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17567: LITTLEWOOD, R.A. - Physical Anthropology of the Eastern Highlands of New Guinea
8137: LITVINOV, MAXIM - Notes for a Journal
24050: LIU, F.F. - A Military History of Modern China, 1924-1949
16131: LIU, TA-CHUNG AND KUNG-CHIA YEH - The Economy of the Chinese Mainland: National Income and Economic Development 1933-1959
21231: LIVELY, ROBERT A. - Fiction Fights the CIVIL War: An Unfinished Chapter in the Literary History of the American People
7697: LIVERMORE, SHAW, JR. - The Twilight of Federalism: The Disintegration of the Federalist Party, 1815-1830
8744: LIVERMORE, H.V. - A History of Portugal
14694: LIVERMORE, HAROLD - A History of Spain
20997: LIVERMORE, H.V., ED. WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF W.J. ENTWISTLE - Portugal and Brazil: An Introduction
2698: LIVINGSTON, JACK - Hell-Bent for Election
11103: LIVINGSTONE, R.W. - The Mission of Greece
3995: LLEWELLYN, PETER - Rome in the Dark Ages
23297: LLOYD GEORGE, DAVID - Slings and Arrows: Sayings Chosen from the Speeches of the Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George
22059: LLOYD GEORGE, DAVID - War Memoirs, Volume 3: 1916-1917
917: LLOYD, ALAN - The Spanish Centuries
3494: LLOYD GEORGE, DAVID - War Memoirs, Vol. 1 - 1914-1915
3495: LLOYD GEORGE, DAVID - War Memoirs, Vol. 2 - 1915-1916
18730: LLOYD, P.C., A.L. MABOGUNJE, AND B. AWE, EDS - The City of Ibadan: A Symposium on Its Structure and Development
11504: LLOYD, JOHN URI - History of the Vegetable Drugs of the Pharmacopeia of the United States (Bulletin of the Lloyd Library of Botany, Pharmacy and Materia Medica, #18, Pharmacy Series, No. 4)
22057: LLOYD, GEORGE, DAVID - War Memoirs, Volume 4: 1917
1569: LO, STEVEN C. - The Incorporation of Eric Chung
14817: LOADES, DAVID - Mary Tudor: A Life
7853: LOCHHEAD, MARION - Highland Scene
23897: LOCHNER, R.K. - The Last Gentleman of War: The Raider Exploits of the Cruiser Emden
4505: LOCHNER, LOUIS P. - Herbert Hoover and Germany
22475: LOCKARD, DUANE - The New Jersey Governor: A Study in Political Power
11014: LOCKE, ROBERT R. - French Legitimists and the Politics of Moral Order in the Early Third Republic
6183: LOCKHART, JOHN GIBSON - Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. , 10 Volumes, Complete
23603: LOCKMAN, J.N. - Meinertzhagen's Diary Ruse: False Entries on T.E. Lawrence
2699: LOCKRIDGE, RICHARD - Something Up a Sleeve
3533: LOCKS, RENEE - Let the Butterflies Come to You
24439: LOCKWOOD, DEAN PUTNAM - Ugo Benzi: Medieval Philospher and Physician, 1376-1439
24775: LOCKWOOD, LEWIS - Music in Renaissance Ferrara, 1400-1505: The Creation of a Musical Center in the Fifteenth Century
13097: LOCKWOOD, DOUGLAS - The Front Door: Darwin, 1869-1969
7254: LODGE, HENRY CABOT - One Hundred Years of Peace
15701: LODGE, TOM - Sharpeville: An Apartheid Massacre and Its Consequences
4435: LODGE, SIR RICHARD - Studies in Eighteenth Century Diplomacy, 1740-1748
13540: LOEWE, MICHAEL - Imperial China: The Historical Background to the Modern Age
4403: LOEWEN, JAMES W. - Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong
12446: LOEWENHEIM, FRANCIS L. - Peace of Appeasement? Hitler, Chamberlain, and the Munich Crisis
17076: LOFCHIE, MICHAEL F. - Zanzibar: Background to Revolution
22188: LOGAN, F. DONALD - Runaway Religious in Medieval England, C. 1240-1540 (Signed)
22179: LOGAN, F. DONALD - Vichinghi: Viaggi, Guerre E Cultura Dei Marinai Dei Ghiacci. (U.S. Title: The Vikings in History) Signed
17248: LOGAN, JOSHUA - Movie Stars, Real People, and Me (Signed)
2810: LOGUE, WILLIAM - Leon Blum - the Formative Years, 1872-1914
7035: LOH, VYVYANE - Breaking the Tongue
19616: LOHMANN, FERDINAND H. - Texas-Bluten (Signed)
7309: LOHR, LENOX R. - Television Broadcasting: Production, Economics, Technique
10881: LOKKEN, ROY N. - David Lloyd, Colonial Lawmaker
15838: LOMAS, DAVID - First Ypres 1914: The Birth of Trench Warfare
8375: LOMASK, MILTON - Aaron Burr, 2 Volumes, Complete: 1: The Years from Princeton to the Vice President, 1756-1805. 2: The Conspiracy and Years of Exile, 1805-1836
14163: LOMASK, MILTON - Andrew Johnson: President on Trial
3427: LOMAX, ERIC - The Railway Man
19673: LONG, KATHRYN TERESA - The Revival of 1867-58: Interpreting an American Religious Awakening (Signed)
22319: LONG, DAVID E. - The Jewel of Liberty: Abraham Lincoln's Re-Election and the End of Slavery
24142: LONG, BASIL - British Miniaturists, 1520-1860
21677: LONG, STEPHEN H. - The Northern Expeditions of Stephen H. Long: The Journals of 1817 and 1923 and Related Documents
8707: LONG, DAVID F. - Gold Braid and Foreign Relations: Diplomatic Activities of U.S. Naval Officers, 1798-1883
22739: LONG, OLGA - Pa Chin and His Writings: Chinese Youth between the Two Revolutions
17728: LONG, GEORGIA - All About Spain
2221: LONG, DAVID - Blue Spruce - Stories
332: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH - The Queen; the Life of Elizabeth II
3592: LONGFORD, LORD - Abraham Lincoln
7331: LONGLEY, KYLE - Senator Albert Gore, Sr. : Tennessee Maverick
6659: LONGSTREET, STEPHEN - The Beach House
6664: LONGSTREET, STEPHEN - Three Days
2220: LONGSTREET, STEPHEN - The Young Men of Paris
16293: LONGUEVILLE, THOMAS - Marshal Turenne
24021: LOOKER, EARLE - The American Way: Franklin Roosevelt in Action
24584: LOOS, ANITA - The Talmadge Girls
23916: LOPATE, PHLILLIP, ED - American Movie Critics: An Anthology from the Silents Until Now
5376: LOPEZ, ELLEN AND MILDRED NYSTROM - The Mcdonalds from Shieldaig,Scotland: A Collection of Stories
427: LOPEZ, ROBERT - The Birth of Europe
1521: LOPEZ, BARRY - Arctic Dreams - Imagination and Desire in a Northern Landscape
22115: LOR CARLINGFORD - Lord Carlingford's Journal: Reflections of a Cabinet Minister, 1885
539: LORANT, STEFAN - The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt (Signed)
19257: LORD DUNSANY - Plays of Near & Far
5043: LORD ELTON - General Gordon
6950: LORD RUSSELL OF LIVERPOOL - The Trial of Adolf Eichmann
23285: LORD FRENCH - The [Complete] Despatches of Lord French
