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114578: LE TAROUILLY, PAUL - Edifices de Rome Moderne Ou Recueil Des Palais, Maisons, Eglises, Couvents Et Autres Monuments Publics Et Particuliers Les Plus Remarquables de la Ville de Rome Dessines, Mesures Et Publies
140604: LE MADELENE, HENRY DE - Eugene Delacroix: A L'Exposition Du Boulevard Des Italiens
112519: LE BLAN, PERRINE - F. Leger
146625: LE BOT, MARC - Gerard Titus-Carmel: Casques, Ombres & Nuits
127700: LE CLAIRE, THOMAS AND GIANNA - Goethezeit & Romantik. Le Claire Kunst No. 28
28140.2: LE CORBEILLER, CLARE - European and American Snuff Boxes, 1730 - 1830
143000: LE CLAIR, CHARLES - A Salute to William Pitt: An Exhibition of Arts and Letters Honoring the First Earl of Chatham
149618: LE CLAIRE, THOMAS - Women Observed: Twenty Master Drawings - Thomas le Claire Kunsthandel X.
139161: LE COMTE ARNAULD DORIA - Louis Tocque: Biographie Et Catalogue Critiques - L'Oeuvre Complete de L'Artiste Reproduit En Cent Quarante-Neuf Heliogravures
119496: LE CLAIRE, THOMAS ET AL. - Master Drawings 1500-1900
105201: LE BOURHIS, KATELL, ED. ET AL. - The Age of Napoleon: Costume from Revolution to Empire, 1789-1815
149141: LE CLAIRE KUNST - From Robert to Giacometti: Pastels, Watercolours and Drwaings by European Masters
159317: LE CENTRE INTERNATIONAL D'ART VISUEL - Sculpture Champetre: Une Exposition Internationale de Sculpture Contemporaine Dans le Cadre Du Jardin de L'American Artists' Center
28140: LE CORBEILLER, CLARE - European and American Snuff Boxes, 1730 - 1830
126079: LE CLAIRE, THOMAS AND GIANNA - On Paper: Four Centuries of Master Drawings. Le Claire Kunst No. 29
154290: LE CORBUSIER, ET AL. - Louis Soutter
128571: LE RIDER, GOERGES (PREFACE) - Sonia & Robert Delaunay
114416: LE DUC, VIOLLET (TEXT ET DESSINS) - Histoire D'Une Maison
16022: LE CORBEILLER, CLARE - China Trade Porcelain: A Study in Double Reflections
133761: LE CORBUSIER; WILLY BOESIGER; PIERRE JEANNERET; O STONOROV - Le Corbusier Et Pierre Jeanneret: Oeuvre Complete de 1910-1929
158105: LEA, HENRY CHARLES AND ARTHUR C. HOWLAND - Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft, Volumes 1 and 2
153828: LEA, SARAH ET AL. - Joseph Cornell: Wanderlust
155053: LEA, ELIZABETH ELLICOTT AND WILLIAM WOYS WEAVER (INTRODUCTION) - A Quaker Woman's Cookbook: The Domestic Cookery of Elizabeth Ellicott Lea
150497: LEACH, GREIG - Book Du Tour: Art of the 101st Tour de France
150982: LEACH, TERENCE R. AND ROBERT PACEY - Lost Lincolnshire Country Houses, Volumes 1-4
150981: LEACH, TERENCE R. - Lincolnshire Country Houses & Their Families (Part One and Part Two)
32168: LEACH, BERNARD - A Potter's Book
142397: LEACH, PATRICIA AND STEVE HAUK - This Side of Eden: Images of Steinbeck's California
135108: LEADBEATER, MARY, COMP. AND RICHARD AND ELIZABETH SHACKLETON - Memoirs and Letters of Richard and Elizabeth Shackleton, Late of Ballitore, Ireland. ; Compiled by Their Daughter, Mary Leadbeater, Including a Concise Biographical Sketch, and Some Letters, of Her Grandfather, Abraham Shackleton
142534: LEADER, BERNICE KRAMER - The Boston Lady As a Work of Art: Paintings by the Boston School at the Turn of the Century
119475: LEADER, DARIAN - Ed Cohen
153109: LEADER, DARIAN AND JG BALLARD - Jane & Louise Wilson: Haunch of Venizon, Zurich
108579: LEAF, WILLIAM AND SALLY PURCELL - Heraldic Symbols: Islamic Insignia and Western Heraldry
118808: LEAHY, CATHY WITH ALISA BUNBURY AND FOUR OTHERS - Prints and Drawings in the International Collections of the National Gallery of Victoria
