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10730: CAREY, PETER - War Crimes
82223: CAREY, PETER - My Life as a Fake
91423: CAREY, PETER - The Chemistry of Tears
64069: CAREY, PETER - Bliss
71408: CAREY, PETER - The Tax Inspector: signed copy
71089: CAREY, PETER - Parrot and Olivier in America
14295: CAREY, PETER - The Tax Inspector
65744: CAREY, PETER - True History of the Kelly Gang
36059: CAREY, PETER - Oscar and Lucinda
63757: CAREY, PETER - War Crimes: signed copy
70807: CAREY, PETER - True History of the Kelly Gang
77131: CAREY, PETER - The Tax Inspector - signed by author
49803: CAREY, PETER - Illywhacker
35130: CAREY, PETER - The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith
14166: CAREY, PETER - Theft A Love Story
35977: CAREY, PETER - True History of the Kelly Gang
92236: CARGILL, JACK - The Second Athenian League Empire or Free Alliance?
31944: CARLEY, JAMES P. - Glastonbury Abbey The Holy House at the Head of the Moors Adventurous
91215: CARLSSON, SUSANNE CHAUVEL - Charles and Elsa Chauvel: Movie Pioneers
89133: CARLTON, MIKE - First Victory - 1914: HMAS Sydney's Hunt for the German Raider Emden: signed copy
89132: CARLTON, MIKE - Cruiser: The Life and Loss of HMAS Perth and Her Crew: signed copy
32715: CARLUCCIO, ANTONIO - An Invitation to Italian Cooking
85644: CARLYLE, THOMAS - Essays - The Wallet Library series Introduction by Frederic Harrison
55502: CARLYON, LES - The Great War
91907: CARLYON, LES (ED.) - They're Racing! The Complete Story of Australian Racing
57202: CARMAN, JEAN K. - Dyemaking with Eucalypts
15282: CARNE, MARCEL - The Children of Paradise (Les Enfants du Paradis): DVD
80688: CARNEGIE, HON. DAVID W - Spinifex and Sand: A Narrative of Five Years' Pioneering and Exploration in Western Australia
61816: CARO, ANTHONY - The Cascades
73508: CARO, NIKI - Whale Rider: DVD
39995: CAROSELLLI, SUSAN L. - The Painted Enamels of Limoges A catalogue of the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
68054: CARPENTER, JOHN - Dark Star: 2 DVD
50984: CARPENTER, HUMPHREY - Spike Milligan The Biography
74677: CARPENTER, HUMPHREY - Benjamin Britten A Biography
9089: CARR, IAN - Miles Davis A Critical Biography
57284: CARR, RAYMOND - Images of the Spanish Civil War
76080: CARR, LEROY, WITH SCRAPPER BLACKWELL - When the Sun Goes Down: 4 CD 1934-1941
60698: CARR, J L - A Month in the Country: Folio Society edition Introduced by Ronald Blythe & illustrated by Ian Stephens
11392: CARR, D.J. (ED.) - Sydney Parkinson Artist of Cook's Endeavour Voyage
56159: CARRADICE, IAN - Greek Coins
71864: LE CARRE, JOHN - Absolute Friends
68121: LE CARRE, JOHN - Our Game
63767: CARRE, ALBERT L - English-Jersey Language Vocabulary In collaboration with Frank Le Maistre & Philip M De Veulle
66788: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Mission Song
44454: LE CARRE, JOHN - A Perfect Spy
86082: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
58969: LE CARRE, JOHN - The Russia House
79363: THE DALAI LAMA & JEAN-CLAUDE CARRIERE - Violence & Compassion
56456: CARRILLO DE ALBORNOZ, CRISTINA - Balthus in his Own Words
43438: CARRINGTON, DOROTHY - The Traveller's Eye
92263: CARROLL, LEWIS (QUENTIN BLAKE, ILLUS.) - The Hunting of the Snark - Folio Society edition An Agony in Eight Fits
72674: CARROLL, WILLARD - Tom's Midnight Garden: DVD
9332: CARROLL, LEWIS - The Story of Sylvie and Bruno
92313: CARROLL, JAMES - Constantine's Sword The Church and the Jews
9319: CARROLL, LEWIS (ALICE B WOODWARD & SUE SHIELDS, ILLUS.) - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
92956: CARROLL, LEWIS (MAGGIE TAYLOR, ILLUS.; INTRODUCTION BY NORMAN N. HOLLAND) - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - signed limited edition
61201: CARROLL, ALISON - Barbara Hanrahan Printmaker
81842: CARROLL, SEAN B. - Endless Forms Most Beautiful The New Science of Evo Devo and the making of the Animal Kingdom
76129: CARROLL, LEWIS (MORTON COHEN, ED. - WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF ROGER LANCELYN GREEN) - The Letters: two volumes Vol.I: ca.1837-1885; Vol.II: 1886-1898
10345: CARROLL, JOHN - The Wreck of Western Culture Humanism Revisited
75868: CARROLL, SEAN B. - Remarkable Creatures Epic Adventures in the Search for the Origin of Species
92412: CARROLL, LEWIS (RALPH STEADMAN, ILLUS.) - The Complete Alice & The Hunting of the Snark
89926: CARROLL, JOCK - Falling for Marilyn The Lost Niagra Collection
70150: CARROLL, JOHN - The Existential Jesus
84550: CARROLL, LEWIS (NADINE AMADIO, ED.; CHARLES BLACKMAN, ILLUS.) - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
75886: CARROLL, BRIAN - The Australian Poster Album
90362: CARSON, CLAYBORNE (ED.) - The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
63119: CARSON, RACHEL - Silent Spring: Folio Society edition
85714: MAGNA CARTA - Deserted Highways of the Heart...: 2 CD
81451: CARTER, ALAN & JUNE - Carter's Price Guide to Antiques in Australia: 1989 edition
77658: CARTER, ANGELA - Nights at the Circus
84717: CARTER, ANGELA - Nights at the Circus with a Introduction by Sarah Waters
86680: CARTER, CHARLES E.O. - An Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology Together with Observations on the Astrological Characteristics of about Fifty Diseases, and an Introductory Essay on the Zodiacal Signs
77495: CARTER, ALAN - The Authentic Alan Carter Antiques & Collectables Price Guide 2005 Australasian Edition
89374: CARTER, ANGELA - Wise Children
81465: CARTER, ALAN, JUNE AND JULIE - Carter's Price Guide to Antiques in Australia: 1986 edition: signed copy
81454: CARTER, ALAN, JUNE AND JULIE - Carter's Price Guide to Antiques in Australia: 1985 edition: signed copy
68434: CARTER, BETTY - The Modern Sound of Betty Carter: CD
81455: CARTER, ALAN, JUNE AND JULIE - Carter's Price Guide to Antiques in Australia: 1990 edition
70963: CARTER, STEPHEN L. - The Emperor of Ocean Park
56769: CARTER, ANGELA (EROS KEITH, ILLUS.) - Miss Z The Dark Young Lady
56760: CARTER, ANGELA - Wise Children
7644: CARTER, ANGELA - Black Venus
86602: CARTER, FORREST - The Education of Little Tree
90748: CARTER, PAUL - The Lie of the Land
92047: CARTER, ANGELA (ED.) (CORINNA SARGOOD, ILLUS.) - The Virago Book of Fairy Tales
86986: CARTER, SIMON, ET.AL. - Blue Mountains Climbing 2015 Edition
56770: CARTER, ANGELA (EROS KEITH, ILLUS.) - The Donkey Prince
81452: CARTER, ALAN, JUNE AND JULIE - Carter's Price Guide to Antiques in Australia: 1987 edition
81004: CARTHY, MARTIN, & DAVE SWARBRICK - Both Ears and the Tail: CD
81001: CARTHY, ELIZA - Rough Music: CD
80922: CARTHY, MARTIN, & DAVE SWARBRICK - Walnut Creek: CD Live Recordings, 1989-1996
80854: CARTHY, ELIZA - The Definitive Collection: CD
74787: CARTHY, ELIZA - Wayward Daughter: 2 CD
74788: CARTHY, MARTIN - Essential: 2 CD
57328: CARTHY, ELIZA - Anglicana: CD
80999: WATERSON : CARTHY - Broken Ground: CD
81013: WATERSON : CARTHY - Fishes & Fine Yellow Sand: CD
79013: CARTHY, MARTIN & ELIZA - The Moral of the Elephant: CD
90465: CARTLEDGE, PAUL - After Thermopylae The Oath of Palataea and the End of the Graeco-Persian Wars
65632: CARTWRIGHT, GARTH - Princes Amongst Men Journeys with gypsy musicians
73611: CARUANA, WALLY (ED.) - Windows on the Dreaming Aboriginal Paintings in the Australian National Gallery
43942: CARUANA, WALLY - Aboriginal Art New Edition
90072: CARVER, RAYMOND - Ultramarine Poems
59620: CARVER, REGINALD AND BERNSTEIN, LENNY - Jazz Profiles The Spirit of the Nineties
89960: CARVER, RAYMOND - A New Path to the Waterfall Introduction by Tess Gallagher
84055: CARVER, RAYMOND - Cathedral
92291: CARWARDINE, MARK (MARTIN CAMM, ILLUS.; PETER EVANS & MASON WEINRICH, EDS.) - Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises - Collins Eyewitness Handbooks series The visual guide to all the world's cetaceans
8821: CARY, JOYCE - The Captive and the Free
7642: CARY, JOYCE - Except the Lord
63654: CARY, JOYCE - A Fearful Joy
8868: CARY, JOYCE - Not Honour More
91386: CASE, ANDY (ANDREW PERRIS, ILLUS.) - Beautiful Pigs Portraits of Fine Breeds
8548: CASE, BRIAN & STAN BRITT - The Illustrated Encylopedia of Jazz
92870: CASEY, P J (TRANS. R S O TOMLIN) - Carausius and Allectus The British Usurpers
76154: CASH, JOHNNY, WITH PATRICK CARR - Cash The Autobiography of Johnny Cash
56927: CASHMAN, RICHARD, ET.AL. (EDS.) - The Oxford Companion to Australian Cricket
91885: CASSADY, NEAL - The First Third A Partial Autobiography and Other Writings
91884: CASSADY, NEAL - The First Third and Other Writings
61756: CASSANI, SILVIA (ED.) - In the Shadow of Vesuvius Views of Naples from Baroque to Romanticism 1631 -1830
55681: CASSERLEY, H.C. - Railways Between the Wars
76339: CASSETTARI, STEPHEN - Chinese Flower Painting Techniques
91253: CASSETTARI, STEPHEN - Chinese Brush Painting Techniques
43678: CASSON, L.F. (ED.) - The Romance of Sir Degrevant
68457: CASTANEDA, CARLOS - The Art of Dreaming
91068: CASTENADA, CARLOS - The Teachings of Don Juan A Yaqui way of knowledge
56002: CASTLEMAN, RIVA - Seven Master Printmakers Innovations in the Eighties.
