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PALEONTOLOGY17530: TSCHUDY,B.D. - Palynology of the Upper Campanian (Cretacous) Judith River Formation,North-Central Montana
BOTANY18122: TSENG,C.C. - Anatomical Studies of Flower & Fruit in the Hydrocotyloideae (Umbelliferae)
HERPETOLOGY23.467: TU,A.T. - Venoms: Chemistry & Molecular Biology
ORNITHOLOGY17379: TUCK,L.M. - The Chronology in Canada of the Spring Migration of Snipe
art1486: TUCKER,R.E.[LOWERY,G.H.] - Louisiana Birds
BOTANY5113: TUCKER,S.C. - Ontogeny of the Inflorescence & the Flower in Drimys Winteri Var. Chilensis
art1487: TUFTS,R.W. - The Birds of Nova Scotia
art1491: TUNNICLIFFE,C.F. - A Sketchbook of Birds
art2206: C.F.TUNNICLIFFE - Shorelands Summer Diary
ART23.8412: TUNNUCLIFFE,C. - The Peregrine Sketchbook
BIOGRAPHY13651: DE TUNSELMANN,G.W. - Hertz's Researches on Electrical Oscillations
art1006: TURBACK,G. - Survivors in the Shadows,Threatened & Endangered Mammals of the American West
MAMMALS.GENERAL12458: TURBAK,G. - Survivors in the Shadows,Threatened & Endangered Mammals of the American West
MAMMALS.GENERAL4313: TURKOWSKI,F.J. - Carnivora Food Habits & Habitat Use in Ponderosa Pine Forests
SCIENCE93740: TURNER,H.H. - Giant Suns
INVERTEBRATES15405: TURNER,J.P. - Division & Conjugation in Euplotes Patella Ehrenberg with Spec. Ref. To the Nuclear Phenomena
art1505: TURNER,J.M.W.[LYLES,A.] - Turner & Natural History,the Farnley Project
BIOGRAOHY24.2203: TURNER,MYLES(JACKMAN,B.)ED. - My Serengeti Years,the Memoirs of an African Game Warden
ENTOMOLOGY19317: TURNER,N. - Insecticides to Control the European Corn Borer
ENTOMOLOGY19318: TURNER,N. - Notes on Rotenone As an Insecticide
EVOLUTION13663: TURNER,SIR.WM. - On Heredity
GENERAL13273: TURNER,T.E. - Ole Timey Stuff,a Compilation of Historical Facts,Illustrations & Classifications of Iron,Wire, Guns & Glass,Etc. From the Ols American West
BIGRAPHY24.884: TURNER,DICK - Wings of the North
SC1ENCE16761: TURPAIN,A. - The Development of Mechanical Composition in Printing
PRIMATES12552: TUTTLE,R.(ED.) - The Functional & Evolutionary Biology of Primates
PRIMATES18528: TUTTLE,R.H. - Apes of the Workd,Their Social Behavior,Communication ,Mentality & Ecology
GENERAL24.6003: TWEEDDALE,M. - The Cubs of the Stranger
ORNITHOLOGY4423: TWEEDIE,M.W.F. - Common Malayan Birds
BIOGRAPHY24.7762: TWEEDSMUIR,LORD - Always a Countryman
PALEONTOLOGY15532: TWENHOFEL,W.H. - The Anticosti Island Faunas
REGIONAL7659: TWITCHELL,H. - Summer Pioneers,Memories of Old Field
HERPETOLOGY93346: TYLER,M.J. - Amphibians of South Australia
geology23.902: J.H.TYLER - Fracture & Rotation of Brittle Clasts in a Ductile Matrix
BOTANY399: TYLER,H. - Organic Gardening without Poisons
ORNITHOLOGY5446: TYLER,J.G. - Pca No. 9: Some Birds of the Fresno District,California
ORNITHOLOGY19542: TYLER,J.G. - Pca No. 6: Some Birds of the Fresno District,California
ichthyology23.108: TYLER,R.W. - Use of Dynamite to Recover Tagged Salmon
ORNITHOLOGY5447: VAN TYNE,J. - The Birds of Northern Peten,Guatemala
HERPETOLOGY93347: TYNING,T.F.(STOKES,D.W.& L.Q.)EDS. - A Guide to Amphibians & Reptiles
REGIONAL10501: HAQ,B.U.& MILLIMAN,J.D.(EDS.) - Marine Geology & Oceanography of Arabian Sea & Coastal Pakistan
ENTOMOLOGY23.98: VON MASCHWITZ,U.& KLINGER,R. - Trophobiontische Beziehungen Zwischen Wanzen Und Ameisen
SCIENCE24.913: NEUKUM,G.& WISE,D.U. - Mars: A Standard Crater Curve & Possible New Time Table
ichthyology23.129: UCHIDA,R.N. - Distribution of Fishing Effort & Catches of Skipjack Tuna,Katsuwonus Pelamis in Hawaiian Waters by Quarters of the Year 1948-65
SCIENCE.ASTRONOMY24.8712: UDDEN,J.A. - The Troup,Texas Meteorite
geology23.935: J.A.UDDEN - Suggestions of a New Method of Making Underground Observations
SCIENCE6645: UDDEN,J.A. - Aids to Identification of Geological Formations
GENERAL7333: UDVARDY,M.D.F. - Dynamic Zoogeography,with Special Reference to Land Animals
ORNITHOLOGY24.819: UDVARDY,M.D.F. - The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds,Western Region
BIOGRAPHY069: UGGLA,A.H. - Linnaeus
ARCHAEOLOGY1344: UHLE,M. - The Emeryville Shellmound
BOTANY1699: ULM,A. - Remember the Chestnut!