405: LORD, WALTER - The Dawn's Early Light
1523: LORD, BETTE BAO - Spring Moon
3398: LORD, BETTE BAO - Spring Moon
14665: LORD, ROBERT HOWARD - The Second Partition of Poland: A Study in Diplomatic History
4594: LORD, ARTHUR - Plymouth and the Pilgrims
24511: LORD HOME - Border Reflections: Chiefly on the Arts of Shooting and Fishing
18332: LORD DROGHEDA - Dougle Harness: Memoirs (Signed)
2700: LORENS, M. K. - Dreamland
1440: LORENZEN, ROD AND LIZ PARKHURST, EDS - Homecoming - the Southern Family in Short Fiction
6439: LORWIN, LEWIS L. - Economic Consequences of the Second World War
12487: LORZ, JURGEN - Bibliographia Linckiana: Bibliographie Der Gedruckten Schriften Dr. Wenzeslaus Lincks (1483-1547)
8517: LOTH, DAVID - Royal Charles: Ruler and Rake
8779: LOTH, DAVID - Alexander Hamilton: Portrait of a Prodigy
14129: LOTH, DAVID - Lafayette
23848: LOTTMAN, HERBERT R. - Albert Camus - a Biography
441: LOTTMAN, HERBERT R. - Petain; Hero or Traitor: The Untold Story
14457: LOTZ, PAT AND JIM - Cape Breton Island
4421: LOUCHHEIM, KATIE, ED - The Making of the New Deal: The Insiders Speak
15562: LOUD, G.A. - The Latin Church in Norman Italy
5695: LOUIS, ADRIAN C. - Wild Indians & Other Creatures
23866: LOUIS-PHILIPPE - Louis-Philippe: Memoires, 1773-1793
6494: LOUIS, LISA - Butterflies of the Night: Mama-Sans, Geisha, Strippers, and the Japanese Men They Serve (Signed)
10815: LOUIS, P. CH. A. - Anatomical, Pathological and Therapeutic Researches on the Yellow Fever of Gibraltar of 1828 - from Observations Taken by Himself and M. Trousseau
15680: LOUYS, PIERRE - Songs of Bilitis
13062: LOVE, DANE - Scottish Kirkyards( Signed)
23020: LOVEJOY, OWEN - His Brother's Blood - Speeches and Writings, 1838-64
4044: LOVELAND, ANNE C. - Emblem of Liberty - the Image of Lafayette in the American Mind
2429: LOVELL, ALAN & JIM HILLER - Studies in Documentary (Cinema One #21)
2701: LOVELL, MARC - The Spy Who Barked in the Night
2702: LOVELL, MARC - Ethel and the Naked Spy
22854: LOVELL, JIM AND JEFFREY KLUGER - Apollo 13 (Signed)
21820: LOVETT, ROBERT MOSS - Edith Wharton
14482: LOW, D. ANTHONY AND R. CRANFORD PRATT - Buganda and British Overrule, 1900-1955: Two Studies
21974: LOWE, ROB - Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography
1782: LOWE, C.J. - The Reluctant Imperialists - British Foreign Policy, 1878-1902
11486: LOWE, JACQUES (PHOTOGRAPHER), HUGH SIDNEY (INTRODUCTION AND COMMENTARY) - Rembering Jack: Intimate and Unseen Photographs of the Kennedys
22927: LOWELL, AMY - Six French Poets: Studies in Contemporary Literature
22912: LOWELL, AMY - John Keats, 2 Volumes Complete
19934: LOWELL, ROBERT - Antony Brade
4200: LOWELL, ROBERT - The Old Glory
24801: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - The Vision of Sir Launfal
11355: LOWER, RICHARD, RICHARD HUNTER, AND IDA MACALPINE - De Catarrhis 1672: Reproduced in Facsimile and for the First Time Translated from the Original Latin
6569: LOWIS, DOUGLAS W. - The History of the Church in France, A.D. 950-1000: Being a Study in Medieval Christianity
17059: LOWREY, JANETTE SEBRING - Annunciata and the Shepherds
23836: LOWRY, RICHARD S. - The Photographer and the President: Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Gardner, and the Images That Made a Presidency
18456: LOWRY, BEVERLY - Harriet Tubman: Imagining a Life
23564: LOYER, FRANCOIS - Art Nouveau in Catalonia
14328: LUBELL, SAM - Paris 2000+ - New Architecture
1530: LUCAS, E. V. - At the Shrine of St. Charles - Stray Papers on Lamb Now Collected for the Centenary of His Death in 1834
4284: LUCAS, F.L. - The English Agent: A Tale of the Peninsular War
11249: LUCAS, HENRY S. - The Renaissance and the Reformation (Signed)
8591: LUCHAIRE, ACHILLE - Social France at the Time of Philip Augustus
19745: LUCIANI, ALBINO (POPE JOHN PAUL I) - Illustrassimi: Letters from Pope John Paul I.
3460: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD A. - Joan of Arc
21303: LUCK, J. MURRAY - A History of Switzerland: The First Hundred Thousand Years--from Before the Beginnings to the Days of the Present
2703: LUDLUM, ROBERT - The Chancellor Manuscript
2704: LUDLUM, ROBERT - The Icarus Agenda
4915: LUDWIG, CHARLES - Levi Coffin and the Underground Railroad
8189: LUDWIG, EMIL - Hindenburg
14739: LUDWIG, EMIL - Roosevelt: A Study in Fortune and Power, Complete in 12 Issues of Liberty Magazine
4417: LUDWIG, EMIL - Bismarck: The Story of a Fighter
10213: LUGARD, FREDERICK D. - The Rise of Our East African Empire: Early Efforts in Nyasaland and Uganda, 2 Vols. , Complete
15321: LUGG, VICKY AND JOHN WILLCOCKS - Heraldry for Embroiderers
18902: LUKACS, GEORG - The Historical Novel
19719: LUKAS, J. ANTHONY - Big Trouble: Murder in a Small Western Town Sets Off a Struggle for the Soul of Amerca
8763: LUKE, MARY - The Nine Days Queen: A Portrait of Lady Jane Grey
10324: LUKE, SIR HARRY - The Making of Modern Turkey: From Byzantium to Angora
24010: LUM, PETER - Peking, 1950-1953
6717: LUMSDEN, HARRY AND P. HENDERSON AITKEN - History of the Hammermen of Glasgow: A Study Typical of Scottish Craft Life and Organisation
16628: LUNENFELD, MARVIN - Keepers of the City: The Corregidores of Isabella I of Castile (1474-1504)
9679: LUNN, SIR ARNOLD - The Swiss and Their Mountains
3854: LUNT, JAMES - John Burgoyne of Saratoga
3519: LUTHIN, REINHARD H. - The First Lincoln Campaign
16218: LUTZ, HENRY - A Platform for the American Way
23543: LUZZATTO, MOSES HAYYIM - Mesilat Yesharim: The Path of the Upright
24176: LYET, H.C. MAXWELL - Dunster and Its Lords, 1066-1881, with a Descriptive Sketch of Dunster Castle by G.T. Clark and a Chapter of the Siege and Surrender of Dunster Castle by E. Green
15533: LYMNAN, STANFORD M. - Militarism, Imperialism, and Racial Accomodation: An Analysis and Interpretation of the Early Writings of Robert E. Park (Signed)
5326: LYNCH, JOHN - The Spanish-American Revolutions, 1808-1826
14824: LYNCH, JOHN - Bourbon Spain
13513: LYNCH, JOHN - For King and Parliament: Bristol and the CIVIL War
9378: LYNDE, GAYLE - Mosaic