54570: CASTRO, BRIAN - The Garden Book
11506: CASTRO, BRIAN - Shanghai Dancing
11396: CATALANO, GARY - An Intimate Australia The Landscape and Recent Australian Art
76446: CATHCART, BRIAN - The Fly in the Cathedral How a small group of Cambridge scientists won the race to split the atom
84118: CATHER, WILLA - The Troll Garden & Obscure Destinies - Franklin Library edition
75240: CATHER, WILLA - Alexander's Bridge
81903: CATHERS, DAVID - Gustav Stickley
55961: THE CATHOLICS - Choice: CD Selections from the first four albums
58792: THE CATHOLICS - Inter Vivos: 2 CD Live in Concert
73520: THE CATHOLICS - Yonder: CD
69937: THE CATHOLICS - Gondola: CD
88745: CAU, JEAN (ILLUS. SINE) - My Village
86338: CAULFIELD, MICHAEL - The Unknown Anzacs The Real Stories of Our National Legend
58392: CAVALIERI, PAOLA, AND PETER SINGER (EDS.) - The Great Ape Project Equality Beyond Humanity.
84620: CAVANI, LILIANA - The Night Porter: DVD
65227: CAVE, NICK - And the Ass Saw the Angel
12208: CAVENDISH, GEORGE - Thomas Wolsey - Folio Society edition Late Cardinal His Life and Death written by George Cavendish his gentleman/usher
54663: CAVENDISH, RICHARD - The Powers of Evil
92076: CAWTE, JOHN (DOUGLASS BAGLIN & BILLY REID, ILLUS.) - Healers of Arnhem Land
92671: CAWTHORNE, MAGDA - Hidden History of the Blue Mountains
88181: CAWTHORNE, NIGEL - Secrets of Love The Erotic Arts Through the Ages
9777: CAYLEY, NEVILLE - What Bird is That? A Guide to the Birds of Australia
62327: CAZNEAUX, HAROLD (MAX DUPAIN, ED.) - Cazneaux Photographs by Harold Cazneaux 1878 -1953 Selected and with an appreciation by Max Dupain
92337: CAZNEAUX, HAROLD (INTRO. HELEN ENNIS & PHILLIP ADAMS) - Cazneaux: The Quiet Observer
50482: CECCHINI, GIOVANNI - The Palio of Siena
88285: CECIL, LORD DAVID (INTRO.) & GRAHAM OVENDEN (ED.) - A Victorian Album: Julia Margaret Cameron and Her Circle
61768: CELANT, GERMANO, ET.AL. - BV 97 La Biennale di Venezia 47th International Art Exhibition
51685: CELL, GILLIAN T. (ED.) - Newfoundland Discovered English Attempts at Colonisation, 1610-1630
87361: CENDRARS, BLAISE (TRANS. MARK SPITZER) - Films Without Images: Gilles de Rais, Sarajevo, and The Divine Aretino
38514: CENDRARS, BLAISE (TRANS. NINA ROOTES) - Gold The Marvellous History of General John Augustus Sutter
85374: CERAM, C.W. - Gods, Graves and Scholars The Story of Archaeology
74413: CERAM, C W - Narrow Pass, Black Mountain The Discovery of the Hittite Empire
68615: CESCINSKY, HERBERT - The Gentle Art of Faking Furniture
92723: DE CHABRILLAN, CELESTE (INTRODUCTION BY PATRICIA CLANCY & JEANNE ALLEN, TRANS.) - The French Consul's Wife Memoirs of Celeste de Chabrillan in gold-rush Australia
74106: CHABROL, CLAUDE - Chabrol Collection Volume 1: 5 DVD Les biches; La Femme Infidele; Que la bete meure; le Boucher; Grand manege: qu'est ce qui fait tourner Claude Chabrol
9896: CHADHA, YOGESH - Rediscovering Gandhi
88140: CHADWICK, JOHN - The Decipherment of Linear B
32061: CHADWICK, JOHN - The Decipherment of Linear B
83903: CHADWICK, JOHN - The Mycenaean World
86092: CHAESAM, PAK (TRANS. DAVID R MCCANN & JIWON SHIN) - Enough to Say It's Far
76962: CHAFFEY, DON - Greyfriar's Bobby: DVD
34731: CHAKRAVERTY, ANJAN - Indian Miniature Painting
90349: CHALLIS, MYLES - Exotic Gardening in Cool Climates
63667: CHAMBERLAIN, DENIS J - History of the Bathurst Contingents, 1868 - 1987
8346: CHAMBERLIN, RUSSELL, ET.AL. - Great Little Railways
53946: CHAMBERLIN, E.R. - Antichrist and the Millenium
67175: CHAMBERS, NICOLE C - The Quilt Maniac's Playbook Fuel for the Quilt Imagination
81864: CHAMBERS, ROLAND - The Last Englishman: The Double Life of Arthur Ransome
9909: CHAMBERS, JAMES - The Devil's Horsemen The Mongol Invasion of Europe
46058: CHAMBERS, DAVID, FRANKLIN, COLIN AND TUCKER, ALAN - GOGMAGOG Morris Cox and the Gogmagog Press.
52480: CHAMPOLLION, JACQUES - The World of the Egyptians
58076: CHAN, JACKIE - Project A, Part II: DVD
58075: CHAN, JACKIE - Project A: 2 DVD Platinum Edition
86077: CHANAN, MICHAEL - From Handel to Hendrix The Composer in the Public Sphere
85158: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - The High Window - A Philip Marlowe Mystery Introduction by Mark Billingham
91893: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - The Big Sleep
38716: CHANDLER, CHARLOTTE - Hello, I Must Be Going: Groucho & His Friends
85270: CHANDLER, CHARLOTTE - Hello, I Must Be Going Groucho & His Friends
78543: CHANDLER, CHARLOTTE - Hello, I Must Be Going Groucho & His Friends
61384: CHANDLER, CHARLOTTE - Nobody's Perfect: Billy Wilder, A Personal Biography
85157: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - The Little Sister - A Philip Marlowe Mystery Introduction by Val McDermid
91707: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - The Long Good-Bye
91705: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - The High Window
85159: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - The Big Sleep - A Philip Marlowe Mystery Introduction by Ian Rankin
68847: CHANDMAL, ASIT - One Thousand Moons Krishnamurti at Eighty-Five
83156: CHANDRA, VIKRAM - Red Earth and Pouring Rain
83631: CHANDRA, VIKRAM - Sacred Games A Novel
84101: CHANDRA, VIKRAM - Sacred Games
90470: CHANG, AMOS IH TIAO - The Tao of Architecture
69440: CHANG, JUNG, WITH JON HALLIDAY - Mao The Unknown Story
91070: CHANG, IRIS - The Rape of Nanking The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II
81400: CHANIN, EILEEN & STEVEN MILLER (INTRO. JUDITH PUGH) - Degenerates and Perverts The 1939 Herald Exhibition of French and British Contemporary Art
74439: CHAPEL, CHARLES EDWARD - The Complete Book of Gun Collecting Illustrated
64626: CHAPLIN, CHARLES - A King in New York: DVD
67327: CHAPLIN, CHARLES - City Lights: 2 DVD
67330: CHAPLIN, CHARLES - Limelight: 2 DVD
84591: CHAPLIN, HARRY F (FOREWORD NORMAN LINDSAY) - Norman Lindsay: His Books, Manuscripts and Autograph Letters in the Library of, and Annotated by Harry Chaplin
84593: CHAPLIN, HARRY F - A Brennan Collection: An Annotated Catalogue of First Editions, Inscribed Copies, Letters, Manuscripts and Association Items: signed and limited edition
64632: CHAPLIN, CHARLES - Gold Rush: DVD
8643: CHAPLIN, CHARLES - My Autobiography
91235: CHAPLIN, MIKE - Watercolours - Discover Art series First Steps to Becoming an Artist
64628: CHAPLIN, CHARLES - Limelight: DVD
30945: CHAPLIN, CHARLES - My Life in Pictures
64630: CHAPLIN, CHARLES - The Kid: DVD
32965: CHAPMAN, GRAHAM (JONATHAN HILLS, ILLUS.) - A Liar's Autobiography - Volume VI
91178: CHAPMAN, GILES - Cars That Time Forgot
84590: CHAPMAN, JEAN WITH DEBORAH & KILMENY NILAND (ILLUS.) - Tell Me a Tale: Stories Songs & Things To Do
13751: CHARLES, RAY - Heart and Soul: 2 CD
9362: CHARLESTON, ROBERT (ED.) - World Ceramics An Illustrated History
78249: CHARLWOOD, DON - No Moon Tonight
87480: CHARRIERE, HENRI (PATRICK O'BRIAN, TRANS.) - Banco The Further Adventures of Papillon
91805: CHARTERS, ANN - Kerouac A Biography
90156: CHARTERS, ANN (ED.) & JACK KEROUAC - Jack Kerouac: Selected Letters 1957-1969
90107: CHASE, OWEN (GARY KINDER, ED.) - The Wreck of the Whaleship Essex A First-Hand Account of One of History's Most Extraordinary Maritime Disasters by Owen Chase, First Mate
66971: CHASE, COL. J.A. - History of the Fourteenth Ohio Regiment, O.V.V.I. From the Beginning of the War in 1861 to its Close in 1865.
