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119953: MILNE, COURTNEY - Prairie Light
005853: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Saint Peter's; the Story of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome
015540: MILNE, A.A. - The Red House Mystery
117407: MILNE, COURTNEY - Prairie Light
145828: MILNE, COURTNEY - Prairie Skies
134250: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Diary (5 Volumes)
134423: MILNE, DAVID - David Milne; 1955 - 6
102971: MILNE, JACK (BIOGRAPHY OF JACK MILNE.) - Trading for Milady's Furs; in the Service of the Hudson's Bay Company 1923-1943
144020: MILNE, JOHN - London Fields
141622: MILNE, A.A. (ILLUSTRATIONS BY ERNEST H. SHEPARD.) - When We Were Very Young
116282: MILNE, COURTNEY - Prairie Dreams
141419: MILNE, COURTNEY - Prairie Light
100056: MILNE, LORUS (WITH MARGERY MILNE & MARGERY MILNE.) - Paths Across the Earth
121227: MILNE, COURTNEY - The Sacred Earth
005007: MILNE, COURTNEY - Prairie Dreams
121793: MILNE, A.A. (ILLUSTRATIONS BY ERNEST H. SHEPARD.) - When We Were Very Young
005755: MILNER, BRIAN - The Hidden Establishment; the Inside Story of Canada's International Business Elite
105225: MILNER, HENRY (ILLUSTRATIONS BY C.M. HALL.) - The Lad Felix; A Tragedy of the Ne Temere
123664: MILNER, MARC - Canada's Navy: The First Century
100216: MILNER, MARC - North Atlantic Run; The Royal Canadian Navy and the Battle for the Convoys
013264: MILNER, MARC - North Atlantic Run; The Royal Canadian Navy and the Battle for the Convoys
134678: MILSOM, S.F.C. - Maitland
103939: MILTON, DAVID SCOTT - Paradise Road
128201: MILTON, JOHN - Milton's Poems 1645
132880: MILTON, JOHN (PHOTOGRAPHY BY PAYNE JENNINGS.) - The Poetical Works of John Milton; With Photographic Illustrations by Payne Jennings
140984: MILTON, JOHN - The Prose Works of John Milton (5 Volumes) (Publisher series: Bohn's Standard Library.)
146794: MILTON, VISCOUNT (WITH W.B. CHEADLE.) - The North-West Passage by Land; Being the Narrative of an Expedition from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Undertaken with the View of Exploring a Route Across the Continent to British Columbia Through British Territory, by One of the Northern Passes in the Rocky Mountains
012610: MILUNSKY, AUBREY (EDITORS) (WITH GEORGE J. ANNAS.) - Genetics and the Law
141823: MINEAR, PAUL S. (BASED ON THE WORK OF JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH: MATTHAUSPASSION; LEONARD BERNSTEIN: MASS; JOHANNES BRAHMS: DEUTSCHES REQUIEM; KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI: PASSIO ET MORS.) - Death Set to Music; Masterworks by Bach Brahms Penderecki Bernstein (Based on the work of Johann Sebastian Bach--Matthauspassion; Leonard Bernstein--Mass; Johannes Brahms--Deutsches Requiem; Krzysztof Penderecki--Passio et Mors.)
128761: CANADA. DEPARTMENT OF MINES (CONTRIBUTOR A. ANREP; W.A. BELL; H.C. COOKE; R.C. EMMONS; T.D. GUERNSEY: QUARTZ SAND AND CLAY DEPOSITS, MELFORD, CAPE BRETON; E.D. INGALL; W.F. JAMES; F.H. MCLEARN: MESOZOIC AMND PLEISTOCENE DEPOSITS OF THE LOWER MISSINAIBI , - Summary Report, 1926, Part C (Contributor T.D. Guernsey--Quartz Sand and Clay Deposits, Melford, Cape Breton; F.H. McLearn--Mesozoic Amnd Pleistocene Deposits of the Lower Missinaibi , Opazatika, and Mattagami Rivers, Ontario; M.E. Wilson--Mineral
009320: MANITOBA. DEPARTMENT OF MINES AND NATURAL RESOURCES - Game Birds and Animals of Manitoba
110503: ONTARIO. DEPARTMENT OF MINES - Handbook of Rules Governing the Operation of Mines; Being Part VIII and Sections 183, 184 and 185 of Part X of the Mining Act of Ontario
129966: CANADA. DEPARTMENT OF MINES - Studies of Geophysical Methods, 1928 and 1929 (Publisher series: Geological Survey Memoir.)
