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105374: PRUDENCE F. ROBERTS AND IAN H. BOYDEN - Frank Boyden: Prints & Books
136762.1: PRUSSING, EUGENE E. - George Washington in Love and Otherwise. Limited Signed Edition; a Book About the Unknown Man
136762000002: PRUSSING, EUGENE E. - George Washington in Love and Otherwise. Limited Signed Edition
136762: PRUSSING, EUGENE E. - George Washington in Love and Otherwise. Limited Signed Edition; a Book About the Unknown Man
156413: PRYCE, F. N. - Catalogue of Sculpture in the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities of the British Museum: Vol. I, Part 1, Prehellenic and Early Greek
156801: PRYNNE, WILLIAM - The Soveraigne Power of Parliaments and Kingdomes, or, Second Part of the Treachery and Disloialty of Papists to Their Soveraignes : Wherein the Parliaments and Kingdomes Right and Interest in, and Power over, the Militia, Ports, Forts, Navy, Ammunition of the Realme, to Dispose of Them Unto Confiding Officers Hands, in These Times of Danger ; Their Right and Interest to Nominate and Elect All Needfull Commanders... ; As Likewise to Recommend and Make Choise of the Lord Chancellor, Keeper, Treasurer, Privy Seale... ; Together with the Parliaments Late Assertion That the King Hath No Absolute Negative Voice... Are Fully Vindicated and Confirmed by Pregnant Reasons and Variety of Authorities
110012: PRZYBILLA, CARRIE - Art at the Edge: Jorge Tacla
140402: PUCHKOV, V.V., EDITOR - Mikhaylovskiy Zamok (Mikhail Zamok)
108703: PUCKER, BERNARD H. - Image and Imagination: 4 Painters of Israel
147849: PUCKER, BERNARD H. - ... Your Move: Chess in the Art of Samuel Bak
109801: PUCKER, BERNARD H. - Samuel Bak: A Retrospective Journey: Paintings 1946-1994
141794: PUCKER, BERNARD H. - Bak: Landscapes of Jewish Experience: Paintings by Samuel Bak
128998: PUCKER, BERNIE - Ablaze with Spirit: Brother Thomas' Copper Glazes
144553: PUCKER GALLERY - Brother Thomas: Recent Gifts, Porcelains
145506: PUCKER, B. H. - Jakob Steinhardt, April 7-May 4
113858: PUDNEY, JOHN - Brunel's Tunnel and Where It Led
156925: PUERTO, CECILIA - Latin American Women Artists, Kahlo and Look Who Else: A Selective, Annotated Bibliography
135592: PUERTO RICO: MUSEO DE ARTE DE PONCE - Coleccion de Arte Latinoamericano = Latinamerican Art Collection
114965: PUGEN, DIANE (CURATOR) - Nobuo Kubota: Hokusai Revisited
142707: PUGET, CATHERINE AND DAVID SELLIN - Peintres Americains En Bretagne, 1864-1914
35804: PUGH, P.D. GORDON - Naval Ceramics
159276: PUGH, IAN AND DONALD PUGH - She Painted the World: The Life of Jennie Brownscombe (Dvd)
105002: PUGH, P. D. GORDON - Staffordshire Portrait Figures and Allied Subjects of the Victorian Era, Including the Definitive Catalogue
139101: PUGIN, AUGUSTUS WELBY - The True Principles of Pointed or Christian Architecture: Set Forth in Two Lectures Delivered at St. Marie's, Oscott / an Apology for the Revival of Christian Architecture in England
126185: PUGLISI, CATHERINE; WILLIAM BARCHAM - Passion in Venice: Crivelli to Tintoretto and Veronese: The Man of Sorrows in Venetian Art
117166: PUGLISI, CATHERINE R. - Francesco Albani
100367.1: PUGLISI, CATHERINE - Caravaggio
8445: PUGSLEY, S. VELMA - Portraits of Dutchess, 1680-1807
