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8345: REUTLINGER, DAGMAR E. - The Colonial Epoch in America
115069: REV. THOMAS DUNHAM WHITAKER - A Series of Views of the Most Picturesque Scenes in Richmondshire, from Drawings by J.M. W. Turner, Eq. R.A. And John Buckler, Esq. F.S. A. , in Thirty-Two Plates , Executed in the Best Style of Art by the Most Eminent Engravers
133322: REV. P. R. P. BRAITHWAITE - The Church Plate of Hampshire
106078: REVI, ALBERT CHRISTIAN - American Cut and Engraved Glass
111346: REVOL-MARZOUK, LISE - Le Sphinx Et L'Abime: Sphinx Maritimes Et Enigmes Romanesques Dans Moby Dick Et Les Travailleurs de la Mer
121486: REVYUK, EMIL - Trade with Ukraine - Ukraine's Natural Wealth, Needs and Commercial Opportunities: The Ukrainian Co-Operative Societies and Their Influence
127128: REWALD, JOHN - Seurat (1859-1891): Les Maitres
14832: REWALD, SABINE - Paul Klee: The Berggruen Klee Collection in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
130903: REWALD, SABINE - Balthus
21103: REWALD, JOHN - Degas's Complete Sculpture: Catalogue Raisonné, New Edition
104441: REWALD, JOHN - Cezanne and America: Dealers, Collectors, Artists and Critics
130903.1: REWALD, SABINE - Balthus
122102: REWALD, SABINE - Caspar David Friedrich: Moonwatchers
10064: REWALD, JOHN - Drawings by Balthus
112311: REWALD, JOHN - An Exhibition of Paintings, Watercolors, Sculptures and Drawings from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Henry Pearlman and Henry and Rose Pearlman Foundation
10514: REWALD, JOHN - Vieira Da Silva: Paintings 1967-1971
104465: REWALD, JOHN - C. Pissarro
10175: REWALD, JOHN - Pierre Bonnard: Exhibition
10374: REWALD, JOHN - The Paintings of Paul Cezanne: A Catalogue Raisonne, 2 Volume Boxed Set, V. 1 Texts, V. 2 Plates
125946: REWALD, JOHN (EDITOR) - Renoir Drawings
12628: REWALD, JOHN (INTRODUCTION) - An Exhibition of Original Pieces of Sculpture by Aristide Maillol, 1861-1944
108400: REX - Speeding: The Old Reliable Photos of David Hurles
146512: REX - Speeding: The Old Reliable Photos of David Hurles
140974: REXER, LYLE - How to Look at Outsider Art
156612: REXER, LYLE - Beatrice Pediconi: Something Alien
119804: REY, A. AUGUSTIN - La Russie Et la Revolution: Le Grand Courant Des Idees Liberales Democratiques En Russie Depuis le Debut de la Guerre
121433: REY, AUGUSTIN A. - La Question Des Balcans Devant L'Europe: Vues Historiques Et Diplomatiques - I.
