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137611: LIVINGSTON, JANE AND MARCIA TUCKER - Bruce Nauman: Work from 1965 to 1972
24749: LIVINGSTON, JANE - Ten Plus Ten Plus Ten: Washinton Painting 1982
34572: LIVINGSTON, JANE - Sam Gilliam: Small Drape Paintings 1970-1973
154298: LIVINGSTON, VALERIE - Beyond Description: Abstraction in the Oil Paintings of James Fitzgerald
31461: LIVINGSTON, VALERIE - Hans Moller: Purveyor of Color, 1905-2000
107955: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - Ian Mckeever: Islands and Night Flak
111172: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - George Segal: Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings
112870: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - George Segal: Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings
145138: LIVINGSTONE, KAREN AND LINDA PARRY (EDITORS) - International Arts and Crafts
109428: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - David J G Oxtoby: Works Completed Since 1980
146156: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - Stephen Farthing: Mute Accomplices
113703: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO (ED.) - Art Random: British Object Sculptors of the '80s II
113441: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - Pop Art: A Continuing History
106031: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - Paula Rego: Human Cargo
107190: LIVINGSTONE, KAREN AND LINDA PARRY (EDITORS) - International Arts and Crafts
143223: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - Rise Up, Solitude! Prints, 1985-86: Jim Dine
138242: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - Patrick Caulfield
145138.1: LIVINGSTONE, KAREN AND LINDA PARRY (EDITORS) - International Arts and Crafts
147158: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO AND JIM DINE - Jim Dine: The Alchemy of Images
129958: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - Antony Donaldson: French Paintings, 2005-2007
147762: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - Signature Pieces: Contemporary British Prints and Multiples
149954: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO AND KAY HEYMER - Hockney's People
126361: LIXENBERG, DANA - The Last Days of Shishmaref
127499: LJOGODT, KNUT - Wild Nature: Swiss and Norwegian Romanticism
155777: LLONGUERAS, LOURDES DE SANJOSE - Obras Emblematicas Del Taller de Orfebreria Medieval de Silos: "El Maestro de Las Aves" Y Su Circulo (Studia Silensia Series Maior VI)
109862: LLORENS, TOMAS - The Spirit of the Place: Masterworks from the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
109595: LLORENS, TOMAS (CURATOR) - Miro: La Terra
153246: LLORENS, TOMAS AND BOYE LLORENS ET AL. - La Rose Di Fuoco: La Barcellona Di Picasso E Gaudi
104377: LLORENS, TYOMAS AND FELIPE V. GARIN LLOMBART - The Triumph of Colour. Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection. Monet, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse, Kandinsky
108234: LLORENS, TOMAS - Mimesis: Realismos Modernos 1918-45
151339: LLORENS, TOMAS ET AL. - Picasso: Corrida de Toros, 1934 (Contextos de la Coleccion Permanente No 7)
123598: LLORIS, MIGUEL BELTRAN ET AL. - El Esplendor Del Renacimiento En Aragon
138515: LLOYD, JILL AND ULF KUSTER - Ferdinand Hodler
151059: LLOYD, JILL ET AL. - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1880-1938
133926: LLOYD, ALBERT BUSHNELL - Uganda to Khartoum, Life and Adventure on the Upper Nile: With Eighty Illustrations