18916: PUIG, FRANCIS J. AND MICHAEL CONFORTI (EDITORS) - The American Craftsman and the European Tradition, 1620-1820
149239: PUJADE, ROBERT - Bruno Cattani: L'Arte Dei Luoghi
154499: PUKEMOVA, V. - Anselm Reyle: Electric Spirit
156556: PUKEMOVA, V. - Wim Delvoye : At the Gary Tatintsian Gallery
158121: PULCINI, ELENA ET AL. - I Principi Bambini: Abbigliamento E Infanzia Nel Seicento = the Baby Princes: Dress and Childhood in the 1600s
149724: PULFORD, FLORENCE - Morning Star Quilts: A Presentation of the Work and Lives of Northern Plains Indian Women
125512: PULINKA, STEVEN M. - Discover the Historic Houses of Odessa
129862: PULLEN, H W; THOMAS NAST; JOSEPH T SPEER; FRANCIS B. FELT & CO - The Fight at Dame Europa's School : Showing How the German Boy Thrashed the French Boy, and How the English Boy Looked on
125601: PULLINGER, EDNA S. - A Dream of Peace: Edward Hicks of Newtown
158694: PULOS, C. E. - The Deep Truth: A Study of Shelley's Scepticism
148066: PULSIPHER, JENNY HALE - Subjects Unto the Same King: Indians, English, and the Contest for Authority in Colonial New England
126630: PULSIPHER, JENNY HALE - Subjects Unto the Same King: Indians, English, and the Contest for Authority in Colonial New England
113445: PULTZ, JOHN - A Personal View: Photography in the Collection of Paul F. Walter
158611: PULTZ, JOHN AND CATHERINE B. SCALLEN - Cubism and American Photography, 1910-1930
119100: PUMPEL, N. - 238,0289
109472: PUPPI, LIONELLO - Lo Splendore Lei Supplizi: Liturgia Delle Esecuzioni Capitali E Iconografia Del Martirio Nell'Arte Europea Dal XII Al XIX Secolo
116543: PUPPI, LIONELLO - The Complete Paintings of Canaletto
114160: PUPPI, LIONELLO - Andrea Palladio: Opera Completa
114147: PUPPI, LIONELLO AND GIANDOMENICO ROMANELLI - Le Venezie Possibili: Da Palladio a le Corbusier
154146: PURANANANDA, JANE (EDITOR) - Through the Thread of Time: Southeast Asian Textiles: The James H W Thompson Foundation Symposium Papers
1626: PURCHASE, NY: NEUBERGER MUSEUM, NOV. 22, 1975 TO JAN. 8, 1976 - American Drawings and Watercolors from the Collection of Susan and Herbert Adler
21078: PURCHASE, NY: NEUBERGER MUSEUM, APR. 16 TO JUNE 11, 1989, TWO OTHER LOCATIONS - Figuratively Speaking: Drawings by Seven Artists
150818: PURDUE, OLWEN - The Macgeough Bonds of the Argory: An Ulster Gentry Family, 1880-1950 (Maynooth Studies in Local History: Number 62)
121130: PURISHEV, I. - Pereslavl-Zalessky
147779: PURKAYASTHA, PRABIR C. - Ladakh
124618: PURRINGTON, PHILIP F. - Check List for Paintings of an Exhibition Sponsored by the Old Dartmouth Historical Society at the Crapo Gallery of Swain School of Design
149154: PUSEY, NATHAN M. (FOREWORD) - Memorials in Harvard Buildings
145771: PUSHKAREV, SERGEI G. - Dictionary of Russian Historical Terms from the Eleventh Century to 1917
120423: PUSHKAREV, V. - Grafika XVIII-Nachala XX Veka V Gosudarstvennom Russkom Muzee
108930: PUSHKARIOV, V. ED - Russian Applied Art, Eighteenth to Early Twentieth Century, the Russian Museum, Leningrad
120279.1: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER - The Tale of Tsar Saltan, of His Son, the Glorious and Mighty Knight Prince Guidon Saltanovich, and of the Fair Swan-Princess
