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016020: LOU DRENDEL - C-130 Hercules in Action
001596: MELVIN DRESHER - Games of Strategy: Theory and Applications
017892: DREW, MARIAN - Marian Drew: Photography + Video Works
016772: J. F. DREXEL - Mining in South Australia
013434: LEOPOLDO G. DREXLER - Las Aves En Chile / Birds in Chile
007173: DAVID DRIVER - The Art of Radio Times: The First Sixty Years
016737: JOAN DRUETT - Exotic Intruders: The Introduction of Plants and Animals Into New Zealand
012772: NEVILL DRURY (EDITOR) - New Art Four: Profiles in Contemporary Australian Art
012878: DRURY, NEVILL - New Art Two: New Directions in Contemporary Australian Art
009042: DRURY, JOLYON - Factories: Planning, Design and Modernisation
013686: DRURY, NEVILL - New Art One: New Directions in Contemporary Australian Art
017464: NEVILL DRURY - Australian Painting Now
013452: DRURY, NEVILL - New Sculpture: Profiles in Contemporary Australian Sculpture
016706: WILLIAM R. DUCE - The Fine Art of Small-Scale Woodturning
002293: SAGNER-DUCHTING, KARIN - Claude Monet 1840-1926: A Feast for the Eyes
009362: PETER DUCKERS - The King's Shropshire Light Infantry 1881-1968 (Images of England)
009726: PAUL DUCREY ET AL - Maluda
004282: ANDRZEJ DUDZINSKI - Andrzej Dudzinski
017731: A. V. LA DUE - La Due Motor Tune-Up and Repair Reference Manual
015705: JEREMY DUFF - The Elements of New Testament Greek
016509: DUFOUR, GARY EDWARD; TAYLOR, HOWARD HAMILTON - Howard Taylor: Phenomena
005725: JEAN-PIERRE DUFREIGNE - Dolce Vita Style
016353: ROMA DULHUNTY - The Rumbling Silence of Lake Eyre
014996: RENAUD DUMENIL - Antibes: Juan-Les-Pins - le Temps Retrouve
008462: DUMONT, LOUIS - Homo Hierarchicus: The Caste System and Its Implications
007608: DUNBAR, DIANE - Thomas Bock: Convict Engraver, Society Portraitist Exhibition and Catalogue
006074: DUNCAN, DAVID DOUGLAS - Sunflowers for Van Gogh
002762: DUNCAN, J.P.; MAIR, S.G. - Sculptured Surfaces in Engineering and Medicine
013146: DUNCAN, ALASTAIR; BARTHA, GEORGES DE - Art Nouveau and Art Deco Bookbinding
014178: DUNCAN, ALASTAIR; BARTHA, GEORGES DE - Tiffany Windows
017423: DUNCOMBE, PETER - Great Goldsmith: The Life of Sir Charles Duncombe
000589: DOUGLAS DUNDAS - The Art of Conrad Martens
016611: GWEN DUNDON - The Shipbuilders of Brisbane Water, New South Wales: Including 500 Named Vessls Built between 1829 and 1953
010466: DUNDON, KEVIN - Full on Irish: Creative Contemporary Cooking
012771: GWEN DUNDON - The Third Old Gosford and District in Pictures
012362: E. W. DUNLOP - Between Two Highways: The Story of Early Croydon
009837: DUNLOP, BETH - Arquitectonica
009032: DUNN, MICHAEL - Maori Rock Art
007544: DUNN, CATHY - Marlin Tales: A History of Hotels in Ulladulla
017229: DUNN, JENNIFER L. - Judging Victims: Why We Stigmatize Survivors, and How They Reclaim Respect (Social Problems, Social Constructions)
016880: DONALD L. DUNN - The Dunns of Auchterarder
006418: ALAN R. DUNSTAN AND GARRY DARBY - Joseph Brokenshire 1877-1947
016795: DUNSTON, SIMON - Vietnam Tracks: Armour in Battle 1945-75
014803: REX DUPAIN AND MAX DUPAIN - Inside Sydney Grammar School
005373: ELIZABETH DURACK - Face Value: Women in Papua and New Guinea
015239: DURAS, MARGUERITE (INTRODUCTION) - Laurent, Yves Saint: Images of Design, 1958-88
008453: DURRANT, LAWRENCE L. - Hayes Gordon: The Man and His Dream
015880: DUSKIN, GERALD L; SEGMAN, RALPH - If the Gods Are Good: The Story of "Hms Jervis Bay's" Final Heroic Battle
014103: DUTTON, GEOFFREY - In Search of Edward John Eyre
007728: GEOFFREY DUTTON - Russell Drysdale
000646: GEOFFREY DUTTON - Russell Drysdale
004871: DUTTON, GEOFFREY - Out in the Open: An Autobiography
004872: DUTTON, GEOFFREY - The Innovators: The Sydney Alternatives in the Rise of Modern Art, Literature, and Ideas
004899: GEOFFREY DUTTON - S.T. Gill's Australia
013179: CHRISTINE ADRIAN DYER - Kunwinjku Art from Injalak 1991-1992 - the John W. Kluge Commission
017980: A. L. DYKE - Supplement to Dyke's Automobile and Gasoline Encyclopedia: Treating Carburetors, Gasoline Fuel-Feed Systems, Air Cleaners, Superchargers, Ricardo Cylinder Head, Engine Bearings
