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155001: SELDEN, WILLIAM K. - Drumthwacket: A History of the Governor's Masnion at Princeton, New Jersey
9029: SELDIN, DONNA - The Remembered Image: Prendergast Watercolors 1896-1906
1178.1: SELDIN, DONNA AND WARREN ADELSON - Americans in Venice 1879-1913
119297: SELDIN, DONNA - Maurice B. Prendergast: Five Oils 1907-1915
147566: SELDIS, HENRY - The Atelier Portfolios, Number One: Morris Broderson
152979: SELDIS, HENRY J. - Jack Zajac: Retrospective Exhibition
154951: SELDIS, HENRY J. - Helen Lundeberg: A Retrospective Exhibition
129655: SELFE, LORNA - Nadia: A Case of Extraordinary Drawing Ability in an Autistic Child
5322: SELIGAMN, PATRICIA - Painting the Effects of Weather
123018: SELIGMAN, GERMAIN - Oh! Fickle Taste, or Objectivity in Art
144138: SELIGMAN, THOMAS K. AND KATHLEEN BERRIN - The Bay Area Collects: Art from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas
115408: SELIGMAN, VINCENT - Puccini Among Friends
157358: SELIGMAN, KEVIN L. - Cutting for All! the Sartorial Arts, Related Crafts, and the Commercial Paper Pattern
106379: SELIGMAN, GERMAIN - Roger de la Fresnaye
125338: SELIGMANN, HERBERT J. - Alfred Stieglitz Talking: Notes on Some of His Conversations, 1925-1931, with a Foreword
117134: SELINE, JANICE - Bill Seaman: Red Dice
154549: SELL, STACEY AND HUGO CHAPMAN ET AL. - Drawing in Silver and Gold: Leonardo to Jasper Johns
25906: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Mr. Peale's Museum: Charles Willson Peale and the First Popular Museum of Natural Science and Art
124967: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Transactions of the American Philosophical Society: Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge: New Series - Volume 59, Part 3: Charles Willson Peale with Patron and Populace
2367.1: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Charles Willson Peale: Later Life (Volume 2 Only)
2470: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Raphaelle Peale, 1774-1825: Still Lifes and Portraits
28867: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Patience Wright: American Artist and Spy in George III's London
125583: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Joseph Sansom: Philadelphia Silhouettist
2367000002: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Charles Willson Peale (2 Volumes): The Artist of the Revolution - the Early Life of Charles Willson Peale; Later Life: 1790 - 1827
21146: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Charles Willson Peale
2367000003: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Charles Willson Peale (2 Volumes): The Artist of the Revolution - the Early Life of Charles Willson Peale; Later Life: 1790 - 1827
10674: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - The Peale Heritage: 1763-1963
118282: SELLERS, E. - The Elder Pliny's Chapters on the History of Art
124013: SELLERS, HORACE WELLS - Charles Willson Peale, Artist, Soldier [the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 3]
8742: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Portraits and Miniatures by Charles Willson Peale (Vol. 42, Part 1 of Transactions of the American Philosophical Society)
2367.4: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Charles Willson Peale: Later Life (Vol. 2 of a Two Volume Set)
126477: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Portraits and Miniatures by Charles Willson Peale (Vol. 42, Part 1 of Transactions of the American Philosophical Society)
883: SELLIN, DAVID AND JAMES K. BALLINGER - Americans in Brittany and Normandy, 1860-1910
