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003184: BECKETT, HAROLD EDWARD; GODFREY, JAMES ARTHUR - Windows: Performance, Design, and Installation
015978: BECKETT, IAN F.W. - The First World War: The Essential Guide to Sources in the National Archives
015470: RAY AND RICHARD BECKETT - Hangman: The Life and Times of Alexander Green, Public Executioner to the Colony of New South Wales
016932: JOHN BECKHAUS - Railway Freight Wagons in New South Wales 1982
006754: JOHN BECKWITH - Caskets from Cordoba: Victoria & Albert Museum
004563: BEDDARD, P. - Nocturnal: Flyer
016638: BEDFORD, STEVEN MCLEOD - John Russell Pope: Architect of Empire
003711: C. L. T. BEECHING (GENERAL EDITOR) - Modern Grocery Display: A Practical Work on Window Dressing and Interior Display
013242: STEVE VAN BEEK - Bangkok: Then and Now
006764: C. F. C. BEESON - English Church Clocks: 1280 - 1850
009177: BEEVOR, ANTONY - The Battle for Spain
004153: BEIER, ULLI - Quandamooka: The Art of Kath Walker
009896: BELICH, JAMES - Making Peoples: A History of the New Zealanders to 1900
010536: BELL, LEONARD - The Maori in European Art: A Survey of the Representation of the Maori by European Artists from the Time of Captain Cook to the Present Day
018242: BELL, A. GRAHAM - Performance Tuning in Theory and Practice: Four-Stroke
008593: BELL, PETE - Gold, Iron, and Steam: The Industrial Archaeology of the Palmer Goldfield
015313: BELL, PETE - Timber and Iron: Houses in North Queensland Mining Settlements, 1861-1920
018100: ROBERT BELL - Ballets Russes: The Art of Costume
015010: H.G. BELSCHNER - Pig Diseases
012186: BENAD, URSULA E.;BENAD, MARTIN - Trompe L'Oeil Today: For Painters, Interior Architects, and Homeowners
002709: BENEDETTI, LUCIANO RONCALLI; BRUNENGHI, FRANCESCO MARRE - The Knee: Chronic Capsular Ligament Injuries
007354: BENEVOLO, LEONARDO - History of Modern Architecture Volume I: The Tradition of Modern Architecture
002946: E. BENEZIT - Dictionnaire Des Peintres, Sculpteurs, Dessinateurs Et Graveurs Volumes 1 to 6 of 10
005944: CHRIS BENIANS ET AL - East West Food
005153: ANDREW BENJAMIN (EDITOR) - Complexity: Architecture /Art /Philosophy
016794: W. BENNETT - The History of Burnley: 4 Parts in 3 Volumes
003469: BENNETT, ANDREW; CLARK, TIM W.; BACKHOUSE, GARY N. - People and Nature Conservation: Perspectives on Private Land Use and Endangered Species Recovery
003729: BENNETT, SCOTT - White Politics and Black Australians
003841: WILLIAM HARPER BENNETT - Catholic Footsteps in Old New York: A Chronicle of Cathlocity in the City of New York from 1524 to 1808
006554: SAMUEL BENNETT - Australian Discovery & Colonisation
017940: BENNETT, KIT - Paddle Steamers of the Murray River
017608: BENNETT, JOHN MICHAEL;FISHER, ANTHONY;MICHIN, E. J. - The Imperial Gift: British Aeroplanes Which Formed the Raaf in 1921
012755: ELEANOR M. BENNETT - The Cullity Timbers Kings Park Collection
015068: RICHARD BENNETT AND JOHN ELTON - History of Corn Milling : 4 Volume Set
006337: LEO BENSEMANN AND BARBARA BROOKE - Ascent: Frances Hodgkins Commemorative Issue
014472: STEVEN BENSON - One Man Exhibition: Photographs of the U.S. And Europe
013325: LAURIE BENSON ET AL - Cinema India: The Art of Bollywood
004436: JAMES BENTLEY - Life and Food in the Dordogne
004498: JAMES BENTLEY - Papua New Guinea Decimal Stamps 1966-1982: The Story Behind the Stamp
006034: BENY, ROLOFF - The Romance of Architecture
011779: BENZ, WILLI - The Art of Suiseki: Classic Japanese Stone Gardening
007199: BERNARD BERENSON - Italian Pictures of the Renaissance: A List of the Principal Artists and Their Works with an Index of Places - Florentine School in Two Volumes
007054: BERNARD BERENSON - Italian Pictures of the Renaissance: A List of the Principal Artists and Their Works with an Index of Places - Venetian School in Two Volumes
012680: BERNARD BERENSON - Homeless Paintings of the Renaissance
002771: ROY T. BERG AND REX M. BUTTERFIELD - New Concepts of Cattle Growth
017421: BARRY BERGDOLL - Karl Friedrich Schinkel: An Architecture for Prussia
015583: DR ARTHUR BERGER - In Afrikas Wildkammern Als Forscher Und Jäger
