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BOTANY1101: GRUBB,E.H.& GUILFORD,W.S. - The Potato,a Compilation of Information from Every Available Source
ENTOMOLOGY24.901: NELSON,R.H.& BUNN,R.W.(EDS.) - Bulletin of the Entomological Society of America,New Orleans Program Issue,Vol. 11,No. 3
GENERAL0197: COLE,H.H.& CUPPS,P.T.(EDS.) - Reproduction in Domestic Animals
ICHTHYOLOGY24.7813: MITCHELL,P.H.ET AL - A Report of Investigations Concern Shad in the Rivers of Connecticut
INVERTEBRATES23.180: BRADLEY,W.H.& COOKE,P. - Living & Ancient Populations of the Clam,Gemma Gemma in a Maine Coast Tidal Flat
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY15157: EHRLICH,A.H.& P.R. - The Albright Lecture,Peace Will Give Us a Chance
ENTOMOLOGY24.145: BOULARD,C.& THORNBERRY,H.(EDS.) - Warble Fly Control in Europe,a Symposium,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY2193: WAGNER,W.H.& GRETHER,D.F. - The Butterflies of the Admiralty Islands
INVERTEBRATES10440: WRIGHT,W.H.& MCALISTER,E.D. - The Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation on the Ova of the Ascarid Roundworms Toxocara Canis & Toxascaris Leonina
HERPETOLOGY2267: WRIGHT,A.H.& A.A. - Handbook of Frogs & Toads
INVERTEBRATES12439: MACPHERSON,J.H.& GABRIEL,C.J. - Marine Molluscs of Victoria (Australia)
INVERTEBRATES12413: AHLSTROM,E.H.ET AL - High-Speed Plankton Sampler
MAMMALS.GENERAL0324: TATE,G.H.H.& ARCHBOLD,R. - Results of the Archbold Expeditions. 16. Some Marsupials of New Guinea & Celebes
MAMMALS.GENERAL0325: TATE,G.H.H.& ARCHBOLD,R. - Twelve Apparently New Forms of Muridae (Other Than Rattus) from the Indo-Asutralian Region
CANINES150NH: JOHNSON,D.H.& SARGEANT,A.B. - Impact of Red Fox Predation on the Sex Ratio of Prarie Mallards
ICHTHYOLOGY3324: HANSON,L.H.& MANION,P.J. - Chemosterilization of the Sea Lamprey (Petro. Marinus)
INVERTEBRATES23.207: DAY,J.H.ET AL - The Benthic Fauna & Fishes of False Bay,South Africa
ORNITHOLOGY11398: MILLER,A.H.& V.D. - The Behavioral Ecology & Breeding Biology of the Andean Sparrow, Zonotrichia Capensis
ART24.951: SNOW,D.,CHISHOLM,A.H. & SOIPER,M.F. - Raymond Ching the Bird Paintings,Watercolours and Pencil Drawings/1969-1975
INVERTEBRATES8383: PATTILLO,W.H.& BECKER,E.R. - Cytochemistry of Eimeria Brunetti & E. Acervuline of the Chicken
GENERAL8265: LIN,B.-H.ET AL - Away-from-Home Foods Increasingly Important to Quality of American Diet
ENTOMOLOGY19276: RICHARDSON,C.H.& HAAS,L.E. - The Toxicity of Acid Lead Arsenate to the Larva of the Colorado Potato Beetle
ICHTHYOLOGY2699: EIGENMANN,C.H.& BEESON,C.H. - A Revision of the Fishes of the Subfamily Sebastinae of the Pacific Coast of America
BOTANY8135: TISDALE,W.H.& GRIFFITHS,M.A. - Flag Smut of Wheat & Its Control
BIOGRAPHY_1860: BISHOP,G.H.ET AL - The Excitement & Fascination of Science: A Collection of Autobiographical & Philosophical Essays
ICHTHYOLOGY93370: HARRISSON,C.M.H.& PALMER,G. - On the Neotype of Radiicephalus Elongatus Osorio with Remarks on Its Biology
ENTOMOLOGY10127: CHITTENDEN,F.H.ET AL - Some Insects Injurious to Truck Crops
BOTANY18116: SHIDELER,J.H.ET AL - A Preliminary List of References for the History of Agriculture in California
