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INVERTEBRATES24.354: RATHBUN,M.J. - The Oxystomatous & Allied Crabs of America
INVERTEBRATES24.355: RATHBUN,M.J. - The Grapsoid Crabs of America
PALEONTOLGY6679: RATHBUN,M.J. - Description of a New Species of Crab from the California Pliocene
SCIENCE13566: RATNER,S. - A Long View of Nitrogen Metabolism
PALEONTOLOGY11489: RAU,W.W. - Foraminifera,Stratigraphy & Paleoecology of the Quinault Formation,Point Grenville-Raft River Coastal Area,Washington
ENTOMOLOGY8199: RAU,P. - The Nesting Habits of the Wasp, Chalybion Caeruleum
SCIENCE20.612: RAUP,O.B.(ED.) - Proceedings of the Geology & Food Conference,with Related U.S. G.S. Projects & a Bibliography
MARINE.MAMMALS0335: RAVEN,H.C. - On the Structure of Mesoplodon Densirostris,a Rare Beaked Whale
ICHTHYOLOGY0275: RAVEN,H.C. - On the Anatomy & Evolution of the Locomotor Apparatus of the Nipple-Tailed Ocean Sunfish (Masturus Lanceolatus)
INVERTEBRATES24.712: RAVEN,C.P. - Morphogenesis,the Analysis of Molluscan Development
ICHTHYOLOGY11270: RAVEN,H.C. - Notes on the Anatomy of Ranzania Truncata. A Plectognath Fish
mammals.general24.2069: H.C.RAVEN - Strange Animals of the Island Continent (Australian Region)
mammals.general24.2071: H.C.RAVEN - Strange Animals of the Island Continent (Australian Region)
marine.mammals24.2067: H.C.RAVEN - Northward for Narwhal
archaeology24.2066: H.C.RAVEN - The Stone Images and Vats of Central Celebes
mammals.general24.2066: H.C.RAVEN - Glimpses of Mammalian Life in Australis and Tasmania
mammals.general24.2068: H.C.RAVEN - The Vanishing Wild Life of Africa
regional24.2066: H.C.RAVEN - The Stone Images and Vats of Central Celebes
regional24.2060: H.C.RAVEN - Light and Darkness in a Tropical Forest
REGIONAL93660: RAVENCROFT,K. - The California Wildlife Guide
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY9341: RAVENHILL,ALICE - A Corner Stone of Canadian Culuture,an Outline of the Arts & Crafts of the Indian Tribes of British Columbia
FISHING1543: RAWSON,D.S. - Sport Fishing in Canada's National Parks
WOODCRAFT24.914: RAWSTORNE,L. - Gamonia,or the Art of Preserving Game;and an Improved Method of Making Plantations,Etc.
PALEONTOLOGY11490: RAY,C.E. - Chelonia Couperi Harlan 1842,a Supposed Turtle Based on the Clavicle of a Megathere (Mammalia: Edentata)
ENTOMOLOGY14278: RAY,E. - New Mordellid Beetles from the Western Hemisphere
INVERTEBRATES24.567: RAY,D.L.(ED.) - Marine Boring and Fouling Organisms
ENTOMOLOGY14277: RAY,E. - Synopsis of the Puerto Rican Beetles of the Genus Mordellistena,with Descriptionf of New Species
GENERAL24.512: RAYFIELD,S.(GUILFOYLE,A.)ED. - Wildlife Photography,the Art and Technique of Ten Masters
PALEONTOLOGY15516: RAYMOND,P.E. - A Contribution to the Description of the Fauna of the Trenton Group
PALEONTOLOGY15517: RAYMOND,P.E. - A Beatricea-Like Organism from the Middle Ordovician
FISHING23.8989: RAYMOND,STEVE - The Year of the Angler
SCIENCE19385: READ,B.E. - Chinese Materia Medica,Animal Drugs
PALEONTOLOGY17483: READ,C.B. - A Devonian Flora from Kentucky
PALEONTOLOGY17484: READ,C.B. - The Flora of the New Albany Shale: Part 2. The Calamopityeae & Their Relationships
aer2202: S.E.READ - Tommy Brayshaw,the Ardent Angler Artist
MAMMALS.GENERAL93440: REARDEN,J.(ED.) - Alaska Mammals
BOTANY1078: RECHINGER,K.H. - Vegetationsbilder Aus Dem Nordlichen Iran
GENERAL13244: DEPTARTMENT OF RECREATION & CONSERVATIN(EDS.) - Thesaurus of Terms for Literature in Fish & Wildlife Management
Fish138: REDDING,B.B. - Mccloud River
ORNITHOLOGY24.402: REDINGTON,P.G. - Policies of the Bureau of Biological Survey Relative to the Control of Injurious Birds
BIOGRAPHY185: REDMOND,I. - Ian Redmond,Wildlife Biologist & Photographer
ENTOMOLOGY23.89: REDMOND,B.L. - Observations on the Integument of the Water Mite, Arrenurus Major (Acari: Parasitengona)
art1079: REECE,M.[GREEN,I.] - Animals Under Your Feet!,17 True Life Stories of Animals Who Live Underground,Etc.
