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135977: SALAMON, HARRY (EDITOR) - Print Collector (Number 13, May-June 1975)
133748: SALAMON, SILVERIO ; ELIZABETH ROLLIER - Pierre Bonnard : Fontenay-Aux-Roses 1867 - le Cannet 1947; Primavera 2010; in Esposizione Da 16 Marzo 2010
144927: SALAMON, HARRY (EDITOR) - Print Collector (First 6 Issues, 1972-1973)
8995: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: JAN. 2 TO FEB. 27, 1989 - Alfred H. Maurer (1868-1932): The Cubist Works
5081: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: SEP. 4 - OCT. 15, 1990 - Willem de Kooning: An Exhibition of Paintings
23733: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: NOV. 29, 2001 TO FEB. 2, 2002 - Vittoria and Tiepolo: The Giulio Contarini Bust and the Drawings It Inspired
9594: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: NOV. 15 TO DEC. 30, 1989 - Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863): Paintings and Drawings - Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640): Three Oil Sketches
25532: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: JULY 2-12 AND AUG. 12-30, 2002 - George Fitzpatrick: 24 Drawings
15878: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: JAN. 6 TO FEB. 28, 1999, ONE OTHER DATE - Gustave Courbet, 1819-1877, Later Paintings
18164: SALANDER, LAWRENCE - Horacio Torres [1924-1976] Paintings
100466: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERY, NY: MARCH, 2005 - Ronalf Weintraub: Paintings
100484: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERY, NY: 2004 - Tintoretto: Deposition from the Cross
14544: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: APR. 28 TO MAY 30, 1998 - Stuart Davis: Landscapes
23758: SALANDER'O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: JUNE 30 TO JULY 27, 2001 - Paul Weingarten: Still Lifes
23798: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: MAY 31 TO JUNE 29, 2001 - Michal Ronnen Safdie
10557: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: NOV. 2 TO DEC. 27, 1988 - Stuart Davis (1892-1964): Motifs and Versions
144156: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES - Josef Sudek (1896-1976): Into Modernism: Photographs Froms the 20s and 30s
14323: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: DEC. 5, 1996 TO JAN. 13, 1997 - Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (1796-1875): Late Paintings
144157: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES - Josef Sudek (1896-1976): An Overview
16163: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, INC., NY: 1991 - Gaston Lachaise: Sculpture
20461: SALANDER-O'RELLY GALLERIES, NY: APR. 1 TO JUNE 5, 1999 - Exploring Late Turner
20167: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: NOV. 4 TO DEC. 4, 1999 - A Gallery's Perspective- Modernist Painting and Sculpture in America: The Past 25 Years at Salander-O'Reilly
3135: SALANDER, LAWRENCE B. - Alfred H. Maurer (1868-1932): Modernist Paintings
21314: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: MAY 3-26, 2001 - Jedd Novatt: Sculpture
35341: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: MAY 14 TO JUNE 28, 2002 - Patrick Henry Bruce (1881 - 1936): Paintings
129944: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: OCT. 8-NOV. 1, 1997 - Michael Steiner: Sculpture
20482: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: NOV. 4 TO DEC. 31, 1992 - William Blake: Paintings, Watercolors and Drawings
14470: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: SEPT. 7 TO OCT. 2, 1999 - Elie Nadelman [1882-1946]: The Late Work
20439: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: OCT. 3 TO NOV. 18, 2000 - Rembrandt and the Venetian Influence
21101: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERY, NY: SEPT. 8 TO OCT. 2, 1993 - Bruno Fonseca
