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108045: CLAY, GEORGE R. - The Lightbulb Angel: Towards a Definition of the Folk Museums at Cooperstown
144951: CLAY, JEHU CURTIS - Annals of the Swedes on the Delaware ; to Which Is Added the Charter of the United Swedish Churches
127191: CLAY, MADELEINE ET AL. - Vincent Van Gogh's L'Arlesienne, Madame Ginoux
18540: CLAY, SUSAN - Poems by Susan Clay
143093: CLAYTON, MARTIN - Poussin: Works on Paper: Drawings from the Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
143093.1: CLAYTON, MARTIN - Poussin: Works on Paper: Drawings from the Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
105304: CLAYTON, MICHAEL - Christie's Pictorial History of English and American Silver
29291: CLAYTON, MICHAEL - The Collector's Dictionary of the Silver and Gold of Great Britain and North America
158277: CLEARWATER, BONNIE - West Coast Duchamp
154923: CLEARWATER, BONNIE ET AL. - Julian Schnabel: Versions of Chuck & Other Works
157195: CLEARWATER, BONNIE ET AL. - Shinique Smith: Menagerie
143431: CLEARWATER, BONNIE AND CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT - Edward Ruscha: Words without Thoughts Never to Heaven Go
157182: CLEATON-ROBERTS, DAVID - Gillian Ayres: Paintings and Works on Paper 2010-2012 & Gillian Ayres: The Complete Editions 1998-2012 (2 Volumes)
146375: CLEGG, ELIZABETH - Art, Design & Architecture in Central Europe 1890-1920
149627: CLELAND, JOHN - Memoirs of a Coxcomb
148149: CLELAND, ELIZABETH ET AL. - Grand Design: Pieter Coecke Van Aelst and Renaissance Tapestry
135694: CLEMENS, SAMUEL L. - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
26783: CLEMENT, ARTHUR W. - Our Pioneer Potters
114724: CLEMENT, CLARA ERSKINE - Heroines of the Bible in Art
116285: CLEMENT, CLARA ERSKINE - Angels in Art
152167: CLÉMENT DE RIS, L. - Les Amateurs D'Autrefois
111466: CLEMENT, RUSSELL ET AL. - Walter A. Netsch, Faia: A Critical Appreciation and Sourcebook
157405: CLEMENT, RUSSELL T. ET AL. - The Women Impressionists: A Sourcebook (Art Reference Collection)
143957: CLEMENT, CLARA ERSKINE - Women in the Fine Arts, from the Seventh Century B.C. To the Twentieth Century A.D.
114184: CLEMENT, CLARA ERSKINE AND LAURENCE HUTTON - Artists of the Nineteenth Century and Their Works (2 Volumes in 1)
5535: CLEMENT, CLARA ERSKINE - An Outline History of Sculpture for Beginners and Students with Complete Indexes and Illustrations
128383: CLEMENT, ARTHUR W. - Notes on American Ceramics 1607-1943
5180: CLEMENT, CLARA ERSKINE AND LAURENCE HUTTON - Artists of the Nineteenth Century and Their Works (Third Edition, Rev. )
125905: CLEMENT, RICHARD W. - Books on the Frontier: Print Culture in the American West 1763 - 1875
9063: CLEMENT, CLARA ERSKINE - Women in the Fine Arts, from the Seventh Century B.C. To the Twentieth Century A.D.
