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Y19122-8345: YANISHEVSKY,R.ET AL - Proliferative Capacity & Dna Content of Aging Human Diploid Cells in Culture,a Cytophotometric & Autoradiographic Analysis
Y935-8407: YAPP,W.B. - An Introducton to Animal Physiology
Y983-5984: YARD,R.S. - The Top of the Continent,the Story of a Cheerful Journey Through Our National Parks
Y2353-7344: YASHIRODA,K.ET AL(EDS.) - Handbook on Dwarfed Potted Trees: The Bonsai of Japan
Y868-0306: YATES,S. - Marine Wildlife of Puget Sound,the San Juans & the Strait of Georgia
Y1846-8492: YATES,H.O.III(ED.) - Journal of Entomological Science,Vol. 26,No. 2
Y719-7734: YCAS,M. - The Biological Code
Y2394-7011: YEAGER,J.F.& SWAIN,R.B. - An Entomotograph,an Insturment for Recording the Appendicular or Locomotor Activity of Insects
Y16110-7811: YEAGER,J.F.ET AL - On the Coagulation of Blood From the Cockroach,Periplaneta Orientalis (Linn. ) with Spec. Ref. To Blood Smears
Y2492-0822: YEAGER,J.F.& TAUBER,O.E. - Determination of Total Blook Volume in the Cockroach,P. Fuliginosa,with Spec. Ref. To Method
Y24113-8777: YEAGER,J.F.& MUNSON,S.C. - Changes Induced in the Blood Cells of the Southern Armyworm (Prodenia Eridania) by the Admininstration of Poisons
Y1192-7469: YEAGER,J.F. - Significance of the Presystolic Notch in the Mechanocardiogram of Periplaneta American (L. )
Y21112-6787: YEAGER,J.F.& HAGER,A. - On the Rates of Contraction of the Isolated Heart & Malpighian Tube of the Insect,Periplaneta Orientalis: Method
Y2986-6069: YEAGER,J.F.& HENDRICKSON,G.O. - Circulation of Blood in Wings & Wing Pads of the Cockroadh,Periplaneta Americana Linn.
Y11146-8246: YEAGER,J.F. - Mechanographic Method of Recording Insect Cardian Activity,with Ref. To Effect of Nicotine on Isolated Heart Preparations of Periplaneta Americana
Y1164-7211: YEAGER,J.F. - Apparent Nulear- Cytoplasmic Transfer in Some Insect Blood Cells
Y1189-8883: YEAGER,J.F. - Observations on Crop & Gizzard Movements in the Cockroach,Periplaneta Fuliginosa (Serv. )
Y16107-8890: YEPSEN,R.B.(ED.) - The Encyclopedia of Natural Insect & Disease Control,the Most Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Plants,Etc.
Y1131-8456: YERKES,R.M. - Chimpanzees,a Laboratory Colory
Y2847-7986: YERKES,V.P.& WOODFIN,R.O.JR. - Veneer Recovery From Black Hills Ponderosa Pine
Y1498-0563: YOCHELSON,E.L. - Permian Gastropoda of the S.W. United States: 1. Euomphalacea ,Trochonematacea,Pseudophoracea,Etc.