142706: SELLIN, DAVID AND JAMES K. BALLINGER - Americans in Brittany and Normandy, 1860-1910
7807: SELLIN, DAVID - American Painters on the French Scene, 1874 to 1914
686: SELLIN, DAVID; SITES - American Art in the Making: Preparatory Studies for Masterpieces of American Painting, 1800-1900
2696: SELLIN, DAVID AND LAUREN RABB - William Lamb Picknell, 1853-1897
152077: SELLIN, ANNE - Charles Henry Fromuth (1861-1937)
18696: SELLIN, DAVID AND STEPHANIE R. GASKINS - The Ipswich Painters at Home and Abroad: Dow, Kenyon, Mansfield, Richardson, Wendel
149384: SELLIN, ERIC AND DAVID SELLIN - African Art and the School of Paris
142383: SELLIN, ANNE - Charles Henry Fromuth (1861-1937)
4991: SELLIN, DAVID - The First Pose. 1876: Turning Point in American Art. Howard Roberts, Thomas Eakins and a Century of Philadelphia Nudes
118475: SELLS, A. LYTTON - The Paradise of Travellers: The Italian Influence on Englishmen in the 17th Century
128831: SELMAN, LAWRENCE H. - The Art of the Paperweight
108261: SELVIN, NANCY - 2002 Ceramic Annual: Scripps College 58th Ceramic Exhibition
153244: SELVIN, JOEL ET AL. - Nagle, Ron
138987: SELZ, PETER (CURATOR) - Cries, Chants, Shouts and Whispers: Songs of the Forgotten: A 40-Year Survey of Yisrael K. Feldsott
109953: SELZ, PETER - Enrico Donati
153926: SELZ, PETER - Emil Nolde
138866: SELZ, PETER - Emil Nolde
110875: SELZ, PETER - 15 Polish Painters
111094: SELZ, GUY - Actions de Graces Populaires
153218: SELZ, PETER AND THALIA SELZ - Leonard Baskin: Sculptuur, Tekeningen, Grafiek
105856: SELZ, PETER (EDITOR) - Harold Paris: The California Years
142156: SELZ, PETER - Jan Muller: Fifty Small Oils, Pastels and Gouaches
153299: SELZ, PETER - Barbara Chase-Riboud: Bronzes
103835.1: SELZ, PETER - Lorser Feitelson: The Kinetic Series. Works from 1916-1923
149298: SELZ, PETER ET AL. - Tobi Kahn: Metamorphoses
140985: SELZ, PETER AND MILDRED CONSTANTINE (EDS.) - Art Nouveau: Art and Design at the Turn of the Century
126101: SELZ, PETER - Botero in la
126500: SELZ, PETER AND MITCHELL JOHNSON - Peter Selz Interviews Mitchell Johnson
143186: SELZ, JEAN - La Vie Et L'Oeuvre de Camille Corot
1724.1: SELZ, PETER - Max Beckmann
131543: SELZ, PETER - From Color Fields to Fields of Color: New Works by Virginia Cuppaidge; Virginia Cuppaidge
4511: SELZ, PETER - Mark Rothko
139719: SELZ, PETER - Gordon Onslow Ford: Centennial Celebration
1724: SELZ, PETER - Max Beckmann
20150: SELZ, PETER AND JEAN DUBUFFET - The Work of Jean Dubuffet
103835: SELZ, PETER - Lorser Feitelson: The Kinetic Series. Works from 1916-1923
125086: SEM (GEORGE GOURSAT) - Le Vrai & le Faux Chic
120970: SEMENOVICH, N.N. - Restavratsiia Muzeinikh Tkanei: Teoriia I Tecknologiia / Restoration of Museum Fabrics: Theory and Technology
35006: SEMENZA, GREGORY M. COLÓN - Sport, Politics, and Literature in the English Renaissance
126070: SEMES, STEVEN W. - The Future of the Past: A Conservation Ethic for Architecture, Urbanism, and Historic Preservation
146456: SEMIONOVA, IRINA - Ostankino: Eighteenth-Century Country Estate
155969: SEMPLE, ELLEN CHURCHILL - The Geography of the Mediterranean Region: Its Relation to Ancient History
150643: SEMYONOVA, NATALYA AND NICOLAS V. ILJINE (EDITORS) - Selling Russia's Treasures: The Soviet Trade in Nationalized Art 1917-1938
143780: SENDAK, MAURICE AND WILHELM GRIMM - Dear MILI: An Old Tale by Wilhelm Grimm, Newly Translated by Ralph Manheim, with Pictures by Maurice Sendak
145688: SENDAK, MAURICE - Outside over There
145162: SENDAK, MAURICE - Fantasy Sketches
122229: SENDAK, MAURICE - Outside over There
118067: SENENKO, MARINA - Holland XVII - XIX Centuries: Collection of Paintings