134738: CLEMENT D. CHILD - Electric Arcs: Experiments Upon Arcs between Different Electrodes in Various Environments and Their Explanation
125145: CLEMENTS, J. MORGAN - Atlas to Accompany Monograph XLV on the Vermilion Iron-Bearing District of Minnesota
142174: CLEMMER, DAVID - Serenading the Light: Painters of the Desert Southwest
104006: CLERETIE, JULES (INTRODUCTION) - Catalogue Des Tableaux Pastels, Dessins Miniatures, Sculptures, Objets D'Art de la Galerie de M. Arsene Houssaye
111687: CLERGUE, LUCIEN - Lucien Clergue: The Intimate Picasso
110041: CLERGUE, LUCIEN - Nude Workshop
116601: CLEVELAND, OH: CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART, NOV. 14 - DEC. 30, 1984 - Bernardo Cavallino of Naples, 1616-1656
18376: CLEVELAND, OH: CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART, NOV. 11, 1948 TO JAN. 2, 1949 - Catalogue of an Exhibition of the Art of Lithography, Commemorating the Sesquicentennial of Its Invention, 1798-1948
117232: CLEVELAND, OH: CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART, NOV. 14 - DEC. 30, 1984 - Bernardo Cavallino of Naples, 1616-1656
103819: CLEVELAND, DAVID A. - Intimate Landscapes: Charles Warren Eaton and the Tonalist Movement in American Art, 1880-1920 : Tonalism in American Painting
144387: CLEVELAND ARTISTS FOUNDATION - Art All Around the Town: Print Clubs of Cleveland
25556: CLEVELAND, RICHARD - 200 Years of Japanese Porcelain
27870: CLEVELAND, OH: WESTERN RESERVE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, MAY 22 TO JULY 16, 1972 - American Furniture in the Western Reserve
24617: CLEVELAND, OH: NEW GALLERY, NOV. 12 TO DEC. 6, 1975, THREE OTHER LOCATIONS - Jack Tworkov: Recent Paintings and Drawings 1968-1975
14247: CLEVELAND, OH: CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, JAN. 9 TO MAR. 14, 1999, FIVE OTHER DATES - The Collector As Bookbinder: The Piscatorial Bindings of S.A. Neff, Jr.
102499: CLEVELAND, DAVID - Roseanne Backstedt: Pathways
155371: CLEVELAND, DAVID - Ross Braught: Nature's Fearful Symmetry
7008: CLEVELAND, OH: CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART, FEB. 1 TO APR. 2, 1978, SIX OTHER LOCATIONS - The Afro-American Tradition in Decorative Arts
109898: CLIFFORD, TIMOTHY WITH OTHERS - The Draftsman's Art: Master Drawings from the National Gallery of Scotland
35909: CLIFFORD, SIR HUGH - In Days That Are Dead
123715: CLIFFORD, DR. HELEN - Royal Goldsmiths: The Garrard Heritage
10467: CLIFFORD, HENRY AND RENE HUYGHE - Gustave Courbet, 1819-1877
104775: CLIFFORD, TIMOTHY - Choice: Twenty-One Years of Collecting for Scotland
135335: CLIFFORD, SIR TIMOTHY - Carlo Labruzzi: The Grand Tour
151218: CLIFFORD, TIMOTHY ET AL. - El Triunfo de Venus: La Imagen de la Mujer En la Pintura Veneciana Del Siglo XVIII = the Triumph of Venus: The Image of Women in 18th-Century Venetian Paintings
153110: CLIFT, WILLIAM - Certain Places: Photographs by William Clift
109215: CLIFT, RUSS AND JASON HAILEY - Our Story: Cameracraftsmen of America 1905-2005
160730: CLIFT, WILLIAM AND PAUL KANE - Mont St. Michel and Shiprock: Photographs by William Clift, Poems by Paul Kane
123777: CLIFTON, JAMES AND LESLIE M. SCATTONE ET AL. - The Plains of Mars: European War Prints, 1500-1825, from the Collection of the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation
134388: CLIFTON C. EDOM - The Second Annual Fifty-Print Exhibition of News and Feature Pictures (the University of Missouri Bulletin Vol. 46 No. 24, Journalism Series No. 104)
154930: CLIFTON, JAMES WITH LIESBETH M. HELMUS AND ARTHUR K. WHEELOCK, JR. - Pleasure and Piety: The Art of Joachim Wtawael
149361: CLIMACUS, JOHANNES AND SOREN KIERKEGAARD - Philosophical Fragments or a Fragment of Philosophy
135164: CLIMENSON, EMILY J. - Elizabeth Montagu, the Queen of the Blue-Stockings (2 Vols. ); Her Correspondence from 1720 to 1761
103941: CLINE, JEFFERY, & WILLIAM KNOSPE - Breaking Light - Arts of 20th Century Japan
160454: CLINE, GLORIA GRIFFEN - Peter Skene Ogden and the Hudson's Bay Company (the American Exploration and Travel Series)
100861: CLINE, JEFFERY AND WILLIAM KNOSPE - Light Through Clouds. Modern Japanese Painting
24867: CLINE, JEFFERY AND WILLIAM KNOSPE - Awaiting the Moon
133100: CLINE, JEFFERY ; WILLIAM KNOSPE; KAGEDO JAPANESE ART - Kagedo Japanese Art : Spring 2010
14974: CLINTON, NJ: HUNTERDON ART CENTER, APR. 16 TO MAY 16, 1972, TWO OTHER LOCATIONS - 16th National Print Exhibition
141852: CLISBY, ROGER D. AND L. PRICE AMERSON JR. - Roy de Forest: Recent Paintings, Drawings and Constructions
15281: CLISBY, ROGER - Sacramento Sampler II
23304: CLISBY, ROGER D. - Aspects of Abstract: Recent West Coast Abstract Painting and Sculpture
27483: CLOAK, EVELYN CAMPBELL - Glass Paperweights of the Bergstrom Art Center
150853: CLOSE, ROB - Ayrshire & Arran: An Illustrated Architectural Guide
146036: CLOSE, BERNARD WELLS (EDITOR) - Country and Suburban Houses of the Twenties, Whit Photographs and Floor Plans
120427: CLOTHIER, PETER - Don Resnick: A Sense of Place
29909: CLOTHIER, PETER - Peter Reginato: Recent Sculpture
121623: CLOTTES, JEAN - Les Cavernes de Niaux: Art Prehistorique En Ariege
22936: CLOUDMAN, RUTH H. - A Rich Inheritance: Oriental Rugs of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries
14455: CLOUDMAN, RUTH H. (INTRODUCTION) - The Chosen Object: European and American Still Life
47: CLOUDMAN, RUTH - Preston Dickinson, 1889-1930
11057: CLOUDMAN, RUTH - Preston Dickinson, 1889-1930
11742: CLOUTIER, NICOLE - James Wilson Morrice, 1865-1924
106729: CLOUTIER, ET. AL - No Ka 'Oi (No Comparison): A Collaborative Photo Essay from Douglas Cloutier, Tom Kurthy and Philip Pirolo
125187: CLOUZOT, HENRI - La Ferronnerie Moderne: 3eme Serie
19300: CLOUZOT, HENRI AND FRANCES MORRIS - Painted and Printed Fabrics: The History of the Manufactory at Jouy and Other Ateliers in France, 1760-1815; Notes on the History of Cotton Printing Especially in England and America
103310: CLOWES, JODY - Metalsmiths and Mentors: Fred Fenster and Eleanor Moty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
155728: CLUNAS, CRAIG (EDITOR) - Chinese Export Art and Design
158248: CLUNAS, CRAIG ET AL. - Chinese Ivories from the Shang to the Qing
15943: CLUNAS, CRAIG ET AL. - Chinese Ivories from the Shang to the Qing
26643: CLUNIE, MARGARET BURKE, ANNE FARNAM, AND ROBERT F. TRENT - Furniture at the Essex Institute
5928: CLUNIE, MARGARET BURKE - Daniel Putnam Brinley: The Impressionist Years
35869: CLUNY, CLAUDE MICHEL AND DE PAUL PLACET - Augieras le Peintre
114602.1: CLUTTON, HENRY - Remarks, with Illustrations, on the Domestic Architecture of France, from the Accession of Charles VI. To the Demise of Louis XII
