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ICHTHYOLOGY8337: HUBBS,C.L. - The Generic Relationships & Nomenclature of the California Sardine
ICHTHYOLOGY18343: HUBBS,C.L. - Notes on the Marine Fishes of California
ICHTHYOLOGY372NH: HUBBS,C.L. - Materials for a Revision of the Catostomid Fishes of Eastern North America
ICHTHYOLOGY12296: HUBBS,C.L. - Studies of Cyprinodont Fishes. XX. A New Subfamily from Guatemala,with Ctenoid Scales & Unilateral Pectoral Clasper
ICHTHYOLOGY12297: HUBBS,C.L. - Phylogenetic Position of Citharidae,a Family of Flatfishes
GENERAL6250: HUBER,M.J. - Animal Homing & Migration Through Biogeomagnetic Beaming,a Revealing Study Into Animal Orientation Phenomena As Induced Lateral Directional Equilibrium Reflex
ichthyology23.601: HUBER,E.E. - Fish Protection at Intake Structures and Dams;Guidance Screens and Collection Devices,a Selected Bibliotraphy with Abstracts
ENTOMOLOGY2177: HUBER,L.L. - A Taxonomic & Ecological Review of the North American Chalcid-Flies of the Genus Callimome
REGIONAL21.654: HUBER,N.K. - Geologic Map of the Shuteye Peak Quadrangle,Sierra Nevada,California
REGIONAL21.315: HUBER,N.K. - Geologic Map of the Shuteye Peak Quadrangle,Sierra Nevada,California
REGIONAL93621: HUC,A.(BEDIER,J.)ED. - High Road in Tartary
ENTOMOLOGY14232: HUCKETT,H.C. - New Species of Anthomyiidae & Muscidae from California (Diptera)
ENTOMOLOGY18176: HUCKETT,H.C. - New Species of Anthomyiidae & Muscidae from California (Diptera)
PALEONTOLOGY11467: HUDAK,C.M. - Paleoecology of an Early Holocene Faunal & Floral Assemblage from the Dows Local Biota of North-Central Iowa
RODENTS17631: HUDSON,J.W. - The Role of Water in the Biology of the Antelope Ground Squirrel Citellus Leucurus
BIOGRAPHY1563: HUDSON,W.H. - Far Away and Long Ago,a History of My Life
GENERAL1213: HUDSON,W.H. - The Book of a Naturalist
ENTOMOLOGY19194: HUDSON,G.V. - New Zealand Neuroptera,a Popular Introduction to the Life-Histories & Habits of May-Flies,Dragon-Flies, Caddis-Flies & Allied Insects Inhabiting New Zealand Incl. Notes on Their Relation to Angling
geology23.934: R.VON HUENE,ET AL - Continental Margins of the Eastern Gulf of Alaska & Boundaries of Tectonic Plates
PALEONTOLOGY23.471: VON HUENE,F. - Die Placodontier. 4. Zur Lebensweise Und Verwandtschaft Von Placodus
PALEONTOLOGY23.472: VON HUENE,F.(GREGORY,W.K.)TRANS. - Art. XVIII. -the Skull Elements of the Permian Tetrapoda in the American Museum of Natural History,New York
PALEONTOLOGY23.470: VON HUENE,F. - Reptilian & Stegocephalian Remains from the Triassic of Pennsylvania in the Cope Collection
REGIONAL20.254: HUEY,A.S. - Geology of the Telsa Quadrangle,California
ENTOMOLOGY24.185: HUFFAKER,C.B.(ED.) - New Technology of Pest Control
ENTOMOLOGY22.174: HUFFAKER,C.B.(ED.) - Biological Control,Proceedings of an Aaas Symposium
MAMMALS.GENERAL0310: HUFNAGL,E. - Libyan Mammals
GENERAL12181: HUGHES,J. - A Bird in the Hand & a Bear in the Bush
GENERAL18266: HUGHES,G.M. - Comparative Physiology of Vertebrate Respiration