86549: CHASE, MARY ELLEN (ERWIN SCHACHNER, ILLUS.) - The Story of Lighthouses
81417: CHASTEL, ANDRE - French Art Prehistory to the Middle Ages
81418: CHASTEL, ANDRE - French Art The Renaissance, 1430-1620
57683: CHATEAUBRIAND - Atala-Rene
92655: CHATRIAN, CARLO, & GRAZIA PAGANELLI (EDS.) - Manga Impact! The World of Japanese Animation
65215: CHATWIN, BRUCE - On the Black Hill
89601: CHATWIN, BRUCE (ED. ELIZABETH CHATWIN & NICHOLAS SHAKESPEARE) - Under the Sun: The Letters of Bruce Chatwin
74499: CHATWIN, BRUCE - Photographs and Notebooks
70923: CHATWIN, BRUCE - The Viceroy of Ouidah
40800: CHATWIN, BRUCE - Utz
58291: CHATWIN, BRUCE - The Songlines
36578: CHATWIN, BRUCE - On the Black Hill
45654: CHATWIN, BRUCE - What Am I Doing Here
36448: CHATWIN, BRUCE - The Viceroy of Ouidah
84618: CHAUVEL, CHARLES - Jedda: DVD
82289: CHAUVEL, CHARLES - Sons of Mathew: DVD
82290: CHAUVEL, CHARLES - In the Wake of the Bounty: DVD
60441: CHEETHAM, SIR NICOLAS - Keepers of the Keys The Pope in History
90384: CHEEVER, SUSAN - e.e. cummings a life
12054: CHENEY, C.R. & MARY G. - The Letters of Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) Concerning England and Wales A Calendar with an Appendix of Texts.
88967: CHERITON, JANET - The Rose Growers Handbook
72152: CHERKOVSKI, NEELI - Hank The Life of Charles Bukowski
92353: CHEROUX, CLEMENT - Henri Cartier-Bresson
79659: CHERRY, DON - Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966 - Vol. 2: CD
71860: CHERRY-GARRARD, APSLEY (INTRODUCTION BY PAUL THEROUX) - The Worst Journey in the World Antarctic, 1910-1913
79660: CHERRY, DON - Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966 - Vol. 1: CD + DVD
79661: CHERRY, DON - Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966 - Vol. 3: CD
87218: CHERRY, DERELIE - Alexander Macleay From Scotland to Sydney
57814: CHESSELL, GWEN - Richard Spencer Napoleonic War Naval Hero and Australian Pioneer
32801: CHIA-LIANG, LIU - The 36th Chamber of Shaolin: DVD
13919: ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO - Urban Bushmen: 2 CD
33195: CHICAGO, JUDY (DONALD WOODMAN, ILLUS.) - Holocaust Project From Darkness into Light
40569: CHICHESTER, FRANCIS - Gipsy Moth Circles the World
10811: CHICHESTER, FRANCIS - The Lonely Sea and the Sky The Autobiography
67042: CHICK, SUZANNE - Searching for Charmian The daughter Charmian Clift gave away discovers the mother she never knew
60869: CHIDA, ETSUKO - Japan: Courtly Songs: CD
65547: CHILD, FRANCIS JAMES (ED.) - The English and Scottish Popular Ballads In Five Volumes Volume V
65548: CHILD, FRANCIS JAMES (ED.) - The English and Scottish Popular Ballads In Five Volumes Volume IV
78876: CHILD, JOHN - Australian Rocks and Minerals
79511: CHILDERS, ERSKINE (JOHN O'CONNOR, ILLUS.) - The Riddle in the Sands: Imprint Society edition A Record of Secret Service, Recently Achieved; Introduction by Brig. E.F. Parker
89595: CHILDS, VIRGINIA - Lady Hester Stanhope: Queen of the Desert
41913: CHILVERS, IAN, ET.AL. (EDS.) - The Oxford Dictionary of Art
84838: CHIPPINDALE, CHRISTOPHER & PAUL S C TACON (EDS.) - The Archaeology of Rock-Art
13675: CHIUNG, SHU - Chao Chun: Beauty in Exile
78485: BHIKSHUNI THUBTEN CHODRON - Cultivating a Compassionate Heart The Yoga Method of Chenrezig
81998: CHOMET, SYLVAIN - The Triplets of Belleville: DVD
68165: CHOMET, SYLVAIN - The Illusionist: DVD
79305: CHOPEL, GENDUN (DONALD S LOPEZ, TRANS.) - In the Forest of Faded Wisdom: bilingual edition 104 Poems
91426: CHOUVY, PIERRE-ARNAUD - Opium: Uncovering the Politics of the Poppy
70235: CHOW, KIT, & IONE KRAMER - All the Tea in China
91988: CHOWN, MARCUS - The Magic Furnace The Search for the Origins of Atoms
39816: CHRISTIAN, GLYNN - Fragile Paradise The Discovery of Fletcher Christian, Bounty Mutineer
56920: CHRISTIAN, GLYNN - Fragile Paradise
81651: CHRISTIAN, CHARLIE - The Daddy of 'Em All: 2 CD
55899: CHRISTIAN, CHARLIE - The First Master of the Electric Guitar: 4 CD
91782: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Why Didn't They Ask Evans?
92143: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Appointment with Death
39114: CHRISTIE, IAN - Gilliam on Gilliam
92142: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Ten Little Niggers
92138: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Secret of Chimneys
92139: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The Listerdale Mystery and Other Stories
48861: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Nemesis
91712: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Postern of Fate
92141: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Miss Marple's 6 Final Cases and 2 Other Stories
92140: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Hallowe'en Party
84384: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - 4.50 from Paddington
84449: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Ordeal by Innocence
78525: CHRISTOPHER, EMMA - A Merciless Place The Fate of Britain's Convicts after the American Revolution
55103: CHRISTOPHER, MILBOURNE - Mediums, Mystics and the Occult
88672: CHUDLEY, CAROL GRAHAM & DPRPTJU FOE;D - Between Gardens: Observations on Gardening, Friendship and Disability
61881: CHURCH, FREDERIC EDWIN - Treasures from Olana
86876: CHURCHER, BETTY - Australian Notebooks
65431: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - A History of the English-Speaking Peoples Volume III The Age of Revolution
59844: CHURCHILL, RANDOLPH S - Winston S Churchill - Two Volumes Youth 1874-1900; Young Statesman 1901-1914
90734: CHURTIN, TOBIAS - Aleister Crowley The Biography
54400: CICERO (INTRODUCTION BY MICHAEL GRANT, TRANS. & ED.) - On the Good Life - Folio Society edition
90986: CICERO (TRANS. D H BERRY; PREF. PETER STOTHARD; ILLUS. TOM PHILLIPS) - Cicero Orations: Folio Society edition
52548: FANFARE CIOCARLIA - Radio Pascani: CD
52614: FANFARE CIOCARLIA - Gili Garabdi: CD Ancient Secrets of Gipsy Brass
88979: CIOTTI, DONATELLA (TRANS. ALYSSA BARRETT) - Simply Stunning Beaded Jewelry
91374: CIRLOT, JUAN-EDUARDO (PHOTOS. PERE VIVAS & RICARD PLA) - Gaudi: An Introduction to his Architecture
92977: CIRLOT, JUAN-EDUARDO - Picasso: Birth of a Genius
68901: CLAIBORNE, ROBERT - The Life & Times of the English Language The History of Our Marvellous Native Tongue
37128: CLAIR, JEAN (ED.) - The Great Parade Portrait of the Artist as Clown
91401: CLAMMER, RICHARD - Paddle Steamers 1837 to 1914
80578: CLANCY, TOM - The Hunt For Red October
12936: CLANNAD - Clannad in Concert: CD
61522: CLARE, JOHN/GAIL BRENNAN - Bodgie Dada & The Cult of Cool
53540: CLARK, AL - Raymond Chandler in Hollywood
59621: CLARK, RONALD - The Survival of Charles Darwin A Biography of a Man and an Idea.