112813: LEAHY, CHRISTOPHER W. - The Birdwatcher's Companion to North American Birdlife
124703: LEAL, BRIGITTE ET AL. - Mondrian
146301: LEAN-VERCOE, ROGER (EDITOR) - The Superyachts, Volume Eleven, 1998
146085: LEAN-VERCOE, ROGER (EDITOR) - The Superyachts, Volume Fourteen, 2001
146302: LEAN-VERCOE, ROGER (EDITOR) - The Superyachts, Volume Thirteen, 2000
146075: LEAN-VERCOE, ROGER (EDITOR) - The Superyachts, Volume Twelve, 1999
146305: LEAN-VERCOE, ROGER (EDITOR) - The Superyachts, Volume Eighteen, 2005
146249: LEAN-VERCOE, ROGER (EDITOR) - The Superyachts, Volume Seventeen, 2004
146175: LEAN-VERCOE, ROGER (EDITOR) - The Superyachts, Volume Twenty, 2007
146173: LEAN-VERCOE, ROGER (EDITOR) - The Superyachts, Volume Sixteen, 2003
146297: LEAN-VERCOE, ROGER (EDITOR) - The Superyachts, Volume Six, 1993
146300: LEAN-VERCOE, ROGER (EDITOR) - The Superyachts, Volume Ten, 1997
146303: LEAN-VERCOE, ROGER (EDITOR) - The Superyachts, Volume Fifteen, 2002
146298: LEAN-VERCOE, ROGER (EDITOR) - The Superyachts, Volume Nine, 1996
156210: LEAR, TOBIAS; SAMUEL T. CHAMBERS (EDITOR) - Observations on the River Potomack, Etc. , by Tobias Lear; Unpublished Correspondence of George Washington and Tobias Lear About the Observations; Published Text Compared with an Autograph Copy Sent to George Washington
122237: LEAR, EDWARD - Two Nonsense Stories
156948: LEARD-COOLIDGE, LINDSAY - A Sense of Place: Painters of Matunuck, Rhode Island, 1873-1941
148907: LEAROYD, RICHARD - Richard Learoyd: Presences
2198: LEARS, T.J. JACKSON - No Place of Grace: Antimodernism and the Transformation of American Culture, 1880-1920
117936: LEARY, LEWIS - The Last Poems of Philip Freneau
111258: LEARY, KAREN (EDITOR) - National Gallery of Australia: An Introduction to the Collection
3931: LEAVITT, THOMAS W. - Albert Bierstadt, 1830-1902: A Retrospective Exhibition
152845: LEAVITT, THOMAS W. (INTRO.) - California Design/ Eight: March 25 Through May 6, 1962
142189: LEAVITT, THOMAS - American Primitive Painting
103160: LEAVITT, THOMAS W. (INTRODUCTION) - American Portraits in California Collections
602: LEAVITT, THOMAS W. AND W.D. BARRY - George Loring Brown: Landscapes of Europe and America, 1834-1880
131264: LEBASSE PROJECTS - Lebasse Projects
120456: LEBDEVA, V.N. - Muzei Kostromskoi Zemli - Museums of Kostroma Land
127605: LEBE, DAVID; JOAN S. REDMOND; RON WALKER (EDITORS) - Barbara Blondeau, 1938-1974
126113: LEBEAU, CLAIRE (EDITOR) - Paul Belmondo: La Sculpture Sereine
146747: LEBEDEV, A. - Vasiliy Vasilyevich Vereshchagin: Albom Reproduktsii
120952: LEBEDEVA, VICTORIIA - Boris Kustodiev
120947: LEBEDIANSKII, M.S. - Graver Petrovskoi Epokhi Aleksei Zubov
160194: LEBEL, ROBERT ET AL. - Marcel Duchamp
160681: LEBENSZTEJN, JEAN-CLAUDE - Figures Pissantes 1280-2014
145015: LEBRUN, RICO - The American Academy in Rome Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture - 1960
151737: LEBRUN, RICO - Exhibition Paintings and Drawings: Jack Gage Stark
4328: LEBRUN, RICO AND PETER SELZ - Rico Lebrun: Paintings & Drawings, 1946-1961, with Notes by the Artist
119785: LEBRUN, FRANCIS - La Dobruudja: Esquisse Historique, Geographique, Ethnographique Et Statistique
148480: LEBRUN, ELISABETH LOUISE VIGEE - The Memoirs of Madame Vigee Lebrun
107070.2: LEBRUN, ELISABETH LOUISE VIGEE - The Memoirs of Madame Vigee Lebrun
16607: LEBSOCK, SUZANNE - A Share of Honour," Virginia Women, 1600-1945
