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ORNITHOLOGY93525: OBERHOLSER,H.C. - Monograph of the Genus Chordeiles Swainson,Type of New Family of Goatsuckers
ORNITHOLOGY16449: OBERHOLSER,H.C. - A Synopsis of the Races of the Crested Tern,Thalasseus Berg (Lichtenstein)
ORNITHOLOGY16451: OBERHOLSER,H.C. - A Review of the Subspecies of the Leach Petrel,Oceanodroma Leucorhoa (Vieillot)
ORNITHOLOGY1665: OBERHOLSER,H.C. - Notes on Birds from German & British East Africa
ORNITHOLOGY5617: OBERHOLSER,H.C. - A Revision of the Forms of the Edible-Nest Swiftlet,Collocalia Fuciphaga (Thunberg)
ORNITHOLOGY7742: OBERHOLSER,H.C. - A Review of the Subspecies of the Leach Petrel,Oceanodroma Leucorhoa (Vieillot)
ORNITHOLOGY7744: OBERHOLSER,H.C. - Birds Collected by Dr. W.L. Abbot on Various Islands in the Java Sea
PRIMATES4473: OBERJOHAN,H. - My Friend the Chimpanzee
SCIENCE6710: D'OCAGNE,M. - Some Remarks on Logrithms Apropos to Their Tercentenary
BIOGRAPHY6102: OEHSER,P.H. - Sons of Science,the Story of the Smithsonian Institution & Its Leaders
REGIONAL4537: OEHSER,P.H.(ED.) - National Geographic Society Research Reports for 1966
SCIENCE20.602: OERTEL,G. - Brigada Geologico Mineira Do Estado Da India,a Geologicia Do Distrito de Goa
ENTOMOLOGY10226: OESTLUND,O.W. - Synopsis of the Aphididae of Minnesota
ORNITHOLOGY3424: BEDFORD,DUKE OF & COFFIN,D.L. - Parrots & Parrot-Like Birds & Diseases of Parrots
SCIENCE20.636: U.S.HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE(EDS.) - No. 120. Azimuths of Celestial Bodies Whose Declinations Range from 24 to 70 Degrees for Latitudes Extending to 70 Degrees from the Equator
GENERAL5254: U.S.GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE(EDS.) - Fish & Wildlife: Price List 21
art1002: OFFNER,E. - The Fowl of the Air,the Fish of the Sea & the Beasts of the Field,the Animal Sculptures of Elliot Offner
ORNITHOLOGY3478: OGBURN,C. - The Adventure of Birds
ORNITHOLOGY8449: OGILVIE,M.A. - The Winter Birds,Birds of the Arctic
GENERAL22.290: OGLE,R. - Animals in the Service of Man
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.43: OHAUS,DR.F. - Fasc. 195. Genera Insectorum de P. Wytsman. Coleoptera Lamellicornia Fam. Scarabaeidae Subfam. Euchirinae - Phaenomerinae
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.44: OHAUS,DR.F. - Fasc. 199. Genera Insectorum de P. Wytsman. Coloptera Lamellicornia Fam. Scarabaeidae. Subfam. Rutelinae
SCIENCE17.621: OHLWORM,O. - Abdruck Aus Dem Centralblatt Fur Bakteriologie,Parasitenkunde Und Infektionskrankheiten;Zweite Abteilung: Allgeneine,Landwirtschaftlich-Tcchnologische Bakteriologie,Garungsphysioloigie,Pflanzenpathologie Und Pflanzenschutz
BIOGRAPHY93116: NOS OISEAUX(EDS.) - Alfred Richard,1864-1940
art1003: OLDFIELD,F.[MOYNAHAN,J.M.] - The Fred Oldfield Book,the Man and His Art
art1446: OLIN,B. - Mammals of the Southwest Deserts
MAMMALS.GENERAL93437: OLIPHANT,D.D.JR. - Backyard Bandits Including California Raccoons & Other Exciting Patio Visitors