138249: REY, ROBERT - Atelier Paul Welsch: Aquarelles, Peintures
119788: REY, AUGUSTIN A. - La Politique D'Un Grand Tzar Nicolas II
130055: REY, STEPHANE - Noppen de Matteis
131754: REY, ROBERT; CRAFTON COLLECTION - Arthur Wm. Heintzelman (American Etchers Series, Vol. VI)
119536: REY, STEPHANE AND MARIA NOPPEN DE MATTEIS - Dessins de Maria Noppen de Matteis. Don de L'Artiste à la Bibliothèque Royale Albert Ier
152040: REY, MARISA ARGUIS AND CARMEN GOMEZ DIESTE - Goya: Museo de Zaragoza Exposicion Permanente
125153: REY, JEAN-DOMINIQUE - Guillermo Roux
133955: REY, GUIDO - Peaks and Precipices, Scrambles in the Dolomites & Savoy
129817: REYERS, ZEGER; SANDRA SMALLENBURG; TINEKE POCKELE - Zeger Reyers : Paviljoen = Pavilion
128257: REYES-TOLENTINO, FRANCISCA S.; PETRONA RAMOS - Phillipine Folk Dances and Games
153242: REYES, PEDRO - La Revolución Permanente: Una Comedia de Enredos Ideológicos = the Permanent Revolution: An Ideological Screwball Comedy
149937: REYES, ALFONSO AND MARIA IZQUIERDO - Exposicion de Dario Suro: Oleos
140625: REYMERT, MARTIN L. H. AND ROBERT J. F. KASHEY - Non-Dissenters, Fifth Exhibition: Marking Our Tenth Anniversary -- One Hundred and Seventy French Nineteenth Century Drawings, Pastels and Watercolors
127822: REYMERT, MARTIN L.H. - French Nineteenth Century Paintings, Drawings, Pastels, & Watercolors: Spring Exhibition 1984
144036: REYMERT, MARTIN L.H. - The Non-Dissenters: Second Exhibition, David Through Meissonier
102618: REYMERT, MARTIN L.H. AND ROBERT J.F. KASHEY - Christian Imagery in French Nineteenth Century Art, 1789-1906
123092: REYMOND, NATHALIE - Un Regard Americain Sur Paris / an American Glance at Paris: 37 Oeuvres de la Fondation Terra Pour Les Arts / 37 Works Belonging to Terra Foundation for the Arts
144481: REYNAL, MAURICE - Peintres Du Xxe Siecle
111039: REYNAUD, HENRY J. ET AL. - Faiences Anciennes de Marseille Au 17e Et 18e Siecle
14412: REYNOLD, JOCK - Joel Shapiro: Sculpture in Clay, Plaster, Wood, Iron, and Bronze, 1971-1997
107301: REYNOLDS, DONALD MARTIN - Selected Lectures of Rudolf Wittkower: The Impact of Non-European Civilizations on the Art of the West
116343: REYNOLDS-BALL, EUSTACE A. - The City of the Caliphs
32174: REYNOLDS, VALRAE - Japanese Textiles from the Marjorie and Robert Graff Collection
21973: REYNOLDS, DONALD MARTIN - Monuments and Masterpieces: Histories and Views of Public Sculpture in New York City
111468: REYNOLDS, JOCK (FOREWARD) - Call and Response: Journeys in African Art
102543: REYNOLDS, GARY R. - Irving R. Wiles
129880: REYNOLDS, CEDRIC - Rebecca Davenport: Paintings
156813: REYNOLDS, HEZEKIAH - Directions for House and Ship Painting: A Facsimile Reprint of the 1812 Edition with a New Introduction by Richard M. Candee
141671: REYNOLDS, DONALD MARTIN - The Architecture of New York City: Histories and Views of Important Structures, Sites, and Symbols (Revised Edition)
100251: REYNOLDS, SIR JOSHUA - The Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Knight; Late President of the Royal Academy; Containing His Discourses, Idlers, a Journey to Flanders and Holland, and His Commentary on Du Fresnoy's Art of Painting; Printed from His Revised Copies, (with His Last Corrections and Additions) in Three Volumes, to Which Is Prefixed an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author by Edmond Malone, Esq. , One of His Executors
136879: REYNOLDS, GRAHAM - Nicholas Hilliard and Isaac Oliver: An Exhibition to Commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the Birth of Nicholas Hilliard
147884: REYNOLDS, JOCK - Wayne Thiebaud
30789: REYNOLDS, VALRAE AND AMY HELLER - The Newark Museum: Tibetan Collection (Volume I: Introduction)
16116: REYNOLDS, GRAHAM - Tiepolo Drawings from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
31016: REYNOLDS, VALRAE - Tibetan Buddhist Altar