127268: PUSHKIN MUSEUM (MOSCOW); HERMITAGE STATE MUSEUM (LENINGRAD) - Gogen : Rzgliad Iz Rossii : Albom-Katalog = [Gauguin : The View from Russia]
120279: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER - The Tale of Tsar Saltan, of His Son, the Glorious and Mighty Knight Prince Guidon Saltanovich, and of the Fair Swan-Princess
140857: PUSHKIN, A. - Skazka O Tsarie Saltane: O Synie Ego Slavnom I Mguchem Bogatyrie, Kniazie Gvidonie Saltanovichie I O Prekrasnoi Tsareknie Lekedi (the Tale of Tsar Saltan and of His Son, Prince Gvidon Saltanovich and of the Fair Swan Princess)
112899: PUTMAN, JACQUES - Daniel Humair: Papiers +
153421: PUTNAM, JAMES (EDITOR) - Polymorphous Perverse: Tim Noble & Sue Webster
153422: PUTNAM, JAMES - Martin Mull: The Pursuit of Happiness
130070: PUTNAM, ISRAEL; WORTHINGTON CHAUNCEY FORD - General Orders Issued by Major-General Israel Putnam, When in Command of the Highlands, in the Summer and Fall of 1777
111317: PUTNEY, CAROLYN M. - Princely Pursuits: Indian Miniature Painting
113216: PUTNEY, RICHARD H. AND PAULA REICH - Glass in Glass
142280: PUTTNIES, HANS GEORG - Fotoform
125874: PUYPE, J.P., VISSER, H.L. ET AL. - The Visser Collection: Arms of the Netherlands in the Collection of H.L. Visser. (7 Physical Books) Volume I: Catalogue of Firearms, Swords and Related Objects, Parts I-IV. Part I: Catalogue Numbers 1-243; Part II: Catalogue Numbers 244-295; Part III: Catalogue Numbers 496-758. Part IV: Smallarms, Matchlock, Wheellock, Flintlock and Percussion Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Revolvers, Repeating and Multi-Shot Arms; Edged Weapons; Powder Horns, Flasks and Other Accessories; Powder-Testers, Tinder Boxes, Combination Weapons. Volume II: Ordnance: Cannon, Mortars, Swivel-Guns, Muzzle- and Breech-Loaders. Volume III: Dutch Guns in Russia: In the Moscow Kremlin Armoury, Moscow Historical Museum, Hermitage St Petersburg, Gatchina Palace Museum. Volume IV: Aspects of Dutch Making
122287: PYE, HENRY JAMES ESQ - The Poetic of Aristotle, Translated from the Greek, with Notes by. .
116741: PYLE, HOWARD - The Price of Blood: An Extravaganza of New York Life in 1807 Written in Five Chapters
118986: PYLE, HOWARD - Men of Iron
119000: PYLE, HOWARD - The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur
26317: PYLE, KATHARINE - Once Upon a Time in Delaware
119006: PYLE, HOWARD - The Story of the Champions of the Round Table
104280: PYLE, HOWARD - Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
118945: PYLE, HOWARD - The Story of King Arthur and His Knights
119292: PYLE, HOWARD - The Garden Behind the Moon
118713: PYLE, HOWARD - Otto of the Silver Land
116916: PYLE, HOWARD - The Story of Jack Ballister's Fortunes
120583: PYLE, HOWARD - Twilight Land
127544: PYM, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Jaishri Abichandani: Dirty Jewels
150844: PYM, FRANCIS - Sentimental Journey: Tracing an Outline of Family History
155548: PYMS GALLERY - Edwardian Pre-Raphaelites: The Art of John and Mary Young Hunter
144473: PYMS GALLERY - An Exhibition of the Works of William James Yule (1867-1900), a Scottish Impressionist
14143: PYMS GALLERY, LONDON, ENGLAND: NOVEMBER 1998 - A Painter's Painting: John Singer Sargent's 'a Spanish Woman (Gigia Viani)'
143744: PYNCHON, THOMAS - Mason & Dixon