GENERAL24.265: HUGHES,G.M.(ED.) - Respiration of Amphibious Vertebrates
ichthyology23.472: HUGHES,S.E. - Annotated References on the Pacific Saury,Cololabis Saira
GENERAL9234: HUGHES,A. - The Miotic Cycle,the Cytoplasm & Nucleus During Interphase & Mitosis
art700: HUGHES,A.M.[STANFORD,J.K.] - The Awl-Birds
art701: HUGHES,F.C. - Amateur Handcraft
MISC.1029: HULETT,O.C. - Now I'LL Tell One
CANINES23.40: HULL,D.B. - Hounds & Hunting in Ancient Greece
ENTOMOLOGY22.176: HULL,F.M. - Bee Flies of the World,the Genera of Family Bombyliidae
BOTANY1779: HULME,F.E. - Wild Fruits of the Country-Side
BIG.GAME24.771: HULME,K. - Look a Lion in the Eye,on Safari Through Africa
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY93178: HULTH,H. - Nature & the American,Three Centuries of Changing Attitudes
UNGULATES2620: HULTZ,F.S. - Corriedale Sheep,the Dual-Purpose Breed
PALEONTOLOGY15497: HUME,G.S. - Palaeozoic Outlier of Lake Timiskaming,Ontario & Quebec
ARCHAEOLOGY1019: HUME,I.N. - Excavations at Tutter's Neck in James City County, Virginia 1960-61
REGIONAL12704: HUME,G.S. - A Folded Fault in the Pekisko Area Foothills of Alberta
art702: HUME,C.(ED.) - From the Wild,Portfolios of North America's Finest Wildlife Artists
INVERTEBRATES6373: HUMES,A.G. - Cyclopoid Copepods Associated with Asteroid Echinoderms in New Caledonia
INVERTEBRATES6374: HUMES,A.G. - Pseudanthessiid Copepods(Cyclopodia)Associated with Crinoids & Echinoids,Etc. In Tropical West. Pacific Ocean
FISHING24.8876: HUMPHREY,WM. - My Moby Dick
BOTANY13162: HUMPHREY,H.B. - Studies in the Physiology & Morphology of Some California Hepaticae
MAMMALS.GENERAL13352: HUMPHREY,S.R. - Rare & Endangered Biota of Florida: Vol. I,Mammmals
MAMMALS.GENERAL18443: HUMPHREY,T. - The Telencephalon of the Bat. I. The Non-Cortical Nuclear Masses & Bertain Pertinent Fiber Connections
SCIENCE93741: HUMPHREYS,W.J. - A Bundle of Meteorological Paradoxes
SCIENCE24.5888: HUMPHREYS,W.H. - Fogs and Clouds
ICHTHYOLOGY12304: HUNN,J.B. - Bibliography on the Blood Chemistry of Fishes
SCIENCE12684: HUNT,R. - The History of Some Discoveries of Photography. A. Heliography-the Process of Monsieur Niepce
ART24.3312: HUNT,L.B. - An Artist's Game Bag
BOTANY19.59: HUNT,K.W. - The Charleston Woody Flora
BIOGRAPHY98NH: HUNT,R.M.M. - William Penn,Horticulturist
REGIONAL22.561: HUNT,C.B. - Natural Regions of the United Staes & Canada
art708: HUNT,L.B.[LYTLE,H.] - Gun Dogs Afield
art703: HUNT,B. - Ben Hunt's Whittling Book
art705: HUNT,L.B.(FOSTER,W.)ED. - How to Draw and Paint Birds
art706: HUNT,L.B. - Our American Game Birds
INVERTEBRATES23.339: RUSSELL-HUNTER,W.D. - A Life of Vertebrates
INVERTEBRATES11317: RUSSELL-HUNTER,W.D. - A Biology of Lower Invertebrates
ENTOMOLOGY10192: HUNTER,W.D. - The Cotton Happer,or So-Called "Cotton Flea"
BIOGRAPHY1265: HUNTFORD,R. - Shackleton
REGIONAL22.562: HUNTFORD,R. - The Last Place on Earth
SCIENCE12796: HUNTSMAN,A.G. - The Importance of Tidal & Other Oscillations in Oceanic Circulation
