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144112: FAGIOLO, MAURIZIO WITH ESTER COEN AND GINA SEVERINI - Gino Severini Entre Les Deux Guerres
156166: FAGIOLO DELL'ARCO, MARIANO (CURATOR) - Francis Picabia 1879-1953. Mezzo Secolo Di Avanguardia. Galleria Civica D'Arte Moderna Torino
127469: FAGONE, VITTORIO; FONDAZIONE GIOVANNI LORENZINI - Quale Figura: Ventiquattro Artisti Contemporanei Presentati Da Vittorio Fagone = What Figure: Twenty-Four Contemporary Artists Presented by Vittorio Fagone
137589: FAHLMAN, BETSY - The Cowboy's Dream: The Mythic Life and Art of Lon Megargee
145931: FAHLMAN, BETSY AND LONNIE PIERSON DUNBIER - Arizona's Pioneering Women Artists: Impressions of the Grand Canyon State
35505: FAHLMAN, BETSY - Guy Pène Du Bois: Painter of Modern Life
30769: FAHLMAN, BETSY - Arnold Ronnebeck (1885 - 1947)
137329: FAHLMAN, BETSY AND CLAIRE BARRY - Chimneys and Towers: Charles Demuth's Late Paintings of Lancaster
28419: FAHLMAN, BETSY - John Ferguson Weir: The Labor of Art
141731: FAHLMAN, BETSY - Artists of the Commonwealth: Realism in Pennsylvania Painting, 1900-1950
108057: FAHLMAN, BETSY - American Modernism: The Collection of Pinnacle West Capital Corporation
4225: FAHLMAN, BETSY - Guy Pène Du Bois: Artist About Town
108788: FAHLMAN, BETSY - James Graham and Sons: A Century and a Half in the Art Business
109151: FAHLMAN, BETSY - James Graham & Sons: A Century and a Half in the Art Business 1857-2007
126255: FAHLMAN, BETSY - New Deal Art in Arizona
111661: FAHLMAN, BETSY - Guy Pène Du Bois (1884 - 1958): Returning to America
107887: FAHNESTOCK, ANDREA HENDERSON - William Clutz: Five Decades of New York Streets: A Selection
145979: FAHR-BECKER, GABRIELE - L'Art Nouveau
14266: FAHY, EVERETT, ET AL. - The Wrightsman Collection, Volume V: Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture
101562: FAHY, EVERETT (EDITOR) - The Wrightsman Pictures
118963: FAILEY, DEAN - The Collection of Kay and Richard Barrett: Important American and English Furniture, Needlework and Decorative Arts
105045: FAILEY, DEAN F. - Long Island Is My Nation: The Decorative Arts & Craftsmen, 1640-1830
105045000001: FAILEY, DEAN F. - Long Island Is My Nation: The Decorative Arts & Craftsmen, 1640-1830
108725: FAILL, CAROL E. ET AL. - Fraktur: A Selective Guide to the Franklin and Marshall Fraktur Collection
115284: FAIRBAIRN, JAMES AND LAURENCE BUTTERS - Fairbairn's Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland, Compiled from the Best Authorities by James Fairbairn and Revised by Laurence Butters, Seal Engraver in Ordinary to the Queen for Scotland
120869: FAIRBANKS, JONATHAN L. AND ELIZABETH BIDWELL BATES - American Furniture: 1620 to the Present
127104: FAIRBANKS, JONATHAN L. AND PAT WARNER - Glass Today by American Studio Artists
13253: FAIRBANKS, PETER M. - Jamie Wyeth: Special Works
152283: FAIRBANKS, JONATHAN L. ET AL. - New England Begins: The Seventeenth Century (3 Vols. Vol. 1: Introduction, Migration and Settlement; Vol. 2, Mentality and Environment; Vol. 3, Style)
26597: FAIRBANKS, JONATHAN L. AND ROBERT F. TRENT ET AL. - New England Begins: The Seventeenth Century (Volume 3: Style)
29435: FAIRBANKS, ARTHUR - Athenian Lekythoi: With Outline Drawing in Glaze Varnish on a White Ground
126519: FAIRBANKS, EUGENE F. - Abraham Lincoln Sculpture Created by Avard T. Fairbanks
26598: FAIRBANKS, JONATHAN L. AND ROBERT F. TRENT ET AL. - New England Begins: The Seventeenth Century (Volume 2: Mentality and Environment)
