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154152: MIGEON, GASTON - Manuel D'Art Musulman: Arts Plastiques Et Industriels, Tome Second
123860: MIGEON, GASTON - Les Arts Du Tissu
154394: MIGEON, GASTON - Japanese Colour Print: Xviith and Xviiith Centuries (Documents D'Art)
118156: MIGIEL, MARILYN AND JULIANA SCHIESARI (EDITORS) - Refiguring Women: Prespectives on Gender and the Italian Renaissance
160150: MIGLIETTI, FRANCESCA ALFANO AND FABIO MAURI - Fabio Mauri: Scritti in Mostra: L'Avanguardia Come Zona, 1958-2008
124258: MIHAILOVA, NADEZHDA - The Art Collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Bulgaria
147898: MIHALY, IDA F. - Naive Malerei in Ungarn, 1900-1971
139483: MIHM, NINA AND MARY CARROLL NELSON (EDITORS) - Visual Journeys, Art of the 21st Century -- Society of Layerists in Multi-Media
127712: MIIN-SHYONG, TSENG - Face's Talk 1999-2009: Tseng Miin-Shyong Portrait Photography
140085: MIKATS, O.V. - Rossiya-Frantsiya Vek Prosveshcheniya Russko-Frantsuzskiye Kul'Turyye Svyazi V 18 Stoletii (Russia-France Age of Enlightenment: Russian-French Culture in the 18th Century)
120460: MIKHAILOV, N.A. - Pavel Korin
121181: MIKHAILOV, A.I. - Bazhenov
159194: MIKHAILOV, BORIS - Boris Mikhailov - Case History
30486: MIKI, TAMON AND SHINICHIRO FUJITA - The 3rd Biennial Exhibition of Prints in Wakayama
111217: MIKI, AKITA (EDITOR) - Treasures by Rinpa Masters: Inheritance and Innovation - Celebrating the 350th Anniversary of Ogata Korin's Birth
153288: MIKKELSEN, MICHAEL A. (EDITOR) - The Architectural Record, May 1914
110645: MIKKELSON, BRIAN (FOREWARD) - Denmark Special: Design, Film, Theatre, Music, Literature
129644: MIKSIC, JOHN - Old Javanese Gold: The Hunter Thompson Collection at the Yale University Art Gallery
133534: MILADA VILIMKOVA - Stavitele Palacu a Chramu: Krystof a Kilian Ignac Dientzenhoferove
146330: MILBANK, CAROLINE RENNOLDS - The Couture Accessory
146272: MILBANK, CAROLINE RENNOLDS - New York Fashion: The Evolution of American Style
146291: MILBANK, CAROLINE RENNOLDS - New York Fashion: The Evolution of American Style
106240: MILBOURN, MAURICE AND EVELYN - Understanding Miniature British Pottery and Porcelain 1730-Present Day
15573: MILCH GALLERIES, NY: DECEMBER 8 TO 27, 1952 - Childe Hassam Watercolors
14952: MILCH GALLERIES, NY: NOV. 18 TO DEC. 7, 1946 - Louis Divalentin
113269: MILEAF, JANINE - Inside out Loud: Visualizing Womens' Health in Contemporary Art
153933: MILEAF, JANINE A. AND CARLA YANNI - Constructing Modernism: Berenice Abbott and Henry-Russell Hitchcock: A Re-Creation of the 1934 Exhibition the Urban Vernacular of the Thirties, Forties, and Fifties: American Cities Before the CIVIL War
160144: MILES, RICHARD AND JENNIFER SAVILLE - A Printmaker in Paradise : The Art and Life of Charles W. Bartlett
160594: MILES, GEORGE C. (EDITOR) - Archaeologica Orientalia: In Memoriam Ernst Herzfeld
35051: MILES, ELLEN G. - George and Martha Washington: Portraits from the Presidential Years
27549: MILES, ELIZABETH - The English Silver Pocket Nutmeg Grater: A Collection of Fifty Examples from 1693 to 1816
100141: MILES, SUSAN - Dunch
157291: MILES, WILLIAM SONTAG - William L. Sonntag 1822-1899 (and) William L. Sonntag, Jr. 1869-1898
160552: MILES, ELIZABETH - English Silver from the Elizabeth B. Miles Collection