INVERTEBRATES10436: ULMER,M.J. - Postharmostomum Helicis (Leidy,1847) Robinson 1949, (Trematoda),It Life History & a Revision of the Subfamily Brachylaeminae,Part II
INVERTEBRATES10437: ULMER,M.J. - Morphological Features of Brachylaima Virginianum Metacercariae (Trematoda: Brachylaimatidae) and Migration Route of Cercariae in the Second Intermediate Host
FISHING24.9956: ULRICH,H. - Catching Freshwater Fish Made Easy
SCIENCE19639: UMBGROVE,J.H.F. - Symphony of the Earth
ARCHAEOLOGY1631: TE-K'UN,CHENG - Archaeology in China,Vol. I,Prehistoric China;Vol. 2,Shang China;Vol. 3,Chou China
ENTOMOLOGY14301: UNDERHILL,G.W. - Blackflies Found Feeding on Turkeys in Virginia, (Simulium Migroparvum Twinn & Slossane Dyar & Shannon)
ENTOMOLOGY19322: UNDERHILL,B.M. - Parasites & Parasitosis of the Domestic Animals,the Zoology & Control of the Animal Parasites and the Pathogenesis & Treatment of Parasitic Diseases
HERPETOLOGY10368: UNDERWOOD,G. - On Lizards of the Family Pygopodidae: A Contribution to the Morphology & Phylogeny of the Squamta
BOTANY2133: UNDERWOOD,L.M. - Moulds,Mildews & Mushrooms,a Guide to the Systematic Study of the Fungi & Mycetozoa & Their Literature
REGIONAL12614: UNGNADE,H.E. - Guide to the New Mexico Mountains
INVERTEBRATES8363: DIAZ-UNGRIA,C. - Nematodes Parasitos Collectados Por la Mision Chauvancy En Guayana Francesa
ORNITHOLOGY2366: AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGIST'S UNION(EDS.) - Check-List of North American Birds,the Species of Birds of North America from the Arctic Through Panama,Incl. The West Indies & Hawiian Islands
ORNITHOLOGY.9396: AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGISTS'UNION(EDS.) - 34th Supplement to A.O. U. Check-List of No. American Birds: Vol. 99,No. 3
ORNITHOLOGY9396: AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGISTS'UNION(EDS.) - 34th Supplement to A.O. U. Check-List of No. American Birds: Vol. 99,No. 3
REGIONAL13467: ALASKA COOPERATIVE WILDLIFE RESEARCH UNIT(EDS.) - Quarterly Progress Reports (Not for Publication)
BIOGRAPHY7120: STANFORD UNIVERSITY(EDS.) - List of Publications by Members of the Dept. Of Zoology of Leland Stanford University
PALEONTOLOGY17534: UNKLESBAY,A.G. - Nautiloids from the Tanyard Formation of Central Texas
GENERAL18252: EDITOR UNKNOWN - Ninth Pacific Science Congress of the Pacific Science Association
WOODCRAFT24.7614: EDITOR UNKNOWN - Research Mannikins Taxidermy Supply
FISHING24.33132: EDITOR UNKNOWN - British Columbia's Fresh Water Fishing Guidevol. 16,No. 7
REFIONAL18252: EDITOR UNKNOWN - Ninth Pacific Science Congress of the Pacific Science Association
ORNITHOLOGY2369: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Checklist of Birds,Pinnacles National Monument,San Benito County,Calif.
