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224: PAWEL, ERNEST - The Labyrinth of Exile - a Life of Theodor Herzl
16949: PAXON, FREDERIC LOGAN - The Last American Frontier (with Handwritten Signed Letter)
21551: PAYES, RACHEL COSGROVE - The Wicked Witch of Oz
6579: PAYNE, DARWIN - Owen Wister: Chronicler of the West, Gentleman of the East
7002: PAYNE, DARWIN - Indomitable Sarah: The Life of Judge Sarah T. Hughes
437: PAYNE, ROBERT & NIKITA ROMANOFF - Ivan the Terrible
1668: PAYNE, DAVID - Confessions of a Taoist on Wall Street - a Chinese American Romance
1676: PAYNE, DAVID - Early from the Dance
1677: PAYNE, DAVID - Ruin Creek
14190: PAYNE, PETER L., ED - Studies in Scottish Business History
12658: PAYNE-GALLWEY, RALPH - The Crossbow: Mediaeval and Modern, Military and Sporting - Its Construction, History & Management
4275: PAYNE, ROBERT - The Chieftain: A Story of the Nez Perce People
14301: PAZZINI, A. - Leonardo Nella Storia Della Cardiologia
3271: PEAKE, HAROLD & HERBERT JOHN FLEURE - Priests and Kings
5186: PEAN, CHARLES - The Conquest of Devil's Island
23138: PEARCE, G.L. - The Scots of New Zealand
4949: PEARCE, G.R. - John Knox (#66 in the Great Lives Series)
123: PEARCE, DICK - The Impudent Rifle
22839: PEARD, LIEUTENANT GEORGE - To the Pacific and Arctic with Beechey: The Journal of Lieutenant George Peard of H.M. S. "Blossom", 1825-1828
5536: PEARE, CATHERINE OWENS - William Penn: A Biography
1675: PEARL, JACK - Stockade
16939: PEARLSTEIN, EDWARD W., ED - Revolution in Russia - As Reported by the New York Tribune and the New York Herald, 1894-1921
3505: PEARSALL, RONALD - Tides of War
22533: PEARSON, HENRY GREENLEAF - The Life of John A. Andrew: Governor of Massachusetts, 1861-1865, 2 Volumes, Complete
25523: PEARSON, CHARLES H. - History of England During the Early and Middle Ages. 2 Volumes, Complete
24049: PEARSON, CARL - The Chances of Death and Other Studies in Evolution, 2 Volumes, Complete
6217: PEARSON, WILLIAM - A Fever in the Blood (Signed)
19946: PEARSON, EDMUND LESTER - The Voyage of the Hoppergrass
2248: PEARSON, WILLIAM - The Muses of Ruin
25088: PEARY, R.E., U.S.N. - Nearest the Pole: A Narrative of the Polar Expedition of the Peary Arctic Club in the S.S. Roosevelt, 1905-1906
21271: PEARY, GERALD AND ROGER SHATZKIN, EDS - The Classic Americn Novel and the Movies
20975: PEASE, NEAL - Poland, the United States and the Stablilization of Europe, 1919-1933
22289: PEASE, JANE H. AND WILLIAM H. PEASE - Bound with Them in Chains (Signed)
23730: PEASE, WILLIAM H. AND JANE H. PEASE - The Web of Progress: Private Value and Public Styles in Boston and Charleston, 1828-1843
16953: PEATTIE, LOUISE REDFIELD - Wife to Caliban
18991: PECK, SAMUEL MINTURN - Cap and Bells
18506: PEEL, SIR ROBERT (LORD MAHON AND EDWARD CARDWELL, TRUSTEES) - Memoirs by the Right Honorable Sir Robert Peel, 2 Volumes: I) Part 1: The Roman Catholic Question, 1928-29, II) Part 2, the New Government, 1834-5. Part 3, Repeal of the Corn Laws, 1845-6
21384: PEER, KURT - Tv Tie-Ins: A Bibliography of American Tv Tie-in Paperbacks
5793: PEERY, JANET - Alligator Dance
17034: PEFFER, NATHANIEL - China: The Collapse of a Civilization
21989: PEGG, MARK GREGORY - A Most Holy War: The Albigensian Crusade and the Battle for Christendom
12511: PEGG, MICHAEL A. - A Catalogue of German Reformation Pamphlets (1516-1550) in Swiss Libraries (Biblioteca Bibliographica Aureliana IC)
19006: PEGUY, CHARLES - The Mystery of the Charity of Joan of Arc
