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147647: MAES, GAETANE - Les Watteau de Lille: Louis Watteau (1731-1798), Francois Watteau (1758-1823)
114388: MAETZKE, ANNA MARIA AND NICOLA FRUSCOLONI - IL Polittico Di Lorenzo Di Niccolo Della Chiesa Di San Domenico in Cortona Dopo IL Restauro
150116: MAFFEI, DOMENICO - Un'Epitome in Volgare Del "Liber Augustalis": IL Testo Quattrocentesco
132243: MAFFIA, DANTE - Susan Luppino
144854: MAGAZINER, HENRY JONAS AND ROBERT D. GOLDING - The Golden Age of Ironwork
110106: MAGDOLNA, B. SUPKA - Gadanyi Jeno
129223: MAGEE, ALAN - Stones and Other Works
152418: MAGEE, CHARLES ET AL. - Contemporary American Prints on Display in the Residence of the U.S. Consul General, Leningrad / Sovremennaya Amerikanskaya Gravyura Demonstriruetsya V Residentsii General'Nogo Konsula Ssha V Lennigrade
147465: MAGGIO, MEG (EDITOR) - LI Jin
147466: MAGGIO, MEG (EDITOR) - LI Jin
147496: MAGGIONI, LAURA - Rodin L'Accident, L'Aleatoire
145325: MAGINNIS, CHARLES D. - The Work of Cram and Ferguson Architects, Including Work by Cram, Goodhue, and Ferguson
157534: MAGNAGUAGNO, GUIDO AND JURI STEINER - Arnold Bocklin, Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst: Eine Reise Ins Ungewisse
104663: MAGNIN, NICOLE S. AND GALERIE MAEGHT IN PARIS - Catalogue de L'Oeuvre de Georges Braque Peintures 1924 - 1927
129214: MAGNIN, NICOLE S. AND GALERIE MAEGHT IN PARIS - Catalogue de L'Oeuvre de Georges Braque Peintures 1942 - 1947
129616: MAGNIN, NICOLE S. AND GALERIE MAEGHT IN PARIS - Catalogue de L'Oeuvre de Georges Braque Peintures 1936 - 1941
110685: MAGNUSSON, GUOMUNDUR ODDUR - Mot - Honnun a Islandi / Design in Iceland
159787: MAGNUSSON, BORJE - Rafael Teckningar : En Utstallning Ingaende I Nationalmuseums 200-Arsjubileum
33666: MAGNUSSON, CARL - The Modern Chair: Its Origins and Evolution
152976: MAGOFFIN, RALPH VAN DEMAN - The Roman Forum: The Greatest Small Spot on Earth
104025: MAGOUN, F. ALEXANDER - The Frigate Constitution and Other Historic Ships
139997: MAGOWAN, ROBIN. GIPPENREITER, VADIM (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Fabled Cities of Central Asia: Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva
114154: MAGRI, GIORGIO - Puccini E le Sue Rime
115682: MAGUGLIN, ROBERT O. - The Official Pictorial History: The Queen Mary
150048: MAGUIN, FREDERIC - Tresors Artistiques de Nancy
150874: MAGUIRE, W.A. - The Downshire Estates in Ireland 1801-1845: The Management of Irish Landed Estates in the Early Nineteenth Century
155985: MAGUIRE, EUNICE DAUTERMAN ET AL. - Art and Holy Powers in the Early Christian House
152123: MAH, SÉRGIO AND JOSÉ GÓMEZ ISLA - Harold Edgerton: The Anatomy of Movement = Anatomia Del Movimiento
142922: MAHBOUBIAN, MEHDI - Treasures of Persian Art
25864: MAHE, JOHN AND ROSANNE MCCAFFREY EDS - Encyclopaedia of New Orleans Artists 1718-1918
144966: MAHER, THOMAS K. ET AL. - La Hacienda: The John L. Jerome Collection
160219: MAHESH YOGI - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the Bhagavad-Gita: A New Translation and Commentary with Sanskrit Text. Chapters 1 to 6
119962: MAHLER, HANNES MALTE (CURATOR) - Wildwuchs: Interventionen Aktueller Kunst
20680: MAHLER, JANE GASTON - The Westerners Among the Figurines of the T' Ang Dynasty of China
125965: MAHLER, W. L. - Ornamental Casting