135362: LLOYD, SETON, AND HANS WOLFGANG MULLER - Ancient Architecture
109276: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER - Philip Morsberger: A Passion for Painting
154820: LLOYD, JILL - The Undiscovered Expressionist: A Life of Marie-Louise Von Motesiczky
142837: LLOYD, MICHAEL - To Lyme": Rediscovering the Art of George M. Bruestle (1871-1939)
138626: LLOYD, JILL - Max Beckmann: Self-Portrait with Horn
142537: LLOYD, ANN WILSON - Contemporary Provincetown
104191: LLOYD, STEPHEN, ROY PORTER AND AILEEN RIBIERO - Richard & Maria Cosway: Regency Artists of Taste and Fashion
117602: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER - Italian Paintings Before 1600 in the Art Institute of Chicago
125067: LLOYD, ANN WILSON AND LESLIE SCALAPINO - Petah Coyne: Vermilion Fog
145642: LLOYD, JILL - Bill Jacklin: People and Places, Recent Paintings
138581: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER ET AL. - Impressionists on the Water
144560: LLOYD, A. B. - In Dwarf Land and Cannibal Country: A Record of Travel and Discovery in Central Africa
157423: LLOYD, WM. P. - History of the First Reg't Pennsylvania Reserve Cavalry, from Its Organization, August, 1861, to September, 1864, with List of Names of All Officers and Enlisted Men Who Have Ever Belonged to the Regiment, and Remarks Attached to Each Name, Noting Change, &C
105807: LOBANOV ROSTOVSKY, NINA - Revolutionary Ceramics: Soviet Porcelain 1917-1927
135301: LOBEL, MICHAEL - Andy Warhol Flowers
153620: LOBEL, MICHAEL - Ahmed Alsoudani
151534: LÖBKE, MATTHIA - Enrico Bach: Häufig Gestellte Fragen = Frequently Asked Questions
102890: LOCHE, RENE ET AL. - Jacques-Laurent Agasse, 1767-1849 Ou la Seduction de L'Angleterre
143741: LOCHER, J. L. - The Magic of M.C. Escher
9819: LOCHER, J.L. - Anton Heyboer
110920: LOCHNAN, KATHERINE (EDITOR) - Drawing Attention: Selected Works on Paper from the Renaissance to Modernism
9300: LOCHNAN, KATHARINE A. - Whistler and His Circle: Etchings and Lithographs from the Collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario
8245: LOCHRIDGE, KATHERINE - Land of Whitman
142997: LOCHRIDGE, M. LOUISE - The Sixteenth Annual of the Springfield International Salon of Photography
148435: LOCHRIDGE, KATHERINE AND VIRGINIA MASON BURDICK - Portraits and Painters of the Early Champlain Valley, 1800-1865
142996: LOCHRIDGE, M. LOUISE - The Fourteenth Annual of the Springfield International Salon of Photography
101536: LOCK, SHEERAN (ORGANIZER) - Celebrate! Nigerian Art for the Commonwealth: The Official Exhibition for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Abuja, Nigeria, 2003
155144: LOCKE, MARIE AND NANCY MONTGOMERY - Memories of a Maine Island: Turn-of-the-Century Tales & Photographs
37098: LOCKE, ADRIAN ET AL. - Azteken
139754: LOCKE, ADRIAN - Mexico: A Revolution in Art, 1910-1940
104962: LOCKETT, TERENCE A. - Collecting Victorian Tiles
105556: LOCKETT, T. A. - Davenport Pottery and Porcelain 1794-1887
136003: LOCKHART, J.G. - Ancient Spanish Ballads, Historical and Romantic, Translated with Notes by. .
110321: LOCKS, MARIAN ET AL. - Charles Fahlen
16403: LOCKS (MARIAN) GALLERY, PHILADELPHIA, PA: NOV. 5 TO DEC. 7, 1990 - Diane Burko: Reflets, Paintings from Giverny
127946: LOCKSPEISER, EDWARD - Berlioz and the Romantic Imagination
152373: LOCKWOOD, LUKE VINCENT - A Collection of English Furniture of the XVII & XVIII Centuries
145364: LOCKWOOD, LUKE VINCENT - The Furniture Collectors' Glossary
