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149312: ROSEN, STANLEY - G.W. F. Hegel: An Introduction to the Science of Wisdom
107005: ROSEN, MARC AND SUSAN PINSKY - Mary Cassatt: Prints and Drawings from the Collection of Ambroise Vollard
139614: ROSENAK, CHUCK AND ANN OPPENHEIMER - Point of View: American Folk Art from the William and Ann Oppenheimer Collection
125960: ROSENAUER, ARTUR - Italian Renaissance Sculpture in the Time of Donatello
156078: ROSENBAUM, ELISABETH - A Catalogue of Cyrenaican Portrait Sculpture
36051: ROSENBERG, SUSAN - Warren Rohrer: Paintings 1972-1993
138991: ROSENBERG, PIERRE AND LOUIS-ANTOINE PRAT - Nicolas Poussin, 1594-1665: Catalogue Raisonne Des Dessins (2 Vols. )
120434: ROSENBERG, MARTIN - Tatana Kellner: Embarassing Facts: Confronting History and Repairing the World
127663: ROSENBERG, PIERRE - Chardin 1699-1779
117309: ROSENBERG, PIERRE AND JACQUES THUILLIER - Laurent de la Hyre, 1606 - 1656: L'Homme Et L'Oeuvre
104442: ROSENBERG, PIERRE EDITOR MARLA PRATHER - Franklin D. Murphy Lectures 1 Chardin: New Thoughts
144014: ROSENBERG, HAROLD - Saul Steinberg
103933: ROSENBERG, PIERRE ET AL. - Chardin
122692: ROSENBERG, HAROLD - Saul Steinberg
140677: ROSENBERG, ADOLF - Raffael: Des Meisters Gemalde in 275 Abbildungen, Mit Einer Biographischen Einleitung
115491: ROSENBERG, PIERRE ET AL. - Pittura Francese Nelle Collezioni Pubbliche Fiorentine
111839: ROSENBERG, PIERRE ET AL. - Victor Hugo Et le Romantisme: Celebration Du Bicentenaire de la Naissance de Victor Hugo
116177: ROSENBERG & CO. (PAUL), NY - Recent Paintings by Karl Knaths
116175: ROSENBERG & CO. (PAUL), NY - Exhibition of Recent Paintings by Karl Knaths
30829: ROSENBERG, JAMES - Roman Holiday: Conversation Piece, 1926
157905: ROSENBERG, HAROLD - Out of the Ordinary
10399: ROSENBERG, PIERRE - Chardin: 1699-1779
123947: ROSENBERG, PIERRE ET AL. - Chardin
17319: ROSENBERG & STIEBEL, NY: APR. 18 TO JUNE 14, 1986 - Menuiserie: The Carved Wood Furniture of 18th Century France
138991.1: ROSENBERG, PIERRE AND LOUIS-ANTOINE PRAT - Nicolas Poussin, 1594-1665: Catalogue Raisonne Des Dessins (2 Vols. )
149401: ROSENBERG, HANS - Bureaucracy, Aristocracy and Autocracy: The Prussian Experience 1660-1815
135257: ROSENBERG, PIERRE (EDITOR) - Sharudan Ten : Seijaku No Kyosho = Jean Simeon Chardin 1699-1779
103863: ROSENBERG, PIERRE AND GUIDO JANSEN AND JEROEN GILTAIJ - French Paintings from Dutch Collections 1600-1800/Chefs-D'Oeuvre de la Peinture Francaises Des Musées Néerlandais 1600-1800
6974: ROSENBERG, HAROLD - De Kooning
108354: ROSENBERG, JAKOB - Picasso: Graphic Art
116176: ROSENBERG & CO. (PAUL), NY - Exhibition of Recent Paintings by Karl Knaths
150170: ROSENBERG, NATHAN (ED.) - The American System of Manufactures: The Report of the Committee on the Machinery of the United States 1855 and the Special Reports of George Wallis and Joseph Whitworth 1854
143705: ROSENBERG, HAROLD - 5 Action Painters of the 50's
9587: ROSENBERG (PAUL), NY: FEB. 16 TO MAR. 13, 1948 - Loan Exhibition of Masterpieces by Delacroix and Renoir: For the Benefit of the New York Heart Association
125044: ROSENBERG, PIERRE (CURATOR) - Chardin: IL Pittore Del Silenzio
20035: ROSENBERG, PIERRE - Masterful Studies: Three Centuries of French Drawings from the Prat Collection
152478: ROSENBERG, AVIS LANG - Selections from Pork Roasts: 250 Feminist Cartoons
