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BOTANY141NH: LAMB,E.& B. - The Pocket Encyclopedia of Cacti & Succulents in Color
art692: HORSFALL,R.B.ET AL[NEHLS,H.B.] - Familiar Birds of Northwest Forests,Fields & Gardens
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.194: LESCHEN,R.A.B.& LOBL,I. - Phylogeny & Classification of Scaphisomatine (Staphylinidae: Scaphidiinae) with Notes on Mycology,Termitophily & Functional Morphology
GENERAL16653: RATHBUN,R.& MEYER,A.B. - Papers Descriptive of Museum Buildings: The U.S. National Museum,an Account of the Buildings,Etc. (with) Studies of Museums & Kindred Institutions of New York,Albany,Buffalo & Chicago,with Notes on Some European Institutions.
anthropology.ethnology24.1040: LAUFER,B.ET AL - Tobacco & Its Use in Africa
SCIENCE15672: SEGRE,B.ET AL - Piene,Loro Previsione E Difesa Del Suolo
REGIONAL24.678: DAVIS,R.B.ET AL - Descriptive and Comparative Studies of Maine Lakes
SCIENCE17.617: LIMPAN,C.B.& SHARP,L.T. - A Contribution to the Subject of the Hygroscopic Moisture of Soils
PALEONTOLOGY0426: SCHULTZ,C.B.& FALKENBACH,C.H. - Ticholeptinae,a New Subfamilty of Oreodonts
PALEONTOLOGY0427: SCHULTZ,C.B.& FALKENBACH,C.H. - Miniochoerinae & Oreonetinae,Two New Subfamilies of Oreodonts
PALEONTOLOGY0428: SCHULTZ,C.B.& FALKENBACH,C.H. - Phenacocoelinae,a New Subfamily of Oreodonts
REGIONAL2535: KAUFFMAN,J.B.ET AL - Ecology & Plant Communities of the Riparian Area Associated with Catherine Creek in Northeastern Oregon
PALEONTOLOGY24.902: WILSON,E.B.ET AL(EDS.) - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S. ,Vol. 21,No10
SCIENCE21.667: POPE,R.B.ET AL - Photo Plot Bias
PALEONTOLOGY0363: BROWN,B.ET AL - On 3 Incomplete Anthropoid Jaws from the Siwaliks,India
PALEONTOLOGY4461: SCHULTZ,C.B.& FALKENBACH,C.H. - Merycochoerinae,a New Subfmaily of Oreodonts
UNGULATES23.565: KIRSCH,J.B.& GREER,K.R. - Bibliography. Wapiti-American Elk and European Red Deer
REGIONAL22.608: WATSON,E.B.& HAMMON,J.B. - Soil Survey of the Grass Valley Area,California
REGIONAL649NH: MALCOLM,G.B.ET AL - Hanmer Forest Park (New Zealand)
PALEONTOLOGY20.99: SMITH,P.B.& DURHAM,D.L. - Middle Miocene Foraminifera & Stratigraphic Relations in the Adelaida Quadrangle,San Luis Obispo County California
REGIONAL21.150: BURKE,D.B.& HELLEY,E.J. - Map Showing Evidence for Recent Fault Activity in the Vicinity of Antioch,Contra Costa County,California
REGIONAL19581: BAARS,D.L. - Red Rock Country,the Geologic History of the Colorado Plateau
UPLAND1374: BABCOCK,HAVILAH - Tales of Quails 'n Such
BOTANY975: BABCOCK,E.B. - New Species of Crepis from Southern Asia
BOTANY1762: BABCOCK,E.B. - Supplementary Notes on Crepis IV: New & Noteworthy Species
BOTANY1763: BABCOCK,E.B. - Supplementary Notes on Crepis VI: Some Species of Iran & Afghanistan
ICHTHYOLOGY24.8875: BABCOCK,J.P. - The Pacific Salmon
SCIENCE24.581: BABCOCK,H.D. - Beyond the Red in the Spectrum
ICHTHYOLOGY17233: BABEL,J.S. - Reproduction,Life History & Ecology of the Round Stingray,Urolophus Halleri Cooper
FISHING24.99835: BABSON,S.M. - Bonefishing
BIOGRAPHY952: BABYAK,J. - Bird Man,the Many Faces of Robert Stroud
GENERAL3172: BACHELDER,L.(ED.) - Nature Thoughts
SCIENCE20.511: BACK,W. - Calcium Carbonate Saturation in Ground Water,from Routine Analysis,Geochemistry of Water
ENTOMOLOGY10105: BACK,E.A. - The Silverfish,or "Slicker",an Injurious Household Insect
ENTOMOLOGY10106: BACK,E.A. - The Silverfish As a Pest of the Household
art100: BACK,G.[HOUSTON,C.S.]ED. - Arctic Artist,the Journal and Paintings of George Back, Midshipman with Franklin,1819-1822
SCIENCE18628: BACKMAN,G. - Lot of 4 Scholarly Papers on Growth
SCIENCE15744: BACON,J.M. - Scientific Ballooning
REGIONAL3552: BACON,W. - Highway to the Wilderness,a Sojurn Beyond the Arctic Circle (Lapland)
REGIONAL592NH: BACON,W. - Highway to the Wilderness (Lapland)