011916: WAYNE BERKELEY - Wayne Berkeley: Costume Design Vol. 1
013560: DON BERKMAN - Making the Mount Isa Mine, 1923-1933: The Discovery of the Giant Mount Isa Silver-Lead-Zinc Ore Deposit, the Formation of Mount Isa Mines Limited, and the Development of the Mine and Township
011403: BERLINER, NANCY ZENG - Chinese Folk Art: The Small Skills of Carving Insects
012275: ESME BERMAN - The Story of South African Painting
013277: BERMAN, ESME - Art & Artists of South Africa: An Illustrated Biographical Dictionary and Historical Survey of Painters, Sculptors & Graphic Artists Since 1875
014515: BERNDT, RONALD MURRAY;STANTON, JOHN E.;BERNDT, CATHERINE HELEN - Aboriginal Australian Art: A Visual Perspective
017301: BERNDT, RONALD M. - Love Songs of Arnhem Land
012145: BERNDT, RONALD MURRAY;BERNDT, CATHERINE HELEN - Aborigines of the West: Their Past and Their Present
010766: WILLI BERNHARD - Picture Postcard Catalogue / Bildpostkartenkatalog / Catalogue de Cartes-Postales Illustrees
015535: MARIANNE BERNHARD - Rene Lalique: Schmuck
006065: GEORGES AND ROSAMOND BERNIER - European Decoration: Creative Contemporary Interiors
013802: BERNSTEIN, DAVID - Advertising Outdoors: Watch This Space!
002785: JULIA S. BERRALL - The Garden: An Illustrated History from Egypt to the Present Day
007153: CHRIS BERRY (EDITOR) - Perspectives on Chinese Cinema
001525: W. TURNER BERRY, A. F. JOHNSON - The Encyclopaedia of Type Faces
005170: BERRY, CICELY - Voice and the Actor
018006: BERSTEN, IAN - Coffee Floats, Tea Sinks: Through History and Technology to a Complete Understanding.
014043: CHARLES H. BERTIE - The Early History of the Sydney Municipal Council with an Account of the Town Halls
014990: DR G. V. DAL PERO BERTINI - Olive Growing and Processing Part 1 and Part 2
013410: ANTHONY BERTRAM (INTRODUCTION), C. G. HOLME (EDITOR) - Contemporary Painting in Europe: Special Autumn Number of the Studio, 1939
002557: GERALD M. BEST - The Ulster and Delaware. Railroad Through the Catskills
016841: ALLEYN BEST AND CONTRIBUTORS - 50 Years and More: A History of Surf Life Saving Victoria
017889: BETTERIDGE, MARGARET - Sydney Town Hall: The Building and Its Collection
013648: SERGIO BETTINI - Alberto Viani
018283: SCOTT BEVAN - Bill: The Life of William Dobell
016971: IAN BEVAN - The Story of the Theatre Royal
013492: PEPPER, BEVERLY AND HENRY T HOPKINS, EDWARD F FRY - Beverly Pepper: Sculpture 1971-1975
016146: BEYER, ANDREAS; BUSCH, WERNER; HOMBURG, CORNELIA - The Painter's Garden: Design, Inspiration, Delight
018128: VANDANA BHANDARI - Costume, Textiles and Jewellery of India: Traditions in Rajasthan
011989: RAGBIR BHATHAL - Australian Astronomer, John Tebbutt: The Life and World of the Man on the $100 Note
005197: ENAKSHI BHAVNANI - Decorative Designs on Stone and Wood in India
006012: BIANCHINO, GLORIA;CAMPARI, ROBERTO;AMENDOLA, EVA PAOLA;TRUANT, MARINA NELLA - Vestire Italiano: Quarant'Anni Di Moda Nelle Immagini Dei Grandi Fotografi
018441: BIDDLE, JENNIFER - Breasts, Bodies, Canvas: Central Desert Art As Experience
005934: IZIS BIDERMANAS - Paris Des Rives
014919: MARGARETE BIEBER - The History of the Greek and Roman Theater
017006: BIGWOOD, RICHARD "BARNEY"; BIGWOO, ANDREW - We Were Reos: Australian Infantry Reinforcements in Vietnam
005935: BILHEUX, ROLAND - Doughs, Batters, and Meringues - Professional French Pastry Series
016859: BILLINGTON, ROBERT - Rustic Paradise
006650: C. P. BILLIOT - The Life of Our Years: In and Around Geelong
015844: BINDMAN, DAVID - The Complete Graphic Works of William Blake
011838: BINGHAM, WAYNE J.;SMITH, COLLEEN F. - Strawbale Home Plans
011489: BINGHAM, JANE - Fifteen Centuries of Children's Literature: An Annotated Chronology of British and American Works in Historical Context
002472: BINGHAM, BRUCE - Ferro-Cement: Design, Techniques, and Application
012418: BINGHAM, VICTOR - Bristol Beaufighter
013820: F. R. ISIK BINGOL - Ancient Jewellery: Museum of Anatolian Civilizations
016605: BINNEY, KEITH R. - Horsemen of the First Frontier 1788-1900 and the Serpent's Legacy
011112: WALTER DE GRAY BIRCH - A History of Neath Abbey
