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010756: WHITECLOUD, RUSSELL - Goddess
001724: WHITELAW, MITCHELL - Metacreation: Art and Artificial Life
016163: WHITELEY, BRETT - Zoo
007682: WHITELEY, NIGEL - Design for Society
016518: WHITELEY, BRETT - Brett Whiteley: The Graphics, 1961-1992
002080: G. W. WHITEMAN - Halls and Treasures of the City Companies
005361: WHITFORD, FRANK - Oskar Kokoschka: A Life
017677: WHITING, BRENDAN - Ship of Courage: The Epic Story of Hmas Perth and Her Crew
014458: BRENDAN WHITING - Victims of Tyranny: The Story of the Fitzgerald Convict Brothers
011608: FEARNLEY-WHITTINGSTALL, HUGH - Cuisine Bon Marche
009936: WHYBROW, MARION - St. Ives, 1883-1993: Portrait of an Art Colony
017670: WHYTE, ANDREW - Jaguar Xj40: Evolution of the Species
014942: WIDDOWSON, R.W. - Towards Holistic Agriculture: A Scientific Approach
016029: VIC WIDMAN - VIC Widman's Classic Outback Tracks
016419: WILCOX, CLAIRE; MENDES, VALERIE D.; MENDEX, VALERIE - Modern Fashion in Detail
011600: CLAIRE WILCOX - Radical Fashion
001896: WILDBUR, PETER; BURKE, MICHAEL - Information Graphics: Innovative Solutions in Contemporary Design
014625: WILDING, J. L.; BARNETT, A. G.; AMOR, R. L. - Crop Weeds
014928: HAMILTON-WILKES, MONTY - Kelpie and Cattle Dog
012753: LOLA WILKINS (EDITOR) - Artists in Action: From the Collection of the Australian War Memorial
015530: GORDON WILKINS (EDITOR) - Automobile Year No. 14 Edition 1966-1967
015529: GORDON WILKINS (EDITOR) - Automobile Year No. 9 Edition 1961/1962
015763: WILKINS, LOLA - Ivor Hele: The Heroic Figure
017841: GORDON WILKINS (EDITOR) - Automobile Year No. 6 Edition 1958-1959
009106: ANNE WILLAN - French Regional Cooking
006829: WILLAN, ANNE - Great Cooks and Their Recipes: From Taillevent to Escoffier
009012: WILLCOCK, AMY - Amy Wilcock's Aga Baking
012962: WILLIAM WILLETTS - Ceramic Art of Southeast Asia
008357: WILLIAMS, CHARLES - Bradman: An Australian Hero
007124: WILLIAMS, IOLO ANEURIN - Early English Watercolours
010542: L . N. WILLIAMS AND M. WILLIAMS - Stamps of Fame
016975: CAPTAIN T. B. WILLIAMS, AFC - Airship Pilot No. 28
016934: WILLIAMS, ROGER - How to Restore Triumph Tr5/250 & Tr6 (Enthusiast's Restoration Manual)
003763: WILLIAMS, KEN - Crossing an Ocean Under Power
004299: MONIER-WILLIAMS, RANDALL - The Tallow Chandlers of London: Volume L, the Mystery in the Making
005474: WILLIAMS, ALAN - Republic of Images: A History of French Filmmaking
012630: SHEPARD FAIREY, SARAH JAYE WILLIAMS AND JONATHAN LEVINE - Obey - E Pluribus Venom: The Art of Shepard Fairey
016908: BRIAN CLEVELAND WILLIAMSON - Six Bob Trooper: The Life of Alfred Thomas Winterton of the 1st Light Horse Regiment
016840: WILLIAMSON, LUKE - Gone Surfing: The Golden Years of Surfing in New Zealand, 1950-1970
000795: LUKE WILLIAMSON AND GRANT DYSON - New Zealand Surfers
016607: WILLIAMSON, GORDON - German Military Police Units 1939-45 (Men-at-Arms)
010128: PETER WILLIS (EDITOR) - Furor Hortenssis: Essays on the History of the English Landscape Garden in Memory of H.F. Clark
016618: WILLIS, ANNE-MARIE - Picturing Australia: A History of Photography
016870: WILLOUGHBY, GEOFF - Ferrari 308 & Mondial: 308gt4, 308 Gtb & Gts, 'Injection'. Mondial 8