ICHTHYOLOGY4275: STROUD,R.H.& SEAMAN,E.A. - Fish Conservation Highlights for 1956
art554: GOETZMANN,W.H.& PORTER,J.C. - The West As Romantic Horzon,with Artists'Biographies by D.C. Hunt
GENERAL10296: CROWE,J.H.& CLEGG,J.S.(EDS.) - Anhydrobiosis
ENTOMOLOGY10162: DOYLE,D.& LAUFER,H. - Analysis of Secretory Processes in Depteran Salivary Glands
ARCHAEOLOGY1830: THOMAS,D.H.& MCKEE,E.H. - An Aboriginal Rock Alignment in the Toiyabe Range,Central Nevada
ICHTHYOLOGY12251: EIGENMANN,C.H.& BEAN,B.A. - An Account of Amazaon River Fishes Collected by J.B. Steere;with a Note on Pimelodus Clarias
ICHTHYOLOGY12253: ELLING,C.H.& MACY,P.T. - Pink Salmon Tagging Experiments in Icy Strait & Uppper Chatham Strait
ICHTHYOLOGY13301: GREENWOOD,P.H.ET AL - Phyletic Studies of Teleostean Fishes,with Provisional Classification of Living Forms
HERPETOLOGY19400: REICHENBACH-KLINKE,H.& ELKAN,E. - The Principle Diseases of Lower Vertebrates,Book II. Diseases of Amphibians
GENERAL7331: STAHL,E.H.& BUNT,J. - Outdoor Opportunities,the Raising & Care of Small Animals,Birds & Plants
ADVENTURE24.77: SPEARMAN,FRANK H.ET AL - Adventures in Field and Forest
ENTOMOLOGY10191: HUBBELL,T.H.& CANTRALL,I.J. - A New Species of Appalachia from Michigan 9orthoptera,Acrididae, Cyrtacanthacrinae)
ICHTHYOLOGY5304: BUCK,D.H.& THOITS,C.F. - Dynamics of One-Species Populations of Fishes in Ponds Subjected to Cropping & Additional Stocking
ARCHAEOLOGY1533: KOTHE,H.& OTTO,K.H. - Ethnographisch-Archaologische Forschungen
INVERTEBRATES2325: AHLSTROM,E.H.ET AL - High-Speed Plankton Sampler
ENTOMOLOGY24.4140: SHOREY,H.H.& MCKELVEY,J.J.JR.(EDS.) - Chemical Control of Insect Behavior,Theory and Application
ICHTHYOLOGY12226: BLAHM,T.H.ET AL - Effect of Gas Supersaturated Columbia River Water on the Survival of Juvenile & Coho Salmon
ICHTHYOLOGY22.339: HORN,M.H.& RIEGLE,K.C. - Evaporative Water Loss & Intertidal Vertical Distribution in Relation to Body Size & Morphology of Stichaeoid Fishes from California
ORNITHOLOGY24.761: BROWN,L.H.& BRITTON,P.L. - The Breeding Seasons of East African Birds
ichthyology23.112: WALBURG,C.H.& NICHOLS,P.R. - Biology and Management of the American Shad & Status of the Fisheries,Altantic Coast of the U.S. ,1960
REGIONAL20.196: FETH,J.H.ET AL - Chemical Composition of Snow in the Northern Sierra Nevada & Other Areas
INVERTEBRATES24.352: MORRIS,R.H.ET AL - Intertidal Invertebrates of California
ORNITHOLOGY11371: FRY,C.H.ET AL - Evolutionary Expositions from the Birds of Africa: Halcyon Song Phylogeny;Cuckoo Host Partitioning,Etc.
ICHTHYOLOGY13321: RICH,W.H.& BALL,E.M. - Statistical Review of the Alaska Salmon Fisheries,Part III: Prince William Sound,Copper River & Bering River
MAMMALS.GENERAL0604: OSGOOD,W.H.ET AL - Publications of Field Museum of Natural History, Zoological Series,Volume X
REGIONAL9511: BLAIR,C.H.& ANSEL,W.D. - Chesapeake Bay;Notes & Sketches,a Description of Chesapeake Bay,the Story of Man Use of It & the Factors That Threaten It
REGIONAL1505: AMIRAN,D.H.& WILSON,A.W.(EDS.) - Coastal Deserts,Their Natural & Human Environments
ENTOMOLOGY19277: RICHARDSON,C.H.ET AL - Toxic Action of Nicotines,Nornicotines & Anabasine Upon Aphis Rumicis L.