141060: MILES, JONATHAN - Enrico David
130689: MILES, RICHARD - Elizabeth Keith: The Printed Works
12536: MILES, ROGER (TRANSLATED BY HENRY BACON) - Goupil's Paris Salon of 1894
135119: MILES, NELSON A. - Serving the Republic: Memoirs of the CIVIL and Military Life of Nelson A. Miles
114944: MILES, CHRISTOPHER AND KATHRYN HIXSON - Robert Standish: Street/Lights and Bathers
126636: MILES, ELLEN G. - American Paintings of the Eighteenth Century
159290: MILES, MARGARET R. - A Complex Delight: The Secularization of the Breast, 1350-1750
10896: MILEY, MIMI C. AND RICHARD GREEG - Howard Chandler Christy: Artist/Illustrator of Style
158763: MILFORD, H.S. (EDITOR) - The Poetical Works of Leigh Hunt
152660: MILGRAM, LYNNE AND PENNY VAN ESTERIK (EDITORS) - The Transformative Power of Cloth in Southeast Asia
154259: MILGROME, ABRAHAM DAVID - The Art of William Merrit [Merritt] Chase
150701: MILHAM, WILLIS I. - Time & Timekeepers, Including the History, Construction, Care, and Accuracy of Clocks and Watches
155205: MILHAUD, DARIUS - Darius Milhaud: An Autobiography - Notes without Music
160484: MILHOU, MAYI - Ignacio Zuloaga (1870-1945) Et la France : These En Vue de L'Obtention Du Titre de Docteur D'Universite, Soutenue le 30 Octobre 1979 a L'Universite de Bordeaux III, Section Histoire de L'Art
19446: MILI, GJON - Picasso's Third Dimension
157054: MILIANI, ANTONIO SALCEDO - Jacint Salvado Un Cami Vers L'Abstraccio
12010: MILKOVICH, MICHAEL - Jules Dupré, 1811-1889
20975: MILKOVICH, MICHAEL - Roman Portraits: A Loan Exhibition of Roman Sculpture and Coins from the First Century B.C. Through the Fourth Century A.D.
155501: MILKOVICH, MICHAEL - Contemporary Soviet Graphics: A Loan Exhibition from the Union of Soviet Artists, Moscow
13115: MILKOVICH, MICHAEL - Homage to Camille Pissarro: The Last Years, 1890-1903
148819: MILL, JOHN STUART AND JOHN JACOB COSS - Autobiography of John Stuart MILL
132575: MILLAR, DONALD - Colonial Furniture: Measured Drawings by Donal Millar
148803: MILLAR, OLIVER - Zoffany and His Tribuna
104114: MILLAR, OLIVER - Van Dyck in England
117526: MILLAR, OLIVER - Zoffany and His Tribuna
117684: MILLAR, OLIVER - The Queen's Pictures
156927: MILLAR, DELIA - The Victorian Watercolours and Drawings in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen (2-Volume Set)
155905: MILLAR, FERGUS - The Emperor in the Roman World (31 Bc - Ad 337)
12832: MILLARD, CHARLES W. ET AL. - Miró, Selected Paintings
142587: MILLARD, CHARLES W. - The Photography of Leland Rice
143699: MILLARD, CHARLES W. III - Charles Sheeler: American Photographer (Contemporary Photographer, Volume VI Number I)
155272: MILLARD, EARL - Surface Function Shape: Selections from the Earl Millard Collection
145226: MILLARES, MANOLO - Manolo Millares: Recent Paintings
150035: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - There Are No Islands, Any More": Lines Written in Passion and in Deep Concern for England, France and My Own Country
32633: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - Wine from These Grapes
154458: MILLER, MARION E. WITH MURIEL S. WOLLE - African Negro Art: A Bulletin for Teachers
148466: MILLER, LENORE D. ET AL. - Susan Roth: Form, Frame, Fold
666: MILLER, JOHN - New York Considered and Improved, 1695, with an Introduction and Notes by Victor Hugo Paltsits, of the N.Y. P.L.
