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71946: HARWOOD, GWEN - Selected Poems
72016: HARWOOD, JEREMY, & SARAH BENDALL (ED.) - To the Ends of the Earth 100 Maps that Changed the World
11558: HARWOOD, GWEN - Blessed City Letters to Thomas Riddell 1943.
51342: HAS, WOJCIECH J - The Hourglass Sanatorium: DVD
41055: HAS, WOJCIECK - The Saragossa Manuscript: DVD
73938: HASKEW, MICHAEL E, ET.AL. - Fighting Techniques of the Oriental World, AD 1200-1860 Equipment, Combat Skills, and Tactics
75880: HASKIN, BYRON - Treasure Island: DVD
69617: HASKIN, BYRON - The War of the Worlds: DVD
33200: HASLAM, MALCOLM; ROSE, BARBARA (INTRODUCTION) - The Real World of the Surrealists
88997: HASLER, JULIE - Cross Stitch Designs A Colourful Collection of Nearly 150 Charted Designs
89010: HASLER, JULIE - Cats & Kittens in Cross Stitch
89011: HASLER, JULIE - Fantasy Cross Stitch: Zodiac Signs, Mythical Beasts and Mystical Characters
32572: HASLUCK, PAUL - The Government and the People, 1939-1941 Australia in the War of 1939-1945 (series)
64477: HASLUCK, ALEXANDRA (ED.) - Audrey Tennyson's Vice-Regal Days The Australian letters of Audrey Lady Tennyson to her mother Zacyntha Boyle, 1899-1903
38527: HASLUCK, ALEXANDRA - Portrait with Background
84361: HASPIEL, JAMES - Marilyn The Ultimate Look at the Legend
89939: HASPIEL, JAMES - Young Marilyn Becoming the Legend
88278: HASSE, JOHN EDWARD - Beyond Category: The Life and Genius of Duke Ellington
85277: HASSEL, SVEN (MAURICE MICHAEL, TRANS.) - The Legion of the Damned
78545: HASTINGS, MAX - Inferno The World at War, 1939-1945
88708: HASTINGS, MAX - Catastrophe 1914 Europe Goes to War
15551: HASWELL, JOCK - The British Army A Concise History
90622: SHIZUO TSUJI & KOICHIRO HATA (YOSHIKATSU SAEKI, ILLUS.) - Practical Japanese Cooking Easy and Elegant
87145: HATHAWAY, HENRY - 23 Paces to Baker Street: DVD
66691: HATHAWAY, HENRY - True Grit: DVD
75656: HATTENDORF, JOHN B (ED.) - The Oxford Encyclopedia of Maritime History - four volumes
92826: HATTERSLEY, ROY - The Edwardians
78057: HAUPTMANN, TATJANA - Hurray for Peregrine Pig ("Hurra, Eberhard Wutz ist wieder da!")
61917: HAUPTMANN, TATJANA - Adelina Schlime A Snail Tail
78056: HAUPTMANN, TATJANA - A Day in the Life of Petronella Pig ("Ein Tag im Leben der Dorothea Wutz")
88758: VAN DER HAVE, JOHN - Aboriginal Rock Art in the Blue Mountains
63051: HAVE, JOHN VAN DER - Blue Mountains Magic An Architectural and Landscape Sketchbook
89571: HAVIL, JULIAN - John Napier: Life, Logarithms and Legacy:
61390: HAVILAND, JOHN B., AND HART, ROGER - Old Man Fog and the Last Aborigines of Barrow Point
63312: HAW, RICHARD - The Brooklyn Bridge A Cultural History
77238: HAWKES, JOHN - Virginie Her Two Lives
77145: HAWKES, JOHN - The Goose on the Grave & The Owl Two Novels by John Hawkes
80174: HAWKES, JACQUETTA - Early Britain
80782: HAWKING, STEPHEN - My Brief History A Memoir
55895: HAWKINS, COLEMAN - The Essential Sides Remastered 1929 - 1939: 4 CD
90274: HAWKINS, SUE - Dolls House Do-It-Yourself - Embroidered Projects Step-by-step instructions for over 30 projects
13826: HAWKINS, COLEMAN - Henderson Days: CD
89032: HAWKINS, SUE - Heirlooms in Needlepoint: 50 Classic Original Designs
66245: HAWKINS, COLEMAN - Coleman Hawkins: CD 1926/1940
11935: HAWKINS, J B - Australian Silver 1800-1900
60352: HAWKS, HOWARD - Red River: DVD
32938: HAWKS, HOWARD - I Was a Male War Bride: DVD
90718: HAWKS, HOWARD - Bringing Up Baby: DVD
88812: HAWKS, HOWARD - Bringing Up Baby: DVD
82281: HAWLEY, JANET - Encounters with Australian Artists
87193: HAWLEY, JOHN STRATTON - Sati - The Blessing and the Curse The Burning of Wives in India
11456: HAWORTH-BOOTH, MARK - Old and Modern Masters of Photography
77335: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The Complete Novels and Selected Tales Including "The Scarlet Letter", "The House of the Seven Gables", "The Blithedale Romance", "Fanshawe", "The Marble Faun", complete and unabridged, and a selection of thirty-seven novellettes and tales
91233: HAXELL, KATE - The Stitch Bible A Comprehensive Guide to 225 Embroidery Stitches and Techniques
11096: HAY, ASHLEY - The Secret The Strange Marriage of Annabella Milbanke and Lord Byron
77018: HAY, DONNA - Chocolate Simple Essentials
70856: HAY, DONNA - Pasta, Rice & Noodles
62153: HAY, ROY & SYNGE, PATRICK M - The Colour Dictionary of Garden Plants With House and Greenhouse Plants
65060: HAY, DENYS - Europe in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries A General History of Europe series
92895: HAYCRAFT, JOHN - In Search of the French Revolution
10534: HAYDON, GEOFFREY/ MARKS, DENNIS (ED) - Repercussions A Celebration of African - American Music
92713: HAYES TUCKER, PAUL - Monet at Argenteuil
7430: HAYES, JOHN - The Landscape Paintings of Thomas Gainsborough - Two Volumes Text & Catalogue
67618: HAYES, JOHN - Gainsborough
35535: HAYES, COLIN (ED.) - The Complete Guide to Painting and Drawing Techniques and Materials
75020: HAYES, JOHN - Rowlandson Watercolours and Drawings
12260: HAYMAN, RONALD - K A Biography of Kafka
68392: HAYTER, ALETHEA - A Voyage in Vain Coleridge's Journey to Malta in 1804
86044: HAYTER, ALETHEA - The Wreck of the Abergavenny The Wordsworths and Catastrophe
92309: HAYWARD, JOHN (ED.) - The Oxford Book of Nineteenth Century English Verse
90521: HAYWARD, CHARLES H. - Practical Veneering - Revised Woodworker Handbooks series
89938: HAYWARD, HELEN (ED.) - World Furniture An Illustrated History from Earliest Times
81249: HAZZARD, MARGARET - Punishment Short of Death: A History of the Penal Settlement at Norfolk Island
72740: HEALD, TIM (ED.) - The Best After-Dinner Stories: Folio Society edition
53320: HEALKI, THOMAS - Creative Ritual
84745: HEANEY, SEAMUS - Death of a Naturalist
55977: HEANEY, SEAMUS (TRANS.) - Beowulf: A New Translation
84747: HEANEY, SEAMUS - District and Circle
82130: HEANEY, SEAMUS - The Government of the Tongue Selected Prose, 1978-1987
55131: HEAPS, LEO - Operation Morning Light Terror in Our Skies: The True Story of Cosmos 954.