ORNITHOLOGY451NH: BADE,A. - Game Bird Farming
UPLAND24.5512: BADE,AUGUST - Upland Bird Farming
PALEONTOLOGY24.5142: BAGG,R.M.JR. - Foraminifera Collected Near the Hawaiian Islands by the Steamer Albatross in 1902
ICHTHYOLOGY22.324: COMMONWEALTH OF THE BAHAMAS(EDS.) - The Statute Law of the Bahamas,Chapt. 225. Fisheries Resources (Jurisdiction & Conservation)
art1091: BAIGELL,M. - The Western Art of Frederic Remington
MARINE.MAMMALS10451: BAILEY,J.H. - Sea Otter,Core of Conflict,Loved or Loatherd
RODENTS8686: BAILEY,VERNON - How Beavers Build Their Houses
ORNITHOLOGY452NH: BAILEY,B.H. - The Raptorial Birds of Iowa
REGIONAL20.114: BAILEY,E.G. - Index of Surface-Water Records to September 30,1955. Part 13. -Snake River Basin
geology23.964: E.H.BAILEY ET AL - On-Land Mesozoic Oceanic Crust in California Coast Ranges
BOTANY1580: BAILEY,L.H. - The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulute: A Discussion for the Amateur & the Professional,Etc. ;Vols. 1,2 & 3
art1449: BAILEY,V. - The Prarie Ground Squirrels;or,Spermophiles of the Mississippi Valley
INVERTEBRATES12838: BAILEY,L.W. - The Diatoms of New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island
REGIONAL8534: BAILEY,V. - Animal Life of the Carlsbad Cavern
MAMMALS.GENERAL3384: BAILEY,J.W. - The Mammals of Virginia,an Account of the Furred Animals of Land & Sea Known to Exits in This Commonwealth with a List of Fossil Mammals
REGIONAL17562: BAILEY,E.H.(ED.) - Geology of Northern California
REGIONAL594NH: BAILEY,V. - Naf No. 49: A Biological Survey of North Dakota,I. Physiography & Life Zones,II. The Mammals
REGIONAL16539: BAILEY,A.M. - Field Work of a Museum Naturalist: Alaksa Southeast & Far North 1919-1922
REGIONAL9507: BAILLIE,A.D. - Devonian Geology of Lake Manitoba - Lake Winnipegosis Area
SCIENCE9615: BAIN,G.W. - The Collected Works of G.W. Bain
BIOGRAPHY9393: BAIN,J.A. - Fridtjof Nansen,His Life & Explorations
ART/BIOGRAPHY24.8809: BAIN,IAIN(ED.) - Thomas Bewick,My Life
REGIONAL6540: BAIRD,A.K. - Superposed Deformations in the Central Sierra Nevada Foothills East of the Mother Lode
GENERAL24.250: BAKER,D.V.(ED.) - Little Reviews Anthology 1949
UNGULATES17666: BAKER,E.T. - Management & Feeding of Sheep,a Practical Treatise on the Selections,Care & Breeing,Incl.
SCIENCE20.512: BAKER,J.A. - Wetland & Water Supply
BEARS3697: BAKER,A.B. - A Notable Success in the Breeding of Black Bears
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY1193: BAKER,R.R. - The Evolutionary Ecology of Animal Migration
GENERAL23.105: BAKER,R.R. - Human Navigation & the Sixth Sense
GENERAL5190: BAKER,L.N. - From Whales to Snails
BIOGRAPHY13777: BAKER,D. - River Place,One Man's Search for Serenity
ENTOMOLOGY14152: BAKER,C.W. - Larval Taxonomy of the Troginae in North America with Notes on Biologies & Life Histories (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)
GENERAL13235: BAKER,R.(ED.) - The Mystery of Migration
INVERTEBRATES16321: BAKER,H.M. - Studies on the Cladocera of Monterey Bay
INVERTEBRATES11198: BAKER,H.B. - The North American Retinellae
INVERTEBRATES11179: BAKER,H.B. - Neartic Vitreine Land Snails
BOTANY1661: BAKER,R.ST.B. - The Redwoods
INVERTEBRATES11207: BAKER,H.B. - The Land Snail Genus Haplotrema
MAMMALS.GENERAL3386: BAKER,R.H. - Mammals Taken Along the Alaska Highway
BOTANY12773: BAKER,L.V. - Vestigal Centripetal Xylem & Transfusion Tissue in the Leaf of Pinus Strobus
GENERAL6722: BAKER,F. - The National Zoological Park & Its Inhabitants
REGIONAL3553: BAKKER,E. - An Island Called California,an Ecological Introd. To Its Natural Communties
PALEONTOLOGY17384: BAKKER,R.T. - Dinosaur Renaissance
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY3108: BAKKER,G. - Sanctuaries for the Protecton of Rare Species
REGIONAL2495: BAKUN,A. - Coastal Upwelling Indices,West Coast of North America,1946-71
