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15431: W.J. TURNER. - English Music.
68663: ABBE JEAN TURPIN. - La Seule Aventure.
121755: JOSEPH TURQUAN - A Great Coquette: Madame Recamier and Her Salon
104597: JOSEPH TURQUAN. - The Empress Josephine.
98573: GARDNER STILSON TURRILL. - A Tale of the Yellowstone or in a Wagon Through Western Wyoming and Wonderland.
67285: LT. COL. W.H. TURTON. - The Truth of Christianity Being an Examination of the More Important Arguments for and Against Believing in That Religion.
130276: THOMAS TUSSER - Fiue Hundred Pointes of Good Husbandrie
86056: DAVID F. TUTTLE JR. - Circuits.
104709: MARK TWAIN. - Life on the Mississippi.
81071: MARK TWAIN. - The Family Mark Twain [Complete Set].
140355: LADY TWEEDSMUIR, ED. - The Clearing House: A Survey of One Man's Mind
130163: HORACE TWISS - The Public and Private Life of Lord Chancellor Eldon: With Selections from His Correspondence. In 3 Volumes
102405: SERGEI VLADIMIROVICH TYABLIKOV. - Methods in the Quantum Theory of Magnetism.
105526: JOHN E. TYLER. - Light in the Sea.
120594: W.S. TYLER - Prayer for Colleges: A Premium Essay
121716: W.S. TYLER - The Histories of Caius Cornelius Tacitus: With Notes
140797: CLAUDE H. VAN TYNE - The Causes of the War of Independence
122730: GEORGE TYRRELL - Nova Et Vetera: Informal Meditations for Times of Spiritual Dryness
123254: ROBERT YELVERTON TYRRELL - Bacchae of Euripides
122731: GEORGE TYRRELL - Medievalism: A Reply to Cardinal Mercier
122728: GEORGE TYRRELL - External Religion: Its Use and Abuse
122732: GEORGE TYRRELL - Christianity at the Cross-Roads
53245: WM. BLAKE TYRRELL. - Amazons: A Study in Athenian Mythmaking.
121834: MOSES TYSON AND HENRY GUPPY ED. - The French Journals of Mrs. Thrale and Doctor Johnson
106949: JON WYNNE-TYSON. - Sealskin Trousers and Other Stories.
112128: IRENE MAHONEY O.S.U. - A Far Country: Ursuline Mission in Thailand 1924-1945.
120247: RUBEN VARGAS UGARTE - Historia Del Culto de Maria En Hispanoamerica Y de Sus Imagenes Y Santuarios Mas Celebrados
131032: JOSE BRAVO UGARTE - Historia de Mexico: 3 Volumes
130387: JOSE BRAVO UGARTE - Carta Al Emperador: Refutacion a Las Casa Sobre la Colonizacion Espanola
103295: MYRA L. UHLFELDER. - De Proprietate Sermonum Vel Rerum: A Study and Critical Edition of a Set of Verbal Distinctions.
36749: BARRY ULANOV, ED. - Contemporary Catholic Thought: Faith, Hope, and Love in the Modern World.
36764: BARRY ULANOV. - Sources and Resources: The Literary Traditions of Christian Humanism.
132163: WILLIAM ULLATHORNE - Sermons, with Prefaces
132178: WILLIAM ULLATHORNE - From Cabin-Boy to Archbishop
113032: B.L. ULLMAN - Ancient Writing and Its Influence.
31977: WALTER ULLMANN. - Principles of Government and Politics in the Middle Ages.
101909: I. ULYANOV. - History of the Russian Military Forces: Regular Infantry 1801-1855.
130777: EVELYN UNDERHILL - The Golden Sequence: A Fourfold Study of the Spiritual Life
131090: FRANCIS H. UNDERWOOD - James Russell Lowell
140152: SIGRID UNDSET - In the Wilderness
67108: ARNE UNHJEM. - Dynamics of Doubt: A Preface to Tillich.
105099: THE AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION. - Eos Transactions - American Geophysical Union: Volume 62 Numbers 1-26.
86387: JOINT MARINE EXPEDITION OF THE SOVIET UNION AND CUBA. - Investigations of the Central American Seas.
97882: CREIGHTON UNIVERSITY. - The 1974 Blue Jay.
130432: UNKNOWN - Souvenir of Greater New York 1916
130797: UNKNOWN - Jesus and the Twelve
112986: UNKNOWN - The Japan-Manchoukuo Year Book, 1938: Cyclopedia of General Information and Statistics on the Empires of Japan and Manchoukuo.