4898: LYON, LEVERETT S. ET AL. - The National Recovery Administration: An Analysis and Appraisal
17398: LYONS, EUGENE - Our Unknown Ex-President: A Portrait of Herbert Hoover
2230: LYONS, PAUL - Going for Broke
2586: LYSING, HARRY - Men Against Crime
8071: LYTHE, S.G.E. AND J. BUTT - An Economic History of Scotland, 1100-1939
21797: LYTLE, ANDREW - The Long Night
22199: LYTLE, GUY FITCH AND STEPHEN ORGEL, EDS - Patronage in the Renaissance
10923: LYTTON, DAVID - The Freedom of the Cage
12712: M'DOWALL, JOHN K. - The People's History of Glasgow: An Encyclopedic Record of the City from the Prehistoric Period to the Present Day (Signed)
13601: MABEE, CARLETON - The American Leonardo: A Life of Samuel F.B. Morse
21652: MABELL, COUNTESS OF AIRLIE - Lady Palmerston and Her Times, Two Volumes, Complete in Dust Jacket
20224: MAC INTYRE, TOM - Dance the Dance
1545: MAC LAVERTY, BERNARD - The Great Profundo and Other Stories
13661: MACALISTER, R.A.S. - Tara: A Pagan Sanctuary of Ancient Ireland
897: MACALPINE, IDA AND HUNTER, RICHARD - George III and the Mad Business
21327: MACARTHUR, BRIAN - Surviving the Sword: Prisoners of the Japanese in the Far East, 1942-45
16954: MACARTHUR, ARTHUR - After the Afternoon
18436: MACARTHUR, BRIAN - Surviving the Sword: Prisoners of the Japanese in the Far East, 1942-45
14003: MACARTNEY, MAXWELL H.H. - Five Years of European Chaos (Signed)
6530: MACARTNEY, C.A., ED - The Habsburg and Hohenzollern Dynasties in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
8068: MACARTNEY, C.A. AND A.W. PLAMER - Independent Eastern Europe: A History
3832: MACARTNEY, CLARENCE - Lincoln and His Cabinet
3474: MACCHESNEY, NATHAN WILLIAM, ED - Abraham Lincoln - the Tribute of a Century, 1809-1909
14101: MACCOBY, S. - English Radicalism 1786-1832 - from Paine to Cobbett
19202: MACCOLL, EWAN - Folk Songs and Ballads of Scotland
17190: MACCOLL, EWAN AND PEGGY SEEGER - Travellers' Songs from England and Scotland
5098: MACCORMACK, JOHN R. - Revolutionary Politics in the Long Parliament
14866: MACCORMICK, JOHN - The Flag in the Wind: The Story of the National Movement in Scotland
16356: MACCUBBIN, ROBERT P. AND MARTHA HAMILTON-PHILLIPS, EDS - The Age of William III & Mary II: Power, Politics and Patronage, 1688-1702
16601: MACCULLOCH, DONALD B. - Romantic Lochaber
868: MACDERMOTT, MERCIA - A History of Bulgaria, 1393-1885
12107: MACDONALD, TOM - Transvaal Story
6346: MACDONALD, JAMES - A Free Nation Deep in Debt: The Financial Roots of Democracy
6914: MACDONALD, ANGUS - Linlithgow in Pictures Containing Twenty-Five Full-Page and Three Double- Page Illustrations, Also a [Fold-out] Plan, As Well As Five Smaller Illustrations in the Preliminary Pages
21796: MACDONALD, ROSS - On Crime Writing
9467: MACDONALD, ROSS - The Underground Man
21390: MACDONALD, LYN - 1914
23771: MACDONALD, PETER - Giap: The Victor in Vietnam
6155: MACDONALD, LYN - 1915: The Death of Innocence
21045: MACDONALD, DONALD J. - Slaughter Under Trust: Glencoe 1692
15503: MACDONALD, D. - The Oceanic Languages: Their Grammatical Structure, Vocabulary, and Origin
9468: MACDONALD, ROSS - Sleeping Beauty
939: MACDONALD, DWIGHT - Discriminations - Essays & Afterthoughts 1938-1974
2877: MACDONALD, JOHN - Great Battles of the CIVIL War
15612: MACDONALD, D.F. - The Age of Transition: Britain in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
13414: MACDONALD, WILLIAM COLT - Spanish Pesos - a Western Story
4676: MACDONALD, LYN - 1915: The Death of Innocence
12300: MACDONALD, LAURA M. - Curse of the Narrows
12053: MACDONALD, FINLAY J. [AND SAMUEL JOHNSON] - A Journey to the Western Isles: Johnson's Scottish Journey Retraced by Finlay J. Macdonald
11801: MACDONALD, J. RAMSEY - Parliament and Revolution
5003: MACDONALD, WILLIAM COLT - Gunsight Range (Signed)
17799: MACDONOGH, GILES - Frederick the Great: A Life in Deed and Letters
24195: MACDONOGH, GILES - 1938: Hitler's Gamble
16351: MACDOUGALL, IAN, ED - Labour in Scotland: A Picturial History from the Eighteenth Century to the Present
23031: MACDOUGALL, CARL, ED - The Devil and the Giro: Two Centuries of Scottish Stories
3700: MACDOUGALL, NORMAN, ED - Church, Politics and Society - Scotland, 1408-1929
11263: MACE, E. - Traite Pratique de Bacteriologie
6727: MACGREGOR, FORBES - Doric Spice: A Selection of Scottish Stories, Humerous, Philosophical, Metaphysical, Naive, Fictitious and Factual from the Cradle to the Grave... And Beyond
24592: MACGREGOR, MIRIAM - Whittington: Aspects of a Cotswold Village
8449: MACGREGOR, ALEXANDER - The Life of Flora Maconald
6944: MACGREGOR, STUART - The Sinner
19972: MACGREGOR. ALEXANDER - Highland Superstitions Connected with the Druids, Fairies, Witchcraft, Second-Sight, Halloween, Sacred Wells and Lochs, with Several Curious Instances of Highland Customs and Beliefs
25065: MACHIAVELLI, NICOLO - IL Principe
16373: MACHRAY, ROBERT - Poland, 1914-1931
24057: MACHRAY, ROBERT - The Struggle for the Danube and the Little Entente, 1929-1938
2706: MACINNES, HELEN - The Snare of the Hunter
2707: MACINNES, HELEN - The Hidden Target
2708: MACINNES, HELEN - Prelude to Terror
2709: MACINNES, HELEN - Cloak of Darkness
3879: MACINNES, HELEN - Agent in Place
3880: MACINNES, HELEN - The Double Image
10510: MACINNES, MAIRI - The Quondom Wives
22606: MACINTYRE, TOM - Dance the Dance
21012: MACIVOR, MARY A. - The Upper Trail
15329: MACK, GERSTLE AND THOMAS GIBSON - Architectural Details of Southern Spain: One Hundred Measured Drawings, One Hundred and Thirteen Photographs
17768: MACKAIL, J.W. - James Leigh Strachan-Davidson Master of Balliol: A Memoir
9164: MACKANESS, GEORGE - The Life of Vice-Admiral Bligh
20459: MACKAY, RUDDOCK F. - Admiral Hawke
1511: MACKAY, SHENA - Dunedin
1514: MACKAY, SHENA - A Bowl of Cherries
1710: MACKAY, JAMES - William Wallace - Brave Heart
10912: MACKAY, MERCEDES - Black Argosy
16845: MACKAY, JOHN - History of the Burgh of Canongate with Notices of the Abbey and Palace of Holyrood (Signed First Edition)
5156: MACKAYE, MARIA ELLERY - The Abbess of Port Royal and Other French Studies
21758: MACKENZIE, AGNES MURE - Scotland in Modern Times: 1720-1939
