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GENERAL3179: DURDEN,K. - A Fine & Peaceful Kingdom
SCIENCE24.896: DURHAM,J.W. - The "Drifting" Continents";Theories on Floating Lands Vary Widely
ENTOMOLOGY6158: DURKS,B.D. - Species of Spalangia Latreille in the U.S. National Museum Collection (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae)
RODENTS10635: DURRANT,S.D. - The Pocket Gophers (Genus Thomomys) of Utah
GENERAL1199: DURRELL,G. - The Ark's Anniversary
GENERAL22.272: DURRELL,G. - Birds,Beasts & Realtives
GENERAL11150: DURRELL,G. - The Stationary Ark
HERPETOLOGY93317: DUSTIN,A.-P. - Contribution a L'Etude Du Thymus Des Reptiles. Cellules Ephitheloides,Cellules Myoides Et Corps de Hassal
PALEONTOLOGY0373: DUTRO,J.T.JR.(ED.) - Paleozoic Perspectives,a Palentological Tribute to G. Arthur Cooper
ENTOMOLOGY14312: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - New Hemiptera from Western North America
ENTOMOLOGY14313: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - Characters of 24 New Species of Hemiptera from the Galapagos Islands & the Coast & Islands of Central America & Mexico
ENTOMOLOGY14314: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - New Hemipterous Insects of the Genera Aradus,Phytocoris & Camptobrochys
ENTOMOLOGY14315: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - Characters of Some New Species of North American Hemipterous Insects,with One New Genus
ENTOMOLOGY14316: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - The Templeton Crocker Expedition of the California Academy of Sciences,1932. Characters of Twenty-Four New Species of Hemiptera from the Galapagos Islands,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY14318: VAN DUZEE,M.C. - Expedition,Etc. To the Gulf of California in 1921,New Dolichopodidae (Long-Legged Flies)
ENTOMOLOGY14319: VAN DUZEE,M.C. - A Contribution to Our Knowledge of the North American Conopidae (Diptera)
ENTOMOLOGY14320: VAN DUZEE,M.C. - Scellus Virago Aldrich (a Two-Winged Fly & Two Forms Closely Related to It
ENTOMOLOGY14321: VAN DUZEE,M.C. - A Contribution to Our Knowledge of the North American Conopidae (Diptera)
ENTOMOLOGY14322: VAN DUZEE,M.C. - The Templeton Crocker Expedition,Etc. To the Galapagos Islands,1932: No. 7 Dolichopodidae & Phoridae
ENTOMOLOGY14307: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - Monograph of the North American Species of Orthotylus (Hemiptera)
ENTOMOLOGY14304: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - New Hemipterous Insects of the Genera Aradus, Phytocoris & Camptobrochys
ENTOMOLOGY14305: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - Report Upon a Collection of Hemiptera Made by W.M. Giffard in 1916 & 1917,Chiefly in California
ENTOMOLOGY14310: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - The Hemiptera of the Templeton Crocker Expedition to Polynesia in 1934-35
ENTOMOLOGY14306: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - New Species of Hemiptera Chiefly from California
ENTOMOLOGY14311: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - The Templeton Crocker Expedition to the Galapagos ,1932: No. 12 the Diurnal Lepidoptera,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY14308: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - Expedition,Etc. To the Gulf of California in 1921: The Hemiptera (True Bugs,Etc. )
ENTOMOLOGY14309: VAN DUZEE,E.P. - Characters of Some New Species of North American Hemipterous Insects,with One New Genus
ORNITHOLOGY11367: DWIGHT,J. - The Geographical Distribution of Color & Other Variable Character in the Genus Junco,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY5620: DYAR,H.G. - Descriptions of New Species & Genera of Lepidoptera,Chiefly from Mexico
ENTOMOLOGY7749: DYAR,H.G. - Descriptions of New Lepidoptera from Mexico
ENTOMOLOGY14198: DYAR,H.G. - The Mosquites of the United States
