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001752: DAVIS JR., ARTHUR KYLE [EDITED BY] - Traditional Ballads of Virginia Collected Under the Auspices of the Virginia Folk-Lore Society
004354: KAY JR., ORMONDE DE KAY [ RENDERED INTO FRENCH BY] - Rimes de la Lere Oie - Mother Goose Rhymes - Signed Copy
005631: LUDWIG JR., WM. F. - Swing Drumming
003960: GIBBS JR., GEORGE A. - Modern Visualized Harmony (with an Introduction to Instrumentation) - an Excellent Preparation for the Study of Arranging
006465: HATCH JR., NORMAN L. - Geologic History of Rowe, Massachusetts, Natural History Series Number One
006466: HATCH JR., NORMAN L. - Geologic History of Rowe, Massachusetts, Natural History Series Number One
006254: BAKER JR., CHARLES H. - Blood of the Lamb
006228: ROBINSON JR., CHARLES ALEXANDER - Brown University Studies. The Ephemerides of Alexander's Expedition
006651: WATSON JR., THOMAS J. - Pacific Passage. A South Pacific Adventure with Sailor, Explorer, Aviator and Former Ibm Chief Executive Tom Watson
005984: ALGER JR., HORATIO - Ben's Nugget; or, a Boy's Search for Fortune. A Story of the Pacific Coast - the Pacific Series
005861: WEBBER JR., JOHN S. - In and Around Cape Ann: A Hand-Book of Gloucester, Mass. , and Its Immediate Vicinity. For the Wheelman Tourist and the Summer Visitor - Signed by the Author
003060: MARCUS AURELIUS [EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS ] - Meditations of Marcus Aurelius - Ten Cent Pocket Series No. 65
003058: PASCAL [EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS ] - Thoughts of Pascal - Ten Cent Pocket Series No. 101
003057: PASCAL [EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS ] - Thoughts of Pascal - Ten Cent Pocket Series No. 101
003056: PLATO [EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS ] - Dialogues of Plato - Ten Cent Pocket Series No. 96
005490: JUMEAUX, ROBERT - Guinee Prelude a L'Independance
005848: JUNG, REINHARDT - Bambert's Book of Missing Stories
002866: JUNGERSEN, CHRISTIAN - The Exception - Bound Galley
001161: JUNIOR, ALLAN - Aberdeen Again!
000445: JURION, R.P. JEAN - La Radiesthesie Moyen de Connaissance Universel, Son Apprentissage Ses Possibilites, Ses Limites
001283: ANDERSON, L.K. & SKINNER, W. SHERMAN - Bridge to Africa
006672: KAEL, PAULINE - Hooked [Movie Reviews of the Author's Favorite Movies] Signed Copy
002422: KAFKA, FRANZ [EDITED BY BROD, MAX] - The Diaires of Franz Kafka 1910-1913
006112: KANDEL, LENORE - The Love Book [Erotic Poetry]
000702: KANE, ROBERT S. - South Pacific a to Z
004803: KANN, ROBERT A. - The Multinational Empire - Nationalism and National Reform in the Habsburg Monarchy, 1848-1918. 2 Volumes - Signed, with Letters Laid-in
004804: KANN, ROBERT A. - Public Opinion Research: A Contribution to Historical Method - Signed Copy, with Letter Laid-in
006262: KAPLAN, EDWARD [LYNN] - Invitation to Mortality [Scarce] with Author's Correspondence Laid-in
001746: KAPLOW, ROBERT - Me and Orson Welles
005252: KARNEY, JACK - The Ragged Edge - Scarce
004638: KASJANOWICZ, EUGENIUSZ - Do Ciebie - Signed Copy
004368: KAWAGUCHI, THE SHRAMANA EKAI - Three Years in Tibet
003650: O'KEARNEY, NICHOLAS - The Prophecies of Ss. Columbkille, Maeltamlacht, Ultan, Seadhna, Coireall, Bearcan, Malachy, &C.
000872: KEBLE, JOHN - Sun of My Soul
006574: KEENE, RAYMOND / GOODMAN, DAVID - The Centenary Match - Kasparov / Karpov III - the Macmillan Chess Library
002705: KEENE, CAROLYN - Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #4 - the Mystery at Lilac Inn
005531: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Message in the Hollow Oak - Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
002986: KELLEY, JANE HOLDEN - Yaqui Women - Contemporary Histories
006735: KELLNER, L. / LILIUS, HJ. - Mietteita Kasvatuksesta [Reflections on Education - Scarce]
003856: KELLOGG, ELIJAH - The Forest Glen Series - Brought to the Front; or, the Young Defenders
003855: KELLOGG, ELIJAH - The Forest Glen Series - Wolf Run; or, the Boys of the Wilderness
003869: KELLY, HOWARD A. - Medical Gynecology
003611: KELLY, TIM - Under Jekyll's Hyde
003610: KELLY, TIM - My Gypsy Robe "a Broadway Legacy" - a Play in One Act
004084: KEMPHER, RUTH MOON - The White Guitar
000792: KENNARD, COLERIDGE - Olympia or How the Secrets of the East Were Lost for Ever
001636: DEMOSTHENES [TRANSLATED BY KENNEDY, CHARLES RANN] - The Olynthiac and Other Public Orations of Demosthenes - Volume I
000189: KENNEDY, JOHN F. - America the Beautiful in the Words of John F. Kennedy
005533: KENNERLY, C. H. - Facts and Figures or the a B C of Florida Trucking
000780: LIBERMAN, KENNETH & NARKYID, NGAWANGTHONDUP - Pattern Drills in Intermediate Conversational Tibetan
005290: KENT, LOUISE ANDREWS - The Vermont Year Round Cookbook
004071: KENYON, BERNICE LESBIA - Songs of Unrest 1920-1922 - Signed Copy
002368: KEPPEL, CHARLOTTE - Loving Sands Deadly Sands
003322: KERR, PETER - Songs of Erin - a Collection of Irish Folk Songs
006803: KERVIN, JAMES / GLASSWEAR STUDIOS - More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Glass Beadmaking
004690: DESCAMPS, MM. LE BARON / LETTENHOVE, BARON H. KERVYN & OTHERS - Tresor de L'Art Belge Au Xviie Siecle Memorial de L'Exposition D'Art Ancien a Bruxelles En 1910 - 2 Volumes
004668: KETCHAM, HANK - Dennis the Menace - Comic No. 129
002499: KEYLIN, ARLEEN / BROWN, GENE [EDITED BY] - Disasters from the Pages of the New York Times
003887: KIDDER, D. P. [REVISED BY] - The Prairie
003886: KIDDER, D. P. [EDITED BY] - Stories on the Beatitudes. No. II - the Mourners