19205: MACKENZIE, W.M. - The Battle of Bannockburn: A Study in Medieval Warfare
8277: MACKENZIE, T.C., ED - The Royal Northern Infirmary, Inverness: The Story of a Scottish Voluntary Hospital
9325: MACKENZIE, KENNETH - A Dragon to Kill
5387: MACKENZIE, DR. JOHN, EDITED BY CHRISTINA BYAM SHAW - Pigeon Holes of Memory: The Life and Times of Dr. John Mackenzie (1803- 1886)
8628: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Extremes Meet
11225: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Dr. Benes
16467: MACKENZIE, G. CALVIN AND ROBERT WEISBROT - The Liberal Hour: Washington and the Politics of Change in the 1960s
17962: MACKENZIE, AGNES MURE - The Passing of the Stewarts
5061: MACKENZIE, FERGUS - Sprays of Northern Pine
19212: MACKENZIE, W.M. - The Battle of Bannockburn: A Study in Medieval Warfare (Signed)
9416: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Prince Charlie and His Ladies
1844: MACKENZIE, DAVID - The Lion of Tashkent - the Career of General M.G. Cherniaev
3658: MACKENZIE, DONALD - Zaleski's Percentage
14714: MACKENZIE, REV. ROBERT D. - Kilbarchan: A Parish History
4294: MACKENZIE, KENNETH - A Dragon to Kill (Signed)
12039: MACKENZIE, FAITH COMPTON - Sibyl of the North: The Tale of Christina, Queen of Sweden
10223: MACKENZIE, AGNES MUIR, ED - Scottish Pageant, 1625-1707
8634: MACKENZIE, W.C. - The Life and Times of John Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale (1616-1682)
18681: MACKEY, SANDRA - The Reckoning: Iraq and the Legacy of Saddam Hussein
10173: MACKINLAY, JAMES MURRAY - Ancient Church Dedications in Scotland, 2 Volumes, Complete: I) Scriptural Dedications, II) Non-Scriptural Dedications
14936: MACKINNON, JAMES - The Social and Industrial History of Scotland, from the Union to the Present Time
8991: MACKINTOSH, H.B. - The Northern or Gordon Fencibles, 1778-1783
24854: MACLAFFERTY, JAMES HENRY - My Soul's Cathedral and Other Poems (Signed)
20393: MACLAGAN, MICHAEL - The City of Constantinople (Ancient People and Places)
13567: MACLAREN, A. ALLAN - Religion and Social Class: The Disruption Years in Aberdeen
6288: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Bear Island
8941: MACLEAN, LORAINE OF DOCHGARROCH - Indomitable Colonel
9098: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Captain Cook
3842: MACLEAN, DONALD - British Foreign Policy - the Years Since Suez
3881: MACLEAN, A.D., ED - Winter's Tales 10
11066: MACLEAN, L. - An Inquiry Into the Nature, Causes, and Cure of Hydrothorax; Illustrated by Interesting Cases, and Many Living Examples of the Success of the Mode of Treatment Recommedned
23901: MACLEAN, CHARLES - Spirit of Place: Scotland's Great Whiskey Distilleries
7339: MACLEISH, ROD - The Guilty Bystander: Commentaries
6725: MACLELLAN, ANGUS - The Furrow Behind Me: The Autobiography of a Hebridean Crofter
8523: MACLENNAN, JOHN - Scots of the Line
21104: MACLEOD, ISEABAIL, ED - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Scotland
7045: MACLEOD, ANGUS - The Tough and the Tender
15161: MACLEOD, KENNETH - The Road to the Isles: Poetry, Lore, and Tradition of the Hebrides (Signed)
6165: MACLEOD, DONALD - Past Worthies of the Lennox: A Garland of Their Droll Sayings and Doings
6405: MACLEOD, JOHN - Dynasty: The Stuarts, 1560-1807
2710: MACLEOD, CHARLOTTE - The Coprse in Oozak's Pond
15324: MACLEOD, FIONA - Where the Forest Murmurs: Nature Essays
4715: MACLEOD, DAWN - Land of Tweed
3485: MACLIESH, FLEMING AND MARTIN L. KRIEGER - The Privateers - a Raiding Voyage to the Great South Sea
16352: MACMILLAN, DUNCAN - Painting in Scotland: The Golden Age
16859: MACMILLAN, H.F. - Tropical Gardening and Planting with Special Reference to Ceylon
9345: MACMILLAN, CYRUS - Mcgill and Its Story, 1821-1921
14207: MACMILLAN, MARGARET - Paris, 1919
16847: MACMILLAN, HUGH - The Daisies of Nazareth
14103: MACMILLAN, HAROLD - War Diaries: Politics and War in the Mediterranean, January 1943 - May 1945
8454: MACMUNN, SIR GEORGE - Gustavus Adolphus: The Lion of the North
13086: MACNAIR, PETER - Argyllshire and Buteshire (Cambridge County Geographies)
5065: MACNALTY, SIR ARTHUR S. - Mary Queen of Scots: The Daughter of Debate
4794: MACNEIL, DUNCAN - The Gates of Kunarja (an Ogilvie Novel)
5626: MACNICOL, EONA - The Hallowe'En Hero and Other Stories
12442: MACOMBER, BEN - The Jewel City: Its Planning and Achievement; Its Architecture, Sculpture, Symbolism, and Music; Its Gardens, Palaces, and Exhibits
14873: MACPHAIL, I.M.M. - Dumbarton Through the Centuries: A Short History of Dumbarton
8307: MACPHERSON, HARVEY - A Scots Scrapbook
10048: MACPHERSON, JOHN - Tales from Barra: Told by the Coddy
21736: MACPHERSON, ANDREW - Two Million Miles
21393: MACQUEEN, JOHN, ED - Humanism in Renaissance Scotland
24193: MACRAE, SIGRID - A World Elsewhere: An American Woman in Wartime Germany
4972: MACROW, BRENDA G. - Kintail Scrapbook, with Photographs by Robert M. Adam
5163: MACURDY, GRACE HARRIET - Troy and Paeonia
5692: MADDEN, DAVID - The New Orleans of Possibilities
5693: MADDEN, DAVID - The Shadow Knows
4312: MADDEX, JACK P., JR. - The Virginia Conservatives, 1867-1879: A Study in Reconstruction Politics
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8912: MARRIOTT, SIR JOHN A.R. - A Short History of France
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587: MARSHALL, JOHN DOUGLAS - Reconciliation Road; a Family Odyssey of War and Honor
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2714: MARTIN, JAMES E. - And Then You Die
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15228: MARTIN, SIDNEY WALTER - Florida During the Territoral Days
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12745: MATALIN, MARY AND JAMES CARVILLE - All's Fair: Love, War, and Running for President
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10390: MATLEY, D.A. - Chanson de Geste: The Intimate Confessions of a Bonafide Traducer
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6290: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - The Servant
