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119799: HURD, ARCHIBALD - Submarines and Zeppelins in Warfare and Outrage
138671: HURLBURT, LAURANCE - The Mexican Muralists in the United States
105519: HURLBUTT, FRANK - Old Derby Porcelain and Its Artist-Workmen
105519.1: HURLBUTT, FRANK - Old Derby Porcelain and Its Artist-Workmen
105663: HURLBUTT, FRANK - Bow Porcelain
106123: HURLBUTT, FRANK - Bristol Porcelain
13269: HURLEY, FRANK H. - C.S. Price: The Man; the Artist. (1874-1950) (Cover Title Is 50 Years with C.S. Price)
145703: HURLIMANN, BETTINA - Three Centuries of Cihldren's Books in Europe
104540: HURLL, ESTELLE M. - Portraits and Portrait Painting
141557: HURLL, ESTELLE M. - Portraits and Portrait Painting
125110: HURRELL, JOHN WEYMOUTH - Measured Drawings of Old Oak English Furniture: Also of Some Remains of Architectural Woodwork, Plasterwork, Metalwork, Glazing, Etc.
119045: HURST, NORMAN - Collector's Choice XXIII
140668: HURST, STEPHEN AND PIET CHIELENS - Ypres, the Great War and the Re-Gilding of Memory: The Sculpture and Drawings of Stephen Hurst
148981: HURST, NORMAN AND ANNE D'ALLEVA - Collector's Choice V: Mail Bid Auction
144135: HURST, NORMAN - Art and Artifacts of Melanesia
157362: HURTIG, BERNARD (COMPILER) - Masterpieces of Netsuke Art: One Thousand Favorites of Leading Collectors
18413: HURWIT, JEFFREY M. - Ancient Etruscan and Greek Vases in the Elvehjem Museum of Art
157655: HURWITZ, AL AND OTFRIED SCHOLZ - Art Education in the United States of America = ästhetische Erziehung in Den Usa
113286: HUSAR, NATALKA - Natalka Husar: Black Sea Blue
117592: HUSBAND, TIMOTHY - The Treasury of Basel Cathedral
36760.1: HUSBAND, TIMOTHY - The Wild Man: Medieval Myth and Symbolism
118134: HUSE, NORBERT AND WOLFGANG WOLTERS - Venezia: L'Arte Del Rinascimento - Architettura, Scultura, Pittura 1460 - 1590
110848: HÜSELER, KONRAD - Deutsche Fayencen: Ein Handbuch Der Fabriken Ihrer Meister Und Werke (3 Vols. )
123454: HUSHKA, ROCK - The Romantic Vision of Michael Brophy
129924: HUSHKA, ROCK; VICTORIA ADAMS; STEPHANIE STEIBICH - Where Sky Meets Earth : The Luminous Landscapes of Victoria Adams; (Northwest Perspective Series)
112893: HUSSEY, MIRIAM - From Merchants to "Colour Men" - Five Generations of Samuel Wetherill's White Lead Business
150965: HUSSEY, CHRISTOPHER - English Country Houses: Early Georgian 1715-1760; Mid Georgian 1760-1780; Late Georgian 1800-1840
157656: HUSSEY, CHRISTOPHER - The Picturesque: Studies in a Point of View
6634.1: HUSSEY, CHRISTOPHER - Tait Mckenzie: A Sculptor of Youth
150903: HUSSEY, CHRISTOPHER - English Country Houses Open to the Public
117057: HUSSL-HORMANN, MARIANNE - Strictly Kiki Perfectly Kogelnik
157173: HUSSLEIN-ARCO, AGNES AND STEPHAN KOJA (EDITORS) - Emil Nolde: In Radiance and Color
147966: HUSSLEIN-ARCO, AGNES (EDITOR) ET AL. - Love Story: Sammlung Anne & Wolfgang Titze Collection
155018: HUSTON, NANCY WITH FRANÇOIS MICHAUD ET AL. - Francoise Petrovitch
152047: HUSTVEDT, SIRI - Margaret Bowland: Excerpts from the Great American Songbook
142187: HUTCHESON, KATURAH - Herman Oliver Albrecht
157551: HUTCHINS, CATHERINE E. (ED.), PHILIP D. ZIMMERMAN AND JENNIFER FAULDS GOLDSBOROUGH - The Sewell C. Biggs Collection of Americn Art: A Catalogue; Volume I - Decorative Arts