art16270: REECE,M. - The Waterfowl Art of Maynard Reece
ART16541: REECE,MAYNARD - Fish and Fishing
BOTANY19.71: REED,N.E.(ED.) - Estimated Crop Losses Due to Plant-Parasitic Nematodes in the U.S.
BOTANY19.72: REED,N.E.(ED.) - Estimated Crop Losses Due to Plant-Parasitic Nematodes in the U.S.
art492: FROST & REED(EDS.) - National Art Museum of Sport Exhibition Catalog of Fine Paintings of Four Centuries
PALEONTOLOGY17485: REED,C.A. - Some Fossorial Mammals from the Tertiary of Western North America
ENTOMOLOGY93209: REED,C.S. - Instrucciones Para Recolectar Y Preparar Insectos
ART5812: REED,H.M. - The A.B. Frost Book
ORNITHOLOGY24.613: REED,C.A. - North American Birds Eggs
GENERAL16241: REED,C.K. - Nature Study Guide
REGIONAL24.634: REED,R.D. - Geology of California
PALEONTOLOGY13450: REED,K.J. - Mid-Tertiary Foraminifera from a Bore at Heywood, Victoria,Australia
REGIONAL6576: REED,G.H. - Philippine Applesauce
SCIENCE0544: REEDS,C.A. - Catalogue of the Meteorites in the American Museum of Natural History
REGIONAL22.641: REEDS,C.A. - Volcanoes in Action
Fish173: REEDY,BOB - Family Fun Guide No. 7,Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta
FISHING24.87712: ROD & REEL - The Ffish Book 1992
FISHING24.887645: ROD & REEL(EDS.) - The Ffish Book 1991
INVERTEBRATES24.671: REES,W.J.(ED.) - The Cnidaria and Their Evolution
art1081: REES,D.[GILLMOR,R.]ED. - Bird Impressions,a Personal View of Birds
HERPETOLOGY19399: REESE,A.M. - The Alligator & Its Allies
HERPETOLOGY4625: REESE,A.M. - The Breeding Habits of the Florida Alligator
GENERAL24.273: REESE,WM.CO.(EDS.) - Catalogue 239,American Natural History
PALEONTOLOGY17486: REESIDE,J.B.JR. - Nonmarine Pelecypod (Nippononaia Asinaria) from the Lower Cretaceous of Colorado
PALEONTOLOGY12519: REESIDE,J.B. - A Comparison of the Genera Metaplacenticeras Spath & Placenticeras Meek
PALEONTOLOGY12520: REESIDE,J.B. - The Upper Cretaceous Ammonite Genus Barroisiceras in the United States
ENTOMOLOGY18197: REEVES,E.M. - The Inheritance of Extra Bristles in Drosophila Melanogaster Meig.