18533: PEGUY, CHARLES - Le Mystere de la Charite de Jeanne D'Arc
1674: PEI, MEG - Salaryman
4298: PEI, MARIO - Swords of Anjou
14663: PEIXOTTO, ERNEST - Through the French Provinces
21437: PELCOVITS, NATHAN A. - Old China Hands and the Foreign Office
16344: PELEKANIDIS,S.M., P.C. CHRISTOU, CH. TSIOUMIS, AND S.N. KADAS - The Treasures of Mount Athos - Illuminated Manuscripts, Volume 1: The Protaton and the Monasteries of Dionysiou, Koutloumousiou, Xeropotamou and Gregoriou
21663: PELIKAN, JAROSLAV - Mary Through the Centuries: Her Place in the History of Culture
1680: PELLETIER, CATHIE - The Bubble Reputation
1681: PELLETIER, CATHIE - Once Upon a Time on the Banks
1682: PELLETIER, CATHIE - The Funeral Makers
5754: PELLING, HENRY - America and the British Left: From Bright to Bevan
1982: PELLOW, DEBROAH - Women in Accra - Options for Autonomy
24712: PEMBERTON, MAX - The Little Hugenot: A Romace of Fontainbleu
12990: PEMBERTON, W. BARING - Palmerston
21680: PEMBLE, JOHN - The Raj, the Indian Mutiny and the Kingdom of Oudh: 1801-1859
15298: PEMBLE, JOHN - The Invasion of Nepal: John Company at War
13400: PENDEXTER, HUGH - Harry Idaho
23977: PENMAN, SHARON KAY - Lionheart
1807: PENMAN, SHARON KAY - The Reckoning
1679: PENNELL, JOSEPH STANLEY - The History of Nora Beckham - a Museum of Home Life
24914: PENNINGTON, CAPTAIN J.W. - Pick Up Your Parrots and Monkeys and Fall in Facing the Boat
20071: PENSLAR, DEREK J. - Jews and the Military: A History
18099: PEPER, CHRISTIAN B., ED - An Correspondence of Arnold J. Toynbee and Columba Cary-Elwes, Monk of Ampleforth
23228: PEPYS, SAMUEL, JR. (PSEUD. OF ROBRT MASSIE FREEMAN) - A Diary of the Great Warr, 3 Volumes, Complete: I) a Diary of the Great Warr, II) a Second Diary of the Great Warr, III) a Last Diary of the Great Warr
22780: PEREIRA, GALEOTE, FR. GASPAR DA CRUZ, O.P, AND FR. MARTIN DE RADA, O.E.S.A. - South China in the Sixteenth Century: Being the Narratives of Galeote Pereira, Fr. Gaspar Da Cruz, O.P. , Fr. Martin de Rada, O.E. S.A. (1550-1575)
22751: PEREIRA, DUARTE PACHECO - Esmeraldo de Situ Orbis
1686: PERELMAN, S. J. - The Rising Gorge
10693: PERERA, PADMA - Dr. Salaam & Other Stories of India
10694: PERERA, PADMA - Birthday Deathday and Other Stories
18496: PERETTI, BURTON W. - The Leading Man: Hollywood and the Presidential Image
6518: PEREZ-REVERTE, ARTURO - The Nautical Chart
18328: PEREZ-DIAZ, VICTOR M. - The Return of CIVIL Society: The Emergence of Democratic Spain
9210: PEREZ-REVERTE, ARTURO - The Queen of the South (Signed)
7543: PEREZ-REVERTE, ARTURO - The Queen of the South
263: PERHAM, MARGERY - African Apprenticeship; an Autobiographical Journey in Southern Africa - 1929
12680: PERHAM, MARGERY - The Government of Ethiopia
3462: PERKIN, HAROLD - The Structured Crowd - Essays in English Social History
9049: PERKINS, ROGER (COMPILED BY) - Regiments of the Empire: A Bibliography of Their Published Histories
3862: PERKINS, DEXTER - The United States and the Caribbean
10232: PERKINS, JAMES BRECK - France Under Mazarin with a Review of the Administration of Richelieu, 2 Volumes, Complete
21490: PERLA, SHOSHANA, SAM E. BLOCH AND ABRAHAM P. GANNES, EDS - Israel Independence Day: Program Material
393: PERLING, J.J. - Presidents' Sons
20222: PERLMAN, FREDY - The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism
19479: PERLS, F.S. - Ego, Hunger and Aggression: The Beginning of Gestalt Therapy
24975: PERNOUD, REGINE - The Crusades
