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ORNITHOLOGY6500: WILLETT,G. - Pca No. 21,a Revised List of the Birds of S.W. California
INVERTEBRATES15409: WILLIAMS,O.L. - Revision of the Nematode Genus Rusguniella Seurat,with a Description of a New Central American Species
PRIMATES4481: WILLIAMS,L. - Samba & the Monkey Mind
PRIMATES584NH: WILLIAMS,L. - Samba & the Monkey Mind
PALEONTOLOGY1689: WILLIAMS,H.S. - A New Brachiopod,Rensselaeria Mainensis,from the Devonian of Maine
PALEONTOLOGY0451: WILLIAMS,E. - A New Fossil Tortoise from Mona Island,West Indies & a Tentative Arrangement of the Tortoises of the World
REGIONAL93687: WILLIAMS,J.G. - Field Guide to the National Parks of East Africa
ENTOMOLOGY14335: WILLIAMS,F.X. - The Wasps of the Genus Solierella in California (Hymenoptera,Sphecidae,Larrinae)
ichthyology23.953: WILLIAMS,J.T. - Phylogenetic Relationships & Revision of the Blenniid Fish Genus Scartichthys
BOTANY21.65: WILLIAMS,E.T. - The Small Timber Owner & His Federal Income Tax
FIREARMS24.712: WILLIAMS,H. - Williams Blue Book of Gun Dealing
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY14697: WILLIAMS,T. - Was Primitive Man a Modern Savage?
ARCHAEOLOGY341: WILLIAMS,J.R. - The Indians of Carlsbad Caverns National Park
ICHTHYOLOGY6357: WILLIAMS,G.C. - Homing Behavior of California Rocky Shore Fishes
INVERTEBRATES15410: WILLIAMS,O.L. - Revision of the Nematode Genus Torquatella with a Description of Torq. Crotophaga Sp. Nov.
ENTOMOLOGY2196: WILLIAMS,F.X. - Expedition of the Calif. Academy of Sciences to the Galapagos Islands,1905-06: The Bees & Aculeate Wasps
ENTOMOLOGY4145: WILLIAMS,S.C. - Four New Scorpion Species Belonging to the Genus Paruroctonus(Scorpionida: Vaejovidae)
art1593: WILLIAMS,H.S. - Nest Building,New Style
HERPETOLOGY355NH: WILLIAMS,E.E. - Case History in Retrograde Evolution,the Onca Lineage in Anoline Lizards,Etc.
BIOGRAPHY24.70: WILLIAMS,S. - The Footprints of Elepant Bill
ORNITHOLOGY1410: WILLIAMS,G.G. - The Origins & Dispersal of Oceanic Birds
GENERAL14991: MCCULLOCH-WILLIAMS,M. - Next to the Ground
ENTOMOLOGY3144: WILLIAMS,F.X. - Photogenic Organs & Embryology of Lampyrids
REGIONAL4568: WILLIAMS,M.Y. - Fauna of the Former Dominion Peace River Block,British Columbia
REGIONAL694NH: WILLIAMS,M.Y. - Fauna of the Former Dominion Peace River Block,B.C.