133207: SENENKO, MARINA; GOSUDARSTVENNYJ MUZEJ IZOBRAZITEL'NYCH ISKUSSTV IMENI A. S. PUSKINA - Collection of Dutch Paintings : XVII-XIX Centuries / the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
136123: SENEVIRATNA, ANURADHA AND BENJAMIN POLK AND EMILY POLK - Buddhist Monastic Architecture in Sri Lanka (the Woodland Shrines)
25539: SENEY, JANE - Life Impressions: 20th-Century African American Prints from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
138536: SENF, REBECCA A. AND STEPHEN J. PYNE - Reconstructing the View: The Grand Canyon Photographs of Mark Klett and Byron Wolfe
145326: SENN, PRISCA AND BARBARA KELLER - Rosen, Tupfen, Streifen: Soie Pirate, Textilarchiv Abraham, Zurich
113399: SENNETT, ROBERT S. - Photography & Photographers to 1900: An Annotated Bibliography
157419: SENOUR F. - Major General William T. Sherman, and His Campaigns
102154: SENSABAUGH, DAVID AKE - The Scholar As a Collector: Chinese Art at Yale
154793: SENSI, MARIO AND GIUSEPPE BERTINI - La Nuova Statua Di S. Emidio Nella Cattedrale Di S. Feliciano in Foligno Dono Di Sua Eminenza IL Signor Cardinale Giuseppe Betori Arcivescovo Di Firenze
116722: SENSIER, ALFRED - Jean-François Millet: Peasant and Painter
151941: SENSIER, ALFRED - Jean-François Millet: Peasant and Painter
157831: SENSIER, ALFRED - Jean-François Millet: Peasant and Painter
128333: SENTENAC, PAUL - History of a Perfumer
17038: SENTENACH, N. - The Painters of the School of Seville
127452: SENZOKU, NOBUYUKI (EDITOR); ISHIKAWA PREFECTURAL ART MUSEUM - Goya to Matisse : Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings from the Wadsworth Atheneum of Hartford, Connecticut
127460: SEOANE, XAVIER - Identidade E Convulsion: (Palavra E Imaxe Da Nova Arte Galega) = Identity and Convulsion: Expression and Imageof the New Galician Art
144245: SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY MUSEUM - Korean Traditional Paintings in Seoul National University Museum = Soul Taehakkyo Pangmulgwan Sojang Han'Guk Chont'Ong Hoehwa
100714: SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: SEPT. 11 TO 16, 1987 - The 3rd Exhibition by Yoo, Byoung-Hoon
114505: SEPPILLI, TULLIO ET AL. - Foiano 1912/1932: Contadini, Vita Di Paese, Lotte Sociali E Politiche in Un Centro Della Valdichiana: Dalle Foto Di Furio Del Furia
148119: SERAFINI, PAOLO - La Maison Goupil: IL Successo Italiano a Parigi Negli Anni Dell'Impressionismo
112069: SERAFINI, GIULIANO - Massoura
153537: SERAFINI, GIULIANO - Abby Leigh: Natural Plurale
157601: SERGEANT, JOHN - Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian Houses: The Case for Organic Architecture
146961: SERGEEVNA, G. NATALIYA - Objets D'Art in Amber from the Collection of the Catherine Palace Museum (17th - Early 20th Centuries): Catalogue / Khudozhestvennyy Yantar' XVII-Nachala XX Veka Iz Sobraniya Ekaterininskogo Dvortsa-Muzeya: Katalog
110028: SERGER (HELEN) LA LOETIE, INC.: FALL, 1973 - Paintings, Drawings, Watercolors and Prints by 20th Century Masters
10808: SERGER [HELEN], LA BOETIE, NY: 1979 - Abstract and Constructivist Works: 1912-1930
23674: SERGER, HELEN - Herwarth Walden and Der Sturm: Artists and Publications
146781: SERGIYEV, IVAN ILYICH (A.K.A. ST. JOHN OF KRONSTADT) - Saint John of Kronstadt on Prayer (Extracts from His Writings)
151494: SERIFOGLU, OMER FARUK (EDITOR) - Presidential Art Collection (3 Volumes)
152916: SERLIO, SEBASTIANO - Tutte L'Opere D'Architettura, Et Prospetiva, Di Sebastiano Serlio, Bolognese, Dove Si Mettono in Disegno Tutte le Maniere Di Edificij, E Si Trattano Di Quelle Cose, Che Fono Piu Necessarie a Sapere Gli Architetti... Diviso in Sette Libri . .
