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140272: SANDQVIST, TOM - The Sacred Cause: The Europe That Was Lost -- Thoughts on Central and Eastern European Modernism
142126: SANDRA WILSON GALLERIES - William E. Sharer: Paintings of Mexico
155375: SANDRO, LAWRENCE P. - Street Painters (Feelism)
5881: SANDS, MARGOT P. - The Paintings of Houghton Cranford Smith, 1887-1983
110379: SANDSTROM, SVEN - Former Sokande Gemensamt Centrum: Martin Holmgren: Skulpturer Och Teckningar 1948 - 1969
145322: SANDSTROM, GOSTA E. - Beauty in the Making: A Guide to the Potteries of Gustavsberg
34737: SANDWEISS, MARTHA A. - Carlotta Corpron: Designer with Light
113792: SANDWEISS, MARTHA A. - Masterworks of American Photography
18684: SANDWEISS, MARTHA A. - Laura Gilpin: An Enduring Grace
5358.1: SANDWEISS, MARTHA A. (EDITOR) - Photography in Nineteenth Century America
7711: SANDWICH, MA: HERITAGE PLANTATION OF SANDWICH, MAY 7 TO OCT. 30, 1989 - Arts of the Federal Period: A Loan Exhibition
3273: SANDWICH, MA: - Young America: Children and Art
119387: SANDY, STEPHEN - Willard Beopple: Recent Sculpture
152564: SANERSI, ROBERTO AND MICHELE CALDARELLI - Silvia de Bei: "Appunti," 1989-1998
118820: SANFORD, DAVID - The Hylton A. Thomas Collection: Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Furniture and Decorative Arts Objects
14601: SANFORD, CYNTHIA - Theresa Bernstein (1890- ): A Seventy-Year Retrospective
8463: SANFORD, JOHN ITHIEL - Sanford's Manual of Color
155427: SANFORD, CYNTHIA HOLTHUSEN - Edward Simmons: A Painter and a Yankee in the Gilded Age
2983: SANFORD AND PATRICIA SMITH - American Bronze Sculpture: 19th and 20th Century
8256: SANFORD, CYNTHIA H. - Heroes in the Fight for Beauty: The Muralists of the Hudson County Court House
123943: SANGER, MARTHA FRICK SYMINGTON - The Henry Clay Frick Houses: Architecture, Interiors, Landscapes in the Golden Era
128656: SANGER, MARTHA FRICK SYMINGTON - Henry Clay Frick: An Intimate Portrait
123944: SANGER, MARTHA FRICK SYMINGTON - Helen Clay Frick: Bittersweet Heiress
138424: SANGER, MARTHA FRICK SYMINGTON - The Henry Clay Frick Houses: Architecture, Interiors, Landscapes in the Golden Era
124426: SANGER, MARTHA FRICK SYMINGTON - Henry Clay Frick: An Intimate Portrait
124651: SANGSTER, GARY ET AL. - Living with Art: The Collection of Ellyn & Saul Dennison
110259: SANO, EMILY - The Woodblock Prints of Utagawa Kuniyoshi from the Bidwell Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, Mass
149240: SANOUILLET, MICHEL AND ELMER PETERSON (EDITORS) - The Writings of Marcel Duchamp
119379: SANSUM, JAMES MONTROSE AND ARIANNA FIORATTI LORETO (EDITORS) - The Aesthetic Pursuit: Form, Figure, Fantasy and the Pastoral Ideal: European Drawings, Gouaches and Watercolors, 1500-1900
110126: SANSUM, JAMES MONTROSE AND ARIANNA FIORATTI - The Enlightened Eye: Images of Nature Observed and Perfected - European Drawings, Gouaches, Temperas, and Watercolors on Paper and Parchment 1600-1800
114920: SANSUM, JAMES MONTROSE - European Master Drawings 1500-1900
123525: SANT'ANNA, ALFONSO ROMANO DE - Baroque, the Soul of Brazil
137590: SANTA FE NM: GERALD PETERS GALLERY, SEPT-OCT 1999 - Alfred Jacob Miller: Artist As Explorer, First Views of the American Frontier
5904: SANTA BARBARA, CA: JAMES M. HANSON, MAY 3 TO 16, 1981 - An Exhibition of Paintings by Colin Campbell Cooper