34950: MILLER, RANDALL M. AND WILLIAM PENCAK (EDITORS) - Pennsylvania: A History of the Commonwealth
26614: MILLER, WILLIAM DAVIS - The Silversmiths of Little Rest
109684: MILLER, JOHN - Seaside Sketchbook: A Celebration
27744: MILLER, EDGAR, JR. - American Antique Furniture (2 Vols. )
105497: MILLER, ROY ANDREW - Japanese Ceramics
160226: MILLER, STEVE AND MARVIN HEIFERMAN - Steve Miller : Crossing the Line
141523: MILLER, STEPHEN ROBESON AND JONATHAN STUHLMAN - Double Solitaire: The Surreal Worlds of Kay Sage and Yves Tanguy
8585: MILLER, LILLIAN B. AND JAMES THOMAS FLEXNER - Portraits from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters
113174: MILLER, F. TREVELYAN - Thomas A. Edison: The Authentic Life Story of the World's Greatest Inventor
123435: MILLER, JUDITH AND MARTIN - Period Design & Furnishing: A Sourcebook for Home Restoration and Decoration
123002: MILLER, J. JEFFERSON II - Baltimore's Washington Monument
113660: MILLER, BONNIE - Out of the Fire: Contemporary Glass Artists and Their Work
158452: MILLER, OLIVIA ET AL. - Modernist Intersections: The Tia Collection
160692: MILLER, PETER BENSON (EDITOR) - Philip Guston: Roma
23495: MILLER (ROBERT) GALLERY - Joan Mitchell: Paintings 1956 to 1958 from the Estate of Joan Mitchell; from the Estate of Joan Mitchell
155241: MILLER, DEBRA - Out of the Sadow: Artists of the Warhol Circle Then and Now
108393: MILLER, DWIGHT - Street Criers and Itinerant Tradesmen in European Prints
134941: MILLER, DOROTHY C., ED - Fourteen Americans
104087: MILLER, DOROTHY C. (FOREWORD BY ALAN SAGNER), SAM HUNTER ET AL. - Art for the Public the Collection of the Port Authority of Ny and Nj
150511: MILLER, ANGELA AND CHRIS MCAULIFFE - America: Painting a Nation
157125: MILLER, SEQUOIA AND JOHN STUART GORDON - The Ceramic Presence in Modern Art: Selections from the Linda Leonard Schlenger Collection and the Yale University Art Gallery
151744: MILLER, EVELYN GRANTHAM ET AL. - Pacific Grove, California, the First 100 Years: A Glimpse of the Past That Shaped the City's Present
156648: MILLER, PETER BENSON - Studio Systems
111886: MILLER, JAMES - Easton Neston, Northamptonshire: Volume Two
367: MILLER, LILLIAN B. - Rembrandt Peale, 1778-1860: A Life in the Arts
36713: MILLER, DARLIS A. - Soldiers and Settlers: Military Supply in the Southwest, 1861 - 1885
103292: MILLER, DANA AND ANNE WILKES TUCKER - Jay Defeo. No End: Works on Paper from the 1980s Botanicals: Photographs from the 1970s
23380: MILLER (LAURENCE) GALLERY, NY: NOV. 1 TO DEC. 28, 1996, ONE OTHER LOCATION - Petah Coyne: Photographs
146315: MILLER, WILLIAM H., JR. - Picture History of the French Line
118206: MILLER, JAMES (EDITOR) - Fluid Exchanges: Artists and Critics in the Aids Crisis
34076: MILLER, JOAN VITA - Frank Kleinholz
159947: MILLER, JOAN VITA - Nevelson
155599: MILLER, HENRY - Reflections on the Death of Mishima
140463: MILLER, Y. - Khudozhestvennaya Keramika Turtsii / Turkish Art Pottery
139969: MILLER, LENORE D. - Constance Costigan
152398: MILLER, TRESSA R. - Self-Portraits by Women Artists
27773: MILLER, EDGAR G., JR. - American Antique Furniture: A Book for Amateurs (2 Vols)
2294: MILLER, DOROTHY C. AND CARL ZIGROSSER - The Sculpture of John B. Flannagan
148002: MILLER, PETER BENSON - Kan Yasuda
146164: MILLER, WILLIAM H. - Great American Passenger Ships
22812: MILLER, LILLIAN B. - In the Minds and Hearts of the People: Prologue to the American Revolution, 1760-1774
106647: MILLER, HENRY - Les Amis Parisiens de Henry Miller
106491: MILLER, DONALD - Milton Avery: Nudes
