, FRANCESCO - Cassiano Dal Pozzo: Atti Del Seminario Internazionale Di Studi
117813: SOLIS, FELIPE - The Aztec Empire (2 Volumes)
112280: SOLIZ, LORENZO AND SILVIA AGUILAR - Produccion Y Economia Campesino-Indigena: Experiencias En Seis Ecoregiones de Bolivia 2001-2003
127561: SOLKIN, DAVID (EDITOR) - Turner and the Masters
148896: SOLLERS, PHILIPPE - De Kooning, Vite (2 Vols. )
153365: SOLMAN, JOSEPH - Mozartiana: Two Centuries of Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes About Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
114333: SOLMI, FRANCO - Zigaina: Disegni E Tecniche Miste 1965-1980
147342: SOLMSEN, FRIEDRICH - Aristotle's System of the Physical World: A Comparison with His Predecessors
113121: SOLNIT, REBECCA - Linda Connor: Luminance
105949: SOLODKOFF, ALEXANDER VON - Russian Gold and Silver
105005: SOLODKOFF, ALEXANDER VON; SNOWMAN, A.KENNETH; ETC. - Masterpieces from the House of Faberge
141705: SOLOMON, ALAN - New York: The New Art Scene
39: SOLOMON, ELKE M. - American Drawings 1963-1973
138316: SOLOMON, ALAN R. - American Pop Art
113319: SOLOMON, ELKE - Oversize Prints
138623: SOLOMON-GODEAU, ABIGAIL - Rosemary Laing
148686: SOLOMON R. GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM - Joan Miró: A Retrospective
157034: SOLOMON, DEBORAH - Sean Scully: The Eighties
135898: SOLOMON, ALAN R. - Morris Louis: A Selection from a Series of Previously Not Exhibited Paintings, 1960 - 1961
153727: SOLOMON, ALAN - The Popular Image
153728: SOLOMON, ALAN - The Popular Image
118224: SOLOMON-GODEAU, ABIGAIL - Male Trouble: A Crisis in Representation
36981: SOLOMON (HOLLY) GALLERY, NY: OCTOBER TO NOVEMBER 1990 - Robert Kushner: Opulent Subversions
19674: SOLOMON, ALAN - New York: The Second Breakthrough, 1959-1964
136661: SOLOMON-GODEAU, ABIGAIL - Mistaken Identities
7964: SOLOMON, RUTH - Artists of Suffolk County, Part IX: Twenty Women Artists
128550: SOLOMONS, GERALD AND HOPE; PETER T. FURST - The Ninth Level: Funerary Art from Ancient Mesoamerica Selections from the Gerald and Hope Solomons Collection
134413: SOLON, DEBORAH EPSTEIN - Style of a Nation Soviet Socialist Realist Paintings from the Mid-20th Century
142389: SOLON, DEBORAH EPSTEIN - California Art Club, Est. 1909: 94th Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition
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142806: SOTHEBY'S - Important Canadian Art
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141769: SPRINGVILLE MUSEUM OF ART - Collectors of Early Utah Art
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4513: ST. LOUIS, MO: PHILIP SAMUELS FINE ART, OCT. 19 TO DEC. 28, 1990 - Michael Rubin "the Spirit Holds
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158532: ST. JOHN, CHRISTOPHER - The Plays of Roswitha
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25464: ST. LOUIS: CITY ART MUSEUM, SEPT. 15 TO OCT. 31, 1927 - 22nd Annual Exhibition of Paintings by American Artists
25465: ST. LOUIS: CITY ART MUSEUM, SEPT. 15 TO OCT. 31, 1929 - 24th Annual Exhibition of Paintings by American Artists
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134224: STARK, FREYA - The Valley of the Assasins and Other Persian Travels
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145027: STARRETT, VINCENT - Oriental Encounters: Two Essays in Bad Taste
134797: STATE SOCIETY, DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION OHIO; FRANK D. HENDERSON; JANE DOWD DAILEY; ET AL. - The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution, Buried in the State of Ohio (Volume 1), Who Lived in the State of Ohio (Volume 2)
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118721: STATHAM, H. HEATHCOTE - Architecture for General Readers: A Short Treatise on the Principles and Motives of Architectural Design with a Historical Sketch
33484: STATVITSKY, GAIL AND ELIZABETH WYLIE - The Life and Art of Esphyr Slobodkina
150109: STAUDENMANN, MARY JANE - Desire and Design: A Look at Venus and Mars in Action

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