68514: HEARN, LAFCADIO - Two Years in the French West Indies
37161: HEARNE, DENNIS & LEO MEIER (PHOTOGRAPHY) - Blooms of the Australian Wilderness
90680: BEATING HEART - Malawi: CD
87289: HEARTZ, DANIEL - Music in the European Capitals: The Gallant Style, 1720-1780
87290: HEARTZ, DANIEL - Mozart, Haydn and Early Beethoven 1781-1802
90099: HEASER, SUE - Dolls House Do-It-Yourself - Curtains Step-by-step instructions for over 25 projects
91963: HEATH, RICHARD - Matrix of Creation Sacred Geometry in the Realm of the Planets
91148: HEATH, ROBIN - Stonehenge Temple of Ancient Britain
72567: NYANAPONIKA THERA & HELLMUTH HECKER (BHIKKHU BODHI, ED.) - Great Disciples of the Buddha Their Lives Their Works Their Legacy
85091: HEDDERWICK, MAIRI - Sea Change: The Summer Voyage From East to West Scotland of the Anassa
88765: DE HEER, ROLF - The Tracker: DVD
57323: HEERY, GARY & HAVEKES, SASKIA - Grandiflora
62101: HEGEL, G W F - Elements of the Philosophy of Right Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought
90069: HEIDEGGER, MARTIN (INGO FARIN WITH AKLEX SKINNER, TRANS.) - The Concept of Time The First Draft of "Being and Time"
92314: HEILBUT, ANTHONY - Thomas Mann Eros & Literature
90193: HEINZ, THOMAS A - Frank Lloyd Wright's Houses
86161: HEISLER, JINDRICH, ET.AL. - Jindrich Heisler Surrealism Under Pressure 1938-1953
91528: HEISS, MARY LOU & ROBERT J. - The Tea Enthusiast's Handbook A Guide to Enjoying the World's Best Teas
61769: HELLANDSJO, KARIN (ED.) - Yves Klein
87794: HELLER, JOSEPH - Something Happened
82558: HELLER, JOSEPH - God Knows
45085: HELLINGA, LOTTE - Caxton in Focus The Beginning of Printing in England.
68453: HELLMAN, MONTE - The Shooting/Ride in the Whirlwind: DVD
72215: HELLMAN, LILLIAN (MARK BELLEROSE, ILLUS.) - Six Plays: Franklin Library edition
92198: HELLMAN, HAL - Great Feuds in Science Ten of the livliest disputes ever
89764: HELMRICH, MICHELE & NICK MITZEVICH (INTRO.) - Margaret Olley: Life's Journey
59625: HELPRIN, MARK - A City in Winter
83256: HEMENWAY, ROBERT E - Zora Neale Hurston A Literary Biography
92450: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST (INTRODUCTION BY JOYCE CAROL OATES; DAVID FRANKLAND, ILLUS.) - Selected Hemingway - Folio Society edition The Sun Also Rises; A Farewell to Arms; To Have and Have Not; For Whom the Bell Tolls; & The Old Man and the Sea
65606: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises
11873: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - True at First Light
60715: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The Dangerous Summer
83785: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - Green Hills of Africa
87565: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - Death in the Afternoon
51293: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - Islands in the Stream
71777: HEMMINGS, LEIGH - Great Australian Bike Rides Touring Down Under the Easy Way
63568: HEMMINGS, LEIGH - Bicycle Touring in Australia An Environmentally Friendly Way to see the Country
68155: HEMPHILL, ROSEMARY - Herbs for All Seasons
83164: HEMPHILL, JOHN AND ROSEMARY - Herbs and Spices
32716: HEMPHILL, ROSEMARY - Cooking with Herbs and Spices
92998: HEMPLEMAN-ADAMS, DAVID & SOPHIE GORDON & EMMA STUART - The Heart of the Great Alone: Scott, Shackleton and Antarctic Photography
92232: HENCKEN, HUGH (GLYN DANIEL, ED.) - Tarquinia And Etruscan Origins
66392: HENDERSON, GEORGE - Gothic
90933: HENDERSON, JAMES (ILLUS. ANNA TOWNSEND) - Sword Collecting for Amateurs
13389: HENDERSON, GERARD - Menzies' Child The Liberal Party of Australia 1944-1994.
86943: HENDRICKSON, ROBERT - The Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins
86162: HENDRIX, JIMI & MARCUS HEARN & JAMES KING - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
71949: HENDY, PHILIP - Piero della Francesca and the Early Renaissance
85685: HENNESSEY, JOHN - Muhammad Ali: The Greatest
81825: HENNICK, LOUIS C & E HARPER CHARLTON - The Streetcars of New Orleans
35058: HENNING, RACHEL (DAVID ADAMS, ED.) - The Letters of Rachel Henning Foreword & Drawings by Norman Lindsay
41850: HENRICK, GEORGE AND WILLENE - The Creole Mutiny A Tale of Revolt Aboard a Slave Ship
89245: HENRY, O. (ILLUS. LISBETH ZWERGER) - The Gift of the Magi
91608: HENRY, FRANCOISE (JOHN KENNEDY, ILLUS.) - The Book of Kells Reproductions from the manuscript in Trinity College Dublin; with a Study of the Manuscript
48173: HENRY, O. - Short Stories: Folio Society edition
76456: HENRYSON, ROBERT, (SEAMUS HEANEY, TRANS.) - The Testament of Cresseid & Seven Fables
73370: HENRYSON, ROBERT (SEAMUS HEANEY, TRANS.) - The Testament of Cresseid & Seven Fables
42158: HENSHAW, JOHN (ED.) - Godfrey Miller
60748: HENSON, BILL - Mnemosyne
90562: HENSPERGER, BETH (JOYCE OUDKERK POOL, ILLUS.) - Baking Bread Old and New Traditions
42711: HENTY, CAROL - For the People's Pleasure Australia's Botanic Gardens
87476: HENWOOD, BELINDA & HOWARD CHOY - Feng Shui How to create harmony and balance in your living and working environment
50275: HEPBURN, KATHARINE - Me Stories of My Life
32846: HEPPLEWHITE, GEORGE - The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Guide
76624: HEPPNER, CHRISTOPHER - Reading Blake's Designs
74834: HERALD, JACQUELINE - World Crafts A Celebration of Designs and Skills
79393: HERBERT, XAVIER - Poor Fellow My Country
90058: HERBERT, FRANK - Dune Messiah
89064: HERBERT, XAVIER - Capricornia
36441: HERBERT, XAVIER - Soldier's Women
75919: HERBERT, ROSEMARY (ED.) - The Oxford Companion to Crime & Mystery Writing
70097: HERBERT, DAVID - The Everyman Book of Narrative Verse
83017: HERBERT, FRANK - The Santaroga Barrier
54477: HERBERT, XAVIER - Poor Fellow My Country
84726: HERDA, D.J. - Zen & The Art of Pond Building
81921: HERGE - Tintin in America: early black and white version
81919: HERGE (GEORGE PROSPER REMI) - Cigars of the Pharaoh: early black and white version
92566: HERGE - King Ottokar's Sceptre
78229: HERINGTON, JOHN - Air War Against Germany & Italy 1939-1943 Australia in the War of 1939-1945
53288: HERIOT, JOHN - Teaching Yourself White Magic
32297: HERITAGE, ANDREW (ED.) - Landscapes of France Painted by the Masters
68604: HERMAN, ARTHUR - The Scottish Enlightenment The Scots Invention of the Modern World
64458: HERMAN, JOSEF - Notes from a Welsh Diary
91476: HERODOTUS (CAROL HUDE, ED.) - Herodoti: Historiae - Two Volumes Books I-IV and V-IX
67471: HEROLD, J. CHRISTOPHER - Mistress to an Age The Life of Madame de Stael
82847: HERON, LIZ, & VAL WILLIAMS (EDS.) - Illuminations Women Writing on Photography from the 1850s to the Present
90396: HERRERA, R.A. - Silent Music The Life, Work, and Thought of St. John of the Cross
92172: HERRICK, ROBERT (ED. L C MARTIN) - Herrick: Poems
62542: HERRIMAN, GEORGE - Krazy & Ignatz: He Nods in Quiescent Siesta Completing the Complete Full-Page Comic Strips with some extra Oddities 1943-44
62543: HERRIMAN, GEORGE - Krazy & Ignatz: A Ragout of Raspberries Culling Together the Complete Full-Page Comic Strips with Addenda 1941-42