HERPETOLOGY4245: WILLIAMS,E.E. - Studies on South American Anoles
ORNITHOLOGY16465: WILLIAMS,J.G. - The Birds of East & Central Africa
FIREARMS24.981: WILLIAMS,BOYD - How to Convert Military Rifles
BIOGRAPHY14142: WILLIAMS,R.L. - Aven Nelson of Wyoming
INVERTEBRATES23.373: WILLIAMS,A.B.(ED.) - Symposium on the Composition & Evolution of Crustaceans in the Cold & Temperate Waters of the World Ocean
REGIONAL20.483: WILLIAMS,P.L. - Glacial Geology of Stanley Basin
PRIMATES13466: WILLIAMS,L. - Samba & the Monkey Mind
REGIONAL10583: HEALY-WILLIAMS,N.(ED.) - Principles of Pleistocene Stratigraphy,Applied to the Gulf of Mexico
REGIONAL21.638: WILLIAMS,J.R. - Geology of the Western Part of the Big Delta (D-6) Quadrangle,Alaska
INVERTEBRATES24.1623: WILLIAMS,H.S. - On the Revision of the Mollusk Genus Pterinea Goldfuss
ENTOMOLOGY21.99: WILLIAMS,C.B.JR. - Differential Effects of the 1944-56 Spruce Budworm Outbreak in Eastern Oregon
INVERTEBRATES23.371: WILLIAMS,A.B. - Mud Shrimps, Upogebiidae from the Western Atlantic (Crustacea: Decapoda: Thalassinidea)
HERPETOLOGY1267: WILLIAMS,E.E. - Variation & Selection in Cervical Central Articulations of Living Turtles
PALEONTOLOGY15541: WILLIAMS,H.S. - The Cuboides Zone & Its Fauna;a Discussion of Methods of Correlation
ORNITHOLOGY8470: WILLIAMS,J.G. - A Check-List of East African Birds
INVERTEBRATES15411: WILLIAMS,O.L. - A Critical Analysis of the Specific Characters of the Genus Acuaria Nemotodes of Birds,with Descriptions of New American Species
botany23.901: D.A.WILLIAMS - Plant Materials in Conseration
PALEONTOLOGY16523: WILLIAMS,A. - North American & European Stropheodontids: Their Morphology & Systematics
REGIONAL16617: WILLIAMS,J.G. - Safari Journal
PALEONTOLOGY16524: WILLIAMS,H.S. - On the Fossil Plants of the Upper Devonian Along the Meridian of 76'30'from Tompkins County,N.Y. To Bradford County,Pa.
REGIONAL12741: WILLIAMS,M.Y. - Whence the Oil of the Athabaska Tar Sands?
PALEONTOLOGY24.6531: WILLIAMS,H.S. - The Dalmanellas of the Chemung Formation and a Closely Related New Brachiopod Genus Thiemella
UPLAND.24.921: WILLIAMSON,HENRY - The Scandaroon
BOTANY21.66: WILLIAMSON,R.L. - Results of Shelterwood Harvesting of Douglas-Fir in the Cascades of Western Oregon
MARINE.MAMMALS23.431: WILLIAMSON,HENRY - Tarka the Otter,His Joyful Water-Life and Eath in the Country of Two Waters
FISHING24.9985: WILLIAMSON,HENRY - The Illustrated Salar the Salmon
REGIONA;24.105: WILLIAMSON,HENRY - Tales of Moorland & Estuary
MAMMALS.GENERAL1350: WILLIAMSON,H.D. - The Year of the Kangaroo
FISHING23.845: WILLIAMSON,HENRY - Salar the Salmon
ENTOMOLOGY19342: WILLIAMSON,E.B. - A New Species of Celithemis (Order Odonata)
FISHING24.61431: WILLIAMSON,HENRY - Salar the Salmon
fish23.845: WILLIAMSON,HENRY - Salar the Salmon
INVERTEBRATES15412: WILLIS,A.G. - On the Structure & Life-History of Metephelota Coronata Gen. Nov. ,Sp. Nov. (Suctoria,Ephelotidae)
PALEONTOLOGY17550: WILLISTON,S.W. - The Wing-Finger of Pterodactyls,with Restoration of Nyctosaurus
MAMMALS.GENERAL3414: WILLOCK,C. - The Animal Catchers
REGIONAL3630: WILLOCK,C. - The Enormous Zoo,a Prpofile of the Uganda National Parks
CANINES24.121: WILLOUGHBY,V.E. - The Cream of Pointerdom,1900 Through 1945
ORNITHOLOGY7520: WILLOUGHBY,E.J. - Evaporative Water Loss of a Small Xerophilous Finch,Lonchura Malabarica
PALEONTOLOGY23.476: WILLOUGHBY,D.P. - A Statistical Study of the Metapolials of Equus Occidentalis Leidy
REGIONAL20.485: WILMARTH,V.R. - Yellow Canary Uranium Deposits,Daggett County,Utah
ORNITHOLOGY6501: WILMORE,S.B. - Swans of the World
ORNITHOLOGY6502: WILMORE,S.B. - Swans of the World