016961: WENDY WALKER-BIRCKHEAD ET AL. - Old Ties, New Beginnings Dutch Women in Australia
013811: BIRNBERG, MARGO;KRECZMANSKI, JANUSZ B. - Aboriginal Artists Dictionary of Biographies: Western Desert, Central Desert and Kimberley Region
006644: BIRR, USCHI - Dogs in Focus / Hunde Vor Der Kamera: 150 Years of Photography - the Uwe Scheid Collection
016423: BIRRELL, W. K - The Manning Valley: Landscape and Settlement 1824-1900
003389: FABER BIRREN - Color Psychology and Color Therapy: A Factual Study of the Influence of Color on Human Life
017142: BIRT, DAVID - Class 52s: A Tribute to the Westerns
000651: DOUGLAS PHILLIPS-BIRT - The History of Yachting
007198: DORA BIRTLES - Bonza the Bull
003550: TYNDALE-BISCOE, MARINA - Common Dung Beetles in Pastures of South-Eastern Australia
003630: M. TYNDALE-BISCOE - Australia's Introduced Dung Beetles: Original Releases and Redistributions
017779: BENJAMIN F. BISER - Elements of Glass and Glassmaking ( Glass Making)
007848: CHRIS BISHOP - The Military Atlas of World War II
015034: FREDERICK BISHOP - The Wife's Own Book of Cookery, Containing Upwards of Fifteen Hundred Original Receipts
005677: BISKIND, PETER - Down and Dirty Pictures: Miramax, Sundance, and the Rise of Independent Film
017110: ROMAN BLACK - Old and New Australian Aboriginal Art
013303: J. M. BLACK AND ENID L. ROBERTSON - Flora of South Australia Part IV Oleaceae-Compositae
016612: ALEXANDRA BLACK - Dusk Till Dawn: A History of the Evening Dress
007733: MISHA BLACK - Public Interiors: An International Survey
017893: BLACK, PRUDENCE - The Flight Attendant's Shoe
004357: BLACKBURN, MARK - Hula Girls & Surfer Boys 1870-1940
013873: ROTARY CLUB OF BLACKHEATH - Historic Blackheath: A Community Service Project of the Rotary Club of Blackheath, 1975-1976
013862: BLACKLEY, ROGER - The Art of Alfred Sharpe
016843: BLACKLOCK, JUDITH - Church Flowers: The Essential Guide to Arranging Flowers in Church
013729: MAURICE BLACKMAN (EDITOR) - Australian Aboriginies and the French: Papers from a Symposium Held at the University of New South Wales 21-23 July, 1988
016252: PAUL BLACKMORE AND DAVID MALOUF (INTRODUCTION) - Australians : Responses to the Land
009219: LESLIE BLACKWELL - Death Cell at Darlinghurst
008803: BLACKWELL, LEWIS - The End of Print: The Graphic Design of David Carson
012869: BLACKWOOD, JOHN - London's Immortals: The Complete Outdoor Commemorative Statues
016943: BLAKE, BARRY J - Australian Aboriginal Languages
008471: BLASER, WERNER - Chinesische Pavillon Architektur: Qualitat, Gestalt, Gefuge Am Beispiel China = Chinese Pavilion Architecture Quality, Design, Structure Exemplified by China
016738: GREGORY BLAXELL - A Pictorial History: City of Canada Bay - Drummoyne to C Oncord
016939: GREGORY BLAXELL - The River: Sydney Cove to Parramatta
018518: HELEN BLAXLAND - Collected Flower Pieces
016204: NICK BLESZYNSKI - Bloodlust: The Unsavoury Tale of Alexander Pearce, the Convict Cannibal
016085: WILLIAM BLIGH AND JOHN CURREY - Account of the Mutiny on H.M. Ship Bounty : Addressed to Sir Joseph Banks
007762: BLISTENE, BERNARD - Orlan: Carnal Art
010786: COR BLOK - Carel Visser
008110: BLOM, LYNNE A.; CHAPLIN, L. TARIN; HAWKINS, ALMA M. - The Intimate Act of Choreography
018199: STEPHEN G. BLOOM - The Oxford Project
009642: LIN BLOOMFIELD (EDITOR) - Frank Hinder: Lithographs
016667: LIN BLOOMFIELD (EDITOR) - Norman Lindsay: Impulse to Draw
012726: LIN BLOOMFIELD (EDITOR) - Vincent Brown: Life and Work
010964: STELLA BLUM - Victorian Fashions and Costumes from Harper's Bazar, 1867-1898
015921: BLUMENFELD, ERWIN; BLUMENFELD, YORICK - The Naked and the Veiled: The Photographic Nudes of Blumenfeld
013085: BLUMENTHAL, JOSEPH - Art of the Printed Book, 1455-1955
003971: W. D. G. BLUNDELL - Ships of the Royal Navy
017921: SCHLEGEL, GERT; HANS BLUTH & HILDRUN KERKMANN - Das Linhof Kamera Buch: 70 Kameras Von 1990-1934 / the Linhof Camera Story. 77 Cameras from 2000-1934
014525: ALEXANDER WYNTER BLYTH - Foods: Their Composition and Analysis
007055: A. ADU BOAHEN - General History of Africa VLL: Africa Under Colonial Domination 1880-1935
016705: JOHN BOARDMAN AND DIANA SCARISBRICK - The Ralph Harari Collection of Finger Rings