139028: ROSENBERG, PIERRE AND LOUIS-ANTOINE PRAT - Antoine Watteau, 1684-1721: Catalogue Raisonne Des Dessins (3 Vols. )
147638: ROSENBERG, PIERRE - Pittura Francese Nelle Collezioni Pubbliche Fiorentine
143681: ROSENBERG, BERNARD - George Luks Drawings
106990: ROSENBERG, PIERRE - Fragonard
136171: ROSENBERG, PIERRE - Poussin, Watteau, Chardin, David... : Peintures Francaises Dans Les Collections Allemandes Xviie-Xviiie Siecles
18191.1: ROSENBERG, JAKOB - Rembrandt: Life and Work; the Best Short Introduction to Rembrandt's Work
150356: ROSENBERG, JAKOB - On Quality in Art: Criteria of Excellence Past and Present (Bollingen Series XXXV. 13)
107054: ROSENBERG, PIERRE - The Age of Louis XV: French Painting 1710-1774
117841: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - The Romantic Child from Runge to Sendak
117303: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
109815: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Kathleen Gilje: Curators, Critics and Connoisseurs of Modern and Contemporary Art
109627: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT ET AL. - Roy Lichtenstein's in the Car
22483: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Paintings in the Musee D' Orsay
109708: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Mike Bidlo: Erased de Kooning Drawings
151567: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Willem de Kooning: Recent Paintings, 1983-1986
154370: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT AND JEFF KOONS - The Jeff Koons Handbook
122056: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT AND BORIS I. ASVARISHCH ET AL. - The Romantic Vision of Caspar David Friedrich: Paintings and Drawings from the U.S. S.R.
120255: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Mcdermott & Mcgough: "a True Story Based on Lies
29763: ROSENBLUM, GERALD - Immigrant Workers: Their Impact on American Labor Radicalism
110069: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Love, Isolation & Darkness: The Art of Edvard Munch
110948: ROSENBLUM, NAOMI - A History of Women Photographers
100967: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Chuck Close: Recent Paintings
142037: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Philip Pearlstein: The Abstract Landscapes and Other Early Works on Paper
141821: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Fernando Botero: Recent Sculpture
151270: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Worlds and Windows by Gilbert and George
148060: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT ET AL. - Factory Work: Warhol, Wyeth, Basquiat
105136: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT AND BORIS I. ASVARISHCH ET AL. - The Romantic Vision of Caspar David Friedrich: Paintings and Drawings from the U.S. S.R.
143200: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT ET AL. - 1900: Art at the Crossroads
104832.1: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Transformations in Late Eighteenth Century Art
141967: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Keith Milow: Recent Work
104177: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT W. - The International Style of 1800: A Study in Linear Abstraction
149144: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT AND ANDY GRUNDBERG - Andy Warhol {Photos and Prints]
7328: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Mark Innerst