FISHING24.88756: EDITOR UNKNOWN - Clemens 1990
regional1012: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - A Brochure on Old Tennent Church (Monmouth County,New Jersey)
geology23.970: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Natural Provinces of Southern California
ENTOMOLOGY7221: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Notes Sur Quelques Insectes Nuisibles Aux Arbres Forestiers
REGIONAL20.112: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - (San Francisco) Bay Area Historic House Museums
REGIONAL20.113: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Natural Hazards on the Island of Hawaii
regional21.1923: AUTHORS UNKNOWN - Map of Fort Leavenworth,Kansas & Vicinity
ORNITHOLOGY1361: AUTHOR UNKNOWN(P.B.ST.J.) - The Young Naturalists's Book of Birds,Anecdotes of the Feathered Children
MARINE.MAMMALS18455: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - A Plea for a Monster
MAMMALS.GENERAL12449: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - A Method for Photographing Teeth of Small Mammals
FISHING24.66509: EDITOR UNKNOWN - Cole Springs Anglers 1988 Catalog
INVERTEBRATES23.143: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Tabular View of the Orders & Leading Families of Myriapoda,Arachnida,Crustacea,Annelida & Entozoa
ORNITHOLOGY23.145: EDITOR UNKNOWN - Bulletin of the Essex County Ornithological Club of Massachusetts; Index 1919-1928
BOTANY13147: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Linnaeus & Jussieu;or,the Rise & Progress of Systematic Botany
BIOGRAPHY19.25: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - John Wesley Powell,Soldier,Explorer,Scientist
BIOGRAPHY22.29: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - The Life & Travels of Alexander Von Humboldt;with an Account of His Discoveries,Etc.
art125: UNKNOWN - Atlantic Salmon
ICHTHYOLOGY24.7712: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Tweed Fisheries,an Act (As Amended in Committee) to Amend the "Tweed Fisheries Act,1857" and to Alter the Annual Close Times in the River Tweed
GENERAL12156: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - The Wonder Book of Nature
ORNITHOLOGY23.7612: EDITOR UNKNOWN - Index to the Journal of the Maine Ornithological Society,Vols. I to XIII(Jan. 1899 to Dec. 1911)
GENERAL2209: N.S.(PSUED.)EDITOR UNKNOWN - Anniversary Volume Dedicated to Masumi Chidashige by His Pupils in Celebration of His 60th Birthday
art55: ARTIST UNKNOWN - Peacocks
art56: ARTIST UNKNOWN - The Swallow-Tailed Falcon
FISHING23.571: EDITOR UNKNOWN - Flyfishers' Journal,Index to Volume 67
FISHING24.77618: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Fly Tying Nstructions,Materials,Patterns
FISHING24.7741: EDITOR UNKNOWN - The 1976 Angler's Catalogue,Angler's Mail
general24.1029: EDITOR UNKNOWN - The Journal of Heredity,Vol. 5,N0. 11,a Montly Publication Devoted to Plant & Animal Breeding & Eugenics
general24.1032: EDITOR UNKNOWN - The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 1931 Year Book
REGIONAL24.88761: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - At Windsor Castle
ICHTHYOLOGY24.9812: EDITOR UNKNOWN - Price List. D. Hatton Co. ,Wholesale Receivers and Curers of Fish
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY6127: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Proposed Expansion of the Redwood National Park,the Industry's View
FISHING24.88651: EDITOR UNKNOWN - Trout Unlimited Quarterly - Vol. 1,No. 2
FISHING24.8867: EDITOR UNKNOWN - Fireside Angler 77
BOTANY1861: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Native Trees of Canada
BOTANY1862: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Forests in Japan
regional24.2139: EDITOR UNKNOWN - The Geographical Journal,Vol. 87,No. 1
FIREARMS23.842: EDITOR UNKNOWN - Emf Arms Catalog,Gun Collectors Edition