009772: HARRY AND LESLEY BOARDMAN (EDITORS) - Folk Songs & Ballads of Lancashire
018144: ISABEL BOAVIDA, HERVE PENNEC, MANUEL JOAO RAMOS (EDITORS) - Pedro Paez's History of Ethiopia, 1622 Volumes I and II (Hakluyt Society Series II Volumes 23 and 24
007422: BOCK, AUDIE - Japanese Film Directors
001366: PAUL BOCUSE - My Classic Cuisine
010896: WILLIAM BODDY - The History of Brooklands Motor Course
016754: WILLIAM BODDY - Montlhery: The Story of the Paris Autodrome, 1924-1960
018295: BODKIN, FRANCES - Encyclopaedia Botanica: The Essential Reference Guide to Native and Exotic Plants in Australia
010559: RICARDO BOECHT - Copacabana Palace: A Hotel and It's History
016030: W. BOESIGER AND H. GIRSBERGER - Le Corbusier 1910-65
014273: W. BOESIGER (EDITOR) - Richard Neutra 1961-66: Buildings and Projects
002203: GERDA BOETHIUS - Zorn : Swedish Painter and World Traveller
011125: BOGAERS, MARIE-ROSE - Made in Holland: 1945-1988 Domestic Pottery
017711: MICHAEL BOGLE AND PETA LANDMAN - Modern Australian Furniture
013120: I. BOGUSLAVSKAYA - Zhostovo: Painted Trays
006271: BOISSELIER, JEAN;BEURDELEY, JEAN-MICHEL - The Heritage of Thai Sculpture
012906: BOISSIERE, OLIVIER - Les Maison Du XX° Siecle - Europe
016885: JOHN BOLSTER - Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow: Corniche, Camargue, Silver Wraith II & Bentley T
014434: PETER G. BOLT - William Cowper (1778-1858): The Indespensable Parson - the Life and Influence of Australia's First Parish Clergyman
017008: MAJOR J. S. BOLTON - A History of the Royal New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps
013278: DAVID BOMFORD ET AL - Italian Painting Before 1400: National Gallery, London, 29 November 1989-28 February 1990
001071: ANTHONY BOND - Fred Cress : Paintings 1988-95
009444: BONETTI, RUTH - Confident Music Performance : Fix the Fear of Facing an Audience
014882: FERNANDEZ BONILLA, ALVARO - Estancias Para Pasar Unos Dias / Estancias to Spend a Few Days: Provincia de Buenos Aires
009704: T. G. BONNEY (EDITOR) - Cathedrals, Abbeys and Churches of England and Wales Volumes I and V
001003: RICHARD BONYNGE - A Collector's Guide to Theatrical Postcards
002105: BOORMAN, JOHN - Projections: A Forum for Film-Makers
014705: BOOTHROYD, ALBERT EDWARD - Fascinating Walking Sticks
000722: BRUCE ALLSOPP, HAROLD W. BOOTON AND URSULA CLARK - The Great Tradition of Western Architecture
015796: OWEN F. TOMLIN, MARYSUSAN BOSA AND PETER G. CHAMBERLIN - Gold for the Finding: A Pictorial History of Gippsland's Jordan Goldfield
014449: BOSE, MIHIR - Raj, Secrets, Revolution: A Life of Subhas Chandra Bose
018472: ROSSANA BOSSAGLIA - I Vetri Di Fulvio Bianconi
013805: MARIE-JOSEPHE BOSSAN - The Art of the Shoe
006013: AMELIA BOTTERO - Nostra Signora la Moda
009237: BOUBAT, EDOUARD - Woman
014353: BOUCHARD, JACQUELINE; TRUDEL, NADINE - La Foret Sculptee: Mouvement Essarts: 10 Ans de Creation Et de Diffusion
006841: PIERRE BOULAT - Images D' Egypte
012524: BOULTON, BOB - Aviators of the Charles Ulm and Kingsford Smith Era
017646: MAX BOURKE AND COLLEEN MORRIS (EDITOR)S) - Studies in Australian Garden History
010103: BOURNE, GILBERT C. - A Textbook of Oarsmanship: A Classic of Rowing Technical Literature
018483: VINCENT BOUVET AND GERARD DUROZOI - Paris between the Wars: Art, Style and Glamour in the Crazy Years
012586: BOUWER, J. S.;LOUW, M. N. - The Saaf at War, 1940-1984: A Pictorial Appraisal
009917: BOWD, D. G. - Hawkesbury Journey: Up the Windsor Road from Baulkham Hills
010180: D. G. BOWD - Lucy Osburn C. 1836-1891: Founder of the Nightingale Sytem of Nursing at Sydney Hospital
017659: BUTLER-BOWDON, CAROLINE; PICKETT, CHARLES - Homes in the Sky: The Story of Apartments in Australia
002525: BOWE, PATRICK - Gardens in Central Europe
013170: JAN BOWEN - The Sydney Sailors' Home 1859-2009
018425: BOWER, HELEN - Textiles at Temple Newsam: The Roger Warner Collection
017793: MARTIN W. BOWMAN - The English Electric Lightning (Images of Aviation)
003343: ALAN BOWNESS (EDTITOR AND INYRO) - Lynn Chadwick
010399: ALAN BOWNESS (EDTITOR AND INRO) - William Scott: Paintings