29435.1: FAIRBANKS, ARTHUR - Athenian Lekythoi: With Outline Drawing in Glaze Varnish on a White Ground
152150: FAIRBANKS, EUGENE F. - A Sculptor's Christmas Story: Avard T. Fairbanks' Spirit of Christmas Through the Years
126978: FAIRBANKS, JONATHAN L. AND ROBERT F. TRENT ET AL. - New England Begins: The Seventeenth Century (Volume 1: Introduction, Migration and Settlement)
125732: FAIRBANKS, EUGENE F. - A Sculptor's Testimony in Bronze and Stone: Sacred Sculpture of Avard T. Fairbanks
13958: FAIRBANKS, JONATHAN L. AND ELIZABETH BIDWELL BATES - American Furniture: 1620 to the Present
26599: FAIRBANKS, JONATHAN L. ET AL. - New England Begins: The Seventeenth Century (3 Vols. Vol. 1: Introduction, Migration and Settlement; Vol. 2, Mentality and Environment; Vol. 3, Style)
103380: FAIRBROTHER, TREVOR - Janet Fish
136878: FAIRBROTHER, TREVOR - Robert Wilson's Vision: An Exhibition of Works by Robert Wilson with a Sound Environment by Hans Peter Kuhn
4530: FAIRBROTHER, TREVOR - John Singer Sargent (Library of American Art)
11457: FAIRBROTHER, TREVOR J. - Sargent Portrait Drawings: 42 Works by John Singer Sargent
111267: FAIRBROTHER, TREVOR ET AL. - The Virginia and Bagley Wright Collection
137332: FAIRBROTHER, TREVOR - Ispwich Days: Arthur Wesley Dow and His Hometown
5976.1: FAIRBROTHER, TREVOR J. - The Bostonians: Painters of an Elegant Age, 1870-1930
21493: FAIRBROTHER, TREVOR - John Singer Sargent: The Sensualist
134916: FAIRCHILD, HERMAN L. - The Susquehanna River in New York and Evolution of Western New York Drainage (New York State Museum Bulletin No. 256)
32918: FAIRCHILDS, CISSIE - Domestic Enemies: Servants and Their Masters in Old Regime France
110134: FAIRCLOTH, STEPHEN AND SUZAN COURTNEY - Enisled Visions: The Southern Non-Traditional Folk Artist
118979: FAIRHOLT, F.W. - A Dictionary of Terms in Art
139965: FAIRHOLT, F. W. - A Dictionary of Terms in Art
114760: FAIRLAND, THOMAS - Mccormicks Juvenile Drawing Book
123762: FAIRLEY, JOHN - The Art of the Horse
154809: FAIRMAN, ELISABETH R. (EDITOR) - Of Green Leaf, Bird and Flower: Artists' Books and the Natural World
32081: FAIRSERVIS, WALTER - The Roots of Ancient India: The Archaeology of Early Indian Civilization
139254: FAIVRE, ABEL - Salon Des Humoristes: Catalogue Illustre
32251: FAJT, JIRI, (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Bulletin of the National Gallery in Prague (VII - VIII, 1997 - 1998)
139157: FAKHRY, AHMED - Bahria Oasis, Volume II
124071: FALCHETTA, PIERO - Storia Del Mogol Di Nicolo Manuzzi Veneziano (2 Vols)
124623: FALCK, G. ET AL. - Danish National Exhibition of Applied Art, Paintings and Sculpture
139020: FALCK, MARTIN VON ET AL. - Die Koptische Sammlung IM Ikonen-Museum Recklinghausen
153090: FALCKENBERG, HARALD - Bill Beckley: An Accidental Poet 1968-1978
150402: FALCONER, MORGAN - Jonathan Meese: All Humans Are Toys
150523: FALCONI, JOSE - Notebook on Time
155235: FALDI, MANFREDI AND CLAUDIO PAOLINI - Tecniche Fotografiche Per la Documentazione Delle Opere D'Arte
108344: FALES, DEAN A., JR. - American Painted Furniture 1660-1880
29584: FALES, MARTHA GANDY - Early American Silver for the Cautious Collector
27105: FALES, DEAN, JR. - The Furniture of Historic Deerfield
28041: FALES, MARTHA GANDY - Silver at the Essex Institute
27446: FALES, MARTHA GANDY - Early American Silver
108344.1: FALES, DEAN A., JR. - American Painted Furniture 1660-1880
26588: FALES, MARTHA GANDY - Joseph Richardson and Family: Philadelphia Silversmiths