150650: MILLER, ARTHUR AND LEW DAVIS - The Art of Lew Davis: A 40 Year Retrospective
115676: MILLER, JR. , WILLIAM H. - The Fabulous Interiors of the Great Ocean Liners in Historic Photographs
148061: MILLER, HELEN HILL - George Mason: Gentleman Revolutionary
127608: MILLER, JOAN VITA AND GARY MAROTTA - Rodin: The B. Gerald Cantor Collection
147269: MILLER, HUGH - Footprints of the Creator or the Asterolepsis of Stromness
105200: MILLER, JUDITH (EDITOR); MILLER, MARTIN (EDITOR) - The Antiques Directory: Furniture
109943: MILLER, ROBERT - Michael Canney 1923-1999: Oils, Alkyds and Reliefs
156591: MILLER, DONALD - Balcomb Greene 1904-1990; Abstractionist Against the Tide
144076: MILLER-CLARK, DENISE - Within This Garden: Photographs by Ruth Thorne-Thomsen
110404: MILLER, J. PINDYCK - Sergio Gonzalez Tornero, January 8th Through February 8th, 1975
6023.1: MILLER, LILLIAN B. - In Pursuit of Fame: Rembrandt Peale, 1778-1860
154482: MILLER, FREYDA - Here Comes the Bride and Other Nightmares
124912: MILLER, JOAN VITA AND GARY MAROTTA - Rodin: The B. Gerald Cantor Collection
152675: MILLER, WARREN H. - Rifles and Shotguns: The Art of Rifle and Shotgun Shooting for Big Game and Feathered Game with Special Chapters on Military Rifle Shooting
103412: MILLER, HENRY - Der Engel Ist Mein Wasserzeichen: Aquarelle Und Zeichnungen
127078: MILLER, JEAN - Paris-Moscou. 1900-1930
160799: MILLER, LENORE D. AND OLIVIA KOHLER-MAGA - Glenn Goldberg: Of Leaves and Clouds
14095: MILLER, THOMAS (EDITOR) - Turner and Girtin's Picturesque Views, Sixty Years Since
7107: MILLER, JO - Josef Albers: Prints 1915-1970
113980: MILLER, LINDA PATTERSON (ED.) - Letters from the Lost Generation: Gerald and Sara Murphy and Friends
136682: MILLER, CHARLES A. (EDITOR) - The Art of Sara Miller
9331: MILLER, DOROTHY C., MUSEUM OF MODERN ART - Americans, 1963
159472: MILLER, J. HILLIS - Charles Dickens: The World of His Novels
148880: MILLER, PETER BENSON (EDITOR) - Go Figure! New Perspectives on Guston
36520: MILLER, BLANDINA DUDLEY - A Sketch of Old Utica
105469: MILLER, J. JEFFERSON II & LYLE M. STONE - Eighteenth-Century Ceramics from Fort Michilimackinac
7438000001: MILLER, LILLIAN B. (EDITOR) - The Peale Family: Creation of a Legacy, 1770-1870
9100: MILLER, NANCY AND PHILIP RHYS ADAMS - Ralston Thompson: A Retrospective, 1933-1974
5940: MILLER, HARVEY S. SHIPLEY AND EARL A. POWELL - Milton Avery, Drawings and Paintings
6683: MILLES, PAUL - David Park, 1911-1960: Retrospective Exhibition
140702: MILLET, F.D. (INTRODUCTION) - Illustrated Catalogue of Oil Paintings and Water Colors by the Late R. Swain Gifford, N.A. , to Be Sold at Unrestricted Public Sale by Order of the Executrix at the American Art Galleries... [February 2d, 1906] the Sale Will Be Conducted by Thomas E. Kirby, of the American Art Association, Managers
154425: MILLET, TERESA - Caio Fonseca
121087: MILLET, CATHERINE - Bernar Venet: Sculptures
136742: MILLETT, LARRY - The Curve of the Arch: The Story of Louis Sullivan's Owatonna Bank
5055: MILLEY, JOHN [EDITED BY] - Papers on American Art
143334: MILLHOUSE, BARBARA BABCOCK - American Wilderness: The Story of the Hudson River School of Painting
8730: MILLIER, ARTHUR AND NANCY MOURE - Los Angeles Painters of the Nineteen-Twenties
131758: MILLIER, ARTHUR; CRAFTON COLLECTION - George Elbert Burr (American Etchers Series, Vol. VII)
124027: MILLIER, ARTHUR - Maynard Dixon: Painter of the West
116892: MILLIET, MARIA ALICE - Shirley Paes Leme: Correr O Risco
149703: MILLIET, MARIA ALICE AND OLIVIO TAVARES DE ARAUJO - Espelho Selvagem: Arte Moderna No Brasil Da Primeira Metade Do Seculo XX: Colecao Nemirovsky