115479: SEROFF, VICTOR I. - Maurice Ravel
132350: SEROTA, NICHOLAS; ANDY NAIRNE; ADAM D. WEINBERG - Views from Abroad: American Realities (European Perspectives on American Art 3)
139671: SEROTA, NICHOLAS - Experience or Interpretation: The Dilemma of Museums of Modern Art
111204: SEROTTA, EDWARD - Jews, Germany, Memory
109174: SEROTTA, EDWARD - Out of the Shadows: A Photographic Portrait of Jewish Life in Central Europe Since the Holocaust
144446: SERRA, ROSANNA MAGGIO - Galleria Civica D'Arte Moderna: Acquisizioni 1971 1978
104231: SERRA, JOSELITA RASPI (EDITOR) - Paestum and the Doric Revival, 1750-1830: Essential Outlines of an Approach
22126: SERRA, ROSANNA MAGGIO - L' Ottocento: Catalogo Delle Opere Esposte
147578: SERRA, RICHARD - Richard Serra: Sculpture
157522: SERRA, FRANSESC ET AL. - Exposicion Francesc Serra Pintura
151732: SERRA, RICHARD - Richard Serra: Line Drawings
114563: SERRADIFALCO, DUCA DI (DOMENICO LO FASO PIETRASANTA) - Del Duomo Di Monreale E Di Altre Chiese Siculo Normanne. Ragionamenti Tre
116961: SERRALLER, FRANCISCO CALVO - Alberto Corazon: So Far - New Paintings
116692: SERRALLER, FRANCISCO CALVO - Daniel Quintero: Tumbling Landscape
117457: SERRALLER, FRANCISCO CALVO - Jose Maria Sicilia
111158: SERRALLER, FRANSISCO WITH OTHERS - Forma Eta Figurazioa: Blake-Purnell Bildumako Maisu-Lanak
151266: SERRALLER, FRANCISCO CALVO ET AL. - Picasso: Tradition and Avant-Garde
141063: SERRANO, VERONIQUE (EDITOR) - Bonnard and le Cannet in the Mediterranean Light
112191: SERRANO, CARLOS SECO ET AL. - Politika Bilakaera (XX Mendea) Eta Euskaldunak Eta Amerika: Evolucion Politica (Siglo XX) Y Los Vascos Y America: VII Alea / Tomo VII
139812: SERRELL, BEVERLY - Exhibit Labels: An Interpretive Approach
12834: SERT, JOSEP LLUIS - Miró, Sculpture
145208: SERT, JOSEP LLUIS - Miró, Painted Sculpture and Ceramics
111505: SERULLAZ, ARLETTE AND ANNA ZENCZAK - Piotr Michalowski: Peintures Et Dessins
143090: SERULLAZ, ARLETTE ET AL. - Jacques-Louis David, 1748-1825
117253: SERULLAZ, MAURICE - Delacroix
114237: SERVADIO, GAIA - Luchino Visconti: A Biography
142419: SERVAIS, MAX - L'Escaut Et Anvers: Temoignages D'Un Essor
111227: SERVENTI, MARIA CRISTINA - Spanish Painting (from the Xvith to the Xviiith Century) at the National Museum of Fine Arts
115681: SERVER, LEE - The Golden Age of Ocean Liners
149457: SERVICE, ROBERT - Lenin, a Biography
145298: SERVISS, GARRETT P. - Round the Year with the Stars: The Chief Beauties of the Starry Heavens As Seen with the Naked Eye
143174: SERVOLINI, LUIGI - Jacopo de' Barbari
122190: SERVOLINI, LUIGI - Ugo Da Carpi I Chiaroscuri E le Altre Opere
14245: SERWER, JACQUELYN DAYS - American Kaleidoscope: Themes and Perspectives in Recent Art
103240: SERWER, JACQUELYN DAYS - David Bates
3979: SERWER, JACQUELYN DAYS - Gene Davis: A Memorial Exhibition
106556: SESENA, NATACHA ET AL. - Goya
101767: SESOKO, TSUNE (EDITOR) - The I-Ro-Ha of Japan: An Alphabetical Interpretation of Japanese Concepts