117298: MAHON, DENIS AND NICHOLAS TURNER - The Drawings of Guercino in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen at Windsor Castle
116549: MAHON, DENIS (ED.) - Nicolas Poussin: I Primi Anni Romani
116585: MAHON, DENIS (CURATOR) - IL Guercino: Catalogo Critico Dei Disegni
116584: MAHON, DENIS (CURATOR) - IL Guercino: Catalogo Critico Dei Dipinti
159689: MAHON, DENIS AND NICHOLAS TURNER - The Drawings of Guercino in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen at Windsor Castle
159583: MAHON, DENIS AND NICHOLAS TURNER - Guercino: Master Painter of the Baroque
137884.1: MAHON, DENIS - Poussiniana: Afterthoughts Arising from the Exhibition
137884: MAHON, DENIS - Poussiniana: Afterthoughts Arising from the Exhibition
147905: MAHONEY, LAUREN - Helen Frankenthaler and David Smith
108558: MAHONEY, ROBERT - Leslie Wayne
155686: MAHONEY, ROBERT AND PAUL LAMARRE - Paul Lamarre. Everything I Do Is Art. My Life Is Not My Own (Eidia)
138162: MAHONEY, ROBERT - Bruce Helander: Curious Collage
106034: MAHONY, CONOR AND KHALIL RIZK - Important Chinese Export Porcelain from Kangxi to Jiaqing
33648: MAHONY, CONOR AND KHALIL RIZK (FOREWORD) - From Paris to St. Petersburg: Important French and Russian Furniture and Works of Art
145745: MAHONY, BERTHA E. AND LOUISE PAYSON LATIMER AND BEULAH FOLMSBEE - Illustrators of Children's Books 1744-1945
141430: MAHSUN, CAROL ANNE - Pop Art and the Critics
151306: MAI, EKKEHARD ET AL. - Roelant Savery in Seiner Zeit (1576-1639)
151539: MAIA, TOMÁS - Francisco Tropa: Gigante = Giant
149336: MAIER, CHARLES S. - Recasting Bourgeois Europe: Stabalization in France, Germany, and Italy in the Decade After World War I (with a New Preface)
160430: MAIER, F.G. AND V. KARAGEORGHIS - Paphos : History and Archaeology
125498: MAILAND, HAROLD F. - Considerations for the Care of Textiles and Costumes: A Handbook for the Non-Specialist
157507: MAILER, NORMAN - The Naked and the Dead
117100: MAILEY, JEAN - Embroidery of Imperial China
132476: MAILEY MELOY; GEORGE SLADE - Lydia Panas: The Mark of Abel
115632: MAILLARD, ROBERT - New Dictionary of Modern Sculpture
110974: MAIN, KARI M. - Please Be Seated: Contemporary Studio Seating Furniture
143263: MAIN, F.W. - Main Springs & Flat Wheels
104214: MAINARDI, PATRICIA - Art and Politics of the Second Empire : The Universal Expositions of 1855 and 1867
127429: MAINARDI, PATRICIA - The End of the Salon: Art and the State in the Early Third Republic
106741: MAINARDI, ROBERT - Strong Man: Vintage Photos of a Masculine Icon
158267: MAINE, STEPHEN - Steven Baris: Geometries of Flow
159626: MAINO, DONATELLA BIAGI - Gaetano Gandolfi (Archivi Di Arte Antica)
159627: MAINO, DONATELLA BIAGI - Ubaldo Gandolfi (Archivi Di Arte Antica)
108130: MAINPRIZE, GARY - The National Gallery of Canada: A Hundred Years of Exhibitions - List and Index
156405: MAINSTONE, ROWLAND J. - Hagia Sophia: Architecture, Structure and Liturgy of Justinian's Great Church
138319: MAIR, LOUISA - Jim Dine
123540: MAIR, ROSLIN - Key Dates in Art History from 600 Bc to the Present
107923: MAISEL, DAVID - The Lake Project
156450: MAJ, BIANCA MARIA FELLETTI - Museo Nazionale Romano: I Ritratti (Cataloghi Dei Musei E Gallerie D'Italia)
150682: MAJANLAHTI, ANTHONY - The Families Who Made Rome: A History and a Guide