112545: HUTCHINS, CATHERINE E. (ED.) - The Sewell C. Biggs Collection of Americn Art: A Catalogue; Volume I - Decorative Arts; Volume II - Paintings and Sculpture
132348: HUTCHINS, CATHERINE E. (EDITOR) - Shaping a National Culture: The Philadelphia Experience, 1750-1800
153984: HUTCHINS, CATHERINE S. - The Du Pont Family: Two Hundred Years of Portraits
149348: HUTCHINSON, JOHN - Michael Warren
156467: HUTCHINSON, W.H. AND OLIVER, MRS. RUTH KOERNER - W.H. D. Koerner, Illustrator of the West
153999: HUTCHINSON, J.R. - The Press-Gang Afloat and Ashore
139312: HUTCHINSON, BERYL & ROZ HERMANT - World of Fantasy: The Life and Art of Anna P. Baker
4808: HUTCHINSON (MAX) GALLERY - Brian Wall: A Partial Retrospective '54 - '78
128066: HUTCHINSON, HAROLD F. - King Henry V: A Biography
114997: HUTCHISON, ALICE ET AL. - Al Held: The Evolution of Style
125637: HUTH, HANS (INTRODUCTION BY DOUGLAS H. STRONG) - Nature and the American: Three Centuries of Changing Attitudes
147392: HUTNER, MARTIN - Whistleriana: Works by and About James Mcneill Whistler from the Collection of Martin Hutner
1550000001: HUTSON, MARTHA YOUNG - George Henry Durrie (1820-1863), American Winter Landscapist: Renowned Through Currier and Ives
137287: HUTSON-SAXTON, MARTHA YOUNG - Walter Emerson Baum, 1884-1956: Pennsylvania Artist and Founder of the Baum School of Art and Allentown Art Museum
150997: HUTSON-SAXTON, MARTHA AND CHRISTINE I. OAKLANDER - Treasures of the Greater Lehigh Valley
143981: HUTT, ANTONY (ED.) - Arab Architecture: Past and Present - an Exhibition Presented by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce
119178: HUTTINGER, EDOUARD - Manet, Degas, Monet, Cezanne, Bonnard: Oeuvres Tardives, Spatwerke, Late Works
116331: HUTTON, LAURENCE - Literary Landmarks of Florence
116332: HUTTON, LAURENCE - Literary Landmarks of Venice
116333: HUTTON, LAURENCE - Literary Landmarks of Rome
23486: HUTTON (LEONARD), NY: OCT. 20 TO NOV. 30, 1995 - Kazimir Severinovich Malevich
120300: HUTTON (LEONARD) GALLERIES, NEW YORK: NOVEMBER 2, 1979 TO MARCH 15, 1980 - Ilya Grigorevich Chashnik: Watercolors, Drawings, Reliefs
107895: HUTTON-HUTSCHNECKER, LEONARD - German Expressionist Paintings, Drawings, Watercolors, Sculpture; German Expressionsts
13152: HUTTON (LEONARD) GALLERIES, NY: APR. 4 TO MAY 26, 1995 - Sonia Delaunay: Works of the Teens and Twenties
156289: HUTTON-HUTSCHNECKER, LEONARD - Rudolf Bauer, 1889-1953: The Constructivist Years
132051: HUTTON-HUTSCHNECKER, LEONARD - German Expressionist Paintings, Drawings, Watercolors, Sculpture; German Expressionists
30987: HUTTON (LEONARD) GALLERIES, NY: MARCH 24 TO MAY 26, 1983 - Eduardo Arroyo: A Major Exhibition of Paintings, Sandpaper Collages, Drawings, Lithographs, Ramoneur Sculptures
31176: HUTTON (LEONARD) GALLERIES, NEW YORK: NOVEMBER 2, 1979 TO MARCH 15, 1980 - Ilya Grigorevich Chashnik: Watercolors, Drawings, Reliefs
105254: HUTTON, A. DE SAYE - A Guide to New Hall Porcelain Patterns
21156: HUTTON, INGRID ET AL. - Vasily Dmitrievich Ermilov, 1894-1968: Gouaches, Sculpture, Reliefs
102756: HUTTON-HUTSCHNECKER, LEONARD - Rudolf Bauer, 1889-1953: A Retrospective Exhibition of Non-Objective Paintings
134678: HUTTON, JAMES - A Popular Account of the Thugs and Dacoits, the Hereditary Garotters and Gang-Robbers of India
148437: HUTTON, MOLLY SUZANNE - The Ashcan City: Representational Strategies at the Turn-of-the Century