130553: UNKNOWN - Cuadro Estadistico de Las Seis Provincias Que Componen la Iglesia Mexicana El Ano de 1893
130646: UNKNOWN - First National Catholic Congress Official Report: Leeds July 29-August 2 1910
91677: LOUIS UNTERMEYER. - This Singing World.
103985: MARIO UNTERSTEINER. - Sofisti Testimonianze E Frammenti: Vols. I-II.
102327: BASANT CHAWLA & HILLEL UNZ. - Electromagnetic Waves in Moving Magneto-Plasmas.
122047: THOMAS C. UPHAM - Life Religious Opinions and Experience of Madame Guyon
102702: PAUL URBAN. - Wek Interactions and Higher Symmetries.
1210800: JUSTO PEREZ DE URBEL, O.S.B. - Saint Paul: The Apostle of the Gentiles
120081: WILLIAM URRY - Thomas Becket: His Last Days
101111: GREGORY J.W. URWIN. - The United States Cavalry: An Illustrated History.
1212449: USCCB - Lectionary for Mass: For Use in the Dioceses of the United States of America, Vol. III
108778: NICHOLAS USPENSKY. - Evening Worship in the Orthodox Church.
61547: ARLAND USSHER. - Journey Through Dread.
1210844: ROBERT M. UTLEY - Frontier Regulars: The United States Army and the Indian 1866-1890
122943: HENRY M. UTLEY AND BYRON M. CUTCHEON - Michigan As a Province, Territory, and State, the Twenty-Sixth Member of the Federal Union.
1586: BORIS UXKULL. - Arms and the Woman.
42913: POPE PAUL V. - Graduale de Tempore Et de Sanctis...
71763: E. VACANDARD. - Etudes de Critique Et D'Histoire Religieuse.
71764: E. VACANDARD. - Etudes de Critique Et D'Histoire Religieuse.
36862: ALBERTO VACCARI. - De Libris Veteris Testamenti: Vol. II, Part 3: De Libris Didacticis.
37286: ALBERTUS VACCARI, S.J. - De Cooperatione B.V. Mariae in Ss. Eucharistia Sacramento Ecclesiae Unitatis.
64359: LEON VAGANAY. - L'Evangile de Pierre.
83317: THEODOR VAHLEN. - Ballistik.
84557: JOHN VAIL. - Sword in His Hand.
36977: REV. A.L. VAIL. - A Memorial of James M. Haworth, Superintendent of United States Indian Schools.
35775: J. DE LA VAISSIERE. - Cursus Philosophiae Naturalis [Two Volumes].
130761: RAPHAEL MERRY DEL VAL - The Truth of Papal Claims
106790: CARDINAL MERRY DEL VAL. - Memories of Pope Pius X.
130471: JOSE C. VALADES - Santa Anna Y la Guerra de Texas
131059: JOSE C. VALADES - El Porfirismo: Historia de Un Regimen: Three Volumes
112036: AUGUSTE VALENSIN. - Joy in the Faith.
94221: AUGUSTE VALENSIN. - L'Essence de la Theorie de la Science [Archives de Philosophie Vol. IV #2].
95973: ALBERT VALENSIN. - Traite de Droit Naturel Vol. II: L'Ordre Humain.
85583: SISTER MARY HESTER VALENTINE. - Program for Progress: Proceedings and Communications of Regional Meetings of the Sister-Formation Conferences.
85126: FERDINAND VALENTINE. - For Better - for Worse: Three Social Sacraments.
81363: FERDINAND VALENTINE, O.P. - The Lord We Serve.
84979: FERDINAND VALENTINE. - Religious Obedience: A Practical Exposition for Religious Sisters.
98921: RICARDO DE VALERO. - Historia de Ntra. Sra. De Las Caldas.
68265: REV. FRANCIS VALITUTTI. - Chronology of the Life of Christ.
130849: RAFAEL HELIODORO VALLE - El Espejo Historial
131002: SIR JOHN VANBRUGH - The City Wives' Confederacy: A Comedy
130999: JOHN VANBRUGH - The Relapse: Or, Virtue in Danger. A Comedy.
62044: JOHN G. VANCE. - Reality and Truth: A Critical and Constructive Essay Concerning Knowledge, Certainty, and Truth.
1213230: ARTHUR HENDRICK VANDENBERG - The Trail of a Tradition
63593: FRANCOIS VANDENBROUCKE. - Les Psaumes Et le Christ.
35847: GASTON VANDENDRIESSCHE. - The Parapraxis in the Haizmann Case of Sigmund Freud.
86008: R. RUYSSEN & L. VANDENDRIESSCHE. - Enzymes in Clinical Chemistry: Ghent 1964.