105326: FALES, DEAN A. JR. - Essex County Furniture: Documented Treasures from Local Collections, 1660-1860
27438: FALES, MARTHA GANDY - American Silver in the Henry Francis Dupont Winterthur Museum
123861: FALES, MARTHA GANDY - The Curtain-Maker's Handbook: A Reprint of F.A. Moreland's 'Practical Decorative Upholstery' Containing Full Instructions for Cutting, Making, and Hanging All Kinds of Interior Upholstery Decorations
20776: FALES, MARTHA GANDY - American Silver in the Henry Francis Dupont Winterthur Museum
126964: FALIER, GIUSEPPE - Memorie Per Servire Alla Vita Del Marchese Antonio Canova
126298: FALINO, JEANNINE - Lives Shaped by the American Revolution: Portraits of a Boston Family: Speakman, Rowe, Inman, Linzee, Coffin & Amory
108407: FALINO, JEANNINE AND GERALD W.R. WARD (EDITORS) - New England Silver and Silversmithing 1620-1815
150471: FALK, JOHN H. - Leisure Decisions Influencing African American Use of Museums
142242: FALK, PETER HASTINGS (EDITOR) - Pinajian: Master of Abstraction Discovered [1914-1999]
7808.1: FALK, PETER HASTINGS (EDITOR) - The Annual Exhibition Record of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1888-1950
149284: FALK, CYNTHIA G. - Architecture and Artifacts of the Pennsylvania Germans: Constructing Identity in Early America
8560: FALK, PETER HASTINGS - Dictionary of Signatures & Monograms of American Artists from the Colonial Period to the Mid 20th Century
147931: FALK, PETER HASTINGS - Simeon Braguin, (1907-1997): The Life and Art of Simeon Braguin
156913: FALK, PETER HASTINGS - Dictionary of Signatures & Monograms of American Artists from the Colonial Period to the Mid 20th Century
14321: FALK, PETER HASTINGS AND AUDREY LEWIS - Annie Gooding Sykes (1855-1931): An American Watercolorist Rediscovered
7441: FALK, PETER HASTINGS - The Annual & Biennial Exhibition Record of the Whitney Museum of American Art, 1918-1989
115128: FALK, PETER HASTINGS - Natalie Van Vleck: A Life in Art and Nature
118629: FALK, TILMAN AND THOMAS HIRTHE - Martin Schongauer: Das Kupferstichwerk
5467: FALK, PETER HASTINGS - Frederick Trap Friis: Swedish-American, 1865-1909
25136: FALK, PETER HASTINGS - Record of the Carnegie Institute's International Exhibitions 1896-1996
102516: FALK, PETER HASTINGS - Frank S. Herrmann 1866-1942: A Separate Reality
116992: FALK, PETER HASTINGS - Eliza Draper Gardiner: Master of the Color Woodblock
148916: FALK, TOBY AND SIMON DIGBY AND MICHAEL GOEDHUIS - Paintings from Mughal India
147938: FALKMAN, JOHAN AND MARSHA MORTON - Medicinens Ansikte: Portratt Av Lakare I Lund = the Face of Medicine: Portraits of Doctors in Lund
103522: FALL, BERNARD B. - Hell in a Very Small Place: The Siege of Dien Bien Phu
111555: FALLAUX, PETRA - Dee Briggs
154766: FALLETTI, FRANCA ET AL. - Un Metodo Per L'Antico E Per IL Nuovo: In Ricordo Di Chiara D'Afflitto
152820: FALLON, CAROL - The Art of the Indian Basket in North America
151055: FALLON, BRIAN - Hughie O'Donoghue: A Line of Retreat = Etappen Des Rückzugs
130738: FALLS, FREDERICK HOWARD ; CHARLOTTE SINCLAIR HOLT - Atlas of Obstetric Complications
144943: FALLS, C.B. - ABC Book, Designed and Cut on Wood by C.B. Falls
146595: FALOMIR FAUS, MIGUEL ET AL. - Italian Masterpieces from Spain's Royal Court, Museo Del Prado
147146: FALOMIR, MIGUEL (CURATOR) - Tintoretto
103335: FALUSCHI, G. - Breve Relazione Delle Cose Notabili Della Citta Di Siena Ampliata E Corretta
145938: FALVEY, EMILY - Michael Schreier: Storyteller / Waiting for Words = Chroniqueur / Que Viennent Les Mots