131749: HUTTY, ALFRED AND DUNCAN PHILLIPS - Alfred Hutty (American Etchers Series, Vol. II)
144995: HUTTY, ALFRED AND DUNCAN PHILLIPS - American Etchers, Volume II: Alfred Hutty
123614: HUXFORD, SHARON AND BOB - The Collectors Encyclopedia of Roseville Pottery: Second Series
123612: HUXFORD, SHARON AND BOB - The Collectors Encyclopedia of Roseville Pottery: First Series
123420: HUXFORD, SHARON AND BOB - Roseville Pottery: Price Guide No. 9
126329: HUXLEY, PAUL (EDITOR) - Exhibition Road: Painters at the Royal College of Art
127465: HUXTABLE, ADA LOUISE AND FRANK OWEN GEHRY - The Pritzker Architecture Prize 1989: Presented to Frank Owen Gehry
131831: HUXTABLE, ADA LOUISE; OSCAR NEIMEYER; GORDON BUNSHAFT - The Pritzker Architecture Prize 1988: Presented to Gordon Bunshaft and Oscar Neimeyer
127471: HUXTABLE, ADA LOUISE AND CHRISTIAN DE PORTZAMPARC - The Pritzker Architecture Prize 1994: Presented to Christian de Portzamparc
139079: HUYGENS, R. B. C. (EDITOR) ET AL. - Corpus Christianorum: Continuatio Mediaevalis 252: Das Leben Der Maria Von Oignies / Vita Marie de Oegnies
123147: HUYGHE, RENE - Les Contemporains
104446: HUYGHE, RENE - Delacroix
151500: HUYGHE, RENE AND DAISAKU IKEDA - Dawn After Dark: A Dialogue
123474: HUYGHE, RENE (EDITOR) - Larousse Encyclopedia of Renaissance and Baroque Art
118885: HUYGHE, RENE - The School of Fontainebleau
154047: HVIDT, KRISTIAN - Von Reck's Voyage: Drawings and Journal of Philip Georg Friedrich Von Reck
148572: HWANG, JIHYUN, WITH JEONG-HYE PARK AND KYUNG-HEE JANG - Celebrating Events with Banquets and Ceremonies in the Joseon Dynasty
131285: HWANG JIHYUN; KAWADA SADAM; NATIONAL MUSEUM OF KOREA ; ET AL. - Korean Lacquerware Inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl: The Everlasting Beauty
112650: HWANG, JAU-YUAN (ED.) - Direct Democracy in Asia: A Reference Guide to the Legislations and Practices
105713: HYAM, EDWARD E. - The Early Period of Derby Porcelain (1750-1770)
142634: HYAM, LESLIE AND N.H.M. MCOSTRICH - The Walter P. Chrysler, Jr. Collection of English Furniture, Parts I and II (with a Third Catalogue from the Sale); 3 Vols
124859: HYAM, LESLIE A. - The George Barr Mccutcheon Collection of Paintings
155396: HYAM, LESLIE AND SHIRLEY FALCKE - Art of the Far East: Decorated & Single-Color Porcelains, Semi-Precious Mineral Carvings, Bronzes & Cloisonne Enamels, Lacquer Furniture, Chinese Rugs and a Superb and Unique Ming Brocade from the Jeno Winter Palace; Collection of Yamanaka & Company - Unrestricted Public Sale, December 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th
142634.1: HYAM, LESLIE AND N.H.M. MCOSTRICH - The Walter P. Chrysler, Jr. Collection of English Furniture, Parts I and II
139373: HYAM, LESLIE - Rare and Valuable Ispahan & Polonaise Carpets, Gothic and Renaissance Furniture, Paintings, Sculptures and Bibelots Property of C.J. Seibert, Mrs. Henry Goldman, Henry Schniewind and from the Collection Formed by the Late Mortimer L. Schiff and Property of Other Owners
23208: HYAMS, EDWARD AND GEORGE ORDISH - The Last of the Incas: The Rise and Fall of an American Empire
3010: HYANNIS PORT, MA: RICHARD A. BOURNE, AUG. 18, 1972 - American Nineteenth Century Paintings from the Collection of Douglas B. Collins
156204: HYATT, STEPHEN L. (EDITOR) - The Greek Vase: Papers Based on Lectures Presented to a Symposium Held at Hudson Valley Community College at Troy, New York in April of 1979