27762: JAMES H. VANDERVELDT AND ROBERT P. ODENWALD. - Psychiatry and Catholicism.
103016: GENERAL CHARLES WILLIAM VANE. - Story of the Peninsular War.
106988: J. DONN VANN AND ROSEMARY VANARSDEL. - Periodicals of Queen Victoria's Empire.
92398: GERALD VANN. - Moral Dilemmas.
65125: GERALD VANN. - Moral Dilemmas.
68371: GERALD VANN, O.P. - The High Green Hill.
86589: GERALD VANN. - The Heart of Man.
93700: GERALD VANN. - The High Green Hill.
93701: GERALD VANN. - The Paradise Tree: On Living the Symbols of the Church.
66207: REV. LEO V. VANYO. - Requisities of Intention in the Reception of the Sacraments.
90997: FRANCOIS VARILLON. - Announcing Christ: Through Scripture to the Church.
131601: VARIOUS - Irish Wit and Humor
131465: VARIOUS - Addresses at Patriotic and CIVIC Occasions by Catholic Orator: Vols. I-II.
130431: VARIOUS - Antologia de Poetas Mexicanos
130562: VARIOUS - Cyclopedia of Architecture, Carpentry, and Building: 10 Volumes
99288: VINCENT R. VASEY. - Last Years of Father Chaminade 1841-1850.
99291: VINCENT R. VASEY. - Dernieres Annees Du Pere Chaminade 1841-1850.
109587: VINCE VASEY. - The Social Ideas of Asterius of Amasea.
122703: D. LEONE LE VASSEUR - Ephemerides Ordinis Cartusiensis, Vols I-V
120006: EDWARD VASTA - The Spiritual Basis of Piers Plowman
40578: THE VATICAN. - Primae Romane Synodi Constitutiones.
99300: THE VATICAN. - Officium Maioris Hebdomadae Et Octavae Paschatis Juxta Rubricas Breviarii Et Missalis Romani.
108122: THE VATICAN. - Acta Apostolica Sedis: Commentarium Officiale Vol. 58: 1966.
108123: THE VATICAN. - Acta Apostolica Sedis: Commentarium Officiale Vol. 57: 1965.
108124: THE VATICAN. - Acta Apostolica Sedis: Commentarium Officiale Vol. 60: 1968.
108125: THE VATICAN. - Acta Apostolica Sedis: Commentarium Officiale Vol. 59: 1967.
108126: THE VATICAN. - Acta Apostolica Sedis: Commentarium Officiale Vol. 53: 1961.
108127: THE VATICAN. - Acta Apostolica Sedis: Commentarium Officiale Vol. 54: 1962.
108128: THE VATICAN. - Acta Apostolica Sedis: Commentarium Officiale Vol. 61: 1969.
108129: THE VATICAN. - Acta Apostolica Sedis: Commentarium Officiale Vol. 62: 1970.
108130: THE VATICAN. - Acta Apostolica Sedis: Commentarium Officiale Vol. 56: 1964.
108131: THE VATICAN. - Acta Apostolica Sedis: Commentarium Officiale Vol. 55: 1963.
67674: T. SMYTH-VAUDRY, C.PR. - Peter's Name or a Divine Credential in a Name.
141042: JOHN S. VAUGHAN - Earth to Heaven
69158: RT. REV. JOHN S. VAUGHAN, D.D. - The Minister of Christ or Ascetical Notes and Reflections for Priests [Complete Set].
68328: RIGHT REV. JOHN S. VAUGHAN, D.D. - Happiness and Beauty.
65131: RIGHT REV. BISHOP JOHN S. VAUGHAN. - Dangers of the Day.
68329: FATHER L.J. VAUGHAN. - Is Life Worth Living: A Lecture by Father L.J. Vaughan.
49284: CUTIS VAUGHAN, ED. - The Old Testament Books of Poetry from 26 Translations.
1210941: ROLAND DE VAUX, O.P. - Ancient Israel: Its Life and Institutions
62717: R. DE VAUX, ED. - La Sainte Bible: Le Livres de Samuel.
32757: BRUCE VAWTER, C.M. - The Four Gospels: An Introduction.
95336: BRUCE VAWTER. - The Bible in the Church.
68254: REV. HUBERT VECCHIERELLO, O.F.M. - The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ.
130307: D. ENRIQUE DE VEDIA - Historiadores Primitivos de Indias
42605: HUGUES VEHENNE. - The Story of Father Dominique Pire: Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.
40791: HUGUES VEHENNE. - The Story of Father Dominique Pire.
98058: RICHARD H. VEITH. - Television's Teletext.