PALEONTOLOGY15514: OLIVER,W.A.JR. - Stratigraphy of the Bois Blanc Formation in New York
PALEONTOLOGY18513: OLIVER,W.A.JR. - Devonian Rugose Corals from Northern Maine
HERPETOLOGY13286: OLIVER,J.A. - The Natural History of North American Amphibians & Reptiles
REGIONAL21.382: OLIVER,H.W.(ED.) - Preliminary Ground-Water-Quality Date & the Extent of the Gound-Water Basin from Drill-Hole,Seismic & Gravity in the Palo Alto 7. 5'Quadrangle,California
REGIONAL21.383: OLIVER,H.W.(ED.) - Interpretation of the Gravity Map of California & Its Continental Margin
HERPETOLOGY12200: OLIVER,J.A. - North American Amphibians & Reptiles
REGIONAL22.583: OLIVIER,U. - Recits de Chase Et D'Histoire Naturelle (with) Un Francaise En Suisse
art1005: OLIVOVA,V. - Sports and Games in the Ancient World
ENTOMOLOGY22.201: OLKOWSKI,H.(ED.) - How Not to Use Toxic Pesticides in the Home & Garden
GENERAL1220: OLNEY,P.J.S.(ED.) - International Zoo Yearbook,Vol. 17 (Breeding Endangered Species in Captivity)
ORNITHOLOGY3480: OLROG,C.CHR. - Las Aves Argentianas,Una Guia de Campo
PALEONTOLOGY22.519: OLSEN,S.J. - Florida's Great Miocene Bear
geology23.1005: P.E.OLSEN - A 40 Million Year Lake Record of Earlymesozoic Orbital Climatic Forcing
INVERTEBRATES8382: OLSEN,L.S. - A New Trichostrongylid Nematode from the Pika,Ochotona Princeps Figginsi
REGIONAL7629: OLSEN,P.F. - Wildlife Resources of the Utah Oil Shale Area
REGIONAL22.643: OLSON,R.L. - Old Empires of the Andes
INVERTEBRATES24.151: OLSON,H.W. - The Arthworms of Ohio
PALEONTOLOGY12512: OLSON,S.L. - Paleornithology of St. Helena Island,South Atlantic Ocean
REGIONAL24.8832: OLSON,S.F. - Reflections from the North Country
PALEONTOLOGY5467: OLSON,E.C. - Diplocaulus,a Study in Growth & Variation
UNGULATES4603: HADWEN,KREBS,COWAN & OLSTAD - Lot of 3 Reindeer Offprints
REGIONAL20.334: OLTMAN,R.E. - Reconnaissance Investigations of the Discharge & Water Quality of the Amazon River
FISHING433: C'OMBRAIN,ATHEL - Game Fishing Off the Australian Coast
BOTANY19.47: D'OMBRAIN,A.W. - A Gallery of Gum Trees
ORNITHOLOGY15456: ONELLI,C. - Os Avestruces En Libertad Y En Domesticidad. Sus Costumbres. Postura de Huevos. Cria Sus Pollitos
SCIENCE20.604: OORT,A.H. - The Enegry Cycle of the Earth
ICHTHYOLOGY19472: VAN OOSTEN,J. - The Age & Growth of the Lake Erie Sheepshead, Aplodinotus Grunniens Rafinesque
ICHTHYOLOGY18364: VAN OOSTEN,J. - The Age,Growth & Sex Rtion of the Lake Superior Longjaw,Leucichthys Zenithicus (Jordan & Evermann)
INVERTEBRATES18420: OOSTERHOFF,L. - Variation in Growth Rate As an Ecological Factor in the Landsnail,Cepaea Nemoralis (L. )
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.182: OPITZ,W. - Classification,Natural History & Evolution of the Epiphloeinae (Coleoptera: Cleridae). Partviii. The Genera Acanthocollum Opitz,Stengnoclava Opitz & Ichnea Laporte
REGIONAL24.88723: OPPEL,F.(ED.) - Tales of Alaksa and the Yukon
INVERTEBRATES3377: OPPENHEIMER,C.H.(ED.) - Symposium on Marine Microbiology
SCIENCE93713: INSTITUTE OF OPTHALMOLOGY,COLUMBIA-PRESBYTERIAN MEDICAL CENTER(EDS.) - The Collected Papers of John Martin Wheeler M.D. On Opthalmic Subjects