105614: HYDE, J.A. LLOYD - Oriental Lowestoft with Special Reference to the Trade with China and the Porcelain Decorated for the American Market
143229: HYDE PARK ANTIQUES, LTD - Hyde Park Antiques, Ltd. : Volume III
105613: HYDE, J.A. LLOYD - Oriental Lowestoft Chinese Export Porcelain Porcelaine de la Cie Des Indes with Special Reference to the Trade with China and the Porcelain Decorated for the American Market
135543: HYDE, BRYDEN BORDLEY - Bermuda's Antique Furniture and Silver
111662: HYDE-FARNSWORTH, CATHERINE A. - Images from the Storm: Private Robert Knox Sneden
105633: HYDE, J.A. LLOYD - Oriental Lowestoft Chinese Export Porcelain Porcelaine de la Cie Des Indes with Special Reference to the Trade with China and the Porcelain Decorated for the American Market
7603: HYLAND, DOUGLAS K.S AND HANS HENRIK BRUMMER - Zorn: Paintings, Graphics, and Sculpture
143624: HYLAND, CHRISTOPHER - By Way of These Eyes: The Hyland Collection of American Photography
140074: HYLAND, DOUGLAS - Connecticut Impressionists: New Britain Museum of American Art, June 2-August 27, 2000
101433: HYLDEN, ERIC AND REUTER, LAUREL (EDITORS); CAMRUD, MADELYN, HAGA, CHUCK, AND REUTER, LAUREL (WRITINGS) - Under the Whelming Tide: The 1997 Flood of the Red River of the North
142356: HYLTON, JANE AND JOHN NEYLON - Hans Heysen: Into the Light
9307: HYMAN (LINDA) FINE ARTS, NY: APR. 30 TO JUNE 30, 1997 - Jerome Blum, American Fauve: Works from 1908 to 1921
26627: HYMAN, LINDA - Faces and Figures: The Modern American Tradition
106962: HYMAN, JOHN A. - Silver at Williamsburg: Drinking Vessels
26630: HYMAN, LINDA - American Modernist Landscapes: The Spirit of Cezanne
7923: HYMAN, LINDA - Ernest Fiene: Art of the City, 1925-1955
1566: HYMAN, LINDA - Arthur Harold Lindberg (1895-1977): Romantic Industrial Landscape Painter Rediscovered
35725: HYMAN, TIMOTHY - R.B. Kitaj: Fifty Drawings and Pastels Six Oil Paintings
154147: HYMAN, VIRGINIA DULANY AND WILLIAM C. C. HU - Carpets of China and Its Border Regions
114078: HYMAN, TIMOTHY AND ROGER MALBERT - Carnivalesque
106560: HYMAN, TIMOTHY - Andrzej Jackowski: A Drawing Retrospective 1963-2003
127272: HYMAS, JOHNNY - Tanbo: The Sacred Fields
132490: I. RICE PEREIRA - Poetics of the Form of Space, Light, and the Infinite
132492: I. RICE PEREIRA - The Nature of Space: A Metaphysical and Aesthetic Inquiry
133673: I. L. VANSANT - Roofless. A Romance in Rhyme
148685: IACONO, DOMENIC J. ET AL. - A Catalogue Raisonne of the Graphic Work of Richard Florsheim
103013: IACUZZI, PAOLO FABRIZIO (CURATOR) - Piero Bigongiari. Voci in Un Labirinto. Lettere, Saggi, Immagini Inediti Con Sette Quadri Del Seicento Fiorentino Dalla Collezione Del Poeta
103215: IAN BERRY - Jonathan Seliger: Floor Model (Opener 1)
131373: IANNONE, LUCIA P. AND ARTHUR ROSS - Goya / Los Caprichos. An Exhibition from the Collection of Mr. Arthur Ross, Yale University Art Gallery, September 16-November 15, 1981
120212: IATSENKO, V.F. - Mykola Samokish, 1860-1944
122514: IBANEZ, VICENTE BLASCO - Sonnica
140299: IBARRA, MIGUEL ANGEL DE BUNES ET AL. - The Invention of Glory: Afonso V and the Pastrana Tapestries
157107: IBM GALLERY - Young Artists of Latin America
104007: IBRAEVA, VALERIA AND ENRICO MASCELLONI SARENCO - La Sindrome Di Tamerlano: Arte E Conflitti in Asie Centrale / the Tamerlane Syndrome. Art and Conflicts in Central Asia