151295: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT ET AL. - Picasso: A Loan Exhibition for the Benefit of Cancer Care, Inc. , the National Cancer Foundation
24466: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT ET AL. - 1900: Art at the Crossroads
129495: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT; PIERRE DAIX - The Presence of Ingres : Important Works by Ingres, Chasseriau, Degas, Picasso, Matisse and Balthus; Series: Taurus 101
104832: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Transformations in Late Eighteenth Century Art
23749: ROSENFELD (MICHAEL) GALLERY, NY: MAY 11 TO AUG. 10, 2000 - The First Decade: Celebrating 10 Years Specializing in 20th Century American Art
120913: ROSENFELD, ALLA (EDITOR) - Defining Russian Graphic Arts from Diaghilev to Stalin 1898-1934
117535: ROSENFELD, MYRA NAN AND JANET M. BROOKE - L'Art Du Connaisseur - the Art of Connoisseurship
107263: ROSENFELD, JOHN M. ET AL. - The Courtly Tradition in Japanese Art and Literature: Selections from the Hofer and Hyde Collections
112874: ROSENFELD, MICHAEL - Clifford Odets : "in Hell + Why" : Paintings on Paper from the 1940's and 1950's
101407: ROSENFELD (MICHAEL) GALLERY, NY: MARCH 18 - MAY 14, 2005 - Seymour Lipton: Abstract Expressionist Sculptor
103251: ROSENFELD (MICHAEL) GALLERY, NY: MAY TO AUGUST 2002 - It's Your Birthday, Clifford Odets! a Centennial Exhibition
28238: ROSENFELD, MICHAEL - Out of the Fifties: Into the Sixties: 6 Figurative Expressionists
37092: ROSENFELD, ALLA AND NORTON T. DODGE - From Gulag to Glasnost: Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union: The Norton and Nancy Dodge Collection
120913.1: ROSENFELD, ALLA (EDITOR) - Defining Russian Graphic Arts from Diaghilev to Stalin 1898-1934
568: ROSENFELD, DANIEL AND ROBERT G. WORKMAN - The Spirit of Barbizon: France and America
100375: ROSENFELD, MYRA NAN - Largillierre and the Eighteenth-Century Portrait
111824: ROSENFELD, DANIEL - 1900 to Now: Modern Art from Rhode Island Collections
143347: ROSENFELD, LUCY D. - A Century of American Sculpture: The Roman Bronze Works Foundry
106871: ROSENFELD, DAVID - Porcelain Figures of the 18th Century in Europe
127494: ROSENFELD, MICHAEL - Linear Impulse and Norman Lewis : Intuitive Markings/ Works on Paper 1945-1975. [Includes Insert-- "Norman Lewis: Intuitive Markings, Works on Paper, 1945-1975]
23512: ROSENFELD (MICHAEL) GALLERY, NY: JUNE 5 TO AUG. 22, 1997 - Charles Seliger: Biomorphic Drawings, 1944-1947
24496: ROSENFELD (MICHAEL) GALLERY, NY: MAY TO AUGUST 2002 - Clifford Odets: Paradise Lost Paintings on Paper from the 1940s and 1950s
16330: ROSENFELD (MICHAEL) GALLERY, NY: SEPT. 11 TO NOV. 8, 1997 - Bob Thompson: Heroes, Martyrs & Spectres
16062: ROSENFELD (MICHAEL) GALLERY, NY: SEPT. 14 TO NOV. 11, 1995 - William H. Johnson: Works from the Collection of Mary Beattie Brady, Director of the Harmon Foundation
13031: ROSENFELD (MICHAEL) GALLERY, NY: MAR. 11 TO MAY 1, 1999 - Morris Graves: Toward an Ultimate Reality
101447: ROSENFIELD, JOHN - Japanese Arts of the Heian Period 794-1185
127910: ROSENFIELD, JOHN M. AND SHUJIRO SHIMADA - Traditions of Japanese Art: Selections from the Kimiko and John Powers Collection
148217: ROSENGART, SIEGFRIED AND ANGELA - Besuche Bei Picasso = Calling on Picasso
114773: ROSENGARTEN, A. (TRANSLATED BY W. COLLETT-SANDARS) - A Handbook of Architectural Styles, a New Edition
112256: ROSENGARTEN, FREDERIC JR. - Freebooters Must Die! the Life and Death of William Walker, the Most Notorious Filibuster of the Nineteenth Century