INVERTEBRATES12896: HUNTSMAN,A.G. - The Ascidian Family Caesiridae
ENTOMOLOGY0131: HURD,P.D.JR. - Revision of the Nearctic Species of the Pompilid Genus Pepsis (Hymen. Pompilidae)
ORNITHOLOGY2396: HURLBUTT,C.A. - Adventures with Talking Birds
ORNITHOLOGY2397: HURLBUTT,C.A. - The Birds in My Life
geology23.967: P.M.HURLEY - The Confirmation of Continental Drift
GENERAL7304: HURRELL,H.G. - Wildlife,Tame But Free
INVERTEBRATES9337: HURST,C.T. - Structural & Functional Changes Produced in the Gastropod Mollusk,Physa Occidentalis,in the Case of Parasitism by the Larvae of Echino-Stoma Revolutum
EVOLUTION9214: HURST,C.C. - The Mechanism of Creative Evolution
Fish1766: HUSER,V.(ED.) - River Reflections,an Anthology
PALEONTOLOGY0388: HUSSAKOF,L. - III. -Studies on the Arthrodira
PALEONTOLOGY10503: HUSSAKOF,L. - The Fossil Fishes Collected by the Central Asiatic Expeditions
ADVENTURE39: HUTCHENS,P. - We Killed a Bear!,a Sugar Creek Gang Story
ADVENTURE40: HUTCHENS,P. - The Sugar Creek Gang Goes Camping
BIOGRAPHY366: HUTCHINS,R.E. - Trails to Nature's Mysteries,the Life of a Working Naturalist
ENTOMOLOGY15191: HUTCHINS,R.E. - The Ant Realm
PALEONTOLOGY22.636: HUTCHINSON,J.H. - Notes on Some Upper Miocene Shrews from Oregon
WOODCRAFT23.851: HUTCHINSON,D. - Sea Conoeing
PALEONTOLOGY24.863: HUTCHISON,J.H. - Fossil Talipidae ) Insectivora,Mamalis) from the Later Tertiary of Oregon
ICHTHYOLOGY24.612: HUTTON,J.A. - The Life-History of the Salmon
GENERAL4185: HUXLEY,T.H. - Essays
GENERAL7305: HUXLEY,J. - Essays of a Biologist
REGIONAL7612: HUXLEY,J.(ED.) - T.H. Huxley's Diary of the Voyage of H.M. S. Rattlesnake
BIOGRAPHY10678: HUXLEY,J. - Memories,Vols. I & II
BIOGRAPHY175: HUXLEY,L. - Life & Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley
BIOGRAPHY176: HUXLEY,L.(ED.) - Scott's Last Expedition,the Journals of Capt. R.F. Scott
BIOGRAPHY1388: HUXLEY,E. - Scott of the Antarctic
BIOGRAPHY1389: HUXLEY,T.H. - Faraday As a Discoverer
GENERAL278NH: HUXLEY,J. - What Dare I Think?,the Challenge of Modern Science to Human Action & Belief
EVOLUTION18221: HUXLEY,L. - Life Stories of Famous Men,Charles Darwin
GENERAL14371: HUXLEY,J. - Essays of a Biolgist
BIOGRAPHY689: HUXLEY,E. - Scott of the Antarctic
BOTANY93144: HUXLEY,A. - House Plants,Cacti & Succulents
INVERTEBRATES7403: HUXLEY,T.H. - The Oceanic Hydroza;a Description of the Calycophoridae & Physophoridae Observed During the Voyage of H.M. S. "Rattlesnake"in the Years 1846-1850
REGIONAL3585: HUXLEY,E. - A New Earth,an Experiment in Colonialism
REGIONAL93623: HUXLEY,E. - A New Earth,an Experiment in Colonialism
BIOGRAPHY1036: HUXLEY,E. - Scott of the Antarctic
PALEONTOLOGY19557: HUZIOKA,K. - A New Palaeogene Species of the Genus Eucommia from Hokkaido,Japan
GENERAL16227: HYAMS,E. - Animals in the Service of Man
PALEONTOLOGY8485: HYATT,A. - Pseudoceratites of the Cretaceous
ORNITHOLOGY11381: HYDE,A.S. - The Life History of Henslow's Sparrow,Passerherbulus Henslowi (Audubon)