125000: IBSEN, HENRIK - A Doll's House
110863: ICHIHARA, KENTARO - After the Reality
24774: ICHIKAWA, MASANORI (ESSAY) - Realistic Representation III: Painting in Japan 1884-1907
32860: ID: THE BOISE GALLERY OF ART, APRIL 5 TO JUNE 1, 1986; 11 ADDITIONAL VENUES - Thomas Hart Benton: An Intimate View
135474: IDE, YOICHIRO ET AL. - Millet and Barbizon Art
150358: IDZERDA, STANLEY J. (EDITOR) - France and the American War for Independence
154183: IERUSALIMSKAJA, ANNA A. AND BIRGITT BORKOPP - Von China Nach Byzanz: Frühmittelalterliche Seiden Aus Der Staatlichen Ermitage Sankt Petersburg
157053: IIZUKA, TAKASHI ET AL. - The Golden Legend = Gon Densetsuten
127178: IKEDA, MASUO - Masuo Ikeda: 1956 - 1977
153672: IKEDA, AKIRA - Akira Ikeda Gallery: January 30, 1982
143829: IKONNIKOV, A.V. (FOREWORD) - Konstantin Stepanovich Mel'Nikov
120306: IKONNIKOV, ANDREI VLADIMIROVICH - Tysiacha Let Russkoi Arkhitektury: Razvitie Traditsii
140035: IKONNIKOV, ANDREI AND LEV LYAPIN - Russian Architecture of the Soviet Period
146876: IL'IN, M.A. - Zagorsk20
120980: ILATOVSKAIA, T.A. WITH OTHERS - Trudy Gosudarstvennogo Ermitazha XXIX: Zapadnoevropeiskoe Iskusstvo 8
151024: ILCHMAN, FREDERICK ET AL. - Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese: Rivals in Renaissance Venice
152543: ILDEFONSO, THERESE A. AND JUDITH S. SCHULZ ET AL. - That Exceptional One": Women in American Architecture, 1888-1988
133233: ILENE SUSAN FORT (ED.) - Manly Pursuits: Writings on the Sporting Images of Thomas Eakins
139489: ILERI, CEM (ED.) - Intersecting Times Permanent Exhibition 2006 / Kesisen Zamanlar Surekli Sergi 2006
138415: ILES, CHRISSIE AND PHILIPPE VERGNE - Whitney Biennial 2006: Day for Night
138416: ILES, CHRISSIE, ET AL. - Whitney Biennial 2004 (2 Vols. )
148045: ILES, CHRISSIE - Into the Light: The Projected Image in American Art 1964-1977
35062: ILESANMI, IUKEMI - The Squared Circle: Boxing in Contemporary Art
29911: ILG, MARY ELIZABETH ET AL. - Malcolm H. Myers: Five Decades of Paintings & Prints
156502: ILIAS LALAOUNIS - Ilias Lalaounis: Objects D'Art
156503: ILIAS LALAOUNIS - Ilias Lalaounis: Metamorphoses
120975: ILIN, NIKOLAS AND NATALIIA SEMENOVA - Prodannye Sokrovishcha Rossii
135686: ILIN, MIKHAIL ANDREEVICH - Arkhitektura Moskvy V XVIII Veke
141542: ILIOPOULOU-ROGAN, DORA - Adk 2002 Calendar (with Artwork by Mina Papatheodorou-Valyrakis)
129197: ILIOPOULOU-ROGAN, DORA - Three Generations of Greek Women Artists: Figures, Forms, and Personal Myths
121277: ILIOPOULOU-ROGAN, DORA AND LUCIO BARBERA - Mina Papatheodorou-Valyrakis 9-30 November, 1987
152733: ILLAN, ADELINA AND RAFAEL ROMERO - Ciencia & Esencia: Cuadernos de Conservacion Y Tecnologia Del Arte = Science & Essence: Conservation and Art Technology Notebooks
146608: ILMONEN, ANNELI AND BRIGITTE REUTER AND EWALD REUTER - Kaipuu Maisemaan: Saksalaista Romantiikkaa 1800 - 1840 / Alles Drangt Zur Landschaft: Deutsche Romantik 1800 - 1840
151851: ILSE-NEUMAN, URSULA ET AL. - Made in Oakland: The Furniture of Garry Knox Bennett
145805: ILYIN, M. WITH T. MONSEEVA - Pamyatniki Iskusstva Sovetskogo Soyuza: Moskva I Podmoskovye / Historical Monuments of the Soviet Union: Moscow and the Moscow Region
135650: ILYINA, TATYANA - Masterworks of Russian Painting from Soviet Museums
