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127103: MATVEJEVIC, PREDRAG; GEORGE HERSEY (ESSAYS) - Mediterranean: Mimmo Jodice Photographs
149649: MATZ, MARC J. AND HEIDI PRIBELL ECKSTEIN - The Historic Masterton-Dusenberry House, Bronxville, New York
153874: MAUBERT, FRANCK - Leon Gischia: L'Oeuvre Recente - Recent Work
103956: MAUCLAIR, CAMILLE AND J.-F. BOUCHER - Rome, Avec Trente Planches En Couleurs D'Apres Les Tableaux de Bouchor, Ornementations de David Burnand
36220000001: MAUCLAIR, CAMILLE - Histoire de la Miniature Feminine Francaise: Le Xviiie Siecle. - L'Empire. La Restauration
36220: MAUCLAIR, CAMILLE - Histoire de la Miniature Feminine Francaise: Le Xviiie Siecle. - L'Empire. La Restauration
149662: MAUCLAIR, CAMILLE AND PIERRE BELLANGER - Paul Jouve (Les Artistes Du Livre, 22)
149661: MAUCLAIR, CAMILLE AND LOUIS BARTHOU - Louis Legrand (Les Artistes Du Livre, 21)
127653: MAUL, TIM - Jill Moser: Sixteen Street
125698: MAUND, B. - The Botanic Garden; Consisting of Highly Finished Representaions of Handy Ornimental Flowering Plants, Cultivated in Great Britain (Vols. 1+2 Bound Together)
125702: MAUND, B. - The Botanic Garden; Consisting of Highly Finished Representaions of Handy Ornimental Flowering Plants, Cultivated in Great Britain (Vol. 5)
151968: MAUNER, GEORGE ET AL (EDITORS) - Paris: Center of Artistic Enlightment (Papers in Art History from the Pennsylvania State University) - Volulme IV
100455: MAUNER, GEORGE - Manet: The Still-Life Paintings
15832: MAUNER, GEORGE - Cuno Amiet, Giovanni Giacometti, Augusto Giacometti: Three Swiss Painters
145922: MAURAKIS, EUGENE G. AND N. ELIZABETH SCHLATTER - Structures of Nature: Photographs by Andreas Feininger
9438: MAUREEN C. O'BRIEN AND PATRICIA C.F. MANDEL - The American Painter-Etcher Movement
16401: MAUREL, ANDRÉ - La Sicile
31238: MAURER, EVAN. M. (ESSAYIST) - Max Ernst
107794: MAURER, EVAN M. AND MOLLY E. HENNEN - Symboles Sacres: Quatre Mille Ans D'Art Des Ameriques
110781: MAURER, EVAN M. - Sculpture of Africa: Selections from a Private Collection
122554: MAURER, STEPHEN G. - Solitude and Sunshine: Images of a Grand Canyon Childhood
154913: MAURER, GOLO - Michelangelo - Die Architekturzeichnungen. Entwurfprozess Und Planungspraxis
133053: MAURER, EVAN - The Intelligence of Forms: An Artist Collects African Arts
157899: MAURER, DAVID W. ET AL. - Language of the Underworld
160757: MAURER, SIMON - Nyima: Annelies ŠTrba
132854: MAURICE HAMEL - Corot and His Works (2 Volumes)
133672: MAURICE THOMPSON - Poems
139966: MAURIES, PATRICK - Cabinets of Curiosities
157946: MAURIZI, ELVERIO - XVI Festival Di Spoleto 1973: Un Laboratorio Stamperia Per la Nuova Folio
107495: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Climats Avec Vingt-Quatre Gouaches de Jean Hugo
15195: MAURONER, FABIO - Luca Carlevarijs
134716: MAURY, M.F. - The Physical Geography of the Sea
121499: MAURY, FRANCOIS - L'Effort Militaire de la France
152253: MAUST, DON (EDITOR) - Collectable Chinese Art and Antiques: A Collection of Information on Classic and Common Chinese Art Objects That Will Teach One to Recognize Good Chinese Art and Antique Collectables
115755: MAUZE, MARIE ET AL. - Collection Robert Lebel
151050: MAVOR, CAROL - Alice Maher: Portraits