003884: KIDDER, D. P. [REVISED BY] - The Carrier Pigeon / the Five Giants / Grandmamma; or, When I Was a Child / Heathen Idol-Makers / the Indians and Their Missionary / the Child Jesus - 5 Books Uniformly Bound
002780: KIDDER, DANIEL P. [EDITED BY] - Be Good: An Important Precept Illustrated in Ralph's Account of a Visit to the Country
004793: KILGORE, CHARLES [EDITOR] - Ecco #17 - the World of Bizarre Video [Magazine]
004205: KING, GARY C. - Blood Lust - Portrait of a Serial Sex Killer
001362: KING, DOROTHY - Set the Clock
000223: KING, RUFUS - Secret Beyond the Door (Museum Piece No. 13)
005758: KING, BEVLAH - Tommy's Present - a Christmas Story
006217: KING, EDWARD - My Paris: French Character Sketches
001433: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Westward Ho! or, the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burrough, in the County of Devon. In the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth
006607: KINYATTI, MAINA WA - A Season of Blood. Poems from Kenyan Prisons [Signed Copy]
002864: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Writings in Prose and Verse of Rudyard Kipling - 10 Volumes in 3/4 Leather & Marbled Paper
000255: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Departmental Ditties and Ballads and Barrack Room Ballads
000029: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Without Benefit of Clergy
000031: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney
000027: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Drums of Fore and Aft
000030: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Without Benefit of Clergy
006042: KIPPAX, NANCY / VOLKER, BEVERLY [EDITORS] - A Contact Christmas [Star Trek Fanzine - Adult Erotica]
005469: KIRBY, THOMAS E. [EDITED BY] - Illustrated Catalogue of Modern Paintings - the Private Collection Formed by the Late Frederick S. Gibbs, New York. Catalogue No. 267
002307: KISIDA, PROF. HIDETO - Tourist Library: 7 - Japanese Architecture
006488: KITCHINER, WILLIAM - The Cook's Oracle; and Housekeeper's Manual
006736: KIVIJARVI, ERKKI - Seuraelaman Saannot Aakkosellinen Kasikirja [ Dictionary of Social Etiquette] Scarce
005113: KJELLBERG, PIERRE - Les Bronzes Du Xixe Siecle Dictionnaire Des Sculpteurs
003248: N. RIMSKY-KORSAKOFF [ENGLISH LYRICS BY KLAGES, RAYMOND] - A Song of India - Robbins Royal Edition, S.H. 266-4
000972: KLEIN, BARRY T. - Reference Encyclopedia of the American Indian 6th Edition
000970: KLEIN, BARRY T. - Reference Encyclopedia of the American Indian 5th Edition
006579: KLEY, HEINRICH - Leut' Und Viecher, Album
005396: KLINE, DAVID - Scratching the Woodchuck - Nature on an Amish Farm
003454: KLITGAARD, ROBERT - Tropical Gangsters - One Man's Experience with Development and Decadence in Deepest Africa
003912: KNIGHT, WILLIAM ALLEN - War-Time "over Here"
002051: KNOX - Your Electric Refrigerator and Knox Sparkling Gelatine
003747: KOCH, ALEXANDER - Das Neue Kunsthandwerk in Deutschland Und Oesterreich - Unter Berucksichtigung Der Deutschen Gewerbeschau Muenchen 1922 - Association Copy
006071: KOK, D. - 'Huuswark' de Staphorster Boerderij Historisch Belicht [Historic Farm]
002462: KOLLWITZ, KATHE - Six Drawings
002530: KONODY, P.G. - Through the Alps to the Apennines
004302: KONRAD, ADOLF / WRITTEN BY MITNICK, BARBARA J. - The Realist Vision of Adolf Konrad: A Retrospective March 29-May 24, 1992 - Signed Copy
001045: KOWNACKI, MARY LOU [EDITED BY] - A Race to Nowhere, an Arms Race Primer for Catholics
000296: KRANTZ, JUDITH - Dazzle
004907: KRAUS, HANS P. - Catalogue XIX Rare Books and Manuscripts
006523: KUNS, RAY F. - Automotive Service - Volumes I & II [Volumes 1 & 2]
006415: KUNZLE, FATHER JOH. - Herbs and Weeds. A Useful Booklet on Medicinal Herbs
005125: KUTHY, SANDOR / LUTHY, HANS A. - Albert Anker
004464: KYEMBA, HENRY - A State of Cold Blood 0 the Inside Story of Idi Amin
006168: GORDON, BERNARD L. AND ESTHER S. - If an Auk Could Talk
005515: LABOURET, HENRI - Colonisation Colonialisme Decolonisation
003665: LACROIX, PAUL - Military and Religious Life in the Middle Ages and at the Period of the Renaissance
003664: LACROIX, PAUL - The Arts in the Middle Ages, and at the Period of the Renaissance
005508: LAFON, MONIQUE - Le Parti Communiste Francais Dans la Lutte Contre le Colonialisme
004967: LAFOND, PAUL [INTRODUCTION BY] - Goya Y Lucientes Cinquante Planches D'Apres Ses Oeuvres Les Plus Celebres
004344: LAIDLAW, CHRISTINE WALLACE [EDITED BY] - Charles Appleton Longfellow - Twenty Months in Japan, 1871-1873 - Signed Copy
004415: LAIRD, DONIVEE MARTIN - 'Ula LI'i and the Magic Shark "Hawaii's Own Version of Little Red Riding Hood"
006200: LAL, P. [TRANSCREATED FROM THE SANSKRIT BY] - The Mahanarayana Upanisad / the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fellowship Project - Signed
006199: LAL, P. [TRANSCREATED FROM THE SANSKRIT BY] - The Brhadaranyaka Upanisad / the Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship Project - Signed
006201: LAL, P. [TRANSCREATED FROM THE SANSKRIT BY] - The Isa Upanisad / the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fellowship Project - Signed
001606: BLANCHARD, LAMAN & LYTTON, SIR EDWARD BULWER - Sketches from Life by the Late Laman Blanchard - 2 Parts Complete in One Volume
006299: LAMB, HAROLD - Theodora and the Emperor, the Drama of Justinian
005549: LAMBERT, ADELARD [TRANSLATED BY LANGFORD, MARGARET S.] - The Innocent Victim - L'Innocente Victime, a Franco-American CIVIL War Novel
000974: LAMBERT, JANET - Miss Tippy
002389: LANDAU, JACOB - Drawings - Heroes Revelation - Pencil/Watercolor