ENTOMOLOGY19278: RICHARDSON,C.H.ET AL - Penetration of Gaseous Pyridine & Nicotine Into the Bodies of Certain Insects
REGIONAL20.240: HEATON,T.H.ET AL - National Seismic System Science Plan
ORNITHOLOGY2402: JOHNSON,D.H.& SARGEANT,A.B. - Impact of Red Fox Predation on the Sex Ratio of Prarie Mallards
HERPETOLOGY7344: ERNST,C.H.ET AL - Turtles of the U.S. & Canada
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY18144: LIPPINCOTT,W.H.& WOLFSON,A.A. - A Method of Identifying Areas of Biological Concern
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY214: HARRIS,A.H.& EDDY,F.W. - Vertebrates Remains & Past Environmental Reconstruction in the Navajo Reservoir District
ORNITHOLOGY4392: MILLER,A.H.& V.D. - Behavioral Ecology & Breeding Biology of the Andean Sparrow Zonotrichia Capensis
BOTANY985: CHIPMAN,R.H.& GOODSPEED,T.H. - Inheiritance in Nicotiana Tabacum. VIII. Cytological Features of Purpurea Haploid
ENTOMOLOGY19321: TURNER,N.& WALDEN,B.H. - Some Common Household Insects & Their Control
ENTOMOLOGY13197: BROOKES,M.H.ET AL(EDS.) - The Douglas-Fir Tussock Moth,a Synthesis
REGIONAL20.481: WHITEBREAD,D.H.& HOOVER,D.B. - Preliminary Results of Geological,Geochemical & Geophysical Studies in Part of the Virginia City Quadrangle,Nevada
HERPETOLOGY8306: REICHENBACH-KLINKE,H.& ELKAN,E. - Principal Disease of Lower Vertebrates: Book III,Diseases of Reptiles
ORNITHOLOGY24.681: FRIEDMANN,H.ET AL - Distributional Check-List of the Birds of Mexico
INVERTEBRATES23.343: SCHIFF,H.ET AL - Optics,Range-Finding & Neuroanatomy of the Eye of a Mantis Shrimp, Squilla Mantis (Linaeus) (Crustacea: Stomatopoda: Squillidae)
HERPETOLOGY5290: REICHENBACH-KLINKE,H.& ELKAN,E. - Principal Diseases of Lower Vertebrates,Book III. Diseases of Reptiles
INVERTEBRATES23.352: STRATHMANN,R.,HARVEY,P.H.ET AL - Lot of 39 Scientic Offprints & Papers on Bryoza
ICHTHYOLOGY5632: GILBERT,C.H.& BURKE,C.V. - New Cyclogasterid Fishes from Japan
RODENTS9601: HUFF,M.H.ET AL - Habitat Management for Red Tree Voles in Douglas-Fir Forests
HERPETOLOGY10324: COLBERT,E.H.ET AL - Temperature Tolerances in the American Alligator & Their Bearing on the Habits,Evolution & Extinction of the Dinosaurs
HERPETOLOGY19393: HOTZ,H.ET AL - Rana Shquiperica,a New European Water Frog Species from the Adriatic Balkans (Amphibia,Salientia,Ranidae)
ENTOMOLOGY19275: RICHARDSON,C.H.& HAAS,L. - The Relative Toxicity of Pyridine & Nicotine in the Gaseous Condition to Tribolium Confusum Duval
REGIONAL20.272: KRUSE,G.H.ET AL(PEEK,F.E.)ED. - Dams Within Jurisdiction of the State of California
REGIONAL21.116: BARTELLS,J.H.ET AL - Teton Dam Flood of June 1976,Blackfoot Quadrangle,Idaho
ARCHAEOLOGY24.566: GRAVELY,F.H.& SIVARAMAMURTHI,C.ET AL - Madras Government Museum Guide to the Archaeological Galleries,an Introduction to South Indian Temple Architecture & Sculpture
ICHTHYOLOGY7371: FREY,D.H.& ROEDEL,P.M. - Tagging Experiments on the Pacific Mackerel (Pneum. Diego)
INVERTEBRATES2348: TURNER,C.H.ET AL - The Marine Environment Offshore from Pt. Loma,San Diego County
ichthyology23.121: MAXFIELD,G.H.ET AL - Laboratory Tests of an Electrical Barrier for Controlling Predation by Northern Squafish