62541: HERRIMAN, GEORGE - Krazy & Ignatz: Shifting Sands Dusts its Cheeks in Powdered Beauty Compounding the Complete Full-Page Comic Strips with some extra Oddities 1937-8
83446: HERRIMAN, GEORGE (INTRO. M THOMAS INGE) - Baron Bean: The Hyperion Library of Classic American Comic Strips edition 1916-1917
62544: HERRIMAN, GEORGE - Krazy & Ignatz: Necromancy by the Blue Bean Bush Compounding the Complete Full-Page Comic Strips with some extra rarities 1933-34
62545: HERRIMAN, GEORGE - Krazy & Ignatz: A Kat a Lilt with Song Convening the Complete Full-Page Comic Strips with some extra Dailies 1931-32
45295: HERRING, PHILLIP - Djuna The Life and Work of Djuna Barnes
83553: HERRIOT, JAMES ("LARRY", ILLUS.) - The Lord God Made Them All
83428: HERRIOT, JAMES (VICTOR AMBRUS, ILLUS.) - Every Living Thing
80912: HERRMANN, BERNARD - Film Music by Bernard Herrmann: CD
77921: DEN HERTOG, SONJA (ED.) - Walking the Valley - Sydney Speleological Society Occasional Paper, No. 11 An Oral Record of Caving and Bushwalking in the Burragorang and Beyond, during the 1930s
64419: HERZOG, MAURICE (NEA MORIN & JANET ADAM-SMITH, TRANS.) - Annapurna Conquest of the First 8000-Metre Peak
40394: HERZOG, WERNER - Collection: Signs of Life; Stroszek; Even Dwarfs Started Small; Heart of Glass; The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser; Where the Green Ants Dream: 6 DVD
30569: HERZOG, WERNER - Fitzcarraldo: DVD
64623: HERZOG, WERNER - Encounters at the End of the World: 2 DVD Go Someplace Cool
68051: HERZOG, WERNER - My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done: DVD
86778: HERZOG, WERNER - Documentary Collection: Encounters at the End of the World; The White Diamond; La Soufriere; The Flying Doctors of East Africa: 2 Blu-ray
91629: HERZOG, WERNER - Cobra Verde: DVD
65374: HERZOG, WERNER - Bad Lieutenant: DVD Port of Call New Orleans
61692: HERZOGENRATH, WULF, ET.AL. - Julian Opie
74280: HESPERION XXI, JORDI SAVALL & OTHERS - Esprit des Balkans / Balkan Spirit: CD
81905: HESS, ALAN & ALAN WEINTRAUB (PHOTOS.) - Frank Lloyd Wright: The Buildings
91800: HESSE, HERMANN (TRANS. RALPH MANHEIM) - Stories of Five Decades
83686: HESSE, HERMANN (TR. HILDA ROSNER) - Siddhartha
56181: HESSE, EELCO - Tea The Eyelids of Bodhidharma
59607: HESSE, HERMANN (JAROSLAV BRADAC, ILLUS.) - Treatise on the Steppenwolf An artist's revelation in forty-five paintings
91135: HESSE, HERMANN (W.J. STRACHAN, TRANS.) - The Prodigy
91137: HESSE, HERMANN (HILDA ROSNER, TRANS.) - Journey to the East
39706: HETHERINGTON, JOHN - Witness to Things Past - signed copy Stone, Brick, Wood and Men in Early Victoria.
91022: HEUGEL, INES (PHOTOS. CHRISTIAN SARRAMON) - Classic Garden Style: Planters, Furniture, Accessories and Ornaments
55147: HEURTLEY, CAROLUS A (ED.) - De Fide Et Symbolo Documenta Quaedam Nec Non Aliquorum SS. Patrum Tractatus
84019: HEUSCHER, JULIUS E. - A Psychiatric Study of Fairy Tales Their Origin, Meaning and Usefulness
36318: HEWETT, DOROTHY - The Man From Mukinupin
45115: HEWETT, DOROTHY - Wild Card: An Autobiography 1923-1958
87472: HEWETT, DOROTHY - Collected Poems
38222: HEWETT, DOROTHY - The Toucher
54290: HEWITT, FURZE & DALEY, BILLIE - Classic Knitted Cotton Edgings
32536: HEY, DAVID - The Oxford Companion to Local and Family History The Complete Guide to Uncovering Your Past
52343: HEYERDAHL, THOR - The Art of Easter Island
39849: HEYERDAHL, THOR - Fatu-Hiva: Back to Nature
90548: HEYLIN, CLINTON - Revolution in the Air - The Songs of Bob Dylan Vol.1: 1957-73
51490: HEYNII, C.G. - Excursus in Homerum
11571: HEYWARD, MICHAEL - The Ern Malley Affair
92803: HIBBARD, HOWARD - Caravaggio
36317: HIBBERD, JACK - A Stretch of the Imagination
91187: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - George III A Personal History
92840: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - George III: A Personal History: signed copy
46057: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Cities and Civilizations
83092: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Florence The Biography of a City
55639: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER - Cities and Civilizations: Folio Society edition
83891: HICHENS, ROBERT - The Green Carnation
43397: HICKEY, WILLIAM (PETER QUENNELL, ED.) - The Prodigal Rake Memoirs of William Hickey
10648: HICKIE, DAVID - The Prince and the Premier
61678: HICKS, ALISTAIR - The School of London - signed The Resurgence of Contemporary Painting
68168: HICKS, SCOTT - Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts: 2 DVD
7448: HIGGINS, R.A. - Greek Terracottas
89865: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA - Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction
40817: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA - Tales of Natural and Unnatural Catastrophes
43336: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA - Ripley's Game
40786: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA - Ripley's Game
86127: HILBURN, ROBERT - Johnny Cash: The Life
74551: HILDYARD, MILES (INTRODUCTION BY ANTHONY BEEVOR) - It Is Bliss Here Letters Home, 1939-1945
83970: HILL, D., ET.AL. (EDS.) - Cretaceous Fossils of Queensland
86871: HILL, ALAN - Hedley Verity: A Portrait of a Cricketer
81023: HILL, GREG - Doc & Merle Watson - In Concert: DVD
86158: HILL, TIM - Fifty Years With the Beatles 750 classic, rare and unseen photographs telling the complete story
83967: HILL, D., ET.AL. (EDS.) - Permian Index Fossils of Queensland
74483: HILL, VALERIE - The Cazneaux Women
84987: HILL, W S - The Sailing Ships of Great Britain
83974: HILL, D., ET.AL. (EDS.) - Cainozoic Fossils of Queensland
39644: HILL, DAVID, DALE TURNER & DENIS KEVANS - Gallimaufry - signed copy A Galaxy of Paintings and Poems
83971: HILL, D., ET.AL. (EDS.) - Ordovician and Silurian Fossils of Queensland
87379: HILL, PETER & NIGEL SIMEONE - Messiaen
75001: HILL, DRAPER (ED.) - Fashionable Contrasts Caricatures by James Gillray
67594: HILL, DAVID - Gold! The Fever that Changed Australia
83968: HILL, D., ET.AL. (EDS.) - Triassic Fossils of Queensland
92343: HILL, DAVID - First Fleet Surgeon: The Voyage of Arthur Bowes Smyth
83972: HILL, D., (EDS.) - Devonian Fossils of Queensland
83973: HILL, D., ET.AL. (EDS.) - Cambrian Fossils of Queensland
83966: HILL, D., ET.AL. (EDS.) - Carboniferous Fossils of Queensland
55137: HILL, DOUGLAS - The History of Ghosts, Vampires and Werewolves
83969: HILL, D., ET.AL. (EDS.) - Jurassic Fossils of Queensland
42300: HILL, ERNESTINE - My Love Must Wait The Story of Matthew Flinders
69762: HILL, BARRY - The Rock: signed copy Travelling to Uluru
70477: HILL, C.P. - Who's Who in Stuart Britain
30010: HILL, POLLY, & RICHARD KEYNES (EDS.) - Lydia and Maynard The Letters of John Maynard Keynes and Lydia Lopokova
89127: HILL, DAVID - The Making of Australia - signed copy From a Tiny Struggling Convict Settlement to the Remarkable Nation it is Today
55230: HILL, DOUGLAS & WILLIAMS, PAT - The Supernatural
57512: HILL, BARRY - Broken Song T.G.H. Strehlow and Aboriginal Possession.