113004: FAMA, VICKI WITH OTHERS - A Jeffersonian Ideal: Selections from the Dr. And Mrs. Henry C. Landon III Collection of American Fine and Decorative Arts
124047: FAMILIARI, ROCCO - Orfeo Euridice / Orpheus Eurydice
121731: FANCIULLI, GIUSEPPE - I Grandi Navigatori Italiani
100450: FANE, DIANA (EDITOR) - Converging Cultures : Art and Identity in Spanish America
131839: FANELLI, GIOVANNI - Architettura Moderna in Olanda 1900-1940; Modern Architecture in Holland
145716: FANELLI, GIOVANNI AND EZIO GODOLI - Art Nouveau Postcards
101416: FANES, FELIX ET AL. - It's All Dali: Film, Fashion, Photography, Design, Advertising, Painting
141261: FANGER, IRIS AND MARILYN PAPPAS - Voices and Visions: Arts at the Mary Ingraham Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College, 1962 - 1997
152972: FANGYU, WANG ET AL. - Master of the Lotus Garden: The Life and Art of Bada Shanren (1625-1705)
120282: FANIEL, STEPHANE ET AL. - Le Dix-Huitieme Siecle Francais
130946: FANNING, EILEEN - American Art Directory 2011
109903: FANNING, RALPH - An Outline for the Study of the History of the Fine Arts in Western Civilization from the Earliest Times to the End of the Seventeenth Century
114189: FANNING, EILEEN (ED.) - Who's Who in American Art 2003-2004, 25th Edition
111032: FANSA, MAMOUN - Aus Moor Und Heide: Landschafts-, Natur-, Und Kulturbilder Aus Dem Herzogtum Oldenburg
123071: FAQUIN, JANE WARD - Helen M. Turner: The Woman's Point of View
148775: FARADAY, MICHAEL - Experimental Researches in Electricity (in Three Volumes Bound As Two); Volumes I and II, Volume III
24205: FARAGASSO, JACK - Mastering Drawing the Human Figure from Life, Memory Imagination; with a Special Section on Drapery
147360: FARAGO, CLAIRE (EDITOR) - Reframing the Renaissance: Visual Culture in Europe and Latin America, 1450-1650
148970: FARAGO, CLAIRE J. ET AL. - La Bella Mano: Pre-Ralphaelite Paintings and Decorative Arts, from the Samuel and Mary R. Bancroft Memorial Collection of the Delaware Art Museum, with Additional Works from Other Collections
150975: FARB, ORIOLE - Paintings from the Photo: Harold Bruder, Richard Estes, Audrey Flack, Howard Kanovitz, Malcolm Morley, Joseph Raffael
140319: FARBAKY, PETER ET AL. - Mattia Corvino E Firenze: Arte E Umanesimo Alla Corte Del Re Di Ungheria
112317: FARBER, DAVID (ED.) - What They Think of Us: International Perceptions of the United States Since 9/11
126631: FARBER, DANIEL - Reflections on a Trail Taken: The Photographs of Daniel Farber
121733: FARE, MICHEL ET FABRICE - La Vie Silencieuse En France: La Nature Morte Au Xviiie Siecle
137986: FARE, MICHEL - Le Grand Siecle de la Nature Morte En France: Le Xviie Siecle
121734: FARE, MICHEL - Le Grand Siecle de la Nature Morte En France: Le Xviie Siecle
137977: FARE, MICHEL - La Nature Morte En France: Son Histoire Et Son Evolution Du Xviie Au Xxe Siecle (2 Vols. )
137985: FARE, MICHEL ET FABRICE - La Vie Silencieuse En France: La Nature Morte Au Xviiie Siecle
120281: FARHAD, MASSUMEH (CURATOR) ET AL. - The Tsars and the East: Gifts from Turkey and Iran in the Moscow Kremlin
154519: FARIAS, AGNALDO - Siron Franco
116273: FARIELLO, M. ANNA - Defining Ourselves
152550: FARIELLO, ANNA ET AL. - Movers & Makers: Doris Ulmann's Portrait of the Craft Revival in Appalachia
109006: FARIELLO, ANNA (CURATOR) - Clay Usa
109007: FARIELLO, ANNA (CURATOR) - Clay Usa
117889: FARINELLI, ARTURO - Giuseppe Verdi E IL Suo Mondo Interiore