ENTOMOLOGY10232: REEVES,G.I. - Spraying for the Alfalfa Weevil
ENTOMOLOGY19272: REGAN,W.S. - Results of Insecticide Tests for the Control of Codling Moth & Observations on Codling Moth Activity in the Yakima Valley,Washington
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY6730: REGNAULT,F. - The Role of Depopulation,Deforestation & Malaria in the Decadence of Certain Nations
INVERTEBRATES22.406: REHDER,H.A. - Familiar Seashells of North America
ENTOMOLOGY1656: REHN,J.A.G. - Descriptions of Three New Crickets of Katydids & a New Genus of Crickets from Costa Rica
ENTOMOLOGY11187: REHN,J.A.G. - African Malagasy Blattidae (Orthoptera),-Part I
ENTOMOLOGY11195: REHN,J.A.G. - Studies in African Acrydiinae (Orthoptera,Acrididae) Part 1. Sections Cladonotae,Scelimenae & Methrodorae
ENTOMOLOGY1652: REHN,J.A.G. - Notes on South American Grasshoppers of the Subfamily Acridinae (Acrididae),with Description of New Genera & Species
PALEONTOLOGY2471: REICHE,P. - Geology of the Lucia Quadrangle,California
RODENTS2599: REICHMAN,O.J. - Some Ecologicl Factors in the Diets of Sonoran Desert Rodents
REGIONAL4543: REICHMAN,O.J. - Konza Prarie
ENTOMOLOGY10235: REID,W.J.JR. - Biology of the Seed-Corn Maggot in the Coastal Plain of the South Atlantic States
BIOGRAPHY93119: REID,E.G. - The Great Physician,a Short Life of Sir William Osler
INVERTEBRATES4286: REID,G.K. - Ecology of Inland Waters & Estuaries
ichthyology23.106: REID,G.M. - Age Composition,Weight,Length & Sex of Harring,Clupea Pallasii,Use for Reduction in Alaska,1929-66
ART28718: REIGER,GEORGE - Floaters and Stick-Ups
FISHING24.532: REIGER,GEO.(ED.) - Fishing with Mcclane
FISHING23.8764: REIGER,GEO. - Profiles in Salwater Angling,a History of the Sport,It's People and Places,Tackle & Techniques
BIOGRAPHY24.813: REIGER,GEO.(ED.) - Zane Grey: Outdoorsman
ENTOMOLOGY10237: REINHARD,H.J. - The Two-Winged Flies Belonging to Siphosturmia & Allied Genera,with Descriptions of Two New Species
ENTOMOLOGY19273: REINHARD,H.J. - Some New Species of Texas Tachinidae (Diptera)
ENTOMOLOGY24.596: REINHARD,E.G. - The Life History & Habits of the Solitary Wasp,Philanthus Gibbosus
PALEONTOLOGY17487: REINHART,P.W. - Cretaceous & Tertiary Pelecypods of the Pacific Slope Incorrectly Assigned to the Family Arcidae
ICHTHYOLOGY0276: REINSTEDT,R.A. - Where Have All the Sardines Gone?,a Pictorial History of Old Monterey's Cannery Row
CONSERVATION24.776: REISNER,MARC - Game Wars,the Undercover Pursuit of Wildlife Poachers
ENTOMOLOGY14279: REMINGTON,J.E. - Insects of the World
art1086: REMINGTON,F. - Frederic Remington,a Painter of American Life
art1087: REMINGTON,F. - Western Prints
art1088: REMINGTON,F. - Portfolio of Six Western Prints,No. 1a 969
MAMMALS.GENERAL15424: REMPE,U. - Morphometrische Untersuchunger an Iltisschadeln Zur Klarung Der Verwandtschaft Von Steppeniltis,Walditis Und Frettchen. Analyse Eines Grenzfalles Zwischen Unterart Und Arta
HERPETOLOGY18315: REMPEL,A.G. - The Origin & Differentiation of the Larval Head Musculature of Triturus Torosus (Rathke)
HERPETOLOGY18316: REMPEL,A.G. - The Origin & Differentiation of the Larval Head Musculature of Triturus Torosus (Rathke)
SCIENCE24.7762: RENARD,PAUL - What Constitutes Superiority in an Air-Ship
ARCHAEOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY24.764: RENAUD,E.B. - Archaeological Survey Series,11th Reprot,Petroglyphs of North Central New Mexico
ARCHAEOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY24.887: RENAUD,E.B. - The Archaeological Survey of the High Western Plains,Eighth Report,Pictographs & Petroglyphs of the High Western Plains
ARCHAEOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY24.912: RENAUD,E.B. - The Archaeological Sruvey of the High Western Plains,Seventh Reprot,Southern Wyoming & S.W. South Dakota
ARCHAEOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY24.996: RENAUD,E.T. - Archaeology of the High Western Palins,Seventeen Years of Archaeological Research
REGIONAL23.469: RENNER,J.A. - Sea Temperature Monthly Average & Anomaly Charts,Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean,1947-1958
REGIONAL0494: RENNICK,P.(ED.) - The Chilkat River Valley
PALEONTOLOGY17488: RENSBERGER,J.M. - Pleurolicine Rodents (Geomyoidea) of the John Day Formation,Oregon & Their Relationships to Taxa from the Early & Middle Miocene,South Dakota
PALEONTOLOGY17489: RENSBERGER,J.M. - A New Iniid Cetacean from the Miocene of California
PALEONTOLOGY17490: RENSBERGER,J.M. - Entoptychine Pocket Gophers (Mammalia,Geomyoidea) of the Early Miocene John Day Formation,Oregon
PALEONTOLOGY14549: RENSBERGER,J.M. - Successions of Miniscomyine & Allomyine Rodents (Aplodontidae) in the Oligo-Micone John Day Formation,Oregon
PALEONTOLOGY7556: RENSBERGER,J.M. - Pleurolicine Rodents (Geomyoidea) of the John Day Formation,Oregon & Their Relationships to Taxa from the Early & Middle Miocene,So. Dakota
PALEONTOLOGY2472: RENSBERGER,J.M. - Entoptychine Pocket Gophers (Mammalia,Geomyoidea) of the Early Miocene,John Day Formaton,Oregon
ENTOMOLOGY14280: RENTZ,D.C. - A Review of the Genus Esselenia Hebard with the Description of a New Subspecies (Orthoptera: Acrididae)
ENTOMOLOGY14281: RENTZ,D.C. - Type Specimens of Orthoptera in the Collection of the California Academy of Sciences to 1965
ENTOMOLOGY93210: RENTZ,D.C. - A New Genus & Species of Camel Cricket from the Farallon Islands of California
PALEONTOLOGY17491: REPENNING,C.A. - Subfamilies & Genera of the Soricidae,Classifiation ,Historial Zoogeography & Temporal Correlation of the Shrews
REGIONAL21.597: U.S.HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES(EDS.) - Protecting America's Estuaries: The San Francisco Bay & Delta
REGIONAL21.598: U.S.HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES(EDS.) - The Nation's Estuaries: San Francisco Bay and Delta,California,Parts 1 & 2
GENERAL17224: U.S.HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES(EDS.) - Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the Year 1856. Agriculture
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY22.16: U.S.HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES(EDS.) - Indian Fishing Privileges,a Letter from the Secretary of the Treasurey
REGIONAL24.1439: DIAMOND LAKE RESORT(EDS.) - Diamond Lake Oregon,Gem of the Cascades
GENERAL5218: INSTITUTE FOR LABORATORY ANIMAL RESOURCES(EDS.) - Animals for Research,a Directory of Sources
REGIONAL12557: CANADIAN DEPARTMENT OF RESOURCES & DEVELOPMENT(EDS.) - Annual Report of the National Museum of Canada for Fiscal Year 1951-52
BOTANY21.51: REUKEMA,D.L. - Seasonal Progress of Radial Growth of Douglas-Fir, Western Red Cedar & Red Alder
art1107: REXRODE,W.F. - Rexrode Art,Sketches from the Hills of West Virginia
GENERAL15753: REYNAUD,G. - The Laws of Orientation Among Animals
PRIMATES4475: REYNOLDS,V. - Budongo,an African Forest & Its Chimpanzees
PRIMATES1497: REYNOLDS,H.H.(ED.) - Chimpanzee;Central Nervous System & Behavior,a Review
ICHTHYOLOGY18356: REYNOLDS,T.E. - Hydrostatics of the Suctional Mouth of the Lamprey
BIOGRAPHY14702: RHEES,W.J. - William Bower Taylor
BIOGRAPHY15689: RHEES,W.J. - James Smithson and His Bequest
GENERAL9655: RHEES,W.J.(ED.) - The Smithsonian Institution: Journals of the Board of Regents,Reports of Committees,Statistics,Etc.