001714: LANDRETH, MARSHA - Great American Generals - William T. Sherman
005327: LANDRY, LENORE - Pattern Selection and Alteration [Sewing]
006461: LANE, PETER - Ceramic Form - Design & Decoration
003862: LANG, A. - XXII Ballades in Blue China - Presentation Copy
002684: LANG, ANDREW [INTRODUCTION BY] - An English Garner - Social England Illustrated - a Collection of Xviith Century Tracts
003569: LANSDALE, MARIA HORNOR - Scotland Historic and Romantic - 2 Volumes
004005: LANSON, GUSTAVE - Histoire de la Litterature Francaise - Treizieme Edition Revue
005746: LAPAIRE, HUGUES / CHOPIN, JULES - Prague Et la Tchecoslovaquie - Limited Edition
005881: LARDNER, RING / BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW J. [EDITED BY] - Ring Around the Bases - the Complete Baseball Stories of Ring Lardner
002273: M'LAREN, J. WILSON - Tibbie & Tam or the Upcomes, Dooncomes, and Ongauns O' Twa Cannie Scots
005652: SOMERVILLE-LARGE, PETER - To the Naval of the World. Yaks and Unheroic Travels in Nepal and Tibet
002880: LARGE, LAURA ANTOINETTE - Little Stories of a Big Country
001488: SOMERVILLE-LARGE, PETER - Irish Eccentrics - a Selection
002408: LARWOOD, JACOB / HOTTEN, JOHN CAMDEN - The History of Signboards from the Earliest Times
005702: LATHROP, GEORGE PARSONS / LATHROP, ROSE HAWTHORNE - A Story of Courage. Annals of the Georgetwon Convent of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Limited Edition
004881: DE LATOCNAYE, CHEVALIER [TRANSLATED BY STEVENSON, JOHN] - A Frenchman's Walk Through Ireland 1796-7
006320: DE LATTRE, JEAN-MICHEL - Organisation Africaine Et Malgache de Cooperation Economique (O.A. M.C. E. )
002441: LAVER, JAMES - A Stitich in Time and Love's Progress
006800: LAWRENCE, MARION BLOOD - On the Banks of Manatee [Florida] - Signed Copy
005845: LAWRENCE, LUCILE / SALZEDO, CARLOS - Method for the Harp / Methode Pour la Harpe
003285: LAWSON, ALEXANDER (EDITED BY] - A Book of the Parish of Deir
003358: LAZENBY, GINA - The Healthy House Book - Using Feng Shui to Organize Your Home and Transform Your Life
004207: LEACH, MACEDWARD [EDITED BY] - The Ballad Book
001218: LEADER, R. L. - Faithful Soldiers
006362: M'LEAN, REV. JOHN - Translations of the Names of Places Contained in the Deeds of Entail of the Breadalbane Estates
003299: LEBLANC, MAURICE - The Return of Arsene Lupin
004264: LECKY, REV. ALEXANDER G. - In the Days of the Laggan Presbytery
002427: BLACK HAWK {LECLAIR, ANTOINE - INTERPRETER} - Life of Ma-Ka-Tai-Me-She-Kia-Kiak or Black Hawk
003530: LEE, MARJORIE - What Have You Done All Day? Poems by Marjorie Lee
006785: LEE, MRS. R. [FORMERLY MRS. T. E. BOWDICH] - Anecdotes of the Habits and Instincts of Animals
003892: LEECH, D. D. T. (COMPILED BY) - List of Post Offices in the United States, with the Names of Postmasters, on the 13th of July, 1857. Also the Regulations and Laws of the Post Office Department
006202: LEGA, MICHAELE - Praelectiones in Textum Iuris Canonici de Iudiciis Ecclesiasticis in Scholis Pont. Sem. Rom. Habitae - 4 Volumes [I, II, III & IV]
006512: LEGRAIN, DR. L. - Ur Excavations Vol. III, Archaic Seal-Impressions
006020: LEIGH, WILLIAM R. - Clipt Wings. A Drama in Five Acts, Being an Explanation of the Mystery Concerning the Authorship of the Works Attributed to Shakespeare, the Parentage of Francis Bacon, and the Character of Shaxper - Signed by the Author
004428: LEININGER, STEVE - The Official Mexican Joke Book
006635: LEITAO, MANUEL / SIMOES, FERDINANDO OLIVEIRA - Fragata "D. Fernando II E Gloria" Recuperacao E Restauro [Scarce]
003141: LEITCH, PAT - To Save a Pony
002101: LELAND, CHARLES G. - Hans Breitmann About Town and Other New Ballads
006808: LEMOWITZ, NATHAN H. - Bookkeeping Made Easy - Made Easy Series
005782: LEMOYNE, PIERRE - Pasteur
005930: LENFANT, L'ABBE L. - Le Catechisme Explique En Forme de Prones - 3 Volumes in Two Books
004836: LENMAN, BRUCE P. [CONSULTANT] - Chambers Dictionary of World History
004982: M'LENNAN, IAN - The Piobaireachd As Performed in the Highlands for Ages, Till About the Year 1808
004983: M'LENNAN, IAN - The Piobaireachd As Performed in the Highlands for Ages, Till About the Year 1808
004474: LENT, HENRY B. - Bombardier - Tom Dixon Wins His Wings with the Bomber Command
005857: DE LEON, PEDRO DE CIEZA - La Cronica Del Peru
004098: LEONOWENS, ANNA HARRIETTE - The English Governess at the Siamese Court: Being Recollections of Six Years in the Royal Palace at Bangkok
001445: LINE, LES & RUSSELL, FRANKLIN - The Audubon Society Book of Wild Birds
005551: LESKES, VIVIAN - Lost in Siberia - My Education in the Former Soviet Union
001372: LEVER, CHARLES - Tom Burke of "Ours"
002315: LEVINE, JOEL S. [EDITED BY] - Global Biomass Burning - Atmospheric, Climatic, and Biospheric Implications
005806: LEVINE, CYNTHIA / DENEROFF, LINDA [EDITORS] - Guardian. Issue #2, September 1979 [Star Trek Fanzine - Male/Male Adult Erotica]
001850: LEVY, NEWMAN - Opera Guyed
001378: LEVY, ELIZABETH - Something Queer at the Haunted School
003112: LEWES, LOUIS - The Women of Shakespeare
006445: LEWIS, C. S. - The Discarded Image. An Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature
003114: LEWIS, WILLIAM DODGE [EDITOR] - American International Encyclopedia - a Comprehensive Reference Work - Volume II
004458: LEWIS, VICTORIA - The Night Before - Mouthwatering Make-Ahead Recipes for Stress-Free Entertaining
006446: LEWIS, C. S. / EDITED BY HOOPER, WALTER - On Stories and Other Essays on Literature
006750: LEWIS, REV. WILLIAM H. - Sermons for the Christian Year - Vol. I [of 2 Volumes]
006239: LEYDA, JAY - Kino a History of the Russian and Soviet Film