014552: DINAH DYSART AND HELEN PROUDFOOT (EDITORS) - Lindesay: A Biography of the House
015877: GLOVER, J.E. AND GROVES, D.I. (EDITORS) - Archaean Geology: Second International Symposium Perth 1980
016095: ALAN R. EAGER - A Guide to Irish Bibliographical Material a Bibliography of Irish Bibliographies and Sources of Information
014053: EAGLE, MARY - The Oil Paintings of E. Phillips Fox in the National Gallery of Australia
013863: EARL, GEORGE WINDSOR - Enterprise in Tropical Australia
017058: EASDALE, NOLA - Missionary and Maori: Kerikeri, 1819-1860 : Kiddy-Kiddy-- a Church Missionary Establishment
006837: EAST, DAVID - Fences & Gates: Design & Construction
001508: JOHN M. EAST - Neath the Mask
006186: WILLIAM R. EASTMAN AND ALEXANDER HUNT - The Parrots of Australia: A Guide to Field Identification and Habits
012015: LEONARD A. EASTON - Stirling City
017760: CHARLES EATHER - We Flew in Burma / Bama Pyay Baw Lay-Yin Maung: The Story of Flying in Burma with Cathay Pacific Airways and Union of Burma Myanma Airways
003832: FAITH EATON - The Miniature House
010735: PEGGY EBY AND DANIEL LUNNEY - Managing the Grey-Headed Flying-Fox As a Threatened Species in Nsw
016892: ANTONIA ECHENIQUE AND MARIA VICTORIA LEGASSA - Chilean Flora Through the Eyes of Marianne North 1884
004715: WOLF VON ECKARDT - Eric Mendelsohn
002465: GARRETT ECKBO - The Art of Home Landscaping
013163: ECKSTEIN, EVE;ELGOOD, GEORGE SAMUEL - George Samuel Elgood: His Life and Work, 1851-1943
016371: ECONOMOPOULOS, NIKO - In the Balkans
001192: HAROLD E. EDGERTON AND JAMES R. KILLIAN JR - Flash! : Seeing the Unseen by Ultra High-Speed Photography
006275: EDINGER, CLAUDIO - Venice Beach
014782: SHAUKAT ALI CHAUDHARY (EDITOR - Flora of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Illustrated - Volume One
014783: SHAUKAT ALI CHAUDHARY (EDITOR - Flora of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Illustrated - Volume II (Part 3)
001641: EDITOR, BUILDING WORLD - The Steel Square and Its Uses Simply Explained
014785: SHAUKAT ALI CHAUDHARY (EDITOR - Flora of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Illustrated - Volume III
002130: ROSABELLE EDLIN AND SHUSHANNAH SPECTOR - Adventures in Jewish Cooking : The Momele's Ta'Am Cookbook
009128: CARL EDMONDS ET AL - Otological Aspects of Diving
007846: EDMONDSON, AMY C. - A Fuller Explanation: The Synergetic Geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller
017447: ALAN EDMUNDS - Espalier Fruit Trees: Their History and Culture
013083: ELIZABETH EDWARDS (EDITOR) - Half a World Away: Postwar Migration to the Orange District 1948-1965
017708: CLIVE EDWARDS - Encyclopedia of Furnishing Textiles, Floorcoverings and Home Furnishing Practices, 1200-1950
016783: HUGH EDWARDS - Meekatharra: The Gold Beyond the Rivers
017402: ZENY EDWARDS - Six of the Best Architects of Ku-Ring-Gai
007056: EDWARDS, BERNARD - Salvo!: Classic Naval Gun Actions
017912: EDWARDS, DEBORAH; PEEL, ROSE - Margaret Preston: Art and Life
011725: RON EDWARDS AND LIN WEI-HAO - Mud Brick and Earth Building the Chinese Way
016712: DEBORAH EDWARDS (CURATOR) - Robert Klippel: Large Wood Sculptures and Collages
002844: EDWARDS, MICHAEL - Fragrances of the World 2001
003207: CLIVE A. EDWARDS AND EDWARD F. NEUHAUSER - Earthworms in Waste & Environmental Management
004553: ROBERT EDWARDS - Aboriginal Bark Canoes of the Murray Valley
005281: HUGH EDWARDS - Kimberley: Dreaming to Diamonds
017599: EDWARDS, RON - 200 Years of Australian Folk Song: Index, 1788-1988
013439: DEBORAH EDWARDS (CURATOR) - Rupert Bunny: Artist in Paris
017483: EDWARDS, RON - The Transport's Lament: Early Broadsides Relating to Australia (Part Two)
012874: EDWARDS, PAUL; SWIFT, KATHERINE - Pergolas, Arbours and Arches: Their History and How to Make Them
015515: ZENY EDWARDS - William Hardy Wilson: Artist, Architect, Orientalist, Visionary
017067: JOAN EDWARDS AND MICHAEL BURGE - Coorah: The Life of Pitt House, a Centenary History 1889-1989
010307: EEKELEN, YVONNE VAN;POMERANS, ARNOLD;POMERANS, ERICA;BOOM, MATTIE - The Magical Panorama: The Mesdag Panorama, an Experience in Space and Time