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2728: MCBAIN, ED - Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear
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4331: MCCABE, JAMES D. - From the Farm to the Presidential Chair. . the Life and Public Services of Gen. James a Garfield... To Which Is Added the Life
13481: MCCAFFREY, DONALD W. - Focus on Chaplin
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50: MCCAIG, ROBERT - Wild Justice (Signed)
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89: MCCARTHY, GARY - Gringo Amigo
709: MCCARTHY, EUGENE - The Year of the People
710: MCCARTHY, EUGENE - The Limits of Power; America's Role in the World
1494: MCCARTHY, MARY - Memories of a Catholic Girlhood
1577: MCCARTHY, CORMAC - The Crossing
15902: MCCARTHY, CHRIS - The Somme - the Day-by-Day Account
23399: MCCARTHY, TIMOTHY PATRICK AND JOHN STAUFFER, EDS - Prophets of Protest: Reconsidering the History of American Abolitionism
15900: MCCARTHY, CHRIS - Passchendaele - the Third Ypres - the Day-by-Day Account
3927: MCCAUGHEY, ROBERT A. - Josiah Quincy, 1772-1864 - the Last Federalist
1540: MCCAULEY, STEPHEN - The Easy Way out
9549: MCCLELLAND, DOUG - Forties Film Talk: Oral Histories of Hollywood, with 120 Lobby Posters
3843: MCCLOSKEY, DONALD N. - Essays on a Mature Economy: Britain After 1940
8910: MCCLOY, SHELBY T. - Government Assistance in Eighteenth-Century France
14451: MCCLUNG, ROBERT M. - Young George Washington and the French and Indian Wars, 1753-1758
9472: MCCLURE, JAMES - Four and Twenty Virgins
22506: MCCLURE, ALEX K. - Old Time Notes of Pennsylvania, 2 Volumes
9473: MCCLURE, JAMES - The Caterpillar Cop
2731: MCCLURE, JAMES - The Steam Pig
18649: MCCLURE, MICHAEL AND BRUCE CONNOR - Michale Mcclure/Bruce Connor - Mandalas (Signed)
5766: MCCLUSKEY, JOHN JR. - Mr. America's Last Season Blues
4097: MCCOLLEY, ROBERT - Slavery and Jeffersonian Virginia
14196: MCCONACHIE, WILLIAM - The Glamour of the Glen: Nature Studies in the Lammermoors
5767: MCCONKEY, JAMES - Night Stand: A Book of Stories
22652: MCCONNELL, CURT - Great Cars of the Great Plains
22954: MCCONNELL, STUART - Glorious Achievement: The Grand Army of the Republic, 1865-1900
18230: MCCORD, NORMAN - The Anti-Corn Law League: 1838-1846
1525: MCCORKLE, JILL - Tending to Virginia (Signed)
1526: MCCORKLE, JILL - Tending to Virginia
10531: MCCORKLE, JILL - The Cheer Leader (Signed)
10530: MCCORKLE, JILL - July 7th (Signed)
24128: MCCORKLE, JILL - Crash Diet (Signed)
23447: MCCORMICK, RICHARD P. - New Jersey from Colony to State - 1609-1789
2740: MCCORMICK, CLAIRE - The Club Paradis Murders
3483: MCCORMICK, DONALD - Blood on the Sea
16834: MCCOY, DONALD R. - Landon of Kansas
22268: MCCRORY, THOMAS J. - Grand Army of the Republic: Department of Wisconsin
2736: MCCRUMB, SHARYN - If Ever I Return, Pretty Peggy-O (Signed)
2738: MCCRUMB, SHARYN - She Walks These Hills
2739: MCCRUMB, SHARYN - Foggy Mountain Breakdown and Other Stories
3211: MCCRUMB, SHARYN - Highland Laddie Gone
18930: MCCUAIG, JOHN MAXWELL - The Tale of a Haggis, or the Haggis with a Tail (Signed)
4826: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - John Adams
23475: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - The Wright Brothers
14179: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - The Path between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870-194 (Signed)
90: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN - The First Man in Rome
2234: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN - A Creed for the Third Millennium
3376: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP - Convoy East
18209: MCDERMOTT, ALICE - At Weddings and Wakes
12978: MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS, ED - Frenchmen and French Ways in the Mississippi Valley
18231: MCDONALD, OONAGH - Parliament at Work
19285: MCDONALD, REV. W. - Modern Faith Healing
6790: MCDONALD, ETTA BLAISDELL AND JULIA DALRYMPLE - Little People Everywhere --- Donald in Scotland: A Geographical Reader
2741: MCDONALD, GREGORY - Who Took Toby Rinaldi
15334: MCDONALD, WILLIAM F. - Federal Relief Administration and the Arts: The Origins and Administrative History of the Arts Projects of the Works Progress Administration
11890: MCDONALD, IAN - Tendeleo's Story (Signed, Limited Edition)
16032: MCDONALD, JOANNA M. - The Liberation of Pointe Du Hoc: The 2nd Rangers at Normandy, June 6-8, 1944
160: MCDONOUGH, JAMES LEE - Chattanooga; a Death Grip on the Confederacy
8067: MCDOWELL, R.B. - British Conservatism, 1832-1914
14870: MCDOWELL, W.H. - The History of Bbc Broadcasting in Scotland, 1923-1983
15057: MCELROY, JOHN - The Struggle for Missouri
18239: MCELWEE, WILLIAM - Britain's Locust Years: 1918-1940
1501: MCFARLAND, DENNIS - School for the Blind (Signed)
10215: MCFARLAND, ELAINE - Protestants First: Orangeism in 19th Century Scotland
14201: MCFARLANE, I.D. - Buchanan
19643: MCFEE, WILLIAM - Spenlove in Arcady
1499: MCFEE, WILLIAM - The Harbourmaster
17981: MCFEELY, WILLIAM S. - Frederick Douglass
9134: MCGANN, THOMAS F. - A Portrait of Spain: British and American Accounts of Spain in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
5425: MCGARRITY, MARK - Little Augie's Lament
18863: MCGARRY, DANIEL D. - Medieval History & Civilization
5768: MCGARRY, JEAN - The Very Rich Hours
5769: MCGARRY, JEAN - Gallagher's Travels
1567: MCGARRY, JEAN - Airs of Providence
10662: MCGAVIN, CECIL - U.S. Soldiers Invade Utah
15604: MCGEEHAN, ROBERT - The German Rearmament Question: American Diplomacy and European Defense After World War II
4042: MCGILL, GORDON - War Story
23619: MCGILLIGAN, PATRICK - Young Orson: The Years of Luck and Genius on the Path to Citizen Kane
2742: MCGINLEY, PATRICK - Bogmail
12450: MCGINLEY, PATRICK - The Trick of the Ga Bolga
22413: MCGLONE, ROBERT E. - John Brown's War Against Slavery
13639: MCGLONE, ROBERT E. - John Brown's War Against Slavery
15837: MCGOVERN, GEORGE - Abraham Lincoln
24191: MCGRATH, CHARLES (INTRODUCTION) - Alfeed A. Knopf 1915-2015: A Century of Publishing
21421: MCGRATH, PATRICK - Papists and Puritans Under Elizabeth I.