GENERAL8233: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - The Reason Why,Natural History
ORNITHOLOGY2368: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Finches,Their Care & Breeding
FISHIGN24.66451: EDITOR UNKNOWN - Brodin Landing Nets,Handcrafted for Excellence
BIOGRAPHY8682: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - William Bullock Clark
ENTOMOLOGY16133: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Insects Belonging to the Cotton Plant
INVERTEBRATES10406: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Mayhewia Nebraskensis,Sp. N. ,a Cestode from the Rock Dove, Columbia Livia
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY24.1029: EDITOR UNKNOWN - The Journal of Heredity,Vol. 5,N0. 11,a Montly Publication Devoted to Plant & Animal Breeding & Eugenics
GENERAL3171: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Histoire Des Animaux,Precedee D'Un Precis de L'Histoire Naturelle de L'Homme
FIREARMS24.8012: EDITOR UNKNOWN - House of Swoards and Militaria,Catalog No. 18
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.15: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Index to Subfamilies,Tribes and Genera of Beetle Species
REGIONAL13470: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Santa Catalina Island
FISHING24.7743: EDITOR UNKNOWN - Reed Tackle Company - Fishing Catalog
REGIONAL93604: EDITORS UNKNOWN - La Paz En Su IV Centenario 1548-1948
rodents23.6014: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - The Squirrel's Highway
regional23.6015: AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Spanish Vistas,First Paper: From Burgos to the Gate of the Sun
ARCHAEOLOGY13665: UNSET,M.I. - Scandinavian Archaeology
SCIENCE3783: URBAIN,G. - Chemical Elements and Atoms
ICHTHYOLOGY391NH: URSIN,E. - On the Incorporation of Temperature in the Von Bertalanffy Growth Equation (with) a Mathematical Model of Some Aspects of Fish Growth,Respiration & Mortality
WOODCRAFT8612: USAF(EDS.) - Emergency Rescue Survival Afm64-5
REGIONAL24.7131: USDA/USFS(EDS.) - Ventana Wilderness,Los Padres National Forest
WATERFOWL24.813: USFWS(EDS.) - Concept Plan for Waterfowl Wintering Habitat Preservation;Central Valley California Priority Category 4
REGIONAL24.8821: USGS(EDS.) - Partington Ridge,California Topographical Map
entomology23.475: USINGER,R.L.(ED.) - Aquatic Insects of California with Keys to North American Genera and Species
ENTOMOLOGY14303: USINGER,R.L. - Review of the Genus Gastrodes (Lygaeidae, Hemiptera)
BIOGRAPHY972: USINGER,R.L.(LINSLEY,E.G.& GRESSITT,J.L.)EDS. - Robert Leslie Usinger,Autobiography of an Entomologist
ENTOMOLOGY93215: USSOVA,Z.V. - Flies of Karelia & the Murmansk Region (Diptera, Simuliidae)
ENTOMOLOGY18204: UVAROV,B.P. - Insect Nutrition & Metabolism,a Summary of the Literature,Original Abstracts
HERPETOLOGY6323: UZZELL,T. - Status of the Genera Ecpleopus,Arthroseps & Aspidolaemus (Sauria,Teiidae)
REGIONAL11573: SINGH,T.V.& KAUR,J.(EDS.) - Studies in Himalyan Ecology
REGIONAL11586: USSING,N.V.ET AL - Danmarks Geologie I Almenfattelight Omrids
SCIENCE20.534: COHEE,G.V.& WRIGHT,W.B. - Changes in Stratigraphic Nomenclature by the U.S. Geological Survey,1975
SCIENCE0591: BOKSLEITNER,P.V.ET AL(EDS.) - Handbook of Air Pollution
REGIONAL7647: STAENDER,G.& V. - Adventures with Arctic Wildlife
ENTOMOLOGY8189: KING,W.V.ET AL - The Mosquitoes of the Southeastern States
ICHTHYOLOGY17235: BANGHAM,R.V.& VENARD,C.E. - LXV. Parasites of Fish of Algonquin Park Lakes
MAMMALS.GENERAL7432: MAYER,W.V.& VAN GELDER,R.G.(EDS.) - Physiological Mammalogy: Pt. 1,Populations & Pt. 2,Reactions to Stressful Environments
ICHTHYOLOGY12214: BANGHAM,R.V.& VENARD,C.E. - Parasites of Fish of Algonquin Park Lakes
HERPETOLOGY3264: MALNATE,E.V.& MUNSTERMAN,H.E. - Interpopulation Variation in the Colubrid Snake Natrix Pryeri from the Riukiu Island,Etc.