125578: LEBSOCK, SUZANNE - The Free Women of Petersburg: Status and Culture in a Southern Town, 1784-1860
109403: LECA, BENEDICT - Rembrandt: Three Faces of the Master
127780: LECA, BENEDICT (EDITOR); AILEEN RIBEIRO; AMBER LUDWIG - Thomas Gainsborough and the Modern Woman
129183: LECALDANO, PAOLO (GENERAL EDITOR OR CURATOR) AND RODOLFO PALLUCCHINI WITH AN APPENDIX BY GUIDO PEROCCO - I Teleri Del Carpaccio in San Giorgio Degli Schiavoni (Grandi Monografie D'Arte Series)
122184: LECALDANO, PAOLO (GENERAL EDITOR OR CURATOR) AND RODOLFO PALLUCCHINI WITH AN APPENDIX BY GUIDO PEROCCO - I Teleri Del Carpaccio in San Giorgio Degli Schiavoni (Grandi Monografie D'Arte Series)
122182: LECALDANO, PAOLO (CURATOR OR GENERAL EDITOR) AND GIAN ALBERTO DELL'ACQUA AND APPENDIX BY MIA CINOTTI - IL Caravaggio E le Sue Grandi Opere de San Luigi Dei Francesi (Grandi Monografie D'Arte Series)
105968: LECHLER, DORIS ANDERSON - French and German Dolls, Dishes and Accessories
100785: LECHT, SUZANNE, EDITOR - The Changing Face of Hanoi
126513: LECHTRECK, HANS-JÜRGEN - Urbanität Gestalten: Stadtbaukultur in Essen Und IM Ruhrgebiet 1900 Bis 2010
147653: LECLAIR, ANNE - Louis-Jacques Durameau (1733-1796)
143442: LECLERC, DENISE AND MARION H. BARCLAY - Robert Murray: De L'Atelier a L'Usine
149489: LECLERC, ROBERT - Warp and Weave
101434: LECLERCQ, JEAN-PAUL - Jouer la Lumiere
126173: LECOFF, ALBERT B. (CURATOR) - International Lathe-Turned Objects: Challenge V.
137175: LECOMTE, GEORGES ; CAMILLE PISSARRO - Camille Pissarro [Bernheim-Jeune 1922]
109556: LECOMTE, VANESSA - Portrait of a Lady: Peintures Et Photographies Americaines En France, 1870-1915
151205: LECUIRE, PIERRE - Livres de Pierre Lecuire: Catalogue
129153: LEDA CATUNDA; ANA MARIA TAVARES; MONICA NADOR; ET AL. - Arte Hibrida: Leda Catunda - Ana Maria Tavares - Monica Nador - Sergio S.T. Romagnolo
106357: LEDBURY, MARK (EDITOR) - David After David: Essays on the Later Work
106784: LEDDICK, DAVID - George Platt Lynes
110630: LEDES, ALLISON E. - The Magazine Antiques
149309: LEDONNE, JOHN P. - Ruling Russia: Politics and Administration in the Age of Absolutism, 1762-1796
123974: LEDOUX-LEBARD, DENISE - Le Grand Trianon: Meubles Et Objets D'Art
132201: LEDOUX-LEBARD, DENISE - Le Mobilier Francais Du Xixe Siecle: Dictionnaire Des Ebenistes Et Des Menuisiers
121214: LEDZINSKII, V.D WITH A.A. TELICHKO AND A.V. ZVEREV - Khudozhestvennaia Kovka I Lite Moskvy
120688: LEE, AE-RYUNG AND BYOUNG-CHAN MIN - Royal Ceramics of Goryeo Dynasty
155771: LEE, YU-MIN AND DONALD E. BRIX - Visions of Compassion: Images of Kuan-Yin in Chinese Art = Guan Yin Te Zhan
160527: LEE, SHERMAN E. - Chinese Landscape Painting
30296: LEE, AMY FREEMAN - Amy Freeman Lee: Reverence for Life
105432: LEE, ALBERT - Portraits in Pottery, with Some Account of Pleasant Occasions Incident to Their Quest
115819: LEE, SHERMAN E. - The Colors of Ink: Chinese Paintings and Related Ceramics from the Cleveland Museum of Art
17805.1: LEE, SHERMAN E. - Reflections of Reality in Japanese Art
132413: LEE ELLEN GRIFFITH - The Pennsylvania Spice Box: Paneled Doors and Secret Drawers
19358: LEE, JEAN GORDON AND PHILIP CHADWICK FOSTER SMITH - Philadelphians and the China Trade, 1784-1844
14563: LEE, CUTHBERT - Early American Portrait Painters
105788: LEE, ALBERT - Portraits in Pottery, with Some Account of Pleasant Occasions Incident to Their Quest
143503: LEE, AMY FREEMAN - 24th Annual Exhibition, Texas Watercolor Society
18421000001: LEE, PAMELA AND CHRISTINE MEHRING ET AL. - Drawing Is Another Kind of Language": Recent American Drawings from a New York Private Collection