107340: SANTA BARBARA MUSEUM - Santa Barbara Collects
3168: SANTA BARBARA, CA: SANTA BARBARA MUSEUM OF ART, JUNE 5 TO SEPT. 1, 1941 - Painting: Today and Yesterday in the United States
34014: SANTA CLARA, CA: TRITON MUSEUM OF ART, FEBRUARY 28 TO MAY 25, 2003; THREE ADDITIONAL VENUES - Jessica Dunne: Paintings and Prints
9285: SANTA FE, NM: MUNSON GALLEY, FEB. 23 TO MAR. 8, 1996 - J.D. Morrow, Baggy Art
29875: SANTA CRUZ, CA: MUSEUM OF ART AND HISTORY, JAN. 26 TO APR. 7, 2002, ONE OTHER LOCATION - Richard Deutsch: Sculpture
10204: SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA: SANTA BARBARA MUSEUM OF ART, OCT. 8 TO NOV. 21, 1976 - Louis Eugène Boudin: Precursor of Impressionism
3315: SANTA FE, NM - John Sloan - Will Shuster: A Santa Fe Friendship
8039: SANTA FE, NM: GERALD PETERS GALLERY, OCT. 3-15, 1986 - Mark Daily
3157: SANTA BARBARA, CA: SANTA BARBARA MUSEUM OF ART, JUNE 23 TO JULY 22, 1973 - American Paintings, Watercolors and Drawings from the Collection of Jo Ann and Julian Ganz, Jr.
5904.1: SANTA BARBARA, CA: JAMES M. HANSON, MAY 3 TO 16, 1981 - An Exhibition of Paintings by Colin Campbell Cooper
3340: SANTA BARBARA, CA.: THE ART GALLERIES, UNIV. OF CALIFORNIA, OCT. 5 TO NOV. 14, 1971, THREE OTHER LOCATIONS - Charles Demuth: The Mechanical Encrusted on the Living
137625: SANTA FE: MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, 1985 - Georgia O'Keeffe: Works on Paper
10499: SANTA BARBARA, CA: SANTA BARBARA MUSEUM OF ART, APR. 4 TO MAY 7, 1978 - George Cruikshank; Printmaker, (1792-1878)
4542: SANTA FE: MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, 1985 - Georgia O'Keeffe: Works on Paper
1708: SANTA BARBARA, CA: SANTA BARBARA MUSEUM OF ART - The Preston Morton Collection of American Art
20143: SANTA BARBARA, CA: SANTA BARBARA MUSEUM OF ART, AUG. 12 TO SEPT. 14, 1958 - Fruits and Flowers in Painting
16141: SANTA CLARA, CA: TRITON MUSEUM OF ART, MAY 28 TO JULY 3, 1983 - Ellen Lampert: American Dreaming
9426: SANTA BARBARA, CA: SANTA BARBARA MUSEUM OF ART, JUNE 6 TO AUG. 11, 1991 - America in Art: Fifty Great Paintings Celebrating Fifty Years
103746: SANTANA, RAUL - Emilia Gutierrez: Habitantes de la Luz Y la Sombra. Dibujos Y Pinturas 1960-2002
140473: SANTANA, RAUL ET AL. - Raul Conti: Sixty Years of Paintings and Sculptures
112040: SANTAYANA, GEORGE - The Sense of Beauty: Being the Outlines of Aesthetic Theory
30312: SANTE, LUC - Jane Wilson
28049: SANTESSON, B. O. - Gammalt Tenn
154880: SANTI, BRUNO E CLAUDIO STRINATI - Siena & Roma: Raffaello, Caravaggio E I Protagonisti Di Un Legame Antico
143673: SANTINI, ALFREDO (ED.) - Ferrara: Voci Di Una Citta, Giugnio 2010, Nr. 32
143671: SANTINI, ALFREDO (ED.) - Ferrara: Voci Di Una Citta, Dicembre 2009, Nr. 31
139942: SANTIS, JORGE HILKER AND CAROL TROYEN - Return to the Ashcan
105103: SANTORE, CHARLES - The Windsor Style in America, Volume II: A Continuing Pictorial Study of the History and Regional Characteristics of the Most Popular Furniture Form of Eighteenth-Century America, 1730-1840
149710: SANTORO, SUZANNE - Per Una Espressione Nuova / Towards New Expression
150576: SANZ-PASTOR, CONSUELO - Maximo Juderias Caballero (1867-1951)
30242: SAO PAULO, BRAZIL: CASA DAS ROSAS, MARCH 22 TO MAY 20, 2001 - Arco Das Rosas: O Marchand Como Curador
156874: SAPER, CRAIG J. - Networked Art