143394: PYNE, KATHLEEN - Art and the Higher Life: Painting and Evolutionary Thought in Late Nineteenth-Century America
138062: PYRAMID GALLERIES - Joseph Cornell
144350: QIONGRUI XIAO - Yang Yingfeng Quan Ji: Di 9 Juan - Shenghuo Jingxiang de Sheji IV (Yuyu Yang Corpus, Volume 9 - Lifescape Design IV)
144348: QIONGRUI XIAO - Yang Yingfeng Quan Ji: Di I Juan - Fudiao, Fudiao Shenghuo Jingxiang, Diaosu, Shenghuo Jingxiang Diaosu, Jiangbei (Yuyu Yang Corpus: Volume I - Embossment, Lifescape Embossment, Sculpture, Lifescape Sculpture, Trophy)
159210: QUACKENBOS, JOHN D. - Illustrated History of Ancient Literature, Oriental and Classical
144820: QUACKENBOS, G.P. - Primary History of the United States Made Easy and Interesting for Beginners
122876: QUARCOOPOME, NII O. - Through African Eyes: The European in African Art, 1500 to Present
109843: QUARESMINI, GIOVANNI - La Liberta Dipinta - 39 Opere Di Oscar Di Prata Del Maestro Nella Collezione Merlini-Maffoni
151508: QUARRE, PIERRE - Musée de Dijon: Artistes Bourguignons - Quatorze Dessins Publiés Par Pierre Quarré
144713: QUASHA, JILL - Marjorie Content, Photographs
104580: QUATRELLES - The Authentic History of Captain Castagnette, Nephew of the Man with the Wooden Head (with Illustrations by Gustave Dore)
33021: QUEANT, OLIVIER (EDITOR) - Styles de France: Meubles Et Ensembles de 1610 a 1920
137002: QUEENS MUSEUM - The New Society of American Artists in Paris, 1980-1912
118358: QUELLER, DONALD E. - The Venetian Patriciate: Reality Versus Myth
136517: QUENEAU, RAYMOND - Queneau Presente Les Meubles de Baj Chez Berggruen a Paris
107529: QUENNELL, PETER - The Colosseum
129673: QUENNELL, MARJORIE AND C.H.B. - A History of Everyday Things in England, 1066-1499 and 1500-1799
127967: QUENNELL, MARJORIE AND C.H.B. - A History of Everyday Things in England, 1066-1799
141479: QUERAL, ANA - Ana Queral: Abstracciones, Tomo I.
117284: QUERMANN, ANDREAS - Domenico Di Tommaso Di Currado Bigordi Ghirlandaio 1449 - 1494
112708: QUESADA, VICENTE FOX - Encuentros Con Los Medios
112701: QUESADA, VICENTE FOX - Ideas Del Cambio Democratico En Mexico
128907: QUESADA, MARÍA SÁENZ - Estancias: The Great Houses and Ranches of Argentina
112359: QUEST-RITSON, CHARLES - The English Garden Abroad
136859: QUEST-RITSON, CHARLES - The English Garden: A Social History
141702: QUESTROYAL FINE ART, LLC - One Great Nation: A Stellar Exhibition and Sale of the Hudson River School and Luminism
155237: QUESTROYAL FINE ART, LLC - Important American Paintings: Essential, Volume XVI, Fall 2015
29518: QUESTROYAL FINE ART, LLC: NEW YORK, FALL, 2001 - Important American Paintings
146150: QUESTROYAL FINE ART - Important American Paintings (Volume 6)
143342: QUESTROYAL FINE ART, LLC - The Nature of a Nation: Paintings of the Hudson River School
143343: QUESTROYAL FINE ART, LLC - An Untamed Nation: Paintings of the Hudson River School
103896: QUESTROYAL FINE ART, LLC - In the Garden of Liberty: Paintings of the Hudson River School
4904000001: QUICK, MICHAEL ET AL. - The Paintings of George Bellows
4234: QUICK, MICHAEL - Artists by Themselves: Artists' Portraits from the National Academy of Design
104107: QUICK, MICHAEL (INTRODUCTION) AND ANDREA DALE SMITH (ESSAY) - Selections from the Libby and Bill Clark Collection