REGIONAL24.776: RHODES,D.(ED.) - New Jersey Wildlife Illustrated
REGIONAL14603: MUSEO NACIONAL DE COSTA RICA(EDS.) - Boletin Del Museo Nacional: Segunda Epoca No. 1
GENERAL6265: RICARD,M. - Mysteries of Animal Migration
INVERTEBRATES15393: RICCI,E. - Contribution a la Biometrie a la Biologie Et la Physico-Chimie de la Mould Commune (Mytilus Galloprovincialis Lmk. )
GENERAL296NH: RICCIUTI,E.R. - Killer Animals,the Menace of Animals in the World of Man
ICHTHYOLOGY24.7761: RICCIUTI,ED - Fish of the Atlantic
GENERAL93294: RICCIUTI,E.R. - Wildlife of the Mountains
INVERTEBRATES9346: RICE,T. - Marine Shells of the Pacific Northwest
BOTANY9116: RICE,F.M.(ED.) - Proceedings of the Iufro Technical Session on Geomorphic Hazards in Managed Forests
ORNITHOLOGY6486: RICE,E.C. - The National Standard Squab Book,Etc.
PALEONTOLOGY5469: RICH,F.H. - Origin & History of the Erinaceinae & Brachyericinae (Mammalia,Insectivora) in North America
ICHTHYOLOGY0278: RICH,W.H. - Growth & Degree of Maturity of Chinook Salmon in the Ocean
PALEONTOLOGY16505: RICH,T.H.V. - Deltatheridia,Carnivora & Condylarthra (Mammalis) of the Early Eocene,Paris Basin,France
ICHTHYOLOGY16312: RICH,W.H. - The Salmon Runs of the Columbia River in 1938
ICHTHYOLOGY24.8861: RICH,W.H. - The Swordfish and the Swordfishery of New England
REGIONAL21.439: RICHARD,S.H. - Surficial Geology,Lachute-Arundel,Quebec-Ontario
ENTOMOLOGY23.854: RICHARDS,O.W. - The Species of Pseudomasaris Ashmead (Hymenoptera,Masaridae)
SCIENCE18655: RICHARDS,O.W. - Lot of 25 Scholarly Papers on Growth
PALEONTOLOGY17492: RICHARDS,H.G. - Invertebrate Fossils from Deep Wells Along the Atlantic Coastal Plain
PALEONTOLOGY17493: RICHARDS,H.G. - Additions to the Fauna of the Trent Marl of North Carolina
INVERTEBRATES9701: RICHARDS,H.G. - Land & Freshwater Mollusks from the Island of Cozumel,Mexico & Their Bearing on the Geological History of the Regiona
REGIONAL10613: RICHARDS,P.W. - The Tropical Rain Forest
ORNITHOLOGY14520: RICHARDS,A. - Birds of Prey,Hunters of the Sky
REGIONAL11565: RICHARDS,A.F. - Geology of the Islas Revillagigedo,Mexico,2. Geology & Petrography of Isla San Benedicto
ENTOMOLOGY22.209: RICHARDS,O.W. - The Social Insects
INVERTEBRATES2667: RICHARDSON,H. - Key to the Isopods of the Pacific Coast of North American,with Descriptions of Twenty-Two New Species
GENERAL11167: RICHARDSON,W.D. - The Economics of Vitamines
ENTOMOLOGY16163: RICHARDSON,C.H. - A Physiological Study of the Growth of the Mediterranean Flour Moth (Ephestia Kuehniella Zeller) in Wheat Flour
INVERTEBRATES24.7243: RICHARDSON,H. - Description of a New Isopod of the Genus Eurycope from Marthas Vineyard
INVERTEBRATES1697: RICHARDSON,H. - A New Terrestrial Isopod from Guatemala,the Type of a New Genus
INVERTEBRATES24.8612: RICHARDSON,H. - The Parasiti Isopod Leidya Distorta (Leidy) Found on a New Host
INVERTEBRATES24.7354: RICHARDSON,H. - Description of a New Isopod Genus of the Family Dajidae
FISHING24.776: RICHARDSON,L. - Trout-Fishing in Lake Edward (Quebec)
HERPETOLOGY93335: RICHARDSON,M. - The Fascination of Reptiles
ORNITHOLOGY18484: RICHARDSON,F. - Adaptive Modifications for Tree-Trunk Foraging in Birds
BOTANY15690: RICHARDSON,F.C. - Morphological Studies of the Nymphaeaceae. IV. Structure & Development of the Flower of Brasenia Schreberi Gmel.