133642: SAPGUIR, KIRA - Squaring the Circle: Vladimir Yankilevsky, Oscar Rabin, Oleg Tselkov, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev
153342: SAPHIRE, LAWRENCE AND STANLEY WILLIAM HAYTER - André Masson: The Complete Graphic Work: Volume I: Surrealism, 1924-49
101248: SAPHIRE, L.M. - The Generation of Surrealists 1925-1950, Drawings and Prints
106541: SAPIO, MARIA (EDITOR) - Tiziano: E IL Ritratto Di Corte Da Raffaello Ai Carracci
124125: SAPOLLNIK, JULIO ET AL. - Perez: MI Entorno Y Sus Latidos: Cosmovision de MI Lugar
148909: SARABIANOV, D. V. - La Peinture Russe, a L'Epoque Romantique
120451: SARABIANOV, DMITRII VLADMIROVICH - Russkaya Zhivopis XIX Veka (Russian XIX Century Paintings)
121174: SARAEVA-BONDAR, A.M. - Dvoryanskoe Sobranie: Liudi I Proizvedeniia Iskusstva V Dome Vladimira Vladimirovicha Strekalova-Obolenskogo
31260: SARAH FAUNCE; LEON WIESELTIER - Gustave Courbet
7512: SARASOTA, FL: JOHN AND MABLE RINGLING MUSEUM OF ART, OCT. 31 TO DEC. 14, 1986 - Joel Shapiro, Sculpture and Drawings 1981-1985
23602: SARASOTA, FL: RINGLING MUSEUM OF ART, NOV. 17 TO DEC. 10, 1972 - After Surrealism: Metaphors and Similes
31523: SARASOTA, FL: JOHN AND MABLE RINGLING MUSEUM OF ART, DECEMBER 7, 1984 TO FEBRUARY 3, 1985; ONE ADDITIONAL VENUE - Baroque Portraiture in Italy: Works from North American Collections
28912: SARASOTA, FL: RINGLING MUSEUM OF ART, APRIL 8 TO MAY 16, 1976; FOUR ADDITIONAL VENUES - Latin American Horizons: 1976
4577: SARASOTA, FL: JOHN AND MABLE RINGLING MUSEUM OF ART, DEC. 5, 1974 TO JAN. 19, 1975, ONE OTHER LOCATION - Syd Solomon: A Retrospective Showing
2699: SARASOTA, FL: RINGLING MUSEUM, MAR. 10 TO APR. 27, 1969, TWO OTHER LOCATIONS - Young New England Painters
19113: SARASOTA, FL: JOHN AND MABLE RINGLING MUSEUM OF ART, FEB. 7 TO JUNE 1, 1975 - The Arts of Louis Comfort Tiffany and His Times
33342: SARASWATI, DR. S. K. - Indian Textiles
107555: SARDA, MARIE-ANNE - Stephane Mallarme a Valvins
116684.1: SARDA, MICHEL F.; MARION PIKE - Marion Pike: The Art and the Artist
110297: SARDO, DELFIM, ED - Fernando Calhau: Work in Progress
115434: SARDOU, VICTORIEN - Theatre Complet (Vols. I - VIII and X)
155013: SARFF, LAURA AND JAN HAREM - Symmography: Linear Thread Design
12577.1: SARGANT-FLORENCE M., AND JOHN BATTEN - Papers of the Society of Mural Decorators & Painters in Tempera (3 Volumes)
112536: SARGENT, WILLIAM R. - American Art: From the Limners to the Eight
124945: SARGENT, WILLIAM R. ET AL. - Views of the Pearl River Delta: Macau, Canton and Hong Kong
153617: SARGENT, WINTHROP - The Life and Career of Major John Andre, Adjutant-General of the British Army in America
946.1: SARGENT, WALTER - The Enjoyment and Use of Color
140052: SARIANIDI, VICTOR - The Golden Hoard of Bactria: From the Tillya-Tepe Excavations in Northern Afghanistan
123419: SARJEANT, PETER T., PH.D. - Hand Papermaking Manual
143954: SARKISIAN, H. MEDILL AND ALICE WHITE - Western Persian Textiles, 18th - 20th Century
141516: SARNITZ, AUGUST - Ernst Lichtblau, Architekt, 1883-1963: Gestell Und Gestalt IM Raum : Reflexion Uber Ein Paradigma Der Modernen Architektur (German Edition)
28992: SAROYAN, WILLIAM - The Bicycle Rider in Beverly Hills
155304: SARRAUTE, NATHALIE - Portrait of a Man Unknown
760: SARTAIN, JOHN - Reminiscences of a Very Old Man
117042: SARTORIS, ALBERTO - Splendore Geometrico Nell'Arte Di Giuliana Balice
118072: SASLOW, JAMES M. - Ganymede in the Renaissance: Homosexuality in Art and Society