160624: LEE, SOYOUNG AND SEUNG-CHANG JEON - Korean Buncheong Ceramics from Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art
122885: LEE, CUTHBERT - Portrait Register (Vol. I)
101827: LEE, CHARLES A. (MD) - A Catalogue of the Medicinal Plants, Indigenous and Exotic, Growing in the State of New-York. With a Brief Account of Their Composition and Medical Properties
29996: LEE (JANIE) C. GALLERY: HOUSTON, TX, FEBRUARY 11 TO MARCH 7, 1992 - Jim Love: Recent Sculpture
129373: LEE, SHERMAN E. - Tea Taste in Japanese Art
114292: LEE, CHUNG-SHIN - 100 Selected Works of Korean-Style Painting by Chung-Shin Lee
135468: LEE, BANN, ED - A Documentation in Korea, Front Dmz: Past, Present, and Future
111523: LEE, GEORGE J. - Selected Far Eastern Art in the Yale University Art Gallery
109581: LEE, SHERMAN WITH MICHAEL R. CUNNINGHAM AND URSULA KORNEITCHOUCK - One Thousand Years of Japanese Art (650-1650) from the Cleveland Museum of Art
120675: LEE, LISA - Suzanne Caporael: Going
112560: LEE, HERMIONE - Virginia Woolf's Nose
113038: LEE, FRANCIS BAZLEY - New Jersey As a Colony and As a State: One of the Original Thirteen (5 Vols. )
158486: LEE, SANG-HAE - Seowon: The Architecture of Korea's Private Academies
127410: LEE, HA-WOO ET AL. - '86 Seoul Contemporary Asian Art Show: Commemorative Exhibition of the 10th Asian Games
157782: LEE, DORIS - Runaway (Vintage Postcard)
124146: LEE, VERNON - Juvenilia: Being a Second Series of Essays on Sundry Aesthetical Questions: Vol. II
33509: LEE (JANIE) GALLERY, HOUSTON, TX, NOVEMBER TO DECEMBER 1980 - Helen Frankenthaler: Recent Works on Paper
115018: LEE, ERIC M. - Translations: Turner and Printmaking
116320: LEE, HANNAH FARHAM - Historical Sketches of the Old Painters
155594: LEE, SHERMAN E. AND WAI-KAM HO - Chinese Art Under the Mongols : The Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)
137190: LEE, JANIE C. - Claes Oldenburg, Drawings, 1959-1977 -- Claes Oldenburg with Coosje Van Bruggen, Drawings, 1992-1998 -- in the Whitney Museum of American Art
140997: LEE, SHERMAN E. - Tea Taste in Japanese Art
105961: LEE, SHERMAN E. - A History of Far Eastern Art
144780: LEE, JEAN GORDON - Philadelphians and the China Trade, 1784-1844
113350: LEE, HARRY B. - Spirituality and Beauty in Artistic Experience
125718: LEE, LAURIE (INTRODUCTION) PHOTOGRAPHS BY GEOFFREY IRELAND - Epstein: A Camera Study of the Artist at Work by Geoffrey Ireland
157783: LEE, DORIS - Paintings by Young Americans and Winter in the Catskills
157784: LEE, DORIS - Winter in the Catskills (Vintage Image)
17805: LEE, SHERMAN E. - Reflections of Reality in Japanese Art
124654: LEE, KYONG-HEE (EDITOR) - Modern Korean Artists
115376: LEE, J. MAY - Metal, Mud and Minerals: An Exhibition of Chinese Works of Art
149667: LEE, JAEJEONG AND LEE, HAEGYEONG (EDITORS) - O Espectro Diverso: 600 Anos de Ceramica Koreana : The Diverse Spectrum: 600 Years of Korean Ceramics
140233: LEE, SHERMAN E. - Asian Art: Selections from the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd, Part II
124655: LEE, KYONG-HEE (EDITOR) - Masters of Traditional Korean Handicrafts
21038: LEE, SHERMAN E. - Japanese Decorative Style
125641: LEE, ANTHONY W. (EDITOR) - Yun Gee: Poetry, Writings, Art, Memories
123763: LEE, MARGE - The Gardens of Glen Burnie: The History and Legends of a Virginia Legacy
125201: LEE, PAUL A. AND RALPH METZNER AND ROLF VAN ECKARTSBERG (EDITORS) - Psychedelic Review: Issue Number 1: Summer 1963