114602: CLUTTON, HENRY - Remarks, with Illustrations, on the Domestic Architecture of France, from the Accession of Charles VI. To the Demise of Louis XII
122376: CLYDE, MARGARET H. - Historical Paper, First Presbyterian Church, Bloomsbury, New Jersey
28698: CO: THE COLORADO SPRINGS FINE ARTS, OCTOBER 6 TO NOVEMBER 15, 1972 - The Way West: American Furniture in the Pikes Peak Region, 1872 - 1972
139890: CO, FRANCESCO DAL - Tadao Ando: Complete Works [1969-1994]
141005: COATALEM, ERIC - Tableaux Francais Du Xviie Siecle
118405: COATES, CLIVE - The Wines of France
108885: COATES, KEN ET AL. - The Road: Constructing the Alaska Highway
157717: COATES, ROBERT M. - Julian Levi New Paintings
136218: COATES, VICTORIA C. GARDNER, ET AL. - The Last Days of Pompeii: Decadence, Apocalypse, Resurrection
151869: COBEN, LAWRENCE A. AND DOROTHY C. FERSTER - Japanese Cloisonne: History, Technique, and Appreciation
126546: COBLENTZ, CASSANDRA - Right to Print: Segura Publishing Company
137367: COCCHIARALE, FERNANDO - Goncalo Ivo, 1958
30240: COCCHIARALE, FERNANDO AND LUIZA INTERLENGHI - Anna Bella Geiger: Constelacoes
127906: COCH, CARLA - Dao Qi: Spirit and Vessel: Master Artist and Teacher Shi Yuren and Seven Artists Among His First Generation of Students
23709: COCHARD, PEGGY MEREDITH - Pure Nostalgia: Between a Smile and a Chuckle: Poems by Peggy Meredith Cochard
152677: COCHARD, PEGGY MEREDITH - Pure Nostalgia: Volume Five: Over Seventy More Reasons to Keep on Laughing
30493: COCHETTI, ANNA - Anna Maria Vancheri: "la Finestra Di Eva
140586: COCHRAN, SARA - Living for Art: Gifts from the Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection
141840: COCHRAN, REBECCA DIMLING - Susan Cofer: Variations on a Composition -- New Drawings 1997-2002
149398: COCHRANE, ERIC AND JULIUS KIRSHNER (EDITORS) - Readings in Western Civilization, Volume 5: The Renaissance
149393: COCHRANE, ERIC WITH CHARLES M. GRAY AND MARK A. KISHLANSKY (EDITORS) - Readings in Western Civilization, Volume 6: Early Modern Europe - Crisis of Authority
117521: COCKE, RICHARD - Veronese
113609: COCKE, RICHARD - Veronese's Drawings: A Catalogue Raisonne
116615: COCKE, RICHARD - Pier Francesco Mola
128561: COCKERELL, DOUGLAS - Bookbinding, and the Care of Books: A Text-Book for Bookbinders and Librarians
118401: COCKS, CHARLES AND MARC-HENRY LEMAY - Bordeaux and Its Wines
130107: COCKS, W. P. - A Concise Treatise on Operative Surgery, Describing the Methods Adopted by the English, Continental, and American Surgeons; Selected for the Use of Junior Practitioners and Students
142316: COCKS, ANNA SOMERS - The Victoria and Albert Museum: The Making of the Collection
148643: COCKX-INDESTEGE, ELLY AND FRANS HENDRICKX (EDITORS) - Miscellanea Neerlandica: Opstellen Voor Dr. Jan Deschamps Ter Gelegenheid Van Zijn Zeventigste Verjaardag (Vols. I, II, and III)
111448: COCTEAU, JEAN - Bernard Buffet: Tableaux Pour Un Musee 1985-1989
127306: COCTEAU, JEAN - Le Train Bleu: Operette Dansee de Jean Cocteau
152234: CODE, GRANT (EDITOR) - The Gallery of Medieval Art
3461: CODY, WY: GERTRUDE VANDERBILT WHITNEY GALLERY OF WESTERN ART AT THE BUFFALO BILL HISTORICAL CENTER, MAY 15 TO SEPT. 15, 1959 - The Land of Buffalo Bill: Inaugural Loan Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture
4491: CODY, WY: WHITNEY GALLERY OF WESTERN ART - The Frederic Remington Studio Collection