003518: EGAN, LUKE - Transmission: One Month Adrift, Surfing in the Indonesian Islands with Luke Egan and Friends
017454: LOUIS EGERTON (COMMISSIONING EDITOR) - Encyclopedia of Australian Wildlife
011664: EGERTON, JUDY - Wright of Derby
015539: LOUISE EGERTON AND JIRI LOCHMAN - Wildlife of Australia
015235: EGGINGTON, DENNIS; WATSON, ANNE - Mod to Memphis: Design in Colour, 1960s-80s
005943: EHLERT, FRIEDRICH W. - Pâtés and Terrines
011332: DOREEN EHRLICH - Frank Lloyd Wright: Glass
002249: FRANZ EICHHORN - The Lost World of the Amazon
001265: SERGEI EISENSTEIN - Notes of a Film Director
017547: M. EISSLER - The Metallurgy of Silver: A Practical Treatise on the Amalgamation, Roasting and Lixiviation of Silver Ores Including the Assaying, Melting and Refining of Silver Bullion
015974: ASHLEY EKINS ET AL - The Gallipoli Campaign: International Pespectives 85 Years on. Conference Proceedings 24-25 April 2000
017193: JOHN RAWSON ELDER (EDITOR) - The Letters and Journals of Samuel Marsden 1765-1838
012714: ELDER, DAVID;LIGHT, WILLIAM - Art of William Light
016806: JOHN RAWSON ELDER - Marsden's Lieutenants
003596: A. J. ELDER AND MARITZ VANDENBERG - Aj Handbook of Building Enclosure
017652: ELDER, FRANK - The Book of the Hackle
003834: JOHN ELDERFIELD - The Cut-Outs of Henri Matisse
010573: JOHN ELDERFIELD - Morris Louis: The Museum of Modern Art, New York
014102: JOHN ELDERFIELD - Armando Reveron
004893: JOOST ELFFERS AND MICHAEL SCHUYT - Anamorphoses: Games of Perception and Illusion
011745: WILLEM ELIAS - Aspects of Belgian Art After 1945 Part I and Part II - 2 Volumes
017850: OLAFUR ELIASSON (EDITOR) - George Temple-Poole: Architect of the Golden Years, 1885-1897
008663: E. C. ELIOTT - Kemlo and the Satellite Builders
014019: A. P. ELKIN - Morpeth and I
017637: W. RODGER ELLIOT AND DAVID L. JONES - Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants: Suitable for Cultivation - Volume Three 3
015104: W. RODGER ELLIOT AND DAVID L. JONES - Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants: Suitable for Cultivation - Introductory Volume
015753: W. RODGER ELLIOT AND DAVID L. JONES - Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants: Suitable for Cultivation - Volume Four 4
017609: W. RODGER ELLIOT AND DAVID L. JONES - Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants: Suitable for Cultivation - Volume Two 2 a-Ca
008587: JAMES ELLIOTT - The City in Maps: Urban Mapping to 1900
016828: ELLIOTT, DI; SILVER, LYNETTE - A History of 2/18th Infantry Battalion Aif
013644: ELLIOTT, BRENT - Flora: An Illustrated History of the Garden Flower
015226: ELLIOTT, ROBIN; KIDD, HAROLD; WILSON, RODNEY - Winkelmann's Waitemata: Classic Auckland Yachting
017488: ELLIS, ELIZABETH - Conrad Martens: Life & Art
014231: IAN ELLIS - The Ellis of Chaddlehangee
016123: ELLIS, NETTA - Braidwood, Dear Braidwood
017303: ELLIS, V. R. - Trucanini: Queen or Traitor
016901: ELLIS, CHRIS - Hornby Book of Model Railways
017416: ELIZABETH ELLIS - Rare & Curious: The Secret History of Governor Macquarie's Collectors' Chest
014971: DAVID ELLIS - Robert Grieve: Paintings, Drawings & Collage
014150: CAPTAIN A. D. ELLIS, M.C. - The Story of the Fifth Australian Division: Being an Authoritative Account of the Division's Doings
016952: PETER ELLISTON - Stones and Marks
010384: DAVID ELLSWORTH - Ellsworth on Woodturning: How a Master Creates Bowls, Pots and Vessels
007670: ELSEN, ALBERT E.; VARNEDOE, KIRK; RODIN, AUGUSTE - The Drawings of Rodin
002409: ALBERT E. ELSEN (FOREWORD) - Pioneers of Modern Sculpture
016242: ROY ELSON - The Traveller's Handbook to Normandy & Brittany
011992: C. N. ELVIN - A Synopsis of Heraldry: Or, a Short and Easy Method of Acquiring the Art of Blazon
014358: JULIE EMERSON - Selections of French Porcelain from the Eighteenth Century European Porcelain Collection of the Seattle Art Museum
014223: LINDA EMERY - Pictorial History: Southern Highlands
013373: SUSAN EMILSEN - The Lily and the Lion: A History of Abbotsleigh
005873: EMMER, MICHELE;SCHATTSCHNEIDER, DORIS - M.C. Escher's Legacy: A Centennial Celebration