150327: ROSENGARTEN, FREDERIC JR. - The Book of Spices
34601: ROSENKRANZ, JOEL - Sculpture on a Grand Scale: Works from the Studio of Leo Friedlander
136027: ROSENSAFT, JEAN BLOCK (EDITOR) - Judy Chicago: Jewish Identity
146107: ROSENSAFT, JEAN BLOCH AND LAURA KRUGER (EDITORS) - Jan Aronson: A Reverence for Nature
153352: ROSENSAFT, JEAN BLOCH (EDITOR) - The Eye of the Collector: The Jewish Vision of Sigmund R. Balka
4670: ROSENSTOCK, LAURA - Christopher Wilmarth
121982: ROSENSTOCK, FRED A. - Small Miracles in My Life As a Book Hunter; a Paper Delivered to the Denver Westerners at Their Christmas Rendezvous December 18, 1965
150244: ROSENSTROM, PER HENRIK - Gammal Koppar: Om Kopparslagare Och Kopparsaker
122720: ROSENTHAL, MARK - Juan Gris
148139: ROSENTHAL, DEBORAH - Stanley William Hayter in America: Paintings, Drawings and Prints, 1940-1950
152158: ROSENTHAL, LÉON - Du Romantisme Au Réalisme: Essai Sur L'évolution de la Peinture En France de 1830 a 1848
23385: ROSENTHAL, GERTRUDE (EDITOR) - Honolulu Academy of Arts Journal (Vol. I, 1974); a Selection of American Paintings in the Collection
102250: ROSENTHAL, GERTRUDE - Franzosische Bildhauerkunst Unter Dem Einfluss Romischer Barockskulptor Um Die Wende Des 18. Jahrhunderts
107550: ROSENTHAL, MARK ET AL. - The Robert and Jane Meyerhoff Collection: 1945 to 1995
117240: ROSENTHAL, MICHAEL - Constable: The Painter and His Landscape
117604: ROSENTHAL, GERTRUDE (ED.) - Italian Paintings XIV - Xviiith Centuries from the Collection of the Baltimore Museum of Art
107700: ROSENTHAL, T.G. - The Art of Jack B. Yeats
13831: ROSENTHAL, MARK - Jasper Johns: Work Since 1974
122054: ROSENTHAL, NORMAN AND MARY ANNE STEVENS (CURATORS) - Pre-Raphaelite and Other Masters: The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection
141297: ROSENTHAL, MARK - Abstraction in the Twentieth Century: Total Risk, Freedom, Discipline
4252000001: ROSENTHAL, NAN AND RUTH FINE - The Drawings of Jasper Johns
157150: ROSENTHAL, NORMAN - Allen Jones: A Retrospective
110141: ROSENTHAL, GERTRUDE (EDITOR) - Honolulu Academy of Arts Journal (Vol. 3, 1978): American and European Masterworks of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries in the Collections of the Honolulu Academy of Arts
152069: ROSENTHAL, MICHAEL AND MARTIN MYRONE (EDITORS) - Thomas Gainsborough, 1727-1788
113994: ROSENTHAL, NORMAN (ESSAY) - George Baselitz: Mrs. Lenin and the Nightingale
115052: ROSENTHAL, DORIS (COMPILER) - Prim-Art Series. Volume 1: Animal Motifs
4252: ROSENTHAL, NAN AND RUTH FINE - The Drawings of Jasper Johns
153112: ROSENTHAL, DONALD A. - Orientalism: The Near East in French Painting, 1800-1880
136884: ROSENTHAL, MICHAEL, ET AL. (EDITOR) - Prospects for the Nation: Recent Essays in British Landscape, 1750-1880
141096: ROSENTHAL, NORMAN - Raqib Shaw: Paradise Lost / in the Studio
157119: ROSENTHAL, MARK ET AL. - Jean Dubuffet: "Anticultural Positions
154752: ROSENTHAL, MARK - Jasper Johns: Work Since 1974 / Opere Dal 1974
156523: ROSENTHAL, MARK - Joseph Beuys: Sculpture and Drawing
35723: ROSENTHAL, MARK - Paul Klee
115648: ROSENTHAL, MARK - John Chamberlain: Early Years
19320: ROSENTHAL, NORMAN - Recent Paintings by Georg Baselitz
125909: ROSENTHAL, MARK (FOREWARD) - Damien Hirst: The Bilotti Paintings, Matthew Mark, Luke, John
19992: ROSENTHAL, MARK - Anselm Kiefer