1460: QUICK, MICHAEL - American Expatriate Painters of the Late Nineteenth Century
124719: QUIDEAU, FLORENCE AND EDOUARD PAPET - Honore Daumier & la Maison Aubert: Political and Social Satire in Paris, 1830-1860
122121: QUILLEY, GEOFF AND JOHN BONEHILL (EDITORS) - William Hodges, 1744-1797: The Art of Exploration
153897: QUILLMAN, STUART H. - History of the Conestoga Turnpike Through Chester County, Pennsylvania
104893: QUIMBY, IAN M.G. (EDITOR) - American Furniture and Its Makers (Winterthur Portfolio 13)
123416: QUIMBY, GEORGE I. - Indians of the Western Frontier: Paintings of George Catlin
27474: QUIMBY, IAN M.G. (EDITOR) - Winterthur Portfolio, Volume 10
27466: QUIMBY, IAN M.G. (EDITOR) - Winterthur Portfolio, Volume 7
27467: QUIMBY, IAN M.G. (EDITOR) - Winterthur Portfolio, Volume 8
27470: QUIMBY, IAN M.G. (EDITOR) - Winterthur Portfolio, Volume 9
27477: QUIMBY, IAN M.G. (EDITOR) - Winterthur Portfolio, Volume 12
152010: QUIMBY, IAN M.G. - Material Culture and the Study of American Life: A Winterthur Book
6429: QUIMBY, IAN M.G. AND SCOTT T. SWANK (EDITORS) - Perspectives on American Folk Art (a Winterthur Book)
11506: QUIMBY, IAN M.G. (EDITOR) - Arts of the Anglo-American Community in the Seventeenth-Century (Winterthur Conference Report, 1974)
105320: QUIMBY, IAN M.G. AND POLLY ANNE EARL (EDITORS) - Technological Innovation and the Decorative Arts (Winterthur Conference Report 1973)
149255: QUIMBY, IAN M. G. - American Family Treasures: Decorative Arts from the D.J. And Alice Shumway Nadeau Collection
27273: QUIMBY, IAN M.G. - Ceramics in America
150555: QUIMBY, IAN M. G. AND DIANNE JOHNSON - American Silver at Winterthur
27475: QUIMBY, IAN M.G. (EDITOR) - Winterthur Portfolio, Volume 11
138857: QUIMBY, IAN M. G. - American Family Treasures: Decorative Arts from the D.J. And Alice Shumway Nadeau Collection
150811: QUINEY, ANTHONY - Kent Houses (English Domestic Architecture)
156849: QUINLAN, ANGUS R. (EDITOR) - Great Basin Rock Art: Archaeological Perspectives
19383: QUINN, KAREN E. AND THEODORE E. STEBBINS, JR. - Ansel Adams: The Early Years
148929: QUINN, ALICE AND ROB WYNNE - Rob Wynne: In Cog Nito
137836: QUINN, EDWARD - Max Ernst
157564: QUINNELL, SUSAN - The Erotic Object: Sexuality in Sculpture from Prehistory to the Present Day
158339: QUINONES, FRANCISCO ALVAREZ - Chiapas: El Fin Del Silencio = the End of Silence
151330: QUINSAC, ANNIE-PAULE - La Peinture Divisionniste Italienne: Origines Et Premiers Developpements 1880-1895
150582: QUINSAC, ANNIE-PAULE ET AL. - Giovanni Segantini: Zeichnungen
143236: QUINSAC, ANNIE-PAULE - Segantini: Catalogo Generale (2 Vols. )
153780: QUINTANA, FERNANDO - Jacques Lipchitz: Esculturas
107406: QUINTANILLA, SONYA RHIE AND OTHERS - Rhythms of India: The Art of Nandalal Bose
23026: QUINTAVALLE, AUGUSTA GHIDIGLIA - Correggio: The Frescoes in San Giovanni Evangelista in Parma
147420: QUINTERO, JUAN CARLOS LOPEZ - Interconexiones: Lecturas Curatoriales de la Coleccion Del Mapr / Interconnections: Curatorial Readings of the Mapr Collection (2 Volumes)
149373: QUINTNER, DAVID RICHARD - Willow! Solving the Mystery of Our 200-Year Love Affair with the Willow Pattern
109114: QUIRARTE, JACINTO - !Mira!