INVERTEBRATES23.377: WILMOTH,J.H. - Biology of Invertebrata
PALEONTOLOGY8520: WILSON,E.C. - Bibliographic Index of North American Permian Rugose & Tabulate Cortal Species
REGIONAL21.645: WILSON,T.H. - Preliminary Photointerpretation Map of Landslides & Other Surficial Deposits of Parts of the Altamont & Carbona 15-Minute Quadrangles,Alameda County,California
INVERTEBRATES6665: WILSON,C.B. - North American Parasitic Copepods Belonging to the Lernaeidae with a Revision of the Entire Family
UNGULATES18664: WILSON,J.(ED.) - Special Report on the Market for American Horses in Foreign Countries
MISCL.24.8871: WILSON,BILL - Old' Hunters Never Lie & Other Hunting & Fishing Stories
SCIENCE12677: WILSON,C.T.R. - Condensation Nuclei
REGIONAL8612: WILSON,J.J. - Narrative of Discovery & Adventure in Africa,from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time,with Illustrations of the Geology,Mineralogy & Zoology
BIOGRAPHY1758: WILSON,G.F. - A Bibliography of the Writings of W.H. Hudson
BIOGRAPHY1759: WILSON,J.A. - Memoir of George Wilson
INVERTEBRATES18433: WILSON,M.S. - A Review of the Copepod Genus Ridgewayia (Calanoida) with Descriptions of New Species from the Dry Tortugas,Florida
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY13689: WILSON,T. - Criminal Anthropology
INVERTEBRATES24.7762: WILSON,C.B. - New Species & a New Genus of Parasitic Copepods
INVERTEBRATES24.7743: WILSON,C.B. - The North American Semiparasitic Copepods of the Genus Clausidium
BIOGRAPHY23.914: WILSON,PROF. - Recreations of Christopher North
art1600: WILSON,E.[ROBERTS,B.]ED. - Edward Wilson's Birds of the Antarctic
art1602: WILSON,T. - Prehistoric Art;or the Origin of Art As Manifested in the Works of Prehistoric Man
MISC.24.889: WILSON,E.E. - North Woods Rendezvous
FISHING426: WILSON,E.E. - A Pilgrimage of Anglers
ADVENTURE24.8871: WILSON,D.(ED.) - Danger,Danger,Danger
REGIONAL21.643: WILSON,R.P. - Summary of Ground-Water Conditions in Arizona 1985-1986
INVERTEBRATES1693: WILSON,C.B. - Additional Notes on the Development of the Argulidae,with Description of a New Species
fishing301: DERMOT WILSON - Fishing the Dry Fly
INVERTEBRATES15413: WILSON,C.B. - North American Parasitic Copepods Belonging to the Family Ergasilidae
INVERTEBRATES5629: WILSON,C.B. - Descriptions of New Species of Parasitic Copepods in the Collections of the U.S. National Museum
GENERAL93750: WILSON,E.B. - Some Aspects of Progress in Modern Zoology
PALEONTOLOGY23.477: WILSON,E.C. - An Evaluation of the Genomorph Concept in Rugose Corals
ENTOMOLOGY19344: WILSON,J.W. - The Asparagus Caterpillar,Its Life History & Control
FIREARMS24.7135: WILSON,R.L. - Colt,an American Legend,Sesquicentennial Edition
REGIONAL21.644: WILSON,R.V. - Land Status Map of Nevada
REGIONAL12765: WILSON,M.E. - The Relationships of the Palaeozoic to the Pre-Cambrian Along the Southern Border of the Laurentian Highlands in S.E. Ontario & Adjacent Portions of Quebec
BIOGRAPHY93130: WILSON,G.F. - A Bibliography of the Writings of W.H. Hudson
PALEONTOLOGY15543: WILSON,A.E. - A Preliminary Study of the Variations of the Plictions of Parastrophia Hemiplicata,Hall
REGIONAL12742: WILSON,J.T. - The Origin of Continents & Precambrian History
REGIONAL6593: WILSON,H.E. - The Lore & Lure of Yosemite,the Indians,Etc. ,Big Trees,Geology
REGIONAL6594: WILSON,V.J. - Orphans of the Wild,an African Naturalist in Pursuit of a Dream
ORNITHOLOGY13419: WILT,R.A. - Birds of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
SCIENCE5601: WINCHELL,A.(STARR,R.)ED. - Walks & Talks in the Geological Field
UGULATES3665: WINFREY,L.P. - The Unforgettagle Elephant