006962: JOHN A. WILLS - Glass Fiber: Auto Body Construction Simplified
011858: RON WILLS ET AL - Postharvest: An Introduction to the Physiology and Handling of Fruit and Vegetables
012285: GEOFFREY WILLS - English Looking Glasses: A Study of the Glass, Frames and Makers (1670-1820)
010417: GEOFFREY WILLS - English Furniture 1550-1760
017577: R. WILLSON AND K. MCCARTHY - Maitland Tramway Ventures
016620: JAMES G. WILLSON - Guerrillas of Tsavo: The East African Campaign of the Great War in British East Africa 1914-1916
006941: JOHN WILMERDING - Winslow Homer
012908: WILSON, ANDREW - Paysagiste Ceux Qui Ont Marque le Siecle
013076: WILSON, STEWART - Anson, Hudson and Sunderland in Australian Service
015833: EDWARD ADRIAN WILSON AND BRIAN ROBERTS (EDITOR) - Edward Wilson's Birds of the Antarctic
016141: WILSON, PETER - Australia's Butterflies
012773: WILSON, GRANVILLE;SANDS, PETER - Building a City: 100 Years of Melbourne Architecture
017287: WILSON, STEPHEN K.; KNOWLES, DAVID G. - Australia's Reptiles: A Photographic Reference to the Terrestrial Reptiles of Australia
017606: WILSON, GAVIN - Escape Artists: Modernists in the Tropics
013347: WILSON, STEWART - Sabre, Mig-15 & Hunter
013915: WILSON, LINDSAY - Kerkar Lu: Contemporary Artefacts of the Torres Strait Islanders
017572: WILSON, STEWART - Dakota, Hercules and Caribou in Australian Service (Australian Airpower Collection)
005671: WILSON, EDWIN - The Wishing Tree: A Guide to Memorial Trees, Statues, Fountains, Etc. In the Royal Botanic Gardens, Domain and Centennial Park, Sydney
014344: WILSON, AVICE R. - Forgotten Harvest
002112: WILSON, WILLIAM - The Los Angeles Times Book of California Museums
013735: GAVIN WILSON - Harbourlights: The Art and Times of Peter Kingston
017927: GAVIN WILSON (CURATOR) - Elemental Reckoning: The Art of Tim Storrier 1981-2011
016766: JEAN WILSON - Merriton and Its Families
006080: MICHALE WILSON - Royal Australian Navy: Profile No. 4 - New Construction Ships and Auxiliaries
002310: ANGUS WILSON - The Strange Ride of Rudyard Kipling : His Life and Works
004139: EVERETT B. WILSON - Maryland's Colonial Mansions and Other Early Houses
004464: WILSON, JOHN - Tractor Tracks: Vintage Tractors in New Zealand
017932: GAVIN WILSON - The Artists of Hill End: Art, Life and Landscape
015302: DAVID M. WILSON - The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott
017573: WILSON, STEWART - Vampire, Macchi and Iroquois in Australian Service
009841: WILTON, ANDREW; TURNER, J.M.W. - British Watercolours 1750 to 1850
017466: TREA WILTSHIRE - A Stroll Through Colonial Hong Kong
015232: CORNEL WINDLIN (EDITOR) - Juergen Teller
010348: WINDMILL, LORNA ALMONDS - Gentleman Jim: The Wartime Story of a Founder of the Sas
017752: KEITH WINDSCHUTTLE - The White Australia Policy: Race and Shame in the Australian History Wars
013515: WINES, JAMES - L'Architecture Verte
012623: WINGFIELD, MARY ANN - Dictionary of Sporting Artists, 1650-1990
014579: HANS M. WINGLER - The Bauhaus: Weimar, Dessau, Berlin, Chicago
015967: WINIFRED ADCOCK, ET ALL - With Courage and Devotion: A History of Midwifery in New South Wales