ENTOMOLOGY1681: DYAR,H.G. - Report on the Mosquitoes of the Coast Region of California,with Descriptions of New Species
REGIONAL19616: THISELTON-DYER,W.T. - On the Supposed Tertiary Antarctic Continent
BOTANY13657: THISELTON-DYER,W.T. - Botanical Biology
BOTANY15710: THISELTON-DYER,W.T. - Botanical Work of the British Association
REGIONAL3574: DYHRENFURTH,G.O.(MERRICK,H.)TRANS. - To the Third Pole,the History of the High Himalaya
MISC.1114: VAN DYKE,H. - The Broken Soldier & the Maid of France
ENTOMOLOGY14324: VAN DYKE,E.C. - Contributions Toward a Knowledge of the Insect Fauna of Lower California,No. 3. Coleoptera: Buprestidae
ENTOMOLOGY22.229: VAN DYKE,E.C. - The Coleoptera of the Galapagos Islands
ENTOMOLOGY10259: VAN DYKE,E.C. - Contributions Toward a Knowledge of the Insect Fauna of Lower California,No. 3, Coloptera: Buprestidae
FISHING24.7732: VAN DYKE,HENRY - Little Rivers
FISHING24.8875: VAN DYKE,H. - Fisherman's Luck and Some Other Uncertain Things
GENERAL93269: DYKES,J. - Catalog 23,Western Wildlife
GENERAL24.883: DYMOND,J.R.(ED.) - Fish and Wildlife,a Memorial to W.J. K. Harkness
BOTANY12774: DYMOND,J.R. - (Grain) Elevator Screenings; Their Source & Composition & Certain Problems Conncected with Their Disposal & Use
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY21.77: DYRNESS,C.T. - Mass Soil Movements in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest
REGIONAL8555: DYSON,J. - The Hot Arctic
REGIONAL11536: DYSON,J.L. - Glaciers & Glaciation in Glacier National Park
REGIONAL21.658: POWELL,R.E.ET AL - Mineral Resource Potential Map,Sugarloaf Roadless Area,California
REGIONAL24.587: KOCHER.A.E.& YOUNGS,F.O. - Soil Survey of the Palo Verde Area California
REGIONAL20.331: NEEDHAM,C.E.& BURANEK,A.M. - Metal Mining in Utah Since the Depression & Through the Post-War Years 1935 to 1950,a Statistical Survey
REGIONAL20.191: ERICKSEN,G.E.ET AL - Mineral Resources of Teh Black Range Primitive Area, Grant,Sierra & Catron Counties,New Mexico
WATERFOWL1378: ADDY,C.E.& MACNAMARA,L.G. - Waterfowl Managment on Small Areas,Parts I & II
BOTANY19.41: BALL,W.E.& FRENCH,O.C. - Sulfuric Acid for Control of Weeds
SCIENCE001ASH: BREYER,D.E.ET AL - Design of Wood Structures - Asd
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.177: MARAIS,E.& HOLM,E. - Type Catalogue and Bibliography of the Cetoniinae of Sub-Saharan Africa
ENTOMOLOGY19.109: BRITTON,W.E.ET AL(EDS.) - 28th,29th,30th,31st,38th & 43rd Reports of the Connecticut State Entomologist
ORNITHOLOGY16410: DAVIS,D.E.ET AL(WOLFSON,A.)ED. - Recent Studies in Avian Biology
MARINE.MAMMALS9394: REYNOLD,J.E.& ODELL,D.K. - Manatees & Dugongs
INVERTEBRATES6405: YOUNG,R.E.& ROPER,C.F.E. - Monograph of Cephalopoda of the No. Atlantic: Family Cycloteuthidae
INVERTEBRATES6406: YOUNG,R.E.& ROPER,C.F.E. - Monograph of Cephalopoda of the No. Atlantic: Family Joubiniteuthidae
ichthyology23.994: SNEED,K.E.& DUPREE,H.K. - An Electrical Oxygen-Termperature Meter for Fishery Biologists
INVERTEBRATES23.177: BOWMAN,T.E.& TAREEN,I.U. - Cymothoidae from Fishes of Kuwait (Arabian Gulf) (Crustacea: Isopoda)
INVERTEBRATES23.269: KING,C.E.& KORNICKER,L.S. - Ostracoda in Texas Bays & Lagoons: An Ecologial Study
SCIENCE13614: GOODSPEED,G.E.& FULLER,R.E. - The Journal of Geology,Vol. 52,No. 4. Replacement Aplite Breccia
REGIONAL24.525: STORIE,R.E.& CARPENTER,E.J. - Soil Survey of the Oceanside Area,California
REGIONAL24.526: STORIE,R.E.ET AL - Soils of Imperial East Mesa,Imperial County, California
GENERAL4183: GRUNSKY,C.E.& EVERMANN,B.W.(EDS.) - Reports of the President & Director of California Academy of Sciences for Years 1919,1922,1925,1926
HERPETOLOGY3262: LEVITON,A.E.& TANNER,W.W. - The Generic Allocation of Hypsiglena Slevini Tanner (Serpentes: Colubridae)
INVERTEBRATES5351: MACGINTIE,G.E.& N. - Natural History of Marine Animals
HERPETOLOGY16265: BUCKLEY,E.E.& PORGES,N.(EDS.) - Venoms,Papers Presented at the First International Conference on Venoms,Dec. 27-30,1954,Etc.