16552: MAJARO-MINTZ, LEA - More Conversations in Clay
16551: MAJARO-MINTZ, LEA - Conversations in Clay
125977: MAJFUD, JORGE (PROLOGUE TEXT) - Hiroshima, Truman: An Anthology
147875: MAJLIS, BRIGITTE KHAN - The Art of Indonesian Textiles: The E.M. Bakwin Collection at the Art Institute of Chicago
134822: MAJOR SERPA PINTO; ALFRED ELWES (TRANSL) - How I Crossed Africa: From the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, Through Unknown Countries; Discovery of the Great Zambesi Affluents, &C. In Two Volumes. Vol. I--the King's Rifle. Vol. II--the Coillard Family
138638: MAJOR, JUDITH K. - Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer: A Landscape Critic in the Gilded Age
103448: MAJOREL, DENISE - Contemporary French Tapestries
136723: MAKARIUS, MICHEL - Ruins
140176: MAKAROV, K.A. - Sovetskoe Dekorativnoe Iskusstvo (Soviet Decorative Arts)
135609: MAKAROVSKAIA, G. A. - Russkie Shali = Russian Printed Shawls
153614: MAKELA, MARIA ET AL. - Lovis Corinth, 1858-1925: Prints, Drawings and Watercolors from the Family Collection = Druckgraphik, Zeichnungen, Aquarelle Aus Dem Nachlass Des Kunstlers
150374: MAKIGUCHI, CHINATSU ET AL. - Reading Cinema, Finding Words: Art After Marcel Broodthaers = Eiga O Meguru Bijutsu : Maruseru Bur T Su Kara Hajimeru
104908: MAKINSON, RANDELL L. - Greene & Greene Furniture and Related Designs, Volume 2
110035: MAKISON, RANDELL L. - Greene and Greene
117123: MAKOTO, OOKA - Voix D'Argile: Fance Franck
160496: MALACHI, MIRIAM - Unfolding Worlds: Japanese Screens from the Gitter-Yelen Collection
117898: MALAGOLI, LUIGI - IL Primo Leopardi
141123: MALAGUZZI, FRANCESCO - Bibliofilia Subalpina Quaderno 2007
146940: MALAKHOV, NIKOLAI - Fedoskino
34785: MALAM, JOHN - Journal of the Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society, Volume 4
149213: MALAMUD, BERNARD - Dubin's Lives
116380: MALAN, A.H. - Famous Homes of Great Britain and Their Stories
156061: MALBON, ELIZABETH STRUTHERS - The Iconography of the Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus
25644: MALCOLM E. LEIN AND PATRICIA J. HEIKENEN - Iron Horse West: A Bicentennial Exhibition Organized and Presented by the Minnesota Museum of Art, of Painting and Sculpture from a Colleciton Acquired by the Burlington Northern over the Past Century
1235: MALCOLM COCHRAN, HELEN FARR SLOAN AND ROBERT L. MCGRATH - John Sloan: Paintings, Prints, Drawings
123477: MALE, EMILE - The Gothic Image: Religious Art in France of the Thirteenth Century
143308: MALESCI, GIOVANNI - Catalogazione Illustrata Della Pittura a Olio Di Giovanni Fattori
124150: MALFOY, LOUIS - Le Meuble de Port: Un Patrimoine Redecouvert
160415: MALGORA, SABINA - Ur Sunu: Grandi Dottori Dell'Antico Egitto; Malattie E Cure Nella Terra Dei Faraoni
155581: MALHORTA, RUTH AND CHRISTINA THON ET AL. - Das Fruhe Plakat in Europa Und Den Usa. Ein Bestandskatalog. Band I: Grossbritannien Vereinigte Staaten Van Nordamerika; Band 2: Frankreich Und Belgien; Band 3: Deutschland, Teil 1 + 2 (3 Volumes in 4 Books, the Complete Set)
116694: MALIK, SUHAIL - Gerard Hemsworth
160067: MALIK, ANNA - Rasheed Araeen: Before and After Minimalism, 1959-1974
155539: MALIK, ART - Alan Cotton: More Than Morocco: From Morocco to Co. Kerry, Piemonte and Provence Then Home to Hartland, 2002