art143: ORDEMAN,J.T. - Frank W. Benson,His Sporting Art
ART3154: ORDEMAN,J.T.(ED.) - Frank W. Benson,His Sporting Art
ENTOMOLOGY24.204: ORDISH,G. - The Year of the Butterfly
ICHTHYOLOGY12261: FISH COMMISSION OF OREGON(EDS.) - Broken Run of 4 Issues of Research Briefs
ICHTHYOLOGY12262: FISH COMMISSION OF OREGON(EDS.) - Fish Commission Research Briefs,Broken Run of 3 Issues
art38: ORIANS,GORDON - Blackbirds of the Americas
ORNITHOLOGY93526: ORIANS,G.H. - Some Adaptatons of Marsh-Nesting Blackbirds
REGIONAL23.472: ORMES,R.M.(ED.) - Guide to the Colorado Mountains
BIG.GAME23.978: ORMOND,C. - Hunting in the Northwest
BOTANY5100: ORNDUFF,R. - Biosystematic Survey of the Goldfield Genus Lasthenia (Com[Ositae: Helenieae)
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.183: OROZCO,J. - Monographic Revision of the American Genus Euphoria Burmeister,1842 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae)
MAMMALS.GENERAL23.383: ORR,ROBER TT. - Mammals of Lake Tahoe
GENERAL3197: ORR,R.T. - Animals in Migration
MAMMALS.GENERAL3406: ORR,R.T. - Mammals of the Clearwater Mountains,Idaho
MAMMALS.GENERAL7435: ORR,R.T. - Mammals of Lake Tahoe
RODENTS5578: ORR,R.T. - The Little Known Pika
MAMMALS.GENERAL18449: ORR,ROBERT T. - Mammals of Lake Tahoe
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY1814: ORR,P.C. - Customs of the Canalino
RODENTS12625: ORR,R.T. - The Little Known Pika
PALEONTOLOGY9477: ORR,W.N. - Pacific Northwest Siliceious Phytoplankton
PALEONTOLOGY2468: ORR,W.N. - Pacific Northwest Siliceous Phytoplankton
RODENTS16630: ORR,R.T. - The Rabbits of California
REGIONAL20.335: ORTH,D.J.(ED.) - Decisions on Geographic Names in the United States, Decision List No. 8801,Jan. -Mar. 1988
REGIONAL20.336: ORTH,D.J.(ED.) - Decisions on Geographic Names in the United States, Decision List No. 8703
REGIONAL20.337: ORTH,D.J.(ED.) - The National Gazetteer of the United States - Indiana 1988
INVERTEBRATES15389: ORTMANN,A.E. - Schizopod Crustaceans in the U.S. National Museum: Schizopods from Alaska
INVERTEBRATES24.353: ORTMANN,A.E. - IV. Crawfishes of the Southern Appalachians & the Cumberland Plateau
INVERTEBRATES24.7312: ORTMANN,A.E. - Schizopod Crustaceans in the U.S. National Museum: Schizopods from Alaska
INVERTEBRATES22.403: ORTON,J.H. - Oyster Biology & Oyster Culture
REGIONAL12679: ORTON,E. - On the Occurence of a Quartz Boulder in the Sharon Coal of Northeastern Ohio
PALEONTOLOGY4456: ORVIG,T. - Acanthodian Dentition & Its Bearing on the Relationships of the Group
PALEONTOLOGY24.431: OSBORN,H.F. - The Extinct Rhinoceroses
PALEONTOLOGY10522: OSBORN,H.F. - Serbelodon Burnhami,a New Shover-Tusker from California
REGIONAL5544: OSBORN,C.S. - The Andean Land
ENTOMOLOGY14273: OSBORN,H. - The Leafhoppers of Ohio
PALEONTOLOGY24.430: OSBORN,H.F. - I. -Crania of Tyrannosaurus & Allosaurus. II. -Integument of the Iguanodont Dinosaur Trachodon. III. -Craniometry of the Equidae