37620: HILL, CHRISTOPHER - God's Englishman Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution
88161: HILLIER, J. - Japanese Colour Prints
74308: HILLIER, MALCOLM - Colour Garden A Year-Round Guide to Creating Imaginative Colour Combinations
66371: HILLIER, JIM (ED.) - Cahiers du Cinema The 1950s: Neo Realism, Hollywood, New Wave
13673: HILLIER, J. - Utamaro Colour Prints and Paintings
86037: HILLIER, J. - Japanese Masters of the Colour Print A Great Heritage of Oriental Art
87362: HILLMAN, JIM - Amusement Parks
91562: HILLMAN, ROBERT - Gurrumul: His Life and Music
78352: HILLS, NICHOLAS - The English Fireplace Its Architecture and the Working Fire
76051: HILLYER, LAMBERT - The Toll Gate and His Bitter Pill: DVD
32810: HINCHCLIFFE, JOHN AND BARBER, WENDY - Ceramic Style: Making and Decorating Patterned Ceramic Ware
73524: HINCKLEY, C.T. - A Day at the Bookbindery of Lippincott, Grambo, & Co.
89212: HINDEMITH, PAUL (NEW ZEALAND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA W. FRANZ-PAUL DECKER) - Mathis der Maler Symphony/Noblissima Visione/Symphonic Metamorphosis: CD
61672: HINDRY, ANN - Christian Bonnefoi: signed by the artist
81530: HINE, JACQUI - Dinosaur Cakes
78785: HINES, BARRY - A Kestrel for a Knave
79712: HINGLEY, RONALD - Nightingale Fever Russian Poets in Revolution
73026: HIPPOCRATES (LOUIS DURET, TRANS.) - Hippocratis Coi De Humoribus Purgandis Liber et De Diaeta Acutorum Libri Tres Cum Commentariis Integris Ludovici Dureti Segusiani
88506: HIRSCH, ANDREAS (ED.) - Hundertwasser: The Art of the Green Path
8639: HIRSCHHORN, CLIVE - The Warner Bros. Story
9094: HIRSCHHORN, CLIVE - The Columbia Story The Complete History of the Studio and All Its Films
15437: HIRSCHHORN, CLIVE - The Warner Bros. Story The Complete History of the Great Hollywood Studio. Every Warner Bros. Feature Film Described and Illustrated.
55313: HIRSCHMAN, JAKE (TRANSLATOR) - The Book of Noah
43621: HIRSH, JOHN C. - Barlam and Iosaphat A Middle English Life of Buddha.
92104: HIRSHFELD, ALAN W - Parallax: The Race to Measure the Cosmos
69639: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - The 39 Steps: DVD
68166: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - The Lodger: 2 DVD
84229: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED (SIDNEY GOTTLIEB, ED.) - Hitchcock on Hitchcock
33824: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Sabotage: DVD
61720: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934 version): DVD
72662: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - To Catch a Thief: DVD
40601: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Psycho: DVD
73805: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Rear Window: DVD
72534: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Spellbound: DVD
72535: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - The Paradine Case: DVD
81133: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Blackmail: DVD
64873: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - The Birds: DVD
37023: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - North by Northwest: DVD
72536: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Notorious: DVD
37019: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Strangers on a Train: 2 DVD
41901: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Vertigo: DVD
70431: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - The Lady Vanishes: DVD
10742: HITCHCOCK, HENRY-RUSSELL - Rococo Architecture in Southern Germany
84192: HITCHCOCK O'CONNELL, PAT, & LAURENT BOUZEREAU - Alma Hitchcock The Woman Behind the Man
62806: HJORTH, NOELA - Noela Hjorth Journey of a Fire Goddess
54098: HJORTSBERG, WILLIAM - Falling Angel
75561: HOAK, EDWARD WARREN, AND WILLIS HUMPHRY CHURCH - Masterpieces of American Architecture
85904: HOARE, PHILIP - The Whale In Search of the Giants of the Sea
92213: HOBAN, RUSSELL (NICOLA BAYLEY, ILLUS.) - La Corona and the Tin Frog The Nicola Bayley Miniature Collection
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73474: HOBHOUSE, PENELOPE - Gardens of Persia
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38489: HOEG, PETER (BARBARA HAVELAND, TRANS.) - The Woman & The Ape
71975: HOFF, URSULA - The National Gallery of Victoria
73594: HOFF, URSULA - The Art of Arthur Boyd
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92620: HOFFMAN, PAUL - The Man Who Loved Only Numbers: The Story of Paul Erdos and the Search for Mathematical Truth
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56020: HOFMANN, WERNER - Art in the Nineteenth Century
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83538: HOFMEYR, GRAY - Jock of the Bushveld: DVD
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71071: HOFSTADTER, DAN - The Earth Moves Galileo and the Roman Inquisition
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81443: HOGREFE, JEFFREY - O'Keeffe: The Life of an American Legend
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81377: HOLDEN, ROBERT - May Gibbs and Her Fantasy World: signed copy
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87173: HOLDEN, ROBERT - And the Band Played On How Music Lifted the Anzac Spirit in the Battlefields of the First World War
87641: HOLDERREAD, DAVE - Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks Breeds; Care; Health
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79012: HOLIDAY, BILLIE - Lady Day - The Ultimate Collection: 8 CD
89774: HOLLAND, JOLIE - Escondida: CD
89416: HOLLAND, JOLIE - Wine Dark Sea: CD
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87765: HOLLAND, ARIADNE, ET.AL. - Paper Craft
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86907: HOLLANDS, DAVID - Birds of the Night: Owls, Frogmouths and Nightjars of Australia
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83887: HOLLINGDALE, R J - Nietzsche The Man and His Philosophy
50116: HOLLINGHURST, ALAN - The Line of Beauty
66343: HOLLINGHURST, ALAN - The Line of Beauty
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8641: HOLLISS, RICHARD AND SIBLEY, BRIAN - The Disney Studio Story
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60293: FINE HOMEBUILDING - Renovating a Bathroom
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55949: HOOKER, JOHN LEE - The Classic Early Years 1948-1951: 4 CD
81020: HOOKER, JOHN LEE - Rare Performances, 1960 - 1984: DVD
80809: HOOKER, JOHN LEE - Motor City Blues Master: 4 CD
88766: HOOKER, JOHN LEE - Boom Boom - The Best of John Lee Hooker: 4 CD
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92225: HOPKINS, H J - A Span of Bridges An Illustrated History
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66467: HORGAN, PAUL - Encounters With Stravinsky A Personal Record
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56838: HORNBY, NICK - How to be Good
86872: HORNE, JULIA - The Pursuit of Wonder: How Australia's Landscape was Explored, Nature Discovered and Tourism Unleashed: signed copy
74664: HORNE, ALISTAIR, WITH DAVID MONTGOMERY - The Lonely Leader Monty, 1944-1945
41572: HORNE, R.H. - Australian Facts and Prospects To Which is Prefixed the Author's Australian Autobiography
92725: HORNER, FRANK - Looking for La Perouse D'Entrecasteaux in Australia and the South Pacific 1792-1793
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71051: HORNUNG, ERIK - The Secret Lore of Egypt Its Impact on the West
90750: HORNUNG, CLARENCE P. - Portrait Gallery of Early Automobiles
57404: HORNUNG, E.W. - Stingaree
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91670: VAN DER HORST, AREND (CEES ROELOFS, ILLUS.) - Movements in Green Conceptual Landscape Gardening
76023: HORTON, ROBERTA - The Fabric Makes The Quilt
84321: HORTUS (DAVID WHEELER, ED.) - By Pen & by Spade An Anthology of Garden Writing; Foreword by Roy Strong
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92658: KIYOSHI HAYAMIZU & YUHEI HOSHINO (ISABEL VAREA, TRANS.) - Japan Cookery Around the World
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51548: HOSPITAL, JANETTE TURNER - Orpheus Lost
37856: HOSPITAL, JANETTE TURNER - Dislocations
11575: HOSPITAL, JANETTE TURNER - Due Preparations for the Plague
11573: HOSPITAL, JANETTE TURNER - The Tiger in the Tiger Pit
84566: HOSSEINI, KHALED - And the Mountains Echoed
36870: HOSSEINI, KHALED - A Thousand Splendid Suns
71514: HOSSEINI, KHALED - A Thousand Splendid Suns
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62014: HOURANI, ALBERT (INTRODUCTION BY MALISE RUTHVEN) - A History of the Arab Peoples - Folio Society edition
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49044: HOWARD, PHILIP - Weasel Words
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86608: HOWARD, ROBERT E (ED. PAUL HERMAN; INTRO. JAMES REASONER) - Valley of the Worm The Weird Works of Robert E Howard, Volume 5
85042: HOWARD, WILLIAM K. - The Princess Comes Across: DVD
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82946: HOWARTH, DAVID & STEPHEN - The Story of P&O: The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company
84903: HOWARTH, DAVID - The Voyage of the Armada The Spanish Story
86867: HOWAT, GERALD - Walter Hammond
7287: HOWAT, GERALD - Cricket's Second Golden Age The Hammond-Bradman Years
58060: HOWE, BEA - Antiques from the Victorian Home
61448: HOWE, GRAHAM & ERIKA ESAU - E.O. Hoppe's Australia
71733: HOWE, GEORGE, & G.A. HARRER - A Handbook of Classical Mythology
81969: HOWLIN' WOLF - The Best of Howlin' Wolf: 4 CD
81968: HOWLIN' WOLF - The Blues Giant: 2 CD
87585: HOWSON, GERALD - Arms for Spain The Untold Story of the Spanish Civil War
81765: HOYLE, EDMUND (LAWRENCE H. DAWSON, ED.) - Hoyle's Games
89971: CAI HUA (ASTI HUSTVEDT, TRANS.) - A Society Without Fathers or Husbands The Na of China
87509: HUBAY, TIBOR - Australian Interior Design Manual
33597: HUBER, THERESE (RODNEY LIVINGSTONE, TRANS.) - Adventures on a Journey to New Holland
33047: HUDSON, ROGER (ED.) (INTRODUCTION BY RALEIGH TREVELYAN) - The Raj - Folio Society edition An Eyewitness History of the British in India
78203: HUDSON, LIONEL - The Rats of Rangoon
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43103: HUDSON, W.H. - Far Away and Long Ago A Childhood in Argentina.