134054: IMAGERIE PELLERIN - Histoires & Scenes Humoristiques - Contes Moraux, Merveilleux (#201-300); Serie Superieure Aux Armes D'Epinal; Contes Moraux-Contes Merveilleux
134050: IMAGERIE PELLERIN - Histoires & Scenes Humoristiques - Contes Moraux, Merveilleux (1er Groupe, 1-100); Serie Superieure Aux Armes D'Epinal; Contes Moraux-Contes Merveilleux
134053: IMAGERIE PELLERIN - Histoires & Scenes Humoristiques - Contes Moraux, Merveilleux (#51-75); Serie Superieure Aux Armes D'Epinal; Contes Moraux-Contes Merveilleux
131655: IMAI YOKO - Takahashi Yoshihiko Goes to the Glass
4304: IMAIZUMI, ATSUO AND LLOYD GOODRICH - Kuniyoshi: Catalogue of Kuniyoshi's Posthumous Exhibition
108075: IMAMURA, RYOICHI - Osaka-San Francisco Exchange Exhibition
135337: IMBERT, CHRISTOPHE - Rome N'Est Plus Dans Rome: Formule Magique Pour Un Centre Perdu
136863: IMBERT, DIDIER - Pop-Art 61-65
135561: IMBERT, R. AND Y. AMIC - Les Presse-Papiers Francais de Cristal = French Crystal Paperweights
101373: IMDAHL, MAX & SANDER, JOCHEN - Der Burgermeister, Sein Maler Und Seine Familie: Hans Holbeins Madonna IM Stadel
138734: IMDAHL, GEORG - Rudolf de Crignis: New York, 1985-2006
111625: IMHOF, KURT ET AL. - Shifting Identities: (Swiss) Art Now
115007: IMHOF, KURT ET AL. - Shifting Identities: (Schweizer) Kunst Heute
133128: IMMA GONZALEZ PUY; ET AL. - Festines, Rituales Y Ceremonias: Bronces Arcaicos Del Museo de Shanghai
112324: IMMERMAN, RICHARD H. - The Cia in Guatemala: The Foreign Policy of Intervention
124115: IMPELLUSO, LUCIA - Eroi E Dei Dell'Antichita
112367: IMPEY, EDWARD - Kensington Palace: The Official Illustrated History
105463: IMPEY, OLIVER - Chinoiserie: The Impact of Oriental Styles on Western Art and Decoration
142612: IMPEY, OLIVER - Michael Webb: An English Carver of Netsuke
117613: IMPEY, OLIVER - The Cecil Family Collects: Four Centuries of Decorative Arts from Burghley House
155780: IMPEY, OLIVER AND CHRISTIAAN JORG - Japanese Export Lacquer, 1580-1850
151455: IMRE, GYORGYI (EDITOR) - Janos Megyik: The Space of the Image = a Kep Tere
28706: IN: INDIANAPLIS MUSEUM OF ART, ND - Indianapolis Collects: American Furniture, 1700 - 1850
29892: IN: INDIANAPOLIS MUSEUM OF ART, JUNE 15 TO JULY 30, 1978 - Painting and Sculpture Today, 1978
34793: IN: INDIANAPOLIS MUSEUM OF ART, JUNE 28 TO SEPTEMBER 13, 1987; TWO ADDITIONAL VENUES - Art of the Fantastic: Latin America, 1920 - 1987
140874: INA, EIJI AND TOSHIHARU ITO - Eiji Ina: Waste
144577: INAJI, TOSHIRO - The Garden As Architecture: Form and Spirit in the Gardens of Japan, China, and Korea
156038: INAN, JANE AND ELISABETH ROSENBAUM - Roman and Early Byzantine Portrait Sculpture in Asia Minor
154599: INCIRLIOGLU, GUVEN AND HAKAN TOPAL ET AL. - The Sea-Image: Visual Manifestations of Port Cities and Global Waters
133818: INDEX OF AMERICAN DESIGN; THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART; PENNSYLVANIA WPA PROJECT - Pennsylvania German Designs: A Portfolio of Silk Screen Prints
148475: INDIANA, GARY - Tal R: Altstadt Girl
121613: INDIANA, GARY - Roberto Juarez
101599: INDIANA, ROBERT AND ADRIAN DANNATT - Robert Indiana: Wood
8943: INDIANAPOLIS MUSEUM OF ART - Western American Art: Selections from the Harrison Eiteljorg Collection
16606: INDIANAPOLIS, IN: - Views from Jade Terrace: Chinese Women Artists, 1300-1912