3444: REYNOLDS, GARY A. - American Bronze Sculpture: 1850 to the Present
125320: REYNOLDS, LLOYD G. - Image and Reality in Economic Development
134234: REYNOLDS, JOSHUA ; EDMOND MALONE - The Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds Knight, Volumes I-III [3 Vol. ]
34226: REYNOLDS, ANN - Robert Smithson: Mapping Dislocations
4043.1: REYNOLDS, GARY A.; DAVID FINDLAY - Edward Dufner: American Impressionist, 1872-1957
27310: REYNOLDS, RONNA - Images of Connecticut Life: A Self-Guided Tour to the Properties and Collections of the Antiquarian and Landmarks Society, Inc. , of Connecticut
137345: REYNOLDS, DONALD MARTIN - Hiram Powers and His Ideal Sculpture
36766: REYNOLDS, GRAHAM - Constable's England
124940: REYNOLDS, LLOYD G. - Economics: A General Introduction
125210: REYNOLDS, LLOYD G. - The Structure of Labor Markets: Wages and Labor Mobility in Theory and Practice
147188: REYNOLDS, TERRY S. - Stronger Than a Hundred Men: A History of the Vertical Water Wheel
149817: REYNOLDS, JOHN - Long Island: Behind British Lines During the Revolution
18578: REYNOLDS, DONALD MARTIN - Masters of American Sculpture: The Figurative Tradition from the American Renaissance to the Millennium
102559: REYNOLDS, GRAHAM - The Early Paintings and Drawings of John Constable
104801: REYNOLDS, GRAHAM WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF KATHARINE BAETJER - European Miniatures in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
135325: REYNOLDS, GRAHAM - Catalogue of Miniatures, Wallace Collection
102857: REYNOLDS, BEVERLY AND JOHN GOODRICH - Nell Blaine: Sensations of Nature
31018: REYNOLDS, VALRAE AND YEN FEN PEI - Chinese Art from the Newark Museum
3553: REYNOLDS, GARY A. - Walter Gay: A Retrospective
138542: REZNIKOV, A.S. AND M.D. FAKTOROVICH - Vasilii Vasil'Evich Vereshchagin
144855: REZNITSKAYA, O.A. (ED.) - Vesennyaya Vystavka Prelodavateliy V Zalakh Rossiyskoy Akademii Khudozhestv
105933: RHEAD, G. WOOLLISCROFT - British Pottery Marks
25117: RHEIMS, MAURICE - 19th Century Sculpture
154331: RHEIMS, MAURICE - L'Art 1900 Ou le Style Jules Verne
136321: RHEINBERGER, HANS-JORG - Toward a History of Epistemic Things: Synthesizing Proteins in the Test Tube
146339: RHEINSTEIN, SUZANNE - At Home: A Style for Today with Things from the Past
135058: RHETT, ROBERT GOODWYN - Charleston, an Epic of Carolina
147264: RHIE, MARYLIN E. - Picturing Enlightenment: Tibetan Tangkas in the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College
148047: RHIE, MARYLIN M. AND ROBERT A.F. THURMAN - Worlds of Transformation: Tibetan Art of Wisdom and Compassion
142109: RHINEHART, RAY - Leon Waller: Batiks and Watercolors
28738: RHOADS, W. W. - When the Railroad Came to Reading!
2693: RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN - A Handbook of the Museum of Art
132242: RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN, MUSEUM OF ART - Sculpture in the Collection of the Artist
20704: RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN - Fantastic Illustration and Design in Britain, 1850-1930
136017: RHODES, DAVID - Ernst Wilhelm Nay
129086: RHODES, REILLY (EDITOR) - Henri Matisse: Florilege Des Amours de Ronsard
129998: RHODES, ZANDRA; FASHION AND TEXTILE MUSEUM (LONDON) - Zandra Rhodes: A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles
123676: RHODES, DANIEL - Tamba Pottery: The Timeless Art of a Japanese Village
147102: RHODES, ROBIN F. (EDITOR) - The Acquisition and Exhibition of Classical Antiquities: Professional, Legal, and Ethical Perspectives
119725: RHYS-JONES, GRIFF - Essence of Humour
124299: RHYS, ERNEST - Thomas Dekker
155735: RHYS, HEDLEY H. - Maurice Prendergast: The Sources and Development of His Style
132175: RIA, ANTONIO - Peter Lindbergh: Selected Work 1996-1998
131930: RIAL, JOSE ANTONIO - El Escultor Jose Pizzo
147506: RIAN, JEFFREY - Robert Smithson: Sculpture 1968-69