005914: NORFOLK LIBRARY - Catalogue of the Norfolk Library, Norfolk, Connecticut 1888-1907
006609: LIEBERMAN, ARCHIE - Neighbors. A Forty-Year Portrait of an American Farm Community [Signed Copy]
003820: LAMB, CHARLES / PURNELL, THOMAS [WITH AN ESSAY ON HIS LIFE AND GENIUS BY] - The Complete Correspondence and Works of Charles Lamb; Aided by the Recollections of the Author's Adopted Daughter - 4 Volumes
005360: DE LIGUORI, SAINT ALPHONSE - Visites Au Saint Sacrement Et a la Sainte Vierge, Pour Chaque Jour Du Mois [ Visits to the Blessed Sacrament and the Virgin Mary for Each Day of the Month]
005589: CHARLES P. LIMBERT AND COMPANY - Limbert Arts and Crafts Furniture- the Complete 1903 Catalog
006348: LINCOLN, LOUISE [EDITED BY] - Southwest Indian Silver from the Doneghy Collection
002475: LINDGREN, ELSIE S. - A Christmas Chap Book
003713: LINDSAY, LT.-COL. J. H. - The London Scottish in the Great War
002571: LINDSAY, LORD - Sketches of the History of Christian Art - 3 Volumes
004091: LINGARD, JOHN - A History of England, from the First Invasion by the Romans - 8 Volumes in 4 Books [Complete in 8 Volumes]
006261: LISLE, MAJOR J. G. SEMPLE - The Life of Major J.G. Semple Lisle; Containing a Faithful Narrative of His Alternate Vicissitudes of Splendor and Misfortune, Written by Himself
005880: LITTLE, RICHARD D. - Exploring Franklin County - a Geology Guide [Massachusetts] - Signed Copy
004356: LIU, LAURENCE G. - Chinese Architecture
006347: LOBSENZ, JOHANNA - The Older Woman in Industry
002392: LOCKWOOD, VIRGINIA - Coming Together - Poems for a Gathering of Friends
005144: LOEHR, JAMES E. / MIGDOW M.D., JEFFREY A. - Breath in Breath out - Inhale Energy and Exhale Stress by Guiding and Controlling Your Breathing
002286: LOERKE, OSKAR - Die Gedichte; Die Schriften - 2 Volumes in a Slipcase - Gedichte Und Prosa
000522: LOFTING, HUGH - Doctor Dolittle's Circus
005346: LOGAN, JAMES - Ulster in the X-Rays - a Short Review of the Real Ulster, Its People, Pursuits, Principles, Poetry, Dialect and Humour
006638: LOIBNER, DIETER - The Folkboat Story. From Cult to Classic - the Renaissance of a Legend [Signed Copy]
006826: LONDON, JACK - The Cruise of the Snark
001177: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - Paul Revere's Ride
005082: LONGHI, ROBERTO - Carlo Braccesco - Istituto Nazionale Di Studi Sul Rinascimento Sezione Lombarda
000851: LOPEZ, VINCENT - Lopez Speaking, My Life and How I Changed It
002117: LORD, ISABEL ELY [EDITED BY] - Everybody's Cookbook - a Comprehensive Manual of Home Cookery Compiled from the Records of the School of Household Science and Arts, Pratt Institute
001740: LORENZEN, LILLY - Of Swedish Ways
000720: LOTAN, YAEL - Mangrove Town
001616: LOVE, RIEKE MARIA - Images
003177: LOVING, BOYCE - Gay - a Comedy in Three Acts
003535: LOVRIC, MICHELLE [COMPILED BY] - Birds - an Illustrated Treasury
003477: LOW, BENJAMIN R. C. - The Sailor Who Has Sailed and Other Poems
004531: LOWELL, DAVE - Ghost Trap
004993: LOWELL, DAVE - Ghost Trap
005759: LOWELL, AMY - A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass
005938: LOWRY, MALCOLM - Dark As the Grave Wherein My Friend Is Laid
005799: DESIGNED AND PRODUCED BY JOHN MENZIES & CO. LTD. - Isle of Skye [Guide Book]
004154: LUARD, LIEUT.-COLONEL JOHN - A History of the Dress of the British Soldier from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
004590: LUBBOCK, SIR JOHN - On Buds and Stipules
006197: LUCE, G. H. - Phases of Pre-Pagan Burma - Languages and History. Volume I & II. School of Oriental and African Studies
005568: LUKOWITZ, JOS. J. - 50 Popular Woodworking Projects
001509: LUNN, DAVID - The English Benedictines, 1540-1688 : From Reformation to Revolution
004663: LUTHER, MARTIN - Dokt. Mart. Luthers Lilla Katekes Och Den Antagna Forklaringen [Martin Luther's Little Catechism in Swedish]
005337: LUTHERS, MARTEN D. [LUTHER, MARTIN] - Kyrko-Postilla, Eller, Forklaring Ofwer de Arliga Son-Och Hogtids-Dagars Evangelier. Winter-Delen / Sommar-Delen. [Church Sermons, or, an Explanation of the Annual Son and Hogtides Day Gospels. Winter and Summer Portions] in Swedish
006537: LUTHERUS, TOHTORI MARTII [DR. MARTIN LUTHER] - Johanneksen Ensimmasen Kirjeen Selitys [First Letter of John] Scarce
000731: LUTTRELL, HENRY - Crockford-House, a Rhapsody. In Two Cantos. A Rhymer in Rome
006515: LUX, JOSEF AUGUST - Empire Und Biedermeier Eine Sammlung Von Mobeln Und Innenraumen / Eingeleitet Von Josef August Lux [Portfolio of Furniture Plates]
005271: LYDON, J. F. - The Lordship of Ireland in the Middle Ages
002409: LYNCH, PATRICIA - The Turf-Cutter's Donkey
002628: LYND, ROBERT [INTRODUCTION BY] - The Silver Book of English Sonnets - a Selection of Less Known Sonnets
002882: LYNDE, FRANCIS - After the Manner of Men
006092: LYNES, BARBARA BUHLER / LOPEZ, AGAPITA JUDY - Georgia O'Keeffe and Her Houses / Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu
006433: LYNNE, ERICA - Angora - a Handbook for Spinners
005371: LYNTON, LINDA - The Sari - Styles, Patterns, History, Techniques
005372: LYNTON, LINDA - The Sari - Styles, Patterns, History, Techniques
005272: LYONS, F. S. L. - Culture and Anarchy in Ireland 1890-1939
001487: LYTTON, EDWARD BULWER (LORD LYTTON) - The Poetical Works of the Right Hon. Lord Lytton
004389: LYTTON, SIR EDWARD BULWER - Devereux & the Disowned - 2 Books in One Volume
000475: TODESCHINI, A.M. & RIGUTINI, PROF. GIUSEPPE - Vocabolario Francese-Italiano E Italiano-Francese in Servigio Delle Scuole, Delle Famiglie, Dei Viaggiatori, Dei Commercianti Ecc.