128756: CANADA. DEPARTMENT OF MINES (CONTRIBUTOR G.S. HUME: OIL PROSPECTS IN THE VICINITY OF BATTLE RIVER AT THE ALBERTA-SASKATCHEWAN BOUNDARY; E.D. INGALL: DEEP BORINGS IN THE PRAIRIE PROVINCES AND NORTH WEST TERRITORIES; C.A. MERRITT; J.F. WRIGHT: OXFORD AND KN - Summary Report, 1925, Part B (Contributor G.S. Hume--Oil Prospects in the Vicinity of Battle River at the Alberta-Saskatchewan Boundary; E.D. Ingall--Deep Borings in the Prairie Provinces and North West Territories; J.F. Wright--Oxford and Knee
119846: ONTARIO. BUREAU OF MINES - Report of the Bureau of Mines; Volume VII Third Part 1898
119847: ONTARIO. BUREAU OF MINES - Report of the Bureau of Mines; 1901
121023: ONTARIO. BUREAU OF MINES - Twentieth Annual Report of the Bureau of Mines, 1911; Vol. XX., Part I.
135531: MANITOBA. DEPARTMENT OF MINES AND NATURAL RESOURCES. MINES BRANCH - Regulations Under "The Mines Act" 1930 S.M. Ch. 27; For the Disposal of Mining Claims and Placer Claims on Crown Lands in Manitoba
128926: ONTARIO. DEPARTMENT OF MINES - List of Maps Outlined on Ontario Department of Mines Index Map No. 1958A (Publisher series: Bulletin No.)
128927: OFFICERS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF MINES - Twenty-Five Years of Ontario's Mining History; A Review of Outstanding Developments in the Last Quarter of a Century (Publisher series: Bulletin No.)
136848: KERR-ADDISON GOLD MINES - Safety Rules and Instructions for the Prevention of Accidents to Employees
128757: CANADA. DEPARTMENT OF MINES (CONTRIBUTOR A. ANREP; B.S.W. BUFFAM: DESTOR AREA, ABITIBI COUNTY, QUEBEC; H.C. COOKE; R.W. GORANSON: CALUMET ISLAND, PONTIAC COUNTY, QUEBEC; A.O. HAYES; E.D. INGALL; W.F. JAMES: MOTTE AND FOURNIERE MAP-AREAS, ABITIBI COUNTY, Q - Summary Report, 1925, Part C (Contributor B.S.W. Buffam--Destor Area, Abitibi County, Quebec; R.W. Goranson--Calumet Island, Pontiac County, Quebec; W.F. James--Motte and Fourniere Map-Areas, Abitibi County, Quebec; T.L. Tanton--Mineral Deposits of
129969: CANADA. DEPARTMENT OF MINES - Studies of Geophysical Methods, 1930 (Publisher series: Geological Survey Memoir.)
145658: MANITOBA. DEPARTMENT OF MINES AND NATURAL RESOURCES - Game Birds and Animals of Manitoba
103120: MINIFIE, JAMES M. - Open at the Top; Reflections of U.S.- Canada Relations
103250: MINIFIE, JAMES M. - Peacemaker or Powder-Monkey; Canada's Role in a Revolutionary World.
109608: CANADIAN COLLEGE OF TEACHERS MANITOBA CHAPTER (CONTRIBUTOR IRENE DICKSON: MARY MARGARET BROOKER; MICHAEL EWANCHUK: W.J. SISLER AND HIS TIMES; CARL GOW: OLVER VICTOR JEWITT; IVAN L. HAMILTON: SKETCH OF A MAN- EDGAR KENNY MARSHALL; ANNE M. LOUTIT: GREY NUNS - Tomorrow's Past; A Century of Manitoba Teachers (Contributor Irene Dickson--Mary Margaret Brooker; Michael Ewanchuk--W.J. Sisler and His Times; Carl Gow--Olver Victor Jewitt; Ivan L. Hamilton--Sketch of a Man- Edgar Kenny Marshall; Anne M. Loutit--Grey Nuns-Pioneers in Education at Red River (1844-1870); J. Elwood Ridd--George Joseph Reeve; E. Phyllis Smith--Dr. D.S. Woods; Margaret J. Thomson--Mr. Deputy Minister- a Tribute to Dr. Robert Fletcher.)
126747: CENTRAL STATISTICAL BOARD OF THE U.S.S.R. COUNCIL OF MINISTERS - Forty Years of Soviet Power; In Facts and Figures
147970: GREAT BRITAIN. AIR MINISTRY - Airborne Forces; The Second World War 1939-1945 Royal Air Force. Restricted Air Publication 3231
140083: MINNEAPOLIS - Map of Minneapolis; With Index Showing Streets, Boulevards, Parks, Libraries, Playgrounds, Public Schools, Postoffices, Street Car Lines, etc.
141074: MINNI, SHEILA JOAN - The Prehistoric Occupations of Black Lake, Northern Saskatchewan (Publisher series: Mercury Series Archaeological Survey of Canada Paper No.)