114797: MAVOR, CAROL - Reading Boyishly: Roland Barthes, J.M. Barrie, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Marcel Proust, and D.W. Winnicott
146835: MAVRODINA, N.M. - Iskusstvo Yekaterinburgskikh Kamnerezov: Katalog / Ekaterinburg Lapidary Art: Catalogue
155064: MAVROTAS, TAKIS (EDITOR) - Giorgio de Chirico and Greece: Voyage Through Memory
152332: MAWDSLEY, RICHARD - I Used to Hang out Here: A Work in Progress: Long Hours, No Pay
115302: MAWSON, THOMAS H. - CIVIC Art: Studies in Town Planning, Parks, Boulevards and Open Spaces
156873: MAX J FRIEDLÄNDER; NICOLE VERONEE-VERHAEGEN - Early Netherlandish Painting, Volume II: Rogier Van Der Weyden and the Master of Flemalle
156876: MAX J FRIEDLÄNDER; NICOLE VERONEE-VERHAEGEN - Early Netherlandish Painting, Volume III: Dieric Bouts and Joos Van Gent
156878: MAX J FRIEDLÄNDER; H. PAUWELS - Early Netherlandish Painting, Volume VII: Quentin Massys
156867: MAX J FRIEDLÄNDER; ERWIN PANOFSKY; NICOLE VERONEE-VERHAEGEN - Early Netherlandish Painting, Volume I: The Van Eycks Petrus Christus
156868: MAX J FRIEDLÄNDER; NICOLE VERONEE-VERHAEGEN - Early Netherlandish Painting, Volume IV: Hugo Van Der Goes
156870: MAX J FRIEDLÄNDER; NICOLE VERONEE-VERHAEGEN - Early Netherlandish Painting, Volume V: Geertgen Tot Sint Jans and Jerome Bosch
134227: MAX BILL; ET AL. - Moderne Schweizer Architektur / Architecture Moderne Suisse / Modern Swiss Architecture 1925-1945
156881: MAX J FRIEDLÄNDER ; HENRI PAUWELS ; MONIQUE GIERTS - Early Netherlandish Painting, Volume IX, Parts I and II: Joos Van Cleve, Jan Provost, Joachim Patenier (2 Volumes)
155903: MAXFIELD, VALERIE A. - The Military Decorations of the Roman Army
124875: MAXIM, DAVID - David Maxim: Figures
135689: MAXIMOVICH-AMBODIK, NESTOR, WITH A. E. MAKHOV - Emblemy I Simvoly (Emblems and Symbols)
142182: MAXON, GAYLE - A Selection of Paintings from the Gerald Peters Collection
158810: MAXON, GAYLE - George Carlson: The Spirit of the Tarahumara
146089: MAXTONE-GRAHAM, JOHN - Normandie: France's Legendary Art Deco Ocean Liner
34234: MAXWELL GALLERIES, SAN FRANCISCO, CA: JUNE 11 TO JULY 10, 1976 - Frederick Rhodes Sisson, 1893 - 1962
114433: MAXWELL, JUDITH KAFKA WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY WANDA M. CORN - Anna Richards Brewster, American Impressionist
123368: MAXWELL, PERRITON (EDITOR) - Masterpieces of Art and Nature: A Choice Collection of Faithful Reproductions from the Works of Famous Artists, Together with a Series of Photographic Views of the Most Interesting Places in the World; in Three Books
33480: MAXWELL, DOUGLAS F. - Maria Tomasula: Second Nature
140734: MAXWELL DAVIDSON GALLERY - Barbara Kassel, New Work, New York
152701: MAXWELL, ROBYN - Textiles of Southeast Asia: Tradition, Trade and Transformation
153267: MAXWELL, JAMES - The Analectic Magazine (New Series), Vol. II July to December 1820
112281: MAXWELL, KENNETH - Conflicts & Conspiracies: Brazil and Portugal 1750-1808
15259: MAXWELL GALLERIES, SAN FRANCISCO, CA: SEPT. 22 TO OCT. 28, 1989 - Karl Baumann
160435: MAXWELL, MOREAU S. - Prehistory of the Eastern Arctic
143131.1: MAXWELL DAVIDSON GALLERY - Henri Matisse: Selected Drawings from 1907 to 1952
18224: MAXWELL, RACHEL ROBERTSON - Susan Rothenberg: The Prints (a Catalogue Raisonné)