001961: MAARTENS, MAARTEN - An Old Maid's Love - a Dutch Tale Told in English
006740: MAATTALA, EVERT - Jeesuksen Askeleille [Theology in Finnish]
006739: MAATTALA, EVERT - Jeesuksen Askeleille [Theology in Finnish]
006741: MAATTALA, EVERT - Jeesuksen Askeleille [Theology in Finnish]
000119: MACARTHUR, DOUGLAS - General of the Army Douglas Macarthur's Address to Congress April 19, 1951 Washington D.C. With Highlights of His Career
001822: MACARTHUR, SIR WILLIAM - The Appin Murder and the Trial of James Stewart - a New Survey of a Historic Mystery
005761: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON - Lays of Ancient Rome: With "Ivry" and "the Armada"
002049: MACCORMAC, JOHN - This Time for Keeps - So That the Soldier and Those He Defends May Understand Why He Must Fight, What He Fights Against, and Particularly What He Fights for
002691: MACCULLOCH, J.A. - The Childhood of Fiction : A Study of Folk Tales and Primitive Thought
004255: MACDONAGH, THOMAS - Literature in Ireland - Studies Irish and Anglo-Irish
005600: MACDONAGH, OLIVER - Ireland - the Union and Its Aftermath Publisher's Presentation Copy
006493: MACDONALD, GEORGE - At the Back of the North Wind
006761: MACDONALD, GEORGE - The Seaboard Parish. A Sequel to "Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood"
006525: MACDONALD, GEORGE - Wilfrid Cumbermede. An Autobiographical Story
001625: MACDONALD, MARSHALL ; ROUSSET, CAMILLE [EDITED BY] - Recollections of Marshall Macdonald Duke of Tarentum - Complete in 2 Volumes
001441: MACDONALD, GEORGE - At the Back of the North Wind [Stories All Children Love Series]
001435: MACDONALD, GEORGE - The Light Princess and Other Fairy Tales
000686: MACDONALD, GEORGE - The Princess and the Goblin
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003116: MURRAY, DR. MICHAEL - The 21st Century Herbal - a Modern Practical Guide to Herbal Medicine - Volume 2
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005423: NAKAYA, UKICHIRO - Snow Crystals Natural and Artificial
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005718: O'NEILL, MOIRA - The Elf-Errant - a Story for Children
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002871: NEMAT, MARINA - Prisoner of Tehran - a Memoir / Advanced Reading Copy with Publisher's Card Laid in
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001561: OWEN, ANITA - Daisies Won't Tell (Waltz Song)
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006176: PORUBSKY, REV. JAN - Farma a Dvor Pol'No-Hospodarska Prirucka [ Guide to Farming, Gardening and Economics of] - Volumes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, & 10
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000921: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes
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004759: PRICE, ROBERT M. [EDITED BY] - Robert E. Howard's Fight Magazine #1
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006585: PENNELL, E. R. AND J. - The Life of James Whistler - Volume II Only
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005546: RATEY, JOHN J. / HAGERMAN, ERIC - Spark - the Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain
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006608: RAVID, JOYCE - Here and There, Photographs
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002754: REDSTONE, JULIE - 12 Volumes As Listed - Includes Omega Star-Child Seminar, the Earth Series and More
005630: REED, L. GREENLEAF - A Few Reasons in Brief Why I Can Not Be a Christian - Scarce
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000800: REXROTH, KENNETH - One Hundred Poems from the Japanese
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006561: RICARD, PROSPER - Tapis Marocains
003907: RICE, WILLIAM NORTH - Through Darkness to Dawn
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001005: RICE, ALICE CALDWELL HEGAN - Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
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003371: RICHMOND, PAUL - No Guarantees Adjust & Continue - Stories by Paul Richmond
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003372: RIETH, ADOLF - Archaeological Fakes
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004867: RIEU, E. V. [TRANSLATED BY] - Homer
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004732: RILEY, PHILIP J. [EDITED BY] - Magicimage Filmbooks Presents the Wolf Man [the Original 1941 Shooting Script]
004747: RILEY, PHILIP J. [EDITED BY] - Magicimage Filmbooks Presents the Ghost of Frankenstein [the Original Shooting Script]
004750: RILEY, PHILIP J. [EDITED BY] - Magicimage Filmbooks Presents Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man [the Original Shooting Script]
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004754: RILEY, PHILIP J. [EDITED BY] - Magicimage Filmbooks Presents Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein [the Original Shooting Script]
004744: RILEY, PHILIP J. [EDITED BY] - Magicimage Filmbooks Presents the Mummy [the Original Shooting Script]
004749: RILEY, PHILIP J. [EDITED BY] - Magicimage Filmbooks Presents the House of Frankenstein [the Original 1944 Shooting Script]
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005380: RIMBAULT, E. F. - A Little Book of Songs and Ballads Gathered from Ancient Musick Books, Ms. And Printed
006256: RINGBOM, NILS-ERIC - Uber Die Deutbarkeit Der Tonkunst [About the Interpretability of the Musical Art] Signed by the Author
001728: RITCHIE, DAVID - Pipe Dreams
001803: RIVERS, GEORGE R.R. - Captain Shays a Populist of 1786
005757: ROBERTS, J. H. [PENCERDD GWYNEDD] - Llawlyfr Moliant: Casgliad O Emynau a Thonau at Wasanaeth Cynulleidfaoedd Y Bedyddwyr, Detholedig Gan Bwyllgor Dros Gymanfa Arfon, Y Tonau Wedi Eu Cynghaneddu a'u Trefnu Gan [Collection of Hymns and Tunes in Welsh]
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000327: ROBERTS, DOROTHY JAMES - The Enchanted Cup
003804: ROBERTS, JAMES [PORTRAIT PAINTER TO HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE DUKE OF CLARENCE] - Introductory Lessons, with Familiar Examples in Landscape, for the Use of Those Who Are Desirous of Gaining Some Knowledge of the Pleasing Art of Painting in Water Colours; to Which Are Added Some Clear and Simple Rules... .
003104: ROBERTS, EDWARDS - Shoshone and Other Western Wonders
001902: ROBERTS, KENNETH - Trending Into Maine
001893: ROBERTS, KENNETH - For Authors Only and Other Gloomy Essays - Signed
001367: ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. - The Haunters of the Silences - a Book of Animal Life