ENTOMOLOGY7222: BALDUF,W.V. - Revision of the Chalcid Flies of the Tribe Decotomini (Eurytomidae) in American,North of Mexico
ENTOMOLOGY16134: BALDUF,W.V. - Our Friends the Insects
REGIONAL21.108: BALDWIN,E.M. - Geologic Map of the Lower Siuslaw River Area,Oregon
BIOGRAPHY1636: BALDWIN,C. - My Life with Animals
BIOGRAPHY041: BALDWIN,C. - My Life with Animals
ornithology24.667: S.PRENTISS BALDWIN ET AL - Measurements of Birds (with) Temperature of Birds
PALEONTOLOGY2428: BALFOUR,J.H. - Introduction to the Study of Palaeontological Botany
BOTANY23.18: BALIS,J. - Images de la Rose,Catalgue de L'Exposition Redige
BOTANY977: BALL,C.R. - New or Little Known West American Willows
geology23.956: L.A.BALL(ED.) - Final Environmental Assessment,Panoche Hills Managment Plan
ENTOMOLOGY8171: BALL,G.H. - Attempts to Cultivate the Mosquito Phase of Plasmodium Relictum
INVERTEBRATES6358: BALL,G.H. - Gregarines from Bermuda Marine Crustaceans
INVERTEBRATES1287: BALL,G.H. - Studies on Paramecium. I. Experiments on the Action of Various Endocrine Substances,Etc. II. The Behavior of a Conjugating Race of Paramecium Caudatum
FISHING24.173: BALL,J.W. - Teaching Yor Fly to Fly,Solutions to Common Problems of Verteran and Novice Anglers
art519: BALLANTINE,B.(ED.) - The Fantastic World of Gervasio Gallardo
GENERAL0191: BALLANTINE,B. - Wild Tigers & Tame Fleas
BIOGRAPHY042: BALLANTINE,B. - Wild Tigers & Tame Fleas
INVERTEBRATES16329: DE BALSAC,F.H. - Travaux Du Service D'Etudes Et Du Laboratoire Des Productions Coloniales
RODENTS13532: BANCI,V. - A Fisher Management Strategy for British Columbia
REGIONAL12788: BANCROFT,J.A.& HOWARD,W.V. - The Essexites of Mount Royal,Montreal,P.Q.
PALEONTOLOGY17385: BANCROFT,B.B. - The Brachiopod Zonal Indices of the Stages Costonian to Onnian in Britain
ORNITHOLOGY24.564: BANCROFT,G. - Vanishing Wings,a Tale of Three Birds of Prey
INVERTEBRATES15337: BANCROFT,F.W. - The Anatomy of Chelyosoma Productum Stimpson
art481: BANCROFT,G. - The White Cardinal
PALEONTOLOGY17386: BANDY,O.L. - Distribution of Some Shallow-Water Foraminifera in the Gulf of Mexico
REGIONAL12555: BANFIELD,E.J. - My Tropic Isle
ICHTHYOLOGY8311: BANGHAM,R.V. - Lot of Three Scholarly Papers on Fish Parasites
RODENTS700NH: BANGS,O. - Notes on the Synonymy of the North American Mink with Description of a New Subspecies
ORNITHOLOGY3420: BANKO,W.E. - Naf No. 63: The Trumpeter Swan
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.53: BANKS,NATHAN - The Arachnida of Colorado
ENTOMOLOGY14153: BANKS,N. - Contributions Toward a Knowledge of the Insect Fauna of Lower California,No. 4. Neuriptera: Myrmeleonidae
ORNITHOLOGY3421: BANKS,R.C. - Birds of the Belvedere Expedition to the Gulf of California
PALEONTOLOGY6505: BANKS,N. - New Fossorial Hymenoptera
ORNITHOLOGY6434: BANKS,R.C. - Geographic Variation in the White-Crowned Sparrow Zonotrichia Leucophrys
PALEONTOLOGY17387: BANKS,N. - New Fossorial Hymenoptera (from the Western United States)
REGIONAL3554: BANKS,R.C. - History of Explorations for Vertebrates on Cerralvo Island,Baja,Calif.
ORNITHOLOGY24.532: BANNERMAN,D.A. - The Birds of the British Isles,Volume 8,Sea Birds
REGIONAL21.113: BANNERMAN,H.M. - Geologic Map of the Richville-Bigelow Area, St. Lawrence County,New York
geology23.1116: J.L.BANNON ET AL - Campanian/Maastrichtian Stage Boundary in Southern California: Resolution & Implications for Large-Scale Depositional Patterns
INVERTEBRATES16322: BANSE,K. - Mass-Scaled Rates of Respiration & Intrinsic Growth in Very Small Invertebrats
geology23.910: W.F.BARBAT - Megatectonics of the Coast Ranges,California
WATERFOWL7612: BARBER,JOEL - Wild Fowl Decoys
ENTOMOLOGY10108: BARBER,E.R. - The Argentine Ant: Distribution & Control in the U.S.
ENTOMOLOGY10109: BARBER,H.G. - A Preliminary Report on the Hemiptera-Heteroptera of Porto Rico Collected by the American Museum of N.H.
