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GENERAL4206: VON BUDDENBROCK,W.(CHAPLIN,J.M.) - The Love Life of Animals
REGIONAL20.139: BUE,C.D. - Principal Lakes of the United States
REGIONAL5492: BUERSCHAPER,P. - Arctic Journey,Paintings,Sketches & Reminiscences of a Vanishing World
art249: BUERSCHAPER,P. - Arctic Journey,Paintings,Sketches and Reminiscences of a Vanishing World
ORNITHOLOGY93473: BUFF,S. - The Birder's Catalogue,the Sourcebook for Birding Paraphernalia
REGIONAL20.141: BUGLIOSI,E.F. - The Midwestern Basins & Arches Regional Aquifer System in Parts of Indiana,Ohio,Michigan & Illinois - Summary
BIOGRAPHY/ART24.887: BUHANAN,ROBT.(ED.) - The Life and Adventures of John James Audubon,the Naturalist
MISC.2871: BUHET,G.(BUDBERG,M.)TRANS. - The Grand Catch
REGIONAL8554: DU BUISSON,L. - The White Man Cometh
ICHTHYOLOGY2281: BULKLEY,R.V. - Fluctuation in Age Composition & Growth Rate of Cutthroat Trout in Yellowstone Lake
ORNITHOLOGY18459: BULL,J. - Birds of New York State,Including the 1976 Supplement
FIREARMS24.67: BULL,S.(NORTH,T.)ED. - An Historical Guide to Arms & Armor
ORNITHOLOGY93474: BULL,J.(ED.) - Simon & Schuster's Guide to Birds of the World
SCIENCE20.524: BULLARD,E. - The Origin of the Oceans
SCIENCE8625: BULLARD,F.M. - Volcanoes in History,in Theory,in Eruption
art260: BULLAS,W. - A Fool and His Bunny,the Art of Will Bullas
GENERAL12163: BULLOCH,D.K. - The American Littoral Society Handbook for the Marine Naturalist
REGIONAL20.142: BULLOCK,K.C. - Geology of Lake Mountain,Utah
INVERTEBRATES17291: BULLOT,G. - On the Toxicity of Distilled Water for the Fresh-Water Gammarus. Suppression of This Toxicity by the Addition of Small Quantities of Sodium Chloride
GENERAL93259: BULLOUGH,W.S. - Vertebrate Sexual Cycles
INVERTEBRATES16325: BULLOUGH,W.S. - Practical Invertebrate Anatomy
INVERTEBRATES19479: BULLOUGH,W.S. - Practical Invertebrate Anatomy
PALEONTOLOGY22.487: BUMP,J.D. - Geographic Names for Members of the Brule Formation of the Big Badlands of South Dakota
BIOGRAPHY538: BUMPUS,H.C.JR. - Hermon Carey Bumpus,Yankee Naturalist
REGIONAL20.144: BURANEK,A.N. - Flourite in Utah,Its Occurence,Extent & Significance to Utah Industry
REGIONAL20.143: BURANEK,A.M. - The Mlybdenum Deposits of White Pine Canyon Near Alta,Salt Lake County,Utah
BOTANY23.23: BURBANK,L. - How Nature Makes Plants to Our Order
HERPETOLOGY5260: BURCH,A.B. - Experimental Study of Histological & Functional Differentiation of Epithelial Hypophysis in Hyla Regilla
HERPETOLOGY6285: BURCH,A.B. - An Experimantal Study of the Histological & Functional Differentiation of the Epithelial Hypophysis in Hyla Regilla
HERPETOLOGY5261: BURCH,A.B. - Experimental Study of Histological & Functional Differentiation of Epithelial Hypophysis in Hyla Regilla
UNGULATES22.635: BURDEN,W.D. - The Wizard of Suiyuan,a Story of Sport & Travel on the Sino-Mongolian Frontier
Fish16: BURDICK,G. - Klamath River Angling Guide
REGIONAL9514: BRITISH COLUMBIA TRAVEL BUREAU(EDS.) - Vancouver Island,British Columbia,Island Playground of the Pacific Northwest
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.148: BURGESS,A.F. - The Genus Calosoma: Including Studies of Seasonal Histories,Habits and Economic Importance,Etc.