116379: RIAT, GEORGES - L'Art Des Jardins
136048: RIBARIC, JELKA RADAUS - Vezak Vezla... Motivi, Narodnih, Vezova -- Hrvatska
148288: RIBBING, MAGDALENA ET AL. - Jewellery & Silver for Tsars, Queens and Others: W.A. Bolen, 200 Years, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Stockholm
33049: RIBEIRO, AILEEN, AND VALERIE CUMMING - The Visual History of Costume
155776: RIBEIRO, SUSAN (EDITOR) - Arts from the Scholar's Studio
140825: RIBEIRO, AILEEN - Ingres in Fashion: Representations of Dress and Appearance in Ingres's Images of Women
117317: RIBEIRO, AILEEN - Ingres in Fashion: Representations of Dress and Appearance in Ingres's Images of Women
33346: RIBEIRO, AILEEN - Dress and Morality
135481: RIBENBOIM, RICARDO, ED - Tridimensionalidade Na Arte Brasileira Do Seculo XX
139673: RIBOUD, MARC - Necessaires Accessoires
153043: RIBOUD, KRISHNA (EDITOR) - In Quest of Themes and Skills - Asian Textiles
152645: RICARD, PROSPER - Corpus Des Tapis Marocains (Vols. I, II, III, IV)
124266: RICCETTI, LUCIO AND ALESSANDRO IMBERT - Ceramiche Orvietane Dei Secoli XIII E XIV
151002: RICCI, CORRADO - Pintoricchio (Bernardino Di Betto of Perugia), His Life, Work, and Time
104564: RICCI, CORRADO - Antonio Allegri Da Correggio: His Life, His Friends, and His Time
25978: RICCI, ELISA - Old Italian Lace
11452: RICCI, CORRADO - Antonio Allegri Da Correggio: His Life, His Friends, and His Time
115251: RICCI, CORRADO - Antonio Allegri Da Correggio: His Life, His Friends, and His Time
121539: RICCI, FRANCO MARIA - Tamara de Lempicka: With the Journal of Gabriele D'Annunzio's Housekeeper
138344: RICCI, CORRADO AND FLORENCE SIMMONDS - Pintoricchio (Bernardino Di Betto of Perugia): His Life, Work, and Time
126547: RICCI, ELISA - Antiche Trine Italiane. Raccolte E Ordinate Da Elisa Ricci. Trine Ad Ago Volume 1 Only
136398: RICCI, STEFANIA AND SERGIO RISALITI - Salvatore Ferragamo: Inspiration and Vision
131847: RICCIARDELLI, CATHERINE H.; VIRGINIA NAJMI - African Art from the Richard Kempshall Meyer Collection
117238: RICCOMINI, EUGENIO ET AL. - Correggio: Gli Affreschi Nella Cupola Del Duomo Di Parma
122572: RICE, DAVID TALBOT AND SVETOZAR RADOJCIC - Yugoslavia: Mediaeval Frescoes
105298: RICE, D. G. - English Porcelain Animals of the 19th Century
115338: RICE, D. TALBOT - English Art: 871 - 1100
116771: RICE, LELAND (CURATOR) - Henry Holmes Smith: Photographs 1931 - 1986: A Retrospective
121178: RICE, KYM S. - Early American Taverns: For the Entertainment of Friends and Strangers
101012: RICE, A.H. AND JOHN BAER STOUDT - The Shenandoah Pottery
156317: RICE, DAVID TALBOT - The Art of Byzantium
126629: RICE, JR., HOWARD C. (INTRODUCTION) - Sampler from the Class of 1926 Memorial Collection of Illustrated Books Published in New England 1769-1869
125031: RICE, PRUDENCE M. (EDITOR) - The Prehistory and History of Ceramic Kilns
13730: RICE, DANIELLE, AND PAULA MARINCOLA (ESSAYISTS) - Contemporary Philadelphia Artists: A Juried Exhibition
145737: RICH, ANTHONY - A Dictionary of Roman and Greek Antiquities, with Nearly 2000 Engravings on Wood from Ancient Originals, Illustrative of the Industrial Arts and Social Life of the Greeks and Romans
115776: RICH, ALFRED W. - Water Colour Painting
139705: RICH, DANIEL CATTON - 20th Century Art from the Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection
147944: RICH, DANIEL CATTON - Aspects of Twentieth Century Painting, Lent by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, Shown at the Worcester Art Museum
11889: RICHARD YORK GALLERY - An American Gallery: Spring 1987
151396: RICHARD GRAY GALLERY - An Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture by Picasso
125939: RICHARD, SOPHIE - Extraordinarily Beautiful: French Terracotta and Plaster, 1765 - 1815
140624: RICHARD A. BOURNE CO., INC - Public Auction: The James Ellwood Jones, Jr. Arms Collection, Volume I.