008464: BOWYER, JACK - Handbook of Building Crafts in Conservation
004454: BOWYER, JACK - Vernacular Building Conservation
007854: BOXER, ARABELLA L. - A Visual Feast
018347: BOYCE, JIM - Pictorial History: Warringah
018516: EMMA MINNIE BOYD - Emma Minnie Boyd: Sketchbook
010382: ROBIN BOYD - Australia's Home
003388: BOYDEN, STEPHEN - Western Civilization in Biological Perspective: Patterns in Biohistory
005410: KING-BOYES, M. J. E. - Patterns of Aboriginal Culture: Then and Now
002989: D. A. C. A. BOYNE AND LANCE WRIGHT - Architects' Working Details 4
001157: BRACEGIRDLE, BRIAN - The Archaeology of the Industrial Revolution,
007446: BRADDOCK, SARAH E.;O'MAHONY, MARIE - Techno Textiles: Revolutionary Fabrics for Fashion and Design
009906: DAVID BRADFORD - The Gunners' Doctor: Vietnam Letters
014900: BRADLEY, RICHARD - Country Housewife and Lady's Director: Pt. 1 & 2
018329: WILLIAM BRADLEY - A Voyage to New South Wales: The Journal of Lieutenant William Bradley Rn of Hms Sirius 1786-1792
017763: BURTON BRADLEY - Elementary Atlas of Histology
005510: ANGELA BRADSHAW - World Costumes
017324: R.SULLIVAN, J. BRADY AND HISTORY STUDENTS OF TWEED RIVER HIGH SCHOOL - The Changing Valley: A Collection of Photographs of the Tweed Valley from 1886 to 1982
017183: BRADY, EUNICE - The Walter Hood
017257: IAN A. BRADY - Prahran and Malvern Tramways Trust: Melbourne's Foremost Municipal Tramway
010737: BRAITHWAITE, DAVID - Building in the Blood: The Story of Dove Brothers of Islington, 1781-1981
018227: J. G. BRANAGAN - George Town: History of the Town and District
015788: J. G. BRANAGAN AND MAC WOODROFFE - Tasmania Revisited: Retracing the Photographic Journeys of H.J. King
016923: J. E. BRANCH - Brushwork from Nature with Design
016554: BRAND, MICHAEL - Traditions of Asian Art: Traced Through the Collection of the National Gallery of Australia
008530: IAN BRAND - Macquaries Harbour Penal Settlements: 1822-1833 and 1846-1847
014575: MICHAEL BRAND - The Age of Angkor: Treasures from the National Museum of Cambodia
018154: BRANDL, E. J. - Australian Aboriginal Paintings: In Western and Central Arnhem Land - Temporal Sequences and Elements of Style in Cadell River and Deaf Adder Creek Art
017361: BRANDT, BILL - Bill Brandt: Portraits
014545: WILLIAM T. BRANNT - A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Vinegar
017374: BRASSAI - Camera in Paris
014937: J. S. BRATTON - The Victorian Popular Ballad
016168: TIM WRIDE; JAMES ELLROY; WILLIAM J. BRATTON - Scene of the Crime: Photographs from the Lapd Archive
009964: BRAUDEL, FERNAND - The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II
010376: BRAUNFELS, WOLFGANG - Monasteries of Western Europe: The Architecture of the Orders
017083: SEAN BRAWLEY - Vigilant and Victorious: A Community History of the Collaroy Surf Life Saving Club 1911-1995
014493: BRAWLEY, SEAN - The Bondi Lifesaver: A History of an Australian Icon
018035: MICHAEL BRAWNE - Picasso: Sculpture, Ceramics, Graphic Work at the Tate Gallery 9 June - 13 August 1967
001117: LYS DE BRAY - The Art of Botanical Illustration : A History of the Classic Illustrators and Their Achievements
003943: E. BREAKWELL - The Grasses and Fodder Plants of New South Wales
012207: BREEN, BOB - The Battle of Kapyong: 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, Korea 23-24 April 1951
016968: BREITENSTEIN, JEFF - Ultimate Hot Rod Dictionary: A-Bombs to Zoomies
016135: CARTIER-BRESSON, HENRI - About Russia: Photographs
005761: BRETTELL, RICHARD; LONG, RICHARD; FRIIS-HANSEN, DANA - Circles, Cycles, Mud Stones
016855: BREW, STEVE - Greycliffe - Stolen Lives
011711: BREWARD, CHRISTOPHER;EHRMAN, EDWINA;EVANS, CAROLINE - The London Look: Fashion from Street to Catwalk
018167: BREWER, R.; SLEEMAN, J. R. - Soil Structure and Fabric
003840: SIR DAVID BREWSTER - The Kaleidoscope: Its History, Theory and Construction
016076: BRIDGEMAN, PETER H. - Tree Surgery: A Complete Guide
013335: BRIDGES, NANCYE;CROOK, FRANK - Curtain Call
017971: KAREN O'BRIEN - O'Brien's Collecting Toys: A Collector's Identification and Value Guide, 12th Edition
011108: O'BRIEN, J. - Great Irish Houses and Castles