BOTANY24.77: BURGESS,A.F. - The Fumigation of Nursery Stock
ENTOMOLOGY19.111: BURGESS,A.F. - The Satin Moth: An Introduced Enemy of Populars & Willows
ART24.998: BURK,BRUCE - Game Bird Carving
WATERFOWL23.8326: BURK,BRUCE - Waterfowl Studies
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY1303: BURKE,C. - Sacred Places,Poems by Clifford Burke
ICHTHYOLOGY12232: BURKE,C.V. - A New Genus & Six New Species of Fishes of the Family Cyclogasteridae
RODENTS14619: BURKETT,M. - The Year of the Badger
ichthyology23.591: BURKETT,R.D. - The Influence of Temperature on Uptake of Methylmercury-203 by Bluntnose Minnows,Pimephales Notatus (Rafinesque)
ADVENTURE14: BURLEIGH,C. - The Hill Top Boys on Lost Island
art277: BURLEIGH,B.B. - Circus
ORNITHOLOGY24.3162: BURLEIGH,T.D. - Birds of Idaho
PALEONTOLOGY16475: BURLESON,G.L. - A Pliocene Pinniped from the San Diego Formation of Southern California
PALETONOLOGY22.530: BURMEISTER,H.(PROF.BELL & E.FORBES)EDS. - The Organization of Trilobites,Deduced from Their Living Affinities;with a Systematic Review of the Species Hitherto Described
ICHTHYOLOGY5305: BURNE,R.H. - A System of "Fine" Vessels Associated with the Lymphatics in the Cod (Gadus Morrhua)
RAPTORS24.9981: BURNHAM,BILL - A Fascination with Falcons
BOTANY1765: BURNHAM,S.H. - The Flora of Indian Ladder & Vicinity,Together with Descriptive Notes on the Scenery
REGIONAL8543: BURNHAM,F.R. - Fra Alaska Til Kap,Pionerliv I Amerikas Minelejre Og Paa Sydarickas Hojsletter
ORNITHOLOGY18460: BURNS,F.L. - A Bibliography of Scarce or out of Print North American Amateur & Trade Periodicals Devoted More or Less to Ornithology
MARINE.MAMMALS5377: BURNS,W.N. - A Year with a Whaler
ORNITHOLOGY10456: BURNS,F.L.(ED.) - Supplement to the Oologist,a Bibliography of Scarce or out of Print North American Amateur & Trade Periodicals Devoted More or Less to Ornithology
ENTOMOLOGY22.121: BURNSIDE,C.E. - Fungous Diseases of the Honeybee
art390: BURNSIDE,W.M. - Maynard Dixon,Artist of the West
art391: BURNSIDE,W.M. - Maynard Dixon,Artist of the West
ICHTHYOLOGY12233: BURNSIDE,K.R. - The Effects of Channelization on Fish Populations in Boeuf Rive in N.E. Louisiana
GENRAL3696: BURNSIDE,H.W. - The Hodgkins Fund of the Smithsonian Institution
ICHTHYOLOGY14405: BURR,B.M. - The Bantam Sunfish,Lepomis Symmetricus: Systematics & Distribution & Life History in Wolf Lake,Illinois
ICHTHYOLOGY12234: BURRESS,R.M. - Development & Evaluation of on-Site Toxicity Test Procedures for Fishery Investigation
GENERAL10294: BURROUGHS,J. - Locusts & Wild Honey
GENERAL12164: BURROWS,H. - Biological Actions of Sex Hormomes
ichthyology23.107: BURROWS,R.E. - Holding Ponds for Adult Salmon
BEARS770: BURRUSS,J.S. - Utah Black Bear Harvest,1979-80
MAMMALS.GENERAL14451: BURT,W.H. - Territorial Behavior & Populations of Some Small Mammals in Southern Michigan
FISHING2454: TWILEGAR,BURT ET AL(EDS.) - 52 Fishing Hotspots,a Guide to Every Week of the Year
MAMMALS.GENERAL5356: BURT,W.H. - The Mammals of Michigan
MAMMALS.GENERAL12450: BURT,W.H. - The Mammals of Southern Nevada
HERPETOLOGY7339: BURT,C.E. - A Study of the Teiid Lizards of the Genus Cnemidophorus with Spec. Ref. To Their Phylogenetic Relationships
HERPETOLOGY4212: BURT,C.E. - Study of the Teiid Lizards of Genus Cnemidophorus with Special Ref. To Their Phylogenetic Relationships
REGIONAL4494: BURTON,J. - Animals of the African Year,the Ecology of East Africa
RAPTORS1159: BURTON,P. - Vanishing Eagles
HERPETOLOGY6286: BURTON,M.(ED.) - Encyclopedia of Reptiles,Amphibians & Other Cold-Blooded Animals
art1120: BURTON,E.A.(ED.) - Owls of the World,Their Evolution,Structure & Ecology