16964: PERNOUD, REGINE - The Retrial of Joan of Arc: The Evidence at the Trial for Her Rehabilitation, 1450-1456
1685: PERREAULT, JOHN - Hotel Death and Other Tales
24036: PERRIE, MAUREEN, DOMINIC LIEVEN, AND RONALD GRIGO SUNY, EDS - The Cambridge History of Russia, 3 Volumes, Complete: I) from Early Rus' to 1689, II) Imperial Russia, 1689-1917, III) the Twentieth Century
15099: PERRIE, MAUREEN - The Image of Ivan the Terrible in Russian Folklore
2899: PERRIMAN, COLE - Terminal Games
23779: PERRONE, VITO, NELS ERICKSON, CHRISTYANN RANCK MAXFIELD, LOIS FORREST, JANICE LOCKHART GINGER, JACK HAGERTY, GORDON L. ISEMINGER, HELEN L. PORTH, CYNTHIA T. SELLAND AND CHANDICE JOHNSON - The North Dakota Mini-Biogrpahy Series, 9 Volumes, Complete: 1) Johanna Knudsen Miller: Pioneer Teacher, 2) the Gentleman from North Dakota: Lynn J. Frazier, 3) Goodbye to Elbowoods: The Story of Harold and Eva Case, 4) Daphna Nygaard: A Woman in Politics, 5) Neil C. Macdonald: Schoolman, 6) the Reformer: George B. Winship, 7) the Americanization of Christina Hillius: German-Russian Emigrant to North Dakota, 8) Joseph Harris Heckman: Father of Tax-Supported Libraries in North Dakota, 9) T.H. H. Thorsen: States Attorney, Tax Commissioner, and Lieutenant Governor
23440: PERRY, MARK - Lift Up Thy Voice: The Grimke Family's Journey from Slaveholders to CIVIL Rights Leaders
4702: PERRY, ANNE - Rutland Place
18741: PERRY, ELIZABETH J. - Rebels and Revolutionaries in North China, 1845-1945
22715: PERRY, MILTON F. - Infernal Machines: The Story of Confederate Submarine and Mine Warfare
24212: PERRY, ALEX - The Rift: A New Africa Breaks Free
21488: PERRY, T.A. - The Moral Proverbs of Santob de Carrion: Jewish Wisdom in Christian Spain
17343: PERRY, MARY ELIZABETH - Crime and Society in Early Modern Seville
16216: PERRY, AL - Winners Get Lost
5402: PERRY, P.J. - A Geography of 19th-Century Britain
1684: PERRY, ELAINE - Another Present Era
2900: PERRY, ANNE - Highgate Rise
2901: PERRY, ANNE - Pentecost Alley
2902: PERRY, RITCHIE - Fool's Mate
4048: PERRY, JOHN - Sgt. York - His Life, Legend, and Legacy
4529: PERRY, LEWIS - Radical Abolitionism: Anarchy and the Government of God in Antislavery Thought
23831: PERSICO, JOSEPH E. - Eleventh Month, Eleventh Day, Eleventh Hour: Armistice Day, 1918, World War I and Its Violent Climax
14820: PERSICO, JOSEPH E. - Casey: From the Oss to the Cia
3786: PERSONS, STOW - The Decline of American Gentility
25507: PERTINAX - The Gravediggers of France - Gamelin, Daladier, Reynaud, Petain, and Laval: Military Defeat, Armistice, Counterrevolution
2260: PERUCHO, JOAN - Natural History
1678: PERUTZ, KATHRIN - Writing for Love and Money
2259: PERUTZ, LEO - The Marquis of Bolibar
6863: PESKIN, ALLAN - Winfield Scott and the Profession of Arms
10801: PESKIN, ALLAN - Garfield: A Biography
12506: PETER, M. RODOLPHE, M. BERNARD ROSSEL ET AL. - Le Livre Et la Reforme
17821: PETERKIEWICZ, JERZY - The Third Adam
24047: PETERS, F.E. - Mecca: A Literary History of the Muslim Holy Land
24046: PETERS, F.E. - The Hajj: The Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca and the Holy Places
9897: PETERS, ELLIS - The Pilgrim of Hate
24225: PETERS, CHARLES - Lyndon B. Johnson
24074: PETERS, ELIZABETH - The Murders of Richard III
94: PETERS, DANIEL - The Luck of Huemac
2903: PETERS, ELIZABETH - Night Train to Memphis
2905: PETERS, ELLIS - Who Lies Here
2906: PETERS, ELLIS - The Knocker on Death's Door
2907: PETERS, ELLIS - Death to the Landlords!