104821: ROSENTHAL, DONALD A. - La Grande Maniere : Historical and Religious Painting in France 1700 - 1800
130718: ROSENTHAL, ANGELA - Angelika Kauffmann : Bildnismalerei IM 18. Jahrhundert
150122: ROSENTHAL, NORMAN - Malcolm Morley
24080: ROSENTHAL, MARK - Joseph Beuys: Doppelaggregat Bergkönig
125805: ROSENWALD, LESSING J. (FOREWARD) - American Prints Today: 1962
34834: ROSENWALD, LESSING J. - American Prints Today, 1959
116151: ROSENZWEIG, DR. DAPHNE LANGE - Contemporary Japanese Ceramics
4047.1: ROSENZWEIG, PHYLLIS D. - The Thomas Eakins Collection of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
31566: ROSENZWEIG, PHYLLIS - Directions 1986
121206: ROSHCHIN, ANATOLI IVANOVICH - Aleksandr Ivanovich Vakhrameev
121305: ROSINI, GIO. AND RAOUL-ROCHETTE, M. - I Tre Caracci E la Loro Scuola / Discours Sur Nicolas Poussin
126959: ROSINI, GIOVANNI - Saggio Sulla Vita E Sulle Opere Di Antonio Canova
110975: ROSKILL, MARK - James Hendricks: Works on Paper and Canvas: The Macedonian Tour with Additional Works
2406: ROSLYN, NY: NASSAU COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART, JUNE 2 TO SEPT. 2, 1985 - American Artists Abroad: The European Experience in the 19th Century
9403: ROSLYN HARBOR, NY: NASSAU COUNTY MUSEUM OF FINE ART, JUNE 8 TO AUG. 24, 1980 - Contemporary Naturalism: Works of the 1970s
8502: ROSLYN, NY: NASSAU COUNTY MUSEUM OF FINE ART, OCT. 4, 1981 TO JAN. 17, 1982 - Animals in American Art, 1880s-1980s
31870: ROSLYN HARBOR, NY: NASSAU COUNTY MUSEUM OF FINE ART, OCTOBER 9, 1983 TO JANUARY 22, 1984 - Sculpture: The Tradition in Steel
24965: ROSLYN, NY: NASSAU COUNTY ART MUSEUM, APRIL TO JUNE 1988 - A Nation on the Move. Industrial Prints of America
5328: ROSLYN HARBOR, NY: NASSAU COUNTY MUSEUM, OCT. 16 TO DEC. 31, 1988 - One Hundred Years: A Centennial Celebration of the National Association of Women Artists
17935: ROSLYN HARBOR, NY: NASSAU COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART, JAN. 16 TO MAR. 26, 2000 - The Revolutionary War: Founding the New Nation
9398: ROSLYN HARBOR, NY: NASSAU COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART, AUG. 4 TO NOV. 3, 1991 - American Narrative Painting and Sculpture: The 1980s
121723: ROSNER, CHARLES - L'Oeuvre Graphique de Hans Erni: Integration de L'Art Et Des Techniques
138523: ROSS, HEATHER COLYER - Arabian Natural History with Precious Gold in Saudi Arabia
22674: ROSS, MARVIN CHAUNCEY AND SARAH ELIZABETH FREEMAN - Early Christian and Byzantine Art: An Exhibition Held at the Baltimore Museum of Art April 25-June 22 1947
107499: ROSS, JUDITH JOY - Portraits of the Hazleton Public Schools: Hazleton, Pennsylvania 1992 - 1994
112620: ROSS, MICHAEL L. - Timber Booms and Institutional Breakdown in Southeast Asia
11404: ROSS, BARBARA T. - American Drawings in the Art Museum, Princeton University
157951: ROSS, FRANZ AND BRIAN KLUEPFEL - Holography Marketplace (Fourth Edition)
122010: ROSS, ZACHARY D. - Ruth Light Braun: New York and Palestine 1926 1933
108087: ROSS, DENMAN W. - A Theory of Pure Design: Harmony, Balance, Rhythm
29180: ROSS, MARVIN - The Art of Karl Faberge and His Contemporaries, Russian Imperial Portraits and Mementoes, Russian Imperial Decorations and Watches
100222: ROSS, JANET - Three Generations of Englishwomen: Memoirs and Correspondence of Mrs. John Taylor, Mrs. Sarah Austin and Lady Duff Gordon
147474: ROSS, W.D. (EDITOR) - The Works of Aristotle Translated Into English, Volume I.