REGIONAL21.316: HYDEN,H.J. - Geologic Map of the Benough Hill Quadrangle,Albany & Carbon Counties,Wyoming
INVERTEBRATES93753: HYMAN,O.W. - Adventures in the Life of a Fiddler Crab
INVERTEBRATES1310: HYMAN,L.H. - The Polyclad Flatworms of the Pacific Coast of North America
GENERAL2229: HYMAN,L.H. - Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
GENERAL279NH: HYMAN,L.H. - Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
INVERTEBRATES18391: HYMAN,L.H. - A Further Study of Micronesian Polyclad Flatworms
INVERTEBRATES24.591: HYMAN,L.H. - The Invertebrates: Acanthocephala,Aschelminthes,& Entoprocta,the Pseudocoelomate Bilateria,Vol. III
SCIENCE24.341: HYNEK,J.A. - The Ufo Experience,a Scientific Inquiry
REGIONAL21.660: ZIONY,J.I.ET AL - Preliminary Maps Showing Recency of Faulting in Coastal Southern California
PALEONTOLOGY22.523: TAKAHASHI,K.& OBATA,I. - Die Sogenannte "Ficus" Tiliaefolia (Al. Br. ) Heer,
HERPETOLOGY14396: NOEL-HUME,I.& A. - Tortoises,Terrapins & Turtles
ENTOMOLOGY19225: MOORE,W.& BLISS,C.I. - A Method for Determining Insecticidal Effectiveness Using Aphis Rumicis & Certain Organic Compounds
REGIONAL9582: STORER,T.I.& USINGER,R.L. - Sierra Nevada Natural History,an Illustrated Handbook
PALEONTOLOGY22.514: MEAD,J.I.ET AL - Dung of Mammuthus in the Arid Southwest,North America
PALEONTOLOGY8490: MACBETH,J.I.& SCHMIDT,R.A.M. - Upper Cretaceous Foraminifera from Ocean Point,Northern Alaska
ORNITHOLOGY11424: SMITH,R.I.ET AL(EDS.) - Population Ecology of Migratory Birds: A Symposium
REGIONAL21.651: ZIETZ,I.ET AL - Aeromagnetic Map of Virginia
INVERTEBRATES15391: PEREZ,F.I.& KENSLEY,B.F. - Penacoid & Sergestoid Shrimps & Prawns of the World,Keys & Diagnoses for the Families & Genera
BEARS24.876: STORER,T.I.& TEVIS,L.P.JR. - California Grizzly
BOTANY576: ESAU,K.& CHEADLE,V.I. - Cytologic Studies on Phloem
INVERTEBRATES23.312: MOORE,W.G.DODSON,S.I.ET AL - Lot of 44 Scientic Offprints & Papers on Arthropoda, Crustacea,Branchiopoda
BIOGRAPHY1857: WILLIAMS,T.I.ET AL(EDS.) - A Biographical Dictionary of Scientists
BEARS14981: STORER,T.I.& TEVIS,L.P.JR. - California Grizzly
REGIONAL21.652: ZIONY,J.I.ET AL - Preliminary Map Showing Recency of Faulting in Coastal California
BOTANY570: CHEADLE,V.I.& ESAU,K. - Secondary Phloem of Liriodendron Tulipifera
ichthyology23.299: PALMER,G.& WHITE,E.I.(EDS.) - Pisces(Recent & Fossil)
INVERTEBRATES23.266: KENSLEY,B.& WALKER,I. - Palaemoid Shrimps from the Amazon Basin,Brazil (Crustacea: Decapoda: Natantia)
REGIONAL20.434: TOTH,M.I.ET AL - Mineral Resources of the Sand Butte Wilderness Study Area,Lincoln County,Idaho & the Raven's Eye Wilderness Study Area,Blaine & Lincloln Counties,Idaho
ichthyology23.413: PALMER,G.& WHITE,E.I.(EDS.) - Pisces
ichthyology23.417: PALMER,G.& WHITE,E.I.(EDS.) - Pisces,Recent & Fossil
ENTOMOLOGY22.203: PARFIN,S.I.& GURNEY,A.B. - The Spongilla-Flies,with Special Reference to Those of the Western Hemisphere (Sisyridae,Neuroptera)
BOTANY1868: CHEADLE,V.I.& ESAU,K. - Secondary Phloem of Calycanthaceae