9725: MILLIKEN, D.L. (EDITOR) - The Cottage Hearth: A Magazine of Home Arts and Home Leisure, Vol. 2
2704: MILLIKEN, ALEXANDER (INTRO.) - Richard Saba: Paintings
141632: MILLIKEN, ALEXANDER F. ET AL. - Nihonga: Contemporary Japanese Paintings in the Traditional Style
119715: MILLIKEN, ALEXANDER AND KAZUO FUJII - Satoshi Yabuuchi: Sculpture
103065: MILLIKEN, ALEXANDER AND RANDALL DEIHL - Randall Deihl: Paintings
1711: MILLIKEN, ALEXANDER F. AND MIKEL DUNHAM - Randall Deihl: An American Painter
34189: MILLIKEN, ALEXANDER F. AND KOEN NIEUWENDIJK - Anneke Van Brussel: Contemporary Dutch Watercolors
18478: MILLIKEN, ALEXANDER F. AND DAVID HOLLOWELL - David Hollowell: Paintings, Pastels, Drawings
2597: MILLIKEN, WILLIAM M. AND LAURENCE SCHMECKEBIER - Carl Gaertner Memorial Exhibition
119384: MILLIKEN, ALEXANDER - Hendrick Brandtsoen: Paintings
149304: MILLIKEN, W.M. - The Bulletin of the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio (June, 1930)
119306: MILLIKEN, ALEXANDER F. - Mary Ann Currier: The Postcard Series
119704: MILLIKEN, ALEXANDER - Lee Schuette Sculpture: Tilt-Top Table Series
125412: MILLINGEN, JAMES - Ancient Unedited Monuments (Series 1 and 2): Series 1, Painted Greek Vases and Series II, Statues, Busts, Bas-Reliefs Busts, Bas-Reliefs and Other Remains of Grecian Art from Collections in Various Countries
18912: MILLON, HENRY A. - The Triumph of the Baroque: Architecture in Europe, 1600-1750
104211: MILLON, HENRY A., AND VITTORIO NAGNAGO LAMPUGNANI (EDITORS) - The Renaissance from Brunelleschi to Michelangelo. The Representation of Architecture
19435: MILLON, HENRY A. (EDITOR) - Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome, Vol. XXXV, Studies in Italian Art History, I: Studies in Italian Art and Architecture, 15th Through 18th Centuries
108195: MILLS, LAURA K. - American Allegorical Prints: Constructing an Identity
158344: MILLS, JOHN - Carpets in Paintings
149792: MILLS, PAUL - Contemporary Bay Area Figurative Painting
128480: MILLS, JOHN - The Practice and History of Painting
132147: MILLS, SALLY - Japanese Influences in American Art 1853-1900
156720: MILLS, PAUL - David Park: Selected Works
130204: MILLS, CYNTHIA (EDITOR) - American Art [Summer 2008, Volume 22, Number 2]
139884: MILLS, CYNTHIA AND LEE GLAZER AND AMELIA A. GOERLITZ (EDITORS) - East-West Interchanges in American Art: A Long and Tumultuous Relationship
18104.1: MILLSTEIN, BARBARA HEAD; SARAH M. LOWE - Consuelo Kanaga: An American Photographer
18104: MILLSTEIN, BARBARA HEAD; SARAH M. LOWE - Consuelo Kanaga: An American Photographer
142795: MILMAN, EVALYN EDWARDS - American Artists Abroad: The European Influence
148824: MILNE, E.A. - Kinematic Relativity: A Sequel to Relativity, Gravitation and World Structure
101678: MILNE-TYTE, ASHLEY - Sculpture in Silk: Costumes from Japan's Noh Theater
17433: MILNER, JOHN - A Dictionary of Russian & Soviet Artists, 1420-1970
141112: MILNER, RICHARD - Charles R. Knight: The Artist Who Saw Through Time
17433.1: MILNER, JOHN - A Dictionary of Russian and Soviet Artists, 1420-1970
140967: MILNER, STEPHEN J. (EDITOR) - At the Margins: Minority Groups in Premodern Italy (Medieval Cultures)
149224: MILNER, JOHN - Vladimir Tatlin and the Russian Avant-Garde
125709: MILNER, JOHN - The Studios of Paris: The Capital of Art in the Late Nineteenth Century
119759: MILOSCH, JANE - Iowa 2002: New Art
125617: MILOSEVIC, MILOJE (EDITOR) - Materials for the Study of the Cultural Monuments of Vojvodina II
125615: MILOSEVIC, MILOJE (EDITOR) - Materials for the Study of the Cultural Monuments of Vojvodina I.