88110: CLARK, ALAN - The Donkeys The Unforgettable Story of the British Army's Struggle throughout 1915
82053: CLARK, LT. RALPH - The Journal and Letters of Lt. Ralph Clark 1787 -1792
82006: CLARK, DAVID (ED.) - David Campese - signed by Campese Ironbark Legends
85338: CLARK, RONALD W - The Life of Bertrand Russell
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62933: CLARK, KENNETH - The Gothic Revival An Essay in the History of Taste
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62909: CLARKE, LINDSAY - The Chymical Wedding
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63461: CLARKE, ARTHUR C - The Young Traveller in Space: signed copy
77896: CLARKE, NIGEL - Adolf's British Holiday Snaps Luftwaffe Aerial Reconnaisance Photographs of England, Scotland and Wales
87482: CLARKE, ANDREW, ET.AL. (SCOTT WENSLEY ET.AL, ILLUS.) - 1k.07 - Bathurst 1000 The Race for the Peter Brock Trophy
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73399: CLAY, JOHN - Maconochie's Experiment How one man's extraordinary vision saved transported convicts from degradation and despair
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90445: CLAYSON, ANNE - Jacques Brel La Vie Boheme
53901: CLAYSON, RODMAN R. - Egypt's Ancient Heritage Wisdom that has endured the test of time
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60555: CLAYTON, MARIE - Elvis Presley Unseen Archives
31488: CLAYTON, MURIEL (ED.) - Catalogue of Rubbings of Brass and Incised Slabs
91558: CLEARY, MARK (ED.) - 21st Century Houses Downunder
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67265: CLEARY, THOMAS (TRANS.) - Classics of Buddhism and Zen Volume 2 Teachings of Zen; Zen Reader; Zen Letters; Shobogenzo; The Ecstasy of Enlightenment
67266: CLEARY, THOMAS (TRANS.) - Classics of Buddhism and Zen Volume 3 The Sutra of Hui-neng; Dream Conversations; Kensho:The Heart of Zen; Rational Zen; Zen and the Art of Insight
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67264: CLEARY, THOMAS (TRANS.) - Classics of Buddhism and Zen Volume 4 Transmission of Light; Unlocking the Zen Koan; original Face; Timeless Spring; Zen Antics; Record of Things Heard; Sleepless Nights
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92786: CLEMENTS, JONATHAN - The First Emperor of China
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39743: BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB - Buena Vista Social Club at Carnegie Hall: 2 CD The legendary New York Concert.
39744: BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB - Buena Vista Social Club: CD
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88770: COLEMAN, ORNETTE - Ornette!: CD Don Cherry, Scott LaFaro, Ed Blackwell. With 12-page booklet.
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91523: MUALGAU MINARAL ARTIST COLLECTIVE - Gelam Nguzu Kazi - Dugong My Son The first exhibition of limited edition linocuts by the artists of the Mualgau Minaral Artist Collective froom Mua Island in the Torres Strait
60815: COLLECTOR - The Game is Getting Lively: Songs of the Weddin Mountains Bushrangers: CD
88957: COLLEY, ALEX & HENRY GOLD - Blue Mountains World Heritage
82422: COLLIE, CRAIG - The Reporter and the Warlords An Australian at Large in China's Republican Revolution
86870: COLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN - Louis Armstrong
62148: COLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN - Duke Ellington
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80963: COLLINS, SHIRLEY & DOLLY - Snapshots: CD
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90109: O'COLLINS S.J., GERALD - Patrick McMahon Glynn A Founder of Australian Federation
10606: COLLINS, DAVID - An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales With Remarks on the Dispositions, Customs, Manners, etc, of the Native Inhabitants of that Country
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40619: COLLIS, MAURICE - Foreign Mud The Opium Imbroglio at Canton in the 1830's and the Anglo-Chinese War
82852: COLOMBO, CESARE - The Photographic Factory
92284: COLONNA, FRANCESCA (INTRODUCTION BY JOSCELYN GODWIN, TRANS.) - Hypnerotomachia Poliphili ("The Strife of Love in a Dream") The Entire Text Translated for the First Time into English with an Introduction
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30863: COLTRANE, JOHN - Absolutely Out There: CD
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55849: COLTRANE, JOHN - Last Performance at Newport July 2, 1966: CD
66596: COLTRANE, JOHN - The Unissued Seattle Broadcast: CD September 30, 1965
79014: COLTRANE, JOHN - Out of this World: 4 CD
73196: COLTRANE, JOHN & QUARTET - Ballads: CD
56870: COLTRANE, JOHN - Early Trane: 4 CD
51762: COLTRANE, JOHN - The Last Trane: LP
91197: COLTRANE, JOHN - The Complete Mainstream 1958 Sessions: 2 CD
72538: COLVIN, IAN - Flight 777 The Mystery of Leslie Howard
92434: COMANS, MICHAEL (TRANS. & ED.) (FOREWORD BY SWAMI PARAMARTHANANDA) - Extracting the Essence of the Sruti The Srutisarasamuddharanam of Totakacarya
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86183: COMPTON-BURNETT, IVY - Pastors and Masters
90731: COMPTON, NIC - Iain Oughtred A Life in Wooden Boats
30429: COMPTON, RICHMAL - Family Roundabout
84372: CONAN DOYLE, ADRIAN; AND JOHN DICKSON CARR - The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes
79019: CONATI, MARCELLO (ED.); (TRANS. RICHARD STOKES) - Interviews and Encounters with Verdi
87615: CONDER, PAMELA - With Wings on their Fingers An Intimate View of the Flying-fox
30835: CONDER, JOSIAH - Landscape Gardening in Japan
69331: CONDON, EDDIE, & HANK O'NEAL - The Eddie Condon Scrapbook of Jazz
92593: CONEKIN, BECKY E - Lee Miller in Fashion
91147: CONFUCIUS (INTRODUCTION BY D.C. LAU, TRANS.) - The Analects (Lun Yu)
84455: CONISBEE, PHILIP - Chardin
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67257: O'CONNELL, DEIRDRE - The Ballad of Blind Tom Slave Pianist. America's Lost Musical Genius
15554: O'CONNELL, ROBERT L. (JOHN BATCHELOR, ILLUS.) - Soul of the Sword An Illustrated History of Weaponry and Warfare from Prehistory to the Present
90613: CONNELLY, MICHAEL - The Fifth Witness
90614: CONNELLY, MICHAEL - The Closers
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84126: CONNELLY, MICHAEL - The Poet: signed, first edition
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31267: CONNER, DANIEL, & LORRAINE MILLER - Master Mariner: Captain James Cook and the Peoples of the Pacific
82029: O'CONNER, PATRICIA T. - Woe is I The Grammarphobe's Guide to Better English
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43665: O'CONNOR, GARRY - Sean O'Casey A Life
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61572: CONRAD, JOSEPH - The Arrow of Gold - A Story Between Two Notes: Folio Society edition Illustrations by Francis Mosley and Introduction by Giles Foden
84180: CONRAD, PETER - The Hitchcock Murders
84181: CONRAD, PETER - The Hitchcock Murders
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80095: CONRAD, HOWARD L. (INTRODUCTION BY MAJ. JOSEPH KIRKLAND) - "Uncle Dick" Wootton - Classics of the Old West series The Pioneer Frontiersman of the Rocky Mountain Region An Account of the Adventures and Thrilling Experiences of the Most Noted American Hunter, Trapper, Guide, Scout, and Indian Fighter Now Living
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38408: CONRAD, JOSEPH - 'Twixt Land and Sea: A Smile of Fortune, The Secret Sharer, Freya of the Seven Isles
47409: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Almayer's Folly: A Story of an Eastern River
43404: CONRAD, JOSEPH - Lord Jim
33060: CONRAD, PETER - At Home in Australia
89233: BALTIMORE CONSORT - The Best of Baltimore Consort: CD
85315: BALTIMORE CONSORT - The Mad Buckgoat: CD Ancient Music of Ireland
86853: CONSTABLE, JOHN & JOSEPH DARRACOTT (ED.) - England's Constable, The Life and Letters of John Constable: Folio Society edition