Y1043-8134: YOCUM,C.F. - Waterfowl & Their Food Plants in Washington
Y1052-6731: YOCUM,C.F. - Lot of 20 Collected Ornithology Papers by C.F. Yocum
Y3368-9216: YOCUM,C.& DASMANN,R.(BROWN,V.)ED. - The Pacific Coastal Wildlife Region,Its Common Wild Animals & Plants
Y1562-1971: YOCUM,C.F.ET AL - Ecology & Management of the Western Canada Goose in Washington
Y1044-7256: YOCUM,H.B. - The Neuromotor Apparatus of Euplotes Patella
Y1044-6830: YOCUM,H.B. - The Neuromotor Apparatus of Euplotes Patella
Y1833-3063: YOCUM,C.& BROWN,V. - Wildlife & Plants of the Cascades
Y26132-1312: YOCUM,C.& (MUSGRAVE,F.)ED. - Wildlife & Plants of the Cascades,Covering Most of the Common Wildlife & Plants of the Pacific Northwest & the Area of the Lava Beds
Y2178-9190: YOKOYAMA,E.& NAMBU,Z. - Age- Dependence of V/P Relationships & Weight- Related Parameters in Rat Lungs
Y2681-1966: YOSHIMURA,Y.& HALFORD,G.M. - The Japanese Art of Minature Trees & Landscapes,Their Creation,Care and Enjoyment
Y1244-6364: YOTHERS,W.W. - The Wooly White Fly in Florida Citrus Groves
Y2492-8853: YOUDEOWEI,A.&ERVICE,M.W. - Pest & Vector Management in the Tropics with Particular Ref. To Insects,Ticks,Mites & Snails
Y1029-7197: YOUNG,S.P. - Sketches of American Wildlife
Y2469-8719: YOUNG,R.E.& ROPER,C.F.E. - Monograph of Cephalopoda of the No. Atlantic: Family Joubiniteuthidae
Y2467-9422: YOUNG,R.E.& ROPER,C.F.E. - Monograph of Cephalopoda of the No. Atlantic: Family Cycloteuthidae
Y1062-6251: YOUNG,P.H. - The Kelp Bass (Paralabrax Clathratus) & Its Fishery 1947- 1958
Y1023-0667: YOUNG,J.Z. - The Life of Vertebrates
Y1036-7648: YOUNG,L.B. - Islands,Portraits of Minature Worlds
Y2445-4328: YOUNG,S.P.& GOLDMAN,E.A. - The Puma,Mysterious American Cat,Parts I & Ii
Y851-6856: YOUNG,A. - Annals of Agriculture,and Other Useful Arts: Vol. 3
Y1082-1010: YOUNG,S.P. - The Bobcat of North America,Its History,Life Habits,Economic Status & Control,Etc.
Y1064-7855: YOUNG,J.H. - Morphology of the White Shrimp Penaeus Setiferus (Linnaeus 1758)
Y1283-4096: YOUNG,J.F.T. - On an Application of the Theory of Magnetism to the Calculation of Atomic Diameters
Y1095-5849: YOUNG,L.L. - Summary of Developed & Potential Waterpower of the U.S. & Other Countries of the World 1955- 62
Y1097-8984: YOUNG,R.E. - The Systematics & Areal Distribution of Pelagic Cephalopods From the Seas Off Southern California
Y1354-8185: YOUNG,D.A.JR. - The Leafhopper Tribe Alebrini (Homoptera,Cicadellidae)
Y1075-7316: YOUNG,D.K. - A Catalog of the Coloptera of American North of Mexico,Family: Pyrochroidae
Y2392-6234: YOUNG,R.T.& GORDON,R.D. - Report on the Penetration of Light in the Pacific Ocean Off the Coast of Southern California
Y1053-0731: YOUNG,G.A. - Proposals Regarding a Time- Scale for the Precambrian
Y22110-4600: YOUNG,L.L.& JONES,B.E. - Annotated Bibliography of U.S. Geolologic Survey Reports on Water- Power Resources Including Floods & Droughts
Y1029-0811: YOUNG,S.P. - Sketches of American Wildlife
Y1036-2222: YOUNG,L.B. - Islands,Portraits of Minature Worlds
Y1026-2756: YOUNG,S.H. - Alaska Days with John Muir
Y1296-8238: YOUSSEF,N.N. - Topography of the Cephalic Musculature & Nervous System of the Homey Bee,Apis Nemmifera Linnaeus
Y2059-7426: YUILL,J.S.& CRAIG,R. - The Nutrition of Fresh Fly Larvae Lucilia Sericata (Meig. )
Z1459-6571: ZABRISKIE,J.G. - An Annotated Bibliography of Deep Canyon (Calif. ) Research
Z1663-1785: ZADOKS,A.N.ET AL - De Hond Staat Model,Reproducties Van Oude En Nieuwe Kunstwerken
Z1433-8594: ZAIDENBUERG,A. - How to Draw Birds,Fish & Reptiles