PALEONTOLOGY23.478: WINKLER,T.C. - Etude Sur le Genre Mystriosaurus
SCIENCE5635: WINKLER,C. - The Discovery of New Elements Within the Last 25 Years
BIOGRAPHY19.31: WINKLEY,J. - John Muir,Naturalist,a Concise Biography
BIOGRAPHY2106: WINKLEY,J. - John Muir,Naturalist,a Concise Biography
REGIONAL24.756: WINN,DENNIS - Survey of Predatory Fishs & Birds,Inspection of Spawning Grounds & Enforcement of Laws & Regulations in Bristol Bay District,Alaska
ORNITHOLOGY24.417: WINN,M. - Red-Tails in Love,a Wildlife Drama in Central Park
ORNITHOLOGY24.418: WINN,M. - Red-Tails in Love,a Wildlife Drama in Central Park
FISHING24.9976: WINSER,KEITH - Australian Fishing and Hunting Guide,Yearbook No. 5
RODENTS3648: WINSTED,W. - Ferrets
ARCHAEOLOGY12780: WINTEMBERG,W.J. - Certain Eye Designs on Archaeological Artifacts from North America
REGIONAL7667: WINTER,G. - Legendary Northwood Animals
ORNITHOLOGU24.412: WINTERBOTTOM,J.M.(ED.) - Priest's Eggs of Southern African Birds
ENTOMOLOGY17166: WIRTH,W.W. - Biting Midges of the Heleid Genus Stilobezzia in North America
ENTOMOLOGY22.245: WIRTH,W.W. - The Shore Flies of the Genus Canaceoides Cresson (Diptera: Canaceidae)
WOODCRAFT23.712: WIRTH,BOB - Open Boat Canoeing
SCIENCE3780: WIRTZ,C. - Spiral Nebulae & the Structure of Space
REGIONAL9593: WISEMAN,J.D.H. - The John Murray Expedition,1933-34: Geological & Mineralogical Investigations,I. Basalts from the Carlsberg Ridge,Indian Ocean
MARINE.MAMMALS5386: WISLOCKI,G.B. - The Placentation of the Manatee (Trichechus Latirostris)
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY9353: WISSLER,C. - Comparative Data on Respiration & Circulation Among Native & Foreign Born Males in New York City
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY114: WISSLER,C.(ED.) - Notes on New Collections
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY1720: WISSLER,C.(ED.) - Anthrpological Papers of the American Museum Museum of Natural History,Vol. II,Part III. Notes Concerning New Collections
BOTANY7185: WITHERS,R.M. - Liliums in Australia
REGIONAL21.646: WITKIND,I.J. - Preliminary Geologic Map of the Tepee Creek Quadrangle,Montana-Wyoming
FISHING24.9986: WITMAN,LOU - The Complete Bait Angler's Guide
FISHING24.77611: WITTER,DEAN - Meanderings of a Fisherman
ICHTHYOLOGY18340: HALLOCK,VAN WOERT & SHAPOVALOV,L. - An Evaluation of Stocking Hatchery-Breed Steelhead Trout in the Sacramento River System
ENTOMOLOGY0170: WOLCOTT,A.B. - Two New Species of West Indian Cleridae (Coleoptera)
ORNITHOLOGY16466: WOLCOTT,R.H.(ED.) - Proceedings of the Nebraska Ornithologists' Union at Its First Annual Meeting Dec. 16,1899
ENTOMOLOGY24.8871: WOLCOTT,A.B. - North American Predaceous Beetles of the Tribe Tillini in the U.S. National Museum
art1607: WOLF,J. - The Natural History Museum Library,Big Cats
art1610: WOLF,J.[VAN UILDRIKS,F.] - Grepen Uit Het Dierenleven
BOTANY7160: KEELER-WOLF,T. - The Role of Chrysolepis Chrysophylla (Facageae) in the Pseudotsuga-Hardwood Forest of the Klamath Mountains of California
PALEONTOLOGY7566: WOLFE,J.A. - Miocene Floras from Fingerrock Wash,S.W. Nevada
SCIENCE18653: WOLFE,D.A.(ED.) - Estuarine Variability
BOTANY1187: WOLFE,J.N. - A Catalog of the Lichens of Ohio
SCIENCE13578: WOLFE,S. - The Nature of Scientific Research
FISHING24.9982: WOLFF,DICK(ED.) - The Spin Fisherman Magazine,Vol. 3,No. 1
GENERAL23.121: WOLFF,P. - Aus Zoologischen Garten Lichtbildstudien
UNGULATES24.7741: WOLFF,ED - Elk Hunting in the Northern Rockies
ICHTHYOLOGY4248: BUCHANAN-WOLLASTON,H.J. - On the Application of Statistical Theory of Space Dist. To Hydrographic & Fishery Problems (with) the Selective Action of the Gelder Cod-End,Etc.