013577: O'BRIEN, DAVID - Street Trees for Cities and Towns
015554: VAN BRIESSEN, FRITZ - The Way of the Brush: Painting Techniques of China and Japan
008265: BRIGANTI, GIULIANO - The View Painters of Europe
009229: G. A. BRIGGS AND H. H. GARNER - Amplifiers: The Why and How of Good Amplification
006591: SUSIE BRIGHT AND JILL POSENER - Nothing But the Girl: The Blatant Lesbian Image a Portfolio and Exploration of Lesbian Erotic Photography
018525: BRION, PATRICK - Tex Avery (Collection Cinema de Toujours)
017178: BRISCOE, GORDON - Counting, Health and Identity: A History of Aboriginal Health and Demography in Western Australia and Queensland 1900-1940
006896: BRISSENDEN, ROSEMARY - Joys and Subtleties: South East Asian Cooking
003150: F. J. BRITTEN AND RICHARD GOOD (REVISIONS) - The Watch & Clockmakers' Handbook: Dictionary and Guide
012051: ALEXANDER BRITTON - History of New South Wales from the Records - Volume 2: Phillip & Grose 1789-1794
015287: BROADBENT, JAMES; DUPAIN, MAX; VERGE, JOHN - The Golden Decade of Australian Architecture: The Work of John Verge
016524: BROCK, MICHAEL; BROCK, ELEANOR - Margot Asquith's Great War Diary 1914-1916: The View from Downing Street
004936: BROCKMAN, HAROLD ALFRED NELSON - The British Architect in Industry, 1841-1940
015134: BRODY, ANNEMARIE - Utopia: A Picture Story : 88 Silk Batiks from the Robert Holmes a Court Collection
007079: ANNEMARIE BRODY - The Face of the Centre: Papunya Tula Paintings, 1971-84 National Gallery of Victoria, 7th September 1985-27 January 1986
005265: R. L. BROHIER - Changing Face of Colombo (1505-1972)
018166: DAVID BROMFIELD (CURATOR) - Tony Jones: Artist and Teacher 1964-94
013272: RICHARD BROOKE - Liverpool As It Was: 1775 to 1800
012328: WILL BROOKER - Batman Unmasked: Analyzing a Cultural Icon
017356: BROOKMAN, PHILIP; NEWMAN, ARNOLD - Arnold Newman
017160: G.H. BROOKS - The Sporting Car Club's South Australian Motoring History Book No. 1: A Collection of Photographs, 1898-1918
017161: G.H. BROOKS - The Sporting Car Club's South Australian Motoring History Book No. 4: Motor-Cycles, 1899-1930
017603: BROOKS, ROSEMARY - Franz Kempf
017270: RICHARD BROOME - Fighting Hard: The Victorian Aborigines Advancement League
017706: BROOME, RICHARD - Aboriginal Victorians: A History Since 1800
017686: ROSEMARY BROOMHAM - Steady Revolutions: The Australian Institute of Marine & Power Engineers 1881-1990
017650: PERCY BROWN - Indian Architecture (Islamic Period)
012477: NICOLA CHRICHTON-BROWN - Deltroit and the Valley of Hillas Creek: A Social and Environmental History
007538: BROWN, SARAH - Stained Glass at York Minster
013481: SHYLIE AND KEN BROWN - Parramatta: A Town Caught in Time, 1870
017682: DANNY BROWN - A Guide to Pigeons, Doves & Quail: Their Management, Care and Breeding
013826: BILL BARNETT, KEN BROWN AND BOB PARKHILL - The Beach Comes First: The First Sighting and Development of North Narrabeen with the 90 Year History of Safety and Dedicated, Fun-Seeking Lifesavers at North Narrabeen Slsc
004517: BROWN, TOM - Bridlington in Old Picture Postcards
007296: BROWN, JANE - The Art and Architecture of English Gardens: Designs for the Garden from the Collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects 1609 to the Pres
002149: BROWN, JANE - The Modern Garden
014466: BROWN, DON - We Were Wmm's: The War of the Airwaves
004360: BROWN, SUSAN; REINBERG, STEVEN - Persona: Photographs by Susan Brown
004833: JANE BROWN - Lanning Roper and His Gardens
014839: AMY BROWN - Earth Worms in New Zealand
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017794: PEDR DAVIS - All About Minibikes
017332: HART-DAVIS, DUFF - Audubon's Elephant: The Story of John James Audubon's Epic Struggle to Publish the "Birds of America"
007397: DAVIS, RICHARD PERCEVAL - Revolutionary Imperialist: William Smith O'Brien 1803-1864
016019: LARRY DAVIS - P-51 Mustang in Action - Aircraft No. 45
017028: DAVIS, PEDR - Timeless Machines: Veteran and Vintage Motoring in Australia and New Zealand
017834: S. C. H. DAVIS - Motor Racing
016573: KEITH F. DAVIS - Harry Callahan: New Color Photographs, 1978- 1987.