134042: MALIM, MARGARET F. - Old English Wood-Carving Patterns from Oak Furniture of the Jacobean Period: A Series of Selected Examples, Selected & Drawn in Facsimile from Rubbings, for the Use of Teachers, Students and Classes
109444: MALINOVSKII, A. F. - Obozrenie Moskvy
158855: MALINOWSKI, BRONISLAW AND HAVELOCK ELLIS - The Sexual Life of Savages in North-Western Melanesia: An Ethnographic Account of Courtship, Marriage and Family Life Among the Natives of the Trobriand Islands, British New Guinea
158183: MALITSKAYA, K. M. AND I. ANTONOVA - Great Paintings from the Pushkin Museum, Moscow
128355: MALKE, LUTZ S. - Dantes Gottliche Komodie: Drucke Und Illustrationen Aus Sechs Jahrhunderten
113128: MALKOWSKA, MONIKA - Magdalena Abakanowicz: Coexistence
115401: MALLACH, ALAN - The Autumn of Italian Opera: From Verismo to Modernism, 1890 - 1915
137778: MALLALIEU, H. L. - The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists Up to 1920 (2 Volumes)
103118: MALLALIEU, H. L. - The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists Up to 1920, Volume 1 (Text Volume)
136069: MALLALIEU, H. L. - The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists Up to 1920, Volume 1 -- the Text
111397: MALLALIEU, HUON - Power & Poetry: The Art of John Linnell
103107: MALLALIEU, WALTER - The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists Up to 1920, Volume II, M-Z
157435: MALLE, LUIGI AND LUIGIE FIRPO - Stupinigi. Un Capolavoro Del Settecento Europeo Tra Barocchetto E Classicismo: Architettura, Pittura, Scultura, Arredamento
104718: MALLE, LUIGI ET AL. - Jean Pougny
111066: MALLET, JOHN V. G. - The John Philip Kassebaum Collection, Volume One
160116: MALLET, SANDY - Kenneth Armitage (1916 - 2002) : How Many Miles to Babylon
135227: MALLET, BERNARD - Mallet Du Pan and the French Revolution
21826000001: MALLETT & SON, LONDON, ENGLAND: 2001 - Turner's Venice
13430: MALLETT, DANIEL TROWBRIDGE - Mallett's Index of Artists (with Supplement)
144281: MALLORY, WALTER H. - China, Land of Famine
156419: MALLOWAN, M. E. L. - Nimrud and Its Remains (3 Volumes)
108868: MALLOY, NANCY (EDITOR) - The 183rd Annual: An Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary American Art
111785: MALLOY, NANCY - The 182nd Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Art
115784: MALLOY, NANCY AND CATHERINE STOVER - A Finding Aid to the Walter Pach Papers
115002: MALMBERG, CARL-JOHAN - Zornat
158449: MALMBORG, MARIANNE AF ET AL. - Celadon. Jade. Fynd, FöremåL, Forskningsresultat / Celadon. Jade. Finds, Specimen, Scientific Results
137804: MALMSTROM, A. - Fanrik Stals Sagner. Af Johan Ludvig Runeberg
120298: MALOLEMKOV, V. - Russkiy Sezon - la Saison Russe: Presente 14 Peintres de la Russie
21587: MALONE, KIRBY ET AL. - Ecce Homo: Paintings by Chawky Frenn
25722: MALONE, DUMAS (EDITOR) - Correspondence between Thomas Jefferson and Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 1798-1817
31991: MALONE, DUMAS - The Relevance of Mr. Jefferson (Reprint)
142335: MALONE, LEE WITH OTHERS - The Arts of Old Persia
112159: MALONE, LEE - Transparent and Translucent Art
114956: MALONE, MEREDITH - Mimmo Rotella: American Icons and Early Work
120563: MALOON, TERENCE AND KAREN WILKIN - Waking Up from the Inside out: Jo Smail 1998 - 2009
155682: MALOON, TERENCE AND KAREN WILKIN - Waking Up from the Inside out: Jo Smail 1998 - 2009