127513: ROSS, DAVID A. (DIRECTOR) - Boston: Now
147476: ROSS, W.D. (INTRODUCTION) - Aristotle's Physics, a Revised Text with Introduction and Commentary
156367: ROSS, MARVIN C. - Catalogue of the Byzantine and Early Mediaeval Antiquities in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection: Volume Two, Jewelry, Enamels, and Art of the Migration Period
109140: ROSS, ALEX - Mary Mito: Passage to China
154252: ROSS, MARVIN C. (EDITOR) - George Catlin: Episodes from Life Among the Indians and Last Rambles
104971: ROSS, PAT - To Have and to Hold: Decorative American Boxes
124953: ROSS, HEATHER COLYER - The Art of Bedouin Jewellery: A Saudi Arabian Profile
128338: ROSS, MARVIN CHAUNCEY; PHILIPPE VERDIER (INTRO. AND SURVEY) - Arts of the Migration Period in the Walters Art Gallery: Hunnish, Gothic, Ostrogothic, Frankish, Burgundian, Langobard, Visigothic, Avaric, Irish and Viking
101974: ROSS, JOHN, ROMANO, CLARE & ROSS, TIM - The Complete Printmaker. Techniques Traditions Innovations. Revised and Expanded Edition
140260: ROSS, NORMAN A. (EDITOR) AND FRANK MATERO - Guide to Architectural Trade Catalogs from Avery Library, Columbia University
7630: ROSS, DENMAN WALDO - The Painter's Palette: A Theory of Tone Relations, an Instrument of Expression. Includes Catalogue "Exhibition of Paintings by Denman Waldo Ross (1853-1935) in Commemoration of the Hundredth Anniversary of His Birth : October 20 to November 20, 1953, Fogg Art Museum
16215: ROSS, NOVELENE - Toward an American Identity: Selections from the Wichita Art Museum Collection of American Art
150216: ROSSANO, GEOFFREY L. (EDITOR) - Creating a Dignified Past: Museums and the Colonial Revival
114552: ROSSELLI, JOHN - Singers of Italian Opera: The History of a Profession
149601: ROSSEN, SUSAN F. AND SUSAN L. CAROSELLI - The Golden Age of Naples: Art and Civilization Under the Bourbons 1734-1805 (2 Vols. )
117561.1: ROSSEN, SUSAN F. AND SUSAN L. CAROSELLI - The Golden Age of Naples: Art and Civilization Under the Bourbons 1734 - 1805 (2 Vols. )
111426: ROSSEN, NANCY - Shades and Privilege: Yarns from a Blue-Nosed Maverick
111489: ROSSEN, NANCY - Silver Ghosts Kneeling in Turnips: A Memoir from Upper Crust New England, 1940
111576: ROSSEN, NANCY - The Whale of Memory: Tumbling Parchment Years
100037: ROSSETTI, WILLIAM MICHAEL - Ruskin: Rossetti: Preraphaelitism Papers 1854 to 1862
141229: ROSSETTI, MARIA FRANCESCA - A Shadow of Dante Being an Essay Towards Studying Himself, His World and His Pilgrimage
141233: ROSSETTI, CHRISTINA - Christina Rossetti's Poems
149684: ROSSETTI, CHRISTINA AND WALLACE RICE - The Pageant: A Magazine of Belles-Lettres (Vol. I, No. 1, June 1905)
116757: ROSSI, TOTO BERGAMO ET AL. - Studies in Venetian Art and Conservation
110265: ROSSI, ANNA MARIA AND FABIO ROSSI - Kesang Lamdark: Plastic Karma
100852: ROSSI, LAURA M. (EDITOR) - Boccioni's Materia: A Futurist Masterpiece and the Avant-Garde in Milan and Paris
135901: ROSSI, PAOLA AND LIONELLO PUPPI - Jacopo Tintoretto: Nel Quarto Centenario Della Morte
113655: ROSSI, DR. FRANCESCO ET AL. - Michelangelo and Raphael in the Vatican: All the Sistine Chapel, the Stanzas and the Loggias
114364: ROSSINI, GIOACCHINO - Guglielmo Tell
28869: ROSTAND, EDMOND - Oeuvres Completes Illustrees de Edmond Rostand: Les Musardises, le Bois Sacre, Les Romanesques
28870: ROSTAND, EDMOND - Oeuvres Completes Illustrees de Edmond Rostand: Le Vol de la Marseillaise, Les Deux Pierrots
26878: ROSTOV, CHARLES I., AND JIA GUANYAN - Chinese Carpets
156222: ROSTOVTZEFF, M. - The Animal Style in South Russia and China
157015: ROSTOVTZEFF, M. AND J. D. DUFF - A History of the Ancient World (2-Volume Set)
36354: ROSTRUP, HAARVARD - H.W. Bissen, 1798 - 1868
149504: ROSZAK, THEODORE - Southern Sculpture: 67