36972: LAURENCE VEITH. - Scriptura Sacra Contra Incredulos [Complete Set].
70316: PROF. ANTONIO VELARDI. - IL Sacro Cuore Dell'Uomo-Dio la Pentecoste.
120243: PRIMO FELICIANO VELAZQUEZ - La Aparicion de Santa Maria de Guadalupe
130312: P. PEDRO M. VELEZ - Observaciones Al Libro de Aubrey F.G. Bell Sobre Fray Luis de Leon (Contribucion a la Biografia Del Teologo-Poeta Y a la Historia Del Renacimiento Y de la Inquisicion Espanola)
86291: V. VEMURI. - Modeling of Compex Systems: An Introduction.
40434: W.H. VENABLE. - June on the Miami and Other Poems.
122779: MIGUEL VENEGAS - Juan Maria de Salvatierra.
130407: MANUEL PEREZ SALAZAR Y VENEGAS - Poesias de Manuel Perez Salazar Y Venegas
120246: FORTINO HIPOLITO VERA - Contestacion Historico-Critica En Defensa de la Maravillosa Aparcion de la Santisima Virgen de Guadalupe
61175: G. VERBEKE. - Themistius.
71538: GABRIEL H. VERBIST, C.J. - Saint Willibrord.
120137: LUIS PEREZ VERDIA - Compendio de la Historia de Mexico
94239: PRIMO VERE. - De Madonna Aller Genaden.
140875: AUBREY DE VERE - Recollections of Aubrey de Vere
140865: AUBREY DE VERE - Mediaeval Records and Sonnets
109899: JEROME-MICHAEL VEREB. - Because He Was a German! Cardinal Bea and the Origins of Roman Catholic Engagement in the Ecumenical Movement.
120145: J. M. MIQUEL I VERGES - La Independencia Mexicana Y la Prensa Insurgente
140968: RAYMOND LAS VERGNAS - Chesteron, Belloc, Baring
112542: PAUL VERGNET. - France in Danger.
46405: ROSELIA C.D. VERHOFF. - Ottawa Ss. Peter and Paul 1868-1998: The View from a Pew.
65171: ARTHURO VERMEERSCH. - Miscellanea Vermeersch [Complete Set].
112941: GEORGE VERNADSKY, TRANS. - Medieval Russian Laws.
12287: GEN. J. VON VERDY DU VERNOIS. - With the Royal Headquarters in 1870-1871.
34952: GENERAL J. VON VERDY DU VERNOIS. - With the Royal Headquarters in 1870-71.
20603: T. MORRIS LONGSTRETH & HENRY VERNON. - Murder at Belly Butte and Other Mysteries from the Records of Mounted Police.
131111: A.W. VERRALL, ED - The Medea of Euripides
88061: J. VERRIER. - Melanges Chaminade.
99511: JOSEPH VERRIER. - The Sodality of Father Chaminade.
62020: LASZLO VERSENYI. - Heidegger, Being, and Truth.
130444: P. CHRYSOSTOMUS VERWYST - Life and Labors of Rt. Rev. Frederic Baraga: First Bishop of Marquette Mich.
60138: G.N.A. VESEY, ED. - Body and Mind: Readings in Philosophy.
130384: FR. AUGUSTIN DE VETANCURT - Teatro Mexicano: Vols. I-II.
122630: FERNANDEZ ECHEVERRIA VEYTIA - Historia de la Fundacion de la Ciudad de la Los Angeles: Vols. I&II [Complete].
61346: JULIEN DE VEZELAY. - Sources Chretiennes #193: Sermons, Tome II.
123159: POPE PAUL VI - Norms for Implementation of Four Council Decrees, August 6, 1966: Christus Dominus, Presbyterorum Ordinis, Perfectae Caritatis, Ad Gentes Divinitus
123158: POPE PAUL VI - Apostolic Exhortation Marialis Cultus of His Holiness Paul VI: To All Bishops in Peace and Communion with the Apostolic See: For the Right Ordering and Development of Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary
71572: POPE PAUL VI. - The Church: Light of All Mankind.
72067: PAUL VI. - Dialogues: Reflections on God and Man.
71662: POPE PAUL VI. - Holy Land Pilgrimage.
71663: POPE PAUL VI. - To All Religious.
71656: POPE PAUL VI. - Second Vatican Council: Closing Address, Second Session.
71657: POPE PAUL VI. - Summi Dei Verbum: Address on Seminaries and Vocations.
97303: POPE PAUL VI. - Bull of Indiction of the Holy Year 1975.
97318: POPE PAUL VI. - On Evangelization in the Modern World (Evangelii Nuntiandi).