1422: SASOWSKY, NORMAN - The Prints of Reginald Marsh: An Essay and Definitive Catalog of His Linoleum Cuts, Etchings, Engravings, and Lithographs
120582: SASSE, JULIE AND GUS BLAISDELL - Allan Graham: Toadhouse
120551: SASSE, JULIE - Dan Collins: Return to the Garden
110773: SASSE, JULIE (ED.) - Bailey Doogan: Selected Works 1971-2005
110754: SASSE, JULIE - Paint on Metal: Modern and Contemporary Explorations and Discoveries
126460: SASSE, JULIE AND DAN LEACH - An Eclectic Eye: Selections from the Dan Leach Collection
126429: SASSE, JULIE (ESSAYIST AND CURATOR) - Judy Miller, Imaginary Dioramas
126432: SASSE, JULIE (CURATOR) - Thanks for Being with Us: Contemporary Art from the Douglas Nielsen Collection
140084: SASSOLI, MARIO GORI (EDITOR) - Roma Veduta: Disegni E Stampe Panoramiche Della Citta Dal XV Al XIX Secolo
138105: SASSONE, MARCO - Marco Sassone: Paintings, April 7-May 6, 2000
156830: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - Counter-Attack and Other Poems . With an Introduction by Robert Nichols
118331: SASSOON, DONALD - Histoires de Joconde
127476: SASTRE, ANDREA A. GARCIA I. - L'Epoca de Les Catedrals Romanic/Gotic a la Descoberta de L'Art Medieval
155253: SATANOVSKY, IGOR (EDITOR) - Kz - Kampf - Kunst. Boris Lurie: No!Art
106152: SATO, MASAHIKO - Chinese Ceramics: A Short History
141093: SATO, NAOKI AND ATSUSHI SHINFUJI (EDITORS) - Masterpieces of the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
149959: SATO, NAOKI ET AL. - Dürer: Albrecht Dürer, Religion, Portraits, Nature Prints and Drawings
112800: SATYANATH, SHANKER - Globalization, Politics, and Financial Turmoil: Asia's Banking Crisis
12341: SATZ, KATE DAVIS - An American Gallery, Volume VIII
8098: SATZ, KATE DAVIS - Passion and Reverence: Joseph Stella and the Natural World
150911: SAUDAN-SKIRA, SYLVIA AND MICHEL SAUDAN - Orangeries: Palaces of Glass - Their History and Development
149220: SAUER, CHRISTEL (EDITOR) - Denk-Kapital: Ideen Zur Gestaltung Der Gesellschaft: Vortrage Von Personlichkeiten Aus Wirtschaft Und Politik in Den Hallen Fur Neue Kunst Schaffhausen
142852: SAUERLANDT, MAX - Werkformen Deutscher Kunst
123037: SAULNIER, ADAM ET AL. - L'Age Mecanique
123818: SAUNDER, RICHARD - Apollo Anglicanus, the English Apollo: Assisting All Persons in the Right Understanding of This Years Revolution, As Also of Things Past, Present, and to Come
3381: SAUNDERS, RICHARD H. - Collecting the West: The C.R. Smith Collection of Western American Art
8303: SAUNDERS, RICHARD H. AND ELLEN G. MILES - American Colonial Portraits: 1700-1776
5215: SAUNDERS, RICHARD H. - John Smibert: Colonial America'a First Portrait Painter
130909: SAUNDERS, O. ELFRIDA - English Illumination (Set of 2 Volumes)
155958: SAUNDERS, E. DALE - Mudra: A Study of Symbolic Gestures in Japanese Buddhist Sculpture (Bollingen Series LVIII)
17392: SAUNDERS, RICHARD H. - Horatio Greenough: An American Sculptor's Drawings
145725: SAUNDERS, GILL - Classic Gift Wraps: English Chintz Floral Designs from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
105935: SAUNDERS, RICHARD - Collector's Guide to American Wicker Furniture
129919: SAUNDERS, RICHARD H. - The Brook Collection
137348: SAUNDERS, BERTHA ET AL. - Aquarelles de Chen Chi: A Retrospective Exhibition Commemorating the World Cultural Summit
150749: SAUNDERS, EDWARD - Joseph Pickford of Derby