005579: ROBERTS, OLIVER AYER - History of the Military Company of the Massachusetts Now Called the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts 1637-1888. Volume I Only 1637-1738
006111: ROBERTS, CECIL - Selected Poems 1910-1960 - Signed Copy
003235: ROBERTSON, HUGH S. - Nightfall in Skye - a Song without Words for Chorus of Mixed Voices (Unaccompanied), No. 61233 Curwen Edition
002938: ROBERTSON, FRANK C. - The Foreman of the Forty-Bar
001641: ROBERTSON, GEORGE - Vitae Et Mortis D. Roberti Rolloci Scoti Narratio. Scripta Per Georgium Robertsonum. Adjectis in Eundem Quorundam Epitaphijs
003295: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM / LYNAM, REV. R. - The Works of the Late William Robertson, D.D. - to Which Is Prefixed, an Account of His Life and Writings - Volume II of VI (Vol. 2 of 6)
000130: ROBINSON, EDWARD - Memoir of the Rev. William Robinson, Formerly Pastor of the Congregational Church in Southington, Conn. With Some Account of His Ancestors in This Country
005276: ROBINSON, SIR HENRY - Memories: Wise and Otherwise
004873: ROBINSON, AMLEWIN - Systematic Bibliography - a Practical Guide to the Work of Compilation
001551: ROBSON, MICHAEL - Opium the Poisoned Poppy
003860: ROCHE, REGINA MARIA - The Children of the Abbey. A Tale
006660: ROCHE, RUTH A. - Chimpsey at Play
002570: ROCHEFOUCAULD - Oeuvres de la Rochefoucauld - Nouvelle Edition Revue Sur Les Plus Anciennes Impressions Et Les Autographes - 3 Volumes in 4 Books
006100: ROCKWELL, ROBERT - Airplane Construction, Lesson 12 - Dopes and Lacqure
006817: RODGERS, WILLIAM LEDYARD - Greek and Roman Naval Warfare, a Study of Strategy, Tactics, and Ship Design from Salamis (480 B.C. ) to Actium (31 B.C. )
004237: RODIN, AUGUSTE [TRANSLATED BY DUDLEY, DOROTHY] - Venus - to the Venus of Melos
002224: DRAKE, JOSEPH RODMAN & HALLECK, FITZ GREENE - The Croakers - First Complete Edition - Bradford Club Series Number Two
003367: RODRIGUEZ, ANITA - Aunt Martha and the Golden Coin - an Aunt Martha Story
006756: ROE, MARY A. - Left in the Wilderness [Scarce]
003815: ROGERS, SAMUEL - Dusk at the Grove
005816: ROGERS, SAMUEL [WORDS BY] / MAJOR, JOSEPH [COMPOSED BY] - A Farewell. Composed and Respectfully Inscribed to Mrs. Wm. Sharpe by Joseph Major - Signed
005585: ROGERS, HENRY M. [COMPILED BY] - Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Annals of the Commandery of the State of Massachusetts from Its Institution, March 4, 1868, to May 1, 1918 - Signed Copy
005962: ROGERS, SAMUEL [EDITOR] - The 1929 Gopher. The Annual Publication of the Junior Class at the University of Minnesota. Volume Forty Two
005069: ROGOW, ROBERTA - Sing a Song of Trekkin' - a Fun Filled Folio of 20 Trekker Folk "Filk" Songs [Star Trek]
005177: ROGOW, ROBERTA / LUBKIN, DAVID [EDITORS] - Trexindex - the Complete Encyclopedia of Star Trek Fan Magazines
003954: ROHEIM, GEZA - Children of the Desert - the Western Tribes of Central Australia - Volume One
005284: RONSARD, P. DE / SAINTE-BEUVE, C.- A. - Oeuvres Choisies de P. De Ronsard
005298: ROSCHER, WILHELM - Die Grundlagen Der Nationalokonomie. Ein Hand - Und Lesebuch Fur Geschaftsmanner Und Studierende - 2 Volumes
005709: ROSE, ISABEL BROWN - Our Parish in India - Lights and Shadows of Missionary Life - Signed, with Letter
002649: ROSELIUS, LUDWIG [EDITOR] - Portfolio of German Sculpture
002936: ROSENBLOOM, JOSEPH - Biggest Riddle Book in the World
006522: ROSS, DAVID [GENERAL EDITOR] - The Encyclopedia of Trains and Locomotives. The Comprehensive Guide to over 900 Steam, Diesel, and Electric Locomotives from 1825 to the Present Day
002841: ROSSETTI, WILLIAM MICHAEL [EDITOR] - Ruskin: Rossetti: Preraphaelitism. Papers 1854 to 1862
004064: ROSSI, ERNESTO / NITTI, GIAN PAOLO - Banche, Governo E Parlamento Negli Stati Sardi - Fonti Documentarie (1843-1861) - Vol. III
005570: ROSSO, JULEE / LUKINS, SHEILA - The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook
000438: ROSTAND, EDMOND - Cyrano de Bergerac
006811: ROUSMANIERE, JOHN - Fastnet, Force 10
004004: ROUSSEAU, J. J. - La Nouvelle Heloise Ou Lettres de Deux Amans, Habitans D'Une Petite Ville Au Pied Des Alpes [Julie, Ou la Nouvelle Heloise] - Vol. IV
002372: ROWE, MRS. H.G. - Re-Told Tales of the Hills and Shores of Maine
005916: MGR. F. PERRIOT / A. ROZIER - L'Ami Du Clerge. Revue de Toutes Les Questions Ecclesiastiques - 2 Volumes of Bound Issues
002721: RUCKA, GREG - Private Wars - a Queen and Country Novel
005310: RUCKA, GREG - Electra and Wolverine - the Redeemer, Volume1, No. 1
005112: RUCKERT, RAINER - Meissener Porzellan 1710-1810
004046: RUFFY, EUGENE - La Notion de la Valeur Son Evolution Depuis Adam Smith Jusqu'a Nos Jours
006553: RUKEYSER, MURIEL - U.S. 1 [Inscribed & Signed by the Author]
004059: RUPP, ERICH - Die Methode Und Technik Der Einkommensteuererhebung in Den Wichtigsten Kulturstaaten
002833: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Art of England. Lectures Given in Oxford, Second Tenure of the Slade Professorship - Lectures I-VI
005557: RUSKIN, JOHN - Mornings in Florence Being Simple Studies of Christian Art for English Travellers
002180: RUSSELL, W.A. - The Development of the Art of Language As Exhibited in Latin and in English
000242: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Wisdom of the West
004854: RUSSELL, A. P. - Thomas Corwin - a Sketch
004206: GURNEE, RUSSELL & JEANNE - Gurnee Guide to American Caves
004386: RUTHERFORD, MAUREEN [MUSIC ARRANGED BY] - The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Book 43, Including the Golden Jubilee Dances to Mark the 50th Anniversary of the Accession to the Throne of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
003307: RYSKAMP, CHARLES / POTTLE, FREDERICK A. - Boswell: The Ominous Years 1774-1776
003734: MOGHISSI, KAMRAN S. & OTHERS [EDITED BY] - Nutritional Impacts on Women Throughout Life with Emphasis on Reproduction
004616: SAIHGAL, M. C. - Saihgal's Hindustani Grammar
004052: SALIN, EDGAR - Geschichte Der Volkswirtschaftslehre
000753: SALISBURY, RALPH - Spirit Beast Chant - Blue Cloud Quarterly Vol. 28, No. 2
004398: SALMON, ARTHUR E. - Alex Comfort - Twayne's English Authors Series
002865: SALVATORE, R.A. - Forgotten Realms - Road of the Patriarch - the Sellswords Books III
004955: SALVERTE, COMTE FRANCOIS DE - Les Ebenistes Du Xviiie Siecle Leurs Oeuvres Et Leurs Marques
004058: SALVIOLI, G. - Le Capitalisme Dans le Monde Antique - Etudes Sur L'Histoire de L'Economie Romaine
005971: SAMIVEL - L'Opera de Pics - Limited Edition