SCIENCE24.903: GOETZ,A.F.H.& ROWAN,L.C. - Geologic Remote Sensing
ICHTHYOLOGY7743: GILBERT,C.H.& HUBBS,C.L. - Description of Hymenocephalus Tenuis,a New Macruroid Fish from the Hawiian Islands
REGIONAL12711z: BURR,W.H.& GORGAN,W.C. - The Present Aspects of the Panama Canal (with) Sanitation of the Panama Canal Zone
PALEONTOLOGY18499: COLLINSON,C.& SCHWALB,H. - North American Paleozoic Chitinozoa
PALEONTOLOGY12509: MITCHELL,E.& TEDFORD,R.H. - The Enaliarctinae,a New Group of Extinct Aquatic Carnivora & a Consideration of the Origin of the Otariidae
ENTOMOLOGY9173: FOOTE,R.H.& BLANC,F.L. - The Fruit Flies or Tephritidae of California
INVERTEBRATES1340: WAGENER,E.H.& KOCH,D.A. - The Biological Relationship of Leishmania & Certain Herpetomonads
SCIENCE20.637: VAN SICKLE,G.H.& LAKIN,H.W. - An Atomic-Absorption Method for the Determination of Gold in Large Samples of Geologic Materials
ICHTHYOLOGY10373: BANNER,A.H.ET AL - Fish Intoxication,Notes on Ciguatera - Its Mode of Action & a Suggested Therapy
WATERFOWL24.765: JOHNSON,D.H.& SARGEANT,A.B. - Impact of Red Fox Predation on the Sex Ratio of Prarie Mallards
ICHTHYOLOGY23.565: ARMSTRONG,R.H.& MORTON,W.M. - Revised Annotated Bibliography on the Dolly Varden Char
ENTOMOLOGY19.96: BATCHELDER,C.H.ET AL - European Corn Borer Investigations,Experiments with Insecticides on Early Sweet Corn
ICHTHYOLOGY24.8876: PEARSE,P.H.& LAUB,M.E. - The Value of the Kootenay Lake Sport Fishery,an Economic Analysis
GENERAL16226: HOSOKAWA,H.ET AL - Lot of 3 Scholarly Papers on Cellula,Comparative Cell Sizes
ORNITHOLOGY4426: WAUER,R.H.& CARTER,D.L. - Birds of Zion National Park & Vicinity
ICHTHYOLOGY22.382: WISE,H.H.& LAMALLE,C. - Fish & Seafood,Stream,Lake & Ocen Varities,Recipe Cards
BOTANY24.82: HOLMGREN,A.H.& REVEAL,J.L. - Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Intermountain Region
REGIONAL20.363: RICHTER,D.H.ET AL - Mineral Resources of the Antelope Wilderness Study Area,Socorro County,New Mexico
REGIONAL20.364: RICHTER,D.H.ET AL - The Conterminous U.S. Mineral Assessment Program: Background Information to Accompany Folio of Geologic & Mineral Resources Maps of the Sivler City 1 X 2 Quadrangle,New Mexico & Arizona
BOTANY24.612: BAILEY,L.H.& E.Z.(EDS.) - Hortus Second,a Concise Dictionary of Gardening,General Horticulture and Cultivated Plants in North America
ORNITHOLOGY24.821: FRIEDMANN,H.ET AL - Distributional Check-List of the Birds of Mexico,Parts 1 & 2
RODENTS22.614: HAYNES,A.& RIGDON,R.H. - A Statistical Study of the Number of White Blood Cells in the Blood of the Rabbit
MARINE.MAMMALS9395: SMITH,A.H.& PACE,N. - Differential Component & Organ Size Relationship Among Whales
PALEONTOLOGY11439: BARBOUR,E.H.& SCHULTZ,C.B. - An Early Pleistocene Fauna from Nebraska
REGIONAL21.115: BARTELLS,J.H.ET AL - Teton Dam Flood of June 1976,Rose Quadrangle,Idaho
GENERAL3181: EISENTRAUT,M.& WOLF,H. - Bonner Zoologische Beitrage
GENERAL22.286: LOVTRUP,H.ET AL - Lactate - a Suppressor of Differentiation in Embryonic Cells
SCIENCE13676: WITKOWSKI,B.& GORE,J.H. - History of Geodetic Operations in Russia
RODENTS6612: KRICHESKY,B.& MANDEL,H. - The Golgi Apparatus in Uterine Gland Cells During Pregnancy in the Rabbit