8184: HUDSON, ROGER (ED.) - The Grand Tour, 1592-1796: Folio Society edition
33213: HUDSON, DEREK - Lewis Carroll: An Illustrated Biography
56125: HUDSON, ROGER (ED.) - The Jubilee Years - Folio Society edition
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87364: HUGHES, HOWARD - Crime Wave The Filmgoers' Guide to the Great Crime Movies
80842: HUGHES, LENA - Queen of the Flat Top Guitar: CD
89512: HUGHES, TED - Lupercal
75907: HUGHES, DAVID - Dreamers and Academics
43504: HUGHES, RICHARD - The Fox in the Attic
84998: HUGHES-HALLETT, LUCY - Cleopatra Histories, Dreams and Distortions
89034: HUGHES, TED - Birthday Letters
50764: HUGHES-STANTON, PENELOPE - The Wood-Engravings of Blair Hughes-Stanton
91234: HUGHES, ALEX - Learn to Draw Caricatures
40862: HUGHES, RICHARD - A High Wind in Jamaica
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39319: HUGHES, ROBERT - American Visions The Epic History of Art in America
57796: HUGHES, TED - Gaudete
51174: HUGHES, TED - New Selected Poems 1957-1994
83627: HUGHES, TED (DANIEL WEISSBORT, ED.) - Selected Translations Poems
57034: HUGHES, ROBERT - Culture of Complaint The Fraying of America
54280: HUGHES, THEA STANLEY - Reincarnation Twentieth Century Question
78547: HUGHES, ROBERT - Rome A Cultural, Visual, and Personal History
67105: HUGHES, DAVID - Himself and Other Animals A Portrait of Gerald Durrell
90052: HUGHES, LANGSTON - Selected Poems of Langston Hughes
87186: HUGHES, HUGH, & FRANK JUX - Steam Locomotives in India - two volumes Part I - Narrow Gauge; Part 2 - Metre Gauge
15253: HUGHES, ROLAND (ED.) - Australia's Underwater Wilderness
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89105: HUGHES-HALLETT, LUCY - Cleopatra: Histories, Dreams and Distortions
89651: HUGHES, LINDSEY - Peter the Great: A Biography
67305: HUGHES, DR JOHN - House of Tears Westerners' Adventures in Islamic Lands
83942: HUGHES, SHIRLEY (ILLUS.) (BARBARA IRESON ED.) - The Faber Book of Nursery Stories
8923: HUGHES, TED - Birthday Letters
36341: HUGHES, ROBERT - Barcelona
40464: HUGHES, ROBERT - Things I Didn't Know A Memoir
10846: HUGO, VICTOR - Les Miserables (3 vols)
89411: HUGO, VICTOR (G.T. BETTANY, ED.) - Select Poems and Tragedies (Hernani, The King's Amusement) The Minerva Library of Famous Books series
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70713: HUISMAN, PHILIPPE - French Watercolours of the 18th Century
9186: HUIZINGA. J. (F. HOPMAN, TRANS.) - The Waning of the Middle Ages A Study of the Forms of Life, Thought, and Art in France and the Netherlands in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
52641: HULKE, MALCOLM (ED.) - The Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine and Self-Help
65751: HULME, KERI - The Bone People
87932: HULME, JOHN - Guillaume Chequespierre and the Oise Salon An Anthology
7313: D'HULST, R.A. (P.S. FALLA, TRANS.) - Jacob Jordaens
7387: HULTEN, PONTUS, & GERMANO CELANT - Italian Art 1900-1945
92105: HUME, DAVID - An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
91971: HUMPHREY, CAROLINE, & PIERS VITEBSKY - Sacred Architecture Symbolic Form and Ornament Traditions of East and West Models of the Cosmos
81213: HUMPHRIES, BARRY (NICHOLAS GARLAND, ILLUS.) - The Complete Barry McKenzie - with a preface by Sir Les Patterson Not so much a legendary strip more a resonant social history per se.
45259: HUMPHRIES, BARRY - Women in the Background
42908: HUMPHRIES, BARRY - Treasury of Australian Kitsch
9814: HUMPHRIES, BARRY - The Barry Humphries Book of Innocent Austral Verse
12157: HUMPHRIES, BARRY - More Please An Autobiography
57926: HUMPHRIES, BARRY - Flashbacks An irreverent look at Australia from the 50's to the 80's
82443: HUMPHRIES, BARRY - Handling Edna: signed copy The Unauthorised Biography
64868: HUMPHRIES, BARRY (ED.) - Bizarre With Material Taken from Bizarre published by Jean Jacques Pauvert and other sources
77318: HUNEKER, JAMES - Chopin: The Man and His Music
44804: HUNGERFORD, T.A.G. - The Ridge and the River: Australian Classics edition
69004: HUNNISETT, BASIL - Steel-Engraved Book Illustration in England
80272: HUNT, R.W., ET.AL. (EDS.) - Studies in Medieval History Presented to Frederick Maurice Powicke "Powicke Festschrift"
70756: HUNT, EDGAR - The Recorder and its Music
71057: HUNT, TRISTRAM - Marx's General The Revolutionary Life of Friedrich Engels
8191: HUNT, JOHN - The Ascent of Everest
89151: HUNT, HAROLD - The Master Printers of Sydney: The Story of the Printing and Allied Trades Employers' Association of New South Wales, 1887- 1971
69721: HUNTER, CATHERINE - Margaret Olley: DVD A Life in Paint
41587: HUNTER, SAM - Isamu Noguchi
84721: HUNTER, NORMAN (W. HEATH ROBINSON, ILLUS.) - The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm
72872: HUNTER, CATHERINE - Savannah Country: DVD The Art of Julie Poulsen and Jenny Valmardre
72873: HUNTER, CATHERINE - The Imagined Life: DVD The Art of Wendy Sharpe
71312: HUNTER, CATHERINE - Jenny Sages: DVD Paths to Portraiture
71311: HUNTER, CATHERINE - William Robinson: DVD A Painter's Journey
66972: HUNTER, ALF G. - History of the Eighty-Second Indiana Volunteer Infantry Its Organization, Campaigns and Battles
71873: HUNTER, CATHERINE - Jeffrey Smart: DVD Master of Stillness
83760: HUNTER, DOUGLAS - Half Moon Henry Hudson and the Voyage that Redrew the Map of the New World
84324: HUNTER, NORMAN (W. HEATH ROBINSON, ILLUS.) - The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm
83544: HUNTER, CATHERINE - Trent Parke: The Black Rose: DVD
69751: HUNTER, CATHERINE - Sidney Nolan: Mask and Memory: DVD A Life in Paint
87698: HUNTLY, MOIRA - Learn to Draw Boats
66940: HURLEY, FRANK - Hurley at War The Photography and Diaries of Frank Hurley in Two World Wars
92966: HURLEY, FRANK (JOHN THOMPSON, ED.) - Hurley's Australia: Myth, Dream, Reality
84091: HURLEY, BRI - Making a Scene New York Hardcore in Photos, Lyrics and Commentary
14920: HURLEY, FRANK - Shackleton's Argonauts A Saga of the Antarctic Ice-packs
14555: HURLIMANN, BETTINA - Three Centuries of Children's Books in Europe
85114: HURST, ALEX (INTRO.) - The Medley of Mast and Sail: Volume II - A Camera Record
53773: HURSTON, ZORA NEALE - Jonah's Gourd Vine
83287: HURSTON, ZORA NEALE - Dust Tracks on a Road An Autobiography
83292: HURSTON, ZORA NEALE - Moses, Man of the Mountain
13764: HURT, MISSISSIPPI JOHN - 1928 Sessions: CD
80892: HURT, MISSISSIPPI JOHN - Ain't No Tellin' - The Best Of: CD Legendary Master series
80916: PANDIT JASRAJ; PANDIT HARIPRASAD CHAURASIA & USTAD ZAKIR HUSSAIN - Raga Jog, Live at Shivaji Park, Bombay: 2 CD Jugalbandi (Duet) series
89364: HUSSEY, CHRISTOPHER - Early Georgian 1715-1760 English Country Houses series
37017: HUSTON, JOHN - The Treasure of the Sierra Madre: DVD
77550: HUSTON, JOHN - The Misfits: DVD