111826: LOCKWOOD, ALICE - Gardens of Colony and State-Gardens and Gardeners of the American Colonies and of the Republic Before 1840
126492: LOCKWOOD, C.C. - Still Waters: Images, 1971 - 1999: C.C. Lockwood
17961: LOCKWOOD, LUKE VINCENT - Colonial Furniture in America (2 Vol. Set)
124808: LOCKWOOD, LUKE VINCENT - Three Centuries of Connecticut Furniture
144396: LODER, IUSTUS CHRISTIANUS - Tabulae Anatomicae Qvas Ad Illustrandam Humani Corporis Fabricam (Tabularum Anatomicarum, Volumen II - Tab. XCI - CLXXXII)
156140: LODGE, RUPERT C. - Plato's Theory of Art
21799: LODGE, EDMUND - Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain. Engraved from Authentic Pictures in the Galleries of the Nobility and the Public Collections of the Country. With Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Their Lives and Actions (10 Vols. )
25595: LODGE, EDMUND - Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain. Engraved from Authentic Pictures in the Galleries of the Nobility and the Public Collections of the Country; with Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Their Lives and Actions
115509: [LODGE, EDMUND] - Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain. Engraved from Authentic Pictures in the Galleries of the Nobility and the Public Collections of the Country
155023: LOEBER, J. A. JR. - Textiele Versieringen in Nederlandsch-Indie (Geillustreerde Beschrijvingen Van Indische Kunstnijverheid, No. V)
157410: LOEBER, E.G. - Paper Mould and Mouldmaker
31028: LOEHR, MAX - Chinese Painting After Sung
20693: LOEHR, MAX - Ancient Chinese Jades from the Grenville L. Winthrop Collection in the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University
36629.1: LOEHR, MAX - Ritual Vessels of Bronze Age China
110470: LOERS, VEIT WITH OTHERS - Wolfgang Staehle
109161: LOERS, VEIT - Rainer Silbereisens: Malerei Auf Papier
103913: LOEW, E. A. - The Beneventan Script. A History of the South Italian Minuscule
138864: LOFFLER, FRITZ - Otto Dix: Leben Und Werk
127236: LOFFLER, FRITZ - Das Alte Dresden: Geschichte Seiner Bauten
144941: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's Zoo
145281: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's Post Office
116948: LOFTUS, PETER - Peter Loftus: Recent Landscapes
23202: LOGAN, ANNE-MARIE - The Collections of the Detroit Institute of Arts: Dutch and Flemish Drawings and Watercolors
2631: LOGAN, UT: NORA ECCLES HARRISON MUSEUM OF ART, UTAH STATE UNIV., NOV. 17, 1983 TO JAN. 13, 1984, TWO OTHER LOCATIONS - Waldo Midgley: Birds, Animals, People, Things
143562: LOGAN, FREDERICK M. - Growth of Art in American Schools
118187: LOGAN, OLIVER - Culture and Society in Venice 1470 - 1790
152994: LOGAN, SHERIDAN A. - George F. Baker and His Bank, 1840-1955: A Double Biography
113405: LOGAN, ANNE-MARIE - Flemish Drawings in the Age of Rubens: Selected Works from American Collections
146839: LOGATO, M.N. (CATALOGUE) - Nemetskoye Khudozhestvennoye Serebro V Ermitazhe / German Silver from the Hermitage
145265: LOGUE, CHARLES H. - American Machinist Gear Book
138535: LOGVYN, GRYGORIY NIKONOVYCH - Pamyatniki Iskusstva Sovetskogo Soyuza: Ukraina and Moldavya / Historical Monuments of the Soviet Union: Ukraine and Moldavia
110204: LOHMEYER, KARL - Carl Fohr: 1795 - 1818: Und Die Maler Um Ihn
154430: LOHNES, JULIE - Recurrence: Greene, Hinojosa, Meltesen, Schiff, Vernon, Wren
131973: LOHSE, BERND - Photography Europe 1