104345: LEE, SHERMAN E. AND HO, WAI-KAM - Chinese Art Under the Mongols : The Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)
154285: LEE, MOLLY ET AL. - Lockwood de Forest: Alaska Oil Sketches
159511: LEE, PETER H. - A History of Korean Literature
139515: LEE, RUTH WEBB - Sandwich Glass: The History of the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company
158150: LEE, SHERMAN E. AND WAI-KAM HO - Chinese Art Under the Mongols : The Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)
134758: LEE, ALFRED MCCLUNG - The Daily Newspaper in America: The Evolution of a Social Instrument
904: LEE, DORIS1 - Doris Lee (American Artists Group, Monograph Number 16)
144161: LEE, CHUN-YI - Hidden Meanings of Love and Death in Chinese Painting: Selections from the Marilyn and Roy Papp Collection
136464: LEE, JOSEPH - American Manifesto
147282: LEECH, JOHN - John Leech's Pictures of Life and Character from the Collection of "Mr. Punch" (3 Volumes)
158893: LEECH, CARLYLE AND JOHN MCKENNA - Hide and Seek Riddle Book
136354: LEECH, KENNETH - Youthquake: The Growth of a Counter-Culture Through Two Decades
107586: LEED, GRETEL - New York Crafts 1700-1875: An Historical Survey
151463: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN AND GEORGE S. BOLGE - American Master, Andrew Wyeth
100976: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN - William Glackens: American Impressionist
111734: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN - The Independents: The Ashcan School & Their Circle from Florida Collections
137401: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN - Henri & Ryerson: The Art Spirit
145844: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN - Ben Schonzeit: Four Decades: An Intimate Look at a Career in Painting
160784: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN AND TARA CONTRACTOR - Charles Harold Davis (1856-1933): Mystic Impressionist
21237: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN, ET. AL - An American Palette: Works from the Collection of John and Dolores Beck
109306: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN - The Intimate Landscape of Charles Harold Davis, October 11 - November 10, 2007
102453: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN - Robert Henri: The Painted Spirit
153286: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN - Shock of the Real: Photorealism Revisited
29813: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN - Dreams and Dramas: Moonlight and Twilight in American Art
139723: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN - The Independents: The Ashcan School & Their Circle from Florida Collections
100982: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN - Robert Henri in Santa Fe: His Work and His Influence
17637: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN - Leon Kroll Revisited
152031: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN AND DIANA M. VELA ET AL. - Georgia O'Keeffe and the Faraway: Nature and Image
139601: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN, ET. AL - An American Palette: Works from the Collection of John and Dolores Beck
109272: LEEDS, VALERIE ANN - Harold Weston: A Retrospective
123024: LEEDY, WALTER C., JR. - Cleveland Builds an Art Museum: Patronage, Politics, and Architecture, 1884-1916
103205: LEEFLANG, HANS AND GER LUITJEN, WITH OTHER CONTRIBUTORS - Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617): Drawings, Prints and Paintings