139732: MALOON, TERENCE (EDITOR) - Paths to Abstraction 1867-1917
144280: MALRAUX, ANDRE - Des Bas-Reliefs Aux Grottes Sacrees (le Musee Imaginaire de la Sculpture Mondiale, 2)
127480: MALRAUX, ANDRE - Psychologie de L'Art: La Creation Artistique
132090: MALRAUX, ANDRE (PREFACE) - Les Manuscrits a Peintures En France Du Xiiie Au Xvie Siecle
153751: MALRAUX, ANDRE - Les Voix Du Silence (la Galerie de la Pleiade)
153752: MALRAUX, ANDRE - Le Musee Imaginaire de la Sculpture Mondiale (la Galerie de la Pleiade)
144282: MALRAUX, ANDRE - Le Monde Chretien (le Musee Imaginaire de la Sculpture Mondiale, 3)
126565: MALTBIE, BIRDSEY L. - A Quarter Century of Progress in Manufacturing Pharmacy
125829: MALTER GALLERIES - The Joel L. Malter Ancient Art Library
144664: MALTSEV, F. - Ivan Ivanovitch Shishkin: Albom Reproduktsiy (Ivan Ivanovitch Shishkin: Album of Reproductions)
135951: MALVASIA, CARLO CESARE - Felsina Pittrice: Vite de' Pittori Bolognesi: Con Aggiunted, Correzioni E Note Inedite Dell' Autore Di Giampietro Zanotti E Di Altri Scrittori (2-Vol. Set)
158364: MALZ, ISABELLE - The Problem of God
153762: MAMALAKIS, MARK (DIRECTOR) - The Art of Haiti
153856: MAMIYA, CHRISTIN J. AND EUGENIA C. SUMNIK - Hevehe: Art, Economics and Status in the Papuan Gulf
147399: MANACORDA, FRANCESCA AND MICHAEL WHITE (EDITORS) - Mondrian and His Studios: Colour in Space
23010: MANAKEE, HAROLD R. AND BETA K. - The Star-Spangled Banner: The Story of Its Writing by Francis Scott Key at Baltimore, September 13-14, 1814
104490: MANCA, JOSEPH (EDITOR) - Titian 500 (Studies in the History of Art, Volume 45)
115036: MANCALL, PETER C. - Land of Rivers: America in Word and Image
159442: MANCERA, ALEJANDRO VELASCO - Leonora Carrington Catalogo
131767: MANCHANDA, CATHARINA - Models and Prototypes; Focus Series 1
119117: MANCHESTER, H.H. - The Evolution of Dress Fastening Devices from the Bone Pin to the Koh-I-Noor
118140: MANCHESTER, CLARE (EDITOR) - Fresh Cream
142038: MANCHESTER, H.H. - The Story of Silk & Cheney Silks
5262: MANCHESTER, NH: CURRIER GALLERY OF ART, SEP. 18 TO OCT. 17, 1971, ONE OTHER LOCATION - 19th Century American Painting from the Collection of Henry Melville Fuller
100237: MANCHESTER CITY ART GALLERY - Art and the Industrial Revolution
100237.1: MANCHESTER CITY ART GALLERY - Art and the Industrial Revolution
15519: MANCHESTER, ENGLAND: CITY ART GALLERY, 1982 - Turner at Manchester: Catalogue Raisonné, Collections of the City Art Gallery
15517: MANCHESTER, ENGLAND: WHITWORTH ART GALLERY, JAN. 20 TO MAR. 3, 1984, ONE OTHER DATE - Turner Watercolours in the Whitworth Art Gallery
27425: MANCHESTER, NH: THE CURRIER GALLERY OF ART, 1983 - Turn of the Century Glass: The Murray Collection of Glass
7954: MANCHESTER, NH: CURRIER GALLERY OF ART, SEPT. 13 TO DEC. 2, 1996, ONE OTHER LOCATION - Community of Creativity: A Century of Macdowell Colony Artists
115224: MANCINELLI, DR. FABRIZIO ET AL. - A Masterpiece Close-Up: The Transfiguration by Raphael
114259: MANCINI, GIROLAMO - Contributo Dei Cortonesi Alla Coltura Italiana
103228: MANCOFF, DEBRA N. - The Arthurian Revival in Victorian Painting
137526: MANCOFF, DEBRA N. - The Arthurian Revival in Victorian Art; (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, V. 1034 )
139912: MANCOFF, DEBRA N. AND JAMES N. WOOD - Treasures from the Art Institute of Chicago