141192: MINTER, ROY - The White Pass; Gateway to the Klondike
120601: MINTO, LORD (EDITED WITH INTRODUCTION BY JOHN T. SAYWELL; PAUL STEVENS.) - Lord Minto's Canadian Papers; A Selection of the Public and Private Papers of the Fourth Earl of Minto. (2 Volumes) (Publisher series: Champlain Society; Champlain Society.)
120600: MINTO, LORD (EDITED WITH INTRODUCTION BY JOHN T. SAYWELL; PAUL STEVENS.) - Lord Minto's Canadian Papers; A Selection of the Public and Private Papers of the Fourth Earl of Minto 1898-1904. Volume II (Publisher series: Champlain Society.)
103228: MIQUELON, DALE - A Brief History of Lower Fort Garry (Publisher series: Canadian Historic Sites; Occaisional Papers in Archaeology and History; Identified on cover as: Canadian Historic Sites: No. 4.)
121835: MIRIAM" (SISTERS OF ST. ANN) - Grey Days and Gold
138374: MISIROGLU, GINA (EDITOR) (CONTRIBUTOR DAVID A. ROACH.) - The Superhero Book; The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Comic-Book Icons and Hollywood Heroes
007228: MISKA, JOHN P. (EDITOR) - The Sound of Time; Anthology of Canadian-Hungarian Authors
136620: MAGAZINE MISSION - Les Peres Blancs en Amerique du Nord 1901-2001
123944: MITCHAM, SAMUEL W. - Rommel's Last Battle; The Desert Fox and the Normandy Campaign
123282: MITCHAM, SAMUEL W. - Rommel's Last Battle; The Desert Fox and the Normandy Campaign
003390: MITCHELL, W.O. - For Art's Sake
004397: MITCHELL, MARGARET - Gone with the Wind; Motion Picture Edition
011901: MITCHELL, KEN (EDITOR) (CONTRIBUTOR ROBERT KROETSCH.) - Grain Vol. 1 No. 1 June 1973
012589: MITCHELL, W.O. - The Vanishing Point
005338: MITCHELL, W.O. - For Art's Sake
137446: MITCHELL, G.D. (WITH B.A. REID & W. SIMCOCK.) - RCHA - Right of the Line; An Anecdotal History of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery From 1871
016995: MITCHELL, WESLEY C. - Business Cycles; the Problem and its Setting (Series: Studies in Business Cycles 1.)
106306: MITCHELL, W.O. - Roses Are Difficult Here
104510: MITCHELL, LEE CLARK - Witnesses to a Vanishing America; The Nineteenth-Century Response
131070: MITCHELL, GEORGE J. - The Pronghorn Antelope in Alberta
109314: MITCHELL, JULIAN - The Undiscovered Country
113103: MITCHELL, MARIE - The Navajo Peace Treaty 1868 (Publisher series: Great Events in World History.)
106567: MITCHELL, MARGARET (LETTERS OF MARGARET MITCHELL; EDITED BY RICHARD HARWELL.) - Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind Letters; 1936-1949
126833: MITCHELL, W.O. - W.O. Mitchell Country (Photographs of Courtney Milne.)
124190: MITCHELL, WILLIAM NORMAN - The Business Executive in a Changing World (Publisher series: Executive Collection.)
124783: MITCHELL, W.O. - Who Has Seen the Wind
148039: MITCHELL, ROBERT J. - The Capture of Attu; A World War II Battle As Told by the Men Who Fought There
005544: MITCHELL, MARGARET (LETTERS OF MARGARET MITCHELL; EDITED BY JANE BONNER PEACOCK.) - A Dynamo Going to Waste: Letters to Allen Edee 1919-1921
130891: MITCHELL, VIC (WITH KEITH SMITH.) - West Sussex Railways in the 1980s
003228: MITCHELL, MARY (EDITOR) - A Salute to Manitoba 4-H 1913-1988
013177: MITCHELL, ESTELLE - The Grey Nuns of Montreal at the Red River, 1844-1984 (Identified on cover as: Grey Nuns of Montreal and the Red River Settlement 1844-1984.)
104233: MITCHELL, HOWARD T. - The Battle of Mole Run...And Other Offenses
106971: MITCHELL, T.L. - Series of Figures Shewing All the Motions in the Manual and Platoon Exercises, and the Different Firings, According to His Majesty's Regulations (Series: Historical Arms Series 5; Identified on cover as: His Majesty's Regulations - 1828.)