007348: JOHN KEEBLE WINN - Into a Golden Light or Ravenswood Revisited - Limited Edition
016292: WINTER, BARBARA - Stalag Australia
000664: CHRISTA WINTER - Elements of Nature
012626: WINTER, ROBERT - The Architecture of Entertainment: La in the Twenties
014203: SUSAN MARY WOOLCOCK WITHYCOMBE - Honourable Engagement : St Mark's Church, Darling Point: The First 150 Years
012644: PETR WITTLICH - Art Nouveau Drawings
017081: LIEUT. GEORGE WITTON - Scapegoats of the Empire: The True Story of Breaker Morant's Bushveldt Carbineers
003723: WITTS, RICHARD - Artist Unknown
010013: WITZEL, MICHAEL KARL - Drive-in Deluxe
016945: WIXTED, EDWARD P. - North-West Aerial Frontier 1919-1934
015340: MICHEL WLASSIKOFF AND JEAN-PIERRE BODEUX - La Fabuleuse Et Exemplaire Histoire de Bebe Cadum
003445: P. G. WODEHOUSE - Joy in the Morning
003450: P. G. WODEHOUSE - Jeeves in the Offing
000963: LOUIS WOLCHONOK - The Art of Three-Dimensional Design
013905: WOLDENDORP, RICHARD - Journey Through a Landscape: Richard Woldendorp's Australia
007704: A. E. WOLF ET AL - The 7 Oaks
009669: WOLFE, ART;POTTERFIELD, PETER - The High Himalaya
017552: WOLFE, ARNOLD S - Vans & Vanners
000575: HEINRICH WOLFFLIN - The Art of Albrecht Durer
006909: JOHN RAMSDEN WOLLASTON - Wollaston's Picton Journal
002478: H. H. WOLLENBERG - Fifty Years of German Film
016273: LEE DAI-WON AND AHN HWI-JOON - Korean Art: 100 Masterpieces
017472: DEREK WOOD - A Tiger by the Tail: A History of Auckland Zoo 1922-1992
005235: WOOD, BARRY JAMES - Show Windows: 75 Years of the Art of Display
012311: WOOD, MYRON;PATTEN, CHRISTINE TAYLOR - O'Keeffe at Abiquiu
014260: WOOD, MARGARET;AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY OF MINIATURE ART TASMANIA INC. - Miniature Art of Australia: Past and Present
008482: SALLY WOODBRIDGE - Bay Area Houses
017015: ROBERT S. WOODBURY - History of the Grinding Machine: A Historical Study in Tools and Precision Production
010202: WOODFORDE, JOHN - The Observer's Book of Kitchen Antiques
014090: WOODHOUSE, FAY - Vintage Stories: A 150 Year History of Tahbilk
016785: L. G. O. WOODHOUSE - The Butterfly Fauna of Ceylon: Second Complete Edition
017079: ANNE WOODS - Tales from Our Streets: A Photographic Record of Our Streets
007429: WOODS, MAY;WARREN, ARETE SWARTZ;WARREN, ARETE - Glass Houses: A History of Greenhouses, Orangeries and Conservatories
015512: WOODWARD, EDWARD - One Brief Interval: A Memoir by Sir Edward Woodward
009069: WOOLCOCK, C. E.;WOOLCOCK, D. T. - Australian Terrestrial Orchids
009868: WOOLDRIDGE, J. DE L. - Low Attack: The Story of Two Mosquito Squadrons, 1940-1973
008248: C. LEONARD WOOLLEY - The Development of Sumerian Art
017747: WORGAN, GEORGE B. - Journal of a First Fleet Surgeon
012273: DR H. K. WORNER AND R. W. MITCHELL (EDITORS) - Minerals of Broken Hill
002267: WRAGG, DAVID W. - Helicopters at War : A Pictorial History
004291: WREDE, STUART; ADAMS, WILLIAM HOWARD - Denatured Visions: Landscape and Culture in the Twentieth Century
009435: BUCKLAND-WRIGHT, J. - Etching and Engraving
013697: WRIGHT, ELIZABETH; BROADBENT, JAMES - Soft Furnishings: 1830-1930
015944: ROB WRIGHT (PHOTOGRAPHY) AND SIR IAN THOMSON (TEXT) - Fiji in the Forties and Fifties