MAMMALS.GENERAL14452: BURTON,M. - Systematic Dictionary of Mammals of the World
MAMMALS.GENERAL93423: BURTON,M. - British Mammals
GENERAL13239: BURTON,M. - Animal Courtship
GENERAL4170: BURTON,M. - Infancy in Animals
MARINE.MAMMALS93452: BURTON,R. - The Life & Death of Whales
REGIONAL21.152: BURTON,W.C. - Bedrock Geologic Map of the Woodford Quadrangle,Vermont
MARINE.MAMMALS4320: BURTON,R. - The Life & Death of Whales
MAMMALS.GENERAL22.416: BURTON,M. - Systematic Dictionary of Mammals of the World
art1630: BURTON,J.A.(ED.) - Owls of the World,Their Evolution,Structure & Ecology
MAMMALS.GENERAL4293: BURTON,M. - Systematic Dictionary of Mammals of the World
ORNITHOLOGY7453: BURTON,M. - Phoenix Re-Born
ORNITHOLOGY6446: BURTON,J.A.(ED.) - Owls of the World,Their Evolution,Structure & Ecology
PALEONTOLOGY12839: BURWASH,E.M. - On Some New Species of Marine Invertebrates from the Cretaceous of the Queen Charlotte Islands
GENERAL14354: BURWELL,G.C. - Life with My "Critters"
REGIONAL17567: BUSCH,J. - Watching the Watsonville Wetlands,an Armchair Guide to the Watsonville Slugh System
ENTOMOLOGY24.844: BUSCHINGER,A. - Eine Genetische Komponente IM Polymorphismus Der Dulostischen Ameise. Harpagoxenus Sublaevis
ENTOMOLOGY23.95: VON BUSCHINGER,A. - Experimente Und Beobachtungen Zur Grundung Und Entwicklung Neuer Sozietaten Der Sklavenhaltenden Ameise Harpagoxenus Sublaevis (Nyl. )
ENTOMOLOGY23.96: VON BUSCHINGER,A. - Zur Biologie Der Sozialparasitischen Ameise Leptothorax Goesswaldi Kutter (Hym. Formicidae)
ENTOMOLOGY1635: BUSCK,A. - A Revies of the American Moths of the Genus Depressaria Haworth,with Descriptions of New Species
ENTOMOLOGY4652: BUSCK,A. - Report on a Trip for the Purpose of Studying the Mosquito Fauna of Panama
ENTOMOLOGY1660: BUSCK,A. - A Review of the American Moths of the Genus Cosmopteryx Hubner
ENTOMOLOGY1662: BUSCK,A. - Tineid Moths from Southern Texas with Descriptions of New Species
ENTOMOLOGY1674: BUSCK,A. - Revision of the American Moths of the Genus Argyresthia
INVERTEBRATES9324: BUSH,M. - The Morphology of Haptophrya Michiganesis Woodhead,an Astomatous Ciliate from the Intestinal Tract of Hemidactylium Scutatum (Schlegel)
REGIONAL5494: BUSH,R.J. - Reindeer,Dogs & Snow-Shoes,a Journal of Siberian Travel & Exploration Made in Years 1865-67
GENERAL252NH: BUSH,I.E. - The Chromotagraphy of Steroids
INVERTEBRATES17292: BUSH,M. - The Morphology of Haptophrya Michiganensis Woodhead,an Astomatous Ciliate from the Intestinal Tract of Hemidactylium Scutatum (Schlegel)
RODENTS24.761: BUSHEY,DENNIS - Trapping and Handling Beaver and Otter
ARCHAEOLOGY24.3981: BUSHNELL,D.I.JR. - Archeological Investigations in Ste. Genevieve County,Missouri
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY8678: BUSHNELL,D.I.JR. - Ojibway Habitations & Other Structures
REGIONAL3563: BUSTON,P.A. - Animal Life in Deserts,a Study of the Fauna in Relation to the Environment
GENERAL253NH: BUTCHER,D. - Seeing America's Wildlife in Our National Refuges
INVERTEBRATES12419: BUTLER,P.A. - An Investigation of Oyster Producing Areas in Louisiana & Mississippi Damaged by Floor Waters in 1945
ARCHAEOLOGY38NH: BUTLER,M. - Three Archaeological Sites in Somerset County Pennsylvania
ARCHAEOLOGY1524: BUTLER,M. - Three Archaeological Sites in Somerset County, Pennsylvania
SCIENCE3649: BUTLER,S.(FROST,J.)ED. - Geographia Classica: Or,the Application of Ancient Geography to the Classics
ORNITHOLOGY16403: BUTLER,E.A.CAPT. - A Catalogue of the Birds of Sind,Cutch,Kathia'Wa'r ,North Gujarat & Mhount Aboo,Incl. Every Species Know to Occur in That Tract of Country,Etc.