4972: CODY, WY: BUFFALO BILL HISTORICAL CENTER, JUNE 12 TO SEPT. 1, 1987, TWO OTHER LOCATIONS - American Frontier Life: Early Western Painting and Prints
4972.1: CODY, WY: BUFFALO BILL HISTORICAL CENTER, JUNE 12 TO SEPT. 1, 1987, TWO OTHER LOCATIONS - American Frontier Life: Early Western Painting and Prints
117787: COE, RALPH T. - Sacred Circles: Two Thousand Years of North American Indian Art
16182: COE KERR GALLERY, NY: NOV. 17 TO DEC. 19, 1992 - Mark Leithauser: Paintings, Drawings, Prints, 1988-1992
138511: COE, ERIN B. ET AL. - Modern Nature: Georgia O'Keeffe and Lake George
1036: COE KERR GALLERY, NY: OCT. 25 TO NOV. 25, 1978 - American Luminism: A Benefit for the Lighthouse, New York Association for the Blind
4716: COE KERR GALLERY, NY: JAN. 26 TO FEB. 29, 1988 - Mark Leithauser: Paintings, Drawings, Prints
134209: COE KERR GALLERY; SARAH E. MLECZKO - Aiden Lassell Ripley (1896-1969)
107670: COE, RALPH T. - Sacred Circles: Two Thousand Years of North American Indian Art
142119: COE KERR CONTEMPORARY - Andrew Stevovich
6276: COE KERR GALLERY; SARAH E. MLECZKO - Aiden Lassell Ripley, 1896-1969: Watercolors
147491: COE, RALPH T. ET AL. - The Responsive Eye: Ralph T. Coe and the Collecting of American Indian Art
143337: COE, ERIN BUDIS AND GWENDOLYN OWENS - Painting Lake George
157770: COE, RALPH T. - The Magic Theater: Art Technology Spectacular
103526: COE, MICHAEL D. - The Jaguar's Children: Pre-Classic Central Mexico
160208: COE, MICHAEL D. ET AL. - The Olmec & Their Neighbors: Essays in Memory of Matthew W. Stirling
120037: COELHO, TEIXEIRA AND PABLO JIMENEZ BURILLO - Mirar Y Ser Visto: Coleccion Del Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo Assis Chateaubriand
102597: COEN ESTER-MAGAGNATO, LICISCO-PEROCCO GUIDO (A CURA DI) - Boccioni a Venezia . Dagli Anni Romani Alla Mostra D'Estate a Ca' Pesaro. Momenti Della Stagione Futurista
18897000001: COEN, ESTER - Umberto Boccioni
6267: COEN, RENA NEUMANN - Painting and Sculpture in Minnesota, 1820-1914
142594: COEN, RENA NEUMANN AND WILLIAM H. GERDTS - Minnesota Impressionists
103698: COERVER, CHAD (EDITOR) - Sfmoma Painting and Sculpture Highlights
141243: COETZEE, MARK - Eberhard Havekost 1996-2006: Paintings from the Rubell Family Collection
141245: COETZEE, MARK AND LUISA LAGOS - Memorials of Identity: New Media from the Rubell Family Collection
141244: COETZEE, MARK - Hernan Bas: Works from the Rubell Family Collection
6696: COFFEY, JOHN W. - Lucy Sallick: In the Vicinity of Self
153238: COFFEY, MARY K. AND ANA GARDUÑO - El Museo Del Palacio de Bellas Artes = the Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts
1530: COFFEY, JOHN W. ; BOWDOIN COLLEGE. MUSEUM OF ART - Twilight of Arcadia: American Landscape Painters in Rome, 1830-1880
118130: COFFIN, DAVID R. - The Villa in the Life of Renaissance Rome
118828: COFFIN, SARAH AND BODO HOFSTETTER - Portrait Miniatures in Enamel: The Gilbert Collection
108015: COFFIN, SARAH D. ET AL. - Rococo, the Continuing Curve, 1730-2008
110906: COFFIN, SARAH D. ET AL. - Rococo, the Continuing Curve, 1730-2008
155099: COFFIN, WILLIAM A. - Portraits of Women: Loan Exhibition for the Benefit of St. John's Guild and the Orthopaedic Hospital
146475: COFFIN, SARAH WITH OTHERS - Feeding Desire: Design and Tools of the Table 1500-2005
113028: COFFIN, CHARLES CARLETON - The Boys of '76: A History of the Battles of the Revolution