2841: MAXWELL GALLERIES - Theodore Earl Butler (1860-1936), American Impressionist
143131: MAXWELL DAVIDSON GALLERY - Henri Matisse: Selected Drawings from 1907 to 1952
128090: MAXYM, LUCY - Russian Lacquer, Legends and Fairy Tales
35004: MAY, STEVEN W. (EDITOR) - Queen Elizabeth I: Selected Works
149972: MAY, PHIL AND MELBOURNE BRINDLE - Twenty Silver Ghosts: Rolls Royce -- the Incomparable Pre-World War I Motorcar, 1907-1914
158182: MAY, FLORENCE LEWIS - Silk Textiles of Spain: Eighth to Fifteenth Century (Hispanic Notes & Monographs)
106272: MAY, JOHN - Victoria Remembered: A Royal History 1817-1861, Entirely Illustrated with Commemoratives
152612: MAY, JOHN AND JENNIFER MAY - Commemorative Pottery 1780-1900: A Guide for Collectors
137318: MAYANS, ERNESTO - Haddock: A Painter's Life
140141: MAYASOVA, N.A. - Drevnerusskoye Shit'Ye (Old Russian Embroidery), (la Broderie Russe Ancienne)
120454: MAYASOVOY, NATALIYA WITH I. NILOAEV AND K. KUSHNAREV - Pamyatnik S Solovetskikh Ostrovov: Ikona "Bogomater' Bogoliubskaya S Zhitiyami Zosimy I Savvatiya" 1545 G. (Icon from Solovetskiye Islands: Icon "the Virgin Bololyubskaya) with Scenes from the Lives of Ss Zosima and Savvati. 1545
144694: MAYASOVOY, NATALIYA WITH I. NILOAEV AND K. KUSHNAREV - Pamyatnik S Solovetskikh Ostrovov: Ikona "Bogomater' Bogoliubskaya S Zhitiyami Zosimy I Savvatiya" 1545 G. (Icon from Solovetskiye Islands: Icon "the Virgin Bololyubskaya) with Scenes from the Lives of Ss Zosima and Savvati. 1545
124434: MAYEKAWA, SEIRO ET AL. - Masterpieces from the Vatican-Japan 1989
117623: MAYER-MEINTSCHEL, ANNALIESE WITH OTHERS - Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister Dresden: Katalog Der Ausgestellten Werke
107906: MAYER, DR. AUGUST L. - Alt-Spanien: Architektur Und Kunstgewerbe Des Auslandes
136597: MAYER, MARC - Being & Time: The Emergence of Video Projection -- Willie Doherty, Gary Hill, Bruce Nauman, Tony Oursler, Diana Thater, Bill Viola
114053: MAYER, STEPHANIE - First Exposure: The Sketchbooks and Photographs of Theodore Robinson
33036: MAYER STINCHECUM, AMANDA - Kosode: 16th - 19th Century Textiles from the Nomura Collection
801: MAYER, ANNE E. (INTRODUCTION) - Women Artists in the Howard Pyle Tradition
134536: MAYER, ALFRED GOLDSBOROUGH - Medusae of the World, 3 Volume Set (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 109)
102768: MAYER, MARC (EDITOR) - Basquiat
124638: MAYER, AUGUST L. - Die Kunstsammlungen Baron Heyl, Darmstadt: Erster Teil
103998: MAYER, AUGUST L. - Francisco de Goya
138902: MAYER, AUGUST L. - Dibujos Originales de Maestros Espanoles, 150 Apuntes Y Estudios de Artistas Del Siglo XVI Hasta El Siglo XIX E Escogidos
17288: MAYER, MARC - Being & Time: The Emergence of Video Projection
11624: MAYER, AUGUST L. - El Greco: Eine Einfuhrung in Das Leben Und Wirken Des Domenico Theotocopuli Genannt El Greco
141697: MAYER, GRACE M. - Once Upon a City, New York from 1890 to 1910
115804: MAYER, RALPH - The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques
151018: MAYER, ANDRE - King's Chapel the First Century, 1686-1787
124453: MAYER, RALPH - The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques
108129: MAYER, JAN PERRY - The Jan Perry Mayer Collection of Works on Paper