2909: PETERS, ELLIS - The Rose Rent - the Thirteenth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael
2911: PETERS, ELLIS - Flight of a Witch
21340: PETERSEN, KRISTEN A. AND THOMAS J. MURPHY - Waltham Rediscovered: Am Ethnic History of Waltham, Massachusetts
7018: PETERSEN, ROBERT STORM - Smil Og Lune: En Cavalcade Af Tegninger Gennem Et Halvt Arhundrede
1689: PETERSON, LEVI S. - Night Soil - New Stories
1690: PETERSON, BRENDA - Becoming the Enemy
2912: PETERSON, AUDREY - The Nocturne Murder
12098: PETERSON, CHARLES E. (ANNOTATED, WITH AN INTRODUCTION) - The Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia: 1786 Rule Book (Signed)
10795: PETERSON, MERRILL D. - The President and His Biographer: Woodrow Wilson and Ray Stannard Baker
12779: PETERSON, MERRILL D. - Lincoln in American Memory
18567: PETERSON, MERRILL D. - John Brown: The Legend Revisited
1688: PETESCH, NATALIE L. M. - After the First Death There Is No Other
25332: PETHERICK, MAURICE - Restoration Rogues
4805: PETHYBRIDGE, ROGER - The Spread of the Russian Revolution: Essays on 1917
5139: PETIT-DUTAILLIS, CH - The Fuedal Monarchy in France and England from the Tenth to the Thirteenth Century
13141: PETIT-DUTAILLIS, CH - The Feudal Monarchy in France and England: From the Tenth to the Thirteenth Century
17071: PETRARCH - The Sonnets of Petrarch
2826: PETRIE, SIR CHARLES - Philip II of Spain
14989: PETRIE, SIR CHARLES - The Jacobite Movement: The Last Phase, 1716-1807
4550: PETRIE, SIR CHARLES, BT - Earlier Diplomatic History, 1492-1713
12062: PETRIE, SIR CHARLES - The Great Tyrconnel: A Chapter in Anglo-Irish Relations
16304: PETROPULOS, JOHN ANTHONY - Politics and Statecraft in the Kingdom of Greece, 1833-1843
24023: PETROVSKY-SHTERN, YOHANAN - Jews in the Russian Army, 1827-1917: Drafted Into Modernity
23207: PETUCHOWSKI, JAKOB J. - Prayerbook Reform in Europe: The Liturgy of European Liberal and Reform Judaism
23204: PETUCHOWSKI, JAKOB J. - Zion Reconsidered
23167: PETUCHOWSKI, JAKOB J., ED - New Perspectives on Abraham Geiger: An Huc-Jir Symposium
11080: PEUMERY, JEAN-JACQUES - Histoire Illustree de L'Asthme
8526: PEVITT, CHRISTINE - The Man Who Would Be King: The Life of Philippe D'Orleans, Regent of France
1687: PEYREFITTE, ROGER - The Jews - a Fictional Venture Into the Follies of Anti-Semitism
25003: PEYREFITTE, ROGER - Knights of Malta
490: PEYSER, JOAN - Bernstein; a Biography
10695: PEYTON, JIM - Zions Cause [1920-1950]
22145: PFEFFER, LEO - The Honorable Court: A History of the United States Supreme Court
20010: PFEIFFER, SUSAN AND RONALD F. WILLIAMSON - Snake Hill: An Investigation of a Military Cemetery from the War of 1812
15661: PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS - Frank Lloyd Wright Drawings (Signed)
19797: PHELAN, JAMES D. - Travel and Comment
7288: PHELAN, JIM - Bog Blossom Stories
12587: PHELPS, WILLIAM LYON - What I Like [in Prose]
18881: PHILBRICK, HERBERT A. - I Led 3 Lives: Citizen, "Communist", Counterspy (Signed)
13703: PHILBRICK, NATHANIEL - Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War
25231: PHILBY, H. ST. JOHN - Sa'Udi Arabia
24388: PHILLIPS, GERVASE - The Anglo-Scots Wars, 1513-1550
9140: PHILLIPS, KEVIN - William Mckinley
24114: PHILLIPS, CHRISTOPHER - The Rivers Ran Backward: The CIVIL War and the Remaking of the American Middle Border
25028: PHILLIPS, JAMES DUNCAN - Salem and the Indies: The Story of the Great Commercial Era of the City
7243: PHILLIPS, CARLA RAHN - Ciudad Real, 1500-1750: Growth, Crisis, and Readjustment in the Spanish Economy
8649: PHILLIPS, C.E. LUCAS - The Vision Splendid: The Future of a Central African Federation
17345: PHILLIPS, CARLA RAHN - Six Galleons for the King of Spain: Imperial Defense in the Early Sixteenth Century (Signed)
2257: PHILLIPS, ROBERT - Public Landing Revisited - Short Stories
4115: PHILLIPS, W. GLASGOW - Tuscaloosa
22619: PHILLIPS-MATZ, MARY JANE - Leonard Warren: American Baritone
21583: PHILLLIPS, DAVID GRAHAM - The Social Secretary
21579: PHILLPS, DAVID GRAHAM - A Woman Ventures
6081: PHILP, PETER - Furniture of the World