138445: LOHSE, ADOLF (ARCHITECT) - Architectonisches Skizzenbuch: Eine Sammlung Von Landhausern, Villen, Landlichen Gebauden... Und Andern Kleinen Baulichkeiten Weiche Zur Verschonerung Baulicher Anlagen Dienen, Und in Berlin, Potsdam, Und an Andern Orten Ausgefuhrt Sind; Mit Details
141190: LOHWASSER, ANGELIKA - Die Königlichen Frauen IM Antiken Reich Von Kusch: 25. Dynastie Bis Zur Zeit Des Nastasen
139231: LOIRE, STEPHANE - Album de L'Exposition: Nature Et Ideal, le Paysage a Rome, 1600-1650
115396: LOISEL, CATHERINE AND VARENA FORCIONE - The King's Drawings from the Musee Du Louvre
144294: LOKIN, DANIELLE (EDITOR) - Pelgrims: Onderweg Naar Santiago de Compostela
125923: LOKUTA, DONALD - In Plato's Cave
5108: LOMAX, JAMES; RICHARD ORMOND - John Singer Sargent and the Edwardian Age
127490: LOMAX, JAMES - Temple Newsam Paintings
117314: LOMAZZO, GIOVAN PAOLO - Idea Del Tempio Della Pittura
36880: LOMBARDI, D. DOMENICK AND STEVEN P. LOWY - Champions of Modernism: Non-Objective Art of the 1930s and 40s and Its Legacy
138936: LOMBARDO, JOSEF VINCENT - Attilio Piccirilli: Life of an American Sculptor
106618: LOMBARDO, ANTONIO; MATTEO CERIANA (EDITORS) - IL Camerino Di Alabastro Antonio Lombardo E la Scultura All' Antica
108140: LOMBINO, MARY-KAY - Subterranean Monuments: Burckhardt, Johnson, Hujar
111533: LOMBINO, MARY-KAY - Off the Shelf: New Forms in Contemporary Artists' Books
118845: LOMBINO, MARY-KAY - Excerpt: Selections from the Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn Collection
153905: LOMBINO, MARY-KAY ET AL. - Cuenca: Mungo Thomson
119666: LOMMEL, ANDREAS - Masks: Their Meaning and Function
9576: LONDON: TATE GALLERY, OCT. 8, 1980 TO JAN. 4, 1981 - Thomas Gainsborough
9788: LONDON, ENGLAND: GIMPEL FILS, MAY 30, 1961 - Barbara Hepworth
23415: LONDON: MARLBOROUGH FINE ART, JUNE 1961 - Jackson Pollock: Paintings, Drawings and Watercolours from the Collection of Lee Krasner Pollock
36857: LONDON: PROBSTHAIN AND CO - Catalogue of Old Chinese Paintings and Drawings, A. Together with a Complete Collection of Books on Chinese Art
27156: LONDON, ENGLAND: CHRISTIE'S GREAT ROOMS, 1960 - American Silver and Art Treasures: An Exhibition Sponsored by the English-Speaking Union
27166: LONDON, ENGLAND: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, 1970 - Charles Dickens: An Exhibition Fo Commemorate the Centenary of His Death
33139: LONDON, ENGLAND: JULY 18 TO OCTOBER 16, 1972 - Lady Hamilton in Relation to the Art of Her Time
101089: LONDON: DULWICH PICTURE GALLERY, OCTOBER TO NOVEMBER 1986 - David Blackburn: A Landscape Vision
27623: LONDON, ENGLAND: COMMONWEALTH ART GALLERY, JULY 23 TO SEPTEMBER 2, 1976 - The American Quilt Tradition: An Exhibition to Mark the Bi-Centenary of American Independence
143863: LONDON, BARBARA J. (EDITOR) - Video from Tokyo to Fukui and Kyoto
11050: LONDON, ENGLAND: THOMAS AGNEW & SONS, LTD., OCT. 4 TO OCT. 29, 1966 - Loan Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by P. De Wint
4051: LONDON: MARLBOROUGH FINE ART, SEPT.-OCT., 1968 - Lyonel Feininger (1871-1956): Drawings and Watercolours
23023: LONDON, CHRISTOPHER W. (EDITOR) - The Arts of Kutch
25378: LONDON: SOTHEBY'S, OCT. 2002 - The Beck Collection: German Expressionist and Modern Art Including African and Oceanic Art [5 Volumes in Slipcase]
28632: LONDON, ENGLAND: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, JUNE 23 TO SEPTEMBER 25, 1977 - Faberge, 1846 - 1920: Goldsmith to the Imperial Court of Russia