28401: INDIANAPOLIS, IN: JOHN HERRON ART MUSEUM, OCTOBER 3 TO NOVEMBER 1, 1959 - Paintings from the Collection of George Henry Alexander Clowes: A Memorial Exhibition
24011: INDIANAPOLIS, IN: HERRON MUSEUM OF ART, FEB. 21 TO APR. 11, 1965 - The Romantic Era: Birth and Flowering, 1750-1850
8248: INDIANAPOLIS, IN: NATIONAL ART MUSEUM OF SPORT, JAN. 13 TO APR. 20, 1991 - Sport in Art from American Museums
967: INDIANAPOLIS, IN: INDIANAPOLIS MUSEUM OF ART, SEPT. 20 TO NOV. 27, 1977, THREE OTHER LOCATIONS - Perceptions of the Spirit in Twentieth-Century American Art
15498: INDIANAPOLIS, IN: JOHN HERRON ART MUSEUM, NOV. 12 TO DEC. 12, 1955 - Turner in America: Oils, Water Colors, Drawings and Some Engraved Works of Joseph Mallord William Turner, English, 1775-1851
12313: INDIANAPOLIS, IN: HERRON MUSEUM OF ART, SPRING 1968 - The Nell Clarke Herrington Memorial Exhibition
11672: INDIANAPOLIS, IN: JOHN HERRON ART MUSEUM, OCT. 22 TO DEC. 24, 1950 - Holbein and His Contemporaries
10880: INDIANAPOLIS MUSEUM OF ART, MAR. 2 - 30, 1976, ONE OTHER LOCATION - Victor Higgins: An Indiana Born Artist Working in Taos, New Mexico
157491: INFELD, LEOPOLD - Whom the Gods Love: The Story of Evariste Galois
28444: INGALLS, HUNTER - William Sommer: Master of Watercolor
104526: INGAMELLS, JOHN - The Wallace Collection Catalogue of Pictures, Volume 2: French Nineteenth Century
104527: INGAMELLS, JOHN - The Wallace Collection Catalogue of Pictures, Volume 3: French Before 1815
117980: INGAMELLS, JOHN - Summary Illustrated Catalogue of Pictures
100685: INGBER GALLERY - The Return of Abstraction
8805: INGE, WILLIAM - Willem de Kooning
28600: INGE, M. THOMAS - Handbook of American Popular Culture, Volume 2
157737: INGE, WILLIAM - Recent Paintings by James Gill
135505: INGENHOFF-DANHAUSER, MONIKA - Maria Magdalena: Heilige Und Sunderin in Der Italienischen Renaissance: Studien Zur Ikonographie Der Heiligen Von Leonardo Bis Tizian
16313: INGERSOLL, R. STURGIS AND JAMES FOSBURGH - Walter Stuempfig Memorial Exhibition
128264: INGHAM, VICKI LEIGH - Art of the New South: Women Artists of Birmingham 1890-1950
150856: INGILBY, THOMAS (SIR) - Yorkshire's Great Houses: Behind the Scenes
129665: INGLEBY GALLERY - Abstraction: The Ingleby Gallery Edinburgh 2002
152995: INGLEBY GALLERY - Callum Innes
111092: INGLIS, BRAND - Brand Inglis
110266: INGLOT, JOANNA - Warm: A Feminist Art Collective in Minnesota
128124: INGRAM, RICHARD T. - Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards
14820: INGRAM, JOHN H. - Oliver Madox Brown: A Biographical Sketch, 1855-1874
145700: INGUANEZ, D. M. AND D. ANTONIO MIRRA - Miscellanea Cassinese
151251: INKSTER, DEAN ET AL. - Anarchism without Adjectives: On the Work of Christopher D'Arcangelo (1975-1979)
144069: INN, HENRY - Chinese Houses and Gardens
144069.1: INN, HENRY - Chinese Houses and Gardens
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127931: JASPER, THEODORE AND JACOB H. STUDER - Studer's Popular Ornithology: The Birds of North America
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153540: JIN, IK-SONG AND WILL BARNET - Ik-Song Jin: Timeless Doors
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153597: JO, KWANG-SUK AND WILL BARNET - Ik-Song Jin: Solo Exhibition
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135703: JOHANSSON, BARBRO (EDITOR) - Troll, Brollop Och Jul Ett Urval Ostgotska Traditioner