61715: HUSTON, JOHN - Beat the Devil: DVD
79570: HUSTON, JOHN - The Asphalt Jungle: DVD
88403: HUSTON, JOHN - Moby Dick: DVD
76074: HUSTON, JOHN - Wise Blood: DVD
51702: HUSTON, JOHN - Key Largo: DVD
75432: HUSTVEDT, SIRI - What I Loved
79408: HUTCHERSON, GILLIAN - Gong-Wapitja Women and Art from Yirrkala
85982: HUTCHINGS, PETER - Dracula British Film Guides series
85716: HUTCHINGS, ASHLEY AND KEN NICOL - Copper, Russet and Gold: CD
59616: HUTCHINSON, THOMAS (ED.) - The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley
91086: HUTCHINSON, ROGER - Aleister Crowley - The Beast Demystified
83768: HUTCHINSON, ROBERT - Young Henry: The Rise of Henry VIII
87337: HUTT, JULIA, & HELENE ALEXANDER - Ogi A History of the Japanese Fan
86866: HUTTON, LEN - Fifty Years in Cricket
81180: HUTTON, PAUL ANDREW & DURWOOD BALL (EDS.) - Soldiers West Biographies from the Military Frontier
92799: HUXLEY, ELSPETH (ED.) - Nine Faces of Kenya
84704: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Defeat of Youth and Other Poems
79532: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Devils of Loudon
78246: HUXLEY, JULIAN, & H.B.D. KETTLEWELL - Charles Darwin and His World
38399: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Jesting Pilate The Diary of a Journey
69353: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Doors of Perception & Heaven and Hell
47499: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Mortal Coils
69954: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Genius & The Goddess
47415: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Defeat of Youth and Other Poems
69352: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Antic Hay
80012: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Crome Yellow
69953: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Gioconda Smile
43156: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Jesting Pilate The Diary of a Journey.
84705: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Defeat of Youth and Other Poems
88419: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Brave New World
31649: HUYGHE, RENE (ED.) (EMILY EVERSHED ET.AL., TRANS.) - Larousse Encyclopedia of Renaissance and Baroque Art
87318: HUYLER, STEPHEN P. - Village India
88083: HUYSER, ANNEKE (WANDA BOEKE, TRANS.) - Mandala Workbook For Inner Self-Discovery
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92082: ILLES, JUDIKA - The Element Encyclopedia of Witch Craft the complete a-z for the magical world; a companion book to The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells
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45181: IONESCO, EUGENE (DONALD WATSON, TRANS.) - Plays - Volume Six "A stroll in the air"; "Frenzy for two".
85421: IONESCO, EUGENE (DONALD WATSON, TRANS.) - Plays - Volume III "The Killer", "Improvisation, or The Shepherd's Chameleon"; "Maid to Marry"
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92228: IRWIN, GEOFFREY - The Prehistoric Exploration and Colonisation of the Pacific
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58717: JACKSON, DARYL - Evolutionary Modernism
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70877: JACOBSON, HOWARD - The Finkler Question
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92635: JACOBY, ALEXANDER (FOREWORD BY DONALD RICHIE) - A Critical Handbook of Japanese Film Directors From the Silent Era to the Present Day
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86521: JACQUET, LUC - The Fox and the Child: DVD
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82538: JAFFE, MARK - The Gilded Dinosaur: The Fossil War Between E.D. Cope And O.C. Marsh and the Rise of American Science
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84901: JAMES, CLIVE - May Week Was in June Unreliable Memoirs Continued
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87277: JAMES, M.R. - Abbeys with an additional chapter on "Monastic Life and Buildings" by A. Hamilton Thompson...With One Hundred Illustrations by Photographic Reproduction, Fifty-six drawings, Thirteen Plans, Seven Colour Plates and Map
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60833: JAMES, ANTHONY - Language of the Heart
90527: JAMES, C.L.R. (ANNA GRIMSHAW, ED.) - Cricket
14292: JAMES, P D - Devices and Desires
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84130: JANITCH, VALERIE - The Kate Greenaway Doll Book
81659: JANSCH, BERT AND CONUNDRUM - Thirteen Down: CD
81654: JANSCH, BERT - The Guitar Artistry of Bert Jansch: DVD Conundrum In Concert 1980
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59473: JARDINE, LISA - The Awful End of Prince William the Silent The First Assassination of a Head of State with a Handgun
91857: JARDINE, DOUGLAS (FOREWORD BY JOHN ARLOTT) - In Quest of the Ashes Douglas Jardine's Classic Account of the 'Bodyline' Tour
8528: JARMAN, DOUGLAS - Kurt Weill An Illustrated Biography
80033: JARMUSCH, JIM - Broken Flowers: DVD
80740: JARMUSCH, JIM - Only Lovers Left Alive: DVD
83540: JARMUSCH, JIM - Mystery Train: DVD
31853: JARMUSCH, JIM - Down By Law: 2 DVD
33365: JARMUSCH, JIM - Night on Earth: DVD
31856: JARMUSCH, JIM - Dead Man: DVD
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13902: JARRETT, KEITH - Melody at Night With You: CD
32065: JARRETT, KEITH & GARY PEACOCK & JACK DE JOHNETTE - My Foolish Heart: 2 CD Live at Montreux
41978: JARRETT, KEITH & TRIO - Yesterdays: CD With Gary Peacock & Jack DeJohnette
13927: JARRETT, KEITH - Koln Concert: CD
89691: JARVER, PETER - The Top End of Down Under
87219: JARVIS, TIM - Shackleton's Epic Recreating the World's Greatest Journey of Survival
60465: JARVIS, JADWIGA - The Wayzgoose Affair
92430: JASPERS, KARL (JOHN DREIJMANIS, ED.; ROBERT J. WHELAN, TRANS.) - On Max Weber with Introduction and Notes
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89967: JAY, MIKE - The Atmosphere of Heaven The Unnatural Experiments of Dr. Beddoes and his Sons of Genius
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86303: JAYAWARDHANA, RAY - Neutrino Hunters The Thrilling Chase for a Ghostly Particle to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe
92187: JEAL, TIM - Explorers of the Nile: The Triumph and Tragedy of a Great Victorian Adventure
74856: JEAVONS, RUSSELL (FOREWORD BY MAGGIE BEER; CHRISTO REID, ILLUS.) - Your Brick Oven Building it & Baking in it
73318: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - Medea Freely adapted from the Medea of Euripides
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92670: JEFFERY, BELINDA (RODNEY WEIDLAND, ILLUS.) - The Country Cookbook Seasonal Jottings and Recipes
82079: JEFFREYS, MAX - Wreck of the Sydney Cove The epic story of the shipwrecked crew and their heroic journey from Preservation Island to Port Jackson in 1797.