71653: POPE PAUL VI. - Pastorale Munus: Granting Special Faculties and Privileges to Local Ordinaries on a Permanent Basis.
97352: POPE PAUL VI. - Apostolic Constitution on the New Roman Missal: April 3 1969.
71658: POPE PAUL VI. - Decree on the Media of Social Communications.
67619: POPE PAUL VI. - Faith: Response to the Dialogue of God.
82060: POPE PAUL VI. - Directory on Ecumenism.
82059: POPE PAUL VI. - On the Renewal of the Religious Life According to the Teaching of the Second Vatican Council.
82064: POPE PAUL VI. - Apostolic Letter... On the Diaconate and... First Tonsure, Minor Orders and Subdiaconate.
73826: POPE PAUL VI. - The Teachings of Pope Paul VI: 1971.
92577: POPE PAUL VI. - The Teachings of Pope Paul VI (29-12-1967 - 18-12-1968).
45817: POPE PAUL VI. - On Evangelization in the Modern World: Evangelii Nuntiandi.
71664: POPE PAUL VI. - De Ecclesia: Constitution on the Church.
97503: POPE PAUL VI. - On the Papal Household - Reform of the Use of Pontifical Insignia - Simplification of Pontifical Rites.
97508: POPE PAUL VI. - Apostolic Exhortation Concerning the Increased Needs of the Church in the Holy Land.
97506: POPE PAUL VI. - Pontifical Letter Establishing the Pontifical Council Cor Unum...
97507: POPE PAUL VI. - Apostolic Letter Determining Norms for Expediting Marriage Cases.
97467: POPE PAUL VI. - Humanane Vitae: On the Regulation of Birth.
90734: POPE PAUL VI. - The Church in the Modern World: Ecclesiam Suam.
102190: POPE PAUL VI. - 1963 Christmas Message.
112290: RALPH VICTOR. - Comrades at School.
130517: FREDERICO GAVAZZO PERRY VIDAL - Relacao Veraeira Dos Trabalhos Que O Governador D. Fernano de Souto E Certos Fialgos Portugueses Passaram No Descobrimento Da Provincia Da Florida Agora Novamente Escrita Por Um Fidalgo E Elvas
132175: HENRY VIDON - The Pilgrim's Guide to Rome: Discovering Links with Past English-Speaking Pilgrims and Residents
122866: R.P. VICTOR DE LA VIERGE, O.C.D. - Spiritual Realism of Saint Therese of Lisieux
68504: JEAN VIEUJEAN. - Love, Suffering, Providence.
130617: D. CIRIACO MIGUEL VIGIL - Noticias Biografico-Genealogicas de Pedro Menendez de Aviles: Primer Adelantado Y Conquistador de la Florida
61482: PAUL VIGNAUX. - Philosophy in the Middle Ages.
140339: JONAS VILES - George Washington: Letters and Addresses
122606: ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ VILLA - El Teniente General Don Pablo Morillo, Pimer Conde de Cartagena Marques de la Puerta: Vols. I&II [Complete].
66313: FR. AMBROSIUS VILLALPANDO. - De Clavium Potestatis Existentia Atque Natura.
39854: DAVID VILLASENOR. - Indian Sandpainting of the Greater Southwest.
82782: FREDERIC VILLIERS. - Villiers: His Five Decades of Adventure.
80491: FREDERIC VILLIERS. - Port Arthur: Three Months with the Besiegers.
130477: MARC DE VILLIERS - L'Expedition de Cavelier de la Salle Dans le Golfe Du Mexique 1684-1687
102639: P. JEAN VINCART. - Histoire de N. -D. . de la Treille.
62716: ALBERT VINCENT, ED. - La Sainte Bible: Le Livres de Juges, le Livre de Ruth.
87265: SISTER MARY VINCENTIA. - Their Quiet Tread: Growth and Spirit of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame.
121233: SISTER MARY VINCENTIA - The Quiet Tread: Growth and Spirit of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame Through Its First One Hundred Years 1850-1950
101203: A. VISCONTI. - Quantum Field Theory: Volume 1.
42465: REV. FRANCIS VITALE. - Father Mary Hannibal Di Francia: His Life and Works.
64237: A. VITTI. - Epistulae S. Pauli [Complete Set].
37364: A. VITTI, S.J. - Soteriologia.
95979: A. VITTI. - I. Vita S. Pauli: 2. Exordia Usque Ad Conversionem.
60206: ELISEO VIVAS AND MURRAY KRIEGER, EDS. - The Problems of Aesthetics.