14363: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: SEPT. 7 TO OCT. 2, 1999 - Martin Dieterle: Paintings
102105: SALANDER'O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: JULY TO AUGUST, 2005 - Paul Weingarten: Paintings
21896: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES - Masterpieces of Renaissance Sculpture: An Exhibition of Sculpture from the Collection of Michael Hall, Esq
14384: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: JAN. 5-30, 1999 - Elaine de Kooning: Portraits
14556: SALANDER-O'REILLY GALLERIES, NY: 1994 - Gaston Lachaise, 1882-1935, the Monumental Sculpture
128285: SALANDRI, ENRICO - Architectural and Decorative Designs: For the Use of Those Engaged in Architecture, Sculpture, Working in Metals, Cabinet Work, and Other Fine Art Productions
128949: SALAS NACIONALES DE EXPOSICIÓN - Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes, 1936-1986: Catálogo de la Exposición: Salas Nacionales de Exposición, Buenos Aires, Junio-Julio 1987
132812: SALATINO, KEVIN ET AL. - Edward Hopper's Maine
140622: SALAZAR, MARIA JOSÉ - José Gutiérrez Solana (1886-1945) Dibujos. Catálogo Razonado
159255: SALAZAR, ROSENDO - Mexico En Pensamiento Y En Accion
140927: SALAZAR, MANUEL GONZALEZ - El Perú Y El Arte. I. Lima
101646: SALE, J. RUSSELL - Filipinno Lippi's Strozzi Chapel in Santa Maria Novella
124221: SALEH, MOHAMED AND HOURIG SOUROUZIAN - The Egyptian Museum Cairo: Official Catalogue
2468: SALEM, MA: PEABODY MUSEUM, SUMMER, 1972 - Michele Felice Corne: Versatile Neapolitan Painter of Salem, Boston & Newport
2124: SALEM, MA - A Catalogue of a Loan Exhibition of Paintings by Essex County Artists, 1865-1910
31589: SALEM, MA: PEABODY ESSEX MUSEUM COLLECTION - George Curtis: Coming to Light
26184: SALEM, MA: ESSEX INSTITUTE, JUNE 22 TO OCTOBER 12, 1965 - Essex County Furniture: Documented Treasures from Local Collections 1660 - 1860
127932: SALEMBIER, (HENRI) - Modèles de Dessins D'Orfèvrerie... Dessine´S Et Grave´S Par Salembier ; 36 Planches, 140 Motifs
6906: SALEMME, LUCIA A. - The Complete Book of Painting Techniques
153379: SALEMME, ATTILIO ET AL. - Duveen-Graham Presents: Attilio Salemme 1911-1955
108357: SALERNO, LOUIS M. - In the Garden of Liberty: Paintings of the Hudson River School
108896: SALERNO, LOUIS M. - Important American Paintings
106828: SALERNO, LOUIS M. ET AL. - Important American Paintings, Volume 7 Fall 2006
145937: SALERNO, LOUIS M. ET AL. - Boundless: Important American Paintings (Volume XIII, Fall 2012)
137882: SALERNO, LUIGI - Salvator Rosa
149483: SALICATH, BENT (EDITOR) - The Lunning Prize Designers' Exhibition
110017: SALIKLILS, RUTA T., ED - Poetry in a Steel MILL: Tapestries by Mildred T. Johnstone
158187: SALIKLIS, RUTA - A Wealth of Pattern: Northern European and Middle Eastern Folk Knitting in the Helen Allen Textile Collection
150896: SALISBURY (5TH MARQUESS OF) ET AL. - City of Cambridge: A Survey and Inventory by the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, Parts 1 and 2; Map Showing Position of Monuments; Plans of King's, St. John's & Trinity Colleges
123970: SALLE, DAVID AND GRAHAM BADER - Roy Lichtenstein Reflected
133445: SALLY J. CORNELISON - The Old Sacristy at S. Lorenzo: A Study of Its Patronage, Symbolism, and Legacy (Thesis for Mfa)
846: SALMAGUNDI CLUB - New Salmagundi Papers: Series of 1922, Text and Pictures by Members of the Salmagundi Club
138612: SALMEN, BRIGITTE - James Loeb, 1867-1933: Kunstsammler Und Mazen
118599: SALMI, MARIO - Italian Miniatures
114328: SALMI, MARIO - IL Palazzo E la Collezione Chigo-Saracini
21504: SALMI, MARIO - Italian Miniatures
120333: SALMINA-HASKELL, LARISSA - Catalogue of Russian Drawings
144172: SALMON, XAVIER - Le Voleur D'Ames Maurice Quentin de la Tour