148006: MITCHELL, W.O. - Jake and the Kid
142696: MITCHELL, W.J.T. (EDITOR) - Art and the Public Sphere
110211: MITCHELL, W.O. - According to Jake and the Kid; A Collection of New Stories
111028: MITCHELL, R.B. (EDITORS) (WITH PAUL YUZYK.) (CONTRIBUTOR H.E. BERESFORD: EARLY SURVEYS IN MANITOBA; T.C.B. BOON: ST. PETER'S DYNEVOR: THE ORIGINAL INDIAN SETTLEMENT OF WESTERN CANADA; H. DOUGLAS KEMP: LAND GRANTS UNDER THE MANITOBA ACT; A.S. MORRISON: LIT - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba; Series III Number 9 (Series: Manitoba Historical Society Series III 9; Contributor H.E. Beresford--Early Surveys in Manitoba; T.C.B. Boon--St. Peter's Dynevor: The Original Indian Settlement of Western Canada; H. Douglas Kemp--Land Grants Under the Manitoba Act; A.S. Morrison--Literature in Manitoba, 1870-1930; W.L. Morton--President's Address on the Occasion of the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Society; Victor Turek--Poles Among the de Meuron Soldiers.)
014017: MITCHELL, GEORGE - Winnipeg
117662: MITCHELL, W.A. - Or Was It Yesterday?
145264: MITCHELL, JONI - Joni Mitchell; The Complete Poems and Lyrics
126043: MITCHELL, ESTELLE - Les Soeurs Grises de Montreal a la Riviere-Rouge 1844-1984
140597: MITCHELL, JOHNNY - The Secret War of Captain Johnny Mitchell; Memories of my command
113108: MITCHELL, W.O. - Since Daisy Creek
147363: MITCHELL, DONALD H. - Preliminary Excavations at a Cobble Tool Site (Djri 7) in the Fraser Canyon, British Columbia (Publisher series: Anthropological Papers U. of Ariz.)
119734: MITCHELL, W.O. - The Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon (Publisher series: Frontier Books.)
145664: MITCHENER, A.V. - Field Crop Insects in the Prairie Provinces. Bulletin No. 5
133744: MITCHINSON, WENDY - Giving Birth in Canada 1900-1959 (Publisher series: Studies in Gender and History.)
010542: MITCHISON, NAOMI - Return to the Fairy Hill
003995: MITFORD, JESSICA - Kind and Usual Punishment; The Prison Business
134747: MITROFF, IAN I. (WITH RICHARD O. MASON.) - Creating a Dialectical Social Science; Concepts, Methods, and Models (Publisher series: Theory and Decision Library.)
128811: MITTON, G.E. (ILLUSTRATIONS BY HERBERT M. MARSHALL.) - Beautiful Britain; The Scenery of London (Publisher series: Beautiful Britain.)
144579: MIYATA, MASAKAZU - Benetton Ford B192; Close Up & History (Publisher series: Formula Perfect Manual Series Vol.)
147809: MOBERLY, WALTER - Reports of Explorations, 1864-1865, to the Government of British Columbia. Upper Columbia River. (Extract from Mr. Moberly's Report, Nov, 15, 1866)
136325: MOCHORUK, JIM - Formidable Heritage; Manitoba's North and the Cost of Development, 1870 to 1930
146801: MOCHORUK, JIM - Formidable Heritage; Manitoba's North and the Cost of Development, 1870 to 1930
143621: MOCHORUK, J. - Mining's Early Years; An Historic Look at Flin Flon's Mining Pioneers.
132651: MOCKRIDGE, CHARLES H. - The Bishops of the Church of England in Canada and Newfoundland -Being- an Illustrated Historical Sketch of the Church of England in Canada, as traced through Her Episcopate
133360: MOCQUAIS, PIERRE-YVES (EDITORS) (WITH ANDRE LALONDE & BERNARD WILHELM.) - La langue, la culture et la société des francophones de l'Ouest; les actes du troisième colloque du Centre d'études franco-canadiennes de l'Ouest tenu au Centre D'études Bilingues, Université de Regina les 25 et 26 novembre 1983
145653: MODINE, MATTHEW - Full Metal Jacket Diary
128532: MOELLER, ROBERT G. - German Peasants and Agrarian Politics, 1914-1924; The Rhineland and Westphalia
124723: MOFFATT, PETER C. (EDITED BY GAIL MOFFATT; ILLUSTRATIONS BY KATHRYN MCHOLM.) - Time Was: The Story of St. Mark's Anglican Church, Port Hope
138182: MOGG, EDWARD - Paterson's Roads; Being an Entirely Original and Accurate Description of All the Direct and Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales, with Part of the Roads of Scotland. The Eighteenth Edition.