132471: MILOVAN FARRONATO - Hyunjhin Baik: Organism, Mechanism, Blurism
109134: MILOVANOFF, ANNY - Deserts: Desert Mystique/Peintures Et Photographies
16038: MILROY, ELIZABETH (EDITOR) - Guide to the Thomas Eakins Research Collection with a Lifetime Exhibition Record and Bibliography
117794: MILROY, ELIZABETH - Painters of a New Century: The Eight & American Art
112331: MILTON, JOHN - Areopagitica and Other Political Writings of John Milton
134657: MILTON I. D. EINSTEIN (ED); MAX A. GOLDSTEIN (ED) - Collectors' Marks
159754: MILTON, JOHN AND J. MAX PATRICK (EDITOR) - The Prose of John Milton, Selected and Edited from the Original Texts with Introductions, Notes, Translations, & Accounts of All of His Major Prose Writings (the Stuart Editions)
159400: MILTON, JOHN AND WILLIAM BLAKE - L'Allegro ; IL Penseroso
133327: MILTOUN, FRANCIS - Castles and Chateaux of Old Burgundy and the Border Provinces
8762: MILWAUKEE, WI: MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM, JULY 8 TO AUG. 20, 1989 - The Third Dimension: Sculptural Presence in Wisconsin Art
23645: MILWAUKEE, WI: MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM, OCT. 26, 1980 TO MAR. 15, 1981 - China That's Ancient and Blue": Porcelains from the Permanent Collection
8763: MILWAUKEE, WI: MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM, OCT. 31 TO DEC. 7, 1986 - On Site: Installations
26425: MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM: NOV 18, 1988- JAN 8, 1989 - Jennifer Bartlett: Recent Work
6315: MILWAUKEE, WI: NEW MILWAUKEE ARTS CENTER, OCT. 11 TO DEC. 2, 1979 - Emergence and Progression: Six Contemporary American Artists
18592: MILWAUKEE, WI: MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM, FEB. 14 TO MAY 12, 1985 - Two Centuries of American Drawing from the Permanent Collection
14201: MILWAUKEE, WI: MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM, APR. 8 TO AUG. 28, 1988 - 1888: Frederick Layton and His World
4110: MILWAUKEE, WI: MILWAUKEE ART CENTER, FEB.14 TO MAR. 23, 1980 - Raymond Gloeckler: A Retrospective, 1955-1979
9143: MILWAUKEE, WI: MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM, SEPT. 17 TO NOV. 1, 1981, FIVE OTHER LOCATIONS - American Folk Art: The Herbert Waide Hemphill Jr. Collection
136046: MILWAUKEE: MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM, SEPT-OCT 1984 - Wisconsin Directions 4
20344: MILWAUKEE, WI: MILWAUKEE ART CENTER, NO DATE - Man Ray: Photo Graphics from the Collection of Arnold H. Crane
456: MILWAUKEE, WI: MILWAUKEE ART CENTER, MARCH 3 TO APRIL 3, 1960 - American Painting, 1760 - 1960: A Selection of 125 Paintings from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Lawrence A. Fleischman, Detroit
144741: MILWAUKEE ART CENTER - Wisconsin Directions: September 19 Through November 2, 1975
110450: MINABE, R. AND T. KITAMURA - Yuji Takeoka
106598: MINDER, NICOLE ET AL. - Gravures de Marc Gonthier
132802: MINDY ELLEN MOAK - Prime Times: A Selection of Early American Prints
132803: MINDY ELLEN MONK - Early American Prints
160553: MINER, CAROLYN - In Pursuit of Caravaggio
31693: MINER, DOROTHY E. - The Development of Medieval Illumination As Related to the Evolution of Book Design
141364: MINER, DOROTHY (EDITOR) - The Journal of the Walters Art Gallery, Vols. I - X.