017988: PEDR DAVIS & TONY DAVIS - The Best of Circles - Audi in Australia
012785: PEDR DAVIS - Wheels Across Australia
017827: S. C. H. DAVIS - Great British Drivers
018248: GRAEME DAVISON AND KIMBERLEY WEBBER (EDITORS) - Yesterday's Tomorrows: The Powerhouse Museum and Its Precursors, 1880-2005
018306: DAVISON, GRAEME - The Unforgiving Minute: How Australia Learned to Tell the Time (Australian Retrospectives)
018258: DAVISON, JULIAN - Black and White: The Singapore House 1898-1941
012077: C. E. DAW AND L. J. LIND - H.M. A.S. Sydney 1913-1929
016603: KERRY DAWBORN AND CAROLINE SMITH - Permaculture Pioneers: Stories from the New Frontier
006773: DAWES, JOHN NICHOLAS IRWIN - Citizen to Soldier: Australia Before the Great War Recollections of Members of the First A.I. F.
007102: DAWKINS, PETER - Arcadia: The Ancient Egyptian Mysteries; Arcadia and the Arcadian Academy; the Life and Times of Francis Bacon, 1579-1585
008124: DAWSON, BARRY; GILLOW, JOHN - Street Graphics Egypt
011724: DAWSON, H. H. - Smoky Dawson : A Life
008995: DAY, NORMAN - Modern Houses, Melbourne
018172: DAY, DAVID - Smugglers and Sailors: The Customs History of Australia 1788-1901
014009: DAY, G;JESSUP, J.;CAMERON, K. - The History of the Australian Merino
015150: DAY, MELVIN N - Nicholas Chevalier, Artist: His Life and Work, with Special Reference to His Career in New Zealand and Australia
002668: C. G. T. DEAN - The Royal Hospital Chelsea
017251: HENRY DEANE - The Wolgan Valley Railway - Its Construction
011808: DEAR, IAN - The Royal Yacht Squadron, 1815-1985
017895: DEBIZE, CHRISTIAN - Emile Galle and the "Ecole de Nancy"
014907: ALLEN G. DEBUS - The English Paracelsians
016980: CLEMENT DEETH - The Ambulance Service of Sydney 1894 to 1976
018407: VIDYA DEHEJIA - Delight in Design: Indian Silver for the Raj
010311: LEN DEIGHTON - Len Deighton's Action Cook Book
018399: DEITCHER, DAVID - Dear Friends: American Photographs of Men Together 1840-1918
017744: HIDEO DEKURA - Encyclopedia of Japanese Cuisine
018423: GUILLEMETTE DELAPORTE - Rene Herbst: Pioneer of Modernism
011384: DELEUZE, GILLES - Cinema 1: The Movement-Image
003879: DELFOSSE, ERNEST S. (EDITOR) - Pests of Pastures: Weed, Invertebrate and Disease Pests of Australian Sheep Pastures
011037: BILL DELLER (FOREWORD) - The Man in White: 100 Years of Umpiring with the Vfl and the Afl - Thye Official History of the Afl Umpires' Association
018410: ANTHONY DELORENZO - Jean Dunand: The Delorenzo Gallery.