PALEONTOLOGY0415: OSBORN,H.F. - Upper Eocene & Lower Oligocene Titanotheres of Mongolia
PALEONTOLOGY0416: OSBORN,H.F. - Additional New Genera & Species of the Mastodontoid Proboscidea
PALEONTOLOGY0417: OSBORN,H.F. - Embolotherium,Gen. Nov. ,of the Ulan Gochu,Mongolia
PALEONTOLOGY0418: OSBORN,H.F. - New Eurasiatic & American Proboscideans
PALEONTOLOGY0419: OSBORN,H.F. - Parelephas Floridanus from the Upper Pleistocene of Florida Compared with P. Jeffersonii
PALEONTOLOGY0420: OSBORN,H.F. - Palaeoloxodon Antiquus Italicus Sp. Nov. ,Final Stage in the'Elephas Antiquus'Phylum
ENTOMOLOGY19254: OSBORN,H. - The Genus Scaphoideus
PALEONTOLOGY10519: OSBORN,H.F. - Mounted Skeleton of Triceratops Elatus
PALEONTOLOGY10520: OSBORN,H.F. - Primitive Archidiskodon & Palaeoloxodon of South Africa
PALEONTOLOGY10521: OSBORN,H.F. - The Reptilian Subclasses Diapsida & Snapsida & the Early History of the Diaptosauria
ENTOMOLOGY17147: OSBORN,H. - Fragments of Entomological History,Incl. Some Personal Recollections of Men & Events,Vol. II
ENTOMOLOGY17148: OSBORN,H. - The Membracidae of Ohio
UNGULATES1613: OSBORN,H.F. - III. -Craniometry of the Equidae
PALEONTOLOGY1466: OSBORN,H.R. - Species of American Pleistocene Mammoths,Elephas Jeffersonii,New Species
PALEONTOLOGY1463: OSBORN,H.F. - The Evolution,Phylongeny & Classification of the Proboscidea
PALEONTOLOGY1464: OSBORN,H.F. - Hesperopithecus,the First Anthropoid Primate Found in America
PALEONTOLOGY1465: OSBORN,H.F. - Dibelodon Edensis (Frick) of Southern California ,Miomastodon of the Middle Eocene,New Genus
BIOGRAPHY481: OSBORNE,C.H. - The Religion of John Burroughs
BIOGRAPHY13104: OSBORNE,E.A. - From the Letter-Files of S.W. Johnson
REGIONAL12737: OSBORNE,F.F. - Coronite,Labradorite Anorthosite &Dyke of the Andesine Anothosite,New Glasgow,P.Q.
MAMMALS.GENERAL93438: OSBURN,R.C. - Adaptation to Aquatic,Arboreal,Fossorial & Cursorial Habits in Mammals
PALEONTOLOGY17471: OSGOOD,W.H. - Scaphoceros Tyrrelli,an Extinct Ruminant from the Klondike Gravels
ARCHAEOLOGY655: OSGOOD,C. - The Archaeological Problem in Chiriqui
BIOGRAPHY3801: OSGOOD,W.H. - Ned Hollister (1876-1924)
MAMMALS.GENERAL93439: OSGOOD,W.H. - Mammals from Western Venezuela & Eastern Colombia
MAMMALS.GENERAL17341: OSGOOD,W.H. - Diagnoses of New East African Mammals Including a New Genus of Muridae
REGIONAL17609: OSGOOD,W.H. - Naf No. 30: Biological Investigations in Alaska & the Yukon Territory,Etc.
PALEONTOLOGY4614: OSGOOD,W.H. - Scaphoceros Tyrellli,an Extinct Ruminant from the Klondike Gravels
SCIENCE24.6613: OSLER,WILLIAM - Internal Secretions;Considered in Their Physiological,Pathological and Clinical Aspects. Sporadic Cretinism in America
ORNITHOLOGY18481: OSMAN,S.M.(SKINNER,R.& TREMBLAY,B.)EDS. - Falconry in the Land of the Sun,the Memoris of an Afghan Falconer
CANINES3106: OSTERHOLM,H. - The Significance of Distance Receptors in the Feeding Behaviour of the Fox,Vulpes,Vulpes L.
CANINES6123: OSTERHOLM,H. - The Significance of Distance Receptors in the Feeding Behaviour of the Fox,Vulpes Vulpes L.