145936: MOGGRIDGE, D.E. - Maynard Keynes; An Economist's Biography
123031: MOILLIET, MELROSE (WITH SILK QUESTO.) - Sketches; An introductionto Emily Carr and the fine art of sketching
127070: MOIR, DAVID MACBETH (ILLUSTRATIONS BY GEORGE CRUIKSHANK.) - The Life of Mansie Wauch, Tailor in Dalkeith
132791: MOIR, ELSIE (EDITOR) - Chronicles of Our Heritage; Pioneer Stories from Clearwater, Crystal City and Pilot Mound
138758: MOIR, JOHN S. - Enduring Witness; A History of the Presbyterian Church in Canada
008033: MOJTABAI, A.G. - Ordinary Time
131643: MOL, LEO (ART OF LEO MOL.) - Leo Mol Sculpture Garden; Addresses
146521: MOL, LEO - Vitrazhi Katedry sv. Volodymyra i Ol'hy / Stained glass in the Cathedral of Sts. Vladimir and Olga in Winnipeg.
006783: MOLESWORTH, H.D. - The Princes
136395: MOLESWORTH, MRS. (ILLUSTRATIONS BY M.V. WHEELHOUSE.) - Carrots; Just a Little Boy (Publisher series: Queen's Treasures Series.)
134276: MOLGAT, PAUL (WITH J.A. MACMILLAN.) - Education in Area Economic Development (Publisher series: Center for Settlement Studies Series--Research Report No. 10; Center for Settlement Studies Series.)
132012: CERCLE MOLIERE - Le Cercle Moliere; Cinquantieme Anniversaire
133437: CERCLE MOLIERE - Le Cercle Moliere; Cinquantieme Anniversaire
100425: MOLIERE, JEAN BAPTISTE POQUELIN - Plays by Moliere
143056: MOLINA, ABBE DON J. IGNATIUS - The Geographical, Natural and Civil History of Chili. With Notes from the Spanish and French Versions, and an Appendix, Containing Copious Extracts from the Araucana of Don Alonzo de Ercilla (2 Volumes) (Includes Appendix to the Civil and Political History of Chili, Consisting of a Sketch of the Araucana of Don Alonzo de Ercilla. New York, Alsop, Brannan and Alsop, 1808.)
112355: MOLINARI, CESARE - Theatre Through the Ages (Originally published as Teatro.)
133598: MOLLINS, C. JOAN - The Impact of Urban Relocation on Native Kidney Transplant Patients and Their Families: A Retrospective Study
148033: MOLLO, BORIS - Uniforms of the Imperial Russian Army
111862: MOLLOY, WILLIAM - Vital Choices; Life, Death and the Health Care Crisie
107939: MOLNAR, GEORGE - Statues
016036: MOLSON, K.M. - Pioneering in Canadian Air Transport
143735: MOLSON, KENNETH M. - Canada's National Aviation Museum; Its History and Collections
131178: MOLTO, JOSEPH ELDON - Biological Relationships of Southern Ontario Woodland Peoples: The Evidence of Discontinuous Cranial Morphology (Publisher series: Mercury Series Archaeological Survey of Canada Paper No.)
112057: MOMMSEN, THEODOR (ILLUSTRATIONS BY DECARIS.) - Histoire de Rome (Extraits)
117266: MONCRIEFF, A.R. HOPE - Romance and Legend of Chivalry
131142: MONCRIEFF, A.R. HOPE (ILLUSTRATIONS BY SUTTON PALMER.) - Beautiful Britain; Surrey (Publisher series: Beautiful Britain.)
131151: MONCRIEFF, A.R. HOPE (ILLUSTRATIONS BY SUTTON PALMER.) - Beautiful Britain; Bonnie Scotland (Publisher series: Beautiful Britain.)
119942: MONDEY, DAVID (EDITOR) - The International Encyclopedia of Aviation
147846: MONDEY, DAVID - The Hamlyn Concise Guide to British Aircraft of World War II
104644: MONEY, JOHN - The Destroying Angel; Sex, Fitness & Food in the Legacy of Degeneracy Theory, Graham Crackers, Kellogg's Corn Flakes & American Health History
129127: MONEY, P.L. - The Geology of the area around Needle Falls, Churchill River, comprising the Eulas Lake Area (West Half), Sandfly Lake Area (East Half), and Black Bear Island Lake Area (West Half), Saskatchewan (Publisher series: Report No.)
129128: MONEY, P.L. - The Geology of the Barnett Lake Area (West Half) Saskatchewan (Publisher series: Report No.)