HERPETOLOGY6312: RICHARDSON,M. - The Fascination of Reptiles
Fish140: RICHARDSON,LEE - You Should Have Been Here Yesterday
ENTOMOLOGY19274: RICHARDSON,C.H. - Modifications of Methods for Making Cold-Mixed Oil Emulsions
INVERTEBRATES16359: RICHARDSON,H. - The Isopod Crustacean,Ancinus Depressus,Acanthoniscus Spiniger Kinaham Redescribed & Genus Jaeropsis from Patagonia
INVERTEBRATES5628: RICHARDSON,H. - Marine & Terrestrial Isopods from Jamaica
INVERTEBRATES56288: RICHARDSON,H. - Marine & Terrestrial Isopods from Jamaica
PALEONTOLOGY5619: RICHARDSON,H. - Descritpion of a New Species of Isopod of the Genus Cleantis from Japan
BIOGRAPHY13115: RICHARDSON,B.W. - A Review of the Works of Edwin Chadwick,with a Biological Dissertation
HERPETOLOGY1259: RICHARDSON,M. - The Fascination of Reptiles
INVERTEBRATES5621: RICHARDSON,H. - Description of a New Species of the Isopod Genus Cassidinidea from Mexico
REGIONAL9568: RICHARDSON,R.E. - Changes in the Bottom & Shore Fauna of the Middle Illnois River & Its Connecting Lakes Since 1913-1915 As a Result of the Increase,Southward of Sewage Pollution
REGIONAL670NH: RICHARDSON,L.E. - Concord River,Containing Some Account of Its Geology, Geography & Anthropogy,Etc.
REGIONAL23.510: RICHARSON,N.M.(ED.) - Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History Antiquarian Field Club,Vol. 20
ORNITHOLOGY24.403: RICHER,C.(ED.) - San Francisco Peninsula Birdwatching
FISHING24.8712: RICHEY,DAVE - Steelheading for Everybody
REGIONAL21.446: RICHMOND,G.M. - Surficial Geologic Map of the Frank Island Quadrangle,Yellowstone National Park,Wyoming
ORNITHOLOGY3711: RICHMOND,C.W. - Notes on the Birds Described by Pallas in the "Adumbratiuncula" of Vroeg's Catalogue
ornithology24.6027: RICHMOND,C.W. - Birds Collected by Dr. W.L. Abbott & Mr. C.B. Kloss in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands
ORNITHOLOGY2730: RICHMOND,C.W. - Notes on a Collection of Birds from Eastern Nicaragua & the Rio Frio,Costa Rica,with Description of a Supposed New Trogon
ORNITHOLOGY1634: RICHMOND,C.W. - List of Generic Terms Proposed for Birds During the Years 1890 to 1900,Inclusive to Which Are Added Names Omitted by Waterhouse in His "Index Generum Avium"
BIOGRAPHY24.192: RICHMOND,C.S. - Beyond the Spring,Cordelia Stanwood of Birdsacre
ORNITHOLOGY2710: RICHMOND,C.W. - Diagnosis of a New Genus of Trogons (Heterotrogon),Based on Hapaloderma Vittatum of Shelley; with a Description of the Female of That Species
REGIONAL21.445: RICHMOND,G.M. - Surficial Geologic Map of the Huckleberry Mountain Quadrangle,Yellowstone National Park & Adjoining Area,Wyoming
REGIONAL21.441: RICHMOND,G.M. - Surficial Geologic Map of the West Thumb Quadrangle,Yellowstone National Park,Wyoming
ornithology24.6029: RICHMOND,C.W - Birds Collected by Dr. W.L. Abbott on the Coast & Islands of Northwest Sumatra
ornithology24.6028: RICHMOND,C.W. - Descriptions of Three New Birds from Lower Siam
REGIONAL21.444: RICHMOND,G.M. - Surficial Geologic Map of the Eagle Paek Quadrangle,Yellowstone National Park & Adjoining Area,Wyoming
REGIONAL21.442: RICHMOND,G.M. - Surficial Geologic Map of the Grassy Lake Reservoir Quadrangle,Yellowstone National Park & Adjoining Area,Wyoming