28743: LONDON, ENGLAND: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, JUNE TO AUGUST, 1973 - An American Museum of Decorative Art and Design: Designs from the Cooper-Hewitt Collection, New York
10048: LONDON: MARLBOROUGH FINE ART, APRIL - MAY 1973 - Mordecai Ardon
19897: LONDON, ENGLAND: BRITISH MUSEUM, SUMMER 1987, ONE OTHER DATE - Drawing in England from Hilliard to Hogarth
10484: LONDON: SHEPHERD GALLERY, MAY-JUNE 1971 - Thomas Couture, 1815-79: Drawings and Some Oil Sketches
32468: LONDON, ENGLAND: JUNE 17 TO JULY 5, 2002 - Netsuke and Inro from European Collections
10382: LONDON: ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS, JAN. 11 TO MAR. 31, 1985 - Chagall
135558: LONDON: WHITE CHAPEL GALLERY, 2012 - Gillian Wearing
20647: LONDON, ENGLAND: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, MAY 1 TO JUNE 22, 1975 - Chinese Jade Through the Ages
20883: LONDON, ENGLAND: WHITECHAPEL ART GALLERY, JUNE TO AUG. 1985, FOUR OTHER LOCATIONS - Howard Hodgkin: Forty Paintings, 1973-84
909: LONDON: EMBASSY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, JULY 4-25, 1975, THREE OTHER LOCATIONS - Young America: A Selection of Paintings from the Collection of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
9168: LONDON: WHITECHAPEL ART GALLERY, JUNE 1955 - American Primitive Art, 1670-1954
12541: LONDON, ENGLAND: ANTHONY D'OFFAY, APR. 13 TO MAY 14, 1983 - Wyndham Lewis: Drawings and Watercolours 1910-1920
105235: LONDON: KNOEDLER, JULY 10 TO AUGUST 9, 1930 - Herbert Haseltine: Exhibition of Sculpture
10267: LONDON: LEFEVRE GALLERY, NOV. 4, TO DEC. 18, 1987 - An Exhibition of Works by Edward Burra, (1905-1976)
32613: LONDON, ENGLAND: THE VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, MAY 16 TO SEPTEMBER 30, 1984 - Rococo: Art and Design in Hogarth's England
122992: LONDON, ENGLAND: ORIENTAL ART GALLERY LIMITED, DEC. 6, 1994 - Oriental Jewellery and Works of Art
21235: LONDON, ENGLAND: ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS, JAN. 20 TO APR. 21, 2001 - The Genius of Rome. 1592-1623
19679: LONDON, ENGLAND: NATIONAL GALLERY, MAR. 3 TO MAY 23, 1999, TWO OTHER DATES - Orazio Gentileschi at the Court of Charles I.
18488: LONDON, ENGLAND: ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS, WINTER 1968 - France in the Eighteenth Century
21572: LONDON, ENGLAND: HAWARD GALLERY, FEBRUARY 22 TO MAY 13, 2001 - Goya: Drawings from His Private Albums
21491: LONDON, ENGLAND: MARLBOROUGH, MARCH-APRIL 1963 - John Piper: Recent Work
19172: LONDON, ENGLAND: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM, FEB. 9 TO MAR. 26, 1972, THREE OTHER DATES - Dessins Flamands Du Dix-Septieme Siecle: Collection Frits Lugt Institut Neerlandais Paris
13117: LONDON, ENGLAND: MARLBOROUGH, JUNE TO JULY 1968 - Pissarro in England
13112: LONDON, ENGLAND: HAYWARD GALLERY, OCT. 30, 1980 TO JAN. 11, 1981, TWO OTHER DATES - Pissarro
24884: LONDON: BARRY DAVIES ORIENTAL ART, 1977 - Ko-Imari Porcelain from the Collection of Oliver Impey
12602.1: LONDON, ENGLAND: NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY, MAR. 3 TO APR. 16, 1972, ONE OTHER DATE - Daniel Maclise, 1806-1870
126422: LONDON, HANNAH R. - A Girl from Boston
21233: LONDON, ENGLAND: ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS, NOV. 25, 1983 TO MAR. 11, 1984 - The Genius of Venice, 1500-1600
9809: LONDON, ENGLAND: THE LEFEVRE GALLERY, SEPT. 18 TO OCT. 31, 1980 - Recent Paintings by Tristram Hillier R.A.