Z4874-7880: ZAKHVATKIN,A.A.(RATCLIFFE,A.& HUGHES,A.M.)TRANS. - A Translation of Fauna of U.S. S.R. ,Vol. Vi No. 1, Tyroglyphoidea [Acari]
Z1617-5769: ZAMORA,D.V.ET AL - Grouper Abstracts
Z919-2034: ZANDER,E. - Die Zucht Der Biene
Z11112-9257: ZANDER,A.D. - Typical Landscape Characteristics & Associated Soil & Water Management Problems on the Mt. Baker National Forest
Z12127-2296: ZANETTA,A.G. - La Flora Spontanea Del Lago Maggiore,Guida Illustrata Alle Specie Vegetali E Alle Farfalle Del Territorio Di Arona Del Verbanoa
Z2552-9598: ZANGERL,R.& TURNBULL,W.D. - Procolpochelys Grandaeva (Leidy),an Early Sea Turtle
Z26119-9985: ZANGERL,R.& LANGSTON,W.JR. - The Vertebrate Fauna of the Selma Formation of Alabama: Pt. V. An Advanced Cheloniid Sea Turtle & Pt. Vi. The Dinosaurs
Z26118-9812: ZANGERL,R.& LANGSTON,W.JR. - The Verterate Fauna of the Selma Formation of Alabama, Pt. V. An Advanced Cheloniid Sea Turtle & Pt. Vi. The Dinosaurs
Z10153-3679: ZANGERL,R. - The Vertebrate Fauna of the Selma Formation of Alabama,Part Iii. The Turtles of the Family Protostegidae;Part Iv. The Turtles of the Family Toxochelyidae
Z1556-0039: ZAPPALORTI,R.T. - The Amateur Zoologist's Guide to Turtles & Crocodilians
Z1018-1621: ZAPPLER,L. - Nature's Oddballs
Z2046-7145: ZARKI,J.& FOLLETT,R. - A Checklist,Birds of Yellowstone National Park
Z1659-7047: ZARROW,M.X.ET AL - Experimental Endocronology,a Sourcebook of Basic Techniques
Z1682-7481: ZARROW,M.X.(ED.) - Growth in Living Systems: Proceedings of an International Symposium on Growth,Etc.
Z22132-7410: ZARROW,M.X.ET AL(EDS.) - Growth in Living Systems,a Symposium on Current Researches Into the Basic Processes of Life by 33 of the World's Leading Biologists
D2317-7644: DE ZAYAS,G.[KULBERG,C.] - Stranger Than Man
D2317-7345: DE ZAYAS,G.[KULBERG,C.] - Stranger Than Man
Z2463-9339: ZEDLER,J.B.& NORDBY,C.S. - The Ecology of Tijuana Estuary,California: An Estuarine Profile
Z1158-9631: ZEDLER,J.B. - Salt Marsh Restoration,a Guidebook for Southern California
Z2939-8188: ZEEHANDELAAR,F.J.& SARNOFF,P. - Zeebongo,the Wacky Wild Animal Business
Z1175-7174: ZELLER,H.D. - Reconnaissance for Uranium- Bearing Carbonaceous Materials in Southern Utah
Z1457-1582: ZELLER,R.A.JR. - Stratigraphy of the Big Hatchet Mountains Area,New Mexico
Z1117-1019: ZEUNER,F.E. - Time in Evolution
Z1641-9447: ZHONGJUN,H.(ED.) - La Grue a Crete Rouge (Red Crowned Crane)
Z14128-6388: ZIEMAN,J.C.JR. - The Effects of a Thermal Effluent Stress on the Sea- Grasses & Macro- Algae in the Vicinity of Turkey Point,Biscayne Bay,Florida
Z3558-7323: ZIESLER,G.& HOFER,A.(SITWELL,N.)ED. - Safari,the East African Diaries of a Wildlife Photographer
Z3546-8575: ZIESLER,G.& HOFER,A.(SITWELL,N.)ED. - Safari,a Photographic Adventure Through Africa
Z1328-9171: ZIETZ,I.ET AL - Aeromagnetic Map of Virginia
Z861-9339: ZIM,H.S. - A Guide to Everglades National Park & the Nearby Florida Keys
Z1151-7641: ZIMMER,J.T. - Study of the Tooth- Billed Red Tanager,Pirang Flava
Z2351-1400: ZIMMER-LINNFELD,K.ET AL - 9. Beiheft Zum Atls Der Urgeschichte: Westerwanna I
Z1115-8121: ZIMMER,J.F. - The Grape Scale
Z1474-7891: ZIMMERMAN,E.G. - Karyology,Systematics & Chromosomal Evolution in the Rodent Genus,Sigmodon
Z2747-6283: ZIMMERMAN,D.A.& VAN TYNE,J. - Distributional Check- List of Birds of Michigan
Z2344-1866: ZIMMERMAN,W.[BENT,A.C.] - Life Histories of North American Woodpeckers
Z910-9541: ZINN,H.J. - Our Martha
Z966-8619: ZINONI,A. - L'oligocene Ed It Miocene Dei Dintorni Di Manerba (Lago Di Garda)
Z1039-4928: ZINSSER,H. - As I Remember Him,the Biography of R.S.