REGIONAL20.229: HANSEN,G.H.& BELL,M.M.(EDS.) - The Oil & Gas Possibilities of Utah
ORNITHOLOGY11379: HEILBRUN,L.H.ET AL(EDS.) - The Eighty-First Audubon Christmas Bird Count
ORNITHOLOGY93533: RIDGWAY,R.& FRIEDMANN,H. - The Birds of North & Middle America,Etc. Pt. IX: The Cranes,Rails,Coots,Gallinules,Sun-Grebes & Sun-Bitterns
REGIONAL23.721: PORTLAND SOCIETY N.H.(EDS.) - Proceedings of the Portland Society of Natural History,Vol. 1,Part 2
SCIENCE15673: TAFT,W.H.& HARBAUGH,J.W. - Modern Carbonate Sediments of Southern Florida, Bahamas & Espiritu Santo Island,Baja California;a Comparison of Their Mineralogy & Chemistry
REGIONAL8573: LINDSAY,E.H.ET AL - Magnetic Polarity Zonation & Biostrategraphy of Late Cretaceous & Paleocene Contintental Deposits,San Juan Basin,New Mexico
REGIONAL11528: CURTIS,G.H.ET AL - Age Determination of Some Granitic Rocks of California by the Potassium-Argon Method
PALEONTOLOGY13437: HOFFMAN,A.& NITECKI,M.H.(EDS.) - Probelmatic Fossil Taxa
REGIONAL21.360: MOENCH,R.H.ET AL - Geologic Map of the la Gotera Quadrangle,Sandoval & Valencia Counties,New Mexico
REGIONAL21.361: MOENCH,R.H.ET AL - Geologic Map of the Mesa Gigante Quadrangle,New Mexico
REGIONAL21.362: MOENCH,R.H.ET AL - Geologic Map of the la Gotera Quadrangle,Sandoval & Valencia Counties,New Mexico
REGIONAL21.363: MOENCH,R.H.ET AL - Geologic Map of the Arch Mesa Quadrangle,New Mexico
ENTOMOLOGY23.88: PRICE,D.W.,CROWE,J.H.ET AL - Lot of 70 Scientific Offprints & Papers on Arachnida
HERPETOLOGY24.283: ERNST,C.H.& BARBOUR,R.W. - Turtles of the World
SCIENCE9614: AHRENS,L.H.ET AL(EDS.) - Physics & Chemistry of the Earth,Vol. 1
HERPETOLOGY7360: VAN MIEROP,L.H.& BARNARD,S.M. - Further Observations on Thermoregulation in the Brooding Female Python Molurus Bivittatus (Serp. Boidae)
ORNITHOLOGY22.466: PHELPS,W.H.ET AL - Lista de Las Aves de Venezuela Con Su Distribucion,Part 2,Passerformes
ORNITHOLOGY22.467: PHELPS,W.H.ET AL - Lista de Las Aves de Venezuela Con Su Distribucion,Tomo II,Parte I,No Passeriformes
REGIONAL3602: MERRIAM,C.H.ET AL - Transactions of the Linnaean Society of N.Y. ,the Vertebrates of the Adirondack Region,N.E. New York (with) Papers on the Fish Crow & Summer Birds of the Catskills by Dutcher & Bicknell
REGIONAL21.423: RADBRUCH,D.H.& WENTWORTH,C.M. - Extimated Relative Abundance of Landslides in the San Francisco Bay Region,California
REGIONAL9556: NELSON,C.H.ET AL - Cenozoic Sedimentary & Tectonic History of the Bering Sea
REGIONAL9573: ROGERS,T.H.& ARMSTRONG,C.F. - Preliminary Report 17: Environmental Geologic Analysis of the Monte Bello Ridge Mountain Study Are,Santa Clara County,Calif.
GEOLOGY24.571: MOFFIT,R.H.& KNOPF,A. - Mineral Resources of Alaska Report on Progress of Inestigations in 1908. D. -Copper River Region
REGIONAL20.415: STEWART,J.H.& MCKEE,E.H. - Favorable Areas for Prospecting Adjacent to the Roberts Mountains Thrust in Southern Lander County, Nevada
WATERFOWL24.99465: JOHNSON,D.H.& BRIER,J.W. - Determinants of Breeding Distributions of Ducks
BOTANY5102: PANETSOS,C.& BAKER,H. - The Origin of Variation in "Wild" Raphanus Sativus (Cruciferae)in Calif.