BOTANY1687: OSTERHOUT,W.J.V. - Cell Studies IL. Spindle Formation in Agave
BOTANY15127: OSTERMOUT,W.J.V. - Contributions to Cytological Technique
PALEONTOLOGY17472: OSWALD,D.H.(ED.) - Interntional Symposium on the Devonian System
REGIONAL21.385: OTHBERG,K.L. - Surficial Geologic Map of the Baker (1o X 2o) Quadrangle,Idaho
BOTANY397: OTIS,C.H. - Michigan Trees
FIREARMS24.8876: SAFARI OUTFITTERS(EDS.) - Safari Outfitters Ltd. Firearms Catalog
ART15634: OVINGTON,RAY - How to Draw and Paint Fish and Game
WATERFOWL24.8865: OWE,M. - Wild Geese of the Worldtheir Life History and Ecology
REGIONAL8583: OWEN,R. - The Antarctic Ocean
paleontology23.1669: RICHARD OWEN - Monograph on the British Fossil Cetacea from the Red Crag
paleontology23.311: OWEN,E.(ED.) - Brachiopoda
ichthyology23.481: OWEN,R.W.JR. - Northeast Pacific Albacore Oceanography Survey,1961
REGIONAL12593: OWEN,D.F. - Animal Ecology in Tropical Africa
MAMMALS.GENERAL22.426: OWEN,R.D. - Phylogenetic Analyses of the Bat Subfamily Stenodermatinae (Mammalia: Chiroptera)
invertebrates23.306: OWEN,E.F.(ED.) - Brachiopoda
REGIONAL3123: OWEN,D.F. - Animal Ecology in Tropical Africa
REGIONAL662NH: OWEN,D.D. - Report of a Geological Reconnoissance of the Chippewa Land District of Wisconsin & the Northern Part of Iowa
PALEONTOLOGY14554: OWEN,RICHARD - Monograph on the Reptilia of the Kimmeridge Clay & Portland Stone
GENERAL7320: OWINGS,L.C. - Quest for Walden,the "Country Book" in American Popular Literture
rodents23.2208: GREY OWL - Sajo & the Beaver People
ORNITHOLOGY24.398: OWRE,O.T. - Adaptations for Locomotion & Feeding in the Anhinga & the Double-Crested Cormorant
art1012: OXENHAM,P.[SCOTT,P.] - British Wildlife,a Portfolio of Reproductions from the Original Paintings by Patric Oxenham
ENTOMOLOGY17129: ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETIES OF OXFORD & CAMBRIDGE(EDS.) - An Accentuated List of the British Lepidoptera,with Hints on the Derivation of the Names
ADVENTURE58: OXLEY,J.M. - The Boy Tramps,or Across Canada
PRIMATES3543: OXNARD,C. - The Order of Man,a Biomathematical Anatomy of the Primates
PRIMATES5482: OXNARD,C. - The Order of Man,a Biomathematical Anatomy of the Primates
EVOLUTION8228: OXNARD,C.E. - Fossils,Teeth & Sex,New Perspectives on Human Evolution
REGIONAL21.125: BLAIR,K.P.ET AL - Structure-Contour Maps on the Top of the Mississippian Carbonates & on the Tope of the Upper Cambrian & Lower Ordovician Arbuckle Group,Joplin 1o X 2o Qudarangle,Kansas & Missouri
RODENTS17639: READ,C.P.& MILLEMANN,R.E. - Helminth Parasites in Kangaroo Rats
SCIENCE24.562: DRUZHININ,I.P.& KHAMYAOVA,N.V. - Solar Activity & Sudden Changes in the Natural Processed on Earth,a Statistical Analysis
PALEONTOLOGY8495: MIETTO,DI P.ET AL - Aspetti Geologici Del Veneto: Part 2
REGIONAL20.147: CALZIA,J.P.ET AL - Mineral Resources of the Black Rock Desert Wilderness Study Area,Humboldt County,Nevada
ENTOMOLOGY23.74: HASSELL,M.P.ET AL - The Components of Arthrodpod Predation,I. The Prey Death-Rate & II. The Predator Rate of Increase
SCIENCE18638: MACAR,P.ET AL - Symposium International de Geomorphologie,Evolution Des Versants Cartographie Geomorphologique Dynamique Fluvial,Etc. Vol. I. Evolution Des Versants (Et Compte Rendu Des Excursions)
INVERTEBRATES23.491: HARDING,J.P.& INGLE,R.W.ET AL(EDS.) - The Zoological Record,Vol. 93,Section 10-11,Parts 1 & 2
ENTOMOLOGY21.98: ROCKWOOD,L.P.ET AL - The Wheat Stem Maggots of the Genus Meromyza in the Pacific Northwest