MISC.24.9765: MERRITT,J.I.& NICHOLS,M.G.(EDS.) - The Best of Field and Stream,100 Years of Great Writing from America's Premier Sporting Magazine
SCIENCE20.622: SHUTER,E.& JOHNSON,A.I. - Evaluation of Equipment for Measurement of Water Level in Wells of Small Diameter
SCIENCE24.564: FULMER,E.I.& ANDES,J. - The Surface Tensions of Binary Mixtures of Four Volative Fatty Acids
REGIONAL20.433: TOTH,M.I.ET AL - Mineral Resources of the Hell's Half Acre Wilderness Study Area,Bingham & Bonneville Counties,Idaho
waterfowl24.9971: EISENHAUER,D.I.& KIRKPATRICK,C.M. - Ecology of the Emperor Goose in Alaska
ORNITHOLOGY14491: EISENHAUER,D.I.& KIRKPATRICK,C.M. - Ecology of the Emperor Goose in Alaska
ICHTHYOLOGY4254: FOLLETT,W.I.& DEMPSTER,L.J. - First Records of the Echeneidid Fish,Etc. From California,with Meristic Data
GENERAL9248: ZLOTIN,R.I.& KHODASHOVE,K.S.(LEWUS,W.ET AL)TRANS. - The Role of Animals in Biologivcal Cycling of Forest-Steppe Ecosystems
REGIONAL2542: LAWSON,J.I.& SWEER,J.M. - This Is New Brunswick
REGIONAL20.429: TILLING,R.I.ET AL - Eruptions of Mount St. Helens: Past,Present & Future
HERPETOLOGY9249: AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ICHTHYOLOGISTS & HERPETOLOGISTS(EDS.) - Common Names for North American Amphibians & Reptiles
HERPETOLOGY12198: AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ICHTHYOLOGY & HERPETOLOGISTS (EDS.) - Copeia,a Journal of Cold Blooded Vertebrates,No. 1
INVERTEBRATES11307: IDYLL,C.P. - The Commercial Shrimp Industry of Florida
INVERTEBRATES1311: IDYLL,C.P. - Abyss,the Deep Sea & the Creatures That Live in It
INVERTEBRATES3373: IDYLL,C.P.(ED.) - Exploring the Ocean World: A History of Oceanography
PALEONTOLOGY19558: IGO,H. - Middle Carboniferous Corals from the Ichinotani Formation (Upper Paleozoic Corals from Fukuji,S.E. Part of the Hida Massif,Part 3
PALEONTOLOGY22.503: HOTTON,N.III ET AL - The Ecology & Biology of Mammal-Like Reptiles
INVERTEBRATES23.244: HOBBS,H.H.III & H.H.JR. - On the Troglobitic Shrimps of the Yucatan Peninsula,Mexico (Decapoda: Atyidae & Palaemonidae)
ORNITHOLOGY15434: CALDER,W.A.III ET AL - Lot of 14 Scholarly Papers on Avian Metabolism
BOTANY1891: ILLICK,J.S. - Pensylvania Trees
BOTANY93145: ILLICK,J.S. - Pennsylvania Trees
REGIONAL5521: ILLINGWORTH,F. - Wild Life Beyond the North
MAMMALS.GENERAL8400: ILLINGWORTH,F. - Wild Life Beyond the North
PALEONTOLOGY17445: ILOVAISKY,D. - L'Oxfordien Et le Sequanien Des Gouvernements de Moscou Et de Riasan
art166: IMAGE,S.(ED.) - Memoir of Thomas Bewick,Written by Himself 1822-1828
INVERTEBRATES16344: IMAI,T.(ED.) - Aquaculture in Shallow Seas: Progress in Shallow Sea Culture [Senkai Kanzen Yoshoki (Senkai Yodhoku No Shinpo)]
ORNITHOLOGY11382: IMBER,M.J. - The Food of Grey-Faced Petrels (Pterodroma Macroptera Gouldi (Hutton),with Spec. Ref. To Diurnal Vertical Migration of Their Prey
PALEONTOLOGY15499: IMBRIE,J. - Brachiopods of the Traverse Group (Devonian) of Michigan: Part I. Dalmanellacea,Pentameracea,Etc.