116640: DE MONFRED, AVENIR H. - The NDM Principle of Relative Music
009839: MONGE, CARLOS - Acclimatization in the Andes; Historical Confirmations of "Climatic Aggression" in the Development of Andean Man
006885: MONK, LORRAINE (EDITOR) - Between Friends/Entre Amis
007655: MONK, LORRAINE (EDITOR) - Canada with Love Canada Avec Amour
106852: MONK, LORRAINE - The Female Eye
118124: MONK, PHILIP (ART OF IAN CARR-HARRIS.) - Ian Carr Harris 1971-1977
133674: MONK, PHILIP (ART OF LIZ MAGOR.) - Liz Magor
142060: MONK, PHILIP (PHOTOGRAPHY BY FIONA TAN.) - Disassembling the Archive: Fiona Tan
105963: MONK, MARIA - Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk; or, The Hidden Secrets of a Nun's Life in a Convent Exposed!
144542: MONKMAN, DON - Chief of the Cree; Walking God's Trail with Maskipiton
142803: MONRO, HAROLD (ILLUSTRATIONS BY DAVID JONES.) - The Winter Solstice (Publisher series: Ariel Poems.)
143688: MONROE, ROBERT A. - Far Journeys
004312: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The White Rajah
100821: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Nylon Pirates
012932: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Time Before This
144636: MONSON, LYLE (WITH KENNETH PEOPLES.) - McDonnell Douglas (Hughes) AH-64 Apache
104905: MONTAGU, ASHLEY - Statement on Race
124568: MONTAGU, EWEN - Beyond Top Secret Ultra (Originally published as Beyond Top Secret U.)
141667: MONTAGU, MARY WORTLEY - The Letters and Works of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (3 Volumes)
139452: MONTAGUE, MARGARET PRESCOTT - Of Water and the Spirit
142325: MONTEFIORE, SIMON SEBAG (WITH JOHN BEW & MARTYN FRAMPTON.) - History's Monsters; 101 Villains from Vlad the Impaler to Adolf Hitler
003235: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Anne of the Island
003802: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Anne of Avonlea
003839: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Anne of the Island
012110: MONTGOMERY, ELIZABETH (WITH DOROTHY BARUCH.) (ILLUSTRATIONS BY RUTH STEED.) - Three Friends (Series: Curriculum Foundation--Health and Personal Development; Curriculum Foundation--Health and Personal Development.)
107960: MONTGOMERY, BERNARD L., OF ALAMEIN - Despatch Submitted BT Field Marshal the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, K.G., G.C.B., D.S.O. To the Secretary of State for War, Describing the Part Played by 21st Army Group, and the Armies Under His Command, from D Day to VE Day
113401: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Anne's House of Dreams
113606: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Anne's House of Dreams
119040: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Further Chronicles of Avonlea
122811: MONTGOMERY, FRANCES TREGO (MAIN CHARACTER: BILLY WHISKERS; ILLUSTRATIONS BY HUGO VON HOFSTEN.) - Billy Whiskers Friends (Main character: Billy Whiskers; Publisher series: Billy Whiskers Series.)
129225: MONTGOMERY, CHARLES F. (PHOTOGRAPHY BY GILBERT ASK.) - American Furniture; The Federal Period in the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum
137949: MONTGOMERY, JAMES - The Poetical Works of James Montgomery of Sheffield; With a Memoir
136005: MONTGOMERY, L.M. (EDITED BY REA WILMSHURST.) - At the Altar; Matrimonial Tales
115979: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Further Chronicles of Avonlea
144366: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Anne of Green Gables
121678: MONTGOMERY, L.M. (JOURNALS OF L.M. MONTGOMERY; EDITED BY MARY RUBIO; ELIZABETH WATERSTON.) - The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery Volume I: 1889-1910
146788: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - The Watchman and Other Poems
122537: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - The Poetry of Lucy Maud Montgomery
142111: MONTGOMERY, JOHN D. (TRIAL OF BRIAN GORDON JACK; MURDER OF CHRISTINE JACK.) - Trials & Errors; The People vs Brian Gordon Jack
141893: MONTGOMERY, JOHN D. (TRIAL OF JOHN THOMAS JAMES, JR.; MURDER OF RUBY ADRIAENSSENS.) - She Was Only 3; The Trials of John Thomas James Jr.
145840: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Anne of Green Gables
147535: MONTIER, JEAN-PIERRE - Henri Cartier-Bresson and the Artless Art
146330: MONTOUR, ENOS T. - The Feathered U.E.L.'s; An Account of the Life and Times of Certain Canadian Native People
137785: MONTPLAISIR, JEAN-CLAUDE - Pilot Decision Making for Rotary Wing Pilots
141911: SOCIETE HISTORIQUE DE MONTREAL - Les Origines de Montreal; Memoires de la Societe Historique de Montreal. Onzieme Livraison
135959: GREY NUNS OF MONTREAL - Bottin 1978 Directory
133762: MONTREYNAUD, FLORENCE (EDITORS) (WITH AGNES PIERRON & FRANCOIS SUZZONI.) - Dictionnaire de Proverbes et Dictons (Publisher series: les usuels du Robert.)