GENERAL5191: BARBER,C. - Animals at War
ART24.3341: BARBER,JOEL - Wild Fowl Decoys
REGIONAL.GEOLOGY24.8680: BARBOUR,G.B. - The Loess of China
REGIONAL8680: BARBOUR,G.B. - The Loess of China
BIOGRAPHY852: BARBOUR,THOMAS - A Naturalist's Scrapbook
BIOGRAPHY536: BARBOUR,T. - Naturalist at Large
BIOGRAPHY353: BARBOUR,T. - Naturalist at Large
ORNITHOLOGY13368: BARBOUR,THOMAS - Cuban Ornithology
ORNITHOLOGY93467: BARBOUR,THOMAS - Cuban Ornithology
MAMMALS.GENERAL16369: BARCELLA,G. - Trapping the Masked Bandit (Raccoons)
FIREARMS23.7456: BARD,BOB - Making & Collecting Military Miniatures
GENERAL2211: BARDACH,J. - Downstream,the Natural History of the River
GENERAL6237: BARKER,W. - Winter-Sleeping Wildlife
art264: BARKER,W. - Nature Lover's Guide to Favorite Animals of North America
REGIONAL15555: BARKER,C.S. - Yesterday Today,Life in the Ozarks
GENERAL17190: BARLOW,C. - Green Space,Green Time,the Way of Science
GENERAL0192: BARLOY,J.J.(FOX,H.)TRANS. - Man & Animals,100 Centuries of Friendship
REGIONAL93586: BARNARD,J.L. - Benthic Ecology of Bahia de San Quintin,Baja,Calif.
INVERTEBRATES23.153: BARNARD,J.L. - Deep-Sea Amphipoda of the Genus Lepechinella (Crustacea)
INVERTEBRATES23.155: BARNARD,J.L. - Revision of Corophiidae & Related Families (Amphipoda)
INVERTEBRATES23.149: BARNARD,J.L. - Gammaridean Amphipoda from a Deep-Sea Transect Off Oregon
INVERTEBRATES23.146: BARNARD,J.L. - Bathyal & Abyssal Gammaridean Amphipoda of Cedros Trench,Baja,California
INVERTEBRATES23.145: BARNARD,J.L. - Garraridean Amphipoda of the Rocky Intertidal of California;Monterey Bay to la Jolla
INVERTEBRATES23.154: BARNARD,J.L. - Littoral Gammaridean Amphipoda from the Gulf of California & the Galapagos Islands
INVERTEBRATES23.150: BARNARD,J.L. - A Review of the Family Synopiidae (=Tironidae),Mainly Distributed in the Deep Sea (Crustacea: Amphipoda)
INVERTEBRATES23.151: BARNARD,J.L. - Sublittoral Gammaridea (Amphipoda) of the Hawaiian Islands
INVERTEBRATES23.152: BARNARD,J.L. - Keys to the Hawaiian Marine Gammaridea,0-30 Meters
REGIONAL24.451: BARNARD,G. - Drawing from Nature,a Series of Progressive Instructions in Sketching,from Elementary Studies to Finished Views,with Examples from Switzerland & the Pyrenees;to Which Are Appended Lectures on Art
SCIENCE15724: BARNES,C.L. - Science in Early England
REGIONAL20.116: BARNES,F.F. - A Review of the Geology & Coal Resources of the Bering River Coal Field,Alaska
GENERAL5192: BARNES,C.JR. - Home Sweet Zoo
REGIONAL21.114: BARNES,F.F. - Geologic Map of Lower Matanuska Valley,Alaska
INVERTEBRATES1288: BARNES,R.D. - Invertebrate Zoology
SCIENCE12856: BARNES,H.T. - The Crushing Strength of Ice (with) the Expansive Force of Ice
SCIENCE12857: BARNES,H.T. - The Dawson Isothermal Layer of Low Temperature in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
EVOLUTION22.250: BARNETT,S.A.(ED.) - A Symposium,a Century of Darwinism
RODENTS7670: BARNETT,S.A. - The Rat,a Study in Behaviour: Principles of Ethology & Behavioural Physiology,Etc.
RODENTS7669: BARNETT,S.A. - The Rat,a Study in Behaviour,Etc.