16528: PICARD, LIZA - Restoration London: From Poverty to Pets, from Medicine to Magic, from Slang to Sex, from Wallpaper to Women's Rights
25248: PICHON, CHARLES - The Vatican and Its Role in World Affairs
18144: PICHT, WERNER - Toynbee Hall and Theenglish Settlement Movement
9109: PICK, ROBERT - Empress Maria Theresa: The Earlier Years, 1717-1757
15594: PICK, F.W. - Contemporary History
8428: PICKARD, W. BASHYR - The Adventures of Alcassim: An Iranian Entertainment
5796: PICKERING, SAMUEL F., JR. - The Right Distance
5795: PICKERING, SAMUEL F., JR. - Let It Ride
5797: PICKERING, SAMUEL F., JR. - Still Life
16971: PICTON, JOHN AND JOHN MACK - African Textiles: Looms, Weaving and Design
8893: PIDAL, RAMON MENENDEZ - The Spaniards in Their History
17867: PIERARD, LOUIS - Belgian Problems Since the War
4119: PIERCE, DAVID M. - Write Me a Letter
10729: PIERCE, OVID WILLIAMS - On a Lonesome Porch
13470: PIERSON, PETER - Philip II of Spain
8662: PIGGOTT, STUART - The Prehistoric Peoples of Scotland
4722: PIGGOTT, STUART - The Druids
16642: PIKE, DAVID WINGATE - In the Service of Stalin: The Spanish Communists in Exile, 1939-1945
23454: PILCH, JUDAH - The Weak Against the Strong: Simple Folk in the Grip of Turbulent Times
11463: PILCHER, LEWIS STEPHEN, ED - Annals of Surgery: A Monthly Review of Surgical Science and Practice (Volume XXXI, January-June, 1900)
10935: PILOTAZ, PAUL - Man Alone
9598: PIM, SIR ALAN - The Financial and Economic History of the African Tropical Terrirories
11798: PINCHBECK, IVY AND MARGARET HEWITT - Children in English Society, Volume 1 - from Tudor Times to the Eighteenth Century
14605: PINCHEMEL, PHILIPPE - France: A Geographical Survey
1693: PINEDA, CECILE - Frieze
13246: (PINKERTON, JOHN) - Select Scottish Ballads, 2 Volumes
11031: PINKERTON, JAMES N., MD - Sleep and Its Phenomena: An Essay
9122: PINKOWSKI, EDWARD - Forgotten Fathers
16145: PINKUS, BENJAMIN - The Soviet Governement and the Jews, 1948-1967: A Documented Study
5678: PINNOW, HERMANN - Der Staat Der Gewalt
18121: PINSO, VIVIAN DE SOLA, ED - English Biography in the Seventeenth Century: Selected Short Lives
14131: PIPPING, ELLA - Soldier of Fortune: The Story of a Nineteenth Century Adventurer
17866: PIRENNE, HENRI - Belgian Democracy: Its Early History
3390: PIRIE, VALERIE - His Majesty of Corsica - the True Story of the Adventurous Life of Theodore 1st
24541: PIRIE, DAVID - The Vampire Cinema
1692: PIRSIG, ROBERT M. - Lila - an Inquiry Into Morals
9498: PITT, BARRIE - The Crucible of War: Western Desert 1941
24760: PITTOCK, MURRAY - Culloden (Cuil Lodair) (Great Battles Series)
22776: PITTS, JOSEPH, WILLIAM DANIEL, AND CHARLES JACQUES PONCET - The Red Sea and Adjacent Countries at the Close of the Seventeenth Century - As Described by Joseph Pitts, Willialm Daniel, and Charles Jacques Poncet
11825: PITTS, MICHAEL R. - Horror Film Stars
4490: PIUS II (LEONA C. GABEL, ED.) - Memoirs of a Renaissance Pope: The Commentaries of Pius II, an Abridgement
96: PLAIDY, JEAN - Passage to Pontefract
2503: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Third George
3648: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Spanish Bridegroom
15352: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Spanish Inquisition: It's Rise, Growth, and End
13560: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Captive Queen of Scots
10737: PLAIDY, JEAN - The Queen's Husband
10736: PLAIDY, JEAN (ELEANOR HIBBERT) - Beyond the Blue Moutains
21168: PLAIDY, JEAN - Spain for the Sovereigns
24895: PLANT, MARGARET - Venice - Fragile City, 1797-1997
21377: PLATNICK, ABRAHAM J. - Jewish Law - Index to Code: This Is an Index to the "Code of Jewish Law" Ganzfried-Goldin Edition, English Version
16686: PLAUT, JOSHUA ELI - Greek Jewry in the Twentieth Century, 1913-1983: Patterns of Jewish Survival in the Greek Provinces Before and After the Holocaust
23545: PLAUT, W. GUNTHER (COMMENTRAY) - The Torah - a Modern Commentary, Volume V: Deuteronomy
428: PLOMER, WILLIAM - The Diamond of Jannina: Ali Pasha, 1741-1822
5656: PLOWDEN, ALISON - Danger to Elizabeth: The Catholics Under Elizabeth I.