REGIONAL24.4413: BUTLER,GEN.SIR.WM.FRANCIS - The Wild Northland,Being a Story of a Winter Journey with Dogs Across North America
BOTANY19.44: BUTLER,O. - Experiments on the Field Control of Snapdragon Rust Together with a Description of a Method for the Control of the Disease in Greenhouses
BOTANY24.78: BUTLER,O.R. - Spraying for Late Blight of Potatoes
REGIONAL5495: BUTLER,G.D.(ED.) - County Parks,a Report of a Study of County Parks in the U.S.
REGIONAL20.146: BUTLER,A.P.JR. - Uranium Reserves & Progress in Exploration & Development
ORNITHOLOGY7454: BUTLER,A.G. - Foreign Birds for Cage & Aviary,Parts I & II
FIREARMS23.8123: BUTTERFIELDS(EDS.) - Antique and Collectible Pistols and Revolvers from a Prominent Houston Estate
BIOGRAPHY357: BUTTMANN,G. - The Shadow of the Telescope,a Biography of John Herschel
PALEONTOLOGY12484: BUWALDA,J.P. - Tertiary Mammal Beds of Stewart & Ione Valleys in West-Central Nevada
REGIONAL24.741: BUXTON,A. - Travelling Naturalist
PALEONTOLOGY4439: BUZAS,M.A. - Forminifera from Late Pleistocene Clay Nr. Waterville, Maine
ENTOMOLOGY1148: BYERS,G.W. - Type Specimens of Tipulidae Described by R.W. Doane in the Collections of the California Academy of Sciences
REGIONAL10563: BYRNE,J.V. - Geomorphology of the Continetal Terrace Off the Northern Coast of Oregon
PALEONTOLOGY15513: MOORE,R.C.& DUDLEY,R.M. - Cheilotrypid Bryozoans from Pennsylvanian & Permian Rocks of the Midcontinent Region
REGIONAL20.435: TROXELL,H.C.ET AL - Some Aspects of the Water Supply in the South Coastal Basin,California
ENTOMOLOGY19247: O'KANE,W.C.ET AL - 1. Reactions of Certain Insects to Controlled Applications of Various Chemicals,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.188: FERREIRA,M.C. ET AL - Revista de Entomologia de Mocambique,Vol. 9,Nos. 1-2
REGIONAL16602: STOLL,W.C.ET AL - Las Minas Y la Mineria En la Sierra de la Huerta,Provincia de San Juan Et Al
herpetology23.419: GRANDISON,A.G.C.& EDWARDS,M.A.(EDS.) - Amphibia
SCIENCE20.537: CURTIN,G.C.ET AL - Utilization of Humus-Rich Forest Soil (Mull) in Geochemical Exploration for Gold
HERPETOLOGY3240: BROWN,W.C.& FALANRUW,M.V.C. - New Lizard of the Genus Emoia (Scincidae) from the Marianas Islands
REGIONAL20.390: SEVERSON,R.C.ET AL - Proceedings of the 1990 Billings Land Reclamation Symposium on Selenium in Arid & Semiarid Environments,Western United States
REGIONAL17607: NORDHOFF,C.ET AL - Hawaii-Nei Parts I & II. (with) Northern California,I. -Sacramento Valley
MAMMALS.GENERAL19509: MURPHY,R.C.& NICHOLS,J.T. - Long Island Fauna & Flora-I,the Bats
ORNITHOLOGY4372: GOODMAN,D.C.& FISHER,H.I. - Functional Anatomy of the Feeding Apparatus in Waterfowl,Aves Anatidae
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.91: RATCLIFFE,B.C.& CAVE,R.D. - The Dynastine Scarab Beetles of Honduras,Nicaragua and El Salvador (Coleopters: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae)
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.94: BRADLEYJ.C. - A Manual of the Genera of Beetles of America,North of Mexico,Keys for the Determination of the Families,Etc.