014875: EMPSON, WILLIAM - Argufying: Essays on Literature and Culture
017112: SYDNEY J. ENDACOTT - Australian Aboriginal Native Names
004642: ENGE, TORSTEN OLAF; SCHROER, CARL FRIEDRICH - Garden Architecture in Europe 1450-1800: From the Villa Garden of the Italian Renaissance to the English Landscape Garden
012645: RODNEY K. ENGEN - Walter Crane: As a Book Illustrator
015870: SARAH ENGLEDOW - The Companion: National Portrait Gallery
000719: GUIDO ENGLICH AND BURKHARD REMMERS - Interior Specifiers' Handbook for Communication Areas
004236: ENGLISH, MICHAEL; SLATTERY, J. - Michael English, 3d Eye: The Posters, Prints, and Paintings of Michael English (1966 to 1979)
017405: MOORE, CAROL ANNE, LINDER, ENID AND LINDER, LESLIE - The Art of Beatrix Potter: With an Appreciation by Anne Carroll More and Notes on Each Section by Enid & Leslie Linder
016563: HELEN ENNIS AND PHILLIP ADAMS - Mirror with a Memory: Photographic Portraiture in Australia
017966: HELEN ENNIS - Wolfgang Sievers
015941: HELEN ENNIS AND PHILLIP ADAMS - A Modern Vision: Charles Bayliss, Photographer, 1850-1897
017477: HELEN ENNIS - Olive Cotton
013304: NEAL J. ENRIGHT AND ROBERT S. HILL (EDITORS)R - Ecology of the Southern Conifers
015393: ENRIGHT, MICHAEL - Flyers Far Away: Australian Aircrew in Europe During World War II
010648: RICHARD EPPS - Epitome of the Homoeopathic Family Instructor
007774: EPSTEIN, SARAH G. - The Prints of Edvard Munch: Mirror of His Life - an Exhibition of Prints from the Collection of Sarah G. And Lionel C. Epstein
004127: JACOB EPSTEIN - Epstein: An Autobiography
015591: JACOB EPSTEIN AND ARNOLDL. HASKELL - The Sculptor Speaks : Jacob Epstein to Arnold L. Haskell. A Series of Conversations on Art
015036: ERASMUS - The Botanic Garden
003120: ERICKSEN, RAY - Ernest Giles: Explorer and Traveller, 1835-1897
007122: ELLIOTT ERWITT - The Private Experience: Personal Insights of a Professional Photographer
004395: ERWITT, ELLIOTT - Elliott Erwitt: On the Beach
011666: EDMUND VAN ESBECK - 100 Years of Cork Constitution Football Club
009092: ESCHER, M.C.;SACHS, MICHAEL SOLOMON - The Pop-Up Book of M.C. Escher
009027: ESCOTT, BERYL E. - Our Wartime Days: The Waaf in World War 2
003956: JEAN-NOEL ESCUDIER AND PETA J. FULLER - True Provencal & Nicoise Cooking
013630: BRENDAN ESPOSITO AND ALAN DAVIES (CURATORS) - Roll Up! Roll Up! : Circus Photographs by Brendan Esposito
010073: JAN L'ESTRANGE - Belle of the Barcoo: Tambo - Genesis of Queensland's Central West
006946: BERNARD ETIENNE AND MARC GAILLARD - Great Hotels of Paris
013787: ETTINGER, ROSEANN - Signature Prints: Jet Set Glamour of the '60s & '70s
013987: YU EUNKYUNG - Modern Art in Daegu : 11 Artists' Portraits
014047: GRAEME-EVANS, ALEX - A Short History Guide to Port Arthur 1830-1877
009425: N. C. W. BEADLE, O. D. EVANS AND R. C. CAROLIN - Handbook of Vascular Plants of the Sydney District and Blue Mountains
002731: EVANS, A.G. - C.Y. O'Connor: His Life and Legacy
002357: EVANS, MINNIE; GRAY GALLERY (GREENVILLE, N.C.) - Minnie Evans : Artist
015181: D. WARRINGTON EVANS (COMPILED BY) - An Account of a Voyage Round the World with a Full Account of the Voyage of the Endeavour in the Year Mdcclxx Along the East Coast of Australia by Lieutenant James Cook
016170: E. P. EVANS - The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals
014327: WENDY EWALD - Towards a Promised Land
015504: PETER EWER - Wounded Eagle: The Bombing of Darwin and Australia’S Air Defence Scandal
007220: EWERT, HENRY - The Story of the B.C. Electric Railway Company
004550: ELIZABETH EWING - Fur in Dress
008303: EWING, WILLIAM A. - Body: Photoworks of the Human Form
012238: EWING, WILLIAM; HOYNINGEN-HUENE, GEORGE - The Idealizing Vision: The Art of Fashion Photography
012698: EYLES, ALLEN - Gaumont British Cinemas
006887: DESMOND EYLES - Royal Doulton 1815-1965: The Rise and Expansion of the Royal Doulton Potteries
009771: FRANK EYRE - Oxford in Australia 1890-1978 Limited Edition
003438: TOBIAS FABER - Neue Danische Architektur (New Danish Architecture)
014891: PALAU I FABRE, JOSEP. - Picasso: The Early Years, 1881-1907.