PRIMATES3537: BOURNE,G.H.& COHEN,M. - The Gentle Giants,the Gorilla Story
ichthyology23.622: ERASLAN,A.H.ET AL - A Computer Simulation Model for the Striped Bass Young of-the Year Population in the Hudson River
REGIONAL13469: ARNOLD,R.& HANNIBAL,H. - The Marine Tertiary Stratigraphy of the North Pacific Coast of America
REGIONAL630NH: JOERN,A.& KEELER,K.H.(EDS.) - The Changing Prarie,North American Grasslands
ENTOMOLOGY0149: RINDGE,R.H.& SMITH,C.I. - A Revision of the Genus Annaphila Grote (Lepidoptera,Phalaenidae)
BOTANY1160: LAUDE,H.H.ET AL - Control of Weeds in Rice Fields
ICHTHYOLOGY2274: BEAN,T.H.& B.A. - Fishes Collected at Bering & Copper Islands by L. Stejneger Et Al (with) Notes on Fishes Collected in Kamchatka & Japan,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY24.213: ROBINSON,M.H.& B. - The Ecology & Behavior of Nephila Maculata,a Supplement
INVERTEBRATES93416: SAWYER,R.H.& SHOWMAN,R.M.(EDS.) - The Cellular & Molecular Biology of Invertebrate Development
ORNITHOLOGY1378: FRY,C.H.ET AL - A New Subspecies of Acrocephalus Baeticatus from Lake Chad & a Taxonomic Reappraisal of Acrocephalus Dumetorum
art656: HINES,B.[KALLMAN,H.ET AL]EDS. - Restoring America's Wildlife 1937-1987
BOTANY19.48: DAWSEY,L.H.ET AL - The Relative Quantities of Oil Deposited Upon Paraffin-Cated Plates & on Plant Foliage by Oil Sprays
ARCHERY24.998: LAKE,F.& WRIGHT,H. - Bibliography of Archery
SCIENCE20.570: HEATON,T.H.ET AL - National Seismic System Science Plan
REGIONAL21.123: BILLINGSLEY,G.H.ET AL - Geologic Map of the Littlefield 30' X 60' Quadrangle,Mohave County,N.W. Arizona
ENTOMOLOGY13206: HUNT,M.H.& SON(EDS.) - Root's Bee-Keepers Supplies 1879 1914 (Catalog)
REGIONAL21.397: PETERSON,D.H.ET AL - Distribution of Lead & Copper in Surface Sediments in the San Francisco Bay Estuary,California,Etc. Map Mf-323
REGIONAL661NH: OSGOOD,W.H.ET AL - The Fur Seals & Other Life of the Priblof Islands, Alaska in 1914
UNGULATES15688: LANG,E.M.,ROBBINS,CHAS.,BARD,J.B.L.,FREEMAN,G.H.ET AL - Lot of 51 Scholarly Papers on Growth & Development of Order Proposcidae,Perissodactyla,Artiodactyla, Sub-Order Ruminantia
ENTOMOLOGY22.147: FERNALD,C.H.& KIRKLAND,A.H. - The Brown-Tailed Moth (Euproctis Chrysorrhoea,L. ),a Report on the Life History & Habits of the Imported Brown-Tail Moth,Etc.
UNGULATES3674: MCEWAN,E.H.ET AL - Lot of 4 Scholarly Papers on Caribou & Reindeer
PALEONTOLOGY9478: OSTROM,J.H.& MCINTOSH,J.S. - Marsh's Dinosaurs,the Collection from Como Bluff
PALEONTOLOGY17531: TSCHUDY,R.H.ET AL - Palynological Evaluation of Cedar Mountain & Burro Canyon Formations,Colorado Plateau
REGIONAL2538: KOSWCHMANN,A.H.& BERGENDAHL,M.H. - Principal Gold-Producing Districts of the U.S.