1524: MCGRATH, PATRICK - Blood and Water and Other Tales (Signed)
16726: MCGREGOR, VIRGINIA - Our Scottish Roots
24380: MCGREGOR, H.R. - Schrodinger's Baby
1573: MCGUANE, THOMAS - Nobody's Angel
1505: MCHUGH, JOE - Ruff Tales - High Octane Stories from the Ruff Creek General Store (Signed)
22091: MCILROY, JOHN, KEVIN MORGAN, AND ALAN CAMPBELL, EDS - Party Pepople, Communist Lives: Explorations in Biography
1541: MCILVOY, KEVIN - The Fifth Station
2746: MCINERNY, RALPH - Infra Dig
6379: MCINNES, IAN - Arabella: The Life and Times of Lady Arabella Seymour, 1575-1615 (Niece of Mary, Queen of Scots)
15413: MCINNES, GRAHAM - Sushila
11196: MCINNES, CHARLES THORPE, ED - Accounts of the Treasurer of Scotland, Volume XIII, 1574-1580
4623: MCJIMSEY, GEORGE T. - Genteel Partisan: Manton Marble, 1834-1917
14111: MCKAY, DONALD COPE - The National Workshops: A Study in the French Revolution of 1848 (Signed)
24416: MCKEAN, DAVID - Suspected Independence: The Life of Thomas Mckean, America's First Power Broker
669: MCKEE, ALEXANDER - King Henry VIII's Mary Rose
15798: MCKEE, ALEXANDER - The Battle of Vimy Ridge
3900: MCKELVEY, BLAKE - The Urbanization of America, 1860-1915
6740: MCKENNEY, THOMAS L. - Sketches of a Tour to the Lakes, of the Character and Customs of the Chippeway Indians, and of Incidents Connected with the Treaty of Fond Du Lac
23708: MCKERCHER, B.J.C. - The Second Baldwin Government and the United States, 1924-1929: Attitudes and Diplomacy
17478: MCKIERNAN, KEVIN - The Kurds: A People in Search of Their Homeland
5770: MCKINLEY, JAMES - The Fickleman Suite and Other Stories
14799: MCKISACK, MAY - The Fourteenth Century: 1307-1399
2747: MCKITTERICK, MOLLY - The Medium Is Murder
22532: MCKIVIGAN, JOHN R. AND STANLEY HARROLD, EDS - Antislavery Violence: Sectional, Racial, and Cultural Conflict in Antebellum America
22284: MCKIVIGAN, JOHN R. - The War Against Proslavery Religion: Abolitionism and the Northern Churches, 1830-1865
15647: MCKNIGHT, GERALD - Verdict on Schweitzer: The Man Behind the Legend of Lambarene
1528: MCKNIGHT, REGINALD - The Kind of Light That Shines on Texas - Stories
14500: MCLACHLAN, GORDON, ED - Improving the Common Weal: Aspects of Scottish Health Services, 1900-1984
6930: MCLAREN, AMY - Bawbee Jock
14515: MCLAUGHLIN, REDMOND - The Royal Army Medical Corps
1527: MCLAURIN, TIM - Woodrow's Trumpet (Signed)
22184: MCLEAN, ANTONIA0 - Humanism and the Rise of Science in Tudor England
13088: MCLEAN, MARIANNE - The People of Glengarry: Highlanders in Transition, 1745-1820
2748: MCLEAVE, HUGH - Only Gentlemen Can Play
6195: MCLENDON, JAMES - Eddie Macon's Run
20775: MCLYNN, FRANK - The Burma Campaign: Disaster Into Triumph, 1942-1945
14112: MCLYNN, FRANK - Stanley, 2 Volumes, Complete: I) the Making of an African Explorer, II) Sorcerer's Apprentice
22615: MCMANNERS, JOHN - Death and the Enlightenment: Changing Attitudes to Death Among Christians and Unbelievers in Eighteenth--Century France
15518: MCMASTER, JOHN BACH - The United States in the World War
20154: MCMASTERS, WILLIAM H. - Revolt: An American Novel
20237: MCMASTERS, WILLIAM H. - Revolt: An American Novel (Signed)
22718: MCMEEKIN, SEAN - The Berlin-Baghdad Express: The Ottoman Empie and Germany's Bid for World Power
1502: MCMILLAN, TERRY - Waiting to Exhale
10543: MCMILLAN, TERRY - Mama (Signed)
19942: MCMURDY, ROBERT - The Upas Tree (Signed)
546: MCMURRY, RICHARD M. - John Bell Hood and the War for Southern Independence
6196: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Texasville
19542: MCMURTRY, LARRY - When the Light Goes
10556: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Buffalo Girls
1539: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Some Can Whistle
15296: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Buffalo Girls (Signed)
12429: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Film Flam: Essays on Hollywood
10557: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Anything for Billy
24789: MCNAB, CHRIS - Order of Battle: German Kriegsmarine in World War II
2749: MCNAMARA, JOSEPH D. - Fatal Command
16112: MCNAMARA, JO ANN KAY - Sisters in Arms: Catholic Nuns Through Two Millenia
2233: MCNAMER, DEIRDRE - Rima in the Weeds
11614: MCNEELY, ROBERT (PHOTOGRAPHS) AND DOUGLAS BRINKLEY (INTRODUCTION) - The Clinton Years: The Photographs of Robert Mcneely
16518: MCNEIL, EVERETT - For the Glory of France
6197: MCPARTLAND, JOHN - No Down Payment
10542: MCPHEE, JOHN - A Sense of Where You Are (Signed by Mcphee and Bradley)
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20472: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - Antiedam: The Battle That Changed the Course of the CIVIL War
22951: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. AND WILLIAM J. COOPER, JR., EDITIORS - Writing the CIVIL War: The Quest to Understand (Signed by Both Editiors and 10 of the Twelve Contributors)
540: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - Ordeal by Fire - the CIVIL War and Reconstruction
16457: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - Battle Cry of Freedom: The CIVIL War Era (Signed)
22435: MCPHERSON, EDWARD - The Political History of the United States of America During the Period of Reconstruction (Fromapril 15, 1865, to July 15, 1870)
18427: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. (INTRODUCTION AND NOTES) - The Most Fearful Ordeal; Original Coverage of the CIVIL War by Writers and Reporters of the New York Times
23443: MCPHERSON, EDWARD - A Hand-Book of Politics for 1886: Being a Record of Political Action, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, National and State, from July 31, 1884 to July 31, 1886
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21333: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. AND ALAN BRINKLEY - Days of Destiny: Crossroads in American History
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3949: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - The Abolitionist Legacy - from Reconstruction to the Naacp (Signed)
22645: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - This Mighty Scourge: Perspectives on the CIVIL War
3432: MCQUINN, DONALD E. - Targets
15414: MCRAE, A.G. - The Hill Called Grazing: The Story of a Transvaal Farm
23687: MCWILLIAMS, R. - 'Our' Police Force
23607: MEACHAM, JON - Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush
13706: MEACHAM, JON - American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House
19385: MEACHAM, ELLIS K. - On the Company's Service
4534: MEAD, ROBERT O. - The Atlantic Legacy: Essays in American-European Cultural History
2750: MEADE, GLENN - Snow Wolf
11418: MEADE, RICHARD H. - A History of Thoracic Surgery
8250: MEAKER, GERALD H. - The Revolutionary Left in Spain, 1914-1923
23737: MEANS, HOWARD - The Avenger Takes His Place: Andrew Johnson and the 45 Days That Changed the Nation