36561: SALMON, MR - The Modern Gazetteer; or, a Short View of the Several Nations of the World
136332: SALMON, WESLEY C. - Scientific Explanation and the Causal Structure of the World
120098: SALMON, LUCY M. - The Justice Collection of Material Relating to the Periodical Press in Vassar College Library
147584: SALMON, XAVIER - Pomp and Power: French Drawings from Versailles
129712: SALMON, ROBIN AND ROSIE SANDIFER - Rosie Sandifer: Language of Art
124081: SALMON, XAVIER - Napoleone in Italia: Negli Acquarelli Di Giuseppe Pietro Bagetti E Nelle Cronache de Stendhal E Di Adolphe Thiers
149043: SALMON, XAVIER ET AL. - De Soie Et de Poudre: Portraits de Cour Dans L'Europe Des Lumieres
147746: SALMON, BEATRICE ET AL. - Collection Du Musee Des Beaux-Arts de Nancy: Regards
138029: SALMON, ANDRE - Andre Derain
127915: SALMOND, WENDY R. - Arts and Crafts in Late Imperial Russia: Reviving the Kustar Art Industries, 1870 - 1917 (Series: Modern Architecture and Cultural Identity)
146121: SALMOND, WENDY R. - Arts and Crafts in Late Imperial Russia: Reviving the Kustar Art Industries, 1870 - 1917 (Series: Modern Architecture and Cultural Identity)
112487: SALNY, STEPHEN M. - Frances Elkins Interior Design
145992: SALNY, STEPHEN M. - The Country Houses of David Adler
127936: (SALOMAN, WILLIAM) - One Thousand and Twenty Fifth Avenue New York
110990: SALOME, LAURENT ET AL. - Yves Tremorin: D'Ar Ger
108984: SALOME, LAURENT, ED - La Mythologie de L'Ouest: Dans L'Art Americain 1830-1940
132403: SALOME, LAURENT (EDITOR); MUSEE DES BEAUX-ARTS DE ROUEN - A City for Impressionism: Monet, Pissarro, and Gauguin in Rouen
132700: SALOMON GRIMBERG - Frida Kahlo
122166: SALOMONS, VERA - Gravelot
159208: SALTEN, FELIX AND JOHN GALSWORTHY - Bambi: A Life in the Woods
159209: SALTEN, FELIX - The City Jungle
144856: SALTER, EMMA GURNEY - Nature in Italian Art: A Study of Landscape Backgrounds from Giotto to Tintoretto
148570: SALTMARCHE, KENNETH AND RICHARD DAVID QUINTNER - Nico: A Selection of Original Painted Designs for Cigar Box Labels (1895-1920) from the Collection of the Art Gallery of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
126260: SALTZ, JERRY (ESSAY) - Elizabeth Murray: New Paintings: April 14-May 15, 1993
119968: SALTZMAN, LISA - Thomas Chimes: Early Works (1958-1965)
114196: SALVADORI, FEDERIGO - Gli Ebrei a Monte San Savino
133676: SALVATORE CORTESI - My Thirty Years of Friendships
133767: SALVATORE, CAMILLO - Italian Architecture, Furniture and Interiors During the Fourteenth, Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
131028: SALVESEN, MAGDA, AND DIANE COUSINEAU, (EDITORS) - Artists' Estates: Reputations in Trust
109630: SALVESON, MAGDA - Jon Schueler: Time Has Three Suns
144237: SALVIATI, FILIPPO - Radiant Stones: Archaic Chinese Jades = Pierres Radieuses: Jades Archaiques Chinois -- Chinese Jaes from the Neolithic Period Through the Han Dynasty
122193: SALVINI, ROBERTO - Durer Incisioni
115585: SALVINI, ROBERTO ET AL. - Michelangiolo Buonarroti: Pittore, Letterato, Scultore, Architetto: Attraverso Gli Atti Del Convegno Di Caprese (Arezzo) Svoltosi in Occasione Del V Centenaro Della Nascita
138597: SALVO, DANA ET AL. - Home Altars of Mexico
121911: SALVY, GERARD-JULIEN - Giulio Romano: Une Maniere Extravagante Et Moderne
115811: SALWEY, JASPER - The Art and Practice of Sketching: Its History and Technique in All Media
156900: SALZANO, EDOARDO (EDITOR) - An Atlas of Venice: The Form of a City on a 1: 1000 Scale Photomap and Line Map
149212: SALZMANN, SIEGFRIED ET AL. - Constantin Brancusi: Plastiken-Zeichnungen
110461: SALZMANN, SIEGFRIED - Polemische Projekte: Francesco Somaini
152097: SALZMANN, SIEGFRIED - Andy Warhol - Kultstar/Starkult
139061: SALZMANN, SIEGFRIED - Heinz Trokes: Bilder, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, 1948-1981