REGIONAL20.280: LANGER,W.H.& GLANZMAN,V.M. - Natural Aggregate,Building America's Future
ORNITHOLOGY6489: SALVIN,F.H.& BRODRICK,W. - Falconry in the British Isles
ORNITHOLOGY8423: FRIEDMAN,H.ET AL - Pca No. 29: Distributional Check-List of the Birds of Mexico,Pt. I
PALEONTOLOGY0369: COLBERT,E.H.& MOOK,C.C. - The Ancestral Crocodilian Protosuchus
PALEONTOLOGY17411: DUNCAN,H.ET AL - Bighornia,a New Ordovician Coral Genus Et Al
REGIONAL20.193: EYCHANER,J.H.ET AL - Chemical,Geologic & Hydrologic Data from the Study of Acidic Contamination in the Miami Wash-Pinal Creek Area,Arizona,Water Years 1984-1987
ICHTHYOLOGY2659: BEAN,T.H.& B.A. - Note on Oxycottus Acuticeps (Gilbert) from Sitka & Kadiak,Alaska
PALEONTOLOGY19560: JOHNSON,J.H.& FERRIS,B.J. - Tertiary & Pleistocene Coralline Algae from Lau,Fiji
REGIONAL21.505: STEWART,J.H.ET AL - Sources of Data for Geologic Map of Nevada
ORNITHOLOGY24.5531: HAAGNER,ALWIN - Some Remarks on the Protective Resemblance of South African Birds
PALEONTOLOGY1438: HAAS,O. - Intraspecific Variation in & Ontogeny of,Prionotyopis Woollgari & Prionocyclus Wyomingensis
UNGULATES1608: HAAS,V.G. - Untersuchungen Uber Angeborene Verhaltensweisen Bei Mahnenspringern (Ammotragus Lervia Pallas)
PALEONTOLOGY0381: HAAS,O. - Mesozoic Invertebrate Faunas of Peru: Pts. 1 & 2: General Introduction of Triassic Gastropods from Central Peru
PALEONTOLOGY0382: HAAS,O. - Revision of the Jurasic Ammonite Fauna of Mt. Hermon, Syria
PALEONTOLOGY0383: HAAS,O. - Acanthoceratid Ammonoidea from Near Greybull,Wyoming
PALEONTOLOGY0384: HAAS,O. - The Vernay Collection of Cretaceous (Albian) Ammonities from Angola
INVERTEBRATES24.588: HABE,DR.T. - Shells of the Western Pacific in Color,Volume II
CANINES24.8854: HABERLEIN,E.F. - The Amateur Trainer,Force System without the Whip
ornithology24.6001: HACHISUKA,M.U. - A Comparative Hand List of the Birds of Japan & the British Isles
MAMMALS.GENERAL3393: HADEK,R. - Mammalian Fertilization,an Atlas of Ultrastructure
ORNITHOLOGY5409: HADLEY,A.H. - Birds of Indiana
GENERAL18260: HAECKEL,ERNEST - Naturliche Schopfungsgeschichte Zweiter Teil
GENERAL18261: HAECKEL,E. - Vortrage Und Abhandlungen
GENERAL15255: HAECKEL,E. - Die Veltratfel
GENERAL16216: HAECKER,V. - Allgemeine Verebungslehre
GENERAL19376: HAFEZ,E.S.E. - The Behaviour of Domestic Animals
BIOGRAPHY4614: HAGEDORN,H. - The Roosevelt Family of Sagamore Hill
BIOGRAPHY883: VON HAGEN,V.W. - Frederick Catherwood Archt.
MEDICAL23.782: HAGEN,P.T.(ED.) - Mayo Clinic Guide to Self-Care;Answers to Everyday Health Problems
GENERAL0201: HAGENBECK,J. - Aud'in Aug'Mit 1000 Tieren
art595: HAGERBAUMER,D. - Waterfowling These Past Fifty Years,Especially Brant
art596: HAGERBAUMER,D. - Waterfowling These Past Fifty Years,Especially Brant
art1670: DAVID HAGERBAUMER & SAM LEHMAN - Selected American Game Birds
GENERAL16217: HAGERMAN,D.D. - An Introduction to Some Concepts of Molecular Biology
ICHTHYOLOGY22.335: HAGERMAN,F.B. - The Biology of the Dover Sole,Microstomus Facificus (Lockington)
BIG.GAME24.8873: HAGIE,C.E. - How to Hunt North American Big Game
MAMMALS.GENERAL19504: HAHN,W.L. - Notes on Mammals of the Kankakee Valley
GENERAL10301: HAHN,E. - Animal Gardens,or Zoos Around the World
ART24.446: HAHN,JIM(ED.) - Decoy & Woodcarving Supplies (Catalog)
art599: HAHN,W.[ARKELIAN,M.D.] - William Hahn,Genre Painter 1829-1887
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BOTANY7156: HOWELL,J.T. - Marin Flora,Manual of the Flowering Plants & Ferns of Marin County,California
BOTANY7157: HOWELL,J.T. - The Genus Pogogyne (with) a Great Basin Species of Physocarpus
EVOLUTION15214: HOWELLS,W.(ED.) - Ideas on Human Evolution,Selected Essays 1949-1961
REGIONAL4515: HOWELLS,V. - A Naturalist in Palestine
ICHTHYOLOGY4259: HOWES,G. - Anatomy & Phylogeny of the Chinese Major Carps, Cten. Steind. ,1866 & Hypophthyal. Blkr. ,1860
BOTANY6115: HOWES,P.G. - The Giant Cactus Forest & Its World,a Brief Biology of the Giant Cactus Forest of Our American Southwest
REGIONAL24.154: HOWISON,JOHN - Sketches of Upper Canada,Domestic,Local and Characteristic,Etc.