25327: PLOWMAN, THOMAS F. - In the Days of Victoria: Some Memories of Men and Things
3450: PLOWMAN, STEPHANIE - Three Lives for the Czar
15272: PLUCKNETT, T.F.T. - Legislation of Edward I.
14811: PLUCKNETT, T.F.T. - Edward I and Criminal Law
16279: PLUMB, J.H. - The American Experience: The Collected Essays of J.H. Plumb, Volume 2
621: PLUMB, J.H. - The Making of an Historian; the Collected Essays of J.H. Plumb
23950: PLUMMER, HENRY - Nordic Light: Modern Scandinavian Architecture
10792: PLUMMER, ALFRED - English Church History - from the Death of King Henry VII to the Death of Archbishop Parker: Four Lectures
2256: PLUNKET, ROBERT - Love Junkie
22979: PLUTARCH - The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans, 8 Volumes in Glassine Wrappers in 2 Slipcases
12910: POCOCK, TOM - Fighting General: The Public and Private Campaigns of General Sir Walter Walker
20617: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym
24833: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Raven and the Philosophy of Composition
514: POEN, MONTE M, ED - Strictly Personal and Confidential; the Letters Harry Truman Never Mailed
570: POGUE, FORREST C. - George C. Marshall - Education of a General, 1880-1939
6721: POGUE, FORREST C. - George C. Marshall, 4 Volumes, Complete: I) Education of a General, 1880-1939, II) Ordeal and Hope, 1939-1943, III) Organizer of Victory, 1943-1945, IV) Statesman, 1945-1959
9153: POLE, J.R. - The Pursuit of Equality in American History
2081: POLE, J.R. - Paths to the American Past
15513: POLENBERG, RICHARD - Reorganizing Roosevelt's Government, 1936-1939
24087: POLK, MILBRY AND ANGELA M.H. SCHUSTER, EDS - The Looting of the Iraq Museum, Baghdad: The Lost Legacy of Ancient Mesopotamia
24068: POLLACK, HOWARD - George Gershwin: His Life and Work (Signed)
8337: POLLACK, KENNETH M. - Arabs at War: Military Effectiveness, 1948-1991
23516: POLLAK, MICHAEL - Mandarins, Jews, and Missionaries: The Jewish Experience in the Chinese Empire
15734: POLLARD, HUGH B.C. - The Gun Room Guide
25149: POLLARD, A.F. - Wolsey
25331: POLLARD, A.F. - Henry VIII
16899: POLLOCK, JOHN - Kitchener: Architect of Victory, Artisan of Peace
22581: POMFRET, JOHN E. - The Province of West New Jersey, 1609-1702: A History of the Origins of an American Colony
5995: PONCIO, JOHN HENRY AND MARILYN YOUNG - Girocho: A Gi's Story of Bataan and Beyond
7463: POND, STEVE - The Big Show: High Times and Dirty Dealings Backstage at the Academy Awards
6218: PONICSAN, DARRYL - Cinderella Liberty
25317: PONSONBY, SIR FREDERICK - Side Lights on Queen Victoria
10782: PONSONBY, SIR FREDERICK, ED - Letters of the Empress Frederick
25287: PONSONBY, HENRY AND ARTHUR PONSONBY - Henry Ponsonby, Queen Victoria's Private Secretary: His Life from His Letters. By His Son, Arthur Posonby (Lord Ponsonby of Shulbrede)
14491: PONTALIS, M. ANTONIN LEFEVRE - John de Witt, Grand Pensionary of Holland or Twenty Years of a Parliamentary Republic, 2 Volumes, Complete
20274: POPE, HUGH - Sons of the Conquerors: The Rise of the Turkic World
16852: POPE, SAXTON P. - Bows and Arrows
23189: POPE, DUDLEY - The Great Gamble: Nelson at Copenhagen
22643: POPE, DAN - Housebreaking - a Novel (Signed)
1968: POPE, DUDLEY - Ramage's Diamond
3682: POPE, DUDLEY - The Black Ship
4307: POPE, DUDLEY - Governor Ramage, R.N.