119738: SALZSTEIN, SONIA - Mariannita Luzzati
108919: SAM FOGG GALLERY - Art of the Middle Ages
108920: SAM FOGG GALLERY - An Album of Medieval Art
112859: SAMAD, TARIQ AND VASSIL SGUREV - 2002 First International Ieee Symposium Intelligent Systems: Proceedings Volume 1
157724: SAMALTANOS, KATIA - Apollinaire, Catalyst for Primitivism, Picabia, and Duchamp
142431: SAMBON, ARTHUR - Objets D'Art Du Proche-Orient Des Grandes Epoques: Bronzes Egyptiens, Persans (Sassanides) Etoffes Coptes, Enluminures Persanes & Hindoues, Faiences Persanes, Tapis de Perse & Du Kirassan, Cuivers Incrustes de Mossoul, Etc... . Provenand de la Collection de Indjoudjian
112804: SAMET, CATHERINE - Naissance de L'Escroquerie Moderne Du Xviiie Au Debut Du Xixe Siecle
143598: SAMMARCO, ANTHONY M. - Lost Boston
125360: SAMMLUNG HAUSER & WIRTH (EDITOR) - Roman Signer: Installation IM Wassterturm
123656: SAMMONS, TANIA JUNE - The Story of Silver in Savannah: Creating and Collecting Since the 18th Century
155471: SAMOYAULT-VERLET - Le Musee Chinois de L'Imperatrice Eugenie
134785: SAMUEL S. COX - The Isles of the Princes; or, the Pleasures of Prinkipo
152328: SAMUEL T. FREEMAN & CO - The Exceedingly Rare Collection of Early American Furniture: The Property of Samuel A. Crozer, Esq. Philadelphia, Pa ; the Samuel a Crozer Collection, Early American Furniture
103586: SAMUEL T. FREEMAN & CO - The Exceedingly Rare Collection of Early American Furniture: The Property of Samuel A. Crozer, Esq. Philadelphia, Pa ; the Samuel a Crozer Collection, Early American Furniture
152344: SAMUEL T. FREEMAN & CO - Rare Early American Furniture of the XVIII Century; Chippendale, Sheraton, Hepplewhite, Queen Anne Periods; Rare Silver and Glass; the Collection of Mr. Joseph Hergesheimer... Together with Fine Period Furnishings; Silver, Glass, China, Porcelains, Oriental Rugs, Paintings, Objects of Art, from the Estates of the Late Mrs. George Grant Snowden... James P. Hutchinson... And Others
134717: SAMUEL LOVER; D.J. O'DONOGHUE (ED) - Samuel Lover's Miscellaneous Stories, Sketches, Etc. (Six Volumes) 1. Further Stories of Ireland. 2. Handy Andy: A Story of Irish Life. 3. Legends and Stories of Ireland (First Series).4. Legends and Stories of Ireland (Second Series).5. Treasure Trove, or, He Would Be a Gentleman. 6. Rory O'More: A National Romance
134749: SAMUEL LOVER - Songs and Ballads by Samuel Lover. Including Those Sung in His "Irish Evenings," and Hitherto Unpublished
13910: SAMUELS (SPENCER A.), NY: MAR. 12 TO APR. 13, 1985 - French and Italian Eighteenth Century Master Drawings
143922: SAMUELS, PEGGY AND HAROLD SAMUELS ET AL. - Techniques of the Artists of the American West
16254: SAMUELS (PHILIP) FINE ART, NY: APR. 14 TO MAY 19, 1989 - Ernest Trova: Recent Work
14169: SAMUELS (SPENCER) & COMPANY, LTD., NY: OCT. 12 TO NOV. 24, 1971 - Richard Lindner: Fun City Original Watercolors
13902: SAMUELS (SPENCER A.) & COMPANY, LTD., NY: 1981 - Master Drawings
108645: SAMUELSON, ULRIK - Ulrik Samuelson: To the Bone
9287: SAN ANTONIO, TX: NCNAY ART MUSEUM, JULY 7 TO AUG. 30, 1998 - Kent Rush: A Retrospective, 1970-1998
1284.1: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: S.F. MUSEUM OF ART, JAN. 18, 1935 - San Francisco Museum of Art: Opening with the 55th Annual Exhibition of the S.F. Art Association; and Loan Exhibition of Modern French Paintings, Great Prints of Five Centuries, Chinese Art, Tapestries, Drawings
22948: SAN ANTONIO, TX: WITTE MUSEUM, 1978 - What's Up in Texas: New Lyricism/Straight Photography
21131: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: CALIFORNIA PALACE OF THE LEGION OF HONOR, JUNE 16 TO JULY 16, 1942 - Vanity Fair: An Exhibtion of Styles in Women's Headdress and Adornment Through the Ages