24215: MEANS, RUSSELL (WITH MARVIN J. WOLF) - Where White Men Fear to Tread (Signed)
4247: MEARNS, DAVID C. - The Lincoln Papers, 2 Vols
20058: MEARS, ELIOT GRINNELL - Resident Orientals on the American Pacific Coast: Their Legal and Economic Status (Signed)
13689: MEARS, ELIOT GRINNELL - Modern Turkey: A Politico-Economic Interpretation, 1908-1923 Inclusive, with Selected Chapters by Representative Authorities
1570: MEBANE, MARY E. - Mary - an Autobiography
23323: MECHANICUS, PHILIP - Year of Fear: A Jewish Prisoner Waits for Auschwitz
7280: MECKAUER, WALTER - The Books of the Emperor Wu Ti
11692: MECKLENBURG, VIRGINA M. - The Patricia and Phillip Frost Collection: American Abstraction 1930-1945
24048: MEDINA, JOSE TORIBO - Historia Del Tribunal Del Santo Oficio de la Inquisicion En Chile
15280: MEDLICOTT, W.N. - The Congress of Berlin and After: A Diplomatic History of the Near Eastern Settlement, 1878-1880
14711: MEDLICOTT, W.N., ED - From Metternich to Hitler: Aspects of British and Foreign History, 1814-1939
21897: MEE, CHARLES L, JR. - The End of Order: Versailles 1919
466: MEE, CHARLES L., JR. - White Robe, Black Robe: Pope Leo X, Martin Luther and the Birth of the Reformation
1572: MEE, SUSIE - The Girl Who Loved Elvis (Signed)
14104: MEEBELO, HENRY S. - Reaction to Colonialism: A Prelude to the Politics of Independence in Northern Zambia, 1893-1939
19585: MEEKER, EZRA - Kate Mulhall: A Romance of the Oregon Trail (Signed in Dust Jacket)
2751: MEGGS, BROWN - The Matter of Paradise
20305: MEHRA, JAGDISH - The Beat of a Different Drum: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman
14796: MEHTA, VED - Walking the Indian Streets
4703: MEHTA, VED - Mamaji
475: MEHTA, VED - Portrait of India
476: MEHTA, VED - A Family Affair; India Under Three Prime Ministers
1571: MEHTA, VED - The New Theologian
1575: MEHTA, VED - Delinquent Chacha
1589: MEHTA, VED - The Stolen Light
1590: MEHTA, VED - Sound-Shadows of the New World
1591: MEHTA, VED - The Ledge between the Streams
10559: MEHTA, GITA - Raj
10560: MEHTA, VED - Face to Face: An Autobiography
10558: MEHTA, GITA - Raj (Signed)
15412: MEIRING, DESMOND - The Man with No Shadow
22940: MEISS, MILLARD AND EDITH W. KIRSCH - The Visconti Hours: National Library, Florence
5498: MELARAGNO, MICHELE G. - Wind in Architectural and Environmental Design
12280: MELCHER, PETER - Weissen See: Ein Friedhof Als Spiegelbild Judischer Geschichte in Berlin
1588: MELCHIOR, IB - Order of Battle (Signed)
23734: MELDER, KEITH E. - Beginnigs of Sisterhood: The American Woman's Rights Movemnet, 1800-1850
4621: MELENEY, JOHN C. - The Public Life of Aedanus Burke: Revolutionary Republican in Post- Revolutionary South Carolina
17391: MELLER, NORMNA AND JAMES ANTHONY - Fiji Goes to the Polls: The Crucial Lesislative Council Elections of 1963
2593: MELLOR, G.R. - British Imperial Trusteeship, 1783-1850
11298: MELLOR, W. FRANKLIN, ED, - Casulaties and Medical Statistics
15407: MELLORS, JOHN - Shots in the Dark
2757: MELVILLE, JAMES - A Haiku for Hanae (Signed)
20799: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Moby Dick; or, the Whale, 2 Volumes in Slipcase
6154: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Redburn, White-Jacket, Moby-Dick
2752: MELVILLE, JAMES - A Sort of Samurai
2753: MELVILLE, JAMES - Death of a Daimyo
2754: MELVILLE, JAMES - The Chrysanthemum Chain
2756: MELVILLE, JAMES - Kimono for a Corpse
2758: MELVILLE, JAMES - The Reluctant Ronin
2759: MELVILLE, JAMES - The Death Ceremony
2760: MELVILLE, JAMES - Sayonara, Sweet Amaryllis
2761: MELVILLE, JENNIE - Murder Has a Pretty Face
2762: MELVILLE, JENNIE - Murder in the Garden
15885: MEMON, SUJATHA, ED - Super Cars: Classics of Their Time
2232: MENAKER, DANIEL - The Old Left and Other Stories
18589: MENCKEN, H.L. - Prejudices: First, Second, and Third Series
19904: MENCKEN, H.L. - Prejudices: Third Series
10383: MENCKEN, H.L. - Die Amerikanische Sprache (Das Englisch Der Vereinigten Staaten)
10063: MENDELSOHN, EZRA - Jewish Politics in East Central Europe between the World Wars: The Beiner-Citrin Memorial Lecture
6073: MENTEN, THEODORE - The Illuminated Alphabet
12100: MERANZE, MICHAEL - Laboratories of Virtue: Punishment, Revolution, and Authority in Philadelphia, 1760-1835
3616: MEREDITH, ROY - Mr. Lincoln's Contemporaries
10711: MERIDOR, YA'ACOV - Long Is the Road to Freedom
16369: MERK, FREDERICK (AND LOIS BANNISTER MERK) - Fruits of Propaganda in the Tyler Administration
579: MERK, FREDERICK - History of the Westward Movement
14904: MERK, FREDERICK - The American Expansion Trilogy: I) the Monroe Doctrine and American Expansionism, 1843-1849 II) Manifest Destiny and Mission in American History, a Reinterpretation III) Slavery and the Annexation of Texas (Signed)
9301: MERRELL, JAMES H. - Into the American Woods: Negotiators on the Pennsylvania Frontier
14945: MERRIAM, CHARLES EDWARD - American Political Ideas: Studies in the Development of American Political Thought, 1865-1917
19235: MERRICK, LEONARD - One Man's View
213: MERRILL, JR, BOYNTON - Jefferson's Nephews; a Frontier Tragedy
4334: MERRILL, JAMES M. - Spurs to Glory: The Story of the United States Cavalry
12064: MERRILL, JAMES M. - Du Pont: The Making of an Admiral
11973: MERRILL, HORACE SAMUEL AND MARION GALBRAITH MERRILL - The Republican Command, 1897-1913
9214: MERRIMAN, MARCUS - The Rough Wooings: Mary Queen of Scots, 1542-1551
16153: MERRIMAN, MARION AND WARREN LERUDE - American Commander in Spain: Robert Hale Merriman and Theabraham Lincoln Brigade (Signed)
3783: MERRITT, RICHARD L. - Symbols of American Community, 1735-1775
24912: MERRY, ROBERT W. - A Country of Vast Designs: James K. Polk, the Mexican War, and the Conquest of the American Continent
24143: MERWIN, HENRY C. - The Horse: His Breeding, Care and Treatment in Health and Disease
16081: MESSENGER, CHARLES - The Chronological Atlas of World War II
24531: METALIOUS, GRACE - Peyton Place (True First Printing in Dust Jacket)
4853: MEYER, HOWARD M. - Colonel of the Black Regiment: The Life of Thomas Wentworth Higginson (Signed)
23742: MEYER, MICHAEL - The Last Days of Old Beijing: Life in the Vanishing Backstreets of a City Transformed
529: MEYER, LARRY L. - Shadow of a Continent; the Prize That Lay to the West; 1776
1407: MEYER, STEWART - The Lotus Crew
14643: MEYER, R.W. - Leibnitz and the Seventeenth-Century Revolution
11989: MEYER, KARL E. AND SHAREEN BLAIR BRYSAC - Kingmakers: The Invention of the Modern Middle East
11410: MEYER, OSKAR EMIL - The Kinetic Theory of Gases: Elementary Treatise with Mathematical Appendices
24740: MEYERS, ODETTE - Doors to Madame Marie
2765: MEYERS, ANNETTE - The Deadliest Option (Signed)
2767: MEYERS, ANNETTE - These Bones Were Made for Dancin'
23608: MEYERS, JEFFREY - The Wounded Spirit: A Study of Seven Pillars of Wisdom