002462: LIUBOV FAENSON - Italian Cassoni: From the Art Collections of Soviet Museums
010444: FAGAN, VINCENT F. - Liberator Pilot: The Cottontails' Battle for Oil
010408: SEAN FAGAN - Pioneers of Rugby League (the Rugby Rebellion Centenary Edition)
012795: WILLIAM FAGG - Nigerian Images
011877: FAHEY, MICHAEL; COWARD, MIKE - The Baggy Green: The Pride, Passion and History of Australia's Sporting Icon
017395: FAIFERRI, MASSIMO - Wiel Arets: Works and Projects
015992: JULIAN FAIGAN - Uncommon Australians: Towards an Australian Portrait Gallery
015581: MARJORY FAINGES - Australian Dollmakers: A History
017941: FAINGES, MARJORY - The Encyclopedia of Australian Dolls
013253: FAINGES, MARJORY - The Encyclopedia of Regional Dolls
016395: FAINGES, MARJORY - Cyclops Toys Through the Years: Australia's Childhood Icon
002955: FAIRBAIRN, TONY - Action Stations Overseas
017188: FAIRBURN, THAYER - The Orpheus Disaster
008620: M. A. FAIRCLOUGH - The Ideal Cookery Book
012149: FAIRLEY, ALAN;MOORE, PHILIP;SOCIETY FOR GROWING AUSTRALIAN PLANTS - Native Plants of the Sydney District: An Identification Guide
005038: FAITH, NICHOLAS - Derail: Why Trains Crash
014731: SUZANNE FALKINER - Haddon Rig: The First Hundred Years
016725: BRIAN MILTON FALLON - Press on Regardless: Memories of Bomber Command by Brian Milton Fallon
017157: FALLOON, IAN - The Moto Guzzi Story: Racing and Production Models from 1921 to the Present Day
016631: FANGIO, JUAN MANUEL; CAROZZO, ROBERTO - Fangio: My Racing Life
011104: STEPHEN LE FANU - Random Sketches
011105: STEPHEN LE FANU - Random Sketches in Australia
001358: FARBER, MONTE; ZERNER, AMY; SLIVKA, ROSE - Paradise Found: The Visionary Art of Amy Zerner
013908: ELEANOR FARJEON - The Tale of Tom Tiddler
006768: JOHN FARLEIGH - Graven Image: An Autobiographical Textbook
003178: FARLEY, MARTA PISETSKA - Festive Ukrainian Cooking
001840: CHIP LORD / ANT FARM - Automerica a Trip Down U.S. Highways from World War II to the Future
016169: JEAN FARNFIELD - Frontiersman: A Biography of George Elphinstone Dalrymple
014751: MICHAEL FARR - Snowy
013259: O'FARRELL, PATRICK JAMES - Vanished Kingdoms: Irish in Australia and New Zealand
006194: FARRELLY, LIZ - Tibor Kalman: Design and Undesign
003610: MICK FARREN - The Black Leather Jacket
014516: K. T. H. FARRER - A Settlement Amply Supplied
010747: FAULKNER, RUPERT - Japanese Studio Crafts: Tradition and the Avant-Garde
016062: G. H. FEARNSIDE AND KEN CLIFT - Dougherty: A Great Man Among Men: A Biography of Major General Sir Ivan Dougherty
012301: FEAVER, WILLIAM;MARTIN, JOHN - The Art of John Martin
012230: JUTTA FEDDERSEN - Substance of Shadows
011224: PETER FEIERARBEND - Functional Architecture: The International Style 1925-1940
015341: FEILD, RACHAEL - Irons in the Fire: A History of Cooking Equipment
002981: JOHN L. FEIRER - Drawing and Planning for Industrial Arts
017055: FELICIOLI, RICCARDO - Bruno Sacco Mercedes-Benz Bereich Design
012786: FELLOUS, COLETTE - Guerlain
001308: AIR-COMMODORE P.F. FELLOWES ET AL - First over Everest
007325: R. F. FELTON - British Floral Decoration
016301: LIU FENGWEN - Belle Painting of Ancient China
011260: THOMAS FENSCH - Alice in Acidland
014188: SHIRLEY FENTON ET AL - Queensland's Sunshine Coast: Then and Now 1882-1982
004928: FENTON, TERRY; CARO, ANTHONY - Anthony Caro
016827: THOMAS FENWICK AND THOMAS BAKER - Subterraneous Surveying with and without the Magnetic Needle
017204: JOHN FERGUSON AND ELAINE BROWN - The Gympie Goldfield 1867-2008
016026: JOHN C. FERGUSON - Outlines of Chinese Art: The Scammon Lectures at the Art Institute of Chicago 1918