127044: MAYER, JOYCE HARRIS - Winds of My Mind
16918: MAYER, AUGUST L. - Diego Velazquez
160119: MAYER, A.G. ET AL. - Papers from the Tortugas Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Volume VI
103049: MAYER, RALPH - Some Notes on Nineteenth Century Canvas Makers (Reprinted from Technical Studies, January 1942)
136343: MAYER-KUCKUK, THEO - Der Gebrochene Spiegel: Symmetrie, Symmetriebrechung Und Ordnung in Der Natur
111300: MAYERS, FLORENCE CASSEN - ABC: Musical Instruments from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
135588: MAYES, STEPHEN, ED - This Critical Mirror: 40 Years of World Press Photo
137012: MAYFIELD, SIGNE - Marriage in Form: Kay Sekimachi & Bob Stocksdale, 26 September 1993-2 January 1994
129960: MAYFIELD, SIGNE ET AL. - The Miniature Worlds of Bruce Metcalf
158288: MAYHEW, HENRY ET AL. - Punch, or the London Charivari: July 1, 1841, to December 31, 1842 (with Almanacks, Introductory Notes, &C. ); New Library Series [Vols. I-III in One Book]
23248: MAYLE, PETER - Provence
150954: MAYNARD, W. BARKSDALE - Buildings of Delaware
25943: MAYNARD, SAMUEL T. - Landscape Gardening As Applied to Home Decoration
112396: MAYNARD, W. BARKSDALE - Architecture in the United States, 1800-1850
133949: MAYNARD, THOMAS - Carven from the Laurel Tree
156313: MAYNARD, W. BARKSDALE - Architecture in the United States, 1800-1850
36469: MAYNE, RUTHEFORD - The Drone a Play in Three Acts
36470: MAYNE, RUTHEFORD - The Turn of the Road... A Play in Two Scenes and an Epilogue
36473: MAYNE, RUTHEFORD - The Troth a Play in One Act
3215: MAYO, MARCIA (ED.) - Art in the Residence, Paris
111180: MAYO, MARTI - Perspectives @ 25: A Quarter Century of New Art in Houston
157502: MAYO, MARY E. - Sixteen Hundred Lines to Pilgrims: Lineage Book III
34838: MAYO, PAMELA ELIZABETH - Cordray Simmons & Lue Osborne
28309: MAYO, BERNARD - Another Peppercorn for Mr. Jefferson
153083: MAYO, NURIA ENGUITA ET AL. - Lynne Cohen
101578: MAYO, MARTI - Robert Morris: Selected Works 1970-1980
24124: MAYO, MARTI; TED CASTLE; ET AL. - Arbitrary Order: Paintings by Pat Steir
116619: MAYOR, A. HYATT - A. Hyatt Mayor: Selected Writings and a Bibliography
25070: MAYOR, A HYATT (INTRODUCTION) - A Century of American Sculpture: Treasures from Brookgreen Gardens
139636: MAYOR, A. HYATT - Small Bronzes and Sketches by Anna Hyatt Huntington
105232: MAYOR, SUSAN - Collecting Fans
158207: MAYOR, A. HYATT - Goya: 67 Drawings
145100: MAYOU, ROGER MARCEL - Bruno Baeriswyl
158478: MAYUYAMA, JUNKICHI (EDITOR) - Chinese Ceramics in the West: A Compendium of Chinese Ceramic Masterpieces in European and American Collection = -Bei Sh Z Ch Goku T Ji Zuroku
15954: MAYUYAMA & CO, TOKYO, JAPAN: 1976 - Mayuyama, Seventy Years (2 Vol. Set)
111848: MAZANTI, LOUISE - The Danes: Contemporary Glass at Heller Gallery
129387: MAZENOD, LUCIENNE ; DOMINIQUE AURY; MARIE-JEANNE DURRY; ET AL. - Les Femmes Celebres. Tome 1; la Galerie Des Hommes CéLèbres Collection Créee Et Dirigée Par Lucien Mazenod
18082: MAZI, JOYANT & CO. GALERIE, PARIS, FRANCE: MAR. 13-14, 1919 - Collection Manzi: Tableaux, Pastels, Aquarelles, Dessins Par Aman-Jean, Barye, J. -L. , Brown, Carriere, Cassatt, Casals, Corot, Couture, David, Delacroix, Delcourt, Helleu, Ingres, Etc.