154584: SESSHU, TOYO - Sesshu Gashu (2 Volumes)
141857: SESSIONS, FRANCIS - National Magazine of Western History - Art and Artists in Ohio (Photocopy)
101602: SESSIONS, RALPH, ET AL. - The Poetic Vision: American Tonalism
136049: SESSIONS, RALPH - Arpita Singh
101258: SESTIERI, ANNA MARIA BIETTI - La Necropoli Laziale Di Osteria Dell'Osa
124733: SETFORD, DAVID AND JOHN WILMERDING - George Bellows: Love of Winter
32345: SETH, LAUREL, AND REE MOBLEY, EDS - Folk Art Journey: Florence D. Bartlett and the Museum of International Folk Art
133479: SETH GOPIN; EVELINE SINT NICOLAAS - Jean Baptiste Vanmour: Peintre de la Sublime Porte, 1671-1737
27498: SETLIK, JIRI WITH DAGMAR HEJDOVA AND EMANUEL POCHE - Ceske Sklo 17 a 18 Stoleti / Bohemian Glass of the 17th and the 18th Centuries
143895: SETON-THOMPSON, ERNEST - Lives of the Hunted: Containing a True Account of the Doings of Five Quadrupeds and Three Birds, and, in Elucidation of the Same, over 200 Drawings
153594: SEUPHOR, MICHEL - Capogrossi
12869: SEUPHOR, MICHEL - Piet Mondrian: Life and Work
100753: SEUPHOR, MICHEL - Lardera
108378: SEUPHOR, MICHEL - Vom Konstruktivismus Zur Kinetik: 1917 Bis 1967
152475: SEUPHOR, MICHEL AND WILL GROHMANN - Willi Baumeister: Zum 65 Geburtstag Von Seinen Freunden
154918: SEVCIK, ANJA K. (EDITOR) - Schalcken: Gemalte Verführung
138354: SEVER, NANCY (EDITOR) - Etched in the Sun: Prints Made by Indigenous Artists in Collaboration with Basil Hall & Printers 1997-2007
136064: SEVERENS, MARTHA R. - Corrie Mccallum: Take Note
154992: SEVERENS, MARTHA R. - From New York to Nebo: The Artistic Journey of Eugene Thomason
25150: SEVERENS, MARTHA R. - The Charleston Renaissance
7942: SEVERENS, MARTHA R. - Greenville County Museum of Art: The Southern Collection
7577: SEVERENS, MARTHA R. - The Armory Show Years of E. Ambrose Webster
8848: SEVERENS, MARTHA R. AND CHARLES L. WYRICK, JR. (COMP. AND ED.) - Charles Fraser of Charleston: Essays on the Man, His Art and His Times
25513: SEVERENS, MARTHA R. - The Miniature Portrait Collection of the Carolina Art Association
112430: SEVERENS, MARTHA R. ; KEN WILBUR - Andrew Wyeth, America's Painter
156063: SEVERIN, HANS-GEORG - Zur Portraitplastik Des 5. Jahrhunderts N. Chr
157711: SEVERINI, GINO AND HANS BOLLIGER - Severini: Oeuvres Futuristes Et Cubistes
143648: SEWALL, SAMUEL - The Selling of Joseph: A Memorial
113108: SEWEL, WILLIAM - The History of the Rise, Increase and Progress of the Christian People Called Quakers, Intermixed with Several Remarkable Occurrences (Vols. 1 and 2)
100608: SEWELL, DARREL (EDITOR) - Thomas Eakins
100608000001: SEWELL, DARREL (EDITOR) - Thomas Eakins
24621: SEWELL, DAVID ET AL. - Thomas Eakins
2770: SEWELL, DARREL - Thomas Eakins: Artist of Philadelphia
157896: SEWTER, A. CHARLES - The Stained Glass of William Morris and His Circle (2-Volume Set)
127939: SEXTON, POLLY - Notes on Hillwood: A Guidebook
17528: SEXTON, ERIC H.L. - A Descriptive and Bibliographical List of Irish Figure Sculptures of the Early Christian Period with a Critical Assessment of Their Significance