MISC.24.776: NOBE,K.C.& GILBERT,A.H.(YEAGER,L.E.(ED.) - A Survey of Sportsmen Expeditures for Hunting and Fishing in Colorado,1968
PALEONTOLOGY15486: DOWNIE,C.ET AL - Dinoglagellates,Hystrichospheres & the Classification of the Acritarchs
INVERTEBRATES23.178: BOWMAN,T.E.BRUSCA,R.C.ET AL - Lot of 296 Scientic Offprints & Papers on Arthropoda,Crustaces,Amphipoda,Marine Gammaridea (Biology)
GENERAL13253: KABAT,C.ET AL - A Device for Dating Natural Events in Game Animals
ORNITHOLOGY3453: HANSON,H.C.& JONES,R.L. - The Biogeochemistry of Blue,Snow & Ross' Geese
geology24.6129: BROOKS,H.C.& RAMP,L. - Gold and Silver in Oregon
REGIONAL4497: CARL,G.C.& HARDY,G.A. - Report on a Collecting Trip to the Lac la Hache Area,British Columbia
REGIONAL4498: CARL,G.C.& HARDY,G.A. - Flora & Fauna of the Paradise Mine Area,British Columbia
REGIONAL20.376: ROLLER,J.C.ET AL - Summary of Microearthquakes Along the San Andreas Fault System in Central California Jan. 1968 to Dec. 1968
PALEONTOLOGY9497: WILSON,E.C.& LANGENHEIM,R.L.JR. - Rugose & Tabulate Corals from Permian Rocks in the Ely Quadrangle,White Pine County,Nevada
REGIONAL6560: MILLER,R.C.ET AL - A Study of Physical & Chemical Conditions in San Francisco Bay,Especially in Relation to the Tides
REGIONAL24.88712: WALCOTT,F.C.ET AL(EDS.) - Sixteenth Biennial Report of the State Board of Fisheries and Game for the Years 1924-1926
REGIONAL16587: RAMSAY,A.C.ET AL - Upon the Origin of Alpine & Italian Lakes;and Upon Glacial Erosion
ICHTHYOLOGY12392: THOMPSON,H.C.& M.H. - Inhibition of Flesh Browning & Skin Color Fading in Frozen Fillets of Yelloweye Snapper (Lutjanus Vivanus)
REGIONAL20.492: WYNN,J.C.& SIDDER,G.B. - Mineral Resource Potential of the Nb-20-4 Quadrangle,Eastern Guayana Shield,Bolivar State, Venezuela
HERPETOLOGY7336: ANDERSON,S.C.& LEVITON,A.E. - New Species of Eremias (Reptilia: Lacertidae) from Afghanistan
PALEONTOLOGY17466: MERRIAM,J.C.& STOCK,C. - Notes on Peccary Remains from Rancho la Brea (with) Notes on an Hipparion Tooth from the Siestan Deposits of the Berkeley Hills,California
REGIONAL21.343: LAFORGE,L.& PHALEN,W.C. - Geologic Atlas of the United States No. 187,Ellijay Folio,Georgia - North Carolina - Tennessee
WATERFOWL24.9843: HANSON,H.C.& JONES,R.L. - The Biogeochemistry of the Blue,Snow & Ross Geese
PALEONTOLOGY93557: ALLISON,R.C.& ADDICOTT,W.O. - The North Pacific Miocene Record of Mytilus (Plicatomytilus),a New Subgenus of Bivalvia
REGIONAL21.531: TWICHELL,D.C.ET AL - Bathymetry,Sidescan Sonar Image & Surficial Geological Interpretation of the Inner Shelf Off Little Egg Inlet,New Jersey
REGIONAL21.384: ORNDORFF,R.C.ET AL - Geologic Map of the Eminence Quadrangle,Shannon County,Missouri
REGIONAL20.184: DUNCAN,D.C.& SWANSON,V.E. - Organic-Rich Shale of the U.S. & World Land Areas
REGIONAL22.564: JAEGER,E.C.ET AL - The California Deserts
REGIONAL93661: RAY,G.C.& MCCORMICK-RAY,M.G. - Wildlife of the Polar Regions