131653: RICHARD GRAY GALLERY - Barry Flanagan: Recent Sculpture
146627: RICHARD, NAOMI NOBLE (EDITOR) - Archives of Asian Art
133768: RICHARD E. ROGERS - Honolulu As I'Ve Seen It
156579: RICHARD HEDMAN AND FRED BAIR JR. - And on the Eighth Day : The Last Word on City Planning and Planners, by Hedman and Bair
10705: RICHARD YORK GALLERY - California: One Hundred Forty Years of Art Produced in the State
132796: RICHARD R. BRETTELL; DANA FRIIS-HANSEN; MARTI MAYO - Richard Long: Circles Cycles Mud Stones
132713: RICHARD A. FAZZINI; ROBERT S. BIANCHI; JAMES F. ROMANO; DONALD B. SPANEL - Ancient Egyptian Art in the Brooklyn Museum
103535: RICHARD KENDALL - Van Gogh's Van Goghs: Masterpieces from the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
8363: RICHARD, PAUL - Red Grooms: A Survey of His Graphic Work, 1957-1985
125354: RICHARD L. NELSON GALLERY - Owen Smith and Nayland Blake: Two One-Person Shows
28240: RICHARD YORK GALLERY - American Modernism
7380: RICHARD YORK GALLERIES - Louis Lozowick: Lithographs
129870: RICHARDON, JOHN. (INTRODUCTION) - Michael Tree: Paintings and Drawings at the Jacobson/Hochman Gallery
145882: RICHARDS, MELISSA - Chanel: Key Collections
135116: RICHARDS, LAURA E. AND MAUD HOWE ELLIOTT - Julia Ward Howe, 1819-1910 (2 Vols)
140647: RICHARDS, TALLY - Scholder at Taos, Part Two: Paintings / Lithographs / Monotypes
140648: RICHARDS, TALLY - Scholder at Taos: Paintings / Drawings / Lithographs / Monotypes
146252: RICHARDS, SARAH - Eighteenth-Century Ceramics: Products for a Civilised Society
154310: RICHARDS, CHARLES R. - Catalogue, International Exhibition, Contemporary Glass and Rugs
25609: RICHARDS, CHARLES R. (INTRODUCTION) - International Exhibition of Glass and Rugs
108466: RICHARDS, LOUISE S. - Drewes
154304: RICHARDS, CHARLES R. - Catalogue, International Exhibition, Contemporary Glass and Rugs
115587: RICHARDS, LARRY (EDITOR) - Canadian Centre for Architecture: Building and Gardens
144821: RICHARDS, JONATHAN - Harvey Fite's Opus 40
123953: RICHARDS, NANCY E. AND NANCY GOYNE EVANS - New England Furniture at Winterthur: Queen Anne and Chippendale Periods
154309: RICHARDS, CHARLES R. - Catalogue, International Exhibition, Contemporary Glass and Rugs
4020: RICHARDS, JANE - Stuart Davis: The Hoboken Series
127131: RICHARDSON, E.P. - Small Paintings of Large Import from the Collection of Lawrence A. And Barbara Fleischman of Detroit, Michigan
27443.2: RICHARDSON, CHARLES JAMES - Old English Mansions: Their Furniture, Gold and Silver Plate Etc. (Vol 4)
117096: RICHARDSON, JILL K. AND ILARIA L. ST. FLORIAN (EDS.) - Works of Art by the People of Southern Africa II / Imisebenzi Yobuciko Bezizwe Yase Mzansu Afrika
19637: RICHARDSON, HESTER DORSEY - Side-Lights on Maryland History with Sketches of Early Maryland Families (2 Vol. Set)
32491: RICHARDSON, JOHN, ED - The Collection of Germain Seligman: Paintings, Drawings, and Works of Art
104464: RICHARDSON, JOHN - Edouard Manet: Paintings and Drawings
111255: RICHARDSON, HOLLY AND SYLVIA RIEDMAIER - Bilderbuch Alte Meister Braunschweig
134185: RICHARDSON, GEORGE - A Book of Ceilings. Forty-Eight Plates (a Book of Ceilings in the Stile of the Antique Grotesque; Composed, Designed, and Etched, by George Richardson, F.S. A. )
152193: RICHARDSON, BRENDA - Joe Zucker: An Exhibition
118309: RICHARDSON, ALBERT E. - Monumental Classic Architecture in Great Britain and Ireland: A New Edition