87357: CONSTANTINE, DAVID - In the Footsteps of the Gods: Travellers to Greece and the Quest for the Hellenic Ideal
66831: CONSTANTINE, DAVID - Fields of Fire A Life of Sir William Hamilton
81902: CONTINI, ROBERTO & FRANCESCO SOLINAS - Artemisia Gentileschi: The Story of a Passion
80934: FAIRPORT CONVENTION - The Wood & The Wire: CD
80936: FAIRPORT CONVENTION - XXXV, 1967-2002: CD The 35th Anniversary Album
80951: FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Live Across The Centuries: 2 CD
91960: CONWAY, DAVID - Secret Wisdom The Occult Universe Revealed
34213: CONWAY, JILL KER - The Road from Coorain An Australian Memoir
68863: CONWAY, H.G - Great Marques - Bugatti
92077: CONWAY, D.J. - Magick of the Gods and Goddesses Invoking the Power of the Ancient Gods
92035: CONWAY, D.J. - The Big Little Book of Magick A Wiccan's Guide to Altars, Candles, Pendulums, and Healing Spells
74765: COOK, CAPT. JAMES - Captain Cook in the South Seas Two Letters Written to Captain John Walker, 1771 and 1775, facsimile edition with transcriptions
31595: COOK, R.M. - Greek Art Its Development, Character and Influence
83343: COOK, RICHARD & BRIAN MORTON - The Penguin Guide of Jazz Recordings
34572: COOK, PATRICK (ILLUS.) - The All-Time Favourite Australian Song Book
92495: COOKE, SIMON - Illustrated Periodicals of the 1860s Contexts & Collaborations
89452: COOKE, LYNNE, ET.AL. (EDS.) - Martin Ramirez Reframing Confinement
89085: COOKE, ALISTAIR (INTRO. JAMES NAUGHTIE) - Letter from America: Folio Society edition
84977: COOKE, MERVYN - The Chronicle of Jazz
8599: COOKE, ALISTAIR (ED.) - Garbo and the Night Watchmen A Selection made in 1937 from the writings of British and American Film Critics
85181: COOLEY, THOMAS C T - Railroading in Tasmania: 1830-1962
92349: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA K - Sources of Wisdom
73237: COOMBS, KATHERINE - British Watercolours 1750-1950
81786: COOPER, ARTEMIS - Elizabeth David - Writing at the Kitchen Table: signed by the author The Authorized Biography
90404: COOPER, JOHN - The Queen's Agent John Walsingham and the Rise of Espionage in Elizabethan England
84247: COOPER, DUNCAN (PHILIP L. BROWN, ED.) - The Challicum Sketch Book, 1842-53 and Supplementary Paintings by Duncan Elphinstone Cooper
93004: COOPER, EMMANUEL - Fully Exposed: The Male Nude in Photography
86788: COOPER, ARTEMIS - Patrick Leigh Fermor An Adventure
81875: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Pioneers
85152: COOTE, STEPHEN - Napoleon and the Hundred Days
44050: COOVER, ROBERT - The Public Burning
41304: COPPE, ABIEZER - Selected Writings
55119: COPPER, BASIL - The Werewolf in Legend, Fact and Art
79693: COPPOLA, FRANCIS FORD - Rumble Fish: DVD
37808: COPPOLA, FRANCIS FORD - Apocalypse Now Redux: DVD
84559: COPPOLA, FRANCIS FORD - The Rainmaker: DVD
86855: CORBETT, JULIAN S. (INTRODUCTION BY JEREMY BLACK) - The Seven Years War - A Study in British Combined Strategy: Folio Society edition
88114: CORBIN, HENRY - The Voyage and the Messenger Iran and Philosophy
91139: CORK, KEVIN J. - The Flicks A History of the Cinemas from Parramatta to The Nepean, N.S.W.
87383: CORMAN, ROGER - The Masque of Red Death: DVD
74863: CORMAN, ROGER - The Tomb of Ligeia: DVD
60060: CORMAN, ROGER - The Raven: DVD
84727: CORMAN, ROGER - The Raven: DVD
74647: CORMAN, ROGER - Tales of Terror: DVD
9326: CORMIER, ROBERT - After the First Death
9327: CORMIER, ROBERT - The Bumblebee Flies Anyway
30233: CORNELIUS, GEOFFREY - The Starlore Handbook The starwatcher's essential guide to the night sky, its myths and symbols
7496: CORNET, JOSEPH - A Survey of Zairian Art The Bronson Collection
50918: CORNWELL, JOHN - Hitler's Pope The Secret History of Pius XII
88204: CORRINGTON, ROBERT S - Wilhelm Reich: Psychoanalyst and Radical Naturalist
86320: CORRIS, PETER - Open File A Cliff Hardy Novel
86322: CORRIS, PETER - The Reward A Cliff Hardy Novel
90611: CORRIS, PETER - Browning Takes Off
90612: CORRIS, PETER - 'Beverly Hills' Browning
86319: CORRIS, PETER - Master's Mates A Cliff Hardy Novel
83839: CORRIS, PETER - Beware of the Dog A Cliff Hardy Novel
85742: CORRIS, PETER - The Big Score A Cliff Hardy Novel
84798: CORRIS, PETER - Heroin Annie
59797: CORRIS, PETER - The Dying Trade
85868: CORRIS, PETER - The Gulliver Fortune
88402: CORRIS, PETER - Deep Water A Cliff Hardy Novel
85656: CORRIS, PETER - Salt and Blood The 25th Cliff Hardy
82620: CORRIS, PETER - 'Box Office' Browning
87640: CORRIS, PETER - Lugarno A Cliff Hardy Novel
84974: CORRIS, PETER - The Japanese Job
66141: CORSO, GREGORY - The Vestal Lady on Brattle and Other Poems
9235: CORTEGGIANI, JEAN-PIERRE - The Egypt of the Pharaohs at the Cairo Museum
40918: CORVO, FREDERICK, BARON - Stories Toto Told Me
33005: COSS, MELINDA AND SOUDAN, SYLVIE - Magic Carpets: A Guide to Creative Rug Making
91320: COSTELLO, DARBY - The Astrological Moon
86789: COSTEN, MICHAEL - The Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade
83012: COSTIN, A.B., ET.AL. - Kosciusko Alpine Flora
87375: COTT, JONATHAN - Days That I'll Remember: Spending Time with John Lennon and Yoko Ono
71083: COTTERELL, ARTHUR - The Imperial Capitals of China A Dynastic History of the Celestial Empire
92088: COTTERELL, ARTHUR - Mythology of the Norse Gods: Myths and Legends of the Nordic World
14753: COTTERELL, ARTHUR - The First Emperor of China The Greatest Archeological Find of Our Time
10557: COTTINGTON, LADY [TERRY JONES AND BRIAN FROUD] - Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book
32333: COTTINGTON, DAVID - Cubism Movements in Modern Art
64636: COTTON, CATHERINE DRUMMOND - Ludwig Leichhardt and the Great South Land
65567: COTTON, BERNARD D - Scottish Vernacular Furniture
90146: COTTRELL, LEONARD - The Mountains of Pharaoh 2000 Years of Pyramid Exploration
89573: COTTRELL, LEONARD - The Great Invasion How the Romans Conquered Britain
82742: COULTHARD-CLARK, CHRIS - McNamara, VC A Hero's Dilemma
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66449: COWAN, JAMES - Francis A Saint's Way
68743: COWAN, JAMES (COLIN BEARD, ILLUS.) - The Mountain Men And the Snowy River riders on the mountains make their home...
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75853: COWELL, HENRY (CONTINUUM; CHERYL SELTZER AND JOEL SACHS, DIRECTORS) - Instrumental, Chamber and Vocal Music, vol.1: CD Quartet for Flute. Oboe, Cello and Hapsichord/Suite for Violin and Piano/Songs and Piano Pieces/Polyphonica/Irish Suite
75854: COWELL, HENRY (CONTINUUM; CHERYL SELTZER AND JOEL SACHS, DIRECTORS) - Instrumental, Chamber and Vocal Music, vol.2: CD Homage to Iran/Piano Pieces/Set of Five/Six Casual Developments/Two Songs
68106: COWIE, PETER - Swedish Cinema
71143: COWIE, PETER - Akira Kurosawa Master of Cinema
56315: COWLES, VIRGINIA - 1913 The Defiant Swan Song
84318: COWLEY, DES & CLARE WILLIAMSON - The World of the Book
64093: COWLEY, DES & CLARE WILLIAMSON - The World of the Book
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70933: COX, PAUL - The Riddle of the Floating Island The Adventures of Archibald Koala
70553: COX, JOHN D - Storm Watchers The Turbulent History of Weather Prediction from Franklin's Kite to El Nino
69545: COX, RICHARD - William Cox Blue Mountains Road Builder and Pastoralist
92983: COX, GRAHAM - The Art of Graham Cox
62063: COYNE, J. STIRLING - The Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland Drawings by W.H. Bartlett
44123: CRACE, JIM - The Devil's Larder
68744: CRAFT, ROBERT - Stravinsky: The Chronicle of a Friendship 1948-1971
92927: CRAIG, DAVID - Native Stones: A Book About Climbing
55989: CRAIG, DIANA - The Life and Works of Arcimboldo
76505: CRAIG, MAURICE - Irish Bookbindings The Irish Heritage series, number 6
42815: CRAIG, CLIFFORD - More Old Tasmanian Prints A Companion Volume To The Engravers of Van Diemen's Land and Old Tasmanian Prints.