90799: JEFFRIES, LIONEL/CLAUDE WHATHAM - The Railway Children/Swallows and Amazons: 2 DVD
90175: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE (GRAHAM STUART THOMAS, ED.) - Colour in the Flower Garden
71204: JELLICOE OF SCAPA, ADMIRAL VISCOUNT, GCB, OM, GCVO - The Grand Fleet, 1914-1916 Its Creation, Development and Work
81370: JELLOUN, TAHAR BEN - Alberto Giacometti
89311: JENCKS, CHARLES - Daydream Houses of Los Angeles
39678: JENCKS, CHARLES (PHOTOGRAPHS BY RICHARD BRYANT) - Towards a Symbolic Architecture The Thematic House
88127: JENKINS, JOHN - Growing up with Mr Menzies
89220: JENKINS, SUSAN (ED.) - No Ordinary Place The Art of David Malangi
15188: JENKINS, ELLA - Songs Children Love to Sing : CD
82360: JENKINS, ELLA - Songs and Rhythms from Near and Far: CD
81008: JENKINS, JEAN (COMPILER) - Vocal & Instrumental Music of Mongolia: CD
15186: JENKINS, ELLA - You'll Sing a Song and I'll Sing a Song: CD
8986: JENKINS, NANCY - The Boat Beneath the Pyramid King Cheops' Royal Ship
53958: JENKS, KATHLEEN - Journey of a Dream Animal A Human Search for Personal Identity.
10028: JENNINGS, KATE - Moral Hazard: signed uncorrected proof copy
81917: JENNINGS, JOHN - Bark Canoes: The Art and Obsession of Tappan Adney
92649: JENNY, PETER - Unlearning to Draw
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92710: JEREMY, JOHN - Cockatoo Island Sydney's Historic Dockyard
67292: JEROME, JEROME K - Three Men in a Boat
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90549: JESSUP, HELEN IBBITSON - Art & Architecture of Cambodia
87781: JESWALD, PETER - Patios & Walkways Taunton's Build Like a Pro series; expert advice from start to finish
65954: JEUNET, JEAN-PIERRE - Micmacs: DVD
88329: JEUNET, JEAN-PIERRE - The Young and Prodigous T.S. Spivet: DVD
41049: JEUNET, JEAN-PIERRE - A Very Long Engagement: 2 DVD
89618: JEUNET, JEAN-PIERRE - Amelie: DVD
88374: JEWELL, BRIAN - Allard to Zodiac British Production Cars of the Sixties
91810: JEWELL, DEREK - Duke: A Portrait of Duke Ellington
30930: JEWELL, RICHARD & HARBIN, VERNON - The RKO Story The complete studio history with all of the 1051 films described and illustrated
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43461: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - The Householder
43105: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - A Stronger Climate Nine stories
43107: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - Like Birds, Like Fishes
7698: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - Poet and Dancer
75522: ZHANG JI (JONATHAN CHAVES, TRANS.) - Cloud Gate Song The Verse of the Tang Poet
67078: JIN, HA - Waiting
67085: JIN, HA - The Crazed
79272: JIRES, JAROMIL - Valerie and Her Week of Wonders: DVD
73632: JODIDIO, PHILIP - 100 Contemporary Architects: two volumes
82297: COUSIN JOE - Cousin Joe from New Orleans: 4 CD
92066: JOHARI, HARISH - The Healing Power of Gemstones In Tantra, Ayurveda, & Astrology
74897: WILLIAMS. JOHN (ED. & INTRO.) - Ingeborg Tyssen: Photographs 1974 - 1992
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30963: JOHNS, CAPT. W.E. ("STEAD", ILLUS.) - Biggles in the Orient
61499: JOHNS, LESLIE & STEVENSON, VIOLET - Fruit for the Home and Garden A comprehensive guide to cultivation and culinary use
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33739: JOHNS, ELIZABETH, ET.AL. - New Worlds from Old 19th Century Australian & American Landscapes
85915: JOHNS, CAPT. W.E. ("STEAD", ILLUS.) - Biggles in the Gobi A further adventure of Detective Air-Inspector Bigglesworth and his Air Police, this time in the desert known as the Black Gobi in the heart of Asia.
83980: JOHNS, JASPER - Catenary
83604: JOHNS, CAPT. W.E. ("STEAD", ILLUS.) - Biggles Works It Out A story of Air Detective-Inspector Bigglesworth and his comrades of the Air Police
40586: JOHNS, SUSIE - Making Beautiful Cushions 40 Inspiring Projects For Your Home
92706: JOHNSON, VIVIEN - Once Upon a Time in Papunya
92864: JOHNSON, ANTHONY - Solving Stonehenge: The New Key to an Ancient Enigma
67071: JOHNSON, DIANNE - Lighting the Way Reconciliation Stories
32421: JOHNSON, KEN, & GAVIN FRY - Ken Johnson: Life and Landscape
68760: JOHNSON, GEORGE - Miss Leavitt's Stars The Untold Story of the Woman Who Discovered How to Measure the Universe
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82706: JOHNSON, DIANNE - Bruny d' Entrecasteaux and his Encounter with Tasmanian Aborigines: From Provence to Recherche Bay
13765: JOHNSON, BLIND WILLIE - Sweeter as the Years Go By: CD
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73535: JOHNSON, PAULINE - Creative Bookbinding
58634: JOHNSON, DOUGLAS AND MADELEINE - The Age of Illusion Art and Politics in France 1918-1940
71025: JOHNSON, SAMUEL & JAMES BOSWELL - A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland
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11341: JOHNSON, DIANE CHALMERS - American Art Nouveau
83960: JOHNSON, JINNY (FOREWORD BY JOHN BURTON) - Animal Tracks and Signs Tracking over 400 Animals from Big Cats to Garden Birds
89611: JOHNSON, PAUL - A History of Christianity
90046: JOHNSON, ROBERT A. - The Fisher King & The Handless Maiden
80791: JOHNSON, ROBERT - The High Price of Soul: 2 CD
30731: JOHNSON, PENELOPE & JIRI TIBOR NOVAK (ILLUS.) - When the Buffalo Wakes
43700: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia
90423: JOHNSON JR., ROBERT BOWIE - Athena and Eden The Hidden Meaning of the Parthenon's East Facade
79327: JOHNSON, VIVIEN - Michael Jagamara Nelson
87092: JOHNSON, SAMUEL (ED. ROBERT MONTAGUE) - Lives of the English Poets: Folio Society edition
11995: JOHNSON, PAUL - Castles of England, Scotland and Wales
81367: JOHNSON, MICHAEL - Michael Johnson Paintings 1968-1988: signed copy
71759: JOHNSON, KIM "HOWARD" - The First 200 (= 20) Years of Monty Python
13771: JOHNSON, BLIND WILLIE - Praise God I'm Satisfied: CD
10968: JOHNSON, DIANNE - Sacred Waters The Story of the Blue Mountains Gully Traditional Owners.