ICHTHYOLOGY2273: BARNHART,P.S. - Notes on the Habits,Eggs & Young of Some Fishes of Southern California
FISHING1437: BARNHILL,G.B. - Wild Impressions,the Adirondacks on Paper
art110: BARR,B. - Wonders,Warriors and Beasts Abounding,How the Artist Sees His World
ichthyology23.682: BARR,L. - Alaska's Fishery Resources,the Shrimps
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.108: BARR,C.B. - The Distribution,Habitat and Status of the Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle (Desmocerus Californicus Dimorphus)
art109: BARR,B. - Wonders,Warriors and Beasts Abounding,How the Artist Sees His World
PALEONTOLOGY17388: BARRANDE,M. - Bulletin de la Societe Geologique de France
evolution24.2065: JOSEPH BARRELL - Influence of Silurian-Devonian Climates on the Rise of Air-Breathing Vertebrates
anthropology.ethnology24.1030: JOSEPH BARRELL - Probable Relations of Climatic Change to the Origin of the Tertiary Ape-Man
SCIENCE24.580: BARRELL,J. - On Continental Fragmentation & the Geologic Bearing of the Moon's Surficial Features
evolution24.1027: JOSEPH BARRELL - The Influence of Silurian-Devonian Climates on the Rise of Air-Breathing Vertebrates
mammals.general24.2119: CHARLES BARRET - New York Zoological Society Bulletin,Vol. 34,No. 1
BOTANY21.06: BARRETT,J.W. - Ponderosa Pine Saplings Respond to Control of Spacing & Understory Vegetation
ORNITHOLOGY24.7713: BARRETT,C.L. - The Origin and Development of Parasitical Habits in the Cuculidae
MAMMALS.GENERAL4291: BARRETT,C. - Kangaroos & Their Kin
MAMMALS.GENERAL3387: BARRETT,C. - Kangaroos & Their Kin
INVERTEBRATES10407: BARRETT,T.J. - Harnessing the Earthworm,a Practical Inquiry Into Soil-Building,Etc.
REGIONAL2498: BARRETT,C. - Koonwarra,a Naturalist's Adventures in Australia
INVERTEBRATES14433: BARRINGTON,E.J.W. - Invertebrate Structure & Function
INVERTEBRATES23.164: BARRINGTON,E.J.W. - Invertebrate Structure & Function
art21: BARROW,A.S.["SABRETACHE"]PSEUD. - Monarchy and the Chase
INVERTEBRATES18372: BARROWS,A.L. - An Unusual Extension of the Distribution of the Shipworm in San Francisco Bay,California
INVERTEBRATES18371: BARROWS,A.L. - The Significance of Skeletal Variations in the Genus Peridinium
art112: BARRUEL,P.[BARCLAY-SMITH,P.]TRANS. - Birds of the World,Their Life & Habits
art113: BARSNESS,L. - The Bison in Art,a Graphic Chronicle of the American Bison
ORNITHOLOGY16394: BARTELMEZ,G.W. - The Relation of the Embryo to the Principal Axis of Symmetry in the Bird's Egg
INVERTEBRATES22.400: MANDAHL-BARTH,G. - Intermediate Hosts of Schistosoma,Frican Biomphalaria & Bulinus
HERPETOLOGY24.280: BARTHOMEW,B.(ED.) - Catalogue 5: In Pursuit of Snakes & Other Reptiles;the Herpetological Libary of Adrian Crane
invertebrates23.490: BARTLETT,H.A& ARMITAGE,P.D.(EDS.) - Coelenterata
ORNITHOLOGY24.384: BARTON,D.G. - Suggetions in Making Whole Chick Embryo Mounts
UNGULATES22.625: BARTOSIEQICZ,L. - Changes in Skull Proportions of Cattle During Ontogeny
REGIONAL7582: BARTRAM,J. - Travels in Pensilvania & Canada
INVERTEBRATES24.7412: BARTSCH,PAUL - New Mollusks from the Bahama Islands
INVERTEBRATES3701: BARTSCH,P. - Notes on the Genus Sonorella with Descriptions of New Species
INVERTEBRATES3705: BARTSCH,P. - A New Species of Amphidromus
INVERTEBRATES9321: BARTSCH,PAUL - The Operculate Land Mollusks of the Family Annulariidae of the Island of Hispaniola & the Bahama Archipelago
INVERTEBRATES24.8147: BARTSCH,PAUL - The Philippine Land Shells of the Genus Schistoloma
INVERTEBRATES7395: BARTSCH,P. - The Californian Land Shells of the Epiph-Ragmophora Traskii Group
PALEONTOLOGY24.6321: BARTSCH,PAUL - The Recent and Fossil Mollusks of the Genus Rissoina from the West Coast of America
SCIENCE12672: BARUS,C. - The Change of Heat Conductivity on Passing Isothermally from Solid to Liquid
SCIENCE16637: BARUS,C. - Experiments with Ionized Air (with) the Structure of the Nucleus (a Continuation of "Experiemnts with Ionized Air")
REGIONAL19583: BASCOM,F. - The Petrographic Province of Neponset Valley,Massachusetts
FISHING24745: BASHLINE,L.JAMES - Atlantic Salmon Fishing
BOTANY891: BASKIN,E. - The Poppy & Other Deadly Plants
REGIONAL4487: BASS,T.A. - Camping with the Prince & Other Tales of Science in Africa
REGIONAL93587: BASS,R. - Wild to the Heart
BEARS24.20: BASS,RICK - The Lost Grizzlies,a Search for Survivors in the Wilderness of Colorado
REGIONAL23.6132: BASS,RICK - Winter;Notes from Montana
SCIENCE24.8712: BASS,RICK - Oil Notes
MISC.24.9965: BASS,RICK - Wild to the Heart