122690: FARINELLI, LEONARDO AND CORRADO MINGARDI - Vita Del Cavaliere Giambattista Bodoni: Tipografo Italiano
129825: FARIS, WILLIAM ; MARK B LETZER; JEAN BURRELL RUSSO - The Diary of William Faris : The Daily Life of an Annapolis Silversmith
154038: FARIS, JOHN T. - The Romance of Old Philadelphia
30344: FARISH, HUNTER DICKINSON, ED - The Journal and Letters of Philip Vickers Fithian: A Plantation Tutor of the Old Dominion, 1773 - 1774
155105: FARMAN, D. - Auto-Cars: Cars, Tramcars, and Small Cars
148355: FARMER, SHELLEY - Stone Roberts
110354: FARMER, JANE M. - New American Paperworks
12025: FARMER, JOHN DAVID - Ensor
139536: FARMER, JANE M. - Crossing over, Changing Places: An Exhibition of Collaborative Print Projects and Paperworks
124730: FARMER, SHELLEY AND JOHN MOORE - John Moore: Elements
131499: FARMER. SHELLEY - John Moore: Paintings
116053: FARMER, JANE M. - New American Monotypes
130585: FARMER, SHELLY; DUNHAM TOWNEND - Marc Trujillo
154265: FARNHAM, EMILY EDNA - Charles Demuth: His Life, Psychology and Works (3 Vols. )
153256: FAROULT, GUILLAUME - Fragonard, Amoureux: L'Album de L'Exposition Du Musee Du Luxemboutg
153257: FAROULT, GUILLAUME - Fragonard, Amoureux: Galant Et Libertin
138876: FAROULT, GUILLAUME, ET AL. - L'Antiquite Revee: Innovations Et Resistances Au Xviiie Siecle
113392: FAROVA, ANNA - Josef Sudek, Poet of Prague: A Photographer's Life
136507: FARQUHAR, GEORGE - The Dramatick Works of Mr. George Farquhar (2 Vols. )
111903: FARQUHAR, JAMES DOUGLAS - Creation and Illumination: The Work of a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript Illuminator
156565: FARQUHARSON, ALEX - Lari Pittman: Paintings 1992-1998
117095: FARR, DOROTHY - The Zacks Gift: Then & Now
109035: FARR, DENNIS AND WILLIAM BRADFORD - The Northern Landscape: Flemish, Dutch and British Drawings Fom the Courtauld Collections
118201: FARR, DENNIS ET AL. - British Painting in the Eighteenth Century
142352: FARR, MICHAEL - The Council of Industrial Design: A Monograph Planned and Written Under the Auspices of the Rinascente Department Store, on Occasion of the Gran Premio Internazionale 1959 Awarded to the Council of Industrial Design, London. / Monografia Ideata E Realizzata Da la Rinascente Per Illustrare L'Opera Del Council of Industrial Design Di Londra in Occasione Del Conferimento Del Gran Premio Internazionale 1959
115861: FARR, FRANCINE - Tribal African Art: 63 Works from Twelve Nations
124482: FARR, DENNIS - William Etty
118748: FARR, DENNIS ET AL. - The Great Impressionists: Masterpieces from the Courtauld Collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Paintings and Drawings
15744: FARR, DENNIS (INTRODUCTION) - James Ward, 1769-1859
102578: FARR, JAMES R. - Authority and Sexuality in Early Modern Burgundy: 1550-1730
104818: FARR, DENNIS AND JOHN HOUSE ET AL. - Impressionist & Post-Impressionist Masterpieces: The Courtauld Collection
27891: FARRAND, MAX - Benjamin Franklin's Memoirs (No. 10)
18797: FARRAR, EMMIE FERGUSON - Old Virginia Houses Along the James
116295: FARRAR, FREDERIC W. - The Life of Christ As Represented in Art
28712: FARRAR, EMMIE FERGUSON - Old Virginia Houses: The Mobjack Bay Country
29441: FARRELL, DAVID - The Stinehour Press: A Bibliographical Checklist of the First Thirty Years
2567: FARRELL, JAMES T. - The Paintings of Will Barnet
133255: FARRELL, JENNIFER - Get There First, Decide Promptly: The Richard Brown Baker Collection of Postwar Art