159890: MAZO, JOSEPH AND HELEN LAWRENSON - Geoffrey Holder: The Painter
116813: MAZOW, LEO - Rob Evans: Natural Forces
127682: MAZOW, LEO G.; AND KEVIN M. MURPHY - Taxing Visions: Financial Episodes in Late Nineteenth-Century American Art
103763: MAZOW, LEO G. (EDITOR) - Picturing the Banjo
114002: MAZOW, LEO G. - Shallow Creek: Thomas Hart Benton and American Waterways
36540: MAZOW, LEO G. - John Covert Rediscovered
146988: MAZOW, LEO G. ET AL. - Scherer & Ouporov: Dream Ikons
145391: MAZOW, LEO - William Glackens: Works and Process
24104: MAZOW, LEO - George Inness: The 1880s and 1890s
127455: MAZUR, GRACE DANE - Hinges: Meditations on the Portals of the Imagination
139795: MAZUREK, JOY - Antibody Assay to Characterize Binding Media in Paint
122544: MAZZA, MIRIAM FILETI - Storia Di Una Collezione Dai Libri Di Disegni E Stampe Di Leopoldo de' Medici All 'Eta Moderna
109325: MAZZARIOL, GIUSEPPE - Da Torcello a Murano
157959: MAZZINI, F. AND G.A. DELL'ACQUA - Affreschi Lombardi Del Quattrocento
113635: MAZZOCCA, FERNANDO - Le Bateau de Recreation Ovvero Album Romantico 1820-1850
107709: MAZZOCCA, FERNANDO AND CARLO SISI - I Macchiaioli Prima Dell' Impressionismo
112509: MAZZOCCA, FERNANDO AND GIANNI VENTURI - Antonio Canova: La Cultura Figurativa E Letteraria Dei Grandi Centri Italiani, Vol. 1 - Venezia E Roma
150668: MAZZOLENI, LIBERA AND GRAZIELLA LONGONI - Vorrei Incontrare IL Cuore Del Mondo: Libera Mazzoleni
130369: MAZZOLENI, LIBERA - Atlante Del Mondo : La Mappa Del Potere = Atlas of the World : The Map of Power
115426: MAZZONI, OFELIA - Con la Duse: Ricordi E Aneddoti
129737: MAZZONIS, GREGORIO; DANIELA PALAZZOLI; ASSOCIAZIONE AMICI TORINESI DELL'ARTE CONTEMPORANEA.; ET AL. - Amici Torinesi Dell'Arte Contemporanea: 40 - Quarantanni = Friends of Contemporary Art in Turin. Forty Years
114210: MAZZONIS, CESARE - Lucio Silla: Dramma Per Musica in Tre Atti
154874: MAZZOTTI, GIUSEPPE - Palladian and Other Venetian Villas
16079: MB MODERN, NY: MAR. 12-27, 1999 - Edgar Levy (1907-1975): Surveying an American Modernist
18043: MB MODERN, NY: MAY 5-20, 2000 - Raoul Middleman: Recent Paintings
115977: MCADAMS, DONA ANN - The Garden of Eden
101979: MCALESTER, VIRGINIA AND LEE MCALESTER - Great American Houses and Their Architectural Styles
146014: MCALPINE, BOBBY AND SUSAN SULLY - The Home Within Us: Romantic Houses, Evocative Rooms
144857: MCANDREW, JOHN - Venetian Architecture of the Early Renaissance
159815: MCARTHUR, KATHERINA AND KATE GANZ - Vincenzo Gemito (1852-1929): Drawings & Sculpture in Naples & Rome
16554: MCARTHUR, JILL - Dissolution
159416: MCATEER, MICHAEL - Yeats and European Drama
154850: MCBREEN, ELLEN - Matisse's Sculpture: The Pinup and the Primitive
22217: MCBRIDE, HENRY ET AL. - John Marin: Watercolors, Oil Paintings, Etchings
121983: MCBRIDE, HENRY (FOREWORD) - Sculpture by Nakian (the New Deal in Portraiture)
933: MCBRIDE, HENRY; GEORGE BELLOWS - George Bellows: A Retrospective Exhibition
100889: MCBURNEY, HENRIETTA - Mark Catesby's Natural History of America. The Watercolors from the Royal Library, Windsor Castle
150877: MCCABE, HELEN - Houses and Gardens of Cornwall: A Personal Choice
9476.1: MCCABE, CYNTHIA JAFFEE - The Golden Door: Artist-Immigrants of America, 1876-1976
111855: MCCABE, ROBERT A. AND KATHERINE HARPER MEAD - The Bird in Natural History: Before, During & After Audubon