8141: SAN ANTONIO, TX: MCKAY ART MUSEUM, JUNE 17 TO AUG. 24, 1997 - Carl Rice Embrey: A Retrospective
1299: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: PANAMA-PACIFIC EXPOSITION, JAN. 1 TO MAY 1, 1916 - Illustrated Catalogue of the Post-Exposition Exhibition in the Dept. Of Fine Arts, Panama-Pacific International Exposition
156961: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama N. 44
156960: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama N. 45
156959: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama Art Total II, N. 48
156958: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama de L'Art Optique Au Cinetisme, N. 51
156956: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama 72 N. 39
156978: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle, Decembre 1966: Centenaire de Kandinsky
156977: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama 68 N. 30
156975: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Vers Un Nouvel Humanisme? N. 29
4962: SAN FRANCISCO: M.H.DE YOUNG MEMORIAL MUSEUM, 1939 - Frontiers of American Art: Works Progress Administration, Federal Arts Project
9184: SAN DIEGO, CA: FINE ARTS GALLERY OF SAN DIEGO, OCT. 7-30, 1960 - War, Peace and Union
9185: SAN ANTONIO, TX: MCNAY ART INSTITUTE, MAY 1958 - American Art in San Antonio Collections
9252: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: DE YOUNG MEMORIAL MUSEUM, CA PALACE OF THE LEGION OF HONOR, SF MUS. OF ART, NOV. 10, 1964 TO JAN. 3, 1965 - Man--Glory, Jest, and Riddle: A Survey of the Human Form Through the Ages
27174: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: HACKETT-FREEDMAN GALLERY, NOVEMBER 7 TO 30, 2002 - Carlo Maria Mariani: Light and Shadow
156955: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama 71 N. 37
124759: SAN DIEGO, CA: PALACE OF FINE ARTS, MAY 29 TO NOV. 11, 1935 - Official Art Exhibition of the California Pacific International Exposition
33326: SAN ANTONIO, TX: MCNAY ART MUSEUM, JUNE 12 TO AUGUST 19, 2001; ONE ADDITIONAL VENUE - Elie Nadelman: Classical Folk
156965: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama 72, N. 38
156964: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama: Les Metamorphoses de L'Abstrait
156963: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama 74** le Surrealisme II, N. 43
156962: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama Italie 78, N. 50
3825: SAN FRANCISCO: JOHN BERGGRUEN GALLERY, OCT.-NOV., 1989 - David Bates: Recent Paintings and Works on Paper
141094: SAN FRANCISCO ART INSTITUTE - Currency (San Francisco Art Institute, No. 2013)
100814: SAN FRANCISCO ART INSTITUTE, 1976 - Other Sources: An American Essay
156953: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama 70 N. 34
142120: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Resource / Response / Reservoir: Stella Survey: 1959-1982
21806: SAN DIEGO, CA: MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS: APR. 8 TO JUNE 1, 1986 - Rosalind Solomon: Earth Rites-Photographs from Inside the Third World
156952: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama 69 N. 33
1284: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: S.F. MUSEUM OF ART, JAN. 18, 1935 - San Francisco Museum of Art: Opening with the 55th Annual Exhibition of the S.F. Art Association; and Loan Exhibition of Modern French Paintings, Great Prints of Five Centuries, Chinese Art, Tapestries, Drawings
455.1: SAN FRANCISCO: CALIFORNIA PALACE OF THE LEGION OF HONOR, APR. TO OCT. 1929 - Contemporary American Sculpture
1324: SAN FRANCISCO: S.F. MUSEUM OF ART, NOV. 5 TO DEC. 13, 1959, FOUR OTHER LOCATIONS - Lyonel Feininger Memorial Exhibition
10849: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: CALIFORNIA PALACE OF THE LEGION OF HONOR, SEPT., YEAR NOT KNOWN - After the Hunt"--and After (Bulletin of the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Vol. 6, No. 4 & 5)