REGIONAL10574: FERNOW,B.E.ET AL - Forest Conditions of Nova Scotia
REGIONAL21.284: HARRISON,J.E.ET AL - Geologic & Structure Maps of Kalispell 1o X 2o Quadrangle,Montana & Alberta & British Columbia
REGIONAL21.285: HARRISON,J.E.ET AL - Geologic & Structure Maps of the Wallace 1o X 2o Quadrangle,Montana & Idaho
REGIONAL21.286: HARRISON,J.E.ET AL - Geologic & Structure Maps of the Kalispell 1o X 2o Quadrangle,Montana,Alberta & British Columbia
REGIONAL20.180: DOLLARHIDE,W.E.ET AL - Soil Survey of Fallon-Fernley Area,Nevada,Parts of Churchill,Lyon,Storey & Washoe Counties
ORNITHOLOGY93513: HILL,L.& WOOD,E. - Birdland,the Story of a World Famous Bird Sanctuary
SCIENCE20.519: BERGQUIST,W.E.ET AL - Worldwide Directory of National Earth-Science Agencies
SCIENCE20.521: BIESECKER,H.E.& LEIFESTE,D.K. - Part E. Water Quality of Hydrologic Bench Marks - an Indicator of Water Quality in the Natural Environment
SCIENCE0605: SALTZMAN,B.E.ET AL(EDS.) - Selected Methods for the Measurement of Air Pollutants
REGIONAL20.204: FOX,J.E.ET AL - A Study of Reservoir Characteristics of the Nanushuk & Colville Groups,Umiat Test Well 11,National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska
REGIONAL20.259: JENNINGS,M.E.& YOTSUKURA,N. - Status of Surface-Water Modeling in the U.S. Geological Survey
REGIONAL93659: QUINLAN,S.E.ET AL - A Guide to Wildlife Viewing in Alaska
REGIONAL15615: RITTER,W.E.ET AL - Papers on the Exploration of the North Pacific Ocean
REGIONAL21.224: DUTTON,C.E.ET AL - Map Showing Precambrian Geology of the Menominee Iron-Bearing District & Vicinty,Michigan & Wisconsin
REGIONAL21.601: UNTERMANN,G.E.& B.R.ET AL - Geologic Map of Uintah County,Utah: North Half
ORNITHOLOGY16393: AXELL,H.& HOSKING,E. - Minsmere,Portrait of a Bird Reserve
ORNITHOLOGY13379: DELACOUR,J.& MAYR,E. - Birds of the Philippines
ICHTHYOLOGY5329: MCINERNEY,J.E.& EVANS,D.O. - Action Spectrum of Photoperiod Mechanism Controlling Sexual Maturaton in the Threespine Stickleback,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY6181: MACHADO-ALLISON,C.E.ET AL - Notes on Neotropical Mesostigmata VI: Four New Venezuelan Species of the Genus Periglischrus (Acarina: Spinturnicidae)
INVERTEBRATES23.337: ROPER,C.F.E.& YOUNG,R.E. - Vertical Distribution of Pelagic Cephalopods
ENTOMOLOGY13201: EVANS,H.E.& O'NEILL,K.M. - The Natural History & Behavior of North American Beewolves
BIOGRAPHY1653: S.F.E. - Gene Statton-Porter,a Little Story of the Life & Work & Ideals of "the Bird Woman"
GENERAL242NH: AKIN,D.E.ET AL(EDS.) - Microbial & Plant Opportunities to Improve Lignocellulose Utilization by Ruminants
BIOGRAPHY1129: BADEN-POWELL,PROF.,MAILLY,E.& DUMAS,M. - La Place. Eulogy by Arago Before the French Academy (with) on Quetelet: Abstract of an Essay Upon His Life & Works (with) Eulogy on Arthur Auguste de la Rive
ORNITHOLOGY16407: CHEESMAN,R.E.& SCLATER,W.L. - On a Collection of Birds from North-Western Abyssinia
FISHING24.61321: TRYCKARE,T.& CAGNER,E. - The Lore of Sportfishing
INVERTEBRATES8360: BYRD,E.E.& MAPLES,W.P. - The Glypthelminths (Trematoda: Digenea),with a Redescription of One Species and the Erection of a New Genus
HERPETOLOGY14400: RUSSELL,F.E.& SCHARFFENBERG,R.S. - Bibliography of Snake Venoms & Venomous Snakes
ICHTHYOLOGY7384: MILLIKAN,A.E.ET AL - The Puget Sound Hake Fishery,Etc.