135190: COFFIN, JAMES HENRY - The Winds of the Globe: Or the Laws of Atmospheric Circulation over the Surface of the Earth. ; Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge
149745: COFFIN, SARAH D. AND EUGENE V. THAW - Made to Scale: Staircase Masterpieces, the Eugene & Clare Thaw Gift
136751: COFFLAND, ROBERT T. - Contemporary Japanese Bamboo Arts
136752: COFFLAND, ROBERT T. - Hin: The Quiet Beauty of Japanese Bamboo Art
140952: COGAN, FRANCES B. - All-American Girl: The Ideal of Real Womanhood in Mid-Nineteenth-Century America
117657: COGEVAL, GUY AND NATHALIE BONDIL - The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
122909: COGEVAL, GUY AND BEATRICE AVANZI - Dalla Scena Al Dipinto: La Magia Del Teatro Nella Pittura Dell'Ottocento: Da David a Delacroix, Da Fussli a Degas
122882: COGEVAL, GUY AND MARIE-PAULE VIAL (EDITORS) - Right Under the Sun: Landscape in Provence: From Classicism to Modernism (1750-1920)
153049: COGEVAL, GUY ET AL. - Pierre Bonnard, 1867-1947
154845: COGEVAL, GUY AND BEATRICE AVANZI - Dolce Vita? Du Liberty Au Design Italien (1900-1940)
140972: COGEVAL, GUY WITH OTHERS - Debussy, la Musique Et Les Arts
105121: COGEVAL, GUY, ET AL. - Edouard Vuillard
138203: COGEVAL, GUY, ET AL. - Edouard Vuillard
133301: COGEVAL, GUY ; BEATRICE AVANZI; MUSEE CANTINI; ET AL. - Drama and Desire : Art and Theatre from the French Revolution to the First World War
117167: COGGIN, JAMES (CURATOR) - Italian Drawings from the Janos Scholz Collection
124350: COGGINS, DAVID - Mark Innerst
131349: COGGINS, DAVID - Mark Innerst
143300: COGNIAT, RAYMOND - Louis Valtat
145553: COGNIAT, RAYMOND ET AL. - Jean-François Millet Et Ses Amis: Peintres de Barbizon
109577: COGNIAT, RAYMOND - Paul Ackerman
125616: COGNIAT, RAYMOND ET AL. - Alex Maguy: Expose 7 Tableaux Majeurs
158491: COGSWELL, MARGARET (EDITOR) - The Role of Government in Art Today : Afa Quarterly : Volume 1, Number 3, 1963
149668: COGSWELL, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - The New England Historical & Genealogical Register: Published Quarterly Under the Direction of the New England Historic, Genealogical Society (Volume I)
30321: COHALAN, MARY LOU AND JANET GOLEAS - Barbara Roux: Within the Land, Insights from the Permanent Collection of the Islip Art Museum
5961: COHEN, WILLIAM K. - Art of Our Time in Southern California: A Guide to the Documentation of Contemporary Art
148352: COHEN, RACHEL - Bernard Berenson: A Life in the Picture Trade
119215: COHEN, RONNY - John Van Alstine: Recent Sculpture
119450: COHEN, ALFRED AND EDWARD AND RONALD - Anniversary Exhibition
119451: COHEN, RONALD AND ALFRED - Trafalger Galleries at Maastricht
119452: COHEN, RONALD AND ALFRED - Trafalger Galleries at Maastricht
135667: COHEN, ARTHUR A. (FOREWORD) - Robert Motherwell Selected Prints: 1961-1974
117767: COHEN, RONNY - Jimmy Ernst: Five Decades of Paintings and Works on Paper
3840: COHEN, MICHELE - Echoes of New York: The Paintings of Theresa Bernstein
109969: COHEN, RONNY PH.D. - Two Decades of Sculpture by IMMI Storrs
110775: COHEN, ANA PAULA (ED.) - Panorama Da Arte Brasileria 2001
111212: COHEN, BETH - The Colors of Clay: Special Techniques in Athenian Vases
136042: COHEN, MARK DANIEL - Alberta Cifolelli
149863: COHEN, DAVID - Milton Avery: The Last Decade