50: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: FINE ARTS MUSEUM OF SAN FRANCISCO, APRIL 17 TO SEPT. 31, 1976 - American Art: An Exhibition from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd
156983: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle, No. 25: Aux Sources de L'Imaginaire
156985: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle, Panorama 68, N. 31
136432: SAN FRANCISCO: MODERNISM GALLERY, JAN-MAR 2013 - Elena Dorfman: Empire Falling
156954: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama 70 N. 35
156957: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: Panorama 73 N. 40
156971: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siecle: N. 28, Juin 1967: Bilan de L'Art Abstrait Dans le Monde
22740: SAN JOSE, CA: SAN JOSE UNIVERSITY ART GALLERY, APR. 24 TO MAY 18, 1973 - East Coast/West Coast/New Realism
20963: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, SEPT. 21 TO NOV. 16, 1986 - Second Sight: Biennial IV
19755: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF ART, MAR. 15 TO APR. 25, 1935 - 1934-1935, Carnegie International, European Section, Including a Representative Showing of Contemporary American Painting
19242: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, MAY 19 TO SEPT. 4, 1994, FIVE OTHER DATES - Dorothea Lange: American Photographs
18970: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: OCT. 10 TO NOV. 13, 1966, TWO OTHER LOCATIONS - The Age of Rembrandt
17713: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: CALIFORNIA PALACE OF THE LEGION OF HONOR, JUNE 15 TO JULY 31, 1962 - The Henry P. Mcilhenny Collection: Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture
13236: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: CALIFORNIA PALACE OF THE LEGION OF HONOR, NOV. 1-30, 1944 - Paintings by Pierre Auguste Renoir
124649: SAN DIEGO, CA: PALACE OF FINE ARTS, MAY 29 TO NOV. 11, 1935 - Catalogue of the Official Art Exhibition of the California Pacific International Exposition
15694: SAN DIEGO, CA: PALACE OF FINE ARTS, MAY 29 TO NOV. 11, 1935 - Official Art Exhibition of the California Pacific International Exposition
102627: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: CALIFORNIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, 1968, TWO OTHER LOCATIONS - Theodore Wores: Artist in Search of the Picturesque
20745: SAN ANTONIO, TX: SAN ANTONIO MUSEUM OF ART, SEPT. 27 TO NOV. 17, 1985 - Mexico: The New Generations
9422: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF ART, MAY 5 TO JUNE 11, 1972 - Peter Gutkin, Tom Holland, Paul Harris
152374: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Photographs by Artists in Mid-Career
136263: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: CONTEMPORARY REALIST GALLEY, SEPT-OCT 1992 - New American Figure Painting, September 10-October 28, 1992
24008: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - 010101: Art in Technological Times
1382: SAN FRANCISCO: GOLDEN GATE INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION, 1939 - Contemporary Art: Official Catalogue of the Department of Fine Arts, Division of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture
136537: SAN FRANCISCO: JOHN BERGGRUEN GALLERY, MAY-JULY 2012 - Wayne Thiebaud: Paintings and Works on Paper
14149: SAN FRANCISCO, CA: SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF ART, JAN. 1944 - Abstract and Surrealist Art in the United States
156970: SAN LAZZARO, GUALTIERI DI - Xxe Siècle. Mai 1966. N° 26. Quatre Thèmes
114636: SANBORN, KATE - Old Time Wall Papers
118580: SANBURN, CURT - Hawaii: The Spirit of America
120248: SANCHEZ, ALBERTO RUY ET AL. - Museo Franz Mayer