BIOGRAPHY1484: TARIRI & WALLIS,E.E. - Tariri,My Story from Jungle Killer to Christian Missionary
BIOGRAPHY80NH: BLACKWELDER,R.E.& R.M. - Directory of Zoological Taxonomists of the World
ARCHAEOLOGY932: VALCAREL,L.E.,YACOVLEFF,E.ET AL - Revista Del Museo Nacional,Tomo 1,No. 2
ARCHAEOLOGY933: VALCAREL,L.E.,YACOVLEFF,E.ET AL - El Gato de Agua Sus Representaciones En Puraka Y Nska Et Al
BOTANY12889: SAUNTERS,C.E.& MOE,G.G. - Some Observations on the Inheritance of Awns & Hoods in Barley
ENTOMOLOGY.BOTANY19.147: EBELING,W.& WAGNER,R.E. - Physiohemical Mechanisms for the Removal of Insect Wax by Means of Finely Divided Powders,Etc.
BOTANY119NH: CLEMENTS,F.E.& E.S. - Rocky Mountain Flowers,an Illustrated Guide for Plant-Lovers & Plant-Users
ENTOMOLOGY194NH: KLOTS,A.& E. - Insects of North America
ENTOMOLOGY14265: MICHELBACHER,A.E.& ROSS,E.S. - Contributions Toward a Knowledge of the Inscect Fauna of Lower California: No. 1 Introductory Account
ENTOMOLOGY14266: MICHELBACHER,A.E.& ROSS,E.S. - Contributions Toward a Knowledge of the Insect Fauna of Lower California
BIOGRAPHY174: HILL,L.& WOOD,E. - Penguin Millionaire,the Story of Birdland
INVERTEBRATES405NH: SHELFORD,V.E.& TOWLER,E.D. - Animal Communities of the San Juan Channel & Adjacent Areas
ichthyology23.638: THOMAS,A.E.& SHELTON,J.M. - Operation of Abernathy Channel for Incubation of Salmon Eggs
BOTANY1497: EYLES,D.E.& ROBERTSON,J.L. - A Guide & Key to the Aquatic Plants of the S.E. United States
BOTANY986: COIT,J.E.& HODGSON,R.W. - An Investigation of the Abnormal Shedding of Young Fruits of the Washington Navel Oranges
EVOLUTION16183: MAYR,E.ET AL - Lot of 9 Scholarly Articles on Evolution by Leading Writers
MARINE.MAMMALS4329: REYNOLDS,J.E.& ODELL,D.K. - Manatees & Dugongs
ENTOMOLOGY8176: CANTWELL,G.E.ET AL - The Histopathological Effects of Certain Carcinogenic 2-Flourenamine Deritives on Larvae of the House Fly
BIOGRAPHY191: TREFFLICH,H.& ANTHONY,E. - Jungle for Sale,Amierca's Leading Wild-Animal Dealer Tells His Story
INVERTEBRATES9347: RITTER,W.E.& DAVIS,B.M. - Studies on the Ecology,Morphology & Speciology of the Young of Some Enteropneusta of Western No. America
INVERTEBRATES24.562: MARCUS,E.& E. - American Opisthobranch Mollusks
ICHTHYOLOGY16288: HINEGARDNER,R.& ROSEN,D.E. - Cellular Dna Content & the Evolution of Teleostean Fishes
ENTOMOLOGY9200: SNODGRASS,R.E.ET AL(CLARKE,J.F.G.ET AL)EDS. - Studies in Invertebrate Morphology
ENTOMOLOGY93197: KILGORE,W.E.& DOUTT,R.L. - Pest Control,Biological,Physical & Selected Chemicals
ENTOMOLOGY93205: ORFILA,R.& URETA,R.& E. - Aportes Lepidopterologicoa,Vol. 27,No. 2
ENTOMOLOGY19.147: EBELING,W.& WAGNER,R.E. - Physiohemical Mechanisms for the Removal of Insect Wax by Means of Finely Divided Powders,Etc.