REGIONAL15606: MOORE,R.C.ET AL - Tabular Description of Outcropping Rocks in Kansas
REGIONAL21.602: VALENTINE,P.C.ET AL - Maps Showing the Sea-Floor Topography of Eastern Georges Bank
REGIONAL21.603: VALENTINE,P.C.ET AL - Sun-Illuminated Sea Floor Topography of Quadrangle 7 in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Off Boston,Massachusetts
REGIONAL21.604: VALENTINE,P.C.ET AL - Sun-Illumionated Sea Floor Topography of Quadrangle 6 in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Off Boston,Massachusetts
REGIONAL21.605: VALENTINE,P.C.ET AL - Sun-Illuminated Sea Floor Topography of Quadrangle 5 in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Off Boston,Massachusetts
REGIONAL21.606: VALENTINE,P.C.ET AL - Sun-Illuminated Sea Floor Topography of Quadrangle 3 in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Off Boston,Massachusetts
REGIONAL21.607: VALENTINE,P.C.ET AL - Sun-Illuminated Sea Floor Topography of Quadrangle 2 in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Off Boston,Massachusetts
REGIONAL21.621: WATTS,K.C.ET AL - Isopleth Maps Showing Above-Median Concentrations of Lead & Copper in Stream-Sediment Concentrate,Glens Falls 1o X 2o Quadrangle,New York,Vermont & New Hampshire
REGIONAL21.622: WATTS,K.C.ET AL - Isopleth Maps Showing Above-Median Concentration of Tungston & Tin in Stream-Sediment Concentrate,Glens Falls 1o X 2o Quadrangle,New York,Vermont & New Hampshire
GENERAL18268: JONES,I.C.& ECKSTEIN,P.(EDS.) - Comparative Physiology of Reproduction
CANINES12102: MCKINNEY,B.C.& ROMANSKI,K.D. - The British Cocker Spaniel & Directory of Titleholders
MARINE.MAMMALS11335: FRASER,F.C.& H.W. - Guide for the I.D. & Reporting of Stranded Whales, Dolphins,Porpoises & Turtles on the British Coasts
invertebrates24.2230: DOUGHERTY,E.C.ET AL(EDS.) - Axenic Culture of Invertebrate Metazoa: A Goal
ICHTHYOLOGY93365: DELACY,A.C.& NEAVE,F. - Migration of Pink Salmon in So. British Columbia & Washington in 1945
BIOGRAPHY10679: LISTER,F.C.& R.H. - Earl Morris & Southwestern Archaeology
BIOGRAPHY114NH: DARWIN,C.ET AL - 19 Biographies from Popular Science Monthly
INVERTEBRATES6362: COHEN,A.C.& KORNICKER,L.S. - Taxonomic Indexes to Ostracoda (Suborder Myodocopina) in Skogsberg (1920) & Poulsen (1962,1965)
ENTOMOLOGY19237: O'KANE,W.C.& BAKER,W.C. - Further Determinations of Oil Penetration Into Insect Eggs
ENTOMOLOGY19238: O'KANE,W.C.& BAKER,W.C. - 1. A Technique for Tracing Penetration of Petroleum Oil in Insect Eggs; 2. Some Determination of Oil Penetration Into Insect Eggs
ENTOMOLOGY19239: O'KANE,W.C.& CONKLIN,J.G. - Lime Sulphur in Relation to San Jose & Oyster Shell Scale
ENTOMOLOGY19240: O'KANE,W.C.& GLOVER,L.C. - Penetration of Arsenic Into Insects
ENTOMOLOGY19241: O'KANE,W.C.& GLOVER,L.C. - Further Determinations of the Penetration of Arsenic Into Insects
ENTOMOLOGY19242: O'KANE,W.C.& GLOVER,L.C. - Penetration of Arsenic Into Insects,Studies of Contact Insecticides. X.