107115: COHEN, LEWIS AND AARON DE GROFT, SIGMUND ABELES AND ALLAN WALLACH - Lewis Cohen: Five Decades - Drawings and Sculptures, a Retrospective 1951 - 2006
152888: COHEN, CHARLES J. - The Origin of Carpenters' Hall, Philadelphia, with Incidents of the Neighborhood
140129: COHEN, RONALD - Goya, la Boda, the Royal Modello
146866: COHEN, PAUL E. AND HENRY G. TALIAFERRO - American Cities: Historic Maps and Views
138571: COHEN, JEAN-LOUIS - Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes
147389: COHEN, HERSH AND FERN COHEN - Steel & Roses: American Prints in the Hersh Cohen Collection & Botanical Books in the Fern Cohen Collection: Part 1, American Prints ; Part 2, Botanical Books
119069: COHEN-SOLAL, ANNIE - Americani Per Sempre: I Pittori Di Un Mondo Nuovo - Parigi 1867 - New York 1948
33549: COHEN, DAVID - Markus Lüpertz: Semiramis
113120: COHEN, DAVID - Thomas Chimes: Complete Circle
130427: COHEN, MORTON - Rider Haggard: His Life and Works
8339: COHEN, MICHELE - The Figure in Sculpture: An Exhibition of Fine American and European 19th and 20th Century Works in Bronze and Marble
6573: COHEN, RONNY - Mary Ann Currier: Oil Pastels
36048: COHEN, DAVID - Judith Rothschild: Abstract and Non-Objective -- the 1940s
135071: COHEN, LUCY - Some Recollections of Claude Goldsmid Montefiore, 1858-1938
108318: COHEN, HARRY B. - Harco Gallery: American Art
126234: COHEN, ARTHUR A. - Herbert Bayer: The Complete Work
139814: COHEN, RONNY - From Homer to Hopper: American Visions in 19th and 20th Century Art: Selections from the Permanent Collection of the Canajoharie Library and Art Gallery
135509: COHEN, SHYKA - Ice Collection
106736: COHEN, SCOTT - Jocks; an Intimate Look at Thirty-Two Superstar Athletes - on and Off the Field, in and out of Uniform
147752: COHEN, I. BERNARD ET AL. - Early Science at Harvard: Innovators and Their Instruments 1765 - 1865
151382: COHEN, JANIE (EDITOR) - Staring Back: The Creation and Legacy of Picasso's Demoiselles D'Avignon
120327: COHEN, MARK DANIEL ET AL. - Chawky Frenn: Art for Life's Sake
129995: COHEN, ANA PAULA; PAULO REIS; RICARDO BASBAUM; MUSEU DE ARTE MODERNA; ET AL. - Panorama Da Arte Brasileira 2001 (Set of 2: Exhibition Catalog and Extension Volume)
136617: COHEN, ARTHUR A. - Sonia Delaunay
126056: COHEN-SOLAL, ANNIE - Leo and His Circle: The Life of Leo Castelli
125657: COHEN, RONNY - Brenda Garand: Northern Routes
121638: COHEN, RONNY, PH.D. - Artists and Nature on Eastern Long Island: 1940s to the Present
116984: COHEN, DAVID AND JOHN R. STOMBERG - George Nick: An Artist's Conscience
109414: COHN, MARJORIE B. AND SUSAN L. SIEGFRIED - Works by J. -A. -D. Ingres in the Collection of the Fogg Art Museum
143588: COHN, MARJORIE B. - Francis Calley Gray and Art Collecting for America
148120: COHN, MARJORIE B. (EDITOR) - Mark Rothko's Harvard Murals
140136: COHN, WILLIAM - Chinese Painting
136872: COHN, MARJORIE B. - Turner, Ruskin, Norton, Winthrop [Harvard University Art Museums Bulletin, Fall 1993]
115066: COHN, MARJORIE B. AND CLARE I. ROGAN - Touchstone: 200 Years of Artists' Lithographs
139267: COHN, MARJORIE B. - Classic Modern: The Art Worlds of Joseph Pulitzer Jr.
155306: COHN, MARJORIE B. ET AL. - Lois Orswell, David Smith, and Modern Art (with the Lois Orswell/David Smith Correspondence)
153575: COHN, MARJORIE B. - Classic Modern: The Art Worlds of Joseph Pulitzer Jr.