BIOGRAPHY8681: RICHMOND,C.W. - In Memoriam-Edgar Alexander Mearns,1856-1916
ORNITHOLOGY6665: RICHMOND,C.W. - Generic Names Applied to Birds During the Years 1906-1915,Inclusive,with Additions & Corrections to Waterhouse's "Index Generum Aviaum"
UNGULATES14646: RICKETTS,G.E. - Ewe Flock Management
ART2433: RICKMAN,PHILIP - Sketches & Notes from a Bird Painter's Journal
art1111: RICKMAN,P. - Sketches and Notes from a Bird Painter's Journal
BIOGRAPHY12752: RIDDELL,W.R. - Humours of the Times of Robert Gourlay
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY515: RIDDELL,F.A.(ED.) - Bibliography of the Indians of Northeastern, California
ORNITHOLOGY15461: RIDDLE,O. - Lot of 265 Scholarly Papers on Studies of the Physiology of Reproduction in Birds: Vols. 1,2,3,4,5, 6,7,8
REGIONAL24.77653: RIDEING,W.H. - The Wheeler Expedition in Southern Colorado
SCIENCE16654: RIDER,R.E. - The Show of Science
ORNITHOLOGY2416: RIDGELY,R.S. - A Guide to the Birds of Panama
ORNITHOLOGY2697: RIDGWAY,R. - Descriptions of Twenty-Two New Species of Birds from the Galapagos Islands
ORNITHOLOGY2698: RIDGWAY,R. - Descriptions of Some New Birds from Aldabra,Assumption & Gloriosa Islands Collected by Dr. W.L. Abbott
ORNITHOLOGY10472: RIDGWAY,R. - Remarks on the Avian Genus Myiarchus,with Spec. Ref. To M. Yucatanensis Lawrence
ORNITHOLOGY2734: RIDGWAY,R. - Descriptions of Some New Birds Collected on the Islands of Aldabra & Assumption,Etc. (with) Remarks on the Avian Genus Myiarchus,with Spec. Ref. To M. Yucatanensis Lawrence
BOTANY2700: RIDGWAY,R. - Additional Notes on the Native Trees of the Lower Wabash Valley
art1118: RIDGWAY,W.L. - Scientific Illustration
art1117: RIDGWAY,R.[HARRIS,H.] - Robert Ridgway with a Bibliography of His Published Writings
ORNITHOLOGY11410: RIDGWAY,R. - Diagnoses of New Forms of Micropodidae & Trochilidae
ORNITHOLOGY93532: RIDGWAY,R. - The Birds of North & Middle America,Pt. 7,Families Cuculidae,Psittacidae & Columbidae
ORNITHOLOGY2736: RIDGWAY,R. - A Revision of the Genus Formicarius Boddaert (with) a New Storm Petrel from the Coast of Western Mexico
ORNITHOLOGY518NH: RIDGWAY,R. - The Birds of North & Middle America: A Descriptive Catalogue,Pt. VI,Family Picidae,Et Al
ORNITHOLOGY519NH: RIDGWAY,R. - The Birds of North & Middle America: A Descriptive Catalogue,Pt. VIII. Family Jacanidae Et Al
REGIONAL18575: RIDLAND,G.C. - Mineralogy of the Negus & Con Mines,Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
ORNITHOLOGY11411: RIDPATH,M.G. - The Tasmanian Native Hen,Tribonyx Mortierii: Parts I,II & III (with)Wife Sharing,Etc. : A Case of Kin Selection
art1119: RIEGER,S. - Animals in Wood
biography24.2229: S.RIESS & A.LAGE - Margaret Wentworth Owings,Artist,& Wildlife & Environmental Defender
REGIONAL20.366: RIGBY,J.K. - Geology of the Selma Hills,Utah County,Utah
ORNITHOLOGY5427: RIGGERT,T.L. - Biology of the Mt. Duck on Rottnest Island,Western Australia
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.30: RIGOUT,J. - Les Coleopteres Du Monde Vol. 2: Batocerini 2: Batocera(2) Et Al
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.33: RIGOUT,J. - Les Coleopteres Du Monde Vol. 1: Batocerini 1: Batocera
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