UPLAND24.97: RAWLEY,E.V.ET AL - Utah Upland Game
REGIONAL5551: STAENDER,G.& V. - Adventures with Arctic Wildlife
ENTOMOLOGY13209: KROMBEIN,D.V.ET AL - Hymenoptera of American North of Mexico: Synoptic Catalog. Agric. Mono. No. 2,First Supplement
GENERAL15274: PICKWELL,G.V.& EVANS,W.E. - Handbook of Dangerous Animals for Field Personnel
ENTOMOLOGY14243: KING,W.V.ET AL - The Mosquitoes of the Southeastern States
ENTOMOLOGY14244: KING,W.V.ET AL - The Mosquitoes of the Southeastern States
BOTANY1669: GARDNER,N.L.,NICHOLS,M.B.,OSTERHOUT,W.J.V.ET AL - Lot of 19 Scholarly Papers on Marine Algae & Kelp
BOTANY8106: GRANT,C.V.& HANSEN,A.A. - Poison Ivy & Poison Sumac & Their Eradication
INVERTEBRATES15342: CHAMBERLIN,R.V.& JONES,D.T. - A Descriptive Catalog of the Mollusca of Utah
HERPETOLOGY17231: TERENT'EV,P.V.& CHERNOV,S.A. - Key to Amphibians & Reptiles
REGIONAL20.308: MILLER,R.V.& TAN,S.S. - Geology & Engineering Geologic Aspects of the South Half Tustin Quadrangle,Orange County,California
REGIONAL11595: YOCUM,C.& BROWN,V. - Wildlife & Plants of the Cascades
GENERAL15238: CRAWFORD,L.V.& STOKER,M.G.P. - The Molecular Biology of Viruses,18th Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology
SCIENCE20.613: RICHARDSON,E.V.ET AL - Sonic Depth Sounder for Laboratory & Field Use
CANINES1192: VAN BALLENBERGHE,V.ET AL - Ecology of the Timber Wolf in N.E. Minnesota
ENTOMOLOGY0115: CHAMBERLIN,R.V.& GERTSCH,W.J. - The Spider Family Dictynidae in America North of Mexico
SCIENCE20.533: COHEE,G.V.& WRIGHT,W.B. - Changes in Stratigraphic Nomenclature by the U.S. Geological Survey,1972
ICHTHYOLOGY2282: BULKLEY,R.V.& BENSON,N.G. - Predicting Year-Class Abundance of Yellowstone Lake Cutthroat Trous
ICHTHYOLOGY93402: ZAMORA,D.V.ET AL - Grouper Abstracts
INVERTEBRATES23.358: THUESEN,E.V.ET AL - Lot of 17 Scientic Offprints & Papers on Chaetognatha
MARINE.MAMMALS11340: THORSTEINSON,F.V.ET AL - Experimental Harvest of the Stellar Sea Lion in Alaskan Waters
MAMMALS.GENERAL16379: MAYER,W.V.& VAN GELDER,R.G. - Physiological Mammalogy: Vol. I. Mammalian Populations
SCIENCE23.546: TIKHOMIROV,V.V.& RAVIKOVICH,A.I.(WHITE,G.W.)ED. - History of Geological Sciences in the Ussr
INVERTEBRATES23.230: GURNEY,R.& LEBOUR,M.V. - Larvae of Decapod Crustacea,Part VI. The Genus Sergestes
ORNITHOLOGY93515: JESPERSEN,P.& TANING,A.V.(EDS.) - Studies in Bird Migration,Being the Collected Papers of H. Chr. C. Mortensen 1856-1921
ICHTHYOLOGY0568: LOISEELE,P.V.& BLAIR,D. - A New Species of Aphyosemion (Teleostome: Cyprinodontidae: Rivulinae) from Ghana,Etc.
REGIONAL20.124: BERG,G.V.ET AL - Earthquake in Romania,March 4,1977,an Engineering Report
MAMMALS.GENERAL3400: LINZEY,A.V.& D.W. - Mammals of Great Smokey Mtns. National Park
mammals.general24.6022: VACHA,J.& ZNOJIL,V. - The Allometric Dependence of the Life Span of Erythrocytes on Body Weight in Mammals
REGIONAL13489: GEIST,V.ET AL - Report on Wolf Lake,Yukon Territory
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY425: LUCIER,C.V.& VAN STONE,J.W. - Historic Pottery of the Kotzebue Sound Inupiat
SCIENCE24.622: CONSOLAZIO,W.V.& IVY,A.C. - Drinking Water from Sea Wate
BEARS1246: KOROLEB,V.V.ET AL - Hunting the Great Bear
SCIENCE9633: TURNER,J.V.ET AL - Isotopic & Geochemical Composition of Marl Lake Waters & Implications for Radiocarbon Dating,Etc.
REGIONAL1514: BROWN,V.ET AL - Wildlife of the Intermountain West
ORNITHOLOGY7511: STEINER,C.V.& DAVIS,R.B. - Caged Bird Medicine,Selected Topics
SCIENCE4583: LEH,F.K.V.& LAK,R.K.C. - Envirnonments & Pollutions;Sources,Health Effects ,Monitoring & Control
REGIONAL12739: WARREN,H.V.ET AL - Biogeochemical Researches on Copper in British Columbia
PALEONTOLOGY17536: VADASZ,M.E. - Die Unter Liassische Fauna Von Alsorakos IM Komitat Nagykukullo
PALEONTOLOGY0446: VADASZ,M.E. - Die Palaontologischen Und Geologischen Verhaltnisse Der Alteren Schollen Am Linken Donauufer
ARCHAEOLOGY1123: VAILLANT,G.C. - Artists & Craftsmen in Ancient Central America
GENERAL0224: VAN VALEN,L. - Are Categories in Different Phyla Comparable?