63832: CRAIG, MARY - Kundun A Biography of the Family of the Dalai Lama
90140: CRAIS, ROBERT - Indigo Slam An Elvis Cole Novel
90137: CRAIS, ROBERT - The Last Detective
58927: CRAIS, ROBERT - The Monkey's Raincoat
35018: CRAIS, ROBERT - LA Requiem
87094: CRAIS, ROBERT - Lullaby Town
84013: CRAIS, ROBERT - Stalking the Angel
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42336: CRAMPTON, PATRICK - Stonehenge of the Kings
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81559: CRAWFORD, MICHAEL - The Roman Republic
67517: CRAWFORD, A L - Aida Life and Ceremony of the Gogodala
11379: CRAWFORD, ASHLEY AND PHILIP HUNTER - Wimmera: signed by artist The Work of Philip Hunter
63949: CRAWLEY, TONY - The Films of Brigitte Bardot
90430: CRAY, ED; FOREWORD BY STUDS TERKEL - Ramblin' Man The Life and Times of Woody Guthrie
58054: CREAM, PENELOPE (ED.) - Gifts to Make for Your Baby
92317: CREASE, ROBERT P. - World in the Balance The Historic Quest for an Absolute System of Measurement
90623: CREASE, ROBERT P. - A Brief Guide to the Great Equations The hunt for cosmic beauty in numbers
66519: CREASY, ROSALIND - The Edible Italian Garden
81083: CREE, DR. EDWARD H. (MICHAEL LEVIEN, ED.) - Naval Surgeon The Voyages of Dr. Edward H. Cree, Royal Navy, as Related in His Private Journals, 1837-1856
41912: CREE, MARY - Edith May 1895-1974 Life in Early Tasmania - a memoir
70324: CREELEY, ROBERT - The Charm Early and Uncollected Poems
84035: CREELEY, ROBERT - A Day Book: 1968 November 19 Tuesday: signed copy
90674: CREIGHTON, CHRISTOPHER - OPJB The Last Great Secret of the Second World War
92974: CRESPELLE, JEAN-PAUL - Monet: The Masterworks
74321: CRESSWELL, JULIA - The Watkins Dictionary of Angels Over 2000 Entries on Angels & Angelic Beings
42394: CREVEL, RENE (TRANS. THOMAS BUCKLEY) - Putting My Foot in It
38472: CREW, GARY - Strange Objects: signed copy
86293: CREWDSON, GREGORY - Beneath the Roses Essay by Russell Banks
83593: CRIBB, JOE; BARRIE COOK, IAN CARRADICE - The Coin Atlas The World of Coinage from Its Origins to the Present Day
41386: CRICHTON, CHARLES - A Fish Called Wanda: DVD (single disc)
79635: CRISP, QUENTIN (ILL. GAHAN WILSON) - Chog A Gothic Fable
52734: CRISP, TONY - Yoga and Childbirth
83774: CRISP, ALAN - CGT - The French Line: A History in Postcards La Compagnie Generale Transatlantique
57554: CRITCHLEY, SIMON - The Book of Dead Philosophers
81752: CROCKETT, PETER - Evatt: A Life
78401: CROMELL, CATHY - Composting for Dummies
78168: CROMPTON, RICHMAL - Weatherley Parade
84378: CROMPTON, RICHMAL (THOMAS HENRY, ILLUS.) - William - The Conqueror
78330: CRONENBERG, DAVID - Videodrome: DVD
85560: CRONENBERG, DAVID - Videodrome: 2 DVD
79513: CRONENBERG, DAVID - Eastern Promises: DVD
67516: CRONIN, LEONARD (ED.) - Koala Australia's Endearing Marsupial
76376: CRONIN, LEONARD (MARION WESTMACOTT, ILLUS.) - Key Guide to Australian Mammals
85866: CRONIN, KATHRYN - Colonial Casualties: Chinese in Early Victoria
38670: CRONIN, VINCENT - The Florentine Renaissance & The Flowering of the Renaissance - Two Volumes
42651: CRONIN, LEONARD - Key Guide to Australian Wildflowers 600 Species Simply Identified.
54230: CROOKALL, ROBERT - The Next World - and the Next Ghostly Garments.
62708: CROSS, JONATHAN - Harrison Birtwistle
61255: CROSS, DAVID - Peter D Cole Sculpture and Works on Paper 1992-1994
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77375: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN (TRANS. & ED.) - The Anglo-Saxon World Writings
62470: CROUCHER, PAUL - A History of Buddhism in Australia 1848-1988
57994: CROUCHLEY, CLAIRE - The Beader's Bible Over 300 great charts for beadweavers.
79827: CROUTIER, ALEV LYTLE - Taking the Waters Spirit Art Sensuality
92693: CROWDER, DOROTHY E. (HELEN HAYWOOD, ILLUS.) - The Flying Nation
86195: CROWLEY, ALEISTER - The Drug and Other Stories
55282: CROWLEY, ALEISTER - The Beast of Revelations Comments on: The God-Eater.
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55262: CROWLEY, ALEISTER - Liber E and Liber O The Equinox
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91084: CROWLEY, ALEISTER - Liber Aleph, Vol CXI The Book of Wisdom or Folly in the Form of an Epistle of 666, The Great Wild Beast, to His Son 777, Being The Equinox, Volume III, Number VI
78438: CROWTHER, BRICE & MIKE PINFOLD - Singing Jazz The Singers and Their Styles
42272: CRUMB, R & PETER POPLASKI - The R Crumb Handbook With CD
92589: CRUMB, ALINE & ROBERT - Drawn Together The Complete Works
72171: CRUMLEY, JAMES - The Mexican Tree Duck
60222: CRUMLIN, ROSEMARY - Images of Religion in Australian Art
64988: CRYSTAL, DAVID - A Little Book of Language
80818: THE CREOLE CHOIR OF CUBA - Santiman: CD
62672: CREOLE CHOIR OF CUBA - Tande-La: CD
73771: CUBILLO, FRANCHESCA, & WALLY CARUANA - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Collection Highlights
42527: CUFFLEY, PETER - Traditional Gardens in Australia Creating Your Own Period Garden.
11957: CUFFLEY, PETER - A Complete Catalogue and History of Oil and Kerosene Lamps in Australia
42705: PETER CUFFLEY - Cottage Gardens in Australia
11956: CUFFLEY, PETER - Oil & Kerosene Lamps in Australia
82001: CUKOR, GEORGE - The Philadelphia Story: DVD
55306: CULLING, LOUIS T. - Occult Renaissance 1972-2008 The Great Prophecy for the Golden Age of Occultism.
62861: CULLUM, ALBERT & HENRI GALERON (ILLUS.) - Murphy, Molly, Max and Me
76935: CULPEPER, ELIZABETH - Heritage Roses & Old Fashioned Crafts
89207: CULPEPER, NICHOLAS - Culpeper's Complete Herbal & English Physician Wherein several hundred herbs, with a display of their medicinal and occult properties, are physically applied to the cure of all disorders incident to mankind; to which are added, rules for compounding medicines, and upwards of fifty choice receipts, selected from the author's last legacies; forming a complete family dispensary, and system of physic.
39543: CUMBERLAND, RICHARD - Anecdotes of Eminent Painters in Spain During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries; with Cursory Remarks upon the Present State of Arts in that Kingdom.
12220: CUMES, J.W.C. - Their Chastity Was Not Too Rigid Leisure Times in Early Australia
91007: CUMMING, LAURA - A Face to the World: On Self-Portraits
90216: CUMMINGS, JOE (BILL WASSMAN, ILLUS.; FOREWORD BY ROBERT A.F. THURMAN) - Buddhist Stupas in Asia: The Shape of Perfection
51681: CUMMINS, J.S. (ED.) - The Travels and Controversies of Friar Domingo Navarrete, 1618-86 - 2 vols.