20256: LONDON, ENGLAND: HAYWARD GALLERY, MAR. 27 TO JUNE 2, 1974 - Vorticism and Its Allies
20914: LONDON, ENGLAND: GREATER LONDON COUNCIL, JULY 6 TO SEPT. 30, 1979 - Thomas Hudson, 1701-1779: Portrait Painter and Collector, a Bicentenary Exhibition
141570: LONG, MARY ELLEN - Forest Rooms
21162: LONG BEACH, CA; LONG BEACH MUSEUM OF ART, 1961 - Arts of Southern California-VIII: Drawing
26213: LONG BEACH, CA: LONG BEACH MUSEUM OF ART, SEPT. 26, 2001 TO JANU. 6, 2002 - Metamorphoses: The Transformative Vision of Junko Chodos
111378: LONG, STEPHEN - Robert Motherwell: Forty-Five Years of Printmaking
110325: LONG, STEPHEN ET AL. - Stanley Boxer: A Retrospective of Prints
29050: LONG, PRISCILLA - Where the Sun Never Shines: A History of America's Bloody Coal Industry
145868: LONG, GREGORY AND ANNE SKILLION (EDITORS) - The New York Botanical Garden
142721: LONG, WAYNE - Woman - Image and Symbol
100986: LONG, NANCY (EDITOR) - The Tiffany Chapel at the Morse Museum
135798: LONG BEACH, CA: LONG BEACH MUSEUM OF ART, MARCH 1969 - 7th Annual Southern California Exhibition
11852: LONG (MEREDITH), HOUSTON, TX: MAR. 26 TO APR. 9, 1971 - Americans at Home and Abroad, 1870-1920
108766: LONG, JAMES AND BEN LONG - The Plot Against Pepys
113262: LONG, CHRISTOPHER - Paul T. Frankl and Modern American Design
8105: LONG BEACH, CA: UNIVERSITY ART MUSEUM, CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, NOV. 14 TO DEC. 17, 1989 - In Praise of Nature: The Landscapes of William Wendt
15264: LONG BEACH, CA: LONG BEACH MUSEUM OF ART, 1968 - 6th Annual Southern California Exhibition
13570: LONG, BASIL - British Miniaturists
9237: LONG BEACH, CA: MUNICIPAL ART CENTER, NO DATE - California Painting: 40 Painters
157266: LONG, BASIL S. - British Miniaturists
137520: LONG BEACH MUSEUM OF ART - Norman Lundin: A Decade of Drawing and Painting
141561: LONG, STANLEY VERNON - Archaeology of the Municipio of Etzatlan, Jalisco
111919: LONG, STEPHEN - The Contemporary Landscape
111378.1: LONG, STEPHEN - Robert Motherwell: Forty-Five Years of Printmaking
139357: LONG (ANN) FINE ART - American Realism at Home and Abroad [Exhibition: American Realist: At Home and Abroad
5649: LONG BEACH, CA: LONG BEACH MUSEUM OF ART, APR. 25 TO MAY 30, 1971 - 9th Annual Southern California Exhibition
138956: LONG, STEPHEN - Walter J. Phillips, 1884-1963: Color Woodcuts Including a Select Group from the Collection of the Artist's Family
153862: LONGACRE, AUGUSTA M. ET AL. - Forges and Furnaces in the Province of Pennsylvania
106504: LONGACRE, JAMES B. AND JAMES HERRING - The National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans (4-Volume Set)
157866: LONGACRE, JAMES B. AND JAMES HERRING - The National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans (4-Volume Set)
155367: LONGENBACH, JAMES AND SUZANNE FOLEY - Humanism & Enigma: The Art of Honore Sharrer
146282: LONGENECKER, MARTHA - Ikat of India: Contemporary Weaves of Oriss and Andhra Pradesh from the Permanent Collection of Mingei International Museum
146285: LONGENECKER, MARTHA - India: Village Tribal, Ritual Arts
36647: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Knickerbocker Gallery: A Testamonial to the Editor of the Knickerbocker Magazine, from It's Contributors
107199: LONGFELLOW, SAMUEL (ED.) - Life of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow with Excerpts from His Journals and Correspondence
14125: LONGFELLOW, WILLIAM P. P. - Applied Perspective for Architects and Painters
122517: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Hanging of the Crane
5197: LONGFELLOW, HENRY - Excelsior