31237: LEEHEY, PATRICK M. - Paul Revere - Artisan, Businessman and Patriot: The Man Behind the Myth
111316: LEEHEY, PATRICK M. - The Paul Revere House
141329: LEEMAN, FRED - Van Gogh: Strijd & Succes (2 Cd Audiobook)
16465: LEENHARDT, JACQUES - Connaître la Peinture de Jeanne Socquet
128578: LEEPA, ALLEN - Abraham Rattner
25986: LEEPER, JOHN PALMER - Jasper Johns: The Graphic Work
108649: LEEPER, JOHN PALMER - Reily
105222: LEEPER, JOHN PALMER - Collecting a Texas Phenomenon
115492: LEEPER, JOHN PALMER AND ROBERT L.B. TOBIN - Explosion: Color: Paris: 1909: An Exhibition of Russian Theatre Design, Drawn from the Collection of Robert L.B. Tobin
119837: LEEPER, A.W.A. - The Justice of Rumania's Cause
141532: LEEPER, JOHN - The Third San Gabriel Valley Artists Exhibition
157943: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Julian Barrow : Townscapes : New York, London, Venice
150863: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - English Country Houses: Baroque 1685-1715
104433: LEES, SARAH (EDITOR) - Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet! the Bruyas Collection from the Musee Fabre, Montpellier
136479: LEES, SARAH (EDITOR) - Nineteenth-Century European Paintings at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute (2 Vols. )
119565: LEFCOURT, DANIEL - Kevin Zucker: Search Within Results
110897: LEFCOWITZ, BARBARA - Dimensionally Speaking: Visual, Verbal, Collaborations
153870: LEFEBRE, JOHN ET AL. - 25 Years Lefebre Gallery (Horst Antes)
132115: LEFEBRE GALLERY - Klaus Fussmann at the Lefebre Gallery
160306: LEFEBURE, AMAURY - Josephine
32580: LEFEBVRE D'ARGENCE, RENE-YVON - Bronze Vessels of Ancient China in the Avery Brundage Collection
9520: LEFEVRE GALLERY, LONDON: 1976 - The Complete Sculptures of Degas
4749: LEFEVRE GALLERY - Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986)
16944: LEFEVRE GALLERY, LONDON, ENGLAND: OCT. 4 TO NOV. 3, 1984 - Paintings, Watercolours and Drawings by Nigel Waymouth
125365: LEFEVRE FINE ART - Alessandro Twombly
14326: LEFEVRE CONTEMPORARY ART, LONDON, ENGLAND: NOV. 4-24, 1999 - Daniel Chadwick: Recent Work
151142: LEFEVRE-PONTALIS, EUGENE - Bibliographie Des Societes Savantes de la France
14359: LEFEVRE CONTEMPORARY ART, LONDON, ENGLAND: SEPT. 30 TO OCT. 22, 1999 - John D. Edwards: Recent Paintings
129667: LEFEVRE GALLERY - Edward Burra: The Formative Years (1923 - 1927)
15666: LEFEVRE GALLERY, LONDON, ENGLAND: APR. 7-29, 1988 - Working Girls, Pastels by Nigel Van Wieck
15664: LEFEVRE GALLERY, LONDON, ENGLAND: OCT. 7 TO NOV. 6, 1982 - Recent Works by Nigel Van Wieck
142730: LEFF, JAY C. - African Sculpture from the Collection of Jay C. Leff
10890: LEFF, SANDRA - Guy Pčne Du Bois: Painter, Draftsman and Critic
6520: LEFF, SANDRA - Thomas Anshutz: Paintings, Watercolors and Pastels
145681: LEFF, CATHY (EDITOR) - The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts #26 (Mexico Theme Issue)
1931: LEFF, SANDRA - John White Alexander, 1856-1915: Fin-de-Siecle American
141429: LEFF, SANDRA - Helen Torr, 1886-1967; in Private Life, Mrs. Arthur Dove
18163: LEFF, CATHY (EDITOR) - The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts #23, Florida Theme Issue
109369: LEFFINGWELL, EDWARD - Will Ryman: Tuesday Afternoon
31492: LEFFINGWELL, EDWARD - The Prints of Suzanne Caporael
157776: LEFFINGWELL, EDWARD AND KAREN MARTA (EDITORS) - Modern Dreams: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Pop