141262: SAUNERON, SERGE - The Priests of Ancient Egypt
114179: SAUR - Allgemeines Kunstler-Lexikon: Die Beldenden Kunstler Aller Zeiten Und Volker [and] Handbuch [and] Register [and] Supplements
108859: SAUSSER, NANCY - Postcards from the Real: Artworks by Josephine Haden
107450: SAUSSER, NANCY - Postcards from the Real: Artworks by Josephine Haden
147489: SAUSSY, HAUN - Wu Jian'an: The Seven Layerd Shell
144645: SAUTIER, ALBERT - Tappeti Rustici Italiani (Monografie Di Arti Decorative)
133079: SAUVAGEOT CLAUDE - Palais Chateaux Hotels Et Maisons de France Du Xve Au Xviiie Siecle
147104: SAUZAY, A. - Wonders of Glass-Making in All Ages (Wonders of Art and Archaelogy)
153499: SAUZEAU, ANNE-MARIE - Abby Leigh: Acquerelli 1996-1997
105458: SAVAGE, GEORGE - Ceramics for the Collector: An Introduction to Pottery & Porcelain
113666: SAVAGE, GAIL ET AL. - Three New England Watercolor Painters
103917: SAVAGE, ROBERT HULL - Mysterye of the Lost Title : Original Draught of the Declaration of Independence in General
156553: SAVAGE, KIRK - Standing Soldiers, Kneeling Slaves: Race, War, and Monument in Nineteenth-Century America
104934: SAVAGE, GEORGE - English Ceramics
33283: SAVAGE, GEORGE - French Decorative Art, 1638-1793
106720: SAVAGE, GEORGE - English Pottery and Porcelain
32214: SAVAGE, GEORGE - 18th Century German Porcelain
105907: SAVAGE, GEORGE - English Pottery and Porcelain
108127: SAVARIS, MARTA - Brahmatic: Patrick Mimran
137380: SAVAS, GEORGIANNA - Eyes on Stamos: A Sister's Memoir- a Brother's Wishes
140502: SAVIN, OLEG - Zolotyye Rossypi Prisur'Ya Narodnoye Iskusstvo Penzenskogo Kraya (Gold Placers Prisurya... Folk Art of the Penza Region)
108179: SAVINI, MARIA TERESA MAZZILLI - Ordini Religiosi E Produzione Artistica
153651: SAVINO, DIANE - Egg Tempera: An Enduring Tradition
121239: SAVINOV, A. - Khudozhestvennte Sokrovisha Sssr
146750: SAVINOVA, A.N. - Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin
130728: SAWANO, MIZUE; NATIONAL MUSEUM OF WOMEN IN THE ARTS - Veil of Flowers: The Landscapes of Mizue Sawano
157550: SAWARD, SUSAN AND KARIN WATTS - Knute Heldner and the Art Colony in Old New Orleans
109331: SAWIN, MARTICA - Gordon Onslow Ford: Voyagers in Space: Paintings from the 1970's and 1980's
4263: SAWIN, MARTICA - Wolf Kahn: Landscape Painter
4024: SAWIN, MARTICA - Thomas Cornell Paintings: The Birth of Nature
33192: SAWIN, MARTICA - Ralph Rosenborg: Watercolors, 1940-1988
108567: SAWIN, MARTICA - Anne Tabachnick (1927 - 1995): A Memorial Exhibition
146149: SAWIN, MARTICA - Stephen Pace
101285: SAWIN, MARTICA - Lee Gatch: Recent Paintings, May 17-June 18, 1960
102106: SAWIN, MARTICA - Younghee Choi Martin: A Hundred Visions and Revisions, Works on Paper
130788: SAWIN, MARTICA - Nell Blaine: Her Art and Life
138353: SAWIN, MARTICA - Gordon Onslow Ford: Paintings and Works on Paper, 1939-1951
104738: SAWITZKY, WILLIAM - History of Art in New York State (Reprinted from... )
2419: SAWITZKY, WILLIAM - Connecticut Portraits by Ralph Earl, 1751-1801
8583: SAWITZKY, WILLIAM - Matthew Pratt (1734-1805): A Study of His Work (Vol. 1 in the Studies in Early American Portraiture Series)
19659: SAWITZKY, WILLIAM - Catalogue Descriptive and Critical of the Paintings and Miniatures in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania
2149.1: SAWITZKY, WILLIAM - The American Work of Benjamin West (Article in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 62, No. 4)
142042: SAWYER, ALAN - Tiahuanaco Textile Design
125457: SAWYER, ALAN R. - Ancient Andean Arts in the Collections of the Krannert Art Museum
108872: SAWYER, ALAN R. - Mastercraftsmen of Ancient Peru
109573: SAWYER, ALAN R. - Mastercraftsmen of Ancient Peru
140676: SAWYER, KENNETH B. - Stamos: Twelve Color Plates
3696: SAWYER, KENNETH - Nevelson
103514: SAWYER, ALAN R. - Ancient Peruvian Ceramics: The Nathan Cummings Collection
9123: SAWYER, KENNETH B. AND ADELYN D. BREESKIN - Adja Yunkers: Recent Paintings
106051: SAWYER, ALAN R. - Mastercraftsmen of Ancient Peru
103514.1: SAWYER, ALAN R. - Ancient Peruvian Ceramics: The Nathan Cummings Collection
155039: SAWYER, KENNETH - Nevelson
109060: SAWYER, ALAN R. - The Nathan Cummings Collection of Ancient Peruvian Art
138917: SAWYER, KENNETH B. - J F Koenig
4459000001: SAWYER, CHARLES H. - Paintings and Water Colors by Maurice Prendergast: A Loan Exhibition
117094: SAXER, ERNST AND GEORG SCHMIDT - Sammlung Rudolf Staechelin
26322: SAXON, LYLE - Old Louisiana
150505: SAYAG, ALAIN AND ANNICK LIONEL-MARIE (EDITORS) - Brassai: 'No Ordinary Eyes'
152241: SAYRE, ELEANOR A. - Goyas "Spanien, Tiden Och Historien": En Allegori över Antagandet Av 1812 års Spanska Författning (Konstverk I Blickpunkten, 1)
136391: SAYRE, ELEANOR A. - The Changing Image: Prints by Francisco Goya
135750: SBATH, R. P. P. AND M. MEYERHOF - Le Livre Des Questions Sur L'Oeil de Honain Ibn Ishaq : Memoires Presentes a L'Institut D'Egypte Et Publies Sous Les Auspices de Sa Majeste Farouk 1er, Roi D'Egypte, Tome Trente-Sixieme
109301: SCAGLIONE, ALBERT - An Insider's Guide to Fine Art Collecting: The Year of the Impressionists - Volume 3, Issue 3; 1989
109308: SCAGLIONE, ALBERT - An Insider's Guide to Fine Art Collecting: The Reemergence of the Figure in Art; Volume 5, Issue 1
109312: SCAGLIONE, ALBERT - An Insider's Guide to Fine Art Collecting: Paintings, Paintings, Paintings - Volume 6, Issue 2
104824: SCALINI, MARIO (CURATOR) - Specchio Del Tempo: L'Uomo E IL Suo Mondo in Sei Secoli D'Arte Italiana
119631: SCALORA, SALVATORE - Saluting the Spirits: Vodou Flags of Haiti
139149: SCAMOZZI, OTTAVIO BERTOTTI AND HOWARD BURNS - The Buildings and the Designs of Andrea Palladio
122741: SCANLAN, JOSEPH (EDITOR) - A History of the Renaissance Society: The First Seventy-Five Years
150087: SCANLAN-TELLER, AUDREY AND ELIZABETH JOHNS - Valley of the Shadow: A Commemorative Exhibition 150th Anniversary of the American CIVIL War
150070: SCARBOROUGH, QUINCY - Carolina Metalworkers: Coppersmiths, Pewterers, Tinsmiths of North Carolina and South Carolina
146525: SCARCE, JENNIFER M. (EDITOR) - Islam in the Balkans; Persian Art and Culture of the 18th and 19th Centuries - Papers Arising from a Symposium Held to Celebrate the World of Islam Festival at the Royal Scottish Museum Edinburgh 28th-30th July 1976
156719: SCARDI, GABI - Meri Gorni: Ti Mando, Come Promesso, IL Mio Ritratto
155353: SCARDINO, BARRIE ET AL (EDITORS) - Ephemeral City: Cite Looks at Houston
37074: SCARFF, JOHN H. - Some Houses of Colonial Maryland [As Contained in the Monograph Series, Recording the Architecture of the American Colonies and the Early Republic, Number 4, Volume XVI]
112457: SCARLATA, JESSICA (EDITOR) - Norman Lewis: Abstract Expressionist Drawings 1945-1978