109054: MOODIE, SUSANNA (EDITED WITH INTRODUCTION BY ROBERT L. MCDOUGALL.) - Life in the Clearings (Publisher series: Pioneer Books.)
136346: MOODIE, SUSANNA (ILLUSTRATIONS BY R.A. STEWART.) - Roughing It in the Bush; Or, Forest Life in Canada
137753: MOODIE, SUSANNA (EDITOR) (EDITED BY J.W.D. MOODIE.) - The Victoria Magazine 1847-1848
146437: MOODY, CARMEL - Let's Look Back...
011286: MOODY, JOSEPH P. (WITH W. DE GROOT VAN EMBDEN.) - Arctic Doctor
013890: MOODY, JOSEPH P. (WITH W. DE GROOT VAN EMBDEN.) - Arctic Doctor
112379: MOODY, RALPH - Stagecoach West
130585: MOODY, B.H. - Forest Insect and Disease Conditions in Canada 1990
017309: MOOKERJEE, NANDA (EDITOR) - Sri Sarada Devi; Consort of Sri Ramakrishna
132884: MOON, WILLIAM - Ein Verbessertes Lesesystem Mit Erhoten Buchstaben Fur Die Blinden
105709: MOONEY, MARTIN - One Year with Grace
101945: MOONEY, MICHAEL MACDONALD - The Hindenburg
011900: MOONEY, PAT H. (WITH W.T. MOONEY.) - A Federation Trivia Book; That Concerns Machines Men and Alien Things
000201: MOORE, CHARLES - The Northwest Under Three Flags 1635-1796
000266: MOORE, BRIAN - I Am Mary Dunne
000965: MOORE, GEORGE (EDITOR) - Pure Poetry
004011: MOORE, JAMES B. - Sailing on Continental Lakes; Switzerland, Southern Germany and the Salzkammergut of Austria
010730: MOORE, RUTH - Man, Time and Fossils; the Story of Evolution
010283: MOORE, FRANK J. - Beyond the Second Mile; a Novel of the Canadian West, 1941
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132941: MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP - The Rise of the Dutch Republic
145599: STAFF OF "THE MOTOR - The Motor Manual; A Practical Handbook Dealing with the Working Principles, Construction and Management of All Types of Motorcars, with Chapters on Special Types of Motors, Carburetters, Ignition Systems , Transmission Gearing, Pneumatic Tyres, Detachable Rims and Wheels, the Selection, Driving, Manipulation , Cleaning and Maintenance, Repair and Adjustment of Motor-Vehicles, Workshop Notes, Dictionary of Technical Terms, Useful H.P. And Speed Tables, Charts, Formulae, Hints for the Novice, Taxation, Legal Matters, Touring, etc., Etc.
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136985: GENERAL MOTORS - The Automobile User's Guide with Wartime Suggestions on How to Get the Most Out of Your Car and make it last longer
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134806: JAPAN FOLK CRAFTS MUSEUM - Japan Folk Crafts Museum; Nippon Mingeikan
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128575: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (INCLUDES WILLIAM A. MCDONALD: EXCAVATIONS IN NICHORIA IN MESSINIA: 1969-71.) - Hesperia; Journal of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens Volume Xli: Number 2, April-June 1972 (Includes William A. McDonald--Excavations in Nichoria in Messinia: 1969-71.)
128703: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Baha'i Holy Places at the World Centre
128752: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (ILLUSTRATIONS BY MARK SEVERIN.) - Apollonius of Tyre -Historia Apollonii Regis Tyri-
128775: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Half Hours in Early Naval Adventure (Publisher series: Half Hour Library.)
128925: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - List of Publications; Including Reports (Vols. I-XLVIII, 1891 to 1939), Maps, and Bulletins (Revised to December, 1941) (Includes Supplement to Bulletin 25, 4th Edition List of Publications of the Ontario Department of Mines Volume Forty-Nine;
128988: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (TRIAL OF JOHN THURTELL; MURDER OF WILLIAM WEARE.) - The Fatal Fatal Effects of Gambling Exemplified in the Murder of Wm. Weare, and the Trial and Fate of John Thurtell, the Murderer, and His Accomplices with Biographical Sketches of the Parties Concerned, and; A Comment on the Extraordinary Circumstances Developed in the Narrative, in Which Gambling is Proved to Be the Source of Forgery, Robbery, Murder, and General Demoralization. To Which is Added, the Gambler's Scourge; A Complete Expose of the Whole System of Gambling in the Metropolis; With Memoirs and Anecdotes of Notorious Blacklegs.