CANINES93159: BASSETT,C.F. - The Effect of Artificially Altered Length of Day on Molt in the Silver Fox
INVERTEBRATES93747: BASSLER,R.S. - The Bryozoa,or Moss Animals
PALEONTOLOGY11441: BASSLER,R.S. - Proceedings of the 11th Annual Meeting of the Paleontological Society,Etc. ,Dec. 30-31,1919
PALEONTOLOGY1642: BASSLER,R.S. - A Study of the James Types of Ordovician & Silurian Bryzoa
PALEONTOLOGY4658: BASSLER,R.S. - The Nettelroth Collection of Invertebrate Fossils
PALEONTOLOGY17389: BASSLER,R.S. - Notes on an Unusually Fine Slab of Fossil Crinoids
PALEONTOLOGY24.7765: BASSLER,R.S. - Notes on an Unusually Fine Slab of Fossil Crinoids
ENTOMOLOGY22.116: BASTIN,H. - Insect Communities
MAMMALS.GENERAL19503: BATCHELDER,C.F. - Some Facts in Regard to the Distribution of Certain Mammals in New England & Northern New York
PALEONTOLOGY8473: BATE,R.H. - Upper Cretaceous Ostracoda from the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia
art115: BATEMAN,R. - Robert Bateman,a Retrospective of Limited Editions, Vol. I (1978-1982)
art121: BATEMAN,R.[MILLPOND PRESS]EDS. - The Best Things in Life Are Not Free Anymore,an Environmental Message from Robert Bateman
art122: BATEMAN,R.[RANDOM HOUSE]EDS. - The Robert Bateman Naturalist's Diary 1987
art117: BATEMAN,R.[CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES]EDS. - Robert Bateman - Natural Visions
art124: BATEMAN,R.[WURTS,R.] - Robert Bateman in His Element
REGIONAL12730: BATEMAN,J.D. - Permafrost at Giant Yellowknife
GENERAL16194: BATEMAN,G.C. - Fresh-Water Aquaria,Their Construction,Arrangement & Management,Etc.
GENERAL93257: BATEN,P. - Living Trophies
GENERAL18239: BATES,M. - The Nature of Natural History
FIHING23.988: BATES,JOSEPH D. - Elementary Fishing
GENERAL22.262: BATES,M. - The Forest & the Sea,a Look at the Economy of Nature & the Ecology of Man
ichthyology23.681: BATES,D.W. - Diversion and Collection of Juvenile Fish with Traveling Screens
GENERAL3174: BATES,M. - The Nature of Natural History
REGIONAL20.120: BATES,T.F. - Transferring Earth Science Information to Decisionmakers: Problems & Opportunities As Experienced by the U.S. Geological Survey
GENERAL8679: BATHER,F.A. - National Work at the British Museum-Museums & Advancement of Learning
invertebrates23.424: BATHER,F.A.(ED.) - XIV. Echinoderma
invertebrates23.460: BATHER,F.A.(ED.) - XIV. Echinoderma
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY1091: BATTELLIE(EDS.) - Energy,a Teacher's Introduction to Energy & Energy Conservation
PALEONTOLOGY1414: BATTEN,R.L. - Permian Gastropoda of the S.W. United States: 2. Pleurotomariacea: Portlockiel-Lidae,Phymatopleuridae & Eotomariidae
GENERAL23.581: BATTERSBY,J.C.,W.E.SWINTON,TENISON,W.P.D.,HAYMAN,R.W.(EDS.) - Amphibia & Reptilia;Aves;Mammalia
ENTOMOLOGY23JM.153: BAUER,ERICH(ED.) - Antiquariat Goecke & Evers Erich Bauer Katalog 89. Entomology
REGIONAL20.122: BAUMAN,R.D. - Foundation Characteristics of Sediments,Salt Lake Metropolitan Area
SCIENCE15700: VON BAUMHAUER,E.H. - A Universal Meteorgraph,Designed for Detached Observatories
regional23.2209: PAT BAVIN ET AL - Earl Grey Pass Project (an Opportunity for Youth Project)
ICHTHYOLOGY18332: BAXTER,J.L. - A Study of the Yellowtail (Seriola Dorsalis,Gill)
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FISHING24.2142: TOURIST BRANCH(EDS.) - Saskatchewan Invites the Angler
UNGULATES23.875: BRANCH,E.D. - The Hunting of the Buffalo
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INVERTEBRATES18430: VON BRAND,T. - Chemical Physiology of Endoparasitic Animals
botany23.6036: G.J.BRAND & W.B.SMITH - Evaluating Allometric Shrub Biomass Equations Fit to Generated Data
UNGULATES748NH: BRANDBORG,S.M. - Life History & Management of the Mt. Goat in Idaho
BOTANY980: BRANDEGEE,T.S. - Plantae Mixicanae Purpusianae,Xkk
art227: BRANDT,HERBERT - Alaska Bird Trails,Adventures of an Expedition by Dog Sled to the Delta of the Yukon River at Hooper Bay
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SCIENCE24.558: BRANDT,A.E. - A Test for Significance in a Unique Sample
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BOTANY981: BRANT,I. - Protect the South Calavaras Sequoia Grove
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FISHING24.9913: BRANYON,MAX - Florida Saltwater Fishing Guide
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REGIONAL0462: BRASS,L.J. - Results of the Archbold Expedtions. No. 79. Summary of the 5th Archbold Expedition to New Guinea (1956-1957)