001471: ALAN M. FERN - Word and Image : Posters from the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art
017929: FERN, LYNN - William Robinson
013463: NIHAL FERNANDO AND SINHARAJA TAMMITA-DELGODA - Eloquence in Stone: The Lithic Saga of Sri Lanka
015599: T. F. WADE-FERRELL (COMPILER) - In All Things Faithful: A History and Album of the 30th Battalion and New South Wales Scottish Regiment 1885-1985
014767: JOHN FERRY ET AL - Glenreagh: The Railway Heritage
017602: MARK FERSON AND MARY NILSSON (EDITORS) - Art Deco in Australia: Sunrise over the Pacific
006717: MARK FERSON AND BRENDA HEAGNEY - Bookplates: A Short History of Australian Bookplates with Examples from Fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians
006036: GUNTHER FEUERSTEIN - New Directions in German Architecture
015795: JEAN FEUGHELMAN - Kissing Point: The Half-Way Settlement 1792
003539: FIDLON, PAUL G.; RYAN, R. J.; COWELL, JOYCE - The First Fleeters: A Comprehensive Listing of Convicts, Marines, Seamen, Officers, Wives, Children, and Ships
012678: JOHN FIELDS AND JOHN STACPOOLE - Victorian Auckland
007775: FIELDS, ARMOND - Henri Riviere
016740: FIELL, CHARLOTTE; FIELL, PETER - Graphic Design for the 21st Century: 100 of the World's Best Graphic Designers
012819: FINCH, CHRISTOPHER - Jim Henson: The Works - the Art, the Magic, the Imagination
016564: ELIZABETH FINDLAY - Arcadian Quest: William Westall's Australian Sketches
016042: CARL FINGERHUTH - Learning from China: The Tao of the City
009375: IAIN FINLAY - Savage Jungle
001522: DONALD LORD FINLAYSON - Michelangelo the Man
001402: STANLEY FIRMIN - They Came to Spy
005704: FISCHER, J. CREE; FISCHER, JERRY CREE - Piano Tuning: A Simple and Accurate Method for Amateurs
005563: FISH, JUNE - Designing and Printing Textiles
012744: R. B. FISHENDEN (EDITOR) - The Penrose Annual: A Review of the Graphic Arts - Volume XLIII
015210: CLEMENCY FISHER AND JOHN CALABY - The Beagle, Records of the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory Supplement 4, December 2009: The Top of the Top End
009078: GEORGE WILLIAM FISHER - Annals of Shrewsbury School
006434: FISHER, RICHARD B. - Syrie Maugham
004054: FISHER, FRANK; TARLING, LOWELL - Guilty to Driza-Bone
009531: NORA FISHER - Rio Grande Textiles
015580: FITZGERALD, ROSS; MEGARRITY, LYNDON; SYMONS, DAVID - Made in Queensland: A New History
013534: FITZGERALD, SHIRLEY;KEATING, CHRISTOPHER - Millers Point: The Urban Village
013293: SHIRLEY FITZGERALD - Sydney 1842-1992
017260: FITZGERALD, SHIRLEY - Rising Damp: Sydney 1870-90
013067: FITZGERALD, SHIRLEY;GOLDER, HILARY - Pyrmont & Ultimo: Under Siege
012989: FITZPATRICK, DAVID - Money Trees on Your Property : Profit Gained Through Trees and How to Grow Them
015769: ERIC RICHARDS; RICHARD REID; DAVID FITZPATRICK - Visible Immigrants: Neglected Sources for the History of Australian Immigration
015254: FITZPATRICK, RORY - God's Frontiersmen: The Scots-Irish Epic
000726: HELMUT FLADE - Holz : Form Und Gestalt
012655: JACK FLAM - Motherwell
017641: TIM FLANNERY AND PETER SCHOUTEN - A Gap in Nature: Discovering the World's Extinct Animals
017899: FLANNERY, TIMOTHY - Mammals of the South-West Pacific and Moluccan Islands
016493: ANDREW FLATAU - Cuthbert: The Painter's Progress - a Survey of the Paintings of Neil Cuthbert
016742: DAVID FLEAY - Gliders of the Gum Trees: The Most Beautiful and Enchanting Australian Marsupials
015766: NAT FLEISCHER - Jack Dempsey: The Idol of Fistiana - an Intimate Narrative - Author's Autograph Edition
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009068: GILES, ERNEST - Geographic Travels in Central Australia : From 1872 to 1874