103234: MINER, ROY WALDO - Exhibition Halls of the American Museum of Natural History
150466: MINER, CAROLYN H. (EDITOR) - The Eternal Baroque: Studies in Honour of Jennifer Montagu
136540: MINER, AL - Ori Gersht: History Repeating
131293: MING-JEN, HSU; AMY CHENG; - Passing Scenery: Ming-Jen Hsu Drawing on Paper Solo Exhibition
138412: MING REN - Happy Accident: The New Work of Ming Ren = Un Heureux Hasard: Les Nouvelles Oeuvres de Ming Ren = Jing XI de Yi Wai : Ren Ming Xin Zuo
150676: MINGAY, G. E. (EDITOR) - The Victorian Countryside (2 Volumes)
12831: MINGUZZI, LUCIANO - Minguzzi (Luciano Minguzzi: First One-Man Exhibition in America of Bronze Sculptures and Drawings)
131940: MINISTERE D'ETAT AFFAIRES CULTURELLES, REUNION DES MUSEES NATIONAUX - Degas: Oeuvres Du Musee Du Louvre, Peintures, Pastels, Dessins, Sculptures
156919: MINNE-SEVE, VIVIANE AND HERVE KERGALL - Romanesque and Gothic France: Architecture and Sculpture
8843: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: WALKER ART CENTER, APR. 15 TO MAY 27, 1962, FIVE OTHER LOCATIONS - The Sculpture of Herbert Ferber
25545: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: WALKER ART CENTER, 1955, FIVE OTHER LOCATIONS - Expressionism, 1900-1955
2172: MINNEAPOLIS: WALKER ART CENTER, MAR. 30 TO MAY 19, 1957 - Stuart Davis
22221: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: WALKER ART CENTER, JUNE 1954 - Reality and Fantasy, 1900-1954
22134: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: UNIVERSITY GALLERY, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, OCT. 1 TO NOV. 7, 1982 - The Divided Heart: Scandinavian Immigrant Artists, 1850-1950
100190: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: WALKER ART CENTER, 1964 - Ford Madox Brown, 1821 - 1893
8494: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: WALKER ART CENTER, APR. 24 TO JUNE 28, 1953 - The Classic Tradition in Contemporary Art
36837: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: WOMEN'S ART REGISTRY OF MINNESOTA, JUNE TO JULY, 1984 - Private Collectors and Art by Women
24034: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: WALKER ART CENTER, SEPT. 23 TO NOV. 25, 1984 - Images and Impressions: Painters Who Print
4407: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: WALKER ART CENTER, NOV. 10 TO DEC. 30, 1973, FIVE OTHER LOCATIONS - Nevelson Wood Sculptures
2432: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: NOV. 27, 1963 TO JAN. 19, 1964 - Four Centuries of American Art
25684: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: WALKER ART CENTER, 1988 - Sculpture: Inside Outside
100116: MINNEAPOLIS INSTITUTE OF ARTS - Victorian High Renaissance; George Frederic Watts 1817-1904, Frederic Leighton 1830-96, Albert Moore 1841-93, Alfred Gilbert 1854-1934
19870: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: WALKER ART CENTER, OCT. 2 TO NOV. 27, 1977 - Scale and Environment: 10 Sculptors
14827: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: MINNEAPOLIS INSTITUTE OF ARTS, MAY 25 TO JULY 16, 1978, ONE OTHER LOCATION - James Tissot: Catalogue Raisonné of His Prints
17821: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: WALKER ART CENTER, OCT. 18, 1998 TO JAN. 10, 1999 - Unfinished History
16090: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: WALKER ART CENTER, JUNE 4, 1995 TO MAR. 15, 1996 - Joel Shapiro: Outdoors
9261: MINNEAPOLIS, MN: WALKER ART CENTER, MAY 4 TO JUNE 15, 1958 - 1958 Biennial: Paintings, Prints, Sculpture
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154990: MOSS, KAREN - Illumination: The Paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe, Agnes Pelton, Agnes Martin, and Florence Miller Pierce

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