art279: WOLLMAN,K.B. - Western Drawings from the Sketchbooks of Margaret Boyd Bush 1883 - 1887
ORNITHOLOGY551NH: WOLSTENHOLME,H. - Official Checklist of the Birds of Australia,with Appendix,Scientific Names & Pronunciations
ORNITHOLOGY4433: WOLSTENHOLME,H. - Official Checklist of the Birds of Australia
SCIENCE20.651: WOOD,W.W. - Guidelines for Collection & Field Analysis of Ground-Water Samples for Selected Unstable Constituents
SCIENCE20.650: WOOD,G.M. - Suggestions to Authors,Papers Submitted for Publication by the U.S. Geological Survey
RODENTS17641: WOOD,S.F. - Cytological Variations in the Blood & Blood-Forming Organs of White-Footed Mice Experimentally Infected with Trypanosoma Cruzi
RODENTS93704: WOOD,S.F. - Cytological Variations in the Blood & Blood-Forming Organs of White-Footed Mice Experimentally Infected with Trypanosoma Cruzi
MISC.1136: WOOD,K.B.(ED.) - Quotations for Occasions
art625: WOOD,J.G. - The Illustrated Natural History
ORNITHOLOGY4434: WOOD,N.A. - Notes on the Spring Migration (1907) at Ann Arbor,Michigan
PALEONTOLOGY0452: WOOD,H.E. - Revision of the Hyrachyidae
art1613: WOOD,REV.J.G.[HOLDER,J.B.]ED. - Animate Cration;Popular Edition of "Our Living World",a Natural History,Vol. III,Birds
ORNITHOLOGY24.561: WOOD,C.A. - The Fundus Oculi of Birds Especially As Viewed by the Ophthalomoscope,a Study in Compative Anatomy & Physiology
MAMMALS.GENERAL4317: WOOD,N.A. - Annotated Check-List of Michigan Mammals
art322: WOOD,REV.THEODORE - A Natural History for Young People
HERPETOLOGY11200: WOOD,REV.J.G.(HOLDER,J.B.)ED. - Lot of 79 Loose Half Page Engravings of Reptiles, Tortoises,Alligators,Amphisbaenidae,Lizards,Pygopus, Skinks,Strobiliogaura,Snakes,Vipers,River & Sea Serpents,Rock Snakes & Boas,Colubrinae,Forgs & Toads, Batrachians & False Serpents
art796: WOOD,J.G. - The Illustrated Natural History
WOODCRAFT23.931: WOOD,R.S. - Mountain Cabin
HERPETOLOGY18327: WOOD,S.F. - Variation in the Cytology of the Blood of Geckos (Tarentola Mauritanica) Infectedwith Haemogregarina Platydactyli,Etc.