61901: ELISEO VIVAS. - The Moral Life and the Ethical Life.
104420: (J.H. VIVIAN). - Minutes of a Conversation with Napoleon Bonaparte During His Residence at Elba in January 1815.
43776: TH. M. VLAMING. - Praelectiones Iuris Matrimonii, Vols. I-II.
43789: TH. M. VLAMING. - Praelectiones Iuris Matrimonii.
111197: GREGORY VLASTOS. - Socrates Plato and Their Tradition: Volume II of Studies in Greek Philosophy.
111196: GREGORY VLASTOS. - Socrates: Ironist and Moral Philosopher.
66481: REV. JOHN M. VOELKER. - The Diocesan Superintendent of Schools: A Study of the Historical Development and Functional Status of His Office.
106453: COLONEL JOSEPH VOGEL. - Passion for Flight.
64702: ARTHUR A. VOGEL. - Is the Last Supper Finished? Secular Light on a Sacred Meal.
104284: PAUL VOGELHUT. - Experiments in Electronics.
65961: HENRY JOHN VOGELPOHL. - The Simple Impediments to Holy Orders: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary.
38930: HENR. JOS. VOGELS. - Codicum Novi Testamenti Specimina: Paginas 51 Ex Codicibus Manuscriptis Et 3 Ex Libris Impressis Collegit Ac Phototypice Repraesentatas.
112202: A.E. VAN VOGT. - The Book of Ptath.
121715: HERMANN VOGT - The Egyptian War of 1882
141229: A.E. VAN VOGT - Masters of Time
102658: PETRO VOGT. - Mariae Vita.
103888: HILDE VOGT. - Die Literarische Personenschilderung Des Fruhen Mittelalters.
68331: RENE VOILLAUME. - A la Suite de Jesus.
68813: RENE VOILLAUME. - Interpersonal Relations with God.
105873: WALDEMAR VOISE. - Histoire Du Copernicanisme En Douze Essais.
64612: CYRIL VOLLERT, LOTTIE H. KENDZIERSKI, PAUL M. BYRNE, TRANS. - On the Eternity of the World (de Aeternitate Mundi).
36031: EDWARD R. VOLLMAR. - The Catholic Church in America: An Historical Bibliography.
141208: VOLTAIRE - La Henriade, Poeme
63015: D. PAUL VOLZ. - Die Biblischen Altertumer.
130178: DOM ANSCAR VONIER - The Christian Mind
130177: DOM ANSCAR VONIER - The Spirit and the Bride
68369: DOM ANSCAR VONIER, O.S.B. - The People of God.
110849: CORNELIS VONK. - Opening the Scriptures: Genesis.
121684: CHARLES A. VOPICKA - Secrets of the Balkans: Seven Years of a Diplomatist's Life in the Storm Centre of Europe
39573: LUC DE VOS. - Veldslagen in de Lage Landen.
64304: JACOBO-MARIA VOSTE. - Commentarius in Epistolam Ad Ephesios.
98673: PATRICIA VOYDANOFF. - Families and Communities in Partnership.
28622: WILLIAMSON UPDIKE VREELAND AND REGIS MICHAUD. - Anthology of French Prose and Poetry.
71050: EGBERT DE VRIES, ED. - Man in Community: Christian Concern for the Human in Changing Society.
69694: G. VROMANT AND L. BONGAERTS. - De Fidelium Associationibus: De Actione Catholica de Legione Mariae.
111773: G.W. AND C.B. COLTON. - Colton's Township Map of the State of Ohio.
43255: ANTON DE WAAL. - Katakomben Bilder.
43251: A. DE WAAL. - Das Kleid Des Herrn Auf Den Fruhchristlichen Denkmalern.
99308: PHILIP SCHAFF & HENRY WACE. - A Select Library of the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers: Second Series [Complete Set].
101608: PHILIP SCHAFF & HENRY WACE. - The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers: First Series [Complete Set].
94576: JOHN WACHER. - The Coming of Rome.
121685: MARY KING WADDINGTON - Letters of a Diplomat's Wife 1883-1900
140623: BOB WADE AND BILL MILLER - Pop Goes the Queen
121435: FRANCIS C. WADE - The Catholic University and the Faith
34676: JULIANA WADHAM. - The Case of Cornelia Connelly.
55316: E. WAETZMANN. - Technische Akustik: Erster Teil.
61540: W. WARREN WAGAR. - Science, Faith, and Man: European Thought Since 1914.
121855: DAVID WAGENKNECHT - Blake's Night: William Blake and the Idea of Patoral
120185: HENRY R. WAGNER. - The Spanish Southwest: 1542-1794
112396: HENRY R. WAGNER. - The Rise of Fernando Cortes.