71862: CUMMINS, JOSEPH - Eaten by a Giant Clam Great adventures in natural science
89068: CUMPSTON, J H L - Augustus Gregory and the Inland Sea
88267: CUNDALL, PETER (FOREWORD) - Waterwise Gardening; How to Create and Maintain a Beautiful Garden Without Wasting a Drop
60863: DUO PEYLET-CUNIOT - Klezmer: For the Love of Niguns: CD Volume 3
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73943: CUNNINGHAM, JOSEPH - The Artistic Furniture of Charles Rohlfs
30249: CUNNINGHAM, SCOTT - Living Wicca A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
92007: CUNNINGHAM, SCOTT - The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews
91979: CUNNINGHAM, SCOTT, & DAVID HARRINGTON - The Magical Household Spells and Rituals for the Home
53001: CUNNINGHAM, SCOTT - Magical Herbalism The Secret Craft of the Wise
84294: CUNXIN, LI - Mao's Last Dancer
35007: CURATOLA, GIOVANNI - Oriental Carpets
32966: CUROTT, PHYLLIS - Book of Shadows
55406: CURRAN, REV. J MILNE - On the Structure and Composition of a Basalt from Bondi New South Wales
67560: CURRAN, TOM - Across the Bar The Story of 'Simpson', The Man with the Donkey: Australia and Tyneside's great military hero
91088: CURRAN, DR BOB (IAN DANIELS, ILLUS.) - Vampires A Field Guide to the Creatures that Stalk the Night
85179: CURRELL, DAVID - An Introduction to Puppets and Puppet-Making
88680: CURTIS GRAYBILL, FLORENCE, & VICTOR BOESEN (EDWARD SHERIFF CURTIS, ILLUS.) - Edward Sheriff Curtis Visions of a Vanishing Race
74536: CURTIS, GILA (INTRODUCTION BY ANTONIA FRASER) - The Life and Times of Queen Anne
91236: CURTIS, JAMIE LEE (LAURA CRONELL, ILLUS.) - When I Was Little A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth
61149: CURTIS, J.E., & J.E. READE - Art and Empire Treasures from Assyria in the British Museum
37034: CURTIZ, MICHAEL - Casablanca: DVD
54742: CURTIZ, MICHAEL - Casablanca: 2 DVD
90644: CURTIZ, MICHAEL - Captain Blood: DVD
86218: CURTIZ, MICHAEL - Sea Hawk: DVD
43511: CURZON, ROBERT - Visits to Monasteries of the Levant
77715: CUSACK, DYMPHNA - Black Lightning - signed first edition
86267: CUSACK, DYMPHNA - Southern Steel
80851: CUTLER, IVOR, & LINDA HIRST - Privilege: CD
42741: CUTLER, IVOR - Life in a Scotch Sitting Room Vol II: CD
85455: THE DALAI LAMA & HOWARD C CUTLER - The Art of Happiness at Work
92465: CUTLER, TOM - Slap and Tickle The Unusual History of Sex and the People who Have It
80850: CUTLER, IVOR - A Flat Man: CD
8653: DA, LOTTIE AND ALEXANDER, JAN - Bad Girls of the Silver Screen
7363: DA VINCI, LEONARDO (INTRODUCTION BY IRMA A. RICHTER, TRANS.) - Paragone A Comparison of the Arts
52579: DABAGIAN, GEVORG - The Music of Armenia, vol 3: Duduk: CD
79726: DABHOIWALA, FARAMERZ - The Origins of Sex A History of the First Sexual Revolution
76233: DABROWSKI, MAGDALENA - Kandinsky Compositions
90110: DAEDONE, NICOLE - Slow Sex The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm
60864: DAGAR, USTAD SAYEEDUDDIN - India: The Art of Dagarvani Dhrupad: CD
60955: MASTER FIDDLERS OF DAGBON - Master Fiddlers of Dagbon: CD Group Leader: Mahama Braimah
82653: DAHL, FELICITY AND ROALD (JAN BALDWIN, PHOTO.) - Memories with Food at Gipsy House
82088: DAHL, ROALD (QUENTIN BLAKE, ILLUS.) - The Enormous Crocodile
84430: DAHL, ROALD (ILLUS. JOHN LAWRENCE) - Ah Sweet Mystery of Life
9125: DAHL, ROALD - Going Solo
92947: DAKIN, W.J. (ISOBEL BENNETT & ELIZABETH POPE, EDS.) - Australian Seashores A guide for the beach-lover, the naturalist, the shore fisherman, and the student
92031: H.H. THE DALAI LAMA, TENZIN GYATSO (GESHE THUBTEN JINPA, TRANS.; CHRISTIINE COX, ED.) - Path to Bliss A Practical Guide to the Stages of Meditation
54482: DALBY, RICHARD - The Golden Age of Children's Book Illustration
42870: DALE, RODNEY - Cats in Books: A celebration of cat illustration through the ages
83568: DALEY, GARY - Sancturary: CD
90628: DALI, SALVADOR (HAAKON M. CHEVALIER, TRANS.) - 50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship
51693: DALI, SALVADOR - The Secret Life of Salvador Dali
92872: DALLAS, GREGOR - The Final Act: The Roads to Waterloo
87223: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM - Nine Lives: signed copy In Search of the Sacred in Modern India
86304: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM - Return of a King The Battle for Afghanistan, 1839-42
71614: DALRYMPLE, WILLIAM - The Age of Kali Indian Travels and Encounters
90083: DALTON, ROBIN - Aunts Up the Cross
9766: DALTON, STEPHEN - Borne on the Wind The Extraordinary World of Insects in Flight
90749: DALTON, ROBIN - Aunts Up the Cross - signed copy Foreword by Ben Travers
11385: DALY, THOMAS AQUINAS, & CATHERINE DALY - The Art of Thomas Aquinas Daly The Painting Season
30680: DALY, LLOYD W. - Brito Metricus A Medieval Verse Treatise on Greek and Hebrew Words
10288: DAMES, MICHAEL - The Silbury Treasure The Great Goddess Rediscovered
14822: DAMPIER, WILLIAM & NORRIS GERALD (ED.) - William Dampier - Folio Society edition Buccaneer Explorer
89126: DAMPIER, WILLIAM (FORE. GILES MILTON) - A New Voyage Round the World: The Journal of an English Buccaneer
32822: DANAHER, PAUL; JACKSON, DEXTER - Australian Leadlighting
68620: DANCE, S. PETER (ED.) (IAN CAMERON, ILLUS.) - The Collectors Encyclopedia of Shells
89174: DANCE, S. PETER - The Art of Natural History Animal Illustrators and Their Work
60839: DANCE, S.PETER - Birds Classic Natural History Prints
62248: DANCE, S. PETER, & GEOFFREY SWINNEY - Fish Classic Natural History Prints
77972: DANDO-COLLINS, STEPHEN - The Great Fire of Rome The Fall of the Emperoro Nero and his City
87181: DANDO-COLLINS, STEPHEN - Captain Bligh's Other Mutiny The True Story of the Military Coup that Turned Australia into a Two Year Rebel Republic
89057: DANDO-COLLINS, STEPHEN - Sir Henry Parkes The Australian Colossus
81595: DANIEL, ESTELLE (FOREWORD STEPHEN FRY) - The Art of Gormenghast The Making of a Television Fantasy
39853: DANIEL, GLYN - The Prehistoric Chamber Tombs of France: A Geographical, Morphological and Chronological Survey
84283: DANIELL, DAVID SCOTT (JACK MATTHEW, ILLUS.) - Flight One: Australia A Ladybird Book of Travel Adventure; Ladybird series 587
64243: DANIELSON, DENNIS - The First Copernican Georg Joachim Rheticus and the Rise of the Copernican Revolution
92925: DANKWORTH, JOHN - Jazz in Revolution
92373: DANTE (TRANS. REV. FRANCIS CARY; GUSTAVE DORE, ILL.) - The Divine Comedy With 136 Illustrations
92162: DANTE (TR. ROBERT PINSKY; ILLUST. MICHAEL MAZUR) - The Inferno: Bilingual edition
87543: DANZKER, JO-ANNE BIRNIE - Robert Wilson Steel Velvet
91436: DAPIN, MARK - The Nashos' War: Australia's National Servicemen and Vietnam
81309: DARBY, GARRY - William Buelow Gould Convict Artist of Van Diemen's Land
91553: DARGAN, JAMES - Safe Signals: A History of NSW Railway Signalling
81739: DARLEY, GILLIAN - Vesuvius The Most Famous Volcano in the World
60297: DARMAN, PETER - Heroic Voices of the Spanish Civil War Memories from the International Brigades
76223: DARWIN, CHARLES (FREDERICK BURKHARDT, ED.) - The Beagle Letters with an Introduction by Janet Browne
65630: DARWIN, CHARLES (JAMES SECORD, ED.) - Evolutionary Writings Including The Autobiographies
81723: DASCH, PAT - Icy Worlds of the Solar System
37462: DASH, MIKE - Tulipomania
76738: DASSIN, JULES - Thieves' Highway: DVD
87082: DASTON, LORRAINE (ED.) - Things that Talk: Object Lessons from Art and Science
84199: DATTA, ANN - John Gould in Australia Letters and drawings
34077: DAUDET, ALPHONSE. ILLUSTRE PAR ARANDA, DE BEAUMONT, MONTENARD, DE MYRBACH, ROSSI - Tartarin sur les Alpes: Collection Guillaume Nouveaux exploits du heros tarasconnais
34540: DAUMAL, RENE (TRANS. KELTON W. KNIGHT) - Le Contre-Ciel
72584: DAVAA, BYAMBASUREN & LUIGI FALORNI - The Story of the Weeping Camel: DVD
72586: DAVAA, BYAMBASUREN - The Cave of the Yellow Dog: DVD
37031: DAVES, DELMER - Dark Passage: DVD
83584: DAVES, DELMER - The Last Wagon: DVD
78509: DAVES, DELMER - Jubal: DVD
90045: DAVID, ELIZABETH (WENDY JONES, ILLUS.) - English Bread and Yeast Cookery
90074: DAVID, ELIZABETH (JILL NORMAN, ED.) - Harvest of the Cold Months The Social History of Ice and Ices
90044: DAVID, ELIZABETH (FOREWORD BY JOHN THORNE) - An Omelette and a Glass of Wine
88457: DAVID, ELIZABETH - Elizabeth David Classics: Mediterranean Food; French Country Cooking; Summer Cooking
88456: DAVID, ELIZABETH - Harvest of the Cold Months: The Social History of Ice and Ices
92312: DAVID, A. ROSALIE - The Ancient Egyptians Religious Beliefs and Practices
67565: DAVID, PENNY - More Hidden Gardens Foreword by Chris Beardshaw
67502: DAVID, ELIZABETH - Italian Food
72780: DAVID, PENNY - A Garden Lost in Time: The Mystery of the Ancient Gardens of Aberglasney
88660: DAVID-NEEL, ALEXANDRA (INTRO. DIANA ROWAN) - My Journey to Lhasa The classic story of the only western woman who succeeded in entering the forbidden city; with a foreword by the Dalai Lama
92902: DAVID-NEEL, ALEXANDRA - Tibetan Journey
91370: DAVID-NEEL, ALEXANDRA & LAMA YONGDEN (TRANS. H N M HARDY) - The Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects
65822: DAVIDSON, GLADYS - Stories from Gilbert & Sullivan
91895: DAVIDSON, ALAN - Fifteen Paces - signed copy
90693: DAVIDSON, JOE - Fruit Crate Art
89820: DAVIDSON, J.W. (O.H.K. SPATE, ED.) - Peter Dillon of Vanikoro Chevalier of the South Seas
32176: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B. - 500 Years of Life in America An Illustrated History
8699: DAVIDSON, ROBYN - Tracks
89406: DAVIES, RHYS - The Story of Wales - Britain in Pictures series
89518: DAVIES, HUGH, & SALLY YARD - Francis Bacon Modern Masters series
83906: DAVIES, JACK; KEN ANNAKIN; ALLEN ANDREWS & RONALD SEARLE - Monte Carlo or Bust!: Those Daring Young Men in their Jalopies
88242: DAVIES, J G - The Early Christian Church
84441: DAVIES, HUNTER - George Stephenson: A Biographical Study of the Father of Railways On the Occasion of the 150th anniversary of the opening of the World's first public railway The Stockton and Darlington 1825-1975 including an account of railway mania and a consideration of Stephensonia today
8828: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - Murther & Walking Spirits
73585: DAVIES, JOHN HOWARD & SPIERS, BOB - Fawlty Towers: 3 DVD The Complete Collection, Remastered
10501: DAVIES, PAUL - The Mind of God Science and the Search for Ultimate Meaning
82213: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - Fifth Business
82214: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - The Manticore
82215: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - World of Wonders
57054: DAVIES, PAUL - The Cosmic Blueprint: Order and Complexity at the Edge of Chaos.