SCIENCE23.547: VAN VALEN,L.M.(ED.) - Catastrophes,Expectations & the Evidence;Geologcial Implications of Impacts of Large Asteroids & Comets on the Earth by Silver & Schultz,a Book Review
REGIONAL13621: VALENTINE,J.W. - The Journal of Geology,Vol. 70,No. 1. Pleistocene Molluscan Notes. 4. Older Terrace Faunas from Palos Verdes Hills,California
PALEONTOLOGY23.468: VALENTINE,P.C. - Climatic Implication of a Late Pleistocene Ostracode Assemblage from Southeastern Virginia
MAMMALS.GENERAL6423: VAN VALKENBURGH,B. - Locomotor Diversity Within Past & Present Guilds of Large Predatory Mammals
art1516: VANCE,J.M. - Confessions of an Outdoor Maladroit
REGIONAL3626: VANDEL,A. - Mission Zoologique Belge Aux Iles Galapagos Et En Ecuador,Isopodes Terrestres
MARINE.MAMMALS3417: VARAWA,J.M. - The Delicate Art of Whale Watching
ichthyology23.972: VARI,R.P. - Phylogenetic Relationships of the Families Curimatidae,Prochilodontidae,Anostomidat & Chilodontidae (Pisces: Characiformes)
ichthyology23.894: VARI,R.P. - Systematics of the Neotropical Characiform Genus Cyphocharax Fowler (Pisces: Ostariophysi)
ichthyology23.974: VARI,R.P. - Systematics of the Neotropical Characiform Genus Curimatella Eigenmann & Eigenmann (Pisces: Ostariophysi) with Summary Comments on the Curimatidae
ichthyology23.975: VARI,R.P. - Systematics of the Trans-Andean Species of Creagrutus (Ostariophysi: Characiformes: Characidae)
ichthyology23.979: VARI,R.P. - A Phylogenetic Study of the Neotropical Characiform Family Curimatidae (Pisces: Ostariophysi)
ichthyology23.967: VARI,R.P. - Systematics of the Neotropical Characoid Genus Curimatopsis (Pisces: Characoidei)
ichthyology23.970: VARI,R.P. - Systematics of the Neotropical Characiform Genus Pseudocurimata Fernandez-Yepez (Pisces: Ostariophysi)
ichthyology23.971: VARI,R.P. - Systematics of the Neotropical Characiform Genus Psectrogaster Eigenmann & Eigenmann (Pisces: Characiformes)
ichthyology23.973: VARI,R.P. - Systematics of the Neotropical Characiform Genus Curimata Bosc (Pisces: Characiformes)
SCIENCE15704: DE VARIGNY,H. - Air and Life
SCIENCE13680: DE VARIGNY,H. - Temperature and Life
UNGULATES8664: VAUGHAN,H.W. - Breeds of Live Stock in America
SCIENCE8668: VAUGHN,T.W. - Corals & the Formation of Coral Reets
PALEONTOLOGY7563: VAUGHN,T.W. - The Eocene & Lower Oligocene Coral Faunas of the J.S. With Descriptions of a Few Doubtfully Cretaceous Species
PALEONTOLOGY17537: VAUGHN,T.W. - A New Fossil Species of Caryophyllia from California & a New Genus & Species of Turbinoid Coral from Japan
PALEONTOLOGY22.526: VAUGHN,T.W. - The Biologic Character & Geologic Correlation of the Sedimentary Formations of Panama in Their Relation to the Geologic History of Central America & the West Indies
PALEONTOLOGY5476: VAUGHN,P.P. - The Permian Reptile Araeoscelis Restudied
UNGULATES767NH: VAUGHN,H.W. - Types & Market Classes of Live Stock
MAMMALS.GENERAL9383: VAUGHN,T.A. - Functional Morphology of 3 Bats: Eumops,Myotis ,Macrotus
BOTANY4678: VAUGHN,T.W. - The Geologic Work of Mangroves in Southern Florida
BIOGRAPHY560: VAUGHN,R.V. - The Print of My Remembrance,the Autobiography of Ruben V. "Doc"Vaughn
INVERTEBRATES1668: VAUGHN,T.W. - Three New Funglae with Description of a Specimen of Fungia Granulosa Klunzinger and a Note on a Specimen of Fungia Concinna Verrill
INVERTEBRATES1671: VAUGHN,T.W. - A New Species of Coenocyathus from California & the Braziliam Astrangid Corals
PALEONTOLOGY4454: VAUGHN,P.P. - Seymouria from the Lower Permian of S.E. Utah & Possible Sexual Dimorphism in That Genus
MAMMALS.GENERAL22.411: VAUGHN,T.A. - Mammalogy
BIOGRAPHY7134: VAUGHN,F.E. - Andrew C. Lawson,Scientist,Teacher,Philosopher