INVERTEBRATES16367: WOOD,T.S. - Ectoproct Bryzoans of Ohio
ORNITHOLOGY16467: WOOD,C.A. - The Eyelids & Lachrymal Appartus of Birds
ENTOMOLOGY6209: WOOD,D.L. - Studies on Host Selection by Ips Confusus (Leconte) (Copeoptera: Scolytidae)
PALEONTOLOGY17552: WOOD,H.E. - A Fossil Rhinoceros (Diceratherium Armatum Marsh) from Gallatin County,Montana
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY6141: WOOD,F. - Our National Parks,Rocky Mountain,Mesa Verde,Carlsbad
ORNITHOLOGY3791: WOOD,C.A. - The Nest of the Indian Taylor Bird
ICHTHYOLOGY93401: WOOD,E.J.F. - The Canning of Fish & Fish Products in Australia
HERPETOLOGY6328: WOOD,W.F. - A New Race of Salamander,Ensatina Eschscholtzii Picta from Northern California & Southern Oregon
GENERAL6279: WOOD,J.G. - Nature's Teachings,Human Invention Anticipated by Nature
PALEONTOLOGY11507: WOOD,H.E.II - Oligocene Faunas,Facies & Formations
RODENTS18625: WOOD,F.D. - Trypanosoma Neotomae,Sp. Nov. ,in the Dusky-Footed Wood Rat & the Wood Rat Flea
RODENTS18626: WOOD,S.F. - Cytological Variations in the Blood & Blood-Forming Organs of White-Footed Mice Experimentally Infected with Trypanosoma Cruzi
REGIONAL10690: WOOD,C.A. - Sketches from the Notebook of a Naturalist Traveler in Oeania During the Year 1923
REGIONAL24.9912: WOOD,KERRY - The Creek
REGIONAL21.647: WOOD,P.R. - Sources of Emergency Water Supplies in San Mateo County,California O-Fr 75-43
PALEONTOLOGY5477: WOODBURNE,M.O. - Systematics,Biogeography & Evolution of Cynorca & Dyseophyus (Tayassuidae)
PALEONTOLOGY12542: WOODBURNE,M.O. - Systematics,Biogeography & Evolution of Cynorca & Dyseohyus (Tayassuidae)
SCIENCE5602: WOODBURY,D.O. - The Great White Mantle,the Story of the Ice Ages & the Coming of Man
REGIONAL0509: WOODBURY,A.M. - A History of Southern Utah & Its National Parks
invertebrates23.464: WOODCOCK,H.M.(ED.) - XVIII. Protozoa
BOTANY21.68: WOODFIN,R.O.JR. - Douglas-Fir Cull Logs & Cull Peeler Blocks
RAPTORS24.998: WOODFORD,M.H. - A Manual of Falconry
REGIONAL11592: WOODFORD,A.O. - Stream Gradients & Monterey Sea Valley
ORNITHOLOGY24.616: WOODFORD,M.H. - A Manual of Falconry
PALEONTOLOGY12543: WOODRING,W.P. - American Tertiary Mollusks of the Genus Clementia
SCIENCE12659: WOODRUFF,E.G. - Investigations Relating to Sulphur & Pyrite by the U.S. G.S. In 1908
ENTOMOLOGY14339: WOODRUFF,R.E. - Arthropods of Florida & Neighboring Land Areas: Vol. 8, the Scarab Beetles of Florida (Coleoptera: Scarab. ) Part I. The Laparosticti (Subfamilies: Scarabaeinae,Etc. )
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.96: WOODRUFF,R.R. - The Scarab Beetles of Florida (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Part I. The Laparosticti (Sufmilies: Scarababeinae,Aphodiinae,Et Al)
ENTOMOLOGY14340: WOODS,W.C. - The Malpighian Vessels of Haltica Bimarginata Say (Coleoptera)
HERPETOLOGY18328: WOODS,S.F. - Variation in the Cytology of the Blood of Geckos (Tarentola Mauritanica) Infected with Haemogregarina Platydactyli,Etc.
RODENTS1401: WOODS,S.E.JR. - The Squirrels of Canada
ORNITHOLOGY10481: WOODS,R.W. - The Birds of the Falkland Islands
RODENTS24.555: WOODS,S.E.JR. - The Squirrels of Canada
UPLAND23.981: WOODS,S.E.JR. - Gunning Fo Rupland Birds & Wildfowl
ART1761: CHRISTIE,MANSON & WOODS(EDS.) - Catalogue of the Collection of Angling Pictures,Early English Drawings and Mezzotints of Aurthur N. Gilbey,Esq.