147387: ROTBARD, SHARON (EDITOR) - Barry Frydlender: Yaffo Tel Aviv
118229: ROTBERG, ROBERT I. AND THEODORE K. RABB (EDITORS) - Art and History: Images and Their Meaning
144531: ROTERS, EBERHARD - Peter Schmiedel: Arbeiten Von 1953-1980
144516: ROTERS, EBERHARD - Gota Tellesch 1957-1980: Berliner Kunstler Der Gegenwart
144511: ROTERS, EBERHARD - Szymanski
145176: ROTH, ALFRED - The New School / Das Neue Schulhaus / la Nouvelle Ecole
127921: ROTH, STIG AND MARY G. CLARKE (TRANS.) - Chinese Porcelain Imported by the Swedish East India Company
28123: ROTH, RODRIS - Floor Coverings in 18th-Century America (United States National Museum Bulletin #250, Contributions from the Museum of History and Technology, Paper 59)
103894: ROTH, ALFRED G. - Die Gestirne in Der Landschaftsmalerei Des Abendlandes
15682: ROTH, LELAND - A Monograph of the Works of Mckim, Mead & White, 1879-1915 [New Edition, Four Volumes in One]
128123: ROTH, EUGEN - Zum Steten Angedenken: Grosse Liebe Zu Kleinen Bildern
20901: ROTH, MOIRA; THALIA GOUMA-PETERSON - Faith Ringgold, Change: Painted Story Quilts
131246: ROTH, H. LING - Oriental Silverwork, Malay and Chinese, with over 250 Original Illustrations: A Handbook for Connoisseurs, Collectors, Students and Silversmiths
130804: ROTH, DIETER; HAUSER & WIRTH (LONDON) - Reykjavik Slides (31,035) : Every View of a City
155507: ROTH, OTTO WITH RICHARD BUHLER AND RUDOLPH HUNZIKER - Dr. Med. Arthur Hahnloser (Geboren Am 13. April 1870, Gestorben Am 17. Mai 1936)
152104: ROTH, ANN MACY ET AL. - A Cemetery of Palace Attendants, Including G 2084-2099, G 2230_2231, and G 2240 (Giza Mastabas, Volume 6)
150387: ROTH, BJORN AND ROBERT FLECK - Dieter Roth & Arnulf Rainer -- Collaborations [Roth & Rainer, Misch- U. Trennkunst]
100555: ROTH, ANDREW, ED - The Book of 101 Books: Seminal Photographic Books of the Twentieth Century
107854: ROTHEL, HANS KONRAD - Vasily Kandinsky: Painting on Glass (Hinterglasmalerei)
131699: ROTHEL, HANS KONRAD - Wassily Kandinsky, Gabriele Munter : Gabriele-Munter-Stiftung, Kunstverein in Hamburg 22. Nov. 1958 Bis 11. Jan. 1959
30474: ROTHENBERG, JEROME AND DAVID GUSS (EDITORS) - The Book, Spiritual Instrument
131582: ROTHENSTEIN, MICHAEL - Michael Rothenstein Ra: Signals, an Exhibition of Selected Paintings Collages Monotypes and Note Book Sketches from the Fifties and Sixties
28934: ROTHERY, AGNES - Into What Port
36584: ROTHKO, MARK - Milton Avery: All Creatures Great and Small
101596: ROTHKOPF, SCOTT - Jasper Johns: Catenary
151522: ROTHKOPF, SCOTT AND MEREDITH MARTIN - Period Eye: Karen Kilimnik's Fancy Pictures
24715: ROTHKOPF, SCOTT AND ELIZABETH SUSSMAN - Mel Bochner: Photographs 1966-1969
107452: ROTHKOPF, KATHERINE ET AL. - Pissarro: Creating the Impressionist Landscape
137848: ROTHLISBERGER, MARCEL - Claude Lorrain: The Paintings (2 Volume Set)
104430: ROTHLISBERGER, MARCEL AND DORETTA CECCHI - L'Opera Completa Di Claude Lorrain
147782: ROTHLISBERGER, MARCEL - Animal Studies from Nature by Claude Lorrain
156589: ROTHMAN, ROGER - Xiaoze Xie: The Moma Library
31448: ROTHSCHILD, EMMA - Paradise Lost: The Decline of the Auto-Industrial Age
2632: ROTHSCHILD, LINCOLN - To Keep Art Alive: The Effort of Kenneth Hayes Miller, American Painter (1876-1952)
109289: ROTHSCHILD, DEBORAH (EDITOR) - Making It New: The Art and Style of Sara and Gerald Murphy
125844: ROTHSCHILD, LINCOLN - Scuplture Through the Ages
153004: ROTHSCHILD, DEBORAH; ELLEN LUPTON; DARRA GOLDSTEIN - Graphic Design in the Mechanical Age: Selections from the Merrill C. Berman Collection
128762: ROTHSTEIN, NATALIE - The Victoria and Albert Museum's Textile Collection: Woven Textile Design in Britain from 1750 to 1850
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