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006879: IAN S. GILIES (EDITOR) - The Winds of Change: A History of Robertson A. & H. Society and Agriculture of Its District
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010551: GILL, ALLAN - Likely Lads and Lasses: Youth Migration to Australia
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017622: HEATHERWICK, THOMAS; ROWE, MAISIE - Thomas Heatherwick: Making
012345: P. M. HEATON - The Abbey Line: History of a Cardiff Shipping Venture
008143: MORRISON H. HECKSCHER (CURATOR) - The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin Summer 1995: An Architectural History
004122: F. A. MITCHELL HEDGES - Battles with Giant Fish
011234: SVEN HEDIN - Transhimalaja - Volume I: Entdeckungen Und Abenteuer in Tibet
017724: HEDLEY, KEVIN JAMES - Tumut Shire, 1887-1987: People and Progress
002430: WALTHER HEERING - The Rollei Book
017576: HENRI HEGENER - Fokker - the Man and the Aircraft
014982: LÓRAND HEGYI (CURATOR) - Barthelemy Toguo: Talking to the Moon
013977: LORAND HEGYI (CURATOR) - Champion Metadier: Timetrackers Captures
013981: LORAND HEGYI (CURATOR) - Christian Lhopital: Splendeur Et Desolation
015076: OTTO HEHNER AND ARTHUR ANGELL - Butter: Its Analysis and Adulterations Special Treating on the Detection and Determination of Foreign Fats
016710: HEIN, WOLFGANG-HAGEN - Alexander Von Humboldt: Life and Work
010092: HEINL, ROBERT DEBS - Written in Blood: The Story of the Haitian People, 1492-1971
017417: DANIEL BIRNBAUM; AMANDA SHARP; JÖRG HEISER - Doug Aitken (Contemporary Artists Series)
015227: HEISS, ALANNA - Dennis Oppenheim: Selected Works 1967-90 : And the Mind Grew Fingers
011264: ANITA M. HEISS - Dhuuluu-Yala - to Talk Straight: Publishing Indigenous Literature
006646: MANFRED HEITING (EDITOR) - Frantisek Drtikol: Art Deco Photographer
007420: JULIUS HELD ET AL - Joseph Floch
017420: BARKER, HELEN & ELVEN, MAY. - Houses of Hornsby Shire: Volume 1. The Large Houses 1886-1926.
015812: HELFENSTEIN, JOSEF - Louise Bourgeois: The Early Work
009750: HELLER, STEVEN;FILI, LOUISE - Dutch Moderne: Graphic Design from de Stijl to Deco
015151: HELLER, STEVEN - Paul Rand
010036: HELLER, STEVEN;FINK, ANNE - Food Wrap: Packages That Sell
016420: HELLIER, CHRIS - Splendours of the Bosphorus: Houses and Palaces of Istanbul
015014: HELLWIG, ADRIAN - Australian Hawk over the Western Front: A Biography of Major R.S. Dallas Dso, Dsc, C de G Avec Palme
004716: ERNEST HEMINGWAY - A Moveable Feast
001680: ANDREW HEMINGWAY - The Norwich School of Painters 1803-1833
002231: PETER HEMPENSTALL AND NOEL RUTHERFORD - Protest and Dissent in the Colonial Pacific
004785: HENDEL, RICHARD - On Book Design
006407: HENDERSON, MARJORIE; WILKINSON, ELIZABETH - Cassell's Compendium of Victorian Crafts
017000: ERNEST F. HENDERSON - Blucher and the Uprising of Prussia Against Napoleon, 1806 - 1815
016700: HENDERSON, GRAEME - Unfinished Voyages: Western Australian Shipwrecks, 1622-1850
003431: MICHAEL HENDERSON - Motor Racing in Safety
011166: LINDA DALRYMPLE HENDERSON - Duchamp in Context: Science and Technology in the Large Glass and Related Works
003293: BERYL HENDERSON (EDITOR) - Monuments and Memorials: Tribute to Their Worth
015606: HENDLER, MUNCIE - Ready-to-Use Art Nouveau Wallpaper
017046: GAY HENDRIKSEN AND MELISSA WILLS (CRATORS) - Drawn Together: The Drawing Lives of Nora Heysen, Judy Cassab & Margaret Woodward
015497: JULIA DROSTE-HENNINGS - Provence - Artists - Gardens
013206: HENRICKSEN, NOEL - Island and Otherland: Christopher Koch and His Books
004521: HENRION, CLAUDIA - Women in Mathematics: The Addition of Difference