ICHTHYOLOGY0254: GORDON,M.& ROSEN,D.E. - Genetics of Species Differences in the Morphology of the Male Genitalia of Xiphophorin Fishes
BIOGRAPHY24.412: EDWARDS,R.& GOULD,E. - Ralph Edwards of Lonesome Lake
ichthyology23.980: LUX,F.E.& NICHY,F.E. - Numbers & Lengths by Season,of Fishes Caught with an Otter Trawl Near Woods Hole,Massachusetts,September 1961 to December 1962
ichthyology23.808: JENKINS,R.E.& LACHNER,E.A. - Criteria for Analysis & Interpretation of the American Fish Genera Nocomis Girard & Hybopsis Agassiz
GENERAL8259: HOFF-JORGENSEN,E.ET AL - Changes I Deoxyribonucliec Acid & Total Nitrogen in Planarian Worms During Starvation
BOTANY1679: MATHIAS,M.E.& CONSTANCE,L. - The Genus Oreomyrrhis (Umbelliferae): A Problem in South Pacific Distrubution
ICHTHYOLOGY12389: TAGATZ,M.E.& WILKENS,P.H. - Season Occurence of Young Gulf Henhaden & Other Fishes in a N.W. Florida Estuary
BOTANY8119: LIVINGSTON,B.E.& G.J. - Temperature Coefficients in Plant Geography & Climatology
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.119: BLACKWELDER,R.E.& R.M. - Fifth Supplement 1939 to 1947 (Inclusive) to the Leng Catalogue of Coleoptera of America,North of Mexico
ICHTHYOLOGY5315: HALVER,J.E.& MITCHELL,I.A. - Trout Hepatoma Research Conference Papers
FISHING23.312: DANIELLS,L.& READ,S.E. - More Recreation for the Contepmplatve Man,a Supplemental Bibliography of Books on Angleing,Etc.
GENERAL13238: BLACKWELDER,R.E.& R.M.(EDS.) - Directory of Zoological Taxonomists of the World
ARCHAEOLOGY1825: LILJEBLAD,S.E.& BROWN,C.M. - A Guide to Historic Preservtion Research & Preservation Planning in Alaska
ICHTHYOLOGY12254: ELLIS,J.E.& HOOPES,C.C. - A Freshwater Fish Electro-Motivator (Ffem) - Its Characteristics & Operation
ENTOMOLOGY19208: MARCOVITCH,S.& STANLEY,W.E. - Cryolite & Barium Flousilicate: Their Use As Insecticides
BIOGRAPHY475: KARDINER,A.& PREBLE,E. - They Studied Man,the Major Anthropologists & Their Contribution to the Understanding of Culture
HERPETOLOGY93340: SMITH,G.& SCHUSTER,E. - Studies in the Experimental Analysis of Sex: Part 8. On the Effects of the Removal & Transplantation of the Gonad in the Frog(Rana Fusca)
ICHTHYOLOGY13314: NAKATANI,R.E.ET AL - Pink Salmon,Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha,Tagging Experiements in S.E. Alaska, 1938-42 & 1945
ichthyology23.647: WOHLSCHLAG,D.E.& GERKING,S.D. - Investigations of Indiana Lakes & Streams,Vol. III,Nos. 9-11
INVERTEBRATES23.187: CARTER,M.E.& BRADFORD,J.M. - Postembryonic Development of Three Species of Freshwater Harpacticoid Copepoda
GENERAL3203: RITTER,W.E.& BAILEY,E.W. - The Natural History of Our Conduct
19.147OGY: EBELING,W.& WAGNER,R.E. - Physiohemical Mechanisms for the Removal of Insect Wax by Means of Finely Divided Powders,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY24.6144: MORRISON,H.& E. - The Scale Insects of the Subfamilies Monophilebinae and Margarodinae Treated by Maskell