121250: RICHARD WAGNER - My Life
122855: ENRIQUE R. WAGNER - Nueva Bibliografia Mexicana Del Siglo XVI.
46570: K. STEINBUCH & S.W. WAGNER. - Neure Ergebnisse Der Kybernetik.
65962: URBAN S. WAGNER. - Parochial Substitute Vicars and Supplying Priests: A Commentary with Historical Notes.
71717: HENRI WAGNON. - Concordats Et Droit International.
98335: THOMAS PETER WAHL. - Saint John's University Library Index to Biblical Journals.
120570: PAUL WAHL AND DON TOPPEL - The Gatling Gun
65023: ALOIS A. WAIBEL. - Moraltheologie, Volume I-IV and Volume VII.
122778: J.M. WAINWRIGHT, ED. - Our Saviour with Prophets and Apostles.
63701: ARTHUR W. WAINWRIGHT. - A Guide to the New Testament.
69152: DR. SIGISMUND WAITZ. - Paulus Seine Bekehrung Und Seine Weltmission [Vols. I-IV].
108974: KENNETH WAKEFIELD. - The First Pathfinders: The Operational History of Kampfgruppe 100 1939-1941.
69101: JOHN WALCHARS, S.J. - The Call from Beyond: Thoughts for a Retreat.
69100: JOHN WALCHARS, S.J. - Splendor and Shadow.
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140396: LOUIS DE WOHL - The Joyful Beggar: A Novel of St. Francis of Assisi
120996: LOUIS DE WOHL - The Second Conquest: A Novel
111017: KAROL WOJTYLA. - Faith According to Saint John of the Cross.
102592: KAROL WOJTYLA. - Liebe Und Verantwortung.
35419: ALPHONE WOLANIN. - Polonica Americana: Annotated Catalogue of the Archives and Museum of the Polish Roman Catholic Union.
123094: EDWARD WOLCOTT, ED. - The National Bank Act, and Other Laws Relating to National Banks: From the Revised Statutes of the United States, with Amendments and Additional Acts.
85823: FATHER A. WOLF. - Happiness in the Seminary.
121963: HUMBERT WOLFE - George Moore
131124: HUMBERT WOLFE - Notes on English Verse Satire
69179: SISTER M. CATHERINE WOLFE, O.P. - Abba Father: A Continual Sacrifice of Praise.
104574: OTTO WOLFF. - Ouvrard: Speculator of Genius 1770-1846.
121381: HANS JULIUS WOLFF - Written and Unwritten Marriages in Hellenistic and Postclassical Roman Law
28583: JULIUS WOLFF. - Tannhauser: A Metrical Romance of the Third and Fourth Crusades.
98085: ALAN WOLFFE. - Chromatin: Structure and Function.
105168: ALLEN WOLL. - Dictionary of the Black Theatre.
141238: DONALD A. WOLLHEIM - The Secret of the Ninth Planet
86263: FRANCOIS JACOB & ELIE L. WOLLMAN. - Sexuality and the Genetics of Bacteria.
104511: FIELD-MARSHAL VISCOUNT WOLSELEY. - The Decline and Fall of Napoleon.
105636: E. WOLSTENHOLME. - Elementary Vectors: Third Edition (S.I. Units).
60421: P. ALLANI BERNARDI WOLTER. - Summula Metaphysicae.
120089: ALLAN B. WOLTER. - Dun Scotus' Political and Economic Philosophy
73484: LODEWIJK WOLTJER, ED. - Galaxies and the Universe: The Vetlesen Symposium Held at Columbia University on October 19, 1966.
94082: J.B. HEYWOOD & G.J. WOMACK. - Open Cycle Mhd Power Generation.
105620: PHILIP F. WOOBY. - Lucretius: About Reality.
140341: ERIC FISHER WOOD - Leonard Wood: Conservateur of Americanism
123182: RONALD E. WOOD, ED. - Biographies of Most Worshipful Grand Masters: Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri, 1901-2001
112314: JAMES PLAYSTED WOOD. - Magazines in the United States.
123083: KARL DAWSON WOOD - Aircraft Design: Aerospace Vehicle Design, Vol. I [Incomplete]
120680: IRVING FRANCIS WOOD AND ELIHU GRANT - The Bible As Literature: An Introduction
1115: STEPHEN WOOD. - In the Finest Tradition: The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.
94102: W.S. WOOD. - Theory of Electrical Machines.
54922: RICHARD G. WOOD. - Stephen Harriman Long 1784-1864: Army Engineer - Explorer -Inventor.