ENTOMOLOGY19243: O'KANE,W.C.& LOWRY,P.R. - The European Corn Borer,Life History in New Hampshire,1923-1926
entomology19244: O'KANE,W.C.& OSGOOD,W.A. - Studies in Termite Control
INVERTEBRATES24.6143: DE LA TORRE,C.& HENDERSON,J.B. - New Mollusks from Camaguey and Santa Clara Provinces,Cuba
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY21.76: BRYANT,R.C.ET AL - Fifth National Conservation Congress Advance Copy of Paper on Lumbering
ENTOMOLOGY10228: PLUMMER,C.C.& MCPHAIL,M. - The Yellow Chapote,a Native Host of the Mexican Fruitfly
ENTOMOLOGY10231: REED,S.C.ET AL - Prequency of Wing-Beat As a Character for Separating Species Races & Geographic Varieties of Drosophila
herpetology23.420: BATTERSBY,J.C.& SWINTON,W.E.(EDS.) - Reptilia,Recent & Fossil
INVERTEBRATES11302: GUNTER,G.& EDWARDS,J.C. - The Relation of Rainfall & Fresh-Water Drainage to the Production of the Penaeid Shrimps (Penaeus Fluviatilis Say & Penaeus Azteous Ives in Texas & Louisiana Waters
GENERAL5255: BERLAND,B.R.,REMSEN,C.C.ET AL - Lot of 65 of International Bacteria Offprints
GENERAL18238: BARNES,T.C.& JOAHN,T.L. - Properties of Water of Biological Interest
ARCHAEOLOGY9380: WETTLAUFER,B.& MOSS,H.C. - The Morthlach Site in the Besant Valley of Central Saskatchewan (with) Soils Report of the Area
ENTOMOLOGY24.165: EMMEL,T.C.& J.F. - The Butterflies of Southern California
BOTANY1285: MARTIN,A.C.ET AL - Improving Duck Marshes by Weed Control
EM303: CHIEN,C.ET AL(EDS.) - Barrier Systems for Environmental Contaminant Containment and Treatment
ICHTHYOLOGY19461: RANEY,E.C.& LACHNER,E.A. - Age & Growth of Johnny Darters,Boleosoma Nigrum Olmstedi (Storer) & Boleosoma Longimanum (Jordan)
GENERAL6273: SMITH,R.C.& PAINTER,R.H. - Guide to the Literature of the Zoological Sciences
HERPETOLOGY5295: STEBBINS,R.C.& ROBINSON,H.B. - Further Analysis of a Population of the Lizard, Sceloporus Graciosus Gracilis
art1542: WARD,L.[PEATTIE,D.C.& N.] - A Cup of Sky
art1189: SAURES,J.-C .& STEPHEN,C. - The Illustrated Horse
BOTANY14109: MUENSCHER,W.C.& WINNE,W.T. - Common Poisonous Plants
BOTANY14116: RAUCHENSTEIN,E.& ROSS,R.C. - Cost of Producing Field Crops in Three Areas of Illinois 1913-1922
ART1423: CHAPELL,C.& SULLIVAN,C. - Wildlife Woodcarvers,a Complete How-to-Do-It Book for Carving and Painting Wildfowl
BOTANY894: BROOKS,C.ET AL - Diseases of Apples in Storage
BOTANY899: CRAIGHEAD,J.J.,F.C.& DAVIS,R.J. - Field Guide to Rocky Mountain Wildflowers from No. Arizona to British Columbia
HERPETOLOGY9252: BROWN,W.C.& ALCALA,A.C. - New Frogs of the Genus Platymantis (Ranidae) from the Philippines
entomology23.489: GARDINER,B.O.C.& CRIBB,P.W.(EDS.) - A Silkmoth Rear's Handbook
ichthyology23.482: NEVILLE,W.C.& TALBOT,G.B. - The Fishery for Scup with Special Ref. To Fluctuations Inyeild and Their Causes
GENERAL24.666: DUNN,L.C.ET AL(EDS.) - The American Naturalist,a Bi-Monthly Journal,a Broken Run of 33 Volumes from Vol. 85,No. 824 to Vol. 93. No. 872
BOTANY18100: LONGELSDORF,P.C.& REEVES,R.G. - The Origin of Indian Corn & Its Relatives
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