3853: POPE, DUDLEY - At Twelve Mr. Byng Was Shot
10739: POPE, DUDLEY - Ramage's Prize
10738: POPE, DUDLEY - Ramage
10228: POPE, DUDLEY - The Buccaneer King: The Biography of Sir Henry Morgan, 1635-1688
271: PORCH, DOUGLAS - The Conquest of Morocco
11020: PORTEOUS, ROBERT - Grangemouth's Ancient Heritage
3787: PORTER, GLENN AND HAROLD C. LIVESAY - Merchants and Manufacturers - Studies in the Changing Structures of Nineteenth-Century Marketing
18710: PORTER, MAE REED AND ODESSA DAVENPORT - Scotsman in Buckskin: Sir William Drummond Stewart and the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade
498: PORTER, ANDREW - Music of Three More Seasons, 1977-1980
4105: PORTER, JOHN B. - If I Make My Bed in Hell
11938: PORTER, SUSAN L. - With an Air Debonair: Musical Theatre in America, 1785-1815
18962: PORTER, ESTHER CHURCH - Life Lines (Signed)
4369: PORTEUS, STANLEY D. - A Century of Social Thinking in Hawaii
15217: POSEY, WALTER BROWNLOW - The Baptist Church in the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1776-1845
97: POSSE, ABEL - The Dogs of Paradise
20037: POST, JENNIFER C. - Music in New England Family and Community Llfe, 1870-1940
1914: POSTANI, BETTINA - Before the Cock Crows
13049: POTASH, ROBERT A. - The Army and Politics in Argentina, 1928-1945: Yrigoyen to Peron
19456: POTOK, CHAIM - Wanderings: Chaim's Potok's History of the Jews
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18857: RANKIN, HUGH F. - The North Carolina Continentals
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18747: REISS, TOM - The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo
4770: REISWIG, GARY - Water Boy
5696: REITANO, JOANNE - The Tariff Question in the Gilded Age: The Great Debate of 1888
14777: REMAN, EDWARD - The Norse Discoveries and Explorations in America
223: REMBAR, CHARLES - The Law of the Land - the Evolution of Our Legal System
12017: REMINI, ROBERT V. - The House: The History of the House of Representatives
138: REMINI, ROBERT V. - Henry Clay: Statesman for the Union (Signed)
905: REMINI, ROBERT - Daniel Webster - the Man and His Times
4648: REMINI, ROBERT V. - The Battle of New Orleans
11818: REMINI, ROBERT V. - Andrew Jackson (Great Generals Series)
23864: REMNICK, DAVID - The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama
15622: REMPEL, RICHARD A. - Unionists Divided: Arthur Balfour, Joseph Chamberlain and the Unionist Free Traders
7156: REMY - Goa: Rome of the Orient
19230: RENAN, ERNEST - My Sister Henrietta
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3378: RENAULT, GILBERT - The Caravels of Christ
2931: RENDELL, RUTH [VINE, BARBARA] - The Brimstone Wedding
2932: RENDELL, RUTH - A Sleeping Life
2933: RENDELL, RUTH - Kissing the Gunner's Daughter
2934: RENDELL, RUTH - The Copper Peacock and Other Stories
2935: RENDELL, RUTH - The Keys to the Street
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12930: RENEHAN, EDWARD J., JR. - The Lion's Pride: Theodore Roosevelt and His Family in Peace and War
3085: RENIER, G.J. - William of Orange
13269: RENIER, G.J. - Robespierre
3536: RENNE, LOUIS OBED - Lincoln and the Land of the Sangamon (Signed)
17865: RENSENBRINK, JOHN - Poland Challenges a Divided World
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4086: RENSHAW, PATRICK - Nine Days in May: The General Strike
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6331: RESTON, JAMES - Sketches in the Sand
8207: RESTON, JAMES JR. - Dogs of God: Columbus, the Inquisition, and the Defeat of the Moors
17149: REUSCH, RICHARD - History of East Africa
22625: REVUSKY,A - Jews in Palestine
6532: REX, MILLICENT BARTON - University Representation in England, 1604-1690
11291: REXFORD-WELCH, S.C. - The Royal Army Medical Services, Volume II: Commands
24652: REXROTH, MARY - The Coffee Should Be Warm Now (Signed)
19483: REY, MARIE-PIERRE - Alexander I: The Tsar Who Defeated Napoleon
8835: REYNOLDS. PETER J. - Butser Ancient Farm: Impressions
23998: REYNOLDS, QUENTIN - The Curtain Rises
4910: REYNOLDS, QUENTIN - Known But to God
23688: REYNOLDS, VERNE L. - The Thirty Hour Bill: Can the Economic Laws of Capitalism Be Repealed by Legislative Enactments
8081: REYNOLDS, REGINALD, ED. AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY A.J.P.TAYLOR - British Pamphleteers, Volume II: From the French Revolution to the Present Time
21725: REYNOLDS, DAVID S. - Waking Giant: America in the Age of Jackson
15079: REYNOLDS, JAMES - More Ghosts in Irish Houses
12693: REYNOLDS, EDWARD - Trade and Economic Change on the Gold Coast, 1807-1874
10727: REYNOLDS, DAVID - In Command of History: Churchill Fighting and Writing the Second World War
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28: ROGERS, DONALD L. - Since You Went Away - from Rosie the Riveter to Bond Drives, World War II at Home
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15209: ROPER, LAURA WOOD - Flo: A Biography of Frederick Law Olmstead
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5730: RORABAUGH, W.J. - Kennedy and the Promise of the Sixties