2231: MICHAEL, JUDITH - A Tangled Web
8678: MICHAELIS, MEIR - Mussolini and the Jews: German-Italian Relations and the Jewish Question in Italy, 1922-1945
15440: MICHAELIS, KARIN - The Child Andrea
2768: MICHAELS, BARBARA - Annie, Come Home
15385: MICHAUD, JOSEPH - Biblioteque Des Croisades, 4 Volumes, Complete. I) Chroniques de France, II) Suite Des Chroniques de France; Chroniques D'Italie Et D'Angleterre, III) Chroniques D'Allemagne Et Du Nord de L'Europe; Chroniques Diverses; Chroniques Grecques, Turques Et Armeniennes, IV) Chroniques Arabes
2240: MICHEL, SAM - Under the Light - Stories
4761: MICHENER, JAMES - Legacy
17392: MICHENER, JAMES - The Voice of Asia
1594: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Iberia - Spanish Travels and Reflections
1596: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Alaska
1597: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Sports in America
1599: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Chesapeake
1601: MICHENER, JAMES A. - The Drifters
1602: MICHENER, JAMES A. - The World Is My Home - a Memoir
1608: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Caribbean
10570: MICHENER, JAMES - Mexico
24003: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN AND PATRICK MAHONEY - Battleship: The Loss of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse
20960: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - Operation Corporate: The Falklands War, 1982
14275: MIDDLEKAUFF, ROBERT - Benjamin Franklin and His Enemies (Signed)
4393: MIDDLEKAUFF, ROBERT - The Mathers: Three Generations of Puritan Intellectuals, 1596-1728
22142: MIDDLEKAUFF, ROBERT - The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution, 1763-1789
313: MIDDLEMAS, KEITH AND BARNES, JOHN - Baldwin: A Biography
16312: MIDDLETON, DREW - The Struggle for Germany
18486: MIDELFORT, H. C. ERIK - Mad Princes of Renaissance Germany
10572: MIEGE, JEAN-LOUIS - Morocco
19785: MIERS, EARL SCHENCK - The General Who Marched to Hell: William Tecumseh Sherman and His March to Fame and Infamy
5225: MIERS, EARL SCHENK - The General Who Marched to Hell: William Tecumseh Sherman and His March to Fame and Infamy
5221: MIERS, EARL SCHENK - The Great Rebellion: The Emergence of the American Conscience
3223: MIERS, EARL SCHENK - Crossroads of Freedom - the American Revolution and the Rise of a New Nation
7456: MIGEON, GASTON - Musee Du Louvre - L'Orient Musulman, 2 Vols. L) Armes, Sculpture, Bois, Ivoires, Bronzes Et Cuivres, Tapis Tissus, Miniatures II) Cristaux de Roche, Verres Emailles Et Ceramiques
11540: MIKHELSON, ANDRE - Kings and Knaves in the Cameroons
2239: MILBURN, FRANK - Sheltered Lives
7739: MILEHAM, PATRICK - The Scottish Regiments: 1633-1996
10780: MILELR, WILLIAM LEE - President Lincoln: The Duty of a Statesman
1606: MILES, RICHARD - Angel Loves Nobody
14750: MILES, JAMES - The Legacy of Tiananmen: China in Disarray (Signed)
8970: MILLAIS, JOHN GUILLE - The Wildfowler of Scotland
16909: MILLAR, A.H., ED - The Compt Buik of David Wedderburne, Merchant of Dundee, 1587-1630, Together with the Shipping Lists of Dundee, 1580-1618 (Series 1, Volume 28)
6806: MILLAR, JEAN M. - Flowers of Iona (Signed)
3231: MILLAR, ANTHONY KENDAL - Plantagenet in South Africa - Lord Charles Somerset
14802: MILLAR, RONALD - Death of an Army: The Siege of Kut, 1915-1916
16072: MILLER, WILLIAM LEE - Lincoln, 2 Volumes, Complete: I) Lincoln's Virtues - an Ethical Biography, II) President Lincoln - the Duty of a Statesman
6726: MILLER, JOHN - Triumph of Freedom, 1775-1783
5677: MILLER, HELEN HILL - France: Crossroads of a Continent
22617: MILLER, KEN - Dangerous Guests: Enemy Captives and Revolutionary Communities During the War for Independence
20155: MILLER, JOHN, ED - Voices Against Tyranny: Writing of the Spanish CIVIL War (Signed)
5750: MILLER, WAYNE CHARLES - An Armed America - Its Face in Fiction: A History of the American Military Novel
5264: MILLER, HENRY - Primavera Nera (Black Spring)
20186: MILLER, DAVID - Out of This World: Eight Prose Texts, 1977-1980 (Signed)
193: MILLER, MERLE - Plain Speaking; an Oral Biography of Harry S. Truman
4707: MILLER, WEBB - I Found No Peace: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent
8572: MILLER, ROBERT ROYAL - Shamrock and Sword: The Saint Patrick's Battalion in the U.S. -Mexican War
23364: MILLER, DEBORAH UCHILL - Poppy Seeds, Too: A Twisted Tale for Shabbat
692: MILLER, TOWNSEND - Henry IV of Castille
950: MILLER, MAX - The Man on the Barge
1610: MILLER, RICHARD - Snail
1611: MILLER, SUE - Family Pictures
1969: MILLER, HELEN HILL - Colonel Parke of Virginia - "the Greatest Hector in Town" (Signed)
3530: MILLER, JOHN CHESTER - The Wolf by the Ears - Thomas Jefferson and Slavery
14917: MILLER, WILLIAM IAN - The Mystery of Courage
14489: MILLER, MARTIN A. - Kropotkin
13921: MILLER, MARLA - Betsy Ross and the Making of America
20857: MILLER, ARTHUR - Death of a Salesman (Signed)
12763: MILLER, WILLIAM LEE - The Business of May Next: James Madison and the Founding
4656: MILLER, DOUGLAS T. - Jacksonian Aristocracy: Class and Democracy in New York, 1830-1860
13788: MILLER, CHARLES A. - Jefferson and Nature: An Interpretation
23501: MILLER, WARREN - The Cool World
25025: MILLER, PERRY - Roger Wiliams: His Contribution to the American Tradition
11236: MILLIN, SARAH GERTRUDE - Cecil Rhodes
22885: MILLON, HENRY A. ED - The Triumph of the Baroque: Architecture in Europe, 1600-1750
24377: MILLS, DEREK AND NEIL GRAESSER - The Salmon Rivers of Scotland
6317: MILLS, JAMES - Report to the Commissioner
5772: MILLS, WILLIAM - Those Who Blink
1707: MILLS, WILLIAM - Properties of Blood
2769: MILLS, JAMES - Haywire
21000: MILLS, C.P. - A Strange War: Burma, India & Afghanistan 1914-1919
23669: MILLU, LIANA - Smoke over Birkenau
13469: MILN, LOUISE JORDAN - The Flutes of Shanghai
5135: MILNE, SIR DAVID - The Scottish Office and Other Scottish Government Departments
2301: MILNE, TOM - Losey on Losey
3281: MILNE, TOM - Losey on Losey
19214: MILNE, WILLIAM P. - Eppie Elrick - an Aberdeenshire Tale of the '15 (in Dust Jacket)
4109: MILNE, JOHN - Daddy's Girl
3848: MILNE, ALEXANDER TAYLOR - A Centenary Guide to the Publications of the Royal Historical Society, 1868-1968 and of the Former Camden Society, 1838-1897
15890: MILNER, FRANK - Goya
12367: MILOSZ, CZESLAW - The Captive Mind
21694: MILSTEN, DAVID RANDOLPH - Thomas Gilcrease (Signed)
15221: MILTON, GEORGE FORT - The Age of Hate; Andrew Johnson and the Radicals
2238: MIMOUNI, RACHID - The Honor of the Tribe
22403: MINER, CRAIG - Seeding CIVIL War: Kansas in the National News, 1854-1858
5773: MINER, VALERIE - A Walking Fire
22534: MINER, CRAIG - A Most Magnificant Machine: America Adopts the Railroad, 1825-1862
17754: MINH, HO CHI - On Revolution: Selected Writings, 1920-1966

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