115003: JOHANSSON, PETER AND BARBRO WESTLING - Peter Johansson / Barbro Westling, 2004-2008
133801: JOHHNSON, ALLEN ET AL. - Dictionary of American Biography (20 Volumes, Index and 4 Supplements)
117883: JOHN, IVOR B. (ED.) - The Works of Shakespeare: The Tragedy of King Richard II
134814: JOHN FROST - The American Generals, from the Founding of the Republic to the Present Time, Comprising Lives of the Great Commanders, and Other Distinguished Officers Who Have Acted in the Service of the United States: And Embracing a Complete Military History of the Country
133667: JOHN STUART GORDON; ET AL. - A Modern World: American Design from the Yale University Art Gallery, 1920-1950
101146: JOHN RANSOM PHILLIPS, WENDY DONIGER, ARIEL ORR JORDAN - Bed As Autobiography : A Visual Exploration of John Ransom Phillips
116145: JOHN, TREVOR (ED.) - The Warwickshire Hundred Rolls of 1279 - 80
106187: JOHN, W.D. WITH ANNE AND JACQUELINE SIMCOX - William Billingsley (1758-1828): His Outstanding Achievements As an Artist and Porcelain Maker
132984: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Wolf Solent: A Novel
133685: JOHN LINDLEY, R. SWEET, D. DOM AND "A PRACTICAL FLORICULTURIST - The Ornamental Flower Garden and Shrubbery: Containing Coloured Figures and Descriptions of the Most Beautiful and Curious Flowering Plants and Shrubs Cultivated in Great Britain. Selected from the Works of John Lindley R. Sweet and D. Don to Which Are Added English Descriptions, and the Most Recent Practical Hints on Culture, Propagation, Etc. By a Practical Floriculturist (Volumes 1 and 2 Only of 4)
133425: JOHN ELDERFIELD; ET AL. - De Kooning: A Retrospective
132979: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Autobiography
134425: JOHN WILSON ROSS (ED); WILLIAM GIBBS (ILLUST.) - The Universal Decorator: The Second Series, Complete in One Volume
133675: JOHN MITFORD; JOHN MILTON - The Poetical Works of John Milton with Notes, and a Life of the Author (in Two Volumes)
134880: JOHN JAMES PIATT - Landmarks, the Lost Farm and Other Poems
29586: JOHN, W. D. AND JACQUELINE SIMCOX - English Decorated Trays (1550-1850)
150859: JOHN, DUKE OF BEDFORD AND GEORGE MIKES - How to Run a Stately Home
132985: JOHN COWPER POWYS - Wolf Solent: A Novel
134232: JOHN PINKERTON - An Essay on Medals: Or, an Introduction to the Knowlege of Ancient and Modern Coins and Medals; Especially Those of Greece, Rome, and Britain (Volume 1 & Volume 2)
152694: JOHN, W.D. WITH ANNE AND JACQUELINE SIMCOX - William Billingsley (1758-1828): His Outstanding Achievements As an Artist and Porcelain Maker
134819: JOHN KEESE (ED) - The Poets of America: Illustrated by One of Her Painters (Volume Second of the Series)
134806: JOHN ERASTUS LESTER - The Atlantic to the Pacific. What to See, and How to See It
104991: JOHN FITZMAURICE MILLS~JOHN MANSFIELD - Genuine Article: The Masking and Unmasking of Fakes and Forgeries
105919: JOHN, W.D. WITH ASSISTANCE BY DR. S. JOHN AND B.A. WILLIAMS - Nantgarw Porcelain
106721: JOHN, W.D. ASSISTED BY ANNE SIMCOX AND JACQUELINE SIMCOX WITH AN ILLUSTRATED APPENDIX BY SIR LESLIE JOSEPH - William Billingsley (1758-1828) His Outstanding Achievements As an Artist and Porcelain Maker
133739: JOHN FLAXMAN - Compositions from the Tragedies of Aeschylus Designed by John Flaxman

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