117202: MANDEL, GABRIELE - The Complete Paintings of Botticelli
21207: MANDEL, PATRICIA C. F. - Selection VII: American Paintings from the Museum's Collection, C. 1800 - 1930
115608: MANDEL, GABRIELE - Classici Dell'Arte: L'Opera Completa Di Antonello Da Messina
125131: MANDELGREN, N.M. - Monuments Scandinaves Du Moyen Age: Avec Les Peintures Et Autres Ornements Qui Les Decorent
154865: MANDELLI, EMMA - Le Mura Di Massa Marittima, Una Doppia Citta Fortificata
111983: MANDERS, MARK - Isolated Rooms
156076: MANDERSCHEID, HUBERTUS - Die Skulpturenausstattung Der Kaiserzeitlichen Thermenanlagen (Monumenta Artis Romanae, XV)
107642: MANDLE, ROGER - The Museum Collects: Treasures by Sculptors and Craftsmen
104702: MANDLE, EARL ROGER AND J. W. NIEMEIJR - Dutch Masterpieces from the Eighteenth Century: Paintings & Drawings, 1700-1800
143135: MANDLE, ROGER - Poetry in Painting: The Work of Ming Ren
138211: MANDROT, A. DE AND G. DU BOIS-DE PURY - Armorial Historique de Neuchatel
130438: MANEGOLD, C. S. - Ten Hills Farm: The Forgotten History of Slavery in the North
146294: MANEKER, MARION - Dressing in the Dark: Lessons in Men's Style from the Movies
117825: MANELLI, AMARETTO - I Fioretti Di Sancto Franciescho
139394: MANET, EDUOARD ; ETIENNE MOREAU-NELATON - Manet Raconte Par Lui-Meme (Tome Premier = Vol. 1 Only)
156010: MANETHO AND W. G. WADDELL - Manetho ; Ptolemy: Tetrabiblos
33442: MANGAN, KATHLEEN NUGENT - Lenore Tawney: A Retrospective
159430: MANGANELLI, GIORGIO - Centuria : One Hundred Ouroboric Novels
143062: MANGANELLI, GIORGIO - Morgana 11: Salons, Di Giorgio Manganelli
136667: MANGER, GEORGE AND CONNIE MANGER - Pottery from the Shenandoah and Cumberland Valleys
151881: MANGINI, PAOLO - Doveva Accadere: IL Luogo, IL Crocefisso, IL Campo: William Congdon in Lombardia 1979-1998
156851: MANGIONE, JERRE AND BEN MORREALE - La Storia: Five Centuries of the Italian American Experience
20892: MANGO, MARLIA MUNDELL - Silver from Early Byzantium: The Kaper Koraon and Related Treasures
125538: MANGOLD, MATTHEW (ESSAY) - An American Perspective: Paintings from the New World 1820-1930
154892: MANGUEL, ALBERTO AND MARGRIT BREHM - Marianna Gartner: Play Dead
20551: MANHART, MARCIA AND TOM MANHART, EDITORS - The Eloquent Object: The Evolution of American Art in Craft Media Since 1945
18579.1: MANHART, MARCIA Y. (INTRO) - The Philbrook Museum of Art: A Handbook to the Collections
34610: MANHART, MARCIA - Scott Fraser: One Man Exhibition - Still Life Paintings
141363: MANKO, SANDRA AND JEAN BAKKOM (EDITORS) - A Touch of Nostalga: Sharon Springs Spa
152616: MANKOWITZ, WOLF & REGINALD G. HAGGAR - The Concise Encyclopedia of English Pottery and Porcelain
152004: MANKOWITZ, WOLF - The Portland Vase and the Wedgwood Copies
28146: MANKOWITZ, WOLF, AND REGINALD G. HAGGAR - The Consise Encyclopedia of English Pottery and Porcelain
105943: MANKOWITZ, WOLF & REGINALD G. HAGGAR - The Concise Encyclopedia of English Pottery and Porcelain
105629: MANKOWITZ, WOLF - Wedgwood
28538: MANLEY, CYRIL - Decorative Victorian Glass
100149: MANLY, JOHN (INTRODUCTION) - The Poems and Plays of William Vaughn Moody. Volume 1: Poems and Poetic Dramas
745: MANN, MAYBELLE AND ALVIN LLOYD MANN - Walter Launt Palmer: Poetic Reality