REGIONAL20.297: MASTERSON,J.P.& BARLOW,P.M. - Effects of Simulated Ground-Water Pumping & Recharge on Ground-Water Flow in Cape Cod,Matha's Vineyard & Nantucker Island Basins,Massachusetts
ENTOMOLOGY19172: GARMAN,P.& ZAPPE,M.P. - Control Studies on the Plum Curculio in Connecticut Apple Orchards
RAPTORS1165: DUNNE,P.ET AL - Hawks in Flight,the Flight Identification of North American Migrant Raptors
ICHTHYOLOGY2271: BALL,O.P.& COPE,O.B. - Mortality Studies on Cutthroat Trout in Yellowstone Lake
ornithology24.6052: BALDWIN,S.P.ET AL - Abstract of "Protection of Hawks and Owls in Ohio"
ORNITHOLOGY453NH: BALDWIN,S.P.& KENDEIGH,S.C. - Physiology of the Temperature of Birds
INVERTEBRATES23.243: HIGGINS,R.P.ET AL - Lot of 25 Scientific Offprints & Papers on Kinorhyncha
REGIONAL20.318: MONTEVERDI,J.P.ET AL - Descriptive Meteorology of California Weather Anomalies,Vols. I & II
REGIONAL4554: TAYLOR,W.P.& SHAW.W.T. - Mammals & Birds of Mt. Rainier National Park
REGIONAL5520: HOUGHTON,J.P.ET AL - Beaufort Sea Monitoring Program,Proceedings of a Workshop(Sept. 1983) & Sampling Design Recommendatons
REGIONAL21.216: DILLON,W.P.ET AL - Magnetic Anomaly Map of the Central Cayman Through, Northwestern Caribbean Sea
REGIONAL8604: TING,I.P.& JENNINGS,B.(EDS.) - Deep Canyon,a Desert Wilderness for Science
REGIONAL21.183: COX,D.P.ET AL - Metallogenic Map of Puerto Rico
PALEONTOLOGY0450: WHITFIELD,R.P.& HOVEY,E.O. - Catalogue of the Type & Figured Specimens in the Palaeontological Collection of the Geological Department,American Museum of Natural History
art1102: SPLETE,A.P.& M.D.(EDS.) - Frederic Remington-Selected Letters
BOTANY24.90: LATIMER,L.P.& SMITH,W.W. - Improved Blueberries
ENTOMOLOGY22.188: LESSER,MR.& LYONNET,P. - Theologie Des Insectes,Ou Demonstration Des Perfections de Dieu,Dans Tout Ce Qui Concerne Les Infectes,Traduit de a'Llemand
BOTANY2109: BUCHHOLTZ,K.P.ET AL(ED.) - Weeds of the North Central States
BIG.CATS1384: YOUNG,S.P.& GOLDMAN,E.A. - The Puma,Mysterious American Cat,Parts I & II
BOTANY1879: FILNER,P.ET AL - Plant Research'71: Report of the Michigan State University/Atomic Energy Commission Plant Research Laboratory
ENTOMOLOGY0561: GILLETTE,C.P.ET AL - Chermes of Colorado Conifers (with) Notes on Orthoptera from Southern Arizona,Etc. (with) the Morphology of Dinophilus Conklini
ENTOMOLOGY7227: COSCARON,S.& WYGODZINSKY,P. - Taxonomy & Distribution of the Black Fly Subgenus Simulium (Pternaspatha) Enderlein (Simul. Diptera, Insecta)
ENTOMOLOGY12127: DEMEREC,M.& KAUFMANN,B.P. - Drosophila Guide: Introd. To the Genetics & Cytology of Dros. Melanogaster
BOTANY085: PIETROPAOLO,J.& P. - Carnivorous Plants of the World
ICHTHYOLOGY4264: KILLIP,E.P.& SMITH,A.C. - The Identity of South American Fish Poisons "Cube" & "Timbo"
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY12118: SHAW,S.P.& FREDINE,C.G. - Wetlands of the United States
EM1016: D'ALUISIO,F.& MENZEL,P. - Women in the Material World
EM1018: AYERS,T.& BROWN,P. - The New Essential Guide to Gay & Lesbian Weddings
ENTOMOLOGY.BOTANY24.105: SEVERIN,H.H.P.& FREITAG,J.H. - Some Properties of the Curly-Top Virus
ORNITHOLOGY2425: WEBBER,D.P.& HOY,S.C.(EDS.) - Fifty Years with the Stanton Bird Club 1919-1969
ENTOMOLOGY14271: NICHOLSON,H.P.& MICKEL,C.E. - The Black Flies of Minnesota (Simuliidae)
ORNITHOLOGY3423: BATES,R.S.P.& LOWTHER,E.H.N. - Breeding Birds of Kashmir
INVERTEBRATES23.142: ARPIN,P.ET AL - Lot of 33 Scientific Offprints & Papers on Nematoda
art1034: RICHARDSON,E.P.ET AL - Charles Willson Peale and His World