INVERTEBRATES1309: HOWITT,B.F. - The Cultivation of Endamoeba Gingivalis (Gros)
ARCHAEOLOGY14674: HOWORTH,H. - The Methods of Archaeological Research
INVERTEBRATES2337: HOWORTH,P.C. - The Abalone Book
MARINE.MAMMALS5379: HOYT,E. - The Whales of Canada
MARINE.MAMMALS93457: HOYT,E. - Seasons of the Whale,Riding the Currents of the North Atlantic
MARINE.MAMMALS0330: HOYT,E. - Orca,the Whale Called Killer
ENTOMOLOGY22.173: HOYT,E. - The Earth Dwellers: Adventures in the Land of Ants
INVERTEBRATES7756: HOZAWA,S. - Report on the Calcareous Sponges Collected During 1906 by the U.S. Fisheries Steamer Albatross in the Northwestern Pacific
REGIONAL21.311: HOZLE,A.F. - Photogeologic Map of the Cabezon-3 Quadrangle,Mckinley & Sandoval Counties,New Mexico
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY19.06: HRDLICK,A. - Report on an Additional Collection of Skeletal Remains,from Arkanasas & Louisiana
BIOGRAPHY7115: HRDLICKA,A. - Alaska Diary 1926-1931
biography24.1026: HRDLICKA,A. - Medical and Anthropological Publications by Ales Hrdlicka
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY12703: HRDLICKA,A. - The Painting of Human Bones Among the Indians of Northern Mexico
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY1684: HRDLICKA,A. - Measurements of the Cranial Fossae
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY1651: HRDLICKA,A. - Brains & Brain Preservatives
anthropology.ethnology24.1025: ALEX HRDLICKA - Physical Anthropology in America
GENERAL2634: HRDLICKA,A. - Brain Weight in Vertebrates
PRIMATES3540: HRDY,S.B. - The Langurs of Abu,Female & Male Strategies of Reproduction
PRIMATES6531: HRDY,S.B. - The Langurs of Abu,Female & Male Strategies of Reproduction
PRIMATES7573: HRDY,S.B. - The Langurs of Abu,Female & Male,Strategies of Reproduction
REGIONAL20.252: HUBBARD,C.R. - Geology & Mineral Resources of Nez Perce County
REGIONAL20.253: HUBBARD,C.R. - Clay Deposits of North Idaho
BIOGRAPHY053: HUBBARD,E. - Little Journeys to Homes of Great Scientists: Huxley
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY4114: HUBBARD,D.H. - The Vertebrate Animals of Friant Reservoir Basin with Special Reference to the Possible Effects Upon Them of the Friant Dam
BIOGRAPHY052: HUBBARD,E. - Little Journeys to Homes of Great Scientists: Tyndall
BIOGRAPHY688: HUBBARD,E. - Little Journeys to Homes of Great Scientists: (A.R. ) Wallace
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY15720: HUBBARD,G.G. - The Japanese Nation-a Typle Product of Environment
ENTOMOLOGY93194: HUBBELL,S. - A Book of Bees
ENTOMOLOGY18175: HUBBELL,S. - Broadsides from the Other Orders,a Book of Bugs
ICHTHYOLOGY2300: HUBBS,C.L. - Crossochir Koelzi,a New Californian Surf-Fish of the Family Embiotocidae
ICHTHYOLOGY5319: HUBBS,C.L. - Materials for Revision of Catostomid Fishes of East. North America
ICHTHYOLOGY5320: HUBBS,C.L. - Notes on the Marine Fishes of California
ICHTHYOLOGY12295: HUBBS,C.L. - A Systematic Study of Two Carolinian Minnows,Notropis Scepticus & Altipinnis
ichthyology23.567: HUBBS,CLARK - A Checklist of Texas Freshwater Fishes
ICHTHYOLOGY93375: HUBBS,C.L. - Phylogenetic Position of the Citharidae,a Family of Flatfishes
ICHTHYOLOGY12294: HUBBS,C.L. - A Contribution to the Classification of the Blenniod Fishes of the Family Clinidae,with Partial Revision of the Eastern Pacific Forms
ICHTHYOLOGY3329: HUBBS,C.L. - Notes on the Marine Fishes of California

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