REGIONAL16544: BRASS,L.J. - Results of the Archbold Expeditions. No. 79,Summary of the Fifth Archbold Expedition to New Guinea (1956-1957)
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GENERAL1191: BREARLEY,H.C. - Animal Secrets Told,a Book of Whys
ART1191: BREARLEY,H.C. - Animal Secrets Told,a Book of Whys
ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOGY10691: BREASTED,J.H. - Historical Tradition & Oriental Research
ICHTHYOLOGY24.7612: BREDER,C.M.JR. - Field Book of Marine Fishes of the Atlantic Coast from Labrador to Texas
ICHTHYOLOGY0245: BREDER,C.M.JR. - On the Relationship of Social Behavior to Pigmentation in Tropical Shore Fishes
ICHTHYOLOGY0246: BREDER,C.M.JR. - Observation on Coloration in Reference to Behavior in Tide-Pool & Other Marine Shore Fishes
ICHTHYOLOGY0247: BREDER,C.M.JR. - Studies on the Structure of the Fish School
ICHTHYOLOGY23.843: BREDER,C.M.JR. - Field Book of Marine Fishes of the Atlantic Coast
HERPETOLOGY11175: BREEN,J.F. - Reptiles & Amphibians in Your Home
HERPETOLOGY24.24.7716: BREEN,J.F. - Encyclopeida of Reptiles and Amphibians
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ORNITHOLOGY0341: BREHM,A.C. - Das Leben Der Tiere,Die Vogel
PALEONTOLOGY5455: BREINING,G. - Buying Time,Who Owns the Earth's Ancestry?
FISHING24.998761: BREINING,GREG - Fishing Minnesota,Angling with the Experts in the Land of 10,000 Lakes
PALEONTOLOGY14536: BREINING,G. - Buying Time,Who Owns the Earth's Ancestry?
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geology23.1004: R.L.BRENNER & D.K.DAVIES - Storm Generated Coquinoid Sandstone: Genesis of High-Energy Marine Sediments Fromthe Upper Jurassic of Wyoming & Montana
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REGIONAL19587: BRENT,P. - Black Nile,Mungo Park & the Search for the Niger
UNGULATES14638: BRETHOUR,J.R. - Feeding Wheat to Beef Cattle
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ICHTHYOLOGY19414: BRETT,J.R. - Rate of Gain of Heat-Tolerance in Goldfish (Carassius Auratus)
RAPTORS1156: BRETT,J.J. - Feathers in the Wind,the Mountain & the Migration
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PRIMATES4467: BREWER,S. - The Chimps of Mt. Asserik
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UPLAND24.9987: BREWER,L.W. - The Ruffed Grouse in Western Washington
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MAMMALS.GENERAL2359: VAN DEN BRINK,F.H.(KRUUK,H.ET AL)EDS.) - Mammals of Britain & Europe
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ANTHROPOLOGY.ETHNOLOTY14709: BRON,R.T. - Ancient Remains in White River Canon
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MAMMALS.GENERAL16370: BROOKS,D.M. - Fur Animals of Indiana
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geologu23.1129: C.BROOKS ET AL - Ancient Lithosphere: Its Role in Young Continental Volcanism
INVERTEBRATES15339: BROOKS,M.M. - Studies on the Permeability of Living Cells. IX. Does Methylene Blue Itself Penetrate?
SCIENCE0570: BROOKS,C.E.P. - The Evolution of Climate
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ICHTHYOLOGY11202: BROWN,E.H.JR. - Little Miami River Headwater-Stream Investigations (the Fisheries in Relation T Land-Use Improvement & to Hydrological Conditions)
HERPETOLOGY17228: BROWN,C.W. - Hypridization Among the Subspecies of the Plethodontid Salamander Ensatina Eschscholtzi
REGIONAL3562: BROWN,T.G. - Brenva
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Fish57: HAIG-BROWN,R.L. - Fur & Gold
HERPETOLOGY4211: BROWN,R. - Reptiles & Amphibians of the West
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BIG.CATS24.76: HAIG-BROWN,R.L. - Panther
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ICHTHYOLOGY358NH: BROWN,W.H. - Marine Fisheries of the British West Indies
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ichthyology24.915: BRUCE BROWN - Mountain in the Clouds,a Search for the Wild Salmon
BIOGRAOHY24.831: HAIG-BROWN,R.L. - Measure of the Year (Reflections on Home,Family & a Life Fully Lived)
ADVENTURE24.998: HAIG-BROWN,R.L. - Starbuck Valley Winter
HERPETOLOGY6284: BROWN,C.W. - Hyberidization Among the Subspecies of the Plethodontid Salamander Ensatina Eschscholtzi
INVERTEBRATES15341: BROWN,V.E. - Hypermastigote Flagellates from the Terminte Reticulitermes: Torquenympha Octoplus Gen. Nov. ,Sp. Nov. ,& Two New Species of Microjoenia
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BOTANY569: BROWN,S.W. - Mitosis & Meiosis in Luzula Campestris Dc.