153467: FARRELL, SUZANNE AND TONI BENTLEY - Holding on to the Air: An Autobiography of Suzanne Farrell
122343: FARRERE, CLAUDE - La Peur de Mr. De Fierce
155022: FARRINGTON, LISA E. - Creating Their Own Image: The History of African-American Women Artists
124743: FARRINGTON, LISA ET AL. - An American Consciousness: Robin Holder's Mid-Career Retrospective
153523: FARTHING, STEPHEN - Dirtying the Paper Delicately: Inaugural Lecture
126112: FARTHING, STEPHEN (EDITOR) - 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die
13012: FARVER, JANE E. - Benny Andrews: Selections from a Life in Art
29779: FARWELL, BYRON - Stonewall: A Biography of General Thomas J. Jackson
139821: FASOLO, ANDREA - Palaces of Venice
118847: FASSO, LUIGI (ED.) - Buonarroti IL Giovane: IL Tancia
105212: FASTNEDGE, RALPH - Sheraton Furniture
156268: FASTOV, ROBERT S. - An Early Impressionist's View of Southern Maryland the Seascapes and Waterviews of August H.O. Rolle (1875-1941)
18870: FATH, CREEKMORE - The Lithographs of Thomas Hart Benton
157477: FATHER TUCK - The Three Little Pigs
120959: FATHER ISTOMIN - Ukazatel Svuatin I Dostoprimchatelnostei Moskovskago Bolshago Uspenskago Sobora
155751: FATON-BOYANCE, JEANNE - Art de L'Enluminure N° 39: Le Livre D'Heures de Jean Des Bruyères Et Jeanne de Recourt
154369: FAUCHEREAU, SERGE ET AL. - Mexique-Europe: Allers-Retours 1910-1960
141406: FAUCHIER-MAGNAN, A. - Les Dubarry: Histoire D'Une Famille Au Xviiie Siecle
149265: FAUE, ELIZABETH - Community of Suffering & Struggle: Women, Men, and the Labor Movement in Minneapolis, 1915-1945
142560: FAULDS, ROD - Object Illusion Reality: Contemporary American Photography
110040: FAULKNER, ISAACS - New York Now
145674: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Mayday
3130: FAULKNER, JOSEPH - Painters at the Hall of Expositions, Chicago, 1890
10466000001: FAUNCE, SARAH - Courbet Reconsidered: Issued on the Occasion of an Exhibition to Open at the Brooklyn Museum in November 1988
10466: FAUNCE, SARAH AND LINDA NOCHLIN - Courbet Reconsidered
157822: FAUNCE, SARAH - Anne Ryan: Collages
14350: FAUNE, SARAH - Gustave Courbet, 1819-1877: Jura Landscape, or Jura Landscape with Shepherdess and Donkey
36154: FAURE, ELIE - Eugene Carriere Peintre Et Lithographe
132073: FAURE, DANIEL; VERONIQUE ROUCHON MOUILLERON - Cloisters of Europe: Gardens of Prayer
11005: FAURE, ELIE - A. Derain
109529: FAUSTER, CARL U. - Libbey Glass Since 1818: Pictorial History and Collector's Guide
112110: FAUVER, CHRIS WITH OTHERS - Stories to Tell: Masterworks from the Kelly Collection of American Illustration
141554: FAVAI, GENNARO AND ANTONIO CIPPICO - 56 Disegni Di Gennaro Favai Dell Isola Di Capri Nel 1930
141556: FAVAI, GENNARO AND ANTONIO CIPPICO - 56 Disegni Di Gennaro Favai Dell Isola Di Capri Nel 1930
134332: FAVIER. M. PAUL - L'Architecture Et la Decoration Aux Palais de Versailles Et Des Trianons
137403: FAVIS, ROBERTA SMITH - Martin Johnson Heade in Florida
131378: FAVRETTI, RUDY J. - Jacob Weidenmann: Pioneer Landscape Architect
152422: FAXON, ALICIA CRAIG AND DORE VAN DYKE - Dream Worlds: Neo-Surrealism in the Millennium
5061: FAXON, ALICIA AND SYLVIA MOORE (EDITORS) - Pilgrims & Pioneers: New England Women in the Arts
111065: FAY-HALLE, ANTOINETTE (INTRO.) - Sevres Musee National de Ceramique: Nouvelles Acquisitions (1979-1989)
106847: FAY-HALLE, ANTOINETTE AND BARBARA MUNDT - Nineteenth-Century European Porcelain
111120: FAYET, ROGER (ED.) - Der Rheinfall: Stromungen, Tumulte, Reflexionen