42956: DAVIES, SIAN - What's Cooking - Wok & Stir-Fry A Complete Step-By-Step Collection of Wok and Stir-fry Dishes
92137: DAVIES, KEVIN - The Sequence: Inside the Race for the Human Genome
37788: DAVIES, BRIAN & PORTER, ELIOT - Seal Song
89670: DAVIES, BRIAN - Aquinas: An Introduction
88822: DAVIES, PAUL - The Last Three Minutes: Conjectures about the Ultimate Fate of the Universe: Science Masters series
74932: DAVIES, LAURENCE - Cesar Franck and his Circle
87835: DAVIES, ALAN - At Work & Play Our Past in Pictures
52208: DAVIS, MILES - A Tribute to Jack Johnson: CD
74284: DAVIS, MILES - Milestones: CD
12940: DAVIS, REVEREND GARY - The Complete Early Recordings: CD
69058: DAVIS, MILES & QUINCEY TROUPE - Miles An Autobiography
43595: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING - The Congo and Coasts of Africa
89487: DAVIS, JOHN PAUL - Pity for the Guy A Biography of Guy Fawkes
75252: DAVIS, ANTHONY - Sir Donald Bradman
76438: DAVIS, MICHAEL - William Blake A New Kind of Man
11216: DAVIS-GOFF, ANNABEL - The Literary Companion to Gambling
57676: DAVIS, ANDREW - The Fugitive: DVD
42398: DAVIS, FRANCIS - Jazz and its Discontents
43267: DAVIS, MILES - Young Miles: 4 CD
65284: DAVIS, MILES & QUINTET - 'Round About Midnight: CD
68654: DAVIS, HARRY - The Potter's Alternative
66974: DAVIS, W.W.H. - History of the 104th Pennsylvania Regiment From August 22nd 1861 to September 30th 1864
86804: DAVIS, MILES & QUINCEY TROUPE - Miles An Autobiography
92197: DAVIS, NATALIE ZEMON - Trickster Travels The Search for Leo Africanus - A Sixteenth-Century Muslim Between Worlds
83744: DAVIS, JULIE NELSON - Utamaro and the Spectacle of Beauty
56274: DAVIS, NATALIE ZEMON - Trickster Travels The Search for Leo Africanus
61554: DAVIS, MILES - Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet: CD
72012: DAVIS, MILES - Steamin': CD New Miles Davis Quintet
61090: DAVIS, RICHARD - Anna Bishop The Adventures of an Intrepid Prima Donna
8521: DAVIS, FRANCIS - Outcats Jazz Composers, Instrumentalists and Singers
68011: DAVIS, MILES - Someday My Prince will Come: CD
68012: DAVIS, MILES - At Carnegie Hall: 2 CD
68019: DAVIS, MILES - So What: 2 CD
60080: DAVIS, MILES - Miles Ahead: CD
71512: DAVISON, GRAEME, JOHN HIRST & STUART MACINTYRE (EDS.) - The Oxford Companion to Australian History
72698: DAWE, BRUCE - Sometimes Gladness Collected Poems 1954 to 1997.
79160: DAWKINS, RICHARD (WITH YAN WONG) - The Ancestor's Tale A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life
41788: DAWS, GAVAN & FUJITA, MARTY - Archipelago: The Islands of Indonesia: From the Nineteenth-Century Discoveries of Alfred Russel Wallace to the Fate of Forests and Reefs in the Twenty-First Century
89274: DAWSON, SMOKY (PRO HART, ILLUS.) - Poems and Paintings
90078: DAY, DAVID - The Politics of War - signed by the author Australia At War, 1939-45: From Churchill to Macarthur
54791: DAY, HARVEY - Occult Illustrated Dictionary
92860: DAY, BARRY (ED.) - The Complete Verse of Noel Coward
64933: DAY, DAVID - The Weather Watchers 100 Years of the Bureau of Meteorology
91002: DAY, DAVID (MANY ILLUSTRATORS) - A Tolkien Bestiary
15537: DAY, DAVID - Menzies and Churchill at War A Controversial New Account of the 1941 Struggle for Power
87317: DAY, HOLLIDAY T., & HOLLISTER STURGES - Art of the Fantastic Latin America, 1920-1987
65896: DAY, HAROLD - Old Sketchbooks & Albums
92111: DAY, LANCE & IAN MCNEIL (EDS.) - Biographical Dictionary of the History of Technology
82493: DEBUSSY, CLAUDE (PAAVO JARVI WITH CINCINNATI SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA) - Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune; Nocturnes; La mer; Bercaeuse heroique: CD
80830: DEBUSSY, CLAUDE (ROGER WOODWARD) - Preludes, Books 1 & 2: CD
92845: DEBUYS, WILLIAM - The Last Unicorn: A Search for One of Earth's Rarest Creatures
71110: DECHARNE, MAX - Hardboiled Hollywood The Origins of the Great Crime Films
79509: DEFOE, DANIEL - Memoirs of a Cavalier
86585: DEGROOT, GERARD - The Bomb A Life
34480: DEHEJIA, HARSHA V. (ED.) - A Celebration of Love The Romantic Heroine in the Indian Arts
91468: DEIGHTON, LEN - Spy Hook; Spy Line; and Spy Sinker - Three Volumes
91469: DEIGHTON, LEN - Faith; Hope; Charity - Three Volumes
91496: DEIGHTON, LEN - Berlin Game; Mexico Set; and London Match - Three Volumes
65424: DEIGHTON, LEN - Battle of Britain
92791: DEISS, JOSEPH JEY - Herculaneum: A City Returns to the Sun
55324: DEJONG, LANA - Candlefire The Technique of Candleburning.
85356: DEKKER, THOMAS (ERNEST RHYS, ED.) - Thomas Dekker The Mermaid Series
64443: DEL TORO, GUILLERMO - Pan's Labyrinth: DVD
78403: DELACAMPAGNE, ARIANE & CHRISTIAN DELACAMPAGNE - Here Be Dragons A Fantastic Bestiary
81676: DELACY, RICHARD & SUDHA JOSHI - Elementary Hindi: An Introduction to the Language: two volumes
92856: DELANEY, CAROL - Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem
91567: DELAURENTIS, DENISE & HOLLIE POWERS HOLT - The Art of the Garden: Collecting Antique Botanical Prints
88410: DELAVAULT, P. - Pictures of Old Inverness
14390: DELBANCO, NICHOLAS - The Countess of Stanlein Restored
46814: DELDERFIELD, ERIC R - British Inn Signs and Their Stories
90064: DELEUZE, GILLES (ROBERT HURLEY, TRANS.) - Spinoza Practical Philosophy
57748: DELEUZE, GILLES - Cinema 1: The Movement-Image/Cinema 2: The Time-Image
32252: DELEVOY, ROBERT L. - Symbolists and Symbolism
87055: VAN DELFT, PIETER, ET.AL. - Creative Puzzles of the World

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