145383: SEXTON, R. W. - The Logic of Modern Architecture: Exteriors and Interiors of Modern American Buildings
114251: SEYFFERT, DR. OSKAR (REVISED BY NETTLESHIP & SANDYS) - A Dictionary of Classical Antiquities Mythology, Religion, Literature and Art
150187: SEYMOUR, CHARLES JR. - Houdon's Washington at Mount Vernon Re-Examined
148973: SEYMOUR, CHARLES JR. - The Italian Heritage: An Exhibition of Works of Art Lent from American Collections, for the Benefit of the Committee to Rescue Italian Art
151072: SEYMOUR, ANNE - Joseph Beuys: Drawings
150232: SEYMOUR, DALE - Antique Gambling Chips
34439: SEYMOUR, THADDEUS - Everett Raymond Kinstler: Portraits, Landscapes and Studies
156530: SEYMOUR, ANNE - Joseph Beuys: Drawings
128502: SEYMOUR, JOSEPH - Quakers, Kings, and Cannons: The Philadelphia Artillery and the Struggle for Political Legitimacy, 1747-1777
115034: SEYMOUR, DEXTER C. - Templeton Reid, First of the Pioneer Coiners
114428: SEYMOUR, REV. WILLIAM WOOD - The Cross - in Tradition, History and Art
120766: SEZNEC, JEAN - Diderot Salons, Vol. III - 1767
140412: SEZNEC, JEAN - Essais Sur Diderot Et L'Antiquite: The Mary Flexner Lectures Delivered at Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania
141166: SGAN-COHEN, MICHAEL - Neta Dor: Flashes -- Etchings, 1986-1992
110406: SGARBI, VITTORIO - Pietro Longhi: I Dipinti Di Palazzo Leoni Montanari
106439: SGARBI, VITTORIO - Antonio Recalcati: Third Street at Sixth Avenue
117326: SGARBI, VITTORIO - Pietro Longhi: I Dipinti Di Palazzo Leoni Montanari
111437: SGARBI, VITTORIO - Monreal
154433: SGARBI, VITTORIO - Botero: A Piazza Signoria
150564: SGARBOZZA, ILARIA - Le Spalle at Settecento: Forma, Modelli E Organizzazione Dei Musei Nella Roma Napoleonica (1809-1814)
157701: SHA, YOMIURI SHIMBUN - Exposition Kisling = Kisuringu Ten
152881: SHACKELFORD, GEORGE T. M. - Wilmot: Susan Paulsen
33839: SHACKELFORD, GEORGE T.M., ET AL. - Gaugin: Tahiti
112070: SHACKELFORD, GEORGE T. M. AND ELLIOT BOSTWICK DAVIS - Things I Love: The Many Collections of William I. Koch
122907: SHADBOLT, DORIS (CURATOR) - Emily Carr: A Centennial Exhibition Celebrating the One Hundredth Anniversary of Her Birth
122907.1: SHADBOLT, DORIS (CURATOR) - Emily Carr: A Centennial Exhibition Celebrating the One Hundredth Anniversary of Her Birth
404.1: SHADWELL, WENDY J. - American Printmaking: The First 150 Years
150046: SHAFER, ANN AND DENA CROSSON - Promises Revisited: Three Baltimore Artists of the 190s and 1940s
146553: SHAFFER, DANIEL (ED.) - Hali Carpet, Textile and Islamic Art
106978: SHAFRAZI, TONY - Francis Bacon
149301: SHAHAM, DAVID (EDITOR) - Kafka-Prague
109717: SHAHN, BEN - The Shape of Content
108891: SHAHN, BEN - Paragraphs on Art by Ben Shahn
108966: SHAHN, BEN - The Biography of a Painting
128598.1: SHAHN, BEN - Love and Joy About Letters
151418: SHAIH, LIFA - Finish and Unfinish = "Bu Man " Zhi Jian: Hui Hua Zui Jia Wan Cheng Zhuang Tai Tan Tao