137699: SCARLETT , ROLPH ; HARRIET TANNIN - The Baroness, the Mogul and the Forgotten History of the First Guggenheim Museum : As Told by One Who Was There
145961: SCARLETT, KEN - Dianne Coulter: Earth
115600: SCHAAF, LARRY J. - Catalogue Seven: Sun Pictures: Photogenic Drawings by William Henry Fox Talbot
1083: SCHACK, WILLIAM - And He Sat Among the Ashes
152728: SCHAD, ED - Charles Garabedian: Sacrifice for the Fleet
108124: SCHADE, WERNER - Max Beckmann: Ausgewahlte Druckgaphik
121916: SCHADE, WERNER AND HELEN SEBBA (TRANS.) - Cranach: A Family of Master Painters
148801: SCHADE, WERNER AND HELEN SEBBA (TRANS.) - Cranach: A Family of Master Painters
115219: SCHADE, WERNER - Joseph Beuys: Fruhe Zeichnungen
109157: SCHADECK, JURGEN - Franz Politzer: Farbradierungen Und Olbilder
144029: SCHADLER. KARL-FERDINAND - Afrikanische Kunst in Deutschen Privat-Sammlungen = African Art in Private German Collections = L'Art Africain Dans Les Collections Privees Allemandes
133039: SCHADLER, KARL-FERDINAND ; ARMAND DUCHATEAU; ET AL. - Earth and Ore: 2500 Years of African Art in Terra-Cotta and Metal
117698: SCHAEFER, HERBERT - Collection Dr. Herbert & Monika Schaefer: Selected Works
137286: SCHAEFER, RUDOLPH J. - J.E. Buttersworth: 19th-Century Marine Painter
128937: SCHAEFFER, DR. CLAUDE E. - Blackfoot Indians of Glacier National Park
111168: SCHAEFFER, EMIL - Van Dyck: Des Meisters Gemalde in 537 Abbildungen
13202: SCHAEFFER GALLERIES, INC., NY: APR. 1-15, 1937 - Rembrandt
134547: SCHAEFFER, ASA ARTHUR - Revision of the Amphibia and Pisces of the Permian of North America with a Description of Permian Insects by E.H. Sellards and a Discussion of Fossil Fishes by Louis Hussakof (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 146)
134546: SCHAEFFER, ASA ARTHUR - Taxonomy of the Amebas with Descriptions of Thirty-Nine New Marine and Freshwater Species. Papers from the Department of Marine Biology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington Volume XXIV (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 345)
155986: SCHAEFFER, JUDITH SNYDER ET AL. - The Corinthian, Attic, and Lakonian Pottery from Sardis (Archaeological Exploration of Sardis, Monograph 10)
16835: SCHAEFFER & BRANDT, INC., NY: NOV. 23 TO DEC. 19, 1942 - Peter Paul Rubens: Loan Exhibition for the Benefit of the United Hospital Fund of New York
145866: SCHAFER, GIL III AND MARC KRISTAL - The Great American House: Tradition for the Way We Live Now
149831: SCHAFER, DAVID - Inland Specific: Installations by Artists of the San Gabriel Valley
146313: SCHAFER, MIKE - Streamliner Memories
110918: SCHAFER, DORIT AND NINA TRAUTH - Gotthard Graubner: Radierungen
37024: SCHAFER, EDWARD H. - Pacing the Void : T'Ang Approaches to the Stars
107028: SCHAFER, EDWARD H. - The Golden Peaches of Samarkand: A Study of T'Ang Exotics
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156914: SEILERN, COUNT A. - Paintings and Drawings of Continental Schools Other Than Flemish and Italian at 56 Princes Gate
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14: SEITZ, WILLIAM C. - Arshile Gorky: Paintings, Drawings, Studies
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148173: SEKULES, VERONICA - Rashaad Newsome: L. Egends, S. Tatements, S. Tars
116303: SELANDER, MARTIN - Vavmonster

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