015354: MATTHEW WRIGHT - Motorbikes Around New Zealand
003033: WRIGHT, DAVID - Natural Solar Architecture: A Passive Primer
004315: WRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER - The French Painters of the Seventeenth Century
004712: FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT - The Future of Architecture
014999: WRIGHT, CHARLES - History of Australian Optometry
011921: JOHN W. WRIGLEY AND MURRAY FAGG - Australian Native Plants: Propogation, Cultivation and Use in Landscaping
017288: WRIGLEY, JOHN; FAGG, MURRAY - Bottlebrushes, Paperbarks and Tea Trees
013371: FRANCIS AND DAISY WU - Chinese Beauties: Through the Camera Lens of Francis and Daisy Wu
012526: WUCHATSCH, ROBERT - Westgarthtown: The German Settlement at Thomastown
011734: MANFRED WUNDRAM AND THOMAS PAPE - Andrea Palladio 1508-1580: Architect between the Renaissance and Baroque
006426: I. F. WYATT - Ours in Trust: A Personal History of the National Trust of Australia (Nsw)
014496: RANSOME T. WYATT - The History of Goulburn
016491: WYK, VAN SUSAN - The Paris End: Photography, Fashion & Glamour
016418: VAN WYK, GARY N. - African Painted Houses: Basotho Dwellings of Southern Africa
002985: BARRY WYKE - A Back Pain Bibliography
014414: GUS WYLIE - Cur Is Dluth
008582: FENTON WYNESS - Royal Valley: The Story of the Aberdeenshire Dee
006954: DAVID WYNNE AND LUCIUS NOEL - The Messenger: A Sculpture by David Wynne
014269: LU XIAOWEIE AND WU JIANG (CHIEF EDITORS) - Shanghai Longtang
017607: CHEN XIEJUN - Shanghai Museum
017092: CHENG XINNONG (CHIEF EDITOR) - Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion
015728: HUO XUCHU AND QI XIAOSHAN - The Buddhist Art in Xinjiang Along the Silk Road
002173: ISAO YAJIMA - Fashion Illustration in Europe
011317: SADAMI YAMADA AND KIYOTADA ITO - New Dimensions in Paper Craft
011230: KEIKO YAMAMOTO ET AL - Japanese Comickers 2: Draw Manga and Anime Like Japan's Hottest Artists
009636: LIU YANG AND EDMUND CAPON - Masks of Mystery: Ancient Chinese Bonzes from Sanxingdui
014440: YANG, WILLIAM;GRAYFORD, PETER - Sydney Diary, 1974-1984
014049: LIU YANG (CURATOR) - The First Emperor: China's Entombed Warriors
016333: YANG, LIU - Fantastic Mountains: Chinese Landscape Painting from the Shanghai Museum
008756: YAQUINTO, MARILYN - Pump 'Em Full of Lead: A Look at Gangsters on Film
013745: JOHN YAU - William Tillyer: Watercolours
014054: NAIEFA YEHYA - Victor Rodriguez: Pintura 1997-2009
012037: YEOMANS, RICHARD - The Story of Islamic Architecture
003175: YIANILOS, THERESA KARAS - The Complete Greek Cookbook: The Best from Three Thousand Years of Greek Cooking
012980: YORK, MICHAEL - All Hands on Deck: The Restoration of the James Craig
013036: YOSHIKAWA, ISAO - Chinese Gardens: Gardens of the Lower Yangtze River
009523: KAMON YOSHIMOTO - Traditional Sarasatic - Textile Design IV
014946: WILLIAM YOUATT - The Pig: A Treatise on the Breeds, Management, Feeding and Medical Treatment of Swine
010688: YOUDS, BRYN - Susie Cooper: An Elegant Affair
008473: GORDON YOUNG - Outposts of War
017351: ROBERT YOUNG - This Wonderfully Strange Country: Rev. W.B. Clarke, Colonial Scientist