21321: QUIRARTE, JACINTO AND CAREY CLEMENTS ROTE - César A. Martínez: A Retrospective
30411: QUIRICO, TIZIANA - Cremona, Pictures of an Italian Province in the Po Valley
129293: QUONG, ROSE - Chinese Wit, Wisdom and Written Characters
131377: QUSAIBATY, AMMAR - Mental Mediations: Ammar Qusaibaty
20820: QUYE, ANITA AND COLIN WILLIAMSON (EDITORS) - Plastics: Collecting and Conserving
101074: R.N. KETTERER, CAMPIONE, GERMANY: 1964 - Eduard Bargheer: Aquarelle, 1946 - 1964, Ischia - Tunis - Agypten
151207: R. LIER & CO - Rare and Valuable Books. A Selection of Incunabula, Illustrated Xvith Century Book, Early Sciences, Etc. (List VI)
151209: R. LIER & CO - Rare and Valuable Books. A Selection of Incunabula, Illustrated Xvith Century Book, Early Sciences, Etc. (List VII)
125253: R. SCHULTE-BAHRENBERG - Truhen Aus 5 Jahrhunderten
153988: R.T.H. HALSEY AND ELIZABETH TOWER - The Homes of Our Ancestors As Shown in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York from the Beginnings of New England Through the Early Days of the Republic
113125: R. S. JOHNSON FINE ART - Guiramand: Works from 1955 to 1987
142783: R. H. LOVE GALLERIES - Sugar and Spice: Depictions of Girls in American Painting, 1825-1925
132370: R.S. JOHNSON INTERNATIONAL - Homage to Pablo Picasso (1881-1973): Fifty-Two Drawings, Watercolors, and Pastels (1900-1972)
2320: R.S. - Claude Monet and the Giverny Artists
114864: R. H. WILENSKI EDITOR - Vanity Fair's Portfolio of Modern French Art
133755: R. W. SEXTON (ED.); WILLIAM ADAMS DELANO (FOREWORD) - American Public Buildings of Today: City Halls, Court Houses, Municipal Buildings, Fire Stations, Libraries, Museums, Park Buildings
132368: R.S. JOHNSON INTERNATIONAL - Pablo Picasso (1881-1973): A Retrospective Exhibition of the Artist's Graphic Work. (Pablo Picasso: Master of Graphic Art )
132008: R.S. JOHNSON INTERNATIONAL GALLERY - Master of Graphic Art - Picasso: A Retrospective Exhibition of Graphic Works 1904-1968
20309: R.S. JOHNSON INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, CHICAGO, IL: WINTER 1972 - Michael Ayrton, the Maze: Bronzes, Drawings, Etchings 1962-1972
131975: R.N. KETTERER - E.L. Kirchner
106022: RABA, JONATHAN AND WILLIAM L. LANG - Here There Nowhere
147352: RABAKUKK, GAYLEEN AND NEIL CHAPMAN - Art of the Oklahoma Judicial Center
141: RABB, LAUREN - The Pennsylvania Impressionists: Painters of the New Hope School
108627: RABB, JANE M. - Literature & Photography: Interaction 1840-1990
157957: RABB, JANE M. (EDITOR) - Literature & Photography: Interactions 1840-1990 : A Critical Anthology
789: RABBAGE, LEWIS HOYER - Helen M. Turner, N.A. (1858-1958): A Retrospective Exhibition
22788: RABBITT-ZANG, MARIAN E. - The Gruner Heritage: A Family History and Genealogy
122317: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS - Pantagruel
149000: RABINA, DORON - Blowing on a Hairy Shoulder: Grief Hunters
121100: RABINOVICH, P.G. - Russkaya Kultura VI-XVIII Vekov: Ocherk-Putevoditel
143023: RABINOVITCH, BEN MAGID - Photography Pictural and Graphic
104865: RABINOW, REBECCA A. (EDITOR) - Cezanne to Picasso: Ambroise Vollard, Patron of the Avant-Garde
104886: RABINOW, REBECCA A. (EDITOR) - Cezanne to Picasso: Ambroise Vollard, Patron of the Avant-Garde
138680: RABINOWITCH, DAVID AND WHITNEY DAVIS - David Rabinowitch: Gravitational Vehicles 1965
156513: RABINOWITZ, CAY SOPHIE (EDITOR) - Wardell Milan: Between Late Summer and Early Fall
110601: RABOUD, NICOLAS - Olivier Saudan: Prix Fems 2007
122017: RABOUD, NICOLAS - Gottfried Tritten
3847: RACHEL ADLER GALLERY, NY: NOV.-DEC., 1991 - Alexander Archipenko: The Creative Process
36566: RACINE, J. POLK - Recollections of a Veteran, or Four Years in Dixie
122113: RACINE, BRUNO ET AL. - Cocteau
125272: RACINE ART MUSEUM - Collection Focus: Jack Earl at Ram
121547: RACINE, JEAN - Phedre
140773: RACINET, M. A. - L'Ornement Polychrome: Cent Planches En Couleurs or Et Argent Contenant Environ 2,000 Motifs de Tous Les Styles Art Ancien Et Asiatique Moyen Age Renaissance, Xviie Et Xviiie Siecle; Recueil Historique Et Pratique (Vols. 1 and 2)
118408: RACINET, M.A. (DEUTSCHE AUSGABE VON R. REINHARDT) - Das Polychrome Ornament: Hundert Tafeln in Gold-, Silber-, Und Farben-Druck Etwa. .