146188: FAZIO, VINCENT CARL - Helen Clay Frick: Architectural Patron and Art Collector
150085: FAZIO, MICHAEL W. AND PATRICK A. SNADON - The Domestic Architecture of Benjamin Henry Latrobe
111675: FAZZINI, R.A. - Art from the Age of Akhenaten
125123: FEASEY, HENRY JOHN AND J.T. MICKLETHWAITE AND EDWARD BELL - Westminster Abbey Historically Described
125123.1: FEASEY, HENRY JOHN AND J.T. MICKLETHWAITE AND EDWARD BELL - Westminster Abbey Historically Described
148816: FEATHER, NORMAN - An Introduction to Eht Physics of Vibrations and Waves
108477: FEATHERSTONE, DAVID (EDITOR) - Close to Home: Seven Documentary Photographers
110251: FEAVER, WILLIAM - George Cruikshank
109695: FEAVER, WILLIAM - Frank Auerbach: Recent Works
142359: FEAVER, WILLIAM AND ALEXANDER CORCORAN - Edward Burra, 1905-1976: A Centenary Exhibition
154551: FEAVER, WILLIAM - The Art of John Martin
136660: FEBLAND, HARRIET - Twenty Years: 1966-1986 Harriet Febland
33306: FEDDERSEN, MARTIN - Japanese Decorative Art
104930: FEDE, HELEN MAGGS - Washington Furniture at Mount Vernon
122083.1: FEDER, NORMAN - American Indian Art
122083: FEDER, NORMAN - American Indian Art
139952: FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM - Hans Grohs (1892-1981) and the Northern German Romantic Tradition
6108: FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD; DOREEN DIPPRE (ED.) - Gerald Murphy: Toward an Understanding of His Art and Inspiration
103966: FEDERICI, DOMENICO M. - Memorie Trevigiane Sulle Opere Di Disegno, Dal Mille E Cento Al Mille Ottocento. Per Servire Alla Storia Delle Belle Arti D'Italia. (2 Volumes Bound Into 1)
157508: FEDERICI, RENZO ET AL. - IL Bisonte: Litografie E Incisioni Originali: Catalogo
133449: FEDERICO HERMANIN; ISTITUTO DI STUDI ROMANI - L'Arte in Roma Dal Sec. VIII Al XIV (Storia Di Roma, Volume XXVII)
119235: FEDIT, DENISE - Kupka
139598: FEDOROV, SERGEJ G. - Wilhelm Von Traitteur: Ein Badischer Baumeister Als Neuerer in Der Russischen Architektur, 1814-1832; Zur Entwicklung Der Deutsch-Russischen Beziehungen IM Bauwesen Der Ersten Halfte Des 19. Jahrhunderts
146740: FEDOSEENKO, O.A. (EDITOR) - Aleksandr I: "Sfinks, Ne Razgadannyy Do Groba... " / Alexander I: "His Nature Cryptic As a Sphinx
19902: FEDOSEYENKO, OLGA AND JULIA REDKINA (EDS.) - Istorizm V Rossii: Stil' I Epokha V Dekorativnom Iskusstve 1820-E 1890-E Gody / Historicism in Russia: Style and Epoch in the Decorative Arts 1820s-1890s
2130.1: FEES, PAUL AND SARAH E. BOEHME - Frontier America: Art and Treasures from the Buffalo Bill Historical Center
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125393: FLAGG, MAURICE I. (EDITOR) - How to Plan, Finance, and Build Your Home
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253: FLAGG, JARED B. - The Life and Letters of Washington Allston
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120159: FORBES, H.A. CROSBY - Yang-Ts'Ai: The Foreign Colors - Rose Porcelains of the Ch'Ing Dynasty
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106399: FORCE, DEBRA AND ELIZABETH HENDEY - A Diary Illuminated: Oil Sketches by Jervis Mcentee
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150225: FORD, PAUL LEICESTER - The True George Washington
120167: FORD, JOHN GILMORE AND EMILY BYRNE CURTIS - Chinese Snuff Bottles: The Edward O'Dell Collection
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148844: FORD, CHARLES HENRI (EDITOR) - View (No. 2, Series V, May 1945) [Periodical Issue]

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