118512: LEFFINGWELL, EDWARD - Keeper's Memory: The Kim Esteve Collection and a Narrative History of Chacara Flora
149945: LEFFINGWELL, EDWARD - John Chamberlain: Sculpture and Works on Paper
151639: LEFFINGWELL, RANDY - The American Barn
126787: LEFFMAN, HENRY - Notes on the Secret Service of the Revolutionary Army Operating Around Philadelphia
123262: LEFFTZ, MICHEL AND MURIEL VAN RUYMBEKE - Le Maitre Du Calvaire de Waha: Etudes Sur la Sculpture de la Meuse a L'Ardenne a la Fin Du Moyen Age
150461: LEFKOWITH, CHRISTIE MAYER - The Art of Perfume: Discovering and Collecting Perfume Bottles
124374: LEGEAR, CLARA EGLI - Maps: Their Care, Repair, and Preservation in Libraries
137845: LEGENDRE, M. AND A. HARTMANN - Domenico Theotocopuli Genannt El Greco
15210: LEGENDRE, M., ET AL. - Domenikos Theotokopoulos Called El Greco
117319: LEGER, FERNAND - Leger and Purist Paris
151359: LEGG, ALICIA (EDITOR) - Paintings and Sculpture in the Museum of Modern Art with Selected Works on Paper: Catalogue of the Collection
12766.1: LEGG, ALICIA - The Sculpture of Matisse
132161: LEGG, ALICIA; ET AL. - Claes Oldenburg
12766: LEGG, ALICIA - The Sculpture of Matisse
159497: LEGGE, M. DOMINICA - Anglo-Norman Literature and Its Background
105931: LEGGE, MARGARET AND J. V. G. MALLET - Flowers and Fables. A Survey of Chelsea Porcelain, 1745-69
120445: LEGGE, ELIZABETH AND MARY REID - Caroline Dukes: Concealed Memories
127030: LEGGE-BOURKE, HENRY - The Brigade of Guards on Ceremonial Occasions
158518: LEGGIO, JAMES - What Is Reading
133910: LEGRAIN, LEON - The Culture of the Babylonians, from Their Seals in the Collections of the Museum (Publications of the Babylonian Section Vol. XIV)
133909: LEGRAIN, LEON - Royal Inscriptions and Fragments from Nippur and Babylon (Publications of the Babylonian Section Vol. XV)
140119: LEGRAND, FRANCINE-CLAIRE AND ALISTAIR KENNEDY - Symbolism in Belgium (Belgium, Art of Our Time)
158731: LEHANE, BRENDAN - The Compleat Flea : A Light-Hearted Chronicle - Personal and Historical - of One of Man's Oldest Enemies
108609: LEHISTE, ILSE AND PAVLE IVIC - Accent in Serbocroation: An Experimental Study
160769: LEHMANN, ANN-SOPHIE ET AL (EDITORS) - Meaning in Materials, 1400-1800 = Materiaal En Betekenis, 1400-1800
142507: LEHMANN, WALTER - Altemexikanische Kunstgeschichte: Ein Entwurf in Umrissen
113901: LEHMANN, ARMIN D. (EDITOR) - Chicago Midwest Art: Volume 3, Number 3, March 1967
113902: LEHMANN, ARMIN D. (EDITOR) - Chicago Midwest Art: Volume 3, Number 2, February 1967
113904: LEHMANN, ARMIN D. (EDITOR) - Chicago Midwest Art: Volume 3, Number 1, January 1967
113906: LEHMANN, ARMIN D. (EDITOR) - Chicago Midwest Art: Volume 3, Number 4, April 1967
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138944: LISCHKA, G. J. (ED.) - Der Lowe: Eine Kulturphilosophie Zeitschrift - Aktionismus, Nr. 1, 31. Mai, 1974
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122435: LIU, WU-CHI AND TIEN-YI LI (EDITORS) - Readings in Contemporary Chinese Literature: Volume Two: Stories
122434: LIU, WU-CHI AND TIEN-YI LI (EDITORS) - Readings in Contemporary Chinese Literature: Volume One: Plays and Poems
160325: LIU, CHENG & EGON SPIEGEL - Peacebuilding in a Globalized World : An Illustrated Introduction to Peace Studies = Quan Qiu Hua Shi Jie de He Ping Jian She : Tu Jie He Ping Xue : (Zhong Ying Wen Dui Zhao)
148101: LIU, YUNG-JEN (EDITOR) - Ai Weiwei: Absent = Ai Weiwei: Que XI
144583: LIU DUN-ZHEN - Chinese Classical Gardens of Suzhou

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