151001: RACINET, M. A. - L'Ornement Polychrome: Cent Planches En Couleurs or Et Argent Contenant Environ 2,000 Motifs de Tous Les Styles Art Ancien Et Asiatique Moyen Age Renaissance, Xviie Et Xviiie Siecle; Recueil Historique Et Pratique (Volume 1, First Series)
121597: RACINET, ALBERT - The Encyclopedia of Ornament: Color in the Decorative Arts
105794: RACKHAM, BERNARD - Catalogue of the Glaisher Collection of Pottery & Porcelain in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (2 Vols. )
144976: RACKHAM ARTHUR (ILLUSTRATOR); THOMAS MALORY AND ALFRED W. POLLARD - The Romance of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
157802: RACKHAM, BERNARD - The Ancient Glass of Canterbury Cathedral
152592: RACKHAM, BERNARD AND WILLIAM GIBB - A Book of Porcelain. Fine Examples in the Victoria & Albert Museum, Painted by William Gibb
152595: RACKHAM, BERNARD - Catalogue of English Porcelain Earthenware Enamels and Glass Collected by Charles Schreiber Esq. M.P. And the Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Schreiber and Presented to the Museum in 1884: Volume I. - Porcelain
106105: RACKHAM, BERNARD - Catalogue of English Porcelain Earthenware Enamels and Glass Collected by Charles Schreiber Esq. M.P. And the Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Schreiber and Presented to the Museum in 1884 (3 Volumes, Complete Set)
106025: RACKHAM, BERNARD - Catalogue of English Porcelain Earthenware Enamels and Glass Collected by Charles Schreiber Esq. M.P. And the Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Schreiber and Presented to the Museum in 1884: Volume I, Porcelain
106787: RACKHAM, BERNARD AND HERBERT READ - English Pottery: Its Development from Early Times to the End of the Eighteenth Century
106168: RACKHAM, BERNARD & HERBERT READ WITH AN APPENDIX BY DR. J.W.L. GLAISHER) - English Pottery: Its Development from Early Times to the End of the Eighteenth Century
106172: RACKHAM, BERNARD - Catalogue of the Herbert Allen Collection of English Porcelain
26832: RACKHAM, BERNARD - Catalogue of English Porcelain Earthenware Enamels and Glass Collected by Charles Schreiber Esq. M.P. And the Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Schreiber and Presented to the Museum in 1884: Volume III: Enamels and Glass
101432: RACKHAM, BERNARD AND WILLIAM GIBB - A Book of Porcelain. Fine Examples in the Victoria & Albert Museum, Painted by William Gibb
106068.1: RACKHAM, BERNARD & HERBERT READ WITH AN APPENDIX BY DR. J.W.L. GLAISHER) - English Pottery: Its Development from Early Times to the End of the Eighteenth Century
124195: RACSTER, OLGA - Chats on Violoncellos
139546: RACZ, ISTVAN AND PETER ANKER - Medieval Norwegian Art
130612: RADCLIFF, CARTER (ESSAY) - Conrad Marca-Relli: City to Town
150924: RADCLIFFE, GEORGE AND JOHN LEWIS - The Chesapeake Bay Scene
155174: RADFORD, RON AND JANE HYLTON - Australian Colonial Art 1800-1900
142240: RADFORD, RON - Our Country: Australian Federation Landscapes, 1900-1914
117925: RADIGUET, RAYMOND - Le Gote in Fiamme. Poesie. Con Testo a Fronte, Prefazione Di Giuseppe Raimondi, Traduzione Di Antonio Rauscedo
157179: RADIN, GIULIA - Correspondance Gino Severini-Jacques Maritain (1923-1966)
117429: RADISICH, PAULA REA - Hubert Robert: Painted Spaces of the Enlightenment
116535: RADKE, GARY M. (CURATOR) - Verrocchio's David Restored: A Renaissance Bronze from the National Museum of the Bargello, Florence
124128: RADKE, GARY M. - Leonardo Da Vinci and the Art of Sculpture
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