123192: RONALD E. WOOD, ED. - The Lodges of Northeast Missouri
99505: ROBERT WOOD. - The Society of Mary in Mexico.
140543: EDITH WOOD - Middletown's Days and Deeds: The Story of 150 Years of Living in an Old Kentucky Town
122758: EDWIN O. WOOD - Historic Mackinac: The Historical, Picturesque and Legendary Features of the Mackinac Country: Vol. II [Incomplete].
86006: DAVID WOODBURY. - A Measure for Greatness: A Short Biography of Edward Weston.
130009: JACK WOODFORD - Mirage of Marriage
123117: M.V. WOODGATE - St. Louise de Marillac: Foundress of the Sisters of Charity
28464: A.S.P. WOODHOUSE. - The Poet and His Faith: Religion and Poetry in England from Spenser to Eliot and Auden.
122664: F. WOODLOCK, S.J. - Constantinople, Canterbury & Rome: A Criticism of Bishop Gore's Theory of the Catholic Church
97342: REV. FRANCIS WOODLOCK. - Lourdes and Modern Miracles.
67301: THOMAS F. WOODLOCK. - The Catholic Pattern.
87619: THOMAS F. WOODLOCK. - The Catholic Pattern.
109246: RICHARD WOODMAN. - The Victory of Seapower: Winning the Napoleonic War 1806-1814.
109099: HARRY WOODMAN. - Early Aircraft Armament: The Aeroplane and the Gun Up to 1918.
121953: THOMAS WOODROOFFE - Naval Odyssey
141006: DOUGLAS WOODRUFF - Charlemagne
69298: SHEILA D. WOODS. - Youth Ventures Toward a Vital Church.
65287: G.F. WOODS. - A Defence of Theological Ethics: Hulsean Lectures 1964.
90058: WILLIAM WOODS. - Riot at Gravesend: A Novel of Wat Tyler's Rebellion.
43740: FRANCIS F. WOODS. - The Constitutions of Canon 1125.
84913: WALTER J. WOODS. - Walking with Faith: New Perspectives on the Sources and Shaping of Catholic Moral Life.
121784: DAVID WOODWARD - Armies of the World 1854-1914
12731: DAVID WOODWARD. - The Collapse of Power: Mutiny in the High Seas Fleet.
98164: IRENE WOODWARD. - The Catholic Church: The United States Experience.
130056: KENNERLY MERRITT WOODY - Damiani and the Radicals
73483: DEAN E. WOOLDRIDGE. - The Machinery of Life.
93503: LEONARD WOOLF. - The Journey Not the Arrival Matters: An Autobiography of the Years 1939-1969.
93504: LEONARD WOOLF. - Downhill All the Way: An Autobiography of the Years 1919-1939.
44316: SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE WORD. - 75 Jahre IM Dienste Des Gottlichen Wortes.
97280: SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE WORD. - 75th Anniversary of the Society of the Divine Word: Fifty Years in America.
64642: T. WORDEN, ED. - Sacraments in Scripture: A Symposium.
110581: CHRISTOPHER WORDSWORTH. - Diary in France Mainly on Topics Concerning Education and the Church.
140116: CHRISTOPHER WORDSWORTH - Notes at Paris, Particularly on the State and Prospects of Religion
86668: EDGAR W. WORK. - Moses: A Rocky Mountain Sketch.
34788: STEPHEN THEODORE WORLAND. - Scholasticism and Welfare Economics.
122972: KATHERINE PRESCOTT WORMELEY, TRANS. - Memoirs of Monsieur Claude, Chief of Police Under the Second Empire.
35872: CLAUD WORTH. - Squint: Its Causes, Pathology and Treatment.
81610: JOHN WORTLEY. - The Spiritually Beneficial Tales of Paul, Bishop of Monembasia.
91128: A.S. VAN DER WOUDE. - The World of the Old Testament.
43800: REV. STANISLAUS WOYWOD. - Procedure in Cases of Matrimonium Ratum Et Non Consummatum.
35995: STANISLAUS WOYWOD. - The New Canon Law: A Commentary and Summary of the New Code of Canon Law.
122942: WORKERS OF THE WRITERS' PROGRAM OF THE WPA - The Minnesota Arrowhead Country.
110919: P.C. WREN. - The Cortenay Treasure.
110913: P.C. WREN. - The Snake and the Sword.
131383: JOHN WRIGHT, ED - Essays on the Iliad: Selected Modern Criticism
121598: RICHARDSON WRIGHT - The Winter Diversions of a Gardener
121153: CONSTANCE WRIGHT - Madame de Lafayette

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