120844: SHAINMAN, IRWIN - Selections from the Lawrence H. Bloedel Bequest and Related Works from the Permanent Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art
134813: SHAKESPEARE; HORACE HOWARD FURNESS - A New Variourum Edition of Shakespeare: The Tragedie of Cymbeline
135693: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Venus and Adonis
156307: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM AND GEORGE STEEVENS - The Dramatic Works of Shakespeare Revised by George Steevens, Volume III
156308: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM AND GEORGE STEEVENS - The Dramatic Works of Shakespeare Revised by George Steevens, Volume VI
156306: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM AND GEORGE STEEVENS - The Dramatic Works of Shakespeare Revised by George Steevens, Volume I.
156309: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM AND GEORGE STEEVENS - The Dramatic Works of Shakespeare Revised by George Steevens, Volume VIII
110782: SHALABAYEVA, G.K. - Prozhrentse Vystavka / Enlightenment Exhibition
126725: SHALEV-EYNI, SARIT - Jews Among Christians: Hebrew Book Illumination from Lake Constance
155633: SHALKOP, R. L. - Sydney Laurence (1865-1940): An Alaskan Impressionist [Photocopy]
112137: SHALKOP, ROBERT L. - The Folk Art of a New Mexican Village
126277: SHALKOP, ANTOINETTE (EDITOR) - Exploration in Alaska: Captain Cook Commemorative Lectures June-November 1978
18542: SHALKOP, ROBERT L. - A Show of Color: 100 Years of Painting in the Pike's Peak Region, an Exhibition in Honor of the Centennial of Colorado Springs
109937: SHALLCROSS, GILIAN - A Guide to the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
140441: SHALYAPIN, FEDOR - Stranitsy Iz Moyey Zhizni; Maska I Dusha (Page out of My Life and Soul of the Mask)
107968: SHANAHAN, SEAN - Patrick Michael Fitzgerald: The Morning Hours
118505: SHAND-TUCCI, DOUGLASS - The Art of Scandal: The Life and Times of Isabella Stewart Gardner
136547: SHAND-TUCCI, DOUGLASS - Ralph Adams Cram: An Architect's Four Quests -- Medieval, Modernist, American, Ecumenical
32415.1: SHANES, ERIC ET AL. - Turner: The Great Watercolours
123020: SHANES, ERIC - The Pop Art Tradition: Responding to Mass Culture
124909: SHANES, ERIC - Brancusi
20644: SHANGRAW, CLARENCE F. - Origins of Chinese Ceramics
135611: SHANINA, NADEZHDA - Victor Vasnetsov
116767: SHANNON, JOHN KINGSLEY - Jan Serr: Twenty-Year Retrospective: Landscape & Figurative Paintings, Works on Paper, and Graphics
149514: SHANNON, PATRIC AND TRACY ATKINSON - The 12th Annual 8 State Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture
125389: SHANNON, JOE - Representation Abroad
111577: SHANNON, JOE - Representation Abroad
103073: SHANNON, CHARLES - Bill Traylor, 1854-1947
124164: SHAO, XIU ZHU AND WANG LINGSHOU - The Artistic Collection of Painting and Essays: Tome 1 (1st Part), Oil Painting / Tome 1 (2nd Part), Painting and Essays (2 Vols. )
131691: SHAPAZIAN, ROBERT; PONTUS HULTEN - Sam Francis 1959-1964