9305: MANN, ROBERT - George Bellows, 1882-1925: Paintings, Drawings, Lithographs
142406: MANN, MAYBELLE - Art in Florida, 1564-1945
20601: MANN, MARGERY (INTRODUCTION) - Imogene Cunningham: Photographs
3474: MANN, MAYBELLE - Francis William Edmonds: Mammon and Art (Garland Outstanding Dissertations in the Fine Art Series)
3337: MANN, ROBERT A. - Abel G. Warshawsky, American Impressionist
159021: MANN, HORACE - Few Thoughts for a Young Man: A Lecture Delivered Before the Boston Mercantile Library Association, on Its 29th Anniversary
113932: MANN, HANS - The 12 Prophets of Antonio Francisco Lisboa: "O Aleijadinho
125321: MANN, CHARLES Z. - Stefano Cusumano
158984: MANN, THOMAS AND H. T. LOWE-PORTER - Joseph in Egypt (2-Volume Set in Slipcase)
158964: MANN, KLAUS (EDITOR) - Decision : A Review of Free Culture (1941 Complete)
1860: MANN, MAYBELLE - Francis William Edmonds
155779: MANN, C. GRIFFITH - Treasures from the Cleveland Museum of Art
128054: MANN, KARL AND THOMAS BELMONTE - Karl Mann: Sculpture
33381: MANN, MARGERY; JOHN HUMPHREY - Women of Photography: An Historical Survey
791.1: MANN, MAYBELLE - The American Art-Union
111084: MANNERS, LADY VICTORIA, ET AL. - Angelica Kauffmann, R.A. : Her Life and Her Works
14284: MANNERS, LADY VICTORIA, ET AL. - Angelica Kauffmann, R.A. : Her Life and Her Works
158152: MANNERS, GUY - The Wedgwood Portland Vase
135511: MANNILA, LEENA - God Form I Norge: Jacob Prisens Vinnere 1957-1995 / Good Form in Norway: Winners of the Jacob Prize 1957-1995
9469: MANNING, JOHN - An Appreciation of Realism
110608: MANNING, VICTORIA - American Green: Art and Stewardship
144877: MANNING, J. RUSSELL - The Illustrated Stock Doctor and Live-Stock Encyclopaedia, Including Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Swine and Poultry
159865: MANNING, BERTINA SUIDA AND ROBERT L. MANNING - The Genoese Renaissance, Grace and Geometry: Paintings and Drawings by Luca Cambiasco from the Suida-Manning Collection
27457: MANNING, ROBERT L. - Sixty-Six Paintings in Search of Their Authors
139581: MANNING, ROBERT LEE - The "Purist" Movement in Mexican Art
119831: MANNING, WILLIAM T. (CHAIRMAN) - The Enslavement of Belgians" - a Protest
134727: MANNING, WILLIAM R. - Early Diplomatic Relations between the United States and Mexico (the Albert Shaw Lectures on Diplomatic History)
150637: MANNINI, MARIA PIA ET AL. - IL Museo Di Palazzo Pretorio a Prato
151746: MANNOCCI, LINO - The Etchings of Claude Lorrain
131680: MANNY SILVERMAN GALLERY - Robert Motherwell: Themes & Variations Including the Dedalus Sketchbook
104318: MANOGUERRA, PAUL A. WITH AN ESSAY BY JANICE SIMON - Classic Ground: Mid-Nineteenth-Century American Painting and the Italian Encounter
124683: MANOGUERRA, PAUL - One Hundred American Paintings
109649: MANOGUERRA, PAUL - Weaving His Art on Golden Looms: Paintings and Drawings by Art Rosenbaum
149420: MANOR-FRIEDMAN, TAMAR (EDITOR) - Dreaming with Open Eyes: The Vera and Arturo Schwarz Collection of Dada and Surrealist Art in the Israel Museum
140145: MANOS-JONES, MARALEEN - The Spirit of Butterflies: Myth, Magic and Art
151528: MANRIQUE, JORGE ALBERTO ET AL. - Joaquin Clausell Y Los Ecos Del Impresionismo En Mexico
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118976: MATTHIESEN, PATRICK - Gold Backs 1250 - 1480
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