83: RICHARDSON, E.P. - Painting in America: The Story of 450 Years
445: RICHARDSON, E.P., ET AL. - Charles Willson Peale and His World
128286: RICHARDSON, CHARLES JAMES - Studies from Old English Mansions: Their Furniture, Gold & Silver Plate Etc. By an Architect (Volumes 1-4)
127190: RICHARDSON, JOHN AND MARILYN MCCULLY - Pablo Picasso: 26 Drawings from the Berggruen Sketchbook
107428: RICHARDSON, JOHN - A Life of Picasso: The Triumphant Years, 1917-1932
126516: RICHARDSON, BRENDA ET AL. - Dr. Claribel & Miss Etta
112358: RICHARDSON, TIM - English Gardens in the Twentieth Century: From the Archives of Country Life
110570: RICHARDSON, BRENDA - James Lee Byars: Five Points Make a Man
27443: RICHARDSON, CHARLES JAMES - Studies from Old English Mansions: Their Furniture, Gold and Silver Plate Etc. (Complete 4 Volume Set, Series 1-4)
155557: RICHARDSON, JOHN AND MARILYN MCCULLY - Picasso in Clay: Three Decades of Ceramics from the Marina Picasso Collection
134141: RICHARDSON, CH. J. - Fragments and Details of Architecture, Decoration and Furniture of the Elizabethan Period: Ninety-Two Plates Selected from "Studies from Old English Mansions, Their Furniture, Gold & Silver Plate &C.
141008: RICHARDSON, JOHN - A Life of Picasso: Volum II: 1907-1917
1753: RICHARDSON, EDGAR P. - Andrew Wyeth: Temperas, Watercolors, Dry Brush, Drawings; 1938 Into 1966
103315: RICHARDSON, BRENDA - Jennifer Bartlett: Early Plate Work
128473: RICHARDSON, BRENDA - Wizdumb: William T. Wiley
100745: RICHARDSON, BRENDA - Barnett Newman: The Complete Drawings, 1944-1969
445.1: RICHARDSON, E.P., ET AL. - Charles Willson Peale and His World
118672: RICHARDSON, EDGAR PRESTON - The Way of Western Art 1776 - 1914
149383: RICHARDSON, TREVOR - Mel Kendrick: Black-Oil Sculpture & Drawings, 1991-92
27: RICHARDSON, EDGAR P. - American Romantic Painting
2442.1: RICHARDSON, EDGAR P. - American Paintings and Related Pictures in the Henry Francis Du Pont Winterthur Museum
27443.1: RICHARDSON, CHARLES JAMES - Old English Mansions: Their Furniture, Gold and Silver Plate Etc. (Vol. 1)
155821: RICHARDSON, L. JR. - A New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome
4601: RICHARDSON, E. P. - Gilbert Stuart: Portraitist of the Young Republic, 1755-1828
123303: RICHARDSON, BRENDA (LEXICON) AND - Robert Gober (Vol. 1): A Lexicon (Together with) Robert Gober (Vol. 2) Lexicon: Epilogue (Matthew Marks Gallery)
125497: RICHARDSON, TREVOR (ESSAY) - Andrew Dunhill: Extractions
146140: RICHARDSON, TREVOR - Connie Fox: Recent Paintings
157365: RICHARDSON, BRENDA - Mel Bochner: Number and Shape
23945: RICHARDSON, BRENDA - Scott Burton
134606: RICHARDSON, ALEX - The Evolution of the Parsons Steam Turbine
151598: RICHARDSON, MARGARET - Sketches by Edwin Lutyens (Riba Drawings Monographs No 1)
133762: RICHARDSON, CHARLES JAMES - Elizabethan Architecture and Ornament
138094: RICHARDSON, JONATHAN - The Works of Jonathan Richardson. Containing I. The Theory of Painting. II. Essay on the Art of Criticism, (So Fas As It Relates to Painting). III. The Science of a Connoisseur
100745.1: RICHARDSON, BRENDA - Barnett Newman: The Complete Drawings, 1944-1969
111429: RICHELSON, PAUL W. - Southeastern Juried Exhibition - 2006: A Biennial Competition for Artists in a Twelve-State Region
103306: RICHELSON, PAUL W. - David Hayes: Vertical Motifs at the Mobile Museum of Art