147198: SHAPIN, STEVEN & SIMON SCHAFFER - Leviathan and the Air-Pump: Hobbes, Boyle, and the Experimental Life; Including a Translation of Thomas Hobbes, Dialogus Physigus de Natura Aeris
131630: SHAPIRO, DAVID - Michael Mazur: Recent Paintings
110945: SHAPIRO, MICHAEL E. - Hamilton Collects American Art
119658: SHAPIRO, MICHAEL EDWARD - Clifford Ross: Sculpture & Painting
137494: SHAPIRO, BARBARA STERN - From Paris to Provincetown: Blanche Lazzell and the Color Woodcut
122115: SHAPIRO, DAVID - Mondrian: Flowers
36754: SHAPIRO, DAVID - The Drawings of Richard Upton: Ireland and Italy
142784: SHAPIRO, EMILY DANA - Machine Crafted: The Image of the Artisan in American Genre Painting, 1877-1908
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136300: SLIVE, SEYMOUR - Drawings of Rembrandt: With a Selection of Drawings by His Pupils and Followers, Two Volumes
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5878: SLOAN, JOHN - John Sloan Retrospective Exhibition
5807.1: SLOAN, HELEN FARR - The Life and Times of John Sloan
128405: SLOAN, JOHN; OLIVER LAFARGE ET AL. - Introduction to American Indian Art: To Accompany the First Exhibition of American Indian Art Selected Entirely with Consideration of Esthetic Value. (Volume 1 of 2)
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110140: SLOAN, JOHN - American Print Makers: Lithographs, Etchings, Wood Cuts
133877: SLOAN, LAURENCE H. - Security Speculation: The Dazzling Adventure: A Statistical Study of the Gainful Possibilities of Two Important Types of Stock Market Operation
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108650: SLOCUM, CAPTAIN JOSHUA - Sailing Alone Around the World
157037: SLOCZYNSKI, HENRYK M. - Jan Matejko
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113953: SMALL, HERBERT - Handbook of the New Library of Congress in Washington
148780: SMALL, ROBERT WITH WILLIAM D. STAHLMAN - An Account of the Astronomical Discoveries of Kepler: A Reprinting of the 1804 Text with a Foreword by William D. Stahlman
134523: SMALL, JOHN KUNKEL - Memoirs from the Department of Botany of Columbia College. Vol. 1: A Monograph of the North American Species of the Genus Polygonum
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128150: SMART, TOM - The Art of Mary Pratt: The Substance of Light
3137: SMEATON, SUZANNE AND ELI WILNER - The Art of the Frame": An Exhibition Focusing on American Frames of the Arts and Crafts Movement, 1870-1920
147373: SMELTZER, ROBERT ET AL. - Extraordinary Women in Science & Medicine: Four Centuries of Achievement
135052: SMILES, SAMUEL - Life of a Scotch Naturalist: Thomas Edward
135059: SMILES, SAMUEL - A Publisher and His Friends: Memoir and Correspondence of the Late John Murray (2 Vols. ); with an Account of the Origin and Progress of the House, 1768-1843
135761: SMIRNOV, JA. I. - Tsromskaya Mozaika: Posmertnoe Izdanie (Tsromskaya Mosaics: Posthumous Edition)

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