INVERTEBRATES1688: VAUGHN,T.W. - Some Madreporarian Corals from French Somaliland,East Africa,Collected by Dr. Charles Gravier
ENTOMOLOGY0163: VAURIE,P. - Revision of the Genus Calendra (Formerly Sphenophorus) in the U.S. & Mexico (Coleoptera Curculionidae)
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.101: VAURIE,P. - A Revision of the Genus Diplotaxis (Coleoptera,Scarabaeide,Melolonthinae) Part 2
ENTOMOLOGY0165: VAURIE,P. - A Review of the North American Languriidae
ENTOMOLOGY0166: VAURIE,P. - A Revision of the Genus Diplotaxis (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Melolonthinae) Parts 1
ENTOMOLOGY0164: VAURIE,P. - Revision of the Genus Calendra (Formerly Sphenophorus) in the U.S. & Mexico (Coleoptera Curculionidae)
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY15169: VAUX,H.J. - California Wildland Conservation: Unities & Conflicts
WATERFOWL23.312: VEASEY,WM. - Blue Ribbon Techniques;Burning and Texturing Methods
art1517: VEASEY,T. - Geese,a Pictorial Study
art1518: VEASEY,T. - Wood Ducks,a Pictorial Study
WATERFOWL24.871: VEASEY,T. - Waterfowl Illustrated
PALEONTOLOGY15533: VEEVERS,J.J. - Devonian & Carboniferous Brachiopods from N.W. Australia
PALEONTOLOGY15534: VEEVERS,J.J. - Devonian Brachiopods from the Fitzroay Basin,Western Australia
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INVERTEBRATES23.370: WHITMANN,K.J. - Lot of 14 Scientic Offprints & Papers on Anthrodpoda,Crustaces,Mysidacea
SCIENCE12680: WHITMORE,J. - A Method of Increasing the Range of the Capillary Electrometer
REGIONAL5561: WHITNEY,CASPER - The Flowing Road,Adventuring on the Great Rivers of South America
PALEONTOLOGY1487: WHITNEY,F.L. - Fauna of the Buda Limestone
ADVENTURE83: WHITNEY,C. - The Flowing Road
REGIONAL24.7721: WHITNEY,S.R. - A Field Guide to the Cascades & Olympics
REGIONAL16616: WHITOFORD,W.G.(ED.) - Pattern & Process in Desert Ecosystems
GENERAL0225: WHITSON,G.L.(ED.) - Concepts in Radiation Cell Biology
REGIONAL12883: WHITTAKER,E.J. - Bottom Deposits of Mckay Lake,Ottawa
ORNITHOLOGY18496: WHITTELL,H.M. - The Literature of Australian Birds,a History & Bibliography of Australian Bibliography
BIOGRAPHY1487: WHITTLE,T. - The Plant Hunters,Being an Examination of Collecting,Etc.
ARCHAEOLOGY24.614: WHORF,B.L. - Decipherment of the Linguistic Portion of the Maya Hieroglyphs
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.55: WHYMPER,EDWARD - Supplementary Appendix to Travels Amongst the Great Andes of the Equator
REGIONAL24.812: WHYMPER,EDWARD - Travels Amongst the Great Andes of the Equator
GENERAL315NH: WHYTE,A.G. - The Wonder World We Live in
ENTOMOLOGY24.838: WICHARD,W. - Zur Morphologischen Anpassung Von Tracheenkiemen Bei Larven Der Limnephilini Kol. (Insecta,Trichoptera) Parts I & II.
BIOGRAPHY1856: WICK,G.C. - Emilio Segre
REGIONAL12710x: WICKENDEN,R.T.D. - Glacial Deposits of Part of Northern Nova Scotia
PALEONTOLOGY17549: WICKHIM,H.F. - Fossil Coleoptera from Florissant in the U.S. National Museum
REGIONAL18593: WICKSON,E.J.(ED.) - California's Magazine,Cornerstone Number,Vol. 1,No. 1
MISC.24.99687: WIEDENKELLER,B.A. - More Fine Sporting Books from the Printers' Devil - Catalog 2
ART1557: WIELAND,T. - Pigment and Passion - the Art of Thomas Daly
art319: WIELAND,T. - Masters of the Wild,Guy Coheleach
GENERAL18295: WIEMAN,H.L. - General Zoology
art1588: WIESE,K.[CURTISS,P.] - The Honorable Charley,a Story
BOTANY15750: WIESNER,J. - The Relation of Plant Physiology to the Other Sciences
REGIONAL4567: WIGGIN,M. - A Cottage Idyll
BOTANY15148: WIGGLESWORTH,G. - A New California Species of Sphaerocarpus,Together with an Annotated List of Specimens,Etc.