017043: DAVID YOUNG AND MICHIKO YOUNG - The Art of the Japanese Garden
000506: FRANK H. YOUNG - Technique of Advertising Layout
002489: FRANCIS CHILTON-YOUNG - Carpentry for River & Garden
012264: GARRY SHARPE-YOUNG - A-Z of Thrash Metal
013300: YOUNG, DANIEL - Humber Anthology 1946-1976
011355: YOUNG, JOHN - Aviation Paintings of John Young
001090: YOUNGER, R. M. - Kangaroo: Images Through the Ages
010745: A. J. YOUNGSON - The Scientific Revolution in Victorian Medicine
013629: JOHN YULE - Albert Tucker: The Mythologies & Images Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Victoria, Tuesday 26 June-Friday 13 July, 1990 Savill Galleries, Paddington, Nsw, Monday 1 August-Saturday 18 August, 1990
005372: YUSUF, NILGIN - Georgina Von Etzdorf: Sensuality, Art, and Fabric
011219: IAIN ZACZEK - Fairy Art: Artists & Inspirations
014877: ZAIDMAN, LOUISE BRUIT; PANTEL, PAULINE SCHMITT - Religion in the Ancient Greek City
014060: SURIA ZAINAL ET AL - Malaysian Wood: Timeless Living
015445: VAN ZANDEN, HENRY - The Lost White Tribes of Australia Part 1: 1656 the First Settlement of Australia
017660: NELLA ZANOTTI AND PIER LUIGIO MODEO SALE - Calzatura Dagli Anni '50 Agli Anni '70: Documenti Di Fotografia
011538: ZDANOWICZ, IRENA;MCCAUGHEY, PATRICK; - Albrecht Durer: In the Collection of the National Gallery of Victoria
009312: IRENA ZDANOWICZ AND PATRICK MCCAUGHEY - Colour and Transparency: The Watercolours of Lesley Dumbrell, Robert Jacks, Victor Majzner National Gallery of Victoria, 22 February-27 April 1986
010472: ZDUNIC, DRAGO - Primitive Painting
008286: PETER MCINTYRE'S NEW ZEALAND - Peter Mcintyre's New Zealand
013432: ZENG, ZHUZHAO;HONG KONG MUSEUM OF ART;OUYANG, WEIXIONG;CHEN, YONGXIN - Guangdong LI Dai Ming Jia Shu Fa: Guangdong Calligraphy
010540: ZENO, EDDY - Curt Swan: A Life in Comics
013618: HENRI ZERNER - The School of Fontainebleau: Etchings and Engravings
012618: SHENG TIAN ZHENG AND CHARLES LIU (EDITORS) - Artists of Chinese Origin in North America Directory
013387: QIU ZHIJIE - Bird's Eye
011624: OSWALD L. ZIEGLER - Australian Photographer 1947
016195: OSWALD L. ZIEGLER (EDITOR) - Australian Photography 1957
014615: ZIMMER, CARL - The Tangled Bank: An Introduction to Evolution
015154: ZIMMER, JENNY - Stained Glass in Australia
008244: ZIMMERMANN, KARL;COOK, ROGER - Magnetic North: Canadian Steam in Twilight
017487: ZINGEL, HANS JOACHIM - Harp Music in the Nineteenth Century
012997: YAN ZIYOU - The Eastern Qing Tombs
014938: ZOHARY, DANIEL; HOPF, MARIA - Domestication of Plants in the Old World: The Origin and Spread of Cultivated Plants in West Asia, Europe, and the Nile Valley
004027: DR FRANCOIS EMILE-ZOLA AND MASSIN - Zola: Photographer
017321: JERZY ZUBRZYCKI - Settlers of the Latrobe Valley: A Sociological Study of Immigrants in the Brown Coal Industry in Australia
010145: ZUCCHI, HARYATI - Indonesian Cuisine
012883: ZURIER, REBECCA - Art for the Masses: A Radical Magazine and Its Graphics, 1911-1917
016372: ZURIER, REBECCA; SNYDER, ROBERT W.; MECKLENBURG, VIRGINIA M.; - Metropolitan Lives: The Ashcan Artists and Their New York
011063: REINIS ZUSTERS - Spiral Vision

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