125129: LONGFELLOW, HENRY W. - Tales of a Wayside Inn
155258: LONGHAUSER, ELSA ET AL. - Josef Hoffmann: Drawings and Objects from Conception to Design
29995: LONGHAUSER, ELISA ET AL. - Jean-Frederic Schnyder: Paintings
30036: LONGHAUSER, ELSA ET AL. - Henry Mitchell: Philadelphia Sculptor
115417: LONGHI, ROBERTO - Paragone: Mensile Di Arte Figurativa E Letteratura: Anno II, Numero 14, Febbraio 1951
125687: LONGHI, ANDREA; CARLO TOSCO - Architettura Chiesa E Societa in Italia: 1948-1978
109407: LONGHI, ROBERTO - Pero Della Francesca
114194: LONGHI, ROBERTO - Piero Della Francesca Con 207 Tavole
36252: LONGHI, ROBERTO - Piero Della Francesca: La Legende de la Croix (Fresques D'Arezzo)
152610: LONGHI, ROBERTO - Piero Della Francesca: La Leggenda Della Croce (Affreschi in Arezzo)
114334: LONGHI, ROBERTO - Giorgio Morandi Al 'Fiore'
17202: LONGHI, ROBERTO (EDITOR) - Paragone: Rivista Mensile de Arte Figurativa E Letteratura, Anno XXI, Numero 245, July 1970
17201: LONGHI, ROBERTO (EDITOR) - Paragone: Rivista Mensile de Arte Figurativa E Letteratura, Anno LI, Terza Serie, Numero 33 - 34 (607 - 609), Settembre - Novembre 2000
17209: LONGHI, ROBERTO (EDITOR) - Paragone: Rivista Mensile de Arte Figurativa E Letteratura, Anno I, Numero I, Jan. 1950
139216: LONGHURST, MARGARET - Catalogue of Carvings in Ivory, Part I: Up to the Thirteenth Century
116734: LONGMAN, E.D. AND S. LOCH - Pins and Pincushions
142738: LONGMAN, LESTER - Fifth Summer Exhibition of Contemporary Art: Sculpture
35194: LONGMAN, LESTER - Fourth Summer Exhibition of Contemporary Art
12171: LONGMAN, LESTER D. - Third Summer Exhibition of Contemporary Art
19617: LONGNON, JEAN, ET AL. - The Trés Riches Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry
129474: LONGONI , GRAZIELLA - IL Racconto Dell'Anima Sulla Soglia Dell'Arte = the Story of the Soul on the Threshold of Art
131810: LONGRONO, MIGUEL - Leopoldo Novoa
122695: LONGSTREET, STEPHEN - The Drawings of Durer
118617: LONGSTREET, AUGUSTUS B. - Georgia Scenes: Characters, Incidents &C. In the First Half Century of the Republic
110577: LONGWELL, ALICIA G. - Sand: Memory, Meaning, and Metaphor
101770: LONGWELL, ALICIA C. - North Fork / South Fork : East End Art Now
141684: LONGWELL, ALICIA G. - American Landscapes: Treasures from the Parrish Art Museum
143662: LONGWELL, ALICIA G. - First Impressions: Nineteenth-Century American Master Prints
134459: LONGYEAR III, JOHN M. - Copan Ceramics: A Study of Southeastern Maya Pottery (Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication 597)
4325000001: LONNIE G. BUNCH III, ET AL WASHINGTON, DC: - Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series
124422: LOO, C.T. ET AL. - An Exhibition of the Sculpture of Greater India
20638: LOO, C.T. - Exhibition of Chinese Arts
153233: LOOCK, ULRICH - Sol Lewitt: Wall Drawings, 1984-1988
127293: LOOCK, ULRICH - Zickzack: Förderungspreisträger Des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
124973: LOOCK, ULRICH ET AL. - Fountain: Bethan Huws
155261: LOOMIS, DIANA L. - A Celebration of Nature: The Life and Work of Frances H. Gearhart [California Art Club Newsletter, Fall 2009]
136786: LOONEY, J. JEFFERSON (ED.) - The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series: Volume 4: 18 June 1811 to 30 April 1812
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147466: MAGGIO, MEG (EDITOR) - LI Jin
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137884: MAHON, DENIS - Poussiniana: Afterthoughts Arising from the Exhibition
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