003124: SAMUELS, RUTH - Pathways Through Jewish History - Free Examination Copy (Arc)
002094: SAND, GEORGE - Antonia
002737: SANDBURG, HELGA - Bo and the Old Donkey
003226: SANDERSON, IVAN T. - John and Juan in the Jungle
000788: SANDWALL- BERGSTROM, MARTHA - Gulla En Vacances
006705: SANKEY, IRA D. / MCGRANAHAN, JAMES / STEBBINS, GEO. C. - Gospel Hymns No. 3, As Used by Them in Gospel Meetings
004972: SANTERRE, KIM R. [EDITOR] - Light Plane Maintenance - Practical Maintenance Advice for Owners and Pilots - 9 Issues
005153: SANTINI, DEBRAH - Original Linocut Titled "II Frustated Felines Never Wear Coats - Signed, Limited
003961: SANTOS, DON - Santos Junior Hawaiian Guitar Method - Part 2
006674: MURPHY, SARA & GERALD / ROTHCHILD, DEBORAH [EDITED BY] - Making It New. The Art and Style of Sara and Gerald Murphy
003742: SARRAUTE, NATHALIE - Martereau - Roman
002324: SAINT-SAUVEUR, HECTOR - Les Beaux Jardins de France
005497: SAVARY, ALAIN - Tribune Libre 54. Nationalisme Algerien Et Grandeur Francaise
000991: SHAIKH MUHAMMAD MAHMUD AL-SAWWAF - The Muslim Book of Prayer
000322: SAXTON, MARK - The Broken Circle
005028: SAYER, GEOFFREY R. [TRANSLATED BY, WITH NOTES] - Ching-Te-Chen T'Ao-Lu or the Potteries of China
005794: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - The Nine Tailors - Changes Rung on an Old Theme in Two Short Touches and Two Full Peals
005797: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - The Dawson Pedigree
005795: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - Clouds of Witnesses
006545: SCALLION, GORDON MICHAEL [CHANNELED BY] - Children of the Blue Ray [Signed]
002108: SCHAEFFER, SUSAN FROMBERG - Anya - a Novel
001560: SCHAEFFER, LEW - We'Re All with You Dear America
004499: SCHAFFLE, DR. ALBERT - Die Aussichtslosigkeit Der Socialdemokratie
003963: SCHANKE, DAVID - The Music Arts Series - Book II - Harmony
003962: SCHANKE, DAVID - The Music Arts Series - Book I - Music Fundamentals
005851: SCHAPER, DONNA - Teaching My Daughter to Mulch - Gardening Meditations - Signed by the Author
006551: SCHETTINO, FRANCA [EDITED BY] - A Dante Profile
003526: SCHILDGE, SUE / TAYLOR, E.M. - A Kitchenful of Christmas - a Delightful Collection of Yuletide Recipes, Stories and Articles
003450: SCHMIDT, ELISABETH - Let's Play Games in German
005801: MARINE CORPS SCHOOLS - Notes on Mess Management (Navmc-3607]
005108: SCHOTTMULLER, FRIDA - Furniture and Interior Decoration of the Italian Renaissance
005866: SCHRADER, F. / JACOTTET, H. - Le Tour Du Monde - Nouvelles Geographiques
006693: SCHUBERT, LEDA - Here Comes Darrell
004377: SCHULTZ, JACK - The Fugitive at Greyledge
006333: SCHULTZ, JAMES WILLARD - Many Strange Characters - Montana Frontier Tales
004129: SCHUMANN - Brahms Variations on a Theme by Schumann - Opus 23 - No. 1959
006655: SCHUON, FRITHJOF - The Feathered Sun. Plains Indians in Art and Philosophy
005542: SCHURCH, MAYLAN - Pilgrimage - a Young Man's Odyssey to Do God's Will
003596: SCHWARTZ, STEPHAN A. - The Alexandria Project
004121: SCHWARTZ, ELLIOTT S. - The Symphonies of Ralph Vaughan Williams
004309: SCHWARTZ, LYNNE SHARON - The Accounting
002984: SCHWEIKART, LARRY - A History of Banking in Arizona
000120: SCOTT, WALTER - The Lady of the Lake
004320: SCOTT, LOUISE - The Gods Are Close - Poems
004324: SCOTT, LOUISE - The Gods Are Close - Poems
004078: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott
004494: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Lay of the Last Minstrel
003001: SIR C.E.S. BART [ SCOTT, CLAUDE EDWARD ] - More Comic Illustrations to T. Moore's Irish Melodies
000594: SCOTT, A.C. - The Puppet Theatre of Japan
001944: SCOTT, THOMAS - Treatises on Various Theological Subjects, Published at Different Times; and Now Collected Into Volumes - Volume I
001413: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Tales of a Grandfather; Being Stories Taken from Scottish History - Vol. II
001294: SCOTT, REVERAND JAMES - A History of the Lives of the Protestant Reformers in Scotland
001282: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Ballads and Lyrical Pieces
001033: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Waverly Novels: Library Edition. Vol. VI, Tales of My Landlord. Second Series. The Heart of Mid-Lothian. Parker's Edition.
004325: SCOTT, LOUISE - The Gods Are Close - Poems Signed
000521: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Talisman
006514: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Lay of the Last Minstrel, with Notes and a Chronological Summary of His Life and Index [with Mounted Photographic Plates]
005043: SCOTT, TOM [EDITED BY] - Late Medieval Scots Poetry - a Selection from the Makars and Their Heirs Down to 1610
006647: SCOTT, ROBERT J. - Fiberglass Boat Design and Construction [Publisher's Review Copy for Olin J. Stephens II]
002537: SCUDDER, HORACE E. - The Viking Bodleys - an Excursion Into Norway and Denmark
002402: SCUDDER, HORACE E. - The Bodley Grandchildren and Their Journey in Holland
004774: SEABROOK, JACK - Martians and Misplaced Clues: The Life and Work of Fredric Brown
005277: STREETER, SEBASTIAN AND RUSSELL - The New Hymn Book, Designed for Universalist Societies: Compiled from Approved Authors, with Variations and Additions.
002595: SEEBOHM, FREDERIC - Tribal Custom in Anglo-Saxon Law - Being an Essay Supplemental to 'the English Village Community' and 'the Tribal System in Wales'
004686: SEGARD, ACHILLE - Un Peintre Des Enfants Et Des Meres Mary Cassatt
006155: SELCH, FREDERICK R. / BUTLER, H. REYNOLDS - The Legacy of Sebastian Virdung. The Frederick R. Selch Collection Pertaining to the History of Musical Instruments - Still in Publisher's Shrink Wrap
006154: SELCH, FREDERICK R. / BUTLER, H. REYNOLDS - The Legacy of Sebastian Virdung. The Frederick R. Selch Collection Pertaining to the History of Musical Instruments - Still in Publisher's Shrink Wrap
000087: LOESBERG, JOHN SELECTED AND EDITED BY - An Irish Tunebook a Treaury of Airs and Dance Tunes, Suitable for All Instruments, Part One & Two
004157: KENT, FRANCES [SELECTED & EDITED BY] - Puppy Dogs' Tales and Stories of Other Animal Friends
006546: DAMON, S. FOSTER / HILLYER, ROBERT SILLIMAN [TRANSLATED BY] / FRIIS, OLUF [SELECTED & ANNOTATED BY] - A Book of Danish Verse. Scandinavian Classics Volume XIX
003364: SELF, CHARLES R. - The Backyard Builder's Bible
003473: COMPILED BY ORDER OF THE SENATE, BY BEN: PERLEY POORE - Veto Messages of the Presidents of the United States, 49th Congress, 2d Session, Mis Doc No. 53