117427.1: SANCHEZ, ALFONSO E. PEREZ AND NICOLA SPINOSA - Jusepe de Ribera 1591 - 1652
135803: SANCHEZ, ALFONSO E. PEREZ ET AL. - Museo Del Prado: Cason Del Buen Retiro: Catalogo de Las Pintura Del Siglo XIX
159778: SANCHEZ, ALFONSO E. PEREZ - Carreño, Rizi, Herrera Y la Pintura Madrileña de Su Tiempo, [1650-1700]
10613: SANCHEZ-EPPLER, KAREN ET AL. - Language As Object: Emily Dickinson and Contemporary Art
148574: SANCHEZ, GONZALO M. AND EDMUND S. MELTZER - The Edwin Smith Papyrus: Updated Translation of the Trauma Treatise and Modern Medical Commentaries
129933: SANCHEZ. YOLAND; KATE KRETZ - Kate Kretz: Insides out
144360: SANCHO-MADRIDEJOS - Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Alicante
116778: SAND, GEORGE - The Master Mosaic-Workers
107315: SANDBACK, AMY BAKER (ED.) - Looking Critically: 21 Years of Artforum Magazine
140981: SANDBANK, RACHELLA - Programma 01 (September 2009)
101235: SANDBERG, CURTIS AND ROBERT C. WILLIAMS AND ALISON HILTON - A Russian Odyssey: The Life and Times of Ivan Djeneeff
108539: SANDBERG AND VAN DANTZIG - True or False?: A Special Exhibition
146138: SANDBERG, CURTIS AND ROBERT C. WILLIAMS AND ALISON HILTON - A Russian Odyssey: The Life and Times of Ivan Djeneeff
142047: SANDBERG, W. - Wagemaker, Lucebert, Mooy: Three Dutch Artists
155800: SANDBLAD, NILS GÖSTA - Manet: Three Studies in Artistic Conception
155117: SANDBURG, CARL - Abraham Lincoln: The War Years (4 Vols. )
125398: SANDBURG, CARL AND ALEXANDER LIBERMAN ET AL. - Steichen the Photographer
18874: SANDBURG, CARL - Ever Normal Turmoil
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5959: SCHUYLER, JANE - Florentine Busts: Sculpted Portraiture in the Fifteenth Century
148409: SCHUYLER, DAVID - The New Urban Landscape: The Redefinition of City Form in Nineteenth-Century America
133357: SCHUYLER, DAVID - Sanctified Landscape : Writers, Artists, and the Hudson River Valley, 1820-1909
110178: SCHVEY, HENRY I. - Oskar Kokoschka: The Painter As Playwright
146418: SCHWAB, JANE AND CINDY SMITH WITH JUDITH NASITIR - The Welcoming House: The Art of Living Graciously
120514: SCHWAB, TESS SOL - African Americans: Seeing and Seen, 1766-1916
125720: SCHWABACHER, ETHEL K. - Arshile Gorky
135777: SCHWABSKY, BARRY - Gary Komarin: The Disappointed Mistress
140439: SCHWABSKY, BARRY ET AL. - Karin Davie
159313: SCHWABSKY, BARRY - Gary Komarin: What She Said
16023: SCHWABSKY, BARRY - Mel Bochner: Drawings 1966-1973
142317: SCHWABSKY, BARRY - Jasmina Danowski: Paintings and Works on Paper 2004-2006
146137: SCHWABSKY, BARRY - Connie Fox
137374: SCHWABSKY, BARRY - Vitamin P: New Perspectives on Painting
160200: SCHWABSKY, BARRY - Neysa Grassi: Dissolver
110548: SCHWABSKY, BARRY - Some for Me, Some for You: Paintings by Ken Aptekar
119179: SCHWANDER, MARTIN - Swiss Selection: Schweizer Kunstler
136057: SCHWANDER, MARTIN (EDITOR) - Edgar Degas: The Late Work
115397: SCHWANDT, MARIANNE - Heinz Willig: Skulpturen Und Zeichnungen 1996 - 2007: Werkverzeichnis Der Skulpturen 1952 - 2007
122063: SCHWARTZ, EMMANUEL - The Legacy of Homer: Four Centuries of Art from the Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux-Arts, Paris
116685: SCHWARTZ, CONSTANCE AND FRANKLIN HILL PERRELL - Fernando Botero: Works on Paper
19045: SCHWARTZ, CONSTANCE - The Abstract Expressionists and Their Precursors
2225: SCHWARTZ, ELLEN HALTEMAN (COMPILER) - Northern California Art Exhibition Catalogues (1878-1915): A Descriptive Checklist and Index
103742: SCHWARTZ, PAUL WALDO - The Hand and Eye of the Sculptor
9400: SCHWARTZ, CONSTANCE - Normandy and Its Artists Remembered
117451: SCHWARTZ, GARY AND MARGEN JAN BOK - Pieter Saenredam: The Painter and His Time
1956: SCHWARTZ, ELLEN - Nineteenth-Century San Francisco Art Exhibition Catalogues

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