92951: JOHNSTON, GEORGE H. - New Guinea Diary
88187: JOHNSTON, PATRICIA - Real Fantasies: Edward Steichen's Advertising Photography
89352: JOHNSTON, MARTIN - The Sea-Cucumber Paperback Poets (Second Series) 15
84337: JOHNSTON, KENNETH R. - Unusual Suspects Pitt's Reign of Alarm & the Lost Generation of the 1790s
72565: JOHNSTONE, CAITLIN - The Complete Book of Astrology Your Personal guide to learning, understanding and using Astrology
11944: JOKELSON, PAUL - Sulphides: The Art of Cameo Incrustation
61730: JOLLES, CLAUDIA - The Nestle Art Collection
44914: JOLLEY, ELIZABETH - Foxbaby
11579: JOLLEY, ELIZABETH - The Sugar Mother
61138: JOLLEY, ELIZABETH - The Georges' Wife
36342: JOLLEY, ELIZABETH (DRAWINGS BY MANDY BROWNE) - The Newspaper of Claremont Street
50797: JOLLEY, ELIZABETH - An Accommodating Spouse
14468: JOLLEY, ELIZABETH - Milk and Honey
11583: JOLLEY, ELIZABETH - Cabin Fever
88298: JOLLIFFE, JOHN (TRANS.) - Froissart's Chronicles
92245: JOLLY, MARTYN - Faces of the Living Dead The Belief in Spirit Photography
76178: JOLLY, ROSLYN - The Cruise of the Janet Nichol Among the South Sea Islands: A Diary by Mrs Robert Louis Stevenson
86523: JONES, THAI - More Powerful Than Dynamite Radicals, Plutocrats, Progressives, and New York's Year of Anarchy
81304: JONES, EAN - Register of Pioneer Families of Lithgow & District (Pre 1856) Containing Genealogical Details of 159 Pioneers and Their Families: Volume I
87507: JONES, KATHLEEN - Katherine Mansfield The Story Teller
56542: JONES, DAVID L. - Cycads of the World Ancient plants in today's landscape
86757: JONES, DAVID (ED. HARMAN GRISEWOOD) - Epoch and Artist: Selected Writings
80249: JONES, T.M. & ION IDRIESS - The Silent Service Action Stories of the ANZAC Navy; Foreword by the Hon. Norman J.O. Makin M.H.R., Minister for the Navy
78654: JONES, LOUISA; FOREWORD BY DAN PEARSON - Mediterranean Gardens A Model for Good Living
76854: JONES, GIL - Wasteland Wilderness Wonderland Getting to Know Sydney's Sandstone Country
84501: JONES, MARIAN - Australian Sugar Artistry
83735: JONES, CLARENCE B & STUART CONNELLY - Behind the Dream: The Makings of the Speech that Transformed a Nation
90936: JONES, W GLYN & KIRSTEN GADE - Colloquial Danish: The Complete Course for Beginners
72516: JONES, DAVID - The Anathemata Fragments of an Attempted Writing
42290: JONES, SHAR - Early Painters of Australia 1788-1880
85459: JONES, STEVE - Darwin's Island The Galapagos in the Garden of England
91001: JONES, RICHARD (JOHN MASON, ILLUS.) - Mystical Britain and Ireland - Over 100 Important Places of Ancient Worship and Legend
71291: JONES, TERRY - Monty Python's The Life of Brian: DVD The Divine Comedy Classic Re-mastered and Resurrected
67498: JONES, KATHARINE M - Heroines of Dixie
64855: JONES, PHILIP - Art and Life The Memoir of a Man Bearing Witness to the Remarkable World of Heide
71894: JONES, CHUCK - Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!: DVD
30810: JONES, D.L. AND GRAY, B. - Australian Climbing Plants
13078: JONES, SPIKE - Strictly for Music Lovers: 4 CD
92934: JONES, DANIEL (ED., AND INTRO.) - Dylan Thomas: The Poems
82194: JONES, LAURA - An Angel at My Table: The Screenplay from the Three-Volume Autobiography of Janet Frame: signed copy
92556: JONES, MICHAEL - Leningrad State of Siege
91434: JONES, GEOFFREY - Attacker: The Hudson and its Flyers
69628: JONES, TERRY - Monty Python's The Meaning of Life: DVD
34881: JONES, DAVID J - A Source of Inspiration & Delight The Buildings of the State Library of New South Wales since 1826.
77092: JONES, STEVE - Y The Descent of Men
92160: JONES, A H M - Athenian Democracy
70026: JONES, MARTIN - Feast Why Humans Share Food.
90381: JONES, BERNARD E. - The Practical Woodworker Volume 1 - Mastering Tools & Materials
91628: DE JONGH, BRIAN - The Companion Guide to Greece Athens, the Peloponnese, Delphi
41394: JOPLIN, SCOTT - The All-Time Ragtime: 2 CD
87208: JORDAN, DON, AND MICHAEL WALSH - White Cargo The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America
91383: JORDAN, SETH (ED.) - World Music: Global Sounds in Australia
67671: JORDAN, NEIL - Mistaken
90610: JORDAN, ROBERT & BRANDON SANDERSON - The Gathering Storm Book 12 of the Wheel of Time
76088: JORMIN, ANDERS - In winds, in light: CD
56003: JOSEPHY, ALVIN M. - 500 Nations An Illustrated History of North American Indians.
61621: JOSHI, PANDIT BHIMSEN - Swaradhiraj: CD Volume 5
81270: JOY, EDWARD T (INTRO.) - Pictorial Dictionary of British 19th Century Furniture Design
81269: JOY, EDWARD T - English Furniture 1800-1851
42539: JOYCE, DAVID (ED. - Garden Styles An Illustrated History of Design and Tradition.
69909: JOYCE, JAMES - Giacomo Joyce Introduction and Notes by Richard Ellmann
68357: JOYCE, JAMES - Stephen Hero Part of the first draft of 'A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
90076: JOYCE, JAMES - Pomes Penyeach
82660: JOYCE, JAMES - Pomes Penyeach and Other Verses
85333: JOYCE, JAMES - Dubliners: The Traveller's Library edition
32575: JOYCE, ROGER B. - Samuel Walker Griffith
39623: JOYES, CLAIRE, ET.AL. - Monet at Giverny
92129: JU, I HSIUNG - The Book of Bamboo
82885: JUDE, DICK - Fantasy Art of the New Millennium:The Best in Fantasy and SF Art Worldwide
72182: JULIAN, PETER - Fly Fishing for Trout Down Under
8698: JUNG, C.G. (ANIELA JAFFE, ED.; RICHARD & CLARA WINSTON, TRANS.) - Memories, Dreams, Reflections
52483: JUNG, C.G. - Four Archetypes: Mother, Rebirth, Spirit, Trickster
79453: JUNG, C G (EDITED BY WILLIAM MCGUIRE & R F C HULL) - C G Jung speaking Interviews and Encounters
79428: JUNG, C G - Essays on Contemporary Events Reflections on Nazi Germany
91982: JUNG, C.G. (R.F.C. HULL, TRANS.) - On the Nature of the Psyche
92857: JUNG, C G (TRANS. R F C HULL) - The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche: Bollingen Series XX Second Edition
86589: JUNG, C G (TRANS. R F C HULL) - The Symbolic Life: Miscellaneous Writings
63817: JUNG, C G - Dictionary of Analytical Psychology
76397: JUNGER, SEBASTIAN - The Perfect Storm A True Story of Man Against the Sea
10038: JUNGER, SEBASTIAN - Fire - signed copy
90930: JUNOD, HENRI A. - The Life of a South African Tribe - 2 vols. I - Social Life; II - Mental Life
81930: JURAN, NATHAN (RAY HARRYHAUSEN) - The 7th Voyage of Sinbad: DVD
68753: KADARE, ISMAIL (JOHN HODGSON, TRANS.) - The Three-Arched Bridge
78954: KADARE, ISMAIL (ARSHI PIPA, TRANS.) - Chronicle in Stone
75545: KAEL, PAULINE, SANFORD SCHWARTZ, ED. - The Age of Movies Selected Writings
65923: KAFKA, FRANZ (TRANS. MICHAEL HOFFMAN) - Metamorphosis and Other Stories
71381: KAFKA, FRANZ (TRANS. J.A. UNDERWOOD) - The Castle
81960: KAFKA, FRANZ (TANIA & JAMES STERN, TRANS.) - Letters to Milena
89360: KAFKA, FRANZ (RICHARD & CLARA WINSTON, TRANS.) - Letters to Friends, Family, & Editors Kafka Library
90957: KAFKA, FRANZ (INTRO. WILL SELF; ILLUS. BILL BRAGG; TRANS. MICHAEL HOFMANN) - Metamorphosis and Other Stories: Folio Society edition
81728: KAFKA, FRANZ (DONNA FREED, TRANS.) - The Metamorphosis and Other Stories
71050: KAFU, NAGAI (TRANS. STEPHEN SNYDER) - Rivalry A Geisha's Tale
92736: KAGAN, DONALD - Problems in Ancient History - Two Volumes Volume 1 - The Ancient Near East and Greece; Volume 2 - The Roman World
75438: KAGAN, JEROME - Three Seductive Ideas
89308: KAGAN, NORMAN - The Cinema of Stanley Kubrick
90472: KAGAN, DONALD - Thucydides The Reinvention of History
92472: KAHN, DOUGLAS - Earth Sound Earth Signal Energies and Earth Magnitude in the Arts
63134: KAHRE, GEORG (BASIL GREENHILL, ED.; INTRODUCTION BY HRH THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH) - The Last Tall Ships Gustaf Erikson and the Aland Sailing Fleets, 1872-1947
62258: KAHRS, JOHANNES - Lonely Long Meaningless Way Home
90721: CHEN KAIGE - Temptress Moon: DVD
90722: CHEN KAIGE - Farewell My Concubine: DVD

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