013182: ANN DELROY (EDITOR) - Two Emperors: China's Ancient Origins
016936: DELVE, KEN - Avro Lancaster (Crowood Aviation S)
007960: PIERRE DEMARGNE - Aegean Art: The Origins of Greek Art
017814: EVELYNE DEMEY - Les Lignes Du Losange: 90 Années de Style Renault
015881: DENIGAN, KATHLEEN - Norman Baird: A Spark Within
010632: BLOCH-DERMANT, JANINE - The Art of French Glass: 1860-1914
005688: GAETANO DEROSA - Ferrari Gt Cars
003859: DERRIMAN, PHILIP - Grassy Pitches and Glory Years: Grand Visions of the Sydney Cricket Ground
007868: F. DESHOULIERES - Elements Dates de L'Art Roman En France: Evolution Du Style
015123: DEW, CHRISTINE - Uncommissioned Art: The a-Z of Australian Graffiti
001442: DEYO, L. B.; LEIBOWITZ, DAVID - Invisible Frontier: Exploring the Tunnels, Ruins, and Rooftops of Hidden New York
016833: EDWARD 'TED' SLY DFC, MID - The Luck of the Draw: Horses, Spitfires and Kittyhawks
011293: JEAN-FRANCOIS LEROUX-DHUYS - Cistercian Abbeys
008089: CEDRIC C. DICKENS AND ALAN S. WATTS - The Miracle of Pickwick or the Goodness of Pickwickedness
016118: DICKERSON, JENNIFER - Robert Dickerson: Against the Tide
017849: THOMAS DICKSON - Dansk Design
009431: SIGISMUND DICZBALIS - Traitors or Patriots? - Debatable Moments of History of Ww2 - Russian Liberation Army in 1945
007656: DIEHL, EDITH - Bookbinding: Its Background and Technique
002381: GASTON DIEHL - Pascin
005273: IAN DIEHM - Red! Red! Red!: The Story of Queensland Rugby
008820: MARK DIESENDORF - Greenhouse Solutions with Sustainable Energy
015002: DIGNEY, PHIL - Guide to Incubation & Handraising Parrots
010623: TH DE DILLMONT (EDITOR) - Embroidery on Tulle
016241: ISAK DINESEN - Last Tales
015875: DINGLE, TONY - Aboriginal Economy: Themes in Australian Economic and Social History. Patterns of Experience. Vol. 1. (Australian Economic & Social History)
007890: A. D. DIVINE - Dunkirk
016394: AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL GALLERY;DIXON, CHRISTINE;LEAHY, CATHY - Manet to Matisse: French Illustrated Books
009855: DIXON, SUZANNE - Reading Roman Women: Sources, Genres and Real Life
009405: VAL DIXON (EDITOR) - Looking Back: The Northern Territory in 1888
016148: CHRISTINE DIXON AND DINAH DYSART - Counter Claims: Presenting Australian Art 1938 - 1941
004547: PETER L. DIXON - Men and Waves: A Treasury of Surfing
012304: DIXON, CHRISTINE - Secession: Modern Art and Design in Austria and Germany 1890s-1920s
012998: DOAK, FRANK - Australian Defence Heritage: The Buildings, Establishments and Sites of Our Military History That Have Become Part of the National Estate
016183: DIRK DOBKE - Dieter Roth in America
015787: DOBREZ, PATRICIA - The Art of the Boyds: Generations of Artistic Achievement
003093: C. G. DOBSON - Roof Tiling
003068: JAMES C. DOCHERTY - Historical Dictionary of Australia
006481: E. G. DOCKER - Simply Human Beings
016734: EDWARD DOCKER - Darwin's Australian Disciple
014869: DODS, MARGARET - The Cook and Housewives' Manual
013413: MARJORIE DOGGETT - Characters of Light: Early Buildings of Singapore
010241: R. L. DOHERTY (EDITOR) - A Medical School for Queensland
012662: MURIEL KNOX DOHERTY - The Life and Times of Royal Prince Alfred Hospitaal, Sydney Australia
010277: RICHARD DOHERTY - Only the Enemy in Front (Every Other Beggar Behind. )
017373: DOLAN, DAVID; BANNON, CHARLES - Basil Hadley
003746: DOLAN, DAVID; BANNON, CHARLES - Charles Bannon, Australian Printmaker: An Aspect of Australian Art, 1968-1982
018180: PETER DOMBROVSKIS - Wild Rivers: Franklin, Denison, Gordon
007802: GUNTHER DOMENIG - Stonehouse at Steindorf - Sketches, Drawings, Models, Objects / Steinhaus in Steindorf
005095: DOMERGUE, DENISE - Artists Design Furniture
005341: DOMINGO, XAVIER - The Taste of Spain
018475: BAECHLER, DONALD AND POEMS BY DAVID GREENBERG - Donald Baeschler: Crowd Paintings
013942: SEBASTIAN DONAT AND HENDRIK BIRUS - Goethe: A Last Universal Genius?
004458: R. A. DONKIN - Agricultural Terracing in the Aboriginal New World
016924: ELLIOTT O'DONNELL - Famous Curses
006164: JANE MALLINSEN, NANCY DONNELLY AND LY HANG - H'Mong Batik: A Textile Technique from Laos

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