129159: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Della Robbia Pottery Birkenhead; 1894-1906; An Interim Report
129231: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Maling; A Tyneside Pottery
129265: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Doulton Stoneware and Terracotta 1870-1925 Part 1
129266: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Doulton Pottery from the Lambeth and Burslem Studios 1873-1939 Part II
129267: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (ART OF HANNAH BARLOW; ISSUED WITH PETER ROSE: LIFE & WORK OF HANNAH BARLOW.) - Catalogue of an Exhibition of Pottery Hannah Barlow a Pioneer Doulton Artist 1851-1916 (Issued with Peter Rose--Life & Work of Hannah Barlow.)
129278: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The F.S. MacKenna Collection of English Porcelain Part 2 Worcester
129695: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Canticles; With Appropriate Chants Anglican and Gregorian Together with Music for the Responses at Morning and Evening Prayer, the Litany, and Holy Communion and an Appendix Containing Additional Chants, etc.
130636: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Treaties and Agreements Affecting Canada in Force Between His Majesty and the United States of America with Subsidiary Documents 1814-1925
130903: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Modern flexible road construction
130974: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (CONTRIBUTOR HELGA GOETX: NOTES ON CAPE DORSET STYLE.) - Cape Dorset Prints/Estamps 1974 (Contributor Helga Goetx--Notes on Cape Dorset Style.)
130983: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Ballets de Paris de Roland Petit 1949
131168: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (ART OF BONITA COLLINS; CHARLES PACHTER; VIKTOR TINKL; CONTRIBUTOR HERBERT O. BUNT: HERBERT O. BUNT ON BONITA COLLINS; DOUGLAS RICHARDSON: DOUGLAS RICHARDSON ON CHARLES PACHTER; MANDEL SPRSCHMAN: MANDEL SPRACHMAN ON VIKTOR TINKL.) - Collins Pachter Tinkl (Contributor Herbert O. Bunt--Herbert O. Bunt on Bonita Collins; Douglas Richardson--Douglas Richardson on Charles Pachter; Mandel Sprschman--Mandel Sprachman on Viktor Tinkl.)
131546: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (ART OF ALLEN JONES.) - An Exhibition of the recent works of Allen Jones 3 December - 24 December 1980
131650: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Proclamation of Baha'u'llah to the kings and leaders of the world
132051: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - How to Design and Construct a Power Boat
132572: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Arithmatic, Formulas, Geometry and Mensuration, Electric Wiring and Bellwork, Design of Beams, Design of Columns, Design of Roof Trusses, Design of Plate Girders (Publisher series: I.C.S. Reference Library.)
132573: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Building Superintendence, Specification Writing, Specification-Writing Memoranda, Estimating and Calculating Quantities, Contracts, Permits (Publisher series: I.C.S. Reference Library.)
133133: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Dublin, Cork, and South of Ireland: A Literary, Commercial, and Social Review Past & Present; With a Description of Leading Mercantile Houses and Commercial Enterprises. With Illustrated and Descriptive Tour.
126581: EDITOR NOT NAMED (EDITOR) - Fraternity a Compilation of Historical Facts and Addresses Pertaining to Fraternalism in General and the Fraternal System in Particular
101154: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Romance of Exploration and Emergency First-Aid from Stanley to Byrd
133662: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire; Golden Jubilee 1900-1950
130821: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Ontario Readers First Reader Part I
130820: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Ontario Readers First Reader Part II
133654: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - These be your Kings; Being an abridged record of England's Kings 1066-1937
104454: [AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Economic Minerals; Lakes Chibougamau & Dore; Including Annotated Abstracts of the Thirty-One Reports, Special Articles, Papers and Lectures Thereon 1904-1928
134051: EDITOR NOT NAMED - Old English Songs
134066: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] (EDITOR) - Le Gibet de Regina; La Verite Sur Riel; Sir John A. MacDonald et le Cabinet d'Ottawa Devant l'Opinon Publique par un Homme Bien Renseigne
121861: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Vancouver British Columbia; Thirty Selected Views In Sepia Photogravure (Identified on cover as: Vancouver British Columbia Canadian Gateway to the Pacific.)
140052: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - In Fairyland; A Picture Fairy Tale Book
126647: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Eskimo Carvers of Keewatin N.W.T.
134291: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Burdock Blood Bitters; Almanac and Key to Health 1929
134132: EDITOR NOT NAMED - Kalendar Postupu Na Bozhyy Rik 1961
132208: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - the eleventh winnipeg show
134399: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Coronation of T.M. King George VI & Queen Elizabeth
134809: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - The Burns Cottage, Alloway; Catalogue Of Manuscripts, Portraits, and Other Relics in the Cottage and the Museum, with Historical Note
134422: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Replicas of Ancient Greek Jewellery; 1975 - 1985
135060: AUTHOR NOT NAMED] - Table Mountain Guide; Walks and Easy Climbs on Table Mountain and Devil's Peak

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