PALEONTOLOGY1444: IMBRIE,J. - Brachiopods of the Traverse Group (Devonian) of Michigan: Part 1. Dalmanellacea,Pentameracea, Strophomenacea,Orthotetacea,Chonetacea & Productacea
PALEONTOLOGY1445: IMBRIE,J. - Biometrical Methods in the Study of Invertebrate Fossils
ENTOMOLOGY14234: IMES,M. - Cattle Lice & How to Eradicate Them
PALEONTOLOGY11469: IMLAY,R.W. - Callovian (Jurassic) Ammonites Form the U.S. & Alaska: Pt. 2. Alaska Peninsula & Cook Inlet Regions
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.71: IMMS,A.D. - Insect Natural History
ENTOMOLOGY2178: IMMS,A.D. - Outlines of Entomology
FISHING23.7651: GOLF GIFTS INC.(EDS.) - Fishin' Lines
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY15166: TETRA TECH INC.(EDS.) - Recommended Biological Indices for 301(H) Monitoring Programs
REGIONAL20.213: GOVERNMENT OF INDIA - Wild Life Sanctuaries in India
REGIONAL697NH: ZOOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA(EDS.) - Records of the Indian Museum,Vol. 50: Index
GENERAL11160: INDIANA,G.(ED.) - Living with the Animals
REGIONAL15625: SOCIETE DES ETUDES INDOCHINOISES(EDS.) - Bulletins de la Societe Des Etudes Indochinoises: Vol. 26,No. 2 & 3 & Vol. 27,No. 1 & 2
FISHING1379: INGEBRIGTSEN,CAPT.H.R. - Roaming with Rita
REGIONAL11546: INGLE,J.C.JR. - Late Neocene Marine Events & the Pliocene-Pleistocene Boundary in the Marginal North Pacific
PALEONTOLOGY2456: INGLE,J.C.JR. - Late Neogene Marine Events & the Pliocene-Pleistocene Boundary in the Marginal North Pacific
INVERTEBRATES18392: INGLES,L.G. - Four New Species of Haematoloechus (Trematoda) from Rana Aurora Draytoni from California (with) Cephalogonimus Brevicirrus,Etc.
HERPETOLOGY18309: INGLES,L.G. - Studies on the Structure & Life History of Ostiolum Oxyorchis (Ingles) from the California Red-Legged Frog Rana Aurora Draytoni,Etc.
MAMMALS.GENERAL9367: INGLES,L.G. - Mammals of California & Its Coastal Waters
ENTOMOLOGY10194: INGRAM,J.W. - The Striped Blister Beetle on Soy Beans
BIOGRAPHY1480: INGRAMS,R. - John Stewart Collis,a Memoir
art11: INMAN,D.K. - From Marsh to Mountain,the Art of Harry Curieux Adamson
Fish94: INMAN,D.K. - The Fine Art of Angling,Ten Modern Masters
BIG.GAME24.9851: INNES,H. - The Big Footprints
REGIONAL8568: INNES,H. - The Big Footprints
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY12113: INNIS,G.S.(ED.) - Grassland Simulation Model
ICHTHYOLOGY22.329: EDUCATIONAL INSIGHTS(EDS.) - Fish Pictures,Facts,Activities
ICHTHYOLOGY14411: INSKIP,P.O. - Habitat Suitability Index Models,Northern Pike
INVERTEBRATES8389: SMITHSONIAN INSTITITUTION(EDS.) - Contributions to the Biology of the Philippine Archipelago & Adjacent Regions;Papers on Echinoidea,Fishes & Copepoda
REGIONAL12562: CHESAPEAKE BAY INSTITUTE(EDS.) - 56 Collected Reprints: 1951-1956,Vols. I,II & III
GENERAL22.261: ANIMAL WELFARE INSTITUTE(EDS.) - Comfortable Quarters for Laboratory Animals
geology23.999: AMER.GEOL.INSTITUTE(EDS.) - Geotimes,News of the Earth Sciences
art541: GILCREASE INSTITUTE(EDS.) - Gilcrease Institute of American History & Art,a National Treasury
GENERAL24.886: MANCHESTER INSTITUTE(EDS.) - Proceedings of the Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences. Volume I
PALEONTOLOGY22.520: PALEONTOLOGICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Palaeontolographica Americana,Illustrated Contributions to the Invertebrate Paleontology of America,Vol. III,Incl. Papers No. 13 Through No. 25
gerneral122316: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum,Vol. 16
GENERAL1224: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum,Vol. 17
GENERAL1225: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum: Vol. 21
GENERAL303NH: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION (EDS.) - Journals of Board of Regents,Reports of Committees, Etc.