PALEONTOLOGY17381: ADAMS,J.E.ET AL - The Journal of Geology,Vol. 58,No. 4: Reef Issue
UNGULATES6664: WELLES,R.E.& F.B. - The Bighorn of Death Valley
ICHTHYOLOGY24.978: ROSEN,D.E.ET AL - Lungfishes,Tetrapods,Paleontology & Plesiomorphy
ICHTHYOLOGY5333: PEDEN,A.E.& ANDERSON,M.E. - Systematic Review of Fish Genus Lycodapus(Zoarcidae) with Descriptions of Two New Species
ICHTHYOLOGY12229: BROWN,B.E.& HENNEMUTH,R.C. - Length-Weight Relations of Haddock from Commercial Landings in New England,1931-55
ORNITHOLOGY24.831: HOBSON,WM.& FLINT,V.E. - The Breeding Biology of the Knot (with) the Breeding Knot on Vrangelya (Wrangel) Island,Siberia,Comparative Remarks
INVERTEBRATES3378: RITTER,W.E.& KOFOID,C.A.(EDS.) - University of California Publications in Zoology, Vols. 4,6,15,19,28 & 29
INVERTEBRATES23.359: TURNER,R.E.& BRODY,M.S. - Habitat Suitability Index Models: Northern Gulf of Mexico Brown Shrimp & White Shrimp
REGIONAL21.633: WELLS,R.E.ET AL - Preliminary Map of the West Half of the Vancouver 9wa. -Ore. ) 1o X 2o Quadrangle,Oregon
REGIONAL21.230: ELLIOTT,J.E.ET AL - Maps Showing Mineral Resurce Assessment for Porphyry & Stockwork Deposits of Copper,Molybdenum & Tungsten ,Etc. & Disseminated Deposits of Gold & Silver in the Butte 1o X 2o Quadrangle,Montana
REGIONAL21.231: ELLIOTT,J.E.ET AL - Maps Showing Mineral Resource Assessment for Vein & Replacement Deposits of Gold,Silver,Copper,Lead,Zinc, Manganese & Tungsten in the Butte 1o X 2o Quadrangle, Montana
PRIMATES22.534: PATTERSON,F.& LINDEN,E. - The Education of Koko
REGIONAL20.302: MCKELVEY,V.E.ET AL - Stratigraphic Sections of the Phosphoria Formation in Idaho,1947-49,Plus Parts 1,2 & 3
PALEONTOLOGY22.508: LIPPS,L.& RAY,C.E. - The Pleistocene Fossiliferous Deposit at Ladds,Bartow County,Geogria
GENERAL15240: DOBROWOLSKI,W.& HAFEZ,E.S.E. - The Uterus & Control of Ovarian Function
REGIONAL20.162: CONRAD,J.E.ET AL - Mineral Resources of the Orejana Canyon Wilderness Study Area,Harney County,Oregon
INVERTEBRATES15376: LYNCH,J.E.& NOBLE,A.E. - Notes on the Genus Endosphaera Engelmann & on Its Occasional Host Opisthonecta Henneguyi Faure-Fremiet
ENTOMOLOGY18310: TAUBER,O.E.& YEAGER,J.F. - On Total Hemolymph (Blood) Cell Counts of Insects. I. Orthoptera,Odonata,Hemiptera & Homoptera
PRIMATES15548: VOGIN,E.E.& OSER,F. - Comparative Blood Values in Several Species of Nonhuman Primates
ICHTHYOLOGY93395: THOMAS,A.E.ET AL - A Device for Stamina Measurement of Fingerling Salmonids
art859: LINTON,W.E.& BECKLES,E.L. - The Drawing and Construction of Animals
HERPETOLOGY6294: DUELLMAN,W.E.& FOUQUETTE,M.J. - Middle American Frogs of the Hyla Microcephala Group
ENTOMOLOGY10209: LUTZ,F.E.& HICKS,W.R. - Ananalysis by Movietone of a Cricket's Chirp (Gryllus Assimilis)
BOTANY21.44: MILLER,R.E.& PIENAAR,L.V. - Seven-Year Response of 35-Year-Old Douglas-Fir to Nitrogen Fertilizer
ENTOMOLOGY19309: TAUBER,O.E.& YEAGER,J.F. - On the Total Blood (Hemolymph) Cell Count of the Field Cricket,Bryllus Assimilis Penn. Burm.