ENTOMOLOGY24.233: WIGGLESWORTH,V.B. - Insect Hormones
ENTOMOLOGY13219: WIGGLESWORTH,V.B. - The Principles of Insect Physiology
SCIENCE743NH: WIGHTMAN,W.P.D. - The Growth of Scientific Ideas
MARINE.MAMMALS22.431: WIIG,O. - Morohometric Variation in the Hooded Seal (Cystophora Cristata)
invertebrates10701: K.M.WILBUR & C.M.YONGE(EDS.) - Physiology of Mollusca,Vols. 1 & 2
invertebrates24.363: K.M.WILBUR & C.M.YONGE(EDS.) - Physiology of Mollusca,Vols. 1 and 2
ORNITHOLOGY12478: WILBUR,S.F. - Naf No. 72: The California Condor,1966-76,a Look at Its Past & Future
REGIONAL93686: WILBURN,J. - Wild Animals of California & the West,Mountains & Desert: One
REGIONAL11590: WILCKENS,O. - Die Meeresablagerungen Der Kreide-Unde Tertiar- Fromation in Patagonien
FISHING24.6902: WILCOX,ART - Fishing the Lassen Country
BIOGRAPHY071: WILD,P.(ED.) - The Autobiography of John C. Van Dyke,a Personal Narrative of American Life 1861-1931
BIOGRAPHY884: WILD,P. - Pioneer Conservationists of Eastern America
ORNITHOLOGY3502: WILDASH,P. - Birds of South Vietnam
GENERAL6277: WILDER,H.H. - A Synopsis of Animal Classification
ENTOMOLOGY10265: WILDERMUTH,V.L. - The Desert Corn Flea-Beetle
ART984: WILEY,F.A.(ED.) - Ernest Thompson Seton's America
BOTANY14655: WILEY,H.W. - The Waste and Conservation of Plant Food
BOTANY24.115: WILEY,W.R. - Aphrodisiacal Efficacy of Swisoats,a Dissertation,Etc.
ichthyology23.6001: W.WILHELM - Interspecific Allometric Growth Differences in the Head of Three Haplochromine Species (Pisces,Cichlidae)
SCIENCE1599: WILHELM,A. - Hoch-Furstliche Medicinal-Ordung / Auf Hoch Furstliche Gnadigste Verordnumg Und Befehl
BIOGRAPHY12720: WILIAMS,W.L.G. - Charles Thompson Sullivan (1882-1948)
ICHTHYOLOGY7394: WILIMOVSKY,N.J.(ED.) - Symposium on Pink Salmon
HERPETOLOGY16274: WILKE,H. - Turtles,Everything About Purchase,Care,Nutrition & Diseases
PALEONTOLOGY10549: WILKERSON,A.S. - Some Frozen Deposits in the Goldfields of Interior Alaska,a Study of the Pleistocene Deposits
FIREARMS23.6812: WILKINSON,F. - Militaria
FIREARMS24.90: WILKINSON,F.(ED.) - The Illustrated Book of Guns and Rifles
FIREARMS24.7716: WILKINSON,F. - Firearms
BIOGRAPHY13141: WILKINSON,N.B. - E.I. Du Pont,Botaniste,the Beginning of a Tradition
BIOGRAPHY7137: WILKINSON,N.B. - E.I. Du Pont,Bontaniste,the Beginning of a Tradition
FISHING24.8767: KLIMO,V.& OURSLER,WILL - Hamingway and Jake,an Extraordinary Friendship
REGIONAL18594: WILLARD,D.E. - Montana,the Geological Story
RODENTS14624: WILLARD,T. - Demons of Stony River,a True Life Adventure About North America's Meanest Animal,Alaska's Wolverine,Etc.
REGIONAL24.8898: WILLCOCKS,SIR,WM. - Mesopotamia: Past,Present and Future
WATERFOWL24.78: ATKINSON-WILLES,G.L. - Wildfowl in Great Britain,a Survey of the Winter Distribution of the Anatidae and Their Conservation in England,Scotland and Wales
ORNITHOLOGY5450: WILLETT,G. - Pca No. 21: Revised List of the Birds of S.W. California
ORNITHOLOGY4430: WILLETT,G. - Common Birds of the Los Angeles County Coast
ORNITHOLOGY93554: WILLETT,G. - Common Birds of the Los Angeles County Mountains
art583: WILLETT,W. - British Birds
MAMMALS.GENERAL4316: WILLETT,G. - Mammmals of Los Angeles County,California
ORNITHOLOGY24.8612: WILLETT,GEORGE - Pca No. 20,Third Ten Year Index to the Condor,Vol. XXI-XXX 1919-1928

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