15854: MCCABE, CYNTHIA JAFFEE - Fernando Botero
135233: MCCALL, ETTIE TIDWELL (MRS. HOWARD H. MCCALL), COMP - Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers of Georgia
140183: MCCALL, WALTER M. P. - Seagrave 70th Anniversary Series Photo Archive
142392: MCCALL, DEWITT CLINTON III AND RUTH MORGAN MCCALL - California Artists, 1935 to 1956
113726: MCCANDLESS, BARBARA AND JOHN ROHRBACH - Singular Moments: Photographs from the Amon Carter Museum
151925: MCCANN, NICK - Leeds Castle
159601: MCCANN, MARGARET (EDITOR) - The Figure: Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture: Contemporary Perspectives
155859: MCCANN, ANNA MARGUERITE - The Portraits of Septimius Severus (A.D. 193-211) (Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome, Volume XXX)
144305: MCCANN, DAVID R. (ED.) - Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture (Volumes One and Two)
156026: MCCANN, ANNA MARGUERITE - Roman Sarcophagi in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
159318: MCCANN MORLEY, GRACE L. - 16th Annual Watercolor Exhibition San Francisco Art Association
151304: MCCARROLL, STACEY - California Dreamin' : Camera Clubs and the Pictorial Photography Tradition
4331: MCCARRON, PAUL - Martin Lewis Retrospective Exhibition
25711: MCCARTER, J.M. AND B.F. JACKSON (EDITORS) - Historical and Biographical Encyclopedia of Delaware
151603: MCCARTER, ROBERT - Frank Lloyd Wright
157975: MCCARTER, ROBERT AND WIEL ARETS - Wiel Arets: Autobiographical References
157236: MCCARTER, ROBERT - Carlo Scarpa
160015: MCCARTHY, ALEXA - Cycle of Life in Print: Salvador Dali
123976: MCCARTHY, PAUL - Paul Mccarthy: Piccadilly Circus / Bunker Basement (2-Volume Set)
21255: MCCARTHY, KATHLEEN D. - Women's Culture: American Philanthropy and Art, 1830-1930
121264: MCCARTHY, LILIANE (ED.) AND HELENE BRANDT - Parameters: Helene Brandt
142919: MCCARTHY, FREDERICK D. - Australian Aboriginal Art: Bark Paintings, Carved Figures, Sacred and Secular Objects
149950: MCCARTNEY, LINDA AND LOUIS A, ZONA - Roadworks: Photographs by Linda Mccartney
19478: MCCARTY, CARA AND MATILDA MCQUAID - Structure and Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles
114453: MCCARTY, CARA - Mario Bellini, Designer
157181: MCCAUGHEY, PATRICK - Fred Williams 1927-1982
155587: MCCAUGHEY, PATRICK - Henry Moore and the Heroic: A Centenary Tribute
126181: MCCAUGHEY, PATRICK - Fred Williams 1927-1982
141634: MCCAULEY, ELIZABETH ANNE - Raymond Jonson: The Early Years
142436: MCCAULEY, ELIZABETH ANNE - Likenesses: Portrait Photography in Europe 1850-1870
135: MCCAUSLAND, ELIZABETH - A.H. Maurer: A Biography of America's First Modern Painter
580.2: MCCAUSLAND, ELIZABETH - George Inness: An American Landscape Painter, 1825-1894
21864: MCCAUSLAND, ELIZABETH - New York in the Thirties As Photographed by Berenice Abbott (Formerly Titled Changing New York)
4374: MCCAUSLAND, ELIZABETH - A.H. Maurer's Statement
580000001: MCCAUSLAND, ELIZABETH - George Inness: An American Landscape Painter, 1825-1894
1350: MCCAUSLAND, ELIZABETH - A.H. Maurer, 1868-1932
155262: MCCAUSLAND, ELIZABETH - Marsden Hartley
580: MCCAUSLAND, ELIZABETH - George Inness: An American Landscape Painter, 1825-1894
4540: MCCAUSLAND, WALTER - Paintings by Lars Gustaf Sellstedt