ENTOMOLOGY19345: WOODSIDE,A.M. - The Plum Curculio in Virginia
FISHI9NG1425: FENWICK/WOODSTREAM(EDS.) - Rod Builder's Blank & Components Catalog/1984
PALEONTOLOGY17555: WOODWARD,H. - Some New British Carboniferous Cockroaches
PALEONTOLOGY17554: WOODWARD,H. - On Some Spined Myriapods from the Carboniferous Series of England
INVERTEBRATES17335: WOODWARD,B.B. - Catalogue of the British Species of Pisidium (Recent & Fossil) in the Collections of the British Museum,Etc. With Notes on Those of Western Europe
art1614: WOODWARD,K.E. - Painting in the North,Alaskan Art in the Anchorage Museum of History & Art
BIOGRAPHY14703: WOODWARD,H.B. - Joseph Prestwich
SCIENCE13907: WOODWARD,R.S. - The Mathematical Theories of the Earth
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY21.91: WOODWARD,D.R. - Availability of Water in the U.S. With Spec. Ref. To Industrial Needs by 1980
PALEONTOLOGY3536: WOODWARD,A. - Restorations of Extinct Reptiles
REGIONAL5615: WOODWORTH,J.B. - Geological Expedition to Brazil and Chile 1908-1909
ENTOMOLOGY19346: WOODWORTH,C.E. - The Reactions of Wireworms to Arsenicals
ENTOMOLOGY19347: WOODWORTH,C.E. - The Reactions of Wireworms to Arsenicals
REGIONAL12847: PHILLIPS-WOOLEY,C. - Sketches of the Gulf of Georgia
SCIENCE2614: WOOLF,C.M. - Investigations on Genetic Aspects of Carcinoma of the Stomach & Breast
ORNITHOLOGY13420: WOOLFENDEN,G.E. - Comparative Breeding Behaviour of Ammospiza Caudacuta & A. Maritima
REGIONAL93689: WOOLLCOMBE,H.S. - Beneath the Southern Cross,Being the Impressions Gained on a Tour Through Australasia & So. Africa,Etc.
REGIONAL24.5413: WOOLSON,C.F. - Up the Ashley and Cooper,South Carolina
REGIONAL0510: WOOSTER,W.S. - Oceanographic Observations in the Panama Bight,"Askoy" Expedition,1941
GENERAL8292: WOOTTON,I.D.P. - Normal Variations in Blood Constituents
BIOGRAPHY457: WORCESTER,H.M. - Hunting the Lawless
art1615: WORCESTER,D. - The Texas Cowboy,by the Texas Cowboy Artists Association
FIREARMS24.1768: DIXIE GUNS WORKS(EDS.) - Dixie Gun Works,Rare Antique Gun Supplies,Cataloig No. 121
ORNITHOLOGY19540: SWISS WORLDWIDE(EDS.) - Check-List of the Birds of Hong King
BEARS24.981: VAN WORMER,JOE - The Black Bear Book
BEARS1423: VAN WORMER,JOE - The World of the Black Bear
UNGULATES13609: VAN WORMER,J. - The World of the American Elk
ORNITHOLOGY7515: VAN WORMER,J. - The World of the Swan
REGIONAL13539: WORRELL,E. - Australian Wildlife
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY15690: WORSAAE,J.J.A.(MASON,O.T.)ED. - The Preseration of Antiquities & National Monuments in Denmark
REGIONAL5563: WORTH,C.B. - A Naturalist in Trinidad
ENTOMOLOGY194: WORTH,C.B. - Of Mosquitoes,Moths & Mice
REGIONAL4570: WORTH,C.B. - Mosquito Safari,a Naturalist in Southern Africa
HERPETOLOGY12209: WORTHINGTON,R.D. - Postmetamorphic Changes in the Vertebrae of the Marbled Salamander,Etc. (Amphibia,Caudata)
ENTOMOLOGY19348: WORTHLEY,H.N. - Emergence Cages & Bait Pails for Timing Codling Moth Sprays
UPLAND465: WRAY,PAT - A Chukar Hunter's Companion
WATERFOWL24.106: WRIGHT,B.S. - Black Duck Spring
REGIONAL21.648: WRIGHT,R.H. - Map Showing Locations of Samples Dated by Radiocarbon Methods in the San Francisco Bay Region,Etc. Map Mf-317
ORNITHOLOGY553NH: WRIGHT,G.M. - Men & Birds in Joint Occupation of National Parks
ENTOMOLOGY14341: WRIGHT,A.G. - Common Illinois Insects
INVERTEBRATES408NH: WRIGHT,D.JR. - Equilibrium Studies with Certain Acids & Minerals & Their Probable Relation to the Decomposition by Bacteria
GENERAL316NH: WRIGHT,J.G. - Veterinary Anaesthesia
FISHING24.999: WRIGHT,ROB - With Hook,Line and Snorkel in the South Pacific
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