art1035: RICHARDSON,E.P.ET AL - Charles Willson Peale and His World
ENTOMOLOGY22.216: SIMMONS,P.ET AL - Fig Insects in California
art1479: HARRISON,T.P.& HOENIGER,F.D.(EDS.) - The Fowles of Heauen or History of Birdes
art1484: TOULOUSE-LATREC,H.DE,BONNARD,P.& WETEIN [RENARD,J.] - Natural Histories
art1521: VEASEY,T.& KURMAN,S.P. - Bills & Feet,an Artisans Handbook
BOTANY14105: KELSEY,H.P.& DAYTON,W.A.(EDS.) - Standardized Plant Names,a Revised & Enlarged Listing of Approved Scientific & Common Names of Plants,Etc. In American Commerce or Use
BIOGRAPHY1383: JORISSEN,W.P.& REICHER,L.T. - J.H. Van't Hoffs,Amsterdamer Periode 1877-1895
ichthyology23.609: MURARKA,I.P.& BODEAU,D.J. - Software Documentation & User's Manual for Fish Impingement Sampling Design & Estimation Method Computer Programs
INVERTEBRATES24.990: COSTELLO,D.P.ET AL - Methods for Obtaining and Handling Marine Eggs and Embryos
INVERTEBRATES8384: READ,C.P.ET AL - Studies on Membrane Transport,with Spec. Ref. To Parasite-Host Integration
conservation.ecology12.118: SHAW,S.P.& FREDINE,C.G. - Wetlands of the United States
ICHTHYOLOGY3316: DEMPSTER,R.P.& SHIPMAN,W.H. - The Use of Copper Sulfate As a Medicament for Aquarium Fishes & As an Algaecide in Marine Mammal Water Systems
BIOGRAPHY24.68: SHARP,B.& SULLIVEN,P. - Dashing Kansan,Lewis Lindsay Dyche,the Amazing Adventures of a Nineteenth-Century Naturalist & Explorer
ORNITHOLOGY19522: BATES,R.S.P.& LOWTHER,E.H.N. - Breeding Birds of Kashmir
ORNITHOLOGY19523: BATES,R.S.P.& LOWTHER,E.H.N. - Breeding Birds of Kashmir
ichthyology23.976: VARI,R.P.& HOWE,J.C. - Catalog of Type Specimens of Recent Fishes in the National Museum of Natural History,Smithsonian,1: Characiformes (Teleostei: Ostariophysi)
ichthyology23.978: VARI,R.P.& ORTEGA,H. - The Catfishes of the Neotrapical Family Helogenidae (Ostariophysi: Siluroidei)
ENTOMOLOGY20.56: DEMEREC,M.& KAUFMANN,B.P. - Drosphila Guide: Introduction to the Genetics & Cytology of Drosphila Melanogaster
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.124: METCALF,Z.P.& C.L. - A Key to the Principal Orders and Families of Insects
BOTANY18113: SALVIUCCI,P.ET AL(EDS.) - Study Week on Organic Matter & Soil Fertility
ichthyology23.649: MUELLER,W.P.ET AL - Investigations of Indiana Lakes and Streams,Vol. VI,Nos. 1-3
ORNITHOLOGY4339: BALDWIN,S.P.& KENDEIGH,S.C. - Physiology of the Temperature of Birds
ENTOMOLOGY24.811: THOME,J.P.& DESIERE,M. - Evolution de la Densite Numerique Des Populations de Collemboles Dans Les Excrements de Vovides Et D'Equides
MAMMALS.GENERAL24.972: WALKER,E.P.ET AL - Mammals of the World,Volume III,a Classified Bibliography
MAMMALS.GENERAL24.975: DORST,J.& DANDELOT,P. - A Field Guide to the Larger Mammals of Africa
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CANINES23.981: QUINN,TOM - The Working Retievers
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ORNITHOLOGY18482: PETERSON,R.ET AL - A Field Guide to the Birds of Britain & Europe
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SCIENCE4582: HARSANYI,Z.& HUTTON,R. - Genetic Prophecy,Beyond the Double Helix
SCIENCE11ASH: LINDEBURG,M.R.& BARADAR,M. - Seismic Design of Building Structures,a Professional's Introduction to Earthquake Forces and Design Details
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HERPETOLOGY0229: DUNN,E.R.& BURDEN,W.D. - Results of the Douglas Burden Expedition to the Island of Komodo: I. Notes on Varanus Komodoensis,Etc.

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