874000002: MCCAUSLAND, ELIZABETH - The Life and Work of Edward Lamson Henry, N.A. , 1841-1919 (N.Y. State Museum Bulletin Number 339) (Library of American Art Series)
129835: MCCLANCY, ELIZABETH (EDITOR) - Democratic Principles: Portraits and Essays: Paintings by Elizabeth Mcclancy
139164: MCCLASKEY, BERYL ROGERS AND CARL LINFERT - Prolog I: A Portfolio of Contemporary German Drawings and Prints Selected by a Group of American and German Residents of Berlin = Zeichnungen Und Graphik Lebender Deutscher Kunstler Ausgewahlt Von Einer Gruppe Von Deutschen Und Amerikanern in Berlin
118933: MCCLELLAN, ELISABETH - Historic Dress in America,1800-1870 (Volume 2 Only of a 2-Volume Set)
118533: MCCLELLAN, ANDREW - Inventing the Louvre: Art, Politics, and the Origins of the Modern Museum in Eighteenth-Century Paris
113037: MCCLELLAN, ROBERT J. - The Delaware Canal: A Picture Story
33257: MCCLELLAN, ELIZABETH - History of American Costume
123248: MCCLELLAN, DOUGLAS ET AL. - Albert Stewart
140994: MCCLELLAND, ELIZABETH - The Art of Mary Lou Ferbert
24290: MCCLELLAND, GORDON T. AND BARBARA FRAME - Point of View: The Paintings of Robert Frame
128881: MCCLELLAND, NANCY AND HENRI CLOUZOT - Historic Wall-Papers: From Their Inception to the Introduction of Machinery
142374: MCCLELLAND, GORDON T. AND JAY T. LAST - The California Style: California Watercolor Artists 1925-1955
128169: MCCLELLAND, ELIZABETH - The Art of Mary Lou Ferbert
4216: MCCLELLAND, DONALD R. - Where Shadows Live: Alice Pike Barney and Her Friends
105031.1: MCCLELLAND, NANCY - Duncan Phyfe and the English Regency, 1795-1830
152393: MCCLELLAND, ELIZABETH - The Art of Shirley Aley Campbell
25817: MCCLELLAND, JAMES ET AL. - George Robert Bonfield: Philadelphia Marine Painter, 1805-1898
138273: MCCLELLAND, ELIZABETH AND ELLEN JOHNSON - Cosmic Rhythms: Athena Tacha's Public Sculpture
137474: MCCLELLAND, GORDON T. - Emil Kosa Jr. , 1903-1968
150274: MCCLESKEY, TURK - The Road to Black Ned's Forge: A Story of Race, Sex, and Trade on the Colonial American Frontier
143860: MCCLINTIC, MIRANDA - Interaction: Light, Sound, Motion: Technology and Art
35865: MCCLINTIC, MIRANDA - Directions 1981, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Smithsonian Institution
114066: MCCLINTIC, MIRANDA - Sara Garden Armstrong - Distant Views: Works on Paper
103212: MCCLINTOCK, MARTHA, ET AL. - Ukiyo-E from the Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, Ma
28033: MCCLINTON, KATHARINE M. - Collecting American 19th Century Silver
105427: MCCLINTON, KATHARINE MORRISON - Lalique for Collectors
1528: MCCLINTON, KATHARINE M. - The Chromolithographs of Louis Prang
106201: MCCLINTON, KATHARINE MORRISON - Collecting American Victorian Antiques
156229: MCCLOSKEY, ROBERT J. - Mediterranean Quarterly: A Journal of Global Issues, Volume I, Number I.
3983: MCCLOY, WILLIAM ASHBY AND MICHAEL BAIGELL, ET AL. - John Steuart Curry: A Retrospective Exhibition of His Work
119160: MCCLUSKEY, PAMELA - African Masks and Muses
603: MCCOLLEY, SUTHERLAND - The Works of James Renwick Brevoort, 1832-1918: American Landscape Painter
152419: MCCOLLEY, SUTHERLAND - The Hudson River Invitational
27399: MCCOMAS, TOM, AND JAMES TUOHY - Lionel, a Collector's Guide and History: Volume V, the Archives
27400: MCCOMAS, TOM, AND JAMES TUOHY - Lionel, a Collector's Guide and History: Volume IV, 1970 - 1980
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