103649: RICHELSON, PAUL W. - The Bayou Painters: South Alabama's Art Colony (1946-1953)
120051: RICHELSON, PAUL W. (CURATOR) - Ed Mcgowin: Name Change: One Artist - Twelve Personas - Thirty Five Years
129282: RICHET, MICHELE; PABLO PICASSO; MUSEE PICASSO (PARIS, FRANCE) - The Picasso Museum, Paris: Drawings, Watercolors, Gouaches, and Pastels
144228: RICHIE, DONALD - Katachi: Japanese Pattern and Design in Wood, Paper, and Clay
150658: RICHIE, DONALD AND MEREDITH WEATHERBY - The Masters' Book of Ikebana: Background and Principles of Japanese Flower Arrangement
146006: RICHIE, MARGARET RYE ET AL. - Stone Houses: Traditional Homes of Pennsylvania's Bucks County and Brandywine Valley
33660: RICHIUSO, JOHN-PAUL, ED - Proceedings: Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences
867: RICHMAN, IRWIN - Pennsylvania's Painters (Pennsylvania History Studies, No. 14)
28708: RICHMAN, IRWIN - Pennsylvania's Decorative Arts in the Age of Handcraft
122412: RICHMAN, IRWIN - Borscht Belt Bungalows: Memories of Catskill Summers
36565: RICHMAN, MICHAEL - Three Sculptors of American Realism: Charles Parks, Eric Parks, Christopher Parks
135209: RICHMAN, ROBERT - American Paintings: A Selection of Forty Painters
2257: RICHMOND, VA: VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, JAN. 13 TO MAR. 6, 1988 - Uncommon Ground: Virginia Artists, 1988
23429: RICHMOND, VA: VIRGINIA MUSEUM, FEB. 2 TO MAR. 8, 1970 - Church Silver of Colonial Virginia
365: RICHMOND, VA: VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, OCT. 23 TO DEC. 16, 1990 - Uncommon Ground, Virginia Artists 1990
118832: RICHMOND, LEONARD - The Technique of Oil Painting
9176: RICHMOND, KY: EASTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY, JAN. 13 TO FEB. 8, 1974 - Centennial Exhibition: A Century of American Paintings
9195: RICHMOND, VA: VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, JAN. 15 TO FEB. 14, 1960 - Masterpieces of American Silver
24764: RICHMOND, VA: VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, JAN. 16 TO MAR. 1, 1936 - The Main Currents in the Development of American Painting
2688: RICHMOND, VA: RICHMOND MUSEUM, NOV. 29, 1977 TO JAN. 8, 1978, EIGHT OTHER LOCATIONS - American Folk Painting: Selections from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. William E. Wiltshire
26650: RICHMOND: VIRGINIA MUSEUM, MARCH 14 TO APRIL 30, 1978 - Furniture of Eastern Virginia: The Product of Mind and Hand
124597: RICHMOND, VA: VIRGINIA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, MAR. 4 TO APR.14, 1942 - 3rd Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
156218: RICHTER, GISELA M.A. - Engraved Gems of the Greeks and the Etruscans: A History of Greek Art in Miniature
125054: RICHTER, ERNST FRIEDRICH - A Treatise on Fugue, Including the Study of Imitation and Canon
125083: RICHTER (GISELA M.A.) - Red-Figured Athenian Vases in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
127176: RICHTER, GISELA M.A. - The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Handbook of the Classical Collection
120029: RICHTER, PETER - Daniel Richter: Imitators Be There
14291: RICHTER, J. P. - The Mond Collection: An Appreciation (2 Vols. )
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29505: ROSEN (MARC) FINE ART, LTD., NEW YORK: OCTOBER 22 TO NOVEMBER 13, 1999 - Picasso: The Intaglio Prints

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