006814: SEVERIN, TIM - The Brendan Voyage
006809: SEVERIN, TIM - The Sinbad Voyage
004502: SEVIGNE, MADAME DE / SAINTE-BEUVE, M. - Lettres Choisies de Madame de Sevigne
003939: SEWALL, J. M. - Miscellaneous Poems, with Several Specimens from the Author's Manuscript Version of the Poems of Ossian
006815: SEWELL, ANNA - Black Beauty
000194: SEWELL, ANNA - Black Beauty Young Folfs Edition the Autobiography of a Horse
002890: SHAIRP, MORDAUNT - The Green Bay Tree - a Play in Three Acts - Baker's Professional Plays
005205: SHANGE, NTOZAKE - Muhammad Ali - the Man Who Could Float Like a Butterfly and Sting Like a Bee
005830: SHANNON, T. W. - Nature's Secrets Revealed. Scientific Knowledge of the Laws of Sex Life and Heredity or Eugenics
006606: SHAPTER, JENNIE - The Ultimate Bread Machine Book
006491: [SHARPE, CHARLES KIRKPATRICK] - A Ballad Book Scarce - Limited to 30 Copies
003345: SHAW, BERNARD - John Bull's Other Island. In Four Acts
006480: SHAW, RALPH E. - Between Me and Uncle Abner [Signed Copy]
006482: SHAW, RALPH E. - Between Me and Uncle Abner [Signed Copy]
006481: SHAW, RALPH E. - Between Me and Uncle Abner [Signed Copy]
006513: SHEA, MICHAEL - The Autopsy and Other Tales [Scarce, Signed, Limited Edition]
006507: SHEEHAN, ROBERT LOUIS - The Legend of Lawson's Elephants, an Elephantasy [Signed]
000968: SHELDON, GEORGE - The Little Brown House on the Albany Road
006759: VESCELIUS-SHELDON, LOUISE - Yankee Girls in Zulu Land
000225: SHELLEY, MARY - Frankenstein
004801: SHELTON, JANE DE FOREST - The Salt-Box House. Eighteenth Century Life in a New England Hill Town
001018: SHERER, CAROLINE SHAW - How Much He Remembered - the Life of John Calvin Sherer 1852-1949
005831: SHERIDAN, P. H. - Personal Memoirs of P.H. Sheridan. General United States Army - Vol. I & II
006159: SHERMAN, FRANK DEMPSTER - Little Folk Lyrics
005463: SHERR, JEREMY YAAKOV - The Dynamics and Methodology of Homoeopathic Provings
006578: SHEVIS, STELL - Stell Shevis Bookmark
000356: SHIOYA, SAKAE - Chushingura an Exposition
005582: HERITAGE BOOK SHOP, INC. - Fine Printing Catalogue 184
004067: SHOSHAN - Man and Animal - Signed by Author
003246: SIBELIUS, JEAN [ARRANGED BY PAUL, LAWRENCE] - Valse Triste - Piano Solo - Moderne Edition, No. P637
005081: SIDEAU, F. G. / KROUGLY, ALEXANDRE [KRUGLYI, ALEKSANDR OSIPOVICH] - La Cour de L' Imperatrice Catherine II Ses Collaborateurs Et Son Entourage. Cent Quatre-Vingt Neuf Silhouettes - Complete in 2 Volumes (Tomes I & II)
005688: SIEGAL, MORDECAI / MARGOLIS, MATTHEW - The Golden Years - a Pet Owner's Guide to the Golden Retriever
003768: SIEGFRIED, ANDRE - La Fontaine Machiavel Francais 1955 - Association Copy
003763: SIEGFRIED, ANDRE - Geographie Poetique Des Cinq Continents - Association Copy
003553: SILVERMAN, JERRY - Gypsy Songs of Russia and Hungary - Arranged for Piano and Voice
003552: SILVERMAN, JERRY - Gypsy Songs of Russia and Hungary - Arranged for Piano and Voice
003220: SILVERMAN, ALIDA G. / BRAHCE, CARL / ZIELINSKI, CAROL - As Parents Grow Older - a Manual for Program Replication
002481: SILVERMAN, HIRSCH LAZAAR - Vignettes of the Intellect - an Odyssey in Experience
004862: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret Hesitates
004270: SIMINGTON, ROBERT C. - The CIVIL Survey A.D. 1654-1656 County of Limerick, with a Section of Clanmaurice Barony, Co. Kerry - Vol. IV
003725: SIMMS, MARGARET C. / MYERS JR., SAMUEL L [EDITED BY] - The Economics of Race and Crime
004773: SIMON, PETER - I and Eye - Pictures of My Generation
001523: SIMPSON, LESLEY B. [TRANSLATED BY] - Poem of the Cid
000869: SINCLAIR, C.H. - Oblique Boundary Line between California and Nevada - Appendix No. 3, Report for 1900
001360: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - Zlateh the Goat and Other Stories
003392: SINGH, THAKUR BALWANT / CHUNEKAR, DR. K.C. [INTRO BY SHARMA, PANDIT SHIV] - The Chowkhamba Sanskrit Studies Vol. LXXXVII - Glossary of Vegetable Drugs in Brhattrayi
001131: SIPPL, CHARLES J. - Microcomputer Dictionary - Second Edition
005307: DE SISMONDI, M. SIMONDE - Histoire Des Republiques Italiennes Du Moyen Age - Volumes I & II [in One Book]
003493: SIVAN, DR. REUVEN / LEVENSTON, DR. EDWARD A. - The New Bantam-Megiddo Hebrew & English Dictionary
005262: SKAL, DAVID J. - Death Makes a Holiday - a Cultural History of Halloween
005842: SKEAT, REV. WALTER W. [EDITED BY] - The Gospel According to Saint Luke in Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian Versions Synoptically Arranged, with Collations Exhibiting All the Readings of All the Mss.
002318: SKELTON, SIR JOHN - Charles I
005295: SKELTON, SIR JOHN - Charles I
000292: SLATTERY, MARGARET - Just over the Hill
000018: SLEIGHTHOLME, J.D. - This Is Basic Sailboat Cruising
004860: SLIFER, ROSEJEANNE / CRITTENDEN, LOUISE - The Second Giant Quiz Book
000571: SLOBIN, MARK - Tenement Songs the Popular Music of the Jewish Immigrants
006823: SLOCUM, CAPTAIN JOSHUA - Sailing Alone Around the World
004185: SLONIMSKY, NICOLAS - Music Since 1900 - 3 Parts in 1 Volume
003845: SMALL, REV. SAM'L W. - The White Angel of the World, That Foretells the Freedom of the Nations from the Evils of Strong Drink
002398: SMALL, TUNSTALL / WOODBRIDGE, CHRISTOPHER - English Wrought Ironwork Mediaeval & Early Renaissance. A Portfolio of Full Size Details
006156: SMALL, DAN - Script - Rumble Strip
006605: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - Judy Chicago, an American Vision
004291: SMITH, LUCY TOULMIN [EDITED BY] - The Itinerary of John Leland in or About the Years 1535-1543, Complete in 5 Volumes
006821: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - Outcasts of the Sea: Pirates and Piracy
000045: SMITH, MARY P. WELLS - The Boy Captive in Canada
003906: SAPPHO / SMITH, J. FREDERICK - Sappho - the Art of Loving Women - Signed, Association Copy (2 Copies)
005349: SMITH, LAURA ALEXANDRINE - Through Romany Songland
003789: SMITH, ALFRED B. [COMPILED BY] - Singspiration Number 5, Gospel Songs, Choruses
003489: SMITH, R. A. [ARRANGED BY] - The Scotish Minstrel - a Selection from the Vocal Melodies of Scotland Ancient & Modern Arranged for the Piano Forte - Volumes 1-IV (of VI) - Bound in 2 Volumes
003439: SMITH, RAY - An Introduction to Watercolor
003182: SMITH, DR. TREVOR - A Woman's Guide to Homoeopathic Medicine - Self Help in the Treatment of Gynaecological and Related Female Ailments
002374: SMITH, MARY P. WELLS - Two in a Bungalow
001581: SMITH, G. BARNETT - The Prime Ministers of Queen Victoria

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