GENERAL4198: RITTER,W.E.& BAILEY,E.W. - The Natural History of Our Conduct
ENTOMOLOGY24.9812: REICHARDT,H.& HINTON,H.E. - On the New World Beetles of the Family Hydroscaphidae
GENERAL7289: COHN,W.E.& MOLDAVE,K.(EDS.) - Progress in Nucleic Acid Research & Molecular Biology
WATERFOWL24.5512: BROWN D.E. - Arizona Wetlands and Waterfowl
BOTANY0214: OTTO,N.E.& BARTLEY,T.R. - Aquatic Pests on Irrigation Systems
GENERAL14367: GRUNSKY,C.E.& EVERMANN,B.W. - Reports of the President & Director of the Academy for 1919
MAMMALS.GENERAL3980: CARTER,T.D.,HILL,J.E.& TATE,G.H.H. - Mammals of the Pacific World
SCIENCE15666: LONG,C.E.& OLTMAN-SHAY,J.M. - Directional Characteristics of Waves in Shallow Water
REGIONAL6595: WINTER,G.& E. - Ourselves in Canada
INVERTEBRATES23.176: BOWMAN,T.E.& MCGUINNESS,M.M. - Epipelagic Amphipods of the Family Hyperiidae from the International Indian Ocean Expeditio,1959-1965
ichthyology23.646: SCOTT,D.C.,RICKER,W.E.ET AL - Investigations of Indiana Lakes & Streams,Vol. III,Nos. 3-8
HERPETOLOGY9285: SHAW,C.E.& CAMPBELL,S. - Snakes of the American West
BOTANY574: DEALY,J.E.ET AL - Wildlife Habitats in Managed Rangelands,the Great Basin of S.E. Oregon
REGIONAL7598: FRITTS,C.E.& BROWN,M.E.(EDS.) - Bibliography of Alaskan Geology,1950-1959 & 1960-1964
SCIENCE20.627: STEVENS,R.E.& LAKIN,H.W. - The Chromograph,a New Analytical Tool for Laboratory & Field Use
REGIONAL20.234: HARRISON,J.E.ET AL - Mineral Resources of the Mission Mountains Primitive Area,Missoula & Lake Counties,Montana
REGIONAL12711x: WILSON,A.E.ET AL - Sedimentary Basins of Ontario Possible Sources of Oil & Gas
PALEONTOLOGY12527: SLOAN,R.E.& RUSSELL,L.S. - Mammals for the St. Mary River Formation (Cretaceous) of S.W. Alberta
PALEONTOLOGY23.479: WRIGHT,N.E.ET AL(EDS.) - Society of Vertebrate Paleontology,News Bulletin No. 66
PALEONTOLOGY11506: WILLIAMS,E.E.& KOOPMAN,K.F. - A New Fossil Rodent from Puerto Rico
REGIONAL21.159: CARRARA,P.E.ET AL - Map Showing Distribution of Moraines & Extent of Glaciers from the Mid-19th Century to 1979 in the Mt. Jackson Area,Glacier National Park,Montana
SCIENCE20.532: CLIFTON,H.E.ET AL - Marine Sediment Sample Preparation for Analysis for Low Concentrations of Fine Detrital Gold
ichthyology23.141: LUX,F.E.& PORTER,L.R.JR. - Length-Weight Relation of the Summer Flounder Paralichthys Dentatus (Linnaeus)
MARINE.MAMMALS19518: SCHEVILL,W.E.& WATKINS,W.A. - Sound Structure & Directionality in Orcinus (Killer Whale)
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BIOGRAPHY467: FISCHER,M. - William B. Wherry,Bacteriologist
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CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY16117: FORBUSH,E.H. - Massahusetts Crop Report for the Month of May,1909 : The Farmer's Interest in Game Protection

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