017809: ALAN HENRY (EDITOR) - Autocourse: The World's Leading Grand Prix Annual: 1988/89
011213: HOWARD HENSMAN - Cecil Rhodes: A Study of a Career
017858: BILL HENSON - Mnemosyne
017403: BELINDA J. PELLOW, MURRAY J. HENWOOD AND ROGER C. CAROLIN - Flora of the Sydney Region
017645: HEPPELL, M - Borneo and Beyond: Tribal Arts of Indonesia, East Malaysia and Madagascar
016969: HERBERT, TREVOR - The Trombone (Yale Musical Instrument Series)
004704: WALTER HERDEG - Record Covers / Chemises de Disques/ Plattenhullen
011659: WALTER HERDEG - Graphis Annual '66/67
004857: WALTER HERDEG - Graphis Posters 81: The International Annual of Poster Art
013864: WALTER HERDEG - Graphis Annual '69/70
015864: WOUTER W. DE HERDER AND JEAN PERIE - Acromegaly and Gigantism in the 20th Century. Fairs, Freak Shows, Photos and Postcards
015987: MARIUSZ HERMANSDORFER - Sztuka Stanu Wojennego
015841: ROBERT FERMOR-HESKETH - Architecture of the British Empire
003525: BERNARD HESLING - Art Ruined My Career in Crime
010490: PAUL HETHERINGTON (EDITOR) - The Diaries of Donald Friend: Volume 3
014600: HEUVEL, THEODORUS JACOBUS VAN DEN;AMRANAND, PING;NETHERLANDS;THIRAWAT NA POMPHET - In the King's Trail: An 18th Century Dutch Journey to the Buddha's Footprint
016285: CLEMENT BARNETT HEWITT - Swifter Than Eagles
003439: HEYBOER, ANTON - Het Systeem Van Anton Heijboer
006550: HEYDENREICH, LUDWIG HEINRICH; LOTZ, WOLFGANG - Architecture in Italy: 1400 to 1600
014585: HEYERDAHL, THOR - The Art of Easter Island
010804: HEYSEN, SUE - Heysen: Recollections of the Cedars
009891: HEYSEN, SIR HANS;NORTH, IAN - Heysen
017648: WARWICK HEYWOOD (CURATOR) - Reality in Flames: Modern Australian Art & the Second World War
016702: HIATT, L. R. - Arguments About Aborigines: Australia and the Evolution of Social Anthropology
007967: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Africa Explored: Europeans in the Dark Continent, 1769-1889
002773: J. M. PAYNE, K. G. HIBBITT AND B. F. SANSOM - Production Disease in Farm Animals
014280: JOHN B. HICKIE - George Bennett: Naturalist, Physician and Bibliophile
011076: DR THOMAS V. HICKIE - A Sense of Union: A History of the Sydney University Football Club - Limited Edition of 250 Copies
004104: HICKS, WYNFORD; HOLMES, TIM - Subediting for Journalists
016653: J.G. HIDES - Savages in Serge
012188: J. G. HIDES - Beyond the Kubea
007370: HIGGINS, DICK;VOSTELL, WOLF - Fantastic Architecture
012016: CHESTER HIGGINS JR. - Feeling the Spirit: Searching the World for the People of Africa
002162: HIGGS, DAVID - Mountain Photography
007019: CHARLES HIGHAM AND RACHANIE THOSARAT - Prehistoric Thailand: From Early Settlement to Sukhothai
008071: GEORGE AINSLIE HIGHT - Richard Wagner: A Critical Biography Vol. II
016190: ANTHONY HILL (EDITOR) - Duchamp: Passim : A Marchel Duchamp Anthology
016360: DAVID HILL - First Fleet Surgeon: The Voyage of Arthur Bowes Smyth
007750: HILL, DAVID - The Forgotten Children: Fairbridge Farm School and Its Betrayal of Australia's Child Migrants
007315: GEORGE F. HILL - Drawings by Pisanello
005462: HILL, JOHN - Sex, Class and Realism: British Cinema, 1956-63
014368: BRUCE HILLIARD - Gowan Brae: The First Hundred Years
007669: HILLIS, W.E.;BROWN, A. G. - Eucalypts for Wood Production
012834: STANLEY M. HILLS - Battery-Electric Vehicles
009710: HILTON, CHRISTOPHER - Hitler's Grands Prix in England: Donington 1937 and 1938
003959: GEORGE W. HILTON - The Great Lakes Car Ferries
016698: MOTOO HINAGO - Japanese Castles (Japanese Arts Library)
002703: J. ANTHONY HIND - Background to Ship Design and Shipbuilding Production

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