140110: COHN, WILLIAM - Chinese Painting
147774: COHN, MARJORIE B. ET AL. - Lois Orswell, David Smith, and Modern Art (with the Lois Orswell/David Smith Correspondence)
125783: COHN, WILLIAM - Stilanalysen Als Einfuhrung in Die Japanishce Malerei
150043: COHODAS, MARVIN - Basket Weavers for the California Curio Trade: Elizabeth and Louise Hickox
115568: COINDREAU, MAURICE EDGAR AND J. ROBERT LOY - Contes Et Nouvelles Du Temps Present
115569: COINDREAU, MAURICE EDGAR - La Farce Est Jouee: Vingt-Cinq Ans de Theatre Francais 1900 - 1925
8946: COKE, VAN DEREN - Kenneth M. Adams: A Retrospective Exhibition
142452: COKE, VAN DEREN - Seca 1982 Photography Invitational
146936: COKE, VAN DEREN - Andrew Dasburg
36811: COKE, VAN DEREN - Jack Fulton's Puns and Anagrammatic Photographs
6303: COKE, VAN DEREN - Taos and Santa Fe: The Artist's Environment, 1882-1942
142465: COKE, VAN DEREN - The Markers
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140730: CORTISSOZ, ROYAL - John la Farge: A Memoir and a Study
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146441: COX, CAROLINE - Vintage Jewelry Design: Classics to Collect & Wear
152108: COX, WARREN E. - Lighting and Lamp Design
146446: COX, CAROLINE - I Do... 100 Years of Wedding Fashion
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122713: COYLE, LAURA AND WILLIAM JEFFETT (EDITORS) - The Shape of Color: Joan Miro's Painted Sculpture
5735: COYLE, WILLIAM - The Frankenstein Family in Springfield
105834: COYSH, A. W. AND R. K. HENRYWOOD - The Dictionary of Blue and White Printed Pottery 1780-1880
106265: COYSH, A.W. AND FRANK STEFANO JR. - Collecting Ceramic Landscapes: British and American Landscapes on Printed Pottery
137713: COZAD, RACHAEL BLACKBURN (EDITOR) - Dan Christensen: Forty Years of Painting
154271: COZENS, KERA ANDERSON - Artists of New Mexico
136606: COZENS, KERA ANDERSON - Artists of New Mexico
158388: COZZOLINO, ROBERT - Rosalyn Drexler: Vulgar Lives
138650: COZZOLINO, ROBERT - Narcissus in the Studio: Artist Portraits and Self-Portraits
160157: COZZOLINO, ROBERT ET AL. - World War I and American Art
147970: COZZOLINO, ROBERT - Elizabeth Osborne: The Color of Light
152655: COZZOLINO, ROBERT AND ARLENE KATZ NICHOLS - An Architect's Dream: The Magic Realist World of Thomas Fransioli
154435: COZZOLINO, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Peter Blume: Nature and Metamorphosis
149744: COZZOLINO, ROBERT, ANNA O. MARLEY, AND JULIEN ROBSON (EDITORS) - Anatomy Academy Philadelphia: Nexus of Art and Science
134021: CRABTREE, HAROLD - An Elementary Treatise on the Theory of Spinning Tops and Gyroscopic Motion
146126: CRACRAFT, JAMES - The Petrine Revotion in Russian Architecture
146126.1: CRACRAFT, JAMES - The Petrine Revotion in Russian Architecture
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128451: CRAEYBECKX, L. - 7e Biennale Voor Beeldhouwkunst: 8 Juni-30 September 1963 (=7th Biennial of Sculpture)
115773: CRAFT, DR. JOHN RICHARD - Pageantry of European Painting
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117857: CRAIG, W.J. (ED.) - The Histories and Poems of Shakespeare
117856: CRAIG, W.J. (ED.) - The Tragedies of Shakespeare
117852: CRAIG, W.J. (ED.) - The Comedies of Shakespeare
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123718: CRAIG, JAMES A. - Fitz H. Lane: An Artist's Voyage Through Nineteenth-Century America
100658: CRAIG R. SMITH & SCOTT LYBARGER - The Ratification of the Bill of Rights 1789-91
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146319: CRAIG, MICHEL WILLIAMS - General Edward Hand: Winter's Doctor

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