Z1565-2101: ZIONY,J.I.ET AL - Preliminary Map Showing Recency of Faulting in Coastal California
Z1575-9145: ZIONY,J.I.ET AL - Preliminary Maps Showing Recency of Faulting in Coastal Southern California
Z1349-5508: ZIVNUSKA,J.A. - A 75- Year Perspective on Investments in Forestry
Z4971-7774: ZLOTIN,R.I.& KHODASHOVE,K.S.(LEWUS,W.ET AL)TRANS. - The Role of Animals in Biologivcal Cycling of Forest- Steppe Ecosystems
Z2366-8748: ZNAMIEROWSKA-PRUFFER,M. - Thrusting Implements for Fishing in Poland & Neighboring Countires
A3673-7413: AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ZOOLOGISTS(EDS.) - Vol. 17,No. 1,Biology of Lophophorates (with) Social Behavior in Reptiles
S3516-5506: SOCIETY OF SYSTEMATIC ZOOLOGY(EDS.) - Newsletter No. 1
I39101-8142: INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF ZOOLOGY(EDS.) - 137 Concilium Bibliographicum Category 577. 86 Bibliographical Index Cards on Phaenomena Morphologica
I39112-1966: INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF ZOOLOGY(EDS.) - Approximately 450 Concilium Bibliographicum Category 59 (Museum & Biological Station) Bibliogrphical Index Cards
Z817-5822: ZUBER,C. - Animals in Danger
Z1250-3922: ZUCKERMAN,S. - Monkeys,Men & Missiles,an Autobiography 1946- 1988
Z1233-8311: ZUCKERMAN,S. - The Social Life of Monkeys & Apes
Z1264-6463: ZUCKERMAN,S. - Beyond the Ivory Tower,the Frontiers of Public & Private Science
Z1233-0809: ZUCKERMAN,S. - The Social Life of Monkeys & Apes
Z1292-8973: ZUCKERMAN,S. - Observations on the Autonomic Nervous System & on Vertebral & Neural Segmentation in Monkeys
Z25116-5770: ZULLO,V.A.& HERTLEIN,L.G. - Catalog of Specimens in the Type Collection of the Department of Geology,California Academy of Sciences: Cephalopoda
Z1081-6622: ZULLO,V.A. - Additional Records of Tetrabalanus Polygenus Cornwall,1941 (Cirripedia,Thoracica)
Z1093-7303: ZULLO,V.A. - Extension of Range for Balanus Tintinnabulum Californicus Pilsbry,1916 (Cirripedia,Thoracica)
Z897-6429: ZUMPT,F. - Six New Species of Calliphoridae & Sarcophagidae (Dipters: Calyptratae) From the Ethiopian Region
Z3248-4148: ZUORAN,W.& SHUFANG,X.[JIE,S.]ED. - Selected Paintings of Wu Zuoren and Xiao Shufang
Z1287-0548: ZWEIFEL,R.G. - Variation in & Distribution of Lizards of Western Mexico Related to Cnemidophorus Sacki
Z12115-7124: ZWEIFEL,R.G. - Results of the Archbold Exped. No. 97: A Revision of the Frogs of the Subfamily Asterophryinae Family Microphylidae
Z1265-6992: ZWEIFEL,R.G. - Larval Development of the Tree Frogs Hyla Arenicolor & Wrightorum
Z1281-5968: ZWEIFEL,R.G. - The Provenance of Reptiles & Amphibians Collected in Western Mexico by J.J. Major
Z1288-9736: ZWEIFEL,R.G. - Variation in & Distribution of Lizards of Western Mexico Related to Cnemidophorous Sacki
Z1242-3663: ZWEIFEL,R.G. - Reptiles & Amphibians of the United States
Z12112-7943: ZWEIFEL,A.W. - A Handbook of Biological Illustration,for the Biologist Who Is Not an Artist & the Artist Who Is Not a Biologist
Z1516-1225: ZWERGER,G.ET AL - Fleurs Des Alpes
V1138-2154: VAN ZYLE,J. - Best of Alaska,the Art of Jon Van Zyle
V2669-9834: VAN ZYLE,J.[JONES,T.ET AL] - Dog Stories,True Stories About Extraordinary Animals Around the World
V2055-8295: VAN ZYLL DEJONG,C.G. - Differentiation of the Canada Lynx,Etc. In Newfoundland
v2184-8860: VAN ZYLL DE JONG,C.G. - Differentiation of the Canada Lynx,Felis (Lynx) Canadensis Subsolana,in Newfoundland

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