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21827: RORTY, JAMES - What Michael Said to the Census-Taker
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5570: ROSEN, MARION - Don't Speak to Strangers (Signed)
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2954: ROSEN, RICHARD - Saturday Night Dead
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21087: ROSEN, NIR - Aftermath: Following the Bloodshed of America's Wars in the Muslim World (Signed)
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12777: ROTHSCHILD, ALONZO - Lincoln - Master of Men: A Study in Character
16095: ROTTMAN, GORDON L. - The Marshall Islands 1944: Operation Flintlock, the Capture of Kwajalein and Eniwetok
16205: ROTTMAN, GORDON - Okinawa 1945: The Last Battle
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17212: ROUD, RICHARD, ED - Cinema - a Critical Dictionary: The Major Film-Makers, 2 Volumes. Volume 1: Aldrich to King, Volume 2: Kinugasa to Zanussi
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14856: ROUGHEAD, WILLIAM - The Rebel Earl and Other Studies
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17640: ROWAN, ROY - Chasing the Dragon: A Veteran Journalist's Firsthand Account of the 1949 Chinese Revolution (Signed)
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18253: ROWE, JOHN CARLOS AND RICK BERG, EDS - The Vietnam War and American Culture
23333: ROWELL, JOHN W. - Yankee Artillerymen: Through the CIVIL War with Eli Lilly's Indiana Battery
17639: ROWLAND, JOHN - A History of Sino-Indian Relations: Hostile Co-Existence
14169: ROWLAND, MRS. DUNBAR (ERON ROWLAND) - Andrew Jackson's Campaign Against the British, or the Mississippi Territory in the War of 1812
24016: ROWSE, A.L. - The End of an Epoch: Reflections on Contemporary History
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17657: ROZMAN, GILBERT - The Chinese Debate About Soviet Socialism, 1978-1985
23211: RUBENS, ALFRED - A History of Jewish Costume
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14957: RUBIN, VITALY A. - Individual and State in Ancient China: Essays of Four Chinese Philosophers
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12: RUBY, ROBERT H. AND BROWN, JOHN A. - Half-Sun on the Columbia: A Biography of Chief Moses
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13069: RUDIN, HARRY R. - The Germans in the Cameroons, 1884-1914: A Case Study in Modern Imperialism
16936: RUDNICKI, GENERAL K.S. - The Last of the War-Horses
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19718: RUMSFELD, DONALD - Known and Unknown: A Memoir
14476: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - A History of the Crusades, 3 Volumes, Complete First Printings: I) the First Crusade and the Foundation of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, II) the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Frankish East, 1100-1187, III) the Kingdom of Acre and the Later Crusades
13100: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - The Sicilian Vespers: A History of the Mediterranean World in the Later Thirteenth Century
25006: RUNCIMAN, STEVEN - A History of the Crusades, Three Volumes, Complete First Printings in Priced Dust Jackets. I) the First Crusade and the Foundation of the Kingdom of Jerusalem; II) the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Frankish East, 1100-1187; III) the Kingdom of Acre and the Later Crusades
21202: RUNES, DAGOBERT D. - Let My People Live! an Indictment
23163: RUNES, DAGOBERT D. - The Jew and the Cross
5994: RUNNING, JOHN - Honor Dance: Native American Photographs
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23987: RUSSELL, JOSIAH COX - Medieval Regions and Their Cities (Studies in Historical Geography)
18299: RUSSELL, AUDREY - A Certain Voice
22850: RUSSELL, JAN JARBOE - The Train to Crystal City: Fdr's Secret Prisoner Exchange Program and America's Only Family Internment Camp During World War II
22509: RUSSELL, GREG - John Quincy Adams and the Public Virtues of Diplomacy
5990: RUSSELL, FRANKLIN WITH INTRODUCTION BY EDWARD ABBEY - The Mountains of America: From Alaska to the Great Smokies
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2959: RUSSELL, E. S. - Dead Easy
13257: RUSSELL, PHILLIPS - William the Conqueror
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11665: RUSSELL, PHILLIPS - John Paul Jones: Man of Action
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11127: RUSSELL, RAY - Princess Pamela: Being the Personal Journal of Miss Pamela Summerfield of Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London
11125: RUSSELL, JOHN - Favorite Sons
10067: RUSSELL, PHILLIPS - Jefferson: Champion of the Free Mind (Signed)
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18138: RUSSELL, SIR HERBERT - The Delectable West
21112: RUSSO, ANTHONY J. AND DOROTHY R. - A Bibliography of James Whitcomb Riley

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