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GENERAL15233: BROWNING,T.O. - Animal Populations
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REGIONAL12698: BRUCE,E.L. - Concentrated Saline Water from the Sturgeon River Gold Mines
REGIONAL12699: BRUCE,E.L. - Rock Alterations by Hydrothermal Solutions in Certain Canadian Localities
ichthyology23.663: BRUCE,R.A. - North Atlantic Trawl Nets
CONSERVATION.ECOLOGY18135: BRUCE,H.E. - Draft Technical Development Plans,Bering Sea
MARINE.MAMMALS93451: BRUEMMER,F. - The Life of the Harp Seal
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ENTOMOLOGY20.48: BRUES,C.T. - Notes & Descriptions of North American Parasitic Hymenoptera. II. Bethylidae Et Al
ENTOMOLOGY20.49: BRUES,C.T. - Notes & Descriptions of North American Hymenoptera. IV. Family Bethlidae Et Al
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ENTOMOLOGY20.52: BRUES,C.T. - Notes & Descriptions of North American Parasitic Hymneoptera. VI. Family Bethylidae Et Al
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ENTOMOLOGY10123: BRUES,C.T. - Insects As Agents in the Spread of Disease
ENTOMOLOGY10124: BRUES,C.T. - Insects & the National Health
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ENTOMOLOGY1658: BRUNER,L. - Synoptic List of Paraguayan Acrididae,or Locusts with Descriptions of New Forms
BIOGRAPHY797: BRUNHOUSE,R.L. - Frans Blom,Maya Explorer
RODENTS15643: MEISTERLUCIUS & BRUNING(EDS.) - Pelzfarbstoffe Colorants Pour Fourrures Fur Colours
HERPETOLOGY93310: BRUNST,V.V. - Variations & Development Abnormalties in Sexual Apparatu of Adult Axoltl(Siredon Mexicanum)
BIOGRAPHY14667: BRUNTON,T.L. - Modern Developments of Harvey's Work in the Treatment of Diseases of the Heart & Circulation
BOTANY391: L'HERITIER DE BRUTELLE,C.L. - Sertum Anglicum 1788
REGIONAL20.137: BRYAN,K. - Geology & Ground-Water Resources of Sacramento Valley, California
GENERAL12161: BRYANT,A. - Second Chance,the Affectionate Story of One Family's Efforts to Heal Sick Birds & Marine Mammals,Etc.
art246: BRYANT,L.M. - Famous Pictures of Real Animals
ORNITHOLOGY462NH: BRYANT,H.C. - Investigation of the Economic Status of Non-Game Birds
ORNITHOLOGY463NH: BRYANT,H.C. - The Economic Value of the Western Meadowlark in Calif.
REGIONAL21.148: BRYANT,B. - Geologic & Structure Maps of the Salt Lake City 1o X 2o Quadrangle,Utah & Wyoming
ornithology24.1030: H.C.BRYANT - The Relation of Birds to an Insect Outbreak in Northern California During the Spring & Summer of 1911
BIG.GAME23.854: BRYDEN,H.A. - Gun and Camera in Southern Africa,a Tale of Wanderings in Bechuanaland,the Kalahri Desert 7 the Lake River Country,Ngamiland
BOTANY1865: BRZOZOWSKA,J. - Etude de la Carence En Soufre Et Quelques Aspects Du Metabolisme Du Soufre Chez L'Arachide
MISC.6512: USDI/FWS/BSFW(EDS.) - 1960 National Survey of Fishing and Hunting,the Second Economic Survey in the U.S.
invertebrates23.425: BUCHANAN,F.(ED.) - XV. Vermes
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BIOGRAPHY0596: BUCHNER,P. - Giulio Iasolino,Medico Calabrese Del Cinquecento Che Detter Nuover Bita Ai Bagni Dell'Isola D'Ischia
INVERTEBRATES2217: BUCHSBAUM,R. - The Life in the Sea
GENERAL2217: BUCHSBAUM,R. - The Life in the Sea
entomology23.6047: F.D.BUCK - Handbooks for the Identification of British Insects,Vol. V,Pt. 9,Coleoptera (Lagriidae Et Al)
geology23.1003: S.P.BUCK & D.J.BOTTJER - Continental Slope Deposits from a Late Cretaceous Tectonically Active Margin,Southern California
BIG.GAME24.778: BUCK,FRANK - Capturing Wild Elephants!
REGIONAL20.138: BUCKELE,S. - Bibliography of the U.S. Bureau of Mines' Publications on Idaho,1919-1979
FISHING1436: BUCKLAND,JOHN - The Fisherman's Companion
ART1436: BUCKLAND,JOHN - The Fisherman's Companion
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GENERAL24.851: BUCKLAND,FRANK - Notes and Jottings from Animal Life
MAMMALS.GENERAL6409: BUCKLES,M.P. - Animals of the World,the Story of How Mammals Live in Their Own Ecological Zones
biography298: J.W.BUCKLEY - Manque'
UPLAND24.651: BUCKMAN,C.T."BUCK - 75 Years with the Shotgun
REGIONAL24.885: BUCKMAN,JAMES - Where Town and Country Meet

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