GENERAL304NH: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum,Vol. 49
GENERAL305NH: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum,Vol. 62
general12230: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum,Vol. 30
general12232: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum,Vol. 32
GENERAL6274: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum,Vol. 33
GENERAL0218: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Brief Guide to the Smithsonian Institution
GENERAL0219: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Annual Report of the Board of Regents,Etc. To July,1896
GENERAL0221: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Explorations & Field-Work of the Smithsonian Institution in 1935
GENERAL5248: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution,Etc. For Year Ending June 30,1904
GENERAL5249: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution,Etc. For Year Ending June 30,1917
general12214: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum,Vol. 14
SCIENCE4590: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Bibliography of the U.S. National Museum During the Half Year Ending June 30,1885
GENERAL5250: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution,Etc. For Year Ending June 30,1915
GENERAL5252: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution,Etc. For the Year Ending June 30,1907
General12234: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum,Vol. 34
GENERAL1226: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum: Vol. 32
GENERAL1227: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum: Vol. 30
GENERAL1228: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum: Vol. 53
SCIENCE3663: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections
SCIENCE3662: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections
general12244: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum,Vol. 44
general122329: SMIOTHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum,Vol. 29
general12240: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum,Vol. 40
GENERAL5251: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution,Etc. For Year Ending June 30,1903
GENERAL1229: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum: Vol. 42
GENERAL1230: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum: Vol. 16
GENERAL1231: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum: Vol. 24
GENERAL1232: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum: Vol. 54
GENERAL1223: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum: Vol. 15
GENERAL15278: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections,Vol. 2,Part 2
SCIENCE4589: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - List of Accessions to the U.S. National Museum During the Year Ending June 30,1886,Etc.
GENERAL24.634: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION(EDS.) - A Brief History of the Smithsonian Institution's Part in World War II
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HERPETOLOGY5274: JAMES,M.S. - Role of the Basibranchial Cartliages in Early Development of the Thyroid of Hyla Regilla
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REGIONAL21.229: EDWARDS,K.ET AL - Experimental Digital Shaded-Relief Maps of Utah
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REGIONAL21.249: FULLER,H.K.ET AL - Geologic Map Index of Utah
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ENTOMOLOGY18178: KADDOU,I.K. - The Feeding Behavior of Hippodamia Quinquesignata (Kirby) Larvae
ORNITHOLOGY16468: VON KADICH,H. - IM Zeichen Der Schwalbee - II Band - Hundert Tage IM Hinterland
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY22.652: KAHN,M.C. - Where Black Man Meets Red,Adventure in Medical Research Among Two Strange Tribes of Dueth Guiana,Etc.
BOTANY13163: KAINS,M.G. - Ginseng,Its Cultivation,Harvesting,Marketing & Market Value,with a Short Account of Its History & Botany
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BIG.GAME24.880: KAMAL,YOUSSOUF - To Friends of Wild Animals
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FIREARMS23.613: VAN DE KAMP,J. - Californi Firearms Laws
regional1011: VAN KAMPEN,P.N.(THOMAS BARBOUR)TRANS. - The Zoogeography of the East Indian Archipelago
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ENTOMOLOGY19233: O'KANE,W.C. - Some Problems & Development in Control of Insects by Chemicals
ENTOMOLOGY19234: O'KANE,W.C. - Grasshopper Control,Formula for Grasshopper Mash
ENTOMOLOGY19235: O'KANE,W.C. - Black Flies in New Hampshire
ENTOMOLOGY19236: O'KANE,W.C. - Experiments with Contact Sprays for Leaf Miners
art757: KANE,N.[HAZARD,E.B.] - The Mammals of Minnesota
ENTOMOLOGY19231: O'KANE,W.C. - The Apple Maggot
ENTOMOLOGY19232: O'KANE,W.C. - Division of Insect Suppression,Plan & Progress of Work 1925-1926
REGIONAL93627: KANE,J. - Running the Amazon,a Firsthand Account of the Only Expedition Ever to Travel the Entire 4,200 Miles from Its Source,Etc.
BOTANY19.67: O'KANE,W.C. - Diffusion of Carbon Bisulphide in Soil
REGIONAL4535: O'KANE,W.C. - The Intimate Desert
BEARS24.915: LARRY KANIUT - Alaska Bear Tales
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BOTANY587: KAPLAN,D.R. - Sporogenesis & Gametogenesis in Dowingia (Campanulaceae;Lobelioideae)
BOTANY588: KAPLAN,D.R. - Histogenesis of Androecium & Gynocium in Downigia Bacigalupii
BOTANY589: KAPLAN,D.R. - Comparative Foliar Histogenesis in Acorus Calamus & Its Bearing on the Phyllode Theory of Monocotyledonous Leaves
INVERTEBRATES24.5143: KAPLAN,E.H. - A Field Guide to